Friday notes: Seahawks ‘think highly’ of Forrest Lamp

Forrest Lamp on Seattle’s radar

According to Tony Pauline, the Seahawks are showing interest in Western Kentucky offensive lineman Forrest Lamp:

“The more I speak with people, the more it seems to be a forgone conclusion Lamp ends up in the bottom half of Round 1. The versatility to play either guard position along with center or left tackle in a pinch has teams salivating. When compared to the other highly rated offensive linemen, Lamp is viewed as the safest and surest of the bunch.”

Lamp was the best TEF tester at the combine, scoring a 3.23. He’s also incredibly versatile and could play tackle, guard or even center long term for the Seahawks. After all, Just Britt is in a contract year and could be an expensive re-sign. Lamp’s ability to play guard or tackle this year and maybe move inside to center if they can’t get a deal done with Britt could provide vital insurance.

There’s a realistic chance Lamp won’t make it to pick #26. As TEF shows, he was clearly the most explosive O-liner at the combine. He has good tape against Alabama (see above). Last week Daniel Jeremiah asserted he’d be a top-20 pick.

Yet the reported interest in Lamp suggests the Seahawks are still open to considering further additions to the O-line. They’ve added two veterans in free agency (Luke Joeckel, Oday Aboushi). If Lamp or Garett Bolles falls into range (arguably unlikely in both cases) they could be on Seattle’s radar.

Friday notes…

— Pete Carroll stated cornerback, linebacker and the O-line were Seattle’s ‘priority’ needs this off-season. So far in free agency they’ve added three linebackers, two offensive linemen and zero cornerbacks. This is a defensive back draft and the Seahawks appear ready to fill their boots.

— Adoree’ Jackson could go in the top-20. Tennessee at #18 could be a legit possibility. He’s a genuine X-factor capable of scoring multiple touchdowns as a return man, his cover skills are much improved and he’s a warrior. Was there a more productive player in CFB in 2016? Five interceptions, 16 passes defended, 11 PBU’s, four return touchdowns and a receiving score. He’s the type of player (5-star recruit, stunning athlete, gritty) that Pete Carroll loves. If he lasts until #26 — he might be a target. He is Percy Harvin on defense without the drama.

Tony Pauline re-asserted Garett Bolles’ stock following the Utah pro-day: “Most I spoke with say definitely top-20 while some feel top-12 is a possibility.” It’s a nice thought to imagine Bolles lasting until pick #26 — and it’s not impossible — but it still seems unlikely at this stage.

— If the San Francisco 49ers are just accumulating talent this year until they can acquire Kirk Cousins in 2018, they should consider taking Leonard Fournette at #2. The Niners don’t have any real stars. Fournette might be wasted in 2017 but over the long term, he can be the identity of that offense.

— Gareon Conley is getting a lot of praise at the moment and it’s justified. However, one thing stands out watching him that needs rectifying. Hand use. He barely lays a finger on a receiver. No jam to re-route, no feel for the development of the route. He gave up free release after free release at Ohio State. With so many cornerbacks likely to be given similar grades it could be a tie breaker.

— As we’ve discussed a lot, T.J. Watt has supreme agility and explosive physical traits. He’s a rare physical specimen. He still needs time to develop. He doesn’t have an effective counter when rushing the edge and struggles to disengage when the initial burst doesn’t succeed. He only started for one year at Wisconsin. It might take a year or two to deliver on his potential. And for that reason he might last into the mid-second round. He has a ton of potential though.

— A lot gets said about Jabrill Peppers’ lack of production. Is it a false narrative? Peppers had 15 TFL’s playing out of position at linebacker. Myles Garrett, the likely #1 pick in the draft, also had 15 TFL’s in 2016. Peppers had only one interception — the same number as linebackers Haason Reddick and Ryan Anderson. Reuben Foster, Jarrad Davis and Zach Cunningham failed to register a single pick. Safety Jamal Adams only had one interception. Budda Baker only had two. The ‘statistics’ argument against Peppers is significantly overplayed.


  1. Jujus

    ยป DE Chris Wormley (6-5 1/8, 297) ran the 40 in 4.82 and 4.87 seconds, had a 31.5-inch vertical, a 9-2 broad jump, a 4.55-second short shuttle, and a 7.08-second three-cone.

    Seems like elite numbers, could we consider him @ 26?

    • nichansen01

      Interior pass rusher? Yes please. Especially after a tradeback.

    • Rob Staton

      Not at #26. I think we’ll see late round/UDFA/cheap FA additions now. All the signs point to DB’s early and often.

      • nichansen01

        3 of our first five should be defensive back. Imo.

        • Rob Staton

          Very possible I think.

        • nichansen01

          I’m pumped up about Xavier Coleman though.

          • DLep


          • Volume12

            You could still get a CB in round 1 or two, then a safety at the end of the 3rd, and another CB in rounds 6 or 7. Or flip the safety and corner pick early on.

            • Kenny Sloth


        • RWIII

          It’s possible the Hawks could go 3 DBs with their first five picks. But don’t hold your. However it wouldn’t surprise me if the Hawks took two defensive backs with their first two pics. Now here is the Kicker. Suppose the Hawks are on the clock with their third pick in the 3rd round. Sidney Jones by some fluke is still sitting their. Who knows.

          • Totem_Hawk

            I think that is EXACTLY what happens 3 DB’s picked…id go 1st Budda Baker, 2nd Rasul Douglas and Sidney Jones/Shaq Griffin with laat 3rd round comp pick..

      • Jujus

        You feel confident in The DLine past Reed/rubin because right now there seems to be a cliff of talent. I jsut dont see how we can clamour for LB and Db’s and completely jsut assume that the Dline will grow while it has steadily decreased in talent and level of play.

        Seems to me we could literally have 2 DTs drafted and more udfa types in here, Wormley is just screaming Chris Jones of this year in my Head, trade down and pick up Wormley for 3T and we could still grab D Tomlinson for a Base down DT, and then Grover stewart or Roderick Henderson day3/rd even that Maine kid looked interesting especially if his 10 yard split is that amazingly elite.

        • Rob Staton

          There’s a difference thought between feeling confident about it and wanting the team to spend a first round pick on Chris Wormley.

          We know Seattle’s D-line scheme by now. Gap control is their bread and butter. They haven’t ever gone big, in FA or the draft, to get an interior rusher. They didn’t look at guys like Kawann Short in the past. I have a hard time thinking they’ll do that now. And the depth later on is good for some big bodied nose tackles to add some depth.

          • Misfit74

            Didn’t they want Dominique Easley, a 3-tech, and then trade down when he was gone that year or was that false info?

            • Rob Staton

              No idea. Someone asserted something about the war room reaction to Easley. I reported that assertion (quoted the tweet) and I subsequently got quoted by PFT as if I’d made the original assertion. I liked Easley a lot but not sure if they would’ve taken him and we’ll never know.

          • Jujus

            AFTER MORE INVESTIGATION It seems i am being suckered into a athlete without production. Still think we need a 3rd rd DT A late rd DT and udfa.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s a tough class to go DT early though. They might bring back Tony McDaniel down the line.

              • Greg Haugsven

                The way that free agency is playing itself out I could see the first 2 picks being DB. One true corner and maybe one slot/ safety type. Obi, Baker, Jackson for the hybrid. Conley, King, Humphrey, Tankersly for corner.

                • Greg Haugsven

                  I think we have talked a lot about getting a SAM/LEO, the more that time moves on I dont think they care that much about the SAM.

