Could the Seahawks just settle on the best O-liner at #16?

As I was putting together the 2024 combine preview article (publishing tomorrow) a thought dawned on me as I was writing about the offensive tackle class. Could the Seahawks just be planning to take the best offensive lineman available at #16, or after a small trade down?

It’s been pretty clear over the last two drafts that the Seahawks have adjusted their approach. They haven’t chased needs, they’ve focused on high character players and they’ve stuck to their board. Neither of their first round selections a year ago — Devon Witherspoon and Jaxon Smith-Njigba — filled drastic needs. They took them because they were the best players available.

If they apply this approach to the 2024 draft, you have to say all signs point to an O-line pick with their top selection. That’s where the strength of the draft is. It’s a loaded class of tackles, with seven almost certain to go in the first round. A really good offensive tackle will be there at #16.

Furthermore, several of the top tackles are versatile enough to play other positions. Taliese Fuaga and JC Latham would both be fantastic guards. Troy Fautanu is often touted for a move inside.

With question marks about Abe Lucas’ knee issue, the Seahawks could add quality and depth to their line. If Lucas is back for training camp and ready to re-start his NFL career, he could move inside, or the rookie could play guard instead. Either way, you’d be injecting quality into the trenches, upgrading the talent on your O-line and you’d be tapping into the strength of the draft.

Under John Schneider, the Seahawks have basically launched every ‘new era’ with a splashy offensive line pick. The first selection under Schneider and Pete Carroll was Russell Okung. Their first pick after the Russell Wilson trade was Charles Cross. Granted, they’re not desperately seeking a left tackle this time. However, they might start the Mike Macdonald/Ryan Grubb era by again making a big investment on the offensive line.

Clearly if a player such as Chop Robinson lasts to #16, they have to consider taking him as a potential game-wrecking edge rusher. If that isn’t the case though, the chances are the best player available will be an offensive lineman. That could nudge teams in the 20’s, such as Green Bay, to trade up. Or the Seahawks could stick and pick themselves.

For years Schneider bemoaned the lack of quality offensive linemen coming into the league from college. Would he pass-up the opportunity to select one when there’s finally a uniquely rich class of tackles?

They’ll start coming off the board in the top-10 but a good one will last to #16. One of Taliese Fuaga, JC Latham, Tyler Guyton, Olumuyiwa Fashanu, Amarius Mims or Joe Alt will be there for the Seahawks.

They could also consider Troy Fautanu in that spot — not just because of the Washington connection either. He’s a brawler who plays with the kind of attitude Grubb said he wants from his offensive line. Stylistically he fits and he has the versatility to play numerous positions.

Even if the Seahawks opted to trade down a few spots, the likes of Graham Barton, Roger Rosengarten and Jordan Morgan could come into play. Perhaps even Kingsley Suamataia, who is expected to test very well at the combine.

I’m not convinced they’d take Jackson Powers-Johnson in the top-25. He’s a good player but that feels a bit rich after reflecting on his tape — but let’s see how he tests.

Going back to #16 though — the Seahawks are going to find themselves in a real sweet spot for tackles. Fuaga, Latham and Guyton are all excellent players. Fashanu has technical flaws but incredible upside. Alt is more polished but may have issues with his height and leverage. Mims is built like a Greek God. Fautanu has good size and wants to beat you up on every snap. We’re talking about a group of massive, highly athletic, physical linemen.

In terms of character, the only one who might not be an ideal fit is Guyton. Tony Pauline recently mentioned he will need to interview well with teams, with some concerns being raised within draft rooms. The only other issue to mention is Mims’ lack of playing time due to injury. In terms of potential, he might have the most upside of the tackle class. He hasn’t played a lot of football for Georgia, though.

With limited cap space and a lack of flexibility for free agency, the Seahawks might have little choice but to take advantage. Draft a tackle with the top pick, decide in camp whether Lucas or the rookie kicks inside, re-sign Evan Brown to compete with Olu Oluwatimi and start Anthony Bradford. You’d have two first round picks, a very talented third rounder and youthful promise at two other spots.

When Schneider sees a quarterback he really likes in a draft class, he’s going to go after them. If he doesn’t see one in this draft, or if he prefers to just let the draft come to him and see what’s there in round three, taking a tackle with the top pick feels extremely likely. He’s a Ron Wolf disciple at the end of the day. Wolf was a trenches GM. There’s some chatter that the Patriots might trade for Justin Fields, move off the #3 pick to go down a few spots and take a tackle themselves. Why? Eliot Wolf’s running their draft these days.

I appreciate things shift and change as the off-season goes on and a prediction today can look way off in a fortnight. However, would it really be that surprising if Schneider’s decided the two key moves to make are re-signing Leonard Williams to be the star on the D-line and drafting an offensive lineman with their top pick?

And if Williams doesn’t return, do they pivot to another defensive tackle in free agency and continue a plan like this?

