Seahawks off-season checklist

I don’t want this to be a repeat of what I’ve said about the Head Coach so I’ll take this in a different direction. Here are the pressing issues facing the Seahawks this off-season, in my opinion, if Pete Carroll isn’t about to imminently depart…

Create cap space

The Seahawks are currently $9.4m in debt when it comes to effective cap space, according to Over The Cap. They won’t be able to do anything until they make some big decisions on existing, expensive players.

Cutting Bryan Mone will save $5.9m and that’s a no-brainer. It should be equally inevitable to finally move on from Jamal Adams, designating him as a post-June 1st cut to save $16.5m.

That would give you $13m to spend in free agency but they’ll need more. They have too many free agents (you can see the list here) who need re-signing or replacing. Cutting Will Dissly would save another $7m and Dee Eskridge $1.5m. I don’t think you can afford to hack away at the roster, however tempting that might be. You’d need to part with at least one more big earner though. The underwhelming Dre’Mont Jones saves you $11.5m if he’s designated as a post-June 1st cut, Quandre Diggs saves $11m if he’s cut out-right and Tyler Lockett saves $17m as a post-June 1st departure. You might have to pick one of those three.

Geno Smith has to be retained because otherwise you back yourself into a corner for the draft. His salary is three times what it was in 2023 though ($31.2m) so that number has to come down. A negotiation is inevitable to create further cap relief.

It’s time to churn again

I would prioritise retaining Leonard Williams. He played well enough to want to keep around. Spare me the ‘sunk-cost fallacy’ reply — it’ll be malpractice to waste a second rounder for 10 games only, given how well Williams played.

I’d do what it takes to keep him. He’s better than Dre’Mont Jones, who you gave $17.1m a year last off-season. Williams is older but again, he’s better.

Every other free agent is a big old shrug of the shoulders. Do not overpay for Jordyn Brooks, Damien Lewis, Noah Fant or anyone else. Let them reach free agency and let the market come to you. This team did not play well enough this off-season to run it back.

It’s time to churn the roster and look to find value and attitude. Find individuals who are going to hold each other accountable, tackle properly, execute the scheme as intended and play with greater physicality.

I’d happily cut or trade a couple of surprise players to send a message if that’s what’s needed. This team playing soft against Pittsburgh should leave a scar on the Seahawks franchise as they head into the off-season. It might be headache-inducing to initiate another reset after just two years but there’s no choice.

Always compete, right? If you’re just going to bring this bunch back for more of the same, it’s the opposite of competing. The place needs a shake-up. A kick up the backside is required. This means letting players walk and bringing in new ones. They need some of the ruthlessness we saw in 2010.

Prioritise the trenches

Look at Michigan last night. Look at the 49ers and Ravens. Look at the Browns. Look what the Steelers did to you in week 17. If the Seahawks want to compete with the big guns they’ve got to prioritise the big bodies.

Please, finally, shift resource from safety and linebacker and move it to the two lines. We’ve been asking for this for years. Nobody is saying they’ve done nothing up front. A top-10 pick at left tackle, big money on Dre’Mont Jones and the Leonard Williams trade is evidence of investment. It’s only half of the puzzle, though. You can do even more if you just stop spending so much at linebacker and safety, especially when the production doesn’t match the investment.

It’s a loaded O-line draft. Some big name defensive linemen are set to reach free agency. Go all-in up front and then worry about linebacker and safety after. Find speed, tackling ability and toughness for those positions and crack on. Very few teams are making a big splash at safety these days.

Seattle should aspire to be a top-five trenches team and they shouldn’t stop striving to achieve that goal until they reach it.

Draft a quarterback

The transfer portal, big names returning to school and the rise in stock of certain players makes this harder than expected a few weeks ago. Plus, having no second rounder also makes it tricky.

It should still be an aim. It’s been too long since the Seahawks took a chance on a young QB — either to develop or start. Two since 2010 is not enough. They can’t wait for the perfect prospect to land in their lap. They need to take a few shots.

Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye seem destined to be taken #1-3. Any other player, in my opinion, is on the table for the Seahawks. Michael Penix Jr will not go as high as some think for reasons explained here and here. Bo Nix is a day two pick and J.J. McCarthy is not an exciting prospect.

Spencer Rattler is the wildcard for me and could propel his stock way up in the coming weeks. Whether he does or not, he’s one to watch.

They could try to move up. I’m not sure Mike Vrabel has particularly enjoyed working with young quarterbacks in Tennessee. If he ends up replacing Bill Belichick in New England, is it possible the Seahawks could make a big move to #3 with Geno Smith used as a trade chip with picks? It’s fanciful and unlikely but it’s the only scenario I can imagine where the Seahawks make a move, guaranteeing themselves one of the top-three QB’s in the class. It’d cost a fortune, reminiscent of the Trey Lance, Russell Wilson and Bryce Young trades. I don’t think it’s likely.

If it’s simply not possible to draft a QB, then fine. But the intention should be there.

If Pete Carroll stays, hire serious coordinators

Kris Richard, Ken Norton Jr, Clint Hurtt. No more internal defensive coordinator appointments. No more wishy-washy offensive hires either. It’s time to go big game hunting. Get a couple of guys you can trust to run both units and let them cook.

Carroll’s complete circle is more of a complete donut at this point (but far less palatable). He’s had a go at controlling everything, creating his identity and having his guys put together his football team. It’s time for him to take a step back and go for the best coordinators money can buy. Split the circle and emphasise details, execution and toughness.

If he doesn’t like the idea, shake hands and part ways. (That’s what I’d like to see anyway but I promised not to go there…)

If you think Wink Martindale can come in and turn around the defense, go and get him and his entourage that have just left New York. Then hand him the keys to the defense. I’m sceptical if he’s what Seattle’s looking for, given he handed-off a 28th ranked DVOA defense to Mike McDonald (who has since bumped it up to #8 in 2022 and #1 in 2023) in Baltimore. You get the gist though. Make a splash.

On offense, go and identify someone who is a serious up-and-comer. Other teams seem to manage it, why can’t you? Kudos for having a go with Shane Waldron but his route concepts and adjustments when things stall aren’t good enough. You need someone who can consistently challenge opponents with an arsenal of skilful playmakers and put points on the board. Too often this year the offense has ground to a halt for long stretches.

The issue is, I’m not sure any coordinator worth his salt will want to come. This hasn’t been a team where staff have developed their reputations. Working under Carroll, especially as a defensive coordinator, might not be attractive. That’s possibly why they’ve relied on internal hires.

That said, trying the same things over and over again isn’t producing results. If Carroll isn’t on board with a plan to go big and bold, you have to shift to a new era.

Create more accountability

In the last few weeks we’ve had poorly judged cigars in the locker room, embarrassing crotch-grabbing from a young cornerback after fluking an ugly win and Jamal Adams’ shameful twitter spat. Prior to this, we had the Head Coach admitting his team wasn’t ready for the Thanksgiving game against the 49ers and players were confessing the Rams ‘wanted it more’ in week one.

This is a shambles.

Carroll cannot rely on Carl ‘Tater’ Smith and his son Nate for accountability. Someone needs to come in and do a better job of keeping standards high. Equally, the Seahawks should be making major changes to their staff and roster to ensure the shenanigans we saw in 2023 isn’t repeated next season.

The whole tone around the team has to be different going forward.


  1. RomeoA57

    This list makes a lot of sense. I anticipate thst the Seahawks will try their hardest to keep all of their overpriced free agents. Bobby Wagner will probably be playing linebacker with his son on the same team before he retires.

    As indicated in this article, the roster is too bloated with overpriced veterans in the wrong positions. I do not believe this is a one or two year fix. I think that this is team is a tear down and a full rebuild is needed.

  2. 805Hawk

    I wonder what Nate and Tater plan to do if/when Pete retires/is let go. Of course, Tater has an open invitation to work at Ore-Ida, but I worry about Nate.

    • Big Mike

      I hear the Heinz ketchup plant has openings.

    • cha

      Brennan will find a job for him at Arizona.

  3. 805Hawk

    What serious coordinator is going to want to come here? Unless they think they can ascend to the HC role when Pete leaves, you are essentially heading to a team with a lame duck HC and will be looking for a new job in a year. This is all not to mention an ownership group that is a bit up in the air. The contract would have to be very generous with great guarantees to attract anyone of worth.

