An interview with Tony Pauline

Tony Pauline is the #1 draft insider in the business. For the last five years I’ve had an opportunity to speak to Tony about the Seahawks and the draft and it’s always a must listen.

In the interview he reveals how many first round grades are on Seattle’s board, provides the latest on Jadeveon Clowney and the search for pass rush and discusses their likely plan during the draft.

Don’t forget to check out Tony’s work for Pro Football Network (and also try out their exceptional mock draft simulator).

Meanwhile, yesterday I made reference to the Senior Bowl pass rush win percentages and how they might influence Seattle. Here are the top numbers in case you missed them:

Zack Baun — 75%
DaVon Hamilton — 73%
Jonathan Greenard — 71%
Anfernee Jennings — 71%
Josh Uche — 67%
Bradlee Anae — 67%
Cam Brown — 67%
Marlon Davidson — 63%
McTelvin Agim — 58%
Terrell Lewis — 57%
Javon Kinlaw — 57%

I was then asked in the comments section about last years percentages. For example, how did Seattle’s two defensive line picks (L.J. Collier & Demarcus Christmas) perform?

The answer is pretty interesting:

L.J. Collier — 90%
Kingsley Keke — 87%
Khalen Saunders — 83%
Greg Gaines — 82%
Montez Sweat — 75%
Oshane Ximines — 75%
Dylan Mack — 67%
Renell Wren — 67%
Demarcus Christmas — 63%
Charles Omenihu — 62%

Both players were listed in the top-10 with Collier’s score at an outstanding 90%.

It perhaps sheds further light on why they were so impressed with Collier in Mobile. It also points to the possibility of Seattle showing interest in someone like DaVon Hamilton who led the defensive tackles this year.

Something to keep in mind.

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  1. WallaSean

    Hey Rob,

    Thanks for all of it.

    I’m been thinking on this in terms of snaps that are up for grabs. DT, RT, OLB, NCB, DE, OG, RB3, WR3. Which of the undersized DE or OLB prospects would you project for the Kendricks role or be able to play both of Irvins role from the past.

    • Rob Staton

      Do you mean early or later round?

      • WallaSean

        3rd pick down? I would prefer other options for at least the first pick.

        • Rob Staton

          I think I’d just refer to the horizontal board I posted on Sunday. That breaks down options for each position later on. The options are pretty thin though.

          • Albert Butler

            That was a really good board. Don’t sell yourself short. I think you understand the dysfunction that fieldgulls wrote about today.

            • Rob Staton

              What dysfunction?

              • Comfect

                Not to speak for Albert, but I think he means the way everything is crazy in terms of evaluating prospects and medical checks this year.

                • Albert Butler

                  Field Gulls wrote an article about how some franchises are so dysfunctional that players are actively trying to get traded to teams like the Seahawks. Some teams boards are going to be really warped this year. What do you think Gettlemen’s will look like in New York? I haven’t a clue.

  2. Steve Nelsen


    DaVon Hamilton would seem to be clearly in play for Seattle in the 2nd. Is he one of those guys that could get drafted earlier than expected in the late 1st?

    You seem to have found a new data point for projecting Seattle DL picks. You were on Collier anyway but that pass rush win % number just jumps out.

    • DC

      It’s also quite surprising that it was so high. I didn’t see Collier has being that great of a rusher. Hopefully the redshirt year did him well to acclimate and he’s able to be a big contributor this year.

    • WallaSean

      Not Rob, but I could see the hawks picking him after a modest trade back for sure, he could be on the field a lot and might be one of their must have types.

    • Rob Staton

      No, late first is a bit rich for Hamilton. Late second feels right. Won’t be surprised if they go OT or WR first then circle back for Hamilton and either OT/WR in round two. The wildcard is running back. But this all depends on them getting veteran help at DE.

      • RWIII

        Rob: In my opinion running back is a much bigger need the WR.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s still only a wildcard.

        • Davison Phipps

          I’m not in favor of it, but it’s hard for me to see the Seahawks not taking an RB in the first 3 rounds. Zack Moss just screams Seahawks, and if there’s one pick in the whole draft that would fit the PCJS history, it is picking Moss with #64.

          • TomLPDX

            Will Moss last until later than #64? Perhaps we can get him in the 3rd or 4th.

            • Davison Phipps

              I would love for the Seahawks to wait until round 4 and get a RB they are happy with as a long-term replacement for Carson. They just seem a bit picky in the type of RB they like, which leads me to believe they’ll invest more highly.

            • Bigten

              No way Moss goes earlier than 4th. May to many injury concerns

          • Madmark

            There just so much talent at WR in this draft that its not easy to hold up on picking 1.

  3. dcd2

    I think we almost certainly take a DT in the draft and Davon Hamilton is quickly becoming one of my favorite prospects.

    I could see the Hawks trading back with the idea of getting Hamilton or Raekwon with one of the first 2 picks. I could also see them using their #1 pick to get two DT’s. Say trade down and pick up a 2,3,6. Use the 2 and 6 on DT, while adding Greenard or a speedy LB with the #3.

    Can’t wait to listen to the interview. Always look forward to this one! Thanks Rob.

  4. millhouse-serbia

    Did he say Uche run 4.68 at combine or i didnt understand well?

    • Greg Haugsven

      I dont think Uche ran did he? Im pretty sure he didnt.

      • Rob Staton

        He didn’t run. Ran a 4.59 at SPARQ back in the day though.

  5. Coach

    Rob, I watched a replay of the Super Bowl win vs. Broncos the other day and Percy Harvin had a major impact! Do you see Hamler as a Percy Harvin type weapon and do you think he would add another dimension to our offense? Do you think he would be a good selection with our pick at #59 and do you think he would be available?

    It seems like if we want to let Russ “cook” getting someone like Hamler would definitely put some heat on the defense!

    Thanks and Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t really compare anyone to Percy, he’s the most sudden player to play the game in my time following it.

      But Hamler is incredibly dynamic. Perhaps more of a mix between DeSean Jackson and Tyler Lockett.

      • MatthewMJohnson

        Rob how does Aiyuk compare?

        • Rob Staton

          He’s different. More YAC but with some deep ability. Accelerates well but not particularly sudden.

      • pdway

        Percy quicker than Tyreek?

        would be a fun one to see . . .

  6. Davison Phipps

    Do you have the denominator for those win percentages? Most of them are consistent with 6-8 pass rushes. If I’m right, I would hope the Seahawks wouldn’t put too much weight on such small samples.

    • Rob Staton

      Well the point isn’t to suggest the Seahawks make a decision based on the Senior Bowl reps.

      It’s just an indicator of who did well to go along with all of the other things to take into consideration.

      • Derek

        Hey Rob, long time follower and fan here!

        Those Sr bowl win percentages seem to be unique aged I’m wondering how well they translate to game play.

        I watched a little of Baun and like his game but I didn’t see a consistently dominant pass rusher when he was lined up as such.

        That said I wouldn’t mind picking him up (especially if he falls with the recent news on him). How far do you think he falls due to that?

        Thanks again!

        • Rob Staton

          I think Baun goes between 35-50.

  7. Erik G

    Who do you like in terms of YAC at WR? Is Aiyuk far and away the best?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s certainly up there

    • JUJUS

      NOT ROB

      But I Love Brandon Edwards, here his yac #’s

      Edwards isn’t gonna ‘wow’ you with his speed, but he has sneaky burst and packs a punch. He averaged 7.6 yards after the catch and forced 15 missed tackles last year, per Pro Football Focus — both top 45 marks in the country.

    • Cheese22

      For my money, Reagor f/ TCU and Gibson f/ Memphis.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Do you think Brandon Aiyuk’s core surgery pushes him back in range of one of our 2nd round picks? I have this recurring dream where we draft another future Pro-Bowl offensive player with the last pick of the 2nd round like we did last year.

    • Sea Mode

      Yes, Aiyuk is the #1 YAC WR in this draft. Here are the others:

      I wrote an original response though talking more about broken tackles, but that is different than pure YAC, of course.

      • Sea Mode

        Oops, and even that link is Yards After Contact and not simply Yards After Catch. Either way, Aiyuk is up there with the best of them.

        Anyone have a subscription to PFF elite to be able to download the data by positions…?

  8. Ashish

    Rob, in all your interviews you stayed on the track with your questions. Very well done. Happy to see you are making in roads in the NFL world.

    Great interview and good information

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  9. Ark80

    Hey Rob, curious if you think Kinlaw can play 5-tech? It is obviously unlikely that the Hawks trade up, but he seems to be one of only a few DL that can actually make a day 1 impact.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he can do but he’s better inside.

  10. mishima

    Great interview, but if you leave us to start a Jets blog, I’m going to throw a fit.

    • TomLPDX

      How can anyone in their right mind be a Jets fan! I don’t think we have to worry about Rob bolting for the Jets! 🙂

      • Sea Mode

        If they pay me as much as they’ve paid their FAs recently, I might think about it… 😉

      • Jeff108

        More Jets fans than Hawks fans.

  11. 805Hawk

    Rob, To clarify, if nothing happens before April 27th with Clowney and then he signs elsewhere, the Hawks won’t get a comp pick, correct? Or am I confused on that?

    • Rob Staton

      They won’t get one anyway. They’ve signed too many players to qualify for comp picks.

      • 805Hawk

        I think we are only one down last I saw on OTC…although it’s likely no one else will sign with another team before the draft…but if it went to even, maybe we’d scratch one out. Probably hoping for a miracle at this point just to make this mess feel better.

        • Rob Staton

          It’ll be two down as soon as Bruce Irvin is confirmed.

          • 805Hawk

            Killing my dreams, Rob. Killing them.

  12. Gohawks5151

    Its interesting that these stories about Clowney shutting it down after getting paid are starting to pop up more and more. You have to think that the team would balk at that more than the price tag. If you believe that the culture of competition eroded from having guys like Marshawn and Bennett playing hard only when they wanted to, than maybe that is the deal breaker for them. I’m still hoping something happens next week. It was said all last off season: deadlines spur deals. Draft could be the one that gets it done.

    • Greg Haugsven

      If i was a betting man I would say Clowney signs with someone before the draft. Obviously he could sign after but personally I think it will happen in the next week.


      Marshawn and Bennett always played their guts out.

      • Eburgz

        Effort was never the problem for either of those guys. That’s as false a narrative as I’ve seen all day.

    • Jeff108

      Bennett and Lynch have sacrificed their bodies more than most for this franchise. Respect two of the best Hawks to ever do it. Respect their rings.

      • Gohawks5151

        I love em both but how do you define effort? These guys never practiced. Soon after Sherm and others weren’t practicing. They gave it all on game day no question. But again how do you define effort? Are they always competing? Does Russ sit out practice? On a young team the leaders got to lead.

        • Alex H

          Towards the back end, Lynch needed more rest. Just the physical nature of his style. I don’t think folks on the team would respect him if he was just mailing it in during the week.

          Like others said, don’t think effort was an issue.

  13. EmperorMA

    Great interview, Rob. I trust Pauline, so it is nice to hear his thoughts.

    With the Seahawks withdrawing the tender for Malik Turner, it appears they may be more willing to let the draft come to them and are at least open to taking a WR at #27.

    If this is the case, who might you expect to be available, and who might you expect them to be on at this point?

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly so. The absolute best players who will be available to them in round one are offensive tackles, receivers and running backs. Anything else is fighting the board.

      As for who could be available — I’d refer to my horizontal board from Sunday.

      • EmperorMA

        I just hope it may be a year where the Seahawks actually go BPA. Lots of talent, as you say, at OT, WR and RB and this might be a way they can take advantage of it and get more quality on the roster.

        It leaves them the ability to take an impact player if a trade can’t be worked out, as well, rather than reaching for need.

        I hope I’m right, because there is a very good chance there could be an actual player with an R1 grade at #27 this year.

        • Rob Staton

          BPA is always a bit of a fantasy though. It’s very rare that a team can legitimately just sit back and say, ‘let’s take the BPA’. There’s always an element of need, scheme fit, preference etc.

          • EmperorMA

            Agreed. I just happen to believe the Seahawks need everything at this juncture, other than a starting QB.

            Expiring rookie contracts, aging vets, years of missing in the draft and injuries are starting to catch up.

