Why a Minkah Fitzpatrick trade to Seattle might be unlikely

Minkah Fitzpatrick has been given permission to seek a trade

A few people have asked for some thoughts on a possible Minkah Fitzpatrick trade, following reports that he’s been given permission to seek a move.

Personally I think a deal is unlikely.

For starters, Fitzpatrick has always been a player without a specific position. At Alabama he moved around. He’d play in the slot, at safety. He was a hybrid defensive back best suited to match-up scenarios. He was probably closer to a big nickel than a free safety or full-time nickel corner.

In Miami it’s been no different. According to the ESPN story which broke the news, he’s not happy about that:

Fitzpatrick, who was projected as a cornerback/safety out of Alabama, played three or four different positions against Baltimore. He has been uncomfortable with his constantly fluctuating role on the Dolphins’ defense throughout the offseason.

Given the way Alabama and now the Dolphins have used him as a movable chess piece, perhaps that’s the best way to utilise him?

In Lance Zierlein’s NFL draft profile of Fitzpatrick, he was described as such:

Fitzpatrick has experience as a slot cornerback, but will likely be targeted as a “do-everything” safety who can be deployed as a sub-package linebacker, a blitzer or in the slot against big receivers and move tight ends.

While an anonymous AFC team executive offered the following take:

“He’s not quite on the same level of Jamal Adams when it comes to changing the entire culture of a locker room, but he is just as talented and probably more versatile.”

There’s a constant theme here — ‘versatility’, ‘multiple positions’, ‘do everything’, ‘sub-packages’. Everyone speaks well of his attitude, talent and leadership abilities. Yet sometimes you can be too flexible. A jack of all trades and master of none. Alabama and Miami have both used him in a multitude of ways.

Is a third team going to do things differently? He has decent speed (4.46) but not elite speed or range, short-area quickness is arguably his greatest asset and he lacks the size (6-0, 204lbs) to be a strong safety or handle regular duties if asked to play up at the line.

Going into the draft nearly every conversation about Fitzpatrick was week-to-week you want his role to be flexible. Covering in the slot or playing in a two-safety look or as a big nickel. Match him up with a specific tight end or slot receiver.

The Seahawks need more talent in their secondary and clearly Fitzpatrick is talented. How much are you willing to pay for this type of player though? The Dolphins reportedly want a first round pick. You’re not acquiring an Earl Thomas type here. You’re not even getting Keanu Neal. You’d be getting a plus version of Ugo Amadi. Someone who’s a better athlete but ultimately is a nickel/safety hybrid.

I always thought Fitzpatrick was a bit overrated going into the 2018 draft. In the days leading up to the draft I wrote a piece listing the top six players at every position. I had Derwin James as the #1 safety with Fitzpatrick second and Jessie Bates third. I didn’t think there was much of a gap at all between the three.

If anyone thinks he can be a long term answer for Seattle as a rangy, single-high safety — I’d say that is unlikely. There’s very little evidence of that.

The Seahawks do need an answer at nickel corner. Losing Justin Coleman looks like it could be a bigger deal than many thought at the time. Yet they also seem set to play a lot more orthodox base with Mychal Kendricks playing SAM linebacker. If you trade for Fitzpatrick you’re basically taking Kendricks off the field. If you trade a high pick for a player, they need to be playing a high percentage of snaps.

At the very least they’ll want Kendricks on the field half of the time. Spending a first rounder (or even if it ended up being a second rounder) for a player to play around 50% of the snaps at best just seems like a poor use of resources — even if the Seahawks have a need at nickel corner.

It’s also unclear if Fitzpatrick would even work as a full-time nickel corner. That’s an unknown. It’d be wrong to assume this would solve a problem. When they acquired Jadeveon Clowney we had a good idea on his skill-set and fit due to years of tape. Fitzpatrick has buzzed around different spots at Alabama and Miami. We don’t know what his best position is.

It’s also important to remember they just spent a decent second round pick on Marquise Blair. He’s the tone-setting hitter they want and he also runs in the 4.4’s. If you trade for Fitzpatrick with the intention of using him as a safety you’re just putting a roadblock up for Blair. Not unless you intend to bench Bradley McDougald — which would be silly given he’s one of the best players on the defense.

Fitzpatrick is a name and the perception that he’s an Earl-type free safety will get fans salivating about the prospect of adding him. The reality is somewhat different. Ask yourself this — how much are you willing to pay for a player without a fixed position who might be best at nickel corner at a time when Seattle prefers to use three linebackers?

And what kind of a trade are Miami willing to consider? They’re not desperate to move Fitzpatrick for any specific reason. He’s not holding out like Clowney in Houston. They just dealt Laremy Tunsil for a kings ransom.

The chances are you’d need to pay a top price to acquire a player with a suspicious looking full-time fit in this defense.

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  1. Hilyard Row

    Hey rob, I tend to agree Minkah probably isn’t the answer we need – especially at the asking price. I actually projected Eddie Jackson to them the year before, and frustrated they didn’t take him. Think they need to address the nickel/slot position in the draft. Anyone standing out to you in CFB so far?

    • Rob Staton

      There are a number of good cornerbacks in this draft, some of which are showing well outside and in the nickel. Fulton at LSU, Diggs at Alabama are two examples of that. I also think Henderson at Florida could be a really good nickel.

      • Saxon

        Trajan Bandy from Miami might make a good nickel, too.

      • Bigten

        What rounds do you see those players going in? And what round would be a good value to grab a nickel/slot?

        • Rob Staton

          The general feeling is you don’t draft a nickel early unless they are exceptionally athletic and gifted. The two I listed could go R1/2

  2. Denver Hawker

    Next question is if not Fitzpatrick, then who? It’s a clear weakness they need to address. And what is an appropriate cost to pay for the position/player? Would the team use an R2 next year on a similar player? If so, then I don’t see the harm in trading R2 for him.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s an area where they’ve regressed having lost Coleman but there isn’t a team in the league with a complete roster where every position is sorted. Seattle’s no different. Because they could be better at nickel corner doesn’t mean you necessarily go out and spend a R1 or R2 to address this issue.

      • cha

        Indeed. Kalan Reed was battling for the spot and had been praised by PC among the competitors before the career-ending injury. That was unforeseeable.

  3. lil’stink

    Fitzpatrick definitely isn’t the answer at safety. We already have two guys in Hill and Blair who deserve a shot. We didn’t spend a 2nd rounder on Blair only to trade for Fitzpatrick.

    Slot clearly seems to be his best position. We obviously need help there, but we just brought Jamar Taylor back, who seemed to have a good camp. Is it worth spending a second round pick plus extra to get your slot CB for the next few years on a decent contract?

