Live stream: Seahawks @ 49ers preview


  1. cha

    Gregg Bell
    Jamal Adams said opponents are “sliding their protections” to him. “They’re always looking for me” on his blitzes, after his 9 1/2 sacks last season.

    “That’s not an excuse.”

    No sacks or QB hits through three games. #Seahawks
    Gregg Bell
    Jamal Adams: “Starting this week, things will change.” #Seahawks ⁦

    I’m not joking when I say, you heard it out of the horse’s mouth.

    Adams just said he has no excuses for not getting blitzes without Bobby wing-manning him.

    He also said things will change this week.

    Will anyone ask him about these things if they turn in another stinker on Sunday?

    • Rob Staton

      When he runs into blocks and has no counter or misreads plays and loses contain, that’s not sliding protection.

      Stop talking bollocks and make a play, Jamal.


      • cha

        “But he’s a great run defender”

        • Rob Staton

          Looks like the way he blocked on the goal line with a bad shoulder.

          What a clown.

          • cha

            Sherman, Kam and Chris Clemons would have had words for Adams after witnessing that.

            A free chance to punish a runner for having the audacity to stay in bounds? And you pirouette like a ballerina? And what’s worse, you whiff so badly you practically end up at the Gatorade table?

            No quarter, man.

            • CD

              In line with questionable plays, did anyone see Freddy Swain make a Cam Newton like business decision when Lockett fumbled (didn’t fumble)?


              • downtownjewelrybryan

                yes and thanks for the reminder

        • HawkfaninMT

          Icing on the cake!

          I was at the game and witnessed this play. Once Adams got his balance and was walking back onto the field a coach (not sure who it was) gave JA one of his trademark highfives and helmet tap on his way back out onto the field like he had done something amazing

          Could not believe it

      • TomLPDX

        When I saw “Peacock.” I cracked up. I think we have a moniker for JA that will stick!

        • Albert Bryan Butler

          And an official theme song.

        • SeattleLifer

          Not so sure I can get on board with peacock – one of those who first threw it around on here said real peacock’s actually ‘bite’ , something Adams seems to be sorely missing in his game… To me he’s a phony chump at best.

          He’s a too small for the nfl freak athlete where his only good plays are that of a one trick pony – run fast to attack something directly in front of him, make him have to diagnose/re-direct/cover/shed blocks/react quickly or anticipate and he’s sunk.

          After re-visiting the last game I focused absolutely on him when we were on defense, all I can say is there is no defending his poor play and if he were being paid a mid level nfl salary he’d be getting ripped for his play and if he were making low level earnings he might be benched.

          A little while back I said he had football awareness but lacked football smarts, I was very wrong – he has precious little of either which plays a big part in him being poor in coverage. He’s too small to shed any blocks, gets washed up easily, he runs into(scratch that runs near) people and then just dances in place a bit, he no longer plays violently or near as aggressively since his new contract, he often make poor tackling attempts, his free-lancing puts others on the defense in difficult positions and to top it all off he’s not even a leader/doesn’t seem to be respected by his teammates.

          My guess is we see him turn it up a bit the next game or two because someone(s) has gotten into his ear and told him he’s putting up a bad look so he’ll actually play hard for a spell to try to save some face.

          It’s dumbfoundingly astounding to me that we both gave up what we did and paid what we did for what amounts to a grossly undersized blitzing only linebacker who can’t even cover. Regardless of what Pete does this trade alone should cost Schneider his job as well. I’m sorry but I am firmly against the notion that Schneider should get a pass to do things on his own if Pete were to move on and to me the argument for it is trash – that Pete basically forced him to do most of the bad trades and possibly bad draft picks too. If that were the case then a) Schneider is a tool and knows it, and b) why the heck did’nt he leave if he did’nt agree with/like what Pete was doing? How could he not be drinking the kool-aid?! He’s directly overseen and/or been in cahoots with Pete on far FAR too many bad trades, bad draft picks, bad contracts, bad team construction and poor vision for future roster building – he has to go as well.

    • Submanjoe

      Isn’t this a scheme and deception issue? I can always tell when Adams is blitzing and I’m sure some of those qbs out there can as well. The defense isn’t confusing anyone. Maybe if they adjusted their schemes….
      It’s not Adams’ fault but he is a flashy piece used to cover up something old and worn out.

      • pdway

        not defending his play at all… but he’s not wrong that this year (unlike at least some of last year) he is always accounted for as a blitzer, there is always someone to hit him, which inevitably slows down, or even completely nullifies, the whole point of the blitz.

        I actually think that’s less on him, than on our defensive calls. If they know he’s coming, then make him a decoy and let him drop back at the snap.

        • Rob Staton

          Well he ran straight into an offensive lineman on Sunday.

          Was that sliding protection?