  14. Donny Henson

    So Pauline isn’t hearing anything and Peter King is saying either Clowney or Griffin within 2 weeks… I hate it, but this might need to be another retooling year. Get 2-3 offensive lineman, 2 skill players, one or two inside defensive lineman, another linebacker (replace Kendricks or get future for Wagner/Wright), and get a nickel corner on Day 3.

    • Rob Staton

      Peter King said he’d bet on Schneider doing something before the draft — he didn’t report that they would.

      Tony said it was quiet on that front after checking with sources earlier today.

      So the two don’t contradict at all.

      It also doesn’t need to be another retooling year. They just have to get pass rushers. And they can still get pass rushers.

      • Donny Henson

        They still could get Everson Griffin, but Griffin, Irvin, and Mayowa with either a Uche, Baun, Zuniga, or Okwara isn’t going to cut it. Next free agency, Seattle might get someone, but then we are back to the spending issue.

        • EmperorMA

          Yup. It is always the money. We have a very expensive QB and that really ties our hands.

          • Rob Staton

            Their hands are not tied.

            It’s their choice to retain Britt and KJ Wright as two of the highest paid players on the team taking up a huge chunk of cap space. It’s their choice to sign a bunch of journeymen O-liners.

            • James Z

              I could see restructuring their contracts considerably but it is more than a head scratcher at this point to see them paying at the current level of said contracts. You mentioned it on numerous occasions the LB corps is woefully unable to cover on the ends. After the other veteran contracts that have brought grief to their salary cap, it just doesn’t make sense at this point why those players haven’t been released or had contracts restructured. I know there are some complications to Britt’s because of his injury, but KJ, as much as I like the guy and his body of work thus far, can’t possibly be even a short term answer at this point.

              • Seahawks Mike

                I keep hearing people rag on KJ Wright. He is listed as the 10th best LB in the league by the NFL. He’s tied for #1 in passes defended (14) and is tied for #3 in INTs (3). He is highly regarded by the team, not only for his personal history and his character, but his chemistry with Bobby Wagner.
                Personally, I understand the discussion regarding Britt’s cap hit since the team has known options at the position. I don’t understand all the talk about Wright, who has no obvious, proven replacement.

                • Rob Staton

                  I think people are just questioning, not unfairly, if it’s worth tying up $21.5m in cap space on Britt + Wright. And it’s a fair question, even if Wright did fairly well in 2019.

          • Gohawks5151

            Don’t we have a lot of space next year too? Not that the pass rushers will be there in FA

        • Rob Staton

          Well yes. But I think everyone knows my thoughts by now. They can and should fix the issue this year. And if they don’t, it’ll be a failure if it costs them again next season.

          • Donny Henson

            Which is why i said we are the Green Bay Packers in the NFC West. We tied a lot of $$$ to Russ, we are able to get offensive pieces through the draft, but we also rely on the draft for defense, which we missed the mark a lot. Colin Cowherd pointed out on his show today, that because Pete Carroll was good at recruiting at USC before joining Seattle, he had a lot of inside info, which led to a lot of hits in the 2010, 2011, and 2012 drafts, but since then its been mostly misses with a few occasional hits like Clark, Lockett, Shaquill, Carson, and DK. But this draft will be interesting, with the most limited information available, the only thing all 32 teams can rely on is tape. Good teams will do decent and the bad teams will be back to where they were, hopefuily PC/JS can find the right pieces not just for this year, but for the future, since the only person will be on the team 3 years from now is Mr. Russell Wilson and this draft class.

            • Rob Staton

              The whole ‘Carroll had inside info’ thing is so overblown it’s maddening to read it.

              Yeah, I bet Pete had a ton of intel on Russell Wilson, Kam Chancellor and KJ Wright. Come on.

              Pete knew they were going to be great that’s why he waited until rounds three, four and five for these guys.

              Pete and John deserve credit, not attempts to diminish their achievements.

              And the Green Bay in the NFC West is silly too. Maybe in five years if they sit on their hands we can have that conversation. Not now.

              • Donny Henson

                Well when we lose in the Wild Card/Divisional round next year, we will be right back to where we are now. So see everyone next year.

            • Simon McInnes

              I would attribute some of the early draft success to the Seahawks looking for the sort of players that were not especially valued by other teams (e.g. tall cornerbacks, LEO rushers). After proving that they could be part of a winning formula, copycat teams were looking at Seahawky-type individuals much earlier in the draft, which meant that JS/PC were not as spoiled for choice in later rounds as they had been before.
              In recent days I have begun to wonder if there is a plan for doing something along the lines of drafting someone they really like for centre (e.g. Ruiz), trade Britt for an extra low round pick or two and then use the freed cap to sign Clowney or Griffen. Not the usual modus operandum, but you never know.

              • Jeff108

                Seattle didn’t come up with these ideas of taller corners and the “leo”. Other teams had similar schemes and ideas. Coaches have tried taller corners at every level at all levels since day 1.

                • Alex H

                  One of the biggest myths is that the Seahawks were doing anything new. Big corners have been around a while and the prototype were the early 80s Raiders. I believe Sherman and the young LOB all looked at their tapes.

                  The scheme wasn’t anything new either. The defensive scheme is largely based off the mid-90s 49ers scheme (when PC was DC) while the offensive scheme is highly influenced by the mid to late 90s Broncos. I don’t think it’s necessarily an issue of other teams catching up. Rather, it’s the players in the system that have fallen off over time due to natural decline or injuries. The first domino in that was Kam’s injuries and contract disputes.

  15. Rob Staton

    Mike Iupati back in Seattle per Tom Pelissero.

    Again I’m just baffled by the plan this off-season. Signing any and all journeymen OL, not getting obviously better, eating cap space, pass rush still not addressed, bad pass rush draft, good OL draft with value to be had in the interior OL. Confusing.

    • cha

      Can he play DL?

    • Donny Henson

      Maybe they will cut Britt then. But then it kind of defeats the purpose of their o line strategy isn’t it. For example, this is Jamarco Jone’s third year right? He isn’t going to be the LT of the future, do they expect him to beat Iupati, Warmack, and Haynes for the job. Pocic, Simmons, Hunt, and Roos are backups only. Fluker’s job is safe for this year, but its a contract year for him though. They got nobody behind Shell except Chad Wheeler who is probably just a practice squad candidate, and then they got Ogbuehi who i have no clue what they are going to do with. I liked that we transitioned from Cable’s athletic zone scheme to more Solari power scheme, but yeah this is really baffling.

      • Rob Staton


        How did you go from cutting Britt because his contract is massive and he’s injured to discussing all of those other players?

        • Donny Henson

          KK maybe i need a little clarity then

          You’re saying that Seattle’s O line strategy is to sign veteran hedges and draft O-lineman on day 3 for development. When we signed FInney, i assumed it was to play LG, but if we signed Iupati, then Finney is playing C, which could lead to Britt being cut.

          But now looking at the whole offensive line, the only guy we have in development is Phil Haynes. Jamarco Jones is on year 3 and from the looks of the Iupati, Ogbuehi, Shell, and Warmack signings, it looks like Jones is a bust for starting potential. So i guess what im trying to point out is are we dumping Jones, Pocic, Hunt, and others just so the free agents can be the starters/”major” backups and then draft guys just to redshirt for the 2020 season and then test them in OTAs and training camp in 2021.

          Hopefully that makes a little sense now.

          • Rob Staton

            I wouldn’t say any of these signings say anything about Jamarco Jones. It seems to me they want a massive competition on the OL this year and better depth.

            • Steve Nelsen

              Rob is absolutely right. There is no way all these guys make the roster. This makes for open competition for every spot except LT. Jones played well last year and is certainly in the mix to compete for one of the G spots or possibly RT.

          • TomLPDX

            Not Rob but I do have a few thoughts. I don’t think they’ve written Jones off. Warmack is here to prove that he can make the squad first, then see how he competes with everyone else. They aren’t going to just toss Joey to the curb either. He may be undersized but he is a heck of a backup center. He got bowled over a few times last year and credit goes to the D man for getting that leverage on him but I’ve also seen him hold his own. Finney will compete at C as well. Pocic and Iupati are going to need to make the 53 on their own merits and if injuries derail them then that could be the end of the line for either one.

            • Greg Haugsven

              I think we have enough offensive lineman now to have two starting units.

              • TomLPDX

                Probably right, but half these guys aren’t gonna make it. This is Roos’ last year. They still haven’t signed Joey. Several “failed” 1st teamers brought in. Let the competition begin and may the best men win. Duane “the Rock” Brown is still the cornerstone and if we get Britt back from injury that would be great. They can always restructure his contract.

    • GerryG

      Completely lost and baffled same as Rob. Keep adding up OL, Iupati is in decline physically/health wise. The guys body is broken down. How OL are on the roster now? And barely any on DL.

    • Spencer

      Shell and Finney are the only two who seem to be in their plans for sure. Shell as an obvious Ifedi replacement at RT, and Finney as a potential LG/C depending on what happens with Britt/Jones/Haynes. Otherwise, Ogbuehi’s contract is easy to get out of (very little guaranteed), Warmack is non-guaranteed, I’m assuming Iupati’s contract will be similar. Low risk, low reward moves.

      Likewise, I didn’t see a lot of overly appealing options in Free Agency for the Defensive Line. Seems like this is kind of the hand we were dealt this off-season and they didn’t want to force the issue. Why they haven’t re-signed Clowney is beyond me, that’s gotta happen especially as his price continue to come down. They can get out of any of those OL contracts when they have to shorten the roster to 53 (54 now I think?)

      I’m sure these signings don’t take OL off their board. If they draft a guy they like then the veterans are expendable but they won’t have to feel obligated to draft them.

      • Rob Staton

        Shell is certain to be on the roster but he’s a hedge IMO. Not definite he starts. And they can carry his salary as a backup.

        • Spencer

          Good point. If a RT they like is on the board (Wilson? Hunt?) then they can certainly go in that direction.

  16. Happy Hawk

    What is the record for number of offensive lineman on one roster at the same time? Confused as well considering this is a terrific Ol draft. Rob I know this is nothing new for you to hear…but thank you for this blog and the professional way you manage the content and the dialogue. I tune in twice everyday as to not miss anything. Thanks Big Time!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man — and trust me I appreciate these messages a ton. It’s a labour of love and hearing that people enjoy the blog is a great boost.

    • Simo

      I suspect quite a few of the OL group are signed to prove it contracts, with no guaranteed money. May the best starting 5 and backup 5 win, with the rest cast off by the cut down date. It still seems odd to sign so many OL, but maybe the competition factor will be good, with some guys stepping up.

  17. TomLPDX

    Tony is such an interesting interview and it was telling what he had to say about Clowney. All your interviewees basically hold the same thought about Clowney asking way to much money and John holding firm to his belief. If it is true that Clowney has dropped his price to $13M then I would think there would be a deal completed by now for his services, even if only as a prove-it deal, which is basically what he is looking at now.

    Excellent interview as always, you’ve definitely spoiled us! Thanks Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Tom!

    • cha

      It’s got to be very tough to play through a serious injury and gutted it out, only to be told the very next offseason the team you played for offers less than you think because you’re banged up. But that’s the business.

      It does appear though – as it has for a while now – that the Seahawks correctly judged his market value.

      • Bigten

        I hate the “gutted it out” narrative around Clowney. He played through an injury, as a professional athlete should. That doesn’t change any concerns people have about his drive to win. Hawks were there, and maybe they feel he didn’t play well, and did it for the sole reason that he could cash out and then coast.

      • Michael Hasslinger

        13M in a year in unimaginable for my own life. I’m sure he’ll survive.

        • Jeff108

          Cool to make it about you but you don’t have NFL talent. But go ahead compare your situation.

          • Group Captain Mandrake

            Is he wrong though? Regardless of whether someone has pro-level talent or how you feel about the level of pro salaries, I’m pretty sure he’d survive just fine on $13M a year.

  18. Darnell

    Gil Brandt’s top 150. My apologies if it has already been posted. A true legend of the sport.

    • TomLPDX

      Thanks for posting that, Darnell. I like Gil too but sometimes he gets carried away but he brings a good perspective.

      • Jeff108

        Agreed. Brandt is alright.

  19. Davison Phipps

    I want to let you know you’ve done a great job in these interviews. You’ve asked good questions and then given your interviewees plenty of time to speak, which maximizes both interest and information.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you, that’s nice of you to say.

