Live Blog: Combine day two (Defensive backs & tight ends)

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Throughout the next few days I’ll be reacting live to everything happening in Indianapolis. I will also post a daily recap article and a daily live stream.

On top of that, Robbie Williams is attending the combine and will provide insight from his perspective inside Lucas Oil Field.

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The workouts begin today at 3pm ET (12pm PT).

Introductory notes

Today is probably my least favourite day of the combine. Every year, the NFL allows too many DB coaches onto the field. They all want to do their own individual drills, many of which are just variations of the backpedal and transition or the ‘W”. The day drags like crazy and in the past, the DB sessions have gone on way too long. With the new addition of the tight ends to this day, it could be a slog.

If you missed it earlier, I posted a video discussing the possibility of the Seahawks trading up for a quarterback. Check it out here. You can also check out my day one combine review here.

If you want to see measurement info for the DB’s and tight ends, click here.

One of my favourite players among the DB’s — cornerback TJ Tampa — has 32 1/8 inch arms. That’s good length for him at 6-1 and 189lbs. He is seriously underrated. I’ve been higher on Ryan Watts than most and he has incredible 34.5 inch arms at 6-3 and 208lbs. Blog favourite Malik Mustapha looks good at 5-10, 209lbs. I will also be keeping a close eye on Kitan Oladapo and Tyler Nubin today at safety.

There were concerns about Brock Bowers being shorter and smaller than advertised but he quelled those concerns by measuring at 6-3 and 243lbs. There’s doubt as to whether he’ll do any testing or drills today. Cade Stover is 6-4 and 247lbs. Expect him to test better than anyone expects today. I like him a lot.

Kool-Aid McKinstry is not testing today after it emerged he had a Jones fracture that need work. Cooper DeJean isn’t working out either, as he’s still recovering from an injury suffered during the season.

40 yard dash cornerbacks

Kris Abrams-Draine — 4.44 & 4.50
Terrion Arnold — 4.51 & 4.55
Mj Devonshire — 4.45 & 4.48
Marcellas Dial — 4.47 & 4.55
Willie Drew — 4.48 & 4.47
Renardo Green — 4.54 & 4.50
Myles Harden — 4.52 & 4.51
Daequan Hardy — 4.39 & 4.39
Cam Hart — 4.50 & 4.59
Khyree Jackson — 4.50 & 4.52
DJ James — 4.43 & 4.46
Isaiah Johnson — 4.64 & 4.66
Elijah Jones — 4.45 & 4.48
Jarrian Jones — 4.38 & DNR
Kalen King — 4.61 & 4.62
Dwight McGlothern — 4.47 & DNR
Max Melton — 4.39 & 4.40
Quinyon Mitchell — 4.33 & 4.38
Josh Newton — 4.52 & 4.52
Andru Phillips — 4.48 & 4.57
Deantre Prince — 4.39 & 4.42
Nehemiah Pritchett — 4.36 & 4.38
Ennis Rakestraw Jr — 4.54 & 4.51
Decamerion Richardson — 4.34 & 4.36
Mike Sainristil — 4.47 & DNR
Chau Smith-Wade — 4.54 & 4.57
Tarheeb Still — 4.52 & 4.53
Ryan Watts — 4.53 & 4.53
Nate Wiggins — 4.29 & DNR

Nate Wiggins injured his groin running the forty and had to be helped back into the locker room. He said he felt it ‘pop’ and that ‘it was on fire’. Then he came back out and said it was a hip-flexor.

