Source: Blaine Gabbert was top QB on Seattle’s board

Gabbert was drafted 10th overall by Jacksonville

I had contact with my ‘draft insider’ yesterday for a catch up and to get some info on the team’s plans during last week’s draft. Before we get on to that, I want to point out the success rate of his information this year to date (click here and here). Despite placing Ryan Mallett at #15 in my final mock draft, the source told me there was no chance that would happen. Here’s what I wrote the night before the draft: “Ryan Mallett isn’t just off the Seahawks draft board, he’s sinking in a big way. Apparently he won’t be taken until the mid second round at the earliest. The source was quite adamant about this.”  

What about the Seahawks? “I’m told it’s likely Seattle will favor offensive lineman if they can’t move down.” Seahawks Draft Blog even touted James Carpenter as an option.  

Do not expect Andy Dalton to be drafted at #25. The words used to describe the possibility of that happening were very negative.”  

Just a small sample, but there’s a lot more that came to fruition if you select the links above. Not every piece of information I relay on this blog will be proven true, but this particular source continues to offer a great insight into the Seahawks draft plans. He nailed the 2010 draft last year and called the Marshawn Lynch trade days before it became public knowledge (for proof, see here). So whether you believe the information I publish on this blog or not, it’s fair to say it’s coming from a source with a track record.  

We told you before the draft that Colin Kaepernick was the #2 quarterback on the Seahawks draft board, with Andy Dalton at #3. The top ranked quarterback was unknown prior to the draft. I’ve since discovered that Blaine Gabbert was the man in question. You may be interested to know that Cam Newton was ranked at #4 and Jake Locker as low as #6. I am not aware of who was at #5, but it’s probably safe to assume it was Christian Ponder. Ryan Mallett was never a consideration.  

What this tells me is that the Seahawks did not feel good about this quarterback class. A pretty obvious statement I suppose, considering they ignored the position completely. I understand there was interest in Kaepernick if they could initiate a trade down into the top end of round two, which makes sense given where he was eventually drafted by San Francisco. I also believe there was a significant grading drop from Kaepernick at #2 to Dalton at #3. The way the quarterbacks were ranked and left the board suggests a QB at #25 was never really a consideration. They simply did not rate this group.  

I’m told that the team was really high on Danny Watkins, drafted two spots before the Seahawks by the Philadelphia Eagles. In fact, he was considered the #1 realistic target at #25 if they couldn’t trade down, but of course he left the board just before Seattle was on the clock. My source didn’t know how James Carpenter was graded in comparison, but certainly Watkins was in play before the Eagles drafted him.  

Despite what has been said to the contrary by Seahawks GM John Schneider on KJR this week, I understand Jimmy Smith was still in play at #25 despite character concerns. However, as with Alex Gibbs last year, Tom Cable has been afforded a substantial input and the team decided that if they couldn’t move down, they would take an offensive lineman. Clearly the off-field concerns played some part because there’s no way a player as talented as Smith should’ve lasted into the 20’s anyway. But unlike Ryan Mallett, Smith wasn’t struck off the board and they did grade him higher than Prince Amukamara. 

I was told about two specific targets whenever free agency begins, but have promised the source I won’t reveal the names on here. Both were offensive minded players that will continue the team’s desire to improve the run. Time for a bit of cryptic Pete Carrol-esque musical mystery. Your first task is to find the player hidden in: Ray Parker Jr – Ghostbusters theme tune. If you can work out who player #1 is from that, you should be a sleuth. Second player’s clue: Hilary Duff – The Getaway. Good luck, think outside of the box.  

The final piece of information I can give you today is on the Seahawks immediate future at quarterback. Regulars will know that I’ve been writing about the possibility of a deal to bring Carson Palmer to Seattle being in the pipeline. I asked my Seahawks source about that talk and he couldn’t offer anything to confirm or deny it. However, he did tell me that Matt Hasselbeck is still a very realistic option for the Seahawks. He added that there is interest in Philadelphia’s Kevin Kolb, but any deal is dependant on the price. In fact he stated that the Cleveland Browns were the team to watch in the race for Kolb’s services. That would make perfect sense given Tom Heckert’s influence in drafting Kolb for the Eagles and with Cleveland holding two 2012 first round picks.  