  20. Rob W.

    Just read McGinn’s fascinating article on the Athletic about Walter Jones coming out of Florida St./being drafted. These were his measureables:
    Jones ran the 40 twice, clocking 5.12 seconds on the first and 5.06 on the second (Pro Day was 4.70 according to reports!). His vertical jump was 30 1/2 inches, his broad jump was a position-best 9-4 and he scored 17 on the 12-question, 50-question Wonderlic intelligence test.

  21. CaptainJack

    Hell yeah! Sign ALL the terrible offensive linemen!

    • Volume12

      Sign these guys, add a little something in the draft, create competition, and hope that some alpha’s emerge. IDK.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Gotta replace two starter caliber OL and these old boys arent gonna be around forever.

        • CaptainJack

          Iupati is already a very old boy

      • CaptainJack

        Boost the confidence of all the rookie defensive linemen we’re going to draft in training camp

  22. Darnell

    Nice to get Iupati back in the mix. Pro Bowl alternate on a unit with not many experienced starting calibre players.

    • Jeff108

      He’s not a pro bowl caliber now. Which is kinda the important part.

    • Jeff108

      Judging on the timing and length of the last two deals he igned. He probably doesn’t have much left.

  23. RWIII

    Excellent interview. I could listen to Tony Pauline all afternoon. Tons of information.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  24. Rob Staton

    The next interview is tentatively scheduled for Friday. This one will be with a well known prospect we’ve talked about a lot (I won’t share the name until it’s recorded).

  25. Tim McFadden

    I’m looking through that list from last year’s Senior Bowl. Besides Sweat and, maybe, Ximines, not much production. Maybe performance at the Senior Bowl doesn’t equate to the potential impact of a player.

    • Rob Staton

      People are viewing this wrong.

      It’s not about ‘Senior Bowl performance equating to impact’. It’s only about how a good Senior Bowl may or may not increase a players likelihood of being drafted by Seattle. Nobody should be expecting three days of 1v1 reps to reveal a players trajectory as a pro.

  26. Nano


    I just wanted to thank you for all of the amazing content, yet again. You’re not getting the credit you deserve. But I am grateful.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you — I appreciate you saying that.

  27. JimQ
    This PFF piece is from back in December – lots of interesting stuff on a number of players that may be of Seahawks interest. One player in particular that I think could be a very good day 3 option for the Seahawks, especially if they don’t draft a WR on day 1 or 2, then this guy could make some sense as a “type” they don’t really have enough of (since Jimmy G. left) – a great “red zone” target. Maybe he’s there in round 4/5/6 area?

    WR-Isaiah Hodgins, (Not sure where I picked this up, somewhere on the PFF site.) #1 in Country in red zone, 86 rec. on 118 targets, 13-TD’s, 1164-yds with 50 1-st downs, ++ hands, ++ high point ability, targeted 12 times in red zone & had 12 catches for 110-yds & 9 TD’s & 3 1-st downs, finished season with 1 drop on 87 catchable, had 13 contested catches for a 59.1% among Country’s best. A do it all receiver with reliable hands.

    • Sea Mode

      4.61 40yd kind of put me off of him for the Hawks, but I guess if they wanted someone on day 3 for just that role, they could look at him.

      • Jeff108

        4.61 is not slow for a big receiver. Lots of productive receivers with similar time.

    • Dan

      I actually love Hodgins. I don’t think the Hawks will draft him because of his 40, but he has terrific size, maybe the best hands in the draft, and is an excellent route runner. He’d be a great fit as a reliable, move the sticks kind of guy with TLock and DK bringing the explosives.

      • Mark Souza

        Anquan Boldin ran about the same.

    • Gohawks5151

      Has never had a reliable QB till this year. Against Washington and Oregon still able to get open despite pass pro not giving him a chance to make a play. Great size, great route runner. Has awesome body control and sense of space. His dad was a pro too. May be too slow for them but they do value production. That he does have like Lawler, Ursua, Norwood and Harper. If they neglect the position and the board betrays them he could be a guy they look at

  28. All I see is 12s

    So I was listening While I was jogging (slowly), but a couple of nuggets really stuck out to me.

    Pauline said there is concern about Clowney shutting down as soon as he gets a monster payday. Let’s put that another way, he essentially likened him to Albert Haynesworth. That is staggering.

    Pauline also stated that someone in his camp said that Clowney’s price tag is low as 13 million a year.. We have been hearing that rumor for sometime now not believing. This would almost seem to imply that Clowney is having trouble getting 13 million.

    Whether that’s true or not, I really think it needs to be taken in the same context of Rob’s wonderful Lombardi interview from last week. Lombardi said there’s a reason people are paying this guy. He strongly implied he’s not worth the money. This could be for a host of reasons.

    Pauline also said that Seattle had very strong courted Clowney but that clown seemed to want to get out of Seattle.

    Crazy, the crisscross of information and misinformation as in reaching new levels with this saga.

    • TomLPDX

      Either that or the information is starting to solidify.

    • Rob Staton

      Unless I wasn’t listening properly, I don’t recall Tony saying Clowney wanted to get out of Seattle. That is patently not the case. Otherwise he wouldn’t be endorsing them to Brandon Shell.

      • TomLPDX

        I think it may have been a comment Tony made around the 1:08 mark in the video that “Clowney would have been more than happy to leave Seattle.” I remember hearing that and thinking Clowney is just looking for the best deal he can get and that Seattle is just another potential suitor. I took it as “its a business, no loyalty required to stick with the Hawks.

        • All I see is 12s

          Yes, that was it.

          BTW, Rob. Thank you for the amazing interview.

          • Rob Staton


      • Lewis

        Right. He said Clowney would have been happy to leave (presumably if someone wanted to break the back). That’s not the same as wanting to leave.

        • All I see is 12s

          Yes, but you can’t of heard Paulines take and think that Clowneyis a guy who really wants to be here. TP essentially describes him as a risky mercenary.

          • Rob Staton

            I wish people would stop trying to force the idea that Clowney doesn’t want to be here.

            He wants respect in terms of money. But he overestimated his market and now has a call to make. That’s all it is.

            • MatthewMJohnson

              I also think some of it is you can’t force a player to sign. It’s entirely possible clowney got a good offer from Seattle, tried to get more from other teams and Seattle now isn’t going to bid against themselves. Let’s say the offer is 18, if they offered that and he still hasn’t resigned to the fact that’s the number then they’ll wait as long as he wants to unless they just get tired and pull the offer. I think this is purely in clowneys corner at this point to sign.

            • All I see is 12s

              I don’t like it at all. I’m not even saying that he doesn’t want to be here. I am saying that your interview with Tony Pauline gave me the impression that he has been problematic in the negotiations ( not Seahawk specific but in general) and that he really just wants the most money anywhere is is. If that’s Seattle then great.

              To be clear: I have no idea what he wants.

              Trust me. If they sign him today I will be high-fiving my kiddos and celebrating. He can be a difference maker. But after hearing the interview, I got the impression that the Seahawks have changed their priorities in his regard. He mentioned that they will wait till after the draft to decide on him or whoever.
              So it seems like he is content to wait and do are the Hawks.
              You have to admit, between Pauline and Lombardy‘s interviews they didn’t have a lot of positive things to say about Clowney or his prospects for ending up in Seattle.

          • Jhams

            There have been companies that I’ve worked for and loved, turned down raises and promotions to stay with etc. But if the difference between company I love and company I don’t love was $8 million, I’d be happy to leave too.

            • All I see is 12s

              Yeah, I’m not weighing in on what he should do. I’m only discussing the nature of what was relayed to us in the interviews.

  29. EmperorMA

    Just remember that Iupati had the most chunk yardage running plays go off of him last year than any other Seahawks OL. He was also a Pro Bowl alternate.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Think of it this way, a delayed or abbreviated offseason will cause havoc getting young players up to speed quickly. IF the Seahawks replace RT and Center this offseason, they then have 3 other spots filled with starters from 2019. That could work to keep them from getting off to a slow start and win some early games ugly.

      This is kind of a tell they might go C and RT in draft. A mid round OG might be possible, but not likely a position they target in round 1 or 2.

  30. Madmark

    I gave up on a Wilson and Ruinz. I gave for a trade to where I wanted and got more picks for all the needs this team has,
    44 Raekwon Davis DT. I like the idea of another Alabama boy in the middle.
    59 Robert Hunt T/G. No matter what the position is this OL in not getting younger.
    64 Chase Clayborn WR. I had to take one and this could be a score like D.K. last year.
    75 Malik Harrison OLB. This is the perfect K.J. Wright replacement after this year.
    101 A.J. Dillion RB. Big Physical RB to spell Carson.
    122 Kenny Wilkes DE. Will need strength and coaching but then they all do here.
    133 Hakeem Adeniji T/G Play at RT but I really like hi as a RG.
    144 Michael Ojemudia CD This is a guy like Pete can coach up. Big enough to consider safety.
    160 Stephen Sullvan TE. 2years big receiver and last year made TE. Has the size and speed.
    214 Bravvion Roy DT, This my 1 tech run stuffer on a very low in scale. You never know.
    I actually like this one.

    • Hawktalker#1

      No DVDs available? Not sure I want to settle for a CD.

      • B.A.

        Time to upgrade to 4k

      • Madmark

        I have no idea what you said even means?

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          He’s referencing that you have Michael Ojemudia listed as a CD. Just a little ball bustin’, I’m sure.

  31. Volume12

    Andy Dalton decided to invite some of the Pats receivers over to to work on their chemistry in his backyard. The Patriots way.

  32. Sea Mode

    9-1 broad jump for Prince Tega

    • mishima

      That’s like 1.5 social distances.

      • Sea Mode

        😂 well played…

      • TomLPDX

        For some reason that response just cracked me up. Thanks mishima!

        At my local Trader Joe’s there is a sign outside the front door about social distancing and someone on their staff had created artwork illustrating that by equating it to 1.5 Danny Devitos or .92 Joey Ramones. I love the creativity and humor that people have!

        • Bryan C

          Thank you Rob in advance for another interview, you are setting a very high standard!

          Here is a question for you. Right now we are in lying and deception season and many, many reporters including Peter King have stated that the Seahawks will trade down. Do you think that could be a cover for them to do the totally unexpected and trade up with Carolina to grab Simmons?

  33. Alex Higgins

    Salary cap question: who really counts against it? Only the top paid 51 players. How does work during the offseason? Can you sign a bunch of old mediocre players and cut them with little to no cap ramifications? Please help.

    • dcd2

      No self-respecting agent would allow a vet to sign a contract with no guaranteed money. Any signing bonus will count against the cap even if they are cut.

      Generally speaking it won’t be a lot for a ‘old, mediocre’ player. For guys we’ve signed so far that we know the details on, here is the hit (dead money) if we cut them:

      Dorsett: $137,500
      Ogbuehi: $500,000
      Mayowa: $2,550,000
      Shell: $5,100,000
      Finney: $4,500,000
      Warmack: $0

      You can see that Mayowa, Shell and Finney are locks. Warmack, Dorsett and Ogbuehi can be cut for a relatively small hit. Their full salary does count against the cap until they are cut though, and signing a bunch MORE journeymen types just lowers the pool for signing a pass rusher, even if they aren’t a long term obligation.

  34. God of Thunder

    Great interview.

    I have always wanted the Hawks to sign Clowney. Now I hope we sign him for 12 million a year for 3 years and a team option.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Let’s give him a quick’s kick in the butt when he signs his contract too – that will teach him never to do this to the Seahawks again. Doh

    • Rob Staton


  35. Aaron

    With the Iupati signing and the prospect of another couple o liners to come from the draft I’d say I feel good about the competition and potential for depth on the o line this year. The lack of talent on the d line, however, remains the single most baffling thing I’ve ever seen in a PC and JS offseason. Not attacking in FA your top need while letting your top player stay in limbo, potentially letting him leave, is unfathomable to me. What are they doing???

    • BobbyK

      They’re continuing to live on their decision to draft Russell Wilson in the third round (and couple great early drafts almost a decade ago). Without that singular pick, they’re unemployed after three consecutive seasons of finishing under .500. Since they have Russell (even at $35M – they have greatness who can take a 3-13 or 5-11 roster and elevate it to a bunch of clowns and a 11-5 record), they get to keep “competing” and losing in drafts each year. Like this year, I guarantee they pass on Jonathan Taylor and draft someone at a position of “need” (just like they did with TJ Watt/Malik McDowell) and end up with a lesser roster than they would looking back at this draft a couple of years from now. I have lost a lot of faith in them.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Depressing post.