Again, I’d hope that they’d remain open-minded about a player like Chop Robinson if he’s there. I also think having a 62-pick black hole between #16 and #78 is a problem, given the needs the team has and the day-two depth in this class.

That might be why, ultimately, they move down a bit and target Fautanu. It’s equally plausible to imagine, however, that someone like Fuaga, Latham, Guyton, Fashanu, Mims or Alt lasts to #16 and the Seahawks decide to pounce there and then. It’s just a shame they don’t have a couple of second round picks this year, given how well matched this draft is overall to Seattle’s needs.


  1. KennyBadger

    Thanks for the fire hose of content since the season ended Rob (and Cha)! I think the draft sets up well for a little trade back in the first.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve started to become wary that I am writing… too much. And people can’t keep up.

      If that happens… let me know 😂

      • Ian

        On the contrary, keep it coming…has there been any news on Abe Lucas’s progress in his rehab?

        • Rob Staton

          There has been the odd mention of positivity so fingers crossed

      • Sparky

        Nah man. Keep it up!

        Love the idea of going BPA, which increasingly seems likely to be a RT. Given Lucas’s knee, it makes sense. And Grubb even mentioned specifically the need for depth at the tackle spot.

        I also wonder – Cross has been decent/good, but has yet to really elevate. I’m hoping he takes the next step this year, but he may not. Could any of these tackles be a potential LT fit?

        • Seattle Person

          Kingsley Suamataia has the athleticism to be a future LT. He might be a target if the team wants to trade back a few times.

          • Rob Staton

            Wasn’t a huge fan of Suamataia’s tape FWIW

            • Seattle Person

              Agreed. Someone is going to love him in the 2nd or even 3rd.

            • Brodie

              He was an odd case. 5 star prospect (one of the highest rated UO ever signed) and went to Oregon under Cristobal (OL background). He couldn’t even crack the starting lineup and then transferred to BYU, where again – he didn’t look like the phenom people had expected him to be.

        • Rob Staton

          Yes — Amarius Mims in particular

          I had a second round grade on Cross and I hate to say it, he’s played exactly as I expected

          • Parallax

            How do you feel the Hawks have done overall in the last two drafts? Compared to your projections, including your sense of where they were right and wrong.

            • Rob Staton

              I thought they did very well taking players where I thought they deserved to go, or getting value and deserve high praise for their approach

              Sadly from all of the picks, though, I’m not sure they’ve uncovered anyone who will become an elite player. That’s really hard to do though

              • bmseattle

                That is a bitter pill to swallow, but I agree.
                We accumulated some good players, and potentially a couple of very good players… but elite?
                Doesn’t look that way.
                People will point to Witherspoon and argue he can be an elite player.
                He made some very good plays in his rookie year, for sure, but it’s a bit of wishful thinking to believe that he is certainly going to be an elite, impact player.
                Either way, we need more than an elite slot CB.

                • Picklematrix

                  I think under the right conditions Woolen, Walker, and Lucas could all be elite as well.

              • Parallax

                I see Witherspoon as one who could be elite. Initially, it looked like maybe Cross could be but he fell off a lot last year.

                • Rob Staton

                  I don’t think Cross has ever shown that. His rookie season was extremely meh

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        No such thing, Rob. I’m game to read everything, even if I come to a different conclusion occasionally. We’re very fortunate to have someone committed to covering aspects that Seattle media won’t. Thank you, very much.

        As to the topic at hand, I really think they need to move down to recoup a second or a very high additional third, at the very least. However, should they stay at 16, the only wrong move would be drafting solely for need. If they take BPA and he also addresses a need, that’s the best case scenario.

      • Palatypus

        Yeah, there was a lot of buzz about this offensive line class at the Senior Bowl. And Sweat. And Robinson.

        • Rob Staton

          Sweat’s positive 1v1 reps were a thing to behold

      • nfendall

        I’ll take whatever you’re willing to put out there, your articles are great reads!

        The only time I may not have not read every one was during the tail end of the coaching search and that’s on me, not you. I got tired of the speculation and was ready to know who it was going to be at the end.

        You are appreciated!

      • KennyBadger

        Rob, I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more SDB. Happy Sunday blog:

        • Parallax

          Gotta have me some SDB (cow bell not required).

      • Forrest

        💯 the opposite! We love the content and will gladly take as much as you’re willing to give us.

      • Palatypus

        Drinking from the firehose!

      • Mike

        Awesome stuff, thanks for your hard work !

        • First Time Caller

          I learned about your site from the Seattle Times comments section during the recent coaching search, and have been checking almost daily ever since. Thanks for putting out great content, I love reading it! The comments are great as well.

          • Rob Staton

            Thanks, appreciate you checking it out. And feel free to comment whenever you like!

