What I think might be happening as we reach the final stages of the coaching search

The Seahawks will likely have a new Head Coach by the end of the week. As they reach the finish line, here are some things that I’m thinking…

— Both Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport offered ‘not so fast’ counters to the suggestion that Ben Johnson to Washington was a done deal. Initially I thought this might be the reporters ‘doing a solid’ for the Commanders, who won’t have fulfilled their Rooney Rule obligations until today’s set of interviews. Then I wondered whether it was damage limitation, with the Seahawks meeting Johnson first. Were they getting the message out to avoid looking like they missed out, if he ended up in Seattle?

I now think it might be something else. Dan Viens mentioned on his podcast recently that he’d heard from a source that Johnson might not get either job. Here’s something to note. In December, Josina Anderson tweeted that Johnson’s asking price was $15m a year. Richard Flowers III, Johnson’s agent, quote tweeted Anderson with this response:

It’s hard to say what the truth is. Is it beyond the realms of possibility, though, that Johnson’s agent has overplayed his hand? Is he going to the Commanders and Seahawks, asking for a salary akin to the one likely given to Jim Harbaugh in LA, and teams are scoffing at the suggestion because — as highly rated as he is — Johnson has been an offensive coordinator for two-years and has no Head Coaching experience?

That would make sense of why Schefter is pouring cold water on the Commanders talk. At the moment, they’re too far apart on salary. Maybe it’s put them off? Remember, both teams are talking to other candidates. If, say, Mike Macdonald is in the $6-8m range and Johnson is asking for something close to $15m, it’s very easy to say ‘no chance’ to Johnson’s agent. It’s also a very difficult position to climb down from as a representative without looking like a complete fool.

Maybe Anderson’s report was ‘100% false and irresponsible’ as Flowers III suggests? Or maybe, it’s an accurate portrayal as to why — as Viens suggested — Johnson might not land either gig?

— The Seahawks got on a plane to Baltimore last night, after meeting with Johnson. My hope was that they’d strike a deal with Johnson and that would be that. This didn’t happen and perhaps what I’ve just talked about is one of the reasons why. Nevertheless, I retain hope that’s the direction they go. I’m not an X’s and O’s expert and never claim to be — but I can see creativity in Detroit, constantly challenging and asking questions of opponents and I can see major production and star playmakers being featured. That’s what I want in Seattle.

Now the Seahawks move on to Macdonald and this will be intriguing. They didn’t meet with him prior to today. They might not know much about him. This is a coordinator who’s kind of burst onto the scene. As far as I’m aware, there’s not that much crossover from Seattle to Baltimore’s front office or staff, to get a lot of feedback on Macdonald. Therefore, this could be a fascinating meeting.

I can’t decide, though, whether this is proper due diligence or serious intent to appoint Macdonald. It’d be neglectful not to speak to one of the bright young candidates in this cycle. How much of the meeting though is a fact-finding mission? To actually understand who he is, what his vision is, how he’d lead, what kind of staff he can put together and whether this relatively inexperienced coach is ready to lead a team.

I think there’d be some of that with Johnson, too.

It could probably go either way. The Seahawks being blown away enough to dive head-first into the appointment. Or, as seems to have been the case with Bobby Slowik, perhaps feeling he isn’t quite ready.

It’s worth noting that Ian Rapoport said on the NFL Network today that in his previous interviews, sources claimed he stood out in a big way and was incredibly impressive. Rapoport called Macdonald ‘the defensive Sean McVay’ and he believes he is a strong contender in Seattle. The way he spoke, it made it seem as if that could be the direction the Seahawks want to go:

But until it’s a done deal, you never know.

— This is why I think Dan Quinn’s name has suddenly started doing the rounds again. On Monday, Michael Shawn-Dugar and Brady Henderson both mentioned Quinn during radio hits. Hawkblogger wrote a piece on the positives with Quinn. Are there some jungle drums behind the scenes suggesting that maybe, after all, the Seahawks return to the candidate everyone assumed would take the job?

Schefter’s suggestion that it’s no sure thing pushes back on that. But there’s at least a scenario out there where Johnson potentially prices himself out and/or doesn’t make a good impression, Macdonald isn’t viewed as a viable option either and then they go with what they know. Despite some fairly generous petitioning on local radio — it would be a tremendously underwhelming appointment. I don’t think Quinn is schematically excellent. Clearly Kyle Shanahan is an offensive mastermind and his success in San Francisco, coupled with Atlanta’s lack of success under Quinn once he took the 49ers job, suggests the real motivating factor of that Falcons Super Bowl run was the offensive leader and the MVP he produced at quarterback.

