Instant reaction: Seahawks add Wagner & Wilson

After shocking the NFL by drafting Bruce Irvin with the #15 pick yesterday, Seattle added Bobby Wagner (LB, Utah State) and Russell Wilson (QB, Wisconsin) in rounds two and three on Friday.

The Seahawks moved down four spots in the second round to draft Wagner at #47, after a deal with the New York Jets (who took receiver Stephen Hill). There were a few mixed expressions in Seattle’s war room after Philadelphia took Mychal Kendricks at #46. Was the California linebacker the preferred option? Both are fast, rangy lineman who like to tackle. Carroll would’ve known all about Kendricks – who was awarded the PAC-12 defensive player of the year for 2011.

Bobby Wagner – LB – #47 overall

Regardless, it’s Wagner who makes the trip North. He missed the combine with pneumonia but ran in the 4.4’s at his pro-day. He’s 6-0 and 233lbs and is probably going to play some MIKE and WILL. The Seahawks added Irvin to boost their pass rush, and now have a linebacker compliment to KJ Wright, Leroy Hill, Malcolm Smith and Barrett Ruud. The lukewarm response to David Hawthorne’s free agent status suggested Seattle would always attack the linebacker market and that proved to be the case here. Wagner plays with a good motor – like Hawthorne – but will be able to move much more freely. He’s undersized for your traditional MIKE which could cause issues and he hasn’t a big history of pass rushing. Even so, teams are looking for big, athletic linebackers and the Seahawks clearly see that in Wagner.

He’s flashed an ability to disengage when blocked, something you don’t see from a lot of linebackers his size. At times he was touted as a first round pick for teams like the New England Patriots. Despite a lot of negativity from some pundits, this is a player who was being talked about in the top-50 for some time. He had four sacks and two interceptions last season. He’s likely to start as a rookie.

What are they saying?

Mike Mayock: “This is Pete Carroll’s kind of linebacker. He’s been a fast riser. He tested extremely well, and he’s a big linebacker. This guy is also a four-team special teams player, so you get that production from him, too. He can be explosive for them.”

Charlie Casserly: “Size and Speed is good. Strong guy. Has some instinct issues in talking to scouts.”

Mel Kiper: “I had him in 3rd. Seattle baffles me, I don’t get it.”

Chris Steuber: “Bobby Wagner is my 54th rated player. Doesn’t have definitive LB position, but has a solid skill set. Another interesting pick by the Seahawks.”

Russell Wilson – QB – #75 overall

Seattle’s appreciation for Russell Wilson wasn’t a secret. We’d touched on it a few times on the blog, and certainly there was a feeling the Seahawks would take a quarterback in the rounds 3-6 region. Brock Osweiler was the only signal caller to leave the board in round two, and Seattle capitalised by snatching Wilson in round three. When I sat down to scout players in 2009, the first guy I watched was Russell Wilson. I’ve kind of tracked his progress ever since, at NC State and Wisconsin. A year ago I spoke to several people about the Wolfpack’s decision to effectively ‘move on’ in preference of Mike Glennon, and Wilson’s subsequent decision to snub teams like defending National Champs Auburn in favor of Wisconsin.

I always liked the guy as a pure entertainment player. He spreads the ball around, he has a nice arm. He makes plays. Even so, I’m a little surprised he’s ended up being a third round pick. As much as he has been one of the best quarterbacks to watch in college football over the last few years, there just aren’t a ton of 5-11 quarterbacks out there. And while a lot of people are willing to ignore that, the fact still remains. Personally I think there have been issues with trajectory and some ‘aimed’ passes into areas that have impacted accuracy. He benefited a lot at Wisconsin with a powerful, dominating run game which allowed play-action and bootlegs to thrive, getting him out of the pocket. Is he going to go on and become another exception to the height rule? Or will it limit his ability to start?

Going back to the positives, he has a better than expected arm, perfect character and a will to succeed. The Seahawks suddenly have a very crowded group of quarterbacks, with one of Tarvaris Jackson or Josh Portis likely to be the odd man out. Unfortunately, among the quartet (which also includes Wilson and Matt Flynn) there’s not one true player who stands out. Yet. One other question needs to be asked – what do you expect from a third round quarterback? If he’s a competent back-up for years, is that enough? Does Wilson need to start down the line? What needs to happen for this decision to be deemed a success?

