My first horizontal board for the 2024 NFL draft

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The point of the horizontal board

The internet is full of mock drafts and ‘top-30’ lists, where players are just stacked one after another. You learn very little about positional strength or where you can target certain positions. Rather than have 25, 30 or 50 names written in list form I’ve spent the last few months studying 164 players that are included on this board. I’m yet to watch every player because I do this in my free time. New names will be added in the coming weeks — in particular after the Senior Bowl and combine. I’ll also continue to review the board and make changes between now and April.

How good is this draft class?

I’ve adjusted the top two tiers and they’re now ‘blue chip’ for the top group and ‘players I’d take in round one’ in the second. I think this is a better way of doing things and will help me establish the small amount of ‘elite’ players vs players I’d happily take in round one.

Currently I have three blue chip players and a further 17 I’d be prepared to take in round one. I have a further 31 players with second round grades. That means, within the first two rounds, I have 51 players graded for 64 picks. That might be one of the reasons why the Seahawks were willing to trade away their second rounder in 2024. If they felt they wouldn’t find value in the bottom third of the second frame (a realistic projection for their pick when they beat the Browns and moved to 5-2) then it could’ve been one of the things that encouraged them to part with the pick for Leonard Williams.

The chances are the Seahawks will be in range to select a player in the first round that they view as worthy of a first round grade. If they win 8-9 games this season, they might’ve felt less comfortable with their options in round two.

What are the deepest positions?

Even with a number of quarterbacks opting not to turn pro and head for the transfer portal (more on that later), there are still a reasonable number of players available through the first four rounds. If you need to invest in a QB, you will be able to do it within this class.

It’s a good looking offensive line group. I have nine offensive tackles graded in the first two rounds, five guards and four centers.

As is normal, there’s a decent list of receivers turning pro. While there aren’t any first round types after Jer’Zhan Newton, it’s a deep group of defensive tackles and there could be some reasonable mid-round options at the position.

Which positions are weak in this class?

This isn’t the year if you need a dynamic edge rusher, the numbers simply aren’t there. It’s not great (again) at tight end or safety.

Notes on the blue chip players

Caleb Williams is a special talent and will be the #1 pick next year. Pair him with the right coach and he could be an incredible pro-quarterback. I’m not worried about the losses for USC this year or the fact he’s been a bit emotional at times as the season spiralled. For some reason, when a player has been in the spotlight for so long people feel the need to try and pick holes. This is all you need to know. Williams is supremely talented. The rest of USC’s roster is flawed. He has the potential for greatness. Draft him, put him with the right supporting cast and with the right coach and enjoy the ride.

Marvin Harrison Jr will be a #1 receiver very quickly in his career. He is virtually a flawless prospect and as close to a sure-thing as you’ll ever see for the next level.

Brock Bowers can be a dynamic modern-day weapon and provide X-factor value as a ‘big slot’. He and Harrison Jr are expected to test brilliantly, which will only confirm their position as blue-chip players.

Notes on the first round prospects (non-quarterbacks)

I’m told Rome Odunze can run a 4.3 so when you pair that with outstanding body control, reliable hands, excellent ball-tracking and A+ character — there’s a great chance he will go in the top-10. Malik Nabers just has it. I’m not really bothered what he runs. He has a great feel for his routes, he’s shifty and aggressive with the ball in his hands, he can separate downfield and I just get a sense that he could be an excellent player very quickly. Despite being so big there’s talk of Xavier Legette running in the 4.3’s. He’s a playmaking machine capable of getting downfield or taking a short pass the distance with blazing YAC.

Tyler Guyton and Taliese Fuagu were both ‘wow’ players when I watched them on tape. Guyton is big, highly athletic and does everything to a high standard. Fuagu is an absolute brute-force blocker and will set the tone at right tackle for whoever drafts him. Olumuyiwa Fashanu looks the part and has excellent upside but I just think he needs to work out some technical flaws to live up to his billing. Amarius Mims is a massive tackle with a freakishly athletic frame with minimal body-fat for his size. He looks like a first round tackle and has played like it since returning from injury. JC Latham has outstanding recovery skills and agility for a man his size and his ability to mirror is worthy of first round consideration.

Troy Fautanu reminds me of Alijah Vera-Tucker and while his frame will dictate a shift inside to guard, he’ll be a plug-and-play type and a possible top-25 pick.

Laiatu Latu and Jer’Zhan Newton are the top two defensive players in tier two. Latu’s hand-usage combined with his agility, quickness, motor and ability to shake off blocks and finish has made him a terror off the edge and the best pound-for-pound defensive end in this draft class. Teams will want to check out the injury that almost saw his career ended when he was at Washington. Newton is a legit game-wrecker from the interior. He combines first-step quickness with great hand-use, power, suddenness and he lives in the backfield.

Chop Robinson’s production is nowhere close to Latu’s but he has extreme athletic potential and should test very well. He’s a player whose best football feels like it’s ahead of him. I’m told Bralen Trice can run a short shuttle in the 4.20’s at 270lbs. In recent weeks he has played fantastically well, stacking up pressures and sacks.

Notes on the second-tier quarterbacks

I like Drake Maye and it’s frustrating that my grade describing him as a non-blue chip player feels like a criticism. It isn’t. He’s just not quite as good as everyone makes out. He has excellent size, a decent arm, he can improvise and make crazy throws from difficult angles on the run and he has more big time throws (36) in college football than anyone else. However, he also takes a lot of risks and has had too many turnovers. For a player so highly rated in the media, he only has 24 passing touchdowns and nine interceptions this year. Maye struggled for stretches against Clemson and Miami and Spencer Rattler was the better performer in week one when he faced South Carolina. He hasn’t elevated North Carolina and they’ve had some ugly results recently. I think teams will love his character, size and potential and he will go very early but talk of him going before Williams is too much.

Spencer Rattler is wildly underrated. He has matured greatly as a player and person at South Carolina. He no longer throws wildly into double or triple coverage, just trusting his arm as he did at Oklahoma. He plays within structure, operates well despite constant duress and has shown next-level talent on a weekly basis. He has a great arm and can throw layered passes from all sorts of angles. The torque he generates throwing on the run, not to mention his placement/accuracy, is impressive. His footwork can be subtle and deliberate to create time to let throwing lanes emerge and his release is extremely quick when he wants to pull the trigger.

In every game you see legit, NFL throws. You don’t see other more talked about quarterbacks in this class operate in a NFL environment. In other systems there are lots of high-percentage throws, half-field reads, minimal pressure and pitch-and-catch in a comfortable environment. Rattler at South Carolina has faced the same kind of challenges he will face at the next level, playing within an offense that carries some pro-terminology and he has produced.

See these handful of clips below for evidence. All of these throws are translatable:

What do you see on that video? Accurate 50+ yard throws off-balance as he’s about to be hit, subtle footwork in the pocket to create a passing lane for a layered throw over the middle, red-zone brilliance in the face of pressure, the ability to attack opponents downfield from an unclean pocket and a throw across his body, on the run, down the sideline, 37-yards downfield, hitting a receiver perfectly in stride. These are NFL throws.

He’s also a better athlete than people realise and he can make gains with his legs and be a threat as a runner. He’s been sacked 3.7 times a game — eighth most in college football — and faced constant pressure (185 total pressures, third most). Despite this, he regularly delivered pro-level passes with defenders breathing down his neck. He also only had 11 turnover-worthy plays, the same number as Drake Maye — the 79th most in college football. It speaks to how he has transformed his game, has not forced things and has remained composed in the pocket.

Further to this, his adjusted completion percentage (the percentage of aimed passes thrown on target) is 79.6% — eighth most in the NCAA. That’s only one place behind Heisman front-runner Jayden Daniels (79.9%), despite all of the pressure Rattler has faced.

Five wins might not seem much but South Carolina’s team is in development and transition. For me he deserves first round consideration and has finally delivered on the potential that had him talked about as a possible top-five pick at Oklahoma. He is naturally gifted in a way few are. The way he threw a football in High School frankly has to be seen to be believed. Now that he has matured and gained a better concept of what it takes to perform at a certain level, the sky’s the limit.

Quinn Ewers has had some erratic turnovers in his two years as a starter at Texas. He’s also had injuries. However, he is a naturally gifted quarterback with the talent and potential to be one of the best in the NFL. His throwing technique is first rate. Ewers has a rare ability to generate great velocity with a flick of the wrist but he can also throw with ideal touch to all levels. His deep-passes have improved this year and he’s a good athlete who throws well on the run. Ewers had the most impressive win of any QB this year at Alabama — where he led several key drives and threw layered passes with anticipation and accuracy. His background with Steve Sarkisian is a major plus and if he turns pro, don’t be surprised if the NFL rates him far higher than people on the outside. He has as much natural talent as anyone you’ll see — it just needs to be harnessed. The feeling within league circles is that he was always destined to be a three-and-out player in college with rare skill on a trajectory to get to the league quickly. We’ll see if he decides to stay in school or turn pro but don’t be shocked if, come next spring, you see him being mocked as a very high pick — even if he’s so far shown not to be the complete finished article in college.

