Quick-fire draft notes — DaVon Hamilton is really good

DaVon Hamilton is highly underrated

1. DaVon Hamilton (DT, Ohio State) should go earlier than a lot of people think. When I spoke to Cesar Ruiz recently he name-checked Hamilton and Raekwon Davis as his two toughest opponents in college. On tape he does what you’d expect a 6-4, 320lbs defender to do — anchor and control. Yet he’s surprisingly effective shooting gaps and making plays in the backfield. I don’t think people realise he had six sacks and 10.5 TFL’s in 2019. His pass rush win percentage (12.6%) is the same as Ross Blacklock despite being 30lbs heavier. At the Senior Bowl his win percentage in 1v1’s was 73% — second among all defensive lineman behind only Zach Baun. If you want a combination of dynamism and stoutness in the interior, Hamilton’s your man. The Seahawks might have to move up a few spots from #59 if they want to land him.

2. There’s something to remember with defensive linemen — the Seahawks place a lot of value on gap discipline. It’s one of the reasons why they’ve never drafted a defensive lineman with sub-33 inch arms. It’s why they’ll look beyond Poona Ford’s height and value his length — because he can keep his frame clean and control his gap. A lot of the players Seattle get linked with in the media are shorter armed guys like Blacklock and Neville Gallimore. They’re more likely to focus on the players with length (+33 inch arms) such as Hamilton, Raekwon Davis, Justin Madubuike and Leki Fotu. It seems inevitable they will draft a defensive tackle next week.

3. This is a very lopsided draft in the range where Seattle will make their first pick. I can count 12 realistic offensive targets compared to just three on defense. It would make a lot of sense for the Seahawks to sign a veteran defensive end before the draft, allow themselves to select an offensive tackle or skill player with their first selection (probably after trading down) and then focus on defense at #59 and #64.

4. It might not be the worst idea to draft someone like DaVon Hamilton or Leki Fotu to replace Al Woods and then consider, if possible, also selecting Raekwon Davis. The Seahawks have stacked their O-line depth and it’s time to do the same on the other side of the ball. Davis played end and tackle at Alabama and has a similar physical profile to Calais Campbell. A front four of Davis, Reed, Hamilton and a veteran (for example, some guy called Jadeveon Clowney) would be tough on early downs. Then Davis could kick inside, as could Clowney, to allow Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin to pin their ears back. I’m not sure they’d want to load up like this, or whether the opportunity to draft both Hamilton and Davis would be available, yet having done so much to add bodies to the O-line it’d be pleasing to see the D-line receive some of the same treatment. Make Rasheem Green and L.J. Collier earn their snaps. Have depth, talent, toughness and a strong rotation. It’s time to fix this problem.

5. It’ll be interesting to see where Tennessee’s Darrell Taylor goes. If you take his top ten plays from 2019 and cut them into a highlights video you’d think you were watching a top-10 talent. The full game tape is a very different experience. He’s clearly athletic and ideally sized for a LEO rusher. There’s an injury history though and he was flagged at the Senior Bowl then didn’t work out at the combine. He was also suspended at Tennessee for kicking a team mate in the face. Taylor clearly has raw talent but how comfortable are teams drafting a player like this who they haven’t visited with or had their doctors look at? He’s just someone to keep in mind if the Seahawks focus on the ‘bigs’ and skill players early and want to take a shot on a speed rusher after their initial selections.

6. Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Jonathan Taylor are two of the best 25 players in this draft. Both are immensely talented and could easily go in the first round. If they last beyond that, you’re getting a steal. If either is available to the Seahawks after the inevitable trade down from #27, they’ll have a big call to make on whether to pull the trigger or wait on a player like Cam Akers (who might go in the late second or early third round) or Zack Moss (likely day three). I wrote about Edwards-Helaire a couple of months ago and Taylor has already expressed his interest in playing for the Seahawks. Taking either player early will be unpopular with some fans but the Seahawks offense suffered when their running back depth was decimated at the end of last season. On top of that — Chris Carson’s contract situation and health, plus Rashaad Penny’s knee injury — means they might need more than short-term depth. Acquiring a highly talented runner for this offense on the cheap for four or five years (the remainder of Russell Wilson’s peak) isn’t the worst idea in the world. It’d also be a case of talent meeting opportunity. Those situations have delivered recently (Frank Clark, D.K. Metcalf, Jarran Reed).

7. The Seahawks have always tapped into the strength of a class and that won’t be any different this year at receiver. It’s just a matter of when and who? Do they use the depth to their advantage by waiting until rounds 3/4 (and we know they like a fourth round receiver)? Or do they go and get one of the big names early, just as they did in the strong receiver class of 2014? Whoever they select is likely going to need to have some experience or ability as a kick returner.

8. I re-watched K’Lavon Chaisson this week. I still don’t see the special talent many believe him to be. He has short arms, the worst pass rush win percentage in the draft and an injury history. He opted not to work out at the combine despite being healthy. He has occasional wins but that’s it. He’s clearly a charismatic individual, well respected and they don’t just give out the #18 jersey at LSU. Yet after months of seeming like a top-20 lock, you’re starting to see projections where he lasts to #27. I’m not sure the Seahawks would pick him. They might. They could be one of the teams who love the potential and the character and decide they want to try and develop him into something he wasn’t at LSU. Just don’t be surprised if they don’t take him — because there’ll probably be a riot on Seahawks twitter if he’s there and they pass, even though it’s more understandable than some realise.

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  1. Volume12

    Whose your favorite player in this class Rob? Not who you think is the best or fit for Seattle, just overall.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t really like answering those questions because you become tied to one player and I learnt in 2012 not to do that.

      I think people generally know who I rate highly. I have a group of players I’ve talked up more than others.

      • Alex H

        Amazing that it’s been that long. Felt like I started following this blog in the Okung/Thomas draft. Also remember reading up Geno Atkins here and you absolutely nailing that one in hindsight.

        Guessing the person you’re referring to in ’12 was Upshaw? Funny bc I actually think of him of the same mold as Collier. Not the fastest, but very strong and showed an ability to pressure in college.

        • Rob Staton

          Yeah, Upshaw.

          Basically the story there was I had this one source back in the day. He was connected and he shared some info on a trade being in the pipeline in 2010. I put that out and, with twitter being fairly new at the time, got some national credit when they did indeed make a move — funnily enough for Marshawn Lynch.

          I stayed in touch with that source until 2012. He shared some stuff — such as their desire to go tackle and safety early in 2010 (he said initially they were hoping to go Eric Berry then Trent Williams — but Williams’ stock exploded after the combine but it all worked out with Okung & Thomas). He said in 2012 their focus was pass rush… that they would take a pass rusher with their first pick. I didn’t have the intel at the time, didn’t understand their scheme well enough or their preferences. I had a one-track mind with the pass rush and ended up thinking Upshaw would fit because they were a 4-3 team with 3-4 personnel. It was a big mistake on my behalf and I wasted a draft season on the blog. I vowed never to do that again. He was right though — they did take a pass rusher.

          These days if I even had a source I wouldn’t share the info. I kind of realised back then that I shouldn’t try and ‘break news’ from the flipping UK. This place just needed to be a community for Seahawks fans to talk draft and the team.

          • charlietheunicorn

            Funny how they ended up with the longer term better players out of that 2010 draft…. wowza

          • Matteo

            Wow, that’s an honest assessment Rob, thanks for sharing. People love to poke holes at any little mistake, owning up lessons learned is powerful. This blog has definitely come a long ways not only from the strong content you’re putting out also (for the most part) from the readers. Looking forward to the draft this year!

          • Alex H

            Out of curiosity, did the Carson Palmer rumor also come from that same source? It’s been so long ago, but I want to say you popped up on maybe the Brock and Salk show for that rumor.

            • Rob Staton

              It was not. The Palmer thing is interesting. I’d got a nudge about it from someone else who I trusted and I was actually talking to a couple of others who were hearing the same (one of them has gone on to become a well know reporter). Then down the line Sam Farmer at the LA Times tweeted about Palmer/Seattle. I regret the whole thing because, again, I didn’t want to be a rumour site or try to claim I was breaking stories from England. That was silly with hindsight. I wish I’d just kept it to myself, or talked to people in the comments section about it. But there was some truth to it, I understand.

    • Lewis

      Gotta be CEH, no? Maybe Isaiah Simmons?

      • TomLPDX

        I was thinking Simmons as well. Don’t think Rob has ever been so adamant about having someone worth moving up for.

      • Cheese22

        CEH, Dotson or Hunt.

    • DC

      Who’s your fav V?

      • DC


  2. Chris

    New mock:

    Per Pauline, trading out of round 1, sprinkle in the D line, throw in a WR early.

    Trades- #27 to the Chargers for 37, 71, 151.
    #37 to the Colts for 44 and 122.
    #44 to the Bears for 50 and 161.

    50- Uche: Pauline calls him a R2 selection. Groomed to take over for KJ.
    59- Raekwon Davis: inside/outside threat.
    64- Aiyuk- Probably won’t be around, but couldn’t pass it up regardless.
    71- Rashard Lawrence- takes the Al Woods role.
    122- AJ Dillon- RB depth
    133- K’Von Wallace- secondary, and nickel competition.
    144- Robert Hunt- Rob, don’t kill me. He was there, I know you’ve said he won’t be here nearly this late. In other mocks, he’s all over the place, from R2-R5.
    151- Travis Gipson- Depth, also interesting his favorite team growing up was Seattle.
    161- Saahdiq Charles- OT competition, championship pedigree
    214- Kendall Coleman- Edge depth.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Some good players. Personally I think Barton would be more suited to take over for KJ and Uche to be the SAM but maybe thats just me.

      • Producehawk

        I noticed for awhile Robert Hunt was moving up the board when they had him a guard. For awhile you could get him at 101 then you had to pick him a lot earlier all the sudden. Now they have him listed a OT and he lasts longer. Funny stuff. I am still picking him around 80 if zi traded down ( which I always do)

  3. Donovan

    Intrigued by notion of drafting both Raekwon Davis & Devon Hamilton. It does open up possibilities and make the DL look much better. I’m concerned if we go 59/64 with edge rusher (or even 27) that we won’t get much year one production. Whereas I think an easier spot for a rookie to contribute is on the inside.

    On different note, has anyone looked at Antonio Gibson (RB/WR, Memphis) as a possible day 3 Seahawks pick? Appears to have good size, great athleticism, and versatility. Interested in people’s thoughts.

      • Rob4q

        That link where you talk about Gibson shows that he only had 30 something carries as a RB in colleg, but I think I read he played RB in HS? Even so, to Rob’s point he doesn’t have much actual production as a RB so hard to project the Hawks going for that. But he sure is an interesting prospect huh?

