Live stream: Reacting to day two at the combine


  1. LouCityHawk

    Cannot watch or participate right now. Want to know if anyone else has noticed a Venn diagram that Geno Truthers and JJ McCarthy backers have substantial overlap?

    • BK26

      But it’s the perfect situation! Geno can start until the turn of the decade! Then McCarthy will be ready. And by then his arm will be better. Geno can leave on his own terms! McCarthy will get to throw to JSN for a year as is his wish!

      It is dawning on me that the two camps are related and seem to be one in the same…literally Geno can play for a few more years and McCarthy can spend years to get ready (because obviously all he needs to do is sit a few years).

    • Ground_Hawk

      The McCarthy-Geno vibe-hype train started boarding some time ago. One fan told me that they liked JJ because of the positive energy he brought to games as a result of his pregame mediation routine… Vibes is what we are up against haha

      • Ground_Hawk

        *pregame meditation*
        With those positive vibes though JJ can probably mediate questionable calls with officials well enough 😉

  2. Trevor

    Aweome coverage as always Rob!

    Big winners on the day for me were.

    Quinyon Mitchell – has awesome tape, looked great at Senior Bowl and now runs a 4.33 40. He is CB 1 and is not even close IMO.

    Mike Sainristil- love his tape but was not sure what kind of athlete he was. Quicker and more agile than I expected. Could very well see him in a Hawks uni next year. He is a baller.

    Kamari Lassiter- Rob hilighted him already but he likely moved into the end of Rd 1 today.


    Cole Bishop- great production and solid tape at Utah but way more explosive than I thought. Incredibly dynamic and explosive athlete.

    Dominque Hampton- had an incredible day and after the report Rob got on the guy sign me up.


    Ben Sinnott – As Rob said in his recap video Sinnott was the star of the show and will be an early day 2 pick as a result . Love his all around game but never dreamed he was this explosive.

    Theo Johnson – Every year I pick a Canadian kid that I hope the Hawks take. This year it is Theo Johnson who excelled at the Senior Bowl and showed he was a dynamic athlete today. If he is there in Rd #3 would be an ideal fit for the Hawks.

    Tip Reiman- incredible athlete for his size and a nice Day 3 option at TE. Could be a nice replacement for Dissly as an in-line TE.

    If the Hawks could get Dominique Hampton S and Mike Sainristil CB and Tip Reiman TE on Day 3 they would be A+ picks as depth players who could contribute situationally right away IMO.

  3. Paul

    Hey Rob,
    What are your thoughts on Jordan Travis being a sleeper QB pick for the Hawks? He was a Heisman candidate prior to the injury, a winner who elevated the FSU program. Great rusher…a little skinny but maybe available RD3 & could recover for a year with the Hawks?

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