Seahawks draft primer — looking ahead to Thursday

John Schneider is preparing for his eighth draft as Seahawks GM

How difficult is it to project this draft class?

It’s harder than last year. In 2016 the Seahawks set themselves up to go offensive line with their first pick. It was a good O-line class. There was a player in Germain Ifedi who was big, athletic and explosive. He had an edge to his play. It made a lot of sense for Seattle.

This year there are more options and scenarios.

What do we know?

— Pete Carroll started the off-season listing cornerback, linebacker and O-line as ‘priority needs’

— The Seahawks signed a cluster of linebackers in free agency and added two veteran offensive linemen

— They also brought in a new running back (Eddie Lacy) and a safety (Bradley McDougald) before taking on cheap reclamation project Dion Jordan

— At the owners meeting, Carroll suggested cornerback and pass rush remained needs — but also reiterated a desire to add youth to the linebacker spot

— They’ve visited with a number of defensive backs and pass rushers pre-draft including Obi Melifonwu, Ahkello Witherspoon, Tim Williams, Malik McDowell and Jourdan Lewis

So what positions will they focus on?

The safe money is on pass rush and depth at cornerback early in the draft. That doesn’t necessarily mean with the first two picks but it’s certainly possible. Tony Pauline’s report on interest in Zay Jones suggests they would be willing to consider a receiver too — but this would likely just push the DB/DL need into round three.

Why is the D-line such a prominent need?

It’s the one area they didn’t really address in free agency. They lost Damontre Moore and John Jenkins while Tony McDaniel remains a free agent. There’s not much depth at defensive tackle.

This suggests it’ll be a big target in the draft, possibly with an inside/out type rusher. The only problem is there aren’t many of those available. They’re much more likely to find an attractive EDGE option at #26.

The Seahawks spent a large amount of time working out athletic nose tackles slated to be day three picks or UDFA’s. It could be their intention to load up on cheap D-liners, creating a heavy competition in camp. They might have a great desire to add a dynamic inside/out style rusher but if that player isn’t available, what are you going to do?

They could still consider a prospect like Carlos Watkins, Demarcus Walker or Larry Ogunjobi in round three (if available). That would allow them to add an interior rusher and focus on cornerback and EDGE (or an offensive position) in the first two rounds.

Could they go O-line in round one?

It depends on the options available and whether any of the ‘big four’ fall into range. There’s a growing expectation that Cam Robinson will be taken in the top-20 with Forret Lamp a frequently predicted target for Miami. Ryan Ramcyzk could go at #20 to Denver or #25 to Houston.

So what about Garett Bolles?

He’s been a blog favourite for a long time, dating back to this piece at the start of November. As time went on it seemed increasingly likely he would go in the top-20.

However, Tony Pauline told us yesterday (you’ll find the audio of the interview at the bottom of this article) Bolles could fall partly due to concerns about his ability to pick up complex blocking schemes.

Today, Tony reports the Seahawks and Falcons are discussing a trade that would see the teams swap first round picks in exchange for a fourth rounder. Atlanta is targeting a pass rusher (reportedly Charles Harris) and the player for Seattle? Bolles:

Once they move back, the Seahawks will then target an offensive lineman. The name given to me is tackle Garett Bolles of Utah. Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable was on the Utes campus this past Sunday meeting with the team’s top offensive line prospects.

Bolles would be a fine choice for the Seahawks, adding athleticism and physicality at left or right tackle. By acquiring a fourth round pick the Seahawks would also have options if they want to move up from #58 for a cornerback or defensive lineman.

Will they trade up in round one for the first time?

Possibly, if the right situation presents itself. It might be more likely than in previous years. Daniel Jeremiah’s final 2017 mock draft highlights the kind of scenario where it could happen. He has Jonathan Allen sliding to #17. We discussed a trade-up scenario involving Allen two days ago. According to this modernised draft trade chart, the Seahawks could move into the mid-teens using two of their third round picks.

It’s a highly speculative situation because so much would need to happen — but if you’re looking for a ‘surprise’ move on Thursday, this could be it.

Either way, they’ll take a pass rusher early right?

The only addition they’ve made to the D-line so far is Dion Jordan — a player who might not even last through camp. And as we highlighted after the combine — this is quietly a highly explosive class of defensive linemen.

Whether it’s an early-round EDGE, moving up for an interior rusher or waiting until rounds 2-3 — it’s highly likely the Seahawks will address this situation.

What type of player could they be looking for?

As we noted recently, it’s a bit of a red herring that the Seahawks focus predominantly on SPARQ. Generally this has been more of a day three or UDFA thing, drafting players with a high ceiling that could provide some late round value if you coach them up.

Their early picks have often been trait-specific:

— On the O-line there’s a strong focus on explosive performers (vertical, broad, bench press) rather than overall athleticism (as emphasised by our TEF study)

— At linebacker there appears to be a focus on short area quickness (short shuttle), general speed and explosive physicality (highlighted here)

— At cornerback we know they like length on the outside as they’ve consistently drafted players with 32 inch arms and a 77.5 inch wingspan (highlighted here)

— At running back they’ve consistently prioritised explosive traits ahead of speed, while drafting for a certain body type (approximately 5-11, 225lbs)

Players with unique qualities and ‘grit’ have often be the target rather than those with an overall athletic profile.

So who might they target if they stay at #26?

Adoree’ Jackson (CB, USC)
T.J. Watt (LB/EDGE, Wisconsin)
Takk McKinley (EDGE, UCLA)
Obi Melifonwu (S, Connecticut)
Chidobe Awuzie (CB, Colorado)
Kevin King (CB, Washington)
Garett Bolles (T, Utah)

What makes this group ‘special’ or ‘unique’?

Adoree’ Jackson (CB, USC)
An Olympic-standard athlete, Jackson has natural athleticism and suddenness. He could be the best kick returner in the league as a rookie. Despite his lack of size, he defended 16 passes in 2016 (tied with Tre’Davious White) and had five interceptions. He is the ultimate playmaker and a threat to score any time he has the ball. He’s Percy Harvin on defense without the drama.

T.J. Watt (LB, Wisconsin)
People don’t realise how special T.J. Watt could be. The short shuttle drill is vital for linebackers. Watt’s 4.13 is identical to Jamal Adams’ and Ahkello Witherspoon’s and it’s faster than Gareon Conley’s 4.18. Watt is 252lbs not a 200lbs cornerback. He also ran an elite 1.59 10-yard split. Physically he’s nearly identical to Khalil Mack. It doesn’t mean he’ll be as good as Mack but they share similar traits.

Takk McKinley (EDGE, UCLA)
McKinley’s backstory is the definition of grit. He’s never met his father and his mother walked out when he was a child. He lived with his grandmother who made a living collecting cans and bottles. McKinley slept on the floor of a house filled with kids. When he started at UCLA he was so unfamiliar with the bed in his dorm, he continued to sleep on the floor. He ran a superb 1.60 10-yard split and his potential is off the charts. He’s been compared to DeMarcus Ware.

Obi Melifonwu (S, Connecticut)
The Seahawks might not focus completely on SPARQ but it doesn’t mean they don’t recognise a rare freak of nature when they see one. Has there ever been a player quite like Melifonwu entering the league? The only player who comes close is Byron Jones. Melifonwu is 25lbs heavier and he’s 3-4 inches taller than Jones. He could set a new standard at the ‘big nickel’ position, you could try him at cornerback or strong safety. You won’t find a more unique prospect.

Chidobe Awuzie (CB, Colorado)
We know length is important for the Seahawks at outside cornerback. We’ll likely find out in this draft how important it is at the nickel. Awuzie has 30.5 inch arms and a meagre 74 1/8 inch wingspan. So why is he unique? He attacks the LOS beautifully, he’s highly competitive and explosive in coverage and the way he talks about scheming is exceptional for a rookie. Awuzie has enormous potential as nickel defender, capable of manning the slot or dropping into a cover-two at free safety.

Kevin King (CB, Washington)
A truly rare defensive back. King has obscene athleticism for his height and length. He tests as well as any cornerback in recent memory regardless of size. His 4.43 forty, 1.51 10-yard split, 39.5 inch vertical, 3.89 short shuttle and 6.56 three-cone are all off the charts. He’s a film rat too. Coaches are going to love his upside.

Garett Bolles (T, Utah)
He got into trouble as a teenager, he was kicked out by his dad. Bolles had a difficult start in life. He’s since completely turned his life around. On the field he plays with a Kyle Long-style intensity, blocking well beyond the whistle. He’s also highly athletic with the potential to be a great left tackle. Tony Pauline did raise some league-wide concerns, however, about his ability to pick up a complex blocking scheme.

How many of these players are likely to be available?

Many of the national mocks have them falling into range. However, several could be off the board by #26. Adoree’ Jackson is a first round pick in any draft and a genuine X-factor. He could go in the top-20. Garett Bolles could easily go in the top-25. Kevin King has the potential to be a very high pick — especially if Gareon Conley’s stock plummets. Melifonwu and Awuzie could also go a lot earlier than people expect.

McKinley, however, is recovering from shoulder surgery and this could mean he lasts well into range. T.J. Watt, despite his talent, hasn’t been consistently projected any higher than the Packers at #29.

Any other names of note?

Ryan Ramcyzk isn’t spectacular but he’s a solid tackle who could fill a need. Quincy Wilson plays tough and ran a superb short shuttle (suggesting he can play nickel or outside corner). Tyus Bowser has a similar athletic profile to T.J. Watt and we know they met with players like Tim Williams.

Who will likely be off the board that we’ve talked about?

Forrest Lamp, Cam Robinson, Jarrad Davis, Taco Charlton.

Is a trade down inevitable?

There’s a good chance Seattle will seek to trade down from #26 and then potentially move up from #58 to pick twice in the top-50. That’s the tactic they used a year ago.

The scenario reported by Tony Pauline above makes a lot of sense.

There’s a lot of good depth in the #30-50 range and then a drop-off in the late second round. Some of the players mentioned above (Watt, McKinley, Bolles) could be available at the start of the second frame.

Tomorrow I will post a final 2017 mock draft for the Huddle Report.

If you missed yesterday’s interview with Tony Pauline from Draft Analyst, you can listen here:


  1. Volume12

    Good stuff again.

    Funny that we both feel the same way about this draft again. Last year we agreed on basically everything, this year? Not so much, but we’re both in agreement that the projections and or mock scenarios are difficult and a little messy this time around.

    We gonna get an open thread on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday?

    • Kenny Sloth

      I. Cant. Wait.

    • Rob Staton

      We’ll have open threads, updates, podcasts and written reactions.

      If anyone has any other suggestions, ideas or requests on things they’d like to see on here, let me know.

      • swisshawk

        Rob, I really love and appriciate what you are doing. Thank you so much!!! All that insight every day, and that with a growing family and a fulltime job, WOW.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks man, I appreciate everyone who is part of this community. Love writing this blog.

          • Seahawcrates

            You are terrific at this. I love READING this blog!

          • LLLOGOSSS

            Best Seahawks resource of any kind, anywhere on the internet.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            I’m not sure, but do things generally slow down for you during the season? I would personally love to have you as an analytical voice all throughout training camp and during the season, and not just draft-related.

            • Rob Staton

              I take a break a few days after the draft and start writing again in pre-season.

              • LLLOGOSSS


        • swisshawk

          I don’t know if it’s possible (technically and financially, the second could probably be solved) and IF you would have the time and desire, but I would LOVE to hear you talking/commenting live on day 1&2. Would be so much better, funnier and more interesting than listening to all the “experts” on the nfl broadcast.

          • swisshawk

            In any event, thank you so much rob and I’m looking forward to some more fascinating stuff to be published on here 🙂

      • Volume12

        Looking forward to it.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Is it strange that I read this article with a British accent from time to time…lol. 2 days away boys, I’m so excited it like Christmas.

      • Seattleblue

        How about a live podcast? Would be super dope to hear your thoughts on each pick in real time.

  2. Drew

    If that list is who’s available, I want our first pick to be Takk either at 26 or after a small trade down if we can still get him. Cliff Avril isn’t getting any younger, pair him up with Frank Clark for years to come and learn from Avril year 1 and rotate in.

    Love all the other guys as well, but with the DB depth, let’s get an elite pass rusher if we can.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s some Bruce in Takk’s personality.


  3. KD

    Sub sandwiches from Which Wich
    Corn chips (crisps :/) and home made guac
    A ton of beer
    2 packs of cigarettes

    I’m going to be well set up on Thursday 😉

    • Jason

      going with the meatball grinder?

      • Greg Haugsven

        Just going with an 8 ball starting Wednesday evening…j/k

      • KD

        I’m thinking Gyro sub maybe

  4. millhouse-serbia

    Rob will you post your big bord on twiter before draft?

    • Rob Staton

      I will

  5. Rawls1234

    This deep cb class keeps getting thinner and thinner.
    There’s been at least 5 top prospects that either got injured or had off the field issues since the season ended.

    • Michael

      Ya, it’s really pissing me off. Kevin King being available at #26 just keeps getting less and less likely…

  6. Patrick T.

    Thanks for the great summary Rob. You’ve outdone yourself this year. I’ve got a lot less certainly about the Hawks and the draft in general, compared to last year. I think they’ll go with a pass rusher if at all possible, because there will be options on day two in the secondary. That’s much less true about the DL. I do have this sneaky feeling that maybe the reason they brought Obi in late in the process was to look at him more as a boundary CB. His length and athleticism would be ridiculous in our system and to my (relatively untrained) eye, he looks good in man coverage.

    • Nem Beselek

      Boundary CB may be a much more likely role for Melifonwu, that and covering the TE and other large WRs. People are knocking holes in his game because of the way he tackles. From what I see he is a willing tackler, he is just a drag down tackler, not a “Punish Your Soul” tackler the way Kam is, or even the way Earl is to a lesser extent. If one thinks about it, he tackle like a cornerback.