    • SEAson1

      This is exactly what I’ve been thinking. What would you have to promise a coordinator with great potential or history to come? Personally, I’d love to see Eric Bieniemy offered the office and assistant head coach with the understanding that he is first in line when Pete’s contract expires, assuming he’s successfull.

  4. Palatypus

    Viewing alert!

    Looks like the Senior Bowl roster will just about be finalized on the NFL Network at 10PM CT according to Jim Nagy. “20+ Juniors”

  5. Sam

    That’s wishful thinking. The whole FO and coaching staff has gotten comfortable collecting paychecks. I seriously doubt if they even aspire to win championships. I just see a desire to do the minimum. This issue has been going on for years, In the prime Russ -era, he added additional 2-3 wins every season with his exceptional QB play.

    I don’t understand how letting Pete hire new assistants and coordinators is going to work since his contract may end next year. Will any new upcoming assistant coaches will be willing to hitch their wagon to a failing 72 year old coach who is known for interfering with scheme changes and has a final say on how the defense/offense runs ?

    I hope the ownership group is willing to draw the line and start a new era of Seahawks football by hiring a head coach which is hungry to find success in the NFL.

    • Rob Staton

      What is wishful thinking?

      It’s an article saying what I think the priorities should be. I’m not ‘projecting’ anything.

      • Belfasthawk

        I really enjoyed it, FWIW. If Pete doesn’t retire and isn’t fired, as looks likely at the moment, we need to consider what the future should/could look like in those circumstances.

        • Parallax

          I know what it will look like for me. Doing something other than watching the Seahawks on Sundays. A man has only so many breaths and heart beats.

      • SAm

        Expecting Pete to make the changes you proposed and expecting top assistants want to come here and coach under Pete.

        • Rob Staton

          I didn’t say I ‘expected’ anything

          Like I said it’s my take on the off-season priorities, not a prediction 🤦‍♂️

  6. Amanuel Abraham

    – I’d actually argue that the Seahawks should make 2 of those 3 hard decisions, with a 4th option being to include Tariq woolen in a trade. I’d have peace of mind having a platoon of cheap vets and a draft pick at cb 1 and 2 (or slot cb depending on where spoon will start next year)
    – I’m excited for o-line to be a priority in a draft that we have Steve Hutchinson on staff as an evaluator. I haven’t been mad at the last 3 o-linemen and where we took that hutch had his hand on. In my opinion I’d prioritize tackles that play guard, because neither our tackles are guaranteed 2nd contracts for different reasons. Cross runs hot/cold, reminding me of tunsil. Unless a LG can propel cross to a top 12 LT spot, I’d tag/trade or let him walk like okung (I’m assuming he’d rather walk than try at LG). Abe Lucas plainly just has a degenerative knee that probably hindered his draft stock. A rookie G/T could a worst be a incredibly valuable insurance piece if Bradford/Lucas were to be playing at high levels in ‘24
    – my dream scenario would be to cut quandre/dremont jones, allowing us to re-sign Leonard Williams, sign DT Christian wilkens to a deal similar to Dre jones last year and lastly to convince DB Jordan poyer to come home to the pnw to be a ‘24 stop gap at safety and provides stability once you draft a safety in the future. G/T olinemen + those moves above could bolster the run game on both sides that Pete seemed to imply on his Monday show is an emphasis .
    – Going cheap at TE and the secondary in ‘24 . Everything can’t be fixed at once. Let drew lock walk and offer the same 1yr/4m deal to jake browning if a qb isn’t drafted in ‘24. Center is the potential soft spot but I don’t think the hawks can afford to draft center high in ‘24 (possibly swap Evan brown for another stopgap to compete with olu)
    – Dan Morgan might not be retained by the panthers, leaving the possibility of coming back into the Seahawks fold for the ‘24 draft. I’d welcome that for like hutch, his eye could prove valuable when looking for 1 or both of jordyn/Bobby’s replacement[s]

    • Peter

      This is the problem with not drafting qbs. Now we paid drew 4 million which us great when your starter makes 10 million.

      Geno is due 31.5 I believe. So 35.5 million tied up in total qb value.

      Weren’t fans complaining when Wilson was throwing 4 to 5 tds to interceptions on that kind of money? And still getting the yards as well.

  7. cha

    I think more than anything I want Coordinators and a Head Coach that can do ‘more with less.’ This staff for years has done ‘less with more’ and 2023 was about the worst of it between the defensive investment and a loaded RB-WR-TE room. Just beating the worst teams in the NFL by an eyelash is unacceptable.

    The other reason is – you can’t always get what you want in the offseason. So you can’t drop $60m a year on 3 prize pieces, nor are you always primed to have 4 picks in the top two rounds. And what is more, even if you do get a loaded team, injuries take their toll.

    You need coaches who can adapt and carry out an effective game plan, and minimize where you are weak and inexperienced.

    • BK26

      I just want coaches who can actually develop a player. Who has gotten better under Pete since…Clark?

      Far too often guys go away and aren’t resigned, just to work out somewhere else. I told my Packers fan brother that he’s welcome for getting into the playoffs with Bo Melton. Why are we worried about building through the draft if they are just the same?

      Coaches who can do their jobs…dare to dream.

      • Brodie

        I heard today that the Hawks have never had a drafted DL make a pro bowl.

        Clark made it 3x after we traded him.

        • Brodie

          *PC/JS era

          • Mmjohns195

            It’s pretty wild that Reed didn’t make the pro bowl the year he had 10.5 sacks

    • Big Mike

      So very well said 👏 cha

    • Palatypus

      I saw Boye Mafe on a milk carton today.

      • Parallax


    • cha

      Perfect example of ‘more with less’

      Bo Melton had a 9target-6catches-105yards-1TD game vs Minnesota Dec 31

      Tyler had 3 games where he hit all 3 of those marks in the same game

      DK had none

      JSN had none

  8. Palatypus

    Another player who just accepted an invite to the Senior Bowl you should be aware of is Nebraska-QB-transfer-to-Rice-WR Luke McCaffrey. Yeah, the little brother of you-know-who.

  9. Denver Hawker

    What’s the timeline for end of season pressers with JS and Pete? Has anything been reported yet on internal meetings happening this week? Seeing other coaches get canned already.

    • cha

      Nothing has been announced.

      • Elmer

        Now it has. Let’s not gloat. Rob’s piece is an excellent summary of what has to happen. It is also a guide to what to look for in a new regime. Let’s hope that the hire is a step up, not a step down.

  10. BobbyK

    Eric Bieniemy should be brought in to run the offense. He is intense. I want that. Pete, leave the offense the hell alone and let Bieniemy have the inside gig when you retire (if he’s not offered a head job somewhere else).

    What they do with the defense is anyones guess. I just want it to get younger, but I’m good with another year of Bobby Wagner (at the right price) with the understanding he does not need to be on the field on 3rd and long. Maybe bringing in players who can tackle might be a good idea, too.

    Quit trading future draft picks away! If anything, be the team who goes into the following draft with more than you were supposed to. comPete did that when he wasn’t a dinosaur but now he doesn’t care. He’s probably too busy thinking he’s young because of the two almost extinct dinosaurs running for President in November.

    • A-ok

      They should follow Baltimore’s approach, never trade 1sts, only trade 2nds at most for starting caliber players.

      2nd round should be mid 20s age, but we paid the price for cap savings, which is a shame.

    • Brodie

      Bienemy as OC for one year with the succession plan in ink for 2025 sounds good.

      Agree wholeheartedly about trading picks and prioritizing ADDING future picks instead of pissing them away.

      • Peter

        If Pete’s staying I want to have some never said to fans ultimatum about not trading for players with no contract anymore.

      • WLO333

        Pete…as bridge coach? I like it.

  11. Dubb

    Great article; but wishful thinking. You have to look at the history of this front office. They like to go cheap on DTs. They hit big LOB era with guys like Bennett. Resources have been use on TEs Graham; Dissly with underwhelming results. They like OL that are mediocre , but play variable positions. Pocic was a center LSU; wasted years at Tackle and Guard, now he starts a on one of the best lines in Cleveland. Same with Britt. The 2nd round picks on RBs goes back as far as Christian Michael.

    I’m not sure this front office can make the right personnel decisions going forward. We can’t even cut our kicker because his $5M salary is guaranteed next year.

    And poor Coby Bryant; the best corner in college football; never even got a chance to play cornerback here. Nickleback, safety?