              • James

                Reed, Rubin, Jefferson and a journeyman like Big Tony are plenty good. Those 5 picks R1-3 are needed at DB (ร—3), OL and LB.

      • Hawkfaninmt

        Does 3/5 seem right to you Rob? Kinda gotta avoid redundancy, right?

        So what 3 are we proposing? Because King and Witherspoon at 1/2 may be seen like a bit of a same pick

        • Hawkfaninmt

          Maybe Buddha, Witherspoon, Luani?

        • Rob Staton

          I could pick about 20 different combinations but it wouldn’t surprise me to see a couple of corners and a safety drafted in the first five picks.

          • Phil


          • Kenny Sloth

            Three must have DBs from each day of the draft for you?!!!

    • RealRhino2

      Who does the timing at these pro days? Was listening to something earlier today about how these (hand-timed, right?) 40s at pro days were historically about .1 second faster than for the same players at the combine, and Michigan in particular had a very large difference between combine numbers and pro day numbers.

      • icb12

        .1 would be good

        Most track people will tell you .22 or .24

        • icb12

          Between laser FAT times and hand times that is.

          The combine actually displays a hand start laser finish in real time for the broadcast
          The true hand to hybrid hand/electric is .15-.17 ish

  2. vrtkolman

    We did add Perrish Cox after the season ended. Granted, he is probably just a camp body.

    • nichansen01

      Perrish Cox did register three interceptions last year. But I also heard from titans fans they were happy to see him go. Reminds me of the Will Blackmon signing.

  3. nichansen01

    I really like Lamp. I like him enough that I’ve given up hope of his availability at 26. That much versatility? In this class? Unlikely he is there.

    • cha

      “Do you really love the Lamp or are you just saying it because you saw it?”

      • Ed


      • nichansen01


  4. Volume12

    There’s many scenarios and plenty of talent in this draft to be disappointed in whatever Seattle does, but say they were to pull the trigger on Forrest Lamp, I would love him in round 1 and then a Cordrea Tankersley in round 2 for example.

    • Nick

      That’d be ideal.

      Rd 1- Lamp
      Rd 2- Tankersley
      Rd 3- D Tomlinson
      Rd 3- Luani
      Rd 3- J Butt

      • Volume12

        That’d be dope.

        I’m with Rob though in that it appears Seattle is leaning towards one of these big NT’s on day 3.

        • Volume12

          Rod Henderson, Grover Stewart, Josh Tupuo, Treyvon Hester, Glen Antoine.

          But, I would love Tomlinson or a say a Carlos Watkins.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Dude those are like my favorite DTs in this class xD

            Add Jaleel Johnson if he slips

            • Kenny Sloth

              Though he may be better suited to a penetrating 3-4

              I remember him having lots of upside in gap control but inconsistent leverage. When he gets low he looks 5 inches shorter than he measured in

        • Nick

          Good catch – and moving up for Jefferson last year suggests they don’t want to spend early draft capital on a DT.

          Instead of Tomlinson then, you could imagine them going for a thumper in the secondary or a versatile LB.

          • Volume12

            Exactly. To both parts.

            • Volume12

              I’m kind of interested in Arizona LB Paul Magloire.

              • Nick

                I’ll go check him out.

              • Kenny Sloth

                I keep seeing him listed as a Safety!!

                He’s quick on the field, but iirc he spent a ton of time rushing the passer.

                Not in love with him and he reminds me of the guy from Colorado of whom I am neither a fan.

  5. Ty the Guy

    Lamp, Bolles, and Asiata are my favorite OL in this draft. Love Lamp’s versatility and athleticism. Feel like he could start day one and would not be a waste of a pick at #26. Would take Bolles over him though.

    Tried out fanspeaks mock draft simulator and this is what I ended up with:
    #26: OJ Howard TE
    #25: Kevin King CB
    #90: Justin Evans S
    #102: Alex Anzalone LB
    #106: Nico Siragusa G

    Totally unrealistic and unexpected, but I’d take it and try to trade Jimmy. Boom.

    • Ty the Guy

      #52 *

    • Misfit74

      That’d be sick, but I’m all for extending Graham. He’s arguably in the conversation of best tight ends all time and a massive weapon for us, esp since he’s gotten healthier. The Pats wouldn’t rid themselves of Gronk. Why are we clamoring to get rid of our 2nd or 3rd best overall offensive player?

      • Ty the Guy

        Not clamoring at all. I like Jimmy. But believe he is a luxury item that has a hefty price tag. I’d much rather be paying a quality LT for Jimmy’s salary.

        The only way I’d consider trading him would be if we picked up a replacement i.e. OJ Howard (even though that is extremely far-fetched.)

        • Rob Staton

          Quality LT’s aren’t available for $10m APY anymore.

          • Greg Haugsven

            It’s #58 not 52

          • cha

            And that ship has mostly sailed anyway. There aren’t any $10 million-worthy LT’s out there anymore unless there is a huge trade coming and that feels extremely unlikely.

    • Michael

      Speaking of totally unrealistic, here’s mine:

      #26 – S OBI MELIFONWU
      #58 – CB KEVIN KING
      #90 – EDGE TYUS BOWSER
      #102 – EDGE VINCE BIEGEL
      #106 – CB SIDNEY JONES

      I would lose my mind if this were even remotely possible.

  6. Matt

    Please, please, please no on Lamp. He can’t play Tackle. He has no length. I have no doubt he’s a fine guard, but we have too many damn guards and too much investment (draft capital) from RG-LG.

    • Misfit74


    • Scraps

      You say he can’t play tackle, period, but lots of people say he can (including Rob).

      • Matt

        32″ arms. Unprecedented for an OT.

        If you want to gamble on a guy to buck all trends to play at that length, then by all means. I’m simply not on board for drafting another OG. Can’t do it. This team isn’t an OG away from getting back to the promised land. We are at least 1 OT (most likely 2), CB, LB away. OG has significantly less value and impact than these needs.

        • Matt

          *Not to mention, we’ve invested a:
          1st (Ifedi – bad player),
          2nd (Britt – Above Average C),
          3rd (Odhiambo – ?),
          4th (Glowinski – ?) rounder, in the last 3 years on the interior. That’s a steep, steep investment to add yet another 1st rounder to the mix.

          The Seahawks are like the guy who goes to the grocery store. Spends $100. And manages to eek out 2 mediocre meals out of this budget. At some point, maybe we just admit we are terrible at drafting/developing OL and look to free agency. Yes, it’s expensive but they haven’t proven to be able to do much on this front, other than waste draft capital.

          • HOUSE

            How is Ifedi deemed a “Bad player”?

            Britt has played 3 different positions in 3 seasons in SEA.

            You’re argument in regards to it being a STEEP investment to continue to build an OL is flawed… DAL’s OL looks pretty damn good

            • Matt

              I call Ifedi a bad player because he was terrible last year; and generally regarded (by others with a better opinion than me) as a poor performer. He also cost us premium draft capital.

              My argument is flawed if you consider Seattle and Dallas having a similar ability to evaluate/draft/develop OL. They don’t. DAL has proven to turn high investment into high reward with the OL. SEA has proven to turn high investment into virtually no reward on the OL. At some point, it’d be wise for the FO to acknowledge that their approach doesn’t work on the OL. We absolutely cannot afford to keep punting high round picks. SEA *has* to start hitting on guys, and especially guys that play difference making positions for this team (i.e. CB).

