Instant reaction live stream: Season over


  1. Denver Hawker

    Way to trade back from 14 to 16

    • BK26

      Is that how far we fell?


  2. RomeoA57

    Damn Cardinals Kicker screwed up our Draft Position

  3. BA

    Can’t wait for Pete to insult our intelligence as usual and label this season a resounding success all because Prater missed two makeable FG’s and because of one win over a free-falling Eagles team. After all, we were one unlucky bounce from being SB frontrunners. Can’t wait to cycle out coordinators, run it back next season, and once again finish 30th in run defense while winning 8 games.

  4. Joseph

    I believe Prater just saved Pete’s job. Thanks a lot Prater! 😡

  5. geoff u

    Horray another loser winning season. Always compete at being mediocre.

    • Malc from PO

      Agreed, what a depressing outcome. Dreadful performance for 58 minutes but somehow we’ll take the last 2 minutes and 2 missed field goals as a manifesto for being on the right track.

  6. Chris

    The instant Green Bay won and the game no longer mattered, I knew the Seahawks would win.

    Wasn’t a doubt in my mind.

    • Malc from PO

      Same here, never any doubt that we were winning and then building a manifesto for next year on 2 minutes and 2 missed kicks.

  7. James Cr.

    Thanks Prater you bum!

  8. Peter

    I am dying.

    I has to run a tiny errand in town and if course a meaningless win in the final minutes.

  9. KitsapHawk

    Way to grab your crotch and diddle yourself on TV after a weak effort barely eclipsing a bad team and missing the playoffs, Riq. This team needs an attitude change.

    • 805Hawk

      I caught that but I thought it was Devon Bush.

      • Marc Edge

        I caught that but I thought it was Devon Witherspoon.

        • Gary

          I watched it back three times because I was so hoping it wasn’t Devon Witherspoon. Confirmed it was #27, another class act that’s been spending too much time under the mentorship of Adams and Diggs.

  10. Eric

    Worst possible end to a frustrating year. Felt like constipation and hemorrhoids.

    • Parallax

      Best post of the thread. The games over, the season’s over — and I feel sick.

    • Palatypus

      Those are called Terroroids.

  11. BobbyK

    This is probably one of the worst teams with a winning record I’ve ever seen. The defense is an utter embarrassment. There’s weapons on offense. It really sucks not having that 2nd round pick (or being shorthanded with the lack of 5th rounder in ’25). My biggest fear is that the Seahawks run it back with mediocre Pete another year. That would be so demoralizing.

    • BA

      I feel like we’re in Groundhog Day at this point. Pete will just keep returning and winning no less than 8 and no more than 9 games every year for another two decades.

  12. Pran

    Did Cards really miss 2 FGs on purpose to screw us with Pete for one more year?

    • Parallax

      Winning through losing. Plus they move way up in the draft. If I were a Cards fan, I’d be delighted.

    • Elmer

      The kicker probably got bonus.

  13. Lord Snow

    This is what I hate about Pete the most. Whatever karma is out there it always ends this way. Meaningless game. He wins it. The Seahawks once again play down to their competition. And he can go to Jodi and say we were in it to the end sign me to the forever contract because I am a win forever guy. And you have nobody else to turn to because I am the king of Seattle football. Rah rah for me just go ask Dave Wyman

    • Pran

      Dave is convinced Geno and Pete as the com o for next few years after this win.

      • Parallax

        Say what?

  14. LeviHarris

    This Seahawks team isn’t in too much different than the team Carroll and Schneider inherited (though the skill positions on offense are better). That’s how far they have run this franchise into the ground. This defense is a disaster. It’s so pathetic. From a defensive coach.

    What Carroll and Schneider did when they took over was build for the future. They did it the right way.

    If these stooges continue together next year, we’re going to get stuck with another year of wasted cap space, throwing future draft picks away, etc.

    When Carroll and Schneider took over, they were gifted a pair of 1st round picks (and their 2nd round pick). What they are potentially leaving new people with is depleted draft stock.

    I guess Pete and John have completed the full circle! They made me so happy a decade ago and they have become what they despised/inherited.