    I think it’s time to move on. The roster philosophy from 2010 is outdated. I’m not sure the current FO can adapt.

    • Palatypus

      They have to do something. They have no choice.

    • Rob Staton

      Why are people using the phrase ‘wishful thinking’???

      This is two people now

      It’s my opinion on a list of priorities not a flipping mock off season

      • Steve

        The true wishful thinking is that everyone could have reading comprehension.

        • Rob Staton


  12. DarrellDownUnder

    Pete must be bad at money management or just greedy.

    Looks worn out and is not in touch with the youngsters. Desperately hanging onto old, slow, & overpaid vets.

    With the state of the Hawks roster, cap, etc. why would you want to just hang on for the last year on your contract.

    This thing needs a giant flush from top to bottom. Do something Jody!

    • Palatypus

      How exactly is Pete greedy? That makes no sense.

      • DarrellDownUnder

        A bit cheeky but I’m referring to Pete not tapping out instead of collecting another paycheck.

  13. 509 Chris

    Hey Rob, is the new look to the site here to stay? Sorry if you’ve gone over this already. I agree with most all of your points, but I do think it’s important that they don’t decide to sign Williams at all cost because they have the 2nd rounder invested. A slight overpay is fine for one of the few bright spots on the defense but remember he’s older and they dont need to keep putting themselves into these long deals with guys who used to perform. Diggs for example went from a very smart trade and signing to a financial black hole because they kept pushing money down the road on an older player. I know this is slightly different because they’re talking about the beginning of a deal with him not the end, but this front office has shown they will get stupid to get what they want.
    I was really into trading up for a qb but I’m not so sure now. We’ll have to see how the offseason progresses but if the only team willing to deal is NE like you speculate, and Maye is still looking like the clear #3 I’d say hard pass on spending capital to go get him. Maybe he impresses in the process and JS falls in love but I’m not sold.

    • Peter

      Counter…a legitimately good qb is so important it can move the needle for the whole team.

      • Whit21

        Yeah.. its the difference of having low percentage scoring drive and scoreless quarters where you have to get 4th quarter comeback TDs against subpar teams..

        • Peter


          I’ll trade gane winning drives against WAS, AZ, TN

          Fora much higher percentage Redzone offense.

          • BK26

            Or, you know, having an offense good enough to score more consistently. Having a qb who elevates the rest of th offense.

            Game winning drives over bad teams, squeaking by them, or comfortable wins?

  14. Julian

    As it stands today my offseason priorities would look like this;

    I’d cut deep enough to create enough space to sign Leonard Williams and Christian Wilkins in Free Agency. A player like AJ Epenesa would be a low cost depth piece to help set an Edge on the defensive line.

    In the draft i’d be looking at one of the Offensive Tackles who can be a great guard. They’d offer the flexibility to play Tackle if the unfortunate absence of Abe Lucas comes to pass. In order my preferences would be Taliese Fuaga, Troy Fautanu, Jordan Morgan, Graham Barton.

    If Rattler is available in the second I’d package picks to get him and a late flyer I really like is Safety Sione Vaki of Utah. He’s experienced on offensive and is electric. He might make a great punt returner.

    • Rokas

      Wilkins will be way way out of our reach salary wise.

      • Julian

        I don’t know? There can be lots of Cap space created without Diggs, Adams, Lockett, others and a new contract for Geno. It’s a case of priorities.

        • Peter

          But we still need a LG, two to three LB’s, and at least one safety while hoping the deep roster players are serviceable next year.

          Maybe a center or money for brown. General backup olinemen. I know we don’t use te’s but you have to probably buy or draft another one.

          Just typing this out makes me realize how “all in,” Pete and John must have thought this year was prior to even LW and his trade.

          • bmseattle

            Talk about “wishful thinking”… John and Pete are the masters of this.

            • Peter

              Visions of them reading “the secret,” and making vision boards all off season.

    • McZ

      A.J. Epenesa just had a 80.4 PFF rated season.

    • Parallax

      Thanks to Ja’Lynn for his time as a Husky and Godspeed!

  15. Brodie

    Very much appreciate the article and the thoughtfulness in it. I fear that these moves would just keep us afloat as a .500 team. They make sense in trying to improve the team considering the hole they’ve dug themselves.

    I would be more in favor of taking a step back to take 2 forward in 2025.

    If Pete has to come back, I do indeed see everything in the article on the table as he tries to get back to the mountain top.

    What I’d like to see:

    Let all of the FA ‘test’ the market and hopefully get deals. Backfill FA with the guys that didn’t get the offers and come in on 1 year contracts (no one over age 30 and only after after the comp pick window). Hopefully LW, Bobby, Fant, Brooks or other UFA’s sign for decent money and get us 4 comp picks.

    Eat the dead cap next year and clear space. Adams, Diggs, Mone, Dissly, Bellore, Eskridge. Axe them all and carry the cap forward to 2025.

    Look to acquire 2025 draft capital where possible (like the mid-round trade down that got us the 3rd this year). Give John strict instructions to not trade any future day 1 or day 2 picks ever again.

    Focus on OL in the draft and get a new OC that will take the reigns next year. If Pete is coming back, bring Hurtt back too for all I care. Let the OL gel for a year and learn the offense. Then focus on the defense in 2025. We’re almost dead last in most defensive metrics anyway, so let’s get one side of the ball GOOD, instead of both sides bad-average.

    The Rams won a Super Bowl and tore everything down to the studs, save Stafford, Donald & Kupp. Yet they have already passed us (again), are in the playoffs and looking like a team no one really wants to face. Oh and they have $44M in cap space and didn’t have a 1st round pick this year, yet alone two.

    I know Pete would never sign off on this and hiring a lame duck coach for a year to oversee this level of demolition presents its own problems. I’m desperate for anything other than ‘running it back’ though. And desperation is a stinky cologne.

    • Peter

      If the players listed go would we not be out of the comp pick game as soon as we sign two new LB’S and a DT?

      The thing with Williams is this FO can not draft dlinemen.

      • Brodie

        That was my caveat (no one over age 30 and only after after the comp pick window).

        There is a cutoff point where players signed do not count against the comp pick calculation. If we sign FA prior to that date, they do indeed cancel each other out.

        *This year it was May 2nd, so it’s about 6 weeks of sitting on your hands – or letting Pete sell guys on the ‘culture’ if you will.

        • Peter


          Learned something new today.

          That works.

      • Brodie

        I also just don’t see any reason why LW would sign here apart from $$$.

        We aren’t a playoff team and certainly not a true contender. The vaunted culture looks like it isn’t all it has been hyped up to be. And he has very little help in the way of difference making studs on the DL next to him.

        If it comes down to who is offering the most money, I doubt we’re the winners of that auction.

        • Peter

          The Rams called with all their draft picks in 2024, 56+million in cap,the 6th seed while we are in a never stated 3 year rebuild and said they’d like to speak to Williams they’ve got donald on the line…..

  16. Happy Hawk

    Great content and a solid checklist. Need to draft a QB every year until we get out of middle round muck of averageness. The meaning of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again and expecting a different result. We are stale and predictable.

  17. Peter

    I like this quite a bit.

    I see a lot of Christian Wilkens from folks.

    Leonard Williams on 14.5 mil

    Wilkins.on 20 mil

    What do do about Geno? A new contract with 40 million in guarantees again two more years and 20 million cap?

    That’s going to make it tough to fill out the rest of the roster.

    I’d like to go big game hunting but maybe a cheaper or two cheaper dlinemen plus Williams.

    • Julian

      When it comes to Free Agents signing, my guess is the top players such as Christian Wilkins and Leonard Williams, will have a choice of a few quite similar contracts when it comes to the bottom line (salaries). They’ll be many other intangible factors that will finally determine where they go. All we can do at fans on a blog is endorse a certain method of roster building through allocating resources of the bottom line, to the conceptional value of players of a certain quality and style.

      On that basis, if you cut Jamal Adams Post June; his Cap saving equals about what a Leonard Williams contract per AAV is projected to cost.

      If you (for business reasons) cut Tyler Lockett Post June and Bryan Mone outright, their Cap savings for 2024 equals about what a Christian Wilkins contract per AAV is projected to cost.

      I’d suggest all these players cut in my proposal, already have players on the roster ready to replace them in Love and JSN, with the DT’s replacing Mone (what an upgrade!)?