Cornerback broad jumps

Max Melton: 11’4″
Andru Phillips 11’3″
Khyree Jackson: 11’1″
Elijah Jones: 10’11”
Mike Sainristil: 10’11”
Renardo Green: 10’10”
Cam Hart: 10’10”
Isaiah Johnson: 10’9″
Jarrian Jones: 10’9″
Terrion Arnold: 10’9″
Marcellas Dial: 10’9″
Decamerion Richardson: 10’8″
Nate Wiggins: 10’7″
Daequan Hardy: 10’6″
Chau Smith-Wade: 10’5″
Deantre Prince: 10’5″
Ryan Watts: 10’5″
M.J. Devonshire: 10’4″
Kalen King: 10’2″
Quinyon Mitchell: 10’0″
Myles Harden: 9’10”
Dwight McGlothern: 9’7″

Cornerback vertical jumps

Elijah Jones: 42.5
Daequan Hardy: 42.5
Max Melton: 40.5
Marcellas Dial: 40.5
Jarrian Jones: 39.5
Cam Hart: 39.5
Isaiah Johnson: 38.5
M.J. Devonshire: 38.5
Quinyon Mitchell: 38
Renardo Green: 37.5
Kalen King: 37
Terrion Arnold: 37
Khyree Jackson: 36.5
Myles Harden: 35.5
Kris Abrams-Draine: 33.5
Dwight McGlothern: 32

Cornerback on-field drills

As is typically the case, the initial backpedal drills were not great. The transition wasn’t smooth, they often weren’t running properly down the line and several jogged. Ryan Watts, a player I’ve liked since seeing him flash in games for Texas, had the final rep and for me — it was one of the better ones.

Jarvis Brownlee Jr had a good rep on his second attempt. They’ve gone to commercials so think that’s our lot for backpedals.

We’re now watching an interview with Notre Dame Head Coach Marcus Freeman, who seems to be the latest college coach making contacts by attending the NFL combine so he can get out of the hell hole that is the NIL-era version of college football.

Brownlee looks especially smooth with his transition compared to a lot of the other cornerbacks. Very loose and comfortable. Kamari Lassiter, who didn’t run a forty, looks the part with his length and lean frame. He is moving pretty well out there. Daniel Jeremiah is getting carried away talking about Max Melton based on a good forty. He’s already bumped him up to a third and then a second. The tape didn’t show that and he’s not been that smooth in transition, at least for me.

Terrion Arnold looks good when transitioning, his ‘W’ drill was nice and precise and he’s having a good session. Jarvis Brownlee Jr has stood out to me with his frame, athleticism and twitchy movements. Josh Newton continues to have a good workout after a slightly underwhelming 2023. I’ve enjoyed every one of Ryan Watts’ workouts so far. He could be a nice day three flier.

It’s been difficult to track the workouts on the NFL Network. They did an interview with Chris Ballard, now it’s an interview with the new Michigan Head Coach and the commercials keep on coming. We’ve seen very little of the drills and received almost no serious analysis of what’s actually going on.

A Seahawks scout or coach has been among the cornerbacks throughout their on-field workouts. It looks like he might be timing the drills, maybe for the whole league.

Official 40 times for cornerbacks

Nate Wiggins — 4.28
Quinyon Mitchell — 4.33
Decamerion Richardson — 4.34
Nehemiah Pritchett — 4.36
Deantre Prince — 4.38
Jarrian Jones — 4.38
Daequan Hardy — 4.38
Max Melton — 4.39
DJ James — 4.42
Elijah Jones — 4.44

Safety broad jumps

Tyler Owens: 12’2″
Jaylin Simpson: 11’1″
Jaylen Key: 10’10”
Evan Williams: 10’6″
Jaylon Carlies: 10’5″
Sione Vaki: 10’5″
Millard Bradford: 10’4″
Cole Bishop: 10’4″
Andre’ Sam: 10’3″
Dadrion Taylor-Demerson: 10’3″
Jaden Hicks: 10’2″
Dominique Hampton: 10’2″
Josh Proctor: 10’1″
Tykee Smith: 10’0″
Kitan Oladapo: 9’9″
Daijahn Anthony: 9’9″
James Williams: 9’9″
Demani Richardson: 9’8″
Patrick McMorris: 9’4″
Kamren Kinchens: 9’2″

Safety vertical jumps

Tyler Owens: 41
Evan Williams: 40.5
Jaylin Simpson: 39.5
Sione Vaki: 39.5
Dominique Hampton: 39
Cole Bishop: 39
Millard Bradford: 38.5
Dadrion Taylor-Demerson: 38
Jaden Hicks: 37.5
Daijahn Anthony: 37
Jaylen Key: 36.5
Kitan Oladapo: 36
Tykee Smith: 36
Andre’ Sam: 36
Kamren Kinchens: 35
Josh Proctor: 32.5
Jaylon Carlies: 32.5
Demani Richardson: 31
Patrick McMorris: 31
James Williams: 30

Safety 40 yard dash times

It’s worth remembering that none of Baltimore’s safeties under Mike Macdonald ran particularly fast times.

