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Here is today’s hour-long Google Hangout. I run through some thoughts on why the Seahawks did what they had to do with this draft, we look at the day three picks and end with an extended Q&A…

Here are the review articles we’ve posted on the draft class:

Rashaad Penny

Rasheem Green

Will Dissly

Shaquem Griffin (pre-draft)

I have a Poona Ford write-up coming soon.

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  1. SebA

    Sad to see a couple of the UDFA WRs released already, but hopefully Damorea Stringfellow might be a decent option for us. Do you think we’ll be alright at the position this year? Darboh and David Moore need to step up, and it’d be nice to see Lockett do better.

    • Mr. Offseason

      They will be alright in that they have Doug Baldwin locking down the #1 spot. What saved the 2012 WR group from being too mediocre was Sidney Rice bringing his savvy and rapport with Russell Wilson. Doug Baldwin can be that this year.

    • j

      Baldwin, Lockett and Brown are a fine trio of WR. Then we have a bunch of questions. Moore and Darboh looked good at times, there is Johnson from Philly as well. But really a bunch of questions. Wouldn’t be surprised if any of the UDFA WR make the team with so many spots up in the air.

      This was a pretty crappy draft for WR so I can tell why they skipped it this year.

    • j

      Being release means nothing. Seahawks tend to rotate roster spots with the fringe guys to give them more evaluation. Could be back with the team soon.

  2. Georgia Hawk

    Do you see McGough as a legit threat to be the backup? Do you think he would displace Davis or would they carry 3 QBs?

    • j

      He’s a seventh round draft pick. Either backup or practice squad in my opinion.

      • James

        He’s accurate. He’s got a long way to go, but he’s accurate both deep and on the move. He’s a better athlete than Davis, though Davis is no slouch himself. He’s apparently adjusting quickly, I expect him to end up 3rd on the depth chart if he turns it up in camp and preseason.

        • j

          I am fairly confident we’ll only carry two QBs. With the rest of the squad up in the air we’ll want to use that spot on another position.

    • FresnoHawk

      Looks like another 7th round pick is in play to make the team! QB up to bat!

  3. Omar

    Which UDFA’s do you think can make an impact?

    • EBurgz

      DT Ford and FB hill have got to be the favorites. I had both in the 7th of my hawks draft.

      • Omar

        I think Pugh can make the roster too

  4. KD

    One of the knocks on Penny is that he is not a great blocker. With the re-commitment to the running game, do you think Carroll will also re-commit to the use of a FB to not only help open running lanes but pass bock in the backfield allowing penny to be a checkdown option in the passing game?

    Thanks for all the work you do Rob. Cheers

    • Lewis

      He wasn’t asked to block in college much. It isn’t because he can’t, but because he hasn’t been taught properly. Watch the tape and you will see different RBs diving at opponents legs…I think that’s what they were told to do.

      • James

        He’s apparently shown that he’s coachable, and up to the task (however…so was JG88 so…).

        • Mark Souza

          I heard an interview with his college coach. In high school, Penny was in a spread system where he was lined up in the slot like a receiver, and would either go out on a route, or curl back to take a hand-off. He was never asked to pass block in that system.

          He went on to say that in college, Penny was primarily a runner, and on passing downs was most frequently out on routes, so his coach never really spent time teaching him to pass protect. He says it’s not that Penny doesn’t want to or is incapable, he just hasn’t been asked to or coached to.

    • Coleslaw

      They won’t have a FB in there every snap, but there should definitely be a nice FB package. We’ve always used them when we’ve had them, and used them very nicely at that.

  5. SebA

    Shaquem’s move to WLB confuses me. If his strength at UCF was making plays at OLB, why change things? Is it a move to replace KJ Wright next year?

    • SebA

      Are they positioning him as a Telvin Smith-esque smaller but rapid guy for the future?

    • EBurgz

      (WLB) is weakside linebacker. (OLB) is outside linebacker. Weakside linebacker is an outside linebacker.

      • Kenny Sloth

        WLB is basically another ILB in our scheme. Not in responsibility, just in position.

        Basically if our leo stood up and you slid the rest of the line over a little, we would have a 3-4

  6. cha

    As it stands now, post-draft but pre-minicamp, which position group has the greatest need at the moment?

    Who can you project as the gunners on punt coverage?

    With ET not being traded where do you think things stand?