      The Offensive Line should be rebuilt through the draft. Two picks I’d love to see in the first 3 rounds for example would be, Troy Fautanu and Jackson Powers-Johnson. If Damien Lewis would come back on a $5 million type detail, an Offensive Line like Cross, Fautanu, Powers, Lewis, Lucas would be a dream!

      That for me would be an off season of targeting the Trenches!

      • Peter

        I get it.

        One thing I liked about last off season pre draft was many holes at the time seemed filled.

        Of course we have directions one way or the other come draft time. I think it’s a bit dicey to think with that anyone or any positional group will be available when we pick.

        I like the cuts and transfer of money to LW and say Wilkens, Reader.

        I like fauntanu, tailese, zintner, van pran. Outside of Zintner I just wonder how any third round or later offensive linemen is going to be better than any of the other 3rd round or later olinenen Seattle has drafted?

        • Julian

          The 3rd round is often quite a sweet spot for some pretty decent iOL and we have 2 picks there. Damien Lewis himself, had a pretty decent first season, before being shifted over to Left Guard and in the same year after him you had Pro Bowler Jonah Jackson taken for Detroit and John Simpson who’s started every game on the Offensive line for the Baltimore Ravens this year.

    • Scot Alexander

      I can’t see us getting Williams on a new contract for less than we paid Dre’mont last year. Maybe if lucky 3yrs at 18M AAV.

  18. Karlos

    Hey Rob ,
    Great article would be ok if we reach for a Rattler or Penix at pick 16 since we dont have 2nd round pick and they wont be there at round 3.

  19. 805Hawk

    I’m getting a little bit hopeful. Someone on Twitter pointed out that Pete has never had his end of year press conference later than 3 days after the last game. Nothing announced yet for this year.

    • cha

      Most of the Seattle press corps is just getting back from Houston today…

      • 805Hawk

        Buzz kill.

  20. Scott

    2 things:
    Geno is ranked 12th in ESPN’s GBR rankings.
    He currently sits 12th in cap hit for next year.
    Not sure why he would take less.

    Would make sense to say goodbye to Tyler and draft another top WR to go with DK andJSI?

    • cha

      Because QBR and Cap Hit have zero corrleation.

      Gardner Minshew is 13th and in no position to demand $30m/year.

      Trevor Lawrence is 16th and will not be extended for $25m/year.

      Joe Burrow is 19th and nobody is clamoring for him to reduce his $55m/year contract.

      • Peter

        Forever circling back to our qb….if minshew is worth around 5 million….not sure Geno has a case for 6x that amount.

        I’m not expecting him to be 6x better. Heck even 2x better would be ridiculous.

        If you adjust both performances for 17 games starting they are (comically) similar. Sure Geno is 3% more accurate this year. Who cares. The yards, tds, ints and game record are the same enough.

      • Rob Staton

        Cha 🎯

  21. Trevor

    Agree completely Rob. Hawks need to make drafting a QB and focussing on the DL / OL.

    Would like to see the Hawks target Williams plus either Wilkins who plays with incredible intensity or DJ Reader who is an absolute stud run defender.

    My ideal draft is trade back in Rd 1 to pick up another 3rd.

    1st- Rattler – QB of the future
    3rd – Mckinkey Jackson – under rated stud DT
    3rd- Payton Wilson- A LB who excel in both run and pass defense.
    3rd- Zak Zinter- An elite LG next to Cross when healthy.

    Remainder of draft look for S, TE, WR

    • Peter

      I’m big on DJ Reader. If Spotrac is right he and Williams provide great strength at a price that feels more realistic.

    • BK26

      This would be PERFECT. Get your offensive leader, defensive leader and tone setter, then get some destroyers on the lines.

      This catches us right back up long-term.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      I like all those guys but taking both Wilson and Zinter, when both are coming off injury concerns seems like too risky a dice roll.

  22. Colin

    If the Seahawks decided they were going to make offers to Brooks and Lewis to keep them from hitting free agency, what number would you be comfortable with? Obviously they haven’t earned top of position level wages, but they would be no brainers on minimum salaries, so where is the sweet spot?

    • Rob Staton

      Let them establish a market

      I’ve no interest in stopping them becoming free agents

      • cha

        They have to. The last time they did that they hurried to sign Phil Haynes for $4m.

        He only started 8 games because he continued his long, long, long history of injuries in 2023.

      • Colin

        Okay, I’ll rephrase the question if you’d like. After Seattle lets them become free agents and establish a market, what is the point where you feel like Seattle should be comfortable with the market coming to them? $2m AAV, $5m, $8m, etc?

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sure Colin. To properly answer that I’d need to know what alternatives there are and how much they’d cost, how much you have to spend etc

  23. Robert Las Vegas

    I don’t know about anyone else but I kinda wish the Seahawks would abandon this vic fangio defense and simply go back to a standard 4- 3 defense.we would have to add more depth to IDL . would it be so terrible to say we tried it didn’t work so let’s try this way.

    • BobbyK

      A lot comes down to talent (and teaching fundamentals – which Pete says they need to “coach better”).

      Michigan got pressure with only four a bunch last night. Problem is – the Seahawks can’t get pressure with that. And when they do, our terrible tackling allows runners many more yards.

      Brooks is really good at whiffing. Spoon is a great hitter, but I miss the days where Richard Sherman would come up in run support and tackle runners. He doesn’t have any highlight reel hits blowing up runners, but he would actually tackle them like you’re supposed to. I love Spoon, I really do, but he’s a whiff machine, too. They need to draft some guys that can tackle AND “coach better” in terms of teaching fundamental football.

      I believe in most schemes given the correct talent to play it accordingly.

  24. Palatypus

    Joke of the day.

    Aaron Rodgers got two A’s on his report card and they were both in his name.

    – Jimmy Kimmel

    • cha

      I love it when people who don’t talk for a living take pot-shots at people that do.

      That old saying ‘don’t mess with the people who buy ink by the barrel’ comes to mind.

    • Jabroni-DC

      I’ve never liked Rodgers but Kimmel has revealed himself to be a 1st class D-bag.

      • Palatypus

        Speaking of 1st class D-bags. I guess Jamal Adams got four A’s on his report card.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I’ve not been following very closely, but how has Kimmel revealed himself to be a d-bag? I’m not a huge Kimmel fan, but it seems like Rodgers started this whole thing, and in this day and age where threats of violence is escalating to a scary level (not to mention the proliferation of swatting), I would not want someone dragging my name through the mud, which is what Rodgers has done. If he wants to open his mouth like that, he best expect shots fired back.

  25. Bob Kaupang

    Seahawks off-season plan:

    Give Lock $10 million to backup Geno.

    Find a bum TE to sign to a 1-year contract worth between $8-10 million.

    Sign a third string center from some team with a bad starter and second string and given them $4 million.

    Trade their 1st round pick in 2026 to the Vikings for FS Harrison Smith. They will be stacked with safeties.

    Have Abe Lucas rehab his knee really hard to the point where he reinjures it and he misses either training camp or, heck, all season.

    Draft MarShawn Lloyd in the 3rd round even though he’s only 5-9. He plays RB and we once had a RB named Lynch who did good. It’d be a shame to get out of day two without a RB.

    Bring back Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin for one final ride. They will be able to stabilize anything that needs stabilizing.

    Super Bowl, here we come!

  26. Paul

    For reasons already fully elucidated, they need to finally end the Adams experiment this offseason. His whole vibe needs to be purged from the locker room. For the same reason, they need to let Dre’Mont Jones walk as well. Not because he is too expensive or underperforming — he just looks too much like Jamal.

    Maybe that’s harsh, but it’s how I feel. It was a rough year.

  27. Tomas

    Pete will be back next season, and little will change — more frustration. My mood is brightened by the news that Pete’s only signed for one more season, not two. But then I worry, God help me, that Jody will exercise the option to bring him back for another year. Hopefully I’m entirely wrong and there’ll be a hastily called press conference in a couple weeks announcing that Pete’s out. But I’ll be shocked if this occurs.

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s just let the week play out before declaring anything

  28. BrandoK

    With this offseason for Seattle how much does John Schneider have trust in Pete to be any different, from the way Pete talks and indicates it’ll be all the same things maybe a few tweaks here and there but nothing major just to result in the same problems again and again. John might be looking for a way to finally have a chance to pick a HC and QB of his liking but not gonna happen with Pete still here.

