Curtis Allen’s week eighteen watch-notes (vs Cardinals)

This is a guest post by Curtis Allen…

It all comes down to this.

As they did last season, the Seahawks started on a good clip at 6-3, only to falter badly down the stretch. They enter the last game of the season 8-8, needing to beat a banged-up division rival with nothing to play for but pride and needing help from a Green Bay division rival to get into the playoffs.

The symmetry would be more impressive if it were not so discouraging.

Standing before the Seahawks is a tremendous dichotomy.

On the one hand, the Cardinals will field an extremely depleted roster in this game. On offense, Wide Receiver Marquise Brown and Left Tackle D.J. Humphries have been shut down for the season. Tight End Zach Ertz was released weeks ago. That is about 2000 snaps of 2023 experience they will not have.

It’s the same on defense. Linebacker Kyzir White is on Injured Reserve, they cut Defensive Lineman Kevin Strong and Cornerback Marco Wilson and Nose Tackle Leki Fotu has just been activated on Injured Reserve and may or may not play. That is another 2000 snaps of experience there.

The punchline is, the Cardinals may field the weakest starting 22 in the NFL for this game. For all their faults, the talent advantage the Seahawks have should provide simple math that says they should win this game handily.

You add in the fact that the Seahawks in Pete Carroll’s tenure are 9-3-1 when playing in Arizona (including 8-1-1 since 2012) and you have a pretty compelling case to rely on them getting a win.

The only question should be if Chicago can defeat Green Bay.

However, on the other hand, several factors make this game tougher than it appears.

The Cardinals – despite their record and roster – have proven to be a tough out for several teams this year. Last week, they shocked the league with an impressive win against the slumping Eagles.

Their strength on offense this year – the running game, of which they stand as the #6 team in the NFL – matches up extremely favorably with the Seahawks’ defensive Achilles heel (#30 and sinking like a stone). Just like last week against Pittsburgh, this game threatens to be an extremely long and frustrating day if the defense cannot deliver on the promise Pete Carroll made this week.

The struggles of this team and the increasing frustration expressed by the coaching staff down the stretch have coalesced into a critical pivot point with this game.

In the last few seasons, we have heard many things from Pete Carroll and the Seahawks players regarding their difficulties. Things from ‘we have plenty of games left’ to ‘we just have to clean up a few things’ to ‘we knew what our opponents were throwing at us, we just did not execute like we know we can.’ These have been followed by appropriate but increasingly strained statements of positivity and belief.

Anything less than a dominating win over this Cardinals team will be an abject failure. A win that the Seahawks make harder than it should be proves nothing. It will be just another in a long line of overly heralded triumphs that quickly prove meaningless when they can neither sustain it nor compete with teams that are equally if not more talented.

No need to prevaricate. Let’s see how the Seahawks can finish off this season with a satisfying win.

Use the Offense to Control the Game

In Seattle, much of the attention this week has been focused on a very poor defensive showing against the Steelers — and rightfully so.

However, the gap in capability between the Seattle offense and the Arizona defense is so wide, the Seahawks simply must plan to score points and control the ball at a rate commensurate with that gap.

Simply put, Arizona might currently be the worst defense in the NFL. And that was before all that NFL-level experience was jettisoned or put on Injured Reserve.

They are the #31 scoring defense.

They are dead last in rushing defense. They are conceding 4.6 yards per carry, and nobody has given up rushing first downs than the Cardinals. In only three of their 16 games so far have they allowed less than 100 rushing yards. Those three totals? 91, 92 and 93 yards.

Ken Walker rushed for 105 yards in 26 carries Week Five against these Cardinals. Zach Charbonnet did not play in that game. Those numbers should be considered a start for this game.

They are in the middle of the pack on pass yards conceded but their pass rush is absolutely putrid. They rank in the bottom-five of the NFL in pressures, pressure percentage, quarterback hits and sacks.

In their last three games, the Cardinals have recorded only one sack and fourteen pressures.

