Report: Seahawks ‘evaluating future after season’

According to the NFL Network reporters Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero, Pete Carroll’s contract does not run until the end of the 2025 season as initially reported. There is an option for 2025 and the deal technically is only guaranteed to last until the end of next season.

Rapoport & Pelissero say the situation will be evaluated when the season ends:

The Seahawks always are evaluating and updating contingency plans in the event longtime coach Pete Carroll, now 72 years old, decides to walk away.

Seahawks chair Jody Allen usually meets with Carroll and general manager John Schneider in the days after the season concludes — which could be extended by a playoff run, with a win Sunday over the Cardinals plus a Packers loss to the Bears gets Seattle in — any decisions will wait until then.

It’s possible the NFL Network duo have included this to hedge their bets, given the renewed talk of Carroll possibly walking away a few weeks ago. Or, it could just be a growing feeling within the league that it could happen.

Either way, it’s interesting that it’s being brought up — with a clarification on Carroll’s contract — rather than just being assumed that the status quo will remain.

It might also be reassuring to some fans that the Seahawks are ‘always updating contingency plans’ if a change is to be made. They’ve given this some thought, that implies — and are prepared.

One thing to note is teams are not permitted to do interviews with coaches in the same way this year. Teams seeking to interview coaches currently employed by another club are now prohibited from conducting in-person interviews with those candidates until after the divisional round of the playoffs.

This buys every team a bit of time. If you can’t start interviewing candidates for two weeks after the regular season, you don’t have to rush decisions the day after your season ends. If Carroll walks and the Seahawks wanted to speak to — for example — Ben Johnson, Bob Slowik, Dan Quinn or Mike McDonald — they wouldn’t be able to until after the divisional round at the earliest.

So there’s plenty of time for talking this out if Seattle’s season ends tonight.


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  3. Sea Mode

    Interesting timing of the report, right before the game tonight. Could it be a “miss the playoffs and you’re gone” type scenario from ownership?

    Did they (and JS?) have the insiders put this out there now to prepare fans a bit for moving on? I can’t think of any other motive considering the timing.

    Interesting however that it is carefully worded that it would be in case PC decides to walk away, not the team deciding to move on…

  4. Sultan

    I wonder how much the Cardinals game will impact Carroll’s decision. Either way, watching the Texans last night with Slowik as their OC made me feel jealous of their team. Young QB with an offensive minded HC should be Seattle’s goal for next season.

    Comment section looks better too!

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        I’m excited to get this game out of the way

        • BK26

          Me too. And I hate that feeling. I hate that that is what this team has made me feel.

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  8. Peter

    Very weird indeed to be floating this idea if it is indeed a float of some sort.

    Much has been made of a supposed but unsubstantiated timeline for a rebuild. Pete and the always compete of it all makes you wonder if he will really want to try and yet again flip an entire roster for 2024.

    If you’re a newer fan cheers! I will never chastise someone for when they necome fans but on a long enough timeline nearly all coaches stall then fail. Holmgren, Reid as notable examples. If Pete knows more about football than myself and I’m sure he does then he should sense it is in the stalling stage. Short of drafting a Lamar level talent at literally the qb position and nowhere else this April what are the series of moves you can make against 31 other teams to be truly relevant again?

    If either side if the ball had improved this would be a different conversation. The defense has basically given up. The offense is nine spots lower on scoring than last year.

    • 805Hawk

      The only way a team should keep the status quo is if they are either a contender or are trending in the upward direction. If you are stagnant or trending down, it’s time for changes.

      • Big Mike


  9. Ryan Anderson

    Love the new look at layout! I too have followed your site since the early days. In a weird way I will miss the original Manziel and Clowney backdrop haha.

    Just like your website, I’m hoping too for a fresh start in Seattle! New regime (although keeping John Schneider), new in the trenches focus, and new identity all together. We should be the ones setting the tone of a game! Totally agree with your last video too, this team doesn’t have me excited on Sunday’s anymore. I’m just waiting to be let down by being out coached, out schemed, out tackled, and just out played. Love Pete, but it’s (been the last 3 years) time to go.

    As always GO HAWKS!

    • Peter

      As long as Pete, John, and Dan Quinn are not all standing at the podium together.

  10. Ashish

    What timing for new look. Hopefully seahawks new chapter begins with Bang. New looks great some feedback from designers is worth trying.

    • Peter

      Been feeling a certain sense of serendipity and timeliness about the blog changes as well.

