Instant reaction: Seahawks trade out of round one

The Seattle Seahawks did what many people expected. They traded down — and eventually out of the first round.

Pete Carroll referred to it as an “exquisite example” of the draft going exactly as they expected.

By moving down from #26 to #34 involving separate trades with the Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers, the Seahawks acquired three more picks:

Round 3 — #95 — Atlanta
Round 4 — #111 — San Francisco
Round 7 — #249 — Atlanta

It means the Seahawks will now pick five times between #90-111. Either they love that range in this class, or they’re preparing to be aggressive on Friday.

They have the following haul: 2,2,3,3,3,3,4,6,7,7

So who’s left on the board?

These were the seven names highlighted as possible targets before round one:

Adoree’ Jackson (CB, USC)
T.J. Watt (LB/EDGE, Wisconsin)
Takk McKinley (EDGE, UCLA)
Obi Melifonwu (S, Connecticut)
Chidobe Awuzie (CB, Colorado)
Kevin King (CB, Washington)
Garett Bolles (T, Utah)

Three names remain and all could be potential picks at #34. It’s time to top-up the list and add a few more options.

For more on Melifonwu click here

For more on Awuzie click here

For more on King click here

Who is left from the big board?

Aside from the three names above, Quincy Wilson (CB, Florida) is the only third tier player remaining. From tier four — Forrest Lamp, Tyus Bowser and Budda Baker remain.

Theoretically they could all be options too.

Wilson is very intriguing. His physical profile is a mixture of pro’s and con’s. He has good size (6-1, 211lbs), he has 32 1/4 inch arms and he ran a superb 4.02 short shuttle. It’s that short area quickness, combined with his size, that really strikes you on tape.

On the other hand he jumped a disappointing vertical (32 inches) and broad jump (9-10), his wingspan (75 5/8) is distinctly average and his forty (4.54) is only OK. It’s quite weird that he’s a combination of exceptional (short shuttle) and mediocre (broad/vertical).

Even so, on the field he’s all attitude and confidence and quality coverage. You’ll see him gain position and force the receiver to the sideline, narrowing the strike zone. You’ll see him box out to make a play. He has the size to be good in run support and he talks like he belongs.

He’s another player you can imagine fitting into Seattle’s locker room. You can also imagine him playing outside corner in this defense. Yet there are some other things to consider:

— Seattle hasn’t drafted an outside cornerback with a sub-77.5 inch wingspan
— Seattle hasn’t drafted a cornerback with such a mediocre broad jump
— Seattle hasn’t drafted a cornerback period before round four

Forrest Lamp was clearly the most explosive offensive lineman at the combine. He could be used at guard or as a hedge against Justin Britt at center. It’s not that long ago that Lamp was being touted as a top-20 pick. A few days ago he was seen as a likely target for Miami at #22. He remains on the board.

Personally I graded Lamp in tier four for a reason. He doesn’t have the length to play tackle without being an anomaly. The Seahawks might be loathe to draft another early-round guard too. Yet he fits what they’ve looked for in terms of explosive athletes so he has to be on the radar now.

Tyus Bowser has a very similar physical profile to T.J. Watt and both players compare physically to Khalil Mack. Budda Baker is really good but his size somewhat limits his role in the NFL. Is he a free safety only? Can he handle the slot full-time?

We’re also into a region now where the Seahawks can look for value if they wish. If they think they can fill needs at CB, DL, S and OL later — they might be inclined to consider a Zay Jones or JuJu Smith-Schuster here.

They also visited with Tim Williams, Malik McDowell, Daeshon Hall, Jourdan Lewis and Ahkello Witherspoon.

Jordan Willis, Zach Cunningham, Marcus Maye, Demarcus Walker and Chris Wormley also remain on the board.

Cam Robinson remains available too. I purposely didn’t include him in my top-35 big board. For me he’s always been a little overrated. He was not an explosive tester at the combine but he does have ample size and length. It wouldn’t be an improbable pick for Seattle. He could be their guy. Yet there are arguably better players available on the board — and he lasted this long for a reason.

Jourdan Lewis is a very interesting name. Arguably he’s the most competitive slot corner in college football, Lewis is tenacity defined. We discussed him in more detail here.

Whoever the Seahawks were targeting at #26 is still available:

Now it’s just about waiting to see who they pull the trigger on.

Melifonwu, Awuzie and King all seem very realistic fits. Had the Seahawks drafted one of the three at #26, a lot of fans would’ve been happy. If they move down and get extra picks before taking them, those same fans should be ecstatic.

As you can see above, however, there are still plenty of good options remaining. If they want a dynamic defensive lineman, they can do it with Williams, Willis, McDowell, Walker or Wormley. If they want to go DB, there’s Melifonwu, Awuzie, Wilson, Lewis, Baker and others. If they want to go O-line they can take Lamp or Robinson. There are good receivers and running backs on the board.

Plus there’s every chance they’ll trade up from #58 to pick twice in the top-50 — something we talked about and anticipated a lot before round one.

Updated Seahawks watch list:

Obi Melifonwu (S, Connecticut)
Chidobe Awuzie (CB, Colorado)
Kevin King (CB, Washington)
Quincy Wilson (CB, Florida)
Jourdan Lewis (CB, Michigan)
Forrest Lamp (G, Western Kentucky)
Cam Robinson (T, Alabama)
Zay Jones (WR, East Carolina)
JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR, USC)


  1. Ehurd1021

    I can’t believe we passed up on Ruben Foster… especially to sit back and watch him go to SF. He’s a top 10 talent easily and LB is a crucial spot we need depth and talent at.

    • Michael

      Correction – They didn’t “sit back and watch” him go to SF. They facilitated the move…

      • Ehurd1021

        Which makes no sense. Foster is a 10 talent; potential all-pro at his position (upside and talent are remarkable) and is also at a position of need on this team. We did sit back and allow him to go to SF based on some theory our guys will still be there – which hasn’t worked out in years past fyi.

        • Phob

          Maybe jussssst maybe they know something you dont. Plenty of other teams passed on him. Including teams that took LB’s or have a need at LB. He was a projected top 10 pick and he fell. That doesn’t happen without reason. I’m not saying he won’t be a good player or even a great player but he’s not a all-pro lock like you’re making it seem. Clearly there was some risk in picking him.