How did they defeat the Eagles last week with such a poor defense? They ran the ball 40 times and choked the life out of the defense, winning the time of possession game by over 19 minutes. The Eagles only punted twice, and scored three touchdowns and a field goal on their other drives. An ‘average’ offensive day was not good enough, because the Cardinals did not allow them enough possessions.

On every single snap, the Seahawks will have at least one mismatch in the passing game, perhaps several. They need to plan and execute on offense in a way that finds and exploits these mismatches. Punting several times is not an option.

The Seahawk offense must turn the tables and do what the Cardinals did to the Eagles. That can be accomplished by making liberal use of the running game.

The other option is being consistently explosive in the passing game and putting pressure on the Cardinals to keep up.

The Seahawks are the NFL’s worst offense in Time of Possession. That is no doubt partially due to their poor run defense. But they badly need to swing the numbers in their favor in this game. Concentrating on the run game is an excellent way to do that.

Let’s not mince words. This is where the game is won or lost. Because a brilliant day stopping the run by the Seahawk defense would be a welcome sight, it will be a very tough task.

Keep the Cardinals Running Game Contained

The Arizona run game was brilliant last week against the Eagles. They ran for 221 yards and that only scratches the surface of how good they were.

They ran at will on Philly. Arizona recorded a whopping ten explosive runs in the game. The Eagles had three tackles for loss but they all were for only one yard each.

All told, they ended the day with 5.5 yards per rush and an incredible 32 first downs, an NFL season high except for one game (the Dallas Cowboys had 33 first downs Week 13 vs our own Seahawks).

Lead back James Conner had nearly as many yards before contact as after contact and broke 8 tackles.

Michael Carter provided a nice change of pace and broke Eli Ricks’ ankles on a run of 18 yards:

The Seahawks must not allow these running backs to have that kind of impact on this game.

Last week, Pete Carroll explained their poor defensive performance on wanting to limit the explosive pass plays by Mason Rudolph and the Steelers. A disastrous day of tackling in the running game was the result.

If they follow the same line of thinking, the Seahawks could likewise overcommit to stopping the run, having viewed the high level of success Arizona had against the Eagles the week prior. This could prove another critical error if they are not careful.

Tight End Trey McBride has had a great year, actually providing a similar amount of catches and yards as splashy Detroit rookie Sam LaPorta (although with far less touchdowns). He is a great mid-range weapon. They also still have Rondale Moore and Michael Wilson to take deeper shots with.

Kyler Murray had a good week throwing past the sticks last week, going 4-for-5.

Balance will be critical. Remember that ‘great run defense’ the Seahawks featured early in the season? It came at the expense of regularly being exploited in the passing game. They struggled to stop the passing attacks of teams like the Rams, Lions and Panthers, making the value of a good run defense far less in the overall scheme of things.

The Seahawks coaches have to trust that the message about run defense and tackling has gotten through — and not overcommit resources to stopping the run game but rather prepare for a full spread offensive attack from the Cardinals.


  1. Peter

    They wanted it more…..the 2023 seahawks season.

    As always Cha great stuff.

    Feels fairly simple minded but I feel after the pittsburg game which was a near win and get in scenario the Seahawks showed that they don’t have any heart.

    Lumen has been adrift for sometime as a place that’s as comfortable for the opponent as it is for the home team.

    Can they, will they beat AZ in the desert? Sure. Why not.

    Will it prove anything? Not really.

    This is a team that breathed new life into Henry for a week. That allowed street free agent linemen a chance to have a one last great game before their careers were most likely done.

    Now for this fan I am imminently more excited by the possibility of change than I am for us to make some noise in the post season. It’s a horrible place to be.

    I’ll still be listening for one more “holy catfish!!” And for Wyman to unintentially say something funny.

    But….put a fork in it.

    • James Z

      I say bring the future on and I don’t mean the post-season for the Seahawks. Grateful for the years of excitement that Pete brought us, but thinking about a real new start makes the ‘fork’ a tool for renewal.

  2. Mick

    For all the young guys in the team, I hope they get a lot of snaps today and I hope they end the season with a win. Even if it’s probably for nothing, it would be good for their morale and we’ll need them regardless who’s coach.