    Also, outside of his 3 cone (which obviously bodes well for a slot CB) Fitzpatrick had pretty unremarkable athletic testing given his draft position.

  4. Matt

    You are not going to like this post and I really don’t mean for it to be inflammatory, I’m just very convicted in my belief on this:

    You absolutely trade our 2020 1st rounder for Minkah. My reasoning is pretty simple:

    1. We have a desperate need for better secondary play and while Minkah might not have a true position, he is a very good nickel CB with the upside to play FS. He makes plays and has proven it (albeit it in only 1 year in the NFL).

    2. Our recent history of 1st round picks has been…not very good. Minkah is only 22.

    I think it’s a worthy gamble. We have two 2nd rounders to offset the hurt of losing our 1st. 2020 now shifts focus to OT and DE. I think you can find a RT in R2.

    Again, don’t expect anyone to agree but I think this is a no brainer.

    • Rob Staton

      Plenty will agree. I don’t have any issue with you or anyone else wanting him.

      For me though it seems like Fitzpatrick’s reputation is greater than the actual sum of trading for him. A nickel corner for a R1 pick is very, very steep IMO.

    • cha

      Trading 1sts or 2nds is for impact players. If there’s a pass rusher or an interior DL that can turn the Hawks into a 2013 Super Bowl type DL rotation, sure, go for it.

      But I can’t see the value of Minkah is such an upgrade over Ugo/Taylor/King as near worth a top pick.

      • Whit21

        I agree with rob.. if you wanted to spend a lot on a nickel corner.. they would have just made cuts elsewhere and re signed coleman…

        Id like to have Minkah too.. his game speed looks impressive from the film i watched during the 2018 draft.. I would never guess he ran a 4.64 forty with some big plays he made at Bama. but still wouldnt spend a R1 or R2 for him.

  5. Sea Mode

    A few different thoughts here to take into consideration:

    1. Position

    I’m not considering him at all at safety. For me, he would be a full-time in the slot.

    Apparently, per Rapoport, that is where he wants to play full time, btw:

    Of course, this doesn’t tell the whole story, but it is an interesting stat:

    Passer Rating Allowed: 69.0
    Fitzpatrick is the second rookie to make this list, but he’s the first player to make it who didn’t primarily play outside corner in 2018. The Dolphins had Minkah line up all over the field this past season; he spent 379 snaps as a slot corner, 281 snaps out wide and another 261 snaps as either a free or box safety. In coverage, Minkah was especially effective out of the slot, where he ranked first among cornerbacks by allowing just a 53.4 passer rating.

    2. Cap Hit

    There’s another interesting aspect to take into account, and that is how cheap his cap hit would be for a team trading for him, per Bleedinggreennation:

    When a player is traded, the team trading him away is still on the hook for the guaranteed money attached to the signing bonus. Fitzpatrick’s initial deal was four years, $16.4M, with $10M guaranteed in a signing bonus. $2.5M of that signing bonus was already paid, but the remaining $7.5M stays on the Dolphins’ books. $500K of the leftover $6.4M in base salary was already paid; $5.9M remains. And that’s what the Eagles would pay Minkah Fitzpatrick over the next three seasons: $5.9M total.

    So even if we picked up the 5th year option, it would end up being around 4yr/$13m. That’s a steal for a good player. Justin Coleman just got 4yrs/$36m…

    3. Athleticism

    As for athletic comps to Amadi and our other nickel CBs, just to get a visual:

    Amadi.: 5093, 199, 31 3/4 arm, 77 1/8 wing, 4.51 40yd, 4.19 SS, 7.21 3C, 34.0 VJ, 09’07” BJ, 18 BP
    Minkah: 6001, 204, 31 1/4 arm, 75 1/8 wing, 4.46 40yd, 4.13 SS, 6.73 3C, 33.0 VJ, 10’01” BJ, 14 BP
    J. Coleman: 5105, 185, 31.25 arm, N/A wing, 4.53 40yd, 3.98 SS, 6.61 3C, 37.5 VJ, 10’04” BJ, 20 BP
    Nickerson: 5103, 182, 30.25 arm, 72.75 wing, 4.32 40yd, 4.29 SS, 7.31 3C, 33.5 VJ, 10’00” BJ 15 BP

    So Amadi is two inches shorter, a touch slower, but has a bit better length than Fitzpatrick.
    Fitzpatrick is the closest to Coleman in terms of agility, but at 20lbs heavier!

    4. Character fit

    I don’t think this is really in question for us, but I thought I would go ahead and toss in Jim Nagy’s endorsement from a few hours ago anyway just for good measure:

    Jim Nagy

    Minkah Fitzpatrick is one of the cleanest prospects in past decade. If he’s available, this trade should get done today.

    ✅high IQ
    ✅work ethic

    12:01 PM · Sep 13, 2019

    5. Snap percentage

    As for how many snaps he would play vs. Kendricks, that’s definitely a key question. But I think we played Kendricks so much last game because:
    a. he’s a really good player
    b. with the lack of info on CIN, our strategy was to stay in base D and force them to pass.
    c. we didn’t have any really good options ready to go at nickel.

    Even if Kendricks will continue to play up to 50% of the snaps, we need to be able to field our nickel defense when matchup calls for it. Otherwise teams will copy what the Bengals just did.

    And then there is the looming question of his hearing. I’m thinking it probably won’t affect his availability, but you never know.

    He and KJ could potentially rotate at WILL when we are in nickel in order to keep both of them fresh and hopefully injury-free throughout the season. KJ played 91% of snaps vs. CIN. PC already stated way back when that that is not ideal.

    6. Draft compensation

    So let’s say, for the sake of argument, that the Seahawks would like to add him but not straight up for our R1 pick. The Dolphins have made it known that they are not looking to give him away, but will only consider a trade if it is really good value for them. What kind of package can we think of that might be fair?

    a. See if they bite on R2+R4. (doubtful)
    b. Perhaps trade our native R2, plus swap our R1 with their early R2.
    c. Trade our R1 for Fitzpatrick and a R3 pick.

    I think option b (plus perhaps some day 3 change thrown in from them) might get it done and still give us a good spread of our picks throughout the draft, not having to wait until late R2 to make our first pick.

    SEA gets: Minkah Fitzpatrick, MIA R2, MIA R5
    MIA gets: SEA R1+R2


    Honestly, we have the extra R2 pick to work something out if we want to. The single biggest question for me remains: how much of an upgrade do they believe Fitzpatrick would be over Amadi/Nickerson and is that worth about a late R2 pick? We know they really, really like Amadi’s potential; how ready are they to bet on it though?

