Why the panicking among Seahawks fans has to stop

I was told Seahawks Twitter had become a little hysterical with the team’s inactivity in free agency. I discovered it for myself when posting that I thought they were doing the right thing.

Apparently the sky is falling. But it isn’t.

So what if Patrick Queen signed for the Steelers? Have we forgotten that up until Mike Macdonald became defensive coordinator in Baltimore, he was considered a bust? Granted, the arrival of Roquan Smith also helped. But this is a player who, by all accounts, has had a lot of assistance to reach a decent payday in free agency. They haven’t just let peak Bobby Wagner go to the Steelers.

A whole bunch of guards have signed elsewhere for enormous salaries. None of them feel like Joe Thuney level free agents. Did anyone really want the Seahawks to spend $20m on Robert Hunt or $16m on a player like Kevin Dotson, who the Rams acquired in a dirt cheap trade a year ago?

Several other players touted as targets (although who knows if they actually were) have gone elsewhere, such as Geno Stone and Jeremy Chinn. Were they really going to make a big impact in 2024? Can Chinn even play at a reasonable level any more, given his dramatic decline in Carolina and lack of interest from Ejiro Evero in making him a part of the future there?

Then there’s the players departing. Most would agree Macdonald did well with the linebackers in Baltimore. Yet he, and the people who invested a first round pick in Jordyn Brooks previously, have decided the contract he signed in Miami wasn’t worth bettering. It seems very few people are willing to trust John Schneider and Macdonald on this decision. Why?

Meanwhile, necessary cuts have been made to get out of overly expensive, bad value contracts. Seattle’s ability to spend is hampered by the fact they’re eating $31m in dead money for Quandre Diggs and Jamal Adams this year. They’re taking the short-term hit to feel the benefit next year. That comes with a consequence.

Here’s another reality. Even with the Tyler Lockett restructure, they only have between $8-15m available to spend as a rough estimate. That might mean 2-3 cheapish players. They’re not in a position to spend $5m on a Willie Gay type who, if we’re being honest, was basically a role player in Kansas City.

People are now questioning why they re-signed Leonard Williams and Noah Fant if they’re so restricted. What if both are viewed as critical components for the next 2-3 years or beyond? What if they are perfect fits in terms of talent and character for the new staff? Are you going to let them walk in favour of collecting the Chinn’s, Gay’s and others instead?

Is it really such a bad thing to pay market value for Williams, a player they clearly value? And won’t it be exciting to see what Macdonald can do with him, given the way he worked production out of Justin Madubuike?

Here’s the list of pressures registered by players lining up at three-technique in 2023:

Justin Madubuike — 38
Leonard Williams — 30
Javon Hargrave — 30
Chris Jones — 28
Zach Allen — 27

Haven’t they been looking for that kind of player for a long time?

It’s day two of free agency. Players are still available. Maybe not the players you wanted but that’s OK. Do you think Ravens fans jumped for joy when they signed Kyle Van Noy a year ago for $1.4m? He produced nine sacks. Sometimes it’s the highly motivated, snubbed free agent who produces more than the over-paid average talent on an extortionate deal.

Plus, I keep hearing what a bad draft it is at linebacker and safety (typically from people who haven’t studied the class at all). Admittedly, neither position is ‘loaded’ in this draft. There are still good players to be had though.

It’s possible Junior Colson can’t be reached and Payton Wilson’s injury record keeps him off your board (maybe). There’s still Cedric Gray, Trevin Wallace, Jeremiah Trotter, Ty’ron Hopper and Nathaniel Watson who I’d suggest have starting potential at the next level at a very affordable draft range.

I’d even argue in the later rounds, there are linebackers who are going to be available who aren’t totally hopeless. There’s potential here, there just aren’t any first rounders.

I like this safety class. I think Tyler Nubin, Javon Bullard, Malik Mustapha and Dadrion Taylor-Demerson all have plus starter potential. Bullard will go in round two but the others — who I think all deserve round two grades — get projected anywhere from rounds 2-5. There’s value to be had here. Then there’s the next tier which for me includes Jaden Hicks, Kitan Oladapo and Dominique Hampton — plus others who could provide value on day three.

This isn’t a lost cause. It’s actually better for the Seahawks to have more options in rounds 3-5 at these positions than the class be front-loaded at the top end and everyone have a bunch of names to discuss that they’re familiar with.

Finally, offensive linemen. It’s the best O-line class in years. Where’s the panic? They’ll have options at #16. They’ll have options if they trade down in round one. There’s a great big thick list of linemen for the middle rounds. There are players who could be there in rounds 4-5 with starter potential. On Michigan’s pro-style, Championship winning line alone you’ve got six players in this class and I’d argue three of them are really good prospects.

I actually think this draft class matches up with Seattle’s current needs rather nicely. They can seek value in the veteran market and then go and get good players in the draft. After that, they can circle back to the veteran market and go bargain hunting again.

They have the flexibility with this draft to do their due diligence on the quarterbacks (and they seem to be, Ryan Grubb was at Bo Nix’s pro-day today). If they want to take one — they’ll still be able to address O-line, safety and linebacker. Or, if they pass on the quarterbacks, that just frees up their high pick for the trenches.

This is how they should be operating. Keep and retain what you consider your ‘core’. Look for value on the open market. Keep searching for that all important X-factor player at quarterback. Once you find that individual, on a rookie contract, you can strike in free agency to build a contender.

Until you get to that point, though, the Seahawks just need to keep building. They need to avoid bad contracts. At the moment, it seems like that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Less panic and more patience should be the order of the day.

A final quick reminder — this team still has a collection of well-drafted younger players who could really benefit from a new coaching staff getting to work with them. It’s far more exciting to imagine the potential leaps taken by Boye Mafe, Derick Hall, Charles Cross, Tariq Woolen, Ken Walker, Zach Charbonnet, Devon Witherspoon, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Cam Young, Anthony Bradford and others — not to mention possible growth from the likes of D.K. Metcalf — than it is to stress about who plays linebacker and safety in 2024, two days into free agency.

Meanwhile, they could find the future at quarterback in this draft — or they could set up the O-line for years to come. Finally — consider that we’re going to see something different in 2024. New coaches, new, fresh ideas. There’s a lot to be optimistic about.

If you missed my article earlier considering Seattle’s approach to the offensive line, check it out here.


  1. Sea Mode

    As you alluded to the other day, lots of fans just looking for their dopamine hit and latching onto a few names to root for. Happens in the draft as well.

    I say just let them have their fun. The rest of us will be here.

    • Palatypus

      I am a dope from time to time.

  2. bmseattle

    People are acting like we actually have the potential to be a contending team next year if only they signed Chinn and Queen.

    I thought it was clear to most that this is a couple year process (at least).
    There is zero reason to drop 5 million on average at best veterans… especially at positions like safety and LB.

    And the OL contracts are outrageous this year. Middle of the road guards are getting paid like impact pass rushers.
    No way should we be spending our money like that… at least not at the beginning of our reshaping of this team.

  3. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!!!!


    • Palatypus

      No, the boat is rising on a new tide.

      It is an optical illusion.

  4. PJ in Seattle

    People need to be reminded to chill. Like, repeatedly.

    These folks think we’re going into the season with a 47-man roster.

    • Palatypus

      All the cuts we were making got me in the mood to see a knife fight. I could have been rash and spent $50 to go see Dune Part 2 at the local IMAX last Thursday. But it was much cheaper to watch the new Shogun series on Disney+/Hulu.

      Good analogy?

      • Jm108

        No its not. Not at all.

      • Karl

        I haven’t seen the new Dune but Shogun is great.

        • CB

          Yes it is. If only all episodes were available. I hate the once a week release schedule!

  5. Peter

    It’s not helped by 710 doing spots like “what’s it mean for Seattle that they haven’t signed queen?”

    Whats it mean?

    Absolutely nothing.

    • BK26

      I literally made a really snarky, comment like “it means they aren’t going to sign him. Boy, that was easy, I answered that quick enough that the pre-video ad didn’t even finish and I didn’t have to watch a second of this video.”

      But I showed restraint and deleted it.

      • Peter

        Haha! 710 is so bad/good with the thumbnails you never need to listen.

    • Chris 206

      I listened to some Bump and Stacy today. Felt far stupider by the end of the show.

      Full of genius takes like … J.Fields will cost at least a 1st or 2nd rounder (because that’s what Chicago says they want) and that the Hawks should absolutely re-sign B.Wagner.

  6. Mariners Fan

    Long time reader and Patreon subscriber, but first time posting. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate and look forward to your Seahawk insights every day! This site has been a much needed breath of fresh air for my frustrations with the direction of this Seahawk organization in recent years.
    It’s also been a life saver for me personally in dealing with the loss of both my son and wife over an 8 month time period. It gave me something positive to look forward to during those dark days. So I wanted to say “Thank You” for all of your time and efforts and also for the insightful comments of all the SDB followers!

    • Rob Staton

      I’m really sorry to hear about your loss and it’s made me emotional to think this place has helped in any small way. If you ever need anything man, email me. Take care, thank you for supporting the blog and for the incredibly kind words and Go Hawks

    • cha

      That is amazing Mariners Fan.

      It is humbling to think that the site and the community have contributed even a little bit to your healing after such heartbreak.

      It is a privilege to help in any way we can.

    • Sparky

      Wow Mariners Fan. Thank you for sharing. I can’t even imagine. Hope you are doing OK. <3

    • Walter Rucker

      Mariners Fan.. my thoughts and prayers go out to you.

    • RyanL

      I’m so sorry for the loss of your wife and son. How heartbreaking. Props to you for hanging in there and still handing out positivity in this world. We’re rooting for you.

    • Colorado Hawk

      I am very sorry to hear about your loss Mariners Fan. My wife past away several years ago so I get where your coming from and sports was one of the few diversions that kept me sane. This website not only provides the best in Seahawks analysis but the patrons are humorous, knowledgeable and has the feel of a real community which can honestly be difficult to find in a blog site. Hang in there and I can attest that this too shall pass with happier days ahead.

    • Simo

      Like the others, I’m sorry to hear about your terrible losses. I can’t even imagine, but I understand how this site helps by taking your mind off of your heartbreak, and giving you something positive to read about your favorite team.

      Hang in there my man!

    • BK26

      Sorry to hear that…. Glad to hear that you are finding ways that are helping, however much so that might be.

      Also, very glad to see you here, hopefully get to see you around and in the comments more so now. Wonderful place that we have here.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      God bless you, sir. Your post serves to remind me that we don’t know what others here are going through so kindness and measured responses to other posters are always a good practice. I can do better.