      I think he’ll be a great pro player. We would just need to not ask him to be somebody that he’s not.

      • peter

        Excellent comment about tackling. You are absolutely right. He brings his huge wingspan around and drags players down. I think his form could be more easily refined into the twisting tackle style that Seattle does primarily because of his willingness. Everyone including me loves the kill shot but that style comes with risks and sometimes pretty big risks if you are the last line of defense.

        • AlaskaHawk

          The trouble with the kill shot is when two defenders kill each other. Earl and Kam tend to be loose cannons that way. I love it when they knock the ball loose, don’t love it when they knock each other out.

  7. Dutchenstein12

    Did anyone listen to Brock and Salk this morning? Brock is breaking down potential prospects the Seahawks might target at 26 leading up to the draft. Today they broke down Obi Melinfowu. It sounded like they basically just read his draft breakdown from This is a guy that physically fits the hawks perfectly and has reportedly met with the team 4 times, and yet they barely knew anything about him. It is really difficult listening to the local radio stations talk about prospects they know nothing about.

    We have been joking about “help me Obi Melinfowu, you are my only hope.” Well the truth is we should really be saying “help us Obi Rob, you are only hope” when it comes to draft knowledge in the Seattle area. I keep saying this, but it would be awesome if you could have a regular segment on 710 or 950. Has this ever happened in the past and I just didn’t hear it? Either way I would be happy to help bombard the stations asking them to bring you on. You are the best when it comes to Seahawks draft insight, and would love to hear even more from you. Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Rob Staton

      I was on Softy’s show last year and did a piece for radio in Utah. I haven’t been asked to do any radio this year, which is a shame. Would’ve loved to do it.

      • peter

        Then they’d have to admit they were cheating off your notes, so to speak. Heard “salk” today talking about a slight trade back and a trade up in the second….i just chuckled. Now where would he have come to an idea like that?

        • Seahawk in LA

          I think the Seahawks blogger on ESPN reads this blog too. A couple of his articles echo many points that Rob has made here

        • Just a guy

          Maybe by looking at what the Hawks did last year?

          Rob does an amazing job with the blog, so please don’t take this as a criticism of his work, but he throws out every option out there and discusses it, so it’s not surprising that somebody else might have the same thought.

          • peter

            I know but there is a timing or rhythm a couple years in where Rob literally does a piece for a prospect and then…that prospect moves up the bigger boards. As per Salk his personality is the goofus so maybe he is that savvy about the draft.

          • Seahawk in LA

            A fair point–it could be coincidence.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            Sometimes it’s a bit too eery though. I think perhaps when people start talking in Seahawks circles, the Disciples of Rob (TM) will drop a lot of this stuff and others, even Salk or Kapadia, will intuitively pick up on it without maybe knowing they’re benefitting from someone else’s work.

        • LLLOGOSSS

          Yeah that really annoys me. Give credit where credit’s due. This stuff doesn’t just fall out of the ether.

          • Mr. Offseason

            I do not enjoy Brock and Salk. They have been terrible this year. In particular, their agenda of basically demanding a Richard Sherman trade has been un-listenable.

            The best shows are

            1) John Clayton
            2) Mitch in the Morning

            3) Softy

            Everything else is not even worth listing.

  8. Volume12

    According to Matt Miller of the awesome Bleacher Report, I kid, although Matt isn’t too bad. Anyways he said CB is expected to be the first selection with pass rusher and WR to follow on days 2 & 3. So take that FWIW, if not anything, but it does also line up from what we’ve heard and what Tony Pauline mentioned yesterday.

    • Rob Staton

      That seems to chime with the way everything is trending at this stage.

      A defensive back and pass rusher with the two early picks unless a WR they really like falls into range.

      • Volume12

        It lined up for me as well.

        Where do you think Shalom Luani ends up round wise? I’ve seen some draft media say he’ll go undrafted, but dudes tape, footwork, versatility, and grit is just too good for that to happen. At least that’s my take.

        • GoodHawk

          Every full mock draft I have seen has him going to Seattle. I think he goes in round 5, maybe we trade up to take him? If he fell to the 6th I am all for that! He’s definitely a guy I would love to be a Seahawk

  9. BobbyK

    Hoping for TJ Watt. Won’t be disappointed with Jackson or King either. Either way, we get better Thursday night (and then the next two days, too).

    • Hawksince77

      Question for the forum: what position would Watt play for the Seahawks?

      Just reviewing Rob’s list above, he and Awuzie seemed to be just great football players (despite Watt’s lack of experience). So how would Watt contribute?

      • BobbyK

        I totally see him at Leo. A pass rusher off the edge. A guy with strong hands and stout at the point of attack on run plays. I don’t necessarily see him as a LB.

        I love Frank Clark and we certainly don’t need a replacement for him, but Clark has experience (and talent) working as an interior pass rusher (if needed – which is where he’d be needed more with the addition of Watt) in the NASCAR package.

        The negative I see with Watt is that I think there will be some other edge pass rushers be more productive as rookies. However, I see Watt passing them by in his sophomore season. Looking back at this draft in 2027, I think Watt is a top 10 player. That’s just me, but it makes him being the 26th pick a no-brainer in my world.

        • Hawksince77

          I agree that in the future Watt will be considered one of the bargains of this draft. Perhaps, as you suggest, not right away, but within a few years.

          The question, though (and I don’t know the answer) is how we can project him as a pass rusher when that is not what he did (primarily) in college? And would the Seahawks draft a part-time starter with their top pick?

          On the other hand, PC wants to get younger at LB, and I would imagine that Watt could back up Bobby or Wright. Could he be the starting SAM? I don’t understand the distinctions well enough to know. If he could, that would put him on the field in early downs and pass rush on later ones.

          • BobbyK

            For such a statistically good defense, there were problems last year. Big ones. I remember a defense who usually played pretty good on 1st and 2nd downs. Third downs really seem to hurt this team. Especially passing situations (3rd & 8, 3rd & 10) in comparison to previous years. We have talked about a nickel back and Jeremy Lane playing in about 71% of snaps last year (therefore, a nickel being worthy of a 1st round pick). Well, if Watt doesn’t play every snap – that’s okay. But he will play on those 3rd down passing situations when games are won and lost. Avril barely played in 50% of snaps in 2013. That’s what we want… we want defensive linemen/pass rushers who don’t have to play all the time. Keep them fresh.

            • Hawksince77

              Sounds good. So funny, in my response in a thread below, I basically made the case why you draft someone like Watt, someone you project as an excellent player in a couple of years, and not worry about how much they play as a rookie.

              Given his character (hardworking, competitive, football-smart), bloodlines and physical ability, he just seems like one of the most sure-fire picks you could make, as opposed to the chances you take with Obi (great athlete, questionable football ability), or Bolles (age, limited experience, questionable football IQ) or McDowel (work ethic, character flags), say.

              I like Awuzie for similar reasons – accomplished player, high football IQ, seems dedicated to the game, and very good athlete.

              Being a really good football player just has to matter.

              • Hawksince77

                As for King and A. Jackson, I am torn between Seattle hesitating to start a rookie at CB, and Jackson’s size. Given PC/JS’s drafting history, and roster construction, I just wonder if they would use their top pick on one of these guys.

                If they do, I will be very excited, as opposed to the mild trepidation I will experience if they draft Obi or Bolles.

                • Ed R

                  The thing that I don’t like about Adoree in round one that no one seems to talk about is that he gives up a lot of TDs (7 in 2016) and has very little experience playing slot (only 112 slot snaps in 3 years, gave up 2 TDs per PFF). He’d be kind of an unknown product for us if we used him at nickel. If we go CB in the first I hope we go another route, I’d love it if King fell to us, but with the Conley news that seems even less likely.

              • Hawksince77

                And I would be excited to see Budda Baker drafted by the Seahawks.

  10. Mishima

    So good. Might add Marlon Humphrey to possible, but likely gone.

  11. Vista

    I am looking forward to Thursday night. Sadly, my attention is going to be on a school project but this blog is where I am going to go for the news on the draft. Keep it up guys and thanks Rob for giving us all a chance to share our thoughts.

  12. Peanut

    Good luck this weekend everyone!

  13. ulsterman

    Great stuff again Rob.
    The difference for me this year compared to previous drafts is that there’s about 10 players I’d be more than happy with them drafting first, as opposed to two or three most years.
    As always just hope they don’t try to be too cute – strength of the draft seems to be defensive back and is probably seahawks’ biggest need, just go with it.
    I’d include baker in the list at 26.

  14. swisshawk

    What are your thoughts on DE dawaune smoot (possible DE/DT???)? To me he looks pissed off and aggressiv, could be a nice prospect if going to be the bully again wasn’t a one year goal…

    • Vista

      I think he has dropped quite a bit on most people’s boards. Near the start of the 2016 college season, I believe he was borderline first round for some people. If I am remembering correctly, he just seemed to give up or didn’t have a variety of pass rushing moves. He also didn’t live up to the hype and didn’t put up the best numbers last season. I wouldn’t rule him out but I wouldn’t want him when there may be more needs around that time of the draft. He seems to be a day 3 project at this point.

  15. nichansen01

    I love Watkins and he’s number one of my draft wish list as an interior pass rusher (10.5 sacks in 2016, sub 5 second 40 at over 300 lbs).

    I like Ogunjobi a lot as.

    I wouldn’t mind drafting two d lineman in the first three rounds (how about 2. Watkins 2. Tim Williams after a trade down trade up?)

    • Vista

      Watching the National Championship, I would love to add Watkins in the 2nd if he is there. I am still a little confused about Williams. I don’t know where he will go but likely early second. It would be a nice haul that I wouldn’t be angry at to say the least.

    • Overtime

      I would love to come out of the draft with Taco Charlton. He might be the one guy I would move up for in R1. Imagine:
      R1. Taco Charlton
      R2. Adoree Jackson
      R3. Carlos Watkins

      The rest of the draft would not matter.

      • nichansen01

        I would faint if we hauled in that class, however I think Adoree Jackson is a round one guy and I think Watkins won’t leave round 2.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Yes Jackson is a round one guy, he is too talented to slip farther. And agree with Watkins being gone in the second round.

          Overtime – you will have to rework your picks if you really want Taco Charlton in the first.

  16. GoodHawk

    One guy who hasn’t been talked about much here is Tre’Davious White – is the thought that he might not last that long? Because I would be jumping up and down if we drafted him. He may not be the perfect scheme fit at 5’11” but he has the length, great tape and tested well. Seems like he has great character as well. I would prefer him over a guy like Awuzie. Just my personal opinion.

    • Josh emmett

      He has been talked about. He wears the number 18 which is the coveted number in secondary as the leader for the last 2 years. He is a badass for sure

  17. SheHawk

    My first post…First need to thank Rob for the informative content and fostering this incredibly positive community.

    With a plethera of “special” players perhaps the tie breaker is an intangible. Id love to see PCJS give the 12s a #1 with a deep connection to our city /region. Someone who is and can be beloved until his induction into Canton. A player whose name we’d all be proud to have our 6yr olds wearing? There are a few but I say give us a DAWG!
    Saban said UW DBacks remind him of Seahawks. Jones is Mr Smooth; King is Sherm without the melodrama and Budda was UW’s Kam (not in play style – where I agree with Drew – he is more Earl-like, but in terms of heart & soul). He’s a true leader with great character. Whatever “it” is – he has it. I’d add him to the “special list – particularly if we trade back. I’ve watched him for year. He’s SPECIAL, has been special since he played at Bellevue HS and will continue to be so. Baker may be smaller but with Russ, Lockett and Earl ‘hawks have drafted “too small” players who turned into superstars before and can do it again.

    Baker is Mayock’s #1 nickel which per Rob hawks used in 70%+ of the snaps last year. He is always around the football. He is an instant upgrade to Lane and an eventual replacement for Earl. (Hopefully Earl retires years from now after a HOF career spent solely with Seahawks!) If we do the slight trade back in 1st and then trade up into the top of 2nd he could be there (if he make it past the 49er “LOB wannabes”)
    Can hear Century Link chanting BUUUUDDAAA already:)
    We need to backfill Sherm- even if he stays. Whatever is being said publicly, I sense the Sherm situation is a loveless marriage. When a leader like Sherm goes negative, it’s toxic. Pete simply can’t let it spread thru the locker room. Another flare up and we’ll make a Harvin-like trade mid season. Since it takes time to pick up Seahawks technique so 26 has got to be KING if he is there and perhaps even trade up??. He’s a fantastic fit and won’t make it by the Cowboys #28 since Jerry Jones loves Chris Peterson coached players. Yes Obi is a freak but SO IS KING and very few CBs actually fit the hawks profile. Also this year safety is a deeper position.

    Bottomline: We need impact players to build LOB v Next. We also need to get back to the team dynamic that made the Seahawks great. Part of that includes a connection to the 12s. A couple of Chris Peterson’s “our kinda guys” in locker room will bring intangibles that help PC keep them ultra competitive and positive. Baker/King are just what the Seahawks fanbase needs after all the melodrama this offseason. They even come with ties to our community and have proven they can ball out in the rain!.

    • Smitty1547

      hell of a first post, Welcome to the community it’s Robs world and were just livin in it.

    • Poko


    • CHawk Talker Eric

      You raise a good point about the depth at safety. I’ve been doing the Obi or King at 26? thing for weeks. King addresses a more immediate need and is tailor-made for SEA’s defense. Obi is simply unique with his size/length and speed/explosion combination. I think both will be available.

      Maybe the safety depth makes them go with King first. I prefer Obi, but not by much. Also like Awuzie & AJax.

