Day two of the draft primer — Seattle set to pick at #34

This could be pretty straight forward.

How much time did we spend discussing Obi Melifonwu and Kevin King?

Highly athletic players enter the league every year — but hardly any combine size, length, quickness and explosion like Melifonwu and King.

In terms of pure upside and ceiling, both players are off the charts.

Let’s recap why they stand out so much.

Since 2010, only four CB’s have run a sub-4.00 short shuttle and measured with 32 inch arms (Seattle’s apparent cut-off):

2017 — Kevin King (3.89)
2016 — DeAndre Elliott (3.94)
2015 — Byron Jones (3.94), Tye Smith (3.96)
2010-2014 — No qualifiers

The Seahawks drafted Tye Smith and signed DeAndre Elliott as an undrafted free agent. They might’ve taken Byron Jones had they not traded their 2015 first rounder to New Orleans for Jimmy Graham.

Look at how King compares to the rest of the defensive back class in the short shuttle:

Kevin King — 3.89
Quincy Wilson — 4.02
Budda Baker — 4.08
Obi Melifonwu — 4.09
Fabian Moreau — 4.12
Jamal Adams — 4.13
Ahkello Witherspoon — 4.13
Chidobe Awuzie — 4.14
Shaq Griffin — 4.14
Gareon Conley — 4.18
Shalom Luani — 4.21
Rasul Douglas — 4.26
Sidney Jones — 4.28
Cordrea Tankersley — 4.32
Tre’Davious White — 4.32

The fact King is able to express this level of short area quickness at 6-3 and 200lbs is quite unnatural. Then you throw in a 39.5 inch vertical, a special 6.56 three-cone and a 4.43 forty yard dash and he’s pretty much the ideal ball of clay to mould at the cornerback position.

Furthermore, before the draft we highlighted the issue of wingspan within this class. The Seahawks haven’t drafted a cornerback in the Carroll era with a sub-77.5 inch wingspan. Despite all the hype around this group, only six cornerbacks had the kind of length Seattle has tended to favour:

Kevin King — 32 (arms) 77 7/8 (wingspan)
Ahkello Witherspoon — 33 (arms) 79 3/8 (wingspan)
Marquez White — 32 1/8 (arms) 77 3/8 (wingspan)
Treston Decoud — 33 (arms) 77 1/4 (wingspan)
Brian Allen — 34 (arms) 78.5 (wingspan)
Michael Davis — 32 1/4 (arms) 77.5 (wingspan)

The Seahawks haven’t drafted a cornerback earlier than the fourth round since 2010. If they were ever going to buck this trend, it’d need to be for a very special athletic profile.

That is what King possesses.

Obi Melifonwu could also be considered in the same way. Some teams will think about trying him at cornerback. And if you view him as a corner, his numbers also match-up to Seattle’s apparent desires:

Height: 6-4
Weight: 224
Arms: 32.5
Wingspan: 79 1/4
Forty: 4.40
Vertical: 44
Broad: 11-9
Short shuttle: 4.09
Three-cone: 7.05

He has the arm length and wingspan, the explosive broad jump, the fantastic forty yard dash and the short-area quickness.

And who can forget Carroll and Schneider’s reaction to his forty yard dash at the combine:

They could try him at corner, at big nickel, as a hedge for the future at strong safety.

Is he a fit for the Seahawks’ mentality on defense? According to PFF, he finished 2016 ninth in run-stop percentage and 17th in tackling efficiency among safety’s.

John Schneider said they didn’t lose anyone they wanted moving from #26 to #34.

This all could be very predictable for the Seahawks today.

That said, while there’s plenty of evidence to suggest they will look very closely at King or Melifonwu, there are other names to monitor too.

You’ll notice how high Quincy Wilson is on the list of those short shuttle times above. He doesn’t have the wingspan or the broad jump they’ve typically drafted before — but there’s something about his style of play and attitude that says ‘Seahawks’. He might also be in a better position than King and Melifonwu to have a relatively quick impact in 2016.

It’s very easy to imagine the Seahawks liking Wilson a lot.

Jourdan Lewis isn’t big but his tape is really good and he’s gritty working in the slot. Chidobe Awuzie is still available — a player with tremendous versatility to play the slot and drop back into a cover-2. Budda Baker can act in a similar role.

There are so many good defensive back options available — they might be tempted to move down again.

Two big name offensive linemen in Forrest Lamp and Cam Robinson remain on the board. It’ll be interesting to see where they’re drafted today. Not that long ago Daniel Jeremiah was tipping both to go in the top-20. Are they falling for legit reasons or will the Seahawks see an opportunity to get some value here? For me both players are in the 30-45 range in terms of talent in this class and I highlighted that in my big board. Lamp is the most explosive O-liner in the draft according to TEF.

We’re also at the point now where value comes in to play. Marcus Maye, Zay Jones, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Dalvin Cook and others could be attractive.

The D-line also provides plenty of possible options including Malik McDowell, Demarcus Walker, Tyus Bowser, Daeshon Hall, Chris Wormley and Tim Williams.

We’ll see whether Seattle’s priority is to go for value, to replenish the Legion of Boom, add to the pass rush or find another O-liner.

And with four picks in round three, plus an early fourth rounder acquired from San Francisco, it seems increasingly likely they will move back into the top-50 to get another one of the names above — making for a high-value, very productive start to the draft for the Seahawks.

Green Bay will impact things at #33. They too are very much in the market for cornerbacks.

It’s been said many times over the last few weeks — the grades at pick #22-30 are going to be very similar to the grades at pick #40. If you want value in this draft, you want to be picking where the Seahawks are today with the ammunition to move up and be aggressive.

This should be a lot of fun.

Seattle’s remaining picks

Round 2 | No. 34 overall
Round 2 | No. 58 overall
Round 3 | No. 90 overall
Round 3 | No. 95 overall
Round 3 | No. 102 overall
Round 3 | No. 106 overall
Round 4 | No. 111 overall
Round 6 | No. 210 overall
Round 7 | No. 226 overall
Round 7 | No. 249 overall


  1. Drew

    what would it take to move up to the 40-50 range without using pick #58 to move up?

    I’d love to see 1 more small trade down, then use all those additional picks to move up into the middle of round 2 without using pick #58, so we can pick 3 times in the 2nd, and hopefully at least twice in the 3rd after the trade up.

    • C-Dog

      I think 58 and 90 would get it done.

    • Sea Mode

      +1. Do it without 58.

      • Drew

        That’s what I want to know, let’s keep 58. Or heck, use 58 and 90 to move up and then use 2 3rds to move back into the end of round 2. Some similar kind of scenario

        • Sea Mode

          Done! Posted mock below.

        • Redhawk87

          Unfortunately, every team in that range already has at least 7 picks. Don’t be surprised if CHI trades back to WAS to grab 49, 114, and 154 though… They need more draft capital and WAS has as many as we do.

          Without 58 or 90, to trade into the mid 40s (at #44 with Buffalo):
          #95, #102, #106, #111 to BUFF for #44 and #163

          If we wanted to simply sneak in to 50 though, trading with TB, it would cost us #95, #102, and #106.

          Resulting picks:
          1. 34, 44, 58, 90, 210, 226, 249
          2. 34, 50, 58, 90, 111, 210, 226, 249

          To put into perspective the value of our current picks, our picks 90, 95, 102, 106, and 111 are approximately worth picks 56 and 57.

    • Lewis

      I think they use one third to move up in rd 2, another to drop back into 4, nabbing a 5 in the process, and pick twice in the 3rd.

  2. Darth12er

    Any idea who the Packers will draft ahead of the Hawks?

    • EP

      Could be King or they may go Kamara/Cook. Could even go Lamp or Robinson, their interior Oline is looking relatively weak after T.J Lang departure.

      • Darth12er

        King and Lamp were my first thought also. Cook though, that would be a great pickup for them

        • Drew

          Lamp makes the most sense. They can get a good CB later, really good OL, not so much.

      • nichansen01

        Lamp would make sense, as would Robinson. I think Cook will continue to fall a bit.

      • Sea Mode

        Said it below, but I don’t think the Packers take Lamp. While it would certainly make sense to fill in for TJ Lang, if he were their guy I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have traded back and risked us grabbing him when we were still at 31.

        Reports say they are taking calls for that pick, and my gut says they want Kamara. But they might be able to trade down a few spots, say with the Jets or Arizona who might move up in front of Jaxonville for Kizer or Webb, and still get Kamara (or Cook/Mixon if they are ok with them).

    • C-Dog

      My hunch might be Lamb, or Cook.

    • Steve Nelsen

      They have been linked to Kamara who they can get a bit further back. I think they trade the pick to one of the teams looking for a QB

    • CD

      I am guessing they (Packers) make a trade and go back, teams have been looking at the board all night. I assume at least 3-4 teams are saying we have to go get x guy and will give up more than they should to get to 33, heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hawks move back to 37-38 if the Pack hold firm and pick someone at 33.

    • Ukhawk

      I think the Pack go CB if they stay there

      More likely they trade down again to someone who wants a QB and take a RB

  3. Deryck

    Great write up, really looking forward to seeing how this shakes out.

    I’m hoping for Lamp at #34 and then moving back up to grab a DB or Zay Jones or D Line. Tons of options available for the Hawks.

  4. BobbyK

    With so many DBs in this class, I wouldn’t mind them moving down and picking up an extra third round pick next year. Really, at this point, who cares who we get of Obi, King, Awuzie, Baker… as long as we get one – and if we can get a future pick for next year – that’s icing on the cake. We all know teams are built through the draft, so go ahead and add to next years draft, too (since so many great DBs are still within range of us).

    • AndrewP

      I have been thinking for a while this would be their goal of the draft fell the way it did last night.

  5. Overtime

    John Schneider said they had other opportunities to trade back when they traded with Atlanta but they would require the Hawks to trade back too far. Therefore, I think they use the pick at #34. I see it being either King, Obi or Malik McDowell. I think McDowell goes quickly. The other two might be available a few picks later. We need to package #58 with #106 and move up to #50 for a CB.

    The Packers lost their interior blockers and will be happy to pick Forest Lamp. The Rams need Lamp or Robinson, too. The Jags and Bears probably want McDowell. The Hawks should get offers to move back from #34 if they want to pass on McDowell.

    • Sea Mode

      I don’t think the Packers take Lamp. While it would certainly make sense to fill in for TJ Lang, if he were their guy I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have traded back and risked us grabbing him when we were still at 31.

      Reports say they are taking calls for that pick, and my gut says they want Kamara. But they might be able to trade down a few spots, say with the Jets or Arizona who might move up in front of Jaxonville for Kizer or Webb, and still get Kamara (or Cook/Mixon if they are ok with them).

      I could definitely see the Hawks moving down yet again, but where does the danger start for Obi and Robinson?

      • Overtime

        In my opinion, the Pack can probably get a RB at #61. Mixon may last that long.

        • Sea Mode

          Yeah, but Kamara doesn’t come with the baggage of either Cook or Mixon. That in itself has a lot of value and I don’t know Thompson’s history with those kind of prospects. Would potentially save a lot of headaches.

  6. nichansen01

    Niners won that first round tough.

    Thomas and Foster COULD both end up being big stars.

    If deforest bucket and Arik Armstead come along….

    Scary front seven.

    • nichansen01

      Exactly what the Seahawks DONT need to deal with. I’ll miss them being two easy Ws on the schedule. Playing them always felt like a by week.

      • Sea Mode

        My respect level for Lynch/Shanahan just went up quite a bit yesterday. They played their hand perfectly at the top of the draft and found potentially great value with Foster.

        For all the talk of how great it is to be in a weak division, blah blah blah, having a great rivalry and kicking their butts feels so much better. Hopefully we’ll be back to that next year once Shanahan gets his QB and a couple more pieces on offense.

        • lil'stink

          I think a lot has to do with the complete ineptitude of the Bears front office.

        • cha

          I feel like the Niners played their hand perfectly at #2. Didn’t telegraph their intentions, and relatively under the radar let people know the pick was available for trade. And absolutely snookered the Bears into bidding against themselves.

      • Darnell

        I actually disagree here. I prefer a strong 49ers team, as the Seahawks were at their best when the 49ers were strong. Sort of an “iron sharpens iron ” thing. You just knew that when the Hawks emerged from those heavyweight tilts with SF that they’d steamroll the AFC.

        • Boneman

          Totally agree Darnell, the hottest fire forges the hardest steel! Winning the division in a cake walk is never a good way to prepare for the playoffs. I want that rivalry back.

          • DC

            A weak AFC East hasn’t hurt New England in the playoffs.

            I do agree that our Niners rivalry was epic while it lasted. Good thing it was a home game. For Seattle that seems the most important factor.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Unless their defense injures the Seahawks offense. Which is what will happen between 49ers and Rams.

    • D-OZ

      That makes me think they will take Lamp or Robinson.