  7. TCHawk

    Carroll mentioned recommitment to the FB position, and really liked the competition and depth this year to get this position right. What about Marcus Martin at FB? Played his whole career as a DE, with all kinds of career records for sacks and TFL, multiple All- American awards, etc. He’s 6-1, 250 lbs. Seems the perfect size for a FB.

    What do you think his chances are for making it at the new position of FB? His ‘want to’ has to be very high with all those great stats, but learning a new position in the NFL? I hope he makes it.

    • SebA

      We did have Kyle Coleman a year or two back who was LB/FB. I can’t see Martin beating out Khalid Hill / Tre Madden / Jalston Fowler.

  8. Kenny Sloth

    Rob, now that the draft season is over, could you give us some ideas and tips from your scouting style?

    • Kenny Sloth

      I just kind of wanted to further explore ‘the process’ this year

      The idea being to hopefully get more in tune with Seattle’s methodology

    • JimQ

      During the whole draft process this year, it seemed like the Seahawks have modified their player evaluations to put a much higher emphasis on a players character and fit within the existing team. Do you think that in the future, the Seahawks may pass up some excellent players because of that emphasis on character or lack of same? Frank Clark comes to mind, do you think they would eliminate similar red flag guys in the future? Does the Seahawks statement of not making any more excuses for guys eliminate some future risky picks? What do we, as draft fanatics have to do to keep up with this draft emphasis change in future drafts? Perhaps put a little more time in watching player interviews and digging deeper into potential character flaws?

      • JimQ

        Rob, did you see any evidence of regional bias or East coast bias in the rankings of players this year? It seemed somewhat obvious to me that lesser players from the East were perhaps valued higher based on the fact that they had a lot of games on TV out East and were better known commodities regardless of their talents? Specifically, I’m referring to Rashaad Penney, who had one hell of a year statistically and yet some of the “draft graders” admitted to not seeing any Penney tape or only watching a game or two. Was that not an example of regional bias? Back East, I’m sure the general opinion is that SDSU is a school for surfers who have to battle against wild Indians every day and is certainly not a football powerhouse. IMO, a lot of the “draft experts” just aren’t doing their jobs properly (or very well).

  9. TCHawk

    Is there a LB in the UDFA group that has a chance to make the 53 or practice squad?

    I heard Carroll respond to a reporter’s question about if he had any thoughts about maybe using Shaqueem in a role similar to Kam’s. PC said he had the ability, but they really want to utilize his extraordinary rush skills and send him after the QB and the ball, and see how that works out. Hmmm.

    • j

      Pugh is interesting.

    • EBurgz

      Situational passrusher and special teams player for Shaquem just like we thought. Atleast year 1 or until K.J. goes down

  10. no frickin' clue

    The commitment to re-establishing the running game is unmistakable. Are we necessarily sacrificing the ability to hit the explosive play by doing so?

    Or, does it just change what it means to hit a big play – in the sense that a so-called ‘big play’ doesn’t have to mean a big gain to a WR or TE – it could also mean a RB screen pass or a RB shifting out wide after starting in the I-formation?

    • EBurgz

      They (the hawks) measure “explosive plays”. Explosive plays are something like 20+ Yards for a pass and 10-12+ Yards for a run.

    • vrtkolman

      Not really, the 2012 offense was very unimpressive from a skill position stand point. Yet, that offense was as explosive as you can get towards the end of the season.

  11. EP

    Is there any other veteran free agents left on the market that you think the Seahawks might target or should target?

    • Mr. Offseason

      T/G Greg Robinson, the #2 pick from he 2014 draft, is available. The Seahawks have to at least be interested in his athletic profile.

    • HawkfaninMT

      Dez? No? Nobody else? Ok! 🙂

    • EBurgz

      Dez Bryant or Brandon Marshall as a red zone weapon for me.

  12. Ishmael

    This might be a bit too much of a callout to answer, but I’d be interested in your thoughts on fandom and the emerging Process-truthers in football. We’ve seen all offseason a bunch of people who are desperate to trade Wilson, Earl, and now the latest target of their affections is Bobby Wagner.

    If you’ve got any general thoughts around team building regarding this I’d be interested. Not sure the process can work as well in football, too many moving parts, too many injuries, and one or two superstars can’t take over a game in the same way they can in basketball. This is a draft blog and hope springs eternal, but the mindset some people seem to have, where players are assets-only is starting to do my head in.

