Combine day one recap: Florida State’s Braden Fiske shines on a mostly average day

Braden Fiske stars on day one

It’s no exaggeration to say Fiske had one of the best D-line performances at the combine in recent memory. He just looked like he was on a different level to everyone else. He stole the show with a complete performance that should propel his draft stock to new heights, following up a dynamic Senior Bowl showing.

On tape his effort and motor were never in question. He was disruptive, recorded 28 pressures and six sacks. The concerns were all based on physical limitations such as a lack of length (31 inch arms). However, many will be returning to the tape in the coming days after this performance to see if his production and talent match closer to elite-level athleticism rather than pure effort.

At 6-4 and 292lbs he ran a 4.78 forty, a 1.68 10-yard split and a sensational 4.38 short shuttle. To compare, Aaron Donald (who was 285lbs and had 32.5 inch arms) ran a 4.39 short shuttle. Fiske is also explosive — jumping a 33.5 inch vertical and a 9-9 broad.

He took his testing results into the on-field drills — showing superb change of direction skills. He was like lightning going in and out of the bags and his bend to finish had to be seen to be believed. He flashed power in his hands when he forcefully connected with the bags and he ran a smooth figure-of-eight rep.

On this evidence, provided you can see beyond the lack of length, Fiske has the profile of a highly disruptive defensive tackle with the combination of speed, power and agility every team craves.

Every now and again you see a player like this with the production, attitude, character and complete physical profile and a few years into a great NFL career you ask yourself — how did he last as long as he did in the draft? Fiske looked sensational today and had a first round performance.

Big name edge rushers make a statement

Chop Robinson, the player I think is the best edge rusher in the class, ran a 4.48 at 254lbs including an elite 1.54 10-yard split. Dallas Turner ran a 4.46 at 247lbs, also with a 1.54 10-yard split. Jared Verse, who has a very different body type but weighed the same as Robinson, ran a 4.58 with a 1.60 10-yard split.

It was job done for the top three edge rushers. I think Robinson and Verse’s tape is a lot more impressive than Turner’s — he always left me wanting more when watching Alabama. However, this is a dynamic edge rush trio who should all be high picks as a consequence of these testing results.

Overall the EDGE class underwhelmed, as did the linebackers. They were two fairly routine sessions after an eye-catching performance from the defensive tackles. For that reason, there might be a bit of a rush for the top three in this draft at the top of round one.

Adding to Chop Robinson’s good day, he a ran a 4.25 short shuttle while Verse timed at a 4.44 (Marshawn Kneeland had the most impressive time — a 4.18).

I think if Robinson or Verse last to #16, they should be strongly considered by the Seahawks. I’m less enamoured with Turner but the profile is there for a very productive NFL career.

Three other defensive tackles stand-out

LSU’s Mekhi Wingo just had a really consistent workout. He ran the second fastest forty yard dash behind Fiske (4.85), added a blistering 1.64 10-yard split at 284lbs (which is a truly elite-level time) and had explosive testing results in the vertical (31.5 inches) and broad (9-1) jumps. He does lack ideal length (32 inch arms) but he performed well in every drill and showed off a fantastic physical profile.

Let’s just dwell on Wingo’s 10-yard split. It was faster than Bralen Trice’s 1.65 at 245lbs. An EDGE rusher would be fairly pleased with a 1.64. He did it at 284lbs. As with Fiske, you have to work out how bothered you are by the lack of length. But this was a headline-making 10-yard split by a 284lbs defensive lineman.

We’ve said in the past that if the Seahawks are looking for their answer to Justin Madubuike, Ruke Orhorhoro fits the bill. He has almost identical size at 6-4 and 294lbs with excellent arm length (34 inches). Madubuike was 6-3, 293lbs and had 33.5 inch arms. Orhorhoro ran a 4.89 forty, a 1.67 10-yard split and jumped a 32 inch vertical plus a 9-8 broad. Madubuike ran a 4.83 forty and a 1.73 10-yard split.

Both players also have nicely proportioned frames and you could see how easily Orhorhoro moved around the field. He looked like a million dollars and justified the second round grade he has on our horizontal board.

Texas’ Byron Murphy also tested well and put in a series of strong on-field drills. Although there are legit concerns about his size (6-0, 297lbs, 32.5 inch arms) his thick lower body stood out on the field and he was noticeably more muscular than other players in the arse and legs. That should help make up for a lack of length, although on tape he had some struggles against the run (it was surprising to hear him say on PFT that run defense was the best part of his game). He ran a 4.89 forty, a 1.69 10-yard split and jumped a 33 inch vertical plus a 9-3 broad. These are really good numbers and he performed well during drills.

