Considering a trade-up scenario for the Seahawks

When John Schneider spoke about the 2017 draft two and a half weeks ago…

“I don’t like it quite as much as I liked it last year. I think there’s different parts of it that I do like and that we want to pick in that range. We have, what? Two weeks left… so we have some time to kind of get back with everybody but just sitting there by myself staring at it at night… I’m not there yet. Last year I just felt like it was kind of thick all the way through and we were willing to pick players all the way through. This year it seems that there’s some gaps in there that you may be able to… which for us not having a fourth and a fifth this year may work out in our favour.”

… it suggested he might be unhappy with their current draft position, or that they’re comfortable not picking in certain areas.

It’s perfectly plausible that the Seahawks see a sweet spot between picks 30-45. Picking twice in that range, by trading down in round one and up in round two, makes a degree of sense. It mimics the plan they had a year ago when they selected Germain Ifedi and Jarran Reed.

This kind of scenario seems quite likely. The value at #26 isn’t that much better than at #35. If at least a couple of the top quarterbacks remain on the board, Seattle could end up with a favourable trade offer considering they pick just before the Kansas City Chiefs (reportedly in the QB market).

Furthermore, a lot of the players they’ve visited with recently (Jourdan Lewis, Malik McDowell, Ahkello Witherspoon, Tim Williams etc) are slated to go in the #30-50 range.

That said, today I want to talk about a different scenario.

One that involves trading up.

What if Schneider and the Seahawks want to be further up the board in round one?

What if they’re deliberating over whether to be aggressive? To select in the top-15 for the first time in five years?

Here’s two reasons why they might feel that way:

1. Their willingness to at least consider trade offers for Richard Sherman. It’s entirely possible they were just playing the game with Sherman, accommodating his reported desire to seek a move. What if they were also wondering whether they could get a high first round pick because there’s a player they really want to add? Someone, perhaps, who is well out of range at #26 but if they were able to deal Sherman for a pick in the top-20, they might’ve been able to land?

2. The recent meeting with Malik McDowell was interesting. For all intents and purposes, McDowell is not remotely ‘Seahawky’. Are they leaving no stone unturned as they seek to add a dynamic inside/out rusher? It could’ve been a run-of-the-mill meeting with a complex prospect. It also could’ve been a case of ‘let’s see what the alternatives are if we don’t want to make an aggressive move to get up the board’. If you want a really good inside/out rusher in this draft, you need to be picking early or you’re going to have to roll the dice on someone like McDowell.

The Seahawks have been aggressive in the past, just not in round one. A year ago they didn’t just trade up for Jarran Reed, they also made a trade to acquire Quinton Jefferson. In 2015 they gave up three extra picks to get Tyler Lockett and in 2013 they traded up to secure both Tharold Simon and Jesse Williams in round five.

Is it possible they think this team really needs a genuine stud to come in and give it a lift? More so, perhaps, than spending five picks in rounds 1-3 in a range the GM appears unsatisfied with?

Let’s look at the two situations side-by-side:

1. Pick five times between rounds 1-3
2. Pick three times, with one of those picks potentially being in the top-15

Let’s use Jonathan Allen as an example. Davis Hsu recently linked his name to the Seahawks as someone they might covet.

There was talk after the combine Allen could drop due to medical concerns:

Some of that concern appears to have been abated and Allen is now regularly projected in the top-10 once again. However, Matt Miller recently put him in the mid-teens (placing him with Indianapolis at #15 on April 7th).

He’s an alpha male with the kind of character that really fits this defense. What’s more, he’s an inside-out type rusher with major production (22.5 sacks, 30.5 TFL’s in the last two seasons). Imagine lining him up next to Michael Bennett, with Cliff Avril and Frank Clark in a NASCAR package.

If you were comfortable with the medical checks, would you consider it?

We know Pete Carroll’s a fan…

And while we’re posting videos, we’ll take any opportunity to show this again:

A few things need to happen for this admittedly improbable scenario to come to fruition:

— Jonathan Allen would need to be available in the #10-12 range at least, if not later.

— A team would need to be absolutely focused on acquiring as many picks as possible rather than picking early.

— The teams in the top half of round one would need to accept the trade market isn’t great this year, with a number of teams reportedly seeking to move down.

There is some precedent for this.

In 2009 the Cleveland Browns, picking at #5, traded down to #17 with the New York Jets so they could select Mark Sanchez. The move only cost the Jets their second round pick (#52).

That year the Browns traded down three times, eventually selecting Alex Mack at #21. They were a rebuilding team (when aren’t they?) and they were looking to accumulate as much stock as possible (and as a consequence didn’t get great value in any of their trades).

In this years draft, there are approximately 4-5 legitimate top-10 picks. I would argue Myles Garrett, Solomon Thomas, Leonard Fournette and O.J. Howard are worthy of the grade. Some teams might make a case for one of the two top safety’s or a quarterback (given the importance of the position). For me the list stays at four.

If you’re a team like the Jets that has stripped bare its roster and is looking to get younger, would you consider dropping down the board multiple times to acquire stock?

It’s not unknown for a team to accept they’re in a rebuild year and try to pick as many times as possible in a perceived ‘deep-ish’ class.

Let’s say they swapped picks with Cleveland so the Browns can come up to take Mitch Trubisky at #6. If Jonathan Allen was still on the board at #12, would they consider a deal that included Seattle’s #26 and #58 picks? You could possibly include one of your three third round picks too.

It’d be a substantial drop of 14 spots — but it’s not dissimilar to Cleveland’s 12-place drop in 2009.

Alternatively, if Allen dropped into the mid-teens as proposed by Matt Miller’s April 7th mock draft, you might be able to get into the mid-teens using your second round pick.

According to the draft trade chart, Seattle’s #26 pick is worth 700 points and #58 is worth 320. Both picks can get you into the #15-16 type range alone. To get up to #10-12 you’d need to include #90 (140 points).

Admittedly it’d be a costly move. However, as expensive as it is, the Seahawks would still pick three or four times in the first three rounds due to their compensatory picks.

Yes — this scenario is highly unlikely. I’m not here to argue that this could or should happen. There’s four days to go and trading up is a talking point we haven’t really discussed. We’re spitballing here.

I think it’s much more likely they will trade down from #26, then up from #58 and pick two players in the top 45 or 50. They could use depth and competition at various spots and having five picks in the first two days is in itself very useful.

Yet a case can also be made for the Seahawks acquiring a possible stud to reinvigorate this defense. If there’s one way to help a secondary it’s keep adding to the pass rush. And if you want a good pass rusher in this draft, you might need to be aggressive.

Whatever happens, Pete Carroll stated at the start of the off-season the priorities were cornerback, linebacker and O-line. By the end of free agency, he again stated cornerback but mentioned pass rusher. We’ve debated a number of different positions recently but it still seems somewhat likely these two areas will be targeted with their first two picks (if they keep them). And that chimes with the players they visited with last week.


  1. Misfit74

    If the right guy is there, in the ramge suggested, it seems like a plausible scenario to me.

    It seen Ike the number of ‘gotta have’ 1st rounders is slim. Outside of some simple common sense, guys like Garrett, Solomon, Hooker, Adams, Reddick, Lattimore, Allen, for example. I would have said Foster(?) it’s hard to find slam dunk studs by consensus. For example, from the two guys at NDT Scouting one guy had 8 first round grades, one had like 12 or 16 IIRC.

    You have the top heavy 1st and then a lot of 2nd round guys, 3rd round guys. While trading, down is possible, I think only if we miss out. I think a minor move up is very possible, to secure a guy like King or Obi or Bolles, rather than letting the board come to us in round 1. Just too few 1st round guys to stay put.

  2. Overtime

    I think a trade up for Taco Charlton might be a bit closer than Allen. Taco is a Michael Bennett replacement in a couple years.

    • Rob Staton

      Taco Charlton has not shown any real evidence he can play inside-out. I like him, but let’s appreciate what he is. An EDGE in the mould of Chandler Jones or Carlos Dunlap.

      And FWIW, I think there’s every chance Charlton will go to the Bengals at #9 or the Saints at #11.

      • C-Dog

        I just mocked Taco to the Bengals yesterday. Was toying with the idea the Chargers might snag him and bookend him with Bosa as they shift to Gus Bradley’s 4-3.

      • Overtime

        “You can never have too many pass rushers!”

        • Rob Staton

          You can if the guy you draft is going to struggle for playing time.

          They’ve been after an inside/out, interior pass rusher for a while. That seems to be the target.

    • Volume12

      Charlton and Clark would give young book ends for a long time.

      • C-Dog

        Quite true.

        • Greg Haugsven

          We already have a Michael Bennett replacement in Frank Clark. I’d like to see a future Avril replacement myself. Maybe Willis or McKinley?

          • C-Dog

            Yeah, I’m not sure Clark is the replacement for Bennett. He can do a little bit of work inside, but I think he slimmed down to 260 to play edge more, and is closer to Avril.. kind of a hybrid of both players a bit.

            • Greg Haugsven

              Maybe, but that weight can be put back on. To me he seems better suited for the Bennett role than the Avril role.

  3. Sea Mode

    Wow, crazy news just coming out if it is true:


    BREAKING: Former #Gators DL Caleb Brantley facing misdemeanor charge for allegedly knocking a woman unconscious that “displaced a tooth.”

    12:04 PM – 23 Apr 2017

    The supposed incident happened on April 13 at 2:15 a.m.

    • Rob Staton

      What an idiot.

    • Coleslaw

      “Welcoming to this season of Undrafted: Caleb Brantley.”

      • icb12

        And yet… we are talking about jourdan lewis in the top 2 rounds..

        Is it the talent? Is it the witnesses? Is it the charge?
        There is a lot of hypocrisy when it comes to draft prospects and their red flags.

        (That’s not a personal attack coleslaw- just a general observation)

        • Rob Staton

          Having read up on Lewis’ situation, it sounds very, very, very different to be fair.

    • Misfit74

      The classic pre-draft “I don’t want to be a millionaire” move.

    • C-Dog

      Well, there’s one moron you can cross off your list if you were looking to take an interior DL relatively high.

    • Overtime

      Yes, but charged with a misdemeanor for battery, not felony assault. That implies she threw the first punch. No, excuse morally but legally it is.

      • RealRhino2

        I was just wondering, “How the heck is that just a misdemeanor?!”

      • Rob Staton

        I think we can just settle on ‘no excuse’.

      • Tien

        Per the police report in the deadspin article that Ishmael posted, the woman pushed/shoved Brantley, who responds with a closed fist punch. I’m with Rob, “no excuse.”

      • D-OZ

        Legall it is NOT!!!

    • Ishmael

      She (5’6″, 120lb) pushed him (6’3″, 300lb) after he made ‘crude comments.’ He knocked her unconscious. Sterling individual.

      No doubt we’ll see floods of football fans across the internet declaring that if women want equal rights they should expect shit like this. It’s exactly the same situation as with Joe Mixon, and it sounds like he’s going to go in the second round. There isn’t a single team in the league that cares about violence against women, certainly not if the individual in question can help them win.

      • Jeff Colman

        I get livid whenever I hear people try to say “if women want equal rights this is what they should get.” It’s aggravating how rampant misogyny is, and the desire to make vastly disproportionate violence against women acceptable.

        • Ishmael

          It’s revolting, don’t really have a whole lot else to add. Equally aggravating is the mealy-mouthed ‘he just made a mistake’ whitewashing.

      • D-OZ

        ??????????? OMG….