    • Nick

      Mate I cannot imagine. My thoughts are with you and I’m glad this community could give you something else to busy your mind with — Go Hawks.

    • Palatypus

      Mariners Fan, you are a boss!

    • Roy Batty

      Post as much and as often as you can. It’s helped me through some rough stuff over the last couple years, so I’m glad you decided to make your first comment.

      This is a community of friends, so the more, the merrier.

      • Big Mike

        This is why this community is awesome everybody steps up gives this guy prayers and wishes count me in too
        My sincere sympathies

    • Thor

      As you now know better than most, life gives us so much, yet takes so much from us.

      It is bittersweet. Sorry for your loss. Remember the dead as they’d like to be remembered.

    • Zorn Is King

      Thanks for being here man. Thanks for sharing that. This really is a great community..

    • Brodie

      Sincere condolences my man. I lost my best friend last year and this place helped a lot. He was a diehard Hawks fan and the guy I watched almost every game with, so it made it both tough and therapeutic.

      I wish you the best in your process.

    • Parallax

      Hey, I’m so sorry my friend.

    • Jm108

      Prayers and love to you Mariners Fan. Hope for blessing & good to you.

    • ukalex6674

      Thinking of you Mariners Fan……

    • Tomas

      Mariner’s fan: I too have suffered, in recent years, — the very devastating losses you mention. My deepest, most sincere condolences and all good wishes go to you. I’ve also found that Rob’s superb blog has served as a welcome distraction from everything, and is a source of interest on a near daily basis. I check it with my morning coffee, and often later in my day as well. I’m also grateful for this blog, and, though I rarely post, this fine community.

      • Rob Staton

        Tomas and everyone else who has commented with similar — just know we’re all here with you

        I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have such a great community here — and to know this blog has helped in some small way during difficult times

        Go Hawks

    • Julian

      I feel for you Mariners Fan. Yours is a tragic story. I hope the Seahawks (and the Mariners!) and this community will continue to give you uplifting moments from here on. All the best wishes.

    • FloridaHawk

      Mariners Fan, very sorry to hear of the loss of your wife and son. While not on the scale of what you’re dealing with, I have had an incredibly rough year and Rob’s site helps give me a distraction from it. Hope you keep posting.

  7. Misfit


    “Did anyone really want the Seahawks to spend $20m on Robert Hunt or $16m on a player like Kevin Dotson, who the Rams acquired in a dirt cheap trade a year ago?”

    I wish we had players like that in place anchoring our line on the interior NOW but this isn’t about instant gratification. It’s about good process and a long term view.

    I trust John and the staff have a plan and that it’s working. Very relieved and happy we retained Williams. Finally a top 10 3tech who can create pressure inside for a few good years. We should still be celebrating.

    Go Hawks!

  8. Easy Answers Hard Choices

    Geezus I thought everyone was exaggerating when talking the hypermania on Seahawks twitter. Having seen it for the first time can only say the abject immaturity is stupifying. Acting like three yos throwing a tantrum when mom and dad didn’t buy that shining new toy they pointed to on the top shelf. Utterly ridiculous…

  9. Alex Potts

    I haven’t been this happy about free agency in years. Gone are the days of paying mid players in Greg Olsen, Gerald Everett, Bruce Irvin, Benson Mayowa, Bryan Mone.

    Be frugal unless it is a high impact player for multiple years. Leonard Williams and Noah Fant are just that. They are perfect fits for the new coaching staff.

    Now, just fill in with draft hedges and we will be on our way. John Schneider has aced the offseason thus far in every way possible.

    • Hebegbs

      100% agreed. I feel the same.

      Both Fant and Williams were good solid signing. Those were honestly the two I wanted back. I’m not bummed at all about anybody else on the list of Hawk FA or the ones that went elsewhere.

      This is an awesome start to a new era. And if Hawks twitter is melting, it just proves the Hawks are going in the right direction.

  10. Joseph

    I’m sure these are the same fans saying “ShOuD’vE KePt PeTe”

  11. Rob Staton

    Tony Pauline says Spencer Rattler’s pro day was a big success:


    • Palatypus

      Now watch Lance Zierlein completely undercut him. Is it just me?

    • Jo

      Yes he has weird hair but I’m really hoping that if they aren’t trying for one of the upper tier quarterback that we can maybe snag Rattler in the 2nd or 3rd round and try to pick up some OL in the later rounds like S and LB’s. Mike Macdonald is to LB’s like Pete was to DB’s so not worried that we aren’t signing any of them in FA.

      And Mariners Fan, sorry for your loss glad that we’ve helped in some small way.

    • Misfit

      Is there video footage of his throwing session?

      I saw Bo Nix’ on YouTube earlier which looked good enough.

    • Misfit

      Watched his throwing session and it was sharp. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/video/spencer-rattler-pro-day/

  12. 805Hawk

    Twitter is going absolutely nuts. The problem is that the talking heads are feeding it. It’s gonna be okay people. My God, it’s a bunch of 12 year olds crying abou the sky falling. Just be patient and get worked up in July if you want.

  13. Andy J

    Random thoughts:

    – I know Rob will hate this… but I honestly think that bringing back Bobby Wagner on a cheap contract is a super smart idea.
    – I posted this previously… but leaning into the strengths of the draft, i.e. OLINE, by drafting a star in R1 and grabbing someone with potential later on (not unlike the ’22 draft) is a really solid plan.

    – LB/S are two positions where it will be incredibly easy to go bargain shopping.

    • seanmatt

      I would love to see what Macdonald could do with Wagner. I bet that he could use him in really solid ways. Let Bobby test the market and bring him back if it is a reasonable contract.

    • Cysco

      He’d be a liability. No thanks.

    • Hebegbs

      Guys Bobby was awesome and a hall of fame NFL LB.

      But it’s over. He can hit but he can’t cover. I love the man and player for who he is and what he gave to Seattle, but time to move on down the road (for Hawks at least-more power to him if he finds a new nfl spot).

    • Andy J

      For me, it’s less about what MM could do with him than that he is the best linebacker available on the market. And would come cheap / want to be here. They gotta have someone wear the green dot!! There’s no better person than BWagz.

      The big question, which I don’t know, is whether the LB position in MM’s scheme is more of a coverage back or assigned to attack the LOS. If it’s the latter, then Wagner is ideal. If it’s the former, then he’d be a liability. That being said… there is no one available, either through the draft or FA (heck, even the FAs that just got signed) who wouldn’t be a liability.

      • Cysco

        The Ravens relied on speed from their LB group. Bobby ain’t it. If someone runs at him, there aren’t many better. But, if you’re needing your LBs to cover, to attack, to close ground on players coming into the second level, he’s just not that player anymore.

        If we find ourselves in a place where we need to bring him back, things have gone very wrong.

        • OakleyD

          Better off giving Devin Bush another 1 year deal if it’s speed you want?

    • Patrick Toler

      LOL my biggest fear was that we would end up bringing Bobby back on a mother overpriced one year deal because the LB market got away from us.

      Pretty sure that ship sailed away with Pete though.

    • RyanL

      I think Bobby is far too great of a competitor to willingly come off the field on 2nd and long and other obvious passing situations. If he were willing to be a situational guy, fine, but I think he wants to play as many snaps as he can. Plus it tips your hand a bit whenever he’d be out there. Very curious to see where he ends up though, and how much coin he gets.

      • Andy J

        I was also wondering about managing his reps. B/c the first half of the season he was fire… the second half not so much. But I think one reason why it makes it hard to take him off the field is the damn green dot.

    • Rob Staton

      Hard pass on Bobby

      It’s time to let go and move on

      I mean, it was time when they did it the first time TBH

      • Elmer

        It’s going to depend on whether the Hawks think he can have a role that has any value compared to other LB options, and money of course.

    • Palatypus

      I’m pretty comfortable with keeping Lockette around and letting Bobby do whatever he wants since he’s already been a rental once.

    • Chris 206

      If it’s near Vet minimum and Bobby knows he won’t be playing passing downs …. maybe.

      On the other hand this would be the perfect year to get young players a lot of reps.

  14. Sparky

    Twitter is where annoying people go to overreact, whine, and provoke. Don’t take the bait.

    • Palatypus

      You forgot threaten on that list.

  15. Danny Z

    The way things are shaking out, our comp pick situation might be pretty rosy next off-season. Hold your chips and build the old fashioned way

  16. Romeo

    I just saw a rumor posted on Facebook that Justin Fields started to follow the Seahawks & DK Metcalf on social media and now some are saying maybe Seattle is next destination in a trade. Thoughts?

    • Cysco

      Makes no sense.

    • cha

      98% of those “player unfollowed his team” or “player followed a new team” are fake posts trolling for clicks.

      And even when they are real, the player is just trying to get his team’s attention. And it doesn’t move the needle much.

  17. Ty the Guy

    I remember my first beer… *ahem*… free agency…

  18. geoff u

    Offseason has exceeded expectations so far. Can’t wait to see what we do in the draft.

  19. rustyhinges

    Thank you for saying this. Even if there were fewer quality players in free agency, the draft, and undrafted markets, the Hawks (as with all teams) are limited by the cap. The raging thirst some fans have for “Player X” isn’t economically viable.

    Some appear to have little idea of what a budget is. Seahawks leadership have made, and stuck to, a budget. MM/JS will be building and displaying their team-building and coaching philosophy this off-season. We will see it show up on the field soon enough. I hope their loftly plans are realized. And I, for one, am excited to see how it comes together.

    • Palatypus

      Okay, didn’t know they could still do that in this “legal tampering” period.

      Everything about that term is wrong.

      • Jm108

        Would you prefer Free Agency Moratorium like the NBA?

    • Old but Slow

      It is good to keep Adams, he shows promise as an interior rusher, but they did not use him much last year.

  20. STTBM

    Rob, excellent response. I agree whole-heartedly.

    I also think Patrick O’Connell has potential at LB, as well as S Ty Okada, because I watched the play in college. Don’t count them out.

    Not to mention Sutherland and the other young S from last year.

    Seattles cupboard isn’t as bare as LB and S as some seem to think, though it’s thin. And rookies past round two rarely save the day their rookie years. I’d say it more likey one of the guys I mentioned above steps up to contribute next year than anyone we get in the draft in the third round or later.

    Also, I would bet McD and JS have calculated to wait for those positions, and to be cheap. To me, that means they have a Plan, and guys targeted in FA. There are still good vet safeties available…and I doubt they go into the draft without signing two LBs and at least on S. They will make their moves in good time…

    • DougM

      They also have Drake Thomas, LB.
      They plucked him off a practice squad last year.

