Interview: Tony Pauline speaks to Seahawks Draft Blog

Here it is, Tony Pauline (of the superb Draft speaking today about the Seahawks and the draft. This is a must-listen for all Seahawks fans. Enjoy.

I’ve listed some of the key points below the audio.

— Outside pass rush could be a sleeper pick at #26

— We could see a run on the D-line in the mid-first round

— Jonathan Allen is unlikely to drop out of the top-10

— Garett Bolles could fall into round two


  1. Sea Mode

    Zach Whitman finally updated Obi’s scores. Said he was waiting to confirm the 10yd split and SS times. Anyway:

    152.6 pSPARQ
    3.3 Sigma
    100.0 percentile in the NFL

    I know we were all expecting no less, but still, just sit back and do a double-take on those numbers.

    • Volume12

      Sokloi was the last 3 sigma wasn’t he?

      • Andrew

        I think Sokoli was the first and only 4 sigma.

        • Andrew

          Looked it up, you were right

        • Ishmael

          Only on the OL I’m pretty sure, not sure he’d make it as a DT.

    • Stephen H. Pitell

      What Tony says about him is true. He is a phenomenal athlete, but maybe only a very good college player. Who knows if he will even make it as a pro? I’d rather get someone like King, AJackson, or Awuzi instead, myself. Even Watt and maybe Bowser assuming we trade down.

      What Tony said about Bolles is maybe a concern, too. It’s not like the Hawks offensive line play is simple. Pass blocking protections would be the most complex, and someone with experience at LT playing LG like Luke Joeckel might help a lot.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        ESPN or had a nice piece about him and some of his backstory. Only a single Div 1 school gave him a scholarship offer… and it was because the HS coach and College coach were friends and he (HS coach) said they (college) should come check him out. They did and they did. If I were throwing the dice on a draft pick… and have a “need” at S/CB, I would take a swing with this guy.

        Now I can go back to being an armchair QB… 😉

      • Mexican Hawk

        I would still go Obi. Problem with him is he might take 2 to 3 years to become fullest extension of himself. That is why his value is more in the second round range. I love trading back, but two teams I would imagine want him in late first are the Cowboys and the Pats (if they pull off the trade with Saints for Butler).

        Matching up with the Gronk’s of the world (Howard, Engram and Njoku coming in behind him) is a vital task in today’s NFL. His upside to me merits a late first round pick.


        I’ve seen comments published — supposedly from other front office/coaching staffs — calling Tom Cable’s ZBS pretty rudimentary actually. I’m paraphrasing, but they called it really basic and a system best used to cover up for a lack of talent, which is I guess what is needed around here.

        • Ishmael

          I thought it was the offence in general that was described as rudimentary, the passing game in particular?

  2. southpaw360

    Bolles to round 2? Why because his age? Sorry I can’t listen to the audio at work. They block that.

    • Rob Staton

      Take a listen later today if you get a chance. Very interesting info.

      • Jujus

        cough cell phone + headphones dude.

        • Redhawk87


          • HI Hawk

            Cell phones are not allowed in many offices due to security restrictions on anything that can record, take pictures, etc. I feel you southpaw360.


        I’d say the Seahawks are exactly the team that would take a high-ceiling “premier left tackle” prospect who might need a year to develop. We are always talking around here about how they can’t typically pick these kind of impact players with their draft position, so they have to dig a little deeper to get the comparable talent. I highly doubt Seattle let’s Bolles fall into round 2.

        • Adog

          High ceiling developmental left tackle? We got one…George Fant. I believe they’ll sit tight with him and joeckel. Fant will win the starting in my view…and that’s that.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Mostly because he only has one year experience at tackle, and they thought it would take him awhile to learn the position at the pro level.

      • Mr. Offseason

        I can see it now. So many Seahawks fans are going to be complaining like crazy about Bolles if we take him. “He is just another Tom Cable prospect and he sucks!” Another Ifedi all over again.

  3. Jujus

    A single tear was shead when i discovered this interview was only 10 minutes – Love it though!

    • Sea Mode

      Seahawks fans “shead” tears, yes. 😉 lol

      • Kenny Sloth


  4. Sea Mode

    Great job on the interview, Rob. Thanks for making that happen and well done!

  5. Volume12

    Always coming up with new content Rob. Don’t know how you do it with the job you got, family (new member), and whatever else you do in ur spare time.

    Continue to blow me away my man.

    You’ve cultivated quite the community here to say the least.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man.

      Love this community.

      • RWIII

        Love this website.

        • Ty the Guy

          Hear Hear for Here!

  6. Nick

    Trade back to the second round. That’s what I’m hearing from all of this analysis. If they think they can get Obi in the early parts of Round 2 (or someone else), that makes the most sense.

    Great job Rob! Tony was excellent and he backs up a lot of what you’ve been saying so far.

    • Ty the Guy

      The consensus seems to be that there are very few “actual first round values” this year. That potentially picks #15-40 are not too far off in terms of their grading and perceived value. The Hawks have shown that they are interested in maximizing value in the draft. It is rare for us to reach (OBJECTION: Subjective.)

      If the “experts” are right then trading down is the logical move. The problem that I have and would be interested in y’all’s opinions on the matter: Are there only 10 or so legit 1st rounders? By my extra-amateur thought process the guys deserving a 1st round grade would be:
      M. Williams
      C. Davis

      I know I’m missing a few, but that’s close to 20 players. If you have a shot at one of them, you have to take that shot right? As opposed to trading back for an extra 3rd rounder?

      • HawkTalker #1

        Depends on who it is

        • Ty the Guy

          That’s what I’m getting at. Who would be someone in the “upper echelon” that you would take, let’s say if the Blog’s favorites (Obi, Reddick, King,etc.) and the obvious top 10 guys (Garret, Fournette, Hooker, Thomas, etc.) Which of my above list would do it for you? Or would that trade down be better.

          • HI Hawk

            Lets take Hooker, Bolles, King, and Melifonwu for a quick trip through the carwash of question marks.
            1. Hooker is a one year wonder coming off of injury. He is going to be drafted higher than Earl Thomas, Karl Joseph, Landon Collins and Ed Reed. He doesn’t have the tape, experience or expectation of any of those guys. He would not stack up to even Keanu Neal (who some called a reach in the 20s) from last year’s draft. He’s only bumped to the top due to being in this class.
            2. Bolles is a one year LT, he’s 25 years old, and there are questions about his ability to be ready immediately. He’s the best LT prospect in a weak OL class, that is known – but his only competition is a lazy RT/G prospect (Robinson) and a one year starter/transfer that lacks the athleticism for LT (Ramcyzk). He is athletic, but totally a crap shoot – definitely doesn’t warrant a 1st round grade (kind of like Ifedi didn’t – but due to need/availability of like players, the market dictates 1st round value).
            3. King wasn’t a 1st round pick until after his teammate was injured at his pro-day. The world knew he was 6’3″ and they knew he had long speed. I worry about his “meteoric rise”, since just a couple months ago (well after he played his last down of college football) he was a 2nd/3rd round pick with athletic/size upside. After testing, he did show elite agility and that helps bump him, but normally a guy doesn’t rise from 2/3 round to top-15 just because of underwear Olympic performances. I think some of his “rise” has been to fill in the gap after Jones’ injury – it’s easy to just replace one UW guy with the other.
            4. Melifonwu is built like Tarzan – but he got no love as a college football player for playing actual college football games. He could be the next Chancellor and then some for all we know. But I worry when a guy that is built to be better than everyone else (size, athleticism, attitude) doesn’t find a way to dominate his league. The Giants’ Landon Collins dominated the SEC at the Safety position and made huge impact plays in huge games. Then he tested and did well, but not Melifonwu well, he was faster, bigger, and smarter than his opponents – he showed it in football games routinely. He did it every game, why didn’t Melifonwu? He’s a project, a fun one – but still does he deserve a 1st round rating? Probably not in a draft with more talent.

            • HI Hawk

              Trubisky – just no. I can’t get past the name. Unless he looked like Luck, Vick, or Elway in college – I couldn’t draft a guy named Mitchell Trubisky. Blake Bortles, Blaine Gabbert, and now Mitchell Trubisky. He is destined to be awful – it is written. Oh yeah, and he’s a one year starter who didn’t show me much of anything. Watson is better in every way, Mahomes can put the team on his back, and even Kizer has the skills to thrive in an offense similar to what Seattle runs. Trubisky should never be graded as a first round talent.

  7. Volume12

    One thing I took away from this interview?

    Seattle loves them some polarizing prospects don’t they?

    • Ishmael

      Ahaha so true man. I think there are going to be some very unhappy boys and girls in Washington this weekend, PCJS are going to do their thang.

  8. Sea Mode

    Are blocking schemes really that complex for a Tackle? I understand for interior OL, but at tackle it would seem like you just take the edge rusher 1v1 or find work somewhere else if nobody comes.

    Secondly, and more specific to Bolles, I understand a good deal of ZBS was mixed in with the power scheme at Utah, similar to what we have been seeing last year in Seattle. Can anyone who has watched more tape comment on this?

    Lastly, what schemes do Denver, Miami, and NYG run and might it make them any less inclined to grab Bolles? (vs. Ramczyk, Robinson, Lamp)

    • Volume12

      Denver runs a ZBS. Or did under Kubiak. The Giants are a power/man, and I’m not sure on Miami.