      I do like Baker as well. Hope he’s available with their 2nd pick. If not him them maybe Jourdan Lewis.

      Welcome to the community!

    • Phil

      Great post SheHawk! I’m a big fan of Budda’s. I don’t live in the NW, so I haven’t watched every UW game, but in the games I have watched, Budda always seems to flash. What I particularly like is the way he attacks the line of scrimmage to shut down the run or to pressure the QB. He plays way above his size. I sometimes think his smaller size is actually a benefit — he sometimes seems to get “hidden” behind the larger DL players just like some smaller RBs do on the other side of the line. I have a feeling that he could end up being a really good guy in the locker room — a great teammate.

      By dream draft would be a small trade down to pick up Budda, and then a pretty substantial move up to get Watt.

      I agree with your comments about Sherm, too. On a team whose mantra is “I’m In”, there can’t be room for a guy who wants out.

  18. Hawkfaninmt

    No love for Buddha Baker?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Too small for first round, and will probably be gone by Seahawks pick in second. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if he fell into the third round.

      More importantly, Seahawks took care of their safety needs in free agency. What they need now is competition at cornerback.

      • Phil

        “Safety needs”. I think Budda would be an excellent slot corner as well as a future heir to the Earl Thomas crown.

    • SheHawk

      Im all about Baker love …. see my earlier post.. Recently read an interesting comment from JS said with UW being so close they can go watch them practice and see their workouts…. he said something to the effect that they may know too much about them,,,, are a little harder on them. I say we’re marrying the top picks and want to have our “eyes wide open” Too familiar UW is better than a few meetings and 1 VMAC tour ..

  19. Nathan_12thMan

    Obviously SEA could do a bunch of things that I don’t see coming and I end up loving, but right now, here is the scenario I am highest on:

    SEA trades R1-P26 for R2-P33 + R4-P108 + R5-P145 with CLE.

    Results in: 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
    Results in: 33, 58, 90, 102, 106, 108, 145, 210, 226

    Picking first overall on day 2 and day 3, plus first in R5.

    Have the draft capital to move around. Possibly move up higher in R2 (using P58) to get WR Zay Jones (similar to move up for Jarran Reed in ’16).

    SEA trade in 2016 to get Jarran Reed: SEA traded R2 (P56) and R4 (P124) for R2 (P49).


    If a player we like is still there at R2-P33 (Obi, Witherspoon, Watt, Adoree’, Awuzie, etc) then we grab him and then use draft capital to trade up high enough into round two to grab Zay Jones (WR). Then I could imagine trading one of our third rounders along with more capital to get higher into the third round or who knows, maybe even into the bottom of round two. It depends on what our needs are and where the cliffs are in the draft for the different position groups.

    • Misfit74

      If we can do that AND nab one of ‘our guys’, I’d be thrilled.

    • Michael

      From JS comments I don’t think they’re really eager to acquire picks in the 4th and 5th round this year.

      • Redhawk87

        If they get those picks, I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded 145 for a 2018 4th (similar to Patriots deal last year) to gain the capital needed for next year.

  20. Hawksince77

    “Is a trade down inevitable?”

    I think so. There has been some talk (on this blog and others) about possibly trading up, but I think they will look for a trading party wanting to pick in front of the Chiefs for a QB, getting an extra 3rd or 4th round pick.

    Why? For a few reasons:

    1 – history: they trade their first pick on a consistent basis. Why?

    2 – in general, they want more rookies, not less. Why?

    3 – because there is no such thing as a sure pick. Even the surest pick in our generation (Andrew Luck) hasn’t panned out. To match his hype, he would have to be one of the elite QBs in the league, at least top 3, and he’s not. Trading up in this draft would cost too much, and rely on the player selected to be a stud, and that’s simply impossible to know.

    4 – I haven’t made a study of it, but it strikes me that top first round picks have difficulty transitioning to the NFL. Attitude, work ethic, early stardom seem to sap the desire and competitive nature of many young men. Aaron Curry, for instance. He admitted he didn’t work all that hard, and never lived up to his draft status. You could name dozens of similar examples.

    5 – PC wants players to compete, to work hard and overcome. RW and Baldwin are perfect examples. Also Sherman and Bennett (former UDFA). These kinds of prospects can be found later in the draft, as UDFAs.

    6 – More picks means more chances to hit on one or two of these players. This draft is no exception. As has been pointed out so many times here, there is a sweet spot from the mid-first to the mid-third, or thereabouts. Trading back with the first pick, and using the extra pick to trade up from 58 just makes too much sense. The cost is lower, and the potential player that much better, still leaving plenty of picks.

    So Thursday may turn out to be a blank for Seahawk fans, but all the better on day two. 🙂

    • AlaskaHawk

      However, a first round cornerback on a five year contract is worth a lot more than a mid second round cornerback on a four year contract. Probably about 10 million dollars more. First because the percentage of success is higher in the first round, the less well paid rookie contract is longer, and the percentage of time spent learning the position is less over the entire length of the contract.

    • AlaskaHawk

      My other point would be that the Seahawks have a large UDFA contingent. So there is not as much need to hit in the later rounds as the team will be trying out a large number of UDFA players – like Doug Baldwin.

      What the Seahawks need is quality starters, and they are mostly found in first couple of rounds.

      • Hawksince77

        That sounds right, but quality starters at what positions? They are only missing two starters on defense (RCB and SAM), and none on offense that they haven’t already upgraded.

        As for the RCB, rumors are that Shead is ahead of schedule (can’t authenticate that claim so I am guilty of passing along a comment I read somewhere else) and besides, we don’t think Seattle will start rookie CBs anyway, and expect one of the several guys already on the team will complete for the position, starting with Lane.

        As for the pending opening at nickel CB, that is one of the positions that might start a rookie, and there should be several excellent options available even if they trade back: A. Jackson, B. Baker, Obi, Awuzie, etc. Besides, they also signed a quality safety that might play the position.

        As for the LB position, we don’t think that’s a priority. Plus, several LBs have already been signed.

        As for offense, they have room for another TE, another WR, a back-up QB (won’t be highly drafted, most likely) and of course, the offensive line. But we can hardly expect anyone other than Lamp or Bolles to project as a starter, and they likely won’t be available at 26 (but you never know). Most likely we see Asiata or Siragusa taken in the third, neither of whom is likely to start.

        The point is that what the Seahawks need is to draft future starters, players that will be ready with Kam, Bennett, Sherman, Baldwin, Graham, Britt and perhaps Thomas are gone. Seattle can draft such prospects now without starting expectations.

        Kam didn’t start his first year, and Sherman started his rookie year 3rd on the depth chart. Clark did okay in his rookie season, but looks to be getting better every year, just what you would expect. It took Britt until his third season to provide quality play.

        Seeding the roster with young, motivated and potentially talented starters is what we are likely to see in this draft. Hopefully last year’s class proves to be one of the better ones, with Ifedi, Reed, and Prosise getting better (and healthier), with Vannet and Odiambo taking good steps forward, and expected to compete for playing time. Even Lawler (who I don’t have too much hope for) and Collins (who seemed to improve towards the end of the year) are still on the roster. And UDFA Pope might surprise this year.

        We like immediate studs, but it’s the future stars that make a draft, and a championship team.

        • Stephen H. Pitell

          Slot CB has been an elusive one to fill for the Hawks over the PC era. While the CB position seems to get filled with ease. Players do well at CB here, move on and their skills seem less. While we have never had a season where we pointed to the slot CB as having had a great season. As mediocre as Lane was last year, it was one of the best for the slot CB position to my memory.

          Adoree Jackson, Budda Baker, and Awuzie seem likely candidates to step in and improve the position with Lane competing for the starting CB spot opposite Sherman. I think Lane may be better at the CB position than Shead, but Shead less good at the slot CB position last year. Shead might get relegated to the equivalent of the utility infielder playing first backup in the game for any of the DB spots.

    • Phil

      Hawksince77 — “top first round picks have difficulty transitioning to the NFL”

      I think there is an obvious reason for this. A disproportionate number of TOP first round picks go to teams that are pretty bad. More specifically, I feel sorry for young, highly rated QBs who get drafted by, say the Browns or the Jags. On the one hand, they may have a greater chance of starting as rookies, but it’s usually in a system that isn’t working and/or they are surrounded by players who are not top caliber.

  21. Misfit74

    Given recent news of Conley and Peppers, I’m a bit more on board with trading up a small number of picks to secure a top DB, if not Bolles. I’m nervous we just miss out on one of our guys now that not one but two likely top 25 picks may fall significantly.

    I really like that short list.

    Question: is T. White going top 25?

  22. Schuemansky

    With all these CBs possibly falling out of favor for various reasons I wonder whether the probability of a last minute Sherman trade is rising.

  23. Misfit74

    At least initial reports aren’t damning for Conley

    “Ohio State CB Gareon Conley has been accused of rape by a Cleveland woman, but adamantly denies the allegations.
    Conley’s agent has called the claims “ludicrous and ridiculous,” and says they were made out of spite. Taken to a local hospital following the alleged incident, the woman refused to speak with police. No charges have been filed, and Conley has yet to speak with police. Conley has been considered a sure-fire first-rounder, and perhaps even a top-10 pick. With so little time between now and Thursday, the incident will affect Conley’s draft stock, regardless of whether or not it’s true.” (TMZ/

    Accuser won’t talk and no charges filed, could turn out ok for him. Disgusting, obviously, if true, though we all know high profile athletes are big targets for this kind of scenario.

    • nichansen01

      He’s undrafrable now IMO

  24. Awsi Dooger

    I have no idea how Takk McKinley can be drafted ahead of T.J. Watt. As a USC alum I watched plenty of UCLA football and Pac 12 in general. McKinley is a big effort guy but he is a bully type who feasts on inferior opponents and often his stiffness is so glaring it’s difficult to focus on anything else. I had a friend who laughed and nicknamed him Lurch after watching one stiff awkward play with a bent back. There are some similarities to Ware in style. Not in ability. The stiffness led to poor results in shuttle and cone.

    Besides, I don’t mean to be cruel but McKinley is not the sharpest kid. It was painful at the combine watching him struggle repeatedly to follow basic instructions. They never should have had him lead off the group several times as opposed to allowing someone else to demonstrate for McKinley. But those combine coaches didn’t realize McKinley is a great kid but a special needs type. That topic has come up often on the UCLA forums. The coaches at UCLA love him and rave about his character while recognizing they have to patiently help him along. This is not going to change at highest level and it could lead to problems when he’s asked to do something beyond run and chase.

    T.J. Watt is simply a marvelous player, very adaptable and quite underrated. I think he’d be rated higher minus comparisons to his brother. It’s like skepticism of a horse who is not the equal of his sire.

    Bolles has been booted out of so many different schools I can’t assign it to youth alone. Overaged late bloomers are sucker material in the first round. Besides, his frame is hardly ideal. I much prefer the Wisconsin kid.

    For a Zay Jones type but lower round, the Texas A&M kid Josh Reynolds is interesting. Same wide catch radius especially high and near the sideline. Also, the programs like Auburn and Texas A&M are always great sources for lower round sleepers. Schools like that have been very high in the recruiting rankings every year even though the results haven’t always cooperated. Logically those schools very high in the recruiting rankings should supply late round sleepers, far more dependably than lesser programs. Don’t rely on subjectivity alone when cheat notes are readily available.

    Along those lines, one new analyst on the site has undertaken an interesting study. Instead of watching tape, the preferred cliche approach that will always be every bit as flawed as it is touted, he has gathered scouting reports from prior years and tried to decipher which characteristics are most important at each position. In other words, let the tape guys do the work for you, even if they are overwhelmed to the point of confusion and contradiction, and merely steal their best consensus material while applying a superior understanding of what matters. That’s exactly the type of thing I believe in. Years ago when I lived in Las Vegas and tinkered with betting horse races I did a lengthy study and found that one tout form had numerical summations of each horse. The best combination was 10b, 19 and 21. Each one meant something, like fit the distance of the race, etc. All logical. Suddenly I didn’t care about anything else. I bet the horses that had those summations and managed to overcome the huge parimutuel take. But just barely. It was too much of a grind. But I kept thinking this type of thing has to be applicable elsewhere.

    Last year Kent Hullamania identified quickness and yards after contact as being the key qualities for a running back. I was interested as a Dolphins fan because Kent wrote that Jay Ajayi was a rare qualifier from the prior crop. Then within months Ajayi became a star. Hullamania expanded the research this year but it’s still in the early stages. Link below for anyone interested. This year’s running backs who fit the criteria are Joe Mixon, Alvin Kamara, Joe Williams and De’Angelo Henderson. None of the quarterbacks fit the criteria that Hullamania uses at that position.

    Sorry for the long comment.

    • Michael

      I’m not crazy about Takk myself. Don’t get the Ware comparison at all. Ware had ridiculous short area agility as highlighted by his insane 3 cone time.

    • peter

      Two points we’ll disagree here with:

      1. Bolles didn’t get kicked out of schools after he set his head to getting and staying straight on a his path. He got kicked out of high school. A lot. With that Seattle has already had success drafting “sucker’s material,” in Bruce Irvin who worked out quite nicely for the team and earned himself a nice solid second contract with the Raiders.

      2. T.J. Watt: I’ll counterpoint that he had only one productive year playing with another productive, highly athletic LB to help him attack the Line of Scrimmage. Watt’s good. But he’s not getting undervalued because of his brother. He’s getting valued where he’s at because he had one really good year and a good but no where near as great Combine to his brother who posted amazing numbers at 40 pounds heavier.

  25. JakeB
    Pauline reporting the Hawks are looking to pick up a 4th by trading back with Atlanta, possibly take Bolles at 31.

    • OCDavid

      I wish Tony P had known this in time to discuss on the podcast!