    • Rob Staton

      I think Miami will expect a R1 minimum.

      • Bigten

        Reports are they want a a R1. And at that price, I would agree on a hard pass. But also reported that they will likely have to settle for a R2. If it did come to it, would a R2 be good value for you Rob? For me, I would say yes. Cheap cap, relatively low cost (2nd rounder) for a highly touted player and leader to play nickel seems pretty good. Pete seems to highly value versatility too, so that should be an attractive trait to him. Long term have young guys in Fitz, Blair, And Amadi. I really like that idea. But definitely not at the expense of a 2020 1st round. That would put a lot of athletic, high character players on the field. Then allow us to draft corner higher next year. Then think about what we got for frank clark, Collier and Minkah. The more I write about it, the more I like it.


        Has his impact thus far warranted that kind of compensation? If you’re Miami and you’re rebuilding, what good would it do to oversell an asset who doesn’t want to be there. I just wonder if anybody views him at this stage as worthy of a 1st, especially if he doesn’t want to be deployed the way he’s suited to being deployed.

        I wonder how this shakes out. You’d have to think they would lower their ask eventually.

      • Awsi Dooger

        As a Dolphins fan I don’t think it would take a #1. They’ll obviously ask for that level now but consider the inevitable situational influence: This is a grotesque team. They’ll me motivated occasionally and play well for brief stretches but more often than not the games will be a disaster. Good players look bad on grotesque teams, especially defensive backs with nothing in front of them. The Dolphins are starting CFL types on defense including one guy who is a CFL export.

        Minkah’s reputation and market value figure to drop as the season progresses. I think the Miami brass is well aware of that. It’s the reason they gave the go ahead for trade talks now.

        I think a #2 and a sweetener would do it. Miami is desperate for young offensive line help who could survive this tank mode and emerge on the other side.

        I don’t really know the Dallas roster outside the starters but of all teams speculated so far that one makes the most sense to me. Minkah could absolutely thrive on an aggressive smart attacking defense that plays with confidence. Regardless of where he’s lined up, Minkah fares best near the line of scrimmage. His signature play as a Dolphin so far was last season at Minnesota when the Vikings were destroying Miami and threatening to go ahead 28-0. Then Minkah sniffed out a third down cutesy screen pass, like Saban always emphasizes at Alabama. Minkah cut in front of Cousins’ pass and took it the distance. All of a sudden a seemingly inevitable 28-0 turned into 21-7.

        It’s been obvious from the outset that the Flores regime didn’t think as highly of Minkah as the Gase staff. Dating to minicamp there were rumblings. I thought he would wobble and mumble through an awful season then be one of the building blocks once the quarterback was acquired. But this tank stuff moves more like a bazooka, including friendly fire. Nobody ever imagined that Tunsil and Minkah could be early outs.

        Minkah reminds me of Tim Foley from the Miami glory era of the early to mid ’70s. Foley likewise could play safety or cornerback. He was a starter at cornerback on those teams, known for his smarts and instincts. Also great on special teams. Foley was a beloved player on those teams, epitomizing the resourcefulness of that era. He was the guy who told Shula to intentionally concede a safety late in the famous Monday night home win over the Steelers. But I remember many whispers that Foley would be exposed on weaker teams. When Hollywood Brown was making Minkah look silly last week, the diving whiffed tackles looked just like Foley against Cliff Branch.

    • timon

      Great analysis.
      I would add that right now we have KJ, MK, and Bobby available because they are all healthy… I don’t think we’ll be this fortune every single week. If we can get MF for less than a first rounder I’m all in

      • Sea Mode

        Me too. I’d do it for one of our R2 picks, but I doubt Miami bites unless things get ugly with the player.

        (and even in that case, some team with a higher R2 pick likely out-bids us)

    • Trevor

      Great Post Seamode.

      I am not a Fitzpatrick fan but you have kind of swayed me. If the Hawks can get him for that extra 2nd they have then I would be all for it as he is under control 4 more years at a good cap #.

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks. I agree with Rob, though, that MIA will want a R1+. Only if the relationship really sours might they consider cutting their losses and taking a R2+change, but I don’t see it likely happening.

        • Trevor

          Agreed and I would not give up a first but I do like the idea of a 2nd even if he is just used primarily in the slot it would really solidify the CB position going forward with Shaq and Flowers.

  6. Logan Lynch

    I’m not sold on the trade either unless we can get him at a steep discount which won’t happen.

    We need better safety play for sure, but am I the only one not really excited about the prospect of starting Lano? I don’t think he’s proven to be much of an upgrade from Tedric. Maybe less of a glaring weakness. Even if Blair isn’t ready, I’d almost rather roll the dice with him and let him get some early experience that could pay off in a major way by the end of the season.

  7. Paul Cook

    That’s a pretty damn good survey and analysis of the situation.

  8. cha

    Where is Akeem King in the eyes of the org? I’m guessing he didn’t take the hoped-for step forward in camp and preseason this year. He seemed to have a track on the job and couldn’t take advantage.

  9. BradHawk

    I lean “tight is right” Seahawks are too cheap to cough up a minimum salary for slot and they won’t use a high draft pick on slot. Looks like Seahawks play the supply vs demand curve when determining which positions to $$$. I guess there are lots of RG, Slot, & run stuffing DT prospects out there because we always go cheap on those positions.

  10. Ty the GUy

    Young guys need to take their lumps. As soon as Blair is healthy, the Hawks need to put him in at FS. Best way to learn is through experience. Ugo is the slot of the future, I do believe that. But just like with Earl, Kam, Sherm, Quill Griffin, Flowers, etc. you need to put the guys out there to get acclimated to the NFL.

    This may mean the Hawks have to deal with some major growing pains, but in the not so long-term it should be for the better.

    Now if Minkah can be had for a 3rd, then I’m in.

  11. Trevor

    On another note how bad has Cam Newton looked. I cant remember ever seeing a league MVP regress so quickly.

    • Volume12


      He looks like he wants to go home and get into bed. Which is my default setting so I can’t blame him there.

      • Sea Mode

        😂 💯

    • Volume12

      Ron Rivera also claims Cam’s shoulder and foot don’t have anything to do with his performance. So it’s bad coaching then? Your QB isn’t good? Is he sure it wouldn’t have anything to do with the incredibly physical and taxing style Cam plays?

    • cha

      The shoulder may never be right again. What a cross section of terrible throws.