    • Troy

      Agree! Play the young guys. Relying too much on under performing vets (in a rebuilding year) has made no sense. Which makes Pete’s recent comments about youth being the reason for their struggles perplexing to me.

      • Peter

        I see what you both are saying….here we are week 18.

        What young guy in this final week are they not playing?

        I think Pete needs this win more than anyone. A loss doesn’t seem like it effects the players except if Pete returns. Then he loses further buy in as he’s begun the process of calling out the wrong players.

        Get me a new coach with new ideas. Maybe it’s worse…..maybe it’s coach Ryan and they can build something special right out if the gate. That’s how you don’t lose the young guys.

        • Mick

          Though I’m not as excited about him as others, take some snaps from Tyler and give them to Bobo. Play Olu at C even if Brown should be available. Play Hall over Taylor. Give the NTs from reserves some snaps, they can’t be much worse than what we’ve seen from the starters so far. And I want to see Woolen and Devon take most of the snaps, some for Brown and less for MJ. Perhaps also see if Okada and Bryant can do better than Diggs.

          • Peter

            Agree with Hall and Olu.

            Less so about Jackson. Woolen has played a ton and really had a rough year.

            I wish they would have played Bryant earlier.

  3. Big Mike

    Thanks cha. Your efforts are always appreciated. As I mentioned in the previous thread, I am openly rooting for a Cardinals win today because this franchise desperately needs new blood and I believe that result would increase the chances of that happening. So, I will be looking for the opposite of your points that would bring Seattle a win.

    Glazer has Carroll in the “on the bubble” category on today’s pre-game. Said it’s cuz of his age with no mention of job performance or owner/fan unhappiness unfortunately. Also had him in the “time will tell” category as well (along with Vrabel

  4. RomeoA57

    Well reasoned artice by Curtis, as usual. I want to see the Seahawks ignore your Watch-Notes, again, and lose today.

    With regards to the previous article by Rob, there actually seems a posibility that we could be rid of the Pete Carroll experience after season. Not making the playoffs and an ugly loss to the Cardinals today could encourage the Seahawks Organization to fire Pete, which is long overdue. The Adams trade, extension and coddling of him this year should all be considered fireable. Add in the Diggs contract, and that the defense is getting worse every year, it is well past time for a drastic change.

    Thanks Pete for the SB and a bunch of playoff wins. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out…

  5. Forrest

    Stop the run and don’t let their star TE face coverage from Bobby Wagner or exploit soft zone. Bobby should be coming forward and focusing on the RB.

    Stress proper angles and gap discipline (defensive ends), sound run tackling (Diggs wrap-up rather than looking to hit any RB or short screen receiver) and individual technical execution (D line).

    Don’t give up preventable penalties (DK personal fouls or deep Woolen PIs).

    Every player should know their individual role and what that looks like for the Hawks to get a win (for example – DK, we can’t have you fighting after the play or pulling jerseys on screens).

    This would be a perfect game for a read and react safety to come down on occasion to line up as a spy in the LB area (most often over the side where Trey McBride lines up), watching first for the handoff and blasting to the ball, second to add a body in space where McBride is heading (undercutting the TE for INTs or break ups by watching the QBs eyes), third watching for the QB to run and occasionally blitzing or backfilling another blitzer. Maybe disguise this spy role by switching between Witherspoon and Julian Love, so the spy isn’t always lined up over McBride and can surprise by coming off the weak side.

    This game should be a win with proper Xs and Os. Period. Nothing should need to be “cleaned up”. We should be “clean”. We should be “ready to play”. Our mindset should be right. We should “want it” more than they do. No excuses – it’s week 18!

    • Peter

      Good stuff.

      We have twice the wins and their point differential is 2x worse than ours. Thus easy win. Period.

  6. BeingZinfull

    The Arizona Pass Defense & Red Zone Defense is better than the Seattle Passing Offense and Red Zone conversion success, however Seattle is certainly better at stopping the Arizona Pass game than visa versa. Unless Arizona decides to go full Pittsburgh and just run the ball down the Seahawk throat, it is likely that the Seahawks will win against Arizona (and are highly likely to cover the -3 spread as well).