        • Ben

          Is he at a position of need? Is he better than KJ Wright right now? Because he’s going to be a very good WILL for someone, but he’s not a SAM. We don’t need a WILL.

    • Naks

      We can’t prevent very good player from being drafted. Our “guys” are still out there so we got extra picks for nothing

    • mister bunny

      I agree that it feels that way. But that’s because we’re all amateurs, and we read blogs run by other amateurs who are just a bit better than us. Our expectations get set, and we think that corresponds to reality.

      Clearly the people who are top level pros at this did not think he was a “top 10 talent easily.”

      Or even a top 30 talent easily.

      • Ehurd1021

        Foster has a knock on him because of attitude problems.

        Foster was a top 10 pick easily and we passed even though LB is a position of need on this team.

        • Darnell

          I see Foster’s best fit as a 4-3 Mike , and the Hawks have a better player at that position in Wagner. As infrequently as the Seahawks have 3 linebackers on the field, I wouldn’t have been a fan of drafting a non-pass rushing lber in the first.

          As far as the Hawks facilitating the trade, the 49ers would have come up for him anyway via a trade with someone else.

        • mister bunny

          Guess there are 30 NFL teams that could use your insight.

        • Coug1990

          We did not pass on him, the Seahawks did. Obviously, they did not think he was a top 10 talent easily, Nor did every other team that drafted yesterday in the top 10.

        • Nem Beselek

          It might not be this, but a lot of signs with this guy are pointing to Roid use.

          The, at times, uncontrolled rage, the problem with his UA at the combine or wherever it was, the chubby face yet a cut body, the problems with his connective tissue. These have all been signs of steroid use in other players in the past.

          If he is on roids and he is only getting up to around 229 lbs. that means he’ll probably lose a little mass in the pros. This could necessitate him moving to safety, and maybe that is where SF envisions him playing anyway. We’ll see I guess.

    • Zach

      It’s unclear to me why everyone assumes that Foster would have definitely gone off the board between 31 and 34. Maybe NO takes him at #32, but he doesn’t seem like a likely pick for GB, so he’s still there for the 49ers at 34 anyhow, and you don’t get anything for your trouble.

      • HI Hawk

        I think Reuben Foster is a pro-bowl talent and will be a thorn in the Seahawks side for years to come IF (big IF) he is healthy. He had neck issues in college, followed by a stint in the concussion protocol as a freshman and sophomore. As a junior, he finally played most of the season – but was always in a cast or brace to protect broken fingers and wrist. The guy plays so hard he hurts himself, so you have to love him. He probably fell though because his medical record reads like a book. There are no real character concerns though, he absolutely lives to play ball.

        • FRWIII

          Are you kidding me. Foster has issues. Yes he is a beast on the field. However, first he is the player that got KICKED out of the scouting combine. He also has medical issues. He has shoulder issues and he tends to get neck stingers. He has POOR tackling techniques . He tends to lead with his head. This leads to neck stingers could also lead to concussions and he also has red flags with his shoulders.

          • Coug1990

            I haven’t watched much of Foster, but what little I saw, he tries to blow up players leading with his shoulder instead of wrapping up. He may turn out to be the best linebacker in history or not. I would rather the Seahawks draft a defensive back. Obi or King are the two that I would like to see.

  2. Saxon

    I don’t love giving Foster to the 49ers for a fourth round pick. You don’t trade potential Pro Bowlers to division rivals.

    The Atlanta deal was fine. I’m hoping for Bowser and a DB with our second 2nd.

    • Naks

      Obi and bowser would be awesome

      • Dave

        +1, I wanted Watt, but Bowser would do the trick. I think GB goes RB or Lamp. They just lost Lacy and Lang. If Lamp falls to us, he meets/exceeds TEF requirements. With Glow, Joeckel, Aboushi, we might not need another G at pick 34. There’s still Asiata who can be had in the 3rd rd.

    • Saxon

      Oh, and also, the 49ers killed the draft. Lynch might wind up a great GM, which sucks for us. With Shanahan they have a nice braintrust in SF now. We need to murder some picks this year…

      • AndrewP

        Yes, the Niners appeared to have a great night. However, it’s important to remember: They still are a mess at the most important position in sports

        • Mr. Offseason

          They got Hoyer. He’s not terrible.

          We picked up a fourth for a move down 3 (!!!) spots. That is damn good value. And who’s to say the Niners would not have traded with the Saints for Foster had they not traded with us? I guess you can’t block divisional teams from getting good players at the cost of your own benefit.

          I will say though that in this particular draft, is a 4th round pick that valuable? Why couldn’t we just pick at 31, get our guy, and move on? An argument could be made that we’re getting too cute. The Packers may well take Lamp tomorrow after losing T.J. Lang.

          Lastly, the other factor to consider is that we save significant cap money by picking in the second as opposed to the first. So the move down three spots not only gets us a fourth round pick, but also good cap savings.

          Trading with the Niners does seem suspect. But once I take a step back and look at all the intricacies, it doesn’t look so bad.

          Now, if the Packers take Lamp tomorrow, that changes it a bit. Would the Seahawks pick Lamp if he’s there at 34? If the Pack takes Lamp, we may never know. That’s maybe my biggest issue with the deal.

          • mister bunny

            I suspect the Seahawks hope the Packers take Lamp because they want a CB, and there are still King, Awuzie, and Wilson sitting out there for them. If they would have taken one of those players anyway, it’s just a free 4th rounder.

          • Coug1990

            Schneider said that by moving down, the players they were looking are are still on the board. Why not take the 4th then? It could also be packaged with the lower second to move up a few spots if there is someone they want.

  3. Michael

    Tomorrow is going to rock. Please for the love of all that is holy, don’t let it be Robinson. Obi all day!

    • williambryan

      It’s going to be Robinson 🙁

    • Ukhawk


    • 75franks

      Gonna be d. cook

  4. AndrewP

    Rob.. Tell me you have slept at SOME point in the last 36 hours..?

  5. dnc

    My targets at 26 were Bolles, Lamp, King or Obi, so I’m ecstatic three of them are still on the board. Take any of them and I’m thrilled. Anyone else and I’ll be slightly disappointed.