        Here is Lance Z. take:

        “Big athlete with position versatility” will be a tag from some, but it’s vague and lacks projection. While Gibson is a one-year wonder, his 14 career touchdowns on just 77 touches demand attention. He played more slot than running back in college, but he was a runner in high school and has an intriguing combination of size, burst, vision and power. He is a four-phase player on Day 1 with the ability to return kicks, cover them and create matchup problems for linebackers out of the backfield. The sample size is extremely limited and he needs a developmental runway, but Gibson has exciting upside as a pro.

        • Von

          I think Gibson will be the best RB in the league in year 2

        • Sea Mode

          His broken tackles are impressive for sure:

          Per PFF: Gibson broke 16 tackles on 33 rushing attempts this past season and broke 17 tackles on 38 catches.

    • Cheese22

      I love Gibson. Very underrated talent if you ask me. One of those guys that they say can take it to the house any time he touches the ball. He’d be an immediate candidate to take over return duties. He’s big but can fly. And he has positional flexibility as a back and receiver. High character guy that’s reportedly a hard worker. Check out his highlight tape. Very entertaining.

    • GoHawksDani

      Gibson is amongst the best athletes between RBs. But he’s raw. I think he might have the best price/value ratio though (if he last til R4-R5). He fits the profile and SEA already picked a guy who was not a typical bellcow RB (Carson). Different situation, but they might like him. Probably has one of the best hands too as he played WR and can run routes. If they don’t wanna go RB early, I think he’s one of the most likely targets

      • Rob Staton

        He’s not a RB. He’s a WR who might be tried at RB by some teams.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Lance Zierlien says only one team he’s spoken to sees him at RB.

          He has a route problem, hands problem, and a vision problem so he isnt really on my radar for either position.

          • Rob Staton

            And yet teams asked him to work out at receiver at the combine, not running back.

  4. BigSmooth13

    Thanks for continuing to put out great content Rob. It can’t be said enough how much this is helpful for myself and I’m sure others to get away from what’s going on the world. Even for a short time.

    With regards to your piece, it is by far my favorite scenario. Draft an offensive playmaker after inevitably trading down. And then going dline back to back. I was thinking the Hawks would go with Zuniga/Uche with one and the Hamilton/Davis with the other.

    But either way stack up the trenches and the RB room.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you — and equally I hope you all know that telling me this website has helped, even just a little bit, during this worldwide problem, gives me so much comfort and positive energy.

    • Lewis

      I’d love to see us wind up with 5 picks in rd 2-3. Thinking 2 OL, 2DL, & RB

      • Cawww

        Would love to have those 5 picks in that range too, but prefer 1 OL, 2 DL, RB, WR. Although I would also love either Winfield Jr to complete our secondary or Willie Gay Jr and his speed at LB

        • Lewis

          Some of the early options at WR are great, but if you look at Rob’s horizontal board, I think the changes of getting a good WR after round 3 are better than OL.

  5. Mark Souza

    Good work (as always), Rob. I too hope the Hawks load up on D-line the way they did receivers last year. That unit needs it. The whole defense needs it.

  6. AndrewP

    The Pauline bit re: Clowney just got played on 710 ESPN… hope you got paid big bucks for that, Rob!

    • Rob Staton

      Did it? Sweet. With a credit?

      • KyleB

        If they didn’t credit you, they’re trashhhhhh

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve just listened. They didn’t credit which is a shame.

        • Jhams

          I’d email them. I’ve done that for other radio stations when there have been issues with the content, and they were really responsive. https://sports.mynorthwest.com/contact-us/

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t think it’s worth it to be honest. It would’ve been nice to get credit for doing an interview they used but equally I’m not the type to complain about something that is fairly trivial and meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Would’ve been nice for the blog to get a shout-out with a week to go, drum up a bit of interest. But c’est la vie. Frankly I’m just glad it got noticed. We’ve had some great guests on that I thought might get picked up a bit more by local media but it hasn’t happened. At least this interview got noticed — probably because Tony was kind enough to RT it twice.

            • KyleB

              They just credited and Dave Wyman texted me back on the text line saying he loves your work and they gave you a shoutout.

              • Rob Staton

                Dave’s a class act. Great guy.

            • Jujus

              I sent a text to 710710 regarding this and they responded with:

              “Thanks for mentioning that we hadn’t. We addressed it in the last segment.–Maura”

              I also tweeted mike salk and Brock.

        • Lewis

          Damn, that’s just disrespectful.

        • AndrewP

          They did not… they can expect a scathing text ASAP. The world should know of this blog!!!

          • brendon light

            710 has tried to make Jake Heaps into the draft expert for their segments. He is kinda bad. He is just clunky on the radio. I’m sure he just needs time but I do wish they’d do weekly segments with our guy Rob here! Love the content. I read it all. Keep the pods and mocks and articles coming! Stay healthy! Go hawks!

        • Simo

          Sorry you weren’t credited on 710, but your blog did get recognized on this New Jersey.com site while discussing the Clowney situation.


          • TomLPDX

            Sweet! Even had a link to Rob’s article

          • Rob Staton

            That’s nice, thanks for passing that on.

    • Bigten

      That’s technically misappropriation of personal property. You deserve to be credited for more than just the sound bite, and it is criminal that they didn’t

    • Gohawks5151

      Let’s get em boys!!! #RobMob

      • Donovan

        Love the hashtag! #RobMob

  7. Donny Henson

    Wouldn’t AJ Dillion from Boston College be a option for Seattle for a late day 2/early day 3 pick. He tested very well in both vertical and broad jumps, though he is a little heavier weighing at 245-250 lbs.

    • Rob Staton

      He may well be an option but I’m not a massive fan. Great athlete and tough too but so stiff. To me he’s like a more athletic James Connor. I think they want a bit more shiftiness.

  8. cha

    Rob, how far down from Davis and Hamilton do you see Rashard Lawrence?

    I’d be thrilled if they traded down, got an offensive weapon and then traded up for either Hamilton or Davis, and then if the other of the two is there at 64, great. Otherwise take Lawrence.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Lawrence but there’s a fair gap I’d say. Probably a round or two.

  9. EmperorMA

    Great work again, Rob. Very well thought-out reasoning and good evaluations.

    I’d be solidly down with Hamilton and Davis if we can get both in R2 or later. I’d love a Taylor, Helaire or Reagor at #27!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  10. Donovan

    Ship has probably sailed, but saw Lombardi is reporting OJ Howadis on trade block and likely to be moved before end of draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah ship has sailed. Good player though, would’ve been an interesting fit and potentially long term solution.

  11. BoiseSeahawk

    Hopefully the 49ers or Rams go for Chaisson.

    Hamilton is interesting in that some people have him neck and neck with Davis on their draft boards and others have multiple rounds of talent in between them. I fully support your idea to grab both players if possible and honestly don’t know who I’d pick if we had to choose between them.

    My ideal first 2 selections are LB then DT (Murray/Uche, Davis/Hamilton) but Murray is off the board if we trade down. I honestly worry that if we trade down we will miss out on Uche too but Taylor would be a great value later on for pass rush. Honestly though, what kind of team mate kicks you in the face?!

    I know you are a huge fan of Robert Hunt but how late do you think we could wait to pick him up? 3rd round?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to say. Hunt is the type of guy who could go round two or round four. I think he’s tremendous though.

      • Coleslaw

        1 guy I cant help but think about when looking at Hunt is Braden Smith. Not the same player, but close enough. I thought the same about Smith, and he ended up going at like 35. This is a better OL class though and I do think Smith was better, but I wouldnt br surprised to see Hunt go top 50.

    • Cheese22

      Even with the depth and strength of WR in this draft and the need for a RT now, and a LT for the future, I’m really starting to think I’d be the most stoked if we got 1 DE and a couple DT early. I really want a CEH, Reagor, Akers, Mims or something similar but setting up the DL as a strength for the next several years is very appealing. Then getting a couple of my favorites later in the draft, namely Scottie Phillips and Gandy-Golden, would be a couple good weapons to add. Throw in the usual mid-round CB (Pride, Robinson, Vildor) and a TE (Asisai, Harrison Bryant, Albert O) and a developmental C like Donell Stanley or OT like Alex Taylor and I’ve just done an entire mock without planning to.

  12. KD

    So, Browns actively shopping Odell and the Vikings are reportedly offering up a 2nd, 3rd and 5th and seem to be the favorites?. C’mon Hawks! Offer something. Get in there and make a pitch.

    • Kingdome1976

      Not sure OBJ would fit well with the WR room though. As far as personality goes anyway.

      • KD

        I can’t imagine anyone would have a charming attitude being after spending a season on the Browns.

        • charlietheunicorn

          Too much money. Too many personality problems. Too much draft capital. No deal.

      • Jeff108

        OBJ is one of the most well liked player by other players in this entire league. It’s mostly white front office types that have issues with him not his peers.

        • God of Thunder

          Lol, don’t be nuts. Any front office types, White Black or purple polka dot in skin color would worried about signing a diva superstar whose best years are probably behind him, who would cost a fortune in draft capital and salary, and who might not be a fit in the dressing room.

  13. drewdawg11

    So, they don’t want to give up a first round pick…. after they just got one for their star receiver? Interesting. Honestly, if you trade for that guy when you could get a good receiver in this life’s draft class, you deserve what you get. They had cap issues when they were laying Diggs a relatively reasonable deal. Well there’s dead money now, and Beckham isn’t cheap. Strange move if it happens.

    • Frank

      I really like the targeting the bigs early, but would absolutely flip if Zack Moss ended up a Seahawk in later rounds. He has some special balance through contact, and a slick spin move, Maybe not a home run hitter but a chain mover and tone setter.

      • Sea Mode

        He’s my fall back option if we pass/miss out on CEH and Cam Akers.

  14. charlietheunicorn

    This is what I like…. narrowing the focus or thinning the herd of potential guys down to a few guys. After Tony P said he thought Uche might go around pick #38, which is a popular place for Seattle to make a draft pick trade….. makes too much sense.

    I also have been toying with the idea of dipping into the deeper DT market… since there are some fine prospects probably into early round #4…. and some decent project type picks throughout the draft. Grab a guy you really like early, maybe the 1st selection of the draft, then come back in round 3 or 4 and grab another big guy to plug the middle.

  15. Tree

    I want DH or Davis. We need length/size with at least one DL pick or in FA. And speed with another (LEO). And finally hopefully both at Sam (Uche) or a chess piece for the 2nd/3rd level (Chinn or Dugar). Let’s be long and fast on D again.