    Which will then bring us to the Chicago at Green Bay game, where the motivation for Chicago to win is very high (both Coach and Quarterback can save themselves from ugly questions with a win), and the team is playing well, while Green Bay has been unconvincing on both sides of the ball lately (they even gave up 30 points to Carolina). I think the Bears will emphasize the run against the Packers and will have quite a bit of success as a result.

    Unfortunately, all this means is that the Seahawks will once again slide their way back into the playoffs, hence softening the burgeoning media and fan criticism, and potentially postponing any hard decisions that need to be taken for the long term success of this franchise.

  7. 805Hawk

    Great write up as always, Curtis! Unfortunately, I just don’t care much about how this game goes. I’ve seen all I need to see. I’ll be at my son’s 7v7 tournament. (Go Dawgz!) Not sure I’ll watch it later or not. For the record, I’ve never been in this mindset in my 40 years of fandom.

  8. KennyBadger

    Thanks Rob for another seasons worth of discussion and thanks Cha for your weekly Here’s How The Seahawks Will Frustrate Us This Week writeups. As a lifelong Seahawks fan, I can’t remember a time where I was so ambivalent about a game and certainly not one with playoff implications. I’ll never root against them but I will also feel ‘meh’ if they get in today. The fact that this team is in the hunt for the playoffs is Exhibit A in how the 7 seed is a total joke.

    • Peter

      So far today’s slate of games is comical. Very little movement and a bunch of teams playing preseason rosters.

      17 games has been fun but time to take it out behind the woodshed.

  9. Gross MaToast

    So, what time do we expect the announcement? Post-game? Tomorrow morning? Exciting times.

    • Big Mike

      Not soon enough

    • Peter

      Steel yourself for a long cozy chat with chums on brock and Salk. Where we hear about this off-season, next year, young guys, leadership….

      • Big Mike

        With absolutely ZERO tough questions.

        • Big Mike

          And maybe if we’re really lucky we’ll get to ear about the plans to bring the glass peacock back next season.

          • Peter

            I’m already missing his leadership…..

      • RomeoA57

        ” We were really close…”

        That is going to be an insufferable interview.

  10. Blitzy the Clown

    Reed out means a long day on the DL vs Conner and Carter

    • Peter Jakubisin

      Best free agent move this year?….

      Strong case to be made.

      • Peter

        I know geno technically. But outside the team.

  11. Scot Alexander

    Excellent stuff Rob & Curtis.
    I’ll be rooting for a win, even though it’s not best for the franchise.
    However, I must admit if we lose and end up with atleast pick #13 I’ll be feeling much better post game; than if we win.

  12. jed

    Thanks again for the previews all year. I’ve really enjoyed them.

    Funny how in 2024 it still comes down to the running game. If you can’t stop the run, you can’t win.

  13. Troy

    Given the results of the early games today,

    The best case draft scenario: Green Bay win + Seahawks loss + Denver win = pick 13 in Round 1.

  14. Parallax

    I’m gonna be the odd man out and state that I’m openly hoping for a loss. A bad one. One that makes it all but impossible for the team and the fan base not to move on from Carroll. I don’t see how anything is gained from a win today. Playing time for younger guys can wait until next year’s training camp.

    Of course I’ll likely be disappointed. Seattle will put together an inspiring win against the lowly Cardinals and our fan base will rejoice, raising our head coach on its collective shoulder so we can gloriously move forward into a hopeless and desolate 2024. In other words, same old same old.

    • Peter

      I don’t think you are that far out on an island.

      They gave up last week. Unacceptable for a team trying to get into the dance. They didn’t get beat by a white hot ravens. Nor our nemesis. They lost because they did not want to win. Steelers weren’t very good. Weren’t clever. Weren’t better. Our team just did not care if they lost.

      Pretty hard to root for that.

    • Big Mike

      “I’m gonna be the odd man out and state that I’m openly hoping for a loss.”

      You aren’t alone. I said the same earlier this morning. I’ve had enough of mediocrity and boredom and the sos from Carroll. I’m sick of his ego running this franchise.

  15. Big Mike

    Jax loses which clinches playoff spots for Buffalo and the stealers (boo!!).