    Slightly less controversial question. How much difference do you think a punter alone can have on that phase of the game? Will a good punter be able to make up for poor special teams coaching, or are they reasonably reliant on the players and scheme around them – like every other position.

    • EBurgz

      Dude it drives me crazy. “Trade Earl, Bobby and Russ and let’s get a bunch of first round picks”.

      Oh, you mean like the browns?

      Punter can change the game all by himself. That’s how he won the bowl game mvp.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Exactly EBurgz, some people are so delusional with their wishes.
        I want to thank you for the support my friend! I got your back M8, we’re in the same club!

        By the way I used to live in Ellensburg 18 years ago, grand times they were! Is that where you are and or from?

        • Old but Slow

          HH, we meet again. I went to grad school in E’burg in the mid-70’s. Enjoyed it immensely.

          • fiddleman

            My Uncle was the football coach at Central Washington for many years. Tom Parry was his name. Did you know him?

            • Thy Hawk is Howling

              I did not know or meet your Uncle Fiddleman. That’s cool that your Uncle was the coach, I wonder if he coached Jon Kitna?

              I wasn’t even going to school at Central. Worked at a Cafe, and initially moved there to join a band with a friend from High School. It was fun times but damn windy and cold in the Winter.

  13. Logan Lynch

    Not necessarily a question for the Hangout, but anyone who has watched Poona can chime in. How is his gap integrity? Does he seem to freelance, or stick within the system?

    I’m asking because I distinctly remember Jaye Howard and T.Y. McGill both making plays from the DT spot in preseason and fans (including myself) being encouraged. Yet, they were released and if I remember correctly Pete referenced guys not staying assignment-sound. I’ve seen Poona described as a run stuffer, so I assume he’s good at holding the point and staying within his role.

    I guess this is a hard thing to tell on tape anyway, but it seems like some of the problems against the run last year were guys freelancing a bit and not staying true to their role on the play (Bennett being a likely culprit).

    • Jujus

      I havent watched ford. But I can tell you with McGill and Howard those are different dt more like a 3t, where as poona would be a 1t or even the Bryant 5t.

      • Logan Lynch

        Yup, I agree with that. Gap integrity seems very important to Pete regardless of position.

  14. Sea Mode

    Any interesting league-wide draft trends you’ve noticed particularly this year? And whether the Seahawks are showing themselves to be ahead of the curve, right on it, or behind in certain aspects.

    (If nothing else comes to you, at least in regards to their obvious plans to carry a traditional FB and blocking TEs.)

    • Kenny Sloth


      • Sea Mode

        TM 😉

  15. DCD2

    Apart from Seattle, whose draft(s) did you like the most/least?

    Same question, but specifically the NFC West?

    Picks for OROY & DROY?

    • Braden

      Tampa, Baltimore. NY giants, and pats all had really good drafts in my opinion. In division I’d have to say other than ours Arizona. I think OROY will be Barkley and DROY Bradley Chubb.

    • Michigan 12th

      OROY will be Rashaad Penny. DROY will be Taven Bryan. The Jaguars are going to crush opposing teams’ O-Line. Bryan will benefit from having an amazing supporting cast around him. He may get double digit sacks.

  16. BCHawk

    What do you think the Seahawks look for in a FB? There has to be a ton of guys out there that meet the athletic minimum. Every year they seem to bring in a bunch of random guys to compete for the position. You think they pick the toughest and smartest guys, guys who have demonstrated particular skills, or guys who have demonstrated special teams value? How tough is it to learn to play FB for a zone blocking team vs power?
    Does the addition of two top blocking TEs increase or decrease the chance they keep a fullback on the roster? When asked Pete did not specifically say they were bringing back the position. Pete stated a re-commitment to “hardball” running into a loaded box which supports having a FB on the roster but you could also make the argument that the marginal value of adding a FB is reduced with the addition of two blocking TEs who have similar skills.

    • HawkfaninMT

      I feel like intelligence, work ethic, and connection with rW and (now) Penny will be paramount.

  17. Ishmael

    Mark Ingram suspended four weeks for PED use. Wonder at what point fans will start to realise how absolutely rife it is in the game – from high school up.