      JS said S-T-R for a reason in terms of their O-lineman. Its incredibly complex and its the main reason why it takes Seattle’s rookies to take 2-3 years to grasp it. Utah is much more of a man/zone combo. Seattle is more wide zone. Your blocking an area not a guy. This is why Ifedi for example looked lost at times. He’s unsure of who to pick up. Hard to get a ‘hat on a hat’ if its not bang bang.

      • Heliopause

        “it takes Seattle’s rookies to take 2-3 years to grasp it”

        Which would immediately raise the question of why they allow their OL talent to wander away so readily. Logically, if your blocking scheme requires three years to learn, and if you don’t prioritize retaining OL talent, it’s impossible for your blocking scheme to ever realize its potential.

        • Coleslaw

          +over 9,000

        • RWIII

          I don’t think it takes a 2 to 3 years to learn the blocking scheme. If it did take 2 to 3 years to learn the scheme then Tom Cable and the Seahawks are just spinning their wheels. They are not accomplishin anything. Why bother?

          In the case of Ifedi not only did he have to learn a new blocking scheme. He had to learn a new position. So I can see why it would take him a year. But 2 to 3 years? No way.

          • Heliopause

            I don’t pretend to know what the exact learning curve of the ZBS is, but there are logical consequences to how you approach contractual issues depending on what the answer is.

            • HawkTalker #1


          • James

            Big Germain had to not only learn a new scheme, but he had to learn to play real football, instead of that loathsome spread where the OL retreats as fast as possible and the QB releases on the plant.

          • Volume12

            It takes these guys 2-3 years to reach their full potential. Yes it does.

            Because that’s what they do. Don’t expect Justin Britt back next year either.

        • Michael

          I’ve been singing this song for years too! Makes sense to me. I was pretty surprised when they let Sweezy get away right as he was coming into his own. I really just want some damn continuity for a couple years in a row.

  9. Volume12

    Based on Tony’s last mock, saying they’d love to add another pass rusher, PC’s affinity for ‘Bama guys, the fact these guys always seem to slide, rolling the dice on prospects with red flags, and just signing a guy who has had ‘issues,’ Tim Williams in round 2 to me sounds like a good bet.

    Even if its a trade up.

    • Rob Staton

      Or maybe a trade down and take him between 30-40?

      • Nick

        I think that makes the most sense. A trade back seems likely.

      • Volume12

        Could see that too.

      • nichansen01

        Trade down trade up for Obi and Williams?

        • Volume12

          Damn Tony Pauline has my mind buzzing and I already live in it too much as is. 😉

          I know PC is more the ‘clue’ guy, but I keep going back to what JS said today about Michigan, Michigan St, and Wisconsin as if he was perhaps breaking the 4th wall? Wink, wink.

          What if you do go Awuzie in round 1, and the the arm length/wingspan thing I’m unsure of, and grab a guy like S Montae Nicholson as a discount version of Obi?

          • Rob Staton

            John also said, ‘a forest of offensive linemen’ at one point.

            Maybe he was dropping big hints today!?!?

            • Volume12

              Ooohh. I like that. That’s very interesting. 😏

            • Volume12

              You think they go DT mid rounds, like 3rd, or double dip? One later on day 3 and a similar type as an UDFA?

              • Rob Staton

                It’s hard to say. They have needs there. Looked at a lot of UDFA guys. Hard to pinpoint options in R1-3.

            • Mishima

              I could live w/ Lamp in Round 1.

            • Stephen H. Pitell

              Are you talking about the 2018 draft, Rob? That maybe John has his eye on next years’ draft for his franchise LT? And if Fant works out, just put one of them at RT.

            • Hawkfaninmt

              Are you sure he didn’t say “it’s not like there is a forest of O-Lineman”… meaning there isn’t a lot to loke

              • 75franks

                that was the context

              • Rob Staton

                Yes that’s what was said. I wasn’t intending to infer he was talking directly about Forrest Lamp. It was just a jokey thing with V12 about JS dropping ‘clues’.

          • Nick

            So what do you mean Vol? Do you think he was throwing people off the scent there?

            • Volume12

              Meaning that perhaps their taking or targeting a prospect from one of those schools.

              But, your thought hadn’t dawned on me either.

            • Volume12

              I always think he means he loves BIG 10 and SEC football. PC is probably more PAC 12, ACC, the ‘other 5’ conferences.

              He also mentioned something about them needing to draft QBs.

              C-Dog had him in his mock, but VA-Tech’s Jerrod Evans is very, very intriguing. Rushed for like 800 yards, huge arm, athletic and great size.

              • C-Dog

                Yes, I keep going back to Evans and how it seems like Seattle would like to find a backup with some of RW’s skill set.

      • RWIII

        Trade down and take Jordan Willis.

        • drewdawg11

          Why? He is quickly becoming the most overrated “sleeper” in recent memory.

  10. FuzzyLOgic

    Very cool interview. Makes sense that Bolles might fall since nobody seems to talk about him very much outside of this community, plus being a 1 year starter and being older maybe we could fall back a few spots and still get him. I really don’t like the thought of taking Cam Robinson so I do hope he goes before us. There goes my hope of getting J. Allen(:

    • HawkTalker #1

      I felt that hope slip farther away as well . . .

    • GoodHawk

      I saw a poll recently where 9/16 NFL front office personnel named Bolles as the top lineman in this years draft. He is very much on the national radar. Only reason he would fall would be age I think. One year as a collegiate starter and already 25 y/o. If he was more pro ready I don’t think it would be as much of an issue. I still think he goes in round 1 though just because of the demand at the position and lack of talent across the board.

  11. BobbyK

    Just take TJ Watt and end up with one of the top 10 players from this draft when it’s reevaluated in 2027.

    • BRSeahawks

      I tend to follow this, but I think Kevin King and Quincy Wilson could easily be that guy too, imo.

  12. Sea Mode

    V12, you mentioned they scouted Clemson 3 times that we know of.

    If it’s not Tank, could it be Carlos Watkins? They did meet with him at Sr. Bowl and maybe they trust their sports science dept. to get him on the right plan and keep him fit. Pauline mentioned he already impressed in that regard at Pro Day.

    His production improved as his technique improved from Jr. (3.5 sacks) to Sr. year (10.5 sacks). So if that keeps improving…

    Plus run defender who has a good sense of how the play will unfold and how to get to the ball. Good bull rush and enough quickness to be effective when mixing in pass rush moves. Long arms.

    Had that adversity in the car crash and love the intensity that shows up on his highlights. Looks like a guy who can pump the whole team up.

    Should go right around 58 range according to a few projections, though some think he will go later in R3-R4 range due to concerns about conditioning and technique issues.

    • Volume12

      Very good possibility.

    • Misfit74

      Could be the TE J. Leggett

  13. Volume12

    This is interesting. Notice the 2nd to last sentence.

    • Nick

      Awuzie? Jackson?

      • Sea Mode

        In context at least, JS was referring to himself FWIW.

      • Volume12

        Id lean more towards Awuzie because of Tony. But, also the smaller corners we’ve seen them show more interest in the last couple years. Jourdan Lewis?

        • Volume12

          And he’s right. These corners have been picked apart down to the bone.

          • Sea Mode

            If we are hunting for clues already, Budda Baker came to mind when he was talking about over-analyzing the local prospects combined with the comment about being short.

    • Rob Staton

      What do you think?

      • Volume12

        I honestly don’t know. It almost seems like he’s saying that they need to stop going for guys with strictly 32″ arms.

        And if we look at who they’ve been attached too? It makes sense a little bit.

  14. Kenny Sloth



  15. Totem_Hawk

    Pauline sees the same thing I do with Obi, not very instinctive or gunna “stick his head in there guy.” Looks like a trade down or up…

    • Volume12

      How Tony feels about a prospect and PC/JS feel about the same guy could be night and day. That’s not to say they don’t have the same concerns or whatever else.

      • Totem_Hawk

        Very true. Interesting info about Bolles not doing well on the Wonderlick…that’s nit inspiring. I’d still go with Budda Baker..

        • Totem_Hawk

          Or TJ Watt

        • lil'stink

          I keep coming back to Budda more than any player in recent drafts other than Tyler Lockett. He doesn’t necessarily fill an immediate need like some other guys but he just makes plays. I could see BB playing single high and having ET3 roll down over the slot. Or vice versa.

          Budda, Bolles, Davis, King, or Bowser with our first pick.

          • Totem_Hawk

            I agree..with Earl contemplating retirement I don’t think he’ll be a Hawk after 2018 and we need to consider that.

            • lil'stink

              I actually think they open the bank vault to extend Earl. His retirement talk was just a knee jerk reaction.

          • HawkTalker #1

            I still like A. Jackson

            • Totem_Hawk

              He is a stud too!

            • Ishmael

              I love Jackson. Was interesting hearing Michael Lombardi talking about him, thinks he’s the second best CB in the draft – has all the stuff you can’t teach.

        • Del tre

          I would prefer Adoree to Baker, just faster, more dynamic, i think he is a better candidate to replace Earl.

          • RWIII

            Adoree Jackson , Budda Baker. They are BOTH good.