    • Josh emmett

      I’m not going to lie. It’s looks good on paper what Lynch did but he is just trying to recreate the 2000 era bucs. He jut picked his warren sapp and his Derrick Brooks. It may work but when people try to recreate something that has worked in the past it doesn’t always work i.e. Mike ditka drafting his Walter Payton in New Orleans with Ricky Williams. If football was played on paper the browns would be a powerhouse. Haha, so let’s wait and see how it turns out

  7. Sea Mode

    Rob, maybe it would be nice to add the full list of Seattle’s picks at the end of the piece for reference.

    Round 2 | No. 34 overall
    Round 2 | No. 58 overall
    Round 3 | No. 90 overall
    Round 3 | No. 95 overall
    Round 3 | No. 102 overall
    Round 3 | No. 106 overall
    Round 4 | No. 111 overall
    Round 6 | No. 210 overall
    Round 7 | No. 226 overall
    Round 7 | No. 249 overall

  8. nichansen01

    The browns draft, I’m less confident about. Garrett had the athleticism, Peppers has the leadership and personality, Njoku can make plays… but will it all come together? These guys could all be great or they could all be busts.

    • Drew

      You can say that about every pick in the draft. I think they did a great job in the 1st round and got some cornerstone players to build around. Draft probably couldn’t have gone much better for them.

      • nichansen01

        My favorite pick they made was peppers. He could help to change the locker room culture there.

        • Ishmael

          Njoku is a super high character guy as well. Comes from an astonishing family of overachievers. I think they had a pretty amazing draft. Guess time will tell whether they would have been better off with Deshaun Watson or Peppers/Njoku though.

    • teejmo

      I personally think the Browns did pretty good. Their defensive is probably the best fit for Peppers – think Roman Harper (he of the 7.5 sacks in a single season from the safety position – the safety) and Mark Barron (who was well on his way to Busttown before he got traded to the Rams). What do those two have in common? Gregg Williams as a defensive coordinator. And who happens to be Cleveland’s defensive coordinator? Why, the very same Gregg Williams.

      • Sea Mode

        Agreed. Very, very smart to go for high ceiling guys who need to be developed instead of looking for immediate contributors. They’re wisely shooting to be good in a couple years, not right now.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Without a quarterback their picks are completely meaningless. They will spend another year as a blah team that finishes the season hoping they will be last so they can pick #1 again. As they have for years. A bad season for them would be going 8-8 and not being in position to pick a decent QB next year.

        • Hawksince77

          That’s an odd sentiment. They are doing what PC/JS did in their first years. Okung/Thomas in the first round of their first draft. They didn’t reach for a QB, ever. They patiently went through literally hundreds of players until they found their core. It seems Cleveland is on the same path, potentially.

        • teejmo

          They’ve got five picks in the first two rounds for next year, more than enough to consider trading up for a top qb… if they even need to do that. There’s a young QB up in New England that they’ve supposedly been trying to get for months who just so happens to be a free agent next year.

        • MarkinSeattle

          You can win with a very strong defense. Then patiently look for QB’s. While there are some sure fire QB’s that are successful, just as many are found in the later rounds. I see Cleveland as copying the Seahawks model.

        • AlaskaHawk

          All fine sentiments. Except the Browns have never shown any of the capabilities of the Seahawks. Yes you can get to the playoffs with a strong defense. Eventually you also need a strong offense to go with it – and usually that offense needs a quarterback that can throw the ball accurately.

  9. Producehawk

    After 36 the bears don’t pick again until 117. Would a couple of third rounders move us to 36 ?

    • Matt

      How about three 3rd rounders? I’d absolutely do that.

      • Ralphy

        That’s exactly what I was thinking. Trade up with a team (like the Bears) that doesn’t have any picks for a while. I think we move up and take McDwell with our second pick in round two.

        • Robert

          I’d love to have McDowell. If they select him, I’ll assume the visit assuaged their character concerns and we’ll have a Dlineman with phenomenal upside! Tantalizing to consider him on a Dline where he is NOT the only good player! Then we can move up for one of the DBs.

    • Trevor

      I think #90 and #96 plus something later next year might get that deal done with the Bears. They only have 3 picks left in the entire draft.

  10. Matt

    Rob – How high would packaging three 3rd rounders get Seattle? That could actually be the move. It’s a lot of draft capital, but imagine walking away with: King, Lewis, Tim Williams or Zay Jones or insert another 2nd round talent.

    I know everybody loves Lamp (ha), but I still think that yet another high round pick on a non-LT is not a wise move. Use that extra 3rd rounder to draft an OG but get aggressive with the other 3s and let’s get LOB 2.0 ready to rock.

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure. Teams would have to really like R3 to trade out of the early second. Could be a tough sell.

      • Jujus

        Think about teams that dont have alot of picks, Minn or Bills come to mind.

        • BobbyK

          The Vikings have extra picks. Just didn’t have a 1st rounder.

          • JimQ

            I highly recommend that anyone interested in trades (if you haven’t already) go to:
            -sign in as guest or register
            -click on “Trade Gadget” in top header. – Use the trade calculator on the right side of the screen.

    • Joshua Smith

      Nothing wrong with picking a guard who is basically as sure a thing as they come. He might be able to play some tackle too. Now Cam Robinson is almost the exact opposite. If you arent good in college – cough..Ifedi – then I have no idea how people think you’ll be better against significantly better competition. If they draft Robinson, it will just about kill me. If they take Robinson and I stop posting on here, you’ll know what happened.

  11. Hawkfaninmt

    I would love me some King and Buddha…

    May cost a 3rd… then go OL and DL/Edge in the 3rd

  12. Drew

    PCJS presser last night, 2 biggest takeaways.

    A new draft trade chart was established since compensatory picks can now be traded. Guys from multiple teams got together and developed it (based it off the Jimmy J chart).

    When asked about any calls for Richard Sherman, JS just said he’d rather not get in to that, which tells me that he actually received calls. He then tried to walk it back and say there’s calls about a lot of players, not just Sherman. He didn’t shoot anything down so I’m thinking he’s still fielding offers.

    • C-Dog

      I took the same thing away from that on the Sherman front. Still feels unlikely he will be dealt, but you never know.

    • Sea Mode

      Heard that. We gotta ask Pauline if he can get us that chart.

  13. Benjamin

    Grab Lamp/Robinson and Melifonwu/King/Awuzie/Wilson/Baker. Would be a HUGE start to today!!

  14. C-Dog

    So many different directions I can see them going with that first pick, from meeting with Obi four times, to Pauline’s report that they wanted to trade back to target OL, to David Hsu’s belief that they want to target DL early, to Kevin King profiling their ideal outside corner, to Rob’s fair point that nickel corner might be what they feel will have the most impact defensively.

    With the 34th pick of the 2017 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select, Obi Melinfonwu, defensive back, Connecticut.

    34: R2P2

    Seattle Seahawks met with Obi four times. That’s too many not to grab him while you can, right? I would really love this pick. Yeah, he might be a bit on the raw side, but think of that clay that Pete Carroll and Kris Richard can get their hands on, and he can probably have an impact right away at the 4-2-5 big nickel position. Ultimately, I think we could see him transition to corner, especially if a Sherman trade might still happen done the line after the 207 season.

    58: R2P26

    Larry Ogunjobi is my guy. I got the Larry Ogunjobi blinders on. Love this kid. Comes off like a dude I would want my daughter to date, if I had one. Like Obi, he’s a bit on the raw side, especially in terms of being an inside rusher, but the dude is flat out explosive, and again.. that clay. I’ve bought in to Hsu’s drop that the Seahawks like him, and think Clint Hurtt might see Henry Melton potential down the road.

    90: R3P26

    If Seattle doesn’t grab Lamp or Camp Robinson, I think there is a strong chance they want to go after Isaac Asiata. I can see them taking him at 58 where I am projecting them to grab my guy, Larry Ogunjobi.

    95: R3P31

    Jourdan Lewis might be the most Seahawky guy left in the draft in terms of toughness, gritty, sticky play, and strong personality. Would not be shocked if he’s their first pick, or instead of going for my guy, Larry Ogunjobi, at pick 58, they go Jourdan.

    102: R3P38

    Lotta talk about the Seahawks taking Taywan Taylor, and I would not be unhappy with that pick. However, they can’t always get what they want (See Garett Bolles). Supposedly, they like Josh Reynolds, and that makes me happy because I really like him as well. I miss the short term impact Sidney Rice had on this ball club, and watching Reynolds a few times last year, I couldn’t help think of Sidney. I’d love it if Seattle found a longer WR who could stretch a defense, provide a solid red zone option for the height challenged franchise quarterback.

    106: R3P42

    This is why I love the trade downs. They could grab this BAMF to provide some toughness at SAM, and depth at LB.

    111: R4P4

    This is also why I love these trade downs. Seattle grabs DB, DL, OL, Nickel, WR, Edge, and still has a decent enough pick of grab one of the better tight ends in this draft that could be a legit hedge for Jimmy Graham in a contract year.

    210: R6P26

    Like Seattle to find a way to grab another one of those Michigan defenders. If Gedeon is here in R6, I think this is a no brainer.

    226: R7P8

    Seattle finds a little late round magic in raw SPARQy Brian Allen.

    249: R7P31

    Seattle drafts an athletic QB familiar with the zone read, able to extend, smart guy, hard worker. Only thing is, he was tossing the pigskin in the Ivy Leagues.

    • Sea Mode

      That would be a very nice haul.

      Agree on doubting Lewis makes it to R3. I think late R2 we’re going to see the guys with issues looming go off the board: Tim Williams, Jourdan Lewis, Malik McDowell, Joe Mixon, Dalvin Cook.

    • Sea Mode

      Might also swap Gedeon for SS Delano Hill since we already get Biegel in this scenario.

      • JimQ

        Another strong possibility for WR with one of the 3-rds. WR-Taywan Taylor, here are a couple of interesting tidbits on Taylor:

        –“”Western Kentucky WR Taywan Taylor produced 26 catches of 40-plus yards over the last two seasons, the highest number in the 2017 class. Source: Dane Brugler on Twitter “”
        –“”Taylor went off for 98 receptions for 1,730 yards and 17 touchdowns in 2016. Source: Draftwire””

  15. vrtkolman

    If the 49ers picks pan out, that’s going to be yet another divisional opponent with a beastly front 7. It never gets easy in the NFC West! However, there is a reason players fall.

    Michael Lombardi‏

    Many teams do, According to USA Today’s Tom Pelissero, teams believe 49ers R Foster will require a 2nd surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff

    That’s bad news for someone who is known for hard hitting.

    • Overtime

      Yes, and he is too small to last at the ILB position in the NFL.

      • Ishmael

        Too small? He’s 6’1″ 245.

        Deion Jones is 6’2″ 220. Bobby Wagner is 6’0″ 240. Luke Kuechly is 6’3″ 235. Navarro Bowman is 6’0″ 240. C.J Moseley is 6’2″ 240.

        If the shoulder is okay then the Niners just got themselves a star. He’s going to be a tone-setter who will genuinely scare the shit out of people.

        • vrtkolman

          Yeah, I don’t think his size is an issue. The shoulder is the problem though. Ear’s rotator cuff injury affected him for an entire year. The 49ers can afford to let him sit if need be. They are going to be awful next year regardless.

          • Sea Mode

            Yup, redshirt him. Until they get their QB and a couple weapons on offense, they’re not getting out of the cellar.

        • Overtime

          He measured 6’0″ and 229 at the combine. He didn’t play at 229 in college.

          • Ishmael

            Okay, so he lost weight for the combine tests? It’s really not a big deal.

            • MarkinSeattle

              And an inch as well. Question is whether they play a similar DL scheme of occupying blockers in front of him like the Seahawks do. Lack of 4.5 speed may also mean that he has a more difficult time avoiding collissions with OL (Wagner and Kuechly both have outstanding speed).

              Bigger concern is what will he come back like. Saban wears out his players and many never recover to play at a decent level in the NFL.

        • D-OZ

          He is listed @ 6′ 227

        • hawkdawg

          I get those numbers, but just looking at the film he does NOT seem as built as Wagner does to me, for example. He actually looks more like a big safety. Taking on guards in the NFL, with already injured shoulders, could wear him down quick.

          Love his effort and intensity on the field, though. Maybe if they develop a good D-Line to keep him clean in the middle they can get away with this.

  16. vrtkolman

    It’s crazy how perfect this draft is falling. The 49ers draft is a bummer but when you are picking 2nd overall it’s hard to mess that up. I thought Arizona should have taken Hooker, but Reddick is pretty good.

    • Drew

      Reddick is a great pick for them, allows them to be more multiple and exotic on defense.

      • vrtkolman

        I think he ends up being their Darryl Washington 2.0. He still needs to transition to an ILB. Hooker though, wow that would have been terrifying. Hooker/Honey Badger with PP21, that is probably the best secondary in the league in a year or two.