  15. Jon W.

    Once again we were punished in TOP and our “defense” gave up 200+ rushing yards.

    Bullied week after week. Zero physicality on D with the exception of Williams and Witherspoon.

    Opponents regularly punch us in the face and we have no answer.

    Clint Hurtt is the worst DC in NFL history.

    Holy shit this repetitive nightmare is getting old.

    Jody please give us a fresh start.

    • BobbyK

      Bullied week after week.

      True story.

  16. Peter

    3 playoff wins in 9 years….

    0 in the last 4….

    It’s time for anything else.

  17. AndrewMR

    The lack of preparation on that fake field goal was frustrating. In the LOB era teams would line up for a fake and the defense/special teams were so prepared. I recall multiple times the announcers commented on how prepared we looked. The good ol’ days

  18. Anthony

    So concerning that no change will happen. Pete looks as content as ever

    • Sean

      What a dismal game. It was a battle of two terrible defenses. This is the least I’ve ever enjoyed a Seahawks win, ever.

      The only thing that was positive was seeing Bobby telling Bush to stop gloating over injuring someone. Actually, I guess that is not really a positive if you have that behavior occuring in the first place. I’m truly sick of watching bad players acting tough after the whistle and look like they are afraid to tackle during the play. Sadly, this is what Pete’s vaunted culture has become. It is decadent and rotten. His philosophy of individual empowerment has somehow led to this.

      I am ready for the end of the Carroll era and his toxic optimism.

  19. Huggie Hawk

    I’m glad we won! I could give a Hawk over the 2 draft spots. This forum has become toxic. I hope Pete rides off into the sunset, but I fear our main weak link right now is ownership.

    • KitsapHawk

      I can’t imagine anyone here berating you for being happy with the win. THAT would be toxic. Thinking that the better draft position from a loss would mean more in the long run than finishing 9-8 has nothing to do with toxicity, or even negativity.

    • James Z

      Of course you’re don’t give a ‘Hawk'(WTF!) about 2 draft spots, you’re not a G.M.

    • BK26

      In the words of Curly Bill Brocious:


    • Scott

      Thank you! If this was Pete caroll’s last game I’m stoked it was a win. If it was Tyler lockett’s last game I couldn’t imagine a better way to go out then a game winning td and 2 point conversion. I’m thrilled Bobby Wagner set the tackle mark for the NFL in his likely last game. These are Seahawks legends and it’s great they went out winners.

  20. Joseph

    With this win you got the delusional Pete apologists believing we’re still in rebuild and 2024 is gonna be even better. Good god you can’t make this shit up.

  21. Mick

    So can we do #16, a third this year, a first next year for #1 with Chicago? They kind of owe us and I’d love us to finally make splashing move and get the best QB in the draft.

    • Big Mike

      It would take more than that imo.

    • Sean

      That probably won’t be enough.

    • Parallax

      I could totally see Pete and John trading #16 and our next two firsts to move up, though I hope they don’t. Quarterbacks are so hard to project to the NFL. Williams has some great skills but I’m not confident he’ll be better than whoever falls to us at #16. I’m all for taking someone in the first round but I’m not in favor of mortgaging the future to move up.

    • RomeoA57

      That is not nearly enough to move up 15 spots from #16 to #1. I would guess you would start with #16 2024, 3rd Round 2024, 1st Round 2025, 2nd Round 2025 and also some quality players from the Seahawks (Like maybe one or two from (DK, Cross, JSN, Woolen, Mafe, etc.). I am not necessarily against doing this, but it would be very painful to get the Bears to move off of the next “Generational” QB. You would trash your draft stock for 2 years. Have to be damn certain that Williams is as good as Burrow or Mahomes to do this deal and throw out a lot of draft picks.

  22. Travis

    If Pete is brought back next year I will be done watching this team. I’m tired of seeing the same problems season after season.

    • Hawks4life

      Agreed I could hardly watch this season.

    • LeviHarris

      But next year will be different. Trust Pete!

      Maybe next offseason we can go in with all of our draft picks traded away in 2025 with no playoff wins to show for it!