  16. Brett

    I’ve been messing around with the mock simulator like a lot of you I’m sure and was looking to trade down to accumulate picks in the late second / early third for the popular targets and favorites we have around here that are graded in that range (R. Davis or Madubuike, CEH, Aiyuk, Zuniga, Gay) and this trade down to Denver was surprisingly accepted by Denver:

    Seattle Denver
    27, 101, 133 > 46, 77, 83, 95, 178, 181, 252, 254

    To me it looks like a stupid move for the Broncos but the machine turns down more realistic offers like Rob has done in his simulations. is this really as dumb for them as it seems to me first glance?

    In this mock I took a chance to trade down again from 46 to move up again in the third with MIA and think this is more fair:

    Seattle: Miami
    46, 95, 144 > 56, 70, 153

    Ultimately with the two trades the draft looked like this:

    56. R. Davis
    59. CEH (favorite player in the draft
    64. Zuniga
    70. Aiyuk
    77 Gay
    83. Hamilton (earlier than I had to by the draft rankings)
    153 Davion Taylor
    178 Nick Harris
    183 Betiku
    214 Damien Lewis (somehow he’s ranked in the 200’s now on this board now???)
    252 Reid
    254 Lamar Jackson

    The specific players at the picks are probably more outrageous than the draft slots but still cool to see how it is possible to manipulate the board quite a bit to shake up the Seahawks draft position.

    • Jujus

      1st of all the trades not accepting was a bug from the rankings updating.

      2nd. Trading with denver is the way to go. The machine will accept 27 for 46, 77, 95 every time.

      Then if we can find somone with 2 3rds like oakland I think dropping from 46 to mid 3rd would be amazing

    • TCHawk

      Here’s a similar mock with different partners and better late round choices:
      SEA 27 for LAC 37,71,186,220
      37 for BUF 54,86,167
      54 R. Davis (Okwara already gone)
      59 Zuniga (My must have; CEH still available)
      64 Anae (new #3 priority after Brock’s tough bully commentary; Aiyuk available; CEH gone)
      71 Madubuike (surprise value; top WRs and RBs gone)
      86 Akers (didn’t want to miss out on top RBs)
      101 Bryan Edwards (last of top WRs available; would have picked Hamilton here, but he was gone)
      133 Fotu
      144 Hunter Bryant
      167 Nick Harris
      186 Damien Lewis
      214 Blackmon, S (highest talent available)
      220 Isaiah Coulter

      Every time is different. It’s very interesting to have to adapt when my top 3 projected players are all gone by my first pick. For me, picking in the slots above, I want Okwara, R. Davis, and Zuniga for my first 3 picks.


    Any thoughts on the Seahawks mock posted the Athletic today?


    • OregonHawk

      Would you mind just posting the mock draft, they require a subscription

    • TomLPDX

      Yep, I told MSD I liked his draft

    • Levi

      I liked it. Great to see Harper there. Anae seems like the only unorthodox pick, as he seems to no meet any of our physical requirements, despite his pass-rushing prowess.

    • TomLPDX

      Aaron Fentris followed up with an equally good mock this morning.

  18. HawksBill

    At #27 Clyde Edwards-Helaire might be the only real playmaker still on the board. They have to take him. You can’t really expect to run an offense again with RB’s pulled out of retirement. If you can keep the offense on the field longer, they might be able to get by with a sub-standard D-line. I don’t see a playmaker D-liner in the late first round.

  19. Sea Mode

    Watched some Josh Uche today. Really like his aggressiveness and the way he fights off blockers.

    I’m thinking though that he’s going to be very coveted by teams who run 3-4 defense. I’m gonna go ahead and say I think he goes in R1. Too productive, too explosive, and able to drop into coverage too.

    For us, he could play SAM (Kendricks replacement), but he’s gonna get pushed around in the run game if they try to put him at DE. And then we’re back to asking whether we want to spend our first pick on someone who might not be on the field that much, especially if (as they have hinted), they decide to play more nickel next year. And they can likely retain Kendricks on the cheap anyways for that role.

    Just not sure he’s the best fit for our defense, but open to hearing more thoughts.

    • Bigten

      I have been locking him in as the Ravens R1 pick.

      • Rob4q

        I would think Murray or Chaisson would go to the Ravens before Uche but hard to say…and they really need another quality WR too!

        • charlietheunicorn

          They need some offensive weapons…. perhaps a CEH type of guy.. or dynamic WR…. so Jackson doesn’t have to rush so much… way too many bad things can happen.

          • Bigten

            Coaches are brothers, they also see Chaisson isn’t what the pundits what you to believe he is, they also have 2x 2nds to grad WR and RB. To me, makes to much sense. That’s just where I think he goes.

    • Sea Mode

      Well, according to him I guess:

      Angel Ortiz

      Replying to @_Uche35

      Are you a edge or LB?

      Josh Uche


      • Greg Haugsven

        I wonder if they might look to select Uche and Zuniga? Weve talked about one or the other but how about both? Just a thought.

    • GoHawksDani

      Yeah…Uche is more of an LB to me. We talk a lot about Uche and Zuniga…why so little mention of Okwara lately? I think Uche is a stand-up rusher pretty much solely off the line most of the times. Zuniga is more of an in-line DE, could play 5T too. Okwara seems both. Not as heavy hands as Zuniga, but better than Uche with that. Not as quick and twichy as Uche (but who knows, maybe he is), but faster than Zuniga.
      If we’d re-sign Clowney, I think Okwara would be the perfect compliment to him. If we sign Griffen I feel Uche would be better. Zuniga is the 3rd option for me (I like him but Uche and Okwara has a more unique, distinct style to me)

  20. Coleslaw

    Got a few predictions I wanna get out there before I forget.

    – Jeudy will be WR3 and Raegor will be WR4. All before 27.
    – Chaisson goes 32-40.
    – Raekwon Davis lasts until at least 45. But no later than 55.
    – Kenneth Murray goes in the top 30.
    – Willie Gay Jr. falls due to character concerns, lasts into the 40s.
    – Seahawks will select Bryan Edwards with one of the first picks of day 3.
    – Ezra Cleveland goes R1.
    – Johnathan Taylor goes to the Buccaneers.
    – Tua falls to about 10 until someone *cough* Patriots *cough* trade up for him.
    – Cesar Ruiz goes top 20.
    – Green Bay drafts Aiyuk with their first pick after trading down.
    – Saints draft Denzel Mims.
    – Hunter Bryant falls to R3.
    – Devin Asiasi is TE1.
    – 0 safeties R1.
    – OL, WR and QB make up over half of the 1st round picks.
    – J.Taylor, D.Swift, J.Dobbins, CEH in that order by 50, with the first going early 20s (Taylor to Bucs)
    – Cowboys make noise, but dont have to trade up to do it when Jerry Jeudy falls to them.

    Ok, so a few more than I thought, but its quarantine, I got nothing else to do lol..

    • Coleslaw

      Just to make it make a little more sense, let’s just say (coincidentally) Patriots move up with the Bucs for Tua, and TB end up taking Taylor at 23.

    • GoHawksDani

      I can see almost all, except:
      Asiasi as TE1. He’s more of a blocker, I think he’s an R3-4 guy. I think Bryant and Kmet will go earlier (R2-3)
      I think safeties will go in R1. Winfield, Dugger and Chinn could go there, but I don’t think all will go (1 or 2 only)
      I don’t think CEH will last until 40-45-50. I think he’s the most unique RB in this class. I think he might go 1st, but 2nd between the RBs (until 35-40).
      I also think Raekwon Davis will go much earlier than most anticipate. Maybe even before #27 (surprise pick by a team), or before 40.

      But apart from these I think all the others can happen

  21. charlietheunicorn

    Rob was right, DaVon Hamilton went earlier than I thought he would in a mock draft …. : /
    However, I did one trade down and used a future pick to really beef up the number of picks.

    SEA 1.27 for NYG 2.36, 3.99 and 6.218 (*)
    SEA 2021 2.TBD for MIA 3.70, 6.185 and 2021 MIA 6.TBD (**)

    After the draft was over, these 2 moves really paid off.. and a bit of luck with a few targeted guys falling a bit farther than I thought they would.

    36. Joshua Uche – OLB Michigan *
    59. Justin Madubuike – DT Texas A&M
    64. Malik Harrison – OLB Ohio State (KJ Wright heir apparent/replacement)
    70. Chase Claypool – WR Notre Dame ** (Let Russ cook)
    99. Robert Hunt – OG Louisiana *
    101. Cam Akers – RB Florida State
    133. Bryce Hall – CB UVA
    144. Alton Robinson – DE Syracuse (Upside potential rusher who has been disruptive)
    185. Yasir Durant – OT Missouri **
    214. Broderick Washington Jr. – DT Texas Tech
    (He played out of position, so his production suffered, I thought this was interesting since he played on a 3 man line, instead of a 4 man one, where he is better suited inside.)
    218. Steven Montez – QB Colorado *

    I think Hamilton went in the 120 range on this mock, so right in the window I didn’t have a pick. I would have had to take him over CB Hall, which seems like such an obvious fit to me… couldn’t do it. Long story short, Seattle can Replens the depth on the team with only a (relatively) few moves….. as long as they get the DE position reinforced before the draft. I’m also assuming Finney is the new center and Britt goes “bye bye” in this mock, otherwise I might have to fit a center in somewhere.

  22. HOUSE


    You keep churning out the good stuff… THANK YOU!!!

    I have been chomping at the bit for us to get our hands on Raekwon Davis and now you got me wanting DaVon Hamilton as well. In the typical Seahawk draft fashion, I have the Hawks trading out of the 1st and into the early 2nd, picking up a 3rd rd pick. I agree we’d have to trade up from 59 to be able to secure both of these guys in say the Top-45. I don’t even know that would be enough…

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

  23. DougM

    I was asked to post the results of a horizontal chart if I was able to finish.
    I combined the defensive lines. I took the numerical rank of the player from PFN, PFF, and Zierlein grades. I took the average, number included in parentheses, and plugged it in. Results are for rounds 1-4.

