Saturday draft notes: Garett Bolles & planning ahead

Garett Bolles and Haason Reddick might be this years answer to Sheldon Rankins and Keanu Neal.

Rankins tested as one of the most explosive players in the 2016 draft, while Neal possessed a combination of great athleticism and intensity. They screamed ‘top-20’.

There was a general feeling within the national/draft media that Rankins could fall into the 20’s (he was often mocked to the Seahawks) and Neal was being projected in the second round by many if not most.

They ended up going at #12 and #17 overall.

This year a lot of mocks pair Bolles with Seattle. Reddick is starting to rise in the national draft coverage but you’ll still see the occasional pairing with Pittsburgh at the end of round one.

In my latest mock draft I had Bolles at #6 to the Jets and Reddick at #11 to the Saints.

Here’s why…

Bolles had a terrific combine, highlighted by a superb 9-7 broad jump and a 3.00 TEF score (TEF explained here). His tape is exceptional. There just aren’t many college tackles capable of opening their hips and turning a D-liner to open up running lanes with the mastery shown by Bolles. His desire to reach the second level and punish linebackers/DB’s is especially appealing.

At the combine he was asked about his playing style. His response?

“As an offensive lineman, you want to be the nastiest p***k that you can be.”

These aren’t just empty words. That’s exactly how he plays on the field. Every snap. Every game.

The positional value, the attitude, the way he’s turned his life around, the athleticism. Everything matches up.

Here’s a piece we wrote about Bolles in November detailing what makes him such an exciting prospect.

Reddick meanwhile ranked as the second most explosive tester at this years combine (per TEF):

Myles Garrett — 4.21
Haason Reddick — 3.93
Solomon Thomas — 3.83
Jordan Willis — 3.70
Ife Odenigbo — 3.61

Myles Garrett’s physical profile is generational. Reddick is much smaller and therefore less freaky — but he’s still a tremendously explosive athlete. Considering his terrific final year at Temple (22.5 TFL’s) plus his character, grit and versatility to play several roles (including rushing the passer) — he looks like a lock to crack the top-15.

It’s hard to imagine either lasting to #26. Even if Bolles’ age factors in and the inflated free agent spending is a review of how teams view this O-line class — someone between #4 and #25 will surely roll the dice?

And yet here’s some words from Daniel Jeremiah to at least offer some hope if you’re #1 choice for Seattle in round one is an offensive linemen who ‘wants to be the nastiest p***k’ he can be:

“Much has been made about the lack of elite offensive linemen in this year’s draft class. I don’t believe we will see a lineman drafted in the top 10, which is a very rare occurrence. However, I do believe we will see four of them come off the board in the first round. Western Kentucky’s Forrest Lamp is clearly the top interior offensive line prospect and I have him as the best linemen overall as well. I expect him to go in the top 20. Here are the three offensive tackles likely to land in the first round: Garett Bolles (Utah), Cam Robinson (Alabama) and Ryan Ramczyk (Wisconsin).”

He goes on to say…

“As mentioned above, it is a three-player race to be the first offensive tackle off the board. In talking to coaches and scouts around the league, the name generating the most buzz is Alabama’s Cam Robinson. He’s not without faults on tape (he overextends too much and his balance is an issue at times) but he has outstanding size, length and power. He had a combine workout that was better than people expected, and he was very impressive in his team interviews. I won’t be surprised if he ends up being the first offensive tackle selected, landing between picks 15 and 20.”

If the first tackle leaves the board as late as the 20th pick and it isn’t Bolles, he will be within striking range for Seattle. Here are the teams picking between 21-25:

#21 Detroit — spent millions on their O-line in free agency
#22 Miami — have greater needs at linebacker and safety
#23 New York Giants — could be a consideration
#24 Oakland — more likely to focus on defense
#25 Houston — could consider O-line but currently have no long-term quarterback

Of course, this assumes Jeremiah’s scenario plays out as suggested. You need Cam Robinson to be the first tackle off the board and Forrest Lamp to be the first O-liner. Bolles needs to last beyond the top-20.

It still seems a stretch. After all, Jeremiah didn’t rank Germain Ifedi in his top-50 prospects right before the 2016 draft and he had Taylor Decker at #31. With hindsight, both players were underrated in terms of their placing in last years class.

(DJ also had the aforementioned Rankins and Neal at #26 and #46 respectively)

The Jets at #6, the Panthers at #8, the Bengals at #9, the Colts at #15 and the Ravens at #16 could all seriously consider Bolles. At the absolute latest he’d be a great pick for the Broncos at #20.

He was the best left tackle in college football last season and he’s the best offensive lineman in this draft.

Bolles, if he lasted, has the potential to be a stud right tackle for this team. He possesses the punishing tenacity and attitude of Breno Giacomini with a far superior explosive, athletic profile. His backstory is the definition of ‘Seahawky’.

If Luke Joeckel can provide some consistency and solidity to the left tackle position, a group consisting of Joeckel-Glowinski-Britt-Ifedi-Bolles might afford the Seahawks an opportunity to take a step forward in 2016, even if they aren’t that much more experienced than they were a year ago.

Alternatively they could also put Joeckel at left guard and show faith in George Fant’s development at tackle.

The other thing to consider is whether another first round pick on an offensive lineman is part of Seattle’s plan. At the combine John Schneider admitted they were too young and raw in 2016. Another first round pick only adds more inexperience to the O-line.

While there’s a feeling that their greatest current weakness is the O-line, this team is known to plan ahead. And that could mean focusing on the defense (this is, after all, very much a defensive draft).

Kam Chancellor is out of contract in a years time, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, K.J. Wright and Cliff Avril come off the books in 2019.

Could they all re-sign? Possibly. We also know Chancellor and the Seahawks have had financial disagreements before, Thomas has contemplated retirement and the recent talk about Sherman casts a new light on his future (notice that the rumour hasn’t been denied anywhere?).

Look at the Arizona Cardinals as an example of how things can change very quickly. They lost several key defensive pieces in free agency and in a year might lose Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald to retirement.

There isn’t a quarterback in waiting at the moment. The Cardinals face, possibly, the prospect of a semi-serious rebuild over the next 2-3 years.

The Seahawks are unlikely to make this mistake and that’s why finding possible long term pieces for their secondary and at linebacker could be the key to this draft, even if everyone else thinks they’ll zone in on the O-line again.


  1. Greg Haugsven

    Would we want Bolles at RT? I know Ifedi is playing guard but I still believe he is our future at RT. I agree that this is the draft to load up at D. I could very easily see 4 of those first 5 on defense. Possibly all 5. Great article.

    • Rob Staton

      They’ve been quite clear that they see Ifedi’s future at right guard. Best thing for him is to master one position and not need to keep changing.

      • HD

        John Morgan at field Gulls actually suggests that Joeckel might be better suited at RT and an upgrade over Gilliam being more physical. I wonder why Seattle doesn’t give Rees O a look at LT, at least as a backup. He played LT all through College. He could at least be a backup to Fant. I understand this years O-Line draft is much stronger at Guard and next year will be better for tackles. Perhaps Seattle could find another guard. Meyers is listed as a tackle on the Seahawks Roster. what’s his story?
        Finally Clady visited on Friday..what’s your opinion on that kind of move?

        • Rob Staton

          I think Clady at a low cost could be a worthwhile option. Someone who can come in and compete with starter experience. But his injury situation is concerning.

    • David

      I think the Seahawks aren’t concerned as much about projecting where an offensive lineman will play as much as getting competition and letting the player define where they will play. Example would be Britt. So I think they don’t look at whether IFedi is projected to play RT as to where IFedi plays his best, if they see a better player in Bolles they wouldn’t just pass on him because they see the possibility of IFedi playing RT in my opinion. Results are more important than projections although you have to do it a little bit with a drafted player they can gauge if he is better now through tape and drills.