      • Volume12

        Wait. Didn’t Seattle make this exact deal last year and get a 3rd for it?

        • Nick

          Yes. Pick 94.

          • Volume12

            I thought so. Weird.

        • Mishima

          IIRC, Denver moved up for P. Lynch? Interested to know positional values for trade ups; assuming QB > Edge.

    • BobbyK

      Would make sense to get a pick at the end of the 4th round since they currently have none in the 4th or 5th (and don’t pick until late in the 6th).

    • Volume12

      Very interesting.

      This is the 1st time we’ve heard about TC being anywhere this off-season. And it sounds like if that trade falls through or Seattle doesn’t take Billed, then Asiata, Tevi, or maybe even Dielman could be in play.

      • JakeB

        I could go for a trade up from 58 for Asiata

        • JakeB

          Even though I’m not sure we need any more bodies on the interior

          • peter

            I love Asiata and I’m not convinced that Glo or Joeckel will be better than Asiata.

    • Overtime

      It needs to be more than a 4th round pick. That is 100 pts on the trade value chart.

      • red

        maybe 26th pick and our 6th RD for Atlanta 31st pick and 95th pick. Moving up from 31 to 26 is 100 pt. 95 pick is 120 pt. I think our 6th RD pick is 210 so worth like 8 pt. Maybe we throw in 2018 6 or 7 rounder as well.

    • Trevor

      Has to be more than a late 4th to move back. Why would we do the Falcons any favours they are serious competition in the NFC. If we got a 3rd last year then I hope JS gets the same again if they move back.

      I love Adoree Jackson and Kevin King but if you can get Bolles at 30 + a 3rd rounder that would be an incredible day #1 for the Hawks

      • nichansen01

        I’d do the trade… only for a third though and I wouldn’t draft bolles.

        Honestly I don’t want to draft Bolles. To be he’s just too old and at this age his frame is too slight. He’s going to get pushed around.

        • Lord Snow

          I have a bad feeling that if they draft Bolles, we’ll be looking/talking about OT prospects this time next year.

          • peter

            Counterpoint: If they don’t draft Bolles and play Joeckel who has been a tackle bust thus far and Fant doesn’t get to see the field and get better, we will also be talking about Tackles next year.

            For me it’s roll with Fant and make him better, prove what kind of coach you really are or get Bolles if possible. Joeckel has had plenty of time to play tackle going back to college and he just can’t after so many years. Now Fant at LT and continue to take the lumps with Joeckel playing Guard? I’ll take that.

  26. Deryck

    New from Tony Pauline

    Interesting that this comes out two days before the draft, maybe the Seahawks already know Obi or King or whoever else they want won’t be there at 26. Would be good to add a 4th rounder though.

    • Volume12

      Actually, I think the 4th round is the round where there’s the least success rate.

      • Jujus

        not to mention a ATL 4th pick is basically the #1 5th round pick.

        • Deryck

          This is a fair point, the value don’t seem quite right, however if it’s true that many teams are looking to trade down then it’s more of a get what you can situation. Maybe they can’t get a third round this year for moving down because there’s many other teams looking to move down as well. Just speculation of course.

          Atlanta’s 4th rounder is pick #136, their 3rd is at #95. The #95 would be perfect to move back up with in the first half of round 2.

        • Coleslaw

          I might be mistaken but wouldn’t it be a mid 4th since comp picks come in after the round robbin?

      • Deryck

        For the Seahawks or the league in general?

        • Volume12

          The league in general. I believe its 4th and 7th rounders.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      By any reasonable draft value trade chart, exchanging 26 for 31 + 136 would be poor value for SEA. Even the “modernized” value chart that Rob cited in this article says pick 136 is worth less than half of the difference between 26 and 31 (26=38.81; 31=33.10; difference of 5.71 points; 136=2.82).

      I have a hard time believing this savvy FO would make such a trade. To what end? Drop 5 spots in R1 for what is essentially a R5 pick?

      I don’t see it.

      • Dingbatman

        I do however think that this savvy front office would happily broadcast to the entire league that perhaps they have been offered a 4th round pick as an incentive to swap 1st round picks. This would seem to be the offer to beat. Two days to go. Nowhere to go but up.

  27. Volume12

    With JS’s comments yesterday about UW and the weird comment about corners with shorter arms, then the report today he could be ready by September, what if Sidney Jones is a target in the 3rd with one of those comps?

    • Trevor

      I was thinking the same thing Vol and he could end up being the steal of the draft in Rd #3. That kid is so smooth and polished. Plus a year to learn the technique lets him get healthy and you have a high end starting CB in 2018.

      • Volume12

        Its Sidney or Witherspoon for me.

        • Coleslaw

          Gimme Jones. If the Shead rumors are true we could have them both back by November. What CB hole? Lol

          • BobbyK

            If Jaylon Smith went early in the 2nd last year, there’s no way S. Jones lasts until the end of the 3rd round. The injury Jones suffered isn’t close to how bad the Smith one was.

  28. John_s

    Could Seattle and Atlanta swap 1’s? Sounds like Sea would get a 4th and target Bolles

    • Overtime

      I hope not. Bolles got a 9 on his Wonderlic test. That is borderline village idiot. The average cashier scores a 20 out of 50.

      • Misfit74

        Wonderlic, schmunderlic

      • Volume12

        And BWagz scored a 20 too. That really hindered him.

        • Coleslaw

          I apologize if I’m misunderstanding, but if you mean to downplay his score of 9, I don’t think that’s fair. Given his age (isn’t he a 5th year senior) he should have this stuff on lock. I like Bolles but that is concerning to me, especially since we run one of the most complex blocking schemes

          • peter

            Do we though? I mean a Dlinemen, an attempt at another Dline convert that they carried for a whole season before cutting, A spread tackle that played two positions before being a center, a spread tackle that moved to guard, and a basketball player that played LT.

            So the scheme is allegedly super complex (it may be IDK) but the team keeps fielding the island of misfit toys and wonders why it can’t be successful instead of drafting a real LT and trying that out for a while.

          • Volume12

            Yes, I’m downplaying it. He’s a goon. That’s his job!. He’s not a C out here making calls, adjustments, relaying fronts to his QB.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            We do not run a complex blocking scheme.

        • Coleslaw

          I also don’t get to meet these guys though, so I’d trust PC/JS

      • Seatown

        Exactly. Plus he’s over aged at 25. That would be an atrocious pick.

        • LLLOGOSSS

          Who cares? I fail to see how that matters. In 5 years he’ll be 30; if he’s a stud you can sign him to another 4-year deal. That’s 9-years of peak production.

      • Vista

        The Wonderlic is on par with the SAT difficulty wise. If you want to try out a Wonderlic, here is a link.

        • Vista

          I do want to point out that I did this test and on my first attempt I finished with 2 seconds left and got a 40/50.

          • peter

            So it’s like every other standardized test that people with difficult home lives and troubled upbringings that bounce around from school to school consistently have hard times scoring well on?

            • LLLOGOSSS

              Agreed. Knowledge is not the same as intelligence. Would be better off testing IQ.

        • BRSeahawks

          I just did this thest drunk, tired and english is not my mother language. 29 points with 14 unanswered questions. Seriously, if Bolles made this test seriously and scored a 9, this guy is incapable of communication.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            Good thing he mails people for a living.

            • LLLOGOSSS


        • icb12

          The sample tests aren’t very close to the real test.
          Wonderlic doesn’t share their exams.

          For starters- no running clock, only a 1 minute warning.
          Also way less multiple choice- more fill in blank. No straight up guessing

          Some people are bad test takers. Some people just aren’t good at math. Heck even being a slow reader would seriously hinder your wonderlic.

          Its not useless- but it’s not a defining element for a person.

      • Rob Staton

        A mental arithmetic test won’t help those linebackers when Bolles gets to the second level.

        • Rawls1234

          Haven’t there been rumors about Bolles not being able to grasp blocking assignments?

          • Rob Staton

            Yes and I’d recommend listening to the Tony Pauline interview I did for more on this.

            That said — if that concern exists, teams will also acknowledge the numerous positives to Bolles’ play.

        • LLLOGOSSS


  29. Volume12

    If this were reported from anyone else, I don’t know if I’d believe it. But, Pauline always nails the O-lineman Seattle selects.

    Last year it was Ifedi & Odhiambo. Year before was Terry Poole. Now Bolles?

  30. Jujus

    eye opening analysis on Malik McDowell imo – still think he is a trade down target and I believe he deserves consideration.

    This article brings up a point – he is a Edge player and a situational interior guy. What if he is the next evolution of LEO?

    • Misfit74

      Personally, I think 3-tech in a 4-3 defense is his best position.

    • Overtime

      What if his motivation issues are due to him being played out of position inside where he has to take on two 300 lb OG’s on every play?

      • Misfit74

        I think losing was his kryptonite, primarily, but who knows. He does have immense upside. If properly motivated and around strong leaders he could maximize his talent. Low floor player, though, and seems risky at 26 or in the first round.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I don’t think he’s an edge player. He weighs 295. Let’s also not forget that we have Quinton Jefferson. I know he’s still an unknown but we do have him.

    • peter

      Wouldn’t instead of the next gen LEO he’d be whatever Red Bryant was supposed to be at that size? Serious question. Remember how they were going to do that whole unbalanced line thing but had to bring in Raheem Brock when Red got hurt.

      Maybe McDowell in a position like that if he can’t really play inside.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Possibly, that’s a good point.

  31. Yesh

    Takk put on a show against Utah, these two plays really stood out to me:

    Against the Utes capable O-Line he put up 6 Tackles, 3 Sacks, 2 FF and caused a holding penalty on Bolles. I can get behind this selection at 26.

    • peter

      Takk really has some good moments for sure. I love Bolles but Takk one that game against that Oline.

  32. Misfit74

    You know, It’s entirely possible a top-25 team that was targeting Conley or Peppers could go in a totally different direction and not take a 1st round corner. Assuming they just move on to the next rated corner assumes very similar grades and discounts scheme fit.

    Maybe Obi, King, Awuzie, or Jackson still make it to 26.

    • RealRhino2

      This is a good point. It’s not like a team that was on Conley in the mid-1st or 20s is just going to go to the next CB on their board, even if they view him as a 2nd round guy. They’d be more likely to move on to a different position with their BPA at a need.

      I take out the “or” in your last sentence. I’d put “and” instead. I think they’re all available at 26.

  33. Josh emmett

    Something to mention is they are thinking of Dion Jordan as an inside/outside rusher. John Schneider said that in that interview. It very difficult to get a feel this year because they really don’t have glaring needs like last year. They brought in 4 offensive linemen, 1 blocking tight end, and 3 running backs, they were looking to upgrade the running game. I don’t think bolles will be there at 26 or 31. I don’t think they go defensive back unless someone falls into their lap like Humphrey. Who is barely 21 years old and ticks most of the DB boxes for Seattle. I think it will be easier to tell what’s going on after the first 15 picks. If qb’s and wr’s start coming off the board I expect the Hawks to stay at 26. If the teams are smart and go BPA all the way to 26 then Seattle trades back

  34. Volume12

    This is the pick that’s gonna upset 12’s? Did not see that coming, but the writing was on the wall that there was gonna be some salty fans starting Thursday night.

    But Bolles? He’s the most aggressive, physical OT in the draft. Its Seattle’s biggest area of weakness. So what if he’s 25? That’s never turned them off. It would no different than signing a career backup coming off his 1st rookie deal. NFL careers are so short anyways, if he gives Seattle 4-5 really good years, that’s longer than their championship window IMO, even better.

    • Trevor

      +1 he makes a ton of sense

      • Volume12

        This was the guy 90% of Hawk fans wanted back in October all the way through what, January? I’m shook by the apparent disappointment in this.

        • Smitty1547

          Irvin was an old rookie and that worked out fine.

          • peter

            Irvin was an old rookie with a terrible Wonderlic and poor choices in his formative years. And I think that worked out quite nicely for the hawks and for Irvin.

    • Misfit74


      Bolles would be a dream match of need + talent + positional value.

    • Overtime

      George Fant is a better athlete and has now packed on 25 additional pounds. One of the knocks on Bolles is that he needs a year in and NFL weight room. Bolles could end up being Fant’s career backup.

      • RealRhino2

        This is kind of where I’ve been at for a while. Rob has even mentioned it in the blog, from Pauline: “Bolles is the elite athlete in this tackle class” (paraphrasing, despite quotes for effect).

        Here’s the thing: he’s no better an athlete than Fant. Their testing numbers are almost exactly the same. Same size, same age. I get that it doesn’t make them the same player (from what I’ve seen, Bolles has more of an “edge” to him and is better targeting defenders at the second level), but if what gets you excited about Bolles is his athleticism and movement skills, then just stick with Fant and get excited about him. He’s kept his head above water at a higher level already. I like Bolles, but it’s hard to treat this as a great pick that solves a big need when I feel like almost the same guy is already on the roster.

        • Ukhawk

          So worst case Bolles plays on the right side next to Ifedi. All…. Day…. Long.

          • RealRhino2

            I don’t think he’s a RT. First, not always so easy to flip a guy to the other side. Second, he’s pretty light in the pants for your typical RT. He’s not a people mover. He’s Jason Spriggs. If we took Ifedi over Spriggs at 31 last year to play the right side, why would we take Spriggs (Bolles) this year at 26?

            • peter

              Spriggs isn’t anywhere the second level attack player that Bolles is. And Fant I have high hopes for but Bolles can move with quite some skill with his feet, quickness, and ability to get to the second level.

          • peter

            I agree with this or flip the two, fant out right. Let’s be honest struggled. Sure it was a feel good story but he struggled. And Joeckel let’s not start that dude has struggled for a few years now.