Quinn is said to be able to build a great staff but who out there, currently, fits the bill? Kellen Moore isn’t an option any more. Raheem Morris was also touted as an amazing staff builder and he went with Jimmy Lake for defensive coordinator. I kind of feel like the pool of available coaches is fairly limited and the opportunity to ‘build a great staff’ isn’t straight forward.

I’ll pass this is on and make of it what you will. Someone I trust said there’s something in this Chip Kelly as offensive coordinator talk, should Quinn get the gig. Personally I’m not a fan of that move, if true. Kelly’s offenses at Oregon relied on speed, snapping the ball quickly and keeping opponents off guard. It didn’t translate at Philadelphia and Kelly bombed in San Francisco after that. His offense was good at UCLA last season, not so good this season. This wouldn’t exactly be the brave new world of innovative football I’d hope for. But at least there’d be little chance of him being poached if he succeeds, I guess.

I also keep coming back to the fact that in the last five Super Bowls, all ten Head Coaches were offensive-minded. Do we just throw that out? How about the fact that Bill Belichick and Ron Rivera are the only two defensive coaches to make the title game since Seattle won the Super Bowl 10 years ago. Do we fight against this, think we know better, and go defense?

I do think there’s a possibility that Quinn is essentially ‘the backup option’ if for whatever reason Johnson or Macdonald aren’t the answer.

— I still think there’s a chance of a surprise. As noted yesterday, Schefter’s line about the Seahawks “pulling an upset” resonated. I think one of the other candidates they interviewed last week is still very much in the running.

They’ve travelled to meet with Johnson and Macdonald and that makes it seem like they are the two prime options. Yet that just could be needs must, given both just played at the weekend and time is of the essence with Washington competing for a similar pool of candidates.

It could be that they meet Macdonald today, go back to Seattle, consider all of the options and make a decision. That decision could be — going with someone like Mike Kafka or Ejero Eviro.

Kafka seems extremely plausible. He always has done. Jeff Simmons messages me as soon as the coaching hire search started and mentioned his name. The connection to Andy Reid and the history of developing quarterbacks will really appeal. His personality might not be electric but it’s not a million miles away from Mike McCarthy and Doug Pederson. If Seattle’s intention is to draft and develop a QB, he makes sense as an ‘upset’ candidate. And as Jeff often points out, sometimes the best Head Coaches are not the coordinators with the hot offense or defense.

He’s being touted as a potential replacement for Andy Reid when he retires. If there’s something in that thought, you can see why someone like Schneider would rate him. He had two interviews, after all, when others teams showed no interest.

It’s also possible they appoint a defensive-minded Head Coach and then try to get him out of New York to act as offensive coordinator. We’ll see. But having felt 24 hours ago that this was a two-horse race between Johnson and Macdonald — I’m not sure any more.

Either way I think we’re all ready to know now who’s replacing Carroll, after weeks of speculation and second-guessing.


  1. Sea Mode

    Nicki Jhabvala

    On Ben Johnson’s rise from a walk-on QB at North Carolina to one of the hottest names in the NFL’s head-coaching cycle this year:


    I was able to read as a free article, but here’s my favorite part in case it’s behind a paywall for anyone else:

    Campbell made Johnson his coordinator the following season, and Johnson began to run an offense he has described as “calculated” with an emphasis on “speed and attitude,” which can “stress the defense in as many ways as possible.” He pulled from his own influences: some West Coast principles, a mix of run-pass options and a more concise verbiage to help control the tempo.

    “We’re not trying to get 100 plays in a game — that’s not our intent,” he said in 2022. “… At times we may go fast, and at other times we may let off the pedal a little bit and make sure we’re in the right play.”

    Johnson said his game plans are never truly done; he often adds plays up until game day each week. He also listens to his players and regularly considers their feedback, as Goff noted. He emphasizes technique and fundamentals and has followed a principle Shoop taught him at UNC: Make the same things look different and different things look the same.

    “It’s about conflict of assignment,” Shoop said. “… To a defense, he makes the same runs look like play-action passes and play-action passes look like the runs, and it just paralyzes that mid-level of defense.”