  6. AZHawk

    The FO has a plan and you never know how a player is going to turn out (aka curry). This year they need to reload to keep the championship window open. With that many picks tomorrow they can get what they are looking for and hopefully they turn out to be studs. For us that lived through the Behring era I can live with us trading back 8 slots.

    • hawkdawg

      This FO had nothing to do with Curry, of course. Better example might be Harvin for a 1 and a 7, plus a 3 the next year. 🙂

  7. Poko

    Yes.I’m ecstatic now…
    I want both Obi and King.

    • Michael

      I would lose it if that happened. Would take a big trade up probably.

      • GeoffU

        Depends how far they drop, but yeah. Would take a third and the fourth to get into the late 30’s

        • peter

          I’d take that trade. Seems like the easiest way from this fan’s perspective to kill it today is go get two of these three Obi/Kine/Awuzie in the net round.

      • Poko

        yes,It may not happen, but I dream both guys.

    • MarkinSeattle

      This is my dream scenario. King with the physical ability to be an All Pro CB for years to come, and PC’s a I,it’s to develop corners. Obi the physical ability to lock down slot WR’s, TE’s, or search as a death backer alongside Kam. Eventually replacing Kam at SS. Or move him outside and you could have the two biggest CB’s with the size to lockdown anyone and the speed to keep up with fast little speedsters.

      I don’t think it will happen, but this would be awesome and enable us to be a top 5 defense for many years to come.

    • Brinque

      That would be epic!

      Getting both King and Obi in the second round. And they have the ammunition to make it happen with all the 3’s they have atm.

  8. LeoSharp

    I think Obi could easily be their top rated DB. Length and explosiveness are the top two physical traits for Seahawk CB’s. He wins in both areas. Most likely the best athlete to ever play CB/S in NFL history and that athleticism shows up on tape.

    • Michael

      Maybe safety, but as far as CB’s go I think I still gotta go with Prime

      • LeoSharp

        If you’re comparing by SPARQ he definitely loses. The difference in strength, weight and explosiveness is just too big.

        • Ed R

          I gotta say, Obi has nothing on prime. There is no SPARQ for Deion because he just ran the 40 and quit.

          • Drew

            Yeah with Prime it was his speed and fluidness

    • LeoSharp

      Kevin King is probably the only other DB I’d pick in the top 50. The rest just don’t have the minimum measurable the teams has drafted for in the past. 32″ arms , 10’4″ Broad

      • Mr. Offseason

        GB wouldn’t take King or Obi would they?

        • Elliottatk

          It’s possible, Green Bay is has a very depleted secondary. But they also need a replacement for TJ Lang, and they need RB Help.

        • Ground_Hawk

          I could see them going with either. There’s also OG Lamp, RB’s Cool, Mixon, & Kamara. GB’s RB situation is not good.

          • Ground_Hawk


            • HI Hawk

              If I ran that team, Kamara would be my pick. He’s just such a weapon in a multitude of ways.

              • peter

                Kamara in Greenbay makes a ton of sense.

  9. Grant G

    King me!

  10. Kyle

    I am actually happy about the trade backs. I wanted, like everyone else, to see seattle draft a player in the 1st round that had talent. But, look at the list of guys available. Its astounding that all the guys we want, and by all, I mean a lot of guys we want are still there with only one person picking in front of us. We now have ample ammunition to reload at positions of need with top tier guys. We don’t know what they are looking for in a prospect.

    But let me make my guesses here.

    Kevin King
    Malik Mcdowel (if they feel good about their meeting) or tyus bowser or Baker if they can move up or Obi if they can move up for him ( see what im getting at with the prospects still available)
    In the third
    Jordan Lewis
    Walker or embuak or howerver you spell his name EWU
    Witherspoon or brian allen
    in the fourth
    Id be tempted to take zane Gonzales or an OL
    in the 6th and 7th
    id shoot for high upside sparq dudes, possibly skill position
    id like grover stewart here and then whoever Is sparqd up

  11. Grant G

    I’d rather have King/Obi/Chiwuzie and Moton/Dawkins/Siragusa then Lamp/Robinson and Lewis/Wilson/etc.

    • Grant G


  12. Ed

    3 DB’s I still love and only 1 pick to go. So many choices:


    Would love 2 of those with Hawks 2 2nd round picks. Maybe trade up to get 3. Obi/Awuzie/Bowser or King/Jones/Willis

  13. DJ 1/2 Way (SEA/PDX)

    Who makes the Seahawks “the bullies” again? Who has the edge they want?

    • williambryan

      If this was the driving factor, wouldn’t they have taken Foster themselves?

      • Nathan

        Foster is another failed test away from missing 10 games.

        A team like SF can roll that dice, A team that should be competing for the SB next year can’t.

    • peter

      Chidobe Awuzie. Plug and play nickel with plus blitzing skills, plus ball skills, and can help the team stop the Patriots and Atlantas of the world.

      Justin Evans comes to mind though I’m not sure ow he sees the field.

  14. TheSinators

    Trade-up options (using the Jimmie Johnson trade chart):
    To get pick #44, we’d need to give up 58+90
    To get pick #37, it’d cost 58+90+111
    To get pick #33, it’d cost 58+90+95 (we could pick both Obi AND King *and* still have picks 102, 106, and 111!)

    • TheSinators

      If the Chase Stuart trade chart is used instead of the Jimmie Johnson trade chart, the Seahawks could…

      …get pick #33 by trading #58 + 111
      …get pick #35 by trading #90 + 95 + 210

      This is a ridiculous hypothetical, but if the Seahawks did these two trades, they could end up with:
      and still have picks #102, 106, 226, 249

      How would like having Obi + King + Lamp + #102 + #106 + #226 + #249??????

      • Trevor

        That would be a dream scenario!

    • williambryan

      What about two separate trade ups? What could 102, 106 and 111 get you up to?

  15. AndrewP

    I want Buddha at 34. I just think the dude is a spark this team needs.

    34- Buddha
    Add a guy who gets after it in the front-7 (Bowser, McDowell, Williams), an OL to compete (Asiata/Moton/Siragusa) and a receiving target (TE/WR), and the rest will be gravy.

    • Drew

      Dude just jumps off the tape when you watch him play. Budda is probably my favorite player in the entire draft. You can measure a player’s size, but you can’t measure his heart.