  2. Michael

    I would be surprised if Bolles lasted until 26. I would not be surprised at all if he was on the board and the Seahawks went a different direction anyway. Still think Obi/King is the most likely choice.

  3. Aaron

    The new players the Hawks have gotten in FA so far (OL, RB, and LB) pretty much tell me that they’ll go defense heavy in this draft. There’s so much depth at DB and LB that I wouldn’t be surprised if they trade down at some point to get more picks. I think it’s fair to say that we’ll come out of the first two days in the draft saying simultaneously “man, I wish we got so and so” and “wow, can’t believe we got this guy.” We’re going to get some studs in the first 3-4 rounds, but miss a few other studs, that’s how deep this draft is on defense. Bolles, Ryamcyk, and Reddick are unlikely to fall out of the top 20, but I would be ecstatic if they did. Bolles and Ryamcyk would be immediate impact players on this o line. Reddick would be a day one SAM/DE and likely defensive core player. This draft can’t come soon enough!

  4. Nathan_12thMan

    With a draft filled with secondary talent and a roster filled with aging DB talent and shallow CB talent you gotta assume they make those spots a huge priority. It’s the main reason why I don’t like us punting CB down the draft board just because the second group of guys are so similar. I mean don’t get me wrong, if the CB PCJS love can be picked up near the end of the pack then go for it, no reason to reach if we don’t have to, but I am not thinking about CB2 as much as I am thinking about Sherman’s replacement this year. Whether that be Kevin King or someone else, I want to see us draft a potential star CB. Sherman is proof that doesn’t mean he has to come from a top round but it seems more likely that the stars will be higher.

    I’d really love to see us not only restock our defensive depth but load it up with high talent prospects, maybe even a star starter (like we got in Frank Clark) can be added into the secondary. Whether that is King, Obi, or someone else.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I agree with the thoughts about secondary, though I’m more concerned about Lane and Shead positions. Would anyone complain if the Seahawks picked two cornerbacks in the first two rounds? Both players could be starting by the end of the year, and even if they don’t play this year they will be awesome backup and start the year after. My favorite #1 is still Obi, I think he can play corner or safety.

  5. Nathan_12thMan

    Have you written about our WR group yet? It’s worth discussing how shallow we actually are;

    – Doug: He’s a legit WR1 at 28 years old but has the skill-set, durability and mindset to play well into his 30’s like Steve Smith Sr. (IMO).

    – Tyler: He’s coming off a gruesome injury and is a UFA in ’19.

    – PRich: He’s only flashed, has durability concerns and is a UFA in ’18.

    – Kearse: Given his contract structure it seems unlikely he is on the roster in ’18.

    – McEvoy: He’s got potential to go as far as T. Pryor IMO but he’s an unknown as shouldn’t be bet on.

    – Practice Squad: Nobody special as far as I can tell.

    So on the roster in 2018 will be Doug, Tyler and McEvoy (assuming he hasn’t been cut). We have a need at WR.

    However it is worth mentioning I think the Seahawks like 6 WR’s and 4 TE’s on the 53. That takes some pressure off the WR group from needing to be even deeper. Also Prosise and receiving TE’s (Jimmy? A rookie? Luke) also help take the pressure off. But still, were shallow at WR. I’ll be curious to see who we will take (if anyone) and at what point in the draft. I have no clue where the cliffs are and where the Seahawky WR’s are in the draft.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I agree Nathan. There could be an early sneaky pick on WR. Especially if some big names areally gone. Malachi Dupree keeps popping in my mind for some reason.

    • Misfit74

      I’d draft Corey Davis is a hot second at 26.

    • Misfit74

      I really like Godwin and also Carlos Henderson. I think Godwin’s skillet add something to what we have, and although Henderson can play outside, he can do a lot of damage out of the slot, too. Best YAC receiver in the class, while Godwin is a contested catch maven who also gets good separation. Robert Davis is a good SPARQ guy for the late rounds.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s a realistic chance one of those R3 picks goes on a receiver. Maybe R2 depending on how the board falls but it’d probably take someone like Zay Jones lasting (which I think is relatively unlikely).

      • Trevor

        Jones and Tewan Taylor are two guys I think really seem like Seahawks WRs character wise.

        I think one of your favorites Rob Evan Engram might be a Rd #2 option. I know he is listed as a TE but in my eyes he is really more of a mismatch WR.

        • Misfit74

          I remember the Chris Harper experience. He was only 6’1, 234lbs though and listed as a WR.

          I like Engram, but he isn’t much of a blocker. It would be nice to have a TE that can block well and let Graham be even more featured. Luke Willson is also not a big time blocker, so I wonder of more of a two-way player makes more sense? Too bad OJ Howard will be gone. Everett, Leggett, other could make mid~late round sense, though I don’t know those guys in depth.

          • Trevor

            Harper and Engram are very different players.

      • Joshua Smith

        Definetly hope not. There is only one ball. They way we’ve been drafting lately, with run blocking o-linemen and running blocking Nick Vannett and with the signing of Eddie Lacy, you would think that indicates that the seahawks want to get back to being a run first team. We’ve spent an inexorborant amount of draft capital on receivers in recent years going back to the percy harvin trade. We cant even get Graham, lockett, richardson and Luke Willson anywhere near as many targets as their talent demands…if Willson was on the Saints he might be a 850 yard receiver. Drafting a receiver again with a 2nd or 3rd round pick would be annoying to me in a draft with so much defensive potential.

        • Rob Staton

          Richardson is out of contract in a year, Lockett is coming off a serious injury, Kearse might be cut in a year. Someone needs to play receiver. Adding one in round three, one of five picks over the first two days, doesn’t prevent you from focusing on defense.

          • David

            I worry about losing Richardson. Especially if he has a good season. Some team will come and pay more than we can pay just based off of this season and his play making potential.

          • Joshua Smith

            True. Depends on who the value pick is I suppose. I still hope we only look at defense and O-line.

          • Shadow

            Richardson is an RFA next year, though, isn’t he? If so, we could tender him at a first round level if he does well this year and get another year of his services in 2018. (Or another first round pick in 2018 in exchange, though that seems unlikely.)

            • Rob Staton

              Richardson is not a RFA, just a standard FA.

              The only RFA of note Seattle has next year is Thomas Rawls.

    • Elliottatk

      I would love for the Seahawks to take a look at Baylor WR KD Cannon if he lasts in to rounds 3-5

    • HD

      Lawler out of Cal is still on the roster and could be an option at WR along with Williams who probably would have made the roster if he didn’t get injured in pre-season. I understand the draft class of TE’s this year is the best it’s been in many years. I could see Seattle going after another TE in the draft to replace Williams and with Graham in the last year of his contract..Seattle may well resign Reese at FB to compete with Cottom. Both have good receiving skills and add a dimension that Seattle did not have until later in the season last year out of the backfield. With a healthy Prosise in the mix, I think Seattle has a number of receiving options Incidentally, I think McEvoy is a play maker…and will contribute even more in his 2nd year. WR Kamar Aiken who played with the Ravens is in for a visit on Monday

  6. Allen K.

    I think your right in this being an opportunity to address the future realities of the defense and the players age/contracts. I would say this situation may not come again any time soon in that it is heavy/loaded talent on defense and they have 5 picks in first 106. I do not see them picking any offensive lineman in the 1st or 2nd round. The defensive talent that will be available is too good to pass up.

    With those picks, they can get depth/future at CB, S and LB to include using the comp picks to grab any player that slips through 1, 2, 3 and I am sure they will be a couple that will not be expected. I am glad they are addressing offense in FA. Picking up Clady would be great and another DT warm body. Then they can just draft defense – best talent available.