I also thought DeWayne Carter and Tyler Davis made an impression. There are options here. The one minor surprise was Kris Jenkins — who did so well during the early testing (4.91 forty, 1.70 10-yard split, 30 inch vertical, 9-7 broad) but only ran a very average 4.78 short shuttle.

Linebackers, ho-hum

As I was watching the linebacker drills, I kept glancing at the free agent targets list I’ve compiled. The Seahawks have a black hole at the position and I’ve never been more convinced they’ll be spending whatever free agency money they can muster on Jordyn Brooks or someone else.

This isn’t going to be an easy draft to solve any linebacker problems. Junior Colson didn’t do any testing, having hummed and hawed yesterday on PFT about whether he was going to test with a hamstring strain. Jeremiah Trotter weighed at 228lbs and looked tiny. Several linebackers didn’t run a forty. There were some nice explosive results in the jumps but the on-field drills felt unremarkable.

The NFL has wrecked the combine with the stupid decision to move it to prime time. With the linebackers starting last, only five opted to run a crucial short shuttle.

Trevin Wallace at Kentucky made an impression with some nice movement skills and explosive testing. Payton Wilson shone, as expected, with a complete performance. Apart from that, it was all pretty mediocre.

This is a position where you can often find a ‘type’ and a ‘fit’ and maybe the Seahawks will find their guy? Watching that today, it was hard to think who it might be.

T’Vondre Sweat was… interesting

When re-watching his Senior Bowl tape, the flashy reps from Sweat were out of this world. Power, supreme quickness for his size. It was very impressive.

At times today he was majestic running around the field at 366lbs. I can’t recall a man with his body type moving like that. Jordan Davis and Mekhi Becton were big but Sweat carries a lot more, shall we say, ‘bad weight’. Yet he’s still a great athlete.

On some drills he’d look amazing. His forty, a 5.27, isn’t bad at all. But there were other drills where he looked out of control and like a bull in a china shop.

The talent and rare mobility is there. Teams will have to determine how early you can take a player who weighs 366lbs for an athletic job interview — and decide whether they can trust him to manage his weight when he enters the league.

Why was Bralen Trice 245lbs?

He played bigger at Washington and if he lost weight to run faster — he only managed a 4.72. He seemed to get hurt during drills and didn’t run a short shuttle — a drill that could’ve won him a lot of respect, given he’s been timed running in the 4.2’s at a heavier weight at UW. This was not a good day for his stock.

If you missed our day one Senior Bowl recap live stream, watch it here:


  1. Jabroni-DC

    Watching Florida State play Louisville in the ACC Title game,Fiske was everywhere, all the time. He just seems like one of those guys you love on your team but hate paying against if you passed on him. Probably going to the Rams 😩

    • Tallyhawk

      The last month of the season Fiske was practically unstoppable. Im obviously biased but I think fsu had one of the best defenses especially up front. Would’ve loved to see how their D did in the playoff. Would love if either Verse or Fiske somehow ended up on the Hawks

  2. Sean

    Stay away from Sweat. With what he looked like at the combine, I’d be concerned he could easily balloon up toward 400 lbs. Too much jelly, not enough jam.

    • Palatypus

      He looked better than Jalen Carter.

      • geoff u

        Yeah, I’m not willing to discount weight alone, this will come down to character and how well you think he’ll be able to manage himself as a pro. That’s not something we can easily answer, whereas Carter was a laundry list of red flags.

    • Roy Batty

      A few commentators during the combine talked about how Sweat claimed he was playing at 365, and that many NFL scouts scoffed at that, thinking he was closer to 400.

      He shows up at the combine weighing 366. That tells me that the extra fat he has on him is just his body type. He is one of those people who would have to take drastic measures to lose a decent amount of weight, say 30 pounds. Yet, the guy looks light on his feet, at times. Other times, his center of balance is too tipped and he’s at the mercy of gravity and those tree trunks legs to keep him upright.

      At the end of the day, any team drafting him is doing it to stop the run. Him collapsing the pocket, from time to time would be an added bonus. Plus, any team playing a substandard center or guard is going to see Sweat 2-3 yards in the backfield on every play.

      This guy will do just fine in the NFL, if a team plays him properly, and manages his snap count his first year.