          • Patrick Toler

            From someone who has been reading the site for a long time I can say unequivocally this is the most thoughtful, balanced Seahawks content that there is.

            Even during stretches where I disagree with Rob or the community’s overall sentiment (naturally there have been several over 15 years), I always stick around because Rob continually proves himself as such a thoughtful and reasonable analyst. And this has long been the best comment section of any sports site I am aware of.

      • Steve

        No way is it too much – I look forward to each article and the content.
        Thanks for all the great work!

      • Valerie

        Rob, when I open my iPhone in the morning the first thing I do is check your site. I have been delighted every morning that I see someone new from you to read. Your insights and commentary are a highlight of any day for this football-crazy gal. Thank you for your generous contributions so many days lately!

  2. Jackson

    Fuaga at 16 is one of my dream scenarios. If the Seahawks want to re-establish themselves as a team of the baddest MFers on the block, I couldn’t imagine a better way to go about doing so than by adding him to our OL. I just fear there’s no chance he makes it down to us, but a man can dream…

    • Palatypus

      PFF in their YouTube piece (@ 1:02) had a couple interesting scenarios for the Jets at #10. Most people have them taking a tackle here because Max Mitchell has been underwhelming. In one mock they had Fuagu and Fashanu off the board, so they went wide receiver, but in the other Odunze and Nabers were off the board, so they went tackle.

    • Happy Hawk

      100% agree

  3. Case


    I appreciate this direction because trenches. It seems we are close given the quality pieces we have and the talent throughout the first few rounds in that area.

    You have talked in the past about a drop into the 20s to pick up a second. I like that, but my worry is that a team like Green Bay and then Steelers in the late 10s further deplete the high-level stock. Fautanu is there after, a bit of a drop due to positional value. Do you see a risk of missing out on this upper echelon with the crop of impact tackles coming off before the mid-20s and just needing one team to take Fautanu? Or do you see enough upside after that that an additional pick would compensate?

    Thanks for your continued dedication to the craft.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s every chance you move into the 20’s and the OL available is weaker. However, I also think it might be more beneficial to pick multiple times on day two instead of just once at #16. That’s how good day two looks

  4. Case

    Also, your piece on draft coverage really shows both that you understand the current media environment at a deep level and that you have a seemingly endless well of content to stir up and dip into. Great piece that sits to the side of the main thrust of what you do, but also one that illustrates a lot of the animating forces surrounding it.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  5. Julian

    My prediction at this stage is that Seattle stick and pick at #16. I think if there’s a QB they really like they’d be prepared to throw next year’s 1st at it to Trade up, but there’s no indication who that might be pre Combine or how high next year’s 1st with this year’s 3rd might get them?

    I’m very certain they’ll still be a player they’ll be very high on at #16. Trading down into the mid 20s (for the elusive 2nd round pick) and run the risk of missing out on all the players they have a 1st round grade on, which might only be 20 players or less, would feel a bit LJ Collier. Remember the faces.

    • Rob Staton

      And I remember them trading down in round one in 2012 twice and also having one of the best drafts they ever had

      You repeat the same points a lot Julian but you never seem to acknowledge that this is a really good day two. You only consider the negatives of trading down

      • Julian

        I really like the points you make in your article. Most of my thoughts on the team, are disproportionately influenced by your articles, but on this draft, perhaps I’m missunderstanding the standing of the Seattle roster. For me overall the roster is pretty good, not great but it’s not coming from a long way back as a complete rebuild? Yes it’s annoying we gave up our 2nd round pick for a rental, though arguably if Leonard Williams re-signs, it’ll be because he has some familiarity of what’s happening after being here last year and being in touch through the coaching hire process.

        But on the roster standing overall, free agency will be key. If that goes well, I think we can afford to lose a 2nd round pick, more than we can afford to lose out on taking a top 20 player. If the roster looks short in lots of areas after Free Agency, I may well change my view on draft strategy.

        I am also excited we’ve got two earlyish 3rd round picks, we should be able to get a couple of decent players here.

  6. Troy

    I don’t think anyone here can be mad if the meat of the first round is oline and the hawks capitalize. At the risk of again the obvious, it makes the entire offense (and team better) when you have a great oline. Why? More time for passing, better run blocking lanes, and it helps the defense cause offense can get better time of possession.

    While I’m desperate for a QBOTF, you obviously just can’t magic that person into existence, so if our consolation prize is a stud oline man I’m 100% ok with that.

  7. Ben Fort Worth

    I’m definitely open to taking OL at 16. I think it’s the Top priority this offseason. But won’t be mad if Chop or Verse are the picks. Just take the BPA regardless of whether it’s Bowers or not, I want their highest ranked player on their Big board.

    • Roy Batty

      That’s where I’ve always been. Go BPA and keep building through quality, not quantity (as they had in previous years).

      My only nagging concern is that lack of a 2nd. Will it be bothering John so much that he feels the need to recoup it in a trade down. ?