I’m convinced Rattler and Ewers will be far more highly rated by NFL scouts than draft media. They have both shown immense talent and skill while displaying NFL caliber throws in NFL environments. This matters.

Jayden Daniels has just got better and better as the year’s gone on. He struggled against Florida State in week one but since then, he’s surely taken over the Heisman race with a number of exceptional performances. Nobody has improved his draft stock more than Daniels and he can justifiably be drafted in round one based on what we’re seeing this season. Yes, he does have a tendency to ‘one-read-and-run’ as we’ve highlighted many times. However, as a runner he is so incredibly elusive and explosive and he complements this with a brilliant deep-ball — challenging opponents vertically with his arm while forcing them to constantly consider containing his legs. The more I’ve studied Daniels (I’ve now watched all of his 2023 games) I’ve seen enough examples of him making progressions to feel comfortable that this can become a bigger part of his game. There have also been many flashes of truly exceptional playmaking. He’s third among quarterbacks for ‘big time throws’ (29), his ‘big time throw’ percentage is fourth in the NCAA (8.4% of all throws). His deep-ball is accurate, he has a strong arm and he can really stretch a defense.

I think with Daniels we are seeing a player who you can make a plan for at the next level. You make the most of his running and the deep pass, work-in an effective play-action and boot game and you could be left with someone who can lead your team. He is an exciting talent who can create, improvise and make the improbable happen. While you’ll need a plan for him, as we’ve seen with the Eagles and Jalen Hurts, it’s possible to turn talented and dynamic players into very effective NFL quarterbacks.

Why do you have Bo Nix, Michael Penix Jr and JJ McCarthy in round three?

I’ve watched a lot of Nix and Penix Jr. This is going to upset a lot of people but Nix reminds me of Taysom Hill. He throws like Hill, moves around like Hill and has a similar body-type. I do think he has plenty more throwing talent and a better arm — but the way he delivers a football, to me, is uncanny with Hill’s delivery and the way the ball comes out. I don’t think Hill can throw passes across his body in the way Nix did against Oregon State, or necessarily execute the Oregon offense with the same level of ultra effectiveness. Even so, Hill is the player that came to mind while watching Nix throw.

I do think a lot of his success with Oregon is scheme dependant. He’s been sacked 0.5 times a game this year — and of all his six sacks, arguably only one is down to poor play from the offensive line (eg — on one he scrambled and ran out of play for a short loss). He’s only faced 66 pressures — compare that to Spencer Rattler’s 185. Oregon has PFF’s best pass-blocking grade (90.5) in the NCAA.

For most of the year he’s been tasked with getting the ball out immediately within a short, high-percentage passing game. There are endless throws into the flat, wide receiver screens and dump-offs. They’re so effective with it, they can then hit you downfield when you’re vulnerable. It speaks volumes that Oregon have been consistently productive on offense and scored a bunch of points — yet Nix only has 16 ‘big-time throw’s according to PFF, 49th most among quarterbacks. Oregon operates like a well-oiled machine but it’s very much a user-friendly machine. Very little of the passing game translates and it makes for a difficult projection. We simply don’t see much tape where you go ‘I can see Nix doing that in the NFL’.

He isn’t asked to sit in the pocket and make many progressions. I can bring up plays where Rattler, Daniels, Ewers and Maye throw perfect passes just as they’re about to get levelled by a defender. I can see proper improvisation and needing to come off initial targets from Rattler and Ewers. With Nix (and to a lesser extent Penix) — it’s been like watching pitch-and-catch for most of the year. There are so few throws that you can use to form an opinion about his NFL prospects. Then you see spectacular plays against Oregon State and it catches your attention. It’s plausible that Nix’s physical quality could mean in time he becomes a legit NFL starter. I wouldn’t rule it out, especially if you get him in a system which features a quick-game. Yet it’s difficult to project him higher than round three when there’s so little evidence of translatable tape. Let’s be right here, being given a third-round grade isn’t ‘bad’ either. I can think of one very talented and successful third round quarterback.

When he did face strong SEC opponents and pressure at Auburn, he struggled. I appreciate that he has probably developed as a player since then and is benefitting from a superior environment. It’s a major positive for him that he’s turned his career around at Oregon — but it’s unlikely he’ll get such an inviting, supportive and user-friendly environment/offense at the next level as he’s found in Oregon.

We’ve spent a ton of time discussing Penix Jr but I have to admit I’m increasingly concerned for his stock. His completion percentage of just 58.8% in the last seven games is a severe regression from the 74.9% mark he had in the first five games. We’ve seen his PFF grade similarly regress from 89.9 to 71.5 in that same period. As the pressure has increased (6.6 pressure per game through five weeks, followed by 10.7 per game since) his accuracy has suffered. He’s thrown wildly at times, appearing to throw to areas based on pre-snap instructions rather than placing his throws and reading the defense.

His technique requires him to put his body into passes and this will be a concern at the next level when he faces a lot of pressure and will need to be decisive with his reads and get the ball out quickly. Although the pressure he’s faced has increased in recent weeks, he too plays a lot of pitch-and-catch to multiple NFL receivers behind an O-line featuring a top-25 pick at left tackle. At times it’s felt like he could throw it to Rome Odunze any time he’s 1v1 and the brilliant receiver will make a play. His injury history also warrants consideration as does the fact he’s a lefty. I was recently educated by a source on how this impacts your offense — not just blocking but the way receivers have to adjust to catching passes from a left-handed thrower. Everything is different and will take time.

That said, Penix Jr has arm talent for days and has consistently made ‘wow’ throws. The Washington State game was a rare occasion where he didn’t make an amazing, highlight-reel throw. Some of his passes have to be seen to be believed — driving into small windows across the field between defenders for example, touch passes to the deep-sideline or the throw on the run to his left against USC that was one of the plays of the season.

Because of this, he deserves a mid-round grade. You can’t write-off an arm as good as his. He’s also an underrated athlete, I discovered last week he can jump a 38-inch vertical. Yet the accuracy issues and other issues noted above mean that, for me, it’s only right to temper expectations over his stock. He’s a very solid day-two quarterback prospect and he will have a chance to make it in the NFL but he is not a first round pick on my board.

My thoughts on JJ McCarthy are going to be very similar to my thoughts on Drake Maye. Putting him in round three could seem ultra-critical because draft media is constantly talking him up as a first round talent. It isn’t fair on the player, in my opinion.

Michigan doesn’t ask much of McCarthy. In the recent win against Penn State, he only attempted eight passes. They are a running team with an extremely well-drilled defense. McCarthy essentially just has to be a facilitator at QB. In the last four games he’s thrown just one touchdown pass and one interception. His key role is to not lose the game. He also faces very little pressure — the Wolverines give up 1.2 sacks a game (14th best in college football) and they’ve only conceded 86 pressures.

He lacks great physical talent and I think he’d be best served returning to Michigan and working to get bigger/stronger. He’s a lean 6-3 and 202lbs. His throws lack the zip of others in this class. His accuracy at times has been iffy (he has a tendency to throw just high or wide). There’s very little in the way of the spectacular on tape.

On the positive front, he does his job well. He’s more mobile than you’d expect. He had one of the throws of the season against Ohio State, fitting a pass into an impossibly tight window. Yet I don’t see how anyone can watch Michigan and feel like they’re watching a first round quarterback in McCarthy.

Which quarterbacks are not on the board?

We’ve wondered how NIL’s will impact college football and the NFL and now we’re finding out. Veteran college QB’s are using their final years of eligibility to cash in. They’re being offered seven-figure sums to enter the transfer portal and switch teams. We’re essentially seeing free agency in college football.

You can’t blame the players. Unless you’re going in round one, you can earn more money playing one final season for a big programme than you will playing on a day three NFL contract with no long-term security. It’s understandable why going to play for Notre Dame, USC, Texas A&M, Florida State, Washington or another for around $1-2m carries appeal.

What it does mean, though, is the depth of the position for the draft has been wiped out for a second year in a row. Here are the names I’ve taken off the board because they’ve entered the transfer portal:

Cam Ward (Washington State)
Tyler Van Dyke (Miami)
Will Howard (Kansas State)
Will Rogers (Mississippi State)
Riley Leonard (Duke)
KJ Jefferson (Arkansas)
Grayson McCall (Coastal Carolina)
DJ Uiagalelei (Oregon State)

There have been rumours/talk of several others entering the portal, including Michael Pratt, KJ Jefferson and Taulia Tagovailoa. None of the three have confirmed, with Pratt accepting an invitation to the Senior Bowl.

