Seahawks trade down scenario (and a first round projection)

John Schneider’s review of the 2017 draft two weeks ago suggested the Seahawks were preparing to be active one way or another:

“I don’t like it quite as much as I liked it last year. I think there’s different parts of it that I do like and that we want to pick in that range. We have, what? Two weeks left… so we have some time to kind of get back with everybody but just sitting there by myself staring at it at night… I’m not there yet. Last year I just felt like it was kind of thick all the way through and we were willing to pick players all the way through. This year it seems that there’s some gaps in there that you may be able to… which for us not having a fourth and a fifth this year may work out in our favour.”

Schneider’s colourful admission that he sits staring at the draft board at night is quite the review of how he views this class. He possibly knows he’ll need to be aggressive one way or another to get into the parts of the draft where they want to pick.

With just over a week to go I wanted to look at a scenario that would possibly lead to the Seahawks moving down.

#1 Cleveland — Myles Garrett (EDGE, Texas A&M)
#2 San Francisco — Solomon Thomas (DE, Stanford)
#3 Chicago — Jamal Adams (S, LSU)
#4 Jacksonville — Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU)
#5 Tennessee — O.J. Howard (TE, Alabama)
#6 New York Jets — Reuben Foster (LB, Alabama)
#7 LA Chargers — Malik Hooker (S, Ohio State)
#8 Carolina — Jonathan Allen (DE, Alabama)
#9 Cincinnati — Garett Bolles (T, Utah)
#10 Buffalo — David Njoku (TE, Miami)
#11 New Orleans — Marlon Humphrey (CB, Alabama)
#12 Cleveland — Gareon Conley (CB, Ohio State)
#13 Arizona — Jarrad Davis (LB, Florida)
#14 Philadelphia (via Min) — Christian McCaffrey (RB, Stanford)
#15 Indianapolis — Haason Reddick (LB, Temple)
#16 Baltimore — Forrest Lamp (G, Western Kentucky)
#17 Washington — Obi Melifonwu (S, Connecticut)
#18 Tennessee — Chidobe Awuzie (CB, Colorado)
#19 Tampa Bay — Adoree’ Jackson (CB, USC)
#20 Denver — Ryan Ramcyzk (T, Wisconsin)
#21 Detroit — Charles Harris (EDGE, Missouri)
#22 Miami — Marshon Lattimore (CB, Ohio State)
#23 New York Giants — Evan Engram (TE, Ole Miss)
#24 Oakland — Kevin King (CB, Washington)
#25 Houston — Cam Robinson (T, Alabama)
#26 Jacksonville (TRADE) — Deshaun Watson (QB, Clemson)
#27 Kansas City — Patrick Mahomes (QB, Texas Tech)
#28 Dallas — Jabrill Peppers (S, Michigan)
#29 Green Bay — Quincy Wilson (CB, Florida)
#30 Pittsburgh — John Ross (WR, Washington)
#31 Atlanta — Justin Evans (S, Texas A&M)
#32 New Orleans — Taco Charlton (EDGE, Michigan)

Notes on the trade

— There’s so little buzz about the quarterbacks, it feels possible they’ll last deep into round one. In this scenario one of the teams picking in the 30’s (Jacksonville) makes a move. I think it’s unlikely Tom Coughlin will see Blake Bortles’ character and lifestyle as the right fit for his version of the Jaguars.

— The Seahawks at #26 are well placed if they do want to move down. They sit right in front of Kansas City (a possible destination for quarterbacks). A deal with Jacksonville could net a high fourth round pick.

— The options at #26 in this scenario aren’t terrible. There are still some intriguing possibilities. However, a similar plan to last year could be on the cards. Seattle moved from #26 to #31 to get Germain Ifedi, then moved from #56 to #49 to get Jarran Reed. Considering the players they met with recently (Malik McDowell, Jourdan Lewis, Tim Williams, Ahkello Witherspoon) it feels like they’re looking at players that might be available in the #30-50 range. They might prefer to pick there twice instead of at #26 and #58.

— Who would they consider? It certainly feels like there’s a lot of momentum for a defensive back and a pass rusher with the first two picks (in no particular order).

— Ultimately their picks will come down to a handful of factors — need, grit, traits. We highlighted last week why SPARQ isn’t the be-all and end-all and they could end up taking a less athletic albeit highly gritty player.

Notes on some of the other picks

— Reuben Foster could fall. He also could easily go in the top-10 which was the initial projection at the start of the process. Mike Maccagnan has consistently gone pure BPA with his picks. Foster could be BPA at #6. It’s a weird pick to own this year in terms of value and the Jets could be a strong candidate to take a cheap deal to move down if teams want Malik Hooker or Jonathan Allen.

We mocked David Njoku to Seattle back in January and while we’ve since moved on to other positions, he’s still a fascinating player. He could go in the top-12.

— Obi Melifonwu could easily last into range for the Seahawks. He could easily be their first round pick. Yet his rare combination of size, explosive athleticism, sure-tackling and versatility could also tempt a handful of teams to take him earlier than the 26th pick. Don’t be shocked if he goes earlier than expected.

— There’s often a big name that falls. There’s talk about teams souring on Marshon Lattimore due to hamstring issues. He might be one who drops a bit.

— Evan Engram runs a 4.42 at 234lbs. He deserves to go in round one. The Giants need a tight end and Engram could be their guy if Njoku’s off the board.

— There are question marks about the top three receivers (injury, speed, inability to workout during the off-season). Could John Ross, Mike Williams and Corey Davis fall quite far? Possibly. Especially when there are healthier, highly athletic and productive alternatives in rounds 2-3 (Zay Jones, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Curtis Samuel, Chris Godwin). The tight ends being so dynamic (Howard, Njoku, Engram) could also work against the big name wide outs.


  1. Ed

    If draft fell that way and Hawks did trade back, would jump all over Baker or Tankersley in the early 2nd.

    • Phil

      +1 , then try to trade up to get Watt.

  2. Josh emmett

    There will be Qb’s and wr’s in the first round before the mid 20’s picks. I just don’t see all teams all going best available player. I kind of see john Schneider’s comments as the draft is top heavy and they will be able to draft db’s late. I don’t know why they would want a 4th round pick. I understand it’s a just a scenario but I would definitely rather see them trade a couple third round picks and move up in the 1st and 2nd rounds. This is definitely a pivotal time to draft defenders as Avril/Bennett/chancellor/Thomas/Sherman are coming up on contracts. Defense defense defense, rock n roll rob! Love the articles everyday, thank you for taking the time!