    Last spot available is the 7 seed in the NFC. Go Pack!

    • cha

      Means Texans win the AFCS too.

      • Peter

        Awesome for Stroud and company.

        • jed

          It’s amazing how a first year defensive/CEO HC, rookie QB, good OC can take a team from 2nd draft pick to division winner.

          • Peter

            Yeah. Honestly I thought 6 wins and call it a good effort. But this was a great showing for them.

    • Peter

      I’m getting sick typing this and apologies in advance to you my friend for reading this….the stealers did everything they could cause they had to have it to get in. Essentially three playoff games in a row.

      • Big Mike

        Too bad our team isn’t capable of that kind of effort. And as much as I hate them, and I do despise them, you’re 100% correct.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Oof. This is a BAD look for Pederson. Losing 5 of your last 6 in THAT division?

  16. tester guy


    • HawkfaninMT

      Of course win and hope for GB loss (if you are rooting for playoffs)…

      What are the draft position scenarios going into these afternoon games?

  17. nfendall

    Bummer for Brooks to go down again. He’s been one of the few solid players on defense this year.

    • Peter

      Yeah. He played very well and remarkable recovery.

  18. Sten

    Mafe has been one of the few bright spots this season

    • Peter

      Excellent draft pick.

  19. Peter

    Solid stop.

  20. Big Mike

    You can’t do that in the NFL yet Walker is so slick he can

  21. Blitzy the Clown

    DK came close to drawing a downfield penalty again on that Walker run

    Nice running tho

  22. nfendall

    Mark Sanchez is a goober but I actually like him better than most TV analysts.

    • Dave Stacey

      He’s great value. I’ll have a glass of Charbonnet please

  23. Peter

    Wish the boys in the radio booth would stop talking about Buddha baker…..he sure was a local star

  24. jed

    Nice stop by Spoon even though he got beat. And nice to see some effort today so far.

    • nfendall

      He didn’t get beat, he played it exactly like he was supposed to and that is how he was able to stop him short of a first.

      • jed

        ok. Really good play either way

  25. Peter

    How good is Bobby?

    Apparently a franchise record for tackles…..

    • Big Mike


      • Peter

        Just need an extra game and the worst defense in forever….

  26. Bmseattle

    Another fortunate non-turnover for Geno.

    • Peter

      Turnover worthy indeed

  27. Big Mike

    Man I’ve never seen a field in my life where more people get hurt

    • nfendall

      Yep, Arizona is still an injury hellhole.

  28. Big Mike

    Touchdown packers. They will go ahead 7 to 3 if they make the extra point

  29. nfendall

    How is that not a block in the back on Wagner?

  30. Anonymous

    diggs + woolen = best backfield duo in the league!

  31. Peter

    Seattle does know that they still need to win to get in right?

  32. Bmseattle

    Time for Diggs to play hard and have a good game, huh?

    Mabye we should give him an extension?

  33. UkAlex6674

    Still don’t get why people wouldn’t want Fields at QB

    • Rob Staton

      Because he’s a turnover machine, isn’t much of a passer, and is due a new contract

    • Peter

      I don’t know what the fifth year options are for a qb who didn’t have it picked up.

      But agree with Rob you very quickly have to decide how much to pay him.

  34. Peter

    Ken walker playing up today….

  35. Bmseattle

    Wow…37 yards is the longest completion of the year for Tyler?
    I know he’s lost a step, but that’s crazy.

    • Peter

      Rough stat.

      Here’s one. Great play by geno and Dissly….first TD for him all season

  36. Brando Khuu

    I’m afraid after this game it’ll be like Hey Pete lets run it back with a few changes in the offseason. Why not continue being mediocre and having the same problems year after year.

    I’m just getting tired watching this Pete led team

    • KnoxHawk

      I feel like I have lost my interest in the Seahawks, I just want to be reinvigorated with a fun team to watch and root for. I think many feel the same.

      • Peter

        This four point lead against the cardinals isn’t doing it for you?

        • BrandoK

          Winning a game against a rebuilding Arizona team while you can never win against either LA or SF twice and being 3rd in the NFC West maybe make the wildcard just to get beat and then live the same cycle again next year with the same problems.

