Watch Rashaad Penny get the call from the Seahawks


  1. Regan

    Thanks, I needed that!

  2. Edgar

    We go into 2018 minus a mentally shot kicker, having added a monster legged punter, and a strong chance for Wilson to have a legitimate runningback. I’d say that’s a solid improvement right off the bat. Biggest concern is a consistent defensive pass rush through out games. Will our rotation be formidable?

    • Coleslaw

      As good as before? Possible, not likely. Formidable? Yes

    • Coleslaw

      Clark is just as good as Avril/ Bennett, so he steps into one spot there. If Dion Jordan can play a whole season like he did last year, we would be pretty set. Add in what Pete said about Rasheem Green, he could be ready to ball as well. And our depth is solid.
      Now, Dion could do worse, Green may not be ready, but if they do show up we’ll be golden

      • Logan Lynch

        The big question mark for me in interior pressure. But, really, that’s been something they’ve been trying to address for years. Will Green be able to push the pocket from the inside? Will Jordan rush from the interior? Can Reed develop some pass rush skills? What about Naz?

        If they can somehow find interior pressure, that will make it easier on the back end of the defense and help hide a lot of warts.

        • Lewis

          I’m hoping Naz/Ford will turn out to be a productive combo.

      • Caroberto

        Don’t forget Mingo, I really hope he can be a useful player..


        Clark is not as good as either Avril or Bennett. He’s alright, but he has some ways to go before he’s as god as Avril ever was.

    • hawktalker#1


      How much better are we really now at kicker with Walsh out and the two new guys competing? I still think we need an upgrade. Eddy Pineiro was available as a UDFA, I think we really should have gone passionately after him!!!

      Are we good with what we have or do we still need an upgrade?

      • Spencer

        Janikowski >>>>>>>>> Walsh

        • Icb12

          Janikowski is better than Walsh even kicking left footed with a blindfold on.

          Better than Walsh isn’t saying much.

          • Hawktalker#1

            Which is my point.

            If our position on our new starting PK is, “well he is better than Walsh anyway”, we are setting the bar WAY too low!!!

            Are we? Do we STILL need an upgrade over our current two PK prospects?

            • BilboBaggins

              Icb12, you do know he is left-footed, right? Yes, hawktalker#1, they are top of the game better at kicker with Seabass. One of the best kickers in history and still at an age that is in his prime for kickers. Coming off injury, but has had plenty of time to heal

              • icb12

                hah. No. I didn’t know that.

            • Simo

              Apparently its not very easy to find quality PK’s. We’ve had two years to find a replacement for Haushka and the best we could come up with was a confidence destroyed Walsh last year, and a 40+ year old Sea Bass coming off an injury plagued season this year. Not even counting Jason Myers who was cut by the Jags. Ugh, this position may continue to be a sore spot until we find a long term solution.

            • Edgar

              HT1 I gotta agree with you here. It feels like we will be going into the season again with the…’hope for the best’ attitude at PK. Instead of trying to give confidence to our kicker by continually running him out there in tough spots, why not employ a college like strategy and not clam up around the 30-35ish?

      • BigSmooth13

        Eddy Pineiro signed with the Raiders, so he’ll be competing with the young guy they brought in last year. I’d be interested in picking up the guy that doesn’t win their competition. That’s how the Eagles got their stud kicker as well as the Chiefs.

        • hawktalker#1

          Great call on that potential pick-up, but if SeaBass is as good as we think, perhaps we are already good?

      • McZ

        I guess, the Hawks wanted to draft Daniel Carlson of Auburn, but then the Vikes traded up to snatch him away.

        Janikowski should do reasonably well this year. Next year, there will be 4 or 5 draftable kickers available.

        • Kenny Sloth


        • Rob Staton

          Signing Janikowski to me says they weren’t targeting kickers in the draft. They have two on the roster already

  3. LouieLouie

    Great video, Rob. Every football fan had (has?) a secret fantasy about that day happening to them, so every fan can relate to his emotions.

  4. Saxon

    Thrilled to have this guy. Humble and talented usually equals success.

  5. Darnell

    Interesting to note that he had the hats ready to go of the teams who had shown him the most interest. Pats and Browns in there.

    • ZHawk

      Jets were also in there.. Further proves that he would not have been there if we’d traded back again.

      • FresnoHawk

        Never missed a game or practice in his career!