Carson Beck (Georgia) also isn’t on the board. We’ll not know his plans until after the playoffs but I get the sense that unless he’s being told ‘first round’ by the draft committee that he won’t turn pro. I’ve studied him and I’m ready to add him to the board if he declares but for now I’ll assume he won’t

It’s the same situation with Brady Cook (Missouri). I’ve studied him but there’s no suggestion at this stage he will declare

Non-quarterbacks I’m not as high on as draft media

Kam Kinchens (S, Miami) — he can make plays in coverage and he has 11 picks in two seasons which can’t be ignored. Yet the Louisville game recently exposed issues elsewhere. He can fall asleep in coverage, he had a disastrous attempt at an open-field tackle by the sideline resulting in a whiff and a long winning touchdown for the opponent. He was destroyed by a stiff-arm from a tight end at one point too. For every positive play he provides, there are weaknesses for opponents to exploit. His coverage grade per PFF is only 62.1 and that passes the eye test. Plus, he’s given up 29 receptions from 36 targets (80.6% completions). I fear the 11 picks are a red-herring in terms of his stock. He’s also missed 10 tackles this season in 13 games.

Leonard Taylor (DT, Miami) — He had one sack all year (against 3-9 Temple), made very little impact in the way of splash plays and was virtually anonymous throughout the season. I thought he looked really poor towards the end of the year. Good athlete he might be and we’ll see if/when he tests. The production on the field, however, was minimal. I don’t get the talk of him going in the early rounds.

Dallas Turner (EDGE, Alabama) — To me, Turner feels like a typical Alabama edge rusher. There have been many over the years who don’t make an impact in the NFL. He’s small, doesn’t play with elite quickness and I think he could easily just be smothered at the next level. He’s about 240lbs but looks lighter. He only had two sacks in his final six games of the regular season. He finished strongly against Auburn with 10 pressures but I can’t get excited about him as a pro unless he can show freaky physical traits at the combine that you don’t really see on tape. As someone who wasn’t as high on Nakobe Dean and Nolan Smith — justifiably so given where they were taken — I sense Turner is being similarly overrated online.

Three players who feel like Seahawks

Zak Zinter (G, Michigan) — the more I watched of Zinter, the more I liked. Great size and length (+33 inch arms). Tough and physical, classical guard style and exactly what you’d expect from Michigan’s O-line. Exceptional pulling into space and hitting the target. Can move off blocks with ease and re-adjust. Has all the makings of a long-time, high-performing guard. His terrible injury against Ohio State is a real shame and it’s unclear what that means for the future. Frankly, with what he’s shown on tape, I’d take him anyway and redshirt him.

McKinley Jackson (DT, Mississippi State) — a physical force of nature, a huge, hulking defensive tackle who can both anchor and control but every now and again shows a blast of quickness or executes a nice spin-move to create pressure. He has been the vocal leader for Texas A&M and he’s a ‘chews glass’ type who will be prepared to go to war every week in the trenches. He has the kind of character and grit the Seahawks have increasingly sought.

Payton Wilson (LB, NC State) — the injury history with Wilson might impact his stock but there’s so much to like. He’s a former state-champion wrestler and lacrosse star who has been timed in the 4.4’s in the forty and 4.2’s in the short shuttle. He’s jumped a 35.5 inch vertical. He flies around the field like his life depends on it. Wilson gives everything in every game and crucially is able to drop into coverage, blitz with great effectiveness and play sideline-to-sideline. If he can stay healthy, the sky’s the limit for him.

Final thoughts

This is the first part of a long process. These grades are based on tape observation. Things could change after the College Football Playoffs and Championship games. Things will change after the Senior Bowl and combine. I’ll discover players I haven’t watched, review and reassess players I have watched. It’s taken months to build this board and I’ll be working on it all the way through until April.

These are my initial grades, so I ask that you bear that in mind.

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      Catalon’s injury history is unfortunate. What a player he was as a freshman.

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      I don’t know if he’ll declare, but I like Jaden Hicks out of WSU. A Kyle Hamilton style player, big enough to come up against the run and blitz, but not vulnerable against the pass either. Indeed he had a pick on the outside in the Apple Cup. Would be a nice replacement for Adams.

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        I don’t think Nix is limited by the Oregon system under Lanning like Herbert was. My gut tells me they’ve designed their offense around his limitations

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          I suppose some foolish NFL team could try and connect the dots as you suggested could happen but I don’t see it

          • Brodie

            Herbert didn’t look good in many games that year. The Rose Bowl included. Sure, he ran, but I don’t think he had 150 yards passing in that game. He got injured on a QB run the year prior and Cristobal basically neutered that part of his game up until then.

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              I must’ve misremembered that game then. Thanks for straightening me out. My opinion stays the same tho. Scouts will see Nix’s deep ball limitations just as they saw the possibilities with Herbert.

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    Wide throwing base.

    • CojackTX

      That was meant in reply to Pran’s preceding comment.

  18. Pran

    Wow.. huskies D played like Pete’s D on that drive

    • Big Mike

      3 man rush
      Prevent defense does nothing more than prevent you from winning
      That was pathetic

      • Palatypus

        But it was thiiiiiiiiiiiis close to an interception that would have ended the game.

        I think the only reason Washington won this game is because they had better scouting.

        • Ben

          You misspelled “better coaching”. FTD

          • DJ 1/2 way

            Oregon is 0-3 vs Washington and I think that is mostly coaching.

  19. Palatypus

    Bill Lemmonier, “We’ve seen some excellent officiating this year from the PAC-12.”

    Bwahahahahahahahahahaha !!!

  20. Mick

    A lot of respect for your work Rob, it isn’t easy to study tape and make your own opinion on players when the trend is to just look at some stats and what the journalists say, who don’t watch much tape themselves often.

    I’m much afraid that with a pick in the 20s the top 5 QBs will be long gone. We should try to move up. Wondering who would be desperate enough to take Adams in trade.

    • Chris

      With his contract? Nobody. He’s not an asset, he’s a curse.

  21. Big Mike

    Happy to chow down a big helping of crow when I said Washington would not beat Oregon in the Pac12 championship game a few weeks back. Go Dawgs
    It was probably that Husky hat that Rob had on in the livestream last night that gave them the luck

    • Palatypus

      Big Mike said,

      It was probably that Husky hat that Rob had on in the livestream last night that gave them the luck

      No, it was DEFINITELY the Top Gun hat I was wearing yesterday.

      • Palatypus


    • AlaskaHawk

      When Penix is on target he’s hard to beat! But he does give me Geno vibes also.

  22. Palatypus

    So heaven help the foes of Washington

    They’re trembling at the feet of mighty Washington

    Our teams4 are there with bells, their fighting blood excels

    It’s harder to push them over the line than pass the Dardanelles.

    So, VICTORY’S the cry of Washington

    Our leather lungs together with a RAH! RAH! RAH!

    And o’er the land the loyal band

    Will sing the glory of Washington forever!

  23. Jabroni-DC

    DAWGS, DAWGS, DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on winning the last PAC title. Sad but the best way to close it out.

    Kalen DeBoer 3-0 vs the most evil ones! Couldn’t ask for more.

    • cha

      Dillon Johnson 28-152-2TD


      • Palatypus

        I know, it’s obvious what they were doing.

        • Jabroni-DC

          It would be pretty cool to have a Washington v Michigan semifinal game at the Rose Bowl to close the book on the conference.

          • Palatypus

            I loathe how ESPN is crying alligator tears over the death of what they still call the PAC-10 that, along with their partnership with the SEC network, they have spent the last 40 years discrediting and destroying.

            • Jabroni-DC

              I’m surprised they allowed the PAC-X championship game to be played so close to a weekend. Probably should’ve been on Wednesday with an 11pm PST kickoff.

            • Big Mike

              Absolutely spot on Palatypus.

              Husky o-line dominated that game.

  24. Palatypus

    Oregon was a 9.5-point favorite in this game.

    Enjoy your new summer home in Eugene.

  25. Jabroni-DC

    Here’s to Rome Odunze going to the Bengals. What an awesome talent to add to Burrow’s stable of studs. If T. Higgins leaves for big cheddar they’re going to need someone.

  26. KD

    Sorry if this is off-topic, but this Heisman race just sucks. The Heisman Trophy is a special award. It is given to the best player in the nation. This year, more than ever, it just feels like the “best stat” award.

    The Heisman Trophy belongs to a player who dominates opponents. A player with no equal who cannot be stopped. A player who’s skill cannot be defended.

    I don’t see ANYONE in CFB worthy of that prize. Sure, someone will win it. Without knowing who the winner is, I can say that I am 100% bored and don’t care.