    Round 1

    Defensive Line
    Chase Young (2)
    Derrick Brown (8)
    Javon Kinlaw (14)
    A.J. Epenesa (25)

    Isaiah Simmons (5)
    Patrick Queen (24)
    K’Lavon Chaisson (29)

    Jeffrey Okudah (3)
    C.J. Henderson(15)
    Trevon Diggs (26)
    Jaylon Johnson (30)
    Jeff Gladney (32)

    Xavier McKinney (28)

    Offensive Tackle
    Jedrick Wills(10)
    Andrew Thomas (11)
    Tristan Wirfs (12)
    Mekhi Becton (21)
    Josh Jones (30)

    Wide Receiver
    Jerry Jeudy (8)
    CeeDee Lamb (9)
    Henry Ruggs (12)
    Justin Jefferson (27)

    Joe Burrow (2)
    Tua Tagovailoa (4)
    Justin Herbert (19)

    Round 2

    Defensive Line
    Yetur Gross-Matos (36)
    Ross Blacklock (46)
    Marion Davidson (46)
    Julian Okwara (46)
    Justin Madubuike (53)
    Terrell Lewis (59)

    Kenneth Murray (33)
    Zack Baun (39)
    Josh Uche (59)

    A.J. Terrell (34)
    Kristian Fulton (36)
    Noah Igbinoghene (57)

    Antoine Winfield (38)
    Grant Delpit (44)
    Kyle Dugger (52)
    Ashtyn Davis (57)

    Offensive Tackle
    Ezra Cleveland (52)
    Austin Jackson(56)

    Cesar Ruiz (33)

    Wide Receiver
    Jaylon Reagor (33)
    Tee Higgins (34)
    K.J. Hamler (35)
    Michael Pittman (38)
    Denzel Mims (39)
    Laviska Shenault (41)
    Brandon Aiyuk (45)

    Running Back
    D’Andre Swift (35)
    Jonathon Taylor (44)
    Clyde Edwards-Helaire (56)
    J.K. Dobbins (58)

    Jordan Love (45)

    Round 3

    Defensive Line
    Curtis Weaver (72)
    Raekwon Davis (73)
    Neville Gallimolre (83)
    James Lynch (92)
    Bradlee Anae (103)
    Jabari Zuniga (105)

    Malik Harrison (76)
    Jordyn Brooks (80)
    Logan Wilson (81)
    Akeem Davis-Gaither (82)
    Willie Gay (89)
    Troy Dye (95)

    Cameron Dantzler (75)
    Bryce Hall (86)
    Amik Robertson (91)
    Damon Arnette (99)
    Troy Pride (105)

    Terrell Burgess (82)
    Jeremy Chinn (86)

    Offensive Tackle
    Isaiah Wilson (67)
    Lucas Niang (80)
    Ben Bartch (83)
    Matt Peart (96)
    Prince Tega Wanogho (100)
    Robert Hunt (104)

    Netane Muti (99)
    John Simpson (105)

    Lloyd Cushenberry (76)
    Matt Hennessy (87)
    Tyler Biadasz (94)

    Wide Receiver
    Chase Claypool (70)
    Gabriel Davis (71)
    Lynn Bowden (91)
    Van Jefferson (93)
    Bryan Edwards (94)
    Tyler Johnson (102)

    Tight End
    Cole Kmet (68)
    Adam Trautman (81)
    Harrison Bryant (89)

    Running Back
    Cam Akers (81)
    Zack Moss (81)

    Jalen Hurts (80)
    Jacob Eason (85)
    Jake Fromm (101)

    Round 4

    Defensive Line

    Davon Hamilton (115)
    Jonathan Greenard (116)
    Alex Highsmith (127)
    Leki Fotu (130)
    Khalid Kareem (134)
    Jason Strowbridge (136)
    Kenny Willekes (141)

    Davion Taylor (112)

    Darnay Holmes (118)
    Javaris Davis (128)

    K’Von Wallace (123)

    Offensive Tackle
    Jack Driscoll (134)

    Logan Stenberg (120)
    Damien Lewis (127)
    Shane Lemieux (130)
    Jonah Jackson (130)
    Kevin Dotson (164)

    Nick Harris (125)
    Keith Ismael (137)

    Wide Receiver
    K.J. Hilll (111)
    Devin Duvernay (113)
    Antonio Gibson (118)
    Antonio Gandy-Golden (119)
    Donovan Peoples-Jones (139)

    Tight End
    Hunter Bryant (112)
    Devin Asiasi (114)
    Bryce Hopkins (126)

    Anthony Gordon (157)

  24. Jace

    Anyone else totally forget Justin Britt was drafted as a RT, and also played guard for us? I was thinking about him being cut and remembered that. All the years of seeing him at C made me forget.

    • DC

      He was a double bust and salvaged a career moving to C. To answer your question, no.

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        I’m hoping the same thing is going to happen with E. Pocic in his 3rd year.

  25. Gohawks5151

    I like Hamilton a lot. Down to him and Davis for me at DT. I realize that we need options but I never liked Gallimore. Seemed like a paper tiger. Davidson, Blalock and Madubiuke all have good moments but don’t seem consistent enough. Hamilton played against good competition and produced. He comes with a definitive skill in the run game and has potential to rush the passer. Sounds a lot like Reed coming out. Also as a Beaver fan that picture doesn’t impress me as everyone got a sack that game. Bosa had 4 by halftime…

  26. Sea Mode

    The more I think about it and look at the class, the more I lean towards us not taking a WR this year.

    – A RB will have more impact IMO and is a greater need than WR3.
    – We still have Ursua in development for the slot, just brought in Dorsett, and could at some point even get Josh Gordon back.
    – Unless we spend our first pick on WR (Aiyuk, Reagor), I don’t see who would make a huge impact on our offense. (Devin Duvernay and John Hightower are my favorites.)
    – Next year’s class looks to be really good at WR too from my early look ahead, with guys like Devonta Smith and Tylan Wallace already Seahawky looking.

    *Trade down with Chargers to R2P37 and get R3P71 in return.

    R2P37- RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, LSU
    A superstar. Great compliment to Carson as a 3rd down back, but can also carry the load if Carson goes down.

    R2P59- DT Davon Hamilton, Ohio St. / DT Raekwon Davis, Alabama
    I’ll gladly jump on the Hamilton train. Some real size next to Reed would allow reed to get after the QB a bit more and the LBs to stay cleaner.
    (Or Raekwon if he falls, just cause PC/JS have been looking for that for so long.)

    R2P64- OL Robert Hunt, La.-Lafayette
    Trust Rob’s OL analysis 100%. Gotta tap into this OL class.

    R3P71- LB Logan Wilson, Wyoming
    Willie Gay is flashier, but this dude is a really, really good player in all aspects and plays smarter and more disciplined.

    R3P101- CB Bryce Hall, UVA
    Value is too good to pass up. Stash him and don’t have to worry about it heading into next year.

    R4P133- NCB/KR Isaiah Rodgers, UMass
    We add to the KR and nickel CB competition all in one pick. Great athlete with unique length for a nickel (32 7/8 arm). 4 INT, 9 PBU in 2019. KR average 24.4 yds in 2019. I think he becomes a name the Seahawks circle on their board as a target.

    | Most Underrated Cornerback | 🔒⬇️❌ UMass Cornerback/Returner Isaiah Rodgers 🏈 #9

    R4P144- TE Devin Asiasi, UCLA
    Watched him again and the body control and catch radius on some errant throws is special. And he blocks well. Hidden gem of the TE class.

    R6P214- DE Chase Harrell, Arkansas
    A guy I found on one of my deep dives. TE who is converting to DE before the draft. Only has 32.5 inch arms, but does have elite athleticism. Project worth a shot late on day 3, probably even UDFA.
    6037, 257
    4.51 40yd
    1.57 10yd
    36″ vertical
    10’7″ broad jump
    4.21 short shuttle
    6.76 three cone
    21 reps

    In conclusion, I didn’t solve our pass rush woes in this mock, but I do feel like we would be getting impact players early and value projects later. Feels good to have a few more late-round names to target.

    • mishima

      Love it. I keep trading with LAC, also. Curious and question who they would trade up for. OT, WR, RB?

      • Von

        OT. Best left on the board

        • Greg Haugsven

          Only problem with this is we dont get any pass rush.

      • TomLPDX

        I keep thinking that someone will want to trade back into the bottom of Rd1 to get Jordon Love and it could easily be the LAC…

    • DC

      If they did take a WR early, Denzel Mims holds the most intrigue for me. That dude just goes up and gets the ball. Would be a huge chunk play specialist & red zone threat. DK & Mims on the outside with a fully healthy Lockett operating out of the slot would make for one helluva unit. “Lethal Weapon 3”

      • DC

        Or Tee Higgins. Dude’s been a pro for 2 years.

        • EmperorMA


          Clemson WRs seem to do well in the NFL, too.

    • GoHawksDani

      A bit sad you didn’t draft Duvernay, but I’m with you. Apart from R1-early R2 and Duvernay/Edwards I don’t love any WRs. Yeah you can find OK guys, but it’s not a big need and if we get someone I’d like an impact WR.

      If we’re a running team we need good blocking and good RBs.
      CEH is the most exciting guy in the bunch. And he doesn’t have to be a year1 Carson replacement. We could work him into the mix as 3rd down RB, and rotational guy who can do different things and have different style than Carson/Penny.
      Hunt and Asiasi are great blockers which could help our running game. But if we get Asiasi I feel we should run a lot more 2TE sets.

      Griffin is a good enough CB. Dunbar might be good, but who knows. Flowers is pretty mediocre in my eyes. We don’t have a clear nickel. I want Hall. He seems electric.

      I don’t know much about Rodgers and Harrell.

      I think Hamilton is a much better player than Davis. Davis has unique traits, but not sure those will transform into Campbell-like production. I think he has bust potential. Won’t be sad if Hawks draft him, but I have my questionmarks about him. I think Hamilton will be much more NFL ready. He’s strong, big, can be quick, solid hand usage.

      I like Logan Wilson, he’s great…but isn’t he more of an ILB? Would he be Bobby’s successor? Or could he easily transform to SAM?

      • Sea Mode

        That’s the thing: he can play all 3 spots, so that gives us a lot of flexibility going forward. I see Wilson as a Will for us, so eventual KJ replacement with Barton at Mike after Bobby isn’t around any more.

        Agree on Davis’ boom or bust potential. But Seattle has been willing to take those kind of risks to get the kind of players they want on the DL. Sometimes it works out (Clark), sometimes it doesn’t (McDowell). I don’t think Davis is going to last to late R2. I think he makes too much sense for SF to target at the top of R2 after trading down.

  27. ActionManDan


    What do you know about Ben Bredeson?

    • Rob Staton

      Really like him. Tough, physical, performed really well in 2019 and the Senior Bowl. But he has 31 1/8 inch arms and that’s an issue.

  28. Spencer

    Number 4 is such an interesting proposition that I haven’t seen discussed much. Could be really strong insight into their plan for this year.

    It reminds me of the 2012 Seahawks with Big Red at DE. Clemons and Irvin (not sure if he played more LB or Leo at this point) were the only other notable pass rushers on the team. The rest of the defensive line was comprised of Alan Branch, Brandon Mebane, Clinton McDonald, Jason Jones, Greg Scruggs, Jaye Howard (who didnt do much for us, despite having some good seasons afterwards). Mostly beefy big inside types.