        • Ishmael


  4. RWIII

    Rob: Interesting article. Highly unlikely. Allen would kill two birds with one stone. They would improve their run defense. They would also create an interior pass rush. But this team needs help in the secondary and other areas as well. But I did enjoy reading the article. Thanks Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      They would still pick twice in round three, if not three times under the scenarios I proposed.

      I think it’s unlikely but I wouldn’t get caught up on needing to fill needs in the secondary. They can still do that.

      • RealRhino2

        Not to mention that the QB running for his life helps the secondary. I think I’d rather have Allen plus one of the “works best in a zone scheme” CBs such as Rasul Douglas or Quincy Wilson (if we could get him) or Tankersley, etc., than a “better” CB w/o Allen.

        Best 3T in the draft, IMO.

        • Rob Staton

          I think they can handle the outside cornerback situation with the guys they’ve got. Inside might be the problem, especially if Lane kicks outside now.

          If they traded up for Allen and were left with two third round picks, I think you could see them go S, WR, OL, slot CB, or TE. Lots of options. But the way they handled free agency, nothing desperate either. They added two offensive linemen, they re-signed Vannett and they added McDougald. Plus they signed a load of LB’s.

          • Volume12

            Or is Lane on the outside because they have no proven option there?

            • Rob Staton

              Well yes, that is the reason. But whether it’s Maxwell, Shead, Browner, Sherman — they were all ‘next man up’ once.

              • Mishima

                C. Williams. ‘Next man up’ is just Pete being Pete; need to hit on some CB depth.

                • JimQ

                  IMO- PC/JS always anticipate every possibility when considering the draft. With the trade talk of Sherman, (other than just a motivation factor for Sherman), I see several possibilities for both a trade up or a trade of Sherman that could explain their interest in top 25 prospects.
                  1. If the Seahawks indeed end up trading Sherman, who are they going to pick with the draft picks received & how would they replace Sherman’s CB spot?
                  2. They already have a Sherman trade in the works, to be final during draft (subject to a physical) and they are scoping out potential mid-1-st round prospects.
                  3. It’s all a smokescreen to throw other teams off of their true intentions.
                  4. None of the above, there just doing due diligence & are just messing with us.

          • D-OZ

            Kazee is a rnd.3 option.IMO.

            • Greg Haugsven

              I have a feeling they really like an in house guy that can play opposite Sherman. Whether it’s Desir, Elliot, or Thorpe.

  5. Colin

    I really hope the Seahawks use this draft to acquire the guys they really want, even if it only means picking 5 times or so. Don’t settle for a bunch of guys you ‘like’. Get the ones you must have. I’d much rather they move up in round 1 rather than settle for a Cam Robinson or Obi.

    • Sean-O

      I don’t think drafting Obi would be settling. He’s a guy they’ve had their eyes on for long part of this process. Agree with Robinson though. The idea that “The Hawks O-line struggled last year so they HAVE to pick an o-lineman” is annoying.

      I think it could be interesting if Lamp or Bolles is available when they make their first selection (whenever that is) though. Then you’ve got a decision to make.

      My guess ’17 will play out like ’16. Move down a handful of spots in the 1st then move up in the 2nd.

      • Misfit74

        Obi is my #1 defensive choice for 26. King my #1a.
        Corey Davis my #1 offensive choice.
        Awuzie my #1 slot corner choice.

        Obi is Slot/outside CB2 / FS / SS… what’s not to like?

      • bankhawk

        plus 1!

    • Matt

      Totally agree. I’d be disappointed with either of those guys in R1.

  6. Hawksince77

    I agree a trade into that range is unlikely, but what might be more likely is picking in that range after trading Sherman. Either they trade into that range with the Saints or Titans, or they use the draft capital they receive to move up for someone like Allen. In the latter case, say the get the 31st pick plus another 3rd or 4th. They could package 26 and 31 to move up into the top have of the first.

    Who knows. I still think a trade with Sherman still possible, and they should get decent draft capital if it happens.

    • Rob Staton

      I think, at this late stage, a Sherman trade is highly unlikely. We’ll see.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I tend to agree; doesn’t seem like anybody’s willing to pay the asking price. But still, something could happen on Draft Day.

        My ultimate unrealistic Seahawks trade up scenario is predicated on it

        Trade Sherman + 26 to NYJ for 6 + 107

        If possible, draft Thomas (or, if not, Fournette?!), then trade up again in R2 (something like 58+102+106 for 40) to get Evans/Wilson/Lewis/Baker and still have 90, 107, 210, 226.


        Trade 6 + 58 to CLE for 12 + 33 + 108

        Draft Allen/Reddick/Humphrey/Hooker (or Bolles?!) at 12, then trade down with CAR from 33 to 40 +98.
        At 40, take Evans/Wilson/Lewis/Baker and still have 90, 98, 108, 210, 226

        These pre-draft mental contortions!

        • Hawk Eye

          i also do not think Sherman will get traded at this point. But the whole drama also sends a couple of messages out there. 1. They will trade almost anyone, if they get the right offer, so make an offer. 2. Don’t get comfortable, don’t cause trouble, we can and will replace you. Do you like Cleveland?

          I like Pete’s approach to treating his players, but there also needs to a level of respect (or fear) that seemed to be missing at times. And his message probably works better on younger players who are still trying to make their mark.

        • BRSeahawks

          Is it even possible that a Sherman trade can draw interest from a non pretender/contender?

          • D-OZ

            Chicago has three picks in the 4th round. there on record saying they want to acquire more picks. Trade Sherman and a 3rd for Chicago’s 1st and pick #111 and 128.

      • GB3

        Rob, do you think, or maybe I think, that Seattle might be waiting until draft day to see who may still be on the board before making a Sherman trade?

        My thought being, the Seahawks may not want to make a trade until they know the player they’re targeting is still on the board with their possible trade partner. Why trade Sherman prematurely and still not get the player they’re coveting enough to make that move.

        I’m of two minds on this, I think a draft day trade is extremely possible for the aforementioned reason or Seattle and Sherman have a gentlemens agreement to pose as shopping him around so that Seattle can see who/what teams are interested in so that they can get a better sense of who may fall to them and to know what corners particular teams might be targeting….I’m more inclined to believe the first scenario. Curious to your thoughts though.

        • DC

          I don’t believe that the Seahawks ever had or at present have any intention of trading Sherman. He asked, they obliged by floating it and asked for a price tag that they would not get. It leaked and they told the truth.

          I could see it next year as we have to make decisions on Britt, P. Rich, Graham, Chancellor & many more players become *eligible* for extensions including youngsters Clark, Lockett & Glowinski. Also Sherman, Thomas, Avril & Wright will be entering their final contract year.

          • Dale Roberts

            Gotta disagree here. I think they believe in the Belichick model for staying relevant. That means you trade your stars when they are past their zenith but still have significant value. I think they would love to move on from Sherman if it meant they could get a young, cheap impact player in return. If he stays and has a good year I’d absolutely expect to see him traded next year. Depending on how the season goes it wouldn’t shock me to see him moved during the season.

            • GB3

              When has Seattle demonstrated they believe in the Belichick model? They’ve signed there veteran players slightly past their prime in the past and have yet to trade any of there stars in the manor that the Pats have… See Beastmode, Chris Clemons, Michael Bennett..etc..Now Seattle has let players walk after a contract is over but they have not made the same shrewd trades during a players prime like the Pats (excluding trades Pete and Schneider made at the beginning of taking over to revamp the roster)…If they were to trade Sherman that would be the first time (if it were for the Belichickian reasons you mentioned).But if Sherman is disgruntled and the Seahawks are appeasing Sherman in his request (that some have reported) than that is still not in the Belichick mold either. That’s the Pete mode ala Harvin..ship unhappy locker room cancers out before it divides the team.

              Now that being said, I think there is still a good possibility that Sherman is moved during the draft, if he’s going to be moved at all. Personally I hope he stays. He keeps Seattles SB window open wider if he’s on the roster and not off for the next 2 years, We’ll see how this unfolds Thursday.

  7. Forty20

    Who else beyond Allen is in the conversation for warranting that sort of trade up if they slide a bit? OJ Howard maybe? I adore the likes of Haason Reddick and Jarrad Davis but it would be hard to justify giving up that sort of capital for a role that won’t impact/protect a QB potentially every down.

    • Misfit74

      Howard would, but he won’t last to the range Rob is suggesting. That would also likely signal a non re-signing of Graham long term, which would suck. Even if we found 2 TE sets in our offense regularly, I can envision a top 10 pick and Graham invested at the position.

      Bolles, maybe?

    • RealRhino2

      IMO, nobody. Re Howard, we’ve had the conversation about how this team uses tight ends. Just don’t think it’s worth it. And TEs generally aren’t worth it. All of the OTs have question marks, same with the WRs. CBs and DE depth is good enough where a trade up wouldn’t seem worth it.

  8. FuzzyLOgic

    Sherman isn’t going anywhere and I’m glad. I actually love the thought of going up and getting Allen if he somehow manages to get around the middle of the first round but at what cost? Would you rather have Allen or say Obi & Lewis? Or Allen vs Awuzie & Bowser? Hard to pick for me considering Allen would immediately relieve the backfield some, plus with three 3rd round picks left I feel we could still get some pretty good CB’s to start grooming.

    Like Rob said ” Yes — this scenario is highly unlikely “. But if we did get Allen we would all be grinning on 3rd on long.

  9. C-Dog

    While it feels more and more like a Sherman trade isn’t going to happen anytime soon, if all all, I have pontificated whether Seattle might try to strike a deal with New Orleans to send Sherm and 26 to the Saints for picks 11, 42, and maybe even 103. If Jonathan Allen is the dream, and he gets to 11, they could land him, and still be in play for one of the top DBs at 42, and either have a little something extra to play with in R3 with 4 picks, or use one of those picks to move up from 58 and grab two other players in that top 50 range. right now, I kinda have Allen going 15 to Indy.

  10. troy

    Hey Rob what about Allens testing numbers? I thought he performed pretty poorly at the combine from what I remember, does that not scare you away from him?

    Looking at the highlight tape you see a dog, a strong, quick, gritty football player who looks like he can do well at the next level. But poorer athletes usually don’t do as well at the next level, do you remember what his TEF was? Or which events he did poorly in compared to what he did well in?

    I’m totally in favor of the Hawks packaging their top 5 picks into 2 or 3 very high round 1 and round 2 picks. This team needs an infusion of great young talent defensively (especially one that can generate turnovers).

    Also it sort of bugs me but the whole they have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds, sure that is technically true but considering how late they pick its almost more accurate to say they have a high 2nd, high 3rd, and then 3 high 4ths. And when you think of it like that, why not package some up to get into a range where you are more likely to draft probowl/all pro type talent? This team hasn’t really hit on ANY late round draft spots since 2012, I saw package them up and grab the guys you really love and see what happens.

    • troy

      pulled up his testing numbers:

      seems like the definition of average:

      5 second 40, 21 reps on bench, 30 inch vert, 108 inch broad, 7.49 3 cone and 4.5 20 yard shuttle.

      This equates to a TEF.2.73. Not exactly inspiring compared to some of the other uber athletic prospects available.

      Allen looks the part but I would be wary of trading up for an athlete of his nature. I think I would be more excited for either Reddick or Bolles if we were trading into the mid 1st round. Then if we can package some 3rds to get into mid-high second, take Baker whoever else they like most safety/cornerwise at that moment.

    • Rob Staton

      He didn’t have the greatest combine — but his short shuttle (4.50) is right in Seattle’s ball park and his three-cone was quickest among interior D-liners not named Solomon Thomas.

      • troy

        hmm ya so his quickness his best athletic trait, which for interior dline you could argue is the most important trait…interesting.