              Trust me; I hope to God I’m wrong about Lamp, he falls to us and turns into an All-Pro LT. I’m just not willing to bet on that. Furthermore, I’m not willing to bet on that when we have massive holes elsewhere.

              I actually like Lamp. I *think* Lamp turns into a high end OG. I just don’t want us to spend another 1st on what I think is an interior-only player.

              • Rob Staton

                This is a really bad comparison.

                For starters, Dallas’ focal point on the O-line is a LT drafted in the top ten (Tyron Smith) and a LG drafted at #16 (Zack Martin). Had the Seahawks been in position to draft either they likely would’ve done. In fact Pete Carroll recruited Tyron Smith, so it’s even more likely.

                Seattle has picked consistently in the late first round since 2012. Since 2010, only FIVE offensive linemen drafted after the first round have gone to a Pro Bowl. Five in seven years. This idea that one team (Dallas) has done a brilliant job assessing O-line talent and another (Seattle) hasn’t is wide of the mark. Draft position is the big difference and the options available.

                Two of the players Seattle drafted early (Okung, Carpenter) have gone on to have much longer careers than their peers. For example, the three offensive linemen drafted either side of Carpenter are no longer in the NFL and completely flamed out. Carpenter wasn’t spectacular but you can only play the hand you’re dealt. Carp in comparison to Sherrod, Carimi and Watkins has had a six year NFL career (will be seven in 2017 and counting).

                They’ve also been able to turn a 7th round defensive tackle into a player who gained a $6.5m APY contract a year ago.

                Has every pick worked? No. The Seahawks have been forced to seek upside given the huge dearth of good O-liners entering the league. And they’ve took their shots and misfired at times. But this narrative that Seattle can’t properly judge offensive linemen is too narrow and doesn’t look at the complete picture. Especially when Dallas are held up as a comparison.

                What’s more, people criticise the Seahawks for their O-line but even if that ‘was’ a weak spot, in pails into significance given they created an other-world defense despite spending only two R1 picks and found a legit franchise QB in round three. If the standard you expect is perfection, you’ll be disappointed time and time again.

                Ifedi was not terrible either. He was up and down like a lot of rookies. Which shouldn’t be a surprise given he was also playing next to a second year RT, a first year center, a first year LG and a rookie LT.

                • Matt

                  In fairness, I didn’t make the Dallas comparison. I was simply responding to it. That said, I completely agree with you. It’s a totally different ball game when it comes to draft position and that plays a huge role.

                  What that doesn’t change, is the fact that Seattle has consistently fielded a terrible OL since SB48. They have spent considerable resources with very little on-field results. Draft position is indeed a huge factor, but it doesn’t negate the fact that they have whiffed, big time.

                  I’m not terribly sure why this is becoming a little contentious. I simply initiated this convo with “don’t take an interior OL in R1.” I can’t recall ever demanding perfection, but I think people are wearing rose colored glasses if they aren’t at least a little bit concerned at what this team has done in the draft, post 2012. There has been very little to show for it.

                  I apologize for sharing the wrong opinion on this. Keep up the good work and sorry again for coming across the wrong way.

                  • Rob Staton

                    How have they whiffed though? Who have they missed on? Which great left tackle have they ignored since SB48?

                    There’s a misconception that Seattle has made mistakes. They’ve drafted players with a lot of upside and are attempting to coach them and develop them to make up for a lack of ideal draft position. What other choice did they have? As a consequence they didn’t hit on a couple of Day three picks. That’s not whiffing.

                  • Frank

                    Well they could have taken Bitonio a few years ago. Britt if we can’t resign him to me that pick is a wash. Carp couldn’t play OT. A number of mid and late round picks haven’t landed.

                    But however they get here, our OL moves continue not to work, I’m not sure why you’d disagree with this.

                  • Matt

                    Rob –

                    How have they whiffed? Simple – they have spent significant draft capital on the OL, and at the macro level, they have a terrible OL. Is this wrong? Serious question.

                    Please don’t conflate with my comment as somehow implying Seattle passed on Tyron Smith, etc. I will never make a hindsight argument when it comes to the draft, UNLESS, it’s somebody that we have all routinely discussed/actually had a chance to acquire.

                    Bottom line – the OL is a problem, has been a problem, and I have yet to see anything that tells me they are evolving in how the solve this problem. That said, I am very eager to see how Aboushi and Joeckel play out. This, while not awe-inspiring, is at least a bit of a departure from the usual.

                    My full intention is to be civil and I do apologize if it’s not coming across this way.

                    • Rob Staton

                      You keep asserting they spent significant draft capital. They’ve spent a lot of day three picks trying to find solutions. There first round picks (Okung, Carpenter) have had long NFL careers. Ifedi is too early to judge. Britt is a success.

                      I’ve already touched on the situation on the O-line currently. It’s such a weak narrative on Seattle’s OL.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Well you can’t argue with other peoples opinions and it doesn’t sound like you put on too much tape of Lamp (and Ifedi for that matter).

                    Don’t be miffed when people give you good information.

                    This site exists for fans to talk draft, and that’s all anyone did.

                    You came in with someone else telling you something and held it like truth.

                    Then one of the best gave you an amazingly detailed response that was so concise and informative because he’s repeated those facts so many times but you got all brittle.

                    Sharing an opinion is one thing, but ignoring the full scope of facts because of something someone told you is pretty silly.

                    If you think he’ll be a good guard, draft him.

                    Don’t overthink it Matt!

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    We have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, two UDFAs that have all been developed inhouse and the oldest has been in the league for FOUR YEARS. They all got significant minutes last year.

                    That’s a success in this league.

                    The Seahawk Lamp love is a smokescreen imo

                    I think they agree with you tbh

                    Just read what Rob says before getting offended. He’s right, most times

              • Frank

                You hit the nail dead on when you said the FOs approach either OL hasn’t been working. I’d take that a step further and say the failures to land OL, in the draft or anywhere else, have negated a lot of excellent moves on the rest of the roster, for going on 3 years.

                Picking Ifedi and releasing Evans was another weird OL personnel move that was very costly in the short term. It seems there isn’t much “long term” when there’s this much turnover. Britt I’m thinking will be history next year. Every year it seems we’re banking on guys that don’t have what it takes to stick around. Will Ifedi grow into a good player before his contract runs out?

                At any rate, picking another R1 OL who isn’t a T, would be more of the same IMO. Joekle was a very iffy signing for me that fits the pattern of “OL moves that haven’t been working.” Another upside signing, a few more dollars saved.

                It’s long past time to try something new and just bite the bullet, pay what it takes to acquire a good OT. It’s hard to see us becoming a perennial force if we don’t modify our approach to the OL.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  Britt’s gonna be gone next year because he’ll be vastly overpaid because the NFL wants Seahawks products from the OL!!

                  Look who they turn into quality players!!!!

                  Breno? Carpenter? SWEEZY?!

                  Okung is a bust anywhere else. Carpenter eats himself out of the league anywhere else

                  • Frank

                    Look at Paul mcquistan, early carpenter, early sweezy, early Britt, Jay Novak, all the different failures last year, waiving Evans, not training Bailey, loom at the way this OL has performed as a unit.

                  • Frank

                    “Not re signing bailey”

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Those guys left for real good reasons.

                    These guys just started playing as a unit.

                    Imagine this line run blocking while Russ is healthy going on a year like the end of season before last.

                    Routs en route

                  • Kenny Sloth


                • Dale Roberts

                  We already are a perennial force.