    Johnson loves explosive plays — “Every week we’re on a quest to find more explosives,” he said — and has noted that the Lions’ game plan always starts with the running game. And after he spent years as a position coach, it’s perhaps no surprise he loves to feature do-it-all tight ends such as Sam LaPorta — “The more multiple they are, the better off and more unpredictable we will be on offense,” Johnson said last year — and has an affinity for polished slot receivers such as St. Brown.

  2. JM

    Josina Anderson has a well-documented history regarding the accuracy and motivations of her “reports.” I will take anything she says “cum grano salis,” especially if already refuted.

  3. Joseph

    It will bother me a lot if Ben isn’t in Seattle. Seattle has more weapons for Ben to work with than Washington. Washington has a worse o line than Seattle. We have a 1 2 punch with Walker and Charbonett. And we got Metcalf Lockett, and I could Smith Njigba becoming St Brown in his offense. Obviously QB is a factor but Geno is better than Howell. But they can also draft a QB.

    • JM

      Everything considered, Howell is more valuable than Geno right now. Plus Washington receivers are pretty good. Not better than Seattle right now, but DK and Lock are no guarantees to be here 12 months from now. There will be players leaving and moving on with new staff.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think Howell has any value currently

        • Elmer

          What if it’s not just about the candidates themselves, but also about the coaching teams that they can build. Which coaches would that favor. Would it be Quinn?

          In any event, we are in the musical chairs phase. Not enough job openings for everyone.

    • Peter

      It won’t bother me as long as whatever happens next is an upward trajectory.

      As soon as the contracts are signed I’m fine. The coaching search runs both ways. Between team and coach. It’s not a game of cat and mouse as some hawks fans think like the draft.

      If it’s quinn sure I’ll be bummed. But I’m still going to hope for a competent defense for a change. Macdonald I hope will bring some of those cool ideas and fight/want to, to our team.

      Kafka….old goofy Kafka means we’ll most likely be getting a new QB within 2 yrs. A guy Reid vouches for. That’s a good start point.

      Pair him with Graham or Evero and get me a functioning defense for a change.

      • Peter

        Edit: the only combo I will legit be bummed about is Quinn/Kelly.

        Kelly has shown next to very little in a long old while if coaching after his short red hot run in Oregon. I liked DTR but I wouldn’t say he developed him. Mariota was a mess in the pros. I do know he values the run game balance but beyond that I’m not sure what he brings other than “guy who will most likely not be a HC.”

  4. Matt

    I think all the evidence, from his press conference remarks to his Green Bay upbringing, points to Schneider wanting an innovative offensive mind. If the Seahawks don’t end up with Johnson, I think it will be either because the Washington-all-along thing turns out to be true, or as you suggested, Johnson and/or his agent talk themselves out of of a deal, either by the impression Johnson gives or his asking price.

    Either way, I’m just glad that the team is doing their due diligence and are going out to meet with Johnson, as well as Macdonald. As much as I think John wants offense, he’s not going to pigeonhole himself.

    We all have our preferences, but obviously none of us knows what happens in these interviews and the amount of inside information we don’t have could fill a phone book. (Remember those?).

    A few years ago, everyone and their mother wanted Arthur Smith or Brandon Staley. One offensive, one defensive, both train wrecks. You just never know.

    The way to mitigate as much possibility of a bad hire as you can, of course, is to have a top notch person in charge, which I truly believe we have in Schneider. No one bats a thousand and he’s had some whiffs, to be sure, but I feel comfortable that he knows a lot more than we do and he’ll choose wisely.

    If not, fire his ass. 😋

    • Cysco

      I keep coming back to the “trust Schneider” thought as well. If we can all see what it’s going to take to be successful in this division, and if we can all see the strengths of this roster and where the leagues in general has gone, I just HAVE to trust that Schneider sees that.

      And if he doesn’t see that, and goes in a direction that fails, well then…

      fire his ass.

    • Peter

      Great comment.

      I’m right there with the last part.

      Very optimistic for a new look to the team. I reamin very hopeful John is going to nail this. And as well if John can’t do it won’t hurt me to see his skills applied somewhere else.

  5. Mr drucker in hooterville

    If Johnson is adamant about the $15M, perhaps he is not serious about wanting to be an NFL HC? He may be content to stay a at DET as OC still. He has to have a “want to”.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think it’s a lack of want-to. I think it’s an agent doing a crap job (if it’s true)

      If this is the issue, how they come down from that lofty $15m perch, will be interesting

  6. Brett

    The suggested $15M asking price seems off to me. That’s probably around 5x what he’s making now as an OC. I guess it’s possible his agent may be responsible for asking for too much in trying to get himself paid, but a bold move like that doesn’t seem rational for a smart guy like Johnson.