        • Misfit74

          He’s really powerful and also quick. Really good hands, technique. He will be a wrecker in the middle.

          • Hawk Eye

            do you want the guy that wins the underwear Olympics or the guy that dominated on Saturdays?

            a guy named Michael Bennett did not do too well at the combine, and he is a pretty good player.
            There are times when the athletic traits will limit someone a the next level, but there are also traits that mean less and those they are not testing for that mean a lot. How many times does a D Lineman run 40 yards? How fast he gets 5 yards and sheds his blocker is more important. And skill and technique can improve performance. Does anyone think Sherman would test as a top 30 or 40 CB in the NFL as an athlete? But he plays like a top 3 CB.

        • D-OZ

          10 yard split and lateral quick’s is what I want to see for 3 Tech/ power DE in Three man front. A formation the Hawks like to use but don’t have the proper personal to do so. Thus the need for safety depth. I think we can forget about Obi making it to #26. If he doesn’t make it by Tampa Bay, you have to consider Detroit and Oakland also. Baker, Jackson and Awuzi could be in play @26 along with Peppers. If we trade Sherman to the Titans @18, I would take Robinson @ 18 if he is available. If not Taco would be a good get.

  11. Awsi Dooger

    While following the draft for nearly 50 years a couple of trends stand out: Early round two always seems like tremendous value…guys who slipped out of round one mostly by technicality, while mid to late round two begins the you’ve got to be kidding me stage. As in…okay, we’ve dropped deep enough to make ridiculous reaches.

    Consequently I would always try to pick as many times as possible in the top 40 even if it meant sitting out subsequent rounds or every subsequent round. It’s all about margin for error. Don’t force your general manager to be extra special later, when during those opening 40 picks all he has to be is normal.

    Obviously it doesn’t mean bankrupting your team in terms of future picks. But if some dunce team overvalues your 3rd or 4th round pick while underplaying their spot at #37, then heist them via second round trade up. I would quietly apply this every year, without bragging about it.

    This draft may be deeper than most in that early to mid second round but I still wouldn’t feel comfortable adjusting all the way down to 50. That’s sucker territory. A 10% stretch to 45 is as far as I would take it.

    The first round varies more year to year. Not as many ideal generalizations. I love systems because subjectivity is so fragile and failing.

    • GB3

      Excellent point and I totally endorse this strategy.

  12. Ishmael

    Another fine young man set to enter the league.

    • Ishmael

      Just realised it’s been done above.

      • D-OZ

        Not a Brantly fan in the 2nd round. I had him in the early 3rd. Per tape review he disappears for long stretches. If he can be motivated I think he can become a functional piece. What would be his value though though? We can do better than Brantly,

  13. Sea Mode

    I don’t dislike the idea; Allen is a stud and gives us exactly the missing piece we need on the DL, which as you mentioned also greatly helps the secondary. Avril, Allen, Bennett, Clark on 3rd downs? Sign me up! It would also be nice to know we have our Bennett replacement secured for the future.

    So what could the draft look like in that scenario? I’m gonna force myself to pay the highest price and say we send 26, 58, and 90 to the Bills for #10. They only have 5 picks in the draft as of now FWIW.

    R1P10: DL Jonathan Allen
    R3P102: OL Jermaine Eluemunor
    R3P106: Trade down for R4+R5 picks
    R4: CB/KR/RB Brandon Wilson
    R5: S Shalom Luani/S David Jones
    R6: WR DeAngelo Yancey
    R7: LB Jimmy Gilbert

    CB Xavier Coleman,
    TE Andy Avgi (check out his athleticism and long, muscular build:
    SS Yamen Sanders

    Even after picking Allen, I seriously considered Daeshon Hall if he’s there in R3P102 instead of Eluemunor. So much potential. Maybe they like the OL group they have and just want to let them grow together, recognizing this simply isn’t the year to go after OL. (But then again, if we are trading up to #10, we could consider Bolles and target Hall or Ogunjobi in R3P102 with the rest of the picks the same…)

    Knowing we have Lane, Shead (eventually), Elliot, Thorpe, and Desir in the wings for CB, and how few there are in this class that meet the Hawks requisite wingspan, I’m comfortable looking in-house for a CB2 replacement.

    Signing McDougald also allows us to just add Luani or Jones as depth and competition for the 3rd safety spot. Brandon Wilson shares KR duties with Lockett and, together with Xavier Coleman, gives us options if the matchup dictates a pure slot CB.

    I like Yancey a lot. Him, Josh Reynolds, and Ardarius Stewart are my favorite WRs for the value this year. I think Stewart will go too high for us (late R2-early R3), and Yancey has basically the same testing numbers as Reynolds at 25 lbs heavier. Really impressive agility for a guy his size and a nice hands catcher.

    My only favorites I missed out on were Obi, Engram (duh, in this scenario) and Dalton Crossan.

    • D-OZ

      To have a chance at Hall you would have to take him @90 and you might have a chance. I think he may not make it to #58. But for me @58 I would take Kapassong or Moton. Not stressing over a WO. Unless JU-JU was a vailable. If Ju-Ju was available @ 58 and beyond, I woould think about trading down with one of our 3rd’s I do think we have sneaky depth @ WR though. I don’t think Kearse is going to make the the deadline cut-down though. I love Kearse though. It;s tough being a homey, Love my Dog’s. Look out for Eldrenkamp to be brought in as competition and at least making the Practice squad. He our KOG!!!!

  14. coach

    What if we get Jaye Howard? How much better is Allen than Howard? It seems to me like we would be better with:

    R1 King CB
    R2 Jones WR
    R3 Lewis – slot CB
    with Howard than…

    R1 Allen DL
    and then Lane and Kearse and a late 3rd at slot cb?


    Go Hawks!

    • C-Dog

      First of all, I love the idea of King, Jones and Lewis being drafted together for this team. Not very confident they would be there at those spots Seattle is picking though.

      As for Howard vs Allen, assuming it’s a fully healthy Jaye Howard, right off the bat, Allen might be right on par with what you would get from Howard, but with much more upside to be had for a inexpensive rookie deal for up to five years. Assuming Howard comes in on a one year bargain deal, and is the 2015 version of himself, rushing as a 3 tech, collecting 5.5 sacks, he’s probably going to be up for a big pay day again in 2018 with other veterans up for a contract, and Seattle might be left looking at the draft again in 2018 as he signs somewhere else. John Schneider just said that the reason they are open to trading Sherman is that they want to get younger and make more cap space.

      Allen = top talent that is cheap for 5 years. Howard = potential short term fix for interior rush that won’t solve the need of getting younger and cheaper on the roster.

  15. nichansen01

    Thoughts on Warren Sapp’s Myles Garett comments?

    • Ishmael

      IMO there’s an element of truth to it, but it’s also a great way to get attention and clicks. Nothing like a bit of last minute controversy to stir up draft intrigue and make sure people tune in for the first round.

    • Misfit74

      Skip Bayless school of “I crave relevancy”

      • D-OZ

        Sapp has always been a PUTZZ…. Out of touch prim-a-dona. ;{

    • cha

      Feels like Sapp is plowing ground for an “aha! See I called he was a bust!” article in a couple years.

      And given Garrett will go to Cleveland, the odds are pretty good in his favor. I wish I was joking.

      • Greg Haugsven

        2 thoughts, First the guy is out of a job and needs to get some air time. Second I do believery he could be accurate. The guy does dissappear sometimes. I would have liked him to a say a guy he would take number one.

      • Scraps

        Ah, but reportedly Cleveland is maybe considering Trubinski. Garrett says “Whew!”

        If that’s true….. well, then, Cleveland is still Cleveland.

        • abark

          Wonder if Cleveland would be interested in Sherman, our 1st (especially a draft day trade if Trubinski were available @ 26) and one of the Hawk’s third rounders for… Myles Garrett!?!

  16. Ishmael

    On Allen, I’d be very excited. He’s an absolute beast, just a really, really, good football player. He’s got some dog in him as well. Imagine a rotation of Avril, Clark, Allen, Rubin, Bennett, and hopefully some Jefferson kicking in. That starts to look all kinds of tasty, unless you’re Jared Goff in which case your nights start to get more than a little bit restless.

  17. cha

    It may be a trade up helps the Hawks for a couple reasons:

    * as Rob mentioned, a player like Allen could have a more profound impact than say two lesser prospects. If he can be used as a rookie as a part time terrorizer inside/outside, that makes everyone else’s job easier.

    * do they have enough roster spots to keep a full 2017 draft class on the 53? Last year they kept 14 rookies in the final 53, and only 6 of those were drafted. Two draft picks (Lawler & Brooks) didn’t make the roster in favor of UDFA’s. (Lawler came back on the PS). It’s hard to see them not continuing to keep at least 10-12 of those 14 on the 2017 roster. If they don’t see a lot of improvement in the draft over what they have on the roster right now, this might be a time to pursue quality over quantity.

    * they’re one of the best if not the best teams at mining the UDFA market for usable players. So a “loss” of a pick in a trade up can theoretically be made up by being their usual aggressive selves in the UDFA.

    • cha

      Correction: 6 of the 14 were UNdrafted.

  18. Heliopause

    All the evals I’ve read say he’s the complete package but with potentially two bum shoulders. I have a vague memory of a can’t-miss Seahawk prospect with two bum shoulders back in the day but I can’t quite recall his name. What was it? Thinking, thinking…

    • Misfit74

      Marcus Tubbs?

    • cha

      Chris McIntosh was drafted in the first round, and had a bum neck/back and only lasted a season and change.

      • Hawk Eye

        Jesse Williams was an Alabama lineman with first round talent and bad knees. he dropped to the 5th and never played for the Hawks
        Possible serious injury issues can be pretty important. Shoulder problems can make a d lineman ineffective.
        But it really depends on how serious they are.
        Jay Ajayi dropped in the draft because they said his knees won’t last 5 years.
        But most rb’s don’t last 5 years anyways.

      • D-OZ


    • DC

      Brian Bosworth…
      The best one armed linebacker in the league.

    • Just a guy

      Pretty sure he is referring to the Boz

    • Robert

      Brian Bozworth! I was at a Seahawks game vs Rams in Anaheim, I believe. Late in the game, the crowd was sparse and quiet. I worked my way down to the rail behind the Seahawks’ bench and yelled at Bozworth that we should trade him for the Rams’ cheerleaders. A bunch of fans laughed. Bozworth wheeled around and glared at me. When I returned home, my Monday seattle Times was waiting. I was delighted to see a huge color photo of me and angry Boz on the front page of the sports section!!!

      • abark


  19. BRSeahawks

    Hard to imagine a scenario where the Seahawks picks him, replenish the secondary without the expense of Richard Sherman.

    • Misfit74

      Given we haven’t drafted cornerbacks before round 4 in the Carroll era, I don’t think it’s hard to imagine at all.

  20. nichansen01

    Deshawn Shead is recovering insanely quickly apparently. It is possible that he makes it back for the start of the season.

    • Old but Slow

      Very good news, if so.

    • HawkTalker #1

      Do you have a source for that? Could be very good news.

      • Jujus

        OR IT COULD BE EVER POSITIVE THINKING PETE -trying to postulate him being ready to hide interest in CB at some point in the draft but who knows.

        • Redhawk87

          To be fair, they said the same thing about Jimmy Graham and Thomas Rawls last year. Both were expected to miss a few games to start the season, and both were healthy enough to start. Yes, I know that Rawls was re-injured a few games into the season, but he was healthy enough to start the season. PC wasn’t just blowing wind, he was giving a factual assessment of their rehab.
          Given they have been proved truthful in previously thought over-optimistic assessments, I would be inclined to believe Pete until we hear conflicting reports to the contrary.