    • Tony

      I can’t imagine Macdonald isn’t salivating over the potential on our defense. We have some really interesting pieces. A new aggressive defensive system can really energize this team. I want to see what he can draw up with mafe, nwosu, spoon, riq, etc.

      • Palatypus

        Well, women I have talked to say the thought of Jamal Adams makes everything dry.

        So, context.

  21. Hawkguy68

    I think the strategy is pretty clear now. The decision was either going to be to burn it down hard or find a middle ground between full rebuild and remaining competitive.

    And they clearly are taking the middle road. Keep Geno, keep Lockett ; resign Fant. They kept their offensive weapons.

    Some big holes defensively, but I think the goal is to keep the offense as top tier as they can for the short run; then rebuild the defense over time. IF Macdonald is as good as everyone seems to think, he should be able to elevate defensive play through scheme. And this all makes sense. His strong side is defense. It makes the most sense to cut that side the hardest because that is were his coaching skill set can have the most gain .
    Not sure why Twitter is melting down. I think many expected them to be way more aggressive in the short run on the rebuild. But they have clearly kept some offensive firepower in place and the goal is to still be able to compete, that is obvious.

    As others above said, no reason to burn precious cap space on overpriced veterans. It all looks very smart and well thought out. Geno is on the books, if a QB falls to them in the draft they like, then great; if one doesn’t they can pick up a cheap one later on.

  22. CHaquesFan

    Corbin Smith is really fanning the flames on this one, he keeps tweeting about how Seahawks are making a mistake not signing anyone

    • bmseattle

      It’s so weird… it’s still so early in the process.
      Corbin is acting like we are doing nothing, when we’ve made 2 pretty big signings already.

      He actually used the term “malpractice” to describe our lack of activity.

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        The same Corbin who believes Geno is a franchise, long-term QB?

        • Roy Batty

          He also lamented the release of Mone, so, there’s that…

          • Palatypus

            What will we do without Mooooooooooaaaaaaaaannnnnnn…

            • geoff u

              What’s this? Mone isn’t coming back?1? Fire everybody!

    • BK26

      He’s losing it a bit.

      If they would have traded Geno, they might have found him outside of a McDonalds wearing only a metal pasta strainer yelling “they aren’t trying! It’s a conspiracy! It’s the mirrors!”

    • Wilson502

      Should be called Corbin “🤡 shoes” Smith. Dude is straight up clown shoes

  23. Anthony

    I just can’t believe there are people saying to fire JS and the reason free agency has been so flat is because PC isn’t around to recruit these guys.

    It’s like these people say “Way too much money is invested in the safety and LB positions. We need to get cheap guys.” And then in their next breath it’s “Why aren’t we investing in the safeties and linebackers are all gone?!”

    • Chris 206

      Well … I was saying to fire JS … but not because of what’s been going on this free agency. So far it’s been fine overall.

      It’s all the previous bone-headed moves … Maybe it really was all Pete’s fault, but JS has said a number of times that they’ve always made decisions together and that there was no such thing as Pete or John moves … which does not inspire confidence.

      I’m willing to give him some slack for now with the regime change. Just no more obvious-the-moment it happened stupid trades or signings PLEASE!

  24. Peter Osterman

    Not spending for Geno Stone and Patrick Queen is arguably encouraging insofar as it suggests that McDonald (who knows those players well) believes there are more cost-effective means of filling those positions. Perhaps Fautanu is available later in the 1st and they trade down to acquire a 2nd rounder, target someone like LB Junior Colson in the 2nd and a S like Jaden Hicks in the 3rd. The Seahawks were in a bit of a funk for a few years but with new direction the future seems excitingly bright!

  25. Tony

    Listening to Twitter is like choosing primary candidates based only on attack ads.

    • Palatypus

      Or Box Safeties?

      • STTBM

        OMG lol!


  26. GoldenHawk

    Rob, there is obviously some chance that the team brain trust thought that Leonard Williams and Noah Fant were the absolute perfect fits. On Fant, I’m definitely going to choose to believe that Grubb thinks he was criminally underused given his physical talents and measurables and can unlock him.

    But I also think on Leonard Williams that there is over a 50% chance that they didn’t think he was a perfect fit, and slightly panicked and overpaid him – partly as what you had previously pointed out – that they’d look like idiots if they let him walk after spending a 2nd round pick on him.

    I’m not sure what I would have been happy paying Leonard Williams – maybe $18 million? Which apparently wouldn’t have gotten the job done. But then so be it. But this feels like the Dremont Jones signing from last year where now it’s clear in retrospect we overpaid.

    If you look back at most of the successful teams, they almost never sign big priced external free agents. And even more, most of them don’t even sign their own free agents. Good teams – if they believe in a player – sign them to an extension at least 1 year before they are even a free agent to lock in an “inflation discount” – or lock them in before they have another banner year on the resume and their price goes up.

    This Leonard Williams signing makes me wonder if maybe John Schneider actually thought re-signing Jamal Adams to that massive contract was a great idea. (We attributed it to Pete).

    • bmseattle

      I think that Williams is a versatile enough of a player, that he would “fit” on most defenses, if not all.
      Really, his age is the aspect of him that isn’t an ideal fit.

      Did we feel obligated to sign him because of the 2nd rounder?
      Certainly, that was a factor.

      I would much rather have *not* traded for him last year, and simply signed him as a free agent…even realizing we would have had to pay much more than he ended up getting for him.

      How many millions is that 2nd rounder worth?
      Would we be happy paying Williams, the Wilkins contract (as a hypothetical “overpay”), but having the 2nd rounder still?

      • GoldenHawk

        Yeah, I for sure would have MUCH rather we have signed him as a free agent than traded a 2nd rounder for him. OMG – this PFF article says a 2nd round pick is worth $15-20 million.


        Rob pointed out a possibility on his Youtube video yesterday that maybe he would have never have signed as a free agent in Seattle unless we traded for him and he got acclimated with the team first.

        But I’d say if that’s true, that’s fine, we’ll keep our $21.5 million per year and our 2nd round pick. This isn’t Aaron Donald we’re talking about.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s time to move on from pontificating about the fact they traded for him

          They did, it won’t be just a rental now, let’s see how he does and judge down the line

          • GoldenHawk

            Yeah, you’re no doubt right it’s time to move on with the fact that the Seahawks gave up a 2nd rounder for Williams.

            I just wasn’t aware that PFF valued 2nd round picks as worth $15-20 million, and I’m guessing 90%+ of the readership here didn’t know that either.

            Whether that number is remotely accurate is a totally different story.

            • AlaskaHawk

              15-20 million for a second rounder must be based on market price after the rookie contract? It’s also been said that they need to learn how to play for the team and that half the second rounders won’t be playing 5 years later.

      • GoldenHawk

        The quote from PFF:

        • Attaching monetary value to a draft pick: A first-round pick is worth between $20 million and $40 million, and a second-round pick is worth between $15 million and $20 million.

    • Rob Staton

      Williams aint Adams though

      — Good health record
      — Consistently impactful
      — Not a douche

      • GoldenHawk

        And to be clear, if we did overpay on Williams by a few million, it’s not a big deal in a vacuum. I’m just more worried if it’s an indicator that all the previous overpays (Adams, Diggs, Dissly, Bellore, etc) that we attributed to Pete Carroll were actually John Schneider decisions.

        Sample size of the “John Schneider” era is tiny right now, but it’s all we have to go on.

        • geoff u

          It was a colaberative effort where final say came from Pete. It seems pretty simple to me. At some point though John and Jody were done and Pete took on an “advisory” role.

          • GoldenHawk

            It was described as a “collaborative effort” by both Pete and John. But as far as I know, we don’t remotely know what actually went on.

            • geoff u

              I don’t see how they can be together for 14 years and not work well together. Even now John says the FO works as a team. I find it silly to try and pin blame on one or the other, though as it goes, the buck always stops at the top.

      • STTBM

        Williams used actual tackling technique taught in pewee football…Adams…NOT…

  27. Greenie

    And here come all of the posts parroting Rob’s message! This site seems to have a mob mentality against anyone who wanted the Hawks to consider Queen.

    Look, I liked the decision to keep LW and Fant in terms of the personnel they chose, but with the caveat that I think it was amateurish of JS to get himself into a position of zero leverage by committing draft capital to a player that they had to renew to justify the trade, and then publicly admit that the fact they traded for him would impact how much they are willing to pay for him. So we just paid top-15 money for a top-25 DT who should receive a bit of a relative discount because of his age.

    I also agree they should be diligent about spending – who would disagree with this?

    But last year, I recall many of you applauding the decision to sign DreMont Jones in FA so they didn’t enter the draft HAVING to select a DT. Now, many of you are saying “we can just draft these positions”. Wouldn’t some sort of a hedge be more reassuring? One solid vet LB and S in FA, knowing that you would like to obtain one of each in the draft but not having to panic if one of these don’t fall to you?

    Queen appears to have a $6m cap hit for 2024. Overspend? Can’t afford it? Please! If the issue is that McDonald wasn’t that impressed with Queen, fine, so be it. And I understand now wanting to play the credit card game and saddle ourselves with huge back-loaded contracts that put us back in cap hell two years down the road, but 3 years-$41m is not a huge contract for a 24-year old Pro Bowl LB.

    Is any of this panicking? No. It is just a difference of opinion. Something that doesn’t seem very welcome around here.

    • BK26

      Here’s the reality: Queen isn’t that good. He’s had one good year. And who is going to know that better than ANYONE else in the NFL? Our head coach. He was the position coach when he was drafted and he was his defensive coordinator these last two years. The Ravens also preferred Brooks over Queen. They decided against either. MacDonald is one of the best linebacking minds in the NFL as well. Queen had a career year under him, as did Roquan Smith finally panning out. You basically point this out but are still complaining for some reason.

      Linebacker is a position that you don’t pay top dollar for unless you are young and elite. So they passed on it. It’s that simple.

      And they didn’t have to sign LW to justify the trade. Same situation as Sheldon Richardson. The only difference is…LW is good enough for them to go a little harder and commit more.

      The only panicky part that I see is your post. Not sure why. Not sure if you already bought a Patrick Queen Seahawks jersey or what. This is ran by Rob that puts research and common sense behind ideas and posts. Whining, complaining, getting offended for no reason is more so what isn’t as welcome. Don’t take it personally. Especially for something out of the blue.

    • Rob Staton

      And here come all of the posts parroting Rob’s message! This site seems to have a mob mentality against anyone who wanted the Hawks to consider Queen.