      • Bigten

        This comment is just silly and disingenuous. That would like saying had belicheck not got lucky with Tom Brady in the late round, he woulda been fire after a year. There is no evidence to prove this because YOU just don’t know, and can never know. There are more variables that go into football as a business, as a sport, as a team etc than any of us know or can understand. You win some pucks and lose some. No team who constantly picks late, also hits on all those picks. Again take patriots, their first round pick last year had about the same impact as Collier. Just a silly sentiment and post.

        • DC

          I think the overall point here is that PC/JS, even while making some mistakes, did incredible work from 2010-2013 to construct a champion. Their work since has been of a much lessor caliber. In the last 7 drafts we have basically produced 5 core-ish players who remain on the team. Lockett, Reed, q Griffen, Carson & Metcalf.

          We have got to start nailing these drafts. We absolutely need more talent.

          • Group Captain Mandrake

            I think what else has changed is that despite the “always compete” mantra, they are not churning the roster like they used to. Part of that is being successful. They came in and the cupboard was pretty bare and they were not afraid to make people earn their jobs. When you build a successful roster, you don’t need to do that as much, but it seems like they are not turning over every stone to get what they deem as their guys.They seem more happy to try out retreads and projects rather than guys who are hungry to win.

      • God of Thunder

        Not true only if the Hawks. Every team that drafts an amazing QB and has him on their books for his career or bulk of his career should wake up every day singing and smiling. They ALL live on having drafted well.

        Because a lot of teams don’t have a Russell Wilson. The Pats don’t even have a franchise QB.

      • Rashi

        This is such an uneducated posts. You have no idea what would have happened if we had not taken Russell. How do you know they would not have found another QB? Even an average QB could have won a superbowl with the kind of defense we had in 2013.

        • Rashi

          And then you also bring up the fact that Carroll was not good the first year before Russell…

          DUH…the team sucked before Pete Carroll took over. He turned it around Offensively, Defensively, and on Special teams.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I would be on Bobby’s side little on this one. They havent drafted very well since 2012. So what I think Bobby is saying is they get a lot of leeway these last years due to there early draft success. They ha e probably had better success in trades than the draft.

      • Spencer

        Due to drafting Wilson they’ve also been in the playoffs every year, drafting late of EVERY ROUND which obviously poses its challenges. You can’t expect a Irvin/Wagner/Wilson draft or a Sherman in every 5th round. They’ve done fine with the position that they’re in.

  36. charlietheunicorn

    Has anyone put together a list of guys picked up prior to the draft each season for the Seahawks…. position groups… that Seattle then tends to target in the draft….. call these guys hedge pick-ups, in case they do not get their guy.

    So in 2020, a guy like WR Dorsett (1.8 SPARQ) picked up on the cheap might lead to them targeting a guy in the draft with a similar skill set…. so size wise such as KJ Hamler (UKWN but probably 1.6+)….. or a SPARQ comparison to Denzel Mims (1.6) or Chase Claypool (2.0+).

    Dorsett went round 1, but Mims is likely a round 2 or 3 guy as is Claypool.

    I would have used OL examples, since Seattle has 16 OL on the roster right now, but I do not have anything specific in mind right this second for an easy comparison.

    • WallaSean

      I’ve been wondering about these hedge signings as well, which contracts are easy to walk away from, which players they might trade for some late round picks after the draft or the end of camp. They have consistently made a few of those type of moves each year after the competitions play out.

    • Bigten

      I don’t see how Mims makes it out of the first. Definitely isn’t a round 2 type. Top 5 WR in this class. Size, speed, testing, and production. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him taken over Lamb. Absolute floor I would say is the Vikes, and I have a hard time believing he lasts past Eagles. I don’t see the comparison you make with Dorsett and Claypool. And personally not a fan of him for the Hawks. Raegor and Aiyuk are the early rounds I’m liking, and Tyler Johnson and DPJ for the later.

  37. charlietheunicorn

    “Clowney camp says he is down to 13M….”. wowza that is a heck of a discount right there.

    • Aredub

      Where did you see that?

      • charlietheunicorn

        Around the 2 minute mark in the interview imbedded in this article…. from Tony P.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I think it’s got to do with length and guarantees. 5/65 or 4/52 would make me pause depending on the details.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I’d rather pay him closer to 19 a year if it was shorter term. He wants to be paid like The guy but the numbers (not all his fault) dont really warrant a long extension w the club

          • Eburgz

            I think he’s looking at a 1 or 2 year deal at this point. The market wasn’t there for him this year so why lock into a 4/5 year contract. 19M is rich, Tony is saying he could be willing to accept as little as 13M. He probably would have signed already if he got an offer like 19M. Sounds like 2 years 27 million was spot on for the Seahawks. I’d think they would offer less APY, not more, for a 1 year deal. Hope they get it done.

          • Bigten

            I’m confused, you would rather pay him 19 a year on a short term deal opposed to 13 on a 4 year? That makes zero sense to me. You would rather pay 38 for 2 instead of 52 for 4? If you are talking strictly because of the guarantees, still question that thought process, but the Hawks don’t guarantee past certain year anyways, so not even worth worrying about. There has to be more to the equation if hawks are questioning even signing Clowney for 13 and no one has offered more.

            • Kenny Sloth

              I’m not committing to Clowney. Maybe they did offer a long term deal and to your point put in an easy out and his camp wouldnt take that deal even w something like 13 a year.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      The part that made me take notice was when Pauline said some think Clowney will mail it in once he gets paid. That’s not the first time he’s been accused of lacking motivation.

      I’ve been all aboard the Clown car. He’s a rare talent with elite size and athleticism. He can take over a game if he wants to. I really want him to stay. But not if he’s just going to half ass his way through his time under contract.

      • Greg Haugsven

        For one year I cant believe they wouldnt sign him for $13m

  38. Paul Cook

    Cool. Haven’t listened yet, busy, but will tonight. Two quality opinion makers.

    Yeah, OT and WR make sense early. I want CeeDee Lamb, Derrick Brown, or Isaiah Simmons, but I don’t think any of those are going to happen. I’m somewhat intrigued by the idea of Isaiah Wilson after you brought him to my attention this past season.

    The Clowney thing…I just don’t know what’s up or down anymore. I’m sure most of it will come out eventually.

    Dinner and then have a listen. Appreciate. 🙂

  39. Hawktalker#1


    Given the unusually limited amount of information GM’s are going to have this year to make draft decisions, how much of a benefit do you think the Seahawks will get out of there two relatively recent scouting hires: Eliot Wolf and Alonzo Highsmith?

    • Sean

      Its not as limited as you think. Analytics based on technology has exploded. They have access to stuff that was not possible 5 years ago.

      • Hawktalker#1

        I appreciate your comment, but it is actually as limited as I think. And I’m not the only one that thinks that way. Robbie has commented on it and spoke about it and additionally Almost every analyst has spoken specifically to the point that having limited data this year will in fact be a challenge for the GMs in this draft.

        • Sean

          Teams are not going to talk publicly about advantages they have created in terms of data. Sorry that is a trade secret, no analyst or NFL “insider” will know.

    • Rob Staton

      Wolf didn’t end up joining, he went to the Patriots.

      But I’m sure having Highsmith will be a plus.

      • JimQ

        I’ve been thinking that -perhaps- Alonzo Highsmith is a relative of this guy in the draft? They both seem to be from the SE area of the US, so maybe…..(Note: Alex Highsmith will likely be a rd-3 or rd-4 pick.)

        EDGE/LB-Alex Highsmith, Charlotte, 6-31/248, 33-1/8″-arms, 76-7/8″-wing, 4.70/40,
        1.68-10yd, 33″-vert, 7.32-3cone, 125″-broad, 4.31-20yd shuttle. 120.5-pSPARQ.
        2019: 13-games, 75-tkls, 43-solo, 22-TFL, 14.0-sacks, 3-PBU, 8-QBH, 1-FF
        —->In 2019: he was #2 in NCAA with 22-TFL’s & #3 in NCAA with 14 sacks.
        2018: 12-games, 60-tkls, 38-solo, 17.5-TFL, 3.0-sacks, 1-PBU, 8-QBH, 2-FF
        2017: 11-games, 33-tkls, 23-solo, 5,0-TFL, 2.0-sacks, 7-QBH
        2016: 12-games, 17-tkls, 11-solo, 2.0-TFL, 1.0-sack, 1-PBU, 1-QBH
        Career: 48-games, 185-tkls, 115-solo, 46.0-TFL, 20.0-sacks, 5-PBU, 24-QBH, 1-FR, 3-FF

  40. Eburgz

    Love the insight from Tony. Appreciate all the hard work that goes into making this great content. Feels more and more like they take a tackle with their first pick IMO. Wouldn’t be at all surprised with a pick like Cleveland at this point.

    I don’t understand at all why people feel like they are going to draft a center early. Until Britt is gone I won’t even consider it. If he’s cut I think it’s as big a need as maybe safety or QB. What a random thing to lock into considering the current roster. Maybe people are having flashbacks of Cox blowing up Hunt in the playoffs?

  41. Nick

    Re-watched Zuniga tape. Want him in a Seattle jersey badly! PCJS have to love his ceiling.

    • Hawktalker#1


    • CaptainJack

      Right now Zuniga and Hamilton are my preferred players for round 2.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      I’m in.

  42. CaptainJack

    We tendered Joey Hunt, resigned Jordan Simmons, resigned Mike Iupati, and signed BJ Finney, Cedric Ogbeuhi, Brandon Shell, Chance Warmack.

    We already have three almost sure-fire starters in Duane Brown, Justin Britt, and DJ Fluker

    We still have Phil Haynes from last years draft and Jamarco Jones from the year before. We also still have Ethan Pocic, and Jordan Roos who have both played games in seahawks uniforms.

    We also have some depth guys like Demetrius Knox and Chad Wheeler

    That’s a lot of Oline to head into the draft with. wow. I can’t see them taking more than one with that lineup.

    • Hawkdawg

      Brown will start. Britt may or may not be with the team. If he is, he probably will start, depending on his knee. I am not prepared to call Fluke an “almost sure-fire starter.”

    • JC3

      Strange season indeed, they outbid everyone for the old and un-wanted, yet still haven’t addressed their most pressing need.

  43. Mexican Hawk


    Incredible work, like everyone has mentioned these interviews (the variety, quality of guests and content covered) have just kicked the whole site up a notch. I agree trading back might be the right move and if not I have my sights set on Austin Jackson or Cesar Ruiz in the first round.

    Question, if Justin Jefferson is still there at 27 (highly unlikely) would you pull the trigge?

    As per most mocks and the couple of dozen or so I have done on PFN it looks like he would go just a tad ahead of us, so no point in trading up (even if just 3-4 spots that is highly expensive, we need more picks not less).

    Still I have him highly rated, I might be exaggerating. He has that high floor that most mention, but with our offense as currently constituted he will provide a highly coveted security blanket inside with some outside juice with speed shown at combine. That word “security” might be the one that screams non-Seahawks 1st round pick as we tend to shoot for the stars with Bruce Irvin, Malik, Christine Michael like picks. Even so I think he fits like a glove in the slot.

    I am a defense and trenches first guy, and not one of the adamant let Russ cook folks, but value seems to be to great to pass up. Though I do see him in the second round as per your horizontal board, I would be tempted to not trade back and just pick him. I see a very bright future ahead for that kid. On the other hand, I do see the logic of waiting for a Hamler, Pittman or Duvernay later on. Even so this kid seems to have size, speed, production, blood lines, blocking and the work ethic to match.

    Thanks again for all you do for this wonderful community, have not posted in while. Look forward to the weeks ahead.

    • Rob Staton

      It’d depend on who was on the board. I like Jefferson — his personality, consistency, speed and competitive nature are very appealing. But he’s also just someone it’s difficult to get that excited about.

    • Sea Mode

      I like him as well, but I’m becoming less and less convinced that Seattle will be spending an early pick on WR this year.

      Highest contested catch conversion rate in 2019 of any WR in the draft class. #3 in red zone receptions. Practically perfect (146.6) passer rating when targeted. 33 inch arms. He has a lot going for him and could fit in the slot with Lockett and DK on the outside.