            • drewdawg11

              Some of the comparisons are just… wow. ComaprinfnFant to Bolles is ridiculous. Bolles is a football player, and one who dominated the PAC-12. Fant is a basketball player who has NEVER had sustained success on the football field. It’s not even close.

      • BobbyK

        If Fant does become that stud, they won’t take Bolles and sit him on the bench. Ifedi may stay at RG and Bolles or Fant at LT. It’d be a good problem to have on the OL.

        If we draft Bolles, I’m in. Same for Watt, Jackson, Obi, Humphrey, Lamp, King… I can’t imagine a scenario where I’ll be mad at their pick. I’ll root the youngster on.

        • Overtime

          We got Fant as an UDFA and Bolles as a first round pick and they are identical players athletically. Each has only 1 year of high level football. Fant in the NFL and Bolles at Utah. I don’t see the value in using a first round pick if this is the best we can do. Wait until next year.

          • Bigten


          • HawkTalker #1

            Yes but Fant sucked horribly most of the year. It became a joke throughout the NFL. Bolles has received high praise on his limited play and actually seems to have skill at the position and knows what he’s doing. Not at all the same players.

            • peter

              This. We all want Fant to be great and he might be one day but his play was terrible/given a pass because he was so green. Bolles’ play is actually pretty great now and he needs power. Just watch Bolles and Asiata spring WIlliams against UW that may have next years top five pick playing on that DLine in Vita Vea.

              Nothing against Fant but nobody was springing any Seahawks in the run game last year.

  35. Coleslaw

    I dont know how true this is, but to me one of the biggest traits for a pass rusher is Vertical Jump, and the most overrated is Broad Jump. I think it’s because when you’re getting low you’re really trying to stand up and make the OL bend back with you. You’re leaned too far forward for broad jump to really be in use. Idk, just something I think about with pass rushers

    • Coleslaw

      Bruce Irvin is a decent example of this. It shows in his playing style at least

  36. Misfit74

    A game of “I’d rather have” :

    D. Rivers > Barnett, McKinley, Harris
    Taco > Barnett, McKinley, Harris
    TJ Watt > Bowser, Harris, Barnett, McKinley
    (Reddick > TJ Watt, Bowser, Harris, Barnett, McKinley)

    Obi > any other DB (except maybe Lattimore)
    King > any other CB (except maybe Lattimore)
    A.Jackson > Peppers, J. Lewis
    Awuzie > Peppers, J. Lewis

    C. Davis > any other player at 26 (he won’t make it to 26, but still)
    Godwin > any WR except Davis

    Bolles > Cam, Ramcyzk, Lamp
    Ramcyzk >/= Lamp

    Kittle > Everett, Butt

  37. Marc


    I really appreciate your blog. It’s informative and interesting. I feel like so many so called draft experts are just wildly guessing or repeating what they’ve read someplace else. Here, I get a unique perspective and you bring in other people to share their perspective. Thank you for all you do!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you for being part of it guys. Love this blog & community.

  38. Volume12

    Kevin Shockey is saying one name he hears that keeps coming up for Seattle is Adoree’ Jackson. Just food for thought.

    • nichansen01

      maybe that’s what John schneiders short arms comment was referring to

      • Rob Staton

        I listened back to the audio yesterday and I think John was talking about his own short arms

        • BobbyK

          I thought the exact same thing.

    • Rob Staton

      He quoted Daniel Jeremiah

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I heard a rumor Adoree was going to go top 20…. due to his unique kill set. Not sure who would take him, but it would not be a shocker.

  39. Coleslaw

    With our current picks, how do we trade up in the 3rd? Are we going to give up 106 and 90 for 75? Dont think so. That 4th from Atlanta would be perfect bait.

    • JimQ

      Seems to me that a trade that reduces the current 5 picks in the first 108 selections down to 3 players in the top 64?-or so, may be a questionable value that would have to be very carefully considered. IMO, standing pat with those 5 picks and/or a trade down of one of the 3-rds allows for finding quality with the additional picks.
      In other words, if you only pick 3 times and 1 busts you net 2 keepers. If you pick 5 times and 1 or 2 busts, you still net 3 or 4 keepers. But the real considerations are which players are available at each pick & how would they fit. I could see it going either way, trading up or down.

  40. kevin mullen

    1.26 Charles Harris DE
    2.58 Sydney Jones CB
    3.90 Jake Butt TE
    3.102 Dawuane Smoot DE/OLB
    3.106 Rasul Douglas CB

  41. nichansen01

    I’m all for trading back, but I am going to be very mad if they draft Bolles.

    • williambryan

      Are you trying to jinx it or are you going for the reverse jinx because you actually want bolles?

  42. SheHawk

    Sydney Jones at #58 would be a steal. As would Joe Matthis in the 3rd. I’d take Mathis instead of Butt IMO is another Vannett

    • nichansen01

      Sidney Jones in all likelyhood will be available round 3 or even round 4

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Late 3rd round is where I think someone takes a swing at him… comp picks

      • BobbyK

        Nope. If Jaylon Smith went early in the 2nd last year, there’s no way Jones will go late in the 3rd. Some team will take him in the 2nd (or early 3rd in a worst case scenario).

        • Ishmael

          Jaylon Smith was a top five player though, people have somewhat forgotten how outrageously good he was. Third for Jones sounds about to me, achilles are very, very, nasty injuries to come back from.

          • Mr. Offseason

            If Sid Jones is going to be available and the Seahawks know this I would seriously consider taking him in the 2nd round and target pass rusher, LB or OLine in the first.

  43. FuzzyLOgic

    My final final mock lol(: Which will prove to be right on thursday.

    1. CLE- M. Garrett

    2. SF- L. Fournette

    3. CHI- S. Thomas

    4. JAX- D. Watson

    5. TEN- J. Adams

    6. NYJ- OJ. Howard

    7. LAC- M. Hooker

    8. CAR- C. Mccafrey

    9. CIN- D. Barnett

    10. BUF- H. Reddick

    11. NO- M. Lattimore

    12. CLE- M. Trubiski

    13. ARI- J. Allen

    14. PHI- D. Cook

    15. IND- F. Lamp

    16. BAL- T. Charlton

    17. WASH- R. Foster

    18. TEN- K. King

    19. TB- D. Njoku

    20. DEN- C. Robinson

    21. DET- J. Davis

    22. MIA- R. Ramczyk

    23. NYG- E. Engram

    24. OAK- M. Humphrey

    25. HOU- P. Mahomes

    26. SEA- A. Jackson

    27. KC- C. Davis

    28. DAL- T. Mckinley

    29. GB- T. White

    30. Pit- J. Peppers

    31. ATL- O. Melonfonwu

    32. NO- C. Awuzie

  44. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Obi Obi Obi Obi – wan

  45. coach

    I love the idea of:

    R1 – A Jackson – starting slot cb and return specialist
    R2 – Tim Williams – would be our nickel pass rusher from inside
    R3 – Jones CB – Lane could start the season and then Jones or Shead when they are healthy (starter for the future though!)
    R3 – Asiata G – Depth for the future
    R3 – Evans WR Texas A&M – our big Red Zone target

    Would you be happy starting the draft with these 5?

    Go Hawks!

    • Bigten

      Love this draft. Reynolds is the A&M WR

      • HawkTalker #1

        Might be the best Yet

  46. Derron James

    My dream draft scenario even though it is really unlikely is trading back for Obi and trading up for Quincy Wilson.

    • Coleslaw

      That would be… awesome

  47. Ground_Hawk

    Rob, and community, why isn’t DE Jordan Willis getting much love on SDB?

    • Rob Staton

      Great athletic performance at the combine but didn’t see it translate to the tape. Play underwhelmed given his combine display. Didn’t see much variety in his repertoire, looked a little stiff, had games where he frustratingly couldn’t get off blocks.

      • Ground_Hawk

        He gets the job done though, and he doesn’t stop attacking. Even in his worst statistical performance of 2016, which was against Iowa State, he managed to disturb the pocket, and require double-teams.


        Could he last to the 3rd?

    • nichansen01

      I’ve wondered this myself. He had the athletic and physical profile to be the perfect LEO in our defense. I think his playing intensity is part of the reason why we are kind of ignoring him, but I may be wrong. I just didn’t see intensity on tape.

      • Ground_Hawk

        I agree that his physical and athletic profiles seem to suite the LEO spot, and I think he could also do well as a DE in mould of Cliff Avril. I’m not seeing a lack of intensity that you mention though.

        • Josh emmett

          Cliff Avril is the LEO backer.

          • Ground_Hawk

            You’re right, but what do think of Willis?

  48. nichansen01

    Reason I don’t like Bolles:

    We already have three players who can play left tackle, Joeckel Fant and Odhiambo. Fant is about as athletic as Bolles, the same age, but had an NFL season under his belt. Bolles is also pretty dumb, and needs to gain weight to become an NFL starter. He’s a good athlete and he’s mean. But he’s also probably going to be about as good as George Fant is right now. Nothing wrong with adding depth and competition to the O-line, but Bolles would almost feel like a luxury pick. I’d prefer Lamp because he’s younger, smarter and can play guard and center.

    • peter

      Lamp isn’t smarter. Lamp scored better on a standardized test that has yet to prove anything definitive over the years of it’s use that your success or failure rate is indicated by your score.

      Also Bolles isn’t “pretty dumb.” Bolles scored poor on a standardized test.

      If Bolles needs to but on weight to start then what is Fant doing? They are the same size. Only one of those guys has had a so/so rookie season.

      Also Lamp as Center? I just reread his bio and I didn’t see one mention of him playing center. I guess if he could pick it up then sure.

      • Mishima

        All we can say is that Lamp has a better haircut than Bolles.

        • peter

          Yeah but Bolles looks like Andre the Giant’s long lost son so he has that going for him.

          Also that’s the haircut of a man focused solely on his craft!


      Yes but how many are long-term solutions at LT? I am rooting hard for Fant, but we can’t count on him ever being more than Garry Gilliam. I like the *idea* of Ifedi at RT, but maybe he’s better inside. Give yourself options and see how it shakes out. We very well could have Fant at LT, Bowles at RT, and Ifedi back at G for the next four years. Joekel is not a core piece until he proves otherwise, and Odhiambo has to earn his way.

      The bigger point is, when do the Seahawks ever get the chance to draft a first-round LT talent? Never. And we won’t again for the foreseeable future. If Bolles is there we have to take him.

  49. Old but Slow

    Took a nap and dreamed that we took Zach Banner in the first round. Woke in a cold sweat.

    • Overtime

      I would not be surprised to see him in camp as an UDFA. He can move the pile. Does anyone know his current weight?

    • Dale Roberts

      Nope, we traded our first round pick to Oakland for the rights to JaMarcus Russell.

    • nichansen01

      I had a dream we drafted Josh Reynolds in round 1… yikes…

  50. Ishmael

    The Wonderlic is a nothing test. Everyone wanted Bolles, then we all had a cry when he shot up draft boards, and now we’re saying he’s too dumb to play for the Hawks? Having seen some of the potatoes rolled out at tackle these last few years, I wouldn’t even care if he couldn’t spell his own name.

    Can he protect Wilson? Can he get to the second level and flatten linebackers? Will he help set the tone and get the run game back on track? The answer was yes two months ago, what’s changed?

    • Dale Roberts

      Is his Wonderlic the reason Pauline is panning Bolles?

    • nichansen01

      Well there is a big difference between scoring a 20 and scoring a 9… 9 is concerning.

      • Ishmael

        Why? We don’t need him to ruin the world like your average genius quant, just understand his assignment and get it done. It’s pretty clear he’s capable of doing that.

        • nichansen01

          9 puts him in the bottom 10 lowest scores of all time…

          • Volume12

            His wonderlic may be low, but we don’t know how he responded when Seattle’s O-line coaches asked him to draw up schemes, fronts, and called out twists, stunts, and blitzes on the white board.

            Remember Alex Gibbs? Godfather of this ZBS Seattle runs? He could make garbage men into capable guards. They can spin why they selected Ifedi any way they want to us, fact is guys his size, length, bloodline and athleticism don’t grow on trees.

            • Ishmael

              Exactly, literally all it means is that he didn’t do well on a standardised test. There are so many different ways of learning, multiple forms of intelligence that we know about.

              Rueben Foster, for example, is apparently a kinetic learner, absolutely rubbish on the whiteboard but if you get him out on the field and physically go through it he has no problems. And he ran an Alabama defence that is as complex as any in college football. Maybe Bolles is the same way. All that matters is what he can do out on the field, and what he can bring to the locker room.

              I haven’t seen Bolles’ Wonderlic score have any impact on his play up until now, so I really don’t see why it’s about to.

              • Mr. Offseason

                Not sure that a bad wonderlic score justified an absolute free fall like is being suggested. Maybe he will be available at 26, or even 31 where the Seahawks are trying to trade down to … But how in the hell are you a top 15 pick one day and then a later first rounder the next day. That is pretty absurd, especially in such a paper-thin OL class.

  51. Dale Roberts

    Rob, just wanted to join the chorus of readers thanking you for your accomplishments this year. We’ll all be a little sad and a little happy when somebody steals you away.

    • Coleslaw

      We’ll all comment on the last thread forever, 1.2 million comments lol!

  52. red

    I think if king Humphrey Conely and Jackson are gone by 26 I move down to the 31 and see if I can get that 95th pick as well. Trade the 58 and 90 pick for 42 and get Q Wilson. Leaving us picks 95 102 106 which we probably trade one these thirds to get a couple extra day three picks.

  53. coach

    I also read an article that said Schneider said he’s still planning on adding one more veteran O-lineman. Anyone else hear that? I’d rather do that and focus on defense and WR in the draft.

    Who might it be? Clady?

    Any news on Jaye Howard visiting teams yet?

    Go Hawks!