        • Drew

          Reddick doesn’t need to transition to ILB. He’s a chess piece they can move around.

          • vrtkolman

            He’ll be primarily playing on the inside, and probably spelling Golden/Jones at times.

    • hawkdawg

      Gruden’s clips on Hooker were not exactly a greatest hits collection. Bad angles all over the place..

  17. Ishmael

    34. Obi Melifonwu

    36. Seahawks from Bears. Seahawks give up 58, 95 and 111 to select King/Lamp/Robinson/Awuzie/Baker/Wilson.

    Who’s down for that?

    • Drew

      Give me King or Baker in that group.

      • MontanaMike

        Sorry posted down below and too slow.

      • Ishmael

        Would be a ridiculous influx of talent.

        I’d be very tempted to take Lamp and plug him in at guard as well. Man, even have a think about Robinson at this point.

      • MarkinSeattle


    • BRSeahawks

      Obi + King = The Seahawks makes an infusion of unlimited upside in the DB.
      Obi + Lamp = The Seahawks get a limitless upside DB and sets themselves to be the youngest and most explosive OL in the league.
      Obi + Awuzie/Baker = Seahawks goes all in for versatility in the DB group.
      Obi + Wilson = A project and a day one starter for the DB.

      What if the Seahawks go something like:

      34. DB Kevin King/Obi/Awuzie/Baker
      58. EDGE Jordan Lewis/Tim Williams
      63. Sends 95, 106, 111 for 63 to pick DT Chris Wormley/Carlos Watkins

      • Sea Mode

        I like the Obi constant!!

      • D-OZ

        Lamp has wrist issues that I think are pushing him down the board. Scaring some teams off.

      • Jusjamn

        Hey BR – youngest and most explosive OL in the league? I’d settle for 16th best at the moment. RW cannot continue to take the pounding. In my mind, only Britts job should be safe. But only because it’s just too hard of a position for a plug-and-play.

    • nichansen01

      If king and obi both became seahawks… i would cry tears of joy

      • D-OZ

        Just might happen with a small trade up from # 58. I think they like Hall a lot too.

    • Jusjamn

      I was thinking Chicago would move from 36 to 34 and give us most of their 2018 picks….

  18. MontanaMike

    Good write up Rob,You laid it out really excellent.

    We could possibly score 2-3 impact players, I want King and whoever else. I want us to score a lot of players, to add to an ever changing lOB. All i can say is wow. Obviously they trust their scouts more than what the media says and have their own board drawn out. In Pete and John i trust. Schneider said that this draft was 150 players deep as oposed to the regular 100, that tells me a lot. I’m still excited about the broken hearted kid that comes to us.

  19. MontanaMike

    I’m down for that.

  20. MontanaMike

    C-DOG good board.

  21. MontanaMike

    I’d pick King first, though.

  22. Overtime

    I think it is Lamp or McDowell at #34. Both should be gone in the first 5 picks. Both are rated as mid first round talents by NFL.COM. Lamp, at 6’4″, is another OG. While talented I think we need someone that is a better fit at OT and we can find OL help in round 3. So, my guess is they want McDowell. McDowell could immediately replace Tony McDaniel and provide the missing Aaron Donald like chess piece the defense is missing. He may also make Cassius Marsh expendable allowing a roster spot for a big nickle player like Obi.

    • Trevor

      I agree he has talent but did you watch any tape from Mcdowell last year?

      I don’t get the love for this guy. He quit on his team and I cannot even imagine a guy like that on the Hawks with the culture of always compete. His attitude goes against all things Pete Carroll represents.

      • Ishmael

        This. People say the locker room will keep him on track, but since when have the Hawks wanted dudes who need external motivation? They want gritty, self-made, guys who have already walked through the fire. Would they trust McDowell not to quit again when things got hard?

      • Overtime

        Yes, I watched a lot of tape on McDowell. Every player has issues. Motivation is a lot easier to deal with than a drug problem or DV charge. McDowell was being misused on the MSU defense. They were over matched and won only 3 games against some pretty poor teams like Rutgers. After so many losses it is understandable that a guy would start to look forward to the next chapter in his life. We have seen other players like McCaffrey that did not play in the bowl games who have received less negative feedback for it. #18 Stanford certainly had more to play for in the Sun Bowl than Michigan State did in its final games.

        • Ryan

          I disagree that motivation is easy to fix. I think it’s the bedrock of your character. I’d hate to see us get McDowell with the first pick. Either King, Obi, or Lamp for me.

          • Overtime

            Have you never come to work unmotivated? It is human nature. We all have bad days.

            • MarkinSeattle

              This issue with McDowell’s motivation has been around since he was a highly rated, five star HS recruit. It is a long term trend, not a one year off issue. Not the guy in the trenches you want when we go on a bad run and lose a couple of games we shouldn’t in a row.

            • Mishima

              Not talking about a job at Target. If you can’t get up to play a game in front of thousands for potential millions, something is broken. I want to draft the next Bennett, not a chump who needs Bennett to stay motivated.

          • Hawksince77

            Completely agree. Motivation/commitment – call it whatever you want. McDowell seems the last player they would draft. They want the opposite – players working hard to overcome any competitive challenges.

            At some level, we are who we are, and no ra-ra kumbaya will change that.

          • Jusjamn

            +1 Ryan. Well said.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          MCCaffrey = McDowell?!? That’s pretty specious.

          McCaffrey not playing in a bowl game is an entirely different situation than McDowell mailing it in for the entire 2016 season.

    • vrtkolman

      Lamp for sure, especially with Solomon Thomas now a 49er. He could be on the level of Zack Martin and Yanda. I think he would beat out Aboushi or Glo right out of the gate and start day 1.

      Then, trade up into the 40s and land King/McDowell/Williams/Obi/Baker. There is so much talent left.

      • MarkinSeattle

        I respectively disagree. Martin was on a whole different level coming in. Lamp is from a small school who is just the best TEF coming in, not an all time performer. I think he has a chance to be good some day, but let’s not inflate him into something he is not. He is likely the best of a bad bunch this year at interior OL, assuming Robinson is capable of playing RT (which I seriously question).

    • Del tre

      Why take McDowell when a better player is still on the board in Wormely? Someome who is nasty runs a 4.8 at 300 pounds and has had consistent pressure. Nkemdiche had 1 tackle last year and did not look good in game, McDowell is one of those guys you let someone else draft, there are other options who don’t just have one pass rush move

      • D-OZ

        I agree. Wormley over McDowell easily.

        • MarkinSeattle


  23. Trevor

    Would love to see the Hawks make 2 trades in Round #2 one to move back with the Cards who might want to move up to take Kizer or or Webb and one to move up with the Texans who gave up a ton of draft capital yesterday and might feel to the need to get some back.

    Hawks Trade # 34 and 102 to the Card for # 45 and 77

    Trade #2 Seattle Trades #90 and 106 to the Texans for # 57


    Round 2

    Pick #45 Obi Melinowfu
    Pick #57 Zay Jones
    Pick #58 Daeshon Hall

    Round 3

    Pick #77 Akello Witherspoon
    Pick # 96 Isaac Asiata

    • Drew

      I think dropping down 11 picks is too far

    • Sea Mode

      Like the trade scenario, but I have a hunch Asiata is going late R2-early R3. I think Tony reported he had been rising into that range a couple weeks back.

      That’s why I’m so hesitant to pass on both Lamp and Robinson. We can’t pass up a chance to shore up the OL.

    • Largent80

      Blech. CB completely ignored?

      • Sea Mode

        Um, Akello Witherspoon?

      • Trevor

        Obi will be a nickel corner to start likely and Witherspoon is an outside CB. not sure what you mean?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Asiata won’t make it past MIA at 54.

  24. Poko

    My first pick locks in Obi.
    He is SS,Bignickle and CB’s prospect.If they get him, there are more choices than ever before.

  25. Ed

    So many players still available.

    2 McDowell (DT)
    2 Tankersley (CB)
    3 Lewis (CB)
    3 Asiata (OG)
    3 Biegel (LB)
    3 Luani (S)

    • Drew

      I’d like to get Tankersley at the top of the 3rd if he makes it that far.

      • Sea Mode

        That would be awesome, but remember Pauline reported the Cowboys were very interested in him in R2. At 58 though we could potentially steal him ahead of them.

  26. EP

    My preference would be King and then one of the safety hybrids after a trade up be it Melifomwu, Awuzie, Baker or Justin Evans. Then 3rd round go DE/DT WR or Oline

  27. Steve Nelsen

    Three-part plan for today:

    1. Stay at 34 and draft King.

    2. Package 58 and some picks to make a deal with the Bears at 36 and get Obi.

    3. Do the dance of joy.

    A week ago this scenario seemed impossible. Anybody on this blog that suggested Seattle might get both King and Obi without giving up a first next year would have been politely scoffed at. But , it is a real possibility.

    In fact, John Schneider has worked it out so that Seattle might get both and still have 3 3rds this year!

    • MontanaMike

      I think we’d have to give one of the 3rd’s to move up.

      • Dawgma

        Which leaves us one, because we have FOUR third round picks. JS had been seriously stockpiling picks in that ~100 range. We have 5 in that rough area.

      • dnc

        That would be giving up one of the thirds, we have four right now.

        Man that scenario would be amazing.

      • MD

        We have 4 3rd’s right now! So a 58 + one of our 3rds could work. Maybe an extra pick from the later rounds.

    • Largent80

      I’m down with it.

    • Jusjamn

      Wow! King and Obi? Gotta love that scenario.

  28. Victor

    I am not down with worked to get those picks stay put and draft multiple players. Sounds like some of you guys just want to get rid of them. To me as long as we get impact players i will be happy. Obi, McDowell, Lewis, Witherspoon any combination of these guys plus bowser, Watkins. Just get playmakers.

    • MontanaMike

      The “sweet spot”.

  29. vrtkolman

    Seahawks are poised to really dominate this draft in the next two rounds.

    • vrtkolman

      Lots of familiar faces high up on this list. Green Bay, Baltimore… teams that usually draft late, aka winners.

  30. Sea Mode

    I’m gonna take a crack at Day 2:

    R2P33 (ARI): trades up to grab Kizer. GB knows they can get a RB 12 spots later. (Kamara/Cook/Mixon)

    R2P34 (SEA): OL Cam Robinson, Alabama
    Lamp is a TEF star, but I’m not sure they will be willing to bend the arm length rule that much for him. Robinson is the type of mauler they have selected before (in the Carpenter mold), is extremely young with a lot of upside still to be uncovered as he matures. They plug him in at RG next to Ifedi and voila, monster right side to run behind. Has the versatility to play tackle too, which you know they covet. This just seems like a PC Alabama love story…

    Gotta grab him here because I doubt he makes to our next pick, even though it’s coming soon…

    R2P35 (JAX): QB Davis Webb – Scoop up the last of the top QBs as they prepare to boot Bortles.

    R2P36 (CHI): OG Forrest Lamp – Priority #1 when you invest big in a new QB: protect him.

    R2P37 (LAR): CB Quincy Wilson – Gotta shore up that secondary, there will be LBs later.

    R2P38 (LAC): CB Kevin King – They like him at safety too. Gus Bradley knows how to use big DBs.

    *Trade up*
    SEA gives: 90, 102, 111, 226
    NYJ gives: 39
    Trade chart value doesn’t match, but that’s how you rebuild, by stocking up on extra selections and hunting for gems. Picks in that late R3-early R4 range are almost surely all starters on the Jets depleted roster, whereas they might just be depth/projects on Seattle’s loaded roster.

    R2P39: DB Obi Melifonwu, Connecticut
    So unique, PC just has to have this guy. Think how much he’ll help us to contain Evan Engram when we travel to Giants in week 6. Or Martellus Bennett in Week 1. Or Jordan Reed in Week 8. The list goes on… The extreme wingspan to line up at outside corner and bigger size for tackling give him the nod over Awuzie.

    With two CBs flying off the board right before this, they know the moment has come and want to make sure and get in front of the CB run that will continue with the Saints into mid Round 2.

    R2P58: EDGE Tim Williams, Alabama
    Roll the dice on one of the highest ceilings in this whole class. If he’s gone or his character doesn’t check out, Daeshon Hall is the man with his inside/outside versatility and extreme length. Gotta get to the QB, and it’s time to start using a deeper rotation to extend Avril and Bennett’s careers and groom their eventual replacements.

    R3P95: WR Josh Reynolds, Texas A&M
    This is the wildcard pick for me where they could go DT with Carlos Watkins/Larry Ogunjobi, especially if the pick before this ends up being an EDGE instead of an inside/outside guy like Hall. But I like what Reynolds brings to the table. He complements our WR room well with his size and fits what we want to do on offense with his ability to get downfield quickly. Not to mention they will love the competitor and the person off the field too.