      I thought about them only getting back another third, after trading down a few spots, then utilizing two of the three 3rds to move back up into the 2nd.

      Grab a coveted OL prospect in the first, then see who is available at the start of the 2nd day and pounce on a prized prospect.

  8. Trevor

    Another great writeup Rob the content has been awesome again this offseason.

    Ideal scenario for me would be a trade back into the 20s to pick up a 2nd / 3rd then take Fuaga, Fanautu or Latham. All three guys can play OT but would be Pro Bowl level gauards that play with an edge.

    If Bowers, Verse, Robinson, Odunze or a QB are the only guys I stick at 16 for.

    • nfendall

      If Fuaga lasts to 16, I would hope the Seahawks turn that card in immediately, but I would prefer a trade down to pick up an OL player along with an additional day 2 pick(s) as well.

  9. My name is Unio

    Trade-downs have been let-downs”. I’m a big fan for going Oline with our first pick. Such great prospects available for a change. It would be ironic if we passed after all these years. I really want to see us be Top 5 on one side of the ball, and we are closest to being there on offense. All it takes is a stud OT/OG, like what Detroit did with Penny Sewell. As stated, it makes every aspect of our team better – passing, rushing, time of possession, helps the defense. I am not in favor of trading back and letting the Rams, Miami, Jacksonville, etc get “our guy”. Too often in the past our “trade-downs have been let-downs”. Great content as usual. Thanks for taking a break from your Combine piece to provide more food for thought.

    • Julian


  10. samprassultanofswat

    “I’ve started to become wary that I am writing… too much. And people can’t keep up.

    If that happens… let me know 😂”

    Rob: Never get tired of your stories. I would say that I check out this blog at least 2-4 times per day.

  11. DougM

    Joe Alt is the only one I would consider at 16 and maybe others depending on testing.
    They have to have a SS less than 4.70 coupled with a 10 yard split under 1.70.
    Definite no to Troy Fautanu, 61.9 run grade. I can’t get that picture out of my head on a particular play where he was manhandled on knocked on his ass.

    • DougM

      10 yard split 1.75

  12. Mick

    I don’t comment too much, but I highly appreciate your articles, Rob, so, from my side, please don’t reduce their number.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Mick

  13. geoff u

    Unless they trade all the way out of the 1st, tackle is going to be a bit of a sweet spot for BPA. Could easily happen.

  14. Elmer

    Keeping up just fine. This has been a flood of really good information. I hope you don’t burn yourself out with the Combine coming up.

    I agree that the O line is a good place to focus. There are areas to address and quality depth is very valuable because injuries are a fact of life, it seems. Looking forward to see which prospects rise as a result of the Combine and I also anticipate your TEF scores.

  15. Seattle Person

    I’m actually very open to a lot of different things.

    OLine: For the obvious reasons. The strength in the first round. A lot of quality.

    DLine: Jer’Zhan Newton is very tempting. I like Byron Murphy a little less but he’s probably there.

    CB: Terrion Arnold, Quinyon Mitchell are two I will fully endorse. I know Rob has DeJean in the 2nd round but I actually like him in the first round. The idea of DeJean and Witherspoon in the same defense is pretty scary to me.

    *So all in all, I think if they stick at #16 or trade back then one of the players in those 3 positional groups will probably be around. I think I feel oddly content with who they will land and chances are it will be a good player.

    • Roy Batty

      Add up possibly 4 QBs going before #16, the 3 WRs, Bowers, 2 EDGE, an OL or 2, a CB, and maybe a DT. Then the wild unknown that happens each year.

      That means someone of note will be there at #16. Someone at a position group they need.

      • Seattle Person

        I think there are some interesting check points in this year’s draft.

        Teams might want to jump each for Jayden Daniels or Drake Maye picks #3-5. Then a few picks later at around #7-9 they might try to battle it out for JJ McCarthy. (i.e Broncos or Saints).

        Then in the teens, I can see a bunch of teams trying to jump up to get their OLine guys.

  16. JimN

    Rob, i read everyword. I so appreciate how you are balanced, don’t just take one position and go with it. I am so much better in my own draft thinking from the stuff i have learned from you. You are, bar none, the best of the best. I only check the website 4 times a day. I’m not the only one, as i really enjoy reading and discussing opinions from the rest of the blog community.

    WHat i really find funny is that you will write something very new, and then there is a lag of 3 or 4 days, then the remaining Seahawks media start writing about the same thing. Hmmmmmmm. Wonder where they got the idea? Keep it up~!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Jim 👍

  17. Unio

    Fuaga, Latham, Fautanu, Mims, Guyton should still be available when we pick at #16. Who do you love?