          Or can he just not shed a block?

          • cha

            Rob you clearly don’t understand Adams’ use in the Seahawk defense. It’s extremely complex and only a select club of cool kids can grasp it.


            It’s like free jazz…you have to pay attention to the tackles Adams isn’t making to truly understand his genius.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s the cross I have to bear, cha. Like so many others, I just don’t know what I’m seeing because apparently Jamal Adams had an amazing game on Sunday. If I did, I could probably spend loads of time Tweeting contrarian opinions that can never be challenged.

              Then I would be winning at life…

              • Palatypus

                Did you hear his comments on KJR today?

                Adams: “We just need to go back and find our identity.”

                Reporter: “What is your identity?

                Adams: [Cpnfused rambling not really knowing the answer.]

                “Uh, we need to get our confidence back.”

          • Submanjoe

            Absolutely. And Adams shouldn’t be expected to shed blocks. But offenses are scheming to watch for Adams. A successful blitz should be based upon deception, or overwhelming the blockers so someone gets to the qb quick enough that he cannot complete a pass or escape.
            But if the d line could get home on its own, then Adams as a blitzer becomes a luxury. Adams entire purpose is to solidify the pass rush. The problem with that is EVERYONE knows it.
            The entire defensive scheme is absurd. Dropping lineman into coverage. Corners ten yards off the receiver. So much resting on Diggs guarding the backend by himself.

          • pdway

            candidly — I can’t think of times he’s shed the block of an actual O-lineman. RB’s sometimes.

            if we were more bold, we’d have multiple blitzers, let Jamal get blocked, but hopefully someone else then gets a free shot. maybe I’m grasping at straws…

            • Justaguy

              You are grasping some big straws

              • pdway

                hey – was waiting for you to post sometime so I could say sorry for my unnecessarily snarky reply to your post during the crappy part of last week’s game. was just in a particularly sour mood about at the time – not a good excuse to take it out on a fellow fan.

            • Roy Batty

              Didn’t they do that last year with Bobby and gave up over 500 yards a game, mainly through the air? Only last year it was Bobby being blocked, Jamal finding occasional penetration and the DBs getting shredded.

  2. L80

    I know you call him peacock I call him Uncle Luis because of his stupid flamboyancy, and Uncle Louis is a bust.

  3. BobbyK

    The Seahawks will probably win this weekend just to tease us with a ray of hope and then they’ll slap us back to reality when they get whipped by the Rams.

    • pdway

      I agree w this….

    • Simo

      Possibly, but you could easily be over optimistic about the Hawks chances Sunday in Cali. Shanahan vs Carroll, I take Shanny. And without a doubt their defense has more talent and plays with more desire. Russ is gonna have to be perfect I think.

  4. Hawks4life

    Unrelated but does anyone know of a similar style blog for the mariners?

    • Denver Hawker

      I’m not a fan of the commentary or culture/social agenda, but Lookout Landing has really great content on farm system and analytics. USS Mariner has been good as well, but content is spotty.

      • JJ

        Prospect Insider is my favorite, but content is spotty as well.

  5. Malc from PO

    Just don’t let Kittle beat us. Time for Jamal Adams, safety of Seattle, to prove his quality.

  6. Palatypus

    Anyone ate peacock? There are recipes for it online. Apparently, it is similar to partridge. I’ve had emu before and it was delicious.

    • Big Mike

      I hear rams love peacock. Sure looked that way last year

  7. Martin

    It’s the old ‘put up or shut up’ thing. I’d love to hear Adams, Wilson or a couple of others just once come out and say ‘I wasn’t good enough today and I need to do better’. I’m so sick of hearing their crap….action speaks louder than words.

  8. SeattleLifer

    Part of it is on Adams though – some players are just good at being able to be sneaky along with having an ability to either get skinny or fight past chip/body blocks. I think back to lb’s Chad Brown or Julian Peterson or everybody likes to bring up Troy Polumalu – they could all get to the QB(or football to make a play) on their own accord. Adams lacks the smarts, anticipation, intuition, size and strength and escapability to do much on his own – it either has to be schemed out perfectly(and simply) right in front of him or he has to have a decoy like Wagner to open things up for him.

    Adams just isn’t as good as people think and I’m left wondering how long it will be before the ‘it’s the coaches/schemes fault’ crowd finally realizes it’s more about what he lacks as a player between the ears and in size than anything else(and now that he got his big contract maybe even some lacking of effort). And even if it was somehow poor coaching/schemes then it still does’nt account for the fact that a very fast and extremely athletic safety can’t pass cover worth a damn cause that’s all on him.

    • Martin

      Interesting SeattleLifer. I think you’re right, he doesn’t appear to be all that intuitive but while I was surprised at what we gave up for him, I must admit ,I thought he was a really good player at the Jets and that we were getting a top player.. (It depends partially on what exactly we ask him to do I guess) but I think he’s actually a decent size for a strong safety.