    R3P106: QB Joshua Dobbs, Tennessee
    JS said a QB just hasn’t fallen to them in the right round in past years. This year that changes with a great kid with off-the-charts intangibles who can play similar in style to Russell Wilson (excelling in running threat and deep ball accuracy). I like Boykin’s talents, but his recent incidents have been concerning (and it’s not the first time…) and they want to carry 3 QBs ideally anyway.

    • Sea Mode

      Yup, here we go:


      An interesting name in play at No. 33 for the #Packers: #NotreDame QB DeShone Kizer. GB is getting trade calls, but could stick and pick.

      8:07 AM – 28 Apr 2017

      • Trevor

        I think either GB, Hawks or Bears move back so someone like Ariz or NO can move up to get Kizer. Bears would be the most likely candiate as they meed more picks and teams would not fear the Hawks or GB taking a QB.

        • Sea Mode

          I think the Packers fed that info above to Rapoport to give precisely the sensation you mention, that they might actually take Kizer.

          • cha

            Agree. Absolutely a strategic plant by GB. And why not? Give teams all day to stew over the possibility of “losing out” on Kizer.

          • Mike

            yeah I’m not buying it either. GB already has their developmental qb (Hundley) to back-up Rodgers. Hundley looked terrific in preseason last year..

    • Trevor

      Like the group of players. I am torn on Robinson part of me thinks he is a legit OT who is still incredibly young. The other part of me cringes at the thought of James Carpenter 2.0. We know Pete loves Alabama guys so he could well be the pick.

      My Bold Prediction take before the draft was we take at least one player from each of the following 5 programs. So I think they take either Robinson, Williams or Tomlinson from the Tide.


    • D-OZ

      Dobbs is now projected to go @ #57, just before Seattle’s pick.

      • Sea Mode

        Definitely possible with the crazy run on QBs on day 1.

  31. schuemansky

    I have the feeling that PCJS are not looking for an outside corner like King early.
    It’s Big Nickel (Obi, Awuzie), slot corner (J. Lewis, S. Griffin), DL (McDowell, Hall) and Edge (Bowser, Willis, Williams, Walker.Mathis).
    Only than I see them looking at guys like M. White, Allen, maybe Cutrer.

    • Drew

      I’m starting to think they aren’t sold on Obi after meeting with him 4 times. With a lot of their picks, they don’t even meet them at all pre-draft, of course some do. But thinking about meeting with him 4 times, they’re not sold unless they can get him at a value pick…say mid late second if he lasts that long?

      • Rob Staton

        Maybe they wanted to be thorough in finding out what makes him tick — and are now satisfied?

        • Hawksince77

          Or perhaps not. No way that we can know.

          Except for one thing: if the Seahawks don’t draft Obi, there is going to be a lot of crying on this blog.

          • Rob Staton

            Exactly. None of us know. That was the point I was making.

            I doubt anyone will be crying. Lot’s of good players. Obi one of a handful of nice options.

      • D-OZ

        I like Walker or Hall @ 58. I think Dobbs is going to surprise Today. The next best QB in my opinion. Definitely better than Webb.

    • nichansen01

      King has the agility to play slot. That is what makes him so special, in my opinion.

      • nichansen01

        When you find a player with that combination of tape, size, speed agility and character, you draft him. I am confused as to why he fell out of the first round.

        • vrtkolman

          Too much talent in this draft, some players were going to fall.

        • Trevor

          Agree completely about King. I think he will end up being the best CB in this draft within 2 years. He would be a steal in Rd #2.

          • AlaskaHawk

            King is pretty much a no brainer. Comparable pro talent would cost 10-14 million per year. If the Seahawks want to get off the field on third downs, they need to add talented secondary.

            • Jusjamn

              I would love to see King in a Seahawk uni. Really got frustrated with all corners not named Sherman last year.

  32. LeoSharp

    Forest Lamp has really short arms, 32.25″. May lack the positional flexibility to play anything other than C in the NFL to the best of his ability. Isaac Asiata would be a much better value in Rd 3 with his 33.75″ arms, fiery mentality and pretty good athletic profile.

    • Ukhawk

      Snap below

    • vrtkolman

      Zack Martin only has 32 inchers as well. I think you can get around that as a guard or center.

      • Rob Staton

        Has to be a reason though why the league judged Martin to be a top-16 pick and Lamp is still available. Would love to hear a GM talk about the difference.

        • Trevor

          One played with ND and showed well against elite competition his entire career. The other played at Western Kentucky with one great game against Alabama. That would be my guess.

          Lamp actually seems like a more explosive athlete. Mayock just loves him.

          • MarkinSeattle

            Martin is an elite technician. He doesn’t overwhelm with physical attributes, but he is exceptional at hitting the right angles, leveraging the opponent to his maximum strength, correct hand placement all the time, etc. he will play a long time because of it and would likely end up being an exceptional OL coach someday.

      • LeoSharp

        Zack Martin has 32.875″ arms. That’s a 0.625″ length advantage which I think pretty significant. Most teams look at 33″ arms for guards and 34″ for tackles.

        • vrtkolman

          Is that difference really that big of a deal?

          • LeoSharp

            The additional reach can make a big difference, for example in run blocking the first to make contact has a significant advantage when creating optimum leverage and applying force making it easy to drive the opponent off the LOS.

          • Lewis

            If defenders hav longer reach and can get their hands into the OL chest first, yeah, I think it can be. Certain physical limits are mechanically difficult to overcome, regardless of grit, toughness, desire.

    • Sea Mode

      Right, but how do you know Asiata will last into R3 (and late R3 at that, unless we move up again)?

      Pauline has been linking him to teams at the end of R2 as recently as yesterday, so I think it’s safe to say we would have to us pick 58 to get him.

      “I’m told the belief is the Dolphins have come off Lamp and will look defense in round one or trade down if the opportunity arises. The Dolphins like the guard prospect that should be available to them in round two. The name I’ve heard all week is Isaac Asiata.”

      • LeoSharp

        I don’t believe Asiata is a 2nd round player. With the numerous tackles with shorter arms and higher rated guards available I think he slides into the mid-late 3rd.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Pauline was reporting MIA serious about Lamp in R1, or Asiata in R2.

    • D-OZ


  33. Ukhawk

    Praying it is not Cam….v12 et al please assuage my fears with some articulate counter argument. Not saying the current OL is the long term answer but much more vale on the other side of the ball. Just don’t think he is special at all

    Hoping for King then one or 2 of Obi, Bowser, Williams, McDowell or Walker after a trade up.

    Grab Asiata in R3 instead of Lamp or Cam if OL is a must. However I’d rather grab Maye or Luani later (esp if Obi doesn’t materialise). Double down at CB later with Witherspoon, Griffen etc in R3 if possible in the event a trade up doesn’t occur.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Robinson has prototypical OT size, length and strength.

      He gets knocked a bit for his attitude/effort, but all he did was start every single game for 4 years at LT for the best CFB program in the nation. Oh and he won the Outland this year too.

    • Dave

      YouTube The Film Room Miles Garrett vs Cam Robinson episode 23.

  34. vrtkolman

    The 49ers had a great draft, but I think Houston had the biggest impact pick based on their need. Watson on that team is very 2012 Seahawks-esque.

    • Sea Mode

      Agreed. For the future, the Niners and Browns did great.

      For right now, Houston did great. It cost them a ton to get rid of Osweiler and to get Watson, but kudos to them for biting the bullet, cause they already have the other pieces in place.

      • D-OZ

        49ers now need a RB.

        • Smitty1547

          They got Hyde, they NEED a QB

    • Trevor

      +1 with that Defense Watson was exactly what they needed. That was my favourite pick in Rd #1 with regards to the impact it could have on the organization. He makes them a legit Sb contender out of the AFC in year.

      I made the same comp to the 2012 Hawks earlier in the week and agree 100%. Watson was my favourite QB in this draft by a mile because when the lights shine the brightest he played at a whole other level and carried a team to a championship. That is the type of guy I want as my QB.

      • vrtkolman

        Yeah your comment came to mind when I posted this, didn’t mean to steal it! Watson has some issues (arm strength, interceptions), but so did Wilson when it came to his height. Watson might make some mistakes but he’s going to keep them in every game with a shot to win at the end. Even his intangibles have intangibles.

        • Trevor

          You did not steal anything just a common thought 🙂

          I actually think Watson is a better than Russ coming out of CFB and you can tell with the reaction of players that they are anxious to follow this guy. I am glad he is in the AFC and did not go to the 49ers or Cards.

          We are in a great spot because despite all the NFC West teams having stacked defensive rosters none of them have a QB which means they have Zero shot at an SB. It is also why we really need to fix that OL to avoid Russ getting killed.

          • vrtkolman

            Definitely, at this point I’m hoping Cleveland trades for Cousins and keeps him out of SF.

            I will disagree though about Wilson coming out. He was the more pro ready guy. He was insanely efficient playing out of a pro style offense. Watson really needs to fix his interception issues. It doesn’t matter how much leadership he exudes if he’s throwing 2 picks a game.

    • Overtime

      Houston really had little choice. They have nothing on their roster at QB. They ought to bring in a veteran for a year to take the heat off him while he learns to take snaps from under center.

  35. Sea Mode

    Results of the predict the pick challenge:

    Congrats to StoveEats for taking the SDB trophy with an impressive 1180 points, ranking him at #122 on the entire site. He got 29/32 players who went in R1 and correctly predicted where 7 of them would land. Impressive!

    (Why he slotted Trubisky to the Titans at #5 though is still beyond me…! 😉 )

    • StoveEats

      Trades yo! Picking the spot not the team.

      Thanks for the shout out! Pretty proud of getting 29/32.

      • StoveEats

        Also I would have gotten 20 points for Trubisky if the Bears weren’t idiots and took him at 3.

  36. Trevor

    If JS follows pattern as Rob has highlighted you can almost guarantee that one of the 3rd round picks is used to move up in the 2nd and that another is used to trade back and pick up another 4th and a 5th. I just don’t see JS sitting pat between the early 4th and late 6th.

    That would give us an early and mid round pick in the 2nd, Two 3rd round picks, Two 4th round picks, a 5th, 6th and two 7th

  37. swisshawk

    Watching the interview yesterday, got anyone else the feeling that sherm could still be traded?

    • Trevor

      I actually think JS would really like to be rid of the distraction but did not get an offer of anything close to value. Most teams don”t want the head ache of an aging star with Sherms attitude and a team like the Pats who could handle him did not have the draft capital.

      For example the Titans needed a CB badly and could have gotten Sherm for #17 likely but why would they when they can get Adoree Jackson who is younger, cheaper and has a great attitude. I think Sherm greatly overestimates his worth.

      • Trevor

        I think Sherm initiated the trade because he knows he will be 30 + when his contract is up. He also klnows with all the crap last year there is no chance the Hawks extend him early. If he gets traded he can make an extension part of the deal. He is not stupid in fact quite the opposite.

        • Mike

          his only leverage if he’s traded would be to not report (i.e. retire)..but I think you’re right…I think he senses he’s not going to be extended next offseason by the Hawks (regardless of how well he plays this year) wants to go somewhere else..have a great year..and then have some leverage with his new team.

  38. vrtkolman

    Rob, in your experience has this many of your tier 3 players ever fallen to the 2nd round? It just seems like this is shaping up to be a special draft for Seattle.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve definitely had guys I like fall. I was quite happy a lot of the guys I liked went early this year (Reddick, Bolles, J.Davis etc). Showed we’re doing something right 🙂

  39. Wise hawk

    Cam Robinson. We need to get back to the power run game and being the bully. I didn’t want him before but now I see the light. Even if he is just an average LT or moves over to RT, it gives our line an identity. JS can find great DBs later in the draft to develop. But would be happy with King/Obi too of course. 🙂

  40. Poko

    Lance Zierlein’s Mock

    45 Budda Baker
    46 Malik McDowell
    50 Obi Melifonwu
    51 Zach Cunningham
    52 Kevin King
    53 Chris Wormley
    58 Daeshon Hall
    69 Sidney Jones
    74 Justin Evans
    79 Larry Ogunjobi
    81 Tim Williams
    83 DeMarcus Walker
    97 Ahkello Witherspoon
    98 Carl Lawson
    – Asiata

    wow! sweet!

    • Mark Souza

      Worth the paper it’s written on. How did he fair with his first 32 predictions?

  41. Ben-Ft. Worth TX

    Would love to get Lamp/Robinson at 34, then trade up and grab either Melifonwu/King/Baker, and then finally trade up again and grab Sidney Jones!!

  42. MontanaMike

    I want Jones too.

  43. vrtkolman

    Here’s some funny stuff if you hate Dallas (who doesn’t??)

    In short, after Seattle traded down to Atlanta, the Cowboys war room got a little upset. You could see Jerry clench his fists and yell something. Dallas wanted Tak and had to panic reach for a DE they didn’t have a 1st round grade on. It’s all speculation of course, but I would take pleasure in Seattle messing up Dallas’ draft.