      • Rob Staton

        With respect, nobody who looks like him needs to drastically diet to lose weight

        He is a great athlete. But he is carrying bad weight. A lot of it. That doesn’t just happen

        He could easily lose weight, same as everyone, by reducing his calorie intake

        • no frickin clue


          How would you compare Sweat vs. say Grady Jarrett?

          • Peter

            Not Rob but Jarret was 60 lbs lighter and the difference between a late pick vs. A second round pick.

        • Peter

          Didn’t he speak to this that he’s a guy that if he sits around he stacks inthe weight?…

          I got the impression he’s someone who is always going to contend with it.

          I think you’d need to talk to coaches and see how it was with him coming into spring football. Was it a big chore or was he basically ready to go but needed to get in some cardio. Is he living on a bike,tread mill or are coaching barking at him to get going.

          I like sweat quite a bit but I think he has a big jump to make to be a big contributor year one. He played a good not great amount if snaps over 14 games. That 17 gane schedule might be a slog for him.

          • Sean

            Did you see Sweat’s 40 run? No chance that he is living on a treadmill.

  3. Mick

    Agreed with taking Robinson or Verse at #16. If Jenkins is there in the third round I would consider rolling a dice on him. The linebacker situation is really worrying.

    • Peter

      Jenkins is projected a lot of places as mid second round. Good size. Good combine. Not sure he’s in the third.

  4. Forrest

    I agree, at DT it was Fiske and then everyone else. Here’s the comp I kept thinking about – Steve Emtman
    (1991 UW Husky)

    • HawksForLife

      Wow, Emtman! Talk about a colossal failure. I believe (and hope) Fiske is far better.

      • Plumbob

        Emtman was a let down because he was the first overall pick and completely blew out both his knees in his first two years in the NFL. Before that, he was quite possibly the best defensive tackle in college football history, I don’t think that qualifies as a complete failure

  5. Blackthorn

    Rob, did Rukes performance change where you would rank him at all? Or does it more validate where you have him.

    He looked great. And in his interview he was confident, charismatic, and very personable. Damn it, he’s it. My draft crush for the year! I wasn’t supposed to fall in love again!! 🥺

    Thanks for all the content and work you’re putting in right now. It is so greatly appreciated by so many of us. Cheers m8.

    • Peter

      Not Rob.

      Had him in the mid 2nd. Definitely looked in there and now maybe higher.

  6. Palatypus

    For Cha.

    I am down on the gumbo situation. These guys from Fox8 New Orleans “vampired” off my power strip/extension cord at the Senior Bowl with all their phones and laptops. I was listening to everything Sean and Andre were saying while they typed up their reports, and Sean got a call confirming an interview with Drew Brees.

    Tell me if you don’t think this all feels very KIRO ESPN.

    {Lattimore} is on our team, he’s a good football player. He’s been a good football player for us, and obviously, there are a lot of things that happen throughout the offseason, but [Lat} is a big part of our team right now.”

    Now replace everything I put in brackets with [Geno Smith].

    But rather than trade him for cap relief, they think they will keep him. (???) Twenty-something free agents and twenty-something cap dept? Alvin Kamara will get you nothing with his legal issues.

    The two most powerful people in the state of Louisiana right now are 1) Jayden Daniels and 2) Drew Brees.

    Jayden Daniels is not lasting to #14. New Orleans cannot trade up to get him. If Daniels lasted until #14 and the Saints passed on him, the riot would start on Bourbon Street, go to Canal Street, encircle St. Charles, and the whole city would burn.

    • Palatypus

      Okay, that didn’t work out right.

    • cha

      I am not sure what you’re asking me

      • Roy Batty

        Get him a bigger power strip?

  7. Spencer

    Had a thought…tell me why this doesn’t make sense…
    What if JS was in talks with/trying to signal to the Steelers or any team who had interest in Geno and didn’t have the $ to go in on the Kirk Cousins auction but then they found out about the new cap number. The/any interested team now finds themselves with enough money to go after a FA quarterback who they thought they couldn’t afford before. JS either admits defeat and does the restructure to help sign Leonard Williams, Brooks, etc. and tries to save face and the relationship with Geno with the public ‘you’re on the team’ thing… Or does the restructure in the hopes that some team will come out of the QB FA market without getting who they wanted and now they’re more desperate and are forced to pay the increased price (a second) for Geno?

    But honestly the whole thing has been weird. I was hoping this stupid reverse reverse reserve psychology thing came more from Pete, but apparently not. I think John tries to get too clever and it’s bitten us too many times.