  9. Rob Staton

    The Bengals looked fun last night. Coming back to win.

    Young players, seemingly on the start of their journey.

    I miss that.

    • UkAlex6674

      Just watched full game, totally agree. They have a ton of exciting potential. Good game played by the Jags for the most part too.

  10. L80

    LOL…..They should mute Adamas mic during his speaking and just play that peacock music you applied….Hilarious….I mean at some point one just has to laugh.

    • Roy Batty

      Imagine if he contributes nothing of real value the next two games and is burned by Kittle, also. Adams will start getting chippy, real quick. That will be the only reason I will watch his presser. Finger-pointing, questioning the questioner and evading any substantive answers will become the norm.

      • cha

        And to see which dead animal Alan slaughtered and draped over his shoulders, right?

        • Roy Batty

          Please let it be a panda. I want full-on Tugg Speedman ignorance up there.

        • Paul Cook

          Think about it. If RW departs, JA the face of the franchise?

      • DT

        If that happens maybe someone can drag Jim Moore out of retirement and have him piss off another Seahawks DB….

  11. cha

    There’s some talk about the Seahawks looking at Jamie Collins.

    He’d fit right in on the Seahawks defense.

    But I’m sure he’s a high energy guy that gets teammates ‘pumped and jacked’

    • Scot04

      I like the ” What you can do, and what you do”.
      Fits Adams 100%. Adams can do alot, but doesn’t do much of anything.
      He might have all the talent, but doesn’t help if you’re not putting out 100% effort on all plays.
      Add in a Coach who doesn’t know what to do with it you to compound things.

  12. Scot04

    I loved Adams quote guaranteeing the defense would be better;
    Well it can’t get much worse.
    I unfortunately could not get excited about this team at all after our offseason. I didn’t see any improvement on either side of the ball.
    I was happy to see the move of Lewis brought up again on the live stream.
    I definitely did not understand that move. To me the logical choice is the veteran playing LG. Especially since he’s already played there.
    I didn’t see how that could be a positive move after the rookie season he had at RG.
    I was initially liking the move when Jackson was aquired and i thought he’d be our starting LG.
    When they announced Lewis to RG it made almost as little sense to me as when they traded for a safety we didn’t need.
    After all last year they let Ryan Neal cover Kittles last year while Adams would cover RB’s; that’s pretty pathetic for your top safety.
    If he’s your best safety, he should cover Kittles not Neal; & for 17.5M he better do a damn good job doing it.
    Peacock fits him so well.
    Seahawks need to do something, but with the offseason long gone I can’t see any real way to fix this team.
    Maybe start Sydney Jones at Left corner & move Reed back to Right.
    Couldn’t be any worse.
    Love Rob’s idea of just letting Our Young DE’s just start and go at it.
    For the same reason, it can’t be worse. Aleast I would feel PC is acknowledging things need to change.
    Won’t happen, but atleast it might make me want to tune in to see how the changes work.
    Sadly just don’t see any hope of change with PC, yet will watch like always.

    • SeattleLifer

      I’m thinking they had to promise Jackson he’d get to move back to RG if he would come here in free agency and take a bit of a pay cut. Doesn’t excuse moving Lewis to LG but as we all know that’s type of move is nothing new to them so yeah.

  13. Ashish

    With so many things against Hawks this season which is not surprise for Seahawksdraftblog community, how do you manage your emotions watching the game? I’m new NFL fan – started watching/following Hawks from 2011 was lucky to witness the best phase.
    I’ll watch game with zero expectation, and hope change in coaching comes soon if not end of the year.

    • Paul Cook

      It’s much easier for me to manage my emotions watching the games now because my expectations are low, and my emotional investment in the fortunes of the team are somewhat dramatically pared back at present. If we had started off, say, 3-0 and looked better than expected up till now, then I’d probably have a little more emotional investment in a positive outcome for the next game.

      This doesn’t mean I’m a bandwagon fan, more just being emotionally realistic. Admittedly, this was harder for me to do when I was younger.

    • KennyBadger


  14. Call Me AL

    For the past few years, especially this year, I have been, lets just say none to happy with JS & PC and KNJ. But I’ve finally been able to move past that now. I’ve decided to stop dwelling on all the negativity and look positively toward the future!

    In that vein, I’m hoping Jimmy Garoppolo, George Kittle and Deebo Samuel all have monstrous games vs the Seahawk’s defense this week. A defense that consistently makes average looking offenses look like Super Bowl contenders. And, lets not forget the 49ers D, just bend and don’t break in the first half. Because everyone knows as the game progresses the Seahawks offensive play calling losses imagination and any semblance of a game plan goes out the window. With it any hope of sustained drives and scoring becomes a pipe dream. Resulting in Wilson just launching bombs all over the field because in his words “I know how to win football games!”.