Finally, the team does still have faith in Charlie Whitehurst and I understand it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that he could end up being the starter next season. This would be dependant on other deals not being completed, for example Hasselbeck signing elsewhere or any possible deal for Palmer hitting a blockade. However, it appears the team are prepared and won’t panic about giving Whitehurst his opportunity.


  1. Derek

    Love the cryptic challenge! Is the Hilary Duff song for Kristofer O’Dowd. And I am hoping the Ghostbusters one is for the fullback Henry Hynoski.

    • FWBrodie

      Yuck. Hope not.

  2. troy

    Newton and Locker ranked behind both Dalton? Perhaps arm strength and athleticism doesn’t mean as much to this FO as I had assumed, though in all honesty it does make me question their ability to scout QB talent.

    • FWBrodie

      I’d say that board shows something like this:

      1: Intelligence, leadership, intangibles
      Size, Arm, Mobility, Accuracy

      In other words, a QB must make it through the first qualifier before being evaluated on the remaining standard quarterback physical traits.

    • Kip Earlywine

      At first look, its concerning that they would have Dalton ahead of Newton and Locker. But if its true that there was a big drop off from Kaepernick thereafter, it just means they valued Dalton semi-appropriately and Newton and Locker very very little. Which I understand, sort of, because both were riskier than average players and if what Carroll says about wanting a “point guard” QB is true, he’d probably prefer to invest in a safer option.

  3. troy

    *Ranked behind Dalton.

    There shouldn’t be a “both” there.

  4. Karlos

    Hilary Duff – Getaway = Deangelo Williams (After being on IR & seeking a huge deal maybe he’s receiving mixed signals from the Panthers. Johnthan Stewart can carry the load & Lynch is in his contract year. Lynch isn’t as explosive as Williams was before the injury.) or Vince Young (Mixed signals he may be getting hearing Fisher will stay & he will go then Fisher is fired, plus Chris Johnsons statement of Vince coming back.)

    Ghostbusters = Now this is a tougher one to analyze… After some time I really can’t come up with an educated guess (That I can explain) to this one I’ll be intrested to see what others say.

    • woofu

      “Something strange in the neighborhood” ???

      • Karlos

        Thanks woofu I didn’t even think of rookie free agents I was thinkin more impact players…
        Reggie Bush could also be a free agent but after Pete showed him no love when he was dealin with the Heisman mess I would’nt bank on it. Bush hints on Twitter of knowing he’s done but wanted to stay.

      • hendudoo

        “An’ invisible man sleepin’ in your bed”

      • hendudoo

        My last comment on this didn’t make it so I’ll try again:

        Mike Coughlin kinda makes sense, especially if you look at these lyrics:

        “An invisible man
        sleeping in your bed
        Oh, who can you call? – Ghostbusters!”

    • Jerry Nice

      Why wouldn’t “Getaway” be Carson Palmer? It seems like he’s the one that wants to get away from the bunch…Or is this just FA’s?

      • Karlos

        Just Free Agents but then again I mentioned Vince Young lol! Funny how many scenerios you’ll go through only to find out you stepped out of bounds.

      • hendudoo

        FA or not, this sounds like Palmer:

        “Put the pedal down
        Heading out of town
        Gotta make a getaway”

        Can’t believe Pete listens to this crap!-)

        • Charlie

          Pete didnt say these song, rob did

  5. woofu

    Troy, thats the trouble with generalized rankings and system fits. Ponder to Minny makes the point in spades.

  6. Jerry Nice

    Ray Parker – “Bustin’ makes me feel good!”

    Just a hilarious line. That is all.

  7. troy

    Yep, Woofu. If nothing else I think it solidifies that Carroll is serious about his “point guard” view on QBs. They want a guy that can manage the game and won’t make mistakes, and preferably can run a bit. Anything else is a bonus.

  8. troy

    At least thats what I got from it.

  9. D


    …educated guesses mixed with ignorance and desire…

  10. jeremy

    I don’t know the second one but song 1 is Reggie Bush.

    “Don’t get caught alone oh no, ghostbuster
    When he comes through your door,
    Unless you got some more”

    And I hear it likes the girls.

  11. Blake

    Rob you said two FAs when everything opens up, but are these Vet FAs? Or the UDFAs that JS was talking about?

    • Rob

      One is an UDFA, the other a veteran.

