Video: Will the Seahawks trade up for a quarterback?

A few thoughts before day two of the combine begins. If you missed the day-one recap click here.


  1. Cysco

    I think you nailed it with “I don’t think the Seahawks are going to be boring under John Schneider”

    Look at the offseason thus far. All of the coaching hires have been bold and aggressive.
    Look at the moves that have been made in the past. Say what you want about some of the trades, but you can’t say they were boring.
    Look at some of the rumors of JS trying to trade RW in his prime

    John just doesn’t strike me as the boring type. He’s going to want to make a statement. If there’s a QB in the draft that he views as his guy, I would fully expect him to move heaven and earth to go get him.

    • cha

      He did tell us that the next couple weeks there was going to be a lot going on. Talking to agents, getting contracts worked out, etc.

      We’ve talked a lot about trading Geno. Wouldn’t be a surprise if he’s talking to other teams about Diggs and Lockett to see if there is anything there as well. (I don’t think there is, Diggs’ salary even without the bonus pro is ugly, and Lockett might sooner retire than get traded).

  2. Dustin

    Q for Rob. What were your thoughts on mahomes and Allen when they were coming out of college?

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t study them that closely. That was ‘peak’ Wilson period so it felt like a waste of time. I wasn’t doing the horizontal boards back then, so didn’t try and watch everybody. I kind of stuck to Seattle’s need positions. These days I’m probably working 5x more than I did on the blog back then — watching players I know they won’t consider

      That said, I was blown away by Josh Allen’s Senior Bowl and pro-day and talked about those two events a ton.

      • Sparky

        How do Josh Allen, Drake Maye, and Levis compare? What explains JS loving Allen, but not Levis based on their college play/draft profile?

        • Rob Staton

          Well Brady Henderson said on Oregon radio recently they weren’t likely to take a R1 QB last year after re-signing Geno Smith for cap reasons

          That might’ve been why, it might’ve been injuries or personality. It might’ve been Pete. Who knows?

      • Dustin

        Fair enough. Love the blog. Thanks

  3. Denver Hawker

    3 outcomes I’d be excited about:
    1) Trade up for QB because I trust JS with that move
    2) A bunch of other teams trade up for QBs pushing Verse or Chop down to the Seahawks
    3) Trade back to get an R2

  4. geoff u

    Looked into Drake Maye a bit more this week. Liked him a lot more than I thought. Yes, there’s quite a few issues, but other times he does things that are just insane and it works. It’s fun to watch. All the tools and attitude are there to make a franchise QB.

  5. Gary

    I would handicap it as… 50% chance they trade down in the first round and acquire picks, 35% chance they stay put and 15% they trade up. Will indeed be fascinating. I just wonder what it would take in terms of adding in players to a package to move up significantly. Do they have desirable chips that the teams ahead of them would want without just gutting the team?

  6. Cysco

    Maye being only 21yo probably means you’re more comfortable with him sitting a year if he doesn’t win the starting job day one. You may feel more pressure to start someone like Nix or Penix with them being 24 already.

    • cha

      Personally I think the age thing is more a media talking point than an actual consideration a team makes.

      A QB has 8-10 years in the league if he pans out as a starter. That puts Penix at 32-34 which is not bad at all.

      If Penix has acceptable medicals and the team evals him as their guy, get him and figure out if he starts week one later.

    • geoff u

      You can also be a bit more lenient with his tape, than Penix, Daniels, Rattler who are two years older. Nix is three years older. You can see more what the player can become.

      Maye: 2 seasons starting experience
      Williams: 3
      Nix: 5
      Penix: 5
      Daniels: 5
      Rattler: 4

      With Nix/Penix/Daniels you’re pretty seeing what you’re going to get.

  7. JoeG

    Great topic. It would make sense if Schneider has someone in mind, to go out and get that QB. With Geno’s contract resolved, it would make sense to get a player and have him compete or sit for a year and not feel pressured to play him day 1.