    • Peter

      Just me….it’s mostly been a stats game this century.

      Burrow, Lamar probably, Henry players that could not be stopped.

      Others had heisman moments for what that’s worth.

      This year Daniels ( a player I like btw) will win. LSU is a good program with nfl talent. However. He has great stats against not great teams. And the program was good not great. He/they if I’m correct have only one win against a top 25 team.

      Neither Nix nor Penix are my cup of tea but both can lay claim to better results in that area.

      • Peter

        That said he was the only reason LSU could be on the field against Alabama. So that’s a big positive.

    • Palatypus

      The Heisman Trophy does not say “best” college football player. It says “outstanding” college football player.

      • Peter

        You’re right.

        Heisman is no longer best player east of the Mississippi.

        It’s outstanding.

        And because we need infinite awards I’m finally realizing there’s an award for:

        Mvp….at this point I checked out so I don’t know…we’ll call it the lucky charms presents award.

        • AlaskaHawk

          My as well say best quarterback. Can we have a trophy for each position or combined group like offensive line? I’m tired of it being only quarterbacks.

          • Peter

            Agree. Just look at the names. When players like Polamalu or Suh are not getting the award it’s just qb with best stats or super occasionally RB with a big presence.

  27. ukalex6674

    Thanks Rob, love when this comes out.

    No TVD?

    Also not sure if you have seen but:

    2024/2025 season for us over here!

    • Rob Staton

      TVD has entered the transfer portal and isn’t declaring (it’s in the section of the notes near the end)

  28. Jabroni-DC

    Oregon’s TE Terrance Ferguson looked good last night. 2 big tds to keep them in the game. He’s a jr so we’ll see whether he declares or not.

    It’s funny how your most bitter rival can change over time. Growing up as a fanatic Seahawk & Husky fan it was the Denver (Elway) Broncos & USC. No matter the scenario I would root against those teams. Then around the turn of the century the Hawks flipped to the NFC & Oregon made their deal with the devil & rose to prominence after being a ‘little brother’ for most of my upbringing. So it’s the 49ers & Ducks now in those top spots. Honorable mention to the Rams for being the most annoying. Part of what made our Super Bowl championship run so satisfying was that we got to slay both Harbaugh’s 9ers & Elway’s Broncos in order to get it. Pure bliss. As good as it gets.

  29. Peter

    First on the list. The linebackers.

    I’m reminded if looking for 3rd and 4th rnd players I need to lower my expectations a bit. Some of these guys are intriguing. Some I’m concerned about their frames: Smael Mondon looks like an extremely cut safety or possibly corner.

    Right now after watching a few and reading up on all listed I’m most intrigued by Jaylan Ford. I also have a type and that type is guys built like KJ Wright.

    Also to weirdness of PFF strikes again. A few of these guys have good all around stats….some pass break ups, maybe a couple of INTs, a few sacks….but guys with ZERO counting stats will have oddly good PDF grades when thrown against.

    I don’t have time to sift through all the trade but if you are rated good against the pass but have no counting stats I’m just going to assume you are playing against bad qb’s or bad receiving options. Or, PFF is saying you are so sticky in coverage and no one throws against you?

    • LouCityHawk

      It really does become a conundrum balancing size with coverage ability.

      I really like Cedric Gray, but wonder how he will hold up in against the run.

      Trotter and Wilson are both excellent prospects, the rams on both is probably R1-3, I would not rule out their availability in R3.

      • Peter

        For this experiment I’m trying to avoid players I think we are out of range on.
        I know LB’s go lower in recent years. I’ve not watched Trotter at all because I think he’ll be well gone before we are back on the clock in rnd 3.

        I will obviously pay attention to combine scores,etc.

        Per example I’m not even considering Van Pran. At a position Seattle badly needs.

        Unless Seattle gets gross and pays Kirk Cousins.

        • Big Mike

          Unless Seattle gets gross and pays Kirk Cousins.

          Funny you should mention that my friend. Did you read this and that’s why you mentioned it or is it just coincidence.

          To me it would be a very Carroll move. Now about that salary cap thing tho………..

          • Peter

            Thankfully that author called it a hard no.

            Unfortunately it was Florio spit balling. Then me spitting out my coffee.

            Cousins is the chokiest qb that ever choked.

            But I do worry. Because middling teams make middling moves.

            • Big Mike

              Ah I hadn’t heard Florio say that. He’s a sharp guy but hope he’s way off base with that suggestion.

              middling teams make middling moves

              Oh I like that. I’ll be using that one as time and Carroll’s tenure continues onward. I’ll give credit where it’s due tho, promise.

          • CJ

            Hasn’t Pete described Kirk Cousins as his ideal QB? Shivers…

            • Peter

              Yep. And man alive would that be quite the move….

          • LouCityHawk

            I think Cousins is an option IF Carroll leaves this off-season.

            I could see a universe where Wes Phillips is hired, brings in Kirk Cousins for a mentor year, then he transitions to backup and then coaching. It wouldn’t be the worst idea.

      • Peter

        I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to sizes.

        On draft databases there are several highly rated TE’s with suboptimal sizes.

        A handful that are the same size more or less to DK.

        So I look at the counting stats and see average uninspiring numbers and I usually pass.

        Part of the reason I like Sinnot, k-state TE, is I can project him to basically any team and any scheme. Would I love a dynamic TE? Probably. Would I love Dissly’s 10 million dollar cap, 10 receptions, and ineffective blocking to go to almost any other position? Yep.

        • LouCityHawk

          If you saw that touchdown I just did…you have your answer.

          We play Sweat both ways, TE solved.

          • Peter

            Memories of calling for Tez to be a two way player.

  30. LouCityHawk

    Christmas comes early! Excellent work as always Rob, and I love showing off your horizontal boards to fans of other teams, a handful of non-Seahawks fans start reading your blog religiously come draft time looking for these. It really does help a person get a better grasp of which player your team might be targeting and where.

    Looking at the board really highlights the struggle the Seahawks will have in this coming draft, value or no, there are a lot of useful players that could be targeted with that R2 pick, or they could have packaged it to move up, or helpfully moved back as the third and fourth rounds have some needed depth. Oh well, what is done cannot be undone.

    In no particular order, I rank the Seahawks needs as QB, WR, TE, T/G, G, DLine, EDGE, LB, S…which is a way to say no RB or CB are needed. That is 9 needs, with 7 picks, no cap space, and a FA class where you will have to pay. Regardless of FA, infusions of young talent at all of those positions is highly desirable.

    I tried a stick and pick mock with my rules (true to feelings on player round +1 round down, no Jack Nelson round 7, etc…) and came out with the following: 21 Ewers (I think Rattler goes top 15), 80 Payton Wilson, 85 T’Vondre Sweat (both these two should be gone by 3rd),
    116 Luke Lachey, 149 Trevor Keegan, 180 Tatum Bethune, 213 Walter Rouse. I found myself recognizing that sacrificing a pick was a mistake unless L/W is retained on a good contract. I also found that a team could come away with a very nice draft. There could be a break in trend from the last two years in that Schneider may have to be very aggressive with trades.

    There are names here that I’ve got to familiarize myself with (mainly watch Big10, SEC, ACC) and some players I’m glad made the cut (Malachi Corley). I was pleased to see that Rob also felt that Braswell is superior to Turner. Of course there are some differences (he is higher in Maye, lower on DeJean).

    There were omissions that I’m curious about, but I’ll wait until the CFP is over and we are closer to draft season to see if those players are added.

    I’ll be watching the Big12 championship in person today, so a good chance to see a lot of the Texas players…

  31. Denver Hawker

    ESPN article suggesting Ewers is likely to stay another year

    This vaunted 2024 QB class may quickly get thin at the top

    • Peter

      Not to worry.

      8-9 should put us right in striking distance of Daniels/Rattler.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        …..along with New Orleans, Las Vegas, Minnesota, Tampa and possibly Atlanta, all of whom will need new talent at QB. If Rattler shows out at the Senior Bowl and Combine, we’ll likely HAVE to move up to get him. Having thrown away our 2nd rounder means mortgaging future draft capital for that opportunity.

        • Peter

          Every year I hear about qb needy teams and every year that doesn’t play out.

          Not saying they all don’t need a qb but every team is different in their process and approach.

          3 qbs go in the first round.

          Let’s look at publicity:


          These are the current leaders



          Rattler gets no run right now.

          Robs right. Scouts will love him. But scouts versus dumb gms and meddling owners are different things.

          My earliest look into a crystal ball is Rattler will rise rightfully…..but will be plagued with a ton of “yeah but,” from media. I’m not sure Seattle at 9-8 let alone 8-9 will even have to move to get him.

          • Denver Hawker

            Sadly, I suspect there will be a ton of media pushing the old maturity narrative on him as the draft gets closer. It will turn passive fans and owners off, but hopefully savvy scouts and GMs with authority will know better.