  21. Lenny J

    I would like to focus on getting 3 really good players. Pray we hit some descent players with picks 210 and 226, then snag a few UDFA gems to fill out the roster. Rather than trading back a bunch of times to acquire more players who wont even make the team. We still have developmental players from drafts in 2016 and 2015.( Especially on the OL) We dont need any more 3rd, 4th, and 5th OL selections. I say we roll with what we got with our OL and focus on the strength of this draft which is defense. IMO we pick the most versatile players with our top 3 picks to cover multiple positions on the field. I also feel the signing of Bradely McDougald Safety from Tampa Bay maybe we dont draft Obi at Pick 26. Looking at Mcdougald stats he is no slouch. He has only missed 1 game the last two seasons. 2016: 91 combination tackles, 10 passes defended, and 2 int. Not to mention he is only 26 years of age. Drafting Obi just seems like overkill with McDougald on the team. Unless we are putting Obi at CB, McDougald would be fine in the Big Nickel Package. Not sure we draft a package player at 26 like Obi.

    26. Adoree Jackson CB/PR/KR (immediately fills in the void of Tyler Lockett on ST and can play outside or slot Corner)

    58. Tyus Bowser OLB/DE Houston


    Seahawks Trade 90, 102 for Saints 76.

    76. Malik Mcdowell DT Mich St.

    106. Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson

    Disclaimer: Not really sure what picks are worth what points.

    • Trevor

      Would love the draft if we came out of it with Jackson, Bowser and Tankersly.

      Not sold on Mcdowell and his attitude but he is worth a flier if there at 76. Can’t see him lasting that long however.

    • Dingbatman


    • Misfit74

      That draft would be magnificent.

      I’ve long said this is the time to get a few excellent players and discount the volume drafting approach for a season to some degree. We have a talented roster. We need a few impact players, though that doesn’t necessarily mean trading up for a high first rounder. It’s a catch-22 because volume drafting has landed some gems and not every player pans out.

    • Dale Roberts

      Bowser is moving up. I don’t think there’s much chance he’ll be there at #58.

  22. Nathan

    Would be cool if the niners took fournette and we got Allen.

    Reed and Allen vs Fournette for another 5 years(at least)

  23. Lenny J

    Anybody think Cassius Marsh can step it up this year and solidify theat OLB/DE spot. Less pressure come draft time to find a OLB/DE

    • BobbyK


    • Overtime

      I think not. I would not be surprised to see him get tough competition from the draft.

    • HawkTalker #1

      A little sad too, I really like him and how he made the team. Unfortunately, we need more than I think he can deliver. How he finds another nfl home soon.

      • D-OZ

        You mean ho-e don’t you??

        • Jujus

          What is there to like about Marsh? A 4th round pick made the team? He has done so little, made minimal impact, he currently is the antithesis of “always compete” The laziness and complacency they have shown by resting on defense with no improvements. Literally as of now we have added 2 players taht actually mattered to our defense since 2013… Clark and Reed.

          • abark

            Who exactly is the complacent and lazy “they”?

    • LeoSharp

      I think he definitely has a chance to improve on last year. If he tackled better and got a few more holding penalties called his way, he probably would have made a significant impact. After being injured for most of his time as a rookie that was only his second full season.

      • peter

        Agree with this as opposed to writing the guy off yet. I don’t think he needs to find another team just yet. Go look at Bennett vs Marsh’s stats their first three years into the league. Bennett was teetering dangerously close to JAG territory. 6 sacks in three years, 50 tackles. Marsh 3 sacks and 25 tackles. The difference? Bennett was a starter. Bennet started 12 games to Marsh’s 1, meaning he literally played more snaps. That and the coaches think of him as one of the best special teams players on the team. Sure I’d love to see a few more sacks and a few more tackles but for a super rotational special teams ace it’s hard to get down on his worth.

  24. BobbyK

    I remember Schneider talking last year about trading up to get Reed. Trading up in the second round was not their plan. However, when he kept slipping, they decided to go get him because they couldn’t believe he was still there.

    I’d rather pick five times on the first two days than trade up for Allen. The depth on this team has gotten worse every year since winning the Super Bowl.

    As Rob mentioned yesterday, if Schneider is always looking a year ahead – which he is – then they have Baldwin and Lockett and nothing else at WR headed into 2018. Maybe McEvoy. They probably won’t keep Kearse around at his salary and PRich could easily end up somewhere else. This is the year to draft a third-round WR who will basically be worthless this year and develop to step in for PRich/Kearse in ’18. We always get those guys who develop for a year before becoming contributors in year two.

    Kind of like they and we hope for with Jefferson this year. He’s the guy they drafted to rush the passer from up the gut in the NASCAR package.

    Having the seventh oldest defense in the NFL, I don’t like the idea of only having three picks in the first five rounds and only two of them used on defense (remember, we don’t have a 4th or 5th rounder… so if we trade a 1, 2, & a comp. 3 picks to get Allen and then take a WR with another pick… then there’s only one pick left for a defensive back).

    Also, if they don’t resign Kam, they will need to draft a SS somewhere to sit on the bench for a year. I don’t think they have his replacement on the roster right now (which means a 3rd, 4th, or 5th rounder of which they don’t have picks in two of those rounds). Chancellor sat and watched Milloy as a rookie, just as a new guy would watch Kam. I know they want to resign Kam, but don’t know if it’s realistic after the money that Dolphin got.

    • Misfit74

      “Having the seventh oldest defense in the NFL, I don’t like the idea of only having three picks in the first five rounds and only two of them used on defense (remember, we don’t have a 4th or 5th rounder… so if we trade a 1, 2, & a comp. 3 picks to get Allen and then take a WR with another pick… then there’s only one pick left for a defensive back).”

      Good points.

      • Dale Roberts

        I agree it’s time to get younger/cheaper if those players have to be available. If PC/PS don’t see them in this draft they’ve got to take another route. We also don’t know what they think about next year’s draft. We do know that PS likes to spread his picks through the draft unless he can get a truly special player. Jimmy Graham and Percy Harvin would be top five players if you knew how good they would be in advance. Most of the picks available at #26 are going to be average NFL starters (if you’re lucky) but aren’t going to propel you to another championship. I wouldn’t be shocked to see PS move a third round pick for more chips in next year’s draft based on his comments.

  25. Victor

    Its a pipe dream to think we can land Allen because he is a top 5 talent. It would be great to get him but i also think McDowell is a top 10 talent but some of you question his heart. Allen is a sure thing but McDowell can be a sure thing actually his upside is higher. I will be happy Whatever they do if they want a inside out guy along with Thomas these 2 are what you want.

    • C-Dog

      If someone can light a fire under McDowell’s backend, watch out, that dude could be a regular pro bowl player for years to come. I’m sure that why Seattle brought him in, to see if that’s there’s a decent chance light that fire.

      • Jujus

        im so bought in to PC im willing to bet the house that they can save anyone. Im all in on Malik especially if we can trade down. Its a similar situation to frank clark for me. capitolize on the market and bet on club being unique and special in its ability to maximize talents.

  26. HawkTalker #1

    CB thought of the night.

    On one hand it’s very hard to draft a CB, no matter how good, to start outside in Seattle, which makes you take a hard look at what is in the other hand . . .

    I hope the Seattle CB bullpen has matured. I’m concerned it’s not ready prime time yet, and I know a brutal test is coming shortly . . . Can anyone out there ease my concerns?

    Go Hawks

    • DC

      Improve the pass rush so that whoever is opposite RS doesn’t have to cover for as long. That is doable.

      • Dale Roberts

        I don’t see how you’re going to dramatically improve the pass rush. You’ve already go Bennett, Avril, and Clark. If you’re going with a base 4-2-5 where do you fit another pass rusher? You can add depth so that Bennett and Avril get more blows but then they’re not on the field.

    • Mike

      QB’s the Hawks will face in September:

      1) Rodgers
      2) M Ryan
      3) Dalton
      4) Luck


      • Redhawk87

        You mean
        3) Mariota

        • Mike

’re right..Mariota in week 3…

    • Dale Roberts

      I agree with your analysis. Maybe the answer lies with scheme. With the buffalo scheme you plug one our biggest vulnerabilities over the last few years, the TE over the middle. A dynamic player like Melifonwu could also be a wildcard in the pass rush.

      Lane might actually be better on the outside. You look at his combine numbers and his crazy athletic with a 42″ vertical. Lane and Budda Baker had the same 40 times at 4.45/4.48 respectively. Lane’s agility numbers are good with a 7.02 3-cone, and a 4.14 short shuttle but compared to Budda Baker registered a 6.76 and a 4.08, Lane lags in short area quickness so critical in the slot. So he’s not big enough for TE’s and not quick enough for the little guys. Move him outside and voila.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I don’t agree with that analysis. My thought is that any CB taken with first round talent would be an instant improvement at outside corner or slot. The only cornerback that invokes fear in the QBs is Sherman. Lane and Shead are okay but don’t battle for the ball. Usually they are face guarding and don’t even see the ball. Seahawks have been getting by with their fifth rounders for a long time, but make no mistake. A first round cornerback playing opposite of Sherman will make a world of difference on third downs.

  27. DC

    If Seattle is intent on adding an interior rushing presence is Demarcus Walker still in the conversation? 4 or 5 months ago he was a “first round lock” on sdb. Seems like he could fill a situational role or compete with Jefferson for it.

    • C-Dog

      I think he could still be in play day two.

  28. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I can see a slight trade back in the first (say the Saints at #32) and then a slight trade up in the second round from their native spot…. reason for the trade for the Saints would be a specific player, such as Kevin King at CB. Seattle and New Orleans have done deals in the past, so not crazy imo.

    26 for 32 = 700 for 590, which means a 110 point differential. So a late 3rd or early 4th round pick would have to be thrown in. (~100 pts).

    Seattle then would have 3x 3rds and a 4th…. which they could bundle “one 3rd” up with their native pick in the second and move up to…. 45-50 range. So, I could see a bit of moving around.. actually I expect it. I guess if we want to go nuts, try to find a scenario that you can swap some picks with the Browns…. they have a few extras.

    • Misfit74

      That has a fair chance of happening. If Seattle trades down, it could be for a ‘faller’ like McDowell. Or, it could be their plan going in; trading down for a guy like TJ Watt, D. Rivers, Bowser. Or a corner / safety they like for our scheme and value differently than other teams.

    • Volume12

      I think they’ll target King, miss out on him and depending on what they do with their 1st selection, won’t let Ahkello Witherspoon get out of round 2 if he’s there.

  29. DC

    The reason I could actually see a trade like this happen is if the FO views this as an “all-in” season and JA as the missing link. Kind of the last year in chapter 1 of the Seahawks championship window in that after it we are going to have to start making tougher decisions around some guys that have been critical to our run of success. Many of our defensive “core” players are either aging or showing signs of age (or showing signs of frustration). During the 2017 season we are looking at ages;

    M. Bennett 31/32 (injury concerns)
    C. Avril 31
    R. Sherman 29 (frustrated, played injured)
    K. Chancellor 29 (contract year, injury concerns)
    E. Thomas 28 (injury concerns/retirement)

    I’m all about winning Super Bowls. Would much rather win this one and have one or two retooling years than have 3 non-championship years. If adding Jonathan Allen = winning this years’ SB then I’m all for it. Of course I would say the same thing about adding A. Jackson, Baker, Awuzie, Obi, Lamp, King…. Anyone we add.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I agree DC, they aren’t an old defense yet but they are aging. Like I ever said before, sometimes you have to create holes to inject youth. Now might be the time to trade Sherman and Chancellor. You have to either trade Kam or extend him.