    • Coleslaw

      Has Giacomini signed? I wish they’d do it before the draft when other teams who missed out will want to finally sign them.

  54. nichansen01

    1 (from atlanta): Garrett Bolles, OT, Utah
    2. Tim Williams, OLB, Alabama
    3. Carlos Watkins, DT, Clemson
    3. Sidney Jones, CB, Washington
    3. Josh Reynolds, WR, Texas AM
    4. (from atlanta) Joshua Dobbs, QB, Tennessee
    6. Howard Wilson, S/CB, Houston
    7. Adrien Colbert, S, Miami

    Quick mock factoring in possible trade with Atlanta.

    • peter

      I Like this. I don’t live near Montlake anymore so honestly, I have no idea how good Jones is or isn’t, but if the team thinks he can heal maybe it’s the season they change some of their parameters?

      Plus reports seem to indicate Jones is going to be back in September so….maybe strike while there is a market deficiency.

    • Trevor

      Like it!

  55. Eburgz

    What is your ideal R1/R2 scenario?

    If everything Tony says is true it’s possible we get Bolles in a trade back in the first then move up for Obi in the second. Who would be mad about that?

    Another combo I could see is Quincy Wilson (supposedly hawks have a round 1 grade on him?) and Tim Williams.

    I’d want Baker and Wormley personally.

    • Coleslaw

      A realistic one? Obi+trade up for Quincy Wilson
      It would be hard to complain about anything if we got Obi. Obi+Tim Williams is really intriguing to me also. Lots of options with round 2, gimme Asiata, Williams, Tankersley, McDowell, Godwin. I see why that’s the sweet spot of the draft

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I’d be over the moon with Obi/Williams in the first 2 rounds.

        • Coleslaw

          Me too man, really missing Bruce lately and just a blitzing SAM in general. Marsh never really lived up to hopes there. I wonder if Williams will go early or mid 2nd, though. But still wouldn’t be surprised if we moved up for him and said we couldn’t leave the draft without him. He’s perfect for the job and would be plug and play IMO. Add in Obi and your first 2 picks give you a a really friggin good 11th defender 100% of the time

        • Volume12

          There’s about 14-15 different scenarios I’d be good with honestly.

          • peter

            yep. In some years I feel I’m banging the proverbial table for players but this year there are a ton of players I like. Plus I’m less impressed in what round players get picked than other fans.

            Example: If Asiata went 58 I think people would be losing it but if they then picked Jourdan Lewis in the third? You know a good haul is a good haul. I only used that example because there really and truly are very few Olinemen this draft for any position and Lewis’ momentum seems to have stalled a bit.

            Or if the team went Njoku/Engram in the first…then Tim williams, then Witherspoon by burning a comp to move their natural third up to the early third? Again for me I’d be stoked.

  56. Poko

    My perfect world!
    1.DB Obi or Bolles (tread down)
    2.OLB Tim
    3.G Asiata
    3.DT Larry Ogunjobi
    3.TE Kittle or WR

    Go Hawks!

    • Derron James

      Would be great! My perfect world is…
      1. trade back:Obi Melifonwu
      2. trade up: Quincy Wilson
      3. Larry Ogunjobi
      3. Josh Reynolds
      6. Shalom Luani
      7. JaVancy Jones

  57. Nathan

    My idea, which I think I’ve said before, is to pick live in Seattles spots(as they are at the start of the draft)

    You can compare your draft to who they ultimately come away with.

    Not even who you think they’d pick, pick as if you were the GM and head coach.

  58. CD

    I need someone to talk me off the ledge.

    I remember so many games where the O-Line/O couldn’t get a 1st down, couldn’t get points resulting in our D being out there too much. I was at the Fin’s game, then I remember the Rams, OT vs Cards, Bucs, Packers, even the Saints games. It wasn’t all Willson knee, it was crappy blocking for both RW and the RB’s.

    I can’t for the life of me understand all the talk of CB, yes Shead is hurt, Lane didn’t play up to our hopes, but man, for me getting the Offense to stay on the field is by far the biggest need. Second for me is getting to the QB.

    Oh my god were those games painful to watch. Why all the focus and draft capital on CB? I am not against looking there later, but there seems to be such a need and hopefully a boost from getting above average O-Line (yes I know its a down year for them), but how is King/Jackson/Obi going to get us that 3rd down and 4?

    Please help me, I just can’t get those awful games out of my head by drafting a CB.

    • Coleslaw

      I agree with you, but the draft doesn’t necessarily fit the needs. There aren’t many above average O Lineman in this class, the chance of getting someone worth #26 or even #33 is slim to none, unless Bolles falls. We’re talk in CB because we’re virtually guaranteed an array of options, and I feel like everyone is treating 26 as BPA this year, which I really like personally.
      I think we’ll go O Line in the 2nd or 3rd and again in the 6th or 7th and prioritize it in UDFA.

  59. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I think the comments by the GM about only drafting 1 QB in 7 drafts are telling. I am now expecting a QB to be grabbed, perhaps earlier than many realize. We should really be focusing in the round 3-4 QBs that are clearly developmental, but have very good upside.

    Two names that have popped up on cross talk on the radio that might be in play…. Josh Dobbs QB Tennessee (87th % according to SPARQ) and Nathan Peterman QB Pittsburgh (was 50% according to SPARQ).

    I confess, I do not know much about the QB prospects, I wasa thinking of placing Webb on here out of Cal, but all the latest information is his stock is rising, possibly into the late 1st round now….. so seriously doubt they grab him, even if they did work him out / interview him.

    • peter

      I like Dobbs. To me he’s a perfectly reasonable choice. Seems to have a great passion for the game, smart, athletic statistically they are the same player.

      Dobb’s has less TD’s in the air but played less games. Similar effectiveness on the ground. I’d take him. Webb, meh. He’s Brock Osweiler. A big tall dude who throws a ton of check downs.

      • D-OZ

        I think you would have to spend #58 on Dobbs. He is moving up. He is not a sleeper anymore. Or trade back some, and pick up another pick. I think he will go by early 3rd. or late 2nd.

      • peter

        Sorry folks I meant to reference that Dobbs and Boykin were the same(ish) player. Only one is a charitable, double major college guy and the other can’t get out of his own way…..huh…I wonder who Seattle should consider going with moving forward…

  60. Volume12

    If this trade rumor becomes fact… I might make some changes tommorow. Will post my final mock then. Anyways… (I’m sure most won’t like it) 😉

    1. Garrett Bolles, OL, Utah
    2. Ahkello Witherspoon, CB, Colorado
    3. Tim Williams, EDGE, ‘Bama
    *3. Carlos Watkins, DT, Clemson or Larry Ogunjobi, DT, Charlotte
    *3. Josh Reynolds, WR, Texas A&M
    4. CB or S
    6. Jerrod Evans, QB, VA-Tech
    7. JaVancy Jones, LB, Jackson St.


    Darrell Daniels, TE, UW (former LB, 13 STs tackles. Replaces Brandon Williams with tons of upside)
    Josh Tupuo, DT, Colorado (huge, 2 down space eater that replaces John Jenkins. Plays PO)
    Jeremiah Ledbetter, DL, Arkansas (hybrid inside/out pass rusher, athletic, long, JS loves this program)
    Tueni Lupeamanu, FB, Idaho (Tukuafu clone, goal line/short yardage specialist, Seattle ran the pro day)
    Dustin Stanton, OL, Oregon St. (Former TE, hits 2 of the 3 specs for TC, according to TC was one of the few O-lineman who could juggle while pass setting. Told him he’d take him here if available)
    S or CB


    • Volume12

      Don’t like how some have questioned Witherspoon’s love for the game. Jimmy was a Bball player as was Fant, RW a baseball player. BTW, Witherspoon was a Ball player too. Didn’t start playing football until his JR or SR year of HS.

      Wanna question his run support? Fine. If he don’t fix it he’ll be outta the league anyways. Its a huge motivational tool for PC.

      Seattle always rolls the dice in round 2 anyways. Yes, Reed was too. He’s a hot head.

      • Sea Mode

        I don’t question his love for the game, I question his love for contact. I wish I could remember where they said this directly in the past couple years that they always look for guys who love contact, pretty much as a must. Was it the town hall meeting 2 years ago maybe?

      • Ishmael

        Don’t think anyone is questioning his love for the game. My personal experience with contact sports is that you can’t teach a ‘want’ of physical contact. Tackling is 90% mental. If you’re willing to put your body on the line, you can learn better technique. If you’re not, then it doesn’t matter how technically sound you are in theory – you become a liability.

        He’s a brilliant cover corner, does he have that dog in him though?

        • peter

          My one fear going forward with Witherspoon is that he ends up like Kelly Jennings. Who was actually a super, super sticky corner but never could get his head around for the INT and was poor at tackling. He was a back breaker to watch because before I knew two things about football I would watch him and think “holy smokes, he’s right there!” only to have him do nothing positive on the play.

          His skills are great but he does have an extremely high amount of passes defended to a very low INT number.

          I’ve grown back to liking him as I did with Zach Cunningham (btw) but I still have a few reservations.

      • Trevor

        I think Witherspoon is the 2nd most talented CB in this draft class after Kevin King and if we can get him in the 2nd round I would be all for it.

    • Sea Mode

      I like most of it.

      If you think Tim Williams has a real shot of dropping to 90, that would allow me to do something amazing in my mock. Is he worse than Randy Gregory?

      Will check out JaVancy Jones. Definitely didn’t feel even 50% sure when I put Elijah Lee in my mock yesterday, although I do like him.

      I think the LB we draft will have to be able to play ILB. We already signed numerous OLB. A name that keeps popping off the list for me at LB is Ben Gedeon. A 4.13 SS at 244lbs? That scout’s comment on the toughness you know you are getting in the Michigan guys. Seattle scouting Michigan so much. Signal caller in the middle of the Michigan defense. A standout at the Senior Bowl with nine tackles (three for loss) and a forced fumble. That all screams Seahawks to me.

      Evans’ tape and potential look a lot better to me than Trevor Knight for sure, and the extra size is nice. What do you think of Joshua Dobbs?

    • peter

      I think it’s pretty solid. I’m starting to think with the calm in the waters of Sherman and Shead/Lane/et al., that Seattle may not select an Outside CB until way late.

      Witherspoon is to me the cut off player, beyond him there’s players playing Outside that I don’t think are nay better coming in then what Seattle already has. Rasul Douglas seems aggressive but would need a year, Brian Allen big project.

    • C-Dog

      If this draft ended this way, I would go cartwheels.

    • Trevor

      I would love that Mock Vol!

      Addresses our two biggest needs early OT and outside CB with two guys who have extremely high talent levels and upside then a flier on Williams who could be boom or bust and well worth the 3rd round pick.

      I would try and get Reynolds in the 4th and use the last 3rd round pick on Sidney Jones if he is still on the board.

  61. Old but Slow

    Because I have an objection against athletes with abuse issues, or more plainly, anyone with abuse issues, I avoided looking at film on Mixon. Not gonna take him, so no interest.

    Curious, I looked at his tape. Yowza. This kid could be a force. Now I have a dilemma, sensibility or practicality?

    The team is not pure in this area, as Tom Cable has a record, and Clark is a clear example, so there could be room for this guy.

    Yikes. I am a retired mental health counselor and have worked with abusers, and have little sympathy, but we are not talking about hiring a baby sitter. We are in a sense hiring an assassin. A killer player.

    Mixon is a force. Deal with it.

    • Jujus

      I know we will get reprimanded and the hawks wont take him. But you are right 100% he should be the 1.b Rb in this draft period end of story.

      For me the Incident is a flag but the video itself shows me details, and combined with the joint statement released recently its very clear that both parties are taking responsibility for the incident – Which in this specific scenario is important to me.

      Violence is wrong in all forms, and we need to work to prevent it all costs, but are we doing a disservice to our female counterparts by letting them escape responsibility for their actions? In a similar thought how should people like Brian Banks accuser be treated? She ruined his life on a complete fabrication.

  62. Robert

    Nice breakdown on Malik McDowell:

  63. Victor

    The Big question about if they shoukd take Bolles depends on Fants development during the off season. With joeckel as 1 LT and Fant as a backup, learning for another year and possibly playing some snaps, i dont see the reason to pick bolles. Go instead for Asiata, moton or garcia in later round.

    Really dont like the trade rumour with falcons. A late 4th round, almost a fifth and risking loosing 1-2 great DB to Dallas and Steelers with their picks.

    this is the draft you go after the players you Really like. Dont trade down for more potential average players. Get the nickelback you want JSPC, no matter if it is Obi, awuzie or Lewis. If you like Wilson or another outside cb then trade up and get him in the 2nd round. Depth they have now they need to find the next 2-3 pro bowlers. Dont risk loosing out on potential HOF:s.

    I be happy IF they took a nickelback first and then a DT, LB, OL and a CB in no particular order. Maybe a TE if the draft falls in that way that it would be the best descision

    • peter

      The trade only makes sense if they then think the 4th round pick is then able to be used with their natural second to move up in the second round. Even then as I am typing it it seems foolish. Just pick where you are going to pick and if you need to move u burn on those third round comps you didn’t think you would get either way.

      Kind of worried about Fant sitting behind Joeckel. Joeckel has been a poor tackle thus far and I can’t see how Fant improves behind him besides taking practice reps which they aren’t really allowed that many of anyway.

      I’m a believer in Bolles but I’d almost rather see Fant stay tat LT. And go after Asiata or Moton in the third.

      • Ishmael

        From memory Joeckel is seen as a technically very good tackle. Picks up stunts and twists well, good feet, assignment sound, just doesn’t have the physical profile to deal with some of the absolute monster EDGE players in the league. He could end up being a very good teacher. I thought it was telling that Justin Britt’s play improved when Sweezy left, Britt said something along the lines of Sweezy had been a huge influence on his play – getting out there and just trying to smash people.