    I don’t trust Pete will ever change he just doesn’t want to retire and do nothing.
    I’m hoping for major changes but the reality is there probably won’t be this is true purgatory for me at this point with this Pete led team.

    • Walter Rucker

      I like his energy….

    • Scot Alexander

      Initially I was pro offensive replacement for Pete.
      After watching a 7th year of our defense; I’m now leaning towards Macdonald as his replacement.
      Regardless, I’ll be happy to see most any change at HC.
      Not a Quinn or any other replacement with Pete Carroll ties though.

  29. LouCityHawk

    Good list of priorities…or wishful thinking….;-)

    For me it starts near your bottom:

    Heal the locker room – a team is just that, cigargate, if nothing else laid bare that the factionalization of the locker room is real. Factions are a symptom of failed leadership, but if the locker room can’t be healed, if the players can’t count on each other, then they may as well just stay home next year.

    Part ways with Carroll – just cannot be omitted.

    If Carroll is retained, it has to be under the condition that JS gets the final say on personnel, and that the 2 (new) coordinators are given wide latitude in hiring their assistants and calling their plays.

    I’m not digging most of the choices I’m seeing thrown out there…choice OC for me is Brian Fleury (9ers TE coach) – do a little research and you will see a HC ascendant. Choice DC for me is Anthony Weaver (BAL assistant and DLine coach) – another star on the rise.

    Drafting a QB is necessary, but like Rob says, shouldn’t be forced. I find it very intriguing that Howard hasn’t committed yet…I’m wondering if he, like Ward, is finding that middle class area attractive. To me Howard is a 3rd round pick, even if my heart is set on Daniels or Ewers, he would be a consolation prize worth having.

    The trenches need investment and more investment. Young talent needed, maulers and mashers and big uglies. Not a single spot on the OLine is set, same with the DLine. Get to it.

    The churn needs to be real and dispationate. The time for feel good stories is over.

    Last point, first point, the cap needs to be managed and prioritized. No more gross overpays, no more going cheap at the wrong time.

    • Bret Kester

      Howard’s going to OSU. Good for him in the long run I think. Bad for you and I for Big 10 next year.

      • LouCityHawk

        I had kissed that news. Oh well, Cig is gonna make life tough for him.

  30. Big Mike

    For those if you interested in Zak Zinter, I heard the other day he had a “clean break” and he’s recovering “quickly”.

    • Rob Staton

      Excellent news

      • Palatypus

        He’s walking without crutches now. Just googled it. Senior Bowl?

        • Big Mike

          Supposedly he “has a chance”.

          • Peter

            Thanks for the update.

            I said before I’d jog to the podium easy for him if we had a second or he’s there in the third.

    • McZ

      Zinter will go 2nd to the Rams, mark my words.

  31. Parallax

    Color me highly skeptical that the Hawks can accomplish anything worthwhile so long as Carroll remains. If ownership can’t see that or won’t pull the trigger for other reasons, there’s really no compelling reason for fans to invest their time, care or money in the 2024 Seahawks.

    I agree with most of your takes, Rob, except that I feel that someone other than Carroll needs to be in charge. Of course I know you feel that way too.

    The only place we disagree is on Williams. I’ll run out the term “sunk cost fallacy” again because no one is worth signing at any price, as you seem to advocate. If he’s willing to take a fair and reasonably short-term (given his age) deal, fine. But if he wants to play elsewhere or some team opens the vault, let him go. Take the compensatory pick. It’s not like we’re on the verge of winning the division.

    One last thought. I don’t recall you mentioning Wagner. Please cut the guy. Great part of our team history. Will be in the Hall. So build a statue. Hang his number. But for God’s sake, don’t put him back out on the field to embarrass himself. Have mercy (on him and us).

    • Rob Staton

      Wagner is a free agent

      If you lose Williams, near contention or not, you just have to replace him. Might as well have someone actually good IMO

      • Parallax

        It is a position of need so I agree in part. I just wouldn’t pay more than market rate. I imagine, having played so long with the Giants, he likely wants to land with a team that has a chance to be really good or he may just want the biggest possible payday. Either way, I don’t want to compete with teams to whom he’s worth more than he is to us.

        It blows that we traded for him. That was the moment I completely lost faith in Carroll. Maybe I should have sooner. I called for his replacement at the time of the Russ trade but wasn’t a die-hard Pete-must-go guy until this season. That trade just ripped away any pretext for keeping him. Reminded me of all the incredible blunders this team has made. That man has zero strategic sense. Great cheerleader. Maybe he can wear the mascot costume next year.

  32. Andy J

    My main thought is on the Geno debate.

    I agree with a lot of what Rob said in the middle of the year. I think he is mid.

    – You need someone at the head of the ship at QB. He’s proved he can manage the captain’s ship.
    – While I don’t think he is worth $30+ million, his contract actually gives the team a lot of flexibility. If you are able to bring in a rookie QB to compete and a credible back-up for cheap (heck, even Drew)… if you are liking what you see, you can offload Geno anytime. Not a lot of QBs made it through the whole season this year. A team will trade you something for a mid but solid QB on a cheap contract (remember, the Hawks are already definitely paying some of it!).

    • Andy J

      *captain’s seat

      • Parallax

        I can’t imagine anyone trading for Geno at $30M. I doubt he’d have signed the deal he got last season if Seattle hadn’t made the offer.

        • cha

          A team acquiring Geno would be on the hook for $22.5m in 2024 and $25m (non guaranteed) in 2025.

          • Scot Alexander

            What would the cap hit for us be though; if we traded Geno.

  33. KJ Smith

    Rob as always great information raining down from the blog

    I wouldn’t be afraid of any of the big cuts (Diggs, Jones, Lockett) Feel bad for Lockett since he has been incredible for us but JSN showed he deserved the WR2.

    Agree with you on playing to the draft strength draft 5OL’s with first 5 picks. Lucas knee is very scary and we want to run lets run. I remember how high you were last year on Sedrick Van Pran go get him at center with a Tackle and Guard.

    Leonard Williams should be top priority on D and being done with terrible trade/contract of safetyville start fresh on that side of ball

    Interesting you think a team would potentially move for Geno (Pats) I thought the only player that would bring in value for moving up to the nosebleed of the draft would be DK and would be interested if you’d consider moving him for QB of the future

    Hopefully Rattler is the real deal and none of the other GM’s read this site and we load up on talented OL and move on to a coach that doesn’t look outclassed by the Rams each year (and guaranteed to waste 17 second half TO’s on challenges)

    Can’t wait for the reports from Indy and Go Hawks

    • LouCityHawk

      Geno, and there are others for sure.

      I had assumed Geno was heading to Tampa to rejoin Canales….if he ends up somewhere with an open competition, would not be surprised to see them trade for Geno.

    • McZ

      JSN will be kept because he is cheap, not because he is good. Had a 63.3 PFF rating, which IMO is generous.

      When I proposed trading Lockett three weeks ago, I was being hammered for it. What did change, really?

      I also wonder if DK will be traded right away to get firepower for the draft. Geno has played his last game in a Seahawks dress last Sunday. I don’t think he will go to a team that isn’t able to prep up his numbers like the Hawks did.

      If they have to choose between Williams and a third rounder, they might take the latter.

      Hopefully, we get a new HC with an iron broom.

  34. Peter

    I’m just throwing this out there that I’m stealing from another seahawks presenter…

    While we talk about the young up and coming coordinators that we like, Paul Allen reached out for big names for coaches when he could.

    Who knows how the folks at Vulcan feel now. Holmgren and Pete and even Mora had all made their bones somewhere else.

    I’m not saying Harbaugh. But I wonder if this goes back to quinn, or similar.

    • LouCityHawk

      There is something to this, each coach was considered the premium draw of their cycle.

      This is why I’m zeroing in on Ben Johnson, the caviar choice.

      Vrabel would be interesting, so would Shaw/Peterson from this perspective.

      • Peter

        Vrabel is really interesting. Great age. There’s a lot if yeah buts to him….on the other hand. I’ve rarely seen a coach and gm so disconnected to each other in regards to process.

        I’m still not sure why Adams’ let him go after the gm did such a poor job. The titans are forever doing this and turns out out it’s not working.

  35. Gross MaToast


    Reaching 100 points on the chart below guarantees that 2024 will be an absolute and utter shambolic failure.