It’s interesting that Pete Carroll and John Schneider’s first pick at the position in three years is Russell Wilson. They were suitably ‘pumped and jacked’ in the war room after making the pick – with visible celebration and excitement. Is Wilson the quarterback of the future? How soon could he realistically start in the league? Will he challenge as a rookie?

What are they saying?

Mike Mayock: “”I can’t tell you how much I like this kid. Not only can he be a competent backup and change-of-pace quarterback, but I think someday he can be a starting-quality player.”

Dan Shonka: “Seattle grabs one of our favorite players in Russell Wilson… maybe they do know QBs?”

Chris Steuber: “Love Russell Wilson. He’s not in my Top 100, but I have him rated 107 overall. He’s my 3rd favorite QB in the draft. Great kid.”

Chris Mortensen: “Evaluators loved his football smarts, how he played under pressure, accuracy and athleticism. The height issue was brought up every time. A few evaluators believed he will become the new exception to the height rule. Big hands, long arms and has a 6th sense that execs kept mentioning can’t be measured.”

Russ Lande: “I love Russell Wilson’s intangibles and arm strength, but taking a backup QB in the 3rd round makes no sense at all to me.”

Seahawks taking risks to get better?

Seattle hasn’t done anything quietly in this draft. They’ve been bold and taken what outsiders would describe as almost reckless gambles. There won’t be any ‘A’ draft grades, but I kind of feel Carroll and Schneider would rather it be that way. Maybe they enjoy being different, or proving people wrong?

There’s a lot of boom or bust to this class so far. A pass rushing specialist from West Virginia who wasn’t an every down guy and has some off-field history. He’ll be 25 in November. A linebacker from Utah State with some athletic tools, but not a lot of splash plays at a level below the top schools. And a 5-11 quarterback. If this ends up being a solid trio in a few years, quite a few people will have to eat their words. I’d consider myself in that group, because so far I’m a bit underwhelmed. It’s quite early for a quarterback with a height question mark who might not be a starter. Irvin was explosive at times in college, but will be judged on production in the NFL and will need to have an impact for such a high pick. And time isn’t on his side as a 25-year-old rookie, he can’t afford three years to bed in.

Wagner was taken before other linebackers such as Zach Brown and Lavonte David, and will be compared to those prospects going forward – even if teams universally preferred Wagner.

Now, the Baltimore Ravens and Ozzy Newsome are the picture of draft excellence in my view. They always let the draft come to them – and it’s helped acquire (among others) Ed Reed, Michael Oher, Jimmy Smith and today Courtney Upshaw and Kelechi Osemele. The one time they were aggressive? To go and get a quarterback. It’s the pure ‘BPA’ approach. The Seahawks appear to be identifying needs and attacking them. They always wanted a LT and FS in 2010, and were fortunate enough to strike gold. They went heavy on the offensive line last year and the defensive front seven this year. Will this prove a successful formula? Only time will tell. But there’s nothing dull about the Seahawks.

Day three picks

The Seahawks made two trades on Thursday and Friday to accumulate further picks. Here’s a list of Seattle’s remaining choice:

Round four: #11 & #19

Round five: #19

Round six: #2 & #11

Round seven: #18 & #25

Tomorrow starts with the fourth round at 9:00 PST. We’ll start an open thread 30 minutes before the re-start.

What next?

The Seahawks are going to take a running back, possibly (probably?) with one of those two fourth round picks. Chris Polk (RB, Washington) and Robert Turbin (RB, Utah State) are two names to watch. Lamar Miller (RB, Miami) reportedly remains available due to concerns about an injured shoulder that may need surgery. How far will he drop? Some other names to consider: Alameda Ta’amu (DT, Washington), Dwight Jones (WR, North Carolina), David Paulson (TE, Oregon), Orson Charles (TE, Georgia), George Iloka (S, Boise State), Keshawn Martin (WR, Michigan State), Nick Toon (WR, Wisconsin), Jeff Fuller (WR, Texas A&M), Juron Criner (WR, Arizona), Tommy Streeter (WR, Miami), Logan Harrell (DT, Fresno State), Trevor Gutyton (DE, California), Billy Winn (DT, Boise State), Frank Alexander (DE, Oklahoma), Ronnell Lewis (OLB, Oklahoma), Bobby Massie (OT, Ole Miss), Joe Adams (WR, Arkansas), Nicholas Jean-Baptiste (DT, Baylor), Ron Brooks (CB, LSU), Nigel Bradham (OLB, Florida State), Marvin McNutt (WR, Iowa).