    Obviously a year afterwards, they went out and signed Bennett and Avril. Maybe that gives some insight into their plan – they weren’t enamored with the FA options (Fowler inconsistent, Quinn oft-injured, Armstead wanted to go to SF, etc) and they want to address the defense in a similar way as before (2012), before inevitably addressing DE further next year. That team still went 11-5 on a strong rushing attack (hello Taylor or CEH?) and the beginning of the Legion of Boom (hello Diggs and Dunbar?).

    Some food for thought.

    • Spencer

      Comparatively seems like an upgrade to that 2012 Defensive Line:

      Bruce Irvin – Bruce Irvin (weird comparison right?)
      Everson Griffen/ Jadaveon Clowney – Chris Clemons
      Red Bryant – Raekwon Davis
      Brandon Mebane – Jarran Reed
      Alan Branch – Poona Ford
      Clinton McDonald – Davon Hamilton
      Jason Jones – Benson Mayowa (Jones had 3 sacks that year, even though he was an inside-out guy. Should be easy for Mayowa to match that production).
      Greg Scruggs – LJ Collier (Hopefully LJ is better..)
      Jaye Howard – Rasheem Green

      • Spencer

        Sorry for triple post but I wanted to post my accommodating mock to this strategy. Honestly I really like the direction of this off-season if they go with this plan and can secure one of Clowney or Griffen.

        39. Clyde Edwards-Helaire – RB
        Best case: 3-headed monster rushing attack.
        Worst Case: Insurance because of questionable RB future.

        59 and 64. Raekwon Davis and Davon Hamilton – DT
        Best case: Interior taken care of for years. Defensive line similar to 2012 – won’t be a huge strength but also won’t be a weakness. Combined with strong secondary and linebackers make the defense pretty good.
        Worst case: Completely ineffective as pass rushers, severe lack of pressure lead to more of the same from the defense this year.

        70. Prince Tega Wanogho – RT
        Best case: Instantly comes in and shows competence and beats out Shell for the starting RT position
        Worst case: Swing tackle depth, makes guys like Ogbuehi expendable, could be groomed as a future LT behind Brown.

        Bryce Hall – CB
        Best case: Beats out Amadi for starting Nickel Back role
        Worst case: Needs a year to rehab injury, can work into the rotation throughout the year.

        Shane Lemieux – G
        Best Case: Beats out all the veterans to be the starter at LG.
        Worst Case: Good depth, makes a vet expendable.

        Davion Taylor – OLB
        Best Case: Athletic LB that can provide skill on special teams and depth at OLB. Allows Barton to move to MLB as a backup to Bobby.
        Worst Case: ST body only.

        Donovan Peoples-Jones – WR
        Best Case: YAC beast provides skill we currently lack in the WR room. Also a valuable kick returner.
        Worst Case: Depth and ST value. 6th WR behind Ursua.

        Daniel Thomas – S Auburn
        Best Case: Valuable depth at S and strong ST player.
        Worst Case: Doesn’t make the roster, beat out by Lano Hill.

        • GoHawksDani

          I really like this draft. Takes care of every need and like the players selected.
          Not sure if Raekwon and Hamilton both will be available end of R2, but if yes, then it’s good.

      • Levi

        I actually wouldn’t be so quick to compare Irvin to Irvin. He has far more experience and has gained almost 15 pounds since he was drafted, making him more suitable to play LEO if that’s where we want to put him. I’m also not sure that there’s a great comp for Griffen or Clowney, given that they are much smaller than Red Bryant, who played the same position.

        • Spencer

          I’ve read that they plan to play him in his LB/Occasional Leo role as they used to – but I’m having trouble finding confirmation to that. I wonder how they’ll use him this time around.

          Also, I compared Griffen and Clowney to Clemons, not Bryant.

          • Levi

            I forgot to get to my point. Griffen and Clowney played 5T, Clemons played LEO.

  29. Levi

    I noticed that the Seahawks value the bench press for defensive backs, specifically safeties. Schneider has only drafted 4 DB’s who didn’t get 17 or more reps on the bench. These being Tharold Simon (15), Jeremy Lane (12), Winston Guy (N/A), and Walter Thurmond (N/A). Is this a big deal, or is it just me?

    • Spencer

      If thats the case, then Javelin Guidry in the 7th or as a UDFA makes a lot of sense.

      • Levi

        Players that meet the 17+ reps requirement:
        S: Thomas, Curl, Clemons, Muse, Metellus, Chinn, Burgess, McKinney, Brooks, Wallace, Dugger, Gilman
        CB: Vildor, Robinson, Hill, Guidry, Henderson, Reid, Scott, Gladney
        Players that didn’t test: Robertson, Winfield, Keyes, Jones, Cole, Dantzler, Arnette, Jackson, Pierre, Delpit, Hawkins, Fulton, Fuller, Blackmon, Ojemudia, Bryant, Samuels, Carter, Thomas-Oliver

        Players with 17+ reps and 31″+ arms (* for 32″+):
        Thomas, Curl*, Muse, Metellus*, Chinn*, Brooks, Wallace, Dugger*, Vildor*, Robinson, Guidry, Henderson, Gladney
        Without bench: Keyes*, Cole, Jackson*, Pierre, Hawkins, Fuller, Blackmon, Ojemudia*, Samuels, Thomas-Oliver

        Seems like based on this info, Vildor, Wallace, Guidry, and Robinson may be our best slot corner options.

        • dcd2

          I don’t think the 32″ arms applies to a slot CB. Justin Coleman might be the best slot/nickel we’ve ever had and he had 31 1/4″ arms.

          • Levi

            That’s why I used 31″ arm threshold for slot corners.

    • Levi

      *Sherman had 16

  30. 12th chuck

    anyone catch jay glaziers big news?

  31. Derek

    I agree that if they don’t go Defensive Line with their first pick (after trading down), after that we are looking at Rasheem Green types of players. To Rob’s point, the off-season decisions almost force them to go some kind of edge player with their first pick. Too bad because there so much talent at WR, OT, and OG/C between rounds 2-4 where you could set yourself up quite nicely and cheap for the future.. Now likely choosing between talent and missing out at the meaty areas of the draft to take a gamble on who they think the best edge rusher is.

    Throw in a possible fall of a player like Winfield Jr. to 27 makes things even harder… Do you take a possible pro bowl player (based on your rankings) and miss out on the only group of polished pass rushers or go with GLARING need and watch someone else pick up a draft steal like Winfield?


  32. RWIII

    Davon Hamilton’s pass rush numbers are smiliar to Ross Blacklock’s. That is an eye opener.

  33. RWIII

    I forgot to mention that Hamilton’s pass rush numbers are smiliar to Blacklock’s. Despite being 30 pounds heavier. That is pretty impressive.

  34. millhouse-serbia

    I have one question for all of you about length of player…

    1. Arms 32″ wing span 80″
    2. Arms 33″ wing span 78″

    Who of this two has better “length”?

    • Sea Mode

      I would take #2.

    • Georgia Hawk

      I would say it matter differently for different situations.

      Wingspan is more important laterally, while arm length is more important vertically and in the frontal plane.

      You want Corners and Linemen to have big arm length…to keep blockers away from the body, and to be able to reach balls in the air. You could potentially want say an OLB to have greater wing span to be able to keep the outside arm free and/or bat down balls that are thrown laterally.

      Who has better length in this case would depend on the position and needs for that position.

  35. charlietheunicorn

    You got to love this guy, OT Ben Bartch’s weight gain diet.


    This is some funny stuff. Imagine pounding this every day.

    • Davido

      If this is real it’s another proof of how bad those athletes are prepared nutrition wise. It still shocks me that a lot of those players eat a bunch of junk food “to gain weight”. It’s still a really funny drink though thanks for sharing the video.

  36. Spencer


    Paul Moyer breaks down some Quinton Dunbar film. He seems like he often gives the WR a big buffer, but is excellent at diagnosing the play, making a read and reacting quickly. He doesn’t do the quick step or jam at the line like Pete likes, but the whole point of the kickstep is to enable to corner to be able to read the situation as Dunbar seems quite adept at. Will be interesting to see how he fits in.

  37. Rob Staton

    I can’t believe Jay Glazer spent 24 hours teasing a huge story… and it was a player with Covid-19.

    That’s unbelievable. Just terrible, terrible journalism. So incredibly self-serving.

    • cha

      If I was that player I would personally tell Glazer to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

      • Rob Staton

        I suspect the player gave Glazer the exclusive and was content with it.

        My issue is that he tried to promote his show based on a story that involved someone contracting coronavirus. That’s just awful, awful journalism.

        • GerryG

          I for one am shocked, shocked I say, that someone would catch Coronavirus in this day and age.

          Never liked Glazer, I kinda loathe him now

  38. swedenhawk

    Hi Rob. What are your thoughts on Fotu (either in general or as an alternative to Hamilton)? Seems he didn’t really stand out at the Senior Bowl, and although he has the measurables, the scouting reports I’ve read are mixed.

    • Rob Staton

      He was medically flagged at the senior bowl so didn’t perform.

      He’s streaky. There’s a bit of an on/off switch with him. When he’s really on it he can push people around, be really aggressive and impactful. But there are a lot of snaps where the engine isn’t revving. Even so, he’s massive and strong and that’s what Al Woods was.

  39. Darnell

    Rams center Brian Allen tests positive for covid-19. Wow. Just in case Dak and Zeke still fail to understand that being a football player doesn’t make you invincible.

  40. millhouse-serbia

    About OJ and potential trade…as of cap hit we could just not sign RFA with Holister and our SC would stay the same(Jacob 3.2mil – OJ 3.5mil)…if they are willing to give him for 3rd round pick, do it…

  41. Sea Mode

    Draft capital by team: https://mobile.twitter.com/AndersEagleson/status/1250113723248726019

  42. Rob Staton

    Spent some time re-watching Chase Claypool today and last night.

    There’s a lot of potential here. I was wrong about him. He’s better than I initially suggested.

    Might do a piece on him.

    • Sea Mode

      WR or TE? (or doesn’t really matter…?)

      I’m at that final stage heading into draft week where I want to take a step back and say: ‘despite our favorite names, who are those guys who should “obviously” attract the Seahawks?’

    • Eburgz

      mentioned yesterday how he really checks off all the boxes. Probably have to take him at the end of R2.

      Size/speed: double check
      Production: 1000+ yard season 13 touchdowns in 2019 and he produced at senior bowl
      Good blocker and special teams standout
      2019 team MVP and bowl game MVP
      Toughness: played through 3 broken fingers in 2019. Breaks tackles, blocks, dog on teams.
      Good in the red zone; +ball skills
      High wonderlic score.