      The whole game was a slog. The 4th Quarter took way too much time to complete, especially for a weather delayed game. Officiating was a sloppy mess, and the breaks so officials could explain the calls were painful.

      And the coaching may have been worse. Arians calling back to back timeouts to practically cost his team the game…then Carolina DOESN”T call a sneak with their 6’5 superman QB but rather some badly telegraphed trickery that starts 5 yards behind the LOS when you only need a few inches.

      Painful to watch.

      • JimQ

        I recall the announcers saying something about Newton’s veggie diet & suggesting it isn’t helping him at all.
        He does look slightly less beefy than in previous seasons. His injury history may also imply that he’s getting much nearer to the end of his career and declining noticeably. IMO- we are all likely seeing one of his last seasons in the NFL. One day, soon, we can hopefully say the same about Brady, Rogers & Big Ben among others.

  12. BradHawk

    Let’s wait till mid season for teams who want to clean house because they are no longer in the running. We should keep an open mind especially after the Clark trade, almost any player on our roster could be acquired if the price is right. Some teams are so bad at drafting players it might not be a bad idea to over pay the Hawks because at least they have something vs nothing.

  13. Gohawks5151

    Haven’t had the time to really sit down and think about it or do the research, but how is the safety class? BM will be 30 when this contract is up in a few years. LOB been missing playmakers and unique skills for a bit now. Tre and Shaq seem like great “get me over” guys but lack the ability to truly affect the game thus far. They could grow for sure but not seeing it yet.

    • BradHawk

      If I had to do this trade I would offer Amadi & a high 2021 pick.

    • Volume12

      Safety class looks ok. Excluding Delpit, but Seattle ain’t gonna have a top 10-12 pick.

      I do think if there’s one coach who can get the most outta him, it’s PC. As Rob outlined in his piece, it just presents more questions than answers.

      • DC

        What do you think of Maryland’s Antoine Brooks Jr.?

  14. Andrew S

    I disagree – Seattle is always looking for talent and this kid has it. Seattle would scheme him in and Fitzpatrick would come in and immediately compete for a starting role somewhere in the defensive backfield. I think a deal could get done for a 2nd round pick which Seattle has an extra. They could even throw in a player like Tedric Thompson who has under-performed in Seattle. Also PFF graded Fitzpatrick as the BEST slot-corner in the league last year so it’s obvious where he would fit. I see Ugo Amadi as a Free-Safety anyway, he’s too small to cover the slot (5’9″ & 180 lbs) he profiles more like Tyriann Mathieu which is where I think Ugo ends up playing by next season. This would be such a move Schneider would make and it could seriously put the Seahawks in SB discussion along with the acquisition of Clowney.

    • Rob Staton

      Always looking for talent doesn’t mean spending premium picks for players playing what remains a non-full time role.

    • BradHawk

      I see Blair as our future FS. Hill showed up to camp bigger muscles bulging out I wanna see him smack some RB’s. We need Amadi to run down AZ’s QB or he’s gonna gas our DL in the 1st quarter also we need a guy who can cover speedy shifty small WR’s. Not fond of using 1st & 2nd round picks we need those picks in case we can’t resign our vets.

  15. Starhawk29

    Personally, I’m against trading for Fitzpatrick. I think, as established, he’s really more of a nickel than a safety, and we should treat him as such. A lot of fans are unhappy with the play at nickel so far, but I’m leaning towards patience in watching how things develop. We’ve played one game, and didn’t play a whole lot of nickel for one reason or another. That’s not a whole lot to make a clear judgement on.

    We also shouldn’t discount that it takes time for players to get used to the system. Coleman had plenty of lumps his first year, and to my eyes, Amadi actually fared well in his limited snaps against the Bengals. I’m always for aggressively churning your roster, but I don’t think Fitzpatrick is worth the investment in this case.

    • Robert Loeder

      Well, you saved me some typing because that’s how I feel. Pete is the DB whisperer. We’ll be fine. That game plan last week exposed the DBs and Pete will give you yards underneath all day if he can ruin your running game and stop you in the Red Zone. I think we’ll get good play from our DBs this season…but middling play at FS unless Blair grows up fast! T2 doesn’t compute fast enough to play up to his excellent speed potential and he’s often out of position. Et3 was often out of position for a couple years, but he always played with the pedal to the metal and had great ball skills.

  16. Georgia Hawk

    There are rumors he might be had for a 3, which if true I’d jump through fire for that. I’m guessing it ends up around a 2nd rounder if it happens…which I’m about 50/50 on.

    • Volume12

      For a 3rd?!? Same.

      Thing is, if Miami lowers what it’s asking for that likely means they want a player in return.

      • cha

        Moot. Hawks don’t have a 3rd to trade. Not in 2020 anyway.

        • Sea Mode

          R3 comp from Earl?

          • cha

            Don’t think you can trade it before it’s awarded. I suppose you could trade a pick you have and put a clause on it, ‘if the Hawks get a 3rd it gets sent to Miami’ or something like that.

            • Sea Mode

              I see. You’re right.

              Would have to be with a clause. I remember teams doing that in the past, trading “whichever pick is higher” or something to that effect.

              Being that MIA seems to want a R1 pick, the other thing we could consider would be to essentially just do our annual trade-down a bit early. We are likely to pick somewhere in the 20s. MIA is going to pick at the beginning of R2. So we trade down a few spots in exchange for their high R4 and make something work for Fitzpatrick in exchange for one of our R2s.

      • Sea Mode

        A R3 and Tedric? Count me in!

        (not likely happening though…)

    • BradHawk

      Offer a 4th & Ugo! If we’re not willing to trade Ugo then there is no point in making the trade & if we are not going to get a bargain then we shouldn’t make the trade. I could care less where Miami drafted him they screwed up we’re not in the businesses of bailing Miami out.

      • Sea Mode

        I don’t think Miami “screwed up”. They drafted a good player who just wants to play full-time in his best position (slot DB). The situation is probably aggravated also by the Dolphins tanking and trading away their best young player.

        He’s not holding out or in rebellion. He simply asked permission to seek a trade. You’re allowed to do that. It’s possible (likely even) that no team meets Miami’s asking price and the two end up moving forward together.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          There might be more to the story than just how MIA have used him. There are rumors of serious FO/owner disagreement over whether even to draft him. MIA GM Chris Grier is reported to have been all in for Fitz, but the owner Stephen Ross wanted them to trade down and accumulate picks. Grier got his way, but you gotta believe there’s tremendous pressure on him over it. Especially since Ross wanted to trade down and select Lamar Alexander.