    • Sea Mode

      Interesting bit that “the decision at No. 28, a source confirmed, was between Charlton and Washington cornerback Kevin King.”

      “That’s how the draft was set up, to help us get a good pressure player at the bottom of the first round,” executive vice president Stephen Jones said. “As good as that was, I think the draft sets up even better for us to get a really nice corner at the bottom of the second.”

      Wonder if they might try to make a move up to get King if he falls a bit further still.

      • FuzzyLOgic

        Kevin King will go in the next 5 picks so if we want him, now is the time.

  44. BRSeahawks

    Best case scenario for today, imo:
    Packers trade 33 for 37+4th comp+6th. Rams jump in front of Seahawks, pick Forrest Lamp
    Seahawks trade 34 for 38+5th+6th. Chargers jump in front of Jags, pick Kizer
    Jaguars picks Zach Cunningham or Budda Baker.
    Bears picks Bowser.
    Packers pick Cam Robinson.

    Seahawks on the clock with draft capital to pick Kevin King, Obi Melifonwu and Chris Wormley/Jordan Willis.

    • StoveEats

      Looks good to me. So many exciting players left on the board, I desperately want them to pick 3 times in the 2nd. All top 50 preferably.

    • Sea Mode

      Speculation supports that scenario with the Chargers:


      FYI: Smoke circulating around #NFL that #Chargers like Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer (#Chargers next pick is at 38)

      9:12 AM – 28 Apr 2017

      • nichansen01

        Hope Webb, Kizer, Kamara, Cook, Jones, Godwin, Smith-Schuster and Hodges, as well as Robinson Moton and Lamp, push defensive guys down.

      • Beanhawk

        That would be an ideal spot for him. He could learn from Rivers for 2+ years. Hopefully they feel the need to trade up with Green Bay to take him.

  45. Jujus

    From what pete + john said, it sounds like 2015 where they have 1 guy that they are targeting IE Frank Clark. They said the guy they want would still be there, I think its Malik McDowell, there are so many DB’s in this draft that can last to our trade up range in rd 2 or even our native spot. We need a pass rusher help period and end of story and Malik is a rd 1 talent that can blossom into a generational talent. This Ceiling is more valuable than the threat of his floor.

    • Hawkfaninmt

      I think it’s Daeshon Hall

      • nichansen01

        Dyaeshon Hall often outplayed Myles Garrett. I would love that pick.

        • vrtkolman

          Same, he’s a monster.

          • Jujus

            at 58 ok not 34

            • Hawkfaninmt

              Why though? What if it went Hall then King/Obi/Baker/etc fell to 58?

              • AlaskaHawk

                King and Obi will be gone by mid second round. King first – hopefully as Seahawks #34.

                My early prediction was that Baker will fall into the third due to his small size.

                Hall looks good, but nothing to distinguish him from a half dozen other rushers. I think he will drop to bottom of second and be there at #58. If not him, some other player of similar qualities. Basically he is not unique enough to catch my interest, considering the glaring holes in the secondary.

                • Ukhawk


    • Robert Loeder

      I’m hoping he is our pick. If he’s not, then the character concerns are legit. His upside is phenomenal. Another big factor for me in trying to project his upside is that he was the ONLY good player on his d line. Teams wouldn’t dare to double team him with all the talent on our dline. Pass rush from the middle makes our edge rush exponentially more lethal. We could return to playing more aggressive man coverage and less zone….

      • Overtime

        What makes him valuable is he can rush better from the outside. He will step right into Tony McDaniel’s spot. You have versatility. If somebody gets hurt he can play any where on the D Line. Hall, is too small to hold up inside. He might be able to do it on 3rd down but not every down as McDowell can.

  46. Jason

    Sign me up…

    34: R2P2
    58: R2P26
    90: R3P26
    95: R3P31
    102: R3P38
    106: R3P42
    111: R4P4
    210: R6P26
    226: R7P8
    249: R7P31

    • Ukhawk

      Jones, Everett, Lewis all long gone

      • Producehawk

        Cup should be second round.

  47. AlaskaHawk

    Most interesting events of first round:
    The run on three quarterbacks early = not really that unexpected as there are a lot of teams that need quarterbacks.

    The run on wide receivers early – that was unexpected. Three wide receivers picked, and McCaffrey would be a fourth as a dual RB/receiver threat. Not a lot of talk about the wide receivers, a lot of teams kept their picks hidden from the media.

  48. nichansen01

    I will be happy as long as we don’t draft Forrest Lamp or Cam Robinson.

    • southpaw360


  49. MJ

    Daeshon Hall has his name written all over the next pick, it’s almost too Schneider not to happen. Flying right under that radar, originally from Seattle, freak athlete that can play on the inside/outside of the DL, I’be seen his name mentioned in the 3rd round or possibly at the end of the 2nd round but I think he goes earlier than that. Hawks may get roasted about the “value” of the pick but that’s how they role and I’m on board.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely. I will be shocked if Hall is not a Hawk coming out of this draft. He and Clark would be an awesome duo of young pass rushers and have the benefit of learning their craft behind Bennett and Avril.

    • AlaskaHawk

      They would be roasted for taking him higher than #58. Seahawks need to stick to business and get a cornerback at #34.

      • peter

        Totally Agree Alaska. Not for nothing but Lane? Shead? it’s time to go out and get a freak of nature who can play the position, generate some turnovers at the spot.

  50. Sea Mode


    #SeahawksDraftClues are back for Day 2 of the #NFLDraft! “A Love of My Own” by @lillipassero on @NBCTheVoice!

    A Los Angeles native with an old soul shows off her throwback vocal stylings.

    9:59 AM – 28 Apr 2017

    • Sea Mode

      Who is from LA?

    • Sea Mode

      “Throwback” is probably just another reference to trading back again…

    • Sea Mode

      Lyrics have mountains in it… again.

      • BRSeahawks

        I’m feeling Malik McDowell or Cam Robinson. I don’t like it.

        • Del tre

          I would feel like the Bears fans did after they traded up, that would be blowing it. McDowell doesn’t even excite me just watching his highlights, I’d rather see 2 or 3 different defensive tackles, let alone other picks.

    • EP

      Juju Smith Schuster

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Again with “Love”

      Every clue so far has featured the word “love” – either in the title or in the lyrics.

      • StoveEats

        Love Our Brothers?

  51. vrtkolman

    I think the Rams take Lamp or Zay Jones. The Cardinals hopefully take Kizer, I would love that.

  52. Sea Mode


    If Patrick Mahomes was there for the #Seahawks in late 1, they would have really, really considered it.

    Rich Eisen ShowVerified account @RichEisenShow
    .@MoveTheSticks says he’s hearing #Seahawks in the mix to draft a quarterback tonight. Seattle has 6 picks in 2nd and 3rd round. #NFLDraft

    10:50 AM – 28 Apr 2017

    • vrtkolman


      • Sea Mode

        Maybe, to draw trade offer. But I do think they are seriously in it for a QB sometime today.

        They did bring in Davis Webb for a visit. Played at Cal (Oakland), the clue was LA. Maybe that’s close enough?

        • vrtkolman

          The way I see it, whether we had Mahomes or an undrafted QB as backup, the season would be over with a Wilson injury. I’d rather use the draft capital on other things.

          • peter

            I completely agree on this. Seattle has a real depth problem at many key positions and a 2nd round pick for a back up QB isn’t changing that. Plus this notion of holding onto a player to trade them later? How often has that happened vs. the player just ages out of their contract and becomes a free agent?

            I’m not even going to look it up which I normally do because spending a second round pick to hope that in 3 years you might, just might get a first round pick is foolish.

      • Darnell

        Yeah, I’d think so. Information doesn’t get out unless they want it to. If teams think Seattle is interested in a qb at any point teams will want to jump ahead of Seattle to secure that QB, making other players available to Seattle.

        I can however see them being interested in Dobbs, Kelly or Evans at some point.

        • Overtime

          As John Schneider pointed out on Monday, “I’ve always thought you need to have one in the chamber all the time and have a guy getting ready,”

          He needs a good prospect that could become a starter for somebody. Developing a Cousins is a good way to add draft capital. Dobbs, Webb or Evans could be interesting.

  53. Corey

    Dream Scenario
    Trade down with QB desperate Jets (gain pick 70) and still get Lamp at 39.
    Trade up into 43-45 range (give up 58+90+226) and get 1 of 4 CB’s choices.
    Trade up into 54-56 range (give up 70+95) and get d-line.
    Left with 102, 106, 111, 210, 249…FB, PK, QB2, TE4, OT or DL project.

  54. vrtkolman

    NFL Network has been trying to find another team that was trying to trade up for #2, but they can’t. The Bears essentially negotiated against themselves. What a mess.

    • Darnell

      Haha. Negotiated against themselves for Glennon too.

      • Mexican Hawk

        I don’t like Trubisky, but I really don’t think Bears paid too much. I’m pretty sure Browns did not want to pay a kings ransom to move up from 12 to 2 (multiple 1st’s and 2nd’s), but too much noise from them for us not to think their interest was real. I believe they did want to make a jump up to 5-7 range for Trubisky.

        They probably ended up ok, as per better QB’s next year plus ammo to get them. Cody can get them thru this year. If not maybe Kirk via trade or Free Agency.

        If you are decided on a QB, no price is too high in my humble opinion.

        On a side note those QB’s going where they went slanted board to us in a neat fashion! Awesome day 2 coming up. Have to capitalize!

        • AlaskaHawk

          Quarterbacks and wide receivers went early, and that is pushing defensive guys down to Seahawks range.

  55. Hawks22Fun

    Seattle could take any of Obi/King/Awuzie/Lamp/Robinson at #34,

    and should trade UP with the Chicago Bears who mortgaged their draft for Trubisky…They have no 3rd or 6th Round pick this year, and have no 3rd next year, so they need picks/players to rebuild!

    We trade up from
    #58(320 pts)with Pick R3#90(140)+R4#111(72), we get #36

    We CAN get King and Obi in THIS draft! Please Call Chicago!!!

    …and still have three 3rd’s, a 6 and 2- 7’s!

  56. Coleslaw

    I’d be really disappointed if they took Quincy Wilson over King.. the ceilings are so far off

  57. Lord Snow

    My hope is for something that will never happen. I hope rather than a whole boatload of picks, schneider would use his extra thirds and later picks to get three #2’s right in that 35-40 range, assuming he has suitors. 3 starters, all of them high end, with all pro potential.

    I don’t care about the zach Brooks guys, the norwood’s, the frankenstein monster Sokoli’s, the cute experiments that end up getting cut after the 4th preseason game. Give me three fricken high end starters who give you contract problems by the time their second deals come up because you need to dip into the cap to pay them.

    Then do the usual dip into UFA after the draft to bloat the roster.

    • Corey

      Jets and their pick at 70 will work. desperate for a QB and several teams already named ie: Chargers Jags make them overpay.

    • Mark Souza

      We think very much alike, Lord. Expend the capital we’ve gained by trading back to get a couple more players in the 2nd who might actually earn starting spots this year. We have holes to fill. A starting receiver with a double leg fracture. A starting corner back who’s going to miss a big portion of the season. A safety coming off a nasty fracture. No SAM. Once we have the holes covered, we can worry about depth.

      • Lord Snow

        Absolutely. The only young player to me who looks like a franchise player is Frank Clark.. Wags and Russ are within their athletic peak so don’t really count.

        Jarran Reed’s upside looks Mebane to me, so he doesn’t have that off the charts upside. Prich may leave. Lockett and ALL the rb’s have injury issues. No one on the oline deserves a thought as a franchise player. Not yet.

        NFL talent evaluators have caught up to Schneider. He can’t depend on the Sherms and Chancellors being there in the 5th round. Everyone talks about “JS is happy because he will get one of his three targeted players!” Me, I want him to get all three.

        • Del tre

          Being patient with midrounders is what has made the seahawks, the draft is no sure thing, we can only project these players a higher selection doesn’t guarentee a better player

          • Lord Snow

            Then why does he target three or four guys he has to have if they are not better than his mid range prospects? The results are not good for rounds 4-7 the last four years. Accumulating quantity has not benefited this team. 20110-2012 I’d agree with you, but not the past four years.

    • Smitty1547

      I 100% agree with you, does nothing to draft good to borderline players you got to cut, we need above average talent this year, not fillers.

    • Awsi Dooger

      I’m on your side. I mentioned it a few days ago. In following the draft since the late ’60s the overriding trend is that excellent players slide into early second round mostly by accident. I would try to pick there as often as possible even if it meant sleeping through rounds 3 and 4 completely. Those are the sucker rounds. Margin for error over clever. Late second round begins the comical grab bag.