      • DC

        Or he plays out the season. As much as I love Kam I could see the Hawks letting him test the market and set his $$$ value. If it’s reasonable he stays. If it’s too high then we hope for a comp pick out of it. My guess is that his value on the open market would be lower than he is hoping for.

        If we are going to create holes lets do it next year. We are too close to the top to make any right now.

        • Jujus

          im all about having comp picks. But at what point do they even serve a purpose for us? When was the last comp pick that turned into a star? in my estimation it seems like we go -10 for someone like kam and only get a +4 back.

    • peter

      Good points but I’m fundamentally against the trade up. I didn’t put a ton of thought into and just am basing most of my process on draft trades Rob has mentioned but I don’t see the advantage of it.

      The trade up for Sanchez didn’t really help the Jets.

      The trade up for Sammy Watkins hasn’t really helped.

      The Julio Jones mega trade, sure he’s a beast and I’m sure they are glad they did it. But it didn’t get them over the hump. Not like getting a rising coach and an up and coming offensive Co-ordinator.

      Even players I’m not as stoked on like Justin Evans and Jourdan Lewis I’d be glad to have. This draft has a chance to net a depth of players. I think If Seattle were to move up a bit I would like to see Bolles because though the Defense is great, Seattle needs to do something about protecting Wilson as he ages and make that run game great. Or move up a tiny bit for Awuzie. A fantastic player who can literally improve the position on day one.

      Sorry I’m kind of cynical. And I’m always a little hesitant about Alabama as a whole. That team is SO stacked and has SO many good players that like the Patriots I fret a bit about how good someone really is outside of that system. And athritic shoulders are no joke. So there is that.

      • DC

        Totally understand. I HATE trading high draft picks away. Case in point, Percy Harvin. As much as I didn’t like giving away a 1st, 3rd & 7th(?) & considering Harvin didn’t do much at all for us, I wouldn’t change anything about the trade because ultimately we won the SB. You can’t separate out Harvin from the end result though we would have liked to.

        I would love to have 10+ picks in every draft.

        • Mishima

          The Seahawks won the Super Bowl despite Harvin. You could argue that his cost in draft picks and cap space cost them the following Super Bowl. A 1st, 3rd and & FA may have made a greater difference than Harvin’s BS.

          • abark

            With our (Harvin traded) 25th selection in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Vikings took pro bowl CB Xavier Rhodes. Can you imagine how that would have impacted our team and secondary to this point. It’s the only mistake our current organization has made that bothers me. DeAndre Hopkins was taken two picks later. Of course, hindsight is perfect. I wish, at a minimum that it had been a draft day trade, so that we could have at least seen what talent was there before we made the deal. As has been suggested earlier, we may do that this weekend prior to dealing Richard Sherman.

            • Kenny Sloth

              They have to do a physical so draft day trades of players are unlikely

            • Mishima

              No need for hindsight. Harvin was a known malcontent with a history of high maintenance and minor injuries. No doubt that he wouldn’t work in Seattle. PCJS magic don’t work on everyone.

              • AlaskaHawk

                PC made two mistakes. The first was trading a premium first round draft pick for a talented player who apparently hid his hip injury and apparently had issues getting along with teammates. That was only a mistake if PC didn’t know about the issues – and maybe he did know and traded anyway. In which case he just overpaid.

                His second and more critical mistake was trading Harvin away for next to nothing. He should have stashed Harvin off site – with a trainer, and brought him back for the playoffs. They might have won the superbowl a second time if they had done that. And at least they would get value out of him.

                Well hindsight is 20-20.

                • Mishima

                  I lived in Minnesota for much of Harvin’s time with the Vikings. Everyone knew he was a punk.

  30. Lenny J

    Victor, since my last post I’ve been watching more tape of McDowell. He is an absolute monster. I guess he didnt interview well or something like that, haha. So freaking what. A locker room with the likes of Michael Bennett, Kam Chancelor, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas. This kid would not have the opportunity to slurf off. Mcdowell had zero help on that Spartan defense. Id think he’d thrive in Seahawk culture. It would be an absolute steal at 58 might not make it to 26. Kind of a risk but so was Frank Clark. We have needed a dependable 3 tech for sometime now. To many 1 year deals at that position.

    26. Malik Mcdowell DT Mich St.

    58. Tyus Bowser OLB/DE Houston

    90. Justin Evans S Texas

    102 Rasul Douglas CB WVA

    106 Fabian Moreau CB UCLA

    6th rd UDFA worth signing now

    7rd rd ” “

    • Ed

      Would prefer a slot corner somewhere, but yes please

      • Jujus

        Especially if Malik is competitive like Frank Clark, we would have great players from rival schools competing with a chip on the shoulder from the college rivalry. I know im reaching on things here but I am totally bought in on Malik and I think PCJS will capitalize on his plummeting stock.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Is there any possibility that Malik will fall to bottom of second round?

  31. C-Dog

    1, Cleveland Browns: DE Mile Garrett
    2. San Francisco 49ers; RB Leonard Fournette
    3. Chicago Bears: DE Soloman Thomas
    4. Jacksonville Jaguars: TE OJ Howard
    5. Tennessee Titans: S Malik Hooker
    6. New York Jets: CB Marshon Lattimore
    7. Los Angeles Chargers: S Jamal Adams
    8. Carolina Panthers: OT Garett Bolles
    9. Cincinnati Bengals: DE Taco Charlton
    10. Buffalo Bills: LB Haason Reddick
    11. New Orleans Saints: CB Marlon Humphrey
    12. Cleveland Browns: QB Deshaun Watson
    13. Arizona Cardinals: CB Kevin King
    14. Philadelphia Eagles: RB Christian McCaffrey
    15. Indianapolis Colts: LB Jarrad Davis
    16. Baltimore Ravens: CB Chidobe Awuzie
    17: Washington Redskins: DE Jonathan Allen*
    18. Tennessee Titans: WR John Ross
    19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: RB Alvin Kamara
    20. Denver Broncos: OL Forrest Lamb
    21. Detroit Lions: CB Gareon Conley
    22. Miami Dolphins; LB Reuben Foster
    23. New York Giants; TE David Njoku
    24. Oakland Raiders: B Adoree’ Jackson
    25. Houton Texans: QB Patrick Mahomes
    26. Seattle Seahawks: S Obi Melinfonwu
    27. Kansas City Chiefs: QB Quincy Wilson
    28. Dallas Cowboys: S Justin Evans
    29. Grean Bay Packers: LB/EDGE Takkarist McKinley
    30. Pittsburgh Steelers: S Jabrill Peppers
    31. Atlanta Falcons: OT Cam Robinson
    32. New Orleans Saints: S Budda Baker

    Assuming Jonathan Allen does fall (no big guarantee), it seems like the farthest he would most likely drop to is 17 where Washington picks, who lost Chris Baker and signed a few rent-a-vets. I also could see the Cardinals loving him, Colts, maybe even the Saints, Bills, etc. If he gets past the Saints and all it takes is the 26th and 58th pick, it could be fairly enticing with the three picks still in R3.

    12. R1P12

    90: R3P26

    102: R3P38

    106: R3P42

    210: R6P26

    226: R7P8

    Seattle could still be in position R3 to take a OLiner they might really like, an offensive weapon, and someone to add to the secondary. Maybe they find a little late round magic with Luani still sitting around in R6.

    Conversely, if they got enough out of McDowell from their visit with him to legitimately think he would be a good soldier coming in, a little trade back with a QB desperate team could also be pretty enticing, especially if the addition pick(s) give a decent chance to move back up into R2 for another impact player.

    36: R2P4

    43: R2P11

    90: R3P26

    102: R3P38

    111: R4P4

    210: R6P26

    226: R7P8

    Either scenario shows an aggressiveness from Seattle to improve it’s interior pass rush while still adding to the LOB and other areas. It seems like having the three R3 picks gives some interesting flexibility. As much as I would LOVE to see Jonathan Allen play Sundays in a Seahawks uni, there is something increasingly tempting about McDowell and what could be uncorked there, especially if that trade back gives Seattle ammo to trade up into the top 50 for another stud impact player for the defense like Lewis.

    • Volume12

      I have no idea who, but I got a feeling their gonna roll the dice on someone in round 3. That is, if they keep all 3 of those picks.

      • Volume12

        Those 3rd round comp picks get weird bro.

      • Misfit74

        Brian Allen comes to mind…

        Maybe he goes later but we don’t really have later picks. He could be much higher on Seattle’s board than much of the league.

        Maybe a Safety like Josh Jones..

        • Volume12

          I could see them loading up on DBs on day 2 for sure.

          Brian Allen is someone I keep coming back to as I’m putting my mock together, but round 3?

          • peter

            Seems early but here’s my thinking on it: 1. There is no trade at all, not back, bot forward, not Lynch or Sherman. So the thrid round comp for Allen is kind of a Freebie. 2. We all want every player to be a starter because that would be awesome but I think JS just like us realizes that’s not going to happen. 3. I would be worried as more and more teams are coming from or using the Seattle system that if you don’t burn a third someone like the radiers would take him in the 5th.

            Realistically I think he’s a Priority UDFA, because he’s probably going to be a gunner for a season if he ever gets on the field. But I think that looooong wait is going to make JS trigger happy for at least one player.

          • C-Dog

            I keep thinking two DBs day two, especially if they go another direction with their first pick. I could see a dice roll. Luani, Brian Allen, Adrain Colbert, Grover Stewart, Chad Williams? None of those guys would shock me if they end up being one of those comp picks.

    • Volume12

      I guess Scot McCloughan loved Obi.

      We know he’s responsible for that amazing 2012 class and other additions. Just found that interesting. Seattle has met with this guy 4 times? And its been a consistent interest too. SR bowl, combine, pro day, VMAC visit.

      • Robert

        I think you are over stating the SM factor in 2012.

        • peter

          I’m not so sure. Seattle has had some pretty weak draft’s since he left. And that draft was pretty great. I think Scott McCloughan has a great eye for talent.

        • Hawkfaninmt

          I will disagree… SM negative track record for drinking is only rivaled by his positive track record in the draft… it wasn’t just the Hawks. SF enjoyed their best years in recent memory with SM working the draft boards, and he had the Skins going on the right track prior to Redskin dysfunction took hold….

          SM coming back as an independent contractor would be a dream

      • C-Dog

        At this point, I think it would be an absolute stunner if Obi was sitting their at their first pick, and he wasn’t taken. It would have be to a scenario where someone else dropped who they didn’t expect to be there, like a Jonathan Allen, or maybe a Garrett Bolles.

    • abark

      C-Dog, Jerod Evans!

  32. Misfit74

    3 days and 17 hours until the NFL Draft!


  33. Volume12

    I’m gonna get crucified for this.

    Is PC’s ‘kumbaya’ ways not having an impact on an older team? It works with pups. But with these junkyard dogs, I’m starting to wonder.

    • Robert

      If that’s true, start trading dogs because 2012, 13 and 14 were a lot more fun for this fan than the last 2 years. And I like Pete’s uber-positive style.

    • Sea Mode

      Honestly, I don’t see why it should be labeled “kumbaya” at all. You’re trying to build a brotherhood that leaves it all on the field for the guys next to them and bonds together to overcome adversity. If Sherman in his pride wants to ridicule that and think he’s somehow untouchable and above the team, that’s his problem IMO.

      I feel like that comment was something he knows not to be deeply true, but was perhaps the only retaliation that occurred to him in a period of frustration last season, to go ad hominem against PC when PC backed up his coaching staff vs. Sherman’s criticisms which were not voiced in the correct way.

    • Ishmael

      I doubt you will.