  7. Jason


    At what point would you consider moving up for Bolles if available? Would you make a move up at all?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure — it’d really depend on who else was still on the board. I am a huge fan of Bolles but moving up costs a R3 pick and you’re waiting a full round to tap into the defensive talent. I might be more inclined to try and work out a situation where you trade down from #26 and then up from #58 (similar to what they did last year).

  8. Misfit74

    Rob continues to churn out the best Seahawks draft content on the web. What a luxury this blog is!

    • Bayahawk

      So true. Rob really works hard for us and produces a ridiculous amount of great articles for which we pay nothing. He’s also created a community that is respectful of each others opinions, rarely found on the internet these days.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for reading

      • Dutchenstein12

        I would love if you got your own radio show or at least had a segment every day on 710 or 950. You are so much more knowledgeable than anyone they have. You and John Clayton together would be magical. Maybe if we all bombard 710 asking for them to bring you on?

        • Jujus

          im sorry, but nothing with Clayton is magical. What would be a amazing combo woukd be Rob With Shiel Kapadia.

  9. CharlieTheUnicorn

    With the FA market for tackles exploding this year…. I think if you are a top 15 team and you think Bolles is a legit / real deal.. you have to take him. I just can’t see him making it past #15/16. I had not considered the Jets as a possibility, but they have some significant O holes now. I think they might go QB, but the smart move would be OT or perhaps a stud RB…..

  10. Totem_Hawk

    Trade Marshawn Lynch’s right to Oakland is exchange for swapping 1st and 2nd round picks..we move up two spots to #24 and maybe that’s enough to get either Bolles or Reddick?

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’ll both be gone by #15 personally.

      • Misfit74

        Agreed. :*(

    • Southpaw360

      I love the idea of the trade. Move up a couple spots in each round for Lynch’s rights. I love it! Maybe add a conditional pick next year depending on how Lynch does.

      • Totem_Hawk

        Thanks Southpaw360…trying to think of different ways to use Lynch to our advantage if there is a chance to do so.

        • Jason

          We would be lucky to get a conditional 7th for lynch

          • lil'stink

            If Oakland really wants Lynch this trade makes perfect sense. I was actually thinking we should ask for Oakland’s native 3rd rounder for one of our 3rd round comp picks. If Oakland really wants Lynch and Sherman than they can just give us their 24th pick straight up.

          • Joshua Smith

            Jason is right. Sherman is worth more than a single first round pick for sure. Going strictly by play on the field, he has to be worth at least two firsts and a second.

            • FresnoHawk

              100% agree 2 1st & 1 2nd round min 3 players for Sherman! All this chatter of 1 1st & 1 3rd round makes me sick!
              Don’t overlook how much value Lynch brings to Oakland organization huge $$$$$ ticket sales, TV viewership, merchandise etc… Enough to close the deal in Vegas because organization is worth more.
              Furthermore if Seahawks loose Lynch to Oakland Seahawks will loose out on all Lynch’s merchandise, publicly etc.. LYNCH is a business decision not a football decision therefore Seahawks need to extract as much value as possible 3rd might be fair!

    • icb12

      Why would Oakland trade?

      If beastmode comes out of retirement, are the Hawks going to keep him and pay him 9 mil?

      If I’m the raiders I just wait. Odds are the Hawks would be forced to release him to save the money.
      No trade necessary. And I doubt beastmode is interested in playing for anyone other than the Hawks or raiders.

      • BHarKnows

        This is exactly what I’ve been thinking. Seattle has zero leverage due to cap constraints. Oakland knows that Lynch is only going to play for them so they can just let the Hawks sweat until they are forced to release him.

      • Totem_Hawk

        More than likely Lynch stays retired..but if Lynch came out and demanded his release it would undo alot of “goodwill” between Lynch/Seahawks & Raiders/Seahawks. Seattle FO let Lynch keep all 5 million of his signing bonus (they would have been better served to have him pay it bk pro rated for a little more cap space) when he retired as a thank you and also a good faith gesture that he was retiring. Seattle and Oakland franchise’s have a GREAT relationship and I dont think Oakland or Lynch would want to blow that up with some strong arm tactic like demanding a release without trying to work out a mutually agreeable trade.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I read SEA would demand Lynch return $2.5M of the signing bonus in exchange for releasing him. Highly doubtful Lynch would want to give that back. Seems like there would have to be a deal in place before he could return. OAK would have to agree to trade something for Lynch, Lynch to renegotiate his contract, and SEA to trade.

          I like your idea of swapping R1/R2 picks. Seems pretty fair to both sides.

          • RWIII

            I also like the idea of including the swapping of Oakland’s 88th pick and our 90th pick in the 3rd round.

      • FresnoHawk

        Raiders are already guilty of tampering & Seattle don’t have to release Lynch till Sept. More importantly Seattle has known Lynch wants to play for Raiders that’s why they paid Lynch 6 mill & refused to let Lynch go for free last year. Raiders will do anything to move to Vegas they need Lynch’s fan base $$$$; Furthermore Seattle will loose out Lynch’s merchandise & marketing revenue if Lynch goes to Raiders.
        Seattle was willing to spend 6 mill to keep Lynch because his merchandise etc is worth way more.
        If Raiders try to get Lynch & are successful this time he will bring in way more $$$ than what the Raiders pay for him.
        This a business decision not a coaching decision. Lynch understands how much $$$ he will make in endorsements it’s a no brainier for him. Seattle must decide what type of draft pick is worth loosing Marshawn merchandise sales & 6 mill previous paid to Hawks.

  11. Benny Bee Jr.

    Rob,this past week there has been some chatter about Pete and John being willing to trade Richard Sherman if the price was right. Would it be realistic for them to put together a package deal to move up. For example Sherman and our #26 and one of our 3rd rounders to move way up. Would that get Cleveland’s attention? Can you imagine the “generational” Myles Garrett up front with Bennett and Avril. If that’s not a realistic scenario then what if we paired Sherman with our #26 to enable us to grab Bolles as well as the other teams 4th rounder? I guess what I’m trying to say is it would be nice if the Hawks would get a little creative this year. Put together a player package to move up so we can grab our guy and in the process pick up a 4th rounder or another 3rd round pick.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you’d be giving up too much. A top CB and a first rounder will get you up in the first round but all you get in return is a slightly better rookie. And in a deep class, that’s not appealing IMO. If they trade Sherman I’d want at least a late first round pick.

      • FresnoHawk

        2 first rounders bare minimum plus 2nd rounder.

    • Darth12er

      Every time I hear about Sherman’s possible trade scenarios I can’t help but to think of when the jets traded Revis. While they used that pick on Sheldon Richardson, they used their native pick on Dee Milliner. Essentially they came out of it exchanging Revis for Milliner. A single first round pick for a guy like Sherman is so not worth it imo.

      • Scraps

        Yes Yes.

        That’s just one guy saying he wouldn’t be surprised if the Seahawks traded Sherman, right? That’s not even a rumor, IMO, though I note Rob takes it more seriously than I do (nobody has spoken up to deny, etc).

      • Chris

        Don’t forget to include what they used the $$$s saved on as well.

        The best part about trading a guy like Sherman isn’t necessarily the draft capital. It’s having $14 million (or whatever it is) to spend or rollover to next year. That’s enough to replace him with another superstar.

      • FresnoHawk

        Revis & Sherman are completely different situations because Sherman has never missed games.

        • Misfit74

          And Sherman can still play.

  12. cha

    Rob do you think the crazy tackle / OL market this year contributes to teams not flinching when it comes to Bolles’ age? Or is he just too talented to make that kind of consideration?

    • Rob Staton

      I think the age will be mostly a non-factor for teams. You can get five years of cheap OT play and considering what happened in free agency this year, that will be viewed as invaluable.