      • JimQ

        This draft, I felt (again) a real sense of East Coast bias regarding the overall player rankings. Players West of the Mississippi are not generally regarded well by the “experts”. I guess it makes sense due to the fact that there a lot more people out East. Many, if not most of the East Coach bunch that felt that Rashaad Penney was a reach openly admit that they didn’t watch any (or at least many) of Penney’s games. They were shocked by the pick primarily because they didn’t do their jobs and that shouldn’t be a knock on our new RB. IMO-Penney was the perfect pick because of the pro-style running offense that was run at San Diego St. coupled the fact that he never missed a practice or a game in his football life.

        I’m convinced that the VAST majority of so called “experts” don’t do much, if any, original research and are content to “cut & paste” the majority of their “opinions” from other want to be “experts”. A very
        excellent example of the opposite of that is right here at SDB, Rob listens to other sources but forms his own opinions based on actual research into the players. We are so darn lucky to have Rob as our local
        expert, he does the job the right way and gets past the hype that so many media members continuously
        parrot to all that will listen. We, as Seahawk fans are so darn lucky there is a blog like this that is able
        to address all Seahawks issues in a thoughtful, rational and respectful manner. I’m thankful for SDB and I’d be lost without this great resource. Go Hawks.

        • Lewis

          Jim, did you see the article I linked the other day about this? Think it was San Diego Tribune

    • 503Hawk

      Would have been really interesting to be a fly on the wall of NE’s and Cleveland’s War Rooms when Seattle drafted Penny.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Ohhhh now that is a great thought. . . Hahahaha

  6. Josh Emmett

    That’s gotta be one of the best feelings in the world. Pretty cool

  7. cha

    Saints just cut Coby Fleener. I wonder if Dallas snaps him up.

  8. CharlieTheUnicorn

    A good watch

  9. Rob Staton

    I am planning on hosting a Google Hangout Q&A.

    This will likely take place tomorrow.

    If you have any questions, reply to this.

    • Trevor

      What position battle are you most looking forward to in training camp this year?

      Also what Hawks draft pick do you think think will have the biggest impact next season and why.

      Looking forward to the google hangout. Love when you do those.

    • Pedestrian

      Rob, wondering your thoughts on why Seahawks haven’t brought in competition for Kicker yet??

      Also, curious to know your opinion on the UDFA signings announced today.

      • Rob Staton

        They have Janikowski and Myers on the roster, two veteran kickers. That is the competition.

      • Lewis

        I’m baffled as to why people keep asking about kickers. It feels like there’s some inside joke I’m missing.

        • Hawktalker#1

          The joke was our kicker last year. It is normal to be looking for a big upgrade over that dumpster fire.

          • Lewis

            Yes, but they have already done so.


        Janikowski is the odds-on favorite. Good player.

    • Coleslaw

      What do you think the 3rd down line will be like? Frank/Mingo at DE and Jordan/Green at DT? Or Frank/Jordan at DE and Green/Naz/Johnson at DT? Does Shaq get a look at DE or is he the standup blitzer? Seems like we’re loaded at DE and might make us push guys into DT who are best on the edge.

    • A, Chris

      Many have noted the lack of intriguing options for our WR depth. I’m curious to know your thoughts on Damore’ea Stringfellow (if you have any).

    • astro_domine

      Which UDFA is most likely to make noise this year?

    • Pickering

      Anything else you’ve learnt about Alex McCough would be interesting.

    • Georgia Hawk

      Which rookie is likely to make the most impact year one, a Seahawks Rookie of the Year if you will?

      However unlikely it is, would the Hawks truly consider cutting Dickson if he loses a battle to Ryan in training camp?

    • clbradley17

      Hey Rob. How do you see the D coming together – the starters and the main rotational guys after all the FA signings (Mingo at LB, the 2 DTs from the Vikings, SS from LA and CB from SF), the re-signings of Maxwell, Jordan, Coleman, McDougald, Smith, Jefferson, and Jackson, the losses of Sherman, Bennett, Avril plus probably Kam, and the draft picks and UDFAs?

      And most of the offense (RBs, OL, TEs, QB) seem fairly set except the WRs behind Baldwin and Lockett. What do you think the WR roles will be after those 2 for Brown, Darboh, Moore and the rest?

  10. Bill Bobaggins

    Anybody see this video of the Hawks new punter obliterating an 80 yard punt on the 2nd day of practice?

    Dude has gunpowder in his leg.