      At any point in time a handful of general managers will be thriving in those middle rounds. Who cares? It’s simply normal distribution, not brilliance. Somebody is going to nail those rounds even if the league average is pedestrian. By the time those general managers are receiving the acclaim for their mid and later round connects, the magic has logically worn off and the normal distribution has moved briefly to other general managers. It’s like a relay race with a slippery baton. Make the most while you have it.

      Seattle likely has already had its turn. Time to accept base logic and understand you don’t have to be a genius in those top 40 or 45 picks. Standard is fine. I’ll continue to assert that dropping all the way to pick 50 is unwise, and not nearly the gain of 40 (most years) and 45 (likely this year).

    • Ukhawk


  58. James


    – John and Pete have never drafted a player with a proven history of lazy play on the field, so everyone can forget about Malik McDowell. They even passed on Kawann Short when he met a need and obviously had the skills, because of his reputation as a slacker (he changed his ways with the Panthers).

    – the Seahawks approach a draft selection in one of two ways: 1) there is one player they must have (see Lockett or Reed) and they will trade up to land him, not taking the chance of losing him; or 2) they have several players ranked equal and are OK with a couple of them being picked off so long as at least one is left when their turn comes (this situation generally results in a trade down).

    – knowing this, we can be certain that as #26 approached, the Seahawks had at least 4 or 5 guys rated equally, and were confident they could trade down 5 slots; and we can also be confident that they felt the same when trading from #31 to #34. John and Pete even said that all of their R1 players on their board at #26 were still available after R1 ended. Therefore, the worst case is that GB takes one of them and we still have our pick. This might even mean a further trade down of a few slots, but I doubt they would be willing to drop very far.

    – My guess is that the players with a Seahawks R1 grade as #26 approached were Lamp, Robinson, King and Melifonwu, probably also Wilson, Baker and Wormley.

    – Sidney Jones will go before the end of R2, so we cannot wait until our 4 picks in late R3 if we want him.

    – I have watched every game that Cam Robinson played at Alabama and he is a legit LT, so I would not expect him to be moved to OG. He won the Outland with his play on the field, so don’t pick his game apart too much, as he can block for both the run and the pass game. Lamp would be very valuable as injury insurance until he claims a position, because he could potentially play anywhere on the OL in a pinch. This versatility would also apply to Dawkins, Moton or Bisnowaty, if the Seahawks wait to go OL in R3. The many posts on this blog that project Asiata to the Seahawks in late R3 are probably overly optimistic that he will still be available.

    – that said, I expect the Seahawks first selection in R2 to be a DB. The team has a need for a CB, a Nickel and a FS, and there are a wealth of prospects this year, but probably not as far as late R3. To me, the ideal scenario would be to trade 3 of the 4 R3 picks to move up to the middle of R2. I would also consider trading a R2 pick next season if that could land Sidney Jones, since his value will hit next year.

    – using common logic, I believe this blog remains right-on projecting Obi Melifonwu to Seattle. John clearly knows that GB is widely expected to draft either Lamp or King, so the fact that he was willing to trade down behind the Pack means he is comfortable with landing his guy. Melifonwu is an athletic freak with the quicks to play any DB position, despite his size, and the only knock on him has been that he is slow to read and react when playing FS, so I think Pete fully plans to move him to either CB or a new Buffalo position.

    • Hawkfaninmt

      I agree with most of this…

      There is also the “field tilting” ability they used to talk about. Not sure if they only talk about this with regards to offensive/ST players, but defensive players can told the field too. This is where I think Sydney Jones comes into play. King was so busy because Jones tilted the field away from him, much in the same way sherm has done for Max, Browner, and Shead. It may not be popular, but if they spend 58 on him I will not be shocked.

      I hope the next pick is either Baker or Obi. Both will fill two to three positions on defense and have a combination of athleticism and playmaking (play-stopping) ability that is unique.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I will be extremely disappointed if they don’t pick up at least one cornerback/safety in the second round. It has already cost them a superbowl and playoff games. They need someone that can start this season.

  59. Coleslaw

    I think our pick is Kevin King, so long as GB doesn’t take him. Ahkello Witherspoon could very well be the only other outside corner they have in the 2nd round. While nickel/big nickel still has Obi, Awuzie, Baker, Moreau.
    I see is going for King then waiting to trade up for one of those nickel guys. Could easily see them going with King and Baker, but I want King+Obi or King+Awuzie

    • Hawkfaninmt

      I would much rather see Tankersley in the 3rd than Witherspoon in the 2nd

      • Coleslaw

        I’d much rather see Rasul Douglas in the 4th than Tankersley in the 3rd

      • Sea Mode

        Or even Tank in the 2nd vs. Witherspoon in the 3rd!!

      • Coleslaw

        Why are you even talking like I said they were gonna go for Witherspoon? I said they would get King?

  60. Sea Mode

    Per Pauline:

    “Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks made two trades last night — one we predicted Tuesday, but the other was a bit of a surprise. As a result they have the second pick of the second round when the draft starts tonight. Three of the players I’m told they like — Kevin King, Forrest Lamp and Chidobe Awuzie — are still available. This is how you work the draft.”

  61. Sea Mode

    New draft clue:


    More #SeahawksDraftClues for you #12s! “Somebody that I Used to Know” by @hunterplake on @NBCTheVoice!

    Hunter Plake puts his own spin on “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye featuring Kimbra in the Top 12 performances.

    11:47 AM – 28 Apr 2017

    • Sea Mode

      I think it’s George Kittle

      • peter

        how so? Just curious.

        • Sea Mode

          I think they just look for names that stand for initials, sometimes inverted.

          Whoever is publishing these draft clues for PC is not going to dig deep into some random factoids related to the artist, the lyrics, or the players, but just find some initials or a little play on words from the tagline and go with it.

          So, in this case: Gotye Kimbra = George Kittle

          • Volume12

            There’s a ton of options with only one correct guess. That’s why PC does this.

          • peter

            I was thinking someone that Brendan Carrol, etc. would have had to scout for or even tried to recruit from Florida (the state) We have two recent assistants who were at Miami and left the same time and an assistant who was with Florida (the college) who also left at the same time. The only player I could figure that both sets of coaches would have looked at for one season is Demarcus Walker who played for Florida St.

  62. Sea Mode

    Hmmm… very interesting from Pauline:

    Several years ago I wrote a story on the Houston Texans having two cards filled out the night they made Jadeveon Clowney the first pick of the 2014 draft. The other card had the name of Blake Bortles on it.

    I’m wondering if we’ll ever learn the real story as to what happened in the Texans war room last night.

    Unlike the handshakes, hugs and backslapping that went on in other war rooms, many in Houston looked as though they had just awoken on Christmas morning and found no presents under the tree after it was announced the team traded up and selected quarterback Deshaun Watson.

    Watching the stone-faced expression on the face of head coach Bill O’Brien and the subdued attitude of those sitting at their desks made me and others I was with feel something was not right.

    • Coleslaw

      They probably thought they could get Mahomes later, now they’re screwed… Makes sense, pure desperation. Idk why they’re so upset though unless they really wanted someone else, they made the right move IMO

      • Sea Mode

        IIRC, Pauline and/or Aaron Wilson had reported they were very high on Mahomes throughout much of the process, so you could be right on.

  63. Trevor

    I think the only player left in the draft with legit All Pro talent and physical ability is Kevin KIng. As a result I really hope he is pick at 34 and then I am keeping my fingers crossed for Daeshon Hall at 58.

    • Darnell

      I think Awuzie could be every bit the player that Chris Harris, an all-pro primarily for his work in the slot.

      • peter

        Agree. I think if Awuzie plays to his projected ability and as Nickel CB’s get more love I think Awuzie is right there as well.

    • Largent80

      Both of those players would be great additions.

  64. Mexican Hawk

    No Chris Godwin or Joshua Dobbs on day 2 BBoard Rob, figure they might come into play in Round 3.

    One of the best blocking WR and deep ball threat replacement for Jermaine.

    Josh I feel is a good developmental QB who is going to take time, but has the makeup Hawks like. Strong proponent of Pack/Pats (Ron Wolf/BB) school of drafting QB’s. Organization is at the stage where that is feasible. We still have some holes, but can’t be afraid of pulling trigger in that respect.

    Can’t thank you enough Rob, for making this a great forum for this rabid and knowledgable fan base. Enjoy New Year’s (Day 2 and 3). Christmas was awesome yesterday. I realize Foster might turn into a stud, but value JS was able to get is off the charts. Definitely more trades to come.

    Here is Pats haul in 2011 when they had multiple picks in Rd. 2 and 3:

    Round 2
    33 Ras I Dowling CB
    56 Shane Vereen RB
    Round 3
    73 Stevan Ridley RB
    74 Ryan Mallett QB

    Hoping for an Obi (or Lamp/King), Tyus Bowser (or Jourdan Lewis), Chris Godwin and Joshua Dobbs haul.

    Gonna be tough to get everything, Dalvin Tomlinson might be a repeat of Reed but also a tough SOB. Demarcus Walker is a sleeper for sure.

    I really can’t complain if they trade back again.

    • Hawkfaninmt

      Would love Tomlinson and Walker!

  65. FuzzyLOgic


    You get 2 picks in the second round:

    A ~ F. Lamp & Q. Wilson

    B ~ O. Melifonwu & M. Mcdowell

    C ~ C. Awuzie & Z. Jones

    D ~ K. King & C. Robinson

    E ~ B. Baker & T. Bowser

    F ~ T. Williams & S. Jones

    • Largent80

      If I get 2 picks they are King and Melifonwu.

    • Mexican Hawk

      C and then E.

      • Jujus

        B or F

    • Sea Mode

      C, D, B are the ones I like.

    • Volume12

      I’m wondering if Bowser could be a target for GB?

    • nichansen01

      For me, B

  66. Ishmael

    Just watched the post-draft press conference with PCJS. Some weird vibes at the end. Things still aren’t 100% right with Sherman, and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of respect for Lynch. ‘Oh, you mean Beast Mode?’

    • Robert Loeder

      I felt that too. Love lock down Sherm. But fear he’s gone prima Donna with resentments that can hurt the locker room and young guys. If so, they’ll probably trade him for a high pick next year and a mid round pick this year. Breast got his from JS and in retrospect we got got on that last contract.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I may be the only person who thinks this, but in my opinion Sherman has already peaked. He is a step slower than he used to be and can’t keep up with receivers, but he still has good hands and interception ability. What that means is that his receiver will be open, but if the QB makes a mistake in ball placement it could lead to an interception.

        He hasn’t been exposed because the other side of the field is easy pickings for most quarterbacks. So why bother challenging him.

        My ideal scenario is that the Seahawks beef up the secondary with a early round cornerback and slot corner. Then they will have plenty of secondary to work with.

        • Mike

          I think you’re absolutely right. If offered a mid round second and fourth for him..would anyone else go for it?? (I would). Take that fourth + a couple of our it..we could end up picking four times in R2 + 4 more times in R3/early R4…

        • Ishmael

          He had a busted MCL and was still a top-five corner in the league. It’s amazing he played as well as he did tbh.

          • Robert Loeder

            I’m in your corner on this corner… Sherm still got it, but cannot seem to let go of the past. Best case scenario for me is she’ll stays and finds joy in making the LOB the best. As in better slot play, improvement of oline and young guys etc and I think we have a great shot at Lombardi this year!

            • ItRobert Loeder

              Oopsie doodle… Spell checker…Hahaha….

        • BobbyK

          Pretty much every CB in the history of the NFL isn’t quite as good at 29 than he was at 27.

    • Sea Mode

      Agree on Marshawn. They know he’s just in it for the publicity now IMO. And now that they don’t have to care about handling him and his attitude with velvet gloves, more of what their relation was really like might start coming out.

  67. Ishmael

    From Pauline:

    “I was privy to the fact that Garett Bolles had a diagnosed learning disability prior to the draft, something he revealed last night. I am also privy to the fact that the combine was misguided in the way they administered the Wonderlic test to Bolles — there’s an additional test taken by those diagnosed with learning disabilities. I am also aware the league went baresque (meaning to go wild with anger) when the tackle’s Wonderlic score was made public. But I’m glad Bolles, who was graded as our top offensive tackle since the day he entered the draft, was selected as early as he was. And I’m sure he made a few million fans walking onto the stage with his young son to relay his story to the world last night.”

    Absolutely disgraceful that his scores got leaked, and that Bolles was never given the additional test. I hope he becomes a superstar for the Donkeys, fantastic pick.

    • Volume12

      Real sh***y that people were making fun of that.

      • Mishima

        +1. Bolles has not only overcome his learning disability, but also the wack ridicule that comes with it. Dude is going to kill it for Denver.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Yes Denver got what they needed last night, and Bolles found a home on a well coached team.

      • Trevor

        +1 just another classic example of people being ignorant and uninformed.

        Hope he kills it!