          From Matthew Cannata at PFN:

          “Chris Grier reportedly issued an ultimatum to Stephen Ross

          Earlier this week, the Miami Herald reported that when Minkah Fitzpatrick was on the board with the Dolphins 11th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, general manager Chris Grier didn’t want to waste any time selecting him. That’s because the Dolphins had fallen in love with him throughout the draft process.

          However, owner Stephen Ross wanted to trade down and accumulate picks. According to my sources, the Dolphins had a trade in place with the New Orleans Saints where the Dolphins would drop to the end of the first round while the Saints would move up. The trade was not made, and the Saints ended up trading up with the Green Bay Packers.

          After trading down, Ross wanted to use that pick to then select QB Lamar Jackson, who shredded the Dolphins on Sunday.

          According to the Herald’s report, Grier told Ross that he was picking Fitzpatrick and if the owner wanted to fire him, then he could fire him. If this report is true, then you can expect that Ross is likely not happy.”

          Link to the article:

          • Sea Mode

            Saw that article, but I guess I just am not sure how that would affect Fitzpatrick now. If it were really somehow an issue, it seems it would have had repercussions a lot sooner.

            Then again, I guess we are lucky not to know recently at least what a hands-on owner can do to your front office and your team.

        • BradHawk

          Nobody is gonna pay a 1st or 2nd for a slot CB, looks like a screw up to me when a rookie doesn’t buy into your program.

  17. Volume12

    Would rather they try and trade for CB Xavien Howard.

    • Sea Mode

      At $15m/apy???

      • Volume12

        Lol. Is that what they’re paying him? Pass than.

  18. Tony

    I’m ok with either. I dont know where the coaches truly stand on the DB depth. Our secondary is loaded with youth and question marks. So if they pony up for him it screams that they see a dire need. But I think with all the youth and PC history of being more conservative out the gate that the hawks pass. Im sure JS called on MF, but only to check a price. I think PC trusts the talent in building. Blair getting reps will help move mcdougal to FS some and probably lessen the need of MF. Same with ugo at nickel.

    I’m more worried at seeing the rams score him. Or the Pats. Someone will pay.

  19. Georgia Hawk

    Hey Rob, as you referenced Beat Pode’s article the other day, you should go check out his latest!

    Its his best ever IMO!

    • Sea Mode


      Right up there with Matt Miller’s deep insight on the topic…:

      Matt Miller

      Before asking me if Minkah is a fit on your team, just know the answer is yes. He’s a fit.

      4:18 PM · Sep 13, 2019

  20. TomLPDX

    It seems to me that we are already addressing the NCB position by bringing in Nickerson and also resigning Jamar Taylor back to the team. Was Ugo really that bad in the Cincy game? Is King in the doghouse for some reason and no longer seriously in the running for this position? Would Fitzpatrick really be a big step above the guys we already have on the roster?

    • icb12

      At that particular position, yes. He would be a step above in my opinion.

  21. Brandon Adams

    Rob, only nitpick I have is that the base defense they showed versus Cincinnati was largely a response to the unknown of Cincinnati’s offense. They’ve said that you’ll be seeing more nickel from them as the season goes on.

    • Rob Staton

      Very possible for sure. But Pete has spent a whole summer gushing about Kendricks. So unless they have LB injuries (also possible) they’re going to also find ways to get Kendricks on the field.

      • BradHawk

        We should play more 34 defense. Jefferson & Poona can play the NT and we rotate the 4th LB spot with pass rushing LB Griffith and Safety Blair. 4 linebackers vs 3 line backers & 1 safety.

  22. MyChestIsBeastMode

    Ken Norton’s most recent press conference states that Ugo Amadi played great “for a rookie” in his limited time last game. He got dinged up which is likely why Taylor was brought back in. I’m not against Minkah for the right price (Hell no for a 1st, and still no for a 2nd… but a 3rd, yes– we did get Clowney for a bag of peanuts so who knows in the current NFL). However, I find it hard to imagine that the front office is giving this trade serious attention if they think Ugo has what it takes, is adjusting well to the system, and let alone the difficulties related to bringing in someone new and schooling them up to our way of doing things during the season.

  23. Johnham

    I’d love to have him, but I think the cost would be too much. Of course, that’s exactly what I said about Clowney so who knows…

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      No comparison between the two in terms of ability. Clowney is League elite at his position. Fitzpatrick has been decent (better than I thought initially), but he’s nowhere near the caliber of Clowney. Also, Clowney is a true specialist, whereas Fitz is more of a jack-of-all trades. Versatility has value to be sure, but that value depends in large part on the personnel of the team adding him. SEA have a stable of promising DB prospects — Hill, Blair, Umadi, even Thompson (notwithstanding his rough outing vs CIN, he was still a top college safety prospect who deserved being chosen by SEA). I do believe Fitz would be an upgrade of sorts, if for no reason other than he’s not a raw rookie anymore (plus he was a R1 prospect). But not enough of an upgrade to warrant giving up a R2 pick.

    • lil’stink

      Clowney had veto power over a trade and drove the asking price way down. Completely different situation with Fitz.

  24. Paul Cook

    It *seems* like playing the patience game is the way to go as concerns the secondary. The trade deadline isn’t until the end of October. Who knows who might become available between now and then for a pick later than a 3rd? In the meantime, we still don’t know how good this DL unit will be when it comes to QB pressure. It could make up for some our deficiencies in the secondary. Also, the Hawks do a pretty good job of coaching up secondary players. We don’t know what we have yet with Ugo, Blair, etc…

    We’re going to find out a lot more playing against two HOF QB’s in the next two weeks. I’m fine with standing pat for the time being.

  25. cha

    Hunt and David Moore are out Sunday

    Poona, Thorpe and TT are listed as doubtful (which usually means they’re not playing IIRC)

    Ziggy is questionable

    So everyone who has been banged up a little, like Britt and Lockett are cleared to play. Also Collier might make his NFL debut this weekend.

    • Sea Mode

      LOL, sad but true…

      Tom Pelissero

      #Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says Ziggy Ansah practiced all week, not limited at all, almost there. Have to see if he can play Sunday against the #Steelers — if not, has a great chance to play Week 3.

      11:10 PM · Sep 13, 2019

      Patrick Ward stan

      Replying to @TomPelissero

      That is pete-speak for there’s no chance in hell he’s playing and week 3 is questionable too.

      11:13 PM · Sep 13, 2019

      • cha

        That scans. PC has said he likes the guys to have a full 2 weeks of practice.

        I’d rather rest him now and hopefully have him for the stretch run if I had a choice. Let’s get Collier some reps and have everyone firing on all cylinders by the time the playoffs roll around.