      Since when has people agreeing with a point raised ‘parroting’ or ‘a mob mentality’.

      You just tell on yourself when you post stuff like that

      So we just paid top-15 money for a top-25 DT who should receive a bit of a relative discount because of his age.

      He is a top-15 player at his position, easily

      But last year, I recall many of you applauding the decision to sign DreMont Jones in FA so they didn’t enter the draft HAVING to select a DT. Now, many of you are saying “we can just draft these positions”.

      Do you have to have the exact same opinion about what is best every single year?

      The answer to that question is ‘no’

      Wouldn’t some sort of a hedge be more reassuring?

      This is the second day of free agency and you’re deciding they’re now not able to sign a hedge

      Queen appears to have a $6m cap hit for 2024. Overspend? Can’t afford it? Please!

      Except, as you know, contracts don’t only account for year one cap hits

      If the issue is that McDonald wasn’t that impressed with Queen, fine, so be it.

      Given that’s clearly what we can take away from the fact he didn’t sign, what exactly is your issue here?

      Is any of this panicking? No. It is just a difference of opinion.

      Yes. People are panicking. Unless you claim to speak for the entirety of Seahawks fans online, and also claim not to be panicking, then maybe you should have a look at what’s actually being said by fans

      Something that doesn’t seem very welcome around here.

      Argue your points. Strawman arguments and just making shit up to complain about the comments doesn’t cut it. It’s a waste of time and we’re above that here. We prefer to discuss football and the Seahawks, not play silly games

    • Chris 206

      Not sure what you’re complaining about. I don’t see folks here doing cartwheels because they signed LW. It seems to be an OK market value contract. Did JS overpay to save face? I don’t know … did he? He’s certainly shown he’s capable of that, but I’m not sure it’s true in this case, it’s hard to say with cap bumps. Contract sizes always shoot up. At the very least it’s resources going to the trenches instead of safety … which is an improvement.

      Regarding the LW trade itself, it was rightfully met with a large amount of skepticism the moment it happened, so not sure what you’re complaining about there either. If not wanting to trade 2nd round picks for one year rentals for non-playoff quality teams means a person is parroting Rob, then all Seahawk fans should be parrots. It was obvious that it was likely to be a dumb trade and anyone that thinks about roster construction and cap management recognized it as a problem immediately (which doesn’t say much for JS). People around here think about that stuff so tend to agree. Hawk fans on Twitter do not.

      Seems your main bone of contention is you wanted to sign Queen and because everyone here wasn’t butt-hurt when it didn’t happen you figured you’d just call everyone a parrot. Genius.

    • RainInSpain

      How’s this for a thought, we re-signed Williams after trading a 2nd for him. By signing our own FA, we avoided that playing into comp picks, and therefore allows us to keep the 4th rounder.

      So if it makes people feel better, we traded a 2nd round pick for Williams and a 4th round comp pick.

      Now how do you like the deal for Williams?

      • j

        Except we gave a 2nd and a 5th. And its a 2025 4th rounder we get back which has the value of … a 2024 5th.

        The 5ths cancel each other out and we are right back where we started.

  28. Hand of God

    Pharaoh Brown signed, 1 year deal…TE…had to google him…apparently his strength
    Is blocking

    • cha

      He’s 30yo and made a minimum deal with zero guaranteed money last year.

      Maybe a special teams greybeard type.

      • Andy J

        Okay, so I know the debate about comp picks got annoying on here a few days ago, and I definitely see a need at the TE position, and a blocking TE plays an important role… but isn’t this practice squad player / on Vet minimum / special teams greybeard type THE EXACT TYPE OF POINTLESS SIGNING THAT RESULTS IN THE SUBTRACTION OF A COMP PICK a reasonable point of irritation and rage by some within the fan base??

        Maybe I am wrong that this effects the formula. But imho signing special team greybeard types can wait until after the draft.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m sure we can live without the late 6th round pick they just lost

          • STTBM

            Lol! Yeeeep

            One more 6th round pick and we beating Mahomes in the SB!!!



        • Roy Batty

          Dissly got more from the Chargers, didn’t he? This signing wouldn’t cancel that comp, then.

          • Rob Staton

            Dissly was cut so there’s no comp pick for him

            This signing cancels out Lock

            • Roy Batty

              Crap. I forgot.

              And that 6th round comp is worth less than 10 points on the old Jimmy Jonson trade chart.

              Hopefully someone ponies up $4 mil for Wagner.

            • Parallax

              Damn! Just when I was starting to believe maybe Schneider had a lick of sense. This signing seems pointless and counterproductive. If this guy wasn’t available later on, when there would be no cost, someone just as good would have been.

              • STTBM

                He’s a Training Camp hedge; if they get a TE they like, he could get cut, if no TE they like better is there in the draft, they have a hedge till next year.

                Not how I would do it, but it’s logical.

              • Rob Staton

                We needed TE depth and we signed someone for $3m

                It’s no biggie

        • HOUSE

          I’m not sure if this cancels out Drew Lock or Deejay Dallas in terms of losing a comp pick, so I think we’re ok (someone else please confirm). Could this signing have happened later in the year? The answer is probably yes, but a number two tight end was also a big need for this team. Why wait?

          • Parallax

            To preserve the compensatory 6th rounder. That’s why. We could have found a backup tight end later.

        • Brodie

          I doubt he cancels anything. Last year the threshold for qualifying to the calculation was $2.4M-2.5M/year. If he’s under that (highly likely) he shouldn’t factor in.


          Look at the Jets for 2024. They signed two guys for under that amount and it didn’t nullify their 7th rounders. Bengals and Eagles are other examples. It’s a similar threshold to where you DON’T get a comp pick. If we lose Mario Edwards, but he only signs for $2M, we don’t get anything.

          I appreciate you quantifying with “maybe I’m wrong about the formula” as I already see people making the conclusion w/o knowing how the formula does work, but w/o the caveat.

          • Andy J

            Dear Brodie:

            I really appreciate this information. Thank you.

            Andy J

      • Roy Batty

        13 catches on 15 targets. Well, at least he can catch it when targeted.

      • Fox

        If he’s vet min he doesn’t qualify as a CFA so would not take away a comp pick.

        OTC has him at $3.2M (which i don’t get as his whole career is at appx vet min with the exception of 2022 with the Texans @ $3.5M) which would make him a CFA.

        Which is right?

    • Hand of God

      “Brown gets $3.2M base and up to $3.9M on a one-year deal. Caught 15 passes for 208 yards and one touchdown for New England last year.” Jeremy Fowler

      • cha

        This is the first move that got me scratching my head.

        This is his biggest contract at age 30.

        • Rob Staton

          I was surprised Austin Hooper got $4.25m after signing for $2.75m last year

          So I think the thin TE draft is impacting the market a bit

          • Roy Batty

            And Dissly got $10 mil guaranteed in the first two years of his new contract.

            172 yards last season.

        • Seattle Person

          It’s going to be interesting to see how much is guaranteed? Seems like a post training camp cut candidate if beaten out by the young player.

        • Brodie

          Right there with you. This one gives me Nick Belore vibes.

      • Rob Staton

        The name rings a bell but can’t say I have any clue how good he is

      • Brodie

        Well, I stand corrected. WTF was this signing about?

        $3.2M? Blech..

    • Misfit

      Pharoah Cooper has nearly 37″ arms!

  29. Palatypus

    This board is on fire. So glad to be the village idiot.

    • Roy Batty

      This parrot parrots your comment.

  30. Prozach

    Signing a Geno Stone or a Patrick Queen won’t take Seattle over the top. Developing their own Geno Stone or Patrick Queen will.

  31. Seattle Person

    Going back to actual football talk and the usual programming.

    I find Isaiah Simmons very intriguing and perplexing at the same time. He only played about 30-35% of snaps once he got traded to the Giants. They used him in coverage for the most part but all of the place. He isn’t an early down player at LB because he isn’t that physical.

    But…he’s the sort of athlete and offers the versatility that Mac probably likes. He has the ability to cover bigger slot WRs and TEs. You can probably disguise with him. I keep going back to him.

    The rub still remains. He doesn’t solve your problems at LB but he offers a very interesting chess piece.

  32. cha

    Jason at OTC is not the final arbiter of what is a good contract and what isn’t.

    That said, he has reviewed 33 free agent contracts so far.

    How many has he given a B+ or better grade? 5.


    • Rob Staton

      Says it all

  33. CHaquesFan

    More or less the TE going rate for Pharoah Brown
    Johnny Mundt got 2.5M with less production, Austin Hooper got 4.25M for similar production with worse blocking

    • Misfit

      This is our Dissly replacement and he’s got good hands and nearly 37″ arms. I like it.

      • Misfit

        Snaps were limited but 93.3 PFF grade in 2023 of the post on X is to be believed.

  34. Parallax

    Thank God this is not a community of average fans. I can’t take those environments. I come here for a more balanced sense, from Rob and from others as well.

    I’m not panicked at all. I’m mostly happy with how this is unfolding. I wish we had cut Geno when there was no money on the line and then signed Lock. I’m disappointed he got away because I think he has real potential. Obviously, Rob and I differ on this. I find it rather perplexing he went to the Giants, where talent goes to die. I’ll be hoping that he does well and I guess it gives me reasons to watch more games next season.

    I think we overpaid by a few million for Williams but we didn’t allow ourselves to be taken to the cleaners. There is risk, given his age. But it’s a calculated risk, even a smart risk given how well he played last season. I’m pleased with the Fant signing. I thought we’d have to pay more. I’m slightly disappointed Parkinson got away but, if we could only keep one, I’m glad it’s Fant. I see him as an elite talent and I’m excited to see what Grubb can do with him.

    I agree with the overall perspective, that this is an exciting time to be a Seahawk.

  35. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    “Seattle is signing former New England Patriots tight end Pharaoh Brown to a one-year deal worth nearly $4 million.” 3.2M cap hit / 3.9M with incentives.

    • Parallax

      Saw this after I posted about being satisfied with free agency so far. This one I don’t get.

      • Seattle Person

        I posted this above but I think this one I’ll judge once we find out what the guarantees are. It smells of a classic draft-hedge. He could very well be traded or cut after training camp.

    • DougM

      Solid replacement for Dissly and Parkinson for less money.

  36. HOUSE

    A long time ago, I learned a very important lesson, “sometimes the perfect reaction is no reaction at all.” I find it funny that fans who don’t know the true cap situation are the ones that are barking about us being inactive. After the release of Diggs and Adams, I saw someone post something along the lines of “to all the idiots who said we were in cap hell, look at all the we just freed up”. I don’t know if other fan bases have the same inept/gotta be right all the time types of fans, but I truly feel lucky that we have a really good intelligent fan base on this site.