  16. Hughz

    JS just hinted he really liked Reddick. I wonder if they would have traded up to get him if he had dropped much farther.

    • Hughz

      Full PC and JS post R1 interview:

      • hawkdawg

        Was it just me, or did the room get real cold on that last question about Lynch in that presser? Interesting, at least to me….

        • Hughz

          Yeah not sure what to think of that. I think JS just had enough dealing with something he had very little control over.

        • jujus

          I love what lynch gave us; but the bottom line is he quit on his team, period end of story.

          • Rawls1234


    • Darnell

      reddick is awesome.

      the pick was slightly surprising though. as it’s rare for arians to like a guy that goes to temple.

      • Old but Slow

        Oooh, I saw what you did there. Good’n.

  17. Steve Nelsen

    Teams interested in QB are already talking to GB about #33. I would imagine they are also talking to SEA about #34 so don’t be surprised if there is another trade.

    GB linked to Kamara and they can get him a bit further back.

    The trade back/trade up dream scenario to land both King and Obi is still possible.

    • Paul d

      Yep. They could still trade back again and trade up more than once to get their guys before the first “cliff”. Pete said JS would be working the phones. With 76 guys in camp vying for spots, there is zero chance they will be taking 4 dudes in the 4th.

      • DC

        Especially with only 1 pick in the 4th.

  18. CA

    Wish list in rough order:
    King, Bowser, Lamp, Awuzie, Wilson, Robinson

  19. sdcoug

    Wasn’t one of the clues “up to the mountain”? …as in, Mt Baker

    Budda Baker

  20. Coleslaw

    Thanks to TheSinators for the trade chart!
    34. Obi Melifonwu
    37. Kevin King
    95. Isaac Asiata
    102. Taywan Taylor
    106. Bucky Hodges

    Trading up for 37 and still getting Obi, compared to what we had 12 hours ago, this would be lunacy

    • Trevor

      That would be huge!

  21. Donald

    I am not able to see any comments. Is the site down?

  22. Awsi Dooger

    Seattle should trade up to pick twice in the top 40 or 45. That would be a tremendous use of resources.

    King and somebody else. Maybe Lamp. I think teams got too cute allowing him to slip. Give me obvious over adjustment.

    I felt bad for Takk McKinley. Every other player on stage acted appropriately on group introduction except him. Twice. Then he went far overboard after being picked. I realize he’s a feel good story. I prefer ultra sharp, not simple.

    Best pick was O. J. Howard. As a Dolphins fan I got briefly nervous because we only had to fade a few teams to steal him. Would have been sweet. Now Miami has to face Howard in the opener.

    I wasn’t thrilled with Charles Harris. He flunked the Waldo edge rusher analytics. Missouri’s scheme creates inflated sack opportunities and totals on the flanks. At least he’s an upgrade over Dion Jordan, although similarly pathetic against the run.

    • DC

      I feel like we owe Russell Wilson one Forrest Lamp. The dude can play every position on the OL and could theoretically beat out all 5 2016 Seahawk starters at their respective positions.

      Defensive depth is still very, very deep so if Lamp makes it past G.B. I would be very pleased with the pick. I can live with our OTs but our OGs and OL overall still suck. Lamp would help. Donald, Thomas, Jones… Let’s stop the bleeding.

      • DC

        And I’m assuming that Fant & Ifedi end up the starting OTs when I say that.

    • Volume12

      That’s the problem with football right now. Its become too much like Money ball aka baseball. Analytics only tell you ghow they test.

      They don’t tell if the guy is a perfect fit for your program, if he loves the game. Not like it or enjoy it, love it.

      Football is such an adversial sport. Its all about the personality. Much more than any other sport.

      • Volume12

        The guys on the football field are extensions of your coaches and to some degree your FO.

        • Volume12

          You can always skew #’s to support a theory or to make your case.

          • Scraps

            You can always skew =anything= to make your case. “Perfect fit”, “loves the game”, numbers. At least numbers give you something concrete to argue with. Perfect fit, loves the game, just words.

            • EranUngar

              Actually, the numbers gives us something concrete to argue with. It gives us easy facts to support opinions that will have very little to do with the desired outcome.

              When i explained it to my son, I showed him Kam sending Vernon Davis to oblivion. I told him that a TE has to be long and fast and explosive….but he also needs to to get up after that hit and line up against the same guy on the next play. They do not test that at the combine….

              They also do not test if Demarius Thomas will rise after Kam had him airborne and dislocated his left shoulder and continue to set the SB record for most catches.

              They cant tell you how many guys BeastMode can carry on his back and still plod forwards or if your QB will just tape his twisted ankle or knee and keep playing every snap. They can’t predict if your CB and both safeties will play in the SB through serious injuries that risk their future career.

              Will the guy sit for hours studying tape till he knows the guys he facing better then their coaches or will he spend time with his posse at the club till he drives drunk into tree at 7am before practice.

              Love of measurables is the sign of someone that never had to take responsibility for the results.

              • Mishima

                Agree, numbers don’t measure heart, but I still wouldn’t draft Rudy.

      • Steeeve

        Analytics aren’t meant to be the end all be all of player scouting. They’re simply one tool in a very large toolbox, albeit an increasingly important tool to know how to use. Analytics help confirm/debunk what you see on film, or find undervalued players with the physical assets you want for your system. Things like attitude and passion still factor heavily into the draft day decisions.

  23. KD

    You want a DB? Take your pick. You want OL? Take your pick. Got an extra pick to trade? Pick 2

    Kevin King
    Forrest Lamp
    Cam Robinson
    Obi Melifonwu
    Chidobe Awuzei
    Buddah Baker
    Tim Williams
    Qunicy Wilson

    • Volume12

      You want to be the bully? Go get Cam Robinson.

      • Volume12

        I wonder where they have Wormley.

      • MarkinSeattle

        I see Cam Robinson as Carpenter 2.0, best case scenario.

      • Dave

        I watched a video breakdown of Robinson vs Miles Garrett. Cam Robinson held his own and was trusted to be one on one with him. Does he have great feet, no. Is he massive, long armed, project to a good but not great OT, hell yes! I wonder if we already have him on the roster in Germain Ifedi. I think Cam Robinson is a RT, not a LT.