  26. CHawk Talker Eric

    Ian Rappaport says Fitzpatrick wants to be purely a slot corner and he’s not happy that MIA have used him all over the defensive backfield.

    Talent wise, I’m all in on him as SEA’s NCB. But a part time position like NCB just isn’t valuable enough by itself to warrant such a high draft pick, especially when there are decent NCB prospects already on the roster. I wouldn’t want them to spend a R1 or R2 pick to draft a prospect at a part time position. I wouldn’t want them to trade the same for one either.

    I like Fitzpatrick. I think he’s a good fit for the LOB 2.0. But the price has to make sense.


    • Eli

      I would argue that NCB is a very valuable position for the Hawks – they spent just 33% of their snaps in a base 4-3 last year.

      Now, is Fitzpatrick a guy that’s worth a 2nd round pick? For that I have no idea.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        My initial reaction was no. But then, I haven’t been following his career. I mean, why would I?

        But after reading the analysts, scouts and pundits, I’ve become convinced he’s got the talent to be worth the cost of a R2 pick in and of himself. Apparently, he’s already a top NCB.

        The question then becomes, is he worth a R2 pick to SEA, who already have a crowded DB room, with some decent prospects coming up?

        I dunno. I think I’m okay either way.

      • Troy

        Would anyone have been against us using a 2nd rounder the year he was drafted? nope. Would anyone have really been upset at using a 1st even, probably not although there would have been some argument against. Nevertheless now he is a cheap 1st rounder or 2nd round equivalent. Based off what PFF has him as, the high point at NCB is FItzpatrick. No Nickel that lined up 20% of the time or more at the position had a lower QB rating against than him with 53.4

        He allowed 20 slot receptions on 39 targets for 200 yards and 1 touchdown. He also had 2 picks. He is Bama’s all time leader in pick 6 with 4. He played 281 snaps outside at corner, 379 in the slot. Also played 166 at FS.

        Also I have to wonder how much value he might have in the future as well for this organization if Pete decides its time to retire in the next couple years. The next guy may want to play more nickel (although we did quite a bit last year). I think you are filling one of our 2 glaring holes in the secondary (I would argue we have 4 but thats me).

        Im not against waiting either and if someone else pulls the trigger, fine. I do know that I will unfairly be scrutinizing Ugo and whomever we draft next year early if they are a secondary player if we could have him for 2nd. A 1st round pick is more understandable to pass on him. I also dont think he garners Miami a 1st round pick. I guess lets see how guys play in Pittsburgh because if Ben shreds us to pieces people may be having different feelings.

  27. CHawk Talker Eric

    It’s a little old (15 hours), and I’m not sure of the sourcing, but interesting nonetheless.

    Vegas Source: Dolphins asking for 2nd for Minkah Fitzpatrick still might settle for 3rd+

    Several Early teams involved:


    • Rob Staton

      Not interesting at all unfortunately. That’s a fake, useless rumour account and isn’t worth taking a blind bit of notice of.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Not surprised. Never heard of them before. Posted only because they have a sizable following. And in truth I’d be happy to have him on the roster (again, at the right cost).

        • Rob Staton

          Apparently it’s an incarcerated Bob creation, that account.

  28. Stephen Pitell

    Great discussion. I found myself convinced by Rob’s logic and opinion, and then others made me convinced of the opposite conclusion.

    One aspect which has been mentioned but didn’t seem to get valued enough is the cheapness of the contract. The signing bonus being assumed by Miami adds to Fitz’s value going forward. Plus, this guy has proven himself in the NFL while low Rd 1 draft picks can flame out entirely or require one or more years developing before they are ready for the NFL.

    But the most important thing here is that Pete is a DB Guru and I trust his judgement. Apparently, from an above post, the Hawks are taking an interest. John says we are always interested in trades, so that may be the extent of our interest, but for a second rd future pick, I’d definitely vote YES.

    • Pickering

      “But the most important thing here is that Pete is a DB Guru and I trust his judgement.”

      I think Pete’s previous DBackfields have shown his guru-ness. Sorry if I sound gratuitously contrarian, that’s not my intent, but from what the DBackfield has looked like recently I wonder whether the league’s caught up with his approach. That said, I still want to think he’s got the wherewithal to improve what so far has been a less than stellar DB group.

  29. Kenny Sloth

    Jim Nagy said Fitzpatrick would be a FS for Seattle fwiw

  30. Volume12

    Uhhhh. Guys.

    This EDGE from NC, Tomon Fox (6’3, 275 lbs.), is a god damn stud! He’s gotta be picking up draft buzz. 3rd in the country in sacks. Missed a tackle in the backfield tonight and chased it 20 yards downfield to make the tackle.

    NC HC Mack Brown: ‘First he practices hard every day. Secondly he’s really smart. He’s physical.’

    S-R-T 🤔

    • Volume12

      Never been a huge fan of NC S Myles Dorn, but he made some plays tonight.

      W. Forest DE Carlos ‘Boogie’ Basham is a pretty good looking DE to keep eyes on as well.

      Wake LB Justin Strnad looks like one of the better LBs so far. Head hunter.

  31. Volume12

    😂😭 Did Gronk really say he fixed his brain? Ate some Chicken noodle soup, drank plenty of fluids, got a couple naps in, all while taking his dose of Nyquil?

  32. Kenny Sloth

    Bob Condotta reporting Seahawks close to finalizing deal for Minkah

    • cha

      There’s nothing on his Twitter

      But he has a pretty active fake twitter

      • Kenny Sloth

        Cant find it now, but I don’t think it was a fake account. The tweet also mentioned a second round pick being in play.

        Perhaps you’re right and I’d still be surprised if we did make a deal, so grain of salt as always

        • downtownjewelrybryan

          i saw condotta posted it for a split second and then it disappeared. wth!

          • All I see is 12s

            There was no blue check mark. Fake account.

  33. Pickering

    Off topic, but related to one of today’s CFB games.

    I know it’s way too early to say whether former WSU QB Gardner Minshew’s first game success was an indication of anything going forward. He was drafted in the 6th round with many saying he was a JAG, a system QB. It’s also too early to say whether WSU’s current QB Anthony Gordon’s good start is an indication of anything going forward. But if Minshew continues to get snaps and plays well, and if Gordon does too, should we give putative ‘system’ QBs like them a bit more slack while assessing their NFL potential? I know many are saying this next draft and the following have several good QB prospects who should go early, but I hope we don’t completely overlook guys picked in later rounds who could be good backups.