            • Largent80

              Jackson for me. What a play maker.

  16. Sea Mode

    Speaking of Tim Williams, look at what some scouts had to say about his pass rushing ability:

    One scout watched Williams but didn’t even bother writing a report because his organization has removed him from consideration.

    “He’s a red flag,” the evaluator said. “It’d be like writing on toilet paper. It doesn’t matter, and he’s probably a better pass rusher than Myles (Garrett).”

    When the Journal Sentinel asked 16 executives to name the best pass rusher in the draft regardless of position, 12 tabbed Garrett but Williams drew two votes, as did Thomas.

    “He’s probably the most dangerous guy in the draft in terms of not being able to trust him,” said one scout of Williams. “He’s exactly what we need, too.”

    Love that last line…

    • Sea Mode

      Oh, and since we’re talking DL, here’s the link to Bob McGinn’s quotes and info on the top DL:

      • Volume12

        Love that quote at the bottom from an AFC scout on Michigan.

    • Volume12

      Him and Frank Clark would probably be the best young set of pass rushers in the league.

      Most of the great pass rushers today are all kind of odd birds.

    • Volume12

      That’s also one reason why I think he’ll slip.

      Every single Seahawk pass rusher has had ‘red flags’ or been in trouble for something prior. Bennett (personality), Clemons, Marsh, Clark, Bruce, Dion Jordan. Not so much with Avril though.

      • Sea Mode

        But don’t you think he’s a liability vs. the run? Whereas Clark definitely isn’t.

        • Misfit74

          Pass rush specialist to start his career, I think.

          I love his pass rushing, but can’t help but want a more versatile player near 26. SAM/cover LB/Pass rusher like Reddick would be a dream.

        • Volume12

          Same thing was said about Bruce Irvin. Your not gonna find guys that are great against both without getting a blue chipper.

  17. Sea Mode

    Can you guys imagine if Pete’s first draft clue this year was Star Wars…

    • Volume12

      Its usually music videos or comedians.

      Ahh, I see what ya did there. 😉

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The Jedi must end

        • HawkTalker #1

          You can call me Rey . . . Or you can call me . . .

  18. Sea Mode

    5. JAKE BUTT, Michigan (6-5½, 249, no 40, 3-4): Most productive TE (138 catches for 1,646 and 11 TDs) in Wolverines’ history. “He’s everything you want,” said one scout. “Just not the most talented. Deceptive route runner but not the fastest or the quickest. He just knows how to uncover. In the run game he’s going to fight you, but he’s not overpowering. He’s a gamer. He can move the chains. Smart player. Great intangibles.” Blew out his right ACL in the Sugar Bowl after suffering the same injury to the same knee in early 2014. “He’s had it twice, which is scary,” another scout said. “He wasn’t a dynamic guy, anyway. Just kind of a system pass catcher-competitive blocker. He’s more ready than those other guys. He probably goes no later than the third round. People are going to be scared of that knee.” Started 37 of 49 games. Wonderlic was 32. Out of Pickerington, Ohio.

    R3 comp, coming right up… if he’s not too similar to Vannett I guess.

    • HawkTalker #1

      Seems similar

      • Greg Haugsven

        We could be targeting a bunch of Michigan players.

        • Mr. Offseason

          I really like the idea of taking JB (I don’t like saying his full name) in the third. With our first two picks, I think we’ll trade down/trade up and lose a third while picking up a fourth and a later round pick, and JB will be one of our 2 3rd rounders. Perfect fit for us, the next Zach Miller?

  19. Poko

    Great great job!thanks Rob.
    I am looking for a way to get Bolles in R2.

  20. sdcoug

    Cam Robinson, interesting…

    • BobbyK

      Imagine our heads if they go Robinson in the first and Jones in the second (two offensive guys). lol

      • HawkTalker #1

        Stop already . . . 😉

  21. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Wonderlick = That is the single most over rated-rated/analyzed test at the combine.

    Honestly, I just need a guy who can have a feel for the game, a nose for the ball and wrecks people when they hit them. It is not rocket science, it is friggin FOOTBALL. The only position where it could remotely be of concern is QB….. and the number of reps for each play in preparation, should cancel that concern out.

    • Totem_Hawk

      I’d value having intelligent players for a variety of reasons.

      • Ishmael

        It’s an outdated test that has virtually no predictive ability regarding success.

        • RealRhino2

          How do you know?

          • peter

            In 2009 a survey was given to 762 past and current NFL players and :

            “Similarly, a 2009 study by Brian D. Lyons, Brian J. Hoffman, and John W. Michel found that Wonderlic scores failed to positively and significantly predict future NFL performance for any position.”

            Most notably was Donovan Mcnaabb who had a score of 14, lowest of all the QB’s taken in the first round and by far had the most succesful and longest career of those 5.

            Not for nothing but if I were to guess and I am because I think this is more common than someone being a dumb ass is that Bolles has a learning or literacy based disability.

        • Michael

          To be fair, no single parameter all on its own has any real “predictive ability” unless you want to engage in some entertaining reductio ad absurdum – i.e. the 100% failure rate of lineman that weight less than 150 lbs. or the severe under-representation of Achondroplastic adults in the QB room.

          One thing I think we can conclude is that the ‘Hawks don’t seem to shy away from low Wonderlic scores as a rule.

          Tarvaris Jackson
          Eddie Lacy
          Marshawn Lynch
          Percy Harvin
          Christine Michael
          CJ Spiller
          Bobby Wagner
          Terrelle Pryor

          All of these guys scored less than the ‘average intelligence’ point of 20 on their respective tests.

          • Volume12

            Certain positions absolutely call for high scores. There’s always outliers of course.

    • Misfit74

      QBs, maybe a barometer of sorts, but that test it largely unnecessary.

  22. item_purchaser

    Thanks for doing this Rob. Will definitely check it out

  23. GeoffU

    Damn, how’d you pull this off! Nice work, Rob. Won’t be able to listen until tomorrow, but can’t wait.

  24. Ed

    How balls to the wall would the draft be if Hawks play it like a fiddle and trade back and get:

    2nd Obi
    2nd Bolles
    3rd Douglas
    3rd Luani

    • lil'stink

      I think there will be better DB’s available in round 3.



      • Mr. Offseason

        I wouldn’t complain. Although I would take Mr. Butt in the spot of Luani and with a trade down would get a fourth and try to get Luani with that pick.

  25. AndrewP

    Rob – Curious where you lump Shalom Luani? Pure SS, Or can he fit the Buffalo Nickel type?

    • Rob Staton

      I think SS or big nickel. Maybe even FS.

      • AndrewP

        Gracias. As a Coug, I am am obviously biased, but I agree, and think he could line up basically anywhere in the back 7 on a given play and not be helpless. A definite ‘consolation’ prize should the top targets not be there.

  26. Misfit74

    I’m curious if Peppers was going top 25 before if he is still after the failed combine drug test. That could affect our chances at one of our preferred DBs. Someone might go ahead of us in his stead.

    • HawkTalker #1

      Yep. I’d also prefer peppers to go higher and push others down to us.

    • Lord Snow

      The “failed combine drug test” – the NFL needs to do this differently. Peppers’ reasons are totally plausible. As a mtn climber who constantly trains, I have cramping issues myself, esp as I’m in my 50s. It’s a constant problem. One of the ways I deal with it is to pound massive water.

      I doubt he was sitting on the plane thinking of how water would hurt his combine drug test.

      I hope seattle wouldn’t hold this against him. I’d love him at 26.

      • Mr. Offseason

        The more I think about it the more I think Peppers might be the pick. Played at a top school, super versatile, highly athletic, very confident, his tape and production are excellent, and Pete talked at length about how he liked him at the combine. He has fallen under the radar a bit, maybe to the Seahawks delight.

  27. Spencer Cahalan

    I was curious if you thought Daniel Brunskill could be a potential late round OL pick by the Seahawks (7th round). He converted from TE to OT at SDSU and is obviously undersized. But his measurables are close, except bench, which can be improved while training with the team. Just curious on your thoughts. Made PFF’s top 200 list.

  28. nichansen01

    Opinions on Bucky Hodges in the third? Physically, a Jimmy Graham clone.

    • Vista

      I wouldn’t be opposed to adding Hodges in the third. It’s been a while since I watched his tape so I don’t remember much from him.

    • RWIII

      Thumbs up to Bucky Hodges in the 3rd round.

  29. Ishmael

    Hmm if Bolles really is dropping, a trade down sounds very nice.

    Bolles, Tim Williams, then go ham on DBs.

    • Misfit74

      Bolles dropping would be a Godsend. LT: solved.

      • Ishmael

        Imagine the meltdown if Bolles is there and the Hawks pass on him…

        • Misfit74

          Depends on who we pass on him for, I’d assume we’d have a good plan. If we passed on him for a Center or Cam Robinson or some unknown reach then yeah, I’d probably melt down.

        • Misfit74

          I’d blush like a happy school girl if we passed on him for Corey Davis, though. 😉

      • All I see is 12s

        I still find it very hard to believe that was the absolute need for quality offense of lineman in the NFL today, that the quality guys will still be there by the Seahawks pick. Personally, I think Carolina likely takes bolles.