      • cha

        So you think most teams would be OK with a top 15 pick being mostly a one-contract player? I could see that, but that would seem to signal a shift in traditional thinking.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not about being a one-contract player, it’s that they get five years of cheap play and can then determine whether they want to pay for the second contract. He’ll only be Russell Okung’s current age in five years.

        • Totem_Hawk

          Like Rob has pointed out on previous posts finding Pro Bowl Tackles after round 1 is like a needle in a haystack. If you have a chance to draft one in round 1 and you have that specific need you almost have to it seems. As those guys just aren’t there in later rounds

      • Misfit74

        Good point. The way poorly performing offensive lineman have raked in huge contracts this offseason is staggering. The Okung and Khalil deals are monster contracts and both were rather unwanted by there former teams.

  13. Overtime

    I see the QB’s and OL’s being way over drafted this year. There are too many teams in need of OL help to let these guys slide to R2. The QB market is even worse. What is Houston going to do for a QB? Even if they get Romo they still need a QBOTF. A lot of talent is going to waste on that roster. If Denver gets Romo I see Siemien going to the Texans. That won’t make their fans happy, however.

    The result of the over drafting on offense is going to be a bounty of defensive talent at #26. There may be a good chance to trade back and still get the defensive player of our choice. That is what I am hoping for.

    • Misfit74

      It always makes me nervous when we trade down while we’re doing it, but the team has a good grasp of how to maneuver and still get their guys. It’s fun to watch such a great front office do their jobs and build this team.

  14. matt

    If we look at the hawks MO they seem to prefer trading back,stock piling more picks and not caring to much for the 5th year guarantee.Having said that and if they agree with the guru here that Bolles is that good then how do you pass him up? You’ve just added the king Pr*** mauler to cement your offensive line for the next 4 years ,that is,if he’s there.Further, since the draft is so deep in defense,you take Bolles and then devote the rest of the picks to that side of the ball.personally I think their Mo is so strong and their belief in their scouting that they trade down.Thanks Rob

  15. Robert

    Bolles would be the perfect pick/fit but he’ll be gone.
    Most likely scenario the Jets trade back and take him between picks 10-12.

  16. House

    If somehow Bolles was in reach, someone else isn’t. I think it’d be hard to pass him up. That being said, loading up the DEF is key in my eyes. I see players like Tyus Bowser & Akhello Witherspoon available in the 2nd for us. A slight move back from #26 could yield us a middle rd pick and we’d still have 5 picks on day 2.

  17. BobbyK

    I can’t see a trade up for anyone in this draft. Lets say you trade up quite a bit and lose a 1 & 2 for someone like Bolles… that’s essentially trading Kevin King and Sidney Jones for Bolles. Or trading Obi and Bowser for Bolles. Or some combination of good players who would/will be available. I wouldn’t do those trades at all.

    If it was a 1 & 3 for Bolles, that’s still like trading TJ Watt and Rasul Douglas for Bolles. I don’t see it being a good trade in any of those scenarios.

    I’m a huge Fournette fan and think he’ll go to Jax at #4 and I wouldn’t even trade a potential Bobby Humphrey (1) and Biegel (3) for him (if we hadn’t signed Lacy). I think we need all of these picks, unless it’s to move up from their pick in the second round.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I think Fournette will go 4 as well. Jax needs him to take pressure off Bortles. It could be a Zeke Elliot type situation

    • williambryan

      When you put it like that, trading up is definitely a non starter. I also have a lot of faith in Fant so I’m less inclined to see a pick on Bolles even if he were to last to 26. Getting two potential impacts on defense just makes too much sense. If you can get two of the four guys coveted here lately.. King, Obi, Watt, Bowser, etc… it would be a shame to miss out on that.

  18. RWIII

    To me it’s between (assuming Reddick/Bolles are off the board) T.J. Watt/Obi Melifonwu/Kenny King. I give a very very slight nod to Watt over Melifonwu. But you can’t go wrong with any of those three players. T.J. Watt’s career is very similar to his brother J.J. Watt. Both J.J. Watt and T.J. Watt had breakout seasons their last year in school. J.J. Watt is having a better career as a Pro than College. I also think T.J. Watt will have a better career as a Pro than college. I think T.J. is going to be really really good player at the pro level. A player like Obi Melifonwu is a rare player. How many 6 foot 4 inch Safetys can also play corner and not miss a beat. Watt and Melifonwu are two rare players and they both are positions of need.

  19. matt

    RW. If your right then that fits right into the wheel house of the hawks.Trade down grab one of the three and get another pick. Now you can play the board and if you need to move up you have the ammo

  20. RWIII

    Matt: Trading down is a possibility. John Schneider has traded down many times. I would take Watt/Melifonwu over Kenny King. With that said if both Watt/Melifonwu are off the board then I have no problem taking King. The Seahawks need a starting cornerback out of this draft

    Yes last year John Schneider traded down and still got Ifedi. However I think this year might be different. I think both Watt/Melifonwu are both special players. Ifedi is a good player . But I don’t view Ifedi as a special. Watt/Melifonwu are special playets. I don’t think you should trade down if either Watt/Melifonwu are still on the board.

    • HawkTalker #1

      I think King is either as special or close enough. I favor taking King over Watt since the CB spot is far more of a need than LB. choosing between King and OBI is a tough on, but a good Delma to have. We just need to make sure we have our CB2 spot well covered given the issues with Lane and Shead.

      • Misfit74

        King also my preference of those, but if the team is confident adding someone like Witherspoon, etc, that they also might like a lot past round 1, imagine Obi+CB or Obi+ Watt/Bowser, etc. A starting CB, which this team has found after round 3 before more than once, plus a chess piece S/LB/big Slot in Obi and a special 3rd LB could really be something amazing for the defense. I think we’re going to enjoy an amazing draft.

        I can see us planning for the DE spot, to, such as D. Rivers. Both Avril and Bennett are aging and Clark will be FA soon. We should extend Clark before he finishes another 10+ sack season!

        We are thin at WR also. TE is Wilson 1yr deal and Graham, also a FA before long, though I hope we extend him, and unproven, low-upside Vannett. This is a great class for both positions with great depth.

  21. nichansen01

    Upgrading the defense> upgrading Fant/Joeckel imo.

  22. Joseph

    Rob, as much as I love Bolles and think he would plug right into LT. His combine results boosted his draft stock up in likely the mid-rounds and potential top 10. I just don’t see Seattle trading up in the 1st rd to get him. They usually trade up in the later rds. I think seattle should draft Uconn SS Obi Melifonwu. He’s a guy that can play at any spot especially CB which we desperately need. Sherms on a possible trade block, shead likely won’t make it onto the field until mid-season, and Lane and the rest of the CB depth is unreliable. Melfonwu to me is a faster Brandon browner with good range and Seattle loves big tall corners.

  23. RWIII

    Guys I was just over at CBS sports. Rob Rang and Pete Priscilla project Cam Robinson to Seattle. Dane Brugler, Wil Brinson and Jared Dubin all project Garrett Bowles going to Seattle. Very slim chance that Bolles slips to Seattle.

    • HawkTalker #1

      I look at their mocks a lot. I think they’re way off on quite a few players which screws their entire board up.

  24. matt

    rw if three of the top defensive players are there, according to your scenario,why wouldn’t you trade down,You get one of them and you get more picks.No brainier.Aren’t the players rated like cigars,Sorry I own a cigar shop in PV Mexico and like cigars you have a 100 point rating system. Is there that much difference between the three? probably not in which case all that remains then is to determine how far you can drop down before the next team that needs that particular player,which the hawks are quite adept at.

    • Jordan

      Matt, what is the name of your shop? I’m down in PV next month, might have to stop and pick up a few sticks.