    I’m projecting that before Seattle picks at #16 there will be: 4 QBs, 4 DL/EDGE, 3 WRs, 1 TE, and 1 CB selected by other teams.
    There are 6 QBs who could go in Rd1. There’s 4 or 5 DL/Edge who could go in Rd1; perhaps four within the first 15 picks. There are three WRs who will likely be drafted in the first 15 picks. Brock Bowers will most likely go before #16, and maybe one DB. If so, that’s 13 non-Oline players drafted before the Seahawks pick at #16.

    • LouCityHawk

      Which 4 DL/Edge do you have going that high?

  18. ShowMeYourHawk

    Any interest in Howell? Cheaper than Drew to backup, if he can’t win the starting job right away. If we trade back to acquire a second, might one of our thirds be enough? No secret that WSH is going QB, no matter who they take.

    • Rob Staton

      Not for me personally

      • Joe B

        Steeler should be all over that IMO

    • Brodie

      I’ll take the mystery box please. Jordan Travis, Spencer Rattler or Michael Pratt in the 3rd or later would excite me much more than Howell.

  19. Big Mike

    Definitely not too much content Rob. Enjoy it all.
    I’d never argue with going o-line.

  20. Thomas

    I don’t think they’ll be able to pick up a 2nd rounder even if they drop 15 spots.

    I just remember Green Bay trading up for Jordan Love in the 1st round with a 4th rounder.

    Have they acquired anything like a 2nd rounder recently for trading down? It just always feels like they pay more than everyone else.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness, Green Bay moved from #30 to #26 to get Jordan Love

      Going from #25 to #16 is a different thing altogether

      • Thomas

        That’s true. Also the Seahawks did pick up that extra 3rd from Denver for this year’s draft last year at reasonable price.

        P.S. Thanks for all the content!

        • Joe B

          AFAIK, the rough formula is that a pick deferred for a year goes up one round in value.
          So a 4th rounder LAST year was worth a 2024 3rd round pick. That is a high cost in my view.

  21. LouCityHawk

    I’ve been thinking on this quite a bit, which was kind of reflected in my comment yesterday.

    There are a couple outlier mocks out there that still have Bowers and Daniels dropping to 16. I consider both of those to be fairytales, but think Bowers will go lower than he should

    I’ve got a handful of players. I think the Seahawks could have first round grades on who might be there at 16: Chop, DeJean (I know the hawk media dislikes him almost as much as they did Levis), Mitchell. I wonder if they would take Nabors or Rome?

    Then you have the OLine and almost by default there could be a R1 grade player that falls to 16.

    Then things get interesting. How much to you like the player and can they stick at tackle, or do they have Hutchinson upside at guard. I’ll be curious to see how many test, because combine testing could be what results in separation.

    Alt looks like he will have to move to RT as a pro, and be an elite RT. His floor is so high that he almost screams to not be available at 16.

    Guyton is the athletic freak, but character issues are coming out, and I don’t think he will be in consideration for the Seahawks.

    Fashanu is a player I was very high on, but can’t get a good grip on. Testing will be key for him. Trent Williams is the upside, downside is ugly, probably is Russell Okung.

    Latham – if he did what he did at RT on the left side he’d be a top 5 lock. Similar to Alt, just don’t see him falling to 16 in this world or the next.

    Mims – come on down you athletic freak. He is in the shortlist of players that could demolish the combine. And I do mean demolish. But he has experience issues and injury issues. Upside is perennial all-pro, downside is injury flags. If the injury flags are satisfied could they stick and pick? I think yes, he could even displace or replace Cross at LT given time.

    Fuaga- could the real Fuaga stand up? Looks dominant at times, but question whether he could stick at tackle given his arm length. I’m not sure he or Fautanu are worth a first if they are switching to guard. As tackles, yes, both have shown enough. I put both of these as real question marks…Fuaga because he is dropping it is because he is seen as a guard and Fuaga because he likely is a guard. If the team is going guard in the first (without a trade down) I think the list starts and ends with Barton because of his profile and versatility. Zinter’s injury knocks him to the 2nd or even 4th I think.

    Suamataia – to me does not look like a plus starter on tape, I didn’t recheck where he is on Rob’s board, but on my own he is probably late 3 or early 4.

    Morgan and Paul are two players I think could sneak into the earlier rounds. Paul, in particular reminds me of Cross is some ways and I think a team could feel like he is their guy.

    I’ve been looking at the centers trying to figure out what I think. The kid from WV pops the most to me overall. I’ll be having dinner in a couple weeks with a guy who knows his center business very well (played there and had a cup of coffee in the pros) and I’ll be asking his opinion (he said Olu was the best of the bunch pre-draft last year).

    • Peter

      I like the idea of a RT and have since Rob posited last year.

      Does anyone know if Abe Lucas is a good size fit for RG? Healthy knee I don’t think the athleticism should be a problem.

      • Rob Staton

        He’s 320 so more than able

      • LouCityHawk

        6’6”, so a bit on the tall side, but not outrageously so.