    • Lewis

      Was also posted in the Dissly thread.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I wonder if he could learn to kick field goals? That would be something for him to practice in his spare time.

      • icb12

        Drop kicks are still legal in the NFL rulebook aren’t they?

        Just nobody has attempted it in forever.

        • Lewis

          Still do them after a safety.

        • BobbyK

          Belichick did in a game (can’t remember who did it) a number of years ago.

          • Shadow

            Yep, Belichick was coach and the player who made the drop kick was none other than Doug Flutie.

      • Georgia Hawk

        Supposedly he booted a 60 yd drop kick. As a rugby player it is totally believable, hopefully the Hawks try to take advantage of that at least once in the year. Preferably against the Rams.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Day #3, they had him launching punts to the OL and DL players…… hilarity ensued.
      Actually, TE and LBs also got in on the fun….. with similar results. (according to John Clayton)

    • Ishmael

      Yeah it’s a pretty cool party trick. Little to no use in a game, but it’s hard not to think he’s going to be a bigly upgrade on Ryan.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Plus he played Australian rules Football which is a form of Rugby, so he can tackle well I’m assuming!

        Or maybe it was just regular Rugby? I don’t even know the difference, I’m such an American wanker.

        • H

          Its neither a form of Rugby or just Rugby. Its a completely different sport.

        • Georgia Hawk

          It completely different from even the Rugby I’m sure youve seen on TV a time or two. Australian rules has WAYYYY more kicking involved. He can probably drop kick the dang ball on a dime, and punt placement is much more valuable than distance in most cases. Explains a lot about his ability.

  11. bigten

    Just saw Hawks cut K. White, Taj Williams and Jason Hall already. Bummer, Was really looking forward to seeing what they could do. Apparently not enough though.

  12. Madmark

    Sorry Rob but I feel I just had to say this where are you at with the griffin article HeHe. I kingie figure you have be going back and looking at tape on the guy. You’ll address the good feel story i’m sure. But I think your more into the reason we drafted him in the first place and I also feel there will be more to it on the football side of why we grabbed him when we did. Take your time and get it right like you always do.

  13. CharlieTheUnicorn

    John Clayton mentioned is was very likely that Mr McGoo would be the back-up QB for the Seahawks. He watched all 3 days of mini camp and thought the kid was one of the brightest stars on display. His knack for off schedule plays and making things happen…… very similar to RW.

    • D-OZ

      Wouldn’t surprise me. I have watched a lot of tape on him and there is a lot to like…

      • Saxon

        It would be finally have a true developmental prospect at the most important position in sports. I mean…I know it’s a novel concept and all, but seriously….

        • Sea Mode

          I liked his interview too. Upbeat and ready to get to work.

  14. Pran

    Penny’s brother is a FB with Cards..good interview

  15. HawkfaninMT

    Question: I realize PCs forte is the defensive backfield, but I can’t help but be underwhelmed by our current crop of DBs (assuming no Kam). Elliott Tyson and Thorpe have had plenty of time to step up without a ton of positive results. This is also assuming a year of learning for Tre Flowers.

    Where would you rank the Hawks defensive backfield against the rest of the league? Top 10? Top 20?

    This assuming a starting Nickel of Shaq, B-Max, Coleman, ET, and McDougal

    • Sean-O

      I’m not sure how it compares league wide but I think the Nickel group you listed is a pretty solid group overall. Yes, a little top heavy with ET3 but Shaq is rising & Coleman was one of the top slot corners in the league last season.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Elliott missed all of last year with an injury, but before that he looked pretty good in preseason. I agree on Thorpe though. He is there strictly for ST value. Curious to see what kind of progress Tyson has made. I guess we’ll see what kind of CB guru Pete is with that one.

  16. Millhouse-serbia

    Q: How do you see B Wagz future? Do you think that we should draft his successor using high pick next year (devin white 😀 ) and maybe even trade him for multiple early round picks (1st +2nd) or re sign him to 2022 (he will be 32 )? Until when he will be able to play on such a high level as this season?

    • Ty the Guy

      If Earl Thomas didn’t land you a 1st or 2nd, Bobby Wagner probably won’t either.

      Dude is at the top of his game right now.

      Waaaayyy premature conversation. But depth is always appreciated.

  17. Producehawk

    Anytime I see a Godly young man, with both parents behind him, I have great hope that he will be a huge success.

    • Hawktalker#1


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