      Biggest concern is that he’s Raw (upside!). Has battled some injuries (but bounced back for 2019 season and combine showed injuries haven’t affected athleticism). Had some drops (maybe because of broken fingers?). Agility/flexibility in question (DK seems to make due).

      Maybe he could develop into a Ricardo Lockette type force on special teams and he could do some of the things Hollister and/or DK did for us last year on offense.

      • Matt

        I think he’s the perfect fit in Seattle. Most importantly, his demeanor doesn’t strike me as a “I need more catches.” I think he’s a guy who automatically becomes your #3 WR and you let him develop his niche as a 3rd down and red zone guy in year 1. As you said, he will be a horse in the run game and when push comes to shove – I’d love him as the 3 receiving option over a Jacob Hollister type.

        It would not shock me if he put up a 40-600-6 TD season in year 1. He could see A LOT of catchers with defenses being terrified of DK and Lockett.

        All that said, I would still prefer Jalen Reagor – as I think he can be Tyler Lockett+.

    • Matt

      I love his hands and body control. I didn’t think he was the athlete he tested to be – which is just a big plus.

      I can easily see SEA taking him at 64 thinking he fills that big body 3rd down/RZ target that a smaller TE could be. The added bonus with Claypool is that he could develop into a bonafide WR. I mentioned this awhile ago, but I think he is a no brainer over Hunter Bryant because they could fill a very similar role in year 1. The difference is that I don’t think Hunter can grow into more. Claypool can become much, much more.

      I really hope you do an article on him. I don’t think his QB did him any favors at ND.

  43. millhouse-serbia

    Last two days I am reading only about Edge players. I have feeling that in 2 or 3 days John will make me feel sorry for doing that. 🙂

  44. EranUngar

    Expectations are the source of frustrations. Expecting the Seahawks to come out of the FA gates blasting and securing two top dollar DEs early caused many tears of frustration here.

    As we approach the draft, the FO plan for the DL looks clearer.

    Restoring lost assets:

    1. Resign Reed. They value his effect more than the edge rushers even if an edge rusher will cost more. (upgrade – playing 6 more games from day 1)
    2. Play the market correctly. Put the right value on Clowney (or Griffen), stay in touch, keep your ears open and sign the one you want at the price you want, probably before the draft. (upgrade – Clowney admitted more than once during the first half of the season that it takes time to understand how to work his moves with the rest of the line. Understandable for a player who played in a 3-4 all his career and joined the team a week before the season started)

    The above brings us back to the 2019 DL (slightly upgraded). Now the extras:

    1. Add 1/2 veteran pass rushers at a team friendly cost to bolster the pass rush as part of a deep rotation (in 2013, the highest snap count was Bennett at 63% coming of the bench). Welcome Irvin & Mayowa. They wont come close to their combined 15.5 sacks in 2019 but counting on them to provide 8-10 sacks and 20-25 pressures is a welcome realistic upgrade.
    2. Upgrade from young players on the roster. Green and L.J. should be better in 2020 and compete with the above veterans for snaps. Whoever wins – the DL wins.
    3. Add young talent in the draft. It looks like day 2 of the draft is the killing ground for this class. With the customary trade back from 27, the Seahawks should end up with 5 picks on day 2. Two of them will probably go DT, DE. My favorite combo would be Zuniga & Hamilton.

    The end result will be a far cry from the 9ers etc. but it will be significantly better than the 2019 DL. For a team that was ranked 1st in the NFC after week 12 before the avalanche hit (Diggs, Clowney, Brown, Carson, Penny, Procise, Woods Kandricks) and ended up inches away from winning the NFC west – I think it’s a job well done.

    With 3 more picks in day two they can target an offensive weapon (WR/RB), OL and BPA.

    When you add to it a full season of Diggs plus Dunbar in the secondary and Olsen + Dorsett + hopefully Dissly – It’s a contender.

    Now back to expectations – I tried to avoid the yearly draft crush. If there is something that this FO never does its signing sub 32 inch CBs or any of my draft crushes. However, over the past two weeks i have fallen for Hamilton. I an sorry, I can’t help myself, now they’ll have to find someone else…

    • Rob Staton

      There were no tears of frustration.

      Only a very logical and realistic expectation that they would address the pass rush sufficiently considering the great cap space and picks haul they possessed. They have so far failed to address their self-confessed greatest need and quite rightly people have criticised them for this and critiqued their decision to spend most of the cap space on a large collection of journeymen. The roster is bigger and more expensive but isn’t noticeably better than a year ago, apart from the additions of Olsen and Dunbar. The pass rush could be even worse in 2020 if they lose Clowney, which would be staggering.

      You can call this ‘playing the market correctly’ if you want. If they lose in the wildcard or divisional round again next season and the pass rush continues to be awful — they’ll simply have failed to address their biggest area of need for the second off-season in a row. And nobody will be able to paint that as a positive.

  45. schwefelfell

    Does anyone know where I can find a really good Draft board/ranking with all of the prospects?

    • millhouse-serbia

      You have Rob’s horizontal board.

  46. millhouse-serbia

    I m looking at measurable at some of DL and look at this:

    Arm Length Wing Span

    33 80 1/2

    32 3/8 80 3/8

    33 7/8 85 1/4

    34 1/4 78 7/8

    33 1/8 76 7/8

    33 7/8 83 3/8

    Looks like average for arms 33 is wing span of 80.

    It was always strange to me why everybody speaks almost only about arm lenght. Am I wrong if I think wing span is more important? Look at this last two gazs who have almost same arm length but one has 6 1/2 longer wing span.

    • Henry Taylor

      I feel like arm length is more important in the trenches, given that the point of targeting length is to get guys that can beat their opposite man to the punch and win leverage battles. I don’t see how having broad shoulders helps with that.

    • Rob Staton

      Wing span is more relevant for catching radius or defending passes. Arm length more important for the trenches because you need to keep your frame clean with your arms tucked inside.

      • millhouse-serbia

        Thank you both for answering.

        • EranUngar

          Also, even in the secondary, wingspan only helps horizontally while arm length helps vertically too…

          I.E. – 33 80 > 32 80….

  47. Ukhawk

    May not agree with it all but I like this aaproach from Brock Huard:


  48. millhouse-serbia

    I think Volume12 spoke about Trevis Gipson.

    he has length 33 7/8 , and he Is not slow 4.69 (1.63). SS 4.33(average) and 3 cone 7.57(awfull).

    here is smoething interesting about him:
    “passionate worker and pushed himself in the weight room, tipping the scale at only 200 pounds when he arrived at Tulsa…vocal teammate and motivates his troops (head coach Philip Montgomery: “He is obviously our team leader, not just defensively, but overall.”).”

    • millhouse-serbia

      And here is what lance said about him:

      “he’s a potential diamond in the rough as a long-limbed defensive end in odd or even fronts.”.

      Almost all weeknesses are based on fact he is late bloomer and still very raw.

    • millhouse-serbia

      In his last season he had 8 sacks and 15 TFL.

      He is 92nd on PFF board and here is what Renner said about him : “Supremely flexible. Sinking his
      hips into contact comes easily.
      Some crazy bendy reps.”

      • Rob Staton

        Didn’t flash at the combine and his tape is pretty rough. To me he’s an Obum Gwacham type on day three who may stick or could just as easily be gone within a year.

        • Spencer

          Gwacham never had that level of production.

          • Rob Staton

            That’s probably because he was a converted receiver who didn’t play in the American West conference.

            • Kenny Sloth


            • Spencer

              Sarcasm aside, its a bad comparison when one has actual production to back up their athleticism.

              • Rob Staton

                1. I didn’t use sarcasm.

                2. No, it’s not a bad comparison. Just because two players didn’t have identical paths to the NFL doesn’t mean they can’t be similar projects.

  49. GoHawksDani

    How good is Davis on the outside? If he can be better than Green/Collier, I’m all for it. If not, I’d rather draft Hamilton + Uche/Zuniga/Okwara/other pure outside guy and play:

    (Clowney)/Green/Collier/Mayowa – Reed – Hamilton/Poona – rookie/(Griffen)/Irvin

  50. GoHawksDani

    (Sorry, long post)
    Created a list based on players I think has some reality that Hawks will pick him.
    Marked with an asterisk the players I think more likely to be selected.
    I think there are like ~80% chance the Hawks picks will come from these group. Added most guys we talked about in the comment section and obviously the one Rob mentioned and some I thought might be a fit (in some cases a bit loose fit, but who knows nowadays what goes on in PCJS mind). I don’t like all the players, but it’s not up to me to make the selection at the end 🙂

    EARLY PLAYERS (R1 or early R2 or players who might go in mid-late R2 but have a chance to be selected earlier)
    C – Cesar Ruiz R1
    WR – Jalen Reager R1
    OT – Isaiah Wilson R1
    RB – *CEH R1-early R2
    WR – Justin Jefferson R1
    RB – *Jonathan Taylor R1-early R2
    OT – Ezra Cleveland R1-early R2
    LB – Kenneth Murray R1-early R2
    WR – Denzel Mims R1-R2
    S – *Kyle Dugger R1-R2
    LB – K’Lavon Chaisson R1-early R2
    DE – *Julian Okwara R1-R2
    LB – *Joshua Uche R1-R2
    DT – *Raekwon Davis R1-R2
    S – Grant Delpit R1-R2
    DT – *Justin Madubuike R1-R2

    SECOND ROUND GUYS (mid-late R2 or maybe R3s who have potential to go in R2)
    LB – *Zack Baun early R2
    WR – *Brandon Aiyuk R2
    OT – Lucas Niang R2
    DE – Yetur Gross-Matos R2
    CB – Trevon Diggs R2 (I know we don’t pick CBs this early but if he falls to 59 then maybe…?)
    DE – *Jabari Zuniga R2
    C – Lloyd Cushenberry R2
    DT – *Davon Hamilton R2
    LB – *Willie Gay Jr. R2
    WR – KJ Hamler R2
    OG – Damien Lewis R2
    RB – D’Andre Swift R2
    LB – *Logan Wilson R2
    LB – *Terrell Lewis R2
    DE – Curtis Weaver R2
    OT – Robert Hunt R2
    LB – Patrick Queen R2
    DE – Marlon Davidson R2
    DE – *Bradlee Anae R2
    OT – Prince Tega Wanogo R2
    DT – Ross Blacklock R2
    OG – Logan Stenberg R2
    RB – *Cam Akers R2-early R3
    WR – Tee Higgins R2-R3
    LB – Jonathan Greenard R2-early R3
    WR – *Chase Claypool R2-R3
    OT – Matt Peart R2-R3
    WR – *Devin Duvernay R2-R3
    C – Matt Henessy R2-R3
    WR – Michael Pittman Jr R2-R3