  44. Rob4q

    Just watched some highlights of Rico Dowdell, RB South Carolina and wow he looks good! Just runs through arm tackles and has a nose for the end zone. Looks like pretty good hands as a receiver as well. I think he’d be a great fit as a late round RB…a little lighter than the Seahawks normally go for but he has some wiggle! Lighter workload in college with some injuries so will go later.

    Here is what PFN says

    Positives: Tough, downhill ball carrier who is rarely tackled by the first defender. Patient, effectively follows blocks everywhere on the field and displays a burst of speed. Displays terrific vision, quickly locates the open lanes and runs hard. Possesses solid short-area quickness, can cut back in a small area and keeps his feet moving. Runs with power, carries defenders and falls forward when tackled.

    • Scot04

      Watched Rico Dowdle a few games last year. I would think he would be a late round option for Seahawks. He has great burst and can definitely make people miss. Seems like he likes contact.

      • dtrain

        Bigger fan of Tevien Feaster, who shared the load with Dowdle. Transferred to SC from
        Clemson, where he was a 5-star recruit. Has always averaged 5.4+ ypc and he can catch. 5-11, 221 and supposedly runs a 4.4. When watching the tape, in my opinion, he is as tough a runner as there is in the draft and he has a lot of wear left on the treads. I could see him being in the Seahawks plans in the 6th or 7th round. A Carson-like pick.

  45. Michael Hasslinger

    Only 1 2020 Edge person has a better or equal Relative Athletic Score to Maxx Crosby: Jabari Zuniga

    Cody Barton was a 9.3, which is good. But man, missing out on a Maxx Crosby type is just… ouch.

  46. Michael Hasslinger

    Not sure why the original post was removed.

    “Zuniga is the only Edge whose relative athletic score bests Maxx Crosby from 2019 draft.

    I would hope Seattle considers that in 2020.

    • dcd2

      If you put more than one link in a post I think it auto-mods it to prevent spam.

    • Jeff108

      Call beacon. Its still there.

  47. matt

    Could it be that the Hawks see the draft board a bit different then most of the pundits. Could they possibly think yeah everyone is devaluing the edge rushers and the d lineman to the point that in round 2 they can find future stars. Would this possibly explain why they have made the moves they have this off season? A draft that is strong in offensive lineman and wr and rb but bad, as the so-called pundits state, but they have identified prospects who the think will blossom? Intersting

    • Rob Staton

      No — the options just aren’t there. This is a class with limited options and the ones that exist mostly don’t fit what they’re looking for (short arms, lack of twitch etc) or have major injury or consistency issues.

      They’re not going to think anyone’s devaluing this class. They can identify a small number of prospects to target in a certain range.

  48. millhouse-serbia

    I was reading reports on YGM from Zierlein, McGinn reports, Bruglers draft guide, DJ TOP 50, PFF and Jon Ledyard and its unreal…quick get off bad get-off, great bender bad bender, good vs run bad vs run…speed to win the corner-slow around the corner…

    But everybody agree he had great production, impressive lenght, exelent fluidity (hips, joints), smooth mover (short are quickness), he need to get stronger (he will be much better after pro strength training) and doble digit sack potential…

    • Michael Hasslinger

      PFF states YGM is “awkward” when rushing. Even Dave Wyman stated something of this sort. Not sure what that means… but if Dave Wyman says “Pass”, I’m liable to agree.

      • Rob Staton

        Awkward is right.

        You look at his frame and get excited. Then you watch the tape and want to see more.

  49. matt

    Well that’s exactly my point. If you look at the Seahawks drafting profile they do tend to view players different then most other teams. So while pundits claim this is not a deep draft for defensive linemen, maybe they see opportunity. Otherwise how do you explain their off season moves? Certainly we can’t say that they are incompetent, given their history of success.

    • Rob Staton

      Eh? Did you read any of the reply I posted?

      I’m not going to just repeat myself.

  50. DC

    Maybe the Seahawks are going to a full time ‘Jumbo’ package. 5 OL + 2 extra OL posing as TEs.

    LTE Duane Brown
    LG Mike Iupati
    LG Phil Haynes
    C BJ Finney
    RG Jordan Simmons
    RG DJ Fluker
    RTE Brandon Shell

    Haha. I’m kidding right???

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Put Hunt @ FB and hand to Carson 65 times. Trend Setter!

  51. matt

    Hmph! yes I read your reply, and your last line was they can identify a small number of prospects to target in a certain range. So why couldn’t that small number be who they want and think can bolster their defense to achieve their goals? Maybe they have identified one or two or three within that small number who they think are worth the stance they have taken with regards to clowney and all their other off season moves?

    • Rob Staton

      So you think they’ve based their whole off-season strategy on a small number of prospects in a specific part of the draft? And that they genuinely believed that was the way to fix the pass rush? That this was the solution? Come on man.

  52. millhouse-serbia

    Can someone explain me what “twitchy” exactly means? I googled but cant find to connect it with football…I can guess what it mean and I would probably be close enough but…

    • Rob Staton


      • millhouse-serbia


        So now look at this:

        LZ:he is not twichy(quick).

        Scout from McGinn: He’s got quick get-off

        Brugler: he has quick acceleration to win the edge

        DJ:He doesn’t have an elite get-off,

        I just want to say, maybe even Pete and John see him differently. That is why combine numbers are important.

        And maybe its because of my average English but is this opposite or:

        “He is not twichy” on one side and “Rangy chaser down the line of scrimmage and Adequate upfield rush burst.”

        I mean how he can be rangy and had burst if he is not quick?

        • Rob Staton

          As I’ve said before — this is why it’s important to pick and choose your sources of info. And more than anything, it’s important to watch the players and make your own assessment.

          Never in a million years would I compliment YGM for his get off and quickness. The people saying that — I don’t know what they’re watching.

          • millhouse-serbia

            I know Rob, but if Bob McGinn really speaks with real scouts (and I believe he does), than someone who work for NFL team, who is professional, and who is living from scoiting and evaluating players think he is good bender and has quick get-off. (I am not saying he is right and you, Lance or DJ are wrong) just that two guys who are doing this their whole life can have completely different opinion on some thing…

            • Rob Staton

              But who knows what that scout has actually seen? Maybe he’s an area scout from another part of the country? He might’ve watched a couple of highlights for all we know. Don’t read too much into these things. Just trust your own eyes and the people you trust most among the large, ever growing list of names who pontificate about the draft.

        • Sea Mode

          Most importantly, what did Clayton say about him?

          • dcd2

            From Clayton

            “Next up on the Professor’s notes, sponsored by Infinity of Kirkland we talk Chester GrossMaToast, who is aaaahhhhh a Defensive Lineman from Penn State. Now, MaToast is a guy the Seahawks COULD consider, as we know they have not, at this point, re-signed Jadeveon Clowney. Coming up next on the Zeke’s Pizza hotline we hear from Rebecca Gaither of the Cleveland Plains Dealer and after that we’ll have the 5 up/5 down Q&A sponsored by Titus Will Chevrolet. Stick around for our daily grades segment from Acura of Tacoma. That’s all coming up next on the John Clayton Show.”

            • Rob Staton


    • Sea Mode

      Think Earl Thomas back in the day. Guys that make really sudden movements and are quick to react and go.

  53. Antonio

    Rob have you been able to listen to Brock and Salk’s podcast? Brock provides a lot of highlights on draft prospects and thoughts on Clowney. He compared yhe Clowney waiting game to the waiting game they had with Clark last year and were able to get their price close to the draft. He said something along the lines of “they’re painfully patient.”

    He also spoke a lot about KJ Hamler and Duvernay as having special speed and said he heard from Penn State’s staff that he runs in the high 4.2s to low 4.3s. They are also returners and would have extra appeal as returners. Then he discussed Madabuike and Gallimore, but said they’re not the game wreckers we’d want. He raved about Leki Fotu (Fotu is also a Martial arts guy too apparently), Anae, Chaisson (I know you don’t like him), and Zuniga as violent players that this team needs. For what it’s worth he did call Isaiah Wilson a guard at the next level. It’s a fun listen and you know Brock watches these guys during his games and also talks to people in the Seahawks building.

    • Sea Mode

      I could see them wanting Hamler. They’ve done it before with Lockett where they target a guy for his return abilities and then WR almost as a plus on top of that.

      He’s the king of suddenness and separation, which Seattle loves, but also the king of drops (16.9%), which Seattle hates. That has me really on the fence about him. I want to get excited about the x-factor he brings, but the risk is there with drops and injuries.

    • Rob Staton

      Listening to it now

    • Rob Staton

      I think it was more tailored to the non-draft geek overall. A nice, light summary of some names on Brock’s radar. But for the hardcore draft nerd like some of us are, it didn’t really deliver any new info.

    • mishima

      I get the impression that Brock, like Carroll, loves the Utah program.

      • Michael Hasslinger

        They are well coached. The issue I have with that is, beyond year one, there is no real advantage. And Pete has backed off playing his “freshman” more than I can remember these past few years.

        • dcd2

          They really are well coached. They were a Pac12 championship game away from being in the CFP, with a bunch of guys who were 3 star recruits out of high school. They consistently land recruiting classes in the 5-7 range of the Pac12, yet they always win 9 or 10 games.

          Zach Moss, Leki Fotu, Bradley Anae were all guys who didn’t even get a single Pac12 offer apart from Utah. Same with Marquis Blair and Cody Barton.

          Few coaching staff’s do more with less than the Utes.

  54. matt

    fair point I did not state that as well as I could have. Did they base their whole off season on this select few prospects , of course not. But by all accounts they did accurately assess clowney’s true market value, they could not assess clowney’s response, they have made moves that have strengthened their team in other areas, and while hoping clowney comes back are prepared to draft identified prospects that they view differently then most pundits.Thus hopefully addressing the area of need.

  55. Trevor

    Another great interview Rob really enjoy hearing you and Tony discussing the draft each year.

    I have to admit though hearing his take on the Hawks and Clowney made me even more frustrated with whole situation. People keep saying the Hawks correctly gauged the market for Clowney like it is a compliment but I don’t see it that way at all.

    If Clowney is a guy that you really think is going to shut it down for a long term contract then why are you even offering $13 million /yr on a long term deal?

    Why come out at the combine and say signing him is a huge priority?

    If you don’t view him as an elite pass rusher and a long term solution then why not sign one of the other top options available like Fowler or Quinn?

    I find the whole thing baffling. It is like if you live in a really crappy apartment that sucks (Hawks pass rush) then you lease comes up and you have a chance to go find a better place to live and make your life alot easier. You find a place you really like but think the owner is asking too much and that he won’t get any offers so you low ball him to try and get a deal. In the mean time you don’t look at any other apartment options. Then during the negotiation the owner feels disrespected and decides to take the apartment off the market to wait for conditions to improve and you are left homeless.

    Who cares if the Hawks correctly gauged the market for Clowney if they don’t drastically improve the pass rush. It will be another wasted year. Either he is an elite pass rusher and you pay him or you determine he is not and go out and get another player or players.

    There is a time to be patient but when you have an MVP level QB playing at the peak of his career now is not that time.

    • Rob Staton

      Completely agree.

      There’s a lot of pressure on them IMO to sort this situation out and it shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone if they end up with a crap pass rush again next season.

    • Spencer

      At this point, just give him a one-year prove it deal at something reasonable (14M?). Granted, its kicking the can down the road a bit, but that allows them to see what becomes of Green and Collier this year, and we’ll have an idea of whoever we got from the draft rather than relying on an unknown. Also allows the Seahawks to stay relatively competitive this year depending on how you feel about the other moves they’ve made.

      • millhouse-serbia

        After everything I heard and after everything that happen in last 2,3 weeks chances of Clowney coming back are less than 5% imo.

        Just sign Griffen and draft one DT and one Edge in first two rounds with one OT and WR (after trading back and collecting 4 picks in top 100).

        DT-Madubuike, Davis, Davidson,
        Edge-YGM, Okwara, Zuniga or Uche

        The best case scenario is to trade for YN but without giving 1st round pick (just not sure how much realistic is that, its only 5,6 days left for that to happen).

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not less than 5%

          He might not re-sign and bridges might be burnt but it’s not 5% based on the limited info out there.