      • peter

        it seemed pretty obvious honestly when you watched him speak vs. his wonderlic. By no means coming at you like a scholar, Bolles seemed eloquent, able to adjust smoothly to unprepared questions. The fact he bombed the wonderlic that intensely had me immediately thinking learning disability.

  68. Michael

    So excited for day 2!! Does anyone know a bar in Seattle that is into the draft? One that would have the volume up so I can really watch it?

    • vrtkolman

      I was at Buckley’s in Belltown last night for it. Amazing atmosphere. Lots of teams are represented. When the Bears picked Trub, a guy decked out in Bears gear went storming outside while cussing out a storm.

      • Michael

        Is that the place that turns into a Michigan bar on Saturdays?

        • peter

          It was when I lived in belltown nine years ago! and oddly an eagles bar on sundays.

    • Volume12

      What area are you in Michael?

      • Volume12

        Until I know where you are…

        Sports bar & grill in lower Queen Anne, Yardhouse by Westlake, Hawks Nest in Pioneer Square

  69. Realrhino2

    This seems obvious. Take the best player available, who just happens to play a premium position. Cam Robinson. Figure out the DB later.

    • peter

      kind of busting your chops here, but best player available is Cam Robinson? Not for nothing but the LOB is getting long in the tooth and there’s no nickel, and a bunch of guess’ patrolling half the field opposite a guy who happens to be getting older every sunday not younger, and two safeties that are racking up some pretty big injuries, plus two great 30 plus year old pass rushers with one replacement in Clark for two guys, and basically no Dline pressure….

  70. Volume12

    You know what last night showed?

    1. Offensive league. Better be able to put points on the board and control the ball

    2. Just because you test through the roof does NOT= 1st rounder. Gil Brandt was in FO’s for 30 some years. He’s a legend in the scouting community. Give that man a look on twitter or follow. I recommend it.

    3. The mock drafts that come out early in the year are usually about 70% correct

    • D-OZ

      Brandt is one of the best in the business.

  71. James

    A report just out from Tony Pauline claims that the top of the Seahawks draft board is King, Lamp or Awuzie. Three very good picks and most of us would be happy with any of these guys that Rob also placed in his Tier 1. But I have one question…

    How can Tony Pauline possibly know the contents of the Seahawks draft board? John’s board has never been leaked in seven years and I doubt very much someone has done so to Mr Pauline this morning. If he is just speculating, he should say so. If not, then a traitor is working on John’s staff, and how likely is that?

    • DLep

      Either way, i hope its true

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect Tony is just passing on league chatter rather than asserting he knows as fact the players Seattle are focusing on.

  72. Ukhawk

    How I think we spend our 6 picks

    I’ve grouped based on the fact that I think JSPC prioritises each position that can be improved on the team, then groups alternatives together, ranks & drafts BPA. Kind of BPA Bespoke….

    Believe they’ll take six picks from the following list of 7 categories, first listed is likeliest for the category/ “!!”is a favourite:

    1. SAFETY
    Obi Melifonwu / Hoping he is the pick and not OL
    Justin Evans /
    Marcus Maye /
    Shalom Luani!! Probably the pick if 34 is OL

    Ahkello Witherspoon / Gotta go him as I think it’s Obi > King
    Kevin King!! / Super upside
    Quincy Wilson /

    3. SLOT CB
    Chidobe Awuzie
    Jourdan Lewis!! Can tell you the flavour of gum their chewing
    Budda Baker
    Fabian Moreau

    4. 2ND CORNER
    Shaq Griffin —
    Rasul Douglas —
    Sidney Jones —
    Cordrea Tankersley!! Versatile

    Daeshon Hall / 3.31 TEF, better combine than Taco, still growing, may go too soon
    Demarcus Walker!/
    Tim Williams /
    Malik McDowell /

    5. SLB
    Tyus Bowser
    Vince Beigel! Great value in 3, less upside than Watt/Bowser but better all around at this stage

    6. WR/TE
    Zay Jones
    Gerald Everett
    Jake Butt! Don’t care we are full at TE, 2nd best combo TE and 1year away from Wilson/Graham contracts ending

    7. OL
    Cam Robinson /
    Forrest Lamp /
    Isaac Asiata! Better value than the other 2 above

  73. AlaskaHawk

    Found this interesting article about success rate of drafting players by round and position:

    Some thoughts on the second and third round selections based on that article:
    Offensive Linemen: The first round has an 83% success rate. The second round is almost as good with 70%. Even the third and fourth aren’t too shabby in comparison to success rates of other positions in the same rounds. (3rd – 40%, 4th – 29%). Hmm I didn’t think the hit rate in the first round was that high.

    Tight ends success rate is: 1st – 67%, 2nd – 50%, 3rd – 39%, 4th – 33%, 5th – 32%, 6th – 26%, 7th – 0%. In other words, selecting a tight end in the 3rd through 6th doesn’t make a lot of difference.

    Wide Receivers: The first round success rate is 58% and the second round is almost as good at 49%. The third round has the second highest number of receivers drafted with 52 but only a 25% success rate.

    Defensive Line: •The success rates are as follows: 1st – 58%, 2nd – 26%, 3rd – 27%, 4th – 37%, 5th – 13%, 6th – 13%, 7th – 3%

    Defensive Secondary: After you get past the success rates of the first two rounds (64% in the first, 46% in the second), there isn’t a huge difference in success (24% – 3rd, 11% – 4th, 17% – 5th, 8% – 6th, 11% – 7th)
    •DBs provide the best success potential in the 7th round versus other positions in that round.

    My take is that success rates in the first round are in the 60 to 80% range. By the third round they are only 25% or 1 in 4 players. Which is why it is so important to take your first/second round picks, because usually you will get a starter out of them.

    The players most likely to succeed in the third round are on offensive line and tight ends. I think this is because the league has a bias toward picking the great QBs and receivers early, and picking any good defensive player early.

    • nichansen01

      How is success rate calculated?

      • Mike

        From the article..looks like they defined it as “started for at least half of their careers”…

    • Brayden

      What determines the picks as successful and unsuccessful?

      • Brayden

        Nevermind didn’t see the above reply

  74. Volume12

    Sea Mode, you do that graphic at the top? If so, dope! Love the Wolf gray background and college navy outline of the symbol.

    • Sea Mode

      Yessir! Glad you liked it. I knew there were a lot of fans of Wolf Grey around here.

      • Volume12

        Job well done my man. 👍

  75. Volume12

    7 picks in the next 79 selections?

    The draft goes through the PNW.

    • Sea Mode

      On par with Cleveland for controlling the draft from here on out!

      Of course, we didn’t get 3 R1 picks yesterday. But, then again, our team doesn’t suck!

  76. Sea Mode

    OK, time for a rundown on all the draft clues so far. Let’s put our heads together!

    My theory for now is that the song titles and lyrics have nothing to do with it per se. Simple plays on words or initials, linked to players we know they have shown interest in.

    I’ve listed my proposed answers for each in order, with the more likely coming first.

    Clue 1-
    The Voice 2017 Chris Blue – Top 12: “Love and Happiness”
    Chris Blue hopes to woo America with Al Green’s “Love and Happiness” in the Top 12 performances.

    – Chidobe A”woo”zie [This is similar to the Germaine If-Eddie (Murphy) from last year]
    – Chris + Al = C.A.
    – Blue + Green = Seahawk

    Clue 2-
    The Voice 2017 Knockout – Brennley Brown: “Up to the Mountain”
    Brennley Brown gives a stellar performance of “Up to the Mountain” by Kelly Clarkson.

    – Kelly C. = Kelly, Chad = QB Chad Kelly, Ole Miss
    – LB Blair Brown, Ohio, is very SPARQy with a 4.18 SS @5’11”, 238. Short arms though.
    – Louis and Clark(son) = Jourdan Lewis

    Clue 3-
    The Voice 2017 TSoul – Top 12: “Always on My Mind”
    TSoul wows the crowd with “Always on My Mind” by Willie Nelson in the Top 12 performances.

    – TSoul = T + Willie = Williams = EDGE Tim Williams, Alabama
    – TSoul = TS = ST = Stevie T = DT Stevie Tu’ikolovatu, USC

    Clue 4-
    The Voice 2017 Aliyah Moulden – Top 12: “(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave”
    Aliyah Moulden impresses the coaches with “(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave” by Martha and the Vandellas in the Top 12 performances.

    – Vandellas = Vanderdoes = DT Eddie Vanderdoes, UCLA
    (He ran an amazing 4.39 SS at 6’3″, 305. Kris Richard was there at Pro Day for someone…)
    – Aliyah Moulden = A&M = Texas A&M impresses the coaches = Daeshon Hall, Josh Reynolds, Jermaine Eluemunor
    (Wikipedia tiebreaker: “Heat Wave” written by Holland–Dozier–Holland writing team = Daeshon Hall)
    – Heat Wave = HW = WH = OT Will Holden, Vanderbilt
    – Vandellas = Vandals = DT Glen Antoine, Idaho
    – Moulden rhymes with Bolden = WR Victor Bolden, Oregon St. was a VMAC local visit.
    – Aliyah = Elijah = LB Elijah Lee, Kansas St.

    Clue 5-
    The Voice 2017 Stephanie Rice – Top 12: “White Flag”
    Stephanie Rice performs a unique take on Dido’s “White Flag” in the Top 12 performances.

    – Stephanie Rice = SR = Sr. Bowl + White = CB Marquez White, Florida St.
    – Sr. Bowl + Flag = Banner = OT Zach Banner, USC
    – Dido’s White Flag = DFW = ???
    – Dido White = DW = Dede Westbrook

    Clue 6-
    The Voice 2017 Felicia Temple – Live Playoffs: “Defying Gravity”
    Felicia Temple shows off her powerful vocals with “Defying Gravity” from the Broadway show “Wicked” on the live playoffs.

    – Temple + Defying Gravity = high vert = LB Haasan Reddick, Temple

    Clue 7-
    The Voice 2017 Mark Isaiah – Top 12: “One Dance”
    Mark Isaiah sets his sights on the Top 11, singing “One Dance” by Drake, featuring Kyla and Wizkid.

    – Isaiah = Zay = WR Zay Jones, ECU
    – Drake = TE Eric Saubert, Drake (“Zauberer” in German means Wizard, to go way out on a limb)
    – Mark = Marks = WR Gabe Marks, Washington St. (meh, don’t think we’re interested)

    Clue 8-
    The Voice 2017 Blind Audition – Lilli Passero: “A Love of My Own”
    A Los Angeles native with an old soul shows off her throwback vocal stylings.

    – Passero = Passer + LA = California = Cal QB Davis Webb?
    – Stevie T plays in California and is totally an old soul (and body).

    Clue 9-
    The Voice 2017 Hunter Plake – Top 12: “Somebody That I Used to Know”
    Hunter Plake puts his own spin on “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye featuring Kimbra in the Top 12 performances.

    – Gotye Kimbra = GK = George Kittle

    The Voice 2017 Jesse Larson – Top 12: “Make You Feel My Love”
    Jesse Larson offers a heartfelt rendition of Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” in the Top 12 performances.

    Jesse Larson = JL = Jourdan Lewis

    • Volume12

      Thats some extensive guess work. All good ones though.

      That Mark Isiah clue. Isaiah Ford, WR, VA-Tech?

      That dudes back story is all about losing 40+ pounds. Zach Banner?

      The Tsoul I’ve completely convinced myself is S David Jones. LOL.

      One of these clues is someone from Tennessee. And another could be W.Virginia WR Shelton Gibson. Blake SHELTON is one of the coaches and up to the mountain. Mountaineers= W. Virginia mascot.

      • Sea Mode

        Good one on Ford, but he ran slow (4.61 at 195 lbs.), so I’ll stick with the reported interest in Zay Jones.

        I think the losing weight is Vanderdoes. He lost weight for his pro day, says so in his interview. He’s flown under the radar for us, but I’m almost sure he’s their guy. Huge disruptive potential with the kind of numbers he put up.

        For Temple, I went ahead and put Dion Dawkins. 86 wTEF isn’t terrible, and he’s got 35 in arms.

      • Volume12

        Somebody that I used to know rhymes with Fabian MOREAU. 😉

        • Volume12

          But I think that clue is someone he recruited.

    • BRSeahawks

      The woo part could be Melifon-woo.

      • BRSeahawks

        Could mean they don’t plan on a draft leaving without A-woo-zie or Melifon-woo.

  77. Nathan

    Rob Demovsky is reporting that it’s dalvin cook or kevin king to the packers with the 33rd pick.

    • Volume12

      I’ll be surprised if our pick isn’t one of Obi, Lamp, Robinson, King, or Awuzie.

      I say get the O-lineman. That’s our biggest weakness. Then get a couple of the plethora of talented DBs later tonight.

      • Rob Staton

        The thing is, Lamp’s a guard. Does this team really need another rookie guard who has to start next year as the first pick?