    • Peter

      This is what happens when you work around someone for perhaps too many years. I like John but Seattle’s approach with media, etc has often seen like trying to be the cleverest boys in class.

  8. Uk

    Did we meet with Jayden Daniels?

    • Rob Staton


    • Mick

      I think we need #2 to get him.

      • Rob Staton

        I think there’s a world where they like the top-three QB’s and are happy to get into the top-three to make it happen — but that will be very expensive, obviously

  9. Rob Staton

    Schneider on 710 yesterday:

    Noteworthy points (at least IMO)…

    — Talks with other teams heat up now, where they discuss potential trades and stuff. Up until now it’d been mostly meetings with agencies. Sounds like JS didn’t watch the on-field workouts live yesterday as he was in meetings but now there’s a better chance to do that

    — When asked about strengths/weaknesses in the draft he dodged the question, saying it’s hard to say until they get the medical grades. However, he ended that answer going to the quarterbacks, unprompted, saying what an interesting group it was, noting (again) how it’s only two QB’s drafted in 14 years (he said 15), saying it should be fun to watch them throw. With how often he keeps mentioning the ‘two QB’s in 14 years’ thing, it confirms the point we’ve said a few times that it feels like he’s itching to draft a QB

    — When asked about the importance of ‘doing everything’ (testing, Senior Bowl etc) John also mentioned how much value he places in players playing in their Bowl game. Bo Nix played in Oregon’s lousy Bowl game against Liberty when he had no reason to, so that’s worth noting. Jackson Powers-Johnson chose not to play. Troy Franklin took the same decision. So — that could be something to remember. The UW/Texas/Alabama/Michigan guys were obviously in the playoffs. I’m not sure any other big names played in their games

    — Bob asked a great question about meeting with Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels and the reason for that. “We have to be ready for anything. We don’t know if a certain trade will go down or something happens, you guys have seen players fall in the past and teams have been able to jump up and have successful trades moving into the top-10 to grab guys. So yeah, you just have to be prepared for everything.” Sounds like the Seahawks would be open to moving up for Maye or Daniels — it’s just whether they want to be massively aggressive and give up a kings ransom to go up to #3 or whether it’s more a case of if they dropped a few spots from that range

    • Bmseattle

      Is there a benefit to JS bringing up the QB stuff publicly amd so frequently?

      Is he being strategic or is he just saying what he feels with no filter?
      It jist seems odd how transparent he’s being about it all, if its really on his mind.

      I have to think he has a reason for repeating it., other than his ego needs the public to know that he’s been wanting to draft more QBs.

      • Peter

        Well to hear some fans they think this is all “smokescreen,” to get teams to jump in front of Seattle for QB’s leaving olinemen in a fairly deep class for us to draft.

        Maybe our front office just needs work on communicating. Or being less weird and frankly cringey sometimes.

        Selfies with qbs you don’t intend to draft treating the process like an 80’s movie montages in a buddy comedy….

        • Bmseattle

          Yeah, that is a concern.
          Remember the cardboard cutouts at the press conference?
          There is a history of some pretty goofy behavior.
          It could be that he is simply just saying whats on his mind regarding Geno, Lock, and his views on drafting QBs.
          If so, I’d question whether it has been the smartest move…but what do I know?

          • Peter

            The guys that joked post Adams trade in the following draft that “they got there guy!! Har har”….when round one ended.

            • Big Mike

              That was the least amusing thing PCJS ever did imo. Many of us could already see at that point Adams was worth nowhere near what was paid for him in trade. All it did for me was make me more unhappy about the player and the trade.

              • geoff u

                I don’t even remember them saying that, as I’d checked out for that draft. I was livid the moment I heard. We traded what for a safety?! My roommate was like, but he’s the best safety in the game, and I’m like, you only trade that much for a pass rusher or a franchise quarterback. Full stop. But a safety!?? ugh. Anyway. Moving on, can we just finally move on from the guy already this offseason? The contract and extensions have just been salt in the wound.

                • PJ in Seattle

                  It has been one kick in the nuts after another with Jamal, but this will all be behind us soon. There is no world in which Adams is on this roster next season.

        • Spectator

          I think they had every intention of Drafting CJ Stroud if he would have been available. If I remember correctly, that was the QB selfie.

      • geoff u

        It’s obvious to everyone who isn’t a Geno stan the team needs a franchise QB. If it weren’t obvious to John we’d be in deep doo-doo

        • Peter

          Geoff u.