    I understand that the patience in implementing a new system and getting players to buy in is something that most people don’t possess. This is not a 2024 Super Bowl roster. Rob has an statically pointed out multiple times that we are eating a huge amount of dead (3rd most in NFL) and that gives us so much relief next year, instead of dragging our garbage through next season.

    Fandom and homerism seems to kill logic and I am grateful that Rob and folks here at SeahawksDraftBlog don’t just have their heads in the clouds and blow smoke up everyone’s arses.

    As a general blanket statement, I’m pretty sure we all as Seahawks fans want to see the best version of our team out there, but teams are built through the draft. There are great options throughout this draft in some of our places of need. The situation we are in didn’t happen overnight and it’s not gonna be fixed overnight. Patience is definitely a virtue.

  37. Bob C Hawk

    Isn’t a Pharaoh better than a Queen?

    • Palatypus

      Cleopatra or Nefertiti?

  38. Denver Hawker

    Imma jus let JS cook this offseason – LW was only one I really wanted back, mission accomplished, see if new staff has the magic next year – solid talent on this roster already, keep building

  39. Blitzy the Clown

    If you’re concerned about Seattle losing a TE with great length in Parkinson, know that Pharaoh Brown has arms that are nearly 2 inches longer than Colby, and he has a wingspan more than 5 inches greater as well.

    • Gritty Hawk

      He’s a big dude. 6’6 with 35 5/8″ arms, 84″ wingspan, 10 5/8″ hands. Granted he’s a bit older now, but his athletic profile is actually really, really similar to Parkinson. I don’t think it’s much of a downgrade, assuming he is decent as a blocker.

      Pharaoh Brown RAS
      Colby Parkinson RAS

  40. Coach

    Do we have enough cap space left to sign:
    LB Devin White
    S Julian Blackmon
    G Zeitler

    Even if each were only 2 year contracts, I think it would fill 3 holes with players who can be very solid contributors and leaders.

    Go Hawks!

  41. Misfit

    I’m interested in am affordable deal for a guy like Tyrel Dodson still.

    • Seattle Person

      He’s interesting for sure. The fact that teams haven’t signed him on day 1 or day 2 indicates to me at least they don’t view him as an impact player just yet.

      Maybe it might work in Seattle’s favor.

      • Misfit

        Spotrac says 4.8M/yr. Seems doable to solve one LB spot at least, heading into the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s a reason there’s no buzz on Dodson

      Just google his background

      Then remember the Seahawks are all in on high character

      • Braden

        What are you referring to about character on Dodson? Just curious haven’t seen anything about him

        • Gritty Hawk

          From his Wiki:

          Dodson signed with the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent following the 2019 NFL Draft. Following an incident in Arizona in which he was arrested and accused of domestic violence, Dodson received a six-game suspension after pleading guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges.[5] He was later waived and re-signed to the practice squad upon finishing his suspension.

      • Misfit

        We signed Tyrel Dodson anyway. NICE.

  42. Glor

    Couple rants:
    First, Seattle in general just over pays the cap out of their players. We drafted will dissly, then even though he had injury history resigned him after 4 years to a 3 year 24mil deal. Well, he just got 3 years 14mil, and that is with the cap at 256mil today vs 208mil when we did that deal.

    Rant #2: these radio hosts, omg, they are going nuts that Drew lock just signed with the giants, and are exclaiming that they don’t know what is going on…. Hello!! What is going on is JS wanted to trade geno but didn’t have any interest so he ended up swallowing the pill. It’s obvious plan A was lock plus a rookie

  43. HawkHawk

    If anything, I’m panicking they’re spending too much, or rather too much per player. By my count, they still need to find at least 10 more better-than-replacement level players through the draft and FA, and they aren’t going to fill even half of those in the draft. As things stand, I think they have trouble filling the missing holes now.

    But then I’m copacetic with a poor ’24, so long as we’ve set things up for a good ’25.

  44. Murphy

    I have to admit that I am getting an immense kick out of Seahawks twitter at the moment. Specifically, the fact that we are only a few months removed from Rob getting dragged for being overly negative (“trust Pete, Geno is top 10. You think you know better than a professional?”) to now where I see people complaining that he is too supportive of the GM. That we are a dumpster fire. Do these people honestly, in good conscience, believe that the difference between a playoff team the a bottom feeder is Brooks/Queen, Grno Stone, and an average guard?

  45. Ground_Hawk

    I have to believe that Rattler is higher on teams boards than the media suggests. I’d be stunned if he lasts into the 2nd round. My own bias surely plays a role in this next statement, but Rattler has the “it” factor that I don’t see in many QB prospects entering the league. I could be wrong and time will tell but if Seattle picked Rattler in the 1st I would understand way.

    • Rob Staton

      If he’s convinced teams about the Oklahoma issues and that he’s a different guy, he’ll go in round two

      • Bmseattle

        Personality stuff aside…does Rattler profile as a JS type of QB?
        Does he have the tools he loves?

        If so, this may set up perfectly for us, with a trade down from 16.

        • Rob Staton

          He has the tools for any system or GM. The height/size might be a question mark but the talent most definitely isn’t.

          You have to ask yourself though, after two years of being absolutely laser focused on character, whether they would then take a chance on Rattler at the most important position/investment. There’s no doubt he’s matured — but the Oklahoma days will still be part of every interview and analysis.

          At the end of the day, I think he’d be perfect for the Rams and McVay (unfortunately)

          • Ground_Hawk

            Seattle passing on Rattler in the 1st only to be drafted by the Rams in the 2nd would be painful. It would be similar to watching Seattle draft McDowell over Watt all over again but worse, because this time we’re talking about a possible franchise QB going to a division rival.

          • Julian

            I see the question marks around Spencer Rattlers quality of character differently.
            If he shows up in the interviews and the background checks with an impeccable character record at South Carolina, then it can be interpreted that this shows a great strength of character? To have the self awareness and focus to do this is pretty impressive, considering the low point he was at when transferring from Oklahoma, all in the spotlight of College Football.

            On the character issue generally, I think possibly the thing to concentrate on is, does the prospect in question have any ongoing or relatively recent issues, such as we saw with Jalen Carter? Has the individual reformed in any way? Does the issue concern, violence or loss of self control? With Spencer Rattler, the issue on the face of it, seemed to be of arrogance, which he’s managed to turn into leadership, self belief and application?

            I hope if he’s considered a good enough QB, even if in the longer term his ceiling might be a good trade candidate or strong back up, the Seahawks select him if he’s still available in the 3rd.
            As we keep saying the team and JS in particular, need to start throwing darts.

            • Rob Staton

              Regardless of all of this, teams are going to ask about Oklahoma and some are going to be wary of it

              That’s just a fact

              Some won’t care as much as others, some will. But I know this is true

              • Ground_Hawk

                Teams will ask him about that chapter, you’re right. I’ll be really interested to learn if Rattler has an official 30 visit with Seattle.

              • Julian

                I get this and of course teams are going to consider his time in Oklahoma, but then you ask the question, so how have you addressed these issues and turned things around since then? I agree Schneider is ‘laser focused on character’, but young adults develop and Rattler has demonstrated himself to be of good character and should have strong tick in the character box for the Seahawks.

                He’s come out this year, when he could have hidden another year in college, he was prepared to do all the drills at the combine, when he must of known he wasn’t going to show up as the greatest athelete and others cowed away, he’s vouched for by his South Carolina coaches and team mates. All these indicators look to me that he’s turned his life around in a positive way since his early years in college and he understands this?

          • Phil

            Rob – I fear that you are right about Rattler being perfect for the Rams and McVay. But, then I ask myself, who would be perfect for the Seahawks and Mcdonald? Not knowing what kind of offense we are going to run (even the basics such as being a ball control offense vs. a wide-open, ball-slinging UW kind of offense) makes it really hard to guess what kind of QB will be most likely to succeed here. So, like most I have my “favorite” QBs (including Rattler), but I know I am shooting in the dark in favoring him, because I really don’t know what kind of QB JS may be looking for in the present. I’m resigning myself to just trusting to JS and his knowledge and experience. But, it’s difficult to do knowing how inactive the Seahawks were in last year’s draft.

  46. Old but Slow

    The signing of Brown is a good move. More and more we are seeing 3 tight end sets, so one of them should be a strong blocker. I was amused (I nearly smiled) to read how Geno has gained a new target, but I think that perhaps our running backs are the greater recipients.

  47. Alex Potts

    We are almost set on offense

    QB: Smith – ???
    RB: KWIII – Charb – McIntosh – ???
    TE: Fant – Brown – Mabry – Russell
    LT: Cross – Oneal
    LG: ???
    OC: Oluwatimi – ???
    RG: Bradford – Curtis
    RT: Lucas – Foresythe
    XWR: Metcalf – Bobo
    ZWR: Lockett – Eskridge
    SWR: JSN – ???

    Remaining Offensive Needs:
    LG1, QB2, OC2, RB4, WR6

    I think a draft hedge is needed for LG/OC.

    I think re-signing Evan Brown would be prudent considering he has experience at OC and OG.

    Isaiah Wynn at LG is someone that also interests me.

    • D

      Curtis was a lt so more likely to move to lg I’d think. But I’d be intrigued to know what they think of him and o’neal as they kept both on the roster all last season

    • Gritty Hawk

      We do also have Jake Curhan as an ERFA. He isn’t very good, but he’s a warm body who costs next to nothing, and his qualifying offer can be rescinded later if we find someone better.

  48. Rob Staton

    One of the biggest off-season storylines about to drop

    What the Chargers do with Bosa/Mack/Allen/Williams

    They need to be under the cap when the league year starts

    • JD

      Any predictions Rob? Any of them you think could be had at value for the Seahawks?

  49. SeattleLifer

    I could not agree more with everything you wrote Rob. They are doing exactly what they should be doing and even if things don’t go quite as well as they plan then no biggie as we do a little worse and get better picks all while taking this year to figure things out with both the coaches and their schemes and the roster and how it can best be used.

  50. jpn

    I don’t follow Twitter so I’m surprised to hear that people are panicking. I’m loving the off-season so far. This isn’t the time to load up on big FA contracts with “low 1st year cap hits” and a crippling bill come due over the following years. You do that, maybe, after you have your QB and you’re a player or two away from a deep run.

  51. Trevor

    Great writeup and perspective Rob. Hawks have taken the only sensible approach given their situation.