    • Peter

      I’d tend to agree. A few scenarios:

      1. It’s a bad look, lack of self scouting

      2. It’s oddly arrogant for someone who has done nothing as a HC

      3. It’s nothing and its all fabrication

      4. Perhaps it was floated to cut the wheat from the chaff and send a message to the likes of Carolina, TENN: no need to bother. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

    • Rob Staton

      It also might be some naivety from Johnson in trusting the agent — he probably hasn’t had to do much of this kind of thing. Won’t be surprised, if this is true, whether he changes agents soon

  7. Brodie

    Did anyone beside Josina report that $15M ask?

    I don’t find her to be the most reliable person. It seems like she’s been outright refuted by her ‘source’ a number of times.

  8. Rob Staton

    Edited the article with an update from Ian Rapoport on Mike Macdonald

  9. KitsapHawk

    I keep hoping the ‘upset’ pick is Slowik, that they were blown away by him but continued their process of due diligence. Unlikely, I know, but it’s how I’m coping.

    • Joseph

      I think it’s unlikely considering we didn’t hear any news about a 2nd interview.

  10. ShowMeYourHawk

    If Johnson is truly asking too much/is already measuring for curtains in his office in WSH and Macdonald doesn’t inspire JS and Vulcan enough to offer him the HC position…. I really don’t know where we turn.

    Kafka, Evero and Graham do NOT inspire any confidence and Dan Quinn would be a huge slap in the face to the fanbase, no matter the faux celebratory “back to the good old days” veneer the FO would try to sell. Vrabel and Belichick haven’t been options and likely won’t be due to the power dynamics involved and the sourpuss demeanor of both.

    At that point, I suppose we hand Pete a new pack of gum, tuck tail and reintroduce him as HC, with a new HC and GM search to begin post 2024? 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Big Mike

      That will NOT happen, thank God.

    • Peter

      Zac taylor- had a nothing resume
      Matt Lafleur- was a bad OC
      Stefanski- mediocre to poor OC

      All three I’d want as our coach.

      Arthur Smith- on paper good to great OC. Consider weapons, talent, and maximization of both…..what he did is basically Johnson’s main selling point.

      Brandon Staley- can’t miss DC to HC prospect.

      Trying to stay open minded and in fact many ways hopeful for a Kafka/evero, Graham combo.

      • Patrick Toler

        Yep this it it. Ultimately we can only guess at who will be successful. I’m keeping an open mind. If it’s Quinn that openmindedness will be tested though!

        • Peter

          See above on Quinn!

          I’ll assume we will at least have a defense again. Everything else…big doubts.

  11. Palatypus

    I’m a little late. But I have made it to mobile . George Kyriazakos, an agent immediately approach me seeing my SDB sjirt. Represents Kyle Kass and George Steele..

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Please tell me that’s George “The Animal” Steele.

      • Palatypus

        I believe he said he was a QB.

        • Brodie

          Bald, hairy chest, likes to eat turnbuckles?

          • dream22

            Green tongue?

  12. HOUSE

    I know this is unrelated to our coach search, but I had someone reach out to me about Jamal Adams posting some cryptic stuff on Instagram and Twitter. I don’t have Twitter, but apparently on Instagram in his storyline, he’s posted several pics throughout his career between the Jets and Seahawks and It’s kind of hinting that he knows his career is coming to an end.

    Has anyone seen or heard anything?

    • Big Mike

      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out peacock.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      To this end…. Curtis, what does the cap look like if Adams does hang up his glass cleats for good, as opposed to us having to post-June 1 him?

      Purely for experimental research, as the chances he hobbles away from a sure income are unlikely…..

      • HOUSE

        This is exactly why I posted. I know with retirement, prorations of bonuses could be recouped but teams normally don’t.

        Not putting the cart before the horse, but if this helps our cap situation, moving forward, that would be awesome

        • cha

          Exactly right HOUSE.

          The Seahawks could come after some of the bonus money and when they recoup it, it would reduce their cap hit.

          But salary is pretty much the same as if he is cut.

          There is one slight benefit if he announces his retirement and files before March. The Seahawks would not have to use an “early Post-June1 cut” on him (they only have two to use). They’d just keep him on the roster then transfer him to the reserve/retired list June 2 and get the cap benefit of his salary coming off.