  11. D

    there would be a certain poetry about Oetes last game being in Glendale, considering the history he and we have with that awful place!

  12. Group Captain Mandrake

    Interesting article on B/R. Sounds like Penix’ draft position is pretty wide ranging. I will be interesting to see where he goes:

    Also, love the site on my phone. Two comments about it.

    1) can comments be moved to the bottom rather than at the top? Eliminates having to scroll back up.

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  13. Anonymous

    Rob it looks awesome!

    I think there is almost zero chance Pete doesn’t coach one more year. The bad part is it handcuffs their draft approach. Let’s say John has hisbQB in round one. Pete will not allow it because he knows he has one year left and he always thinks he’s just a player away. It’s really shitty situation and stifles them and their process.

    I’m dead against a Pete guy like Quinn especially if Pete is in the front office. We don’t need a guy who Pete feels like he can control to run his “vision” because the team needs a fresh set of ideas.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d say clearly there’s more than ‘zero’ chance otherwise major media types wouldn’t be talking about it

  14. Robert Las Vegas

    Excellent work Rob outstanding

  15. Peter

    Cha ( did not,) ask me to do a game watch point so here goes:

    Tackle. And keep the Cardinals to less than 36:15 seconds on time of possession.

    Against the last three common opponents: eagles, stealers, niners AZ has ran for 605 yards. Or 201 and change a game. They have also held those opponents to 121 yards in the ground in that time. 121 yards may not seem awesome because it’s not but…..

    Seattle on offense has averaged 71 yards on the ground to those opponents. And conceded a whopping 176 on the ground to them.

  16. Rob Staton

    I’ve tried to sort a link to comments at the bottom of each post but it’s not accessible in the basic editor of the theme. I’m going to go in the support forum to see if there’s a solution. I suspect it will need coding.

  17. Cysco

    Was just imagining Pete sitting on the beach as the sun is setting. In the chair next to him is the original SDB website.

    Pete looks over with a peaceful smile and says, “It’s been a hell of a run old friend, but all good things must come to an end. It’s time.”

    The website nods in a knowing acknowledgement. The camera fades to black.

    The End.

    • Rob Staton


      I almost shed a tear

    • bmseattle

      Actually, it’s more likely that Pete will say… “SDB feels *just* like it did, back in 2011!”

    • BK26

      Then after a pause, he turns back to the website:

      “Did I ever tell you the story of how good Bobby Wagner is?”

      Website’s response while wearing a Johnny Manziel jersey: “Yes, but tell it again.”

  18. Big Mike

    This is most interesting because of the fact that it is an option for the year 2025. Considering that she let Stotts go in Portland with 1 year left plus the option year gives me hope that she would do the same with Carroll.
    I am openly rooting for a loss today and if that makes me a bad seahawk fan and some people’s eyes I don’t care. This franchise is stale and this head coach/President of football operations needs to go. The franchise needs new blood and has for some time. Last week’s defensive “effort” underscored that to the max. It was an utter embarrassment.
    My hopes are sky high and that is dangerous.

    • Peter

      Big Mike 💯

      I do not give a crap about real fan, fake fan dynamics.

      Two years running to have it come down to the same team not in our division and another team carrying our water for us, I’m out. This team is objectively not good in anything besides our punter’s overall yards.

      Get me to 8-9 and let’s all be grownups about moving forward.

    • Rob Staton

      Great point on Stotts

    • Sten

      Can we get a keys to a loss game writeup from Cha this time around? All of this years wins have felt somewhat empty except for maybe the lions game since it was so early in the year.

      • Troy

        This game plan would be exactly how the Seahawks have played for most of the year. Don’t tackle, don’t stop the run, get hammered in time of possession, poor on 3rd downs. Keep things close when it feels like it should’ve been a blowout loss.

    • Whit21

      I predicted a seahawk loss.. but also kinda hope they do lose and packers win..

      I would much rather have the draft spot and it be more clear to jody allen on what she needs to do.

      I was the one after the philly win that i wanted hawks to lose all 3 remaining games.. so, if im not a bad fan.. youre not.. but i might be.. /squints*eyes

  19. Palatypus

    I might be alone in thinking this, but I liked the blue background with white lettering better, at least on my phone. With diabetes my blood sugar level affects my vision and bright white light can be annoying.

    • Rob Staton

      I liked that better too — sadly it’s not an option with this theme

      • Palatypus

        It is a very minor quibble. This theme looks great.