    • Sea Mode

      “I don’t know why they would want a 4th round pick.”

      Last year, they moved up in R2 using a R4 pick. Just cause you don’t want to pick there doesn’t mean you can’t use the pick as currency.

      You also save a bit on the cap by picking in R2 instead of R1.

      • Rob Staton

        Yep, the fourth rounder could be a bargaining chip.

      • Josh emmett

        All I’m getting at is it seems from what John Scnieder has said about this draft and the team needs acquiring more picks for players or bargening isn’t in the cards because it’s a defensive top heavy draft. They wanted to move around last year because there were a ton of prospects with draftable grades where that’s not the case this year

    • Rob Staton

      This projection isn’t showing BPA every step of the way in fairness.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I agree but it is something I’ve been considering…

        No Cook clearly!

      • Josh emmett

        I just think no matter what there will be qb’s taken as well as oline and WR’s that will drop more of the elite defensive prospects to the spot where the Hawks pick

    • Overtime

      “This year it seems that there’s some gaps in there that you may be able to… which for us not having a fourth and a fifth this year may work out in our favour.”

      Sounds, like he is happy to have his picks bunched early and may not want to trade back into R4 and R5.

      • Rob Staton

        No but he might want picks in those rounds to use to trade up at different points.

        • D-OZ

          Also the more quality depth, the overall team quality. There are a lot of position’s that need a depth upgrade and player’s to groom for the future.
          From what I am seeing there will still be a some very good prospect’s to be had in the early portion of the 4th round. The Hawks are not a set team by any standard. we need quality depth @ OT, FB, TE, QB, S, LB, DT, DE, Slot corner, and CB competition. 🙂

          • Danny j

            You forgot WR, RB, LS, and K.

  3. RWIII

    Seriously doubt if Obi Melifonwu will still be on the board at 26.

    Rob: I see you have Melifonwu, Kevin King, Adoree’ Jackson and Chidobe Awuzie all off the board by the time the Seahawks are on the clock. Don’t think John Ross is going to last until the 30th pick. Also Taco Charleton will go in the 11-20 range. Also Reddick, Bowles, Robinson and Ramcyzk are gone by when the Seahawks are on the clock.

    This is one of those drafts where nobody knows where anybody is going. Heck I couldn’t even bet one way or the other if Richard Sherman gets traded.

    • Rob Staton

      Ross is one of the players though who could go top-20 or could fall.

      I really like him. But everyone can’t go in the top-20.

      • SoTac

        Yes, I’ve heard they only let 20 people in that group.

  4. Sean-O

    Death, taxes & the Hawks trading down….

    I’m pretty confident more than two QB’s will go in the 1st round. I do agree that #26 could be a prime spot for someone to trade up to take one of them. I also can’t see John Ross lasting until pick #30.

    Like you mention in the article, I’m curious as to which player(s) will be the one(s) that drop a lot lower than expected.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Ross. But not everyone can go top-20.

      • Dale Roberts

        Is Ross a player that “tilts the field” enough that PC would grab him regardless of need? Curtis Samuel is almost as fast but is WR in a running back’s body. Would he be Percy Harvin-ish enough to demand attention from the Hawks?

        • AlaskaHawk

          Ross would be a key component of red zone touchdowns. Between him and Graham the Seahawks would have two large players who can go up for the ball. Supplemented by the speedy receivers like Baldwin. That would be a good combo.

  5. Awsi Dooger

    I’ve seen some whispers today that Solomon Thomas might slip a little bit, that he’s rated higher by draftniks than the teams themselves. That’s been my instinct for a few weeks and I’m annoyed at myself for not mentioning it. I think it would be a mistake to devalue Thomas due to nonsense that he’s a tweener, etc. but I suspect many teams don’t have him rated as highly as current conventional wisdom.

    Of course, all it takes is one team, and suddenly everybody thinks that’s the range where the player belonged and would have been drafted all along. Last year, for example, the Steelers were desperate for a cornerback so they attended every cornerback workout and eventually forced Artie Burns, even though reports indicated other teams had Burns rated considerably lower.

    Blake Bortles doesn’t have much going for him other than that rookie contract. His mechanics are awful and he has the playing smarts of two dead frogs. I can’t imagine Tom Coughlin at his age wasting time with a quarterback like that. Trent Dilfer was correct to name Bortles as the worst quarterback in the league late last season, IMO. Others may be technically worse but they are cheap and expendable, not someone who could risk the careers of several head coaches and general managers.

    I have to say I prefer the threads here that don’t involve mock drafts. That is standard fare everywhere, the annual boring cliche waste of time. The mock draft content and logic here are far above almost anywhere else, but since it is a mock draft it drops into maiden claiming class instead of the norm Grade 1 content.

    Kevin King makes so much sense for the Seahawks, if he’s there. For months my view has been that the value in the draft is Pac 12 defenders. They are still rated lower than proper, IMO, partially because it’s still viewed as a cupcake offensive league. In the East football fans generally scoff at the Pac 12. I see that on websites and hear it in person.

    • BobbyK

      I have a hard time thinking Coughlin would go with a rookie for the reasons you mentioned, too (his age and wanting to win now). But like Rob mocked and you said – I can see them moving up from their 2nd rounder to grab a QB who will light a fire (hopefully) under Bortles or at least having someone (potentially) competent if Bortles flames out.

      Yeah, King totally makes sense for the Seahawks. I’d be perfectly happy with him. My ultimate wet-the-bed scenario for the first two rounds would be to somehow get both King and Watt. But I’ll be happy with Obi/Bowser, Jackson/Hall, Taco/Budda, etc.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t seen this chatter about Solomon Thomas — and if it’s out there, I think it’ll be proven to be very, very wrong in a weeks time.

      The mock draft was necessary to look at a trade down scenario.

      • RealRhino2

        I also like the mock draft aspect because it sets up the WHY for what the Seahawks might do. For example, we all know why they might trade down. This sets up a plausible scenario that would make that more likely/reasonable.

        Plus it hit on a name that I think has real merit: J. Peppers to Dallas. Put it in pen right now.

  6. Hawks'Beak

    Had a similar scenario in my cranium that sent our #26 & #102 to Chicago for their #36 & #67. Trade back into the 2nd while significantly moving up to the near top of the 3rd. Same deal though, Chicago wants a QB and jumps ahead of their competitors.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you’ll struggle to get that type of value moving down from #26 this year. I mean, that’s a 30-pick jump in round three.