  8. Blitzy the Clown

    Rob do you think Dallas Turner is DE3 after his testing?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes — but I still don’t think I’d personally draft him, given there will be others in the same range I much prefer

  9. Denver Hawker

    Dom Hampton with nice size at Safety, curious how he performs in testing. Liked his style of play on the field:

  10. Brodie

    Rob was there an article that you saw or tweets that mentioned teams being put off by Edgerrin Cooper not playing in the Shrine Bowl? Was there another reason you say he doesn’t strike you as a personality fit? I’m not on twitter to catch all of the rumor stuff.

    I have seen some interviews and he comes across like almost every other athlete out there IMO.

    He had essentially the same measurables as Payton Wilson with 4 inch longer arms, was 1st team All-American, PFF’s #1 ILB with a grade over 90, is the #1 ILB on a lot of boards (Jeremiah, Kiper) and plays at arguably our biggest position-of-need.

    I’m okay moving off of him if there is something about his character that is giving you bad vibes, but I don’t see it in anything I’ve searched (character, grades, legal, etc.) apart from him not playing in the Shrine Game.

    • Rob Staton

      One all-star prospect who could be in Mobile is Texas A&M linebacker Edgerrin Cooper. Cooper accepted an invitation to the East-West Shrine, but pulled out of practicing at the last minute. When teams interviewed him and asked why he opted out late instead of practicing, Cooper snarkily responded by asking NFL scouts if they had watched his tape. That answer and attitude was the worst possible thing that Cooper could have offered. Sources say they really liked Cooper’s tape and 2023 performance, but now they are wondering about adding his personality to their team. Cooper needs a big reversal in the team interviews at the combine and other pre-draft interactions. Beyond also playing a position that gets devalued in NFL drafts, Cooper did some damage to his draft stock with teams.

      • Brodie


        Disappointing for sure. I really like his game. Maybe a fall to the mid 70’s and some humble pie is what he needs.

        The ILB FA list isn’t exciting me much. Maybe Frankie Luvu. Devin White demanded 4/$100M then lost his job…

  11. ShowMeYourHawk

    If JS DID opt to trade up for a QB this year, what’s a realistic package it might take? I’m going to presume we’d not be into trading up into either of the Top 2 picks. NE at #3 or LAC at #5 seem the most realistic, if Maye slipping is the scenario.

    Would we see 24/24/26 1sts involved? Some combo of 1sts & 2nds, as well as a player on a rookie contract? JSN? Spoon? K9? Woolen? Would they consider moving DK to lessen the higher picks issued, even though our cap would take a hit?

    Does Maye even project as a QB with a high ceiling?

    • david

      John has mentioned before how reaching for a QB CAN set your franchise back.

      So in regards to trading picks and assets, i find it unlikely. Its nice to talk about though.

      Moving from 16 to the top 2 would cost more than I could even venture to fathom that would make it worth it.

      the top 3 picks are all (maybe not chicago, remains to be seen with Fields) QB needy teams so theyd be dropping alot to miss out on the same position they could’ve got at 2 or 3.

      Usually teams will trade back if they feel they can get their guy or a guy the covet later. Id imagine NE, Washington want either daniels or Maye.

      • Rob Staton

        But if John trades up for a QB, he won’t see it as a reach will he

        He’ll believe in that QB

        • david

          But he has in the past expressed how putting all your eggs in a basket can cripples you franchise.

          You’re right it wouldnt be a reach if he liked a guy but responding to the OPs original trade idea does sort of cripples the franchise. Trading away valuable assets in the hopes your QB turns out. My feel is the team has alot of holes to cover to justify a trade up to get a Maye or Daniels.

          • Rob Staton

            But you’re framing it all one way, in a negative way

            If John sees a QB he likes, there’s a good chance he’ll go and get him

            That’s just reality

            He’s not been remotely conservative as a GM and now he’s in charge, I think you’re trying too hard to find reasons why he wouldn’t do something

            • david

              I am framing on what we know of this franchise not out of speculation. We know they move around a bit but have yet to trade up in the 1st, unless I am missing something.

              I am not really trying hard as proof is in the puddin’

              Definitely not out of the realm of possibility but i find it HIGHLY unlikely. Especially with what it would cost to potentially move from 16 to maybe 5 if a QB is there and having a bidding war with Atlanta, Minnesota, Vegas, maybe the giants (report today says they want to trade up) now I am speculating haha

              • Rob Staton

                I am framing on what we know of this franchise not out of speculation. We know they move around a bit but have yet to trade up in the 1st, unless I am missing something.