Game tape (Wagner & Wilson), Gruden QB’s Camp (Wilson) and Kiper vs Gruden (Wilson)


  1. Drew

    Hey Rob first of all excellent job covering the draft the past few days. Do you think we will ever find out if Seattle did in fact prefer Kendricks to Wagner, because I would agree that there didn’t look to be too many thrilled faces in our war room when the pick was made. What are the main differences between Wagner and Kendricks, because both seem to be extremely fast and rangy linebackers. I just hope JS didn’t get too “cute” and loose his guy.

  2. Nolan Thomas

    Huh interesting indeed hope carroll is right cuz if he is wrong I don’t think he can survive

  3. Michael (CLT)

    I absolutely LOOOOVVVEE this draft. Luv it!

    Wagner could be a more flexible KJ. Love his length. I know very little about him other than I remember him playing well against Auburn. I disliked the KJ draft. Perhaps he will pan out in a similar fashion.

    Wilson, to me, has “it”. No way to explain it. Wilson would not leave my thoughts when thinking about difference makers at QB outside of round one. Aside from his character, I see a strong and accurate arm, decent feet, some quicks, leadership, and “it”. It helps the guy I carpool with is an NCSU graduate and won’t shutup about the guy. He loves Glennon too… go figure.

    Irvin is a game changer. Regardless of what I know or think, one thing is true. Offenses will have to account for him on every down. If they run at him, PC will protect him.

    All these guys have qualities to be elite.

    They all have qualities to be huge busts.

    That, to me, is a quality draft.

    It is now up to the coaching. I am willing to take my chances with PC and some upside. Go ‘Hawks!

  4. Bug Juice

    I have to be honest, Rob, after the Wilson pick I am forced to question the entire draft. All three choices have been surprising but a back up quarterback in the third round? Is he going to help us win games this year? Were there not better players available that helped fill needs? After that pick, I have to reassess my forced optimism of the first two rounds. Not feeling so trusting of Pete and John right now.

  5. Belgaron

    The 3 guys share a couple common themes, 1st film showing them taking over games, 2nd high end speed for their positions.

    The 4 biggest fans of bringing in a true flush-the-pocket speed rusher are the four guys who could set a new record for having 4 all pros from the same defensive backfield group, initials ET, KC, BB, and RS.

    The 4 biggest fans of bringing in a true glue-the-seems LB who will nail down the speed rushers who gave them fits are the 4 stout run stuffers Mebane, Jones, Branch, and Bryant.

    Together these guys plus the rest of the D should be moving up from their top ten defense into an even loftier group to the delight of the 12th man.

    Russell Wilson will have an outstanding effect on all of the other QBs for as long as he is on the roster. He does everything well that a QB should do well–he will teach the guys above him and below him on the depth chart how the position should be played. And he’ll be a change of pace option that will rival Tebow in actual capabilities and performances.

  6. JC

    Has Kip’s head exploded?

  7. Rob

    Kip’s currently writing an article titled: “Russell Wilson – My favorite Seahawks draft pick ever.” Seriously. He’s a happy man tonight.

  8. Darnell

    This is fantastic, just loving it.

    It will be interesting to watch and compare Kendricks v Wagner.

    Kendricks,unfortunately for him, is going where LBer prospects go to die while Wagner goes to a team where every LBer (aside from Curry) becomes a solid player.

  9. Patrick G.

    Say what you will about Russell Wilson, if anyone sub-6’0″ has the tools, mental makeup, and intangible leadership qualities to succeed in the NFL, he does.