    • Hawkin

      I would say so. Both QBs still need to go be consistent, a few more games to show that. But give coach leach some credit where it’s due. Last few years his team have competed at the top of the PAC12, all while receiving 2nd lowest recruiting (star) grade. It’s impressive for sure

  34. ZzzSleeperzzZ

    Make the trade…

    Kendricks might go to prison, and other players may get injured or flop.

    Fitz is cheap, provides insurance, covers a position or two that need some help.

    If things work out with Fitz or not, they could trade him months down the road and probably get equal to better value to whatever they give to get him.

    The kid is a leader, exactly what the Seahawks crave, so I say — go get Fitz.

    • Rob Staton

      1. It’s very unlikely Kendricks will go to prison.

      2. He’s not that cheap, he will likely cost a R1 pick. Value also includes compensation.

      3. You can’t just trade high picks on TE he off chance of injuries. He has to be considered an every snap defender.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I read recently that the court delayed his sentencing date by long enough to guarantee that even if he is incarcerated (& there’s no guarantee he will be), such incarceration wouldn’t begin until after the season is over, including the playoffs.

      • Gohawk5151

        Didn’t his partner get time? Is it a given that Kendricks won’t?

        • Rob Staton

          Yes, everything points to him not serving time.

      • ZzzSleeperzzZ

        1. You could be right, I hope you are, but “very unlikely” is not a guarantee.

        2. I would say, it is very likely Fitz will be cheap, especially over the long run. Also, R1 picks are not guarantees, nor are the players you gain from trading back, nor is Fitz a gurantee himself, but I would bet Fitz will maintain enough value for the nearest later dates, that he may even gain value if/while he performs well; should Fitz’s value happen to rise, should the Hawks decide to flip him for other players/picks at later time, the Hawks may get back more than what they paid.

        3. I don’t see why not. Trading for depth and versatility happens all the time. Competition between the layers of depth determines snap/start counts, as does situational play calling or health. Corners or the slot are not a deep spot for the Seahawks, so I wouldn’t have problem gaining Fitz to deepen those positions.

        Anyways, my opinions may change, tomorrow — I hope the secondary shuts Ben down so we can stop thinking about other team’s players. I want to see Flowers and Thompson step up.

        • Rob Staton

          1. People who know about the situation have practically guaranteed it. In fact the date of his trial now makes it impossible for him to be incarcerated before the end of the season I believe.

          2. It is incredibly rare that a player is traded twice for high picks. And if you’re trading a high pick you believe he will be a foundation piece. It’s as simple as this — you only trade a R1 (and that will be the minimum price) if you think he will be a vital player at a vital position for years to come. And if he plays nickel they have never invested any key resources in that position.

          3. You don’t trade R1 picks for depth and versatility.

          • ZzzSleeperzzZ

            1. His sentencing was scheduled for November 21st, so there will be plenty of games remaining, especially if the hawks make the playoffs.

            2. Tedric is already injured and won’t be playing in today’s game. This is what I’m talking about: just because a player is designated *an everyday starter* — that doesn’t make it so.

            3. Depth of talent is more important than a flimsy title that can go up in smoke during any given practice, workout, game, situation, trial, ATV mishap, etc.. In other words, I would trade for depth, but my trade would depend on what kind of depth/talent we’re talking about, whereas Fitz is talented enough to be depth and *an everyday starter* at corner/slot.

            • Rob Staton

              Sentencing doesn’t work immediately like that. Someone with expertise in this field has already made it clear and broke that down.

              None of the other points counter the points I made.

              • ZzzSleeperzzZ

                The “expert” has an optimistic opinion, at best, not a guarantee. He is optimistic that the sentencing date will be pushed back many more times, and that might happen. That said, if the court decides not to go Kendricks’ way, then Kendricks could be sentenced.

                As for my points and whether they countered yours or not, I would say they did. Obviously we disagree on some things, and there is nothing wrong with that.

                • Rob Staton

                  It’s not optimistic. It’s his expert view based on when sentencing occurs.

                  Don’t know why you’re even arguing against that.

                  • ZzzSleeperzzZ

                    Unless your expert has a time machine or inside information, then your expert only has an optimistic opinion, not an objective guarantee.

                    Kendricks’ sentencing is scheduled to occur on Nov 21st. If Kendricks’ lawyers fail to argue for more delays, then Kendricks will be sentenced on Nov 21st; Kendricks could go to prison on Nov 21st, unless he gets a more forgiving sentence or another delay for sentencing is granted.

                    Kendricks lawyers don’t have an infinite number of time-outs, and the Seahawks are aware of this, hence the structure of Kendricks’ short contract: Kendricks’ contract is short and without guarantees, because the Seahawks just don’t know whether he’ll be allowed to play the entire season, because he could be sentenced to prison.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Sentencing doesn’t happen immediately after a trial.

                      Here’s what he said:

                      I’ve posted this before, but here it is again. I will go into specifics but I do have some knowledge about how these things work. Everything in the Kendrick’s case indicates that he is involved in a plea agreement. He has admitted all wrongdoing, he has paid the money back, and we can infer from all the media reporting that he has been cooperating with the investigation. Some would call that snitching. Kendricks has a very expensive legal team. They have clearly been working with the government and the fact that they keep delaying his sentencing is an indicator that they are keeping Kendricks on the hook to testify against others before he himself reaches his sentence at which point there is no incentive to help the government.
                      I fully expect something along the lines of five years probation.

                      So there you go. Not sure why you’re so dogged and determined to argue the toss on this.

    • BradHawk

      Worst case scenario Trump pardons Kendrick’s! It will be an election year no way our corrupt judicial system hands Trump a political victory.

  35. McZ

    With the amount of mismatches the Bengals were able to create on Kendricks, especially Ross on his first TD, we should ask if we need flexibility.

    Fitzpatrick is flexible, and what we would acquire is 3yrs of a #11 pick, plus 5th year option for basically peanuts capwise. For a possible breakout season candidate, in the right system.

    Blair has shown some plays in preseason, but was still good enough for prime time. Ugo has come into a little better, but then we have holes at FS and nickel. Lano Hill is the same wildcard as TT is. Good games, the occasional MVP game, but 50% not so.

    I think, Miami cannot expect anything better than a R2 pick. Fitz was simply not good in his rookie season. For a R2 plus maybe a late rounder, I would jump in. Anything less than that would be a real steal.

    My greatest fear is the Pats going for it, but then the Eagles could offer one of their real good second string OL players, and the secondary is their only weakness.

    • McZ

      Ah, what we should also discuss… it’s not Miami being disgruntled with a player, it’s the player being disgruntled with Miamis tanking approach.