          • millhouse-serbia

            If leaked contract is real that mean they already offered him 13.5mil apy for two years. It was on march 17th. Rumors about 18mil apy offer are obviously false. What is also false is that John and Pete waited to see Clowney market and than send an offer. 27mil for 2 years is how much they valued him and they set that bar, not other teams. This was on 2nd day of leagal tampering. He rejected that offer and based on Pauline and Garofolo reports there were not any talks in recent period.

            There is zero chance that Seahawks will offer him more than that in next few days. I don’t see that he will call them and say, ok I will accept that contract now, and even if he do it, I am not sure that seahawks would accept that right now. This is only my opinion based on that leaked contract and if that contract is false than all this is pointless. Again its only my opinion and that doesn’t mean I am right.

            • Rob Staton

              You’re just using a load of speculation to determine an absolute position.

              There’s a reason they’ve waited this long and haven’t done anything else.

              No need to talk in absolutes.

            • mishima

              ‘Zero chance?’ If legit, the 2/27 offer was made when there were more options to fix the pass rush. Now, with few suitors or fixes, both parties might have to settle and compromise.

              Problem: Clowney should want only a 1-year prove-it deal at that APY while Seattle should want to spread out the hit over 2 years to avoid having to make cuts.

              • dcd2

                “Problem: Clowney should want only a 1-year prove-it deal at that APY while Seattle should want to spread out the hit over 2 years to avoid having to make cuts.”

                That’s my take as well. We don’t have enough cap to offer even $14M on a prove-it deal without making cuts/extensions that they would likely prefer to avoid. We don’t know Bruce’s numbers, we probably still need a vet DT and we need to sign our draft class and have PS/IR money.

                The length of the deal may be more important than the amount, in terms of why nothing has happened.

    • cha

      Agree with what you said Trevor. I’ve said a few times that the Seahawks correctly gauged the market for Clowney.

      • cha

        I’ve said that because I’m struggling to look for something positive. None of this makes any sense whatsoever.

  56. Largent80

    I live near Houston and therefore get to see the Cougars play a lot. Does anyone think if Josh Jones drops to 27 the hawks pick him???….Or even Austin Jackson form USC?

    The way they are taking flyers on vet OL, I’m thinking they are concerned about the virus and the lack of OTA’s and mini camps etc. which would slow down any development or the “jelling” of said O-Line.

    • Rob Staton

      For a few years now they’ve preferred to sign cheap experienced veterans on the OL and let them compete, then draft to develop behind them.

      • mishima

        Can’t see them taking more than one LT project to eventually replace Brown. Watch: They draft 3.

      • Matt

        It’s not sexy, but honestly – with how many big misses they (and everybody) have had on OL in the draft – I think this is actually a smart use of resources due to such limited quality.

        *I don’t love the # of OL signings by any means and I don’t like how they’ve whittled down the cap space, but I think the idea of hoping to get a serviceable OL starter in R1 or R2 is just a really poor use of draft capital and hoping they avoid that this year – which is looks like they will do.

        **Obvious caveat is if you think you can get a guy who can eventually play LT – then yes, pull the trigger. But I’m good on avoiding non-LTs in R1 or R2. Cesar Ruiz would be my only exception, this year.

        • mishima

          Agree. Would rather overpay in free agency for a LT than draft one in the late 1st, hope to develop before having to decide on fifth-year option and/or extension.

          Draft guards and centers; sign tackles.

          • Matt

            100% – and you can find guards in the mid rounds.

            Only reason I’m drafting IOL in the first 2 rounds is that you think said player can be special, not just starter material. I think that’s what this FO has lost sight of over the last few years.

            Finding starters in R1 and R2 is important, but I think settling on “he could be an average player” at a non-premium position is just not wise allocation of draft capital. I’d rather miss on a pass rushing DE (for example) over settling on a middling starting RG.

            Weird comment, but that’s what killed the Mariners in the 2010s – they continually drafted players with lower ceilings at non-premium positions.

            • mishima

              Different expectations for different positions. If you draft a RB, WR, LB, DE early, they should contribute sooner rather than later. Red shirting OT, CB, S is understandable/expected.

              If you only get 2 serviceable years out of picks like Blair, Barton, Penny, you’re going to fall behind, depend more on free agency and trades. Need to hit on more picks, then get that talent on the field.

              (Agree about the Mariners: Hultzen, Jeff Clement, et al.)

  57. GoHawksDani

    This FO really needs to nail this draft.
    From recent years how many of the draft picks are actually worked? Like fulfill their draft position expectations or even went over that?
    – Reed
    – Lockett
    – DK
    – Tre Flowers (maybe…but because only he’s an S convert, if he’d played CB he’d got drafted earlier and expectations would’ve been higher)
    – Griffin
    – Carson

    (won’t list Dickson as Ps are usually drafted later and he had some ups and downs lately. Won’t also list Dissly as he seems pretty amazing, but he’s always got injured)

    These are all the guys since the 2015 draft. They had: 49 picks. 19 picks in the first 3 rounds.
    Only 4 of the previously listed guys are from the first 3 rounds. Only DK and Reed are from the top 2 rounds (there were 9 picks in the top two rounds made by the Hawks)
    22 of the 49 picks are not even with the team if I counted right. Some traded (Clark), but most just cut because couldn’t make the roster.
    This is a pretty awful haul.
    Yeah I know, they traded away some picks and they usually pick at the end of round 1 first or even trade back and early second is their first pick but still. These are all just excuses.
    Don’t have the time to check other teams, but I’m fairly sure they have more starters that they drafted, or at least they were able to trade more of their drafted guys. Or have guys that have as much of an impact (if not more) than Reed, Lockett, DK, Griffin. Or even if they don’t have they have guys that they traded for with picks and still on their roster and successful (not like J. Graham or Sheldon Richardson, or maybe Clowney). And we could check the more recently successful franchises too for comparison.
    With their recent draft records and lack of urgency in FA I start to NOT trust PCJS. I want to, but they have to show me that they still can find gems in the draft, still make good moves and build not a successful BUT a championship caliber franchise

    • Gohawks5151

      I get what your saying but whats the definition of a draft pick working? Do they have to be starter worthy or Pro bowl worthy? ifedi was a 4 year starter. Willson was a quasi starter. Some of these picks have shown flashes only to get injured. Pocise, Penny, Dissly, Jordan Hill, Naz Jones, Malik Mcdowell etc. . Hard to plan for that. Just bad luck. Procise had a bit of a rep as soft/injury prone guy but Penny had a clean injury record. Frank is one of the top 5 payed at his position and was a steal looking back now.

      The trades for vets hurt looking back but the team was going for it at the time. Wholesale injuries is what really killed the LOB era. Lack of picks was the cherry on top. I would say that the team has drafted slightly above league average but that will not be good enough from this FO due to their early success. Right or wrong as that might be, i think they deserve credit. for staying afloat when the house was falling down.

      • GoHawksDani

        Yeah, including injuries measuring success might not be too correct, but still… The only one who would hurt to see leave/traded is Lockett. Most of the issues are injury-related, but I think for some of those the FO can be held accountable (traning staff probably, or bad warm-up practices for players).
        For me a draft pick to work would be:
        R1/R2 – quality starter (Lockett)
        R3 – starter (somewhere between Griffin and Flowers…probably the middle of those two’s talent/production)
        R4/R5 – good rotational/depth player/A+ special team ace (Flowers is more like this for me. QJefferson qualify for this category)
        R6/R7 – can stay on the roster and be an OKish rotational/depth player or a good special teamer

        I know not all draft picks will work. But currently the ratio is a bit low for me for the Hawks. And yep injuries plays into that, but we should either be much-much better at drafting/FA or get luckier with injuries 😀

        Also, almost no rookie play a major role (except DK, Dickson, Flowers played also a lot as a rookie if I remember correctly). They almost always get/need a redshirt year. I’d like more sorta impact players on day 1 (which is hard to get, but we could expect a little bit more in my opinion)

        • AlaskaHawk

          Someday Poona Ford will be recognized his contributions on the defensive line. He will always be a cheap, solid, but unspectacular, player.

          I waver back and forth on whether they are drafting worse than other teams. Sometimes I feel as if they can’t make a first pick to save their lives. Whether it was MacDowell or Penny, they aren’t living up to what they could be doing. I still have hopes for Collier. On the other hand they have picked Ifedi and Britt, and they did last for four years as a starter.

          I think it is best shown by the change in the offensive line. What once was mostly drafted starters, last year was 3 vets and 2 draft picks, and this year may be 4 or 5 vets. Can they not draft an offensive linemen that will start? I’m not buying into this they aren’t experienced business. Sweezy (a defensive linemen converted to right guard) proved that the most important thing is that they stay healthy for the season, the experience will be gained by mid-season.

          Here is my trivia question. Do the rookies have some activities limited in their contract? I know my health insurance is automatically null and void if I go diving. What about these idiots who jump on a motorcycle or four wheeler? Is it okay to get really drunk and pick a fight? How about rough house boxing or a little MMA over the summer? All these circumstances should be discussed in their contracts.

          • GoHawksDani

            I like Poona. He can flash sometimes. I feel like he’s one of our best rotational/depth guys. But I don’t think he’s a 70+% snaps starter

  58. Zeke

    So is this the starting OL prior to the draft?

    LT Brown
    LG Iupati
    C Finney – assuming Britt gets released
    RG Fluker
    RT Shell

    You have to assume Shell is an upgrade over Ifedi considering the amount they paid for him and what Ifedi took to sign with the bears.

    • Simo

      I actually wouldn’t mind having Ifedi back, especially for the amount the Bears signed him. He’s a flawed player for sure, to many penalties and limited production, but you can count on him suiting up each week. Hopefully Shell proves to be an upgrade, but that’s not a certainty IMO!

    • Matt

      Not a great looking line, but serviceable. I really hope Fluker is relegated to backup duty. He’s really a great guy/teammate, but he is pretty lousy as a RG.

    • cha

      I don’t think either of your assumptions are on solid ground.

      • Zeke

        I guess that’d mean Fluker gets released and Finney plays RG?

        Why did Shell cost that much more than Ifedi?

        • mishima

          Do you know what Seattle offered Ifedi?

          • Zeke

            Yes, it was obviously less than Shell, or they made no offer because they think Shell is an upgrade.

            • mishima

              You ‘know’ or it’s ‘obvious?’

              Maybe they signed Shell because Ifedi refused their initial offer. We can conclude nothing based on what they signed for.

              Markets change.

              • Zeke

                I think Ifedi would’ve fired his agent by now. Imagine turning down the millions of gtd money the Seahawks gave Shell, then you were left with the $137k the Bears offered. I would be pissed!

          • Jeff108

            Did Seattle offer Ifedi? Also the Bears view him as a guard.

  59. Matt

    This question has been asked over recent years – but any chance they might be thinking of going more 3-4 to generate pass rush? I know it’s not PC’s style – but I just can’t understand the thought process behind the pass rush this offseason.

    Not to mention, there are several guys in the R2 range that would make very nice 3-4 OLBs that can rush the passer (Baun, Uche, Chaisson, Lewis, Greenard, etc). Just a thought – and no, I don’t think it’s likely.

    I mean how does this team look from a 3-4 like perspective if you come out with your first 3 picks being Josh Uche, Zach Baun, and Raekwon Davis? Obviously it raises the question of what happens with Jarran Reed and Poona Ford…again, don’t think it’s happening – just asking the question.

    • Matt

      Maybe KJ can play ILB? Collier and R. Davis at 5T? Reed at the nose – don’t think he’s big enough.

      Quarantine is getting to me – this doesn’t make sense, lol.

      *I do love the idea if it means getting Baun and Uche to solve the pass rush – which I think they can as 3-4 guys.

      • Rob Staton

        Pete’s always been a 4-3 under guy. He’s not switching now.

        • Matt

          Oh totally…I don’t expect it. It’s an interesting thought going into this draft with the draft capital we have and the prospects projected to be available in our range.

    • GoHawksDani

      They wouldn’t draft Davis for this. They’d probably get Hamilton or Fotu imo. But we have Reed, so probably an end would be better. Uche, Baun, Zuniga and it could work, but they won’t change scheme (maybe they’ll blitz more, but not to 3-4)

  60. Cawww

    I noticed the rankings changed in the PFN simulator since the last time I used it a couple days ago, so just did a mock draft to see. Don’t think this is realistic, but wow does this add a ton of talent:

    39. Antione Winfield Jr
    59. Josh Uche
    64. Clyde Edwards-Helaire
    70. Brandon Aiyuk
    88. Willie Gay Jr
    133. Leki Fotu
    141. Robert Hunt

    #27 to Miami for #39, #70, #141
    #101, #141, #244 to New Orleans for #88

    • Cawww

      That second trade should say #101, #144, #214 to New Orleans for #88.