    The funniest thing about people freaking out is that the Hawks have retained the two free agents they had who could be truly impact players if used properly Fant and Williams.

    The rest of the free agents they have lost had name recognition sure but really have be league average players at best or had injury issues. Dissly to the Chargers and Parkinson to the Rams are going to ideal fits and could be good signings. Perhaps Lock will shine with the Giants but none of them are players who were going to make a significant impact for the Hawks going forward.

    For years we have been frustrated when the Hawks spent all thier cap space on over pays keeping average players. This year they aren’t and we should view it as a positive sign going forward.

    Love what JS has done this off-season and for what it is worth I think he tried his best to dump Geno as well but there were no takers.

    • Coley

      “…for what it is worth I think he tried his best to dump Geno as well but there were no takers.”

      I thought the same thing and maybe that’s the case. But given what’s transpired with paying Geno’s roster bonus before the combine and keeping the core of the team and cutting loose the deadwood, he may have simply been chumming for information to gauge the overall QB market for the draft, etc. More and more it looks like Seahawks are looking to make their presence felt despite being young and in transition. It will be interesting to see if and who they sign as a back-up QB.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I think owning Geno Smith is like owning a boat. Yes it’s your boat and you work on it and put money into it. But every boat is for sale – for the right price.

        Anyway once the let Lock go and guaranteed Geno’s 2024 money it was apparent that he will be the starting QB next year. Unless some other team makes an incredible offer – which to me means a first round draft pick.

        I also believe he will start even if they draft a QB , the Seahawks will choose to start Geno Smith at the beginning of the season.

  52. Troy D

    Too many fans have expectations in the clouds mainly cause of prveious records. We had an unsustainable asset allocation that needed dealing with. For all people pissing and moaning the positions with the largest holes are the positions you should divert the fewest resources towards on defense.

    On offense, in reality, we need an OL guy and the real crux… a long term answer at QB.

    I think we are in fine shape to enter this campaign so our young staff can evaulate and probably take a few lumps.

    Honestly, if we didnt have a fan base of bedwetters (over free friggin agency). I would be fine with a terrible season as long as I saw long term progression.

    What we see now is the effect of misuse of resources for years. Safeties being paid like top corners. Linebackers beibg overpaid. Signing mediocre free agents. Wasting draft capital.

    Do people really think a franchise shouldnt go through so rebuilding pains when we have made so many mistakes because Pete Carroll thought we were close. We’ll find out soon enough if it was only him.

    • Big Mike

      What we see now is the effect of misuse of resources for years. Safeties being paid like top corners. Linebackers being overpaid. Signing mediocre free agents. Wasting draft capital.

      Yes Troy! How about we simply allow the new regime a chance to build this team the way they see is best. In a couple of YEARS we’ll have a good idea if their approach is working.

      • Troy D

        Total agreement. Unless there is a complete capitulation (like historically bad for this franchise). Im not gonna be really questioning this young staff till year 3 and how that plays out. I firmly believe a staff needs 3 years outside of extraordinary outcomes.

        Considering out lack of long term answers in the middle of the defense and more importantly QB, its hard to see this not being a multi year process. Add in our direct comeptition in the middle of a championship window…people just need to accept the realities of the franchise for now.

        I hope we are competitive. I hope Geno can elevate under Grubb. Hope is not plan though.

    • Malc from PO

      Just want to support a great comment, Troy D. There’s going to be lots to talk about in terms of Seahawks football the next couple of seasons.

  53. L80

    Jeez should we all don Hawaiian shirts and put on some Jimmy Buffet?
    The SDB Parrotheads…LoL.

    Seriously though, I can’t underrstand why people aren’t emjoying this whole process brcause to my eye they have made the moves they could, and should have. This whole regime is NEW, but in this instant gratification world we live in nothing will ever be good enough for all.

    Twitter/X whatever the F**k it is is simply entertainment (I choose to NOT be involved with it)…Its like you know what will happen when you put your hand in a garbage disposal, but you do it anyway….Proceed at your own risk…..Stupidity awaits.

    They took Brooks BEFORE Queen and he’s now GONE….McD was Queens coach and he’s not here while available….I think that says enough….NEXT !!

    • Big Mike

      McD was Queen’s coach and he’s not here while available….I think that says enough


  54. Gritty Hawk

    Seahawks fans for the past decade: “I would do anything for a good DT!”

    *Seahawks sign Leonard Williams*

    Fans: “….no not like that!!!!”

    The average sports fan cannot be reasoned with. Logic and reason are worthless to them. I’m much happier since I removed myself from the Twitters/Reddits/etc of my favorite teams.

    • GoHawks5151

      A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.

      – Tommy Lee Jones, Men In Black

  55. LouCityHawk

    I’m not sure if everyone is familiar with the peanuts comic strips. But Seahawks fans are suddenly reminding me of Peppermint Patty from ‘Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving’ or ‘Race for your life Charlie Brown’

    Meanwhile, Corbin Smith continues to give off those Captain Qweeg vibes

    • Big Mike

      Very familiar (cuz I ain’t young). Good call.

  56. Rob Staton

    Couple of things to look out for in the coming days…

    — Today I’m interviewing LSU DT Mekhi Wingo
    — Tomorrow I’m interviewing Washington State DE Brennan Jackson

    • LouCityHawk

      Looking forward to the Wingo interview, I really liked him going into the season. Thought he flashed some real upside at times.

      One of my favorites to grab in the 3rd.

      Kind of interested to hear if y’all touched on Maason Smith…because I was really disappointed by him.

      • Rob Staton

        Smith was very disappointing — I won’t be asking MW why his team mate struggled though 😂

        • LouCityHawk

          Why I’m not a journalist…

          Playing in the SEC I could think of 100k+ questions for him…Daniels, Latham, Mims…

          And that is before focusing on his own game, I’ll just wait to listen.

    • Alex Potts

      Nice! Wingo is a fun player. I wonder where he ends up. He’s undersized, but super disruptive and has surprising power and is very young.

  57. Rob Staton

    The Nick Harris signing suggests they are still focusing on smaller centers

    • DK

      Just posted about this, does that make Zach Frazier a possible target, but keep a guy like Tanor Bortolini still in play since he is lighter, but is 6’4″? Just like those Wisconsin and Iowa linemen, they play tough and physical and for the most part have good technique.

      • Rob Staton

        It might just mean Oluwatimi & Harris will compete for the job

        But if they want to add a center in the draft, there are some good ones in the mid rounds who fit the style they seem to want

    • LouCityHawk

      I remember personally liking Harris back in 2020, going to have to find the 2020 horizontal board.

      I assume that Grubb has some familiarity with him from Fresno St days. Harris was a CA kid.

      I assume this means Evan Brown is not being resigned.

      Also think it means that the JPJ people can expect to miss him unless he is still hanging around in the 3rd. Still holding out hope for Frazier, as thin as it may be.

      • Gritty Hawk

        I don’t appreciate the body shaming here by Lance in his scouting report lol:

        Stubby build with softness around the middle

        He also lists Joey Hunt as his player comp, which is interesting if not particularly inspiring.

    • Trevor

      Yep seems like they are sticking with that body type at C.

      Huff coached him at Washington so they know what they are getting.

  58. DK

    Hawks just signed Nick Harris to a one year deal, all us Husky fans know him well.


    I think this answers our questions about the type of center they are going to be going for. Still could see Bortolini as a guy they would like, might be taller, but still can move and those Wisconsin guys alway s play physical. Zach Frazier could be another gy they look at to compete with Olu Oluwatimi.

    • Roy Batty

      Cheap signing. Things are moving along exactly as they should.

    • Brodie

      I’m trying hard not to be judgmental, but it sure seems like we just spent about half of our remaining cap on:

      – a backup TE who caught 15 passes last season
      – and a backup center with 4 career starts

      I’ll grit my teeth and see how things play out for now I suppose.

      • Coley

        Good pick-up, IMO. He was really highly ranked via PFF last year. Great value. $3.2m for arguably as good a tight end as Dissly or Parkinson.

      • Gritty Hawk

        I get the concern, but realistically, who were we going to get who is any better or cheaper? We only had 45 contracted players when free agency started. Unfortunately pretty much every move we make is going to be the un-sexy, roster-filling type. I’m ecstatic to see these types of signings as opposed to giving someone like Will Dissly $10M guaranteed for literally no reason.

        • Brodie

          Well I agree that it’s better than paying $10M.

          Reading that article Sea Mode posted below has me slightly intrigued. If they use Harris in a utility type of role fb/te/ h back… along with Pharoah, it feels like a way to manufacture a 6 or 7 man OL.

          Could finally be committing to the run game, which would be cool. Also has me thinking QB and OL early just got better odds for our pick.

    • RainInSpain

      For people who rather not click to Twitter.com for the info:

      one-year, $2.51 million deal plus incentives
      Max $3.26M
      has appeared in 40 career games (four starts).

      • Patrick Toler

        Right, but no info on the signing bonus or other guarantees right? Could be that we can easily cut him depending on how the draft goes and/or how things shape out in camp.

        Also, the team has some additional levers they can pull if they decide they need to clear up a few more million.

  59. DK

    In my opinion, the Hawks twitter “media” are trying to continue to push the belief that the team wasn’t that far from contention and they were a few upgrades away from being a super bowl contender. So over pay for an average guard at best in D.Lewis, over pay for an average at best LB in Brooks, shouldn’t have cut a diminishing S in Diggs because he can take away the post. Then with what ever space was left over add a one year wonder in Queen who has only excelled when playing next to Roquan Smith.

    With any Raven free agent, I think I will default to Mike Macdonald on if they should have been pursued. Queen makes a lot of sense for the Steelers because he can play next to T.Edmunds with Watt and Highsmith on the outside.

    I think JS is going to let this thing play out, and he might be OK having a bit of a down year, while they have their eye on one of the QBs like Quinn Ewers.

    Build a foundation, then look for the QB. Maybe add Chop Robinson at 16, get that game wrecker on defense, then look to make a splash at QB next year. Maybe take a mid to late round guy as a project.

  60. Big Mike

    Here’s a question:
    How absolutely insufferable will this fanbase be if Seattle finished say 7-10?
    “Pete, Pete, Pete” over and over and over…

    • BK26

      I can think of a couple individuals that would probably be on street corners with signs “I told you so! The Great Uncle shouldn’t have been fired! Conspiracy! The End is Nigh!”

      No overly kidding. A few have immediately jumped to winning the division or getting to the conference championship during year 1 as the only way to justify the move.