  20. Big Mike

    Glazer has Carroll in the “on the bubble” category on today’s pre-game. Said it’s cuz of his age with no mention of job performance or owner/fan unhappiness unfortunately.

    • Big Mike

      And in the “time will tell” category as well (along with Vrabel

    • BK26

      Damn, if Glazer says it, someone reputable has given him the idea. I think he knows everything but only lets out what his sources let him.

    • Whit21

      I think all these insiders must have heard something recently.. before this weekend, i didnt hear anyone mention pete carroll.. now they are before Sunday gametime..

  21. BobbyK

    It’s time, Pete. It’s time.

  22. Blitzy the Clown

    Considering Seattle’s obvious roster/personnel advantage, I think today’s outcome reduces down to each Seahawk’s individual, and the team’s collective, desire to perform.

    Last week the defense “quiet quit” on Carroll. Lame tackle attempts and lots of spectating. Will they mail in the same dreary showing today? On defense in particular, even if they give their best effort, do they have the ability to stop the Cards’ RBs, especially in the 2nd half?

    One thing became quite clear after last week’s loss: this isn’t Carroll’s locker room anymore.

    The timing of this new smoke around Carroll’s future can’t be coincidental. And it confirms what we’re all seeing about the state of the franchise.

    • Easy Answers Hard Choices

      BTC you nailed it. PC has spent most of the last month blaming everyone but himself for the team’s demise. Last week rationalizing the team’s downward trajectory. Lamented the fact that they don’t have Marshawn Lynch type running backs. Blames Jason Myers for onside kick (he can’t reach the endzone on kickoffs) and Myers’ kicks create a touchback on > 60% of his kicks. The odds of recovering an onside kick are somewhere in 10-15% range. The REAL issue of course is his ridiculous challenge that cost in 3rd quarter, leaving them with only two timeouts and none of the slobbering sycohpants in the Seattle press called him on this (George Wendt could have made this call from his barca lounger through a haze of cheeto dust).

      Everyone the locker room knows that PC has quit on this team. And today – with a potential playoff spot on the line – the team will quit on him.

      Cardinals 34-10

  23. Travis

    New layout looks great Rob, much better on mobile. As for Pete who the hell knows, it was time for him to leave after the Dallas playoff game. Hopefully Jody can see how much the team has quit on Pete and how the fanbase is turning on him but I have my doubts

  24. Parallax

    I am openly and apologetically rooting for a loss today. I’ve never felt this more strongly than I do now. I don’t care what others think; I know it comes from a place of care for this team. Just as I might force a 25 year old child who doesn’t want to work or go to school that it’s time to move out. I see it as a kind of tough love. Time to halt the dopamine drip that lets a significant part of the fan base remain content.

    Must also say I’m shocked by the comments over at Fieldgulls. They’re split for sure but close to half (maybe more) are cowering in fear over what may come next. Again and again, people say “It could be worse”. I so don’t get that mindset. Sure, we might lose more games. I’m fine with that if there’s also a possibility we might improve. Sure, it might not happen all at once. Maybe we need some years at the bottom to load up on talent in the draft (as did the 49ers). Maybe we miss on a coach and need to try again. Maybe we miss on a QB and need to try again. Great, try again and keep trying.

    We know that we’re not going anywhere with our worn out, stubborn, egotistical and clueless head coach, a guy who no decent assistant is going to sign up with. There may as well be a huge neon sign flashing over Lumen Field stating, “IT’S BEYOND TIME TO MOVE ON!” Hard to understand those who can’t see it.

    To Pete Carroll, I say, rather pointedly, “How can I miss you if you won’t leave? So fuck off already. We’ll send an invitation in a few years to commemorate your greatness, when enough of the bad taste of these last several seasons is out of our mouths. Maybe we’ll let you hoist the flag. Until then, you’re not welcome in the building so turn in your key and your badge, pack up your toys and your trophies in this box, and security will escort you out.”

    • Parallax

      Did I say something about needing an edit key? It’s particularly necessary for old farts like me who write prolifically but never take the time to proofread. Still haven’t proofread other than to notice that my first sentence should have included the word “unapologetically”, in case that’s not obvious.

  25. Travis

    I don’t understand the fear of getting a new coaching hire wrong. If it’s a bad hire, then they can fire him after a year or two. It’s worse to be stuck in the not good but not bad spot that Pete has Seattle in than it is to be just crappy and picking top 5

    • Rob Staton


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