          You keep saying this.

          But if you look at just the games that are good ( instead of all of them), then get a time machine and redraft walter jones and hutchinson…then clone them so they can also play the right side, then get Mcvay to quit being a head coach and be our OC, then get a defense worthy of its own cool original name ( steel curtain, purple people eaters, LOB), then assume by the time all that happens Geno is like the VAST* amount of qbs who play awesome late in their careers….superbowl here we come.

          *= for every tom Brady there feels all the world to me to be around a handful of Rivers, flacco types of guys just hanging around collecting checks happy to get out out of the house because they have a ton of kids.

          • geoff u

            I hear what you’re saying, but you left out the part where they abduct Marshawn Lynch, inject him with super solder serum so he can play again and brainwash him so that he gives polite interviews after every game and stops grabbing his thingamajigger after he scores a beastquake touchdowns in every game.

            • Peter

              Exactly the missing piece.

    • Brodie

      I think all of the FSU guys (Verse, Fiske, Coleman, Williams) sat out their bowl game, and most (all?) of the Georgia guys played.

      Verse was asked about it and said he regretted opting out, but owned it.

      In the Peach Bowl PSU had Curtis Jacobs, Theo Johnson & Adissa Isaac play, but Chop Robinson, Olu Fashanu & Kalen King opted out.

      • Peter

        It’s all probably just words.

        However Nix and Rattler without that much reading between the lines seem to fit what John has been talking about.

  10. Ian

    Rob, here in Alaska, Edefuan Ulofoshio is getting some buzz in the press because he might be the next name on the short list of Alaskan kids to make it to the NFL. What are your thoughts on his draft potential?

    • Rob Staton

      Tested very well. Has injury history to consider. Would like to see him get off blocks more often. Worst case could be a cool depth/special teams piece

      • Ian

        Thanks. He certainly performed well yesterday…

  11. BK26

    Thought that I had listening to the recap: Schneider and handling/talking about AB’s is just like Pete with the usage of dline rookies and the run defense: know there’s an issue, acknowledges the issues, and then…nothing changes: same problems.

    We considered Pete a defensive guru and John a qb expert. One couldn’t fix the problem….

    • Peter

      Slightly concerned are you that there’s a chance our qb guru gm may actually be the same guy that traded for Whitehurst, liked Dalton, and wanted Lock in the Wilson trade…?… cause I am if I’m honest.

      Maybe it’s this year. Maybe not. As the pressure grows I think it’s going to be a problem for John. The three ways to get a qb none are great. Loser team. Unreal lucky. Trade up..

      • Roy Batty

        I understand the frustration with not drafting QBs in previous years, but who was the ultimate decision maker in that?

        Last year they had the ammo but didn’t pull the trigger. I put that on Pete and him drooling over Spoon. Just my opinion, but I’d say that might have been the thing that broke John. He was right there, ready to pounce, and got the no-go from Pete. The season started, Geno slowly regressed, and John was fuming. Again, just my opinion.

        To me, all this QB talk by John is him venting his frustration. The guy isn’t a podium presence. He’s a blue collar, meat and potatoes type of GM. I don’t expect him to be anything but affable in front of the microphone.

        I do think he takes a shot at getting his QB, with approval from ownership. It may not pan out, but at least he has the green light to try. After all, John stated a few weeks after demoting Pete, that he met with Jody and they decided it was time to move on. I believe he pitched his plan, Jody agreed, and he is now doing his utmost to make it happen.

        • geoff u

          For the team and John’s sake, I hope you’re right. At some point though he becomes the boy who cried Ron Wolf. Either do something for once or stop talking about it.

          • Brodie

            Well said. The boy who cried Ron Wolf would make a great article title if he passes on a QB again.

          • Peter

            The boy that cried Ron Wolf is such a good turn of phrase.

          • BK26

            That is the best and most relatable saying that I’ve heard…. Damn that’s a good one hahaha.

        • Brodie

          I think all of this makes perfect sense.

          • Roy Batty

            I keep thinking back to the end of the 2022 season, when they lost to the Niners. Schneider was on camera, shaking his head in dismay as the clock ticked down to zero.

            It was that moment, in my mind, that he started to dream of a life without Pete. Then the draft happened and fuel was added to the fire. Geno’s regression, and an abysmal defense made it that much easier for him to approach ownership with his proposal.