    • Hawk Eye

      yep, but no one really wants to know.
      they just know that baseball “solved” their problem and so few guys get caught in other sports, it must not be a big deal.

      bigger, stronger, faster
      more money
      and the rules are not set up to catch anyone.
      The problem is just getting bigger with all kinds of designer steroids that cannot be detected
      PED’s have been around since the 50’s
      watch some Victor Conte videos to get an idea of what it is all about

      • Ishmael

        Yep, it’s depressing. Can’t be helping with the injuries either. Well, they are helping in getting players back faster – but they’re also causing them.

  18. Thorson

    How do you envision the Hawks will utilize Penny and Carson? Which of the UDFAs do you expect to make the team, if any? Are there any street FAs that might be worth kicking the tires on?

  19. Gohawks5151

    What’s your thoughts on what a good year for the pass rush looks like? Does it all revolve around Dion Jordan like it seems?

    Speaking of D-line, which of the Clemson DL quartet do you like most?

    Thoughts on Andrew Van Ginkel OLB Wisconsin? Really like this kid

  20. HawkfaninMT

    Courtney’s upshaw was a big SBD favorite several years ago… now a street FA that’s not getting much love… any chance at SLB?

  21. Chris

    Rob, when are you going to change the home page players picture? Clowney, Manziel, Lee, Sanu (I think)? Time for a picture refresh 😉🤗

    • FuzzyLogic

      Funny, I thought the same thing the other day.

      Trying to make more work for Rob? lol

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Honey Badger

  22. FuzzyLogic

    -Google Hangout question for Rob-

    Do you think this draft class will have a franchise changing element that the 2010-2013 classes had?

    Also, do you think JSPC have decided to go back to their original ideas they had when they started this thing back in 2010? As in basically rebuilding from scratch minus RW of course.

    Thanks ahead of time Rob.

  23. Kenny Sloth

    Fun listen. Hard to believe it’s just you with the level of entertainment and thought provocation

  24. Thy Hawk is Howling

    It’s Lovely to hear your Yorkshire accent again Rob. We appreciate you taking the time you do, it’s always excellent quality!

    Go Rob!

    Go Hawks!

  25. Millhouse-serbia

    Rob, How do you see B Wagz future? Do you think that we should draft his successor using high pick next year (devin white ) and maybe even trade him for multiple early round picks (1st +2nd) or re sign him to 2022 (he will be 32 )? Until when he will be able to play on such a high level as this season?

    Next year he will be in situation that ET is this year. 29 year old, one year away of 2nd contract expiration.

    • Rob Staton

      I see a long, successful future for Bobby Wagner in Seattle.

      • D-OZ

        I do as well…

  26. Millhouse-serbia

    if all three of Prosise, Carson and Penny shows as a great players in first half of season, could you see JS trades one of Chris and CJ for 2nd-3rd round pick before trade deadline this season?

    • Old but Slow

      That would be very aggressive, as injuries can happen suddenly, and sometimes in bunches. We are still not deep at the position, and like Rob said, players over draft picks.

  27. EranUngar

    I did not have the time this year to study players beyond highlights etc. so I kept my mouth shut in here and just read every word.

    With “needs” all over the field I entered the draft without a list of “my guys” or positional priority etc. I just concentrated on the general draft strategy.

    As the Seahawks rolled into the draft I started feeling a different vibe than in the past few drafts. It started with the bigger emphasize on character and “all football” commitment and continued with the reduced number of players on the board (I.E. – health&character red flags were out).

    It felt like a more focused and target oriented approach.

    As the draft rolled on it was abundantly clear that JS had a list of guys he was out to get and not just “a RB out of the 2nd shelf” or “one of the blocking TEs”.

    JS has always been a master of predicting the draft and knowing when the run on certain positions at certain level is going to be. In the past he used it to trade back into the middle or the end of those groups, collect the extra pick and take one of the players still available. This was not the strategy this year. The Seahawks had the guys they wanted and they picked them at the top of each run on that position. (Other than possibly the Hobbard/Green pick)

    They picked Penny at the start of the RB rush. They picked Dickson at the top of the punters run. They picked Dissly at the start of the blocking TEs and they waited to pick Griffin in the 5th. All those guys would not be there when the Seahawks picked next. It looks like at least 5 of the top 7 picks were the guys they pinpointed by name and went after.

    It was the Seahawks taking no risks, targeting the closest they could get to a “sure thing” (relatively speaking) and bringing in most if not all of the guys they targeted right on schedule.

    When the JSPC era started, their drafts were ridiculed and graded very poorly. As those early draft classes panned out way better than anybody anticipated, the pundits started grading the Seahawks draft classes positively in fear of being caught with their pants down again. After the last few underwhelming draft classes they raise their heads again and criticize the Seahawks once again.