            • Peter

              I’m actually counting on it.

              • Denver Hawker

                I mean if it tanks his draft stock and Hawks get him I guess that’s good, but more so I feel bad for the kid to go through that.

                • Peter

                  Truly. The garbage he’s going to hear is ridiculous

                  • geoff u

                    But does he put mayo in his coffee? That alone could drop him into the 2nd round.

          • Palatypus


            When it comes to draft prognostication, stupidity is as undefeated as time.

  32. Happy Hawk

    Love the H Board – best content anywhere. Very fortunate that we have someone so passionate and consistently top notch like Rob. I am starting to lean towards Daniels for the Hawks 1st round in this draft. Who is Daniel’s comp? Hurts?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure there’s a direct comp. He’s a better runner than Hurts and different body type

  33. Sten

    Part of me wants us to grab Greg Roman as offensive coordinator and draft Jayden Daniels with our first rounder and really give Baltimore West the old college try. It would at least be fun to watch a good running game.

  34. ShowMeYourHawk

    Rob, as you’ve already made your trek across the pond for the year (decade?), will the next time you visit stateside be your maiden voyage to the Senior Bowl? Will Jim hook you up with press access?

    • Rob Staton

      Getting press access won’t be an issue — the problem is my daughter’s birthday clashes with the Senior Bowl. So in order to go, I’d have to miss it. It’s a bucket list thing for me to go but it’s tricky

  35. Jabroni-DC

    If Seattle brass went and told Quinn Ewers that we will draft you in the 1st round if you declare this year would that be considered some kind of tampering?

    • Peter

      Word is increasing he’s going back.

      I feel a certain way about Ewers but I’d at least want medicals on a guy that has had two shoulder injuries.

      Also that has “lose draft picks,” level tampering to it.

    • Denver Hawker

      I think these guys are allowed to have agents now for NIL purposes. I have no doubt they shop NFL draft expectations and factor that in decisions to declare, stay, transfer.

    • Vanhawksfan

      Ewers is looking like a 1st rounder through the first half of the Big 12 Championship

    • BoiseSeahawk

      Maybe with the caveat that he bring back the mullet?

  36. CJ

    Outstanding work again, Rob. Don’t know where you get the time and energy to consistently produce some of the best draft work in the world.

    Keep it up, but IIRC, you have young ones? Your time with them flies by so fast, so make sure keep things in balance too! I’ve recently started watching your after-game podcasts and love them.

  37. Ryan Purcell.

    Nice read. Offensive line, QB, and linebacker feel like the main needs for the Seahawks. To me anyway. That lines up pretty well with this initial board.

  38. Palatypus

    Washington really put a bug up everyone’s butt today.

    Now, you have to win. You are not getting any help.

  39. cha

    Woke up with a thought.

    The Seahawks have to be aggressive with Geno Smith this offseason.

    Like, as soon as the season is over, they have to have a plan in place.

    Cutting him immediately should be on the table. The June 1 cut unfortunately is not an option. So might as well go right at it.

    They need to approach him and say “we want you back, but we can’t have it at a $31.2m cap hit. If you want to stay here in Seattle (with your best chance of success), we need to rework this contract immediately.”

    And also do the same as last year – make sure he knows there are QBs they like in the draft and all bets are off with who they pick and like in camp.

    • cha

      If they can’t get a deal done, go to work on Drew Lock before the league year starts.

      Offer him something like the Geno 2022 deal. $4m salary, $4m in incentives. The incentives would not hit until 2025 so there is a big savings in 2024 there if he accepts and wins the job and earns them.

    • Palatypus

      I woke up needing a Tylenol.

    • Denver Hawker

      How exactly do the June 1 cuts work? Are teams limited on how many players they can do this with? Do they just cut them in February and they can sign with another team but get less guaranteed money as a result?

      • Palatypus

        June 1st is a quarterly demarcation in the league year before training camp. Signing and roster bonuses are given out during this time, in the third quarter of the league year, so everything contractually revolves around it.

      • cha

        You can cut two players with a post-June 1 designation before the June 1 deadline. It helps the team spread out the bonus money between the current year and the next year (as opposed to having it all accelerate into the current year with a regular cut).

        Players cut with a post June 1 are free to sign with any team as soon as the cut is filed with the NFL. But the cutting team has to technically keep them on their roster (and they do not realize the cap savings) until June 2.

        If you look at Geno Smith’s contract at OTC, right now they have a $22.5m cap savings if he is cut with a post-June 1 next year. However, there is a big problem. His $12.7m salary becomes guaranteed 5 days after the Super Bowl, and his $9.6m roster bonus hits March 20.

        If you post-June 1 cut him, those become guaranteed and hit your cap, wiping out any benefit of releasing him on June 2.

        If they let his 2024 salary guarantee 5 days after the super bowl, that basically wipes out any benefit from cutting him at all, even in a regular cut situation. They’d be on the hook for his $12.7m salary + his remaining bonus proration (2 x $8.75 = $17.5m) for a total dead cap of $30.2m, which saves them only $1m.

        A trade is a really sticky situation and not a great option because of the $9.6m roster bonus. Why would teams be biting at the chance to pay out the $9.6m when they could just let Seattle pay it?

        • Denver Hawker

          I see- thank you. So with Diggs and Adams you’d need to evaluate the same thing I suppose.

          • cha

            Adams and Diggs do not have any roster bonuses or salary guaranteed dates in 2024 – at least none that have been reported anyway- so the Seahawks are free to do what is best for them whether that is a regular cut or a June one cut

            • Palatypus

              ^What he said.

        • Big Mike

          And how does this play into what Rob has mentioned about tipping the team’s hand on drafting a QB? Obviously waiting til 6/1 would take that possibility off the table but then there’s no cap relief as you’ve outlined. Will other teams just see it as solely a cap move based on a lesser year from Geno?

          • cha

            They’re going to “pay” either way. Whether through cap dollars or being squeezed in a QB trade up in the draft.

            Off the back of a napkin, I’d do just like I proposed last year: get Lock signed to a 2-yr incentive deal. Then approach Geno before the salary guarantees and rework his deal or cut him.

            • Big Mike

              My guess is he would rework it in that scenario because of his familiarity and level of success in Seattle.

              • Big Mike

                And as you said, and maybe most importantly, his best chance at success.

                • Big Mike

                  *continued success

        • rowlandice

          Why bother resigning Geno at all? He’s clearly proven he is an average QB about to make too much money for our cap. We may even want to give him the “Carr” treatment and sit him the last few games.

  40. Palatypus

    Well, Texas looks highly motivated today. No doubt hoping for an Alabama upset of Georgia.

    • MarkinSeattle

      Nope, they want UGA to win as well as Louisville. They will leapfrog OSU to take the last spot.

      • Palatypus

        Well played Mark. Well played.

  41. Anthony

    Has anyone noticed that John Schneider was at the Thursday Night football game at AT&T stadium and today Texas is playing the B12 championship game there?

    Plus Baton Rouge is just down the road. Seems like he’s on a little QB trip…

    • Palatypus

      I did not. Thank you.

      New Orleans is also just down the road and Tulane is downtown.

  42. Trevor

    Great stuff! Thanks so much for this Rob. The last couple of years I base all my pre draft research and mocks etc on your horizontal board and if has made things a lot more realistic and fun.

    Ewers balling out today by the way. He really does have that Aaron Rodgers flick of the wrist and makes throws look easy.

    Sign me up for Rattler or Ewers in RD1

  43. Palatypus

    BTW, I saw that the band for the Thursday night concert at the Senior Bowl this year will be Counting Crows.

    I guess Hootie and the Blowfish were not available.

    Today’s snarky comment was brought to you by Draft Kings.

  44. Ben - Fort Worth

    Personally, I like you have Emeka Egbuka and Brian Thomas way too low. I have both of them going in the first. The amount of separation and route running of Egbuka is just way too good, and Brian Thomas reminds me of the second coming of AJ Brown. I think a lot of people are sleeping on them. If you haven’t watched any tapen on them yet, please take your time with these two. I’d love to hear your feedback. Thank you for all that you do. These are my favorite writeups that you do.

    • Ben - Fort Worth

      Personally, I feel like******

      (Sorry, I should have proof read)

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve watched both to be fair. The player who most reminds me of AJ Brown’s playing style is Malik Nabers. Different body types but can imagine Nabers having a similar impact.

      • Ben - Fort Worth

        I feel you. I think I see DJ Moore a whole lot more when I watch Nabers. You can literally line him up anywhere on the field, and he will just blow by defenders just like Moore.