                  • Frank

                    I could’ve used a better word but we haven’t won a SB in 4 years.

                    As far as I can see the offense is the reason for this and the OL is where the problems start. Literally every other position was rock solid before the inherited to RB and QB.

                  • Frank

                    “Before the injuries”

                  • DavidM2

                    The Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers and Tennessee Titans (formerly the Houston Oilers) have never won a Super Bowl ever…

                  • Frank

                    None of them have anywhere near the kind of talent on Seattle’s roster, none of them have ever had a reasonable chance to expect a SB, none have ever had the level of talent that SEA has, nor has SEA.

                    This is a unique opportunity we are squandering, and we’ll never see one like it again.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    So you’re saying “year round we are very competitive

                    But we haven’t won a super bowl in years.

                    And it’s all cuz of our blockers”

                    Cardinals just went to a super bowl a few years ago
                    Falcons might have been recently too

                    This team was built from the ground up. Why do you think it couldn’t be done again if need be?

                  • Frank

                    Incredible series of drafts top start PC era that haven’t been reproduced since. The defense it’s the GOAT, the offense has great skill position players ava until last year the ST were lingerie a great unit.

                    I don’t know how they laced those draft classes but the recent ones haven’t been closer to that. Maybe it tied in with PC’s knowledge of the players as a college coach and I’m pretty sure there was some luck involved with Russell falling to us.

                    I don’t see them relocating those classes, beverage they haven’t been.

  7. Misfit74

    I can see all kinds of scenarios. I wish the draft would be here already!

    Melifonwu S/LB
    Godwin WR
    Asiata or Witherspoon OL / CB
    Tomlinson DT
    George Kittle TE

    King CB
    Bowser LB
    Moton OT
    Josh Jones S
    I. Zamora WR

  8. Attyla the Hawk

    On Peppers’ stats:

    Peppers has one pick this year. His first and last of his career.

    Baker does have 2 this year. To go with the other three in his career.

    Now Peppers does have 11 PDs for his career. But in his first year, he had zero. Last year he had but one. Seems his 10 PD year is quite the outlier — maybe even the source of his preseason hype coming into this year. Baker is by comparison much more consistent (6/7/5) in his three seasons.

    Reddick likewise has 1 for his career. But he’s been a stand up DE. And Reddick managed 3 PDs, compared to Peppers’ 1.

    I think the case could be made that his lack of stats are not completely overblown. There is plenty to suggest that he’s a superb athlete. But he’s definitely not a ball hawk. His production really belies what has been a constant question on him even when he was coming out of HS. He was and has consistently been termed an ATH.

    Even now 3 years removed from HS, nobody knows what to do with him. To me that suggests that he’s not particularly good at playing the ball, or getting the turnovers when the opportunities arise. Given three seasons to acquire DB skills, he’s largely failed to do so. He doesn’t get his hands on a lot of balls and I think that kind of home run quality is expected in a first round DB pick.

    • Volume12

      To be fair though, when I think of Peppers ball skills isn’t exactly what comes to my mind. You cab try aner teach it, but sometimes guys just have it or they don’t. Having said that, I gotta think his #’s would’ve been better if they had just let him focus on playing a safety role.

    • Rob Staton

      But he also played out of position at linebacker. How many career interceptions does Jarrad Davis have? Or Reuben Foster?

      For some reason there’s this absolute desire to box-score scout the heck out of Jabrill Peppers. A national narrative. And yes, we can compare his stats to a safety and suggest a difference. But then it ignores the extreme success he had at the LOS (15 TFL’s) and how that compares to the best player in the draft. Nobody ever mentions the TFL’s. Everybody mentions the pick.

      • Naks

        Also, someone who returns punts has good hand eye coordination and can catch the rock. I think we are focusing too much on actual numbers of someone playing out of position.

        • RealRhino2

          Did you see the pro day footage? Feet for hands.

          • Naks

            Every time I watch earl catch the ball i never know if he’s going to drop it. Yet he is doing just fine

          • D-OZ

            He had problem’s with the deep ball. that can be coached up with Technic and reps.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I’m firmly of the opinion that Peppers is more athlete than footballer.

        15 TFLs? Great if you’re gonna play him in the box or near the LOS (that’s actually a joke because he seems a bit small to be effective in that role in the pros). Correct me if I’m wrong but he’d be drafted to play safety. Ball and coverage skills matter. Oh and then there’s the T-rex arms. No thanks. There are other prospects I’d much prefer.

    • Kenny Sloth


      I never knew that

      Jk Attyla

  9. AlaskaHawk

    Do you think with the addition of three free agent linebackers that they will not pick Watt or his equivalent in the first three rounds? He would still be an upgrade over the free agents.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they might still take a LB in round two. But there’s less pressure to do so now. So they are flexible if they want to go S-CB, CB-S or CB-CB (or take an O-liner).

      I would expect them to draft a linebacker in round three at the latest.

    • cha

      All 3 are on short term deals. Likely they’re just covering for 2017 and now the Hawks can draft a LB where they see value and not be forced to draft for need.

  10. sdcoug

    So Felix Hernandez wasn’t a dominating, Cy Young-worthy pitcher from 2010-2015 because he only averaged 13.5 Wins over that period?

    Some stats, like Wins in baseball, can be very arbitrary and influenced by a multitude of factors and don’t speak to the full value or contribution of a player. Just sayin…

    • sdcoug

      Sorry, meant to reply to the Peppers post above

    • sdcoug

      Rob you need an Edit button lol

      • Greg Haugsven

        This is what happens when you drink during the day coug. Go USA tonight. Must pound Honduras

        • sdcoug

          Haha I know. I was hanging my head in shame as soon as I hit Submit lol.

          Critical game tonight! Sad that’s already the reality, but man I can’t stomach no WC. I see Wondo got called in. Man I think that guy is a waste but Arena probably feels he needs all the vets he can get considering the needed points.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Yeah, he could be a good 75th minute sub. He has a knack for scoring late goals.

            • sdcoug

              Unless it’s the WC when he puts a tap-in over the crossbar

              • Kenny Sloth

                I can see why he’s always included.

                One of the all time MLS greats tbh.

                I hope we go

                Altidore and Dempsey up top

                Klejstan. Pulisic


                Ream Brooks Cameron Orozco

                Allows them to shift to a three man front when Nagbe envitably goes forward with Jozy as Target man.

                Pulisic more withdrawn to run midfield games with Sacha and Bradley

                Brooks looks great carrying attack forward for Hertha
                Cameron can undoubtedly do the same
                Those fullbacks, while not ideal, have center back experience that would allow for a 3 man backline

                Howard in goal obv.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  Format fail ha

                  Maybe and Pulisic are wings, Sacha at CAM

                  In the USA classic 4-4-2 diamond

                  • sdcoug

                    It’s about time Bradley showed some quality form. Pulisic…stud. Nice to finally see a true forward with some touch

                  • Sea Mode

                    Pulisic to Dempsey, what a deadly connection!

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Pulisic just opens so much up for Dempsey and Bradley.

                    Nagbe was surprisingly quiet. He and Jozy had good posession play. Altidore has grown into a very solid hold up passer.

                    Pulisic at CAM was just what we needed, I guess.

                    I mean it’s Honduras, but this was the most promising performance from the USMNT that I’ve seen.

                    What sites do you guys follow for your usmnt coverage.??