Daijahn Anthony — 4.56 & 4.58
Cole Bishop — 4.45 & 4.49
Millard Bradford — 4.47 & 4.42
Javon Bullard — 4.47 & 4.48
Calen Bullock — 4.49 & 4.54
Jaylon Carlies — 4.50 & 4.54
Dominique Hampton — 4.51 & 4.54
Jaylen Key — 4.60 & 4.64
Kam Kinchens — 4.65 & 4.68
Kitan Oladapo — 4.58 & 4.60
Tyler Owens — DNF
Josh Proctor — 4.60 & 4.56
Demani Richardson — 4.60 & 4.61
Andre’ Sam — 4.59 & 4.62
Jaylin Simpson — 4.47 & 4.45
Tylee Smith — 4.48 & 4.46
Dadrion Taylor-Demerson — 4.42 & 4.41
Sione Vaki — 4.62 & 4.62
Evan Williams — 4.61 & 4.62
James Williams — 4.65 & 4.67

Tyler Owens, who did great in the explosive tests, pulled up during his first forty run and it’s been confirmed he’s out for the day. As you can see, several other big name safeties didn’t run including Tyler Nubin and Malik Mustapha.

I asked a source at Washington to tell me more about Dominique Hampton. This was the review: “Freak of nature, smart, consistent and he’s a great dude. Quiet killer. Our defense scheme funnelled the vast majority of plays to the strong safety by design and he was good enough in that key position for us to go to a Championship.”

Sounds like someone the Seahawks could be interested in.

Safety on-field drills

The NFL Network hasn’t shown a lot of the early drills. We saw some transitions — not exactly a worthwhile exercise for safeties — then straight to commercials after an interview with Brandon Beane.

The safeties are now transitioning and then tracking the football. As a group they’ve done an excellent job high-pointing the football, tracking it in the air. It’s been impressive — although Jaden Hicks messed his rep. Kam Kinchens gets a lot of hype, including on this broadcast, but I thought he was one of the most overrated players in college football. He didn’t run fast and he didn’t look comfortable tracking the ball.

Tyler Nubin is out there working out despite not doing testing. It appears Malik Mustapha is simply out of the combine. Kitan Oladapo made a superb catch — we’ve had a lot of great catches in this session. The safeties have some hands. Dadrion Taylor-Demerson just made an outstanding catch off the turf too. Really impressive hands by multiple players.

I like the look of Dominique Hampton and Jaden Hicks in the ‘W” drill. Kitan Oladapo slipped on his plant and limped off injured during his rep. Andre Sam’ showed well stopping and starting. Tykee Smith, like some of the others, looked a bit stiff here.

Tyler Nubin didn’t do testing but a further tape review last week made me believe he’d fit Mike Macdonald’s system and Seattle’s character desires and I think he’s moved well enough on the field to believe he genuinely is the top safety. He’s not a special athlete but he’s in control, his body is well proportioned, he can cover and close. There’s a lot to like — but he’ll likely go in a range where the Seahawks currently have zero picks.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times. There are too many defensive back drills that are too similar. We’re four hours in and we’re just seeing the same thing over and over again. All this means is a later finish, no agility testing for the tight ends and probably most of these DB’s too.

Rich Eisen, Charles Davis and Daniel Jeremiah are back to their old ways of talking about absolutely anything other than what’s happening on the field.

Calen Bullock looks very thin and light. Not sure you’d want him up in the box much. Dominique Hampton, on the other hand, looks the part. As does Jaden Hicks — he almost has the body type of a poor man’s Kyle Hamilton. Tyler Nubin looked incredibly comfortable running the gauntlet.