      It would be so nice to bring back Clowney and sign Everson Griffen to be able to draft positions like this instead of handcuffing ourself to go DL heavy. Would have loved to get Cesar Ruiz or Isaiah Wilson (both gone before I picked #39), but I have been so confused about the OL moves this off-season that I totally ignored OL until I couldn’t pass up Rob’s guy Hunt at 141.

    • GoHawksDani

      Yeah, like 99,9999999% impossible, but if they’d get these guys…wow…that would be a dream.
      Maybe draft Uche at 39, CEH at 59, Aiyuk at 64, Bryce Hall at 70, Willie Gay at 88, Fotu and Hunt at 133 and 141 and I’d like it even more 🙂

  61. Rob Staton

    Odell to Minnesota for a R2 & R5 in 2021?

    • cha

      Good grief.

      The Vikings cap guy is huddled in a ball in the corner crying.

    • mishima

      Have been waiting for OBJ to get moved, but didn’t expect MN.

      I like what Cleveland is doing.

      • cha

        Going to drop new uni’s today too.

        • mishima

          Rumor: Helmets will feature poop emoji.

          (House arrest affecting maturity. Apologies.)

          • Simo

            It would be classic, and better than plain brown helmets with no decals.

    • Sea Mode

      Heck, I’d take him for that price…

      • cha

        This is the kind of move I keep expecting from the Hawks. An impact player for a decent return but a clear “win” for the Hawks.

      • Simo

        No question he’s a special talent, but he’s also a diva! Not sure we need more of those, been down that road before. No thanks!

        • dcd2

          I’m with Simo on this. Remember when the Raiders “Stole” AB for a 3rd rounder?

          We also can’t afford his contract. Not sure how the Vikings would either, TBH.

    • bigten

      So the Vikes have gotten a 1st for Diggs, then trade a second for Odell? That is some pretty good work, dang.

    • Ashish

      Can this cause ripple effect on Clowney? Brown shown interest and suddenly they will have some cap space. Hope he is signed big $$ and we get 3rd comp or best news he is signed to Hawks.

    • CaptainJack

      I loved the part where he called baker a midget lesbian

  62. Lewis

    Baun has told teams he had a diluted sample at the combine.

  63. Rob Staton

    Just saying…

    But the media has spent the last 48 hours talking about Tua falling out of the top-10 and not going to Miami at #5.

    We’ve been talking about that for weeks.

    • mishima

      Would you draft Tua? If so, what range justifies risk/reward?

      I wouldn’t have him on my board at all.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think I would without consulting medical experts personally.

    • bigten

      If he truly failed physicals, how far does he fall? or does he not get drafted now? Seems like the medical is a very very big deal, and if he failed physicals, its likely that no one would take him right?

  64. Matt

    Did an “All-in” draft that included trading next year’s 1st and 2nd.

    27. DE K’Lavon Chaisson
    34. LB Patrick Queen
    59. DE Curtis Weaver
    64. DT Justin Madabuike
    75. WR Brandon Aiyuk
    101. LB Willie Gay Jr
    133. DT Leki Fotu
    144. CB Kindle Vildor
    160. OL Jonah Jackson
    193. TE Stephen Sullivan
    197. OG Damien Lewis
    214. C Calvin Throckmorton

    Patrick Queen costs a 2021 first.
    Brandon Aiyuk costs a 2021 second.

    • Matt

      Inspired by Brock’s podcast that talked about the need to get faster and tougher. I think this mock has a nice blend of it with potential difference makers.

  65. JJ

    Who did Kiper have us taking?

    • Rob Staton

      Cesar Ruiz

  66. JUJUS

    Did a mock trying to avoid Uche / Raekwon.

    Did a trade with Denver for 27 – 46,77,95,118

    Traded 46+ 144 to Las Vegas for 80 + 81

    SEA 59.
    Jeremy Chinn
    S Southern Illinois

    SEA 64.
    Willie Gay Jr.
    OLB Mississippi State

    SEA 77.
    Darrell Taylor
    OLB Tennessee
    trade icon

    SEA 80.
    Bryan Edwards
    WR South Carolina
    trade icon

    SEA 81.
    Davon Hamilton
    DT Ohio State
    trade icon

    SEA 95.
    Robert Hunt
    OT Louisiana
    trade icon

    SEA 101.
    Leki Fotu
    DT Utah

    SEA 118.
    A.J. Dillon
    RB Boston College
    trade icon

    SEA 159.
    McTelvin Agim
    DT Arkansas
    trade icon

    SEA 214.
    Madre Harper
    CB Southern Illinois

    • Madmark

      What happen to pick 133?

    • RWIII

      Juju: I like Hamilton/Hunt. However those guys will NOT be on the board at 81. At the very least those guys will go early third round. Hamilton/Hunt will probably go in the second round.

  67. cha

    I…don’t know why the video doesn’t give us a very clear look at the new uni’s. The players modeling them are shrouded in neon lights. I guess they’re trying to say they’re returning to the classic uni’s??

    • Sea Mode

      They are gonna look so good losing in those. 🔥

    • TJ

      I always kind of liked their 80 unis with the white facemasks. Their unis for the last few years have reminded me of the Mudhens from The Waterboy

      • TJ

        Sorry, meant their 80s unis

  68. Happy Hawk

    Now that the PFN model/sim has been adjusted I let it produce a draft without manipulation 3 times to see what it does for the Hawks. All 3 times it left us at #27. It did make a few trades but the results are as follows:

    #27 J Wills OT #59 M Harrison OLB #66 D DuVernay WR #101 B Hall CB #133 J Driscoll OT #144 Gandy-Golden WR #214 J Blackmon CB

    #27 E Cleveland OT #59 L Cushenberry C #64 B Edwards WR #101 T Pride Jr CB #133 J Morgan QB #144 I Hodgins WR #214 S Quaeterman LB

    #27 K Murray LB #59 N Gallimore DT #82 K Ismael C #101 B Hopkins TE #104 D Holmes CB #133 J Driscoll OT #149 K Willekes DE

    If you had to pick one of the 3 which one would it be?

    • Matt

      I’d probably go with #1…mainly because I think Wills will be a good OL from the word go – “whether he becomes great is another story.” I

      gotta say – Cleveland is intriguing but I do worry about how Finesse he is – weirdly, he might be an LT only type of guy.

      Kenneth Murray is sexy as hell at LB – I just don’t trust defenders coming out of Oklahoma and I just don’t know that he makes a huge difference in the grand scheme on defense. I prefer Patrick Queen – who I think is just a better LBer and has more grit/leadership to his game.

      I don’t love Harrison but I don’t love Cushenberry or Gallimore either. I like Duvernay and Hall – I think he becomes your #1 CB by 2021. He is very, very good.

    • Madmark

      I can see Malik Harrison OLB at 64. He looks like K.J. Wroght and we will need to replace him after this year.

      • Rob Staton

        He’s too much of an interior guy. Not good lateral quickness.

      • Volume12

        Why so high on him? I don’t get the love honestly.

        • Rashi

          Probably cause he was a 5 star recruit, super hyped out of high school. Never lived up to it.

    • RWIII

      Happy: To be honest. NONE of those drafts excites me.

      • Lewis

        Same. Need DL and RB

        • Big Mike


  69. Volume12

    The most versatile DE in this draft might be Jabari Zuniga. He’s inside a ton at Florida. Over time and with some development he could fill a Michael Bennett role easily.

    • millhouse-serbia

      We don’t need Bennet though…we need Avril…

      • Volume12

        Zuniga can play anywhere. He’s not Avril though.

      • JUJUS

        Avril = Darrell Taylor

        Jim Nagy thinks he fits the Leo type on Twitter

        • Volume12

          That’s one name that I’m referring too below. Watch his game against Kentucky from 2018. Dominant.

          • drewdawg11

            Darrell is a curious case. Plays patty cake too much against the run and doesn’t shed. His Kentucky game looks good. His game against Thomas and Wilson… he was a non-factor. How much was it injury and how much was it he just can’t get it done against NFL caliber talent? He needs a move for his pass rush repertoire. He’s got one move and it’s speed around the end. Where is the counter, the spin, the inside move?

            • Rob Staton

              To me he’s the kind of player where if you collect his 10 best plays from 2019 and put them on a highlights reel you’d think he was a R1 pick.

              Then you watch the full games and you think….. oh.

              • Lewis

                I’ve felt that way about most DL guys I’ve looked at this year.

              • Lewis

                I’d think that’s the kind of thing we’re interviewing these guys matters. Do they just need more coaching? Do they not have the desire to be consistently great? Do they love football, etc. part of what makes this year so hard.

              • Sea Mode


            • Volume12

              The patty caking seems to be a case of not knowing where to put his hands. He gets stuck on blocks because he doesn’t square up consistently. When he does he uses his leverage very well.

              I think a lot of it was his injury, but it also speaks to just how good those 2 OT’s are. He’s got a ton of traits. Explosive dude. Great 1st step, great burst. Great flexibility. Can really turn the corner and bend the edge.

              He does need a little more in his bag of tools, but the biggest issue seems to be he doesn’t rush with a plan. Like, at all. Thought he converted speed to power exceptionally well too.

        • LLLOGOSSS

          Oh man, that’s some nice tape. Was he able to test?

          • Volume12

            No. Stress fracture in his leg.

      • Volume12

        Some of the best LEOs in this class come with some type of risk. I’m fine with Seattle spending picks on those types because it’s extremy hard to find pass rushers with those traits.

      • GerryG

        While I agree we need LEO speed, we just need talent period

    • Volume12

      Having said that, there’s also some really nice options that can play the 5T on day 3. NC’s Jason Strowbridge and ND’s Khalid Kareem spring to mind.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Zuniga is a strange one because his weight has been all over the place. Youve seen him listed at 246 then you hear him weighing in the 270’s. If he was 255-260 I could see him playing the LEO.

  70. millhouse-serbia

    Hearing from a lot of very difference sources this morning that Andrew Thomas could be the first OT off the board.

    • Rob Staton

      As someone who has been saying that since August, I don’t know whether this is good news or not.

      Because Matt Miller told us a few weeks ago, per his sources, Jacob Eason was going in the top 15.

      And only this week he made a spurious claim that he’d been ‘fat fingered with the numbers’ and that’s why he’d been too low on Darrel Taylor (it definitely wasn’t because he heard something from his source and tried to cover his arse).

      • Volume12

        I can only speak from experience, but as someone whose followed the draft for over 20 years ya gotta trust your eyes and take everything said with a grain of salt. The LZ’s, DJ’s, etc. are nice to use as a guide but those guys miss just like we all do because we’re all still learning. Sometimes those closest to the situation are too ‘inside the bubble.’ And sometimes the Matt Millers are just full of sh**.

  71. cha


    Why tease it and not just announce it?

    Jay Glazer

    The news I have tonight is not transactional news, not a player getting traded or signed. Woke up to seeing y’all going ape-you-know-what guessing what it is. It’s not what you think. Fox Football Now tonight 11 ET/ 8 PT after race
    8:32 AM · Apr 15, 2020

    • Rob Staton

      Presumably he has an agreement not to break it until a certain time.

      But I HATE this ‘teeing up a scoop’ BS. It’s attention seeking.

      • Greg Haugsven

        100% looking for attention. This is something Josina Anderson would do.

        • Rob Staton

          The problem is now he’s set up so much anything other than a spaceship landing on Lambeau Field is going to seem underwhelming.

  72. Rob Staton

    Two player interviews lined up for Thursday and Friday.

    Both players we’ve talked about a fair bit.

    • Lewis

      Can’t wait.

    • Ashish

      wow, you are reaching out so many players. so cool, this is first time you are doing interviews correct?

      • Rob Staton

        On the blog yes. I interview all the time in my day job.

  73. WALL UP

    While there is an obvious need to resolve the Clowney saga, another position merits consideration regardless of player options from the draft. That would be a veteran presence in the DT rotation.