          Nope not good enough no joy in watching it

  37. Big Mike

    nice tackle Jones

  38. Big Mike

    My God does the NFL realize they just kill these games doing this kind of crap?

    • Rob Staton


  39. Bmseattle

    Nice waste of time for the exact same result

  40. nfendall

    Did you see Nate Carroll really holding Pete accountable for calling a timeout when he probably didn’t need to yet? Me either.

    • Bmseattle

      Tater crunched the numbers and determined it was the perfect time

      • Big Mike

        Yep, ketchup on the tot

  41. cha

    Cardinals already have 86 rushing yards at halftime.

  42. nfendall

    Eagles down 24-0 at half to the Giants with the division and the #2 seed on the line. They are a hot mess right now.

  43. 12th chuck

    Is it going to be the offense or defense to keep this a close game until a miracle 4th quarter drive?

  44. DarrellDownUnder

    Too bad Bo Melton got away. Looks like a baller.

  45. Palatypus

    105 receptions 2023 yards. Both are rookie records. 5th round draft pick.

    • Peter

      Don’t like the rams but love to see history being made.

  46. nfendall

    Brooks got cooked there.

  47. Big Mike

    I thought one of Brooks strong suits was tackling?

  48. KennyBadger

    The defense is hopeless.

  49. Peter

    Why is Brooks playing in a cast?….this defense is cheesy to watch.

    • Big Mike

      Getting ready to give him a fat new contract.

      • jed

        he looks so bad today

  50. KnoxHawk

    Dremont Jones gets pushed around like a little boy. He is far to large and rich to be moved as such

    • Bmseattle

      Its amazing how utterly mediocre he has been.

      • Peter

        Such a non factor

  51. Blitzy the Clown

    I’m telling you that Seattle will go cold on both sides of the ball from the start of the second half until late in the 4th quarter when the offense will come to life just enough to make it look like there’s a chance.

    But there will be no chance.

    • Peter

      I’ve not paid attention to AZ including earlier in the year with their backups….

      Very impressed how Gannon has them fired up coming out if the half.

  52. nfendall

    Outside of Spoon, nobody else is making plays on defense. Brutal.

  53. Big Mike

    There’s that vaunted Seattle run defense
    Don’t worry sanchez he’ll get more than a few yards still as this game goes along

  54. SEAhemoth82

    Who made more business decisions on the field:
    Quandre Diggs or Albert Haynesworth?

    • Big Mike

      Riq Woolen is the correct answer

      • Bmseattle

        Was goimg to say the same thing aboit Woolen.
        He avoids contact so much, he is rarely even in position to *make* business decisions.
        I really hope its his injured shoulder thats leading to his passivity.

      • 12th chuck

        his effort level has dropped considerably this year. Good thing we have diggs ,wagner and adams as role models

      • SEAhemoth82

        “He who plays defense offensively, can’t tackle.”
        – Sun Tzu

  55. Palatypus

    Chris Jones just got a $1.25 Million escalator for getting his 10th sack.

    The Seahawks should have de-escalators for missed tackles.

    • KennyBadger

      Players would be broke.

  56. Troy

    I miss being entertained during Seahawks games. This is boring at best.

  57. Scot Alexander

    Surprised it’s still tied; it feels like we’re getting pummeled out there.

  58. cha

    5’7″ 180lb Rondale Moore pushes Bobby Wagner and drags Witherspoon to the first down.

    • Bmseattle

      Wagner hesitated…didn’t attack him.
      No wonder he got pushed back.

  59. Big Mike

    Good old Nate must have forgot to tell Pete to throw the challenge flag

    • Big Mike

      Or maybe he was getting the ketchup for tater

  60. Nathan W.

    This game makes me sad.

  61. Troy

    A lot of game left, but going 1-5 in the division and losing 6 of the last 8 absolutely HAS to be the nail in the coffin for this regime. Right?

    • Big Mike

      Please 🙏

    • BrandoK

      Well Pete just wants to run it back next year

  62. Big Mike

    Oh look a Pete Carroll team got caught with its pants down that never happens

    • jed

      The play that best represents this team.