    Have fun throughout the offseason by totaling the points assigned to each action/inaction..

    (All values assigned by me, Utah Gross MaToast, for entertainment purposes only.)

    Pete Carroll returns as Head Coach – 40
    Clint Hurtt returns as DC. – 30
    Shane Norton Jr returns as OC. – 30
    Bobby Wagner resigns. – 10
    Jamal Adams returns. – 30
    No QB drafted in 2024 – 10
    Leonard Williams signs elsewhere. – 20
    Dre’mont Jones returns * – 10
    Dee Eskridge returns – 05
    Quandre Diggs returns – 20
    Will Dissly returns* – 10
    Jordan Brooks resigns** – 10
    Geno Smith returns*. – 25
    Damien Lewis resigns** – 10
    DB or LB is Seattle’s 1st pick. – 10
    Seattle Trade Down in RD 1 – 05
    Jody Allen fails to announce
    That she’s selling the team
    by August 1, 2024. – 100

    * – without restructuring their contract
    ** convincing JS to write a check without testing the market.

    Good Luck.

    • Andy J


    • WLO333

      Hurt should be 100 points by himself. I don’t know why he wasn’t gone last offseason. The defense is a complete and utter disaster in every way. I don’t see the point of having a season if he’s still in charge.

      I think Geno and Pete both returning could work (and it seems likely Geno would keep his job if Pete keeps his) but it seems unlikely. Pete would have to be willing to recognize and improve on his flaws, most importantly, getting good coordinators and letting them do their jobs, which could cover for his lack of strategy or game planning acumen. If that happened, I’d be OK with it. Its a change, and attempt to fix things at least.

    • Big Mike

      Great stuff Gross. How about a couple more? (I’ll let you determine the negative value if you’d like):

      PCJS sign another retread Center
      Phil Haynes is re-signed
      Carroll again claims “stopping the run is our highest priority”
      Tater and/or Nate are not replaced

      • Peter

        Nate replaced?

        Laugh now, cry later but I’m actually not joking when you scan the land good luck finding someone more qualified to be an unqualified offensive coordinator.

        Minus 200 pts if that happens

    • Peter

      I can see all of this happening outside of the two Coordinators. That’s a ton of points I’m looking at racking up.

  36. Saxon

    “I will never shy away from acknowledging that I have unapologetically high expectations for the football team and every aspect of the Titans organization,” Strunk said in her statement. “Our vision is not simply to produce more wins than losses, it is to regularly compete for championships.”

    This was a comment from Amy Adams Strunk, owner of the Tennessee Titans, after firing Mike Vrabel. Jody Allen should take a queue from a fellow female owner. Mediocre is not good enough. Carroll has earned the Vrabel treatment.

    • Rob Staton

      Would love to hear Jody say that

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I’d love to hear Jody say anything. Then we would at least have an idea of her thoughts.

        • Rob Staton


  37. Donovan

    So, honest Q as I read the piece:

    Why is moving on from John Schneider never mentioned as an option?

    Yes, he brings a long record of success, but it sure seems like Rebuild 2.0 was poorly managed in terms of K handed out: both for presumed bedrocks and overpaying avg replacement level talent.

    One of benefits of moving on from Russ was the cap space it freed up to acquire talent, but here we are in cap difficulties with a lot of money tied up, and dead money attached to, pretty undesirable talent.


    • Andy J

      I presume it’s because everyone see it’s harder to replace two than one. Schneider provides some continuity. He gets an easy out because 1) everyone assumed Carroll is the real power behind the throne, and 2) the faults seem somewhat more to do with stale coaching. Surely, also, because there is no big name coaches who would demand full control, except Belichick or Harbaugh. Finally, he is respected around the league. I doubt any incoming coach would feel strongly about replacing him.

      • BK26

        And I also think that there are other teams that would fire their GM’s just to hire John. Actually, pretty sure that would happen.

    • Rob Staton

      Because I think he has earned the chance to show what he can do on his own without Pete

      • Palatypus

        I honestly don’t think I have ever heard Jody Allen say anything.

        I’m serious.

  38. Pran

    As Rob mentioned no one worth their salt will come as OC and DC under Pete. History and results are our guide here.

    As is the case big name FAs are not preferring Seattle either for a long time. Leonard williams is going to remind us again of this unless they throw crazy money at him.

  39. Andy J

    If Pete stays (plzzzz no)…

    I’d love to see former head coaches hired as coordinators…

    Frank Reich
    Jon Gruden
    Eric Bieniemy
    Jim Caldwell
    Josh McDaniels (bad fit)
    Kliff Kingsbury (uninterested)
    Ejiro Evero (plzzz)
    Brandon Staley
    Ron Rivera

    Also, I will say this every freaking year… but I wish that Carroll would bring in former players as coaches. I always wanted Lawyer Milloy to be a coach. I could see a lot of former USC / LOB-era players make great coaches. Preferably someone who can play the role of Ken Norton Jr. as LB coach… a credibly messenger who can hold young players accountable.

  40. UkAlex6674

    I’m so ready for PC to step down. It’s stale, boring, and I am starting to resent the constantly confused look on his face when the opposition rips off another 20+ yard run.

    I used to think a large % of the fan base still lived in the LOB era and would always try to compare any current iteration of the D to that.

    Turns out the worst person for that is PC himself.

    Please Pete, we all love you for what you’ve done, but go while you have some dignity.

    FWIW, I think he’s gone and they are just trying to work out the best exit strategy for him, so he doesn’t lose face.

    • Peter

      Just for me….

      This is a few years running of the most boring football I’ve watched maybe in my lifetime.

      These plodding, grinding games where no one does anything until the final three minutes.

      Detroit and Dallas were entertaining. Giants was funny. But AZ twice, Rams once, WAS, cincy, tenn, Philly not to mention the butt whooping by the rams, Ravens, niners.

      • BK26

        They played a lot of bad teams and barely won. Not a lot of fun game played and honestly, there are a a few guys that aren’t easy to root for.

        Giants game was so incredibly frustrating. Everyone was overreacting to the sacks we had and I was yelling at the tv to just put them out of their misery. I’ve never seen a team give up that badly, yet we couldn’t do much with it.

  41. GoHawksDani

    That would be a great plan!

    Now everybody forget it before you get optimistic.

    I think Pete will stay, Waldron or Hurtt could go but not both and the new coach will be underwhelming (no one wants to coach under Pete). They’ll overpay Brooks, Bobby will walk, they draft an LB after trading back from R1. They keep the Peacock, cut Jones, lose Williams in FA, maybe cut/trade Lockett. Extend Reed and Dissly to lower the cap for now, maybe extend or re-negotiate with Geno.
    Talk about running it back and focus more on running the ball and better tackling and call it a day.

    Until Pete retires it’s the same old sh&€@t…
    I hope for a miracle but if Jody plans to sell the team in 1-2 years they probably don’t wanna mess with the status quo so new owners can clear the building and start from scratch

    • Anonymous

      That didn’t aged too well 😂 where is the line for crows for dinner? 😀

  42. Sneekes

    I think we all know not much is going to change, but it doesn’t really bear thinking about. My plan for a ‘PC remains’ offseason:
    1. I don’t know enough about individual coaches – but acquire two up and comers and let them coach.
    2. Don’t pay anyone more than the value they can reasonably be expected to bring. This includes all players, good guys and bad guys. It means either a goodbye or significant contract adjustments to Adams, Diggs, Lockett, Dre Jones, Dissly, Mone, Bellore, Eskridge, maybe even Geno. This is harsh on some as it’s not their fault, but as Adam mentioned “it’s not personal, it’s business”. It also means lower than they’d wish for contract offers (if at all) for Wagner, Brooks, Lewis, Parkinson. We need to get out of this cycle of rewarding players for loyalty – we should be rewarding players for performance. I think this part of the plan weakens the team but it does two things – a), it sends a message, pull your fingers out, you are accountable for your performance b). I think we need new blood, we need leaders and winners.
    3. Get a new cap guru, that’s partly why we’re in this mess. The Dissly contract is one of the worst pieces of cap management I have ever seen. It’s ruined Dissly for me, he seems a nice guy and a decent player, but when he got the TD on Sunday my immediate thought was “that’s $10m per TD”.
    4. Prepare. Actually prepare for everything we do, have plans B, C & D lined up in case Plan A doesn’t come off.
    5. Stop talking bollocks about a player “being a Seahawk”. What does that mean? Misses tackles and casually misogynistic?