        Brian could wind up being the 2nd best WR in this class when all is said and done. At 6’4 205 lbs. I cannot believe how genuinely fluid this kid is. He moves like he’s 5’10 180 lbs. His change of direction and the way he manipulates in the field is next level. He has strong hands, an 82.1% catch rate, which is 3rd btw in the nation. He tracks the ball extremely well. He has just a huge YAC rate. I really really like this kid a lot.

    • Palatypus

      I’m from Steilacoom, so I am very biased about Emeka. In this draft, he is probably a late first-rounder, because it’s so thin. But is he a first-round talent?

      • Ben - Fort Worth

        Emeka should be getting a lot more love than he is. And I live in Texas. His tape is so frustrating because the amount of times how open he is, and the QB doesn’t even look his way. Whoever gets Egbuka, maybe some like KC is going to get a steal. I’ve got him in my Top of WR right behind Odunze.

    • Peter

      Probably it’s the extreme difference in body composition but I didn’t see any Brown watching his highlights.

      I think I like him higher than Rob at this point but after watching a few cut up reels the player he reminds me of is DJ Chark with a better qb.

      Both have/had this weird habit of catching lower torso catches by crossing their arms and making a basket instead of snatching your hands out.

      If it’s an over the shoulder actual basket catch great.

      If it’s one on one with a defender and you are facing the incoming pass or worse one on none and you are free….get your hands out.

      Part of DK’s problem is is a generally lackadaisical use of his hands. If he would just engage his hands I could easily see his catch rate go up.

  45. Thomas

    Well… I can fully see a trade up for QB happening after how Ewers did today. We’ll see if he comes out.

  46. LouCityHawk

    Big12 Championship game notes

    Was sitting around a bunch of UTA folks.

    The word on Ewers is that he told some local reporter that no decision has been made about staying or going pro, and won’t be until January.

    Ewers looked special out there, I’ve comped him to Rodgers and he looked the part, effortless throws, good pocket presence, good reads (aside from the ugly interception). It is hard to imagine Ewers wouldn’t be a R1 pick, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the QB2.

    Worthy and Sanders both were very impressive. I’m not sure Adonai Mitchell won’t end up being a great pro, will be watching his testing. Christian Jones (OT) looked like he could be a solid pro (late round/UDFA).

    Sweat and Murphy looked like they were playing a game of everything you can do I can do better, I’ll take both of them. Ford is good, but not as fast as you would like. Catalon didn’t particularly pop to me.

    • Big Mike

      Thanks for the “scouting” report

  47. Palatypus

    Pratt got sacked again.

    • Palatypus

      Four times today so far.

  48. Big Mike

    If Alabama hangs on and wins this chaos will ensue.
    Would they leave Texas out who beat Alabama in favor of Georgia and Alabama in the final 4?
    If Florida State by some miracle wins you have 3 undefeated teams would they leave Alabama and Georgia out to put Texas in because Texas beat Alabama who would be the SEC champion? Why do I feel the chances of that are nil since college football totally favors the SEC. Would they dare leave Fla. St out to get Bama and Texas in?

    If this had been set up in the beginning with an 8 team, 12 team or 16 team playoff none of this would be an issue. Of course had they done it that way in the first place they wouldn’t have been able to use the playoff to freeze out the Pac 12 and the Big 12 for the most part.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d leave FSU out

      Harsh but who wants to watch a QB-less FSU in the final four?

      • Peter

        While I don’t totally disagree they did nothing but win. All the other teams ‘could’ have as well.

        • Rob Staton

          The main reason they won, though, is now out.

          Putting them through to get spanked in the semi-finals won’t be very entertaining.

          • Big Mike

            Note Dame called. They don’t like your post.

            • Rob Staton

              That’s the exact team I was thinking about!

              Seen that dance

              For me it’s Georgia, Michigan, Washington and then one of Alabama or Texas

              Problem with a committee vs extended playoff decision is you have to judge the best teams. FSU are not one of the four best without their QB.

              • Spectator

                I agree on Bama getting in over FSU, even tho precedent has been set that a p5 undefeated winner gets in, but how can you have Georgia beating out a Texas team that beat Bama and dominated their conference game? It’s hard to argue Georgia deserves to be in when you have OSU in the same boat too. The real problem is going to be the 4 team format, but they shat the bed on that.

                • Rob Staton

                  I think Georgia are clearly one of the four best teams. For me, that should take precedence over winning a crap ACC. I understand why they wouldn’t make it though.

                  And although Texas won and I’m perfectly comfortable with them getting in, they also lost to Oklahoma, had some really bad performances recently and the Alabama game was weeks ago. I think Georgia & Alabama are very different teams now. But I would have one SEC team in at least.

                  • Spectator

                    I agree Bama should get in over FSU. I don’t think Georgia and Bama both should tho, just as OSU shouldn’t. They both lost late in the year to playoff teams. Texas lost in one of the oldest rivalries 2 months ago. And even though Texas hasn’t looked great, neither has Bama or Georgia. In my opinion I don’t think one can logically say that Georgia deserves to be in over Texas or is better than Texas.

      • Ben - Fort Worth

        I’m not seeing any separation from Keon Coleman at all from his coverage. His contested catch rate is abysmal. He reminds me so much of Kelvin Benjamin.

    • Peter

      Would they leave Texas out….for Alabama and Georgia?

      Almost feels like to ask the question is to answer it.

      Though I feel you. Texas has every right to say ” oh yeah, we beat AL and we can beat GA.”

      I’m sure some OSU booster is crafting a letter about how it’s unfair to leave them out because they had one less game.

    • Palatypus

      Never underestimate the corruption of the state of Texas.

  49. Big Mike

    I’d leave the entire SEC out but then I can’t stand the fact that they think they’re the only thing that matters so I’m prejudiced. Your point is legit for sure.
    I will say as a Huskies fan it’s awesome to sit back and watch it unfold without having to worry about them getting in.
    I do guarantee had Oregon won last night they would have gotten frozen out of this.

    • Big Mike

      Meant as a response to Rob

    • Rob Staton

      The SEC is too good to not have one team in there. Even in a down year, Alabama or Georgia needs to be in the final four.

      • Big Mike

        Do keep in mind that Texas not only beat Alabama but they did it in Tuscaloosa and that matters, to me anyway.

        • Rob Staton

          And if Alabama wins here, I’d have them both in.

          • AlaskaHawk

            They are both strong teams, at least one needs to be in. Also the idea that Oregon or Washington would match up against either team is ludicrous. It’s crazy that they have Wash at #3 and Oregon at #5.

            Also I love, love , love Milroe. He has fight! A good arm, a great scrambler, and has been fighting the low snaps all day long.

          • Palatypus

            Jalen Milroe sucks. The offensive line is winning this game.

            And you say, Rob, that FSU is not a playoff team because of their quarterback, but how good is Georgia without Brock Bowers?

            • Rob Staton

              Georgia have been boring and bad tonight

            • AlaskaHawk

              I think Milroe has made a lot of risky passes that worked out. But he delivered the ball accurately. And has also scrambled when needed. He’s a good runner.

  50. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Rob, who is in the market for. R1 QB. Today on tankthon, SEA is #21 pick. I see 6 teams ahead of SEA who would grab a QB: CHI, NE, TB, LV, NO, ATL.
    perhaps a teade for Chicago’s other pick?

    • Rob Staton

      I think the Patriots and Vikings are the only two definite’s and that will depend on Cousins.

      If Chicago gets #1, I think they will.

      There are few others in the same boat as Seattle.

      • Ben - Fort Worth

        Don’t count out the Jets. Even though Roger’s is trying to make another come back, I could see them parting ways with Zach Wilson.

  51. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Btw, sure would love an “edit” feature when posting. My fat fingers would thank yoi 🙂

    • Palatypus

      They’re not fat. They’re big-boned.

    • Ben - Fort Worth


  52. Palatypus

    In case you want to know where the members of the CFP selection committee went to school, here are their bios.

  53. Peter

    Shout out to this community who roundly doesn’t believe you should not draft a qb high because “they bust,” as if to say every other first round or top ten pick at every other position has all been a hit.

    And reverse shout out the the math-magicians who think sports works by taking out every game that disproves your point and thus Seattle’s defense is ‘not that bad,’ or ‘the run game is actually good if you take out shootouts, etc.’

    We are 12 games in. At some point (now) if you’re defense and offense are bottom third, they are just bottom third.

  54. Rob Staton

    Watch CeeDee Lamb take the piss out of Jamal Adams:

    • cha

      Where’s the call out from Adams on Twitter?

      • Rob Staton

        He tweeted this earlier, the clown:

        • BK26

          Does our fearless president know that he’s bad at HIS job?

          • Rob Staton

            Jamal’s too busy with his head up his own arse to worry about that

          • Big Mike

            Now now you guys we’ve been told not to keep talking crap about this guy.