    • LouCityHawk

      I’m low key hoping for a 10-7 finish and losing in the 2nd round.

      Oh, and Drew Lock winning MVP with the Giants winning the Super Bowl, beating the Titans led by Will Levis, who set a single season passing record – but that is only because I want to see the world burn.

    • jed

      They will be incredibly insufferable. Every single big play will be met with “Diggs would have prevented that” or “Barton was great in coverage”’or “Brooks is a top 7 LB”. Anything other than 17-0 with a SB will be “Pete would have never” or “Ken Norton Jr was a better DC”.

      Of course you can find good tape for NFL players. They’re in the NFL. And I know we’re fans and have weak spots for our favorite players or guys that remind us of ourselves if we had NFL talent. But let’s be realistic about a defense that’s been terrible for years.

  61. Uk

    Nick Harris = Ethan Pocic back up.

    Any irony whatsoever?

  62. RomeoA57

    The national media being surprised that no one seems willing at this time to trade a pick or 2 to the Bears for Justin Fields is hillarious. It was stupidity when people were posting that he was worth a first or second round pick. There are several QB options in Free Agency and the Draft, so it never made sense to waste a draft pick on a mediocre Quarterback,

    • Brodie

      ESPN guys in particular. Louis Riddick pushing for us to trade for him because we ‘only have one QB’.

      Kiper brought him up multiple times in a podcast about the draft too.

      • RomeoA57

        Yesterday Greenberg was going nuts over no one trading for Fields. Add that there also seemed to be no interest in trading for Geno Smith, who we can all agree is at least average, and is sure seems that teams are not interested in giving away draft picks for someone’s unwanted QBs

        • Mr Drucker in hooterville

          Did he claim its because of race? Wouldn’t put it paste some of these blowhards

          • RomeoA57

            Thankfully, I guess, he and many others seem to beleive that coaching malpractice from the Bears was the primary reason for Fields struggles. Not that he is a terrible Quarteback. The other NFL teams seem to have made it clear that they do not view Fields as quality Quarterback.

  63. LouCityHawk

    3rd round grade on Nick Harris, color me optimistic.


    • Patrick Toler

      I haven’t paid that much attention to him in Cleveland, but definitely liked him in the draft. Apparently his pro career hasn’t been great, but totally fine with a Harris /Oluwatimi C competition for this season.

  64. Sea Mode

    The Nick Harris signing suggests they are still focusing on smaller centers

    Or…. the plan might be not so much to use him as a smaller C (of course, he can backup that position too), but a big boy fullback to replace Bellore and we still plan to smack people in the run game.


    • Brodie

      Nice find Sea Mode. I’m genuinely curious about what role they think he’ll have here.

  65. Sea Mode

    Anyone catch your eye as we head towards the early bargain deals of FA?


    • Spenny Dunks

      Some interesting names available for sure that should be affordable.

      Jerome Baker or Devin White would be great on a one year prove it deal at LB.

      Julian Blackmon and Kyle Fuller also would be decent hedges at Safety, and Van Roten at Guard.

      Mekhi Becton could be interesting insurance for Lucas.

      • Roy Batty

        I’m not opposed to a couple of pissed off vets on one year deals.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Clowney, Rankins, and Devin White for me.

    • Henry Taylor

      Wouldn’t mind seeing George Fant come home as swing tackle/Lucas insurance.

  66. Patrick Toler

    We will definitely need to sign a couple of linebackers and at least one guard.

    White, Baker, Zeitler, Risner, Dodson, and Van Roten would all be of interest to me if and when they accept they aren’t going to get significant money.

  67. RomeoA57

    Can cha or anyone else give and estimate on how much Cap Space in 2024 the Seahawks have left to play with?

    Are we pretty much just shopping for baragins at this point?


    • Gritty Hawk

      I believe we had around $10-15M estimated space yesterday, so probably closer to $5-10M now after signing Brown and Harris and tendering Myles Adams. We won’t know more until we get all the official contract details but I’m sure cha will share that update as soon as it’s made public.

    • cha

      We are way behind on credible information for the contracts signed, and it’ll change a lot with the ERFA/RFA’s due today.

      But here’s my back-of-the-napkin math:

      OTC with $44.9m

      +$9.5m Lockett restructure (that’s my max number)
      -$7.5m Fant signing (based on the Uchenna 2021 contract)
      -$12m LW signing (based on the Dre Jones 2023 contract)
      -$3.2m Harris signing
      -$3.9m Brown signing

      So that has us at $27.8m right now.

      To plan for:
      -RFA’s/ERFA’s I am guessing $9m (D Taylor & M Jackson will be $6m, tendered ERFAs take another $3m or so) – will be tendered today
      -$9.03m draft (OTC has $9m but will pick up some 51-max-roster savings) – will spend that June/July
      -$8m Practice Squad and rainy day fund – will spend that starting Sept
      +$5m or so – savings from the top-51 player cutoff

      $6.77m available if they make no further moves to get more cap (there’s about $10m easily reachable, but you’re borrowing from 2025)

      • Gritty Hawk

        And all of those RFA/ERFA can be rescinded later if we pick up someone cheaper or need to clear space, correct? So it’s very possible we find replacements for Taylor and Jackson in the draft and pull those offers. And that rookie pool doesn’t actually count against the cap until they sign their deals if I’m not mistaken, so we do have extra money to play with now as long as they have a plan to recoup it within the next couple months.

        • cha

          Yes Gritty you got it 100%

      • RomeoA57

        Thanks, I kinda figured that the Seahawks are just trying to patch holes in the roster at this point.

    • Patrick Toler

      They could very easily restructure Geno or DK to move some cap liability to 2025 if they decide to be slightly more aggressive. They are already committed to paying that money so would just be pushing some of the accounting out a year.

      I’m not necessarily advocating to do that, but it they need to to sign a good player to a bargain deal, it is a pretty easy option.

      • cha

        It is. There’s about $10m to be had that way.

        The problem is, JS likes to have a nest egg. So yes, he’ll probably pull one or both levers around training camp, but he’ll bank it for in-season trades etc.

      • RomeoA57

        Thanks, I would prefer not to add too much liability to 2025, but I understand that they still need to add players before the draft, like a Linebacker, Safety, Guard, etc., to make sure that they can field a roster this season.

        • Patrick Toler

          I mean, you are already committed to paying that money, and you have so many ways in future seasons to continue to move cap hits that it isn’t a huge deal IMO. It is only in the extremes when moving big money forward can start to really restrict what you can do.

          But no reason to do it unless there is a player worth doing it for. And as Curtis said, John generally prefers to retain some flexibility during the season.

        • cha

          Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they’re already pretty tight on 2025 room, unless the cap has another major explosion like it did this year.

          They have options to open up room, but they won’t start the year with much.

          • Alex Potts

            This is why I want Penix and a Geno trade personally. Save 38 Mil against the cap next year.

          • Ocean Birds

            But aren’t the options to open up room, like, really significant?

            Cutting Lockett, Geno and Dre Jones opens up about $58 million alone. They could also extend DK (or trade him) and save up to $20+ million more.

  68. Palatypus

    I think we’re done.

    • Rushless pass

      I can’t see them moving into the draft without signing at least one linebacker

      • Patrick Toler

        Agreed. And probably a guard too.

      • Mick

        Yeah we should get a cheap LB, I would be extremely disappointed if we drafted Colson with our first pick, even after a trade down, and call him our biggest need.

  69. HawksFanMattMan

    I don’t know if it’s just Seahawks fans or if all fanbases are like this, or if maybe it’s just a vocal minority, but so many of them don’t seem to be happy unless they’re miserable. Or at least feigning it.

    • Rushless pass

      It’s brutal.

      • Roy Batty

        The outcry of Brown cancelling Lock’s comp pick has reached new levels of absurdity on other sites. Commenters talk about it here, but they aren’t calling for heads to roll.

        I think on the Jimmy Johnson chart, a comp 6th rounder is nearly worthless in a trade deal. Especially since it would be at the end of round 6. It might sweeten it, just a little, but it sure as hell doesn’t move the needle much.

        Are we really going to miss taking a flyer on a guy in the 6th round?

        • James Cr.

          Jerrick Reed, Stone Forsythe, Freddie Swain, Travis Homer, Demarcus Christmas, Jacob Martin, Mike Tyson, Justin Senior, Joey Hunt, Obum Gwacham, Kristjan Sokoli, Garrett Scott and Eric Pinkins.
          Those are the 6th rounders since 2014.

          • Roy Batty

            Oh, crap.

            We’re screwed 😂

        • Gritty Hawk

          Is there some mega influencer out there ranting about comp picks every day? I swear I’ve never heard them brought up with this level of frequency and urgency ever before. It’s wild to me that people care so much about a 6th round pick you might get 13+ months, as if every 6th rounder is more likely to turn into Tom Brady rather than get cut in training camp. Call me crazy but I’d rather sign the player the coach and GM want instead of hoarding draft picks that have maybe a 1% chance of turning into a special teamer.

          • Peter

            Nah. Fans are just thick as bleep. A few years ago running backs were fungible. Then it was premium positions. Now it’s comp picks.

            To illustrate how dense and meaningless let’s look at premium positions. If this was true, qb, wr, cb, lt then why is there so much noise about trading DK and Woolen? How does trading away two premium position players help if premium players are such, well, a premium?

        • ukalex6674

          The Patriots say hi

          • Peter

            Unfortunately the seahawks say bye. Since their history with 6th round picks has been basically useless players we hardly knew.

        • Alex Potts

          People need to chill on that. Once Bobby Wagner signs with another team, that will likely re-add that comp pick

    • geoff u

      I feel like that’s what nearly all of social media/internet has devolved into.

      It’s like how AI has started cannibalizing itself until eventually it’ll just spit out the most generic gibberish.

      • Palatypus

        That last sentence reminds me of that movie The Lawnmower Man.

      • MNF HAWK

        It’s all bad. Everything has a response, all responses carrying equal energy, vast majority from people that have no idea what they are talking about.

  70. Gaux Hawks

    Need just one more addition…

    Devin White

    • JJ

      Take a flyer on browser who was just released from Baltimore.

  71. Rob Staton

    Mekhi Wingo — such an impressive player to talk to

    Not sure if the KJR slot is happening today because of the basketball so if not, I’ll post the interview later

    • cha

      Dangit it true.

      More than ever this fanbase needs to hear some logic.

      • Rob Staton

        The show is only 90 mins today and Gregg Bell is sitting in. I’ve not heard anything about this week so guessing it’s not happening

        So Mingo on the way later today

        • cha


          Gregg Bell probably spending the entire segment berating Seahawks fans.