  12. Al

    Gabbert could turn out to be a great QB but is just as likely to be servicable. While it’s somewhat disappointing to miss out on an exciting rookie quarterback I will look forward to the next couple of drafts with eager anticipation of landing someone awesome. It may not happen like that but the pre-draft conversation will no doubt be more interesting with potential franchise QBs in play again.

  13. Matt

    Wow…Dalton ahead of Newton, Locker, and Ponder. Faith in this front office took a major hit. I hope they don’t think they can scheme around a QB with limitations and be a competitive team. Dalton is effing terrible.

    This is not promising at all. I absolutely hate game managing QBs and for some reason this front office wants that. Terribly disappointing and extremely discouraging for the future of this team.

    Looks like another episode of the Ruskellian approach is under way. Hate to be dramatic, but unless we are looking at Luck, it looks like this front office will never draft a QB high in the draft. So disappointing.

    • Billy Showbiz

      Say what you want about Dalton but he was not terrible. He won most of the games he played in and had TCU very close to a national championship. It’s possible that Newton’s lack of experience was a problem for them. Locker’s accuracy was a major problem. If he had thrown the ball more in the bowl game they would have lost. I didn’t like Dalton either but if he was the 3rd QB on their board he still could have had a 3rd or 4th round grade which is about right. Kaepernick went too early in my opinion. This just tells me that they were not going to spend a high pick on a “potential” guy.

      • Matt

        Dalton from an NFL perspective doesn’t have a lot to offer. I don’t care about him “willing” his team to win against a Mickey mouse schedule in a goofy offense.


    I agree with everyone who’s confidence in the front office is shaken after this revelation if their QB rankings. How terrible their scouts must be if they actualy like turds like Gabbert and Dalton over Locker and Ponder and stuff.

  15. Al

    Matt, I agree that it’s potentially worrying that Dalton was rated higher than newton or Locker. Surely Kaepernick was the most realistic option though, based on ranking, grade and where they were likely to come off the board. It sounds like Dalton was rated by the Seahawks as a low 2nd at best. For whatever reason they weren’t willing to invest in Newton or locker over the talent available on the o-line. For what it’s worth, I can’t recall Kaepernick being described as a game manager. Keep your pecker up mate!i

  16. Nano

    James Jones and Mike Tolbert!

    I wish.

  17. WuTang

    It’s so obvious…

    Starting LT = Hilary Duff
    Starting LG = Ray Parker Jr
    Starting Center = Max Unger
    Starting Right Guard = John Moffitt
    Starting Right Tackle = James Carpenter

    I think that might be a better starting line-up than we had on the field 90% of the time last year.

  18. Patrick G.

    The Getaway = Vince Young

    First of all, not cool making me listen to and read the lyrics of this one. But references to insanity, stay or go tug of war.

  19. seattlesetters

    “I hear it likes the girls” – Matt Leinart

    “Mixed messages” – Logan Mankins

    • T-Town

      Could very well be Leinart. Bush as well.

      Mankins would very well fit the bill except the Pats hit him with the Franchise tag. So its not gonna be him through FA.

      • seattlesetters

        If the new CBA exlcudes the Franchise Tag provision, Mankins is a free man.

  20. T-Town

    I enjoy articles like this. Although It begs the question…is Rob a big fan of Hillary Duff?

    1. Does sound like Reggie Bush to me.
    2. Chad Ochocinco maybe if he becomes a FA? Its obviously about wanting to leave even though you are being told you are still wanted the most but are getting mixed signals.

    Also does any offensive player have the nickname ‘Bustin’?

  21. O

    Given that Carroll surely talked to Sark about Locker, Im very surprised to see him rated so low. Does that mean Sarkisian doesnt believe in him as a pro prospect? wow… im actually shocked

  22. wes

    Hey Rob, did you, Pete Carroll or your source come up with the musical clues? The way I read it, they are your clues but I am just curious.

    Anyways, my guess for ghostbusters is Gallery because he is scary as shit, like a ghost

    Mt guess for getaway is Carson Palmer because he needs to GTFO of cincy

    • wes

      not very creative guesses and probably only motivated by desire though…haha

      Getaway could be deanglo williams though – hes fast and could use a new team

  23. Rob

    BTW – nobody has got anywhere close on the free agents so far. We’re not talking about big names here… dig deeper.