        • peter

          I’m actually for the proposal that Joeckel plays inside at LG. Glowinski really struggled as well until that Detroit game where they went ‘Power.’ Then ostensibly Fant would be playing with player that had more experience operating with his left side as opposed to his right side, and perhaps could help him with assignment correctness but Joeckel would get the benefit of having the much more athletic player further to his left to protect him from super athletic DE’s and work with Britt on stunts and such.

          • Victor

            Sounds good

      • D-OZ

        I totally agree!!!

    • Overtime

      I completely agree. Bolles and Fant are almost identical. Bolles’ weakness is pass blocking, the same as Fant. I don’t see how he helps at all. Bolles needs a year in the Seahawk weight room and time with the coaches to improve his technique. That is going to take a year. Only if the coaches think Fant is not going to start this year would there be a need for a first round tackle. None of the O Linemen this year are going to a Pro Bowl any time soon. A third round tackle like Roderick Johnson would be a better use of draft capital.

      • vrtkolman

        Identical? Woah now. Bolles’ technique is in another world from Fant, who frankly may never be an NFL caliber lineman and it shouldn’t be a surprise. He was an UDFA who never played the position in college after all.

        Bolles was arguably the best tackle in college this year and could be a top 15 pick.

        • Overtime

          If he is a top 15 pick why is he apparently available at 31? None of the linemen in this draft belong on on any board. They are just the best of a bad group and like the QB’s teams are desperate. There is much better talent at other positions.

          • vrtkolman

            I agree with you regarding most of the lineman, but not Bolles. The athleticism, and watching him run block it’s hard to see his frame holding him back that much.

        • Trevor

          Agree completely VRTK

  64. RWIII

    I have some questions. First why would the Seahawks tell Tony Pauline what they are planning to do.? Second. Last year Seattle received a third round pick from Denver. Atlanta is only offering a 4th round pick. Maybe it’s true. But this is the time of the draft when teams send up smoke signals. Also what happens if John Schneider is on the clock and someone makes a better offer?

    • Sea Mode

      Haha, posted at the same time along the same lines right below you, RWIII!

  65. Sea Mode

    Totally agree we should get more value from Atlanta in that trade. Makes me suspect the leak is on purpose (especially given it comes with names and all) to let the teams at the top of R2 know that a R3 will get it done, like last year.

  66. RWIII

    Guys. Just heard NOW. There is a deal between Seattle and Oakland. Marshawn Lynch is going to be a Raider.

  67. Sea Mode

    Lynch just traded.


    From me & @MikeGarafolo: #Raiders & #Seahawks reached agreement on trade for Marshawn Lynch. Contingent on physical

    5:21 AM – 26 Apr 2017

    The draft compensation will be a swap of late-round picks in 2018.

    • Sea Mode

      The Raiders and Lynch have, in recent days, agreed to terms on a contract for the 2017 season. After weeks of negotiation, Oakland agreed to pay Lynch $3 million base, with a chance to make $2 million more if he gains 1,000 yards.

      The max value of the contract is $8.5 million.

  68. RWIII

    There will be incentives for Marshawn Lynch. I think it is a GOOD deal for both Lynch and the Raiders. Oakland came out smelling like a rose. Essentially they are only paying Lynch 3mil. However if Lynch has a good season it will benefit both Oakland and Lynch. Seattle on the other hand gives him away. A trade of late round picks in 2018. I know John Schneider said he would not stand in the way of a Marshawn Lynch deal.

    Go Hawks!

    • Cysco

      This was one of those cases of the Hawks doing right by a player. The way the Hawks have handled Lynch’s retirement/unretirement/trade should show all players what type of organization they are.

      • Drew

        Plus the Hawks didn’t hold much leverage in the deal, so moving up one round in 2018 is just fine. If the Raiders wanted to, they could have forced it so Seattle would of hate to just release Marshawn so they wouldn’t have to eat the cap hit if he unretires, at least this way, with the good relationship JS has with Reggie McKenzie, we get something out of it.

        You never know that pick could turn into a SuperBowl MVP in a couple years.

    • vrtkolman

      Not sure how Seattle can come out a loser in this at all. They literally got something for nothing. Lynch was retired and was never going to play in Seattle again.

      • Sea Mode

        If Lynch beats us in the SB, then we “lose”.

        But it’s not like JS had much of a choice anyway, and he made something out of nothing.

        • vrtkolman

          If it means we make it to the Superbowl, I’ll take those chances!

  69. BV Eburg

    Time to throw a draft wildcard out there based on JS comments a couple days ago when talking about Sherman, “The only reasons we would do it is to create some cap room and trying to become a younger football team. But that’s just one option,” he said.
    It’s the last sentence that has me intrigued. 2 months ago I brought up the possibility of trading Sherman (before it was a thing) or KJ. I was ridiculed then but based on JS comments above still think it’s a possibility.
    So bold prediction is someone will be traded with a high cap number. And if it is KJ we will draft Watt. Upgrade athletically while getting younger with more cap room.
    Any other high cap trades with someone similar to draft????
    Enjoy the site evrybody.

    • Ed

      I talked about it as an option prior to last year and people thought I was crazy. Other players and why it wouldn’t happen:

      Thomas – he is the heart and soul and coming off injury
      Bennett – just signed his deal
      Avril – best rusher with 2 years left, but aging
      Wagner – best mlb in the league
      Baldwin – just signed his deal
      Wilson – is the Hawks

      You won’t get much for Kam and Jimmy, since they are on final year of deal. I think they play it out and resign close to the end of the year, or let leave and get the comp

  70. MontanaMike

    Don’t we shed $$ if we trade him?

    • Drew

      Yes, but only when he officially “unretires” would we have taken a cap hit from him which his cap hit wasn’t even included in our cap space that we have right now so no change to what we have available.

  71. nichansen01

    Next to no compensation for Lynch

    • Drew

      It was either that or releasing him and getting nothing back at all.

  72. Ishmael

    On the Wonderlic handwringing again, because I find it pretty miserable. The way the scores get leaked every year is one of my least favourite things about the NFL, and it’s not like there’s a lack of competition there.

    It holds barely any, if any at all, correlation with future success ( That report is linked in this article, which is well worth a read:

    Here’s another fun one:
    “Hoffman co-authored a 2009 study with Brian D. Lyons in collaboration with California State University (Fresno) and Towson University. The Lyons Study was presented at the 20th and 21st annual Meetings of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. This 43-page study of 762 NFL players over three draft classes comes to two distinct conclusions:

    1) NFL performance on the football field was only found to have a statistically significant correlation with Wonderlic scores among two positions: Tight end and defensive back. Correlations were statistically negligible across all other positions. (Yes, even QB.) In other words, with the exception of TEs and DBs, a player’s Wonderlic score (high or low) gave no predictable projection for their eventual productivity as an NFL player. It was worthless.

    2)Tight ends and defensive backs showed a negative correlation.

    You read that right. Among these two positions (one of which Claiborne plays) a bad score was a more promising indicator of future NFL production than a good one.”


    Players should flat out refuse to take the test. Lest we all forget that noted superstars Gabbert and Fitzpatrick have two of the top-10 scores ever. The NFL either need to stop using the test, or stop leaking the results. And fans need to stop using it as a stick to beat players with.

    • icb12

      I would be surprised if too many teams took the wonderlic seriously.

      It’s kind of like a degree. What your degree is is often not very important- what is important is the fact that you got one.

      I think players refusing to take the test would be viewed more negatively by teams than taking it and getting a bad score.

  73. SheHawk

    Bleacher Report hawks trade Lynch to raiders in return for Swap of late round 2018 picks???

    If their record is better than ours next year we’d move back?

    • MontanaMike

      Good point.

    • vrtkolman

      Probably like a 6th for a 7th, or something like that.

    • nichansen01

      Good point. Weird how little we got.

  74. Sea Mode

    #Seahawks Get:
    2018 5th-Rd Pick

    #Raiders Get:
    Marshawn Lynch
    2018 6th-Rd Pick

    • vrtkolman

      That is actually better than I thought. Cool.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        It’s a decent trade. But most importantly, it’s a done deal. Enough with the distractions and on to the Draft!

  75. Ishmael

    How did we get to a point where after an entire season of hysterics about the losers and basketball players being played at LT, they’re now seen as better than Garett Bolles? Are we watching the same tape?

    • vrtkolman

      The recent Bolles hate is baffling to me. Especially now that there is a small glimmer of hope that he COULD be available at 26. Dude could have a Jack Conklin impact as a rookie, but no he’s the same player as Fant… Insanity.

      • Sea Mode


        Amazing how people want more what they can’t have, then you tell them they can have it and some don’t want it any more.

        Either way, I think fans should be confident: if the Seahawks take him, it certainly means they think he is capable of picking up the scheme. So just evaluate the tape and leave the other part to them since we simply have no way to know.

        • Heliopause

          I’d be fine with Bolles and think drafting him would be like drafting two players. The current OL looks like this:
          LT — Joeckel, who was so good at the position that perennial contenders Jacksonville moved him to guard. Also recovering from a serious injury.
          LG — Open competition.
          C — Britt, solid.
          RG — Open competition.
          RT — Ifedi, promising but has never played the position at the NFL level.

          While this is an improvement over last year (what wouldn’t be) I don’t see how it could possibly inspire huge levels of confidence. Now draft Bolles:

          LT — Bolles, who can’t possibly not be an improvement over last year regardless of any learning curve.
          LG — Joeckel, who by all accounts played reasonably well at this position.
          C — Britt.
          RG — Open competition.
          RT — Ifedi.

          All of a sudden we have reason to get up in the morning, and Russell Wilson has a 50-50 chance of living to see his child grow up.

          • Trevor

            Agree completely.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Not sure it would go that way. Bolles might play RT.


            A right side of Bolles-Ifedi would be pretty imposing. Talk about bringing back the bully.

            • Heliopause

              Yeah, I thought about that possibility as well. Either way it’s an upgrade, though LT is a huge question mark in the latter scenario.

      • Trevor

        +1 He is the best prospect at our biggest area of need and is exactly the type of nasty SOB we need on our OL.

        To be honest I would love to get Assiata as well with one of the 3rd round picks and give our OL a huge upgrade in nastiness.

        With Bolles, Ifedi as our Tackles and Fant as a swing guy we should be set at OT for the next 5 years and that is a huge advantage in todays NFL.

        Then in 2018 JS can really focus on replacing an aging defensive core.

      • Ishmael

        It’s twilight zone stuff right? Everyone loved him when Rob first brought him to our attention, we all had a sulk when it looked like he’d be way out of range, and now he might be available again and he’s a worse prospect than Fant? Because he didn’t do well on a test?

      • Lord Snow

        It’s not “bolles hate.” It’s “I’d rather have A Jackson rather than Bolles.” “I’d rather have Kevin King than Bolles.” “I’d rather have Melifonwu than Bolles.”…

        • Sea Mode

          Ok, that’s fair. But they’ve been talking about the dearth of good, athletic OL now for years and have been forced to take on projects, DL converts, TE converts, etc. because of it.

          So my counter point to reflect on is that seeing how rare these guys are, and the crazy amounts the Tackles got paid in FA, IMO you just don’t pass on a franchise Tackle who falls into your lap, and who besides also has the gritty backstory and nasty on-field demeanor your team prioritizes.

          I also like those other guys, don’t get me wrong, I just think the value almost forces your hand in this case.

          • Lord Snow

            But I don’t think it’s a matter of hating him or thinking he’s garbage. Just where would you want to put your rare first round capital? I’m sure there’s a point (second round ) where everyone would get on board with a Bolles pick.

            Also, I suspect people are losing their faith in Cable’s ability to develop great olinemen. Some people want to go with what they have and see if it gels, they’re tired of the constant musical chairs there.

            People want to be jazzed and pumped and stoked this year. For some people Bolles is a “meh” pick or a “I don’t trust Cable to develop him like I don’t trust the M’s to develop a top baseball prospect” pick.

        • Ishmael

          There are multiple people now saying Bolles would be an awful pick, and suggesting that Fant is the better player/prospect.

    • LeoSharp

      At the stage Garett Bolles currently is, I really doubt he’ll make an immediate impact on the field year 1.

      Barriers to success:

      Hand usage
      Spread system
      Lacks core strength
      Lacks experience

      If the team see George Fant as the left tackle of the future and Germain Ifedi as the future right tackle. Adding Bolles doesn’t make sense, when looking at the move they have made in FA and last years draft.
      Next years OL class is currently projected to be significantly better than this years so there should be better value.

      • peter

        The negatives you listed are literally a list of Fant’s negatives only Bolles actually has more experience even at this point in his career.

        Also I think it’s a bit foolish to project for the following year. It’s impossible to say who stays, who gets injured, who has a downturn. This time last year, this year’s draft of RB’s was going to be something special with Royce Freeman, maybe Nick Chubb comes back to form, Dalvin cook was the man, Samaje Perrine was looking nice….And now it’s Fournette and,…

        Freeman stayed in school. Chubb still needs time and may never be back to full strength, Dalvin Cook isn’t explosive and is dropping like a rock, Perrine is nice and slow, solid…but still slow. And the rest of them is a motley crew of uninspiring athletes.

  76. SheHawk

    Ok so maybe we’d get their round 5 and give the a 6 next year… better than nothing and it’s good to be settled.o

    • Sea Mode

      See above. That’s exactly what we reportedly got.

  77. MontanaMike

    Did we get cap relief this year?

    • Sea Mode

      Nope, he was all off the books anyway.

      • MontanaMike

        Too bad>

    • Overtime

      There is no word on what happens to Marshawn’s bonus. But if Oakland picks it up there would be no adjustment in the cap until next year, I believe.