        And Cam Robinson — he might be a guard too. He fell to this range for a reason.

        They’re both names but ultimately, Bolles went top-20 (the best in the class) and the rest? The NFL is pretty much saying ‘meh’. Seattle often goes for the guy people underestimate, not the guy everyone overrated for weeks.

        • Volume12

          All fair points.

          But if TJ Lang was a guy they missed out on then maybe they want another one. Yeah I know Lang ain’t no rookie and has a pedigree.

          Aren’t people underestimating Robinson? Draft media overrated him, but we both know that he was a late 1st at best selection.

          • Rob Staton

            Not sure. I saw a lot of ‘top 20 lock’ stuff. Mayock had him at #16 or #18 on his big board. I was never a fan personally and ended up getting cajoled by the national media on Robinson in mocks.

            They may well go OL but I do think Lang is a bit of a red herring. They always look for opportunities but doesn’t mean they felt they had to get a splash at guard. Could’ve just been that opportunity presented itself. The best argument for it is if they feel like they NEED to get the run game going again, then maybe one of these guys at LG can help them get there. But we’ve talked for a while on here among ourselves — this is a draft to load up on defense.

            • Volume12

              I’m just saying it wouldn’t be surprising, at least for me, if they went with one of those 2 OL. He very well could of been a misdirection type thing.

              Defense heavy? Please go that way. Here for it. I am not a fan of the way the NFL is going. I like my football nasty. Smashmouth on both sides.

        • Mike

          If they’ve decided not to extend Britt…Lamp becomes an interesting pick for us..

          • Rob Staton

            Possibly so

        • Matt

          Exactly why I don’t want Lamp. We’ve spent too much capital on the interior OL. And I think Lamp is just too short to play OT.

          I like Lamp, but again; this is a resource issue. Its imperative that we reload the LOB. Draft An OG with 111.

    • Volume12

      You could even add Budda, Quincy, or Tim Williams to that group of names as well.

      • Misfit74


  78. Sea Mode

    Per Pauline:

    “I’m told both the Los Angeles Chargers and New York Jets have quarterback Davis Webb in their sights and each team is trying to move up to secure his services. It’s a good possibility any of the teams selecting from picks 33 to 37 would be amicable to trading down for the right compensation.”

    • Del tre

      Sweet 5 3rds

    • nichansen01

      5 thirds? Sign me up.

  79. BobbyK

    I wonder if they’d trade Sherman for a 2 this year and a 2 next year? Then use 2 of their 3 second rounders on DBs. Then they could actually take one of those 3s and trade for Sheldon Richardson. They’d have cap room and would get that inside/outside guy who would pretty much be forced to be on his best behavior for a year (then get a comp pick when he signs somewhere else after having a great contract year).

    • Mike

      I like that idea a lot!!

  80. Volume12

    Who had the better draft last night?

    SF or Cleveland?

    • BobbyK

      3 first round picks are better than 2.

    • Producehawk

      I vote Cleveland ……don’t want to give props to S.F.

  81. Misfit74

    Obi, King
    Lamp, Godwin

    • HawkTalker #1


  82. Misfit74

    Throwing out some possible wildcards for today, #Seattle: D. Foreman, Perine, Josh Jones, Moton, D. Rivers

    • HawkTalker #1

      Ahhh Perine again . . .love it, I would be thrilled to get him at a good value. But we’d be overloading our RB stable and the through-breads might start biting each other . . .

      • Volume12

        You could even get a guy like James Conner tommorow. Could be a RB/FB hybrid.

        However, Malcolm Johnson will make this team. He’s a unique dude.

      • Misfit74

        Yeah I think Perine fits us better than Foreman, who isn’t the same tenacious, physically runner, though he could become that. Foreman makes me nervous but he does have a great size/speed combo and I think he also can catch. Perine is a pit bull.

        • Reggie Regg

          We wasted 3 picks on rbs last year!

      • Derron James

        How come we never really talk about josh jones I think he is a solid player.

        • Misfit74

          I absolutely love him, bring his name up a lot. I think big nickle and CB2 are bigger priorities, but Jones would be an excellent Seahawk at some point

  83. Sea Mode

    Seattle’s 2017 draft class per my interpretation of PC’s clues:

    DB Chidobe Awuzie, Colorado
    WR Zay Jones, ECU
    EDGE Tim Williams, Alabama
    OL Dion Dawkins, Temple
    CB Jourdan Lewis, Michigan
    DT Eddie Vanderdoes, UCLA
    TE George Kittle, Iowa
    CB Marquez White, Florida St.
    DT Stevie Tu’ikolovatu, USC
    QB Chad Kelly, Ole Miss

    • Volume12

      That’d be a great haul.

    • D-OZ

      Look out for Dawkins. I like him a lot. He could be in play @58.

    • HawkTalker #1

      I could survive that 🙂

  84. Sea Mode



    Reuben Foster was on phone with #Saints (32nd pick) when #49ers called to say he was theirs at 31. Here he tells how story goes:

    2:15 PM – 28 Apr 2017

  85. Volume12

    Damn. Texas RB D’Onta Foreman lost his infant son this season. 😢 💔

    • Volume12

      He was a ‘premy’ weighed 15 ounces and was gone 50 days later after his performance against Texas Tech.

      His girl is pregnant again. Due date? The day he his son he lost was born.

      • Volume12

        That’s a guy I want if I’m a coach. Foreman had the kind of season he had and loses his son?

        That’s a guy that adversity will not affect whatsoever.

        • D-OZ

          I like Foreman and Conner a lot. + heart and drive. Both can catch the ball well and are downhill thumpers.

  86. ItRobert Loeder

    This is so freaking exciting, I’m losing my mind! Decent chance one of our first round failure FA acquisitions hellos or excels. Young DBs in Pete’s factory may have a stuff emerge. Young oline and other players pissed for big jump. JSPC playing the Draft like a fiddle! We gonna be real good!!!

    • Robert Loeder

      Please delete this, moderator. My spell checker ram amok!

  87. Robert Loeder

    This is so freaking exciting, I’m losing my mind! Decent chance one of our first round failure FA acquisitions helps or excels. Young DBs in Pete’s factory may have a stud emerge. Young oline and other players poised for big jump. JSPC playing the Draft like a fiddle! We gonna be real good!!!

  88. nichansen01

    I would not be surprised if we trade down again.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Maybe they will bundle their top #2 for a #1, with the Browns in 2018..

    • Derron James

      I would, I think they trade up once or twice

    • D-OZ

      Neither would I.

    • HawkTalker #1

      Wait for it . . .

  89. JimQ

    A small trade down, a big move up and a small trade down with multiple picks left….&….PC/JS will win the draft. Many great players remain throughout the remainder of the draft & the Seahawks will get a bunch of them.

  90. Mexican Hawk

    We are SCREWED THEORY for Pick # 34 and case for Bowser in the expected trade up

    I love Lamp, short arms and all. He would really solidify the line and what I would like most about that pick is the cap flexibility he gives you as per Justin Britt. Even though I love Britt and most Hawks fans would go crazy if we let him go. You can’t keep paying more than 8-9 players big money. If he does have that flexibility at Center that they say he does. It would be a nice pick.

    King I get as well, he is the last of the H/W/S guys at outside corner. So no qualms there if he is the pick, would be ecstatic.

    Reason I would go with Obi in the “we are screwed theory”. As in if Kam, Earl or Sherm go down and we don’t have a serviceable Obi (if he is really a baller and not just a workout wonder, his 4 year starting career gives me hope) we are pretty much screwed. When all healthy he would give you a great weapon as a Buffalo with the skills to cover speedy slot WR and scat backs and with size to contend with the big modern day Slot and TE’s.

    With Lamp on ONE end we at least have some players on roster that are serviceable and TWO you can get guards at a lesser spot. Lesser talented guards, but not as big a drop off as with Obi. No Obi’s down below.

    King is a freak as well, but he does not give you the versatility of being able to play both safety spots, plus inside/outside CB and some LB. Though he does cover many areas, maybe not thumper but Obi supposedly isn’t one either.

    Anyways just a thought. Can’t wait. Pauline says King, Lamp or Awuzie. All great picks. Trust your scouting/philosophy and you will be ok.

    Moving on to SECOND PICK of Second Round IN A TRADE UP if they don’t gamble much with first pick I would target Bowser. Still very raw, but upside at that position is rare. Avril is getting up there in age. Common knowledge that we play a 4-3 with 3-4 personnel as he looks to be more of a 3-4 OLB than a typical 4-3 End. Seems he can give you that LB/DE flexibility that Bruce gave you. He is on the smaller side as per comp with Avril, that gives me pause. Other metrics are there. Not a sure thing, but again upside and scheme versatility is there.

    Enjoy Draft!

  91. Misfit74

    Teams really drumming up feigned QB interest

  92. Misfit74

    Cam is a heavy-legged waist bender.

  93. Mike

    why has the count down clock stopped on GB??

    • Mike

      ok..started again

  94. D-OZ

    Definitely see a big trade up from # 58….

  95. D-OZ

    I think they send Sherman to Oakland or San Diego today.

    • Mike

      yeah..i could totally see Sherm in oakland….Lester Hayes 2.0

  96. Mike

    make your pick GB..nobody is buying your Kizer smoke

  97. Mike


  98. Reggie Regg

    Seahawks played themselves getting all cute for a bunch of picks we are gonna use to move up later???? Beyond perturbed!

  99. Mike

    c’mon home obi…

    • Reggie Regg


  100. Mike

    omg..they traded

  101. Ukhawk

    Darn it

  102. Mike

    moved down one spot..

  103. Reggie Regg

    Considering we don’t need a safety….king was the best player to man that cb2! Watch us grab the underwear warrior!

  104. HawkTalker #1

    CRAP they got King.

    • HawkTalker #1

      Need to crack them like a nut when we see them next . . .

  105. Mike

    Cam to the Jags…

  106. Mike

    Cardinals moved up into the next spot 2.4

  107. Mike


    • Realrhino2

      My #2 guy after Robinson. Woo hoo!

  108. Reggie Regg

    Just turned off tv!!

  109. HawkTalker #1

    Actually like that pick – if they keep his motor running (and they will), he will be awesome

  110. Ukhawk

    Love it….b@lls out

    • Ukhawk

      Lots of DBs still there

  111. HawkTalker #1

    time for us to trade up too . . . got the need for speed (at CB)

  112. Mark Souza

    Not thrilled with that pick. We missed King, didn’t pick Obi. The problem with Malik, to quote Ron White, “that boy has a whole lot of quit in him.”

    • HawkTalker #1

      Everyone like to label players . . . time will tell, I think he is way under-rated and I’m glad he mailed in a lot of his last few games. He’s not facing criminal charges, etc, etc. The hawks will work with him to make any needed adjustments. When he wants to play, there is no stopping him. Does anyone really think they can play for the seahawks and survive not give 100%. Time will tell . . .

    • Mark J

      PC/JS don’t pick players like that. I’m thinking there’s more to that story.

  113. Dawgma

    Ugh. No interest in these ‘could be great if they could bother to care’ players. How did you NOT learn that lesson with Percy?

    • Reggie in IOWA

      Especially one we gotta teach to play the run…..that’s all the way against our scheme!

    • HawkTalker #1

      Don’t be so quick to judge . . . give the boy some time. Trust PC/JC just a little. Would they really pick a quitter with their first pick?

      • Reggie in IOWA

        I don’t have a choice just a Lil frustrated.

  114. Derron James

    Rip to Zay

    • Realrhino2


  115. HawkTalker #1

    Turn out the lights . . .

  116. Derron James

    I do not like the panthers pick too similar

  117. HawkTalker #1

    N.O. is worse in that way

  118. JimQ

    Must be the McDowell pick has slowed down the chatter. I looked up his stats and they were somewhat underwhelming through his college career. I’m assuming the Seahawks see something in him as an interior disrupter that doesn’t make big #’s but makes players around them better. Haven’t watched enough tape to say this is true, but obviously PC/JS see something.

  119. Producehawk

    I like what the Browns are doing.

  120. nichansen01

    Detroit with an awful pick

  121. nichansen01

    DANG IT really liked tomlinson

  122. Mark Souza

    Any thoughts here, Rob?

  123. HI Hawk

    Why do TV talking heads keep praising Cable for doing wonders with no talent? I think Cable is actually the problem.

    • Mark Souza

      I agree HI. We dealt away what line talent we had when they approached their next contract with the promise that they wouldn’t be missed, that all Tom Cable needed is his type of athlete and he would coach them up. It hasn’t worked. He did manage to take Sweezy, a DT and in four years turned him into a mediocre guard. And then he left. In the mean time, our QB spends more and more time on the ground.

  124. Happy Hawks

    So we have picked 2 players in the top 80 and have 9 more picks ? Do not understand the strategy? Let’s get mr irrelent!

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