      • Hawks'Beak

        Could offer the #90 instead of #102. I am a biased negotiator.

  7. BobbyK

    I could see them taking Taco if they stayed at #26 in that scenario (I’d prefer Watt).

    I don’t see a scenario where they trade their #1 next year for an early 2nd rounder this year. After all, they have no extra comp. picks coming next year. I could only see them doing something like that if they were in a situation like the Vikings were last year when they traded their #1 for Bradford (they already had extra picks in the 3rd and another round, too).

    So much of this draft depends on something that could totally go 50-50 at this point with Sherman. They could end up with two 1st round picks. Obviously, they’d need a CB even more than they already do. And they could use one pretty bad now as well.

  8. cha

    Is there any thought to the idea that teams picking in the early 2nd have incentive to move into the low 1st to have the 5th year option available to them above and beyond getting a player they want?

    • BobbyK

      I think so, especially for QBs. Money and staying under the cap is important to everyone. Case in point: the Texans gave away a 2nd round pick next year just because they wanted to dump $10 million this year (more to the story, but you get the idea).

  9. Allen K.

    Assuming what JS said about day 3 is still how he feels, not sure why he would trade down for a 4th Rnd pick. Unless he knows/thinks it has less to do with talent evaluation and more about the numbers game.

    • Rob Staton

      In this scenario it’s a very early fourth round pick and could be used as a bargaining chip. Or it’s a couple of picks after Seattle’s final comp pick.

  10. Sea Mode


    Among the #Patriots pre-draft visitors today: #Wisconsin OT Ryan Ramczyk, a 1st-round tackle. #Cal WR Chad Hansen, #EWU DT Samson Ebukam.

    12:29 PM – 18 Apr 2017

    • Jujus

      O look one of the best teams i the league likes a small school player who is going to be amazing.

  11. Rowlandice

    Except for Mahomes, I could see the Hawks taking any of the other players taken in the rest of RD1 and staying put. What Rob is pointing out, is that having an extra 4th round pick to move back up in the second could be more beneficial. The 2 players at 40ish are potentially more potent than at 26 and 58.

  12. JSites

    Great thoughts, Rob. What do you think of the possibility they move down, but stay in the first? Being just in front of Kansas City might prove beneficial. Everyone knows KC need to pull the trigger on a QB at some point in the near future. And it’s not inconceivable that Pittsburgh and New Orleans would be considering a QB this year. If there’s only one or two of the top QBs left when Seattle are on the clock, I could see the Steelers or Saints jumping up a couple places, or even KC moving up one spot to ensure nobody jumps in front of them. Seattle could conceivably get another 4th/5th rounder (where Schneider seems to think most of the later round talent is), and still get their 1st round target.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s possible. Happened last year of course.

      • RWIII

        JSites: That would be great if the Hawks trade down with Steelers/Saints. Being right in front of Kansas city is an ideal situation. Something else to think about. 10-12 years ago the Giants traded a 4th round pick to move up one spot and take TE Jeremy Shockey from Miami. So you could look at a senario where Kansas City does the same thing.

        • JSites

          It’s all going to depend on how highly the late 1st/early 2nd teams value the QBs….

    • Michael

      Is it just me, or is there a lot more talk about teams that already have QB’s drafting a QB in the 1st round? I don’t see it happening. Maybe the Cardinals, but that’s probably it. Teams just don’t do it all that much. Who was the last team to do it in the first round? Packers grabbing Aaron Rodgers? Am I missing anyone? A lot of coaches and GM’s know that they might not even be around by the time that developmental QB is ready to go – it’s a win now league.

      I’ve seen projections saying that the Saints, Chargers, Cardinals, Steelers, and Chiefs could all be “planning for the future” at QB. Personally I would be shocked if any of those teams take a QB with their first pick.

  13. Sea Mode

    Rob, I’m curious what you think of Curtis Samuel. Is he a tougher Percy without the headaches or just an unfinished slot weapon too small to run between the tackles on occasion at the next level and who doesn’t add the kick return value either?

    • Rob Staton

      I wish he made more plays at Ohio State.

      • Mike

        can’t say I’ve studied him..but saw one play where he completely schooled Peppers..fwiw

    • Ishmael

      Every time I watch him I wish I liked him more than I do. He looks like Tavon Austin-lite. Granted, Austin was an outrageous college player but he’s never been able to do it with the big boys consistently. I worry Samuel might fall through the cracks as well.

      Harvin was incredibly physical, and outrageously athletic. We talked about the Hawks being a glass cannon of a team, he was a glass cannon of a player. Has Samuel got that extra gear, or is he just going to be a bit pop gun?

  14. Darth12er

    I could see Dallas drafting Obi to pair him with his former teamate.

    • jujus

      I fear this possible timeline as well, but the other half of my brain tells me they want a passrusher more then a 1st round safety the dropoff is much sooner then the db class.

      • HI Hawk

        They lost their entire secondary in free agency, so I think they are as big a threat as anyone to draft Melinfonwu, Jackson, King, or any of the DBs we think fit the Seahawks.

  15. Stephen H. Pitell

    I’d have a list of players who if they fell, I’d keep the 26th pick. On that list would be Bolles, King, and a bunch of the guys who will almost certainly be gone. Rob insists Bolles is one of those guys. I just hope Rob is wrong. If not, let’s say Obi, Watt, and 5 or 6 others the Hawks have NFL starter grades on, then trade down 5 or 6 spots and see how many are still there. It is very possible 4 or 5 of those guys might still be there at 31 so trade down again if possible and hopefully get 3 or 4 of those guys towards the end of the second round by trading up with our very late 3rd rounders.

    I want Watts and a bunch of the guys who are in the 30-40 range. It’s all just guesswork, but the last five drafts which I have followed have always had plenty of surprises. Bolles AND King.

  16. nichansen01

    Obi Melinfonwu is much more athletic than Jamal Adams, and bigger.

    Why isn’t he considered a top ten pick? I could imagine San Diego taking him that early.

    • RWIII

      Nich: It would not surprise me if Melifonwu goes top 20. In Fact it would be a bigger shock if Melifonwu is still on the board at 26.

      • RealRhino2

        First, you could say the same about ten other safeties, not just Obi. So maybe it’s because there’s more to this than just athletic testing. Second, I think Adams could fall farther than draft media types think. I doubt he goes top ten (though he could, of course). His intangibles might bump him up a bit.