    • SeanHansen

      Taylor Potts? UDFA

  24. Rob

    My guess would be Terrell Owens – cause we had interest in him last year and the other I would guess Pat Devlin.

    But it’s probably something like Kevin Kolb and Jake Kirkpatrick TCU Center.

    • Rob

      It’s not Owens or Kirkpatrick.

      • Rob

        So Kolb and Devlin it is then? haha 🙂

  25. T-Town

    If its a UDFA and its about improving the run then my guesses are Zach Hurd, Justin Boren, or John Clay.

  26. ChavaC

    I think it’s actually Hillary Duff. She would be an upgrade at LG compared to last year.

  27. Cliff

    I would say the DT that the hawks and packers were looking to convert to FB, Matangi Tonga. His brother is the fullback for Oakland.

    • Cliff

      Also i hope we try to get an UDFA at center for depth/so we can trade Unger.

  28. Blake

    Matangi Tonga (FB)?!

  29. Rob

    I’ll try taking another shot here. The free agent we are targeting is either:

    Deuce Lutui LG or
    Cullen Jenkins DE

    I’m clueless as far as UDFA’s go. Maybe a kicker if we don’t sign Mare?

    • AlexHawk

      I didn’t realise Lutui went to USC, are these just more coded messages? Plus Cullen Jenkins is on the defense so does that mean that we are looking at him as well as the others or not.

  30. RT

    Ghostbusters = Cadillac Williams.

    The Ectomobile, or Ecto–1 is a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor limo-style endloader combination car.

    Hillary Duff I’m still working on.

    Rob, can you tell us which song represents which?

    • Rob

      Ghostbusters is the UDFA.

      • RT

        I thought I was on to something.
        I will then say Hillary Duff is Vince Young. Both from Houston, lyrics match up. But is he too big of a name player?

  31. Jerry Nice

    Are you even actually going to tell us, or are you just messing with us? WE MUST KNOW.

  32. Kevin

    Is the UDFA USC center Kristofer O’Dowd.

    • Kevin

      Woops I didnt see O’Dowd was already brought up, how about Ohio State OG Justin Boren.

  33. Suds

    Ok lets collect what we got here:
    Offensive minded
    Helps the run
    Ghostbusters is UDFA
    Nobody that guessed before 2:52 was even close
    Not a big name free agent

    Blake-Tonga is a decent guess. Goes with a lot of the clues that were given, but I don’t know how Ghostbusters relates. I think there was a reason Rob said the player was offensive minded as opposed to him just saying he is an offensive player. Maybe not, but Tonga would fit that due to him not really being offensive (DT convert) but offensive minded. Make sense?

    Its tough because these two songs are so deep and have so much meaning. I mean Ghostbusters is such a complex song in the first place and its so relevant. Hilary Duff-what an artist. The total package with tons of lyrical depth and overall talent.

  34. akki

    Theory on QB rankings: Some personnel out there think that accuracy is not something you can improve. Or others think it can be done (like Favre) but the success rate is too low to bother with. If you subscribe to this, then you’ll ding Locker and Newton more than the other top guys, and perhaps ding Locker the most because he doesn’t have obvious major mechanical flaws (no easy fix). As possible evidence that Schneider might be like this, he was in Green Bay when they drafted Brohm and Flynn the same year, and has seen the guy with more tools fail due to accuracy problems, while the more athletically limited leader type is valuable.

  35. Todd

    UDFA = G/C Ray Dominguez Arkansas (Ghostbusters)
    FA = FB Marcell Reece (The Getaway)

    Neither a big name, but both help improve run game and for Reece, finally a fullback in the line of Leonard Weaver to block and catch like many have been wanting back.

    • .justin

      i like the FB Marcell Reece call.
      tapping the Tom Cable tree.

      of course, i’m hoping Gallery makes his way up north as well.
      …and Satele.

  36. Piggs

    Daniel Graham TE the Hillary Duff song

  37. James

    Based on past experience, Mike Brown of the Bengals would not trade a player making such a demand, not even a veteran like Carson Palmer who has given everything he had to some really bad Bengals teams. Brown is just too cheap and too mean. But his cheapness is actually going to force him to trade Palmer. All Carson has to do is let the Bengals know he will hold out through training camp, while demanding a trade, and then show up. The nightmare scenario for the Bengals is that they hand their franchise over to Andy Dalton and then Carson reports for duty the week before the regular season. The Bengals would owe him $11 million and no way is Mike Brown going to pay Carson $11 million. To avoid this disaster, they will trade him as soon as the lockout is over.