    I hadn’t quite realised how angry I was about this season until I started typing. Time for a lie down.

  43. Georgia Hawk

    Pete’s statement of “I need to do a better job and I need to help my coaches more and we need to do a better job of coaching.” really REALLY concerns me. I see two ways you can look at it, both equally alarming for their own reason. (There could absolutely be a different way to see it though)

    Option 1: “I need to help my coaches more because I’ve been too hands off and let them do their own thing.” If this is the case….why have you waited to do so? You’ve been saying some version of this for weeks, why hasn’t it changed? Have you checked out so much that you just don’t care to help where you know you need to? Are you not (phyiscally) capable of helping more? Its also equally concerning that your coaches would require this much extra help/oversight just to function properly. Which brings me to…

    Option 2: “My coaches are incapable of performing at a standard to where we have a chance to win these games and I need to step in more to make that happen.”
    This, to me, would be even more egregious. You’ve set up a staff that is so bad they cannot actually perform their jobs well enough to reach your stated goals. If Hurtt isn’t capable of leading a Defense….LET HIM GO! Don’t say we need to fix the Run D, then NOT DO IT! You’ve been bemoaning the lack of a tone setting run game. Either you think you have the capability to do so, and you DO IT. Or you don’t so you adapt and go with what you CAN do. Why are we trying to keep doing the same thing over and over and having the same conversations?

    As a High School Defensive Coordinator, we ran 3 different defenses in 5 years because the players I had were better suited to a different one each season. Our strengths and weaknesses changed each year. If they players you have are incapable of doing what you say you want to do…ADAPT AND CHANGE.

    I get all the old dog, new tricks, set in his ways, and his system stuff…but come on. The actions don’t match the words.

    I fully realize Pete is all about internal loyalty and the chance of him letting go staff in the middle of the year is next to zero. I’m just expressing frustration. I hate watching this team and seeing the same thing week after week and Pete saying the same things week after week.

    • Brodie

      With the holidays and family stuff, I didn’t watch all of the games down the stretch. From what I did see and what I’ve heard, it seems they tried to switch it up.

      They ran more 4-3 than 3-4 toward the end and the run defense got worse. Worst in the league worst for the last month.

      Trying to switch halfway through the season feels like two of the major failings. They tried to incorporate 3-4 with guys who’ve played 4-3. Then switched out the entire DL to run it back with 3-4, struggled, Pete likely stepped in and they went back to mostly 4-3 again with the wrong personnel.

      They never got a NT in the off-season and that made everyone shift to a ‘heavier’ spot than they should have been. Reed should have been a DT, not a nose. Dre’Mont should have been a DE, not DT. Mario Edwards shouldn’t have been starting, period. So you have a replacement level DE and two undersized DL out of position.

      Hindsight and all with LW, but they could likely see that Cam Young wasn’t the answer. Mone never came back and Mike Morris got hurt. Then Nwosu, who is our only OLB that can set an edge goes down week 6. We play one game against PJ Walker and the Browns and Jamal’s header saves the day… Queue the trade for a 300lb disruptor because that is what was available.

      That doesn’t work, so they end up back with a 4-3. Really though, our 4-3 is more of a 4-2 and our 3-4 was more of a 3-3 because we run nickel as a base so often. Regardless, they did try to switch things up, both by alignment and trade and it didn’t work.

      Sadly, the ‘fix’ was one that was talked about here at SDB (and most fan sites) extensively. It’s similar to other ‘fixes’ in past years that didn’t happen. Prioritize the trenches. When WE all could see that the team needed OL help & pass rush, they add mediocre OL and washed up Irvin & Mayowa. This year, they part with the entire DL unit and bring in Reed, Jones and nothing else really. THEN they play them out of position.

      All so we can build around JA as our big nickel/hybrid LB and he’s either awful or injured. The talent acquisition has been pretty good, but the roster construction has been poor recently.

  44. Mike

    Regarding a renegotiation of Geno Smith’s deal, what do you think a realistic number would be? He is looking at $22.5 M in new money for next year, It seems reasonable that some other teams would go close to that number with the limited alternatives available (Cousins coming off injury, Russell’s trendline and drama, Baker Mayfield being Baker Mayfield…., Minshew? ). He could be the bridge to the future for a lot of teams, not just Seattle.

    I could be misreading the situation because the line of logic is admittedly similar to his free agency last year, but 1 year 20 Million is a lot different than the 3 year 105M PFF was predicting last year. His performance may have taken a bit of a step back, but he answered questions about 2022 being a fluke as well.

    • Rob Staton

      Well let’s be honest about what actually has happened the last two seasons.

      He had a hot start last year, then tailed off to the extent he was second in the league for turnover worthy plays

      This year he had a stretch of play where he was throwing picks and playing poorly, then righted the ship at the end, but only after missing games through injury

      He has shown he is an acceptable bridge but an acceptable bridge doesn’t often have a cap hit of 31.2m

      He also had a chance to test the market last year and nobody offered him a better deal than the one he got, which was essentially another prove it deal. So I’m not convinced there will be any greater rush to sign him with most teams preparing for the draft and/or willing to sign bridge players in order to position for the future

    • cha

      3 year 105M PFF was predicting last year.

      Just for the record, Brad Spielberger (PFF’s former NFL contracts guy) initially projected a 4y $150m contract with $112.5m guaranteed. All trace of that was quietly wiped off the PFF site and revised way, way down about 3 weeks before the deal was signed.

      Thank goodness nobody took that too seriously and yelled from the mountaintops and snickered at our 3y $96m projection from November. That would have been really frustrating to have those discussions.

  45. chavac

    If they don’t want to force a 1st round QB this year is Cam Ward a realistic option to sit behind Geno and get a shot in 2025? Where would he sit on the horizontal board?

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s limited. R4/5 at best. Not optimistic that he is ever a NFL starter

  46. ShowMeYourHawk

    Looks like Eberflus is safe in Chicago. His OC and offensive coaches were sacked, however? Any chance at all they stick with Fields? If so, I wonder if the first pick is up for sale?

    • Rob Staton

      They’d be crazy to pass on Caleb Williams. Even crazier to drop to #16 to do it

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Not saying the Hawks would trade up to #1 but if Chicago moves down from #1 to #2, then to #5 if LAC wants Harrison? The Hawks should definitely consider a move to that area, especially if Daniels is still on the board. Chicago still has a pick at #9 to take Odunze and perhaps Latu or Robinson at #16?

        Not probable but not impossible.

        • Rob Staton

          I think that is a bit convoluted and stretched. And the point is the same. They should take Williams. Not avoid taking him and then trade out to #16

  47. Denver Hawker

    New ESPN mock has us taking Fautanu at 16 – can’t say I’d hate that pick at all.

    They had Brock Bowers dropping to the Colts at 15, which intrigued me. I can’t see this happening, but wonder if TE is an early need, especially if they cut Dissly.

    • Peter

      Like the pick.

      Very against TE earlier than round 4. Retain Parkinson for cheap and just get another like him, Wilson, etc…

  48. Brian Chase

    If Pete stays, they should trade up to draft a top 3 quarterback. Geno doesn’t get them extra wins the way RW did, switching coordinators hasn’t helped and the defense seems to get worse every year. I would prefer that they move on and properly rebuild but what other idea could PC offer (that he hasn’t already tried) other than lets make a splash at QB.

    • Peter

      If they pick up his 2025 option one can dream. If they are playing out this contract as a wait and see I hope they don’t do that.

      New coach, New oc for a young qb has often spelled trouble.

      • Peter

        I mean. If you draft a qb then a tear later switch everything.

  49. BK26

    I guess Peter King thinks that we are going to trade up to get a quarterback. Not a big Peter King fan in terms of his predictions (mostly due to accuracy issues). But he’s a well-known guy saying it.

    He listed a group of Minnesota, Denver, Vegas, and us that are all from picks 11 to 16. Only detail was he thought we would move up.

    With him and Cowherd, that is two guys who have at least mentioned it.

  50. Peter

    Have to say I love the creativity in problem solving on this site.

    Different free agents, way ahead of the curve draft thoughts.

    Just bringing this up because there’s a low level apathy traveling the seahawks universe akin to “geno’s not the best but he’s not the worst.”