  23. Tim

    Victory Cigars – I think it’s a rather good idea, a good thing that they are doing this. Why? Because the last thing they need is major morale issues next year.

    YES, clean house. YES, new coaching. YES, YES, YES.

    But for the chance of getting Leonard Williams to re-sign: this could help. For the chance of Boye Mafe making another step, sure.

    I wanted the team to lose but to not feel like shit about themselves. I wish Prater had not missed. But I do not want to see the team to sink.

    So, that’s my idea. It might have been the right move. So long as management doesn’t join in.

    • Tim

      You know….

      I did hear another piece of culture ideas that refutes my comments. KJ, and ‘protect the team’.

      There’s an argument against my own post.

  24. 6x2 Stack Monster

    I keep thinking back to when Pete/John first got here and the narrative that came out of Renton. Roster churn, establishing a defensive mentality esp. about stopping the run with guys like Red Bryant playing the jumbo DE and bringing in Lawyer Malloy who called out DE Lawerence what’s his name from USC for being soft. Cutting Lendale White. Felt like a true meritocracy….Doug Baldwin, and Sherm earning playing time as rookies….it truly was Always ComPETE. Pete got away from this and fell into thinking that the big trade or vets on downside of career will put us over the top.

  25. 12th chuck

    refs missed a pretty blatant targeting/unnecessary roughness on that last play for the bills…. makes you wonder what the betting lines are on this game., I really hope the pay per view in the NFL FAILS

    • Palatypus

      And in the Bears game against Justin Fields.

  26. PatrickH

    In the post-game press conference, someone asked Pete if he wants to coach the Seahawks next season and Pete said yes. Then someone asked if he expects to be the Seahawks HC next season, and the answer was “at this point I do”.

    • Palatypus

      Al Jazeera reporter: Does Saddam Hussein want to rule Iraq next year?

      Bagdad Bob: Yes, he does.

      (Abrams tank, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, fuel truck, and a platoon of Army Rangers go by in the background.)

      Al Jazeera reporter: Does Saddam expect to rule Iraq next season?

      Bagdad Bod: At this point he does.

      (Hellfire missile strike from AH–64 Longbows explode in the distance.)

  27. Odium

    Sergeant Major Nonsense. Lmao

  28. BobbyK

    To give you a better idea how outclassed this 9-8 team was/is…

    The Seahawks were outscored by 38 points this season.

    • Big Mike

      Says it all

  29. Zane

    I for one am thrilled with this glorious victory (has nothing to do with the fact that I had a $1k bet on the over for 8.5 wins 😄)

  30. Ben

    On the potential coaching search side- is Jim Harbaugh not a hilariously great potential hire?

    Great coach.
    Opposite temperament of Pete except just as competitive.
    Coming out of CFB with shady allegations.
    Went from Pros where they were done dirty by ownership/FO, back to college to success, and then back to the pros for a second stint.
    The Pete/Jim rivalry
    The 49ers/Seahawks rivalry

    Is the Chargers job that good? I’m sure he’ll be hired before any Pete decision is made, but I think he’d be a lovable ornery HC. In retrospect he was awesome in SF.

    • BK26

      I’d rather have a new, first time offensive coach. Harbough will just be too hard to root for or even like.

      • Ben

        LOTS of folks said it about Carroll.

        Really a college coach who couldn’t hack it at the pro level?

        A cheater?

        I can’t stand USC.

        Pompous, arrogant, players coach?

        New is great. But Harbaugh has plenty of story left to write. Id take it.

  31. Gaux Hawks

    Pete wouldn’t have to worry about saving his reputation on the Adams trade if he’s not the HC cutting an overpriced safety… just a happy thought.

    Also, feels like Lockett had a good final two catches in the NFL… just a sad thought.

    Looking forward to draft season, especially with these new SDB digs… cheers!

  32. samprassultanofswat

    Bad news: Just listening to Pete Carroll. Doesn’t sound like he wants to quit.

    • Tomas

      Anyone else elated to learn that Pete’s only signed through 2024, NOT 2025 as previously believed? I feel this is major good news, at least potentially.

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