    Also, don’t underestimate the value of a high-quality backup. First, if Russell Wilson as-is would have hopped on a bus from Wisconsin and shown up at the Cleveland Browns game, beaten up Charlie Whitehurst and thrown him in a burlap sack, and started at QB, we probably go to the playoffs last season. Second, even if Flynn pans out, an unknown QB with starter potential is always valuable trade bait.

    I can’t wait to read Kip’s post about this pick.

  10. Chris

    Schneider always talks about letting players fall to them, and taking them. Strangely though, this seems to be the biggest “Need” picking front office I’ve yet seen in Seattle. Two years ago LT and Safety were our biggest needs. Without moving in the draft … an LT and a Safety was chosen. Last year EVERYONE thought OL was our biggest need, and the Hawks pick two OL’s with their highest picks. This year the only thing talked about was the lack of pass rush, and the glaring hole that existed at linebacker after letting Hawthorne walked. What happened? Their favorite pass rusher and their favorite linebacker left was chosen.

    Frankly I love it. They don’t pick the next guy on the “list” and have them fill their need … they pick THEIR guy from THEIR FREAKISH LIST and have them fill their need. I’m excited to go revisit this draft after a couple years and see how it pans out. I love the fact that the Kipers of the world are completely pulling their hair out and simply cannot fathom what the Seahawks are doing. This Seahawk draft is THE test case draft that will tell us whether we should throw our draft magazines away forever once and for all, or it will be the draft that will show us we should all feel free to ridicule our team to the gates of hell for veering from established wisdom. The difference between “front office” evaluation and “media” talent evaluation has rarely been so pronounced.

  11. Christon

    I don’t know what they see in Wagner. He doesn’t seem like anything special to me but I will give Pete and John the benifit of the doubt because of K.J. last year.

    I’m really excited about Russel Wilson. T-Jack and Matty Flynn better watch out. I think he could be our starter by next year if one of them strugles. I could see him could in for a few boot legs a game just to keep “D” on their toes. He would have gone before Tannehill had he been 2 inches taller. Love this pick.

    Very interesting draft. Go Seahawks!

  12. Michael (CLT)

    I will sleep poorly tonight. Flutie flakes running through my head. Wilson darts to Baldwin in the 2013 Super Bowl dancing lightly in my brain. I would love nothing more than to eat my Flutie snarks as I hopefully age gracefully with a winning QB that understands football, and how to create mismatches. Man, I am crazy pumped.

    I love the negativity from the Seattle faithful. It lowers expectations, and creates massive chips on the shoulders of those drafted.

    John Gruden, despiser of all things rookie QB, LOVES Wilson. His man-crush is enough for me.

    That said, Upshaw to Baltimore has to crush Pittsburgh. Pitt are getting old in important positions. Changing of the guard most likely completed this year.

    Holmgren seems clueless and panic stricken. Makes me sad. Good man.

    ADHD in full effect. What a great weekend.

  13. Misfit74

    I admit I had (have?) reservations about the height issue of Wilson, but then I read about him in a few scouting reports and watched the Gruden QB-Camp video. Can’t help but root for a guy like that. His review on CBS Sports is out of this world positive, so if you haven’t read it you can here (see: Analysis):

    I’m totally fine with the Wagner pick, too. The Irvin pick I LOVE. Who cares if he’s almost 25? Our defense is good now. He is just beginning to enter his athletic prime. I’m ecstatic about that pick. It was nice to hear Mayock say it may have been questioned but that Irvin would probably end up with 10+ sacks this year. !

  14. James

    This past season, Aaron Rogers had the greatest year of any QB in NFL history. His passer rating was 122.5, an all-time high. Interestingly, in college football as well, Russell Wilson had the greatest season in history, with an ncaa passer rating of 191.8, well ahead of any other QB ever. Russell Wilson’s ncaa stats have been converted into the NFL passing efficiency rating, and his NFL rating for this past season at Wisconsin, where he transferred in cold just before training camp, was an astonishing 135.8, far better than Aaron Rogers! In other words, Russell Wilson had the greatest season ever for a QB, as proven by objective statistics and not subjective opinion. However, his numbers have been negated by Mel Kiper and other erstwhile pundits, because he is 5’11 and not 6’3. But not negated by John & Pete, thank God. Is a completion not a completion if thrown by someone 5’11? Does a touchdown not count 6 points if the QB was under 6′? I will take pass completions and touchdowns any day over image and assumptions.