  25. Coleslaw

    New mock attempt with trades lol
    New York Jets – from Cleveland (5-11) Mitch Trubisky
    San Francisco (2-14) Myles Garrett
    Chicago (3-13) Solomon Thomas
    Jacksonville (3-13) Malik Hooker
    Tennessee – from Los Angeles (4-12) Johnathan Allen
    Cleveland Browns – from New York (5-11) Deshaun Watson
    San Diego (5-11) Jamal Adams
    Carolina (6-10) Leonard Fournette
    Cincinnati (6-9-1) Garrett Bolles
    Buffalo (7-9) Marshon Lattimore
    New Orleans (7-9) Marlon Humphrey
    Cleveland – from Philadelphia (7-9) O.J. Howard
    Arizona (7-8-1) Reuben Foster
    Philadelphia – (8-8) Haason Reddick
    Indianapolis (8-8) Dalvin Cook
    Baltimore (8-8) Zazh Cunningham
    Washington (8-7-1) Quincy Wilson
    Tennessee (9-7) Corey Davis
    Tampa Bay (9-7) David Njoku
    Denver (9-7) Ryan Ramcysk
    Detroit* (9-7) Charles Harris
    Miami* (10-6) Taco Charlton
    New York Giants* (11-5) Alvin Kamara
    Oakland* (12-4) Budda Baker
    Houston* (9-7) Forrest Lamp
    Cleveland – from Seattle* (10-5-1) Obi Melifonwu
    Kansas City* (12-4) T.J. Watt
    Dallas* (13-3) Kevin King
    Green Bay* (10-6) Jabrill Peppers
    Pittsburgh* (11-5) Takk McKinley
    Atlanta* (11-5) Mike Williams
    New Orleans – from New England (14-2) Cordrea Tankersley

    • Coleslaw

      26 should be our pick not Cleveland sorry.

      • HawkTalker #1

        Trading down and having King and Obi get taken before our next pick would be major draft party foul. Assuming one of them lasts to 26 that is. If they are gone before 26 then the door is more open for a trade down. Having Cle take OBI with our 26 pick would feel like a burning hemmoroid.

        • Misfit74


        • Coleslaw

          “26 should be our pick not Cleveland’s” my bad I used an old template

    • Overtime

      Why would the Jets trade up when according to your mock, they could get a QB at #11 anyway? Personally, I prefer Watson to Trubiski.

      • Overtime

        Sorry, they trade up from 6 not 11.

      • HawkTalker #1

        Yeah. Seeing more mocks with Trib over Watson. I don’t get it.

        • Coleslaw

          I see Watson like Cam Newton, really good overall but his athleticism and size make up for some arm talent deficiencies. Trubisky is more accurate and has great poise and is just more of a pure passer.
          They’re not far off, this is just how I had this mock playing out

      • Coleslaw

        Hype. I see Jets and Browns as the only teams willing to take a QB top 15 this year, in this mock the jets get aggressive and Cleveland is patient.

    • Misfit74

      I think the Saints would take Foster early and CB later, provide they don’t flip 32 back to NE for CB Butler as is being reported as likely.

  26. dumbquestions

    It’s not gonna happen. Rob’s post on Bolles reminds me of what he said about Joel Bitonio in 2014:

    He had a point then, and he has a point now. The idea made sense then. It makes more sense in hindsight. Yet the Hawks didn’t draft Bitonio that year. They traded down and went for Paul Richardson, and their second pick that year was Justin Britt.

    The odds are worse in 2017. I just don’t think Bolles will be available, barring an unexpected Richard Sherman trade. I see the math in the scenarios where Bolles somehow falls a bit, but I also see (as Rob notes) Cincy, having just lost their best guy, and Indy, needing to protect Andrew Luck before JJ Watt and Clowney remove his spleen. For those teams, and others, Bolles is too shiny and pretty to ignore in a draft where OL talent is scarce.

    It’s a defensive draft. Face it. That’s where the talent is. The Hawks are showing in FA that they want to get back to running to ease the pressure on RW. But they also need to re-seed the D, which regressed in ’16. I’m hoping for TJ Watt, who looks like the ideal pick.

    • Old but Slow

      Well stated. It is just so hard to find what the teams will do because they are smartly closed mouthed about how they have players ranked, and so the sports writers need to speculate and look for the expertise of the draft gurus that show up on TV.

      This will be, if the bridge don’t fail, a primarily defense draft for the Seahawks. I will be shocked if we take an offensive player in the first round unless it is Bolles.

      Watt would be great, as he is a likely success, and at a position of need. But, this front office can get a crank on sometimes where they come up with….Irvin? Of course, because they are smarter than we are, they are often right, as in: Irvin. I can no longer anticipate this team’s picks, maybe I am just too old.

    • Overtime

      I am confused about your comparison of Bolles to Bitonio and Britt. In 2014, we moved back and selected Britt in the 2nd round along with Richardson. Britt has become a Pro Bowl caliber center. Bitonio has been injured the last two years and is viewed as something of a disappointment to this point. Richardson is another one that tilts the field when healthy. So, I would have to conclude the move back strategy in 2014 was the better move.

      The Hawks look for players that tilt the field even when they have a glaring position of need. They plug the holes with bargain, free agents. I am usually pounding the drum for an O Linemen in the draft but it is difficult to get excited about any of this years top offensive line prospects. There are field tilting players on defense. As in 2014, the more of those we sign, even if they come in the second round, the better the team will be.

      • dumbquestions

        OT, I agree with you. Maybe I was too oblique.

        1. In 2014, Bitonio was perceived as a potentially solid choice for Seattle late in round 1.
        2. Instead, Seattle moved down and took Richardson and Britt.
        3. In 2017 (theoretically), Bolles presents a potentially solid choice for Seattle late in round 1.
        4. I expect something similar to happen if Bolles is available late in round 1, and I think that approach will be OK.

  27. RWIII

    Matt: I am not saying that the Hawks will not trade down if all three Obi, Watt and King are still on the board. I am just saying I wouldn’t do it. To me Melifonwu and Watt are fantastic. According to Rob, Obi’s has great instincts. Rob has a video of Melifonwu. His closing speed reminds me of Earl Thomas . But Melifonwu is 6’4. ET is only 5’10. Melifonwu the ability to read the QB and also the speed to close. Plus Daniel Jeremiah said he was surprised when he played cornerback at the Senior Bowl. Melifonwu can play multiple positions in the secondary. Those players don’t grow on trees. Watt in my opinion could be ad good ad Clay Matthews. Maybe even better. Watt’s numbers were comparable to Oakland’s Khalil Mack. Watt has a passion for football the way I have a passion for tennis. If I am not playing tennis I am watching video or I am practicing or working out in the gym. I am doing everything I can to improve my game. Watt is going to do everything possible to be the best player possible. I am not willing to lose one of those two players for a 4th or even a 3rd round pick. Last year Seattle took Prosise, Vannett and Odiambo in 3rd round. I am not willing to lose Watt,Melifonwu just to take an extra player.

  28. peter


    I went back to your Pete Carroll post season notes and was wondering how your thoughts have shifted about needing competition for Wagner/Wright, or at least finding a LB to spell them and limit their snaps may have shifted?

    TJ Watt has a special athletic profile and as most of this board believes “you can’t have enough edge rushers.” But for all the talk about what happens as Kam ages, Earl and his future, talk seems pretty quiet about what happens if either of those players have an injury. Personally I think both of those players are as important, especially Wagner as any member of the back field.

    Without specific athletic numbers from Foster or Davis it’s hard to project either and I think you feel both will be gone before Seattle picks anyways. Are there mid round LB’s that you like? You’ve mentioned Anzalone. Is there anyone else to monitor who could be a good MLB?