    From T-Mac to Woods, they’ve always had someone to fill that role as a run stuffing DT to help against the run. One intriguing option is Snacks Harrison.

    There have been recent articles shedding more light on the reasons for his down year in 2019. If the Hawks were able to ink him to a low cost deal, that could solidify their needs with whomever they select from the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s more likely they’ll draft someone.

      • WALL UP

        No doubt that they look to the draft for a possible solution. But, when have they not had that veteran presence at that position?

        There is also the transition to the pro level with regard to strength and speed in the trenches. There’s an adjustment period for most that don’t excel in those traits. Outside of Brown and Kinlaw, there may be a bit of a learning curve coming out of the gate for these rookies.

        There’s a bit of a comfort zone for DCs, knowing the vet has been there and done that. Especially one with pro bowl experience as that of Snacks, coming off a down year with something to prove. I hope they do kick the tires on this, regardless of their draft selection.

        • Rob Staton

          There’s a learning curve at any position.

          Some rookies are going to have to start. They always do. They’ve started rookie DT’s before and will do again.

  74. Gaux Hawks

    rob, please bring me back to earth if needed…

    first four picks:
    2. Raekwon Davis
    2. Robert Hunt
    2. Logan Wilson
    3. Laviska Shenault

    this feels like a win, no?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not a big Shenault guy. I don’t think he’s a natural receiver, not fast. Injured a lot. But I really like the first three players.

      • Comfect

        Just curious, Rob–do you think the red flags are so great that he’s never worth the pick, or is there a point where his other abilities would make it worthwhile? R4? R5?

        Not that I think Shenault will last that long, but in a draft where no one can do medical checks you never know…

        • Rob Staton

          It’s hard to say. I think for me I just wouldn’t bother. I’d draft someone else in this deep WR class. But if you grade him R3 like I do and then he’s there in R5 you might think ‘what the hell’ and take him. I’m sure other teams will grade him higher though.

  75. cha

    National guys talking about the Falcons trying to move up from #16 for a defensive player.

    Okudah, Brown or Simmons?

    • Von

      I’d guess Brown.

  76. Von

    I think RB is probably the biggest need on the offensive side of the ball. An OT and a WR could obviously use some youth and depth. That being said, I keep coming back to Antonio Gibson. Limited RB reps in college but I don’t care really, less wear and tear. Just get him on the field. He can return kicks, play some slot and run some jet sweeps. He’s basically a bigger, faster version of Debo, with slightly less WR polish. Probably available with our pick at #133.

    • Rob4q

      So would this work for you?

      Joshua Uche
      OLB Michigan

      Lucas Niang
      OT TCU

      Jabari Zuniga
      DE Florida

      Davon Hamilton
      DT Ohio State

      Hunter Bryant
      TE Washington

      Robert Hunt
      OT Louisiana

      Antonio Gibson
      RB Memphis

      Joe Reed
      WR UVA

      Julian Blackmon
      CB Utah

      Rico Dowdle
      RB South Carolina

      2021 TB 4th
      2021 NE 4th

      • Von

        That’d do it for me. I may quibble with the last 2 guys but those are darts anyway.

      • Von

        Your picks are fairly realistic too for the most part. I’m almost embarrassed to post the last sim I did. Totally unrealistic. Similar to yours at the top though

      • Lewis

        Personally, I would love Cam Akers at 101 if he lasts (or maybe a bit of a trade up).

        • Rob Staton

          Akers will be gone before 101 I’m sure about that.

    • WallaSean

      You would think the Hawks would like Gibson, considering what they chose to endure with Prosise over these last few seasons, I would love to see it.

  77. Rashi

    One thing we can conclude this year is that when PC/JS said that Clowney was a huge “priority”, they did not mean it. If he was a priority he would already be signed for 15-17 M APY if rumors are true that his price has dropped to 13 M. So basically PC/JS were not entirely truthful…maybe we should not take everything they say at face value. If I was a GM, I would never tell the media my true intentions..because I would not want other teams to guess what my plan is.

    • Rashi

      I know in the past they have been very transparent. But maybe this is a new media strategy to throw off people.

      • cha

        If that’s the case, consider us thrown.

        • Rashi

          I think there is a lot of benefits in throwing off the media.. Every team is planning their offseason on what they think other teams do. If you can make their predictions inaccurate, it is only beneficial to you.

    • Rob Staton

      He was a huge priority.

      They’re just trying to win a price war and might’ve messed things up being too clever.

      • Sean

        How can he be a priority when they are not willing to offer him money at the level of even a decent pass rusher… Priority to me means a player they cannot let get away. They have had an unique opportunity to sign him to a bargain deal due to the Covid circumstances, and they still have not pulled the trigger… In no way does that scream priority to me, you don’t haggle dollars and cents for a priority player.

        Bobby Wagner was a priority player, he got paid appropriately.
        Russell Wilson was a priority player, he got paid appropriately.
        Richard Sherman was a priorotiy player, he got paid..

        Clowney is supposedlly a priority player, but he doesn’t even get signed at a super discount rate? I just don’t think they like Clowney that much.

        • Rob Staton

          Well you’re incorrect. They clearly do like Clowney because they’ve stated so numerous times and they would’ve moved on ages ago if they were simply lying. They haven’t. They’re trying to wait him out to get him at their price.

          If it works everyone will pat them on the back. If it doesn’t it’ll be a crisis.

          • Rashi

            You ignored my whole argument tho. My point is that PC/JS are throwing off the media…throwing smokescreens. What makes you think the Seahawks organizations is always going to tell the media the truth? Look at any corporation, what is said to the media is carefully planned and now always the truth. Im just suggesting that they might be not telling the truth.

            Also, Rob, you are always the guy that vouches for looking at what the Seahawks have done historically. Historically when the Seahawks have made players a priority, they have signed them to market fair deals quickly. Look at Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Russell Wilson, KJ Wright, Michael Bennett, Chris Aviril. ETC.

            Why would they decide to buck all of these trends suddenly to haggle with Clowney, when their pass rush was piss poor last year. That does not follow their trend on contract negotiations at all.

            • Von

              Do you have 2 accounts, Rashi & Sean? If so, why?

            • Rob Staton

              No they’re not throwing smokescreens. And no I didn’t ignore your argument, I disagreed with it.

              I’ve already explained this situation. They are waiting on Clowney. They haven’t moved on. They clearly want him. They just want him at their price. Simple. No smokescreen. No deception. Otherwise they’d just sign someone else.

              As for the list of other names you mentioned — they also let Michael Bennett test free agency in 2014. Guess what? He had the same cold market Clowney had, he was just willing to take the best offer (Seattle’s). Clowney hasn’t. But they’re waiting for him to do it. And if he does, it’ll be the exact same situation, just on a different time frame.

      • Rashi

        How can he be a priority when they are not willing to offer him money at the level of even a decent pass rusher… Priority to me means a player they cannot let get away. They have had an unique opportunity to sign him to a bargain deal due to the Covid circumstances, and they still have not pulled the trigger… In no way does that scream priority to me, you don’t haggle dollars and cents for a priority player.

        Bobby Wagner was a priority player, he got paid appropriately.
        Russell Wilson was a priority player, he got paid appropriately.
        Richard Sherman was a priorotiy player, he got paid..

        Clowney is supposedlly a priority player, but he doesn’t even get signed at a super discount rate? I just don’t think they like Clowney that much.

  78. Albert Butler

    Saw on Tony’s blog that a lot of teams are looking at Jake Driscoll as a guard and at least one team thinks he’s a center. Do you think that team is Seattle? I mean, we did exactly that with Justin Britt.

  79. Eburgz

    Who are the guys that check all the boxes? (Excluding guys that won’t be available like Chase Young, Isaiah Simmons, etc.)

    Meet key athletic thresholds at the position
    Senior bowl/ Combine participant and standout
    Standout special teams players and team captain are added bonuses

    Jonathan Taylor comes to mind. Chase Claypool comes to mind. DaVon Hamilton.
    Who else comes to mind for you?

    • Rob Staton

      Cesar Ruiz.

      • Eburgz

        That’s a great one.

        Was thinking maybe Denzel Mims. Read some criticisms in McGinn’s newest article today but the biggest takeaway was that he doesn’t play special teams. I feel like that big time for a 3rd or 4th WR on the depth chart.

        • Rob Staton

          I wouldn’t say Mims. I don’t think he plays to his speed on the field — never expected a 4.38. And it’s weird how he ran a 6.66 three cone but only a 4.43 short shuttle. He basically ran a truly elite three cone and a short shuttle that was about the same as Jaye Howard’s.

          He’s good and I like him — but if we’re talking about complete package, low risk high potential types — I think there’s a bit more boom/bust potential with Mims.

          I think Antoine Winfield Jr and Clyde Edwards-Helaire have to be included.

          • Eburgz

            Some might say that they aren’t ideal size guys. But I think both those guys are big enough for their positions at 5’7” & 5’9”. Just barely.

    • Eburgz

      Kyle Duggar is a guy that checks those boxes.

  80. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I have a quick question for you I was listening to Bill Polain a couple of days ago he said there was between 15 – 20 with 1st round grades the guy who gets drafted with 21 pick doesn’t have that much more talent then guys who will get drafted in round 2. I guess my question is how many get first round grades in your book .

    • Lewis

      He had 19 on his horizontal board.

    • Rob Staton

      Listen to the interview with Tony — he said they have 16/17 first round grades.

  81. Doug

    Rob, have you identified any prospects that you think can become undrafted FA that the Hawks will try to sign? Like Poona

    • Rob Staton

      No it’s a lot harder this year without pro-day intel and VMAC visits.

  82. RWIII

    BTW: I just want to add that Rob’s Horizontal board is awesome! When you look at Rob’s board you can see what John Schneider likes to trade down. Doesn’t make sense to use a first round pick on Schneider’s second round board.

  83. Von

    I’m not exactly sure where he’s gonna go, but I’m a fan of Peart. We have many needs, but I’d love to bring that guy into the program.

  84. Von

    I’ve been doing a shadow draft for the Seahawks since the 2016 draft. I’m going to keep doing it going forward. It’s a fun exercise to see how your thoughts translate.

  85. DRG

    Zack Baun is a name I keep coming back to over and over in these PFN draft simulators. Rob has said himself the Seahawk’s have an aging corps of starting linebackers that are paid a ton of money. The rest are unproven and I doubt many of you reading this believe they are the future of a strong linebacker group. Bobby and KJ are no longer in their prime. If Kendricks were to be signed, legal issues aside, he missed a ton of tackles last year and can’t stay healthy.

    By drafting Baun you add youth and talent to the position group, add bona fide playmaker in the backfield, and a legitimate pass rushing threat. He may not be a hand in the dirt, coming off the end pass rusher but he is a still a pass rusher. When I watch tape I don’t just see a good LB that can rush the passer. I see a special playmaker.

    Sign Griffen, retain or restructure KJ’s contract, draft Baun with your first pick, and possibly a one gap shooter like Blaylock to disrupt and create opportunities for the outside rushers. If they can’t get the QB by with four traditional down lineman they will have to get creative.

    • Rob Staton

      Where does he play in Seattle’s scheme though? Because he’s not a WILL or a MIKE. He’d have to play SAM and that’s fine — but he’s not the kind of freaky athlete they prefer at that spot (he’s certainly not Bruce or Kendricks). And he’s a major question mark at linebacker in terms of the basic duties, including coverage. He’s at his best rushing the passer — but he’s 238lbs with short arms. There’s not many great pass rushers with that profile. I just don’t see a great fit in Seattle. Josh Uche is different because he’s bigger and longer and has shown he can get around the field.

    • DRG

      Square plug in a round hole. I have thought of that and I didn’t know he was weak in coverage. Time to go back and watch the Uche tape again. Don’t get me wrong I like Uche. I just like Baun as a player better.

      What I don’t want Seattle doing is reaching for a pass rusher early again. If the guy they want is unavailable move on to another position of need with an available impact player. Look at players like Ruiz, Wilson, Taylor, or Reagor. They need playmakers or guys that “tilt the field”. Look at solid pass rushing prospect later in the draft and develop him over a year or two if impact pass rusher is not in the cards this year. I hope I am wrong about Collier but I didn’t like that pick at all. Michael Bennett was his comparison. Bennett flashed his rookie year and Mora and Co. cut him to bring in a below average OT. I just hope I am wrong.

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