        • mantis

          i believe adams and diggs are toxic to the culture of the seahawks

          • Rob Staton

            Both need booting out

          • Big Mike


        • cha

          You have got to be kidding me.

  55. PatrickH

    Brady Cook just signed a new NIL deal a couple of weeks ago, so he is likely staying put.

    Out of the OT you have 1st or 2nd round grades on, at this point how many of them do you think will be better off moving inside to guards?

    • Rob Staton

      All of the OT’s I have listed I have them best at tackle. Troy Fautanu I have at guard, along with Jordan Morgan and Brandon Coleman

  56. Starhawk29

    Alabama vs Georgia is basically the SEC version of UW vs Oregon. Same finish, both underdogs winning the same way.

  57. PatrickH

    With Georgia’s defeat by Alabama, I guess either Ohio State or Texas will be in the playoff?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s anyone’s guess

      For me I’m hoping Louisville win because FSU will be a waste of a spot.

      Georgia, Alabama, Washington, Michigan would be fun.

      Ditto if you replace one with Texas.

      • PatrickH

        Texas had beaten Alabama earlier, so it will be tough for the Committee to have Alabama jump Texas, especially given how numerous and vocal are the Texas fans.

        • Rob Staton

          Texas also lost to Oklahoma and had a recent stretch of games where they played like crap.

          Alabama just stopped a 29 game unbeaten run for Georgia.

          I don’t think a four point loss at the start of the season means as much as people think. Alabama are a totally different team now. Texas wouldn’t have won the SEC.

          • CojackTX

            Alabama also beat a 6-6 Auburn team with a miracle 4th and 31 just one week ago.

            • Rob Staton

              They did — and let’s be right, anyone with even a base level of CFB background knows that the Iron Bowl is notoriously close/dramatic every year. Rather than denounce that result as a negative, finding the miracle 4th and 31 is a positive for me.

              Much in the same way Washington only ‘just’ winning the Apple Cup didn’t really register as a negative for me. Rivalry games are different.

          • Big Mike

            Just read your post about UW and UO not belonging on the field with Georgia or Alabama. It wouldn’t surprise me if you’re correct, however the UW oline is really good and if the right Penix shows up he’s definitely better than either of their QBs. Washington’s achilles heel is their D but neither GA or Bama are exactly juggernauts offensively. Maybe it’s the Northwest homer in me but I think they can hang. If UW gets drilled I’ll be here to admit you were right. If they play well enough to be in the game late, I’ll ask you to come in and acknowledge that you were incorrect.

            • 12th chuck

              UW has 5 top 25 wins this year. Thats pretty f-ing good

              • Rob Staton

                I think the PAC 12 ended up being quite overrated personally

                Even Oregon. Not sure they’re all that. Teams like Oregon State and Utah were treated as feared opponents. USC became awful.

                I suspect most PAC 12 teams would be eaten alive by the SEC, even in a relative down year

                I’d like to see Washington play Alabama or Georgia as a gauge

                • Palatypus

                  I think that the big cosmic joke is that this year the PAC-12 can finally go toe to toe with the SEC, right before their extinction.

                • 12th chuck

                  I will agree, there is some fluff in what used to be pac 12, but UW football is all I’ve got this year.

                  • Palatypus

                    Four of the top six passers in the nation are in the PAC-12.

                • AlaskaHawk

                  I still remember the year that Washington did play Alabama in the BCS and got spanked. I don’t remember much about the quarterback or team that year though.

                  Mike, I’ll retract my negative thoughts. Whatever I may think about the PAC being inferior to SEC, an undefeated Washington team deserves a chance.

                  • PatrickH

                    The Huskies QB was Jake Browning. FWIW, he is currently the starting QB for the Bengals in place of injured Joe Burrow. The defense roster had future NFL players like Vita Vea, Budda Baker, etc.

                  • McZ

                    I only want to say this: no Husky squad ever had this amount of offensive firepower. The OL is decent, Penix is supported by a capable RB, three very good WRs, plus the perennial depth at TE.

                    If the defense finds some swagger, as they always did this season when it mattered, this will be a tough nut to crack. For every team.

                    And I say, bring up the tide, let’s friggin’ do this.

            • AlaskaHawk

              PS> The last time I heard from you , you were touting Oregon by two touchdowns. I bet a couple thousand on Oregon for that game, but I’m not bitter. I haven’t asked for an apology from you! ha ha
              (Jokes, I rooted for Wash all season)

              • Big Mike

                And if you look further up in the comments section hrre I happily chowed my crow last night on the prediction of Oregon beating UW

                • AlaskaHawk

                  Big Mike – I don’t think you need to eat crow when the Vegas bookies had Oregon as 9.5 point favorites. From what I saw Penix was just more on target last night.

                  • Big Mike

                    Well Vegas was in agreement with my opinion as well and that did make the crow taste sweeter.

  58. Palatypus

    Florida State looks terrible today.

    • Rob Staton

      Louisville has to save us all

      • Palatypus

        20 yard punts are not going to do it.

    • PatrickH

      The Louisville offense is even worse than Florida State so far.

      • Palatypus

        58 yards to 80

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m feeling hopeful that Texas will replace FSU. No one wants to see such a low scoring offense. Plus don’t we all want to see Ewers again?

  59. Palatypus

    Kirk Ferentz said, “Iowa’s safeties are box defenders.”

    Guess we’re going to draft both of them.

    • Dustin

      And trade up to do so

      • Big Mike

        Jesus wept. So did I

    • Spectator

      That Nwakpa kid is a freshman and gonna be legit

  60. AlaskaHawk

    I’m watching Michigan vs Iowa , which is 10 to O at half time. It would have been an interesting game if Iowa hadn’t lost their starting quarterback. Both teams are fairly tough defensively. Surprisingly Michigan isn’t doing that well against a stout defense.

    • BK26

      Iowa has a very good defense. Again. Sound and knows how to tackle, know their assignments. They just have a historically bad offense and stuck with a quarterback who struggles to complete half of his passes, as well as throw for over a 100 yards.

      I should be happy that they’re playing tonight, but the offense and the coaching has just ruined a 10 win season. Ferentz is another version of Pete: around for too long and too much power.

  61. Jabroni-DC

    FSU DT Braden Fisk looks like a Hawk to me. 6’5” 297 lbs. Passes the eye test for sure.

  62. AlaskaHawk

    Well here we are. Michigan, Washington and Florida State are undefeated. Which leaves one slot for Texas or Alabama. Some team is going to be pissed off.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Let it be Texas then.

      SEC? We no need no stinkin’ SEC!

      • McZ

        I cannot really see how the committee can ignore the face to face win. I think, they will kick out FSU.

    • Spectator

      I hope Texas, and then we can here about the cheating scandal from UM and how they shouldn’t be even able to be in haha that’s a piece of the chaos machine I think people are missing.

      • Factory of Sadness

        If that were an issue for the committee, UM would not have been ranked #2 going into yesterday. Zero chance UM is not in, if that is what you are implying.

        • Spectator

          I’m implying that SEC will throw bitch fit if they don’t get in and UM does… pretty simple

          • Big Mike

            If they are left out they will fit no matter who is in

  63. Jabroni-DC

    I hope that Quinn Evers goes pro. He’s gonna be a 1st round pick & has a chance to go to one of the ‘not horrific’ teams.

  64. Ground_Hawk

    Tankathon has Penix going to the Vikings in R1, which makes some sense for them. This might be one of those drafts where 4 or 5 qbs end up being picked in the first

    • Peter

      You buried the lead.

      Seahawks select: jj mccarthy


      Maybe he’s awesome. But Seattle is the inverse of Michigan. Our defense is soft and the run game disappears.

      • Big Mike

        PLEASE not McCarthy

        • Peter

          His evaluation as a qb is laughable.

          A ton was made about Anthony Richardson’s lack of games. Even I’ve had some hesitancy about Ewers and playing time.

          Anthony Richardson: 27.5 pass attempt per game

          Ewers: 30.8 attempts per game

          Mccarthy: 17.5

          I know Pete, Vrabel, and a few others go to bed dreaming of a world where that works in the NFL. It doesn’t. Plus coupled with this regimes inability to build either line or field a defense.

          • Peter

            Even Russ as he’s become a check down Charlie with around 1.5 razzle dazzle plays a game is throwing 29x a game.

      • Ground_Hawk

        Lol! McCarthy in the 1st would be horrible. After Rob’s work here I’m hoping for Rattler or Daniels if either are available when Seattle picks.

  65. McZ

    First, the Dawgs did it and are playoff bound. They have lots of offensive firepower, so they will be a tough nut to crack.

    But, man, will I miss Penix and Nix battling it out.