    THIRD ROUND (solid 3rds or at least chance to go in R3)
    CB – *Bryce Hall R3
    TE – *Hunter Bryant R3
    WR – *Bryan Edwards R3
    OT – Ben Bartch R3
    DE – Kenny Willekes R3
    OG – Shane Lemieux R3
    DT – Neville Gallimore R3
    DT – *Rashard Lawrence R3-R4
    RB – JK Dobbins R3-R4
    CB – *Cameron Dantzler R3-R4
    OG – Ben Bredeson R3-R4
    DT – *Leki Fotu R3-R4
    C – Tyler Biadasz R3-R4
    TE – *Devin Asiasi R3-R4
    WR – *Van Jefferson R3-R4
    OT – Shadiq Charles R3-R4
    RB – Anthony McFarland R3-R4
    TE – Cole Kmet R3-R4
    WR – Donovan People-Jones R3-R4
    TE – Harrison Bryant R3-R4

    RB – *Zach Moss R4
    OG – Kevin Dotson R4
    WR – KJ Hill R4
    TE – *Adam Trautman R4
    DE – Alton Robinson R4
    RB – *Antonio Gibson R4
    OT – Hakeem Adenji R4
    RB – Joshua Kelley R4
    WR – Kalija Lipscomb R4
    LB – Troy Dye R4
    WR – Antonio Gandy-Golden R4-R5
    OG – Netane Muti R4-R5
    RB – *Eno Benjamin R4-R5
    CB – *Kindle Vildor R4-R5
    RB – AJ Dillon R4-R5
    DE – Trevis Gipson R4-R5

    C – Nick Harrison R5
    CB – Michael Ojemudia R5
    WR – Isaiah Hodgins R5
    CB – Trajan Bandy R5-R6
    TE – Josiah Deguara R5-R6
    C – Calvin Thockmorton R5-R6
    RB – Lamical Perine R5-R6

    WR – Stephen Guidry R6
    CB – Julian Blackmon R6
    WR – Tyrie Cleveland R6
    RB – JaMycal Hasty R6
    S – *Javelin Guidry R6-R7
    S – *Josh Metellus R6-R7
    CB – *Lamar Jackson R6-R7
    S – Antoine Brooks Jr. R6-R7
    CB – Thakarius Keyes R6-R7
    S – Tanner Muse R6-R7
    RB – Scottie Phillips R6-R7
    S – Kameron Curl R7

    If at least most of the Hawks’ selections don’t come from these list I’ll be pretty shocked 🙂

  51. Sea Mode

    Besides doubting they will really be able to add a WR3 with all their other needs, if they do, then what type of WR do you think they want?

    Does PC dream of another big freaky WR on the outside across from DK (Mims, Claypool)?
    Does he want an x-factor RAC guy (Reagor, Hamler) to complement what we already have?
    Do they want to leave Lockett on the outside and draft a slot specialist, but who can also go deep (Justin Jefferson, Duvernay)?

    • GoHawksDani

      I would like a WR to be special at something. Duvernay is something we don’t currently have on the roster. He’s great at slants and screenpasses. I feel he’s good at blocking too. Or someone who’s excellent returner too would be cool.
      I’m not a fan of big WRs, I’d like either a unique guy or a “new Baldwin”. And I’d like to be “cheap” (R2-R3 or later if possible).
      But PC probably want another outside guy and put Lockett in the slot. I think their target will be Mims early or if they want to go late Claypool, Pittman or even later Dezmon Patmon, Donovan People Jones, Gandy-Golden. And I’ll be sad :-/

    • cha

      I want Reagor personally. A Tyler Lockett clone with a similar trajectory. First year, take some punts to the house or simply tilt the field and be a nuisance weapon in the offense that stresses the defense out. By the third year, a feature WR that RW can lock some chemistry with and drop dimes on all over the field.

    • dcd2

      I think they’d love a Raegor/Hamler type, but I don’t see WR being one of the first 3 picks, which rules those guys out.

      I’ve been trying to look at later round options, as we’ve taken a 7th round WR in 3 of the last 4 drafts (as well as some UDFA’s like Jazz Ferguson).

      One guy who stands out to me as a day 3 option is Quez Watkins. He’s a deep threat who high-points the ball extremely well. He made a lot of contested catches and also has the ability to turn a short gain into a breakaway TD. He posted the second fastest 40 time of the combine behind Ruggs at 4.35. He’s still young and raw and his body reminds me a bit of Dede Westbrook. Game is more like DJ Chark though.

      Here are the highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pIs_iI8U3I

  52. Sea Mode

    lol, so true.


  53. Kevin Fuchser

    I hope we get Jalen Reagor or Michael Pittman!

    • Sea Mode

      Nice opposite ends of the spectrum there…

  54. Gaeleck

    43.Clyde Edwards-Helaire
    47.Raekwon Davis
    50.Davon Hamilton
    64.Willie Gay Jr.
    144.Alton Robinson
    215.Josh Metellus

    • Sea Mode

      I don’t really care for those last two, but if we managed to somehow land the first four, that would be incredible!

  55. Sea Mode

    Lol. Lay it on him, everyone. He totally deserves it.


  56. Sea Mode

    Tavien Feaster was a guy I looked at a while back when I saw he fits the Seahawks RB size and has track speed.


    But he never really seemed to break through at Clemson or at South Carolina this year, despite posting good YPC marks. So I kind of lost interest.

    • GoHawksDani

      I like his quickness, but he seems a bit all over the place with ball carrying (in the video he swings the ball around and carry it high and away a bit). Cool R7/UDFA, but I wouldn’t draft him much earlier

    • Volume12

      I just watched him against Tennessee and my goodness, tere’s a 30-40 second stretch/3-4 plays in a row where Darrell Taylor just takes over. Lines up in the wide 9 and is shot out of a cannon!

  57. Rob Green

    It probably won’t happen but someone needs to wake up and understand Clyde Edwards-Helaire IS a receiver, he just happens to come at the opponent from all over the field. Couple that with his ability to run out of the backfield as well as after the catch and you’ve struck gold! The Seahawks don’t need another wide receiver this year when they can have Clyde!

    • Simo

      I understand CEH is a good receiver, but will he be on the same level as a McCaffrey or Kamara at the next level?

      • Rob Green

        I look for CEH, if injury free and used properly, to become an All-Pro and yes, challenge for highest paid RB in the NFL…

        • Simo

          I brought those two up not necessarily based on their pay, but because they are arguably the two best receiving RB’s in the league. If CEH can be this type of player he would be an excellent addition to the Hawks roster, as they don’t really have a reliable receiver out of the backfield. Carson is not a terrible receiver, but certainly not on the level of CMC or Kamara. What a weapon this could be for RW and the offense.

    • Volume12

      He’s a more physical Brian Westbrook.

  58. Donovan

    Clowney: A way to save face for all. Hawks should offer a 3 yr / 48 m guaranteed contract ($8/$16/$24), which averages to $16 m per and gives cap flexibility to team in upcoming yr. Then to give Clowney a public win, if necessary, add two non-guaranteed yrs at end at $26 per thus totaling a 5 yr / $100 m contract. He gets the big number contract total, while Hawks only obligated to a 3 yr deal avg $16 per yr.

    • Stevo

      Seems to me if the Seahawks were willing to guarantee Clowney anything close to that over three years, the deal would have been done by now. Clowney has a history of injuries and disappearing from games (when not in a contract year). I don’t think they want to guarantee him too much.

      My guess is that every team in the NFL at this point sees Clowney as a guy you need to keep on a one-year prove-it deal.

    • God of Thunder

      If something like that was ever put on the table, Clowney and his agents would bite your hand off to sign.

      But I would see it as a gross overpayment for a player who — to generalize on the basis of his career — has two good games, then two ok games, then two games where he disappears, then two games out injured.

      I do like the idea of signing him for only 3 years though.

  59. Stevo

    My mock — Three Scenarios

    Scenario One:
    If Jadaveon Clowney (or Griffen or Ngakoue signs with Seahawks, and Schneider drafts at 1/27.

    1/27: OT Austin Jackson – USC. A worthy heir to Dwayne Brown at LT. Could start at RT until Dwayne retires. If Jackson is off the board, there might not be a player worthy of pick 1/27.
    2/59: DT Justin Madubuike – Texas A&M. We need a disruptive Interior D lineman. Like many, I’ve caught the Madubuike bug.
    2/64: WR John Hightower – Boise State. Schneider can’t pass on a field-stretching talent like Hightower. Russell Wilson pauses from his workout for a full 60 seconds to smile and begin dreaming of September.
    3/101: OLB Casey Toohill – Stanford. Quick and long OLB could be a future replacement for KJ Wright
    Round 4: RB Zach Moss – Utah. If Zach Moss makes it to round 4 and Pete doesn’t have a RB yet, he can’t pass up Moss.
    Round 4-6: (if you think you can predict these, you’re crazier than I am)

    Scenario Two:
    If Jadaveon Clowney signs with Seahawks. Schneider trades pick 1/27 for multiple picks.

    (for example, trade 1/27 to GB for 1/30 and 4/136, or trade 1/27 to colts for 2/34 and 4/122)
    1/30: RB Jonathan Taylor – Wisconsin. If the premier O and D linemen are gone, you know Pete can’t pass us a RB like Taylor.
    2/59: DT Justin Madubuike
    2/64: OT Matt Peart – Connecticut. With Dwayne Browns heir a major need, I can see Schneider grabbing the last premier LT prospect available before they’re all gone.
    3/101: WR Van Jefferson – Florida. Hightower will be off the board by round three, but plenty of WR talent is available.
    Round 4: RB Zach Moss

    Scenario Three:
    Empty roster spot where Clowney used to be.

    2/34: OLB/EDGE Terrell Lewis – Alabama. If Jadaveon Clowney is not on the roster, Schneider will target a dynamic edge rusher, and potential heir to KJ Wright.
    2/59: DT Justin Madubuike
    2/64: OT Matt Peart
    3/101: WR Van Jefferson
    Round 4: RB Zach Moss

    • God of Thunder

      Thoughtful mock scenarios. I like scenario 2, because I want to add an extra second rounder.

  60. Isaac

    This draft is making my head spin. The only for sure thing is the hawks will trade down. Then I see the hawks pay another lineman and I have anxiety that we won’t see Robert hunt get picked. The hawks opening a spot on the team by letting Malik turner go makes me think WR is a bigger priority. Can we have the draft already. I need some closure.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t be shocked if Robert Hunt is their first pick after a trade down.