  13. Mr drucker in hooterville

    “I don’t think it’s a lack of want-to. I think it’s an agent doing a crap job (if it’s true)If this is the issue, how they come down from that lofty $15m perch, will be interesting”

    This negotiating philosophy is a head scratcher. I’ve seen it when I was a realtor and now as a corporate recruiter,. It comes across as arrogant and not self-aware. They’ll say “start high, you can always come down.” Reality is, it communicates that you are not someone I can negotiate in good faith. That you believe ‘winning’ is about getting the bigger pound of flesh.

    Reality is, you should demand market value and seek win-win. What that is is negotiable.

    If true and If this is his agent posturing, he should be fired. A good agent will have this conversation with his client.

  14. cha

    Here’s my pick for upset candidate.


    Reuters, a trusted name in journalism.

    • Big Mike

      I literally LOL’d

    • Ian

      I hope he runs a 1-2-2 defense…

    • geoff u

      Interesting that Macdonald has interviewed with the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Chargers, Washington Commanders, and now Seattle.

      Johnson has only interviewed with Washington, Atlanta, and Seattle

  15. Big Mike

    The good news is that if it’s Quinn and Chip Kelly we will be looking at a whole new regime within 3 years.

    I am standing by my prediction that if it isn’t Johnson it will be Kafka because John said he wants an offensive guy and I do believe him. Plus the whole Andy Reid recommendation thing definitely gives pause for thought.

    • LouCityHawk

      One year

  16. DK

    I think the interest in MacDonald is real, I think Schneider wants to do his due diligence and MacDonald would be one of the first Ravens Co-ordinators to get a head coaching job. I think Schneider wants to see how MacDonald could translate that culture to Seattle.

    I think Johnson is the top candidate, and I think Schneider knows he can get him, but he might want some leverage in negotiations as well. The fact the Commanders still have 5 names tells me they aren’t fully confident they can land Johnson.

    I can’t find it, but someone put something out there saying the Commanders really like Sam Howell and would want to give him a shot. A scenario where they go with a MacDonald or Quinn retain Bieniemy for some consistency. Plus. I don’t think Bieniemy is still seen as a top choice for potential HC openings based on how he has interviewed in the past.

  17. cha

    How about the fact that Bill Belichick and Ron Rivera are the only two defensive coaches to make the title game since Seattle won the Super Bowl 10 years ago.

    I just want to pile on, is that ok? Anyone who says ‘defense wins championships’ needs to be slapped with a wet fish.

    Do you see those two names above of defensive coaches?

    They had MVP-season Cam Newton and MVP and MVP-runner up Tom Brady at QB.

    How were their offenses in their Super Bowl seasons?

    2015 Panthers: #1 scoring offense

    2018 Patriots: #4 scoring offense
    2017 Patriots: #2 scoring offense
    2016 Patriots: #3 scoring offense.

    Come on.

    Mike Macdonald damn well better be the ‘Sean McVay of defense.’ Otherwise, what are we doing here?

    • Big Mike

      Bluffing the Commies?

  18. Palatypus

    Carter from Duke just destroyed his man in 1v1.

  19. Forrest

    What if Seattle is trying to hire BOTH! Ben Johnson is your head coach and runs the offense. Mike Macdonald is your “Assistant Head Coach” and runs the defense. That could be the wild card, explains why they haven’t announced the Johnson hiring yet and gives you a McVay on both sides of the ball.

    One can hope!

  20. London Seahawk

    Agree with the analysis here, Rob.
    It never seemed likely to me that – as was the consensus yesterday – that Seattle and Washington would just split the difference on the two remaining hot candidates… with Seattle hitching their future by default to someone they’ve never spoken to in person.
    Maybe it does turn out to be one of Johnson or MacDonald for Seattle, but the fact we’re making sure we speak to them both before making our call, is clearly just that – completing the thorough search we said we’d make, doing the diligence. Once that’s done, all the data and info is in to make the decision – but we won’t have forgotten about all the other candidates we interviewed.

  21. Palatypus

    Byu ot showing quik feet. The guy with bronco helmet getti g under the pads well.

  22. Palatypus

    Roman Wilson looking sharp connecting with Sam Hartman.

  23. Palatypus

    Penix throwing now. Connecting with 88 after a bad snap. 88 is HUGE.

    • Peter

      Who is 88?