                You aren’t though.

                First it was ‘John Schneider said don’t reach for a quarterback’ — so I pointed out if he traded up, he wouldn’t see it as a reach.

                Then you pivoted to John once said don’t put your eggs in one basket cripples your franchise. OK. Where’s that quote? And again, are you saying that if John really loves a QB in this draft, having been right on his convictions in the past, he’ll think, ‘nah, I don’t back myself’.

                You’re reaching

                • david slater


                  You literally wrote about it.. heres the link.

                  • Rob Staton

                    So we’re going to take an article from 12 years ago, in a year where they aggressively addressed the QB position, and all he said is ‘we aren’t going to panic at the position’. That is in no way, shape or form how you framed his comments. You said he talked about crippling the franchise by trading up. Come on, like I said, you’re reaching on this one. We don’t need to fight a point this much

                    • david

                      You asked for the quote, Mr. Staton. Didn’t know there was a timeline on it. honestly since a trade up for a QB happened with this franchise I felt it was safe to assume that the John quote still held true.

                      Don’t be upset because I actually found it on your site. I will apologize he didnt say “Cripple” he did say set back. Trading the assets mentioned might set them back though.

                      They weren’t really aggressive, they stayed at 75 and picked Russ

                      We will see though. Like i said I just find it unlikely. Not saying it couldn’t happen just unlikely. Not here to make enemies, just talking. I know some people online can be pretty aggresive and thats not my thing.

                    • Rob Staton

                      I asked for the quote, and you provided a quote that didn’t correlate with anything you’ve said.


                      But he has in the past expressed how putting all your eggs in a basket can cripples you franchise.

                      When I asked you to provide the quote, you sent me that link and said:

                      You literally wrote about it.. heres the link.

                      But I didn’t ‘literally’ write about it did I? Because this is the actual quote from that article:

                      “I just know if you panic at the position, it can set the organization back. So we’re not going to do that. That may disappoint fans, because they want to see an instant guy and have that instant success. But really, you’re better off continuing to build your team.”

                      He said they wouldn’t panic at the position, which is completely different. I never said, ‘they should panic and trade up because of desperation’. We’re talking about if John sees a guy he loves, the likelihood of him moving up. Which wouldn’t be panicking, it’d be John backing his judgement.

                      For some reason you’ve tried to frame this a certain way to fit your initial point — and when challenged, you’ve tried to move the goalposts. Then resort to saying, ‘don’t be upset’ which is kind of patronising.

                      They weren’t really aggressive, they stayed at 75 and picked Russ

                      That off-season they paid a fortune (at the time) for Matt Flynn then drafted a QB on day two. That is aggressive.

                      Not here to make enemies, just talking

                      Maybe work on not trying to argue points to the death disingenuously then?

  12. Roy Batty

    I really hope we see Schneider on the phone right when the draft starts, working the deals.

    On a separate note, as you mentioned, Rob, John makes a big deal about a player finishing his career with his teammates by playing in the bowl game. I imagine he asks that very question when he has his interviews with these prospects. “Why didn’t you play in the bowl game, knowing it would be the last time you would be with your teammates?”

    That has to make some guys squirm and reveal certain characteristics in their responses.

    As for Maye, I don’t know much about NC football. Did he have anyone of note around him? Some of these guys are playing on stacked teams. Others just make do with what they have. If I recall, Maye had one receiver who was highly regarded, then that receiver was a flop at the Senior Bowl.

    • Rob Staton

      Maye had Josh Downs in 2022 who was awesome, last season he had Tez Walker who I’ve always thought was a bit ‘meh’. Not a great supporting cast at UNC

  13. BK26

    Hearing Drake Maye talk and interview (and that he was working with Philip Rivers/also sounds like him) is very enjoyable. Love his personality. Could be huge working with Rivers.

    I’ve notice that this year, I have listened to more individual interviews. The guys are also coming off better and more likeable this year.

    Coming around to really hoping we draft the Chapel Hill giraffe.