    To me it looks like the Seahawks came with a very precise draft plan and executed it to perfection getting almost every guy they targeted. The draft analysts gave them a D for their effort. I already know how that scenario works out – JUST PERFECT.

    • Sea Mode

      Hear, hear! Very well said.

  28. Georgia Hawk

    Paxton throws a no-hitter last night and this is the first place i visit this morning. Is it football season yet?

    • D-OZ

      That was sweet, EH…

    • McZ

      Yeah, the M’s seem to be legit this season.
      But… no reason to ignore this wonderful place.

  29. Largent80

    I’m looking forward to the Poona Ford write-up. Heard his former coach on the radio yesterday and he had a LOT of good things to say about him.

  30. Mark Souza

    To the opinion that we’ve already invested quite a lot of draft stock in our O-line, to me that’s not the issue. I worry as to whether we invested it wisely. Did we get the right personnel. I have no faith in the previous O-line coach who seemed to place much more stock in physical traits and measurables than in skills and on-field performance. The previous coach thought he could coach up a tree trunk (he couldn’t). There are things like balance and quickness that can’t be taught. There are techniques that, though they can be taught, some people are never able to learn.

    However, I do agree with not drafting a lineman early this year. With a new O-line coach, this is a year to assess what we have. It’s too early to start over. We won’t know what we need until the 2019 draft.

    As for Jamarco Jones, I just don’t see it. I see the length, the size, the strength. I don’t see the agility. He’s another tackle from a big school who can’t play with his hand on the ground because he’s too slow starting from that position to cut off the edge. Let’s face it, guys that big who are also agile is a very rare thing. It’s why top flight tackles are so coveted.

    Ohio State had a very interesting way of covering for this so they didn’t tip their hand as to what the play would be. When looking at college video of Ifedi and Carpenter, they had the same issue. It was clear what the play call was by how they lined up. Hand on the ground was going to be a run. Upright stance and it was going to be a pass. Ohio State had Jones in an upright stance for both run and pass – clever. But it was clear they were covering a deficiency. You lose a lot of power and leverage on run plays by starting in an up position. Don’t know that that’s going to work in the NFL. I wish him well and hope he works out.

    • vrtkolman

      Good post. We’ll see what we have in our O line after 4-5 games I think. That should be enough time for Solari’s coaching to start sinking in. As for Jones, a late 5th round pick is always going to be a longshot to make it in the NFL.

      • Sea Mode

        Agree with both of you. I think the character endorsement by his coach as well as just his sheer length prompted them to take a shot on him on day 3. He may well end up not possessing the necessary athleticism, but at least he’s gonna work hard at it and at his technique.

        This reminds me of something else I think we could pick up on for future scouting: every year there will be guys that under-perform at the Combine. The last couple years it has been the Joneses… Naz and now JaMarco. JS said something along those lines in the Day 3 presser: not everyone is going to light it up at the Combine.

        We should keep an eye out for guys who play well on film, but either due to some injury or perhaps to lack of the proper training, test poorly at the combine. It doesn’t apply across the board, but in the right cases, we could get a steal with someone who falls for that reason.

  31. vrtkolman

    So, it looks like part of the plan was to get their guys in free agency at the cost of getting no compensation for Graham and the Richardson’s. Still, it’s really tough to swallow losing out on 3 4th round comp picks for JAGs like Ed Dickson, Barkevious Mingo, etc.

    It’s crucial that Earl gets extended. We can’t afford to let him walk next year for nothing, since we are probably going to be very active in free agency with the huge amount of cap room we will have.

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t see an Earl extension.

      If they were wary of a third contract before, that situation hasn’t changed. If they don’t think he can stay healthy the worst thing they could do is give him an extension.

      There are basically three scenarios:

      1. Trade him before camp
      2. Let him play out his contract and depart in FA
      3. Let him play out his contract and then franchise him

      • vrtkolman

        Great points, I can see #1 and 3 happening still, although #1 doesn’t seem as likely now.

        • hawkdawg

          I think #3 is most likely if he stays healthy, plays well and we don’t get a sufficiently good trade offer.

          • FresnoHawk

            #3 if we’re concerned about future cap restructure! Anything can happen its gonna be a fun summer!