    • Bigten

      If all the other tackle starves teams pass on him, then something is wrong and we shouldn’t get him. It’s not like it’s a tackle strong draft where a good one might fall, it’s a terrible tackle draft. So if he falls, i really hope we continue to let him fall

      • peter

        come one man! Dude turned his life around, everyone around his life says nothing but great things about him. One of the few very good college coaches says he’s the complete package and Tony Pauline is projecting a fall into the second because of the wonderlic and you want him to keep falling?

        No offense to Tony Pauline but he says Seattle like the non athletic, low scoring wonderlic (a 16 which isn’t great either BTW) two times in trouble with the law (charges dropped but two arrests for different drug/gun possessions) Cam Robinson? If that’s true they must have LOVED James Carpenter for some reason because Cam Robinson is the Entitled, lazy version of Carpenter.

        • Bigten

          Come on yourself man! Story is great. Lots of great stories. Lots of great coaches have great things to say about their guys. Not against taking him. But am against taking him in the first. Wonderlic won’t be the only reason he falls. I’m not against taking him because of low score, though it would be a factor. If teams are going to be paying low end starters multi millions at the position, still have a need, and pass on him. I would bet it shouldn’t be stopped by us. Much better players will be available that can make a greater impact. Sure we have a need on the line. But Bolles isn’t going to make a greater difference than other positions will

          • peter

            But why do you hope he falls past us? If he’s a good solid left tackle that seattle hasn’t had for a full season in what feels like forever how is it changed by Seattle taking him in the first if they can’t take him in the late second?

  30. Awsi Dooger

    Good interview but it should have been a rambling 45 minutes. I like wandering questions and obscure references.

    I hope the Seahawks don’t end up with someone like Garett Bolles or Taco Charlton or Takk McKinley. That would be sickening. Seattle is supposed to be astute. They’re a second tier team for me but it bumped upward upon hiring Pete Carroll from my alma mater. Then the awesome defensive emphasis. Are they really going to choose between a nice but very simplistic guy in Takk McKinley or an established jerk in Garett Bolles? Hard to believe. Chad Kelly and Garett Bolles are the two guys in this crop who seemingly have a competition for volume idiocy. Guys like that can do it elsewhere, to supply a great quote from this blog.

    Taco Charlton just seems overly one dimensional and somewhat plain to be a Seahawk. Minus that bowl game he’d be rated where he should be.

    I’m glad the Bob McGinn material was linked today in the comments. Otherwise I had planned to mention those articles, which are annually among the best. Note that McGinn ranks Malik McDowell among the defensive ends and not the defensive tackles. I think that’s logical given McDowell’s height and interior sulking but McGinn is the only one I’ve seen to have him outside.

    As a Dolphins fan I wouldn’t mind Lamp and King going to Miami and Seattle. Either placement would be fine. BTW, lots of Dolphin fans list the Seahawks as a secondary rooting interest. It’s been that way on the message boards for several years, and only increased once it was obvious how sophisticated the Seattle bloggers were regarding the draft and personnel in general.

    • C-Dog

      I came across a scouting report by former NFL defensive end Stephen White that was actually pretty going on McDowell, and the thought he would be better served at end, or at the very least 3 tech. He thought Michigan St had him horribly out of position playing him at 1 tech as much as they did.

      It’s an interesting take that actually swayed me a bit towards thinking he could be Seattle’s first pick.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I have a hunch if he slides into the 45 range, he is Seattle’s target in the second round.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, I think that’s a definite possibility.

          • HawkTalker #1

            Yes, it is likely that could be a potential maybe.

  31. James

    Ya’ll don’t fall for John’s “woe is me, I don’t have a R4 and R5 pick.” In fact, he does have them, and he has the advantage of using them in late R3, before everyone else. And my guess is he would prefer two picks early to mid R2, rather than one late R2 and three late R3’s, to go with the R1 #26, and may trade to do so.

    • HawkTalker #1

      Trading for fewer picks has actually been the opposite of Seattles drafting MO.

      They have several needs. Trading away/up picks will likely be a luxury they determine they can’t afford.

  32. HawkFan907

    Who wants to throw together some pre-draft hot takes? I have a couple:

    1. Isaac Asiata will not make it out of the 2nd Round. Panthers will take him there, but Green Bay or Atlanta might take him before that.

    2. Caleb Brantley doesn’t get drafted after his latest off-field issue.

    3. Davis Webb gets drafted before Watson.

    • HawkTalker #1

      I like it. Hot takes, here are mine:

      1. Given the desperate nature of many QB teams in the league trying to become competitive/relevant, a surprising four QBs are selected in round 1.

      2. The recent “failed” drug tests and other criminal offensives discussed recently and in the last few months have little negative effect on dropping those players from previous targeted ranges as further evidenced by Mixon being drafted in the top 50.

      3. For the first time in NFL history, and as correctly predicted by a consensus of expert draft analysts, more than ten players were drafted in the top ten spots of this year’s draft. And they said it wasn’t possible.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      My hot take….. The Packers take an OL (OG) in the 1st round and a OLB in the second round.

      I’ve got one better on the QB…. the best QB in this class will be Kizer in 5 years.

      And the most ridiculous one would be the 49ers taking a QB at #2.

  33. coach

    Okay, now I’m confused about who to root for in the second round? Who would be better for us:

    Jones at WR or Tim Williams DL?

    Go Hawks!

    • coach

      Ok, I’m learning towards:

      1. King cb
      2. Jones Wr
      3. Lewis slot cb
      3. Asiata G
      3. Grover Stewart DL

      Would you be happy starting the draft with these 5?

      Go Hawks!

      • All I see is 12s

        With all the interesting him , I don’t think you be able to get stewart at the end of the third

        • All I see is 12s

          Error- interest in him

      • peter

        I’d take it as is nice one.

      • HawkTalker #1

        Yep, but bet that an interior pass rusher will be selected in the top 3’picks and the WR in pick 4 or later. Darn, should have added to my hot takes. Hot takes sounds too much like hot cakes, always makes me hungary. Ok checking my gps now for the nearest Waffle House or IHOP.

      • RWIII

        Profootball Focus just projected Jourdan Lewis as the first pick in round 2.

      • Trevor

        I would love those 5 guys Coach! That would be a great draft improving the skill and trenches. Not sure we can get them all where we pick but if we did I would be pumped!


        Yes, please.

    • Misfit74

      2nd round? Chris Godwin.

  34. Richard aka DesertSeahawk

    Rob Stanton, I know you’re crazy busy right now, but I decided to explore this one kid on Zach Whitman’s OLB chart. His name is Brady Sheldon;

    He caught my eye because he’s 6052 and 220, but what jumped out at me is his speed, he ran a 4.52 40! Draft Scout shows him as a OLB/DE/ST .

    Found some film on him on a Michigan site too,

    Maybe it’s the competition, but he does kinda jump out at ya.

    • Sea Mode

      Cool find. Definitely looks like a man amongst boys out there. That 4.24 SS and 4.52 10yd has every chance to draw Seattle’s interest in UDFA.

      • Jujus

        a 4.5 for a LB at 220 is alot easier vs 4.5 @ 250 lbs.

  35. Elliott Atk

    Unrelated to the podcast, but I was eating dinner in Pullman tonight (touring Wazzu) and Mike Leach just randomly walked in and started eating next to us. And he was talking to this guy in a suit about various cities with NFL teams like Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Not 100% positive was draft related, but I’m pretty sure it was. I so badly just wanted to hop in to there conversation haha.

  36. nichansen01

    Ok… I am at at a loss.

    I have been ignoring Carlos Watkins for this draft process. But the dude had 10.5 sacks as an interior lineman playing for the best team in college football. This guy seems like a legit interior rusher. How is this guy not a first rounder? I don’t get it. If the seahawks draft this guy in the second, I would call it the steal of the draft.

    • HawkTalker #1

      Projected R3-R4

      Some review info:

      WEAKNESSES: Despite five seasons of college football, Watkins is not yet the sum of his parts. He needs extensive mechanical refinement, playing too high and bending at the waist rather than the knees, leaving him off-balance and too often getting pushed off the ball. He struggles to counter the upper body movements of blockers, allowing his hands to wander, which opens his chest and helps single blockers tie him up. For all of his production sacking the quarterback, Watkins shows a limited pass rush repertoire, relying too much upon his feet and power to overwhelm blockers. He was asked to drop into coverage on occasional zone blitzes by Clemson but lacks ideal balance and agility, looking robotic in this role, even among defensive tackles.

      IN OUR VIEW: Watkins is not the consistently disruptive force that his statistics indicate but he shows enough quickness and power to play a variety of roles, projecting as a top 100 selection.

      • C-Dog

        I think he’s got some pretty decent clay to work with. Physically he has some pretty decent tools, playing a bit lower on a consistent level would help his game a lot. These are coachable things. He could be a good pick in R3.

    • RWIII

      Depending what JSPC do with their first round pick. Carlos Watkins could be a 2nd round target. I am liking what I am hearingteadig. about Carlo Watkins

  37. nichansen01

    This video gave me a little more hope concerning Dion Jordan, although it does address his weaknesses as well.