        The talk I’ve heard is that moving inside may be easier on his knees.

        On the other hand, looking at what the guards at Washington and Fresno State had to do in the run game, I’m not sure it is going to help his knees. Someone better than me with X’s and O’s could explain this better.

        I do think Graham Barton might be a great selection as he has proven positional versatility, seems very athletic. Could slot in as a premium LG, stretch to RT in case of emergency, or be an option at backup center.

        Sign veteran guard (Dotson or the like), add Barton, resign Brown as backup center/guard. Maybe add another versatile OLine later.

        • Peter

          Thanks to both of you and Rob.

    • Palatypus

      Kingsley Suamataia’s family was sitting next to me during practice and he came up into the stands to get a photo with them. I have a video of it.

      Seeing him up close at 6043 and 329, I thought he could add bulk and strength to his shoulders, chest, and arms.

  22. SeattleLifer

    I would be very happy with John taking an o-liner with the first pick but I’m wondering if he might grab a DT. Fills a need for sure and he might want to do a solid for his new defensive head coach, especially considering how ghastly the defense has looked of late. Reed and (if we retain him) big cat aren’t getting any younger and it’d be nice to have a rookie high end DT talent to be bringing up on the roster.

    • Rob Staton

      I think if they re-sign Leonard Williams, that’ll be it for DT. Baltimore didn’t carry a lot of DT’s. Williams would be a big investment.

      And if you sign Williams, plus with Reed on the roster already, you wouldn’t be getting much bang for your buck out of a high pick

      So I think it’s more likely Williams is the FA target, then OL in the draft, if they’re focusing on the trenches

      • Peter

        My slight point if contention is Williams, Reed we all like. Alternately the defense was atrocious and they are old.

        Going early on Dline? I don’t know about that.

        I do like a lot if options 2nd round on.

        Intrigued by oline early.

        • bmseattle

          How soon, realistically, can this team be a Super Bowl contender?
          An unbiased assessment of that is needed first, and then an honest assessment of who on the roster will be making an impact on that team?

          It’s difficult to imagine Reed contributing in a meaningful way past a couple of years.
          Williams likely has a few years left of being pretty good, at least.
          Hopefully he wants to be back and isn’t asking for outrageous money.

          • Peter

            This is why I’m on the dline this year. By the time we can realistically be in contention let’s call that 1 year at the very best, 2 years most likely to churn the roster part of that process would be to hopefully find a dlinenen or two that are hitting their stride at the right time.

            Very few of them are absolutely rolling right out of the gate.

            Williams maybe three years of good play. Reed….who knows. He’s been a bit streaky so far in his career and has one year left.

            • Rob Staton

              Not sure the DL options are worthy of such planning ahead, outside of the top guys

              And with Carroll gone I want those early round picks contributing anyway

              • Peter

                I’m not necessarily arguing that they contribute day one.

                That’s why I like the oline.

                Am arguing that Williams, old Reed, nothing yet Morris ( not his fault just the truth,) a guy in young is not necessarily a line I would count on.

                In two years I’d hate to be back to where Seattle has been for 14 years hoping a free agent is going to fill the void. When Reed and Willians are done.

                Jones, madubuike. With the third round picks or a 2nd? I’d love to get a player now to going in two years.

                Re: Carrol. Hopefully that’s true for every pick. Why make the pick if they couldn’t step in and play. Hope the days of players getting “irvin-ed” are over at all positions.

    • LouCityHawk

      I was looking at the DLine (DT and DE options).

      Assuming L/W is resigned and Jones is not moved (unlikely before camp), that includes Reed, Young, Morris. So Rob is probably right.

      However, I think there are certain prospects that could demand to be taken in certain rounds (Sweat/Jackson, Jenkins, Trice, Orhorhoro, Gabe Hall, Dewayne Carter…probably some others).

      I also think an experienced guard might be a priority in FA this year

      • Peter

        See above though. To me this is great trenches class. Maybe young and Morris really get going this year. I feel like a long time fan I’ve been waiting on a dozen players over the years to get going to no avail. Additionally Reed is pit of contract next year and it might be nice to add at least one higher end dlinemen this year to be prepared for that.

        • LouCityHawk

          I hear what you are saying.

          Sweat has conditioning issues. Jackson may not be an elite athlete. I don’t really see another DT I’d be comfortable with in the 2nd (I know Rob had some others on the board).

          Kris Jenkins in the 3rd is something I’m expecting though. Not just because of the Michigan ties.

          This could be a weird year for DLine as there are a lot of underachieving big names Maason Smith, etc….

          Echos the rest of this draft where the teams and scouts aren’t all in agreement.

          • Peter

            That makes sense. Less early more late.

  23. Jabroni-DC

    Yes to an OL .

    Thinking of possible landing spots for Russ. Cleveland Browns? It’d be the closest thing to what he won the title with roster wise if everyone is healthy. And he’d be able to play for pennies on the dollar. Definitely could play the hero.