        • jujus

          im sure part of the muzzling of the Obi hype is the fact he is from a smaller school/weaker conference.

        • Ishmael

          The intangibles are apparently ridiculous. People just froth over him. If you say he’s going to turn into Landon Collins, while at the same time being the guy who’s going to set the tone at your club on and off the field for the next decade… That’s a top 10 pick every year.

    • Misfit74

      Strictly from a measurables standpoint, he is a top 5 player. There are a lot of criticisms of him, but things I hope Seattle coaches iron out and develop. Ultimately, he’s not as safe as that early a pick might warrant. Rob has clearly outline the reasons why he’d fit with us. Google can find you the negatives. I think he’s our #1 player to take at 26.I had to learn before I became convinced. King is the other. Either of those two and I’m removing my pants on draft day and doing the dance of joy.

  17. Clayton

    In this scenario, what about Seattle drafting Jabrill Peppers? I think he’d be a great fit as the Buffalo nickel that was mentioned in a previous article.

    • Patrick T.

      Beat me…I agree obviously!

    • Ishmael

      Yes please. I’d be stoked, he ticks so many boxes. Love what he can do.

    • Eburgz

      Run to the podium if peppers is still there and don’t even think about that trade back. Very Seahawky personality. Unless you think you can still get Baker after the trade but I wouldn’t risk it.

      • Ukhawk

        Just run..

    • Michael

      Can Peppers play center field?

      • Misfit74

        SS, occasionally 5th DB in a LB’s body. I don’t trust him in consistent coverage situations.

        • HI Hawk

          He’s 5’11, 214 – that isn’t a LB body in the NFL. It’s barely a SS body, he’s FS size with FS speed and his football instincts are off the charts. Why couldn’t he play Center Field? I think he would be an excellent FS in a Cover-3/1 defense like the Seahawks run based on his speed and instincts. Don’t forget, he ran faster than Earl Thomas at the combine and was one of the best return men in the country. He’s such a playmaker that Michigan wanted him near the LOS to impact the game more than a traditional FS can. Earl didn’t play a lot of deep Safety at Texas for the same reason.

          Early down Nickel, backup to Earl (possibly Kam too), KR/PR to allow Lockett to ease back into it and then compete for reps.

  18. Patrick T.

    Very plausable scenario, which speaks to the lack of consensus in this draft. Some surprising players will fall. I do feel like Peppers would be a strong consideration if he fell to 26 (I know the point of this exercise was to explore a trade down scenario). He fits a need and if you concentrate on what he does well, he’s one of the draft’s best prospects, IMO.

  19. Matthew Baldwin

    I could see this scenario but sure hope there’s an early run on QBs, the big 3 WRs are off the board and maybe a shocker or two, so we have D options at 26.

  20. AndrewP

    One thing I think you will see the Seahawks look into more this year than years before is trading for picks next year. With no compensatory picks forthcoming, they might look to jump the gun on that, should the opportunity presented self.

  21. Dale Roberts

    I still think teams are sandbagging on the QBs. Eight teams need a QB and other than Wentz, I’d rather have the options this year. I think we should hope that Arizona doesn’t get Mahomes, Watson, or Trubisky. Nobody’s talking about the Redskins taking a QB but Cousins is on the tag and San Francisco wants him. He can walk next year with no compensation for the Skins. I wouldn’t rule out a draft day trade.

    • Ukhawk+1


      • Frans Geraedts


  22. Eburgz

    If Deshaun Watson is still on the board at 26 I’ll eat my shirt. How could a team with a need at qb pass on him? So what if he threw a couple picks, he still pulled out a W in every game he played the past season.

    And if Peppers is there at 26 and we trade back I might just lose it.

    • Ishmael

      Seriously. Has any other QB turned it up against Alabama like he did the last couple of years? Even lost the first one and then came out and won it the next go round. I really, really, want the Jags or Browns to take him. I think he’d turn them around immediately.

    • sdcoug

      I’ve read scouts are concerned that he struggles with deep outs and throws to his left. Not knowledgeable enough to know whether that’s true or not, but I can understand him getting downgraded if so.

    • Drew

      The argument against his picks is dumb. Yes he threw a good bit, but some were off of tip balls. Look at Jameis Winston, he threw a lot of picks as well

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m of the opinion that Watson will become one of the top QBs in the league. I find it frustrating that teams like Cleveland with two #1 picks might pass on him. Just a year (or two?) ago they picked Johhny Manziel with their second pick in the first round, and watched him crash and burn. I have watched both players in college and the quality difference is obvious in favor of Watson. If Cleveland or some other QB needy team doesn’t pick Watson then they are letting success slip through their fingers.

  23. D-OZ

    QB needy team’s= San Diego, Pittsburgh, NO, KC, Arizona, Chicago, NY Jets, Jacksonville, Houston and the NY Giants are going to have to start thinking about a replacement for Manning. And what about the Vikings. Does Denver believe in Lynch? We have the situation with The Skins and the 49er’s also. Even with next year’s draft there is just not enough to go around in this QB driven league. It is going to get real critical next year. Maybe we should Just take a QB if one is sitting there for the taking. I think Dobbs and Kaaya are underrated in this draft. Good player’s to groom. I like Leidner too. He seems like a Cardinal perfect fit.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Looking at our division rivals I see at least two strong possibilities of teams picking a QB in first or early second round.

      Arizona’s Carson Palmer is 37 and had a 7-8-1 season last year. HIs TD to interception rate was a dismal 2:1. Considering who he is throwing too, his percentages weren’t that great. They know they need their quarterback of the future, who will probably sit as backup until Carson gets hurt again. I like current backup Stanton but he didn’t look great when he started.

      LA Rams picked Jared Goff in first round last year. They sat him the first half and used him in second half of the season – and he didn’t perform well. It’s probably too soon for them to admit they have a problem, so I’m guessing they won’t pick a QB – and definitely not in the first round as they traded away their first round pick for Goff. I’ve mixed feelings about Goff, too early to give up on him but no real hope that he was worth trading away their #1 pick.

      Santa Clara 49ers have so many retread quarterbacks – surely one of them can step up? Who will it be out of Matt Barkley, Christian Ponder, Brian Hoyer, Blaine Gabbert, or Thaddeus Lewis? On the other hand – would you feel comfortable going into the year with best three players out of that group? Seems like a recipe for a 6-10 season. They seem to agree since they were talking about trading for Cousins.