I really liked Dadrion Taylor-Demerson on tape but had no idea he was this level of athlete. He’s tested well and shown well in the drills — so it’s time for a bit of tape revision.

That’s the end of the safety drills (and the defensive players at the combine). Next up it’s tight ends.

Tight end broad jumps

Ben Sinnott: 10’6″
Theo Johnson: 10’5″
Jaheim Bell: 10’4″
Dallin Holker: 10’2″
Tip Reiman: 10’1″
Trey Knox: 10’1″
Jared Wiley: 9’10”
Tanner McLachlan: 9’9″
Brevyn Spann-Ford: 9’8″
Cade Stover: 9’8″

Tight end vertical jumps

Ben Sinnott: 40.00″
Theo Johnson: 39.50″
Jared Wiley: 37.00″
Tanner McLachlan: 35.00″
Jaheim Bell: 35.00″
Cade Stover: 34.50″
Tip Reiman: 33.50″
Dallin Holker: 32.50″
Trey Knox: 32.50″
Brevyn Spann-Ford: 31.50″

These are incredible explosive testing numbers for Ben Sinnott. Not sure anyone expected that.

A reminder — the key tests to look out for with tight ends are the short shuttle, three cone and 10-yard splits. We’ll see if anyone does agility testing, seeing as they’ve been bumped to the very end of Friday night to test.

It’s been confirmed that Brock Bowers is not working out today.

Meanwhile, this is interesting:

Tight end forty yard times

10-yard splits in brackets

Jaheim Bell — 4.61 & 4.63 (1.58)
Devin Culp — 4.47 & DNR (1.55)
Dallin Holker — 4.81 & 4.78 (1.66)
Theo Johnson — 4.65 & 4.58 (1.55)
Tanner McLachlan — 4.66 & 4.61 (1.58)
Tip Reiman — 4.64 & 4.64 (1.55)
Ja’Tavion Sanders — 4.74 & 4.69 (1.59)
Ben Sinnott — 4.68 & 4.70 (1.59)
Brevyn Spann-Ford — 4.76 & 4.79 (1.67)
Cade Stover — 4.65 & DNR (1.59)
Jared Wiley — 4.62 & 4.65 (1.62)

There are some really nice 10-yard splits here. Anything in the 1.5’s is impressive.

I’ve paused the workouts to quickly listen to Hugh Millen on KJR. Quick update, Millen was worth it. Always gold.

On these initial drills the word that springs to mind watching Ben Sinnott is ‘dynamic’. Blocking isn’t said to be a strength of Devin Culp’s and we sat that on the sleds. Theo Johnson did a better job and is well sized and athletic. Tip Reiman’s rep on the sled was textbook and managed to get the crowd cheering a sled drill, which is a first. Reiman is built like a block of granite. Great frame. Cade Stover also did an excellent job.

On the gauntlet, Reiman let the ball get into his body a bit too much but he caught everything. I though Ja’Tavion Sanders and Ben Sinnott had a similar rep. Cade Stover is very good at cupping his hands and he showed that here but he didn’t sprint through his gauntlet and was too careful, trying to catch every pass.

Tanner McLachlan moved well on the in-cut drill. His body movements are precise. Sinnott just looked powerful, quick and dynamic on his rep. I’d like to see Cade Stover unlock things in the way Sinnott is doing and just go flat out.

Jaheim Bell looks like a useful move-TE. He ran well on his wheel route and made a good, difficult grab. Theo Johnson is very leggy, he’s a long strider. I’m not sure he can be a dominant pass catcher but he can be a useful contributor. Tip Reiman dropped his pass on the wheel route. Sinnott, again, just looked superb.

The big winner among this group is undoubtedly Ben Sinnott. A complete performance so far. He’s sharp into his breaks, he maintains speed through the route, he’s tracking the ball well and showing great hands.