  63. nfendall

    I can only laugh at that play.

  64. Sea Mode

    Wow, GB def jumped offside on a 4th & 5 with 8 min. left in the 4th. First down CHI at around GB 40. Huge break for CHI.

    Then CHI prompted to go backwards on the next three plays out of even long FG range and punt on 4th & 22.

    GB ball at their own 5 with 6 min left.

  65. 12th chuck

    no more Pete, no to Dan Quinn

    • BrandoK

      I want Houston OC Bobby Slowik

    • Big Mike


  66. Sten

    Sorta symbolic (ironic?) that Pete will likely go out at this stadium, the bane of his entire tenure.

  67. Hawkster

    Being I live in Packer country, and hance that is what is on, but Love is throwing the ball really well.

  68. Troy

    With the Packers seemingly on their way to wrapping up the 7 seed;

    SEA loss: 14th pick in RD 1
    SEA win: 16th pick

  69. Palatypus


  70. SEAhemoth82

    “He who plays defense offensively, can’t tackle.”
    – Sun Tzu

  71. Bmseattle

    “Can you fall asleep watching the Seahawks in the 4th quarter!?”

    • Palatypus

      I can fall asleep watching the Seahawks in the 1st quarter.

  72. Troy

    This team is so soft.

  73. cha

    It’s over.

    GB able to kneel to run the clock out.

    • Peter

      Az almost there themselves

  74. nfendall

    “We didn’t have the right mindset. They wanted it more.”

    • Big Mike

      “We thought Murray would throw more”.

      • Bmseattle

        Focused on stopping the explosive plays

    • cha

      “We just have some things to clean up this offseason.”

    • Big Mike

      “We’re close”
      “We’re right there”

  75. Alex Johnson

    Thank God this season is over.

  76. Big Mike

    Packers win
    Please Pete save whatever little bit of dignity you have left and just retire

    • Peter

      As I read that Murray keeps the chains moving

  77. Peter

    Almost 200 yards on the ground…..

  78. Merl 613

    Reason why we lost, why we had so much rushing yards against us?

    Carroll: We tried to avoid penalties.

  79. RomeoA57

    Green Bay won so the Seahawks season is over in a few minutes. Hopefully the Cardinals can win to help the Seahawks Draft Position and also encourage Pete to get the hell out

    • Sea Mode


  80. KennyBadger

    The bell tolls for thee Pete.

  81. Uk

    Please Pete just go.

  82. Mr dri

    Wagner an All Pro? Seriously? What a meaningless award

  83. Peter

    Not a murray fan but he’s dealing compared to our qb

  84. nfendall

    Sad to say it but I’m glad they are going to lose this.

    • nfendall

      May have spoken too soon.

    • seaspunj

      agreed hope we get a better draft spot

  85. Merl 613

    Thats Leadership from BWagz against Bush, wished to see more of that stuff during the season. There was enough opportunities from that undisciplined defense

  86. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Bobby Slowick? You free for an urgent phone call?

    • Big Mike

      Ben Johnson please pick up the white courtesy phone

      • CL

        Can I interest you in an Eric Bieniemy?

  87. Peter

    This is the most give up since Jim mora was running hills in issaquah

  88. Bmseattle

    Defens has been soft, per usual…
    But wtf happened to our offense today?
    Walker ran hard, but…13 points?

    • Peter

      Seriously. A little over 100 yards in the air

  89. Scot Alexander

    Well I definitely didn’t see the fake field goal coming. Well played by AZ.
    We played as expected.

  90. Whit21

    Devin bush needs to shut up.. looked like a block in the back.. but that was so weak of an attempt on 4th down..

    Bobby was right to get into his face after 3rd down..

  91. Big Mike

    How Seahawks would it be for them to come back win the game and overtime and give Carroll an excuse to say we’re getting this thing turned around because Prater missed a gimme field goal

    • nfendall

      I hope they go for 2 if the get a TD. No need to go into OT with nothing on the line anymore.