        • BK26

          Part of it for me is that the fact that John has said this for years (or at least since Russ left). Talked of qb’s, Talked and made excuses for the draft.

          Just reminded me of Pete and the talk of “we have this problem, we need to address it,” and then nothing changed. Especially when Robbie mentioned that they have to do something sooner or later with the qb position.

          We’ll definitely know more (most obvious statement) after the draft. Who was making calls in the past, new draft tendencies, if John is all talk.

      • BK26

        Really going back and forth. Mahomes, Allen, the guys last year (I’m really/hopefully assuming), and then…the three that you mentioned. And the excuses. And the years of doing absolutely nothing.

        I’m worried that if/when he finally does make a decision, it is literally too late and it is a forced decision.

        You know for me it’s either Rattler or 2025, but that means that I expect him to wait again. And idk, the saying is if you have two qb’s, you don’t have a quarterback. Maybe if you plan too much, then you don’t have a plan.

  12. Hawkward

    The best part about Fiske was that when he crossed the line in the 40 he let loose with an “Oh yeah!” as if he were the Kool-Aid man personified.

    • Peter

      That’s the sound of a man who knows in that moment he literally made a few extra million dollars.

      • Roy Batty

        So, did Bralen Trice let loose with an “Oh, no”?

        • Peter

          Actual lol! Nicely done.

          I would love to hear an account of a former player who turned coach or talking head who was comfortable within themselves talk about what it like when some one like Fiske puts on a show.

  13. Trevor

    Fiske reminds me of Maxx Crosby in that he was an ultra productive player at a small Michigan school that played with an incredible motor and much better athelte than people realized.

    The differences being Fiske was able to transfer to FSU for a year to up his profile and he is a slightly better atheltic profile than Crosby. Crosby has a bit better arm length.

    The motor though is what sets them apart. If Fiske can overcome the arm length he could be special. After watching a couple of interviews with him you have to think teams will love him. He is all football and the passion shines through.

    Not sure how the Hawks can get him without a 2nd round pick but man I would love to see him in a Hawks uniform. He is exactly the type of player this defense needs from an energy and leadership standpoint.

    Also how the hell did Crosby make it to Rd 4?

    • Peter

      You nailed it in your first paragraph/sentence. Small school.

  14. LouCityHawk

    I know people have been stressing the QB switch

    Caleb, Daniels, Maye, JJ all gone by 16

    Penix, Nix, Rattler gone in the gulf between 16 and 76.

    But after the combine its looking like the Edge class is more dire. Chop and Verse unlikely to drop past 10, after that it looked underwhelming. I guess that isn’t an area of ‘need’ (I disagree) so people won’t stress it.

    I didn’t think this LB group would have a gem, but it does, Wilson. We won’t know about his injury flags – but should their be a trade down that recoups a 2nd – bring me Payton Wilson in the 2nd and pair him with a veteran filling the Roquan Smith role. The rest of it? Feeling a hard pass.

    My hope has been that a high upside DT would slip to 76, and I’m feeling much better about that then I did prior. Fiske, and his Dino arms, was a player I was assuming would fade with the offseason, and instead he has surged. Sweat’s weight doesn’t bother me short term – not in the NIL era. Both Jenkins and Orhorohoro could slip. Jackson might be the one sitting there at 76, and he would fit in nicely.

    That brings us back to OLine in the first. (4QB, 2-3Edge, 3-4WR, Bowers, 1-2CB…almost guarantees that an attractive OL will be there at 16).

    • geoff u

      I think the only way a QB happens is if miraculously someone falls and we pounce; or we trade down, move around the draft board, and take someone in the 1st/2nd. Barring that, we may as well sign Joshua Dobbs after Lock flees for a chance to start elsewhere.

      • LouCityHawk

        I really encourage everyone to go back and read some of the coverage from the Josh Allen/Lamar Jackson draft. things are unlikely to play out the way that you think they will with this draft board.

        just look at last year and imagine if Stroud went first overall, as it was reported the coach and GM wanted. Recall that there are reports that several teams had Young off their boards due to his size.

        Cousins will sign with someone who thinks their window is now and doesn’t want to groom a young QB. Fields will move somewhere, and likely to a team that views a one year punt as worth it to start the rebuild, same with Zach Wilson and maybe even Russell Wilson. – that is 4 teams out of the QB market.

        These QB are all divisive. Some teams will be in and out on different QBS and rank them differently. To put it another way, Indy may have had a first round grade on Levis, but preferred ARich.