  11. HawkFan907

    TEF alert on a potential Guard prospect – Andrew Eide BYU. Vert 30.5, BP – 33, BJ -9’06” gives him a good score of about 3.38. No word on his measurements, but played tackle and projects to be a guard. One to watch for late day 3/UDFA.

  12. Ishmael

    I think the Niners take Hooker without blinking. If they want to play Seattle’s defence, you need that guy. People are talking about Hooker as the next Thomas/Reed, if you can get that you do it every single time.

    • Rob Staton

      Fair suggestion.

      • Ishmael

        The only reason I’m really thinking on it is because Lynch was on a Ringer pre-season podcast last year, when they were doing Top 10 position rankings. They had him on about safeties, and he had Earl as his #1, because of his ability to wipe away such a huge chunk of the field. The argument was about Harrison Smith and what he can do, compared to Earl and what he prevents the other team being able to do. Lynch also, unsurprisingly, loved Kam.

        The team I like Fournette for is Jacksonville.

        Bortles is a complete potato, but instead of admitting their mistake and drafting Watson they’re going to go out and get him all the help they can. They’ve got a pretty damn good trio of WRs in Robinson, Hurns, and Lee. If they can start playing against the 8-man boxes that Fournette will demand then they’re going to start seeing enough space in the backfield for the WRs to make Bortles look good again.

        • AlaskaHawk

          It would be interesting if the 49ers developed their running game. And the draft is deep enough to get defensive help in 2 and 3rd round.

        • RWIII

          Ismael: What you said about Fournette makes to much sense. I agree that Jacksonville should take Fournette. Which is why they won’t do it.

  13. cha

    “Hand use. He barely lays a finger on a receiver. No jam to re-route, no feel for the development of the route. He gave up free release after free release at Ohio State.”

    That would seem like a dealbreaker for the Hawks if they want to not redshirt the guy while they team him the fundamentals of their system. I can’t imagine the step-kick working successfully if you don’t even get a hand on the WR.

    • Ishmael

      I honestly think the biggest thing with the Hawks technique is mental discipline. They’re not the only team to use the kick step or something like it.

      It’s about getting players to a point where they do it every single down, even if they’re up against a better athlete/player. Getting them to the point where they trust the technique, trust the process, and then let the result fall where it will.

      And that’s honestly going to be way harder than it sounds, probably why they give so many guys a redshirt year. They don’t want them panicking under fire and doing stupid shit that blow the entire scheme up.

    • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

      Here is another angle on “does not use his hands”. So, this player can do what looks like a good job without taking advantage of his hands. Is this low hanging fruit where if he was coached to use his hands he could be that much better?

      It is similar to what I think when I hear that a player is not a good tackler. The Seahawks are known for their ability to teach a superior tackling technique. Is it easier to teach somebody to tackle with this style who is a poor tackler? Just like it might be easier to teach the zone blocking scheme to tight ends, power forward and defensive tackles?

      They can not teach explosion, quickness, reaction or instincts. I think they can not teach hard hitting, relentlessness or aggression. This is partly why I do not have a lot of confidence in Gilliam.

      • cha

        I take your point, but in a draft this rich with DB’s why take a guy you will probably need to retrain in such a critical area? Save those types of picks for the 5th, 6th, 7th rounds. Freak athletes who lack technical training.

  14. vrtkolman

    Rob, to switch things up a bit, who are some possible realistic candidates the Seahawks might consider in the 1st or 2nd round that would make you cringe? Maybe Tomlinson or Hand in the 1st round?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s too good a draft to cringe at any first round scenario. It’s pretty certain they’ll address their specified needs so any OL, DB or LB is fair game IMO. I think they’ll go DB early and I’ve not see one I really dislike.

      • vrtkolman

        That is good to hear!

    • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

      Cringe? Mixon! Maybe Cam Robinson. Any Guard. Any QB!

      • Kenny Sloth

        *puked in my mouth and swallows it just to get the taste of Mixon out*

        • Smitty1547

          First time he took one to the house for 80 yards the taste would come out. Just like it has after a couple of Clark sacks and no off the field trouble.

          • Ishmael

            This is 100% correct. The Clark cover up was massively dodgy, and no one has even blinked. The reality is the vast majority of fans care more about team performance than they do about violence against women.

            • Kenny Sloth

              K guys

              Thx 4 telling me what I think

              • Ishmael

                Sorry mate, wasn’t meaning to have a go at you in particular – realise it must have come across like that though

                • Kenny Sloth

                  Naw I just don’t like that implication.

                  Didn’t take it personally, just wanted to be stark.

                  Much love, Ish, Smitty.

            • Michael

              “The reality is the vast majority of fans care more about team performance than they do about violence against women.”

              I’ve never liked this generalization… Personally I don’t care much about off the field issues when it comes to football players. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about violence against women, or any of the other heinous things that human beings do to one another. I simply separate the two in my mind. I don’t base any of my entertainment decisions on the moral fiber of the providers of that entertainment, because if I did I would have to cut out a massive portion of the music, movies, TV shows, sports, etc. that I rely on to add some flavor to the otherwise boring parts of life.

              Honestly I’d rather not even know about these guys off the field issues, and I pretty much tune it out any time the media talks about it. It makes perfect sense that teams need to know about these things, but why do the fans? I wish they would come out with an “ESPN Legal” channel and then keep all of that stuff contained there for the people who are interested.

  15. GeoffU

    If Watt lasts into the mid 2nd, we need to trade up like we did for Reed. Avril and Bennett are only getting older. We’re going to be needing pass rushers in a year or two.

    • Ishmael

      He’s not a great pass rusher though? Especially compared to Avril and Bennett.

      • nichansen01

        Watt is overrated off of his testing numbers, IMO

        • Dale Roberts

          The thing I like most is he’s a football junkie. People ascribe a Russell Wilson type of work ethic and commitment to his game. The testing shows his potential but his personality shows he’ll get there.

          • Ishmael

            That isn’t always how it works though. He’s a good, if unspectacular, player at the moment. His physical profile suggests he’s got a lot of upside, but he’s a year or two away from delivering.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He has tremendous potential and upside after one year of starting time.

        He does get super stuck on blocks though

        • BobbyK

          Really? I see a guy who gets skinny an awful lot and makes progress when he’s stuck, unlike some guys like Marsh who get stuck and are simply in one spot on the field for the rest of the play being neutralized.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Yeah I think he just has a poor bull rush at this point


    Lamp is not a LT but pro bowl potential at OG this year and C next year. Allowing Britt to leave as he will likely be too expensive. Seattle benefits more by paying Tackles and extending core players

  17. D-OZ

    I’m hearing NFL personal like Dawkins just as much as Lamp. 5.11- 40/35″ arm’s/27 reps/ Asiata is in the 2nd round mix now. I wouldn’t count out Bisnowaty in the 3rd. There’s Johnson and Feeney also. More sleeper’s in the mix as we on this site are aware of…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • mishima

      Agree. At OG, how much more value does Lamp have than Johnson, Asiata, Moton (or Glow/Ifedi)? Would rather hit on CB, early and often, target OL in 3rd.

      Marlon Humphrey (1), Rasul Douglas (2), Moton (3).

      • Misfit74

        Yes. Unless Lamp is Zack Martin, pass on OG round 1.

    • D-OZ

      Moten and Garcia too. Lot’s of options.

    • Dlep

      I think Siragusa and Braden for Michigan are severely underrated

      • Dale Roberts

        Siragusa looks better and better. I think he’ll go 3rd round at the latest.