A.J. Barner is more of a blocker but he’s dropped virtually every pass so far. But then he made a great grab on the fade route, of course. Jaheim Bell made a spectacular one-handed grab. Devin Culp tracked and caught his well. Theo Johnson made an awkward catch and got both feet in which was impressive, given how contorted his body was. Tanner McLachlan’s rep wasn’t well run.

Cornerback short shuttles

Myles Hard — 3.98
Mike Sainristil — 4.01
Kamari Lassiter — 4.12
Ryan Watts — 4.13
Josh Newton — 4.15
Kalen King — 4.16
Cam Hart — 4.24
Chau Smith-Wade 4.32
Josh Wallace — 4.35
MJ Devonshire — 4.35

Remember — Chop Robinson ran a 4.25 at 255lbs.

Cornerback three cones

Kamari Lassiter — 6.62
Ryan Watts — 6.82
Myles Harden — 6.88
Mike Sainristil — 6.99
Josh Newton — 7.01
Chau Smith-Wade — 7.05
Cam Hart — 7.12
MJ Devonshire

Kamari Lassiter’s three-cone should give him a huge boost. That’s a number, to go with the way he did drills, that could/should secure a top-22 placing.

Safety short shuttles

Dominique Hampton — 4.14
Jaden Hicks — 4.37

Safety three cones

Dominique Hampton — 6.83
Jaden Hicks — 6.88

Dominique Hampton had a great day today.

Only two safeties did any agility testing. Big thanks, NFL.

I’m going to end the live blog today, while hoping the tight ends do any agility testing. Fingers crossed. Reaction stream starting shortly, article reviewing the day to come too.


  1. GF

    I like Ben Sinnott too

    • Seattle Person

      He’s a favorite of my mine. Jack of all trade type of TE.

  2. Blitzy the Clown

    Tough break for Wiggins. That’s a smoking 40 time, especially considering he injured himself doing it.

    Max Melton, whoa boy! That kid can jump

  3. Trevor

    Quinon Mitchell is going to be a stud. Can you imagine him in Mike McDonalds zone heavy scheme. Would be ridiculously good with his style of play and ball skills.

    CB 1 for sure IMO.

    • Rob Staton

      Very good player

    • ErickV

      Highly unlikely , but if the Seahawks traded down a few spots and he was still there, do they consider taking him ? I can’t see it happening but if they did, it’d definitely be a confirmation they’re going with BPA.

      • Seattle Person

        I don’t think it’s crazy to take him at #16.

  4. LouCityHawk

    Did Brownlee skip the 40? Haven’t been able to watch today. Watched him live several times and think he has a lot of upside.

    • Rob Staton

      He did

  5. Blitzy the Clown

    Keen observation by DJ about how important testing speed is for DBs, who may look “game fast” but might not be facing up against NFL caliber WRs. Lots of 18-20 mph runners, so someone who runs 21, 22 or even 24 mph as Nate Wiggins did really stands out.

  6. Sean

    Thoughts on Sanristil as a day 3 pick? Familiarity with Macdonald and seemed to have nose for the ball and isn’t afraid to tackle either.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I’m a fan of his college game. He’s a heart-and-soul type player who puts it all out there.

      I thought he wasn’t as good an athlete as he tested today (4.47/1.51; 40″ VJ; 10’11” BJ). Now that I know he’s explosive, the only knock is his size.

      In R5 or R6 absolutely.

      • Jake

        Could he be a better fit at FS? I could see him as a potential replacement for Q. Diggs.

  7. Blitzy the Clown

    I agree Terrion Arnold looks good in drills. Good looking athlete and DB overall

  8. Alex Potts

    I want to see Braden Fiske do DB drills

  9. Seattle Person

    I really like Renardo Green in the middle rounds. He’s not super fast but I’m glad he’s at least average.

    I also like Elijah Jones in the later rounds. Really like his 40 times.

  10. BoiseSeahawk

    Do you think Tyler Owens meant what he said about “not believing in space or other planets” or was it just to convey that he can operate outside of space and time with a 12’2” broad jump?