        I think we can become the bully if we take Malik McDowell. He played on a crap team last year after MSU was a top 25 team. Their QB left and he was the only good player left on D. I think if he is tutored by Bennett, he could be someone like Carlos Dunlap or his tutor. He has a great get off and he could be a great 5 tech.

        • peter

          Go watch Cam Robinson in the national championship game. He doesn’t hold his own. Miles Garrett is great but he’s a splash play dude. Sorry.

          • Dave

            Cam Robinson’s slow feet betray him and he can’t mirror super fast get off edge rushers. I think he would be redundant on our roster with Germain Ifedi here. He’s not a true LT. I guess Walter Jones and Joe Thomas don’t come around very often.

  24. KD

    Zay Jones is in the mix now.

  25. jujus

    Davis HSU “The JJ says if Seahawks trade Pick 90 they can move from 58 to 44- one to watch!”

    I would love this,

    My dream scenario is this
    2.33 Malik Mcdowell
    2.44 Bowser
    3.95 Jordan lewis
    3.102 Jermaine eluemanor
    3.105 Vince Biegel
    4.111 Shaqill Griffin
    6.210 Glen Antoine
    7.226 IDK
    7.249 IDK

    • C-Dog

      Love that draft.

      • All I see is 12s

        You guys really want to draft where they get McDowell, who is the opposite of heart and grit? Apparently you haven’t been paying attention to the Seahawks last couple years. he’s exactly the kind of guy they got rid of back in 2010

        • Dave

          If Kam Chancellor, Michael Bennett and Bobby Wagner are crushing opponents, you can buy into that culture easily. McDowell was the only good player on his D last year. He had to do it all by himself. Is that an excuse? No, but he didn’t have anything to play for. At the beginning of the season, he had a couple of really good games. Then MSU went on to lose a lot. He lost motivation playing for the Cleveland Browns of Big 10 football.

  26. Volume12

    PC said no one got the clues. Looking through the comments on twitter after he posted them, I didn’t see anyone mention Robinson.

    Dude is sitting there, PC was reportedly drooling over him. I’m not saying its him, but it would make too much sense.

    • C-Dog

      Hmmmm. We know he like those Bama boys. Am I crazy to think he comes in to play LT?

      • Volume12

        Nope. Huge upgrade from Fant. HUGE.

        As I was mentioning up above. Tape only gets you so far in this sport. You can watch it all you want, but if I can’t go to battle with a guy, if I don’t enjoy coaching him, what’s the point?

        • DC

          I’d be happy with Cam or Lamp. We’ve got to do a much better job up front. Cam is a BIG boy.

          • Drew

            Carpenter was a BIG Boy and looked how he turned out. I don’t want another T turned into an G drafted high

        • DC

          It would make sense. Cam is probably the best OT left and there are quite a few decent OG options through round 3 at least.

        • C-Dog

          Man, if Cam Robinson can come in and be a physical beast at LT, then God bless it, bring him in. Honestly, I don’t know if I can go another season with Fant there, if he hasn’t made major strides. That was WAY too stressful.

  27. SheHawk

    It definitely got chilly on last ? about “beast mode”…Rapp sheet mentioned how lynch had been wanting to play in Oakland for more than a year …he sure didn’t seem too interested in playing for us down the stretch… thanks for the $5m see ya seattle..

    In his recent tweet, he thanked the 12s but then wrapped up by saying how he’s from Oakland “breathe on me”?? … I say draft us a husky ( ideally Budda cuz he from Bellevue but king and give him #24

    • DC

      Lynch is probably my all time favorite Hawk on offense. I’m happy for him and though it’s weird to say, he looks good in silver and black. Got us a ring. Ride off into the sunset compadre. Looking forward to beating you in the Super Bowl!

      • Volume12

        Him and Kam are my all time favs.

        • DC

          For me on defense it’s Kenny Easley. I was a little kid but good Lord was that one baaaaaad man.

          • Trevor

            + 1 Easley was Kam and Earl combined. When you here the players from that era talk about him it is always with such respect and awe of his toughness, competitiveness and talent. I guess guys didn’t even want to go up against him in Pro Bowl practice.

            • Drew

              Ronnie Lott talked very highly of Easley, that should say enough.

        • DC

          I’ve pondered every once in a while, if I could hang out with any Seahawk for a day who would it be? Definitely Beastmode. Dude cracks me up.

          • Volume12

            I wasn’t even or was just born when Kenny Easley was doing his thing so I can’t add him.

            • DC

              It’s when I was “born” as a Seahawk fan. 83-84. You would have loved Kenny. He was feared throughout the league. The heart of the Defense. Just killed people.
              I love Kam too. Has there ever been a better series of hits on one single player as Kam has put on Vernon Davis? Oh man were those things of beauty.

        • 75franks

          when I was a kid I thought me and jim Zorn looked alike and told everyone he was my dad. but Paul Skansi and Rufus Porter were my favs.

          • C-Dog

            I loved Rufus Porter. Dude was electric off the edge.

            • C-Dog

              Cortez Kennedy was probably my personal favorite. One of the most explosive first steps I’ve ever seen, and in his prime, he could destroy multiple blockers.

              The knock on him coming out of Miami was that he was fat and took “occasional” plays off. Whenever I read comments about talented DTs that seem take the occasional off, I want to ask the person giving the scouting report “dude, have you ever played D tackle in division one football? Do you have any idea how hard it is to play inside like that?”

              • HI Hawk

                All-Time favorite player was John L. Williams. Run over you, around you, block you, beat you on a pass route. The ultimate weapon back. He was the perfect 3rd down back before the league knew what that was. In today’s game he’d be a superstar.

  28. SheHawk

    Beastmode can Breathe in ” LOB version next” ( baker or king) sportin #24 while playing for a team that screwed his city =Oakland… but I hear San Antonio is awesome in fall and then it’s on to Vegas.

    • Volume12

      If it wasn’t for Lynch we have no title.

      So thank you Beastmode for all the memories. Your one of the last of a dying breed. His style is becoming extinct. We’ll miss u forever.

      • Scraps

        The defense won the title.

        • HI Hawk

          The team won the title. The 2013 Seahawks offense was #1 in DVOA. They did more than their part, so lets not overlook how efficient that offense was.