    • Rob

      Exactly. I understand why people presume Mike Brown won’t be open to a deal, but there’s a lot of things to take into account here.

      • plyka

        It really depends on Carson and how he acts. He can get a 100% trade if he really wanted to. All he would have to say to Mike Brown is:

        “If you don’t trade me, I will not retire, i’ll show up to camp, take my massive paycheck and then smoke cigarretes on the sidelines for the next 2-3 years while you try to play your rookie QB.”

        • Rob


  38. SD37

    Marcel REECE!

    • Dan


      • Rob

        Nope, sorry.

        • .justin

          in that case, i retract my previous comment above!

  39. Kevin

    is OT Wayne Hunter the one for Hilary Duff, he was drafted by the hawks in the 3rd round in 2003.

  40. woofu

    La’Ron McLain or Ronnie Brown?

  41. Kip Earlywine

    These hints are impossible, particularly the Ghostbusters one.

    I’ll make the ghostbusters one slightly more possible to guess. ******* edited because Kip’s clue is too easy to work out! – Rob

    That said, good luck guessing it. I know the answer and it took me 10 minutes to figure out what Rob meant when he referred to ghostbusters.

    • plyka

      Who saw the unedited post before it was edited? Post it again so i can take a look.

      (just kidding)

    • Seahawks

      HAHA I think i know now! luckily I saw the comment by Kip before Rob edited it… don’t worry i wont tell what it said

      • Rob


        • Kip Earlywine

          Lol I thought you might do that.

  42. Hawksfan33

    John Kuhn?

  43. kevin

    Michael Karney (FB) went to Kentwood and is a FA

  44. Kevin

    So is it an offensive lineman or fullback/tight end?

    • Rob

      I can’t be that specific unfortunately Kevin… hopefully the court ends the temporary stay tomorrow, free agency opens and I can reveal the names.

      • AlexHawk

        If the court does end the temporay stay cna you tell us hw the players are linked to the song also becaus I am stumped

        • Rob

          As soon as free agency is underway I’ll reveal the names.

  45. Kevin

    Ugh oh well, thanks for the info though.

  46. Al

    Egon Spengler, QB. Don’t cross the streams!

  47. Darnell

    Getaway: CB Eric Wright (transferred from USC to UNLV)

    Ghost: WR Ricardo Lockette (the speed to dissapear)

  48. slickhawk

    I think the first “I ain’t afraid of no ghost.” Is KEVIN BOOTHE LG New York giants that would be awesome.

    • Hawkfin

      I think they walked down New York on the video too

  49. slickhawk

    And the Hillary duff I believe would be Chris Spencer which I would also be totally happy with I think he’s a beast and under raised. But even if both guesses are rite you wouldn’t say so will see at free agency. But FYI I called the marshawn Lynch trade when buffalo drafted spiller jokingly to my brother cause they played together at cal. We laughed are butts off when it came true.

  50. Kip Earlywine

    Won’t give any expanded hints about the Hillary Duff player, but he makes a ton of sense to bring in given the kind of draft Seattle had and I’m very interested in how much money he’ll make… could be controversial. (It isn’t Nnamdi).

    Keep in mind, if anyone guesses right I won’t confirm or deny any of it. And I’d be pretty stunned if anyone guessed either, Rob’s clues aren’t just cryptic, they’re coded.

    • Charlie

      reggie bush??? is he a free-agent? maybe if hes cut…? thatd be kinda controversial

    • RT

      Matt Leinart, left handed QB, after taking Carpenter in the first?

      • AlexHawk

        I like the Matt Leinart idea would make the Carpenter and Moffit picks make even more sense and Carroll wanted him in last year and could get him on the cheap.

    • Kryten

      I would think clue #1 (the UDFA) is some local, relatively invisible player (as far as media goes).
      Clue #2 sounds like Bush, with the SUV/LA/Getaway theme. But I’d call him a big name, so IDK.

      • Kryten

        Or someone who has a history of multiple offenses.