      • Brodie

        Johnny Wilson FSU? He’s the biggest WR in the draft I think (~6’6). He wore #14, but maybe it’s different for the Senior Bowl.

        Could be a TE too.

      • Palatypus

        Breva Spann-Ford.

  24. Palatypus

    Bo nix running offense now. Threw a duck on a rollout to the nc guy 14. Lots of violence at LOS

  25. Happy Hawk

    Rob, you keep knocking it out of the park! My head is spinning with all the rumors, options, and the fact it is dragging out day after day. Hard to believe Belichick, Vrabel, Carroll, and Rivera all don’t have a job or even any interest and Johnson is asking for $15m for his 1st HC job? Doesn’t make sense.

  26. Palatypus

    Penix wit a dime to roman wilson. D line not intimidated by this impressive o line. Arizo player dropped dime from penix

  27. Palatypus

    O line no starting to dominate edge. Bo nix with a lasr over the middle. Stepping up.

  28. cha

    Quinn’s interview is done.

    Question is, where is he flying next?


    • Big Mike

      Hopefully back to Dallas

    • Orcas Viking

      More importantly, where does the Vulcan Jetstream fly once it leaves the East coast…does it make a fuel stop in Detroit?

  29. JJ

    Rob hope you have time to check out senior bowl practices. Always one of my favorite weeks on the blog.

    • Rob Staton

      I have, watched the NFLN coverage

  30. Pran

    Dan Campbell = Quinn

    Their OCs Kyle and Ben excelled and are the reason for their success. Ben will be poached away and watch out for Campbell’s team next year perform similar to Atlanta under Quinn.

    Young offensive minded HC paired with experienced DC is the league’s trend. On the flip side Demeco and Saleh has done a good job with their defenses but they can only go as far their offense takes

  31. MNF_Hawk

    Kafka is about as underwhelming as you can get. I take all the chiefs success with a massive grain of salt. Even with the toxicity of the giants experience, how can we look to hire a head coach that floundered in his first real role? Having Andy Reid and Mahomes cell phone numbers is hardly enough.

    • Peter

      See above. Re: bad OC’s turned good to great coaches.

      Or don’t believe.

      Check out the offensive rankings under Mcvay before Rams. Bad to okay-ish. Near to but not top ten was his best effort.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        If only this theorem was proven beyond a handful of cases. I mean, I’ve never coordinated an offense so I’d likely be terrible with Xs and Os but by this metric, I’d be the next Andy Reid as an HC.

        • Peter

          Go through the current coaches league wide. Outside of Shannahan and in second place Mcvay ( second place= shannahans resume was actually stronger) honestly can’t find any other head that had awesome results as a coordinator that then directly translated to HC.

          It’s not a handful of cases. There’s more good coaches with spotty resumes. There’s more culture builders with some measure of success then schematic wizards. With Reid, Pete, Bill, and Kubiak There’s more retreads with rings recently than the next hot coach.

          I would love Ben Johnson for a ton of the reasons Robs been laying out. It’s just hard for me to say I wouldn’t be excited because a guys resume is just so so.

    • BK26

      How was the Giant’s offense two years ago? Good enough for Jones to get that contract.

      He’s the guy who developed and worked with Patrick Mahomes. He is the one coach that Andy Reid has blocked. If Reid retires, he will probably be the first to get a phone call.

      Taking the closest thing to a dynasty in the sport as a grain of salt? Not a good idea. I don’t know how he will be as a team leader or if he can inspire and rally players. Not my first choice but he is top 4 easily.

      He’s definitely got a resume. To say that he doesn’t and he’s been riding coat tails is just incorrect.

  32. Matt

    Anyone know what time the Seahawks are meeting with Macdonald?

    • cha

      It was reported to be this morning.

  33. Palatypus

    Word is 8-12 teams interview Rosengarten. Just bumped into his mom. But info came from someone who talked to her earlier.

    • Mick

      Thanks for the updates. Rosengarten is a guy I’d like to see in Seattle. With 12 teams interested, little hope.

      • Sea Mode

        Meh, everyone talks to everyone at some point throughout the process, even if we don’t hear about it. If they don’t, they’re simply not doing their job.

  34. LouCityHawk

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Kafka is Plan B. But a dog and pony show of Kafka, Evero & Macdonald might come to the VMAC before that announcement gets made.

    Ben Johnson not signed yesterday was exactly what I thought would happen, hoped otherwise, but it would make no business sense to me.