    • Ian

      “I used to believe in the heliotropic thing. Like we used to revolve around the sun and stuff, but then I started seeing flat earth stuff, and I was like, that’s kind of interesting…”

      • Ian


      • BK26

        Sounds like he took to the research too much and stared at the sun until something started boiling upstairs….

    • Peter

      I wonder what his thoughts on combustion engines are or how electricity gets to your house…

  11. MarkinSeattle

    Kalen King with a 4.61 40. Wasn’t he being hyped as a mid to high first rounder late in the season?

    With that speed he may have to move to safety like Julian Love.

    • Rob Staton

      One of a handful of players who were being touted as a round one pick in the national mocks and nobody ever explained why

    • Alex Potts

      He did poor at the senior bowl too. He will need to move to safety. With that said, I thought his on the field drills were actually good

      • Rob Staton

        Agreed — he did well during drills

  12. Roy Batty

    Rob, any safeties that stood out, especially those you didn’t have higher on your Horizontal?

    It’s a thin group, but hopefully they can grab someone in the later rounds.

    • Rob Staton

      The safeties have only just started

      • Roy Batty

        What a long day. I imagine the TEs are going to be completely wound up by the time they do drills.

        • Rob Staton

          As usual, the cornerback drills dragged on forever. As will the safety workouts.

          They’ve bumped the TE’s onto the end today because there are so many OL’s and it’s a weak, thin TE class

  13. BK26

    Not to bring it back up, but have we heard anything on the Geno vote of confidence other than from Bleacher Report? From somewhere…with a little more…oomph behind reports?

    Brady Henderson even said that he hasn’t confirmed it yet. I’m not buying the process with him as a botch job.

    • Rob Staton

      Nope — nothing

      No subsequent reports

      • Brodie

        Geno: Hey John. I’m still the QB, right?
        JS: Hey there buddy! You’re our QB…
        Geno: Great! Bye
        JS: … until you’re not

        Geno: Yo Jordan, good news and I want you to break it.

        • Peter


        • Rob Staton


    • Roy Batty

      It’s more of the same, though, isn’t it?

      He’s going to be on the team until he isn’t on the team.

      If they draft a QB who is ready to start on game one, then that opens the door for any team in desperate need of a starting QB to salvage their season. A team who’s QB was injured, possibly.

      Geno is the only QB on the roster. Therefore Geno is the starting QB for the Seahawks…until he isn’t.

    • cha


      And all the NFL’s main information merchants are live on camera 10-15x each today it seems.

      We can’t just proceed in a normal fashion, can we?

      • Roy Batty

        Is this a case of the silence deafening, or where there’s smoke, there’s probably just a smoker?

        • cha

          It does appear that any Geno talk was embargoed on yesterday’s show. The only QB mention was unprompted by JS about the draft class.

          I trust Schultz but it’s hard to know what to think without other prominent voices also discussing it, or the organization confirming it.

          • BK26

            The fact that there is nothing…. Schefter might not break EVERYTHING, but he’ll at least say it if something comes out. Or Rapaport. Or about 8 other guys. Bizarre that came out with nothing else dropping.

            • Rob Staton

              Again, Schultz is tight to the Geno camp. Regularly promotes Geno. Wouldn’t be surprised by this, or the source. Might be more telling that the guys who rely on Schneider aren’t saying anything

  14. Trevor

    We could use a “quiet killer” at Safety instead of “loud pussy cats” like we have now.

    • Roy Batty

      Loud Tweety birds.

      • Big Mike

        Louder peacock

        • BK26

          Peacocks are really, really loud.


    Anyone have a Malik Mustapha sighting? I heard the 49ers met with him there yesterday but don’t see him showing up in any of the DB tests.

    • Rob Staton

      He hasn’t tested

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        That’s a bummer. More to lose than gain?

  16. Alex Potts

    Low key happy Mustapha isn’t performing. Keep the hype down on him

    • STTBM

      I would say it’s likely his Agent knows full well the range he’s going in, and has a very good idea which teams are interested. Not that some teams won’t be secretive, but if he’s not doing drills, he’s not worried about his draft spot: it’s going to be good.

      Hype is for fans and media, teams already have a good idea. Everyone else is always a step behind with some players.