  51. FWBrodie

    Ghostbusters, the Keymaster, Derrick Locke RB Kentucky.

    The Seahawks seem to have really placed a lot of stock into Senior Bowl performances and Locke was the best back there. He’d be a nice candidate to “compete” for Justin Forsett’s job having somewhat similar skills plus true game-breaker speed.

  52. woofu

    This guy is interesting.

  53. John

    Hilllary Duff is Jason Babin, Shaun Ellis, Marcus Spears, or Anthony Hargrove.

    And the notion that they had Gabbert ranked #1, and they’re happy with Whitehurst, is enough to you realize that this FO is going to fail utterly unless they just get lucky as hell at QB. Unlike others, I have no problem with ranking Dalton (with little, but some, chance of NFL success) ahead of huge gambles like Locker and Newton. But Gabbert was probably the single worst prospect in this class. Inaccurate, poor intangibles, no real success at the college level either statistically or in terms of wins, no impressive tape, no demonstrable arm strength or deep passing ability.

  54. John

    Oh, OFFENSIVE. Never mind 😉

  55. diehard82

    Intelligence, football intelligence to be specific, which means quickly decifering a defense and quick to make decisions in reaction. I suspect both Locker and Newton were viewed as unlikely to be able to succeed due to that criteria. It is what makes Hasselbeck, noodle-arm and bum hip and all a viable option. Football intelligence and experience.

    Following that logic, I suspect the four options Schneider alluded to in their QB plan are:
    1. Palmer – simply because he is younger than Hass with better arm
    2. Hasselbeck
    3. Orton – also younger, decent arm, not necessarily an upgrade over Hass though
    4. Kolb – the youngest, the most risk, the most upside, the most expensive in trade value

    Failing to achieve any of those, Whitehurst is the man. Of course, in keeping with the “always competing”, Whitehurst will officially have a chance to compete in any case.

  56. diehard82

    Regarding the FA’s Rob is not allowed to mention by name, thinking offensively, and with the goal of improving the run game, I have to assume one is Robert Gallery, and perhaps the Ghostbusters lyrics are a clue (although I’d be hard pressed to explain why). With the Hillary Duff song being the clue, I think it must be Reggie Bush. That song is Taylor Mays (er… taylor made) for describing the relationship between Carroll and Bush.

    • diehard82

      By the way, I know Bush isn’t a FA yet, but if he refuses to restructure his deal in NO, he will probably be released. I think they may be betting that he becomes available.

  57. jleithart

    Holy crap! They’re gonna sign Bill Murray for run blocking!

  58. diehard82

    OK, I focused on FA players already in the league, but if I look at undrafted rookies, I’m thinking John Clay-FB Wisconsin because he likes “bustin” and Kris O’Dowd-C USC because Carroll just passed on him in the draft and it fits the Hillary Duff song.

    • FWBrodie

      What is this obsession with O’Dowd? He was pretty much filtered out of the NFL by the Senior Bowl. Look it up. Not a good option.

    • FWBrodie

      BTW, not saying you’re obsessed or trying to be critical of you. I just keep reading posts all over the place mentioning O’Dowd and it doesn’t make sense to me.

  59. BDN

    Logan Mankins. Will be controversial because he will be the first guard to make over $10 mil a year.

  60. AlexHawk

    For Ghostbusters I will go with: QB Pat Devlin for no other reason than I would like to see him here. I think we need a developmental QB and in years to come Devlin could become a good starter.
    For Hillary Duff-Getaway again QB minded I go with Vince Young again didn’t go QB in the draft so we really need another guy to compete and you can’t argue with VY wins to loss ratio.
    No real reasoning but unless we are trading for someone or have Hasselbeck coming bakc these two guys seem like the best of option available. PS I listened to those songs for ages and I cant come up with any names.

  61. Piggs

    Hopefully its Vonta Leach

    • Todd

      Think we have a winner for the FA player. Fits the song and Kips comment about how much it take to sign him. Leach was signed by GB while Schneider was there, and released. Signed by NO and released, then signed by Houston, NY Giants signed him as a RFA, which Houston matched. Sounds like perfect match to Duffs song lyrics.