    Contract negotiations, sales…these are part of my business lifeblood; it may not be sports but some parts feel like they work the same.

    I read the $15mil report as market conditioning, something meant for the teams but not the general public, agent was naive to think it wouldn’t get reported. Or maybe it was a fabrication by the reporter, those are going around these days.

    The floating of an obscene number happens all the time in business. For example, a business, partner or agent might grab lunch with you, and casually mention that several projects are about to be undertaken – and float what they think a fair number might be. I suspect in sports this does happen, and is less problematic than in business – no one is going to bid a job they won’t turn a profit on.

    Let’s assume the bid isn’t outrageous to you, $15mil per for 5 years, you figure you can do $10mil and they won’t walk away. In a way, it puts more leverage in the teams hands because they know what they are bidding against.

    2 things weren’t going to happen with $15 mil on the table: Schneider wasn’t going to say sold and Johnson accept, or Schneider try to close the deal with anything other than – “whatever number Harris offers, we will beat it”. The first team in that room has all the power, the Commies will be in the position of needing to leave Detroit to conduct more interviews, while John Schneider can fly back to Detroit to scoop up the Johnson family. Harris & Co have to sell Johnson on taking less money, and JS can always walk away from something he is uncomfortable with ($20mil per). If the Commies were the front runners, and this $15mil report is true, they would be insane to be team 2.

    Assuming the report was false, the order of events makes sense with Washington being the preferred destination. Every business has been in the spot where they are not the preferred vendor, the preferred vendor gets the last meeting. The one likely to give the best offer gets 2nd to last. Having been the second to last many times, you understand – they like you, think you’d be a great match for the work, but a VPs son is an investor in your competitor (or whatever). Your goal in that second to last meeting is to make the case they would be stupid to go with anyone else (don’t call them stupid) and you leave them with your best number, you don’t negotiate it, I imagine in Johnson’s case I’d be tempted to say, I’ll call your agent with the number (even though I likely knew that number a week ago). And then you wait. You give him the night to talk over your number his agent, wife, support network – he has a real discussion, maybe he calls mutuals to do some extra due diligence. Maybe he and the wife spend a little more time looking at life in the Seattle area.

    Washington & Harris have to beat you, and Johnson doesn’t strike me as a person who wants to look dumb. If he and Peters were indeed a package deal, fair to expect that his agent told Washington your number and the meeting that morning is contention, unlike the Seahawks where it was a sale followed by negotiations – this meeting is about the Commies beating the Seahawks – which they might do, but if Schneider did his job right it won’t be a fun meeting. The number will hurt, it will be big enough there will be whispers of overpay, maybe there are names and moves and aspects of the Schneider Seahawks that Harris & Peters aren’t willing to adopt. Maybe, just maybe, Johnson is about the money, maybe he is sold in both spots, wants to see if Seattle will do more so he can bring that back to the Commies. Isn’t a bidding war what we all dream of?

    Sounds like Quinn went this morning and is leaving DC without a contract in hand. Glad he wasn’t on the train up to Baltimore.

    My dark horse candidate is an in house promotion: Greg Olson.

    • Ruthless pass

      Greg Olson was hired by the bears

      • cha

        I know he interviewed but did that ever become official?

        The Bears hired Kerry Joseph (Olson’s QBC assistant in Seattle) to be their QBC.

  35. Troy D

    Man starting to get an uneasy feeling we are gonna go with someone that is really whelming. Then we have to cope our ways into being okay with it.

    • Big Mike

      If it’s Quinn and especially if he brings Chip Kelly with him I will cope with it by watching other teams play who have better records and by doing other things that are important to me besides football/Seahawks etc. I have little interest in Pete Carroll 2.0
      Now if it appears that he’s a step beyond that and the team is say 6 wins and 2 losses after 8 games I’ll check back in. As a fan I have the right to that attitude.

  36. Palatypus

    There is security this year. Couldn’t bring my bag in because I didn’t has press credentials. Bribimg them with Buccees Brisket Sandwiches.

    • 352 Hawk

      That should work.😉 Love Buccees Brisket Sandwich!

  37. Daniel

    Here’s a shot in the dark. Johnson for head coach, and Vrabel for DC.

    • BK26

      Vrabel isn’t going to settle as a coordinator.

      He’ll just wait next year and take the Cowboys, Giants, maybe Eagle.