      • Drew

        I actually like Matt Barkley and think he can a mid tier QB that a team with a solid defense and supporting run game can use.

  24. nichansen01

    How would this blog react to drafting joshua dobbs at the end of round 3. I would feeling slightly empty about the pick, but it could end up being a smart investment. Right now, it’s russell or bust.

    • Ishmael

      I’d be meh. I don’t think he’d give us any better chance to win than Boykin would. Clearly worth having a QB or two in your back pocket, but still eh.

      • D-OZ

        Dobbs is clearly better than Boykin. Much smarter that’s for shure.

        • All I see is 12s

          I’d be down. I don’t think we’d have to worry about the astrophysicist getting arrested for weed.

          • HI Hawk

            For all of his intelligence, he makes boneheaded plays on the field. I don’t doubt he could improve his in-game decision making, but he did not elevate his team at all. I don’t think he’s special enough to burn a pick on, he is all about hype with very little evidence to back it up. Especially when you consider that he won’t ever get on the field.

    • RealRhino2

      I’d feel like it was a wasted pick.

  25. House


    Great write up. I feel that we would be trading down and I had used PIT (#30 and #105) for our #26 pick. Do you think the possible 5th yr of player control is something that plays a big role, or is it more of a “it is what it is?”

    8 more days!!!

  26. EranUngar

    The mock above “forces” the Seahawks to trade back because the top talents are gone at 26. However, there is the opposite scenario for a trade back.

    Take for example Lance Zierlein’s latest mock.

    He has 3 QBs picked before 26 and have us pick McKinley at 26. The following options are available – King, Obi, Bolles, Jackson, Chidobe.

    In this scenario, the Seahawks may trade back because they can still get their top candidate later.

    • Ukhawk

      Nice take…dream scenario

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s virtually certain Adoree’ and Bolles won’t last. Chidobe also unlikely to make it.

    • Misfit74

      McKinley…not my favorite. About 10 guys I’d want ahead of him likely available 26.

  27. coach

    I’m hoping for:

    R1 – Peppers – can be our Buffalo nickel!
    R2 – Wormley – can be our inside pass rusher
    R3 – Tankersly – can be our starting outside cb pop Sherman
    R3 – Asiata – Can be our starting RG

    I’d be pumped with these 4 – would be starters as rookies!


    Go Hawks!!

    • Misfit74

      I’d be fine with it. Cumulatively a good draft. I don’t love anyone, but like them all. A lot. Just not any favorites on the list.

  28. Robertlas vegas

    With Garry Gilliam signing with the 49era I think we be drafting a tackle in round 3 we are kind of thin that round all I see giant question marks. I kinda like Adam B from Pitt can he handle the tackle position.hmm rob any thoughts on the tackle postion

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s a chance they will be comfortable there. Joeckel, Fant, Odhiambo and Ifedi gives them four options. They might add a cheap veteran or a rookie.

      Could see them looking at it in the draft but it’s a tough class to project at tackle. Not many great athletes. Better at guard.

      • RealRhino2

        Which makes the decision to let Gilliam walk so cheaply a strange one. Feel a bit like we messed up the bed again. Joeckel, Fant and Odhi are all guys who play on the left. Despite what Cable thinks, not so easy to just flip over to the right. For Fant and Odhi it’d be like turning them into rookies all over again.

        So it’s essentially Ifedi or nobody.

        • Rob Staton

          They clearly didn’t believe in Gilliam at all. And while you say it’s cheap, if they thought he was an inevitable cut they just made a sizeable saving.

          • nichansen01

            Why not bring Sowell back?

            • HI Hawk

              Please no – he was terrible in pass protection.

          • nichansen01

            Also this tackle class is so putrid I really don’t want to draft anyone besides Bolles or Robinson.

        • cha

          Gilliam went from “presumptive LT replacement for Okung” to “we’re moving him back to RT” to “he’s fighting for the RT job” to “he’ll be the RT backup” in less than 6 months. Clearly something was off with him.

          • Mishima

            Or, something wrong with OL talent evaluation.

            • RealRhino2

              Right. Really, Gilliam went from “starting right tackle” to . . . “starting right tackle.” Everything else was just Tom Cable dreamcasting and misevaluating again.

              • Rob Staton

                More like Gilliam was given a huge opportunity and didn’t take it.

      • Dale Roberts

        Rob, any thoughts on Ethan Pocic?

        • Rob Staton

          He’s pretty average I think. Not spent a ton of time watching him though.

  29. Darnell

    In that situation I think I’m going with Budda, and then using the acquired ammo to jump back up when the run starts on Watt, Bowser, McKinley, T Williams, J Willis.

  30. C-Dog

    Seattle Trades pick 26 to Jacksonville for picks 35 and 110. With the 35th pick in the 2017 NFL draft, I think the Seattle Seahawks want to go DL first, select Larry Ogunjobi, defensive tackle, Charlotte.

    35: R2P3

    58: R2P26

    90: R3P26

    102: R3P38

    106: R3P42

    110: R4P3

    210: R6P26

    226: R7P8

    Ogunjobi’s pass rush is on the raw side, but his explosive athleticism is a thing that is pretty hard to teach at the next level. Seattle likes the fact he was a highly rated run defender in CFB last year, and they really like the fact he is a bright kid and a dedicated learner, and not someone they have to worry about how motivated he will be. Supposedly, Seattle likes the guy, and there’s some bits of thought out there that he’s a top 50 talent. If there is truth to the word Seattle would like to take a DL early, maybe this is the guy that they trade back for if they can’t get Jonathan Allen, or Taco. While they might want inside/out, maybe with him they are fine with inside/in to go along with Reed and Rubin, and getting a guy with explosive upside, even if he’s not complete, makes a lot of sense to them.

    Jourdan Lewis is one of the major targets, if they go DL early. They might even trade up for him. Tough, gritty, confident, loves football, he fits right into the LOB as the starting nickel.

    R3, they go OL with Asiata to compete at guard with Ifedi moving to tackle. Josh Reynolds provides a taller receiver who can stretch the field, and provide an additional red zone target. Seattle feels fortunate to grab John Johnson who can play coverage safety for them, but also has corner experience. With pick 110, maybe Vince Biegel makes sense for someone who can play SAM, and also provide some edge rush.