  38. Kyle

    Ive been a Jackson fan from the start. but have wavered on him for other possible picks in the first round. This I am squarely back on him now for our first pick. I don’t care who is available (reasonably) id pick adoree with no trade backs. He can be that buffalo/slot corner for us. Hell, try him outside. he has the athleticism to make those jumps to break up passes from taller receivers. He adds another dynamic to the return game, and is all heart. He doesn’t give up, the man competes. I feel like he would be excellent at slot/buffalo/outside cb/free safety. This dude has “IT” My choice if available round 1, I don’t think I can be swayed another way.

    • Volume12

      He could be the pick. I’m starting to think with what JS said today, Rob Rang, and Tony Pauline that Seattle might to that way at CB.


      • Volume12

        And was Witherspoon a 2016 Reggie Ragland? Meaning they brought him in, but went with Jarran Reed. Could that be the case this year with Awuzie?

        • Kyle

          Another night shifter volume 12! Ive been wanting to post but im on nights and nobody is up. Thats what im thinking, from listening to these guys and seeing how rob talks about adoree i was just intrigued. Dug real deep into his game tape and play and im just blown away. I honestly think he could be a probowl player year one. I think a lot of people are undervaluing him at outside corner due to size and Seattle’s penchant of previous cb ideals. This dude is a game changer wherever he plays. He is versatile which the seahawks love. He gives you probowl return skills, can play the slot/buffalo with ease with his speed and ability to play the ball, can line up on almost anyone outside with his vert making up for his lack of height/arm length, and is an insane free safety insurance for earl..I dont know of a player that can give you all that in one guy. Dont forget the offensive weapon he could be in gadget plays that DB loves to use. Id take him and then see whats available round 2, maybe a more traditional outside cb slips, maybe a pass rusher or wr they like is there or OL, and then they draft round 3 however they like, pick up brian allen for his measurable’s and see what you can mold him into.

          All i know is if adoree is there and they dont take him id be pretty bummed. Kevin King or Humphrey could lessen that but still, i take adoree

          • Volume12

            Post your heart out my man. We won’t care. I’m a night owl too. So I’m here always checking in if u want too talk some ball.

            Anyways, unless a an O-lineman falls, yes I’ve thought those reports about PC gushing over Can Robinson were true all along or Forrest Lamp, the for me the picks will be DB first than a pass rusher or vice versa.

            I’m all in on Tim Williams.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              “Tim Williams has the quickest first step off the line since Clowney.”! – Landon Collins on the @AdamSchefter podcast

              We can almost guarantee SEA will take at least one Bama player. Williams in early/mid R2 would be strong value, even with the red flags.

      • Sea Mode

        Adoree is another one of those guys that just keeps coming back to me waving “hi” every time I try to settle on a prospect for our R1 pick.

        • Volume12

          I get that. I’ve expressed my concerns over him, but every guy has them. Its about working around those.

          I hate good draft classes and picking at the end of round 1 for very selfish reasons when it comes to mocks. Other than that its great for the team and as a fan, but such a pain and second guessing every step of the way.

    • Misfit74

      He excites me from the standpoint that he should excel covering the Cooks, Edleman, S. Diggs’, Cobbs, and J. Landry’s of the world.

      Obi would be better vs. TEs and big slot types like Fitz, J. Matthews, etc

      I like that Jackson could break open the return game and put Lockett in line for more receiving work, and healthier being off of return duties.

      Obi looks like a great gunner and tone-setting tackler. Corner and Safety. LB size vs. the run.

      Interesting comparison…

      • Coleslaw

        I think this narrative that Obi can’t or would be less effective covering smaller receivers is wrong. He is Obi Melifonwu, he’s being talked about how he is because he’s a big guy who shows no difference athletically to the smaller guys. He’s just as fast, quick and agile, with an extra 4 inches. What all of a sudden makes him inferior in the slot when that’s what we’ve been labeling him as perfect for for months?

        • peter

          Overanalysis. Plain and Simple. There are players who are probably just as good for their own reasons as Obi, Adoree jackson, Awuzie but Seattle directly speaking to Obi 4 times I think has many of going in the opposite direction like 1-2 times is perfect, 3 times is a glitch, but 4 times now there’s something wrong.

          Personally I think Seattle loves the potential. And if no one steps up and drafts him Seattle takes him. There have been enough size/weight/athletic players in the last 5 drafts that Seattle hasn’t talked more than once or at all so it’s obviously something else. And in this busy season I think it would be hard to waste time talking to one player so many times unless something is really there.

  39. Volume12

    NH DB Casey DeAndre could be an UDFA target. VMAC visitor, has the speed and size to play FS, can play CB, and was his team punt & kick returner.

  40. Kyle

    Volume 12, what round do you think juju goes in? and curtis samuel?

    • Volume12

      Samuel? End of round 2.

      JuJu? 3rd.

      • Sea Mode

        Detroit GM came out the other day saying they are looking to get faster across the board.

        Adoree Jackson in R1 and Curtis Samuel in R2 would be a really good start and fit team needs.

        • Kyle

          Dont hurt me like that Sea Mode

          • Sea Mode

            Oops, read over the fact that they were your favorites. I’m at the point where I’m so confused that I don’t really have many favorites any more. It could go so many ways.

            Adoree and Samuel were kind of earlier draft crushes that I got over.

            If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think Adoree will even make it to Detroit’s pick anyway. My guess is someone between 15-19 snatches him up. Too much value to be had and elite, truly elite, athleticism like that doesn’t grow on trees.

            • Volume12

              Me too bro. Confused as possibly can be.

              • Old but Slow

                I can identify. I need a map to find the bathroom.

            • peter

              it’s a nice feeling to not have favorites. I’m not joking. The 2012 draft was brutal in the comments section with the QB’s and frankly everyone else.

              It seems like the board has finally figured out that none of us know. Plus there’s a metric ton of players that we all do know about if you’ve been paying attention this season instead of getting totally locked into one player and banging the table for him all draft season.

      • Kyle

        I would be in for samuel or juju in those ranges, if they think they can flush out the other positions with there other picks id be in for samuel. I dont know about jones, i like him and his size but i think pete loves explosive wr and so do i, juju not as explosive but later round and i think he is a bit shifty with good hands

        • Volume12

          Jones actually tested very well, but that’s because of his size. I understand where your coming from though.

          JuJu I’m kind of lukewarm on.

          Samuel I like as a Percy kind of weapon, but he’s almost more RB than WR.

          • Kyle

            On Samuel, dont you think that fits the mold of seattle though? Almost like another tate

            • Volume12

              With Tate and Percy I always felt like they were WRs in a RBs body. Samuel is more RB in a WRs body. He does have some very appealing qualities and an explosive skill set that I could see Seattle liking.

            • Misfit74

              Carlos Henderson is your guy if you want a shiny, new Golden Tate. Best YAC guy in the draft, massive number of missed tackles forced. Excellent player and might be had in round 3.

            • Sea Mode

              Hmmm, I don’t see much Tater in him at all, really, beyond that they both offer YAC ability, albeit in different ways. Tate was a guy you could just throw the ball up to and trust him to go up for the contested catch, whereas Samuel IMO is only good once he’s got the ball in his hands, and getting it there might be the problem since he’s not yet very developed as a route runner.

              I like Samuel’s toughness and willingness to run inside the tackles on occasion, vouched for by Urban Meyer as well, but I have a few concerns that pushed him down my board for Seattle:

              1. Reduntant to Prosise and would require a high draft pick to add to an already pretty full RB room.

              2. Injury concerns. As with many of the speedy guys, nagging injuries can slow them down and they have no other way to win.

              3. For all the comps to Percy, he doesn’t really offer return skills. Returned kicks in FR and SO years, but no TDs. We already have Lockett for jet sweeps and bubble screens, do we really need another guy for that?

              4. Personal interpretation of his pro day interview came across to me as if he sees himself as the savior of Ohio St. this past year. Sure, he was a star, but I don’t like that kind of attitude. No shoutouts to any teammates when specifically asked who might step up after him. Admittedly, probably a stretch and I’m reading too much into it, but it’s all I’ve got to go off of as far as getting to know the person a little bit.

          • Misfit74

            I like JuJu. Seems to be getting the shaft this draft season. Could turn out as an Allen Robinson or Eric Decker type if he maximizes his potential. A little risky, but might be a good draft value. Rather have him in round 3 than Zay in round 2.

            • peter

              I wonder if teams are finally down on USC WR’s? It feels like it’s a few years running now where they haven’t really been, as a whole, as good as advertised.

              • Jujus

                Appreciate all the love guys! Nice to have friends.

                • peter

                  Well played.

  41. Coleslaw

    Holy sh*t I want D’Onte to be a Seahawk. That is insane that he could keep that a secret and play the way he did. THAT is grit. I gotta feeling this kid is gonna be a star.

    Also, Ryan Anderson should be monitored! Willie McGinest brought him up as a sleeper/steal on NFL Total Access

  42. CharlieTheUnicorn

    How about trading a 2018 Seahawks 1st round pick for the 2017 2nd round pick (#33) of the Browns?

    (It is not as crazy as it sounds…. and when you look at it from a moneyball angle….)

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not a fan of trading future picks.

      You never know what that pick could be. If Russell Wilson got hurt it could be top-10. There won’t be anyone at #33 you ‘have to have’ either. It’s a good class in that range but not one where you start making highly aggressive moves like that.