  15. Michael (CLT)

    Great write up, Chris. Nice angle.

  16. Derrick

    Rob: I read where Wagner talked about visiting the Hawks pre-draft. Do we know if Kendricks came for a visit?

  17. Michael (CLT)

    My Wilson comp = Mike Vick.

  18. Leonard

    I doubt we will ever really know if they would have preferred Kendricks. They didn’t seem to pause at all submitting the pick though. They were either targeting Wagner with the pick or he was #2 on their board after Kendricks because there didn’t seem to be much conversation.
    Maybe one of the guys who claim to know for sure when and where these players would have been drafted can tell us who was rated higher? Since all it takes to be an expert is YouTube and an ESPN Insider account, I wonder why the Hawks even need Schneider.

  19. Ben-jammin (formerly Ben 2.5)

    I’m pretty stoked about the potential of our team. I love how JS and PC are being aggressive yet still adding picks. Seeing how the fo operated in free agency and through the last few years draft, I feel pretty good about their ability to gauge market value on players.

    I do think that looking back at what Carroll said at the end of last year he was clear. Add pass rush, upgrade lb, add speed to the front seven and upgrade qb competition.

    Looking at the team last year, that makes a lot of sense to me. The only thing left he hasn’t really added that I remember him mentioning is touchdown makers. Expect we’ll see that addressed if possible Sat.

    Looking at these picks through Mel Kiper Jr.’s glasses maybe you can nitpick them in a bubble. Imagining what this team looks like on the field next year, I can’t help but be excited. Without getting smaller against the run, we got faster and improved pass rush. Russell Wilson is a guy I want to root for and might just be The guy or push The guy. Great. I think he could be really good, three inches be damned.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow and can’t wait to see how they all fit in with the team.

  20. Cameron

    Tell me, someone, did the Wisconsin Badgers field an offensive line composed of midgets and dwarfs? How else was Russell Wilson able to see down the field and complete a pass? /sarcasm

  21. Jeremy

    I really like what they’ve done so far. I do question the Russell Wilson pick simply because I thought they were going to sell the farm for PC’s boy Barkley next year. Bobby Wagner seems like a good fit, even more than Kendricks, but was a little surprised they took him over Zach Brown. Bruce Irvin was the guy I wanted the most, so I’m happy with that. (Robert Turbin is #2 on my list). I’m also glad they didn’t settle on Upshaw, Ingram or Coples. I didn’t like any of them. It’s amazing how moving back just a couple spots can net them so many draft picks, I love it.

    Is anybody fed up with ESPN’s coverage of the draft? Kiper drives me crazy, he’s so narrow minded he makes me sick. Just because he doesn’t grade certain players high enough, doesn’t make them total draft busts. I like Todd McShay, where the heck was he on Thursday. And show me the freaking combine numbers, pro day numbers, something!! I find myself streaming the draft on whenever the Hawks are about to make a selection.

    BTW, this is the first year I’ve found this site, I don’t know how I prepared for the draft without you. I appreciate all the work you guys put into this thing. I am a total draft freak and a total Seahawk freak, I watch every minute of the draft, double if you count streaming. This year I feel much more informed heading into day 3. You guys do excellent work. I’ve got to be thinking Ronnell Lewis and Robert Turbin on Saturday. The way management finds starting value in the later rounds, Saturday is going to be a fun day!

  22. Chris

    In fairness Cameron,

    Although I am a R.Wilson fan it is unfortunately a fact that although their height did mean he had tall players to throw over, the general strength of their line also meant that they were not continually being shoved into his face collapsing his passing lanes, as some of the “tall” NFL lines might.

    The big, tall Wisconsin line is both evidence for his height being sufficient, as well as being evidence against it. The question is not really whether he can work out of a clean pocket behind a big offensive line, but whether he can work out of pocket with a big offensive line shoved right into his face.