      I’m somewhere in the middle on it. I suspect if they’d won that second Super Bowl we wouldn’t be hearing anything. But they did lose it, and then the last couple of seasons they haven’t made it all the way either. Can easily see how that would be frustrating, especially in conjunction with the PC rah-rah stuff.

      But at the same time, how many dissenting voices are there in the building? How many players have truly been lost, so to speak?

    • Lord Snow

      I’ve thought this since the beginning of last season. Rah rah stuff only works for so long. That’s why people buy these Tony Robbins self help seminars, or a new meditation program, or the latest diet trend, etc etc and they run around talking about it for awhile, then it fades out.

      I always believe with PC’s type of coaching he needs an influx of core rookies at least in some key positions in both units that have a key impact to keep this style effective.

    • peter

      You could be right but I’m not totally sure it doesn’t work. At it’s core a team of paid adults is so very different than the game prior to that point. It is entertainment and a business. And business’ of all sizes are trying to bring together multiple ways to excite “the team,” and keep everyone moving in the same direction. I think human motivation with 53 players, plus practice squads, plus coaches has got to be pretty difficult and frustrating. Think about it.

      At it’s very essence you are trying to convince young men who go through a ton of changes from age 20 (earl thomas at the time of draft) to Michael Bennett ( soon to me in his 30’s) just think about for a second how many changes you went through mentally in that decade….anyways you are trying to convince millionaires that something that fundamentally doesn’t matter in the slightest, not one bit, doesn’t matter at all who wins or loses, to care. To go out and be better than the guy opposite of them for a few hours every Sunday. Not kids that still have that brotherhood of just playing for their friends/family at HS or college and the few who hope to go on to the pros who are giving it their all, but guys who have made it, to give a flying *bleep* about soemthing as inconsequential as a game.

      Pete’s not going to change a style that he has honed, spoke about, wrote books about, because one super smart player complains. Also it could get old but every management style does in time. Sherman to me is a pragmatic cynic like myself, though unlike him I have no platform, and can obviously see to himself that being stoked all the time doesn’t produce any more wins or losses than being a curmudgeon like Belichick. And I think Avril and Bennett are probably a bit of the same way. Those two seem to play for each other almost exclusively.

      Honestly I think the two of them have a lot of respect for each other and are both nearly brilliant thinkers, Sherman and PCl, and I think PC probably this last year is like a lot of positive managers and knows what he says is BS but needs his best and smartest to either buy in because they want to, or not buy in but keep it to themselves and probably was a bit undermined when Sherman ragged on the “kumbaya,” stuff.

      • Ishmael

        Good post. With you on pretty much everything.

    • C-Dog

      No need to crucify you at all for this question. I think it’s a good one.

      In my short answer, I think no. If you listen to how Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin, Kam Chancellor, KJ Wright, Bobby Wagner, Earl Thomas, Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett all talk, I think these are all pretty solid team first guys who appreciate what they all have in Seattle with Pete Carroll. I don’t think Doug Baldwin, or Michael Bennett would have re-upped if the coach’s “positive speak” was wearing thin. I know this question is probably coming from the Richard Sherman situation, and for whatever it’s worth, here is my longer take on what I think might be going on.

      I think Sherman is an incredibly prideful man, and an incredibly competitive player. I think those two factors have carried him to the highest point of playing cornerback. Over the years, I think he might have grown very close bonds with Kris Richard when Richard was the DB coach, almost in a brotherly way. When Richard became elevated to DC, those brotherly bonds didn’t diminish. Now, who of us who have tight bonds with our brother(s) haven’t wanted to, on occasion, punch them square in the nose when tensions are at their highest points in a disagreement?

      I think what might have bled over into the Atlanta game, was Richard calling a coverage that Sherman didn’t trust, and when Julio torched them, Sherm blew that gasket. He might have been saying all week, “Yeah, I don’t know about this one,” and the result of cutting punked in front of thousands of fans and millions of viewer might have sent him over the edge.

      I think the other thing that might be happening with the player is that he might be feeling a bit more of his own football mortality as a player, that now nearing 30, he might be feeling his own window for another Super Bowl, and that is compounding matters. Two seasons in a row of a “Glass Canon” offense, defense that doesn’t match the depth of what it once was, might be really compounding. He might have grown tired of Pete Carroll’s coach speak when he knows the OL is sh*t, and the offense isn’t the same without a bell cow back, and there where stretches of games where the DL didn’t get enough pressure and he had to cover longer.

      Couple all this up with his war with the local media, it’s not difficult to imagine him thinking to himself, “I want a new situation on another contending team.”

      I think Seattle probably looking at a few players in the top end of this draft and thinking, yeah, for the right deal, we can move him, and add a few players that can positively impact the defense and help us get younger. Maybe even get a Jonathan Allen and an Obi Melifonwu, if the right deal comes along.

      • Volume12

        No, its not just Sherman. At times it seems like most of their core is frustrated. He wants these gritty, rough up bringing/maturing earlier than most, profilic personalities.

        So when one of those guys speaks up, say Lynch for example, who do we think these guys are going to side with?

        Now I’m not saying he has to change who he is, I love PC, but something is going on with this team.

        • Mishima

          Agree. 2 factions/identities: Marshawn (run/defense/street) vs. Wilson (pass/Bevell/kumbaya). Conflict made clear and defined by ‘the play.’ Drama has been referenced and alluded to by a few players, esp. Sherman. More than anything, the decision to trade him is a decision to move on from those who can’t.

        • C-Dog

          I’ve read takes that are similar to this, but IMHO, I think it’s overstated. I the Pete gives room for his players to be their own individuals, and as long as they are at a high level, he will put up with whatever crusty issues might pop up. Honestly, I see two very different situations with Lynch and Sherman. As much as I love Lynch, I would venture to say he might have a makeup where eventually he’d have issues with whoever was head coaching him. I think Sherman is a different case. Even Michael Bennett, with his contract issues, has always had kind words for Carroll. Just my take.

    • Dale Roberts

      I don’t think ‘kumbaya’ has anything to do with his success. Every coach tries to create a family but most end up being disingenuous asshats. Pete is Pete and he loves football, loves being a head coach, and loves his players… it shows. His skills at organization building, leadership, and strategy have also been evident. I love what Pete has done with creating a style of coaching that focuses on the positive. Pete will build another LOB and as long as this remains a passing league having the best DB coach in the league will serve us well. Belichick is a hall-of-fame genius but what if Pete had Brady for the last five years? We’ve been a perennial contender since 2012 and there’s no reason to think that won’t continue. One year can be luck but after that…

      • AlaskaHawk

        I think there is always an underlying assumption or fear that nice guys don’t win. It’s the hard ass coach that makes everyone work late, that makes players do the extra drills, that makes them practice till they puke, that condones hard hits and even flagrant violations (as long as they aren’t caught) that wins games. And it sort of makes sense in the athletic mentality of “no pain no gain” or “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

        Perhaps Belechik is that model? of hard driving coach with no qualms about cutting players.

        Here is the thing though: PC doesn’t operate by himself. Schneider is making draft picks with PC. So a lack of players developing to starting caliber may begin there.

        And the coaches are running practices. I’m pretty sure that the coaches aren’t singing Kumbaya when they are running practices. They should be making the players tougher and prepared to win games.

        I would say that PC is doing his job of being a leader and motivating the team. It is up to his coaches to instill discipline and get the players prepared.

  34. Coleslaw

    1. Obi Melifonwu
    2. Malik McDowell
    3. Isaac Asiata
    4. Cooper Kupp
    4. George Kittle
    5. Brian Allen
    5. Tedric Thompson
    6. Zane Gonzalez
    7. Donnell Pumphrey

    They get 3 guys who they considered top talent, McDowell fell to 58, then traded their other 22 3rds for a 4th and 5th each. They stock up on depth at multiple positions. Almost put Biegel instead of Kupp, but I think he could fit in nicely to our WR room.

    • Old but Slow

      Not bad at all, but I would say Biegel would be better than Kittle. Especially if that means taking more offensive players in that early group. Our quality will likely come in those 3 rounds, and we need an emphasis on defense.

      Kittle has been attractive, as his tape is good, and blocks fairly well with effort, but there are better choices in this group who can block and catch, and have much more tape (experience). Adam Shaheen is bigger, blocks better, and is still a good receiver in the short areas. That better fits what we need.

    • peter

      I think I would go Biegel over Kupp. I think Biegel will probably be a Cassius Marsh as his floor but has a chance to reach a higher ceiling and sooner or later Seattle is going to start find pass rush somewhere. Avril and Bennett are great but they are both getting up there and right now the only successor is Clark. Who is getting nearly great but that’s one guy for two.

      I like Gonzalez and am stunned when people lament “wasting,” a pick on a kicker. First it’s super important. Second it’s easy to create a narrative that Hauschka “cost,” Seattle games last year and by the slimmest of margins they would have had home field advantage and if any one player holds the ability to home field in their hands ( or feet as it were) a measly 6th round pick is worth it. Plus look at even Seattle’s late round picks, there’s a lot of duds, you’re not really expecting much more just hoping that a player in that draft slot does anything.

  35. Old but Slow

    Been looking at the tight end group, and have set my opinion. It is not likely that we will see a Seahawk early pick in the TE group, but they have promise after that. Unless they decide to go for Engram in the 3d round (I know, he will be gone, but that is where I have him), Adam Shaheen is the man I would choose in the 3d, and then look for Jeremy Sprinkle late (6-7). In other words, an inline TE who can block and offer good hands in the short areas.

    We have Jimmie, who is more of a WR, so we do not need other WR-type TEs. That would eliminate players like Engram (I’d still take him as a WR), Everett, Leggett, Jonnu Smith, and some others, and while Kittle flashes with some good stuff, and even looks like a decent blocker, he does not have the sand in the pants that some of the others have.

    Tight end is not a need, really, but our offensive line can use some help and a good blocking tight end with some versatility could be a good addition.

    • Sea Mode

      For some reason I keep thinking they might like Jake Butt. Idk, it just keeps coming back to me when watching other players’ tape vs. Michigan.

      Plus, the injury would just mean better value for us as it knocks him further down draft boards, since we wouldn’t need him to start this year anyway.

      • ukhawk

        butt would be great in the 3rd, not a massive need though

    • Dale Roberts

      I’m on the record for TE Gerald Everett. He’s extremely athletic but known also known as a dedicated and aggressive blocker.

      • BigSmooth13

        Is he the one that also played fullback? Or is that Kittle?

        Would love to have a player that can line up at both spots.

  36. Trevor

    This is possibly the best article I have seen on Bleacher report. It is on draft sleepers and looks at a lot of the agility #s etc Rob likes to look at here on SDB.

    • Frans Geraedts

      Agree. Stewart, biegel, griffin, woods all seem interesting for us. Makes you think that there is more value to our late 3d picks. To take one or two of them or to trade down.

    • Sea Mode

      Great read, and interesting how Seattle has already looked at a few of these guys.

  37. Cysco

    Anyone watch the NFL Networks Mock Draft Show yesterday? They had a bunch of pundits sitting around a table. Each was responsible for selecting for a specific team. It appeared they put a decent amount of thought into each of their picks. No super reaches.

    (You can skip to the end to see the results)

    Anyway, they had John Ross falling to Seattle. Obi,Adoree, King, Bolles, McDowel were all available but they went Ross.

    Fo conversation’s sake, does it make any sense for Ross to be Seattle’s pick if he’s there? Given how their mock draft played out, who would you have taken?

    • Ishmael

      Definitely makes sense. He’s truly explosive, sort of guy who can flip the field in a heartbeat – Carroll loves that. Can never have too much speed. If that collection of talent was left I’d trade down and then take whoever fell.