        • Julian

          Oh that’s such a shame, I’d love to have heard a discussion between you and Greg Bell. He’s missed on almost every major story that you’ve spotted coming from the Seahawks in the last few years! He should use you as a source in the future!!

  72. PJ in Seattle

    People forget that Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett were both picked up in the later waves of FA. There are still players out there who can contribute to our areas of need at what should be a fair price, perhaps even what proves to be a bargain in hindsight.

    • cha

      They both signed one day into the new league year.

      • PJ in Seattle

        Right. My point is we’ve landed some gems after the first wave of signings. Entirely possible that we could land one tomorrow. Time will tell.

  73. LouCityHawk

    Not really wanting to litigate Dodson and his D.V. issue. But…

    Pharaoh Brown has reportedly had multiple off-field issues since arriving in Eugene, including two fights with teammates and a domestic violence incident that did not result in charges because the authorities determined that his girlfriend was the instigator.

    Remoteness does seem to matter

    • Peter

      Reed, Clark, and eskridge don’t appreciate this post.

    • Rob Staton

      Not been suspended though, like Dodson

  74. JAFreeman

    Ha! Rob the optimist!

    Actually what we are witnessing is a several year’s-long pattern that is just now becoming clear: Rob and John Schneider have always been aligned. It’s just now with Carroll gone that the Seahawks are following a path that Rob has long advocated.

    Either that or they are rabid readers and respecters of this site. Either way, good for them!

    • Henry Taylor

      Tbf this was how they operated in the early PC/JS years, they just got away from it because out of desperation because they weren’t going anywhere.

  75. Palatypus

    According to Jason La Canfora of The Washington Post, the Saints are trying to trade LB Demario Davis. Yesterday, they restructured his contract. He is 35 years old.

    Good luck with that.

  76. D

    Artie burns coming back on a 1yr deal.

    • Robert Witz

      I was saying boo urns

      • Chris 206

        Hans Moleman! Classic

    • Troy

      curious to see if its low enough (less than 2.5 mil) where it doesn’t cancel out a comp pick…I hope so!

      • D

        He’s one of our free agents so I don’t think it counts either way

        • Troy

          Oh I’m dumb never mind then

      • Patrick Toler

        I don’t think he counts either way as an in-house FA. Anyways I would imagine it is a cheap deal. Assuming so it seems like a good signing to bring back some veteran depth at CB.

    • Alex Potts

      Good player. I wonder what we could get trading Tre Brown. Mike Macdonald typically had bigger corners so Brown might not fit.

    • Gritty Hawk

      Interesting. I wonder if this impacts the decision on Mike Jackson. Artie seems more like a guy you’d bring back later on after the draft.

  77. Alex Potts

    #UTEP LB Tyrice Knight has upcoming Top 30 visits with the New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks, per sources.

    Knight will also attend #Bucs Local Day.

    Kmgirn ran a 4.63 with an elite 1.54 10-yard split. He’ll run in the 4.5’s at Pro Day.


    This guy is super athletic on film and is statted up. Just needs development as he takes tons of false steps.

  78. Palatypus

    Does anyone think Tyus Bowser can pass a physical?


  79. Palatypus

    Ladd McConkey just tore up his pro day. Brock Bowers is out with a hamstring. But I am sure you all knew that.

    • Brodie

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he went to Buffalo or KC at the end of R1.

      Hard to poke many holes in his game

    • Duceyq

      He looks like Cooper Kupp clone! Would love for Seattle take him after a few trade backs into the late 1st or 2nd Rd and move JSN to the outside.

    • Julian

      Also Amarius Mims not working out.
      I think he might drop a bit in the draft. He’s had a mixed pre draft process and is very inexperienced starter, probably needs a Red shirt year in the NFL and he’s in a loaded Tackle class.
      If the Seahawks did drop a few picks in Rd 1, I’d be fully behind drafting Mims as a successor to Charles Cross at LT probably in 2025.

    • Julian

      Nice piece and looks like he’s found a role as a Center / Fullback. Pretty useful option now Nick Bellore is no longer on the team. Also looks to me that it was more an untimely injury that stalled his career in Cleveland, rather than any particular lack of ability. Hopefully he’ll prove his worth in the NFL in Seattle.

    • Julian

      Early days, but I wonder if eventually Olu Oluwatimi might not prove to be a better Right Guard than Anthony Bradford? Olu profiles very closely to Cesar Ruiz of the Saints, who’s a Right Guard convert from Center, though Ruiz was a 1st round pick.
      Though there were some early mistakes, he’s now on a healthy second contract in New Orleans. As far as the Offensive line is concerned in Seattle Nick Harris looks to me, like he’s a Center only player?

      I’m getting closer to thinking Mason McCormick would be a nice pick in the 3rd round for Seattle. Could a smaller school prospect start as a rookie Left Guard in the NFL, however?

  80. Duceyq

    Couldn’t agree with you more on this Rob!

    The offseason has been great so far and staying away from bad contracts are just as important as signing someone to a good contract.

    Seattle fans have been spoiled with so many years of winning and PC didn’t leave the cupboard bare after a 2 year rebuild that still saw the team go 18-16 with a playoff appearance. That doesn’t happen to many franchises after trading their star QB to initiate a rebuild. Everything is still in front of the franchise.

    All of the players you mentioned Rob I’m excited about as well in MM’s system. I would like to add Mike Morris to that list young players I’m excited to see, especially next to LW.

    For those complaining about safety we still have a Pro Bowl safety on the roster in Julian Love who can play FS and SS. I actually think he’s better at FS but could see him in a Hamilton type roll as well. SS is a lot easier to fill in later rounds of the draft or cheap FA. Special teams standout Jerrick Reed will be back also and Coby Bryant may get some looks at Safety too. There’s no reason to reach in FA for a Safety when Seattle prepared for the cuts of Adams and Diggs with the hedge signing of Love.

    People need to take a chill pill and finally enjoy Seattle not wasting money on mid to bottom tier FA’s at the cost of roster development mixed in with a big splash. Just so happens our two big splashes have been in house so far. A+ moves so far!

  81. ShowMeYourHawk


    Mike Williams released by LAC. Certainly not a need but when Bobo and Eskridge are currently your potential WR4….. one year, vet min deal? 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Roy Batty

      I’d rather they save the money and grab some guy on day 3, if a possible gem is there. Such a loaded class.

    • Gritty Hawk

      I’d pass even at the vet min. His injury history could fill a cargo ship, and I don’t have a lot of faith that a 30 year old is going to contribute much coming back from an ACL tear.

    • nfendall

      I think Bobo is a capable WR4 and we are in good shape overall at the WR position. I’ll pass.

    • Julian

      Not for me. I’d like to see Bobo get more reps this year.

  82. Roy Batty

    Love the Wingo interview, Rob. Just finished it.

    What a nice, pleasant football dawg. Permanent smile and that Michael Strahan tooth gap, loved it.
    Genuinely loves to play and his story about travelling to Africa was great to hear.

    He is going to be one of the hardest working guys on whatever team he lands with.

    • Peter

      Agreed. Great interview.

  83. Peter

    For fans of Justin Fields, bump kn the radio talking about trading a third for him to sit for a year.

    The biggest problem I have is then you have to find a number the following year without having any idea what that number should be.

    The third round pick is my second problem with that. Chicago doesn’t want him. That’s their choice. Everytime I do a goofy mock I find quite a few players in the third round who can contribute at great prices for a few years.

    • Rob Staton

      A third rounder for a one year rental on a backup QB???


      • Peter

        3rd round for first round talent Rob….first round talent.

        • BK26

          We’ve already spent 2 second rounders on running backs, with that supposedly being too rich for some people.

          I guess a third would be better for someone to replace Dallas?

          • Peter

            Fields’ is in a pickle. If he really sits for a year what’s his value?

            If he can’t win a starting job does he just turn into josh Dobbs? Bouncing around the league.

    • RomeoA57

      A third round pick sounds cheap. Weren’t people anticipating him going for a first or a second?

      Seriously, the number of pundits convinced that Fields is a Franchise Quarterback is crazy.

  84. LouCityHawk

    Mingo interview not up here yet, thought it was great.

    Wonder if he could fill a Dre’Mont sized hole…

  85. Andrew


    We’re signing safety Rayshawn Jenkins and reuniting with our old pay George Fant. Jenkins played well last year for Jacksonville and Fant started 13 games for the Texans last year. Assuming they’re both low cost signings, I like both moves. Jenkins should start at one of the safety spots and Fant should at a minimum provide cover for Abe Lucas and Charles Cross. Not sure if he’s ever played tackle but perhaps he could start at LG.

  86. DK

    I am ready to just run out the top two LBs from the 2019 draft, let’s re-sign Devin Bush and pair him with Devin white and see if Macdonald can max out their potential like he did with Patrick Queen.

    I am only half kidding at this point.

    • Rob Staton

      Bush is cooked

      • DK

        Rob other than White, any other LBs out there you think could be a fit to bring in?

        And just for clarity, I have no desire to see Bush back. I guess I have been reading Seahawks twitter too much the past few days.

        • Rob Staton

          I’d probably just draft a couple

          • Levi

            imo relying on the draft to bring starting caliber players is risky. Probably should (and will) enter the draft with off ball LB as a primary priority but at least getting one or two contributors at the position from the free agent market at some point seems necessary

            • Rob Staton

              It’s always nice to have a draft hedge but it isn’t critical

              There are good linebackers in this draft IMO — the class isn’t as bad as some are making out

  87. Scott Crowder

    If you look at how players panned out in the long run on PFR’s draft board, listed by wAV, you find that it’s a crap shoot after the 3rd round. Rds 1-3 are draft picks. Rds 4-7 are lottery tickets.
    This year Seattle has three draft picks and several lottery tickets. Your comment that there’s value to be had in rds 3-5 isn’t technically false, it’s just not very realistic after the 3rd.
    Not even for the Seahawks, who have a little better record in those rds than anyone else.

    • Rob Staton

      They aren’t lottery picks

      Lottery picks are random selections and your numbers may or may not called

      Drafting includes detailed scouting and analysis, then player development

      There’s nothing ‘lucky’ about that

  88. Misfit

    Sam Howell welcome to Seattle.

    Another QB trade: Commanders are sending last year’s starter Sam Howell to the Seahawks in a pick swap, per sources.

    🏈Seahawks receive Howell, a fourth-round pick (No. 102), a sixth (No. 179).

    🏈Commanders receive a third (No. 78) and a fifth (No. 152).

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