  23. SHawn

    Whoever. Kendricks, Wagner. Doesnt matter. Darnell says it above, our LBs get coached up. Ken Norton Jr. knows how to play LB and knows how to teach those skills. I had Kendricks rated a little higher, mostly based on level of competition, but in 3 years, Wagner will be the better LB, thanks to coach Norton.

    Thought we would be looking hard at Irvin in the 2nd, but again, whatever. If he is who Pete wants, he is who Pete gets. I have no doubt Bruce will not only become a premier pass rusher, but if he is asked to, he could absorb some of Norton’s teaching as well and become an all around LB. Or he could just steal Clem’s spot next year and just keep eating the QB for the next 10 years. Either way.

    Russell Wilson. Fu#k yes. He will “surprise” everyone and start in 2013 after almost winning the job this year. I wasnt really hoping for a QB this early, but if there was one I liked, it was this guy.

  24. Donald

    I admit, I hated the Wilson pick when it happened. I was really bummed out, and I seriously questioned PC /JS judgment.

    After seeing some game film above, and hearing him on the Grudin show above, you can’t help but love the guy and root for him. Yes, he is like Seneca Wallace, but better.

    To make up for his height, can’t he take another step or two farther back from the line of scrimmage? He would then be the equivalent of a 6′-2 guy.

  25. John

    I’m lukewarm on the draft this year… The potential is insane, but I’m not going to buy in to the hype of the moment. I like Irvin, (though, we picked him high no matter how many teams justify it), and I like Wagner (though he could be a bust if things don’t pan out), and Russell Wilson is 5’11”. Period. Exceptions blah blah blah, I got it, but the ODDS of that happening are low. I love intangibles, and Wilson is great, but it just seems really weird… and Carrolls celebration at the end makes me doubt our FO has any legitimate, plan at getting a long term answer at QB. I thought for sure first round next year we’d have our guy, but maybe not anymore. Wilson and Flynn… are we really going to draft a rd 1 guy next year? It seems like we’re building the greatest roster of back up QBs in the league.

    Overall, after 2 great drafts, I’m inclined to trust PC/JSs system, but if this very risky draft turns south, and we don’t have much to show for it we could have some major issues with keeping JS/PC. Hoping to God this all works out… really really hoping. I hope we get a Probowler (if we can use that term anymore) somewhere in this draft just to keep that credibility. Still… while the hope is high, the expectations are… undecided.

    I’m not trying to be a debbie downer, but I’m not just going to blindly follow Seattle’s selections and assume the best case scenario will pan out. I have no idea what to expect with Irvin. I think Wagner will be a solid, but not great, LB. And Wilson… I expect to be charismatic Seneca Wallace.

    JS needs some late round draft magic with his 2 fourths and recently acquired fifth.

  26. Joe Miller

    This draft is a lot of fun. I remember last year analysts complaining about how boring the Seahawks were with their selections. Now let’s see what the team does with the other six picks they have.

  27. williambryan

    Donald, I think the point is he doesn’t need to step back. He is successful just the way he is and will continue to be. All a guy like Wilson needs is a chance. There haven’t been many successful short QB’s simply because they haven’t had many chances. Drew Brees got the chance and has run away with it. Seneca Wallace has had a great career as a backup, and if he started for the Browns, there’s no doubt in my mind they win a lot more games than with McCoy (for clarity though, I should mention Wallace is my third favorite Seahawk of all time). Doug Flutie had some success in the NFL but continually wasn’t given a fair chance (the Rob Johnson situation specifically) but when he played, he won, when he went to the CFL he won. Maybe I’m drinking the Gruden koolaid but I think I’m in love with Wilson and have already convinced myself that he will win the QB competition in training camp. crazy, I know but that’s what I’m feeling right now. Also a little disapointed that the Eagles took Kendricks, I just think he was a safer bet to be a good NFL player. I kind of get the feeling that Wagner may not be starter material after a while but again, that’s just a feeling.

  28. Steve in Spain

    Rounds 4-7…now begins the main event! What Shermans and Wrights will this FO uncover? I expect a lot more “huh?”s and “WTF?”s as the selections come in…should be fun.

    If you’d told me before the draft that we’d come out with Irvin and Wilson, I’d have been overwhelmed with excitement. Yeah, as it turns out, both were overdrafted, but what better positions to overdraft than at the two most important positions on the field?