  62. Hugh

    I don’t know anything about this Pat Devlin or anything about the Delaware football program, but I would much rather have Hasselbeck back than bring in Vince Young. Or just go with Whitehurst, tanking the season and hoping for the #1 pick next year. But, that’s just me.

  63. Your Mom

    Give me Leach, S. Rice and D. Lutui

    QB – Hass, Whitehurst, Leinart and Devlin on PS.

  64. Your Mom

    But I would bet a good chunk of FA $$ will go to Defensive front

  65. brainyhawk

    I’m gonna go with Jonathan Joseph as the Hillary Duff one. He wants to get out of Cincy(The Getaway) and Hilary Duff gets her hair did by a dude named Jonathan Joseph Hanousek(I googled Hilary Duff and Jonathan Joseph). We didn’t address the CB position in the draft and a better D will get our O on the field more and allow us to pound the rock. Hows that for outside the box?

  66. Dean

    Before hearing Ghostbuster was UDFA, i was think Tavaris cuz of the late buzz and its something strange and it dont look good. but im stumped so im jsut gonna guess getaway as Jenkins based on our need for line and he is moving on. that aside, However, the biggest name we should be going after infree agency IS Nnamdi. Thats what really killed us last year. Would make the D-line better, better O-line is gonna hopefully get offense on the field longer. Trufant/Thurmond(im basing this on the fact that Trufant will be out 4-5 games) one side, Nnamdi on the other. dunno his status with Cable but we’d still prolly be able to get gallery(insert andrews and locklear salary here). And get a WR and/or lineman . Then next year look for more line help and QB of the future pending how the season goes.

    • SD37

      Thanks to the elite eight ruke we are pretty much out of the running for Asomugha.

  67. Darnell

    Hillary Duff = HD= Harvey Dahl

  68. Smitty

    Offensive minded, think outside the box = A wide out that wants to hit someone.
    Hilary Duff – the getaway = a former player of ours, most likely with the current regime.
    Kip’s clue about how much money we would pay him….

    I keep trying to get away from it, but I’m almost certain its T.J…. yes, Housh. Why did Pete and John get rid of him? Salary. Remember in training camp during an interview when he mentioned how much he loved to run block, and that was something we didn’t have?

    Watch our last game at Soldier Field last year Our wide receivers got manhandled like they did all year long against press coverage, and hence not being able to help all year long in the run game. If they bring him in just for blocking at the right price I’ll take it, hopefully he saved his money and will come back humble with a fat wallet already. I believe the FO said they liked Housh as a player, but his and Branch’s salaries handcuffed any effort to get younger and rebuild quickly.

    If it ain’t Housh my money is on a WR/TE hybrid type that loves to get physical and throw around skinny DB’s. Or else Kip, mentioning Nnamdi, is referring to us bringing in a run stuffing press corner to help stuff the run game and mentor our young crop we drafted. Hence Rob not being cryptic but coded. I’ll get back with more names after work….Thanks Rob, work just went by 10x faster.

    • Smitty

      Yeah… Note to self – proofread before posting in a hurry at work.

  69. jason

    Getaway – leonard weaver or steve hutchinson

    Ghostbusters – Dan Akroyd has really ballooned in the last few years, we might be able to use a 400lb guard

  70. aredub

    Plaxico Burress???

  71. Cliff

    The answer is…..

    Taylor Potts and Heath Evans

    • Rob

      Both incorrect, unfortunately.

  72. Blake

    I am stumped @_@ We need a new hint?

  73. SeanHansen

    Mack Strong is coming outta retirement and we will finally have a 1000 yard rusher again.

  74. Cliff

    I would like Shane Falco to come back. Keanu Reeves did good in that movie and he’s also the one.

  75. AlexHawk

    Getaway, Hilary Duff=Bruce Gradkowski he has bounced around the league Cable has strong ties playing him in front of Campbell last season. And it justs makes sense he is the same age or younger than Whitehurst lack of QB in the draft and I would be suprised about the money he could make.

    • AlexHawk

      Or Tavaris Jackson knows Bevells offense well

      • RT

        Wow, I hadn’t thought of Gradkowski at all. But that makes a ton of sense. Running QB, “gritty”, but injuries have taken their toll. All of that seems very Seattle like. And this is the first time I’ve even heard it mentioned. Bravo. It makes much more sense than Lienart.

        Now i just hope it is true. He would be a perfect bridge QB.

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