    • Rob Staton

      Drake Maye and Bo Nix both interviewed fantastically with the media


      • BK26

        Haven’t listened to Nix yet. Maye just popped up on Youtube. Kid was just happy to be there. He was asked about why he met with Denver since they weren’t picking in the top 10. His response was basically “if you want to meet with me, why wouldn’t I want to do the same?”

        Hearing these guys wants me to just keep listening to interviews. Hasn’t happened pre-draft before for me.

        • Rob Staton

          • Brodie

            That was one hell of an interview.

          • BK26

            Not going to lie, the first half of the interview was “meh.” But after he talked about throwing off of different platforms, he came alive and opened up; got comfortable. Was impressed by him too at the end. You can tell that he’s got a big focus on wanting to be prepared. Enjoying this part of the process this year.

            (As a side thought, for me, Florio and especially Sims make it hard to listen to their parts. Sims acts like a car salesman to me)

  14. Phil

    Rob – Thanks for the time and effort you put into this blog — it’s prime reading for me every year as the draft approaches.

    Regarding QBs, I hope that JS has a vision of what kind of offense — and what kind of QB — it will take to beat SF and to win the NFC West next year, or within the next few years. More specifically, does JS want a high-scoring, “exciting” multi-threat quick-striking offense, or does he want a ball-control, time-consuming, run-oriented offense? (When I say JS, I mean him and his head coach and the rest of the coaching staff.) If he and the coaching staff choose to pursue the exciting route, then I hope they have identified a sub-set of QBs who have the skills to threaten defenses, whereas if the staff decide to go with the ball-control offense, then I assume there is another subset of QBs that will interest them. What I’m driving at I think you have to decide what you want your team to be before you decide who you want to play QB for you. This is in contrast to the idea that you choose your guy and then you build the offense around the skill set that he has.

    I look back to the early Russell Wilson years as what I would like to see again. I like having a dual-threat QB, one who could threaten defenses with his scrambling skills and his ability to improve the running game with the read-option skills, while also having the arm strength to throw deep. So, with this preference in mind, my choices at QBOTF would include Jaden Daniels, Caleb Williams, and Spencer Rattler. If JS prefers more of a ball-control offense, then I expect JJ McCarthy would fill the bill for him. So, what about Penix and Maye? Penix certainly has skills to throw deep and his accuracy is outstanding, but I would not be comfortable with him running the ball very often. Maye appears to be an excellent athlete, but he doesn’t seem to have refined his passing skills to the extent of the other QBs in the draft.

    So, once you have decided what you want your team to be and have decided which QB/QBs have the requisite skills to get you there, then I want JS to exhibit the courage of his convictions to get the guy/guys he wants. If “his guy” means moving up to get him, then try to do it. If there is a guy (Rattler) that you might get later in the draft, that’s fine too. But, stating the obvious, don’t pick someone with the idea that maybe you can turn him into something that he hasn’t shown any ability to be.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how aggressive JS will be now that Pete is gone….

  15. L80

    This is fun to talk about. SO MUCH FUN STUFF man, this is what we’ve been waiting for, for years.. Anything is possible, and what’s cool is Rob is so on top of it that practically every possible scenario is covered.

  16. cha

    The Veteran Player Cap Cut train is starting to leave the station…

    NE cuts CB JC Jackson
    WA cuts LT Charles Leno, C Nick Gates, TE Logan Thomas
    PHI cuts S Kevin Byard

    • Rob Staton

      Thank god we’re holding on to Jamal to the bitter end

      • cha

        They’re giving him an advisory role with the organization.

  17. The Greek

    If John believes he is able to acquire a difference making QB it reframes the entire offseason plan. Realistically we can’t expect to contend for SB (and that is all that counts) with rookie QB. By looking at year two of new staff gives the ability to clean up cap now and approach roster construction with eye toward 2025. I would expect we would additionally focus on getting a young and better offensive line to protect the new commodity and would expect more capital allocated in free agency and draft. Given new coaching staff and scheme I think looking at 24 a little differently thanPete always wanting to win it all every year makes sense.

  18. McZ

    Everything you get with Drake Maye you can get with John Rhys Plumlee in UDFA or a late 7th rounder.

    But with Maye, you MIGHT get that stuff on a whole different level, when he is filled out.

    And eventually, you’ll only trade up for a safe bet or insane upside. Has Maye that upside?

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