    • Misfit74

      Dawkins and Bisnowaty both appear decent OT options. Moton (Mouton?) also.

  18. Isaac

    Did anyone catch the mock draft on Sirius NFL network? I can’t believe that garret bolles goes 32nd. They have Seattle trading out of the first round both Kevin king and Garrett bolles both being available. I would also be very surprised if the hawks take a linebacker early with how many free agents they are signing at the position. Db, ol if there is the right fit available

  19. Bill

    If the Hawks don’t get one of the elite CB’s early, there are a couple that should be available in 3rd round that look like Seahawk kind of CBs:

    Rasul Douglas CB from West Virginia size and a ball skill playmaker, but not much start experience.

    Ahkello Witherspoon, CB from Colorado great size and speed, but can he be coached up for NFL run support?

  20. Turnagaintide

    Rob, do you think Peppers could be drafted in round one for the Seahawks in the Big Nickel role if Menifonwu, Kevin King, Reddick, and the 1st Round OLiners are off the board like we expect? You mentioned that other big Nickels around the league weren’t very big, much like Peppers so it got me thinking he could potentially be a fit for that role for the Seahawks.

    Who would be a better fit for the Seahawks – Adoree Jackson for as a slot CB & returner or Peppers in the Big Nickel & as an all-around special teams Ace?

    Also, keep an eye on BYU’s left tackle Andrew Eide. At his pro day he measured 6-5, 311, with a VJ 30.5, BJ 9’6″, and BP 33. I believe that’s a TEF of 3.32 if I did that right. He was a JUCO graduate transfer from Southern Utah where he was a defensive end for his for two seasons. Got to imagine the Seahawks have taken some notes about him.

    • Rob Staton

      Peppers is an option, sure. But I think he’ll be gone before #26.

  21. Dale Roberts

    It’s just so damn much fun knowing that whoever the Hawks take it’s going to be a player we can be excited about.

  22. Coleslaw

    1. Budda Baker
    2. Cordrea Tankersley
    3. Nico Siragusa
    3. Vince Biegel
    3. Tresten Decoud
    6. Zane Gonzalez
    7. Ishmael Zamora
    I hope we get Gonzalez, I don’t trust Walsh.. Also really like Zamora.

    • Coleslaw

      DeCoud would be the future Earl replacement and Budda would be our honey badger

      • nichansen01

        Decoud is a slow corner. Earl replacement?

        • Coleslaw

          My bad I got totally mixed up. I meant to say Tedric Thompson lol

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Zamora is an animal abuser. He’s on video beating the sh*t out of his dog for peeing in the house –

      Maybe that doesn’t matter to you but it does to me.

      • nichansen01

        No on Zamora for me.

      • Coleslaw

        I was unaware.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          No worries Coleslaw. Sorry if that came across as judgmental of you. I didn’t know either until I checked him out myself.

          Any kind of abuse is wrong, but to me animal abuse is the worst.

          • Coleslaw

            Agreed and no worries I’ve pushed for Mixon but his was one punch, if zamora was worse I hope he goes undrafted

          • Michael

            If I may ask Eric, what is it about animal abuse that makes it worse than abusing another human being in your mind? Not saying either is worse or better, just curious about your perspective here.

  23. Ground_Hawk

    As much as I would like Seattle to continue investing in the OL, it just wouldn’t feel right if they drafted a player who appears destined to play in the interior, but if it happened there would have to be a reason behind such a pick by PC/JS. Maybe they look into his character and find a personality that fits their culture perfectly, and, according to PC himself, would be filling a stated position of need with a prospect who is clearly an explosive athlete (Thank you again, Rob, and contributors, for developing TEF/wTEF). Sure, they have made some moves in FA thus far, but if they grade Lamp, or any of the OL draftees, higher than one of their OL on the current roster, then why wouldn’t they draft a player like that? Like you mentioned earlier Rob, there are a lot of different ways this draft could go, and a lot of those possible scenarios would result in an ideal situation for Seattle.

  24. Volume12

    Anybody watch that Wisconsin/Florida game? Wow! That ish was crazy! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Nah I watched UCLA-UK ๐Ÿ˜”

      • Volume12

        I’m sure you did. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        A buzzer beater to send it into OT from Wisconsin and then with 4 seconds left, Florida’s PG drives the length of the court and hits the exact same shot, a damn floater, to win it at the buzzer.

        • Volume12

          Man I really hope my Zags make it to the Final 4 tomorrow.

          • CLB

            I’ll definitely be cheering for the Zags too. Seems like it’s always the schools from the major conferences that win. The last 10 champs have been Villanova, Duke, Connecticut, Louisville, Kentucky, Conn. again, Duke again, North Carolina, Kansas, and Florida. More of the same before that – Fla. again, NC again, Conn. again, and on and on. Cheered for underdog Butler to win the 2 years they lost to Duke and Conn. in 2010 and 2011. Although Gonzaga has been near the top of the rankings most of this year, it would be great to finally see a small school beat several of these titans of the sport from major conferences on the way to winning the title. Looking at this page, seems like the last time a smaller school from a lesser conference won was 40 years ago when Marquette won in 1977.

            • Kenny Sloth

              F that! Go Ducks!!

  25. CHawk Talker Eric

    I’ve nothing more than my gut feeling to support this, but I think the “interest” in Lamp is smoke. If it isn’t Bolles, Reddick, Obi or King at 26 (in that order), then they’ll trade down. Maybe, maybe a surprise pick if someone like Njoku is there.

    • Misfit74

      I bet they think highly of a good portion of the top 100+ players on their board. Doesn’t mean they ‘want to draft’ Lamp. Or that he’s on their first round tier of players, even. This part of the offseason changes as the wind blows on popular, major media sites.

      • peter

        agreed to both of these posts.

  26. Volume12

    Seahawks met with NW Missouri St. DL Collin Bevins- 6’5-6’6, 280-285 lbs., transfer from Iowa St.

    2016 stats: 61 tackles, 15.5 TFL, 8 QB sacks was 2015 MIAA DPOY and a D2 All-Ameican this year as well.

    • C-Dog


  27. Trevor

    I love the Lamp the prospect and feel he will be a day #1 starter with pro bowl upside at Gaurd.

    Unless the plan is to move Ifedi to RT then I would absolutely hate the pick in Rd#1. The idea of using back to back first round picks on Guards in a draft loaded with elite talent would make no sense to me.

    If they are moving Ifedi to RT then that changes things completely.

    • Sea Mode

      Totally agree. Either interest in Lamp is smokescreen or keeping Ifedi at RG is smokescreen.

    • peter

      If they moved Ifedi that would be one more year of doing the Oline shuffle, plus honestly how ridiculous would it look to have Sowell/Gilliam play RT all season long to have their replacement being playing next to them the whole time? That would seem to me more of the classic wasting time in developing Oline players.

      I’ve got no real problem with Lamp. Excellent TEF. Replace Glowinski and then you have a formidable interior presence in the style of New Orleans. Short QB who should probably start running less and less it actually makes sense.

      Plus I’m starting to think it’s more and more likely that Obi will be gone before 26 and needs to have a few players ready to roll if there is crazy movement up the boards for guys they like.

    • D-OZ

      Last man off the ball Glowinski was the weak link last year. In the 1st. and 2nd round’s there are guy’s who could step right in to his spot. I think he is a RG only.