      • peter

        I’d probably do what you suggested and all those players were available at 26 see if anyone wnated to trade up and then take who was left when Seattle got bac on the clock.

    • Sean-O

      I don’t think it makes sense. You could tell the guy who made the pick gave next to no thought to it. I think the Hawks will likely draft a WR on day two but too many high-end defensive players to take a WR that high.

    • ukhawk

      One pundit said they already had a few guys like this (lockett/p-rich) Id not draft ross, Bolles all day long please the defence with every other pick

    • Sea Mode

      Bolles for me. Available talent matches biggest need. No second thoughts.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It makes sense when you consider that most of the Seahawks receivers are ending their rookie contracts soon. If the Seahawks can’t find another great receiver this year they will be in the hunt for two next year.

      The other part is that the defensive secondary is deep enough to find players in the second or third round. I just wouldn’t expect them to be starters right away.

  38. Hawkfaninmt

    What are people’s thoughts on Dalvin Tomlinson? Assuming his knees aren’t a clone of Jesse Williams, I think getting him the third could be a coup? Anyone think he is still there?

    • Hawkfaninmt

      I am thinking something like a trade back and trade up scenario where the Hawks get:

      Q. Wilson

      with the first 5

      • C-Dog

        I like him a lot as a player, but worry about his injuries. If it were between him and Larry Ogunjobi, I’d go with the rawer talent of Ogunjobi who might have a lot more upside. I think Seattle pretty much already has a player like Tomlinson in his former teammate Jarran Reed. Certainly adding another Jarran Reed wouldn’t be a bad thing, but maybe they want an interior rusher with more explosion.

        • Volume12

          I think they want an interior rusher and a nose tackle.

          But, I agree about Ogunjobi. That cat is unique. Reminds me of a poor mans cross between Geno and ‘Shelly Rank.’ Built like a LB and moves with such ferocity. Very aggressive. Plays PO.

  39. Overtime

    1. Cleveland – DL Myles Garrett
    2. San Fran – FS Malik Hooker
    3. Chicago – S Jamal Adams
    4. Jacksonville – RB Leonard Fournette
    5. TRADE: Cleveland #12 + #33 for Tennessee #5
    Cleveland – QB Mitch Trubisky
    6. NY Jets – QB DeShawn Watson
    7. LA Chargers – WR Mike Williams
    8. Carolina – DE Solomon Thomas
    9. Cincy – DL Jonathan Allen
    10. Buffalo – WR Corey Davis
    11. New Orleans – DE Derrick Barnett
    12. TRADE: Cleveland #12 + #33 for Tennessee #5
    Tennessee – WR John Ross
    13. Arizona – QB Patrick Mahomes
    14. Philly – CB Marshon Lattimore
    15. Indy – TE O J Howard
    16. Baltimore – ILB Jarrad Davis
    17. Washington – ILB Raekwon McMillan
    18. Tennessee – Gareon Conley
    19. TBay – FS Jabrille Peppers
    20. Denver – RB Christian McCaffrey
    21. Detroit – Edge Takk McKinley
    22. Miami – OG Forest Lamp
    23. NY Giants – OT Ryan Ramczky
    24. Oakland – RB Dalvin Cook
    25. Houston – QB Deshone Kiser
    26. Seattle – Malik McDowell
    27. Kansas City – OL Cam Robinson
    28. Dallas – DE T J Watt
    29. GBay – OG Dorian Johnson
    30. Pittsburgh – DE Tim Williams
    31. Atlanta – DE Carl Lawson
    32. New Orleans – CB Marlon Humphrey

    Seattle gets the versatile, big man McDowell to collapse the pocket.

  40. Drew

    I was just watching a bunch of highlights on some safeties. First Obi…as he is the physical freak, he had some good plays, but wasn’t thoroughly impressed by his tape. I think Pete & Kris Richard could turn him into something special.

    Next I watched Budda Baker. He’s already special. Although he doesn’t have the size, the way he reads and reacts to plays, it reminds me of Earl Thomas, and then he’s a rocket to the ball carrier. Very impressed with how he tackles. The most impressive other than his ability to read and react, is how hard he crashes the edge or blitzes, as well as how he is able to avoid blockers but still make a bee line straight for the ball carrier.

    I’ve been an Obi fan and have wanted him since Rob first highlighted, but after watching more tape, I think I’d prefer Baker first

    • Misfit74

      Baker would be a great pick.

  41. Volume12

    I think we all knew this, but the pick is Obi isn’t it? I’m almost thinking they could still get him in a trade back scenario into the early, early part of day 2.

    Met with him 4 times. That tells me they’re checking on him. His headspace so to speak. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Isn’t that the old adage?

    Tony Softli mocked him to us, Rob Rang did, I think JLC did.

    • Sea Mode

      Yup. And after the trade back too, thought exactly the same.

      He’s obviously special physically/athletically, but I’m not sure other teams will be as ready to coach him up as Pete, which is why IMO he will be there for us early R2.

      I’ve even dared to dream of taking Engram at 26 and trading up to get Obi in early R2!

    • DC

      Yes he is. I keep trying hard to not put him into my draft day mock but then always come back to him. Meeting 4 times seems like a bit of overkill. Maybe they were giving him homework assignments.

    • FuzzyLOgic

      I don’t agree it’s a consensus Obi pick at all. Maybe meeting with him so many times is a smokescreen. Who knows, but why would you have to meet with him so many times? Seems like they did so because they just aren’t too sure about him. I feel there are a handful of guys they might take over him:

      A. Jackson
      K. King
      C. Awuzie
      G. Bolles
      F. Lamp
      TJ. Watt
      J. Peppers
      M. Humphrey
      T. Mckinley
      E. Engram
      T. Charlton

      Personally I would pick any of these guys over Obi. Maybe I’m in the minority but I’m just not feelin’ Obi.

      • RealRhino2

        That is strange, right? If you really liked the guy, why would you need to meet with him four times? I generally check back with things I’m unsure about, not things I’m sold on. Of the guys you listed, I’d prefer King, Bolles, Lamp, and Humphrey for sure.

      • peter

        I would concede that in some situations some of those players on your list make sense.

        BTW I’m not saying for this experiment that I think any of these players is “better,” than Obi just what would fil a greater need based on current roster projections over drafting Obi.

        1. Bolles, LT or RT taht plays with level of athleticism plus ability to quickly learn as noted by his rambling path to get where he is to me trumps Obi.

        2. Awuzie, and excellent player, with great production at a spot that is increasingly or seemingly so in Seattle’s system maybe doesn’t trump but arguably equals Obi.

        3. Evan Engram. I’d take a weapon. I’d take a weapon and cut the noise about Vannett or Willson coming into their own and go up get Wilson a real deal weapon to go with Graham and Baldwin as that you can’t gauge anyone else on the roster for full season effectiveness. Lockett is one of my favorites and knock wood he never gets injured again, but right now the DYNAMIC recieving corps is two guys. Not good for a QB who can play at the level that he did in ’15.

        ANd that’s it for me. THe rest of the guys are either less productive. Less athletic and less productive. A guard. A super athletic SAM LB that Seattle is moving away from who played in a system that is almost the polar opposite of Seattle’s. A LB/DB hybrid that may or may not have had dirty urine at the combine. Adoree Jackson who is pretty special I’ll give you that but for me not over Obi. And two Outside CB’s that I think Seattle wouldn’t draft early sticking to their guns to find talent later.

    • nichansen01

      Feels like last year tbh. A trade down is possible, but I feel pretty certain about who they want to target.

  42. Volume12

    Here’s where I’m at right now in my mock if anyone is interested.

    X= lock ?= unsure of

    I’m not a trade guy, but I am expecting a trade back somewhere. Thinking they’ll add a 5th. They basically got a 4th anyways with these extra 3rd round comps this year.

    1. Obi Melifonwu, DB, UCONN X
    2. Daeshon Hall, DL, Texas A&M ?
    3. Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson ?
    *3. DT or OL?
    *3. Josh Reynolds, WR, Texas A&M X
    5. Brian Allen, DB, Utah X
    6. DT or OL?
    7. ??


    Trevor Knight, QB, Texas A&M or Eli Jenkins, QB, Jacksonville St. ?
    Tueni Lupeamanu, FB, Idaho (Played DT in college, Seattle ran their pro day, Tukuafu clone) X
    Dustin Stanton, OL, Oregon St. X
    ?? Haven’t figured this one out yet

    • peter

      Where do you think Glen Antoine fits? no where, somewhere?

      I’m not saing this because he’s one of my favorites but the mauling Asiata? anywhere?

      It’s a good puzzle you’ve created.

      • Volume12

        Asiata could fit on the 3rd. No doubt.

        Antoine could be a 6th, 7th, maybe even an UDFA.

    • Sea Mode

      Ok, interesting. I don’t want to force us into groupthink, but I will throw out some suggestions and some questions.

      You like Eluemunor or Grover Stewart/Ogunjobi as possible options at 102?

      Any more Safety or KR depth on your radar? Passing on the TE class altogether?

      I can honestly hardly see them adding one outside CB before day 3. What are they going to do with 2 more? (or is Allen a S?)

      I had written off Shaq Griffin cause I didn’t like the little tape I saw, but then I read that only Tedric Thompson had more pass breakups and interceptions than him. His athletic profile is almost identical to Awuzie, Shaq being 8 lbs lighter and having almost 2in longer arms (though wingspan isn’t good at all). Being a VMAC visitor, I might have to go back and look again.

      Dylan Cole in R7/UDFA for that missing LB?

      Any thoughts on Phillip Walker, QB, Temple? He was mentioned in the Bleacher Report article quoted by Trevor above and I thought he might be worth a look. Don’t know anything about him really.

      Hopefully Rob’s interview of Pauline will give us some hints on the class to help push us in the right direction. 3 more days!

      • Volume12

        Yes. I like all 3.

        Not passing on it altogether. But, I’m thinking David Njoku is an outside possibility. Right now though? We’re talking about a 4 TE on the depth chart. Either a day 3 pick or UDF for me.

        Cole could be a possibility.

        Haven’t watched much of Walker, but again, maybe.

        Allen can play either or IMO. And gives them an instant impact on STs.

      • icb12

        I need to hit refresh and type faster. Sheesh.

        You and I are looking at the same guys Sea Mode.

      • Misfit74

        Eluemunor FTW

    • Hawkfaninmt

      I think Kupp should be in the conversation with the Robinson 3rd…

      And is Hall a 2nd round guy now? I had him in the 3rd

      I like the playmaking of Tankersely, have the Hawks shown any interest yet?

      • Volume12


        Met south him at the combine and scouted Clemson 3 times that I know of.

    • icb12

      That’s pretty solid IMO.

      You think Tankersley will make it that far?
      I see some team really liking him and going early.

      Other names I think need monitoring:
      Phillip Walker QB Temple – Production, Character- RW clone
      Chase Roullier C/G Wyoming -Screams Tom Cable at me.
      Grover Stewart DL Albany State. -This kid is a monster. We need him.
      Duke Riley LB LSU-

      • Volume12

        Maybe. Maybe not.

        For me, its trying to hit on the actual players. Not so much the round because that’s so subjective.

        Yeah. All worth keeping an eye on. Can’t argue that.

  43. Drew G

    A very interesting article was published in the Washington Post about the value each team has found in the 20 past drafts. It has the Seahawks in the middle of the pack at #13. What do you guys think?

  44. Drew G

    Schefter reporting that Peppers had a diluted drug test sample…

    • Ishmael

      FFS. These guys are so dumb.

      • Drew

        More to the story.