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        There’s a 4th scenario:

        An in-season trade before the deadline to a team looking for that final piece to make a SB run. ET mayn’t been valuable enough in the off season to meet SEA’s price, but that equation can change if a team is deep onto a season that has SB possibilities.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s possible but I would say very unlikely. Duane Brown type trades are so rare. And playing free safety in a defense is probably a bigger adjustment than blocking the blind side.

        • FresnoHawk

          At a minimum 2 teams this summer will come to the conclusion that their FS stinks! Well just watch what happens around the league we’re in the drivers seat, unless RW gets hurt and we decide to tank the season, financially. It’s all good!

    • Sea Mode

      I get that we want those extra picks, but remember that Michael Bennett was seen as JAG as well when we signed him to a modest deal. Never know who the next star could be…

      I think the comp picks are a nice bonus when we can afford to hold out for them, but we had too many legit holes on the roster to go into the draft without having at least signed a hedges and depth at several positions.

      • vrtkolman

        I think that’s true, they couldn’t afford to enter the draft with so many needs. It’s still hard to miss out on them though.

        Bennett was a PFF superstar when we signed him. He was one of the more underrated players to hit free agency that I can remember.

        • Sea Mode

          True. Any extra R4 picks would be nice in any year, and even more so in a year when we don’t have our R2 pick.

          I guess some players just take a few years to finally develop and click in the NFL and/or find the right scheme fit, and hopefully Mingo and some of the others can be one of those.

    • Logan Lynch

      I agree with Sea Mode above, but would also point out that FA we signed could still be released and be taken out of the comp pick formula. I think they have to be released by Week 10? I’m not sure though. Some of these depth/hedge FA could be cut in favor of rookies who play well in camp. For example, Poona Ford could make someone like Shamar Stephen or Tom Johnson expendable. Tre Flowers could outplay Dontae Johnson. We won’t really know the true comp pick situation until mid-season most likely.

      • Sea Mode

        Oh, cool. I forgot about that. Does anyone know the details on that? If true, a couple of those guys get beat out by rookies, plus maybe someone still signs Lane or Joeckel, and we could be back in business.

      • Edgar

        This comp pick love to me is like Browns fans counting their draft picks. An extra 4th-6th round pick or 2 is about as important as the undrafted free agents signed. Are we now rooting for certain players to be cut so in 12 months we can trade or replace them with similar players? It’s a mirage.

        • Logan Lynch

          Personally, I’m rooting for rookies to beat out some of the FA we signed. Not only would that give us possible comp picks, it would mean that the player won a competition and performed better. Said player would also have cheap club control for a number of years.

          I hope you’re not being serious about not caring about the UDFA signed considering some of the successes we’ve had in the past. Doug Baldwin being a clear example.

          I want SEA to keep the best players and if that means a UDFA beats out a newly signed FA and we end up getting a comp pick back in the process that’s a bonus.

          • Edgar

            I was in poor fashion trying to hint that undrafted free agent signings are more important actually. All I want to see happen, is a 2018 camp that is 100% about competition. You out perform the guy next to you, you are on the team. This makes for a fearless team and sprouts new potential hungry ‘stars’.

  32. AlaskaHawk

    I listened to the first half of the podcast last night. What a great rambling commentary on how the Seahawks drafted and why they chose the players. I loved it! You brought a lot of previous discussions and thoughts together into one gift wrapped present.

    • Hawktalker#1

      I agree. Rob’s solo podcasts are infinitely better than the ones where he is brought in as a guest, has to deal with some crazy questions from the hosts, wade through all their nutty antics and then work to get the train back on the tracks!!

      Rob’s podcasts are such hard-core meat and potatoes that all the serious fans devour, we all get seriously spoiled. For the fun of it, I would enjoy having Rob tell a small joke to start his podcasts as just an appetizer for what is to come. A knock-knock, Seahawks Running game intro joke could be very appropriate for the coming season . . . LOL

  33. Alex6674

    Rob (or anyone)

    Above you listed the following:

    There are basically three scenarios:

    1. Trade him before camp
    2. Let him play out his contract and depart in FA
    3. Let him play out his contract and then franchise him

    If number 1 were to happen, is there any player/combination of players that would benefit the Hawks as opposed to draft capital next year? For example, any WR, or DE?

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t think of any scenario. And Thomas’ market appeared severely limited (maybe even exclusively Dallas).

      I think we’re drifting towards Earl playing out the season and then possibly moving on in FA. We’ll see.

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