      • D-OZ

        There will be a run on interior O-Linemen in the 2nd round.IMO

        • peter

          Agree with this. Also I heard Ross Tucker on the radio the other day and he talked about how he hates to see teams switch players from Left to Right. Especially if that player has multiple years on one side. That he felt it messes with their muscle memory. I think about that a ton when Seattle moves players around like it’s no big deal.

          As for the run I think guys like Moton and Asiata (who I want for Seattle’s left side) are almost a sure thing to go in round 2.

          • Sea Mode

            Interesting. Carroll and Cable are always big into “cross training” them so they can play on either side. Maybe they should only do that with the backups.

      • peter

        Sorry Lamp or Glo is the RG only? I know Glowinski playing LG was a first him last year. And it wasn’t great.

        • D-OZ

          Glo RG only.

  28. MontanaMike

    Me too, I think there’s lots of smokescreens. I think if we get any more o-linemen it’ll be in later rounds or UDFA’s. S, DT, DE, CB , linebacker, i know we just signed a bunch for special teams and backup roles which leads me to believe they’re looking at a WILL or SAM. Other than 0-line, i don’t see many needs on offense, but if the right guy is there … A few years back, GB jumped 1 spot ahead of us and grabbed Lacy so we took Michael, smart move because no one wanted to deal with Lynch and Lacy on the same team.

  29. Isaac

    Rob is there a list yet of who the hawks have had in for a visit/private meeting. From that list last year we selected quite a few people from it. Rob how does that list compare to the people you have scouted so far?

    • Volume12

      Not Rob, but here you go.

      VMAC visitors:

      Obi Melifonwu, S/DB, UCONN
      DeAngelo Yancey, WR, Purdue
      Josh Tupuo, DT, Colorado
      Xavier Coleman, CB, Portland St.
      David Jones, S, Richmond
      Montae Nicholson, S, Michigan St.
      Michael Coe, OL/C, North Dakota
      Shaq Griffin, CB, UCF


      Chad Williams, WR, Grambling St.
      Caleb Kidder, EDGE, Montana
      Dylan Donahue, EDGE, W.Georgia
      Alex Armah, FB/LB, W. Georgia
      Rod Henderson, DT, Alabama St.
      Collin Bevins, DL, NW Missouri St.
      D’Andre Banks, OL, Kansas
      Shalom Luani, S, Wazzu
      Budda Baker, S, UW

      You want who they met with at the SR bowl too?

      • Isaac

        It’s interesting to see so many names that rob has covered in the blog on the list. Kinda shocked this watt isn’t on this list. To that matter any other linebackers. In my opinion this could say something about why they have brought in 3 free agent lb.

        The senior bowl list would be cool as well.

  30. Totem_Hawk

    Forrest Lamp tape against Alabama is pretty awesome. Plug and play RT for someone…

  31. Sea Mode

    FWIW, Cam Robinson has visit scheduled with Broncos, per Denver Post reporter:


    I’m told OT Cam Robinson has a visit scheduled with the Broncos.

    12:09 PM – 24 Mar 2017 from Denver, CO

  32. Bill

    Obi Melifonwu – overhyped?

    • Sea Mode


    • HawkTalker #1

      How could he not be?

    • C-Dog

      Not IMO. He might be the one player in this draft that I most want to see Seattle select at 26.

  33. Steve Nelsen

    I don’t think adding another rookie guard and shuffling guys around is the short-term answer to our OL problems so I don’t like drafting a guard at 26. Bolles is the only OL I would like at 26 but he won’t be there. I would be OK if there was a stud RT but Ramczyk and Robinson aren’t “can’t miss” prospects.

    I don’t know if giving this current bunch of young OL a chance to develop this year is going to work. But, at this point I think it is our best approach for 2017.

    • Ed

      Agreed. You want to get a OL for competition in the 3rd, I’m ok with that. First 3 picks, in no order, should be either (CB/CB/S) or (CB/S/LB).

      And the more Rob talks about how deep the draft could be, that screams JS trading back to pick up a 4th/5th. Aim for:

      Tankersley/Douglas/Watt/Evans as first pick in early 2nd.

    • Overtime

      I agree. We need tackles not more guards. We are betting on Joeckel, Aboushi and the development of the guys we have got. This draft is so weak in the OL there may be only 4 or 5 guys that can start in the NFL coming out. Usually the OT’s go in the top 10 picks. We may not have an OL in the top 10 picks this year. I might pick up one guy in R3 for development and that is about it.

  34. Bill

    IMO any Seahawk interest in a offensive lineman like Lamp at #26 is a “Red Herring”.
    Schneider is on record saying the OL was too young last year. So he signed some veteran
    O-lineman instead of reaching early in the draft for need.
    The other FA signings at linebacker
    and safety seem to indicate that CB and DL will be the focus.

    Because of all the FA acquisitions, they might be freeing themselves up to take the gamble of
    drafting an elite but injured Sidney Jones at #26 if he is still there.

    • C-Dog

      I think Pete said that they would look to see what the draft brings, as well as FA. I think they probably do regard Lamp as being a R1 talent they would consider, especially if they feel think he comps at all to TJ Lang who they were willing to throw considerable sums of $ towards.

      • Overtime

        For comparison purposes Lang only started 3 games his first year and none his second year. It takes O Linemen about 3 years in the league to figure it out. That is why I see the Hawks sticking with the young guys we have got. The investment has been made. We used four picks in the first four rounds the last two years on the OL. It took Britt three years to come into his own. We need to give the others the same time and not get impatient. Ifedi was a first rounder and he struggled, too. There is no instant fix for the O Line in this draft.

        • Overtime

          I might add that if we had not spent four picks on the O Line the last two years we would have better depth at some of the other positions. If you write off the investment in the young guys and now start over with other young guys or 1 year rental veterans, you set your franchise back a long ways while the D Line, secondary and LB corps fall apart the next couple years. Let’s hope we made the right choices of O Linemen in 2015 and 2016.

        • Mike

          I wouldn’t hate the idea of picking up a top flight guard with #26. You can always help out your tackles with pass pro by having your TE’s and RB’s chip a bit..and having a healthy Russell will keep the DE’s from pinning back their ears on their rushes.

          Having battering ram Lacy running behind Lamp, Britt and Ifedi would be fun to watch. Get that running game going..stay out of the 3rd and longs..that will really help the performance of our tackles imo.

          Guess it comes down to their assessment of picking someone like Lamp at #26..vs someone like Asiata later on.

    • cha

      The impact of an Achilles injury on a DB will likely drive Jones out of the first round. If they really want Jones they can probably either trade down from 26 and stockpile picks and still get him, or stand pat at 26 and take someone else and see if he slides to them in the 2nd round.

      • Overtime

        Yeah. I love Jones. It is a tough break for the kid. But the depth at his position this year is going to make him fall in the draft. Somebody is going to get a good player in the third or fourth round.

      • Bill

        I would be surprised if Jones lasts to the Seahawks pick in the second round, shutdown corners are too rare a commodity. Reports are he will be ready play sometime in 2017.

        • Bill

          My guess is Sidney Jones will go in the first 5 picks in the second round. It happened last year with high ranked injured players; Jaylon Smith and Myles Jack. So if the Seahawks want him, they would need to use a first round pick. They could possibly trade down a few spots then draft him.

  35. Sea Mode

    Taking a quick look at some of the big boys today. Looking mostly at later-round types, which is what the Hawks seem to have shown most interest in. Here’s some notes of mine with links to highlights/tape. It’s not a complete analysis or anything, just trying to bring up some discussion points and see who you guys have watched and like.