      And, for a trade scenario… what about Hill, Thompson and a 3rd?

      – Miami would bring on a pair of young safeties, who are known to be team players and occasional assets, plus an additional high mid rounder.
      – Hill and Thompson would get out of their dead-lock, getting both a chance in a system, where they are not expected to play championship grade
      – Seattle gets Fitzpatrick, and could bring back Nickerson from PS

      This is the traditional win-win-win situation.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not really sure I understand this thought process though. A second round pick for flexibility? If they don’t want to get caught in a mismatch situation just stick Jamar Taylor on the field. Especially if you don’t think Fitzpatrick played well last year.

      I’m also not sure why Miami would trade him for a second rounder. They have a bounty of picks already and have zero pressure to trade him. He’s not holding out, he’s cheap, there’s no need for cap relief. They’d simply be giving up on a player they drafted 18 months ago just because.

      • McZ

        According to Fins resources, he has openly questioned the tanking approach. He is a nuisance in their locker room, and this tranlates to pressure to the franchise.-

        I wrote he played not good. Good like 16 games of production. He had games, where he lapsed. Over a season, he was average. But then, he is only 22, and the Fins won a few games with their D, they wouldn’t have in 2017. To me, in the right system, he is a breakout to happen.

        Jamar Taylor… is a hire-and-fire guy playing on his fifth team, not a developmental piece.

        Finally, I thought I have made clear, what we would get for a 2nd rounder. I think, if you believe in the player, and you really have the final weakness at exactly his position, even a 1st rounder would be appropriate. Or a player-pick combo.

        • Rob Staton

          Him not being happy with tanking is a world of difference though from Clowney holding out in the last year of his deal with all the negotiating leverage. Fitzpatrick is playing on Sunday against New England. And if Miami really are tanking they might prefer some disruption.

          Why does the nickel need to be a development piece? They’ve used players all the time to do a job for a year.

          In fairness you’ve gone from hailing his flexibility to now saying he fits the exact need Seattle has. Which is it? Because this is the issue for me. If he’s a slot corner it limits the value because that position is not full time. And the issue I raised in the piece that flexibility, while useful, isn’t necessarily worth a high draft pick.

          • McZ

            Reportedly requesting a trade is. It’s one step close to a hold out. It sufficed to make the pundits go nuts and puttimg a trade on the table.

            When I say, development piece, I have certainly no fixation on the nickel spot. He can play FS or SS. You will not debate, he played both at Alabama and Miami.

            The only counterargument is, that we just drafted two guys. Blair took us a 2nd rounder to get. I don’t get the issue.

            • Rob Staton

              Being given permission to seek a trade is not one step closer to a hold out. We have no idea whether he plans to eventually hold out. He’s playing tomorrow.

              I’ve given plenty of counters to why this might happen. I’m not going to just keep repeating myself. You’ve ignored a crucial point that if Miami really are ‘tanking’ — then it serves them better to have a possible disruption in the locker room. They have no pressure to trade him and will expect a top price. That’s only one of several things you haven’t addressed in my replies.

  36. RWIII

    Not to change the subject. But a couple of points regarding the Steeler game.

    Jadaveon Clowney must have a major impact on Sunday. (2). George Fant did not play much against the Bengals. I suspect he is going to get his share of snaps against the Steelers. (3).Seattle MUST run the football. (4). Nickel corner play. Someone has to step up at nickel corner. (5) Poona Ford is out. Can AL Woods, Bryan Mone, Quinton Washington slow down the run? No Poona Ford is going to hurt. So Al Woods and company has to come up big.

    • mishima

      Think you confused your presidents. Quinton Jefferson? DL is thin, but I think they’ll be fine against the run and the LBs will have a day.

    • BradHawk

      Big Ben is gonna get knocked out of the game.

  37. Volume12

    Wazzu has a potential NFL RB? Under Mike Leach? That’s an interesting dynamic.

    • Hawkin

      Indeed. Reminds me a lot of Christian McCaffery. Though he he has a ways to go before that’s said confidently, he is well on his way to that pedigree and only a sophomore.

  38. All I see is 12s

    I’ve posted this before, but here it is again. I will go into specifics but I do have some knowledge about how these things work. Everything in the Kendrick’s case indicates that he is involved in a plea agreement. He has admitted all wrongdoing, he has paid the money back, and we can infer from all the media reporting that he has been cooperating with the investigation. Some would call that snitching. Kendricks has a very expensive legal team. They have clearly been working with the government and the fact that they keep delaying his sentencing is an indicator that they are keeping Kendricks on the hook to testify against others before he himself reaches his sentence at which point there is no incentive to help the government.
    I fully expect something along the lines of five years probation.

    • BradHawk

      Goldman is so corrupt they have their tentacles in every major crime syndicate on earth! Kendrick’s is way over his head, he got really good counsel on how to handle his situation and he’s very fortunate to have the Seahawk organization behind him. His attitude is perfect he’s playing great football it looks like he’s in a “good place” spiritually. Kendrick’s has enough support from the people who know him best that this will make a great book & movie one day.

  39. Hawkin

    Your guy Steven Montez struggling today against Air Force, Rob. Is it new scheme under new coach or has he regressed?

  40. Sea Mode



    • Volume12


    • mishima

      I love the announcer, “Where will they spot the ball…”

    • TomLPDX

      Wowsers! That was sooo amazing!

    • BradHawk

      I’m getting old!

  41. Volume12

    OK St. RB Chubba Hubbard is fun. Next level explosiveness. Should be another good RB class coming up.

    • Del tre

      That might be the best name in football, makes me hope we draft him

  42. Sea Mode

    Wow, this big boy’s got some juice!


    Jim Nagy dropped this tidbit on him before the game:

    Jim Nagy

    @GamecockFB DL Javon Kinlaw (@JavonKinlaw) is just scratching the surface. Coaches rave about the work he put in this offseason. Came in at 340 lbs as true frosh and is 295 lbs now. Man-child type raw talent. Has only played football for 5 years. #TheDraftStartsInMOBILE

    10:26 PM · Sep 14, 2019

    • BradHawk

      Looks like what Pete has been looking for to play 3 tech which is why I’m pondering if we’re gonna trade Reed.

  43. Volume12

    This game against UCF is why I’ve felt Stanford CB Paulson Adebo is one of the more overrated prospects in the country.

    Stiff, can’t find the ball, and almost plays in a crouch. It’s strange.

  44. Duceyq

    Not in on this trade…I hope Seattle doesn’t pull the trigger. Hope they ship a late round pick for AJ Green instead. Now that would be game changing.

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