    • HI Hawk

      Beastmode can do whatever he wants, he’s earned it. The state of California and city of Oakland screwed the Raiders first (and continues to screw the A’s). They lowballed the Davis family and refused to put up any realistic effort to keep the team in Oakland. The Raiders have to move, that stadium is derelict and the bay area isn’t willing to do anything to keep them in town. Marc Davis was willing to stay, and play in a lesser facility than Vegas was offering, but Oakland wouldn’t even give them half of what that would have cost. I’m a Sacramento native, so I’m sad to see them go – but they have to. I’m an A’s fan and I only go to watch them play when they play AT the Giants because the Coliseum is a shameful facility. They had to shut down large sections of the stadium due to safety issues and they closed the entire third deck years ago (partly because they couldn’t draw fans, but they also wanted to save money on renovations to those sections). The Raiders would be better off playing in Palo Alto at Stanford Stadium, or maybe even your back yard.

      • Reggie Regg

        I’m all the way against billionaires asking citizens to pay for their stadium….it makes no sense.

        • HI Hawk

          I understand completely, but as an owner he has to do what’s best for the Raiders organization and their stakeholders. No bay area investors were willing to build a stadium, the tax got voted down, and the mayor was unwilling to invest into a stadium. By comparison, Las Vegas offered them a state of the art facility, control of that facility, all without Davis having to invest much of his own money into it. Which option was he supposed to choose? When you look at his choices, the decision became WHEN they would leave, not IF.

  29. Clayton Russell

    Glad Seattle traded back. Plenty of ammunition to jump into the middle of the second round to space out all 2nd round selections. Great opportunities ahead. Hoping for at least two of the top cb or s combination then possibly the OL. Lots of good players available especially for what we want to fill. As Rob stated throughout the process there is a drop off of talent and now we are basically in a prime target area to stay above that drop. Excited for day 2, even it’s 4am for me. Go Hawks . Reload not Rebuild..

  30. Volume12

    Holy sh**! This new show on comedy central The President Show? Amazing. Dude kills his impersonation of Trump.

    Its like thic character is so outlandish he can’t be real right? Oh wait. He’s the leader of the free world. 😞

  31. DC

    Pretty incredible that of all the guys I thought might be available when the Hawks picked at 26, only A. Jackson is off the board at 33. We’ve still got our pick of the litter.

    This draft is going to help get us back to the big game THIS year. Fun day tomorrow.

  32. C-Dog

    Random Thoughts.

    1. At Pick 34, does Seattle pass on McDowell, or take a chance to get an elite athlete for the interior DL who comps to Calais Campbell? It’s interesting that in addition to bringing him into the VMAC, the new DL coach Clint Hurtt coached Calais when he was with the ‘Canes. Pete seems to love those DLiner’s who can get long inside and also play outside. Could they feel that with salty cagey vets in Bennett and Avril, they can light a fire under the kid’s backside?

    2. Personally, for pick 34, I like prospect of Lamb if he gets past Green Bay, or Obi, King, Cam Robinson perhaps. Something does kinda feel like they could go an unconventional direction and pick someone that most aren’t considering in the top 40. (Cough, cough, Jourdan Lewis.. cough cough, Larry Ogunjobi)

    3. Presently I’m kinda hanging onto Schneider words a bit about scouting Michigan, Mich St, and Wisconsin, how easier it it to get a sense of players from these schools. Hence the McDowell, Jourdan Lewis, Vince Beigel, Ben Gedeon selections in this mock, toss in Iowa TE Kittle. Big Boy football players from the Big Ten.

    4. So Tom Cable was at Utah on Sunday working out their linemen. Maybe it’s Asiata that they want.

    5. Honestly, I have no idea what they are going to do with pick 34, but I love idea of trading back up into the top 45 and grab two players there.

    34: R2P2

    58: R2P26

    90: R3P26

    95: R3P31

    102: R3P38

    106: R3P42

    111: R4P4

    210: R6P26

    226: R7P8

    249: R7P31

    • HI Hawk

      Since McDowell’s motor is non-existent, it’s an easy decision to pass.

    • peter

      Mcdowell can’t really play inside though. people like Mcdowel over Wormley but Wormley has two years of DL exp. and Years of DE experience.

      I think Asiata could be who Cable was looking at.

      • HI Hawk

        I really like Wormley. I think he’s going to go off the board within the first 10 picks today.

  33. ZeChancellor

    Sidney Jones…is his injury so bad that he doesn’t make consideration into the top 35? Or perhaps he doesn’t fit the system? I read on Rotoworld that he might be good to go by September. Maybe that starts him on the PUP. Or maybe September was overly optimistic. Wondering what the reason is you keep him off the 35

    • peter

      I think Jones goes in the third round. He, his agent, whoever can say whatever they want about him being back by September but really an Achilles is no joke. There’s a good likelihood that he never regains his on field explosion.

      If Seattle is selecting one of the UW DB’s I’d have to think it would go King, then Baker, then no Jones. Baker “doesn’t” fit the profile but neither did Earl. Jones however really doesn’t fit. He’s a little dude with a terribly unfair injury.

  34. HI Hawk

    I’m hoping the Seahawks trade one of their FOUR 3rd round picks and go Obi (34) and Witherspoon (~45) in round 2.

  35. Kyle

    So looking at the draft clues, as someone mentioned earlier. One was “up to the mountain” which he said must mean Budda Baker like mt. Baker in washington. So thats a very easy clue to get to, might be too easy. But then i looked at who sung that song. Guess who? Brennley Brown…. BB = BB Budda Baker… Is that too easy a clue? Up to the mountain – by Brennley Brown – Mountain in Washington = Mt. Baker- Washington player Budda Baker with same initals as the singer of the song???!!! Id be ecstatic with the pick

    • Coleslaw

      If they picked him over Obi it would make total sense, he plays just like Earl, so intense, like he’s the biggest guy on the field.

  36. Kyle

    And did anyone notice anything with the sherman trade talk during the press conference? Seemed like he was off-put and then back tracked a bit to try to not spread anything. I wonder if they are looking at a high second round pick + a player now for him?

    I for one am over the sherm trade. unless someone offers something great i dont see it happening nor do i want it. Sherm looks like he is back in the swing of things getting in work during voluntary practice and being around his boys LOB.