    Brian Allen in R6 gives them some raw size at corner, and in R7 Alek Torgersen gives them an athletic decent armed hard working QB from Ivy Leagues.

    UDFAs include TE Darren Daniels, FB Freddie Steven, RB Elijah Hood, CB Xavier Coleman, LB Jimmy Gilbert, and kicker Nick Weiler.

    • Misfit74

      Besides my (first) name being Allen, Brian Allen is one guy I really, really hope we find a way to draft. I like the Beigel, Asiata, and Lewis picks too.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      That’d be a poor trade for SEA. You could throw in 148 and 187 on top of 35/110 and SEA would still be at a loss from a pick-points perspective.

    • Trevor

      Watch Ongunobi tape vs some real competition in Louiville. it is not the least bit impressive> He is a 3rd rounder at best IMO. I would throw up if he was our first pick.

      • C-Dog

        I saw the tape. Their whole defense was outclassed by the offensive onslaught of Louisville, but I saw him still flashing pressure. IMO, I think there are reasons Seattle probably likes this guy.

        • Jujus

          I dont see the hype at all, seems like a forced feel good story trying to help a guy out idk.

  31. Kyle

    Outlandish post coming. I do not endorse this. But fun to think about. Inspired by a comment on br that had similar crazy ideas.

    We trade for the browns two first round picks 1, and 12. Possibly more depending on what you think their value is. I would say more. Probably their second as well. But we trade Richard Sherman and Russel Wilson. We draft Myles garret, and then whatever qb you like most (Watson for me), then with your third first round pick address cb or buffalo and then flesh out the rest.


    Same trade except we take Myles garret #1 and then use our # 12 pick and 2nd or whatever draft charts say is the price to get to number 3 and pick Lenord fournette. With 26th pick get best available qb and then flesh out corners and buffalo in the following rounds. That way you have a generational talent on defensive line as well as a monster rb to lean on like we did in the Lynch area. You then get a qb with the entagibles you like, possibly Watson is still there and you have a beast duo possibly trio to lean on while still being able to fill out your other needs.

    It would be a bit madden like but, interesting idea.

    Thoughts? Anyone?

    • schuemansky

      So you give away a top-5 QB that has maybe more than 10 years still to play for just one first round pick basically.
      I guess if you’d offer RW to Cleveland they would give you at least their first overall this year and their first in 2018… and it would still be a really bad deal for the Seahawks as I see it.

      • drewdawg11

        That’s more than “a bit Madden”.

    • Dingbatman

      This is the perfect type of scenario to think about whilst sitting and catching up on the comments of the latest Seahawk Draft Blog post during a bathroom break. Postulate, flush and back to reality.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Nice comment Ding! Flush that idea!

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Russell Wilson is my favourite player in the NFL and he’s on the Seahawks! Let’s do it!


  32. Misfit74

    Interesting the one I did earlier today had some similarities. I admittedly favored players I think should be highly valued and let some I think over valued fall some. Team need was critical, but a few cases player value and top need didn’t mesh. I also think a team or two is likely to trade up for a QB or QBs like in Rob’s mock. I used (not a sim), w/ no trades.

    I think an interesting scenario is Hooker to SF, since they will play a Seattle-style defense. Hooker would be the key cog in the ‘Earl Thomas role’. This, because of CHI’s want for a stud Safety also, leaves a tough call for SD. Foster may fall. They need S, ILB most. This really shakes things up. Also, I have Arizona’s need at ILB so great it creates a scenario where Davis goes ahead of Reddick. Eagles abandon offense and land arguably the top OLB/Edge player in Reddick. Barnett is hardest to peg, for me. Productive but limited athlete. I went talent, upside over many other common factors. Harris, McDowell, McKinley are usurped by Willis and Rivers…if the NFL were to let me pick. 😉

    1 Browns Myles Garrett DE Texas A&M
    2 49ers Malik Hooker FS Ohio State
    3 Bears Jamal Adams SS LSU
    4 Jaguars Solomon Thomas DE Stanford
    5 Titans f/LAR Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio State
    6 Jets Leonard Fournette RB LSU
    7 Chargers Reuben Foster IB Alabama
    8 Panthers Christian McCaffrey RB Stanford
    9 Bengals Corey Davis WR Western Michigan
    10 Bills Mitch Trubisky QB North Carolina
    11 Saints Marlon Humphrey CB Alabama
    12 Browns f/PHI Jonathan Allen DE Alabama
    13 Cardinals Jarrad Davis IB Florida
    14 Eagles f/MIN Haason Reddick OB Temple
    15 Colts OJ Howard TE Alabama
    16 Ravens John Ross WR Washington
    17 Redskins Dalvin Cook RB Florida State
    18 Titans Mike Williams WR Clemson
    19 Buccaneers David Njoku TE Miami
    20 Broncos Garett Bolles OT Utah
    21 Lions Taco Charlton DE Michigan
    22 Dolphins Forrest Lamp OT Western Kentucky
    23 Giants Zach Cunningham IB Vanderbilt
    24 Raiders Chidobe Awuzie CB Colorado
    25 Texans Patrick Mahomes II QB Texas Tech
    26 Seahawks Obi Melifonwu SS Connecticut
    27 Chiefs Kevin King CB Washington
    28 Cowboys Derek Barnett DE Tennessee
    29 Packers Gareon Conley CB Ohio State
    30 Steelers Evan Engram TE Mississippi
    31 Falcons Derek Rivers DE Youngstown State
    32 Saints f/NE Jordan Willis DE Kansas State
    – See more at:

    • Trevor

      i am with you 100% on Hooker to the Niners makes too much sense. 2nd most talented player in the draft after Garrett

      • Dale Roberts

        Kirk Cousins and 2018 second round pick for 2017 2nd overall. Redskins select Solomon Thomas then select Trubisky, Watson, or MaHomes with 17th pick. SF holds all the cards here but the chance to get their franchise QB in house transforms their 2017 season. Skins number one need on defense is DL difference maker. If they don’t swing a trade they’ll lose Cousins with zero return.

      • Drew

        He gets a lot of flak for poor tackling, but so what. If Earl Thomas was in this class would you draft him at #2? I see Hooker in the mold of ETIII, he can coach tackling.

        • Trevor

          Part of the tackling issue was that he played most of the year with a bum shoulder that required surgery this off season. I agree he has ET type range with Ed Reed like ball skills. Really think he is going to be special.