  38. Troy D



    Ben Johnson has told both Seattle and WAS that he is staying in Detroit

    • Mick

      Ouch, but maybe the right decision for him.

      • Troy D

        I mean its possible a job like Buffalo could be open in a year. Philadelphia as well. Cowboys, etc. So yeah I can see why he would want to stay and wait for the right ste of jobs as he sees it.

        Of course its just as likely he knows both are focusing elsewhere and will get this out to make himself look like he rejected the jobs

    • cha

      There’s the penny drop.


    • Matt

      All right, well, now it’s Macdonald or bust.

  39. Big Mike

    Cowherd just stated that Ben Johnson has told both the seahawks and the commanders he’s not leaving Detroit.

    • Peter

      Can’t be true. I’ve been told by folks online that no one would turn down a HC job and I’m an idiot for thinking that.

  40. Matt

    Just saw a report from Jordan Schultz saying he believes Macdonald seems to have the slight edge currently and that Quinn is still a very strong candidate. I’m not sure he even mentioned Johnson.

  41. Blitzy the Clown

    Ben Johnson OUT as a HC candidate

  42. Blitzy the Clown

    Welp, from here on my list is


  43. Bill H.

    Possibly Johnson angling for KC job next year if Reid retires.

  44. ErickV

    Please Commies , hire Quinn !!! If we seriously lose out on MacDonald too I’m gonna be pissed.

  45. cha

    Dianna Russini
    Ben Johnson has made the decision to stay in Detroit.
    For weeks this option was always on the table.
    The Commanders knew they weren’t a lock and have been operating with this information.

    • Orcas Viking

      “For weeks this option was always on the table”…what? Then why is everyone shocked about this breaking news…This all seems to be spin control once Johnson’s agent knew that neither Seattle or DC were going to pay $15M/year.

      • McZ

        The more realistic assumption is, that Ben Johnson is quite happy in Detroit, and the 15m a means to tell other franchises just that.

        And why would he join such two trainwreck institutions?

  46. DK

    Wow, with Johnson pulling out, does Slowick some how come back into play?

    Schneider needs to wrap up MacDonald if he wants him.

  47. OldSchoolHawk

    This makes the $15M report more interesting. Another thought is, what happens if Andy Reid wins another SB and then decides to retire? Johnson would jump at that opportunity!

  48. Spectator

    Could JS have a plan to suck this year and have the HC position open next year when we have a top 5 pick? Lol then bring in Johnson?

  49. Blind Hope

    If Quinn’s best selling point is that he can create a strong staff, then what does he personally bring to the table? Obviously there’s more to him then that, but knowing people who are good at their jobs seems like a weak reason to hire someone.

  50. Bill H.

    On the Senior Bowl topic, WR Roman Wilson, Michigan stood out this morning. I liked his interview after the practice. He is not on Rob’s board though.

  51. OldSchoolHawk

    The $15M played a part:


  52. Gross MaToast

    What a Kafkaesque experience.

    • Orcas Viking

      Yes, all the spin doctor stories makes one feel like Josef K. and disconnected from a concrete reality…

  53. Pran

    Food for thought.
    If Dan Campbell does not deliver next year, Ben will take over in Detroit. Campbell is going to be in his 4th year this upcoming season.

    • Gross MaToast

      In Detroit, Dan Campbell could be caught with a sleeper car of hookers, 2 kilos of coke and a stolen nuclear warhead, and you wouldn’t hear a peep.

      • Orcas Viking

        Sources say the hidden powers in Detroit have already been in contact with the Alabama syndicate that took out Mike Price…

    • MagicMT

      Dan Campbell has definitely delivered just this past season. First playoff win in the last 30+ years, first NFC Championship game since 91’…
      The guy will be the Lions’ HC for while longer I think

  54. McZ

    Reality check.

    This whole affair should have been finalized two weeks ago, Johnson or not. I don’t buy this thorough process and due diligence crap.

    All this talk of Seattle media about Seahawks being in the driver’s seat to land the best HC available, when in fact they really aren’t… they are once again creating this parallel reality distortion field to make us feel special.

    The Seahawks early on have made their bed keeping PC in the building, with JS wielding all the power.

    Can a new HC come in and raze the damn thing down? No! Nobody of any statue will accept this crap.

    Forget Kafka, forget Macdonald, forget Slowik. In the end they will sign Dan Q, and tell everyone that he is the best choice.

    A true trainwreck org this franchise has become.

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