      • Kyle

        I agree, there would have to be someone pretty amazing that fell through for that to ever cross my mind. And even then I would want to try to deal this years picks, if I had to have them and I couldn’t get there with my picks this year I would try to package this years picks with next years later picks. I wouldn’t get into the trading 1st and 2nd round future picks unless for some ridiculous reason fournette was there and we wrote on the 1st round pick card wrong for some other jabawokie.

      • Sea Mode

        Actually, given the mediocre review of certain ranges in the class, I’m starting to wonder if JS might decide to “pocket” one of the R3 picks for next year, trading with a team for a late R2 or early R3 pick in 2018.

        No comp picks coming next year, so it might be a good idea to stock up a bit some other way. Having multiple R2/R3 picks keeps our options open for trading up to get a guy as well.

    • cha

      Remember, that’s how the Hawks got Earl Thomas. Denver had to have this small CB in the 2nd round the prior year, and Ruskell snookered them into giving up their #1 in 2010. The CB they had to have was traded after one season.

  43. Sea Mode

    Wow, Vol12, now I see why you locked in Josh Reynolds. Add the awesome interview and crazy production vs. high-level competition to that tape, and you’ve got yourself a Seahawk. From one of the Hawks favorite schools to draft from, too.

    Smoothest operator I’ve seen this year. One of those guys that doesn’t test or look exceptionally fast, but closes that gap in a hurry and all the sudden the DBs find themselves playing catch up. Watch how hard the DB is trying at 9:32 and Reynolds is just gliding. And that’s no slouch, either, but 4.48 runner Joshua Holsey (another post coming on him soon, btw. Slot sleeper)

    Huge catch radius (2:10), and not afraid of using it and taking the hit. (4:56) Effortless, soft hands (7:16/everywhere), extended only at the last second so as not to give clues to the DB, as one commentator correctly notes in the highlights reel. (see 8:50)

    Some worry his lanky frame will struggle vs. press coverage. Well, PFF (whose stats I appreciate, rankings not so much) noted that Reynolds ranked third in the nation with 51.4 percent of his targets against press coverage resulting in either a first down or a touchdown. His PFF wide receiver ranking of 117.0 was fifth best in the nation against press coverage in 2016.

    The Hawks said they want to get back to running the ball and explosive plays on offense. He would fit right into that.

    Wow. Wow. Wow. If anyone hasn’t seen him yet, stop what you’re doing. Now. 😉

    2016 Highlights:

    P.S. Take a glance at QB Trevor Knight and RT Jermaine Eluemunor as well in these clips… this could be a very Aggie-heavy draft for Seattle with Daeshon Hall and Justin Evans in the mix, too. I would so be down with this draft below… seriously one of my favorites I have come up with as of yet.

    The Jets, having traded down from the #6 overall pick and acquired further capital for their re-build, and having a R3 comp as well, are ready to make their move up into late R1 to grab a QB.

    SEA sends: 26, 106 = 782 pts.
    NYJ sends: 39, 70, 150 = 781 pts.

    R2P39- S Justin Evans (helps put “boom” back in LOB. Can teach technique, not physicality/athleticism.)
    R2P58- EDGE Tim Williams (might not last, but hey, Frank Clark did. If not, maybe Tank does. BPA here.)
    R3P70- DE/DT Daeshon Hall (just what the doctor ordered on the DL: length, versatility, upside.)
    R3P90- WR Josh Reynolds (see above)
    R3P102- RG Jermaine Eluemunor (size, backstory, tough, nasty, wrestling background, wTEF, A&M.)
    R5P150- CB/KR/RB Brandon Wilson (depth behind Lockett and a weapon in all phases to develop.)
    R6P210- LB Elijah “Euclid” Lee (great angles on tackles, can play ILB/OLB, big hits, coverage upside.)
    R7P226- QB Trevor Knight (running threat and throws well off back foot like RW.) / or QB Jerod Evans

    CB Xavier Coleman
    TE Andy Avgi
    OL Dustin Stanton
    SS Yamen Sanders

    • sdcoug

      I’ve posted about Reynolds so many times. No one wanted to listen

      • sdcoug

        My favorite WR no one talks about: Josh Reynolds – Texas A&M

        Production: 2,778 yds in 3 years. Led SEC as senior with 1,039 yds. Tied conf. lead w 12 TDs
        Grit: put up 842-13td as a soph a a torn labrum in his shoulder
        Special Teams: downed 3 punts inside the 10 yd line
        Big play: as a senior, 11 0f 61 catches were more than 30yds
        Senior Bowl: 5-96-1 (Hawks like senior bowl performers)

        Reynolds: 6’3″, 195 Kearse 6’1″, 209
        Reynolds: 4.52 (40) Kearse 4.58 (40)
        Reynolds: 37″ (vert) Kearse: 34″ (vert)
        Reynolds: 10-4 (broad). Kearse: 9-11 (broad)

        “We’ve had some record-breaking dudes (Mike Evans), but Josh, talent-wise, might be the best. He might be the best I’ve ever coached.” – David Beaty ( former a&m assistant)

  44. Sea Mode

    AP to Saints a done deal.

    RB Adrian Peterson’s statement to @JosinaAnderson on the #Saints:

    “I am excited to be joining the New Orleans Saints. I’m really looking forward to this opportunity. Most importantly, I chose this team because it just felt right within my spirit. Additionally, my wife and family added their confirmation with the same feelings. On offense, it goes without saying that the Saints are really solid behind Drew Brees. I feel like my skill set can make them even more dominant as a unit. They have a great offensive line, which is something that stood out to me as well. I could tell from talking to head coach Sean Payton over the last two weeks that he did his due diligence in evaluating how I could contribute. I also did a lot of homework on the defense as well. While I know that injuries have played a role in performance, I also see areas of potential with a lot of younger guys having the ability to step up. Lastly, it goes without saying that the Saints have an amazing fan base and I look forward to making them proud and creating everlasting memories.”

    • Old but Slow

      A certainly great running back, who may make the HOF, but I would like to hit him with a stick.

    • RWIII

      Guys: Anyone have any thoughts on Quinton Jefferson? Last year John Schneider moved up to get him. Schneider traded 5th round picks and this years 4th round pick. Schneider must have seen something in Jefferson to spend that much draft capital. Any thoughts?

      • Drew

        He showed potential before he got hurt last year. Looking forward to him being part of the passing down rotation

        • HawkTalker #1

          I am hopeful he is one of our sleepers and have a break-out year 2017. We really never got to see what he has and the FO really wanted him.

  45. Trevor

    My bold prediction for the Seahawks 2017 Draft

    The Hawks will take at least 1 player from each of the following 5 schools.


    • C-Dog

      I would be down for this scenario;

      R1; CB Chidobe Awuzie, Colorado
      R2; DT Chris Wormley, Michigan
      R3: OG Isaac Aisata, Utah
      R3 FS Eddie Jackson, Alabama
      R6: TE Darren Daniels, Washington

      • Misfit74

        I can dig it

  46. Trevor

    My Dream 2017 Draft for the Hawks

    This would be my ideal Hawks draft not what I think will happen as I have a feeling JS plans to do some serious wheeling and dealing

    Rd #1 Adoree Jackson or Kevin King

    Rd#2 Zay Jones Or Chish Godwin

    Rd#3 Daeshon Hall or Tim Williams

    Rd#3 Comp Issac Assiata or Aviante Collins

    Rd#3 Comp George Kittle or Adam Shaheen

    Rd#6 Shalomi Lunani or Tedric Thompson

    Rd#7 Javancey Jones or Samson Ekuban

    UDFA Run Stuffer DT Rod Henderson or Stevie T

    • Misfit74

      Awesome sauce

  47. Trevor

    The more I watch Adoree Jackson the more I think he almost has to be the pick at 26 if he is on the board.

    I cannot think of a player in recent memory who screams Pete Carroll and the Seahawks more than Jackson. He seems to love the game and plays with a passion and swag that you know Pete would love. He is from Petes old stomping ground and reminds of the type of player Pete loved in his USC days.

    He is a game changing play maker in both special teams and taking the ball away on defense. He is versatile and could likely play both slot, outside and even Safety down the road if need be.

    If would be shocked if he is still on the board at 26 as I think he will have as big an impact as a rookie as any player in this draft. If he is however I think JS will sprint to get that pick in and Pete will be doing back flips in the war room.

    • D-OZ

      I agree..

    • Ishmael

      Yep. I just watched that clip someone (Kyle maybe?) posted above of his chase-down against Alabama. It’s absolutely everything you could possibly want to see. Down a billion points, RB breaks clean through and is headed all the way to the end zone. Jackson never quits, mows him down, and finishes with a very nice tackle. It’s the opposite of it a Malik McDowell-type effort.

      Reckon it’s worth listening to the GM Street podcast by The Ringer – Mike Lombardi says Jackson is his favourite player in the draft. They start talking about him at 7:30-ish. Reckons he’s like Desmond Trufant but better. Now Lombardi obviously didn’t have a great record as a GM, but it’s still worth a listen

    • Coleslaw

      I’m not saying Adoree Jackson is A$ap Rocky, but I’ve never seen them in the same room

  48. D-OZ

    Is Josh Renolds going to turn out to be the best WO in this class? He has a little Sydney Rice to his game. 🙂

    • C-Dog

      I’ve been mocking him to Seattle for a while know with that Sidney Rice type comp in my mind. I’m really torn between him and Taywan Taylor in R3.