      • Rob Staton

        He probably just has a slight injury

  17. Zane

    Anybody else feel like they’re watching a Brock Purdy clone with JJ McCarthy’s tape? I have my doubts he’d ever excel outside of a QB friendly scheme

  18. Sea Mode

    Finally tuned in. Wow, quite a few of these safties look jacked. Hampton looks very nice.

  19. Sea Mode

    I see the the NFL Network commentators have already reached day 4 form… Not just lame references they find funny, but amusing themselves about references they made in previous years… 😂 Every once in a while remembering there is a Combine going on and throwing in the occasional “Ooh, nice” as their most thoughtful commentary.

    • Sea Mode

      Ha, just saw now you updated the live blog and mentioned the same. 👍

      It baffles me how the NFL sabotages itself with Combine scheduling and coverage. I guess ratings must say otherwise or they wouldn´t do it this way. 🤷‍♂️

      • Rob Staton

        It’s truly awful

        They just talk utter nonsense. But so many people like this. I just find it inane. I’m sad enough to be watching basically players practising. Give me some actual analysis!

        All we get are crap jokes and the occasional ‘that was a good rep’ or ‘he’s had a good day’


        • Rob Staton

          “Nice run” says RE

          Tight end runs a 4.81

          • Sea Mode


            I’ve simply muted it.

          • geoff u

            Wow 😆

  20. Trevor

    Ben Sinnot is going to be a solid Day 2 pick for someone and starter day one. Really like his game and explosive testing numbers are a big surprise.

    Not having a Rd 2 pick really really sucks

    • Peter

      It’s like when you buy a new car then only see that on the road.

      Everyone I like seems like a day two pick.

      Slightly bummed my dream of Sinnot in round four feels crushed.

  21. Sea Mode

    There’s no doubting Nubin looked natural in the gauntlet and has ball skills with his production, but I agree with your comment about him looking a bit labored and not very explosive in drills.

  22. Denver Hawker

    Huge Dom Hampton fan- would be great fit in McDonald’s D – would be nice to snag him R3

  23. Sea Mode

    I’m going back skipping through the DB workouts while the TEs run their 40s.

    Dang if Terrion Armstead doesn’t look the part physically.

    And Cam Hart was always going to stand out athletically. Perfect size and frame for CB.

    • MarkinSeattle

      I like Hart as well and I think he has some positional flexibility to play some safety as well and cover TE’s. But only in the later rounds, as in round 4 or later. We need to focus on the lines, LB and/or possibly QBOTF earlier.

  24. Sea Mode

    I thought Javon Bullard flipped hips really nicely and showed good plant and go in his W drill.

    Nubin looked better in the backpedal drill than I originally saw from him. Very smooth. Great size and length, too. Has he played any CB…? Very in control of his body and movements for sure, esp. in gauntlet showed this.

    Definitely some tools to work with DTD. Turns good enough and really shoots out of the transition. Incredible grab off the turf like you mentioned and another stretch catch in the gauntlet. Couldn’t keep his footing when planting in W drill though.

    Can’t decide whether Jaylon Carlies is just huge or if it’s because he’s going right after Calen Bullock each time. 😂 Ok, Carlies did run an excellent gauntlet.

    Is there anything in the two guys from Georgia on tape? Each time I see them I think they seem to move quite well, especially Tykee Smith. (extremely soft hands on him too, wow)

    I thought Kinchens started poorly but got better as the day went on and moved extremely well in the “Box drill”. Made a very nice catch behind his head look easy in the gauntlet.

    Again, Hampton looks so well built and twitchy too. Just look how instantly he 180s at the beginning of the gauntlet drill, for example.

    • Misfit

      Agree. Nubin moved very well overall.

  25. Sea Mode

    Trey Knox nice hands. Ditto Ja’Tavion Sanders.

    Spann Ford good hands and GREAT body control. Impressive.

    Ben Sinnot made every catch in the gauntlet look labored. Stover and Wiley out there jogging.