        “Peppers went to the combine. He was sick after flying there from San Diego. He has a history of cramping,” a CAA spokesman told ESPN. “Peppers was being pumped with fluids, drinking 8-10 bottles of water before he went to bed, because he was the first guy to work out two days for the LBs and DBs. He had to go through that first day, come back on second day, and that was the fear. So Peppers was pounding water and under the weather. He never failed a drug test in his life, nor tested positive before for any substance.”

        • Ishmael

          Call me a cynic, but I don’t buy that for a second. Like, it’s plausible enough to sit there in the media and have everyone shrug it off but I mean…

          He was out there having the time of his life, doing backflips, charging around. It’s just much more likely that he was still hot and smashed some water because getting pinged for a diluted sample looks so much better than actually returning a positive one.

    • Poko

      Bad news…
      That has a negative impact on the team needs SS.

    • KD

      On the one hand, it’s such a stupid rule by the NFL to consider drinking too much water to amount to a failed drug test. Then again, the rules are there, and you gotta live with them. Peppers’ agent should have been aware of the situation and at least and cleared it with a physician and the league first.

      If I were a GM, this report would not have much of an impact on my evaluation of Peppers

      • Ishmael

        Why’s it a stupid rule? It’s an incredibly common way to mask a positive sample

      • AlaskaHawk

        Might be a good opportunity if he falls to bottom of the third round.

  45. cha

    Gregg Bell and Bob Condotta live-tweeting Schneider press conf

    * Dion Jordan heavier, will play DL/edge

    * Want a 3rd QB to compete w Boykin

    * Nothing new on Lynch, knows Raiders want it done by draft

    * Sherman and PC had a great meeting last week, no trade and they’re moving past it but open if great deal comes along

    • cha

      * Hawks have assessed they got “too young” last year

      * Lockett “sounds like he’s doing awesome”

      * Sherman, Thomas, Chancellor at VMAC today

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks for this.

  46. Knights who say Ni

    Per Rotoworld (like Drew said above)

    Jabrill Peppers failed Combine drug test

    Michigan LB/S Jabrill Peppers failed his Combine drug test.
    Peppers had a diluted sample, which counts as a failed test. It puts him in the same boat as Alabama ILB Reuben Foster, who also turned in a diluted sample. It’s especially bad news for Peppers, as he was already swimming against the first round current. The college star lacks a clear position.

    and look who is in the buliding…

    Richard Sherman – DB – Seahawks

    Richard Sherman reported to Seahawks voluntary workouts on Monday.

    • Drew

      As I posted above about Peppers.

      “Peppers went to the combine. He was sick after flying there from San Diego. He has a history of cramping,” a CAA spokesman told ESPN. “Peppers was being pumped with fluids, drinking 8-10 bottles of water before he went to bed, because he was the first guy to work out two days for the LBs and DBs. He had to go through that first day, come back on second day, and that was the fear. So Peppers was pounding water and under the weather. He never failed a drug test in his life, nor tested positive before for any substance.”

    • peter

      Stoked about Sherman. Sometimes it’s better in life to have a boundary lines to work with. In this case not the hope of a high first but then the absence of an All Pro corner. Better to address current problems than create new and harder ones to fill.

  47. FuzzyLOgic

    My brother and I made a top 100 list and then watched tape on all of them over the last 2 weeks. We graded them in point form. We watched more tape on some than others but this is how we saw it. Just the top 50 minus QB’s and O-lineman.

    Rankings are 1 to 5.

    M. Garrett – 4.5
    M. Hooker – 4.5
    L. Fournette – 4.5
    OJ. Howard – 4.5
    J. Allen – 4.5
    S. Thomas – 4.5
    R. Foster – 4.5
    J. Adams – 4.25
    H. Reddick – 4.25
    D. Barnett – 4.25
    C. Mccaffrey – 4.25
    D. Cook – 4.25
    M. Humphrey – 4.25
    M. Lattimore – 4.25
    J. Mixon – 4.25
    E. Engram – 4.25
    J. Davis – 4.25
    S. Jones – 4.25
    A. Jackson – 4.0
    J. Ross – 4.0
    D. Njoku – 4.0
    C. Awuzie – 4.0
    J. Peppers – 4.0
    G. Conley – 4.0
    T. Mckinley – 4.0
    T. Charlton – 4.0
    TJ. Watt – 4.0
    K. King – 4.0
    B. Baker – 4.0
    M. Williams – 4.0
    C. Davis – 4.0
    T. White – 4.0
    M. Mcdowell – 3.75
    C. Harris – 3.75
    Q. Wilson – 3.75
    T. Williams – 3.75
    D. Walker – 3.75
    C. Samuel – 3.75
    J. Willis – 3.75
    J. Lewis – 3.75
    T. Bowser – 3.75
    R. Anderson – 3.75
    T. Tabor – 3.75
    C. Tankersley – 3.75
    D. King – 3.50
    A. Kamara 3.50
    O. Melinfonwu – 3.50
    T. Kpassagnon – 3.50
    M. Maye – 3.50
    J. Evans – 3.50
    S. Griffin – 3.50

    These are in order as well. We are obviously just couch scouts(:

  48. Logan Lynch

    Anybody else see this article?

    Kind of neat to see which schools appear where. For example, Wisconsin is the best for OL (not a surprise), but also the worst for RB (also not a surprise). Shows how a RB can benefit from having a great line.

    Also interesting to see ALA as the worst for OL. Not saying that means anything for Cam Robinson, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

  49. Drew

    Schneider says Dion Jordan is a bit heavier and that the Seahawks think he can add some interior pass-rush in addition to playing end.

    • Volume12

      He’s a hedge for someone.

      Its either Taco, Daeshon Hall, McDowell, one of the Arkansas guys, Tarell Basham, or Jonathan Calvin.

  50. Sea Mode


    “I’m told the pre-draft grade given to Maye is better than the one received by Keanu Neal a year ago. Neal was eventually selected by the Atlanta Falcons with the 17th pick of Round 1.”

    • Drew

      More comments on the safeties.

      “I would expect the first two safeties, Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker, to be off the board during the initial 10 picks. Jabrill Peppers and Budda Baker are the next two and should be selected by the third or fourth pick of the second round. The next group, which includes Maye, Josh Jones, Obi Melifonwu and Justin Evans, should be off the board by the middle of Round 2.”

      If true, expect a trade back from 26 unless someone falls into their laps.

      • peter

        Seems fairly honest. Maye, Jones, Melifonwu, and Evans all have deficiencies in their games. Each team that drafts them will have to project how their system fits that player.

  51. Volume12

    JS also mentions Wisconsin, Michigan, and Michigan St as schools that are easier to watch because its big boy football.

    Also does not sound thrilled about this CB class. Not expecting one before the 3rd.

    • Sea Mode

      No PC at the pre-draft presser. Guess he’s let out a bit too much info recently… 😉

    • Drew

      Can’t wait to see Rob’s final mock draft considering JS’ comments today.

      • Volume12

        Yeah, based on those comments I’m thinking about adding CB Jourdan Lewis over Tankersley. But, I do think Tank can play in the slot. I see similarities to Aqib Talib when he came out.

        • Drew

          Actually now that you mention it, he does remind me of Talib on the field, very confident, physical playing style.

          • Volume12

            Yes sir.

        • vrtkolman

          I love that comp. Talib is the closest thing to Brandon Browner right now in the NFL. He’s also a lot better of a player.

          • Volume12


            Once ‘Tank’ gets some NFL coaching, he’ll learn how to hide his hands and get away with a lot of sh*t.

            • Volume12

              Plus, Tank doesn’t exactly jump out of the gym so he might be better suited to play inside where he won’t face a ton of jump ball wideouts.

              • Sea Mode

                Hmmm, I hadn’t thought of Tank playing inside. Intriguing.

                The thing is, though, if they draft Obi to play as Buffalo, Jourdan Lewis wouldn’t see the field much. So I would stick with Tank since he could play outside too in theory.

                (Still don’t think it happens though before day 3)

                • Volume12

                  IMO Obi can play a role similar to what we saw Mark Barron play for the Rams the past couple of years. He’s not a traditional safety, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be used there.

                • Volume12

                  BTW, you know as well as I do that not every pick is going to make this team let alone make it.

                  Its OK to draft for future needs. They just took 2 guys in the 3rd last year that didn’t even see the field, save for a handful of snaps.

                  • Volume12

                    *let alone contribute instantly

      • Sea Mode

        Plus Pauline’s input in the interview Rob is doing.

        Just beware though of some smoke from front offices this close to draft day…

  52. Drew

    When asked about # of picks, Schneider said “We’d like to have more. More is better”

    • KD

      To be fair, doesn’t necessarily say anything about how he views the talent level of this draft class.

    • nichansen01

      More is always better though. Never a situation where you wouldn’t want more picks.

  53. Volume12

    Sea Mode, about the TEs.

    I think you can get guys like Udub’s Darrell Daniels, Oregon’s Johnny Mundt, W. Oregon’s Andy Avgi, Texas’ Tyrone Swoopes, ‘Bama A&M Jonathan Dorsey as UDFAs. And they’re perfect as a 3rd-4th developmental TE.

    • Sea Mode

      Agree, as long as we get some kind of target in R1-R3.

      Add Tyler Scalzi to that list too. Avgi is my favorite of the lot for now. If Jake Butt falls to day 3, I could see them seeing great value there too.

      • Volume12

        Forgot about Scalzi. Good shout there.

        Butt would definitely be great value.

      • DC

        My phone strangely was about 30 behind the comments section. Yes 2 Butt.

    • DC

      I could see adding Butt as a red shirt IR if we can afford to use a pick on him. One of the 3rd round comps if he’s still there.

    • Misfit74

      I don’t know much about those guys.

      I do know I like Kittle, Shaheen, and J. Smith along with the top 3 studs. Everett maybe, but those tiny hands bug me about a TE.

  54. Sea Mode

    JS interview available here if anyone missed it:

  55. Sea Mode


    Bills declined to match two-year, $6.4 million offer sheet that RB Mike Gillislee signed with Patriots, per source. Gillislee now a Pat.

    In return for RB Mike Gillislee, Bills will receive Patriots’ fifth-round pick.

    12:56 PM – 24 Apr 2017

    • subterranean

      Looks like Bill Belichick holds the same opinion of this draft class as John Schneider

    • Misfit74

      Either Bills really like Johnathan Williams or just screwed up. Gillislee played well for them. He should be a key cog in the Pats run/pass game. Blount left holding the bag.

  56. Coleslaw

    Really off topic but I just got this PC game and an am wondering if anyone else has it and wants to play? Lol I’m a nerd.. It’s called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

  57. EP

    Hoping Sherman comes back with a fury. Attitude readjustment and hungrier than before. Best corner in the league.

  58. DC

    I could see adding Butt as a red shirt IR if we can afford to use a pick on him & he falls far enough.

  59. Misfit74

    “Michigan LB/S Jabrill Peppers failed his Combine drug test”

    Adam Schefter / Rotoworld

  60. cha

    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet · 47m

    On Adrian Peterson: His expected salary from #Saints of $3.25M will be less than Mark Ingram makes in ’17. NO is respectful of Ingram’s role

    Interesting. It had been reported the Raiders were circling around $3m for Lynch in a deal. This deal gives us an idea of framework.

  61. Sea Mode

    Zach Whitman finally updated Obi’s scores. Said he was waiting to confirm the 10yd split and SS times. Anyway:

    152.6 pSPARQ
    3.3 Sigma
    100.0 percentile in the NFL

    I know we were all expecting no less, but still, just sit back and do a double-take on those numbers.

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