  49. Ishmael

    Unrelated to Seahawks stuff, but can anyone explain to me how the Browns or Jags pass on Deshaun Watson? Even if you don’t want to take him in the top five or whatever, when you’re such a mess of a franchise how do you pass on a leader like that? He’ll change the culture of the franchise from day one.

    The Jags could take him, come back in the second and take a falling RB (Mixon/Cook.), and I’d back them in to make the playoffs immediately.

    • Ed

      Because they both have recently struck out on QB. Was Waston a winner in college, yes. Can he be a bust in the NFL, yes. Where as the top defenders or even LF are a lot closer to can’t miss

    • Overtime

      Cleveland is in love with Trubisky who is a Ohio boy that wants to play for the Browns.

      • Ishmael

        That’s fair I guess.

        But if I’m the Jags, who actually have a surprisingly complete roster, I’d be all over Watson. If he steps in and turns them around, they’re immediately a playoff contender. If he can’t displace Bortles, then that’ll mean Bortles is finally playing well in which case they’re probably a playoff contender anyway. I just think he’s more likely to put them over the top than any other player will.

  50. Ed

    This year, there are so many players and positions I could see the Hawks go, I don’t think I could be disappointed. (Obi/Jackson/Baker/Reddick/Davis/King/Engram/Davis/etc…). Would actually love a trade back to get another 3rd or 4th. Unless with the first 5 picks the Hawks select (QB/P/K), I think I will be happy with what JS does.

    • Overtime

      We went volume last year and still have a few guys that cannot get on to the field (Vannett, Jefferson, Odhiambo). I think we need to use the first five picks and go for quality this year. Fill with the best talent we can find and call it good. The extra players we would select are just going to get pouched off our practice squad.

      • Jujus

        Odhiambo was only limited due to the injury, he is in conversation to be our LT as of right now according to Pete.

        • 503Hawk

          Was just re-watching last years games. Odhiambo looked horrible in his limited snaps at LT

          • D-OZ

            Odi looked good. Except for one play, stepping on Russel’s foot. A lot of things could been at fault there. He was directly responsible for a goal-line TD. I forget who it was against, Detroit or Arizona. He was playing outside of Fant. A beauty of a block.

  51. Sea Mode

    Any love for Joshua Dobbs around here?

    Just watched him on Gruden’s QB Camp and liked the kid and the player:

    I mean, an actual rocket scientist at QB? Sweet! Winner, leader, confident, student of the game. All the intangibles are there. Not gonna find himself getting arrested or anything… (cough, cough)

    “My senior year, I was taking astronautics, propulsion, and an aerodynamics class, all on the same day,” he told SI. “At the same time as football season, when I was leading an SEC team. I think I can handle it.”

    Beyond the running threat, I liked most how he was willing to stand tall in the pocket and take the shots when that’s what was needed to win. And anyone who can beat that Florida defense has my full attention.

    The Hawks want to lean on the run game and explosive plays, he fits both:

    “He might be one of the better deep-ball passers in football based on his 47.7 percent completion rate and 14 touchdowns on passes of 21 yards or more,”’s Bucky Brooks wrote.

    PC is always repeating, “it’s how you finish, games are won in the 4th quarter.” Well, look at Dobbs in crunch time:

    – Dobbs led all of this year’s draft prospects in 2016 second half passer rating.

    – His fourth quarter rating ranked No. 1 among all FBS QBs with 50 or more such attempts.

    – In the second half against Florida, he led four straight quick TD drives within eight minutes of game clock to secure UT’s first win over the Gators since 2004.

    – His four second-half TDs in the win over Georgia included a Hail Mary at the buzzer, countering UGA’s own long bomb from seconds earlier.

    – Two late INTs hurt at Texas A&M, but it was a big overall second half by Dobbs and Kamara that turned a 28-7 third-quarter deficit into double overtime.

    – He had the fifth-best under-pressure rating in the country, per Pro Football Focus.

    We ideally want a backup that can play a similar style to Wilson, and he fits that.

    We prioritize taking care of the football. Though in 2016 he regressed to throwing a pick every 29.75 attempts, in 2015 he had one of the nation’s best ratios, averaging 68.8 attempts per INT. So he is certainly capable of it.

    Given we have 3 picks in R3, I think we can afford it and he could be a great investment behind Russell Wilson, giving us a quality backup to develop, and perhaps netting us a very high pick in a few years’ time via trade. JS mentioned in his press conference yesterday that he was surprised at not having drafted a QB other than RW, given his coming from the Ron Wolf/Ted Thompson scouting tree. He said it just hadn’t fallen that way for them.

    Maybe this is the year. Maybe Dobbs is the guy. Count me in, for one.

    • Jujus

      I really Like Dobbs, I was completely ignorant to him till I watched the Gruden QB camp, and became struck with love. the fact he is a great runner, a goofy nerd like russell, and a fairly accomplished SEC QB makes me really think he might be the perfect backup. I would trade up to get him in the 4 -5.

    • Overtime

      I would use a 3rd on him. We need three QB’s in the locker room. Boykins may be a little better at the moment but Dodds is more reliable and may have a brighter future.

      I don’t care who they pick in R6 or R7. I want us to maximize the first five picks with starters. I don’t think we need:

      – a TE, Vannett is waiting in the wings and with Willson and Graham on the roster, Vannett is going to be challenged to get snaps.
      – a RB. Rawls, Lacy, Prosise and Collins are more than enough. The rookies be better in year 2.
      – a WR. Kearse, will bounce back. Lockett will heal. We still have McEvoy, Kasen Williams, Kenny Lawler and more waiting to get on the field.
      The only offensive positions I would consider in the first five picks would be QB and OL. I am not sure the OL’s are going to be value at the spot they would be picked at. So, that leaves mostly defense. I would prioritize the picks as 3-Tech, FS, Edge, CB, LB, NT.

    • D-OZ

      I love Dobbs. There’s talk of him going in the mid to late 2nd round now. I suggested taking him with one of our 3rd rounder’s not long ago. So much for that. I suggested he is was the sleeper QB this year. There goes another.

    • Ishmael

      Yikes. Ugly, messy, story.

      • Trevor

        The prospect has not been named?

        • Ishmael

          Nope. And it’s a shameful bit of reporting, given the players attorney proven the station with a statement – so they’ll know who it is.

          It’s just a story that’s not going to end well. The attorney has come out and said ‘In my opinion this young lady is an opportunist and it’s actually despicable.’ If she’s made the whole thing up, then he’s spot on. But if she has been assaulted, then it’s an utterly dreadful thing to say.

    • Coleslaw

      It’s Gareon Conley.

    • HawkfaniMT

      Thoughts on this being another La’el Collins type draft story? Goes undrafted then signs as an FA once the dust has settled.

      If so, I would think teams learned their lesson on that and would spend the 7th this time around.

      • Drew

        So far no charges filed or arrest made

  52. Trevor

    Rob great interview with Tony Pauline. Thanks again for all the amazing original content when it comes to all things Seahawks Draft!

    I had given up completely on the idea of Bolles being available in between 15-20 much less at 26 but after listening to Tony Pauline it sounds like there is at least a chance he could be there depending on what the Broncos, Giants and Texans do.

    So my question is do you think there is a better than 50% chance Bolles will be on the board at 26 and would he be at the top of your Big Board for the Hawks if so?

  53. Trevor

    My Seahawks Rd #1 Big Board

    #1 Garrett Bolles – OT is our position of greatest need and he has both the talent and nasty attitude we need on our OL.

    #2 Hassan Reddick – Perfect LB to replace Bruce as a 3 down LB and pass rusher

    #3 Adoree Jackson- Just screams Seahawk. Special athlete who is a playmaker on defense and special teams. Will be the most impactful rookie in 2017 IMO.

    #4 Kevin King – The prototype Seahawks corner who could become the cornerstone of LOB 2.0

    #5 David Njoku- This guy is going to be a Beast and a freak athlete.

    I would put Rueben Foster on this list as he seems to be falling and was the best defensive player in CFB IMO but given that the Hawks really seem to want to run the 4-2-5 he might be considered redundant with Wags and KJ already on board.

    If we get any of these 5 on Day #1 I will be a happy camper.

  54. CHawk Talker Eric

    Great stuff Rob. One of your best interviews, regardless of length.

    Give the people what they want, but always leave them wanting more.

    Check and check.

  55. CHawk Talker Eric

    On Gareon Conley:

    1. I don’t see how his guilt or innocence can be determined in the next 48 hours.

    2. I don’t see how a team can draft him with that kind of cloud hanging over him.

    From a purely selfish perspective he was never my favorite CB prospect so his elimination bothers me only to the extent a team picking before SEA chooses one of the DB’s I do like instead of Conley.

    From a more wholistic perspective what the hell is going on with some of these prospects? Violence again women seems to. E approaching epidemic levels.

  56. Jason

    I know DeMarcus Walker has been MIA this draft season, but I still want the hawks to take a shot at him in round 3 if he is available.