  33. The Hawk is Howling

    Hello everyone I’m back! Hey Kenny want to let you know I really appreciate your kindness and support!

    So after reading some material in the last month I’m hoping for Awuzie myself. He’s a super brilliant kid and his pass rush from the secondary is the best in this class to me by far!

    Go Hawks!

    • C-Dog

      I’d love to see Awuzie on this team, as well. Go Hawks!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Good to have you back my friend!

      Just in time for the draft too!

      I’ve liked the idea of Awuzie more and more, but I think some would rather a player more versatile in the first frame

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I think Awuzie is one of the more versatile DBs in this draft. He has the size, athleticism and intelligence to play outside, slot and even safety. Maybe not quite as versatile as Obi, but more so than most others.

  34. Heliopause

    On the other hand, the unpredictable new regime in SF could grab Trubisky at #2 and send all the other QB hungry teams into panic mode. All of the top 5 gone by pick 25. No, I’m not predicting this, but it would be pretty great for the Seahawks.

    • BobbyK

      Not if Trubisky turned into a franchise QB.

      • Shadow

        To be honest I’m hoping the player SF picks at #2 trips and blows out an ACL while walking over to the podium on draft day. Either that or a kicker.

      • Heliopause

        Yeah, though I wouldn’t anticipate he’d be any more of a long-term problem for the ‘Hawks than anybody else they take at #2.

      • HI Hawk

        It’s scientifically proven Mitch Trubisky will be terrible. Mitch Trubisky doesn’t pass the name test. He falls into the Blake Bortles and Blaine Gabbert mold of QB names. He’s destined to be terrible, it’s science, please pick him 49ers!

  35. Trevor

    Kiper 3 round Mock

    Tim Williams
    Dalvin Tomlinson

    That would be a pretty nice draft IMO.

  36. CDub

    Damn-Just saw that the Panthers have 3 second round picks…along with the #8 pick. I could see them having a good team next year, with the NFC South being pretty competitive. NO, TB, Carolina, ATL, all pretty decent teams.

    Looking forward to seeing the schedule tonight.

  37. Redhawk87

    Just getting 110 would be FAR to little for dropping from 26 to 35. Based on how teams actually have traded over the last few years, that would leave the Seahawks at a severe deficit. Last year, we got a pre-compensatory 3rd rounder for dropping down to just 31. I did an analysis over on Fieldgulls earlier in the offseason that compared the compensation teams got for trading with each other. This is not just based off of the old Jimmy Johnson traditional trade chart, but based off of how teams actually trade with each other during the draft, so it is indicative of how teams actually value their picks. There are obvious variances and some teams are more desperate (resulting in greater imbalances) but as a whole is it very predictive.
    A fairer trade:
    SEA -> JAX: 26, 90
    JAX -> SEA: 35, 68 and either 110 OR 148. If JAX is desperate, they would offer 110. If not, then they would offer 148. Both would be approximately fair, but 110 nets the Seahawks a somewhat better end of the bargain (SEA favored by 3.5%), while 148 would be slightly weighted towards JAX (JAX favored by 1%).
    In the end, the Seahawks would need to move up significantly in the 3rd round AND gain a day 3 pick in either the 4th or 5th rounds, depending on which party desires the trade more.

  38. Sea Mode

    I know it’s out-dated and somewhat irrelevant, but if it’s all we’ve got, I’ll take it. Some Wonderlic scores for a few RBs courtesy of Bob McGinn:
    Fournette- 11
    Cook- 11
    McCaffrey- 21
    Mixon- 12
    Kamara- 24
    Dayes- 12
    Pumphrey- 21

    I’m also starting to think a mid to late-round RB pick will happen. How Lacy will bounce back is still an unknown, Rawls is FA after this year and hasn’t been able to stay healthy in his college or pro career so far, that Prosise can’t carry the full load seems pretty obvious, Collins has shown himself serviceable but nothing special as of yet, Pope is still in development.

    Next year looks promising at the top of the draft with Guice, Scarborough, Barkley, etc., but they do like to draft a year ahead of time. We could also wait for UDFA, but the room is pretty full right now, so guys might not be as eager to choose Seattle and we might have to apply last year’s strategy.

    Late-round guys that come to mind are Chris Carson, Devante Mays, James Conner and Dalton Crossan. Crossan would add return depth as well.

    Devante Mays in particular is one of my favorites and lit up his pro day at Seahawks’ ideal RB plus size.

    RB Devante Mays (5-10 3/8, 230) ran the 40 in 4.51 and 4.44 seconds, had a 40.5-inch vertical, a 10-9 broad jump, a 4.53-second short shuttle, a 7.34-second three-cone, and 22 bench lifts. He’s a projected priority free agent after the draft.
    -Gil Brandt,

    That’s some serious athleticism to back up the smash-you-in-the-face style he shows on his highlights.

    But I also have a lingering doubt as to whether they might take a swing on Perine if he were available in R3. Though he is by no means perfect as a runner, seems like a Seahawky type of bully and could definitely play a role.

    6. SAMAJE PERINE, Oklahoma (5-10 ½, 232, 4.61, 2-3): Third-year junior broke Billy Sims’ career rushing record. “He’s built like a brick (expletive),” said one scout. “He is an awesome kid. Awesome. Built low to the ground. He’ll be able to absorb punishment and be durable compared to some of these high-cut backs that run fast. They get a couple shots to their legs and they’re done. There’s questions about him as a third-down back, but if you want a big back he can be a workhorse for you.” Easily paced all RBs on the bench press with 30 reps. “He’s a big guy with really nice feet that has enough size to run tough inside but has enough quickness and lateral agility to bounce it outside,” another scout said. “Everybody loves this kid.” Finished with 685 carries for 4,122 (6.0) and 49 TDs to go with 40 receptions for 321. “He’s just kind of this plodder,” said a third scout. “He’s Eddie Lacy but not as explosive. He doesn’t run through you. Eddie had great feet for a big man. He doesn’t quite have that. Good in pass pro but isn’t a threat out of the backfield.” From Pflugerville, Texas.

    • Sea Mode

      And go back and check out the highlights again from Mays, looking at how he finishes runs.

      The play at 2:51 is also pretty special. I can’t help seeing a bit of Rawls in his running style, though his breakaway speed is a notch below Rawls.

      If you want more of a homerun hitter, Joe Williams is your guy.