    • Misfit

      The jogging gauntlet drill by Stover was perplexing…like wth? He wasn’t very impressive to me. I’ll watch more

    • Sea Mode

      Ok, Sinnot really shone in that In Route drill. Great movement and catch. Redeemed himself from the gauntlet.

  26. Misfit

    Stover did not test as advertised but Sinnot certainly did. I thought the Florida St TE Bell looked smooth and fit. Culp running so fast is interesting. Wiley and Sanders looked as expected for pass catching types.

  27. Misfit

    I liked Bullock, Bullard, and Nubin. Disappointed in James Williams time but he looked decent in drills despite being a large man. Is 4.65 fast enough for a Safety to LB convert? I’m skeptical. He’s built and fit, hits hard.

    • STTBM

      Kam Chancellor ran a 4.7 40 I believe….

      • STTBM

        Ah, but he wasn’t a LB, I feel you. Still, I don’t think it’s too slow for a LB if you have quick feet/are agile…

  28. Trevor

    Tony Pauline reporting that Peyton Wilson and Braden Fiske had medical red flags.

  29. Anthony

    Tony Pauline with some scoop on medicals during the Combine…

    “Today I received word that Wilson, and another player from the ACC, received the worst medical grades from the group of players that worked out Thursday. A source characterized the grades and reports as “ugly”. The other player mentioned was Braden Fiske of Florida State, another player pointed out for his outstanding combine performance.”

  30. Trevor

    Tony Pauline reporting that Peyton Wilson and Braden Fiske had medical red flags.

    • Misfit

      Weird because Payton said something to the effect of “teams believe my medical issues are behind me” at a Combine interview the past couple days…knew he was full of it.

      • Anthony

        Not sure what else that he is supposed to say. “Yeah, my medicals aren’t very good, I got hurt getting out of the bus from the hotel.” Also is a word of caution with Penix

      • Rob Staton

        Full of it?

        What do you expect him to say?

        There’s no need to say he’s “full of it”

        • Misfit

          I’d expect him to be honest.

          He could easily have said “I believe my injuries are behind me” rather than tell us the teams believe his medical issues are behind him. They got the medicals. Now we know they aren’t great. So he was BS-ing. That’s all. I suppose I don’t need to dock him for not having the ideal answer.

          I think he’s going to be a good player – perhaps with a shorter shelf life than some.

          • Rob Staton

            There’s no need to be this harsh

            Come on

    • Peter

      With fiske I wonder what it is? He’s not missed a game as a starter. Minus fsu sitting out their bowl game.

      Unless he has spinal stenosis or a terrible heart I wonder what could be considered “ugly,” per one sources words.

      • STTBM

        Perhaps it’s the usual shenanigans by a team or rival agent hoping he’ll fall …that stuff is rampant…

  31. Sea Mode

    Bell nice wheel route and made the catch look so simple.

    Ja’Tavion Sanders showed great hands again.

    Confirmed, Sinnet can move.

    Spann-Ford almost with a spectacular catch like DTD earlier.

    • Sea Mode

      Another good rep by Sanders. I’m intrigued.

      Ford falling down again and looking slow and clumsy.

  32. Misfit

    Stover’s body language and effort today are troubling. Long pass with any effort he catches but no, tapped out early, slowly walks back. No hustle, uncaring.

  33. Sea Mode

    Wow, your source wasn’t making it up: Dominique Hampton is a certified freak!

  34. Sea Mode

    Bell showing off with the one-hander.

    Poor Knox can’t get himself a good sideline throw… glad to see him rolling with it though.

  35. Alex Potts

    Jaheim Bell is a unique player the new regime might be more interested in than the previous. more of a move TE/fullback/H-back.

    I remember seeing he had a better forced missed tackle rate than even Brock Bowers. Underrated player. Looked great today.

  36. Sea Mode

    Thanks for letting me nerd out with you guys tonight. We few, we happy few…

    It’s 3am and I’m off to bed!

  37. Jeff

    Another voice praising Dominique Hampton. He looked like such a smooth, natural athlete today. I’ll be cheering the pick if he ends up with the Hawks.

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