  57. Ishmael

    TMZ have the report:

    ‘According to the report, the accuser says she met Conley in a hotel elevator around 3AM and brought her back to his hotel room. She claims Conley asked her to have a foursome with another friend of his and a woman. The accuser says she declined and offered to watch the other couple have sex in the hotel room bathroom instead.

    A short time later, the woman says Conley unbuttoned her pants and began to have sex with her. She claims she said, “No, stop, it hurts!” but he kept going until he finished. She says Conley then kicked her out of the hotel room.

    The woman called 911 and described her assailant as a “black male who wouldn’t take his sunglasses off and had an Ohio State tattoo on his left forearm.”

    The woman says she went to a local hospital where a rape kit was administered.

    An officer tried to speak with the accuser at the hospital but she refused to do an interview. Instead, she told the cop she wanted to go home and “that her dignity was stripped from her in a matter of minutes.” She refused to speak to cops after that.’

    Conley is out there retweeting Marshon Lattimore which doesn’t seem like a super idea. Awful situation all around. Someone out there is a terrible person.

    • Overtime

      I have never encountered a hotel bathroom with enough space for four. It must have been pretty crowded in there. In any event, the other two are witnesses for Conley and contending she was a willing participant. Since she entered the bathroom on her own, as well as the hotel room knowing the agenda was a foursome, I don’t think she has any legal case.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Unless I’m misreading, this is the worst comment I’ve ever read on any blog for any reason. Since when does your limited perspective on hotel bathroom sizes determine the veracity of an accusation of rape? And at what point does a person forfeit the right to say “stop” or “no”?

        In my book, never. A person ALWAYS has the right to change his/her mind. Even in the middle of consensual intercourse, a person has the right to change their mind and say “no”. Full stop.

        • Overtime

          I am just pointing out the obvious. He has two witnesses that no rape occurred. Her actions indicate she went along with it all willingly.

      • Ishmael

        What the f**k? Are you serious?

        • Rob Staton

          I want to remind everyone to be civil, avoid swearing and my advice would be to avoid getting into the fine details of a case like this for all of our sakes.

          Link to reports, discuss what is being said about Conley’s stock. Let’s not be amateur detectives and say things that can be problematic.

  58. nichansen01

    Gareon Conley – what a shit stain. I hope he never plays football again.

    • Coleslaw

      No arrests or charges have been filed. As of now this is just an accusation. So be surprised if it’s not true. Remember what just happened with Seattle’s Mayor? Lots of women do this. We wont know until after the draft and an innocent man could have his dream crushed. Remember La’el Collins?

      • nichansen01

        La’el Collins was a very different situation

    • Coleslaw

      Don’t be surprised*

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        There is almost no way the truth of this accusation will be determined conclusively in the next 48 hours. Unless the accuser retracts her accusation full stop, he’s going into the Draft with this issue hanging over his head.

        And there is no way a team will draft Conley with this unresolved.

        It’s possible that Conley is exonerated in the end, but not in time to change his draftability.

    • nichansen01

      After reading the details… sigh. Sad situation. Its going to be hard to prove or disprove anything.

    • KD

      Perhaps we should wait for the authorities to conclude their investigation

  59. Coleslaw

    I feel really bad for Conley. I’m not going to close the book on him until the police make a statement. How awful would it be to work so hard for so long and have someone come in at the last second and strip it away.

    • Ishmael

      Will you feel bad for him if it’s true though?

      Really think this is one we’ll have to wait on. It’s incredibly unfortunate it’s all come out today, especially since it was first reported two weeks ago.

      • Drew

        So it was first reported 2 weeks ago, but still no charges or arrest? Have there been any updates to the original report yet?

      • KD

        Cases like this are nearly impossible to prove legally because the only evidence available would be evidence of an otherwise legal act. My hunch is that the prosecutor will decline to file charges due to lack of evidence, unless there is evidence that the public is unaware of.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Especially if he’s the one who stripped it away.

      Shouldn’t we also feel bad for the alleged victim here?

  60. Sea Mode

    “I was told two interesting nuggets on the Baltimore Ravens last night: 1) if they hold onto the 16th selection, offensive tackle Cam Robinson enters the conversation as the pick and 2) if they trade down, the target is likely Takkarist McKinley, a favorite of Ozzie Newsome over the past six months.”

    • Sea Mode


      “A source with ties to the team tells me he feels the Green Bay Packers are gearing up to select T.J. Watt in Round 1.”

      That’s just for BobbyK… 😉

      • Mishima

        Rumor: GB taking Watt instead of trading for Cassius Marsh. 😉

    • Volume12

      Ozzie loves him some ‘Bama guys. Cam Robinson would make a ton of sense for them.

  61. vrtkolman

    If Seattle truly does value intelligence in their offensive linemen, I can’t imagine that Bolles’ wonderlic score is going to impress them. Who knows how much they value the wonderlic, and maybe they have a better sense based off interviews with him. Maybe it pushes down his grade though.

    The Conley news sucks for him, his alleged victim, and us… kinda. Not sure we were going to draft a corner in the first two rounds anyways, but Conley falling pushes other corners up. I think we take a corner in the 3rd and maybe one of the later rounds. I still love Witherspoon despite his run support deficiencies.

    My dream scenario would be Bolles/Pass rusher in the 1st and Tankersley/Tim Williams in the 2nd. The 3rd will end up falling nicely, whatever happens.

  62. Volume12

    Sea Mode, I got that LB we were looking for. JaVancy Jones. Love this dude. Watch his highlights, read his back story, and tell me this guy doesn’t sound like a Hawk.

  63. Volume12

    Here’s my big dilemma/question.

    If all the O-lineman that Seattle likes are off the board, do they take a DT in the mid rounds or an O-lineman? Which one later in the draft on day 3? Assuming they dont add another 3rd.

    • Rob Staton

      If they keep all of their picks, OL in R3 maybe.

      Could see them ignoring it altogether and going with UDFA types too.

  64. Volume12

    Here’s where I’m at. And I’m expecting a trade back somewhere. In return? A 5th.

    1. Obi Melifonwu or Adoree Jackson or Chidobe Awuzie (outside possibility of Forrest Lamp)
    2. Tim Williams
    3. Jourdan Lewis or Ahkello Witherspoon or Cordrea Tankersley
    *3. DT or OL
    *3. Josh Reynolds
    5. Brian Allen or Montae Nicholson or Shalom Luani
    6. OL or DT
    7. JaVancy Jones


    Trevor Knight or Eli Jenkins
    Darrell Daniels or Andy Avgi
    Tueni Lupeamanu (as a FB)
    Dustin Stanton
    Rod Henderson or Josh Tupuo or Stevie ‘T’
    A backup FS or DB

    • Volume12

      I really do believe that Seattle will draft their DBs just like they did with their RBs last year. Stagger them.

    • Volume12

      Actually, I’m adding Arkansas DL Jeremiah Ledbetter- 6’3, 280 lbs., into that UDFA group.

      • swisshawk

        I really like your haul but as bad as I want this to happen, I think that the options at 90 won’t be there. What are your thoughts on DT carlos watkins at 90?

        • swisshawk

          but if we could select between lewis, akhello and tank at 90, wow.

        • Volume12

          You could be right. Witherspoon I’m not so sure of.

          Lewis is falling. Bank on that.

          Tank? Late 2nd-early 3rd. I also think Seattle will move up in either the 2nd or 3rd. They’ve done it 4 years in a row IIRC.

          I think Watkins could be an option 💯%.

          • Volume12

            *2 years in a row, but traded up for Jesse Williams in the 5th and in 2014 they might have too.

            • swisshawk

              I think a move up on day 2 is almost for sure. The question that always pops up to me is where are they comfortable to drop down to gain some ammo? The first would be my choice, but then they probably miss out on awuzie and jackson (on obi I’m not so sure).

  65. swisshawk

    What are your thoughts on DE dawaune smoot (possible DE/DT???)? To me he looks pissed of and aggressiv, could be nice if going to be the bully again wasn’t a one year goal…

  66. Cysco

    It’s starting to look like the real value in the draft is going to be early on two. Friday morning could see the likes of:

    obi melifonwu
    Adore Jackson
    Kevin King
    Garett Bolles
    Tyus Bowser
    Tim Williams

    Still sitting there. Seems like the sweet spot would be to draft a couple times in the first half of the second round. Let’s hope there’s a QB left on the board at 26 so we can trade down.

    Personally, I want to walk away with Adore Jackson and Tim Williams as our first two picks then grab Adam Bisnowaty and Josh Reynolds in the 3rd

    • Ishmael

      Tim Williams is a really interesting one. He’s got red flags that are for realsies, but he’s right up there as the best true pass rusher in the class. If you could get him with a ‘safe’ prospect like Jackson, or Bolles, it’d be hard not to be incredibly excited.

    • Heliopause

      “It’s starting to look like the real value in the draft is going to be early on two.”

      How about trade down 26, then package 58 and one of the thirds for a move up. Voila, three picks between 33 and 50. And/or package Marshawn and a third for 56. No, I’m not trading Sherman.

      • Heliopause

        Oops, try that again. Two picks between 33 and 50, three between 33 & 52 if you swing some crazy deal with the Browns, then throw in 56 from the Raiders.

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