  24. Parallax

    In my draft day fantasy, the Hawks find a team on draft day to take Lockett for a second and Geno for a third. Shhh! Don’t wake me.

    • EmperorMA

      If ANY team will trade a rd 3 pick for Geno Smith…even the very last pick of the third round…I’d jump all over it!

  25. Palatypus

    This is for Big Mike.

    • Big Mike

      Well I am 6’6″. My wife who is 5’1″ could use one of those I suppose.

  26. Dustin

    I like the idea of trading down and double dipping on OL. Day 2 is chock full of them.

  27. cha

    Feels like there is some angst among Seahawks fans about this draft. But it could line up very nicely for the future of the franchise.

    A solid cross-section of OL, with some picks to push talent down in players that Seahawks probably would not draft ( JJ McCarthy, etc ), a chance at say Chop Robinson, some QB prospects that likely will be available in ranges they select and a solid pool of LB and S prospects where they have two 3rd round picks.

    • Peter

      Not sure why fans would be concerned. I get you but not sure why they feel that way.

      On any mock I do, on any platform,where I don’t force my favorites I get about a half draft of players I like.

      If you could have three good drafts particularly with this one skewed to trenches you could really be building something in Seattle.

      • LouCityHawk

        If you are headed out grocery shopping this draft kind of sucks.

        It also lacks brand names in later rounds that give that sort of fan hope.

        What is our biggest need? LB – great! Who are the top LB prospects this year? None, expect R3 to be the highest graded LB…well shit! Resign Brooks or go get Queen and maybe bring BWagz back.

        OK, next biggest need? Left Guard. Great – who is the top LG? No. I want someone who played Left Guard. Oh come on! Resign Lewis I guess.

        Tight End! We have Uncle Will, but who else? Bowers? They say no real shot. The other names don’t stir my loins… resign Fant I guess.

        Ok, looks like Prez is leaving and that is our last area of need, who are the top Safety prospects? (Crickets) maybe they know the guys from Utah or want to push Oladipo?

        This draft is a disaster.

        • Fudwamper

          I wouldn’t be surprised with Reed getting playing time this year. He is fast, and aggressive. I think this is another instance of PC not giving reps to rookies.

        • Peter

          This is a great call. If you are limited in scope then it looks lame. If you are checking out all Robs content then you should know a few names and maybe have some favorites by now.

        • Peter

          Speaking of later rounds. Listened to a hawks Podcaster lament the lack of names later. Though I’ve listened to enough of there stuff to think they wouldn’t know “later names” if they hit them on the butt.

          There’s two weird forces going on with the late picks.

          On the one hand you got Kam, sherm, riq, and Carson from the 5th round on out. Plus Baldwin. Legends. At least 3 of those names.

          On the other hand I count 57 other picks that did nothing ( unless olu and Morris change that)

          So I get the fascination with later picks. And Bobo. But I don’t see around 6% hit rate being something to write home about. Especially when two of those players the former coach had knowledge about.

    • Seattle Person


      I think the ‘sweet spot’ for different positions lines up for the Seahawks quite nicely. The first 1-3 rounds have a lot of OLinemen and particularly OTs in the first round.

      Rounds 3-4 has a bunch of LBs and Safeties that are potential starters. You can also find good WRs in the 3rd or 4th.

      Even the TEs, though not great, can be found in the 5th or later. In fact, most of them are going to be littered in this range.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’re going to really like Tyler Nubin

      • Seattle Person

        Nubin has 1st round buzz though right?

        • Rob Staton

          Nah, day two

      • LouCityHawk

        I liked his tape a lot, but he just doesn’t seem to have that athletic profile.

        I think I saw him projected to run above a 4.6 and crossed him off.

        • Rob Staton

          I’d recommend checking out the 40’s of Kyle Hamilton, Marcus Williams and Geno Stone in Baltimore then. Because they didn’t run fast…

          • LouCityHawk

            KH 4.59
            MW 4.56
            GS 4.62

            For anyone playing along at home. Guess this is why I use pencil

  28. Peter


    When I’m talking about planning ahead just looking through a few names: reed, jones, madubuike, Oliver, simmons, payne, Q. Williams it appears a lot of DT’s play around 50% or less snaps their first one to two seasons.

    When I’m projecting I’m just thinking about not drafting one next year or beyond to fill in but have them ready for 62-67% of snaps when the two best ones might be gone or ending their time here.

    • Rob Staton

      Which is fine, I’m still not sure I’d want to spend a lot of money on Williams though and then essentially draft a rotational DT early. Especially in this class. I’d want someone starting if it’s a R1-2 pick

      • LouCityHawk

        In the instance where L/W is not resigned, does that all to your thinking on how they might prioritize a higher round pick on DLine?