    • Rob Staton

      My thoughts are pretty similar to what they were at the time. That ultimately we’ll see a corner and a linebacker drafted in the first three rounds. They have addressed the O-line with two free agent and could add another before the draft.

      They might see Watt as very versatile, a possible WILL and SAM for example. Ditto Bowser. Aside from Anzalone they could focus on Vince Biegel or Zach Cunningham or Jarrad Davis or Elijah Lee a host of other names. Might take one early and another later on. I think the most likely pick in round one is a DB considering the extreme strength available at that position but wouldn’t rule out Watt, Bowser. Also wouldn’t rule out Reddick and Bolles completely but they likely go top-15.

  29. BHarKnows

    Something I’ve been wondering. What would you think about about trading next year’s first rounder for a high second and maybe a 4th this year? Allows us to restock in a good year. Thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      Very much against the idea. Look at Dallas in 2015. Went from a contender to a four win team in a flash because of an injury to the QB. They ended up picking fourth overall the following year and getting Zeke.

      I’d only trade a R1 pick once I knew it’s value personally.

      • Hawk Eye

        Seattle trade a #2 once for a future #1
        that turned into Earl Thomas,
        Should not trade a little for today for a lot tomorrow

  30. Ed

    Hoping for OL (Bolles/Robinson/Ramzyck/Lamp) and QB (Watson/Trubisky/Kizer/Mahomes) to all rise by draft day so the Hawks have the opportunity to get Reddick/Obi/King or trade back a little and still get Watt/Davis.

  31. Sea Mode

    Hey all, just came across a new highlights channel on YouTube: LaManna Highlights. They’ve only been going for 2 mos. now, but are pretty good. The latest two videos are my hopes for the Seahawks in R1 + R2 (trading up): Obi Melifonwu and Evan Engram.

    Here’s Engram’s:

    The hands, the body control, the speed, willingness as a blocker. Teams are gonna need an Obi Melifonwu to cover this guy… oh, wait… too bad cause the Hawks drafted him too… 😉

    • Sea Mode

      And check out his story. The Hawks are gonna love this guy’s personality too:

      • RWIII

        Would like to have Evan Engram. But there are a lot of players I would like to have.

      • RWIII

        BTW : The way both Watt /Melifonwu are flying up the charts not sure either one will still be on the board at 26.

        • Sea Mode

          Possible, of course, but I feel fairly confident Melifonwu will be there. And if both those guys were to get pushed up, there is going to be another really good player available that we weren’t expecting. So it’s a win-win I think.

          I like what Watt brings to the table and can only imagine he will get better with more experience at the LB position, but I tend to think Seattle will continue to lean towards the 4-2-5 defense moving forward, as was already the case last year. That scheme fit and versatility, along with the unique athlete he is, is why I think Melifonwu will be Seattle’s pick in R1.

          Imagine what we can do with him. Since he has speed, we can drop him back pre-snap and sneak Kam up into the box or allow Earl to play robber, which he excels at but normally can’t do because of his responsibilities over the top. Obi can line up outside, in the slot, at SAM here and there, at SS, and at FS.

          He’s not a perfect prospect, but he is pretty much a perfect Seahawks prospect.

          • RWIII

            Sea Mode. You are absolutely right about Melifonwu. Opposing offenses will have NO IDEA what Seattle wants to. Running a 4-2-5 defense really gives opposing offenses more to think about. Running a 4-2-5 defense gives your defense more options.

            The Hawks could go Melifonwu in the first round. Go edge rusher/cornerback in the 2nd round. Then depending what they did in the 2nd round go for either an edge rusher/cornerback one of their 3rd round picks.

          • Misfit74

            All great reasons for Obi.

            Just as a counterpoint, if we don’t have our CB2 (outide) spot locked down we my struggle. Hopefully if we went Obi over King, we’d be able to land a CB like Witherspoon to pair up with him in that 4-2-5. We are so seemingly thin at DB, it makes me wonder how we can afford the luxury of a LB round 1. Yes, we could play 4-3-4 more in that case, but I’d lean the former. Our penchant for developing guys in roster and drafting CBs 4th rnd onward does count for a lot though. It’s just not crystal clear right now. I like Baker a lot, too.

            • Del tre

              Taking Witherspoon in the second would be just as good as King in the first in my opinion. King struggles in press while Witherspoon can press off the line and he reminds me of Richard Sherman in coverage, on his mans hip at all times. I also see Witherspoons capabilities to cover comeback routes, something i don’t see from Sherman or King. I like Obi in round 1 and Witherspoon in round 2 then a CB later on, theres athletic depth in the LB class we could still get a guy for competition.

              • Sea Mode

                There is a lot to like about Witherspoon’s coverage, as well as a lot to dislike about his tackling. I’m not sure I would be on board with the pick before R3.

                Also, I just have this hunch that one of the guys on the roster is ready to step up and start at CB2. So CB might just be a R6-R7/UDFA pickup this time around. We’ll see.

                • Rob Staton

                  I think considering how good this CB class is in the first three rounds and Carroll’s statement that they would address the position in the draft is a big indicator that they won’t wait that long to address it. R1-3, I think every team in the league has to plan to take a corner. It’s that deep.

                • Del tre

                  That’d be interesting, and i didn’t mean to sound negative on King i think he has high athletic upside and good coverage abilities. I think Witherspoons tackling issues are a bit exagerated. I’ve watched through a bit of his tape and his isn’t scared to sniff out the screen or make the tackle. Sometimes he can be a bit overconfident and i see the QB sneak the ball past him when he is trying to make a highlight play rather than the sure thing. Personally i think Witherspoons press capabilities and coverage outways any tackling issues he might have. Plus it frees us up to take Obi or Watt in round 1 which i prefer to King in the first.
                  I have a sneaky suspicion Elliot will be starting at CB #2 early in the year but I’m not sure he won’t lose his spot to someone we draft. I would love to snag a udfa star like Chris Harris Jr but i doubt the team is banking on it. But I’m also all ears if you have any prospects because i love to watch tape on defensive backs.
                  I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Lane dealt in the offseason. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Thorpe gone. This is the kind of year that could make the LOB last a long time but could also mean saying goodbye to some guys we all like.

                  • peter

                    I’ve come around a lot on Witherspoon and his tackling issues may very well be exaggerated. For me he just doesn’t have any enough tackles to really make an opinion about. He averaged less than two tackles a game last season.

                    In games vs. Stanford he looks good all around. Against UW he does great against John Ross but also turns sure stops into big plays by leading with his head down, arms not out, and letting the Player bounce around, or through him. I think he would be a great get by Seattle and my only real concern is how do you get so many pass break ups but so few INT’s? Not sure if that’s a skill that can be taught…..

              • Sea Mode

                Also, saw this article on Witherspoon today if anyone is interested:


                • Misfit74

                  Great link, thanks

                • Del tre

                  Awesome link! I saw that patience and it makes me wonder if it will help him in our system as part of the step kick technique is waiting until the WR makes his cut. I would love to see him combined with King being used in the same capacity Tharold Simon was.

                  • Del tre

                    Woops King would start and slide inside on 3rd down because of his freakish agility, Witherspoon would play Simons role.

    • D-OZ

      Certain past player’s jump out at me while watching their tape. When I watch Evan Ingram I see Shannon Sharp. He is going to be a very good NFL player. I think he has Pro Bowl potential, easily…

  32. Sea Mode


    Luke Willson (Seahawks), $1.8M, $800K signing bonus, $1M salary (gtd), $1M incentive

    9:06 AM – 19 Mar 2017

    • Sea Mode

      Tell me that’s not better value than this 2yr deal…:


      Jared Cook (Raiders) $10.6m, $5m gtd, salaries $2.5M (gtd), $5M; $2.5M 2017 gt roster bonus, $800K annual incentive, $300K workout bonus

      9:05 AM – 19 Mar 2017

      • Totem_Hawk

        Good move by the Seahawks.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The Raides had cap space to burn… and need a pass catching TE with history in the NFL. This doesn’t preclude them from draft a TE, but I think it is a very good pick-up on a decent deal.