    • HI Hawk

      No one gave the Seahawks a 1st round pick for Sherman, so now he stays. That story’s going to get tons of run tomorrow as the Seahawks are going to be very prominent with all those picks, but I think it’s a closed case. Sherman is a prideful asshole, it makes him a great player (you can be both great and an asshole). So as Seahawks fans, lets just accept that some assholes (like Sherm) don’t apologize or admit fault and move on. He’s a great player, he helps the team win. As fans of the Seahawks, I think we should be hoping the team doesn’t just give the best CB in the NFL away for nothing.

      • Drew

        I would take Jax’s 2017 and 2018 round 2 picks and a player from them that’s on a rookie contract. We could get Obi & Kevin King and trade up and still easily trade up.

      • Reggie Regg

        And imo trading him for anything today is giving him away for nothing!

  37. Coleslaw

    GB will most likely take one of
    King, Lamp, Awuzie, Cook, Kamara, Mixon. Kevin king is a fan favorite in GB and apparently they’ve been watching him all season long

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Lamp to GB makes a TON of sense. They have a need and he is widely viewed as the top OG in the draft. If you don’t keep Rodgers upright, it is hard to get back to the Superbowl.

  38. HI Hawk

    Obi, King, Witherspoon, Bowser, Q. Wilson, Baker… I mean, Two-thirds of this blog would have been jacked with these options at #26! My darkhorse 2nd round combo is Kevin King at 34 and Desmond King (to play FS) at 58.

  39. CharlieTheUnicorn

    What about picking 3x in the second round…

    You have your native pick, the #33 pick form the 49ers and package another 3rd and 4th for another second…… thus, you end up with a pick early, middle and end of second round.

    CB/S Obi, DT McDowell and CB Witherspoon = Solid Draft

  40. Matt

    I kinda wonder if they wouldn’t have stayed at 26 and taken Adoree Jackson if he were available. I wonder if he and Boles would have been guys they would have stayed at 26 for.

    Considering they weren’t really close to being available there, it was good to trade down but I wonder if either of those two guys could have kept them there.

  41. Kyle

    SOB… I was writing an update and description of players id select and why… I WANT MORE PICKS IN THE SECOND. I thought I had it all mapped out but I kept changing my thinking. It really goes to show how much talent and how many directions we could go. I think im still leaning King with the pick but Robinson makes some sense as well as lamp… But then don’t let me forget Obi and baker… also Awuzie.. FML even a guy like Mcdowel or tim Williams… Then there is Bowser, and the interest in Zay jones. While on the jones… lets not forget about a flyer on Sidney possibly in the third… This draft has got to be one of the hardest to project in years… I love hate it

  42. Victor

    I am so excited the intrigue is bubbling over the last few days i have been pulling for McDowell to be one of our picks. Obi is obvious because meeting with him 4 times they cant hide there excitement. To me Obi is pick unless its McDowell because he is an inside outside player with top 5 talent plus he was invited to the draft. Either way i am so excited Go hawks.

  43. schuemansky

    I really don’t think that we pick OL at 33.
    They couldn’t have thought that Robinson and/or Lamp were there after 2 trades down when they were seen by most as first round picks in a very bad OL class. If they wanted they would have taken Lamp/Robinson at 31 knowing that NO or GB could easily have gone/go OL with their picks.
    So it all points to DL/DB for round two IMO

  44. EP

    Btw Beckam/Marshall/Shepard/Engram along with that defence. Scary stuff.

    • Sea Mode

      Absolutely. We had better grab Obi to slow them down Week 6!

  45. FRWIII

    6 picks in the second and third rounds. Plus they have a very early pick in the 4th round. That is seven picks. Right now. They can keep those picks. Or they can trade up. You could say John Schneider CONTROLS the draft. I could see Schneider trading up twice. Both in the second and third round.

  46. Victor

    After looking through highlights and interview, i must say that awuzie could be a great nickel in Seahawks defense. Love Obi and the potential he has but believe that awuzie can have a great impact right from the start and let Lane,Elliot, thorpe and desir compete for cb2.

    After that i Really would like a LB at 58 (example J.willis)or use that 2nd pick and a 3 round pick to trade up and get LB Tim Williams or bowser.

    In round 3 get Asiata, siragusa, garcia or moton whoever is left at OL, a DT like ogunjobi and a outside cb like q.wilson or R.douglas in Any order depending on how the teams in front of them pick.

    Then they have got a: nickel, LB, OL, DT and a cb, at least, in the first 3 rounds and that includes a trade up in the 2 round for the cost of a 3 round pick.

    In round 4-7 they can Go After wr and te. G.Kittle or Texas a&m wr J. Reynolds.

  47. BRSeahawks

    What a core the 49ers have for their front seven now. Buckner, Thomas and Foster.

    • Sea Mode

      My respect level for Lynch/Shanahan just went up quite a bit yesterday. They played their hand perfectly at the top of the draft and found potentially great value with Foster.

      For all the talk of how great it is to be in a weak division, blah blah blah, having a great rivalry and kicking their butts feels so much better. Hopefully we’ll be back to that next year once Shanahan gets his QB and a couple more pieces on offense.

      • Lord Snow

        This is how you rebuild bad teams. This could end up impacting their team like Okung/Earl did for our rebuild.

    • Trevor

      Yesterday was an A++++++ day for the 49ers which sucks. Have to give them credit.

      They got 2 of the 3 best defensive players in the draft IMO and that front seven will be the best in the league in a year or two.

      Plus they have the draft capital to add some solid pieces to the secondary in the rest of a a draft which is deep in that area.

      People mocked the John Lynch as GM idea but looking pretty brilliant so far IMO.

  48. Cysco

    My top five at this point would be

    Malik McDowell
    obi melifonwu
    Tyus Bowser
    Cam Robinson
    Kevin King

    I think McDowell is going to be the pick. The ridiculous physical profile will be too hard to pass up for the FO. Get him in the same locker room as Bennett, Avril and Clark and he’ll have all the motivation he can handle.

    • Trevor

      For me it is

      Daeshon Hall

    • Logan Lynch

      I think Tim Williams will be a consideration too.