    Rod Henderson, Alabama St. #94 (6000, 354, 31.75 arm)

    Physical: Fat, squat type of big. Short arms.

    Strengths: Wrecking ball coming through. Sneaky quicks in short range. Even pulls out a spin move in the highlights. He stands up the center, moving the QB off his spot, but will not usually catch the escaping QB. Gotta see if his massive size made him more successfull in college than he might be in the pros.

    Effort: violent, throws people to the ground, gets fired up when he makes a play. This is what I like to see. To be fair, though, it is his highlights.


    Grover Stewart, Albany State #99 (6042, 347, 34 arm)
    vs. West Georgia 2016:

    Physical presence: Big, long frame. Because of the height, he doesn’t look like a “sand in his pants” type guy even at that weight. Can get his hands up and block passing lanes though, unlike the shorter guys.

    Strengths: First thing you notice is the quickness off the snap. Combined with his power, you can tell the OL is in for a long day. They double teamed him quite a bit. Paired with a good rushing partner, they could wreak havoc. His best play comes at the 11:15 mark. Power off the snap, long reach swim move draws a holding call and forces the RT to panic and help the RG, leading to a sack. Gives me a feeling that if they could teach him a couple more moves like that instead of just going for power, he could be devastating.

    Effort: Not as eager to follow the play once it gets past him and clean up. Didn’t seem as violent either.


    Josh Tupuo, Colorado #58 (6025, 362, 33.5 arm)
    vs. Utah 2016:

    Physical: Kind of a happy medium between the last two. More weight in upper body than lower.

    Strengths: he is strong, and threw Asiata aside on one play early on. For the rest, Asiata easily won every other battle though. Didn’t seem to have a counter move once he got caught up, though, and his speed seemed decent, not special. I specifically wanted to see him against a good OL. Maybe vs. lesser teams he was more effective, but watching this game just made me like Bolles, Asiata, and Jimmie Gilbert if nothing else. (and Utah WRs cant catch anything, gosh… Witherspoon also has a couple nice PBU and gives up a TD at the end for all you fans of his out there)

    Effort: good, follows the play until the end. Not sure why, but he seems to take an extra second to engage the lineman in front of him instead of exploding out of his stance. Could be coached that way, idk.


    Treyvon Hester, Toledo #91 (6010, 333, 32 arm)
    vs. BYU 2016:

    Physical: Big thighs and legs, not much fat on frame.

    Strengths: very nice lateral movement, though it sometimes takes him out of the play a bit. Surprised with a couple nice swim moves at the beginning to get past blocks, then looked unsure kind of how to play vs. zbs. To his credit, though, he was constantly doubled and didn’t have much help on the Toledo defense. Most of the big runs were to the outside as well, so his gap control was good. Tony Pauline compares him to Ahtyba Rubin, which is definitely a good thing.

    Effort: willing to pursue the play across the field, stays active hand fighting to get off blocks. Solid effort, not on fire, I would say.


    Glen Antoine, Idaho #15 (6005, 337, 31 7/8 arm)

    Physical: big, bubbly, sand in his pants type. Perfect NT build, I would say.

    Strengths: his strength. He benched 37 reps, and it shows in his play. He throws aside OL left and right. Explosive: 8-7 broad, 30 vert at 337 lbs at his Pro Day. He is coming at you to throw you out of the way and punch the ball carrier in the mouth. Excellent gap control: holds his guy off and disengages at the right moment to make the tackle or disrupt the flow of the play. A couple times basically just pushes his guy right into the RB’s lane to stop him. Poor foot speed (not that it really matters). Takes big, lumbering strides when he runs. Still managed a 4.77 SS, which is quite good for his size and matters a lot more at the position. Funny, a couple times he used the OL’s push as like a boost towards the ball, managing to keep his balance.

    Effort: fired up, goes hard, love it. Willing to chase the ball downfield (see 5:12 mark of the highlights)


    Stevie Tu’ikolovatu, USC #96 (6010, 333, 33 7/8 arm)
    vs. Penn State (Rose Bowl, 2017):

    Physical: carries most weight in his upper body, kind of the Asiata version of the DL.

    Strengths: he’s pretty much un-movable. Notice the first 3rd down they subbed him off, Penn State ran right up the gut for a TD. Gets going fast for a big guy. Had a 1.72 10yd split at the combine, which is nothing short of amazing at that size. They lined him up at DE quite a few times as well, and I even saw him drop into coverage once, what a sight…lol. I question all in all how much NT technique he even knows. Would be quite a project. Nice use of the push-pull, taking advantage of his abnormally long arms relative to his height.

    Effort: will pursue play to the sidelines sometimes, but not one to follow the play downfield. Was dominant in his 1-on-1 engagement, but didn’t convince me overall.

    (Extra: if people wonder whether Adoree Jackson is agressive/physical, watch him on that film. Gives up a TD at 3:00 mark, sweet throw and grab though on a broken play. Might not have actually been a TD on closer review; ball still bobbling maybe when his left foot was down in bounds)

    (Extra 2: need to look at more Chris Godwin tape. He’s SPARQY, ran 4.42, has good size, and showed some really nice hands and concentration on that tape. Caught my attention bigtime.)


    As you can probably tell by the notes, my favorite so far for NT is Glen Antoine. I think Grover Stewart would make an intruiging DT project, but not NT. What do you guys think? What did I miss? Any other late-round big boys you like? Thanks for reading.

    • Ed

      Nice write ups. They need a pocket pusher, maybe they nab one of your gems

  36. Mike

    Just to play “devils advocate” on spending our #26 on a db…I went back and looked..and starting with the 2010 draft (last 7 drafts)..there have been 74 db’s (cb or S) taken in the first or second rounds…and only 17 (23%) have been voted to at least one Pro Bowl (and they usually don’t come late in the first round..usually right at the top of the first round..or surprisingly..a bunch towards the end of the second).

    My interpretation..the top 2 or 3 db’s are known to all…and get picked high…then the rest of the teams with CB needs panic and overreach. The quality at the end of the second round might be explained by the better NFL teams (record wise) having superior talent evaluation and unearthing gems.

    • Bill

      The NFL being the copy-cat league that it is has made Seattle a victim of their own success.
      Now everyone wants a big, rangy CB and Seattle will have a harder time finding that gem in the later rounds where they traditionally like to take CBs.

  37. Volume12

    VMAC visit alert!

    UCF CB Shaq Griffin.

    His story and personality was too damn ‘Seahawky’ for him not to be.

    • Sea Mode

      #3 vert, #3 sparq, #4 40yd (4.38) at combine. So many options…

      • Sea Mode

        *among CBs

        V12, you have a running list of all VMAC visitors and all players the Hawks met with/spoke to going?

    • Kenny Sloth


    • nichansen01

      Good in run support. That’s important.

  38. MontanaMike

    I would love to snag jones and even redshirt him if he needs it for a successful career. Definitely another S and CB, LB, but with Pete and John I always go who? and then run to my computer to see who he is. I think only a few good tackles are there when we pick but what do I know, I think Fant is a huge suprise and may be better than anyone we could get this year, perhaps he’ll need another year or so to get there, even better if he came on like gangbusters after the offseason. I think Joekal at RT and we have quite a few guards or Joekal at LT and slide Ifedi to RT and let Fant grow another year behind Joekal. I don’t want another early round 0-lineman unless it’s for pro-bowl talent. At this point though I never can predict what’s coming, I hope not another RB.

  39. MontanaMike

    Tackles won’t be there.

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