    • Overtime

      With Jimmy Graham, Willson and Vannett all under contract, adding a TE in the draft seems less likely. Where would the snaps and roster spot come from for a rookie? We also have Cottom and Brandon Williams who contribute when given the chance. I like this years crop of TE’s. The only way I see the team adding a TE in the draft now is if they trade Graham for draft picks. That would be a NE Patriot type move.

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks for the thoughts. Engram is more of a “Joker” TE, who can line up at WR too and even HB. Some snaps he would take in his rookie year would come from Jermaine Kearse, as Engram is a better jump ball/red zone target than Kearse. The other snaps would be about creating mismatches. Put him inline and there are very few LBs fast enough to cover him and very few DB big enough to beat him in a box out/jump ball situation. He and Graham in the passing game would be a nightmare to deal with.

        Cottom is listed at TE, but I understand they transitioned him to FB before he was injured last year. Luke Willson just re-signed, but only on a 1-year deal. It would be completely normal to hedge your rookie with another player at his position. Jimmy Graham also only has 1 year left on his contract, although I expect him to be extended or tagged in 2018.

        Brandon Williams is a good blocker and ST contributor, but just doesn’t offer the receiving upside. I could see him getting released at the final 53 cuts in favor of Vannett, or Engram could simply take one of our depth WR spots.

        • Sea Mode

          And look what just popped up…


          Seahawks tight end Brandon Williams is headed to Indy for a visit with the Colts

          9:51 AM – 19 Mar 2017

          • Sea Mode


            Brandon Williams was a huge part of special teams last year. 335 special teams snaps second most on team.

            10:11 AM – 19 Mar 2017

        • Overtime

          I am pretty high on Nick Vannett. I see him getting a lot of snaps and targets this year. Hopefully, he pushes Willson off the roster.

      • cha

        But both Graham and Willson come off contract after 2017. Hard to imagine them going into the 2018 offseason with just Vannett in the plans. They could be talking with Graham right now and announce an extension this summer.

        Or they could dip into this rich class, and reason that carrying 4 TE’s on the roster at the expense of a WR spot is the way to go since Willson and Graham are more suited to not playing the traditional inline TE role.

  33. Sea Mode

    Love this quote from Jarrad Davis interview at combine. Dude is an absolute stud, as Rob mentioned again the other day:

    Ike Taylor:

    “When J.D. steps on that field, what’s his mentality?”

    Jarrad Davis:

    “See ball, kill ball. I ain’t trying to get you, I’m trying to take you out. You’ve got the rock, you’ve gotta give it up or you gotta pay a price.”

    Davis, Reddick, and Bolles are the only guys I would consider over Melifonwu in R1. Seems doubtful any of them will be there.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Oh my gawd that’s what I like to hear.

      And that’s some original shit to say

      No canned response “I want to play physical and play for the guys next to me”

      *Ray-Lewis alert*

      • Sea Mode

        Hey, Kenny.

        Yup, as Rob pointed out a couple days ago and I repeated below, this dude is for real. I was just gonna listen to a couple minutes of his interview, but ended up listening to the whole 14 min because it was just so refreshing to listen to a man talk football so passionately and transparently like he does.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Oh my gawd that’s what I like to hear.

      And that’s some original shit to say

      No canned response “I want to play physical and play for the guys next to me”

      *Ray-Lewis alert*

    • Rob Staton

      His combine press conference was outstanding too.

    • Ishmael

      He’s the dude I really want. I’d almost take him over Reddick tbh. He’s just a stud – in that Jamaal Adams mould. Lion in a pack of dogs kinda guy.

      • Ishmael

        I’m seeing people talking about taking him in third… Genuinely have no idea what sort of tape they’re watching, unless he breaks both his legs and confesses to an affair with the GMs wife there is no way he lasts to the third.

      • Josh

        Wouldn’t mind at all an Obi Rd 1 and Davis Rd 2 start to the draft.

        • peter

          It would be pretty awesome. Probably my favorite combo if not totally possible…

  34. Sea Mode

    Man, Jarrad Davis is so real in his interviews. Said that’s how he approaches meetings with teams: just goes in to be himself. (He also mentioned the whole contingent was on hand when he met with Miami…)

    Here’s a quote talking about Alex Anzalone at the combine:


    “What was your relationship and kind of dynamic like with Alex?”


    “It was great, man, it was great, you know. That’s a guy that, right there, that I found out a lot about this year. And when teams ask me who would I bring from my team, it’s always him, you know, it’s always him. That bond we built off the field, these past four years, especially this year, and put it on the field this year the way we did, man. That’s unmatched, man, that’s unmatched.

    • Rob Staton

      Davis is a grown man for sure. Best interview I’ve watched in this draft class, best I’ve seen in a long time.

      • Sea Mode

        I second that without a moment’s hesitation.

  35. RWIII

    A player I am really warming up to us Adam Bisnowaty. He is a NASTY TACKLE from Pittsburgh. This guy plays with toughness. Because of his intense love for the game he would give this.offensive line EXACTLY what they need. ATTITUDE. Bisnowaty would be a steal if the Hawks could land him in the third round.

    • Robertlas vegas

      Plus I think although I could be wrong he Adam B has some wrestling background and we know to Tom cable loves remember Justin britt

  36. FresnoHawk

    2nd round is where Seahawks need to pounce! I’ve watched CB King play & I don’t think he is aggressive enough in the run game. Bugs me watching him stand there while team mates bring down runner! If we get 3 good picks including D Line QB pressure that is the final missing piece to front 4 we need to trade Sherman!

    • drewdawg11

      Are you talking about KEVIN King from UW? Run support is seriously one of his strengths. Maybe Desmond king from Iowa?

    • HawkTalker #1

      Trade Sherman, not likely . . . Similar reasoning as Graham, how are you going to replace that talent if he is gone? With a rookie? Doubtful.

      • FresnoHawk

        Sherman is not a good mentor 2nd his out burst hurt the team & 3rd his salary is too high for Seahawk defense & culture. We won’t immediately replace Sherman but if we improve the front 7 we can still win the Super Bowl with above average corner play.
        It only makes sense if we get multiple high draft picks.
        Kevin King may be a good tackler But his effort is weak & he lets others do the tackling.

        • Jesse James

          Your assessment of King is far off, look at his most recent game tape particularly against Alabama and he routinely helps in the run game and even laid some nice hits on Scarborough who is a tank. As for Sherman not being a mentor that’s a false assessment well, go look back at interviews with Maxwell, Browner, Simon, Shead and so on and they all preach how Richard has helped them have a better understanding of how to play in the system

  37. BobbyK

    I am not 100% against trading Sherman if he is, in fact, a detriment to the team behind closed doors – as we saw traces of this past season. As Rob has said, the fact that the Seahawks have not come out and denied anything is telling, too.

    However, if we trade Sherman – this is what we lose:

    The best CB in the NFL. Or certainly top three. A generational player who will probably be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and still in the prime of his career.

    No sexy, exciting looking rookie like King or Humphrey will join the Seahawks in 2017 and play at the level Sherman would have. It’s not going to happen, unless one lives in fantasy land. It’s not realistic.

    It’s always fun to say to “dump” this player and a newcomer is exciting to replace them, but people need to be careful what they wish for. I remember people saying Lynch wasn’t as important as he was. We learned. I remember people saying Byron Maxwell could be easily replaced because we “always” develop late round CBs. We’ve seen that well has dried. As much as some of us hated on the OL with Carp at LG and Breno at RT – it could and did get worse.