    • Gross MaToast

      I’ll tell you what, this is a team you would NOT want to face in the playoffs. They are so close to getting this thing figured out.

  92. Scot Alexander

    Stupid AZ could have sealed the win and us with a better pick.

  93. Sea Mode

    Dang it, he missed.

    • Scot Alexander

      Yep, now watch up end up winning to drop in draft. Brutal

  94. Big Mike

    And there was the best part of this entire game, a Rush song leading to commercial

  95. Palatypus

    Here are some ideas for a new site logo done with AI. “The Rotisserie” instead of “The Rebuild.”

  96. Bmseattle

    Ah…*now* we play with some urgency…when nothing good can result from it.

    If we drop 2 draft spots because we somehow win this game, its going to be infuriating.

    • Palatypus

      Well, the Raiders are making our 3rd round pick better.

    • Big Mike

      Have faith in the seahawk defense to fail one more time this year

    • seaspunj

      this season sucks

      cmon Cards make a solid drive

      it could be worse …

      reminds me of missing out on Bledsoe when Seahawks got Mirer

  97. Big Mike

    Come on Cardinals now you got plenty of time all you need is a field goal

  98. Kyle R

    This is how I want it to be. I want the defense to give it up on a AZ game winning drive.

  99. Scot Alexander

    Absthe worst thing that could happen. Fricking AZ kicker. So much for the #14 pick

  100. AlaskaHawk

    The Seahawks are balling now? lol Yes fight on Hawks!

    • Bmseattle

      Yes…suddenly we want it more.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It must be fate. We deserve Pete Carroll and he deserves this team.

  101. Sea Mode


  102. Jon W.

    Fear not Hawk faithful! Our non-existent D will blow it for sure. Game winning Kyler drive to come.

  103. Big Mike

    Come on Prater don’t fuck this up again

  104. Sea Mode

    Yes, Seattle defense. Just keep being yourself…

  105. Palatypus

    Daryll Taylor is icing the passer.

  106. AlaskaHawk

    The final humiliation of having the Green Bay Packers declared winners in your own stadium while you play for nothing.

    • Whit21

      Or when we lose.. the other teams chooses to lose even harder

  107. seaspunj

    literally down to the last second

    too funny

    • seaspunj

      what a joke

      so pissed we lost draft position

      • IHeartTacoma

        Don’t worry, that Big-12 linebacker John wants will still be there.

  108. nfendall

    No fucking way.

  109. Big Mike


  110. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Crap. Can’t even lose well

    • Whit21

      Or when we lose.. the other teams chooses to lose even harder

  111. Kyle R

    Goddamn it!! F*ck off Prater! The Seahawks defense did it’s job Prater you didn’t do yours!

  112. AlaskaHawk

    Hooray I guess.

  113. Sea Mode

    Unbelievable. I’m out.

  114. Palatypus

    Rob’s gonna need a whole bottle of wine.

  115. Scot Alexander

    Absolutely brutal.
    Worse pick and Geno get 2M more.

    • cha

      He doesn’t. They had to make the playoffs.

  116. Trevor

    I bet against the Hawks for the first time in my life and true to form Prater misses two field goals in the last 2 minutes to lock up the win.

    Perhaps my most frustrating season ever as a Hawks fan.

  117. Bmseattle

    Just perfect.
    This team.

  118. Hawkster

    Just one piece away

  119. Jon W.

    Hello Jody,

    Please end this nightmare and fire Pete.

    Best regards,

    Every Seahawk fan on the planet

  120. BoiseSeahawk

    I could not imagine a more mediocre way to end the season. Another ‘winning’ record added to Pete’s resume

  121. McZ

    Looking forward to the joyful face of Pete Carroll telling us all week on every channel how great this team fought back, how they improved everything to win, how they turned around every stone, how Geno is a superstar, how good Bobby is, that he expects a healthy Jamal to come back, that they will sort our the problems. And Seattle Media willfully swallowing the s*** cocktail. Next season anything will get better. QBotF, he’ll tell Jody.

    This squad just gave 468 yd of offense to a rebuilding 4-13 team without a single decent WR.

    Call me out. Last weeks shitshow was the last straw.

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