    I don’t consider WIlson a “back-up QB.” He’ll either be a starting QB or a total wash-out – no in-between. Taking him in the third round, we have the possibility of trading him in the future, in the unlikely event we end up with an embarrassment of riches at the position.

  29. A. Simmons

    I like the Russell Wilson pick. He has a good a chance as any 3rd round QB to succeed. He’s a complete QB save for the height, whereas all the other undersized QBs had other glaring issues be it arm strength or a lack of athleticism.

  30. Micah

    I think that Pete Carroll doesn’t see Russell Wilson as a back-up. I don’t think that they believe that they will get a shot at the top QBs next year, and they view Russell Wilson as a guy who will “tilt the field” for them. Otherwise, I’m not sure that they would have spent a 3rd round pick on him. They might view this as getting a future starting QB in the third, which is a steal.

  31. Trudy Beekman

    I’ve come around on Irvin and after watching his 2010 tape I think he is exactly what Seattle needs.

    Always enjoyed watching Russel Wilson at Wisconsin. Great stat line and elusive outside the pocket, but I do think you see in his tape that he gets outside the pocket a lot and waits for the play to break down. Didn’t see a lot of pocket/timing passes, and that’s what worries me about his height. Great guy though and I am excited about the pick.

    I do not like the Bobby Wagner pick. He looks like a poor-man’s Luke Kuechly, and I don’t like Kuechly. I don’t see him as doing anything really well, and you never see him attacking the LOS. I cannot believe they didn’t take Kendricks when they had the chance, if he was in fact their preference, with Philadelphia (who needed a linebacker) drafting before them after the trade down. The fact that they took Wagner over Lavonte David also makes no sense to me. The only solace I can take in this is that obviously they see something in Wagner that warranted a pick over David or Brown, and I have faith in this front office. Last years draft was just as confusing, but I think it turned out pretty well.

  32. dave crockett

    I don’t have many issues with the Irvin selection, though I was partial to Ingram. Irvin’s age is a bit of a problem, particularly for an undersized guy whose game is entirely in his body. As others have noted, he’ll need to get good pretty much right away.

    As for the Wagner pick, I was fairly indifferent between a gaggle of linebackers and was basically prepared to concede to the staff’s preference.

    As for Wilson, I see at minimum a quality Seneca Wallace-style backup (except, he can pass). You know, that’s really not bad value in the third round. They signed Flynn to starter-we-don’t-exactly-believe-in money. They need a backup who can play, and they are obviously not committed to Jackson.

  33. NYCHawkFan

    There is nothing not to like about Wilson. At very least he pushes Flynn harder than TjAX ever could. Loving the pick more and more. The guy is a phenom.

  34. mister bunny

    Your comparison doesn’t really say anything. Unless you are actually suggesting that Wilson is a better QB than Rogers (which I assume is not your point), the comparison of a “converted” NCAA passing rating to an NFL passing rating is totally meaningless. Passer rating is a dubious stat to begin with, but especially when you’re changing the competition levels entirely.

    Yes, Russell had a great statistical season. So do lots of college players who never make it in the NFL. But I’m not a Russel hater! I just think he’s worth getting excited about because of his skill set, not his stats.

  35. Colin

    I love Wilson as a player, but I do have reservations. You can clearly see the trajectory of his throws all have an “uphill” point to them, which could lead to ALOT of interceptions if he isn’t kept clean in the pocket. But I think he has just as big a chance of any of the late round QBs to succeed.

  36. Brandon Adams

    Rob, I see where you’re going by calling this a “need” draft, but you have to take Seattle’s two trade-downs into account. Those are definitely a “let the draft come to us” element. Those who call Irvin a reach keep forgetting that we could have reached even harder. We played it cool and patient, even taking some risks of losing the guys we wanted.

  37. Jjdonth8

    I like the pick. Many analyst point to his success in college to the fact that his team had a dominat line, power running and this enabled play action passing. Carroll likes guys that fit his system and are smart, athletic and have something to prove. PC has created an identity of a strong defense and a power running game. Sounds to me like a great match.

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