        • Rob Staton

          I think they’d be more likely to check out the other veteran options

      • Peter

        Sweat though? We all like him to varying degrees.

        I’ve proven to myself he’s not up to being more than at best a 50% snap player.

        I get what you mean by starters. I like Hall and Charbonnet. Regardless of Pete it would have been hard to see either as that especially with a healthy Nwossu.

        I’m very “stuck,” that this season is going to be 2010 maybe 2011 and what we do this year with new everything is about two years down the road. Not necessarily starting next year.

        If we pick at #16 like your article then starter for sure. In your recent trade back concepts I’m not sure Penix at #26 ish and the picks beyond are starters.

        Even Chop as a great prospect at #16 or #25 I’m not sure he’s starting over Mafe and Nwossu. I’d need to see it to. Eleven it that he’s a majority of snaps kind of player.

        Mustapha, Wilson, olidapo, Colson those are the positions/players ( non oline) that are starting, to me. Maybe a much better corner over Woolen.

  29. Patrick Toler

    Great article. Based on the last two drafts I anticipate they will draft the best player available regardless of position. If it’s a lineman on either side of the ball I will be thrilled.

  30. Rob4q

    I love the constant content Rob, it’s great! I refresh the page multiple times a day to try and keep up with everything!

    What are the thoughts on Kiran Amegadjie, OT Yale? Seems like he could play Guard right away and possibly project to an OT after a few years?

    • Rob Staton

      I liked Amegadjie. One of the first players I watched over the summer. Aggressive, great size and length, clearly an athlete. The competition he faced makes it tricky to gauge true quality but in terms of potential it’s all there. I have him in R3 but with the upside to really outplay his placing

  31. Palatypus

    I think I found our new safety.

    • Big Mike

      Far better effort than we saw from Diggs all last season.

  32. Rob Staton

    Monday 7am PT — big combine preview goes live

    It’s nearly 11,000 words long

    Long week ahead…

    • Ace

      Looking forward to it! Thank you for all the hard work you do, it’s much appreciated for a football nerd like myself 🙂

    • Z$

      Can’t thank you enough for all the amazing content Rob. Makes this time of year so enjoyable and exciting.

    • Palatypus

      …and on the first day of the combine, Rob said, “Let there be light!” And there was light.

      Just about 770,000 words to go.

  33. Palatypus


    • samprassultanofswat

      The Arizona Cardinals have all these needs. And they are spending all this time on Bo Nix. Maybe that tells you how they feel about Kyler Murray.

      • Palatypus

        It’s late and we are all tired. I think Jim Nagy is actually saying the opposite of the OP.

        It is confusing. We are all sorting through a lot of shredded data and trying to piece that jigsaw puzzle together (I’ve been watching House of Ninjas.) All of us snorting it up at light speed like Belinda Carlisle in a race with Van Halen that we all know Heather Locklear and Motley Crue will win.

        • Rob Staton

          Jim is saying that all teams do their homework and it’s a non story

          And he’s right

        • Big Mike

          I get your analogy, but there is no way in hell Motley Crue would ever win a race against Van Halen, even if Sammy were leading instead of Dave.

          • UkAlex6674

            Depends of what era of each we are talking about.

            • Big Mike

              Not for me, but to each their own (Cherone album aside).

          • TJ

            Agree 100%! With the lone exception of Shout at the Devil, It’s like comparing a Lamborghini with a Mazda.

  34. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: Just curious. Do you think that Mike MacDonald can transform Dre’Mont Jones”s play similar to the performance that of a 2023 Justin Madubuike?

  35. Wayne

    Great read as always Rob,
    I really like the O-line options in this draft, so ideally if they can trade down a little and come out with at least two good ones that would be great.

    Do you think Zinter would be in range for one of the Hawks current picks?

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly, it’ll depend on how teams view the injury

  36. Cysco

    I just can’t shake the feeling that JS is moving down no matter what. If there’s a BAMF there, it just adds more trade value to the pick.

    You look at the moves the team has made thus far under his leadership. All the coaching hires are bold and aggressive. Sure seems like JS has finally been unleased to build what he wants. If that’s the case, I just think he’s going to want as much ammo as possible in the draft.

  37. David Joaquin

    i am not so conviced a trade down is going to happen , if anything I see a trade uo to the second , this Draft has ripe fruit at the top , i think your spot on about taking a Lineman early

    • Rob Staton

      That would probably cost a fortune to move into R2 from 78

      • David Joaquin

        yup you got 2 3 and they might snatch an extra 4 from a geno trade

  38. Kevin

    I haven’t been on the site in awhile. I like the new look!

  39. DJ 1/2 way

    Yes, Rob, it is too much content-when you consider that many of us also read every single comment! However, if we were not spending time reading on SDB, many of us would just be wasting time in other parts of the internet. In a way you are saving us from a much worse fate. Thanks Rob.

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