    • Sea Mode

      Lastly on the RB topic, I really liked Chris Carson’s pro day interview (besides the ripped build we mentioned before):

    • Misfit74

      Ever see an interview with Emmitt Smith? That guy, for ex., is dumber than a bag of hammers.

      Wonderlic for RBs is very low on the ‘it matters’ scale for me. Those guys just play. One of the most instinctive positions, if not the most.

    • Misfit74

      Mixon at 26 would be a straight NUKE on draft day, huh?

  39. Dale Roberts

    I thought I’d provide some information on the relative unknowns which the Hawks have interviewed.

    Adrian Colbert CB/S, is a 6’2″, 205 lb CB converted from safety. He transferred from Texas to Miami where he played beside Corn Elder and Rayshawn Jenkins. He’s a big hitter with the ability to play corner. He’s not a extraordinary athlete but had a 1.52 10 yd split and is similar in size to Richard Sherman(I doubt he has Sherman’s brain). His 20 yd shuttle and 3-cone performances were pedestrian. The third round might be a little early for him but I suspect he’ll be gone by our pick in the sixth round.

    Xavier Coleman from Portland State is 5’11”, 190lbs. He was pegged as an UDFA but ran a 4.47 40 with a 40″ vertical at his pro day which may have made him a late round draft pick. He had 9 hours of open heart surgery when he was a freshman in high school so he’s got a gritty back story.

    Casey DeAndrade is a safety out of New Hampshire. He’s 5’11”, 203 lbs and ran a 4.45 40 and had 22 reps on the bench press at his pro day. He’s know as a baller.

    Shaquill Griffin is a very athletic, 6′, 194 lb CB/S with 32 3/8″ arm length. His scouting report says he lacks long speed but his combine numbers don’t agree. He ran a 4.38 40 and an 11.62 60 yd shuttle. His vertical of 38.5″ and an 11.0′ broad jump put him in select company. He’s a good tackler but his technique is very raw. Sounds like a Hawks draft pick. He’ll probably require a third round pick.

    David Jones, S, Richmond is a 6’3″, 210lb safety. He ran a 4.35 40 with a 1.50 10 yd split at his pro day. The rest of his results were adequate but not spectacular. He’s well thought of by scouts ranked as high as the 11th best safety in the draft. He broke his arm in the 2015 playoffs then reinjured it half way through the 2016 season. They said he was a tough guy that was a good leader and never complained through his rehab.

    Grover Stewart, DT, Albany is a big guy at 6’5″, 334 lbs. and 33.5″ arms. He has good athleticism but is very raw so it would take a couple of years for him to make an impact. He’s likely a mid-round pick.

    Johnny Mundt, TE, Oregon was a PAC-12 honorable mention. At 6’5″, 234 lbs. he had 30 reps on the bench press which is impressive for a 6’5″ guy at his speed. He’s reasonably fast for his height running a 4.65 40 with a 1.52 10 yd split. Late round or UDFA.

    Chad Williams, WR, Grambling was a very productive college receiver. He’s 6’1″, 204 lbs and had some impressive pro day numbers. He ran a 4.37 40, jumped 35.5″, lept 10’3″ in the broad jump, and had 21 reps on the bench press. Against Arizona he caught 13 passes for 152 yards. A year ago he was arrested on marijuana and gun charges (he had two had guns, an assault rifle, and ammunition in his car) while on university property. He did well at Senior Bowl practices but got into a scuffle with Rayshawn Jenkins. Can he control his emotions in the NFL? Late round or UDFA.

    Brandon Wilson, CB, Houston is an explosive athlete who ran a 4.36 40, skied 41″, jumped 11’1″, and had 24 reps on the bench press during his pro day. He played primarily CB in college but may transition to RB in the pros. He had 2 rushing TDs, 2 interception return TDs, and 2 kickoff return TDs in 2015. At 5’11”, 200 lbs he has great versatility and could factor in the return game immediately.

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, thanks a lot for this! Great info. I could easily see a few of these guys end up on the roster one way or another in a little over a week!

      Didn’t know that tidbit about Xavier Coleman either.

    • Shadow

      Hoping we can get Griffin in the 3rd. I think he would be a great fit for us.

    • Patrick T.

      Thank you so much for the great summaries! It really helps to have a narrative for these lesser known players.

  40. AlaskaHawk

    Rob- Just wanted to say that I’m enjoying your site even more this year. A key reason being that your not too focused on any one player or position. I can’t wait to see who the Seahawks will pick. I may even tune into the first round if I could believe they will actually pick a player in the first round.

  41. Phil

    Rob – back in late 2012, you wrote that Sheldon Robinson might be the perfect Seahawks 1st round pick in 2013. With the dearth of DLers in this draft, would you trade a 3rd for him? I think his cap hit is $8M so we would have to get creative to make room for him.

    • Rob Staton

      Not when players similar to him (Kony Ealy, Timmy Jernigan) are going for a swap of picks.

  42. cha

    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet · 18m18 minutes ago
    Source: #VCU basketball player Mo Alie-Cox is signing with the #Colts

  43. cha

    Adam Caplan‏Verified account @caplannfl · 43m43 minutes ago

    #Packers will open up the regular season at home against the #Seahawks, sources told @RobDemovsky and I.

    • DC

      Cool. We get to play our arch rival in their first and last game of the season.

  44. Dale Roberts

    Another interesting guy is Jhajuan Seales WR, Oklahoma St. He’s 6’1″, 206 lbs. and ran a 4.37 40 at his pro day. He’s the thing that jumps out (pun intended), he hit on a 41.5″ vertical. That should certainly help when high pointing a ball. Remember the vertical jump test coordination, not explosiveness (although you’re not going to jump that high without some explosion). It seems to me that if you’re that coordinated it’s just a matter of coaching to bring out a special receiver. He’s probably a UDFA.

    One other name the Hawks might try to bring in is Zane Gonzalez, K Arizona State.

  45. Cysco

    Oh man, this year’s schedule looks so tasty!

    I think the floor is 11 wins.

  46. Trevor

    He would be sick in that offense with the WR they have.

  47. Dale Roberts

    I’m crossing my fingers for TE Gerald Everett making it to #90. He’d be a great fit for the Hawks. His routes running is raw but he’s very athletic with a lot of run-after-catch potential and has a reputation as an aggressive, dedicated blocker.

  48. Misfit74

    The one thing – well, two things – that give me pause about Everett are his tiny, Ken-doll hands. For a TE, who is tasked with catching the ball in traffic most of the time, this can be important.

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