        Does Daniels fall to 16? Highly unlikely, but he might fall past 8 and trigger a mad scramble.

        • Peter

          I can see what you are saying. Here on the blog we are QB crazy. On other places it’s less so.

          Additionally I’m not as high in Chop or Verse as a lot of this blog but the EDGE group looking like crap I think helps both players go higher.

          I see a lot of “fifth best qb,” talk from our fanbase ( thanks in no order to Corbin, hawkblogger, salk,, and quite few for this) as if qbs are all ranked exactly the same on every teams board and that the order they are drafted has direct correlation to their success.

          • LouCityHawk

            Exactly this.

            Last year I was Stroud, Levis gap Arich, big gap etc… Wouldn’t have touched Young with a pole.

            This year I see Daniels as being close to Williams (closer than most). Then see the next tier as Penix and Rattler.

            I have as much interest in Maye, Nix and JJ as I did in Clayton Tune. Which isn’t a smear, it’s just my own eval. Same what I’m higher on DeJean and Sweat doesn’t worry me. If it all was science it wouldn’t be interesting.

            I keep seeing reports that Williams entourage is a lot, maybe enough to turn off the Seahawks. And I think there is good reason to believe that the Nxt 6 QB could have wildly different grades per team.

            I also think there is a non-zero chance that Chicago swaps with WAS for the right price and targets JJ with pick 9. NE rolls with Fields, Falcons sign Cousins Broncos trade up for Maye, and now Daniels is sliding…and surprise Nix goes. Then the Seahawks are working a deal with the Raiders.

            We just don’t know.

            • PJ in Seattle

              “…and now Daniels is sliding…and surprise Nix goes. Then the Seahawks are working a deal with the Raiders.”

              From your keyboard to God’s ears. my man. If Daniels were to fall a mere 3 slots above us, I have to think John would expend all the dry powder he has to make that deal happen.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I was somewhat meh on Chop before yesterday. Yeah, I can see his get off and athleticism on tape, but the production isn’t there and I wonder why he can’t finish more often.

            But I saw something special yesterday. I recommend anyone go back and review his movement drills. His legs and feet are moving an order of magnitude faster than anyone else in the group. They’re practically blurred by how quickly he moves. It’s remarkable. I’m remarking on it now.

            • Peter

              I like Chop. His explosion at the snap is a thing to behold.

              I watched the highlights over and over that many have seen here. There’s just a weird gap in his finishing. He’s always the first player to the qb. I just saw a lot of single hand grabs and some other player(s) finishing.

              I also wonder if the idea that the Ravens only carry a certain amount of dlinemen might make the team less likely to prioritize a dtackle then couldn’t the same be said for a team that had great edge production from non premium edge players? Meaning I wonder how they feel the need level is.

              I’ve also come around to the idea that the edge group is so poor it might not matter as that Chop probably is gone by #10.

          • geoff u

            I’d rather have the 5th best QB in this draft than the 1st QB in the 2022 class.

            The best QB’s will be our of range, always. Until we become a bad team it’s just the way it is. Our best chance is in a class that is deep at the QB position, in hopes that good prospects last longer than they would normally. This feels like one of those drafts, but unfortunately we wasted our 2nd pick, so we may be kinda screwed anyway.

    • Brodie

      Ruke and Jenkins both showed well yesterday. Why would you think they would slip to 76 now?

      I think I’m out on Wilson. Wouldn’t draft him personally with the knee and shoulder injuries. I know he’s a blog favorite, but I think he’s going to be Jamal-like with his availability. His body just doesn’t look like it was meant to play NFL LB to me.

      • LouCityHawk

        simply by the sheer volume of players who are going to be going in the first and second

        Unless a ridiculous WR/OLine/Secondary slips into round 3 – which could happen too.

        75 picks: 7 QB(?), 10-15WR, 2-4 TE, 15-20 Oline, 5-10 Corner, 5ish Safety, 5ish Edge/DE…with 10-11 DT,3-4DE types – someone from that group will slide.

        I am not a doctor and can’t see Wilson’s meds, I just know he is the only LB turning my head right now. At a certain point the risk becomes worth it for a player like him.

        • Brodie

          I like Edgerrin Cooper personally. I didn’t watch the drills, but I liked Coopers tape more than Wilsons. He had the almost the exact same numbers as Wilson in testing as well, so maybe you’re talking about the drills turning your head.

          The only thing Payton Wilson did that Cooper didn’t was run 0.08 faster in the 40. 10 yard split was the same, vert was the same, broad was the same and neither did anything else.