      • Sea Mode

        Right, but I think at this point it would just be Allen getting cash back ($2.5m), but wouldn’t affect the cap in any way.

        I could be wrong though, and I defer to those who know more about it.

        • Overtime

          I think it may be a cap adjustment in the following year.

  78. schuemansky

    My Seahawks mock:
    After Conley became undraftable, the Saints fear for their chances to get their CB draft target for R1 and trade 32 and 103 to the Seahawks for Richard Sherman.

    R1 26: Adoree Jackson
    R1 32: Obi Melinfonwu
    R2 26: Tyus Bowser
    R3 90: Pat Elflein
    R3 102: Grover Stewart
    R3103: trade back with the Eagles for R4 118 and R5 155
    R3 106: Brandon Wilson
    R4 118: George Kittle
    R5 155: Samson Ebukam
    R6 210: Brian Allen
    R7 226: Aviante Collins

    • Trevor

      Love Every pick except for Elfien whom I would replace with Assiata .

      Not sure we can pull off that trade or those players will be on the board when we pick, but if we got that selection of players I would be all for it.

    • Ed

      Like Jackson/Obi/Bowser/Wilson/Kittle. Would like to see other players in the other spots, but those 5 would make it a good draft in my opinion.

      • Jujus


    • Rik

      I like every pick. First time that I’ve said that about a mock draft this year. I think Elflein is a good pick, because I don’t think we will match what Britt can get as a free agent.

  79. Sea Mode

    Bob McGinn posted insider quotes on the DBs:

    • Mike

      ha ha Sea Mode..linked the same article two mins after you!!

      • Sea Mode

        Great…uh, fan scouts?… scout alike? 🙂

    • Ishmael

      Cheers, I like his stuff. Interesting snippet on Melifonwu ‘“Kind of a different guy,” the scout said. “Keeps to himself. Not very vocal. ‘

      That’ll be why the Seahawks keep meeting with him I reckon. Can he hang in the DB room?

      • Victor

        That’s My biggest fear about Obi. Does his personality and mentality fit with the rest of the LOB?

  80. Mike

    I apologize if this has been linked in here before..but I found this article to be an interesting summary/ranking of the db’s in the draft (by Bob McGinn..who covers GB for the Milwaukee paper)..interlaced with plenty of (anonymous) quotes from pro scouts. Left me thinking I would be happy waiting for the 3rd round for the Seahawks to pick their db’s.

  81. Trevor

    What if this season the Hawks go against the grain and give the offense the added pieces they need to be an elite unit then start really focusing 100% on rebuilding the aging defensive core.

    *Assuming the Falcons Trade but we get a 3rd like last years trade instead of a 4th which makes no sense.

    *We trade the 3rd from Falcons for 4th and 5th

    RD 1 #30 Garret Bolles
    Rd 2 #58 Zay Jones
    Rd#3 Tim Williams
    Rd#3 Comp Grover Stewart
    Rd#3 Comp Sidney Jones
    Rd#4 George Kittle
    Rd#5 Aviante Collins
    Rd#6 Shalomi Lunai or Tedric Thompson
    Rd#7 Javancy Jones or Samson Ekuban

    • vrtkolman

      That looks fine to me! Getting Williams and Jones after that huge offensive influx would be pretty awesome.

  82. Sea Mode

    Stats are stats:


    ECU’s Zay Jones saw 216 targets in 2016, 45 more than any other FBS receiver. He caught 158 of those, 21 more than the next-highest figure.

    1:31 PM – 21 Apr 2017

    See top-5 chart here:

  83. Sea Mode

    This sure would be nice:


    Latest I’m hearing…might see a run on QBs, but it’ll be late 1st not top 15. Chance only 1 QB in top 15. Then 3-4 go late 1st.

    6:00 PM – 25 Apr 2017

    I don’t buy it though, tbh. Either way, if there is a run on 3-4 QBs early, teams will all the more want to snag the last of the top 5 before they are off the board.

  84. Sea Mode

    lol, so true…


    Always a weird day for NFL scouts. Calling prospects, “Hey man, you’re the greatest but if we don’t pick you (we aren’t) love to have as FA”

    8:22 AM – 26 Apr 2017

  85. Sea Mode

    Pauline’s notes for today up:

    – Cook almost surely falls to R2.
    – Cards went to FL to visit Marcus Maye.
    – Davis Webb is Cleveland’s fallback option at the top of R2 if they don’t take Trubisky.
    – Steelers visit Jonathan Calvin.

  86. Sea Mode

    Texas A&M WR Josh Reynolds visited Steelers, Ravens per Aaron Wilson. Noooooooo! 😉

  87. Allen K.

    Just watched some tape on DeMarcus Walker from FSU..Wow. He looks like a demon possessed just like Frank Clark and Bennett when going after the QB. But more importantly he looks focused and engaged in the play no matter whats going on…hands up, tracking down RBs and WRs anywhere near his area. At 280lbs he still has room to grow on this frame. Has worked inside and outside.

    • Jujus

      I love him as a Bennett mirror.

  88. All I see is 12s

    Man, if the Seahawks do indeed draft Bolles, their o-line will likely start three first rounders a second rounder and a third or fourth rounder with plenty of quality inside as reserves. The Seahawks turning their biggest weakness into at least somewhat of a strength.

  89. nichansen01

    At the end of the day, I’ll be happy with the draft as long as we leave with Carlos Watkins and Tim Williams

  90. Sea Mode

    If Seattle wants a top pass rusher, Tim Williams could be their guy and a huge steal if he pans out. This article makes it seem like he’s left his issues in the past and matured as a father. I don’t think he makes it out of early R2. What do you guys think?

    I have seen reported quotes from several scouts who think he is a better pass rusher than Myles Garrett.

    • nichansen01

      I really like Williams. He looks really good on tape, consistently.

  91. Jujus

    Brock huard mock draft

    Hawks 2nd round pick: Kevin King

    Hawks 2nd round pick: DE Demarcus Walker, FSU

    Hawks 3rd Round pick: OG Isaac Asiata, Utah

    Hawks 3rd Round pick: CB Jourdan Lewis MICH

    Hawks 3rd Round pick: OLB Vince Biegel WISC

    • Mike

      I’d be ecstatic with that draft…

    • nichansen01

      He has the eagles picking twice in round one and put Conley in the top ten. I am confused.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Those are 5 good names. I still struggle with taking King due to the fact he might no play much his first year due to learning the Seahawks teqhnique.

        • Greg Haugsven

          The Eagles only selected once at 20. They traded back out of 14.

  92. Cysco

    A couple years ago I bought a Porsche 911 4S. It was at a Nissan dealership. The previous owner was a young doctor. He got married and had a kid on the way. He then found out that the kid was actually twins. He traded the 911 in for a Nissan Leaf. The dealer said the poor guy was so depressed, but he knew what he had to do.

    I think many people on here (myself included) would view a Garrett Bolles pick like the Nissan Leaf. I get it, it’s a quality pick at a position of need. You can’t fault the choice. But after multiple early OL picks and revolving door offensive lines, it’s just not sexy. Is it necessary and quality? Sure. But, it’d be nice to be able to get the Porsche. (Obi, Adoree, Watt, Etc.)

    • Sea Mode

      Working on getting both in my next mock!

    • STTBM

      A Nissan! Nissans (especially the Leaf) about as reliable as Triumphs, Fiats and Porsche’s…Had he traded it in on something fairly practical, I’d get it. This makes no sense lol!

      Bolles seems like a very solid pick. And if he’s as good as advertised, he IS a Porsche–just the Cayene S or the Panamera rather than a 911.

    • Lord Snow


    • Poko

      We need a guy like the Leaf.

  93. Sea Mode

    Davis Hsu reported Taywan Taylor as a VMAC visitor. Added to the list. We now have 20 known visitors! Only had 13 last year.

    Once again, I recommend clicking on the filter icon and selecting “Turn on filter view” so you can filter/sort by visit type, position, or whatever.

    Also, V12, you said yesterday that Casey DeAndrade was a visitor. I had him just as a workout. Can you confirm that?

  94. Greg Haugsven

    We talked about a scenario where we could go corner with our first 2 picks. How about if we didnt go corner with our first 2 picks. What would be the positions?


    Its an interesting view point.

    • Sea Mode




  95. Sea Mode

    Well, he did say he would let everyone know…

  96. Sea Mode


    Chad Kelly mention #Seahawks and #Chiefs among teams he felt he had a good vibe with. Met with Andy Reid for a while.

    6:04 AM – 26 Apr 2017

  97. Sea Mode

    Gareon Conley issues statement:

  98. Mr. Offseason

    “They might have a great desire to add a dynamic inside/out style rusher but if that player isn’t available, what are you going to do?”

    Why don’t they just create-a-player like in Madden and just make all the defensive line attributes 99?

    I should be a GM.

  99. Mr. Offseason

    Found this tidbit on Walter Football today, on Garrett Bolles:

    “In a weak tackle class, teams were hoping for clean reports on Ramczyk and Utah’s Garett Bolles, but that wasn’t the case. Bolles is healthy physically, but some teams are concerned with his mental health. They worry about how he will handle the stress of the NFL and if that will lead to Bolles having issues staying on the field or not playing well while on it. Other teams weren’t concerned and felt that Bolles was over his past issues, but that sentiment isn’t agreed upon across the league.”


  100. Reggie Regg

    What happened to the Jefferson kid we traded up to get last year? What do you guys see him doing this season?

    • JakeB

      He got hurt early. The team still sounds pretty optimistic about him. Think he’s going to be pretty crucial for DL depth, but we really haven’t seen enough to know

    • Drew

      He’ll make the roster, but he’ll have to earn some significant playing time. He showed potential in the pre-season last year that he could be a good DE/DT inside rusher.

    • Sea Mode

      Basically count his as a 4th round pick this year for us if you want.

  101. Coleslaw

    My final Seahawks 7 round mock:
    1. Obi Melifonwu S UConn
    2. Tim Williams OLB Alabama
    3. DeMarcus Walker DL FSU
    3. Isaac Asiata OG Utah
    4. Brian Allen CB Utah
    5. Eddie Jackson S Alabama
    6. Zane Gonzalez K ASU
    7. Jake Butt TE Michigan

    Priority UDFAs: Adam Bisnowaty, WRs, safeties, more OL and a running back if they can get one to push Pope and Collins.

    Getting Walker and Asiata where they are may be a little bit of a stretch, but I wouldn’t mind replacing it with Asiata first and Ogunjobi after. I’ll post my final first round mock draft tonight if anyone cares lol

    • Drew

      Give me Luani instead of Eddie Jackson

      • Coleslaw

        Ehh not for me, to each his own, though!

        • John_s

          I see Eddie as someone who can play FS like Earl. I think Luani is more SS.

          With the uncertainty of Earl give me Eddie. Plus he’s creates turnovers and returns kicks

    • Sea Mode

      Nice. A lot to like there.

    • Joshua Smith

      Pretty good. Addresses our second biggest need (behind pass protection) – pass rushing.

  102. Easthawk

    Marshawn to Raiders official. Their 5th rounder this year and our 6th next year to them.

  103. TCHawk

    Whatever became of Dan Feeney? I remember some glowing reviews on this blog early, he’s got good size, 4 years of experience at guard? Is there no mention because he sat a few games with a concussion? Why not him over Asiata in Rd 3?

    • nichansen01

      Fell off the map.

    • Sea Mode

      2.69 TEF became of him…

      • Joshua Smith

        He could still end being a solid pro. Be interesting the see the TEF scores for current NFL o-linemen. Of course you would expect athleteticism to correlate with success, but I bet good production in college (Dan Feeney) correlates more so.

  104. Sea Mode

    Start your engines…


    #SeahawksDraftClues are coming…………!!

    10:51 AM – 26 Apr 2017

  105. Hawkfaninmt

    Who are your “can’t leave the draft without” guys? I keep coming back to:

    Dalvin Tomlinson and Josh Robinson

    • Eburgz

      JoJo Mathis

    • Misfit74

      Brian Allen.

  106. Joshua Smith

    I dont really understand why there is such a big preference for Bolles over Ryan Ramzyck on this blog. Ramzyck ranked higher in PFF’s college tackle rankings. He has injury concerns yes, but I would say Bolles has potential character concerns. Maybe thats not fair to him, but hard to say if his past is squarely in his past or not. Having a “meanstreak” and playing through the wistle are the two most overrated characteristics for O-linemen. I’d rather have someone who can pass protect, not draw personal fouls that wipe out huge gains. Not saying Bolles cant pass protect, just saying Ramzyck could be just as good of a tackle as Bolles and will probably be better unless his career is marked by injuries.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s clear Bolles has moved on from those character concerns. He’s not 18 any more.

      Bolles has exceptional potential, rare potential I’d say, in pass pro. I’d recommend reading the two pieces linked in today’s mock draft for a breakdown.

  107. coach

    Great article on the db’s guys!

    So, after that, these are my can’t leave the draft without guys that I think will make major contributions in year 1!

    R1 – A. Jackson – nickel cb
    R2 – Tim Williams – DL
    Trade up in end of R2 to take Wilson CB Fla – outside cb
    R3 – Josh Reynolds WR Texas A & M

    I’m hoping we find a way to come out of the draft with these 4!


    Go Hawks!!

    • Largent80

      I might turn myself inside out with glee if that happens.

  108. Largent80

    Where are Pete’s draft clues?

  109. Mr. Offseason

    Josh Norris of NBCSports reporting that the Seahawks and Titans are in talks of a first round trade. Titans have the 18th pick.

    This would be right in front of the Broncos, who it seems have been linked to Garrett Bolles the most. I think the Seahawks are targeting an OL, whether that is Bolles, Lamp or God forbid Cam Robinson.

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