  49. peter

    Just checked the Walter Football Remock for rounds 2-3: Dude must love himself some Seahawks draft Blog:

    He has us going without additional trades: Obi, Jourdan Lewis, Carlos Watkins, Demarcus Walker, Vince Biegel, and Kittle.

    Though I don’t think that will happen it shows that Seattle may have set them up for a real nice list of upgrades and increased depth which is still lacking after 2013’s draft of shame. (for the whole league BTW)

    • Trevor

      That would be an incredible Day #2 and set this team up very nicely to extend the SB window.

  50. Trevor

    The Bears have almost no picks left in this draft so if we wanted to trade up they would seem like a logical spot in Rd #2

    Would #90 and 95 get you #36?

    If so we could have a pretty Awesome Round #2

    #34 Kevin King
    #36 Forrest Lamp
    #58 Daeshon Hall

  51. BobbyK

    So many good DBs available, I’d trade back again. Who cares who we get of King, Obi, Baker, Awuzie, etc. As long as we get one, which we will.

    Now that Watt is gone, I’m hoping for Bowser, too. I love pass rushers. Or guys with that potential. Lots of good combinations they can go for here: King/Obi, Awuzie/Bowser, the possibilities are endless.

  52. Trevor

    I think you could very well see another trade back with a team like the Cards, NO who might want Kizer or Webb and feel they need to get in front of Jacksonville or the Chargers. With so many potential targets they could move back another 10 spots.

    I would prefer they just take King, Obi or Lamp at 34 however.

    • Trevor

      Hawks trade #34 and 106 to Cards for #45 and 77

      Hawks Trade #90 and #95 to the Bears for #36


      #36 Kevin King
      #45 Obi Melinowfu
      #58 Daeshon Hall

      #77 Issac Assiata
      #102 Tewan Taylor

  53. MJ

    Daeshon Hall and Zay Jones are their targets in round 2, most confident about Hall…

    • Trevor

      I think Hall is definitely a target and I hope he is. I think he has enormous upside and getting to learn from Avril and Bennett is a huge bonus.

      With Frank Clark and Daeshon Hall to go with Avril and Bennett our pass rush would be scary.

  54. Steeeve

    I don’t even care who we take at this point, I’m just excited to sit back and watch this front office get to work with 6 picks on day 2. We could potentially upgrade both sides of the line and still have picks to spare on a skill position player on offense and some depth for a secondary that isn’t getting any younger.

  55. Trevor

    I think Pete really believes he does not need to take a DB early to have a great secondary.

    As a result I think barring trades they go with OL and Pass rusher in Rd #2. I would love to see Kevin King, Obi or Buddah in a Hawks uni but I have my doubts.

    #34 Lamp or Robinson
    #58 Deashon Hall, Bowser or Basham

    Then on in Rd #3 Secondary a WR and TE perhaps

    #90 Akhello Witherspoon, Tankersly, Griffin or Douglas
    #96 Sidney Jones
    #102 Tewan Taylor
    #106 George Kittle

  56. coach

    I agree and I’m starting to warm up to C. Robinson OL a little. Can you imagine Ifedi staying at RG and Robinson at RT and Lacy running right with a full head of steam behind those two? I think we’d see some good results!


    Go Hawks!

    • coach

      Anyone who has started at LT for 4 years for the #1 program in college football has to be a great player! How many others can say that they have done that?

    • BHarKnows

      Accept he does meet their athletic profile. Keep in mind he may have started at LT at a great program but he’s lasted this far… there’s a reason for that.

  57. Dave

    “Climbing a mountain” and “Defying gravity” points to Obi’s vertical jump, right? I know people think it’s Baker, but the most literal meaning is getting off o the ground. I really hope that Obi I our second pick in rd 2 after trading up.

  58. Dale Roberts

    San Francisco gets Thomas and Foster and draft picks… wow. I hate that the Cardinals got Reddick.
    This draft couldn’t have gone better for our two biggest NFC West rivals.

    The Redskins got lucky with their “wouldn’t that be nice but he’s top five” pick of Allen at #17.

    The Cowboys got a boom or bust pick with Charlton but they needed pass rush and I hate when the Cowboys get better.

    The Browns resisted QB and got three great athletes. Peppers could be Kam Chancellor in terms of his leadership and versatility on a young defense. They do seem to be building the right way now.

  59. Stephen H. Pitell

    When we learned that the Hawks say that whoever it is they like is still there we know that none of those selected so far we a priority for the team. While Robinson MIGHT be their target, it seems doubtful, and so let’s ASSUME they didn’t target either Lamp or Robinson – that tells us they never saw Bolles or the tackle from Wisc. as a target either, and that means they never targeted an OL who was rated in the first round by anyone.

    But if they had targeted King, or Awuzie or Obi, I would venture they would have taken them at 31 if not 26. Plenty of mocks had all three in the first round. So I’m beginning to think they never targeted any of those guys. My guess is they have their eye on lesser names expected to go in the third round. Those guys they will now take in the second round, as is there MO. They always seem willing to “reach” for their guy.

    Irvin, Carpenter, and Britt were all early round “targets” that they “reached” on. Lockett, also, they moved up because they feared losing him. So, my thinking is they will “reach” again, and that they would already have “reached” if they wanted King, Awuzie, or Obi – for the price – because clearly they would take them at some point, but not in the first round where they were often mocked.

    The “consensus” position for all three of them is in the early second round, and they have a pick now in the early second, but it is my position if they had “targeted” any of them they would already have pulled the pin on that pick.

    I’m of the opinion now that they must LOVE some guy like R Douglas. To me, the differences between him and those other three DB’s is slight. One could make the case that he will be the better pro over all three. And there are others like Douglas that could have their names inserted in place of Douglas. Lewis is one.

    I wasn’t surprised what happened happened. I said all along teams would reach for QB’s and WR’s and that is exactly what happened. It seems to happen every year nowadays. My biggest complaint of Rob (this is a minor, minor complaint alongside MUCH LOVE and RESPECT for what he does here) and this whole group is they can’t see out of their filters. Every mock Rob did seemed to promote “his guys” like Obi, King, Baker, Awuzie, AJackson, etc. and he rarely dropped them down where most others had those guys. AJackson, and Ross were the only guys who really lived up to Rob’s hype.

  60. Mark

    Well shit, Green Bay takes the one guy they wanted. Trade down again….

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