          The drills are the only thing I can think of that would make Rob say “Payton shone as expected” while Cooper with essentially the exact same measurables was ho-hum mediocre.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I was most bullish on Jackson prior to yesterday. But he tested very poorly. He looked ok in the movement drills though, so I’d be fine with him if he’s available at (according to tankathon) 78 and they haven’t tapped into this DT class by then.

      I don’t care about Fiske’s lack of length. I haven’t seen a DT workout like him since Donald.

      • PJ in Seattle

        Going to be very interesting to see where he goes. Many of us here have had him as a Day Three sleeper but I think late first is now nearly a lock for him after that performance.

        Maybe I’m just too easily hyped, but I saw what I saw and that dude has blue chip DLineman written all over him now.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          It’s not apples to apples, but his workout reminded me of Abe Lucas’s. Clearly the best of the group, even if he was unheralded going into it. Quibble all you want about his short arms or whatever, but he’s going to play on Sundays, and likely will make an impact.

  15. cha

    I don’t want to whip a dead horse.

    But I cannot reconcile the idea that Geno Smith is a top 10 QB in the NFL with the fact that nobody is burning up John Schneider’s phone to give him at least a 2nd round pick for him – at a $12.7million salary!

    • Peter

      Waa going to workshop new ideas this off season so apologies for the old material.

      What we have here is a real schroedingers franchise qb situation going on.

      If no one wants your player in free agency and no one wants to trade for your player….do you really have the level of player that half the fanbase keeps saying you have.

      Feel pretty confident that if Seattle converted DK’s salary to anything that would cost his new team 12 million bucks for the cost of a 2nd that trade would happen quicker than it took for me to type this out.

      • cha

        In other news the Saints leaked to a source that Derek Carr will be their QB for 2024.

        The Charger’s GM said Justin Herbert will be their QB until he won’t.

        And Adam Schefter tweeted that he thinks Jordan Love’s contract is “good value for any team that might want to acquire him.”

        • geoff u

          When asked about Patrick Mahomes this offseason, Andy Reid would talk about how he doesn’t know how it’s going to go, but they have a lot of love for Blaine Gabbert and would love to have him back and how he has two Super Bowl rings.

          Yes, Blaine Gabbert has two Super Bowl rings.

          • cha

            I’m not tinfoil-hatting but I find it very odd that Schultz has broken this and none of the other big players in NFL reporting have even mentioned it. Nor have the Seahawks confirmed or casually let it be known that yes, that’s the case.

            Not saying I don’t believe Schultz. This whole thing is just bizarre.

            • geoff u

              You never know. Could be true, or it could be right up there with “we have no intention of trading Russell Wilson.”

            • Rob Staton

              Cha’s right to point this out. There hasn’t been a confirmation to Brady — who is close to the front office — or Bob C or any of the others. Neither has there been anything from Rapsheet or Schefter. Schultz, I believe, is close to the Geno camp and that might be enough. But it’s worth noting that it’s been crickets from the reporters the team would typically turn to

              • cha

                Brady just fed Hawkblogger a dose of common sense.

                Also working to confirm Schultz report and the timing of it.

                He’s on the case!

                • Rob Staton

                  Because he’s extremely good at his job

                  • cha

                    Invite him on the stream.

                    • Rob Staton

                      I’ll reach out to him down the line

    • LouCityHawk

      It is because they are not reconcilable.

      Geno is 12-18 on a given week.

      Not to be missed, the league got a good glimpse of how the Seahawks had disguised Wilson’s *short*comings for years.

    • Gritty Hawk

      Particularly for a guy who can obviously play into his 40s because he wasn’t taking hits for 8 years!

      (hoping it’s clear this is sarcasm but you never know these days)

  16. HawkFanGA

    I am still in favor of moving back into the late first round and grabbing an extra pick in the second or third round. With our pick…give me Darius Robinson. I just think he is going to dominate the NFL.

    And if he screams Ravens like Rob has mentioned in the recent mock draft, why wouldn’t MM and JS be interested?

    • Roy Batty

      His 40 time and split were not good, but watching his reps at the Senior Bowl were eye popping. The bend he gets is ridiculous. How does a guy that big get that horizontal and not slip, stumble or get pushed off balance by the lineman?

  17. Big Mike

    geoff u: “The boy who cried Ron Wolf”

    Congrats man, you won the internet for February and on the last day of the month no less. Brilliant and amusing.

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