    Be careful what you wish for if you’re hoping Sherman gets dealt.

    The more I think of it, the more I’d want to trade a 3 for the return of Maxwell if we could get a 1 & 3 for Sherman. We can’t go into ’17 with two black holes at CB, as we already have one too many.

    • FresnoHawk

      We have future cap issues & FA issues trading Sherman fixes all that. We don’t need FA if we did we would be signing multi year FA.

      • BobbyK

        By that “logic,” the Texans should dump JJ Watt, the Cowboys should dump Dez Bryant, the Broncos should dump Von Miller, and the Seahawks should also dump Earl Thomas. More cap space for all!

  38. Sea Mode


    Ricky Jean Francois Meeting With Bears Ends Without Deal, Will Visit Seahawks Next

    2:53 PM – 19 Mar 2017

    • nichansen01

      I really want Seattle to sign this guy.

      • Dlep

        Looks like it happened

  39. Sea Mode

    Our guy Jeremy Cutrer put up some ok numbers at Pro Day. 40 was good, but vert would be bottom 5 among CBs at combine, and broad would be middle of the pack. Wish we could have gotten official height/weight and arm length:

    “In front of a crowd of scouts that included three general managers — Bob Quinn of the Detroit Lions, Jerry Reese of the New York Giants and Tennessee’s Jon Robinson, as well as Titans’ head coach Mike Mularkey — Cutrer stole the spotlight from two prospects from Tennessee State who were invited to the Combine, guard Jessamen Dunker and fellow cornerback Ezra Robinson.

    Officially listed by Middle Tennessee State at 6-foot-2, 170 pounds. Cutrer looked “noticeably thicker in his upper body than on tape” and was clocked at 4.52 seconds in the 40-yard dash with a 10-2 broad jump and 32-inch vertical jump, according to a source on the scene. Cutrer’s agility and closing speed were apparent during positional drills.”

    Pauline wrote:

    “First the back story — the MTSU and Tennessee State pro day was held in unison at the Tennessee State indoor facility. The weather in that area of Tennessee was bad Friday with a lot of rain, and MTSU does not have an indoor facility.

    I’ve been told by several people that the field turf at the indoor facility is terrible and players have been slipping all over the place.

    Cutrer’s times ranged from the mid-to-high 4.4s. There was a stopwatch or two which read 4.50.

    The Tennessee Titans ran the workout, and afterwards Cutrer met with the New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals.”

    The New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Bucs, Buffalo Bills, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals are also on hand.

    Luke Easterling of The Draft Wire tweeted:


    4.49 from Jeremy Cutrer today at #MTSU pro day. At 6-2 w/some added bulk, he’ll be the steal of the draft at CB.

    11:47 AM – 17 Mar 2017

  40. Derron James

    Seahawks have a visit scheduled with Xavier Coleman out of Portland St, in case if you didn’t know.

  41. HawkTalker #1

    Anyone keeping a running total of our cap space and how much we have left?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Looks like it’s around d $12-$13 million

      • Ed

        Is that after this weekends signings?

  42. peter


    piggy backing off of what I was bringing up before about looking for inside help or a player who could conceivably limit snaps for Wright and Wagner I’ve gone back to one of your old articles and thought that I might have missed something:

    Zach Cunningham. When you were breaking down the physical traits of Bowser and Watt it dawned on me that Zach cunningham was listed at good to near elite for comparison sake on nearly evey category. And more importantly squarely between Wagner and Wright for everything. I now I’ve been harsh on him for some game tape but the more I watched the more it felt to me that he was doing almost everything for his team.

    Granted he doesn’t have the sack stats, but he plays inside. He does however have great production and good TFL’s.

    I know a SAM would be a great get for the team. I’ve been wrestiling however with Watt being an almost first round lock and if Seattle took him I actually feel that even in this deep DB class the strength drops faster then many initially think. Meaning for me I’d like to see King or Obi, just a bit more then Watt (who I like) but one of the three means you miss out on the others. I don’t have any good solutions for EDGE/SAM but I still thin Seattle needs someone who can not lose a step with the absence of Wagner/Wright. How he sees the field right away, I’m not sure. But when I look at his numbers and his TFL’s I wonder how he would do as a SAM with a bit more weight on being tasked to primarily rush but also cover slants and TE’s.

    • FresnoHawk

      I think we have our SAM already on the Roster! Multi position LB makes sense, WR, TE, QB, guard bigger need than SAM.

      • peter

        Carrol said CB/OL/LB were the teams biggest needs this off season. The signing of Arthur Brown is just insurance, depth, typical offseason roster churn.

        I think Watt could be excellent in that spot, but Seattle has really struggled with that spot this last year trying to find someone who can both rush the passer and play in coverage. Maybe they don’t need a player like that to be succesful..

    • Rob Staton

      Cunningham is definitely an option

  43. Coleslaw

    We have $14.75M cap space left. I’d love to see a few things
    -Extend Justin Britt (8M extra against cap) 6.75M left
    – Extend Kam (3M extra loaded up front) 3.75M left
    -Sign Breno Giacomini (1M extra) 2.75M left
    Go into next off-season with about 25M again. Will have to resign a few guys but shouldn’t be a problem

    • FresnoHawk

      We need to extend contracts of core players next year!

    • EranUngar

      hmmm….and then we have a rookie class to pay for….and IR….so we are a few M short….

      P.S. – extanding Britt will have minor effect on the 2017 cap, only the relative part of his signing bonus.

  44. EranUngar

    The more I read and learn, this draft will be won/lost in the 2nd round.

    There are enough candidates for a 1st round pick that will be available at the end of the first. Even if none of the big names falls (Reddick, Bolles, Davis etc.), we’ll have a few key options available (Obi, King, Watt Bowser etc.). We may even have enough of them to justify a safe trade back.

    This draft class is so deep that we will also find great value at the end of the 3rd (Anzalone, Duglas, Luani etc.).

    The make or break is in the 2nd round. Some of the possible candidates for end of the 1st round will drop into the 2nd round. This class is just too deep with talent. However, they may not last until the end of the 2nd. This is where the draft strategy will play a major role.

    If they believe that one of those guys may still be available late in the 2nd, they will hold and protect the later picks. If the picking gets slim they will need to trade up to get tat 2nd guy.

    They can trade up using one of the 3rd round picks and lose a worthy pick or in a best case scenario, they trade back in the first and trade up in the 2nd using the acquired pick.

    This draft is also an outstanding TE class. While we do not need immediate help at that position, we may need it next year (Graham & Willson are ending their contracts). I would feel disappointed if we do not use this TE class to add a 4th TE. (Kittle???)

    • Rob Staton

      I agree, round two is the key this year.

    • peter

      I’m interested in the 3rd round quite a bit this year. Fascinated really to see how Seattle uses a great chance to grab some talent that no one yet can make out draftable value: Luani, Asiata, Moton maybe. Does a Witherspoon fall to the third? Rasul Douglas? Just seems like great players almost 1-45 then a bit of a change of caliber that stays level form the mid 2nd through the whole third. (for me)

      • Frans Geraedts

        Peter, ungar, rob,

        I concur. Its why i think trading down is essential. Ideally i would like to see 2 picks in the second and 4 or 5 in the third round. And i wouldnt mind them all to go on the defense..with maybe 1 wildcard if a te or receiver or ol falls deep.
        I think our free agency dealings this year (that i think are still underestimated in their value for the team…young, cheap, with upside ..many of them probably players they rated in the original draft but missed out on) has positioned us perfectly for this draft.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I would say that with the amount of defensive talent on the board , the first two rounds are slam dunks in choices. The critical phase is round 3 with Seahawks late 3 picks. Can they add players who will be productive starters? Past performance suggests that these are difficult rounds for the Seahawks.

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