    Hands up. I enjoy Hawkblogger and his crew. Rarely agree but still enjoy…maybe though he is ground zero for my new least favorite talking point. Which is “yeah, but if you cut such and such players who are you going to spend that money on.” I’m counting a few groups currently that think like this.

    Feels extremely defeatist. Just watched a pod where they talked about “just” build an oline and “just,” fix the defense. But also pay Geno full freight and keep Lockett as is. “There’s other ways to fund money.” Then they brought up a relatively small dollar amount from Adams, Dissly, Mone.

    If you really want to do the thing then do the thing. Even if you want to roll with Geno then find every single dollar you can and fix the team. This apathy, lack of imagination, and frankly nostalgia is running this team into the ground.

    • BK26

      I agree. There are two shoes to drop for a reason. We have cap problems. How do you fix it? Cut who and then what? Guys are going to be cut. Big-named guys. Each move will create waves. Do you want to talk about it and make suggestions, or just complain?

      The nostalgia is almost a cancer. There are certain videos and pages that you can’t watch or give out an opinion because of “what Pete has done” or “we are rebuilding, he just needs time.”

      Finally listened to KJ’s last podcast and it was almost a waste. Half of it was pandering between him and Gee. They were talking about the state of the team and the huge problems they have on offense and defense, structural problems, but:

      1. talked about how Pete cannot be let go. They would regret it, and he is necessary.

      2. wanted both coordinators back, after complaining about the failures of both of their units.

      3. said that Geno needed to be back and literally laughed at any alternative (this is after KJ rolled his eyes a few weeks ago, when asked if Geno was a leader).

      4. wouldn’t comment of the players, who should stay or who should go.

      Why has everyone just thought that running this whole mess back is going to lead to any results. That is literally the definition of insanity.

      • cha

        Having Gee Scott on was the first mistake.

        He’s a less annoying version of Top Billin

        • BK26

          Yeah, I agree. Whole thing gets derailed far too often, and him homering the whole time doesn’t help. Not every question that he asks needs a monologue.

      • Whit21

        Hes a player.. he walks the fine line being critical of bad behavior/play and not bad mouthing people he knows personally..

        I cant listen to him for long, except a few topics..

        Hes not gonna go on a podcast and call for firings… he wouldnt be allowed back at the facility if that were the case.

      • Peter

        It’s so brain dead this place we are in.

        Okay fine everything isn’t great. But it could be worse….careful what you wish for ( to be great???). We just need to get better…..and on and on ad infinitum

    • LouCityHawk

      I could fill a whole point with weird talking points…

      ‘Multiple trade backs to net more mid round picks’

      ‘No QB early, we need our Purdy’

      ‘salary cap isn’t an issue because x, y, z moves then we can pay/retain my favorite player’

      ‘sure you can draft Jayden Daniels, but then what do you do with Geno? QB isn’t an issue!’

      ‘Name an available coach who is better or more prestigious than Pete Carroll’

      I feel like I’m playing whackamole sometimes.

      • Peter

        If Rob would allow it I’d love to make a chart that people could link to where I break down the last 46 years of superbowl winning qbs, where they were drafted.

        Spoiler: the vast majority were first rounders

        Spoiler #2: most of those were top ten

        Spoiler #3: very few late qbs have multiple rings

        So if being great is your dream….stop yeah but-ing about Warner, johnson, foles, and our very own Wilson. And stop with the bust rate talk. Every position I’ve done a cursory look at at every round has near enough the same bust rate as defined by as simple of a metric as second contract with original team.

      • BK26

        “We nee our Purdy” is making me disgusted with this fanbase.

        “Let’s throw darts at a board and hope the guy is fine/good enough to win with a top 3 roster.”

        The fear that this fanbase has for actually going for something high-ceiling is just sad. Why get a bigger, faster boat to cross the ocean when our paddle boat still floats?

  51. Mr Drucker in hooterville

    any word on when PC/JC meet with ownership?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      No but this caught my eye:

      Matty F. Brown @mattyfbrown

      Interesting that Pete Carroll’s end of 2023 press conference is taking place later this week.

      This is RARE in the Pete Carroll-John Schneider #Seahawks era. Latest Carroll has spoke after final game is Wednesday, a 2010 one-off.

      How much you read into that is up to you

      1:58 PM · Jan 9, 2024

      Of course, most of the Seattle sports media were in Houston covering the CFB Championship. But still, it’s unusual.

      • Rob Staton

        Here’s my take on it

        I think talks are going on and they’re trying to work out what happens next

        It could mean which coaches are getting canned and what the plan is to replace them. The direction of the team and plan to improve will no doubt be debated. It could mean, at the end of these talks, a parting with Carroll, because the two sides are not on the same page.

        I do think it’s telling that it is being delayed and it’s not just because of the Huskies, otherwise it would happen today.

        So it’ll be interesting to see what happens. But changes are coming, one way or another.

        And Carroll’s desperate positive spin on 710 this week, compared to the honesty of last year in the same conversation, shows to me that he is conscious of the meetings

  52. Palatypus

    Here are the Juniors who will be at the Senior Bowl. Also a bunch of others were announced last night. Including Jaden Hicks of WSU.

  53. Rob Staton

    Heads up – tomorrow at 11am on KJR I’ll be doing a three segment stint discussing the Seahawks and the future

    • Big Mike

      3 segments? Dayum, that is awesome! A regular weekly or bi-weekly spot can’t be far behind.
      When you know the time frame please let us know and a link for those that can’t listen live would be appreciated I’m sure.

      • Big Mike

        NM on time frame. Apparently my reading comprehension needs work lol

      • Rob Staton

        11am tomorrow — I will post a link and embed the pod for anyone who misses it

    • cha

      Oh my.

      Well done!

  54. John

    I’m very slow to be on board with firing someone like Pete, but after his interview with Brock and Salk (and at times throughout the year), he sounded delusional. It’s like he’s drinking his own koolaid that the team is “right there.” No they aren’t. They have a massive culture problem on defense related to attention to detail and hitting. The LOB was maniacally competitive about both of those things and they policed themselves. During an SF game I heard the commentators discuss the defensive culture and how if you weren’t putting in max effort, the locker room would run you out. If you have that culture, I think a relatively simple scheme can work.

    It is painfully obvious the Hawks do not posses that culture. Bobby probably does but he can’t play at a high level any more. Jamal and Quandre clearly don’t have it. Woolen could have had it if he had some leaders barking at him. Love is a nice player but I’m not convinced he didn’t bring the “content with losing” mentality with him. On offense, your vet leaders are Geno (good effort leader), Lockett (superior player and human being but not a vocal leader) and DK (not a vocal leader). Not a great leadership caste.

    I think the roster needs to get ripped all the way back to hungry young players who aren’t getting paid yet. The only vets I would keep are ones who set the culture. You CANNOT have highly paid vets who don’t demand maximum effort and maximum attention to detail. Especially ones you’ve brought in from the outside and then paid highly.

    Ramble on:
    The LOB was almost entirely home grown, and it was the external acquisitions that hurt it (Harvin, Graham, S. Richardson, Adams though LOB was gone by then). The successful external additions to the LOB were Avril and Bennett, and they came in before LOB was established and they came in on prove-it deals.

  55. cha

    This seems like ancient history now….

    • Denver Hawker

      Carroll is out, per Schefter

      • Denver Hawker

        And Pelissero

  56. Denver Hawker

    Ding dong!

  57. HOUSE

    Reports are indicating Pete Carroll is out…

  58. New Hiy


    Pete is gone!

  59. DW

    Schefter reported that Carroll is likely out as head coach of the Seahawks.
    Picking up steam!


    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      Can’t help but wonder if the Vrabel moved made Allen more comfortable in pulling the trigger. “If you are going to end it, why not now?”

  60. Anonymous

    Time to start looking at the HC candidates in earnest.

    Really would prefer an offensive guru type, but if we are going D think that McDaniel, Quinn, it feels too early for Weaver.

    My preferred choice is Ben Johnson.

  61. ShowMeYourHawk

    Official! Pete’s out!! Advisor only!!!!

  62. Sneekes

    This is the right move.
    However, I am forever grateful for all that Pete has done for the Seahawks.

  63. Hawksorhiking?

    All I have to say is Ditto.

  64. Robert Las Vegas

    Jim nagy on the air on moving the chains is a good listing material .by the way Rob I always love hearing your interview with Jim nagy

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