      • Isaac

        Has any of the insiders you have spoken to talked about hunt and him either going to the hawks or the hawks liking him?

        • Rob Staton

          He said he’d met with them.

    • Volume12

      Just my 2 cents, but the thing that makes it frustrating is there’s a real ‘pick yout flavor’ vibe with this years edge class. Usually Seattle will target one of the best athletes and work out the kinks later, but with so many guys having incomplete athletic profiles it tends to make it seem like there’s nothing there.

  61. JUJUS

    1 Week to go Mock Draft.

    Trade 27, 133 To Denver for 46,83,95,118

    Trade 46, 144 To Oakland for 80, 81, 121

    59 Willie Gay LB
    64 Jeremy Chinn S
    80 Darrell Taylor DE
    81 Davon Hamilton DT
    83 Robert Hunt OT
    95 Bryan Edwards WR
    101 Matt Peart OT
    118 Leki Fotu DT
    121 AJ Dillon RB
    214 Madre Harper CB

    • Trevor

      No sure they could realistically pull it off but I would love that draft.

      • jujus

        They say im a dreamer,

        But im not the only one.

        Denver might really like the idea of double dipping into the 1st round.

        And Oakland has 2 1st round picks, then a huge gap until 80/81 – They might really like a guy in the mid 2nd.

  62. Rob Staton

    I can confirm that today’s interview was with… Prince Tega Wanogho.

    Tomorrow’s interview is with a defensive lineman.

    • Trevor

      You are knocking it out of the park Rob!

      Any chance he will be there in Rd 3 or is he another guy in that 40-70 range?

      • Rob Staton

        For me he’s a second rounder who could’ve been a first rounder had he had the opportunity to perform at the Senior Bowl and work out at the combine.

    • Kenny Sloth


      Odds a prospect Rob’s interviewed becomes a Seahawk?

      • Sea Mode

        I’d say very high.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Miami gonna take an OL before us and we’ll trade down for an OL

          • mishima

            If I were Miami, I would trade down from 5, out of the Tua Zone.

            • mishima

              (If he’s still there which I don’t think he will be; some team will jump into top 3 to take him.)

    • Lewis


    • cha

      Very nice Rob

    • Gohawks5151

      That’s awesome! He is a guy I think is a realistic target for us after a trade back. Does he make it to the end of round 2?

      • Rob Staton

        Maybe… but probably more likely mid R2.

    • RWIII

      Rob: You are the best.

  63. Volume12

    Hate to bring this up, but if there’s no CFB this fall, are the SR’s the only ones eligible? Can jr’s declare? Will they want to is probably the more pertinent question.

    • Sea Mode

      I think Nagy mentioned something about this, though I might be mixing things up. Something about how more JRs should make sure and try to graduate in January.

      • Volume12

        Interesting. Did he give a reason as to why he thinks more of them should try and graduate? Or am I just not reading the tea leaves here?

  64. Rob4q

    I’ve been running the PFN sim multiple times and letting it make all the picks…some interesting observations:

    1. Seattle stays at 27 almost every time and picks one of the CB more often than any other position! Chaisson is the other player they pick a lot…

    2. The first three picks are pretty locked in every time – Burrow, Young, Okudah

    3. The Giants at #4 rarely trade back, but pick a number of different players – Simmons, Brown, Becton etc. If they do trade back it’s usually just a few spots.

    4. Miami at 5 takes Tua about half the time, Herbert about a quarter and now starting to see them take another position more often. When they don’t take a QB at #5 they almost always trade back up later in the 1st to take one. I think that’s a very likely scenario for them, just like what Rob has been talking about. Take one of the top players at #5 and then move back up into the early tees to take the QB.

    5. LAC take Herbert/Tua about half the time and the other half they take a position player that’s dropped to them – Brown, Simmons, Becton. Occasionally they reach for a player that is usually available much later – Kinlaw, Henderson etc.

    6. Dallas rarely takes Ruiz with their first pick, but does move up to take him about 25% of the time…either late 1st/early 2nd.

    7. NE is very active trading up and down, more than any other team I think. They like to move up and grab a QB a lot, usually Love or Tua.

    8. The Colts make some crazy trades to move up quite a bit. It’s almost always for a QB and they give up a lot to move way up in the draft sometimes!

    9. Some players really drop a lot, especially the skill positions the most, but also OT. Some of the top players are available really late.

    10. The PFN rankings are still a little odd for some players, some ranked much lower than Rob and others here are very high on. Damien Lewis has been going in the 6th or 7th round!?!

    Anyway, just some observations I had from running it multiple times…I guess if I had more time I could chart the players like some others on here have done…it’s such a cool sim!

    • Rob4q

      Interestingly, in the last one I just ran Indy made this deal:

      IND Received:
      Pick 13 – Jordan Love

      SF Received:
      Pick 34 – Marlon Davidson
      Pick 75 – Ashtyn Davis
      2021 IND 1st

      And then Dallas took Chaisson at 17, traded up with Sea for 27…and took Dezel Mims??? Ruiz whent one pick later to Balt. And of course the Seahawks took a CB after that trade back!!!

      DAL Received:
      Pick 27 – Denzel Mims

      SEA Received:
      Pick 51 – Noah Igbinoghene
      2021 DAL 1st

      Full Sea draft:

      SEA 51.
      Noah Igbinoghene
      CB Auburn

      SEA 59.
      Raekwon Davis
      DT Alabama

      SEA 64.
      Laviska Shenault Jr.
      WR Colorado

      SEA 101.
      Shane Lemieux
      G Oregon

      SEA 133.
      Davon Hamilton
      DT Ohio State

      SEA 144.
      Azur Kamara
      OLB Kansas

      SEA 214.
      D.J. Wonnum
      DE South Carolina

      • Matt

        A CB and Shenault with 2 of the first 3 picks feels…shall we say – not helpful for the upcoming season. I don’t understand the infatuation with Shenault – he’s a less athletic Cordarrelle Patterson.

        • Rob4q

          That’s one of my points in posting this – the SIM keeps picking a CB for us with one of our top picks…like 75% of the time!

  65. Rob4q

    One last note – the Dolphins just own the draft almost every time I run the Sim! Look at this, only made 1 trade but the amount of quality, talented players they get is just crazy!

    GB Received:
    Pick 18 – Andrew Thomas

    MIA Received:
    Pick 30 – Antoine Winfield Jr.
    2021 GB 1st

    MIA 5.
    Justin Herbert
    QB Oregon

    MIA 26.
    Justin Jefferson
    WR LSU

    MIA 30.
    Antoine Winfield Jr.
    S Minnesota

    MIA 39.
    Julian Okwara
    DE Notre Dame

    MIA 56.
    Joshua Uche
    OLB Michigan

    MIA 70.
    Justin Madubuike
    DT Texas A&M

    MIA 141.
    Mykal Walker
    ILB Fresno State

    MIA 153.
    Brian Cole
    S Mississippi State

    MIA 154.
    Kindle Vildor
    CB Georgia Southern

    MIA 173.
    Nick Harris
    C Washington

    MIA 185.
    Trajan Bandy
    CB Miami

    MIA 227.
    Dominik Eberle
    PK Utah State

    MIA 246.
    Javelin Guidry
    S Utah

    MIA 251.
    Jordan Fuller
    S Ohio State

    • Matt

      That is quite a haul!

      Now all the Dolphins need is a QB and they are cooking in the AFC East.

      • God of Thunder

        Well after a year or two …

    • Cawww

      Call me crazy, but I think Jalen Hurts is the 3rd best QB in this draft. If I was Miami and couldn’t pull off a trade to get Burrow and don’t feel comfortable taking Tua, then I would take Hurts in the 2nd (or trade up late in the 1st to get that 5th year option).

  66. Sea Mode

    Some of these are brilliantly done 😂🤣😂


    Dallas might be my favorite, along with Miami, Bucs, and Texans.

    • Rob4q

      haha, some of those are funny!

    • Sea Mode

      Injury history though still worries me, especially with the ever-injured Carson and Penny coming off major reconstructive surgery.

      • CaptainJack

        I suspect the front office will LOVE moss but he’s not fast.

  67. Sea Mode

    Charles Robinson
    · 3h

    I chased the Odell Beckham Jr. trade talk. I was told unequivocally the #Vikings haven’t had any trade discussions with the #Browns about Beckham Jr. No calls about Beckham Jr. and no discussion of trade compensation. As an aside, the #Browns do not have Beckham Jr. on the block.

  68. Duworkson

    @Rob, you do an amazing job ever year evaluating prospects since you have created this site. I’ve been a follower ever since and the only site on the web aside from the NFL network I rather get my info. I guess it’s not work when you love it soo much then it just becomes your passion. Take care bro! Go Hawks!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

  69. Sea Mode

    That reaction about beating Alabama was priceless 🙂

  70. Kenny Sloth

    Kenny Robinson is the only former XFL player eligible for this draft. 21 kicked out of West Virginia and didnt have the grades to transfer. Looks twitchy from highlights.

    PFF had him to Sea in the first a few days ago I think.

    I think day 3 is more likely but it’s almost a bare cupboards safety class for me.

  71. Donny Henson

    Latest news from Tony Pauline in terms of draft

    1. Opinions from teams that AJ Epenesa falls out of first round, but Pauline disagrees with teams
    2. Javon Kinlaw will drop to pick 16-32 due to poor interviews
    3. Davon Hamilton moves up to early round 3
    4. Josh Uche will probably be selected within 12 picks of round 2.
    5. Same with Willie Gay Jr., early 2nd round
    6. Davion Taylor- LB- Colorado could go early to mid 3rd round
    7. Terrell Lewis will fall to third round due to medicals
    8. Bryce Hall moves up to third round, teams are satisfy with his medicals.
    9. Myles Bryant- CB- Washington is getting 6th round grades from teams
    10. Kenny Robinson, who played in the XFL before it was shut down, is getting 3rd round grades from some teams.

    • Sea Mode

      Thank you. Was just listening to this trying to glean the information. Kinlaw definitely interests me.

    • Donny Henson

      Also Rob you got a mention by Pauline on the Draft Insiders Podcast.

      • Donny Henson

        One more note, Justin Madubuike projected in mid to late 2nd round by teams according to Pauline

      • Rob Staton

        Really? Sweet.

    • mishima

      Thanks! IMO, 35-55 is the sweet spot for some of our needs.

    • CaptainJack

      We will trade down probably twice and then trade up to get right into the sweet spot

  72. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob loved your article they may be likely but I’m not opposed to drafting both R Davis and Hamilton in round 2.

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