    Yes, this should be an easy win for Kyle Shanahan the 49ers! If not, well then there’s always the Ram’s next week! Got to maintain that positive mindset 🙂

    • Simo

      Well Al, not sure I can agree with your “positive” mindset here. I do not hope SF’s players all have monster games just to prove that this is a poor defense. We already know that! I hope our guys have some pride and figure out how to communicate and play better. I hope the coaches are better prepared and help figure out how to take away the screens and other plays the Niners run so well. If there was ever a time for the players and coaches to come together, it’s right now!

      At the same time, I believe KNJ should be let go. This defense needs someone else to lead them, someone who is better at scheming ways to generate pressure, and in-game adjustments. I just don’t see Pete letting go of his friend, especially during the season.

      • Paul Cook

        The last two games were sad to watch. Anybody who watched them closely and objectively has to admit that our defense was horrible, embarrassingly bad. They did almost anything they wanted to us at almost any time. You just can’t hope to win consistently being that bad on defense. You just can’t expect the offense to pave over all the defenses’ shortcomings. And it’s hard to imagine them turning it around fast enough to salvage the season. Not saying it can’t happen, but it better happen quick.

    • SeattleLifer

      I hope I can get to that positive mindset before long. My fear is it won’t happen until Pete and John are gone. It’s just so disheartening and angering to see people that are supposed to be professionals run this team into the ground they way they have/are.

    • Malc from PO

      That’s a dark place to go, @Call Me AL! I just want to see some evidence that we try to plan for the specific opponent; take advantage of their weaknesses and take away their strengths. Adjust to what is happening in the game. it seems to me that Seahawks game prep must take virtually no time. We run the same thing every week and stick with it even when it isn’t working. “Trusting the system” just means doing the same thing over and over again. Maybe your players get better at running it and things get better, and if they are good players, great – try and stop us! But when the talent isn’t there you have to adjust and scheme your way to success. And we just don’t do it. I like NFL better than NCAA football because it isn’t just the best athletes that always win – coaching matters so much at the pro level and our system sets us up to be beaten by better athletes, or by worse athletes with better coaches. I just want to see that change and don’t mind a close loss if we go about it with some smarts.

      • Call Me AL

        Were long past this team having hope of a Super Bowl run, or for that matter any significant impact in the playoffs. PC and JS (yes he doesn’t get a free pass for being a yes man) have made to many blunders, errors in judgement and just plain poor decisions. And frankly I’m tired of watching the poor performances of the last two weeks that so closely mirror several of the poor performances from last season.

        I have expectations for this team that just are being met. Yes, I’m just a ordinary fan, been one since their first game. You might say, well your opinion doesn’t really matter and I’ll respond by saying well yes it does. I, like many of you have put my heart, sole and money into this team for years. The product PC and JS have put on the field these past few years has been bad and is only getting worse. How do they not solve the defensive line pass rush issues last season before the season starts? How did they not address the issues at corner back and center this year before the season starts?? What exactly are they saving the cap space for???

        See, here I go being negative again, didn’t want to go their… Got to take a deep breath and start thinking positive again. So go 49ers, I hope you have a great game and run the score up on the Seahawks for two reasons. First because I really like seeing the lost and dumbfounded look on PC’s face during the game and two, its the only way to bring about change.

  15. L80

    Iv’e drawn up a new D game plan. Since we use our DE’s as secondary, let’s let them swap places. CB’s are now DE’s and vice versa.

    I’m pretty sure the CB’s will look just the same as our DE’s have so far rushing the passer, and same with the DE’s. They can’t cover anyone either.

  16. Call Me AL

    While its great coming on here and reading the articles, getting everyone’s perspectives on the team and yes, doing a little venting, what I’d really like to see is Rob Staton doing an interview with Pete Carol. I would pay to see that!

    Pete Carol gets nothing but free passes from the media and I’m tired of it. I think the Seahawks and Pete Carol owe it to the community. We deserve answers and explanations about how our team is being managed!

    It will never happen, but I’d really enjoy watching Pete Carol having to answer the tough questions!

    • Rob Staton

      I would enjoy it too, shame it’ll never happen

  17. cha

    Final injury report

    OUT – Shell and Penny

    DOUBTFUL – Eskridge

    QUESITONABLE – Mayowa, Alton Robinson, Lockett

    • cha

      The entire Press Conference was injury questions save for two

      ‘how did the team respond this week in practice?’

      ‘how did the corners do in practice?’

      The tide is turning on the media a bit too. The youtube scrawl has plenty of comments slagging the media for their lack of real questions.

      • Rob Staton

        Not good enough

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