Live stream (NOW): Reacting to day four at the combine


  1. Denver Hawker

    I’d be stoked to trade up and get Drake Maye. Seems like a dude, can develop still, and make plays. Most of the offense is setup well for a rookie QB to come in. But I’ve thought of a few things:

    Trading up to 3 would require an additional $4.2MM cap room. I’m sure they can do it, but just a call out in the cost differential.

    Abe Lucas health seems like a big factor in determining strategy. Would they really trade the farm for a QB to be protected by Curhan?

    Also unclear still how the defensive roster will fit for McDonald- might need some picks to retool. Signing Williams and Brooks/Queen would be pricey. Good safety to be had in R3 this year, but defense wasn’t good last year and hard to see it improving without adding talent. Having a late R1 plus R2 pick could go a long way to rebuilding the D.

  2. Parallax

    I was livid when the Hawks traded the second and the fifth for ten games of Leonard Williams. Now that the draft is almost upon us, I’m merely grief stricken. If ever there was a draft where we wanted to have that pick, it would be this one. Really good shot at getting a player that could help this team in the trenches or a receiver to replace Lockett.

    I’m just hoping and praying that wasn’t a Schneider move because, if it was, he’s an idiot.

  3. Anthony

    Rob, I wonder if JS was spending a lot of time with Leonard Williams’ agent in getting a deal done…

    Another theory of why he wasn’t shown was after his day 1 media rounds, he told the NFLN crew “Hey, I did all this media for you all…can you do me a favor and keep the cameras off me so my trade secrets aren’t given away?”

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure you ever glean trade secrets from seeing the GM’s in their own team booth. Trade talks will be done in private

  4. Palatypus

    Okay, here’s a draft I did on Sportskeeda for THE DETROIT LIONS to get everyone to relax.

    29. J.J. McCarthy QB Michigan
    61. T.J. Tampa CB Iowa State
    73. Cam Hart CB Notre Dame
    92. Mekhi Wingo DT LSU
    163. Jacob Cowing WR Arizona
    207. Brennan Jackson EDGE Washington State
    247. Jacob Monk OG Duke

    • PatrickH

      Detroit got Hendon Hooker in the third round last year. I doubt they will pick JJ McCarthy. They missed out on Spoon and will probably go for a CB.

      • Palatypus

        I drafted two cornerbacks.

        • samprassultanofswat

          I love the Lions. However, if you have been watching the Lions then you must know their biggest weakness is cornerback play.

          Yes they were really disappointed when the Seahawks took Witherspoon. In fact the Lions traded out of their spot when the Hawks took Spoon.

  5. DJ 1/2 way

    Trading up for a qb is risky. Carolina and the fortywhiners blew it. You could almost call Stroudt a trade up even though they used that pick on the other guy. There was Fields, Darnold, Rosen, Trubiskey, Goff, Wentz, RGIII and Gabbert. Those are balanced by Allen and Mahomes as obvious wins and maybe the only ones that would automatically get done again in hindsite. Goff and RGIII maybe? Go back and look at what was given up and it is a no. The other conclusion in reviewing these deals is that many of the draft picks received in these trades were blown. There are no guarantees in the draft.

    • Denver Hawker

      I think this is more of an indictment on R1 QB risk than trading up for one. Somehow gotta find a Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Brady type- league is littered with quality game managers, none of which tilt the field enough to win a SB. So gotta go for it at some point which means mediocre middle teams like the Seahawks will need to trade up to get the one they want.

    • Rob Staton

      Sure, it’s risky

      But taking a risk turned KC into a dynasty

    • samprassultanofswat

      Agreed trading up is a risk. But it is a risk I am willing to take. I for one am tired of these nine win seasons. In fact if you really wanted to know the truth the Hawks had a winning record by the skin of their teeth. If you want proof. Last year the Hawks scored 364 points and allowed 402 points. That is a point differential of minus 38. If you really want to know the truth on paper they a 7-10 team.

      It’s obvious that Geno Smith is NOT John Schneider’s dream QB. Yes, it is both risky and it’s going to be costly. However, it’s time for the Seahawks to pull the plug and go out and get their man.

  6. Roy Batty

    What is the dead cap if they traded Geno in a package with picks to the Pats or DC?

    It’s confusing ever since they pushed money into 2025.

    I don’t think it will happen, but this year is such an unknown, everything is on the board.

  7. samprassultanofswat

    ob: Today in your discussion you had 1) Williams 2) Daniels 3) Penix.

    Is that correct?
    Also why is it that you like Drake Maye so much more than Drew Lock.
    Just asking.

    My gut feeling right now is that Schneider is going to move up to the number 3 position and take Drake Maye. I think that Williams and Daniels will both be off the board.

    • Rob Staton

      When have I ever said anything about Lock and Maye?

      And Lock is 28 this year and has done nothing in the league, Maye is a prospective high first round pick. How is that even a comparison?

  8. Jabroni-DC

    We’ve narrowed it down to trading up, stick & pick or trading down.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s a bit of a glib assessment of what was discussed

      • Jabroni-DC

        It’s a joke. There are viable, understandable reasons for all 3 scenarios to take place & at this point it could be even odds for which wins out.

        You guys are doing great work.

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