    I now, people are low on both. We are looking for big arms making huge explosive plays, which is what PC prefers. But his offense built around this idea stinks. Lawrence makes no big plays in the NFL, Murray makes no big plays, neither does Mahomes, or Herbert. Hail Mary is less and less a concept for success.

    I think Nix could land and succeed in LA, system QBs work well in Shanahanian schemes.

    Penix might be a great option for a team like Tampa or Minnesota, where the incumbent is a questionmark.

    I really don’t know, who could replace Geno. I also think, having a rookie QB won’t turn the ship around instantly.

    All I know is: player development sucks hard in Seattle. Metcalf regressed, Lewis imploded, Taylor a non-entity, Woolen out of ideas, any RB of the last decade an oft-injured next-up-body.

    As long as this is the case, I wouldn’t trade up for a QB. As long as PC is at the helm, this will continue to be the case. We need a new regime.

    Looking at that horizontal board, it’s a friggin’ awful draft on defense.

    • Peter

      I feel a lot of that about the QB situation.

      If everything stays the same in areas that matter part of me dreads them selecting a QB.

      It’s probably the last best move this regime could make to go out anywhere that could resemble ‘not limping.’

      Moves in no order I could see this team doing:

      -pay cousins

      -trade a lot of draft stock to Buffalo ( thankfully I think the bills are more likely to axe their coach than shop their qb)

      -Keep Geno. Keep Lock. Draft a third round qb…however the way this current regime goes they never see the field because “always compete,” is pretty much done and dusted now.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I read an article somewhere (field gulls?) segueing that Pete won’t replace Geno Smith. He had confidence in him when he brought Williams for two draft picks, and Geno is contracted through 2025 (I thought it was though 2024?) just like Pete’s contract.

        Pete could make a strong argument that the real problems are defense including lack of pass rush and poor secondary. On offense a lack of consistent blocking , linemen rotation, two best running backs injured, and poor coaching/ play design.

        Qb wise Pete has already stuck with Geno for two seasons and may rationalize continuing on.

        My view is nothing will really change until the Seahawks have a losing record!

        So no matter how much we fans drool over quarterbacks – it just isn’t a certainty that they will choose one in the first round.

        • Big Mike

          I think a losing record this year is a distinct possibility. Losing to the Niners and Eagles and stealers are all quite possible/likely and they could even lose one of the 2 games against Tennessee and Arizona.
          What changes do you see if they do have a losing record because frankly I’m not sure I see any? Of course I want you to be correct.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Personally I would get a first round quarterback and then draft all defense plus one field goal kicker. But that’s me!

            The million dollar question is what will Pete do?

        • ShowMeYourHawk

          Perhaps. Honestly, it depends on how the season concludes. If we end up squeaking into the wild card with a 9-8 or 10-7 record and inevitably lose in the first game, I think Geno gets a reprieve. He may have to renegotiate his deal to continue as QB1 here but either way, he gets to stay as “we were so close.”

          If we go 8-9 (or worse) and miss out on the postseason, I think Geno is gone. Even if he has a sweetheart deal with Allen and Vulcan where he’s forever the golden boy until he decides to move on, Pete no doubt can hear the chatter becoming louder about his ineffectiveness as an employer of coaches, an evaluator of talent and a leader of men. One thing Pete has always been shrewd about is self-preservation, whether here or his time at USC. He’ll save himself first. If Geno gets thrown overboard to keep Pete’s ship from sinking, he’ll do it.

        • Peter

          Checks out. Pete could make that argument. And a lot fans plus the 710 crew would definitely carry that water for him.

          Imagine fielding such a lousy defense and then blaming the overall outcome of the season on the lousy defense when you are a densive head coach and you built this defense.

          But….if you cry about not having high picks and fans ‘praise’ a not forthcoming rebuild from the guys who basically tried to build a house roof first for half a decade anythings possible.

          I kind of agree with Showme below that if the waters keep rising inside the good ship Pete-hawks I actually see him retiring before turning into Bellichick, Holmgren.

  66. Big Mike

    Rob you got your wish Florida state was left out. There was no way they weren’t going to get there almighty SEC in the final 4 and because Texas beat Alabama head-to-head in Tuscaloosa there was no way they were going to get left out either.

    • Big Mike

      *their (voice to text)

    • Palatypus

      Just to get into his head, If I were Alabama, because of the sign-stealing scheme, I would make all the signals on those cards be pictures of Jim Harbaugh.

      • Big Mike

        Though I don’t know it would get in his head but might get in the players’ heads

        • Palatypus

          We need one in the Andy Warhol style. You know, Marilyn Monroe.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Thanks for the news! I think the committee made the right decision! All the teams have a decent offense and most have a good defense.

      Does anyone know what iOS happening with the Rose Bowl this season?

      • BK26

        Just tells everyone that the regular season doesn’t matter.

        • Peter

          I like CFB. But choosing who gets in based on subjective betterment is laughable.

          There’s no doubt in my mind if you changed FSU to the fighting Irish but everything else was the same….third string qb, etc, the Irish would be a locked in presence. Same for OSU if they were undefeated but playing a true freshmen and squeaking in on field goals.

          Well here’s to the 12 team playoff where more draft eligible players play more games and classic rivalries can mathematically play each other up to three times in a season. Scheduled game + conference champion + where they lineup for post season.

          • Jabroni-DC

            With a 12 team playoff I think Conference Championship games should be eliminated.

            • Peter

              Agree. That’s a lot of games for 5-12 to play if they are rolling.

              • Big Mike

                Agree too

          • BK26

            Exactly. They don’t care about who has earned getting in. Going undefeated doesn’t matter.

            The name, the conference, etc blah blah blah. It’s like everything else in college sports: it should be nice and simple but people calling the shots are a little out of it in terms of the sport.

            • Peter

              Honestly the committee instead of doing this they should have gone:

              1. Georgia
              2. Michigan
              3. Washington
              4. Oregon
              5. Texas
              6. Alabama
              7. Florida State
              8. Ohio

              Meaning….FSU have fun but you’re not getting in.

              • Peter

                Meaning those ranking on Thursday.

          • McZ

            They could and should pull off a reform that gives clear point values to games, with the winner taking the pot.

            It would be a huge benefit for the sport, because teams will not play non-rewarding games against sub-par competition, but will play adversaries, that are more of their strength.

            And if FSU had 50 points and Bama 49, we would have no debate. It would also end the flourishing of the SEC on their crap bottom half of teams.

  67. king

    “Geno was doing a great job getting the ball out fast, and that’s not something we had on film. When they did throw it deep, it was max protection. There were some untrained looks that we didn’t see on film. It’s definitely something to look at again.”

    “We just got to the point where we had to keep everything in front of us and make them earn it. We made some big stops towards the end.”

    —Micah Parsons

    Seahawks took their shot. Probably won’t catch anybody else napping.

    • Big Mike

      Dear Seahawks coaches, that’s called an adjustment.

      I am guessing that the 40 niners will be a little less than fired up emotionally for us after the Philadelphia game if they win. None the less I expect them to dispatch Seattle in a business like fashion by 7 to 10 points. That will give Pete and all his supporters chance to say “look we’re closing the gap!”

      • king

        In game adjustments? Pete can’t even make adjustments after over half a decade.

        Somebody with more exes and ohs acumen than I could write a similar article about the offense.

        I see a lot of talk that Seattle doesn’t have the Jimmies and Joes, but give Kyle Shanahan this Seattle team and they would be far more effective, perhaps even a legit contender.

        Pete is far more interested in proving a point about the ‘right’ way to play football than he is in competing for Super Bowl appearances/wins.

        • Gary

          “Pete is far more interested in proving a point about the ‘right’ way to play football than he is in competing for Super Bowl appearances/wins.”

          This! One thousand per cent this!

  68. Jabroni-DC

    UW vs Texas 2 at the Sugar Bowl…Thought for sure we’d get the Rose Bowl as it makes geographical sense for both UM & UW. I guess the reasoning was that New Orleans is too close to Tuscaloosa? Oh well. If you’re gonna win it all then you gotta meet every challenge. Pretty interesting final 4.

  69. Peter

    Am surprised they didn’t make the Rose Bowl…the rose bowl for one last time.

  70. Jabroni-DC

    Who are some NON-QBs that people would be excited about drafting with our 1st pick? (native or trade down/up)

    Here’s a hand full of mine, all linemen.

    T’Vondre Sweat DT, Texas.
    How about this crazy concept? We’re going to run a 3-4 defense with 3-4 personnel. A true NT with intriguing traits to end this sieve of a run defense that we’ve had for many, many years.

    Sedrick Van Pran C, Georgia.
    Cement the OL for the long haul with a friggin stud who can make protection calls for our pressure challenged signal callers. Dude is a beast. Love him. Slight bad feeeling that he would get injured.

    Cooper Beebe G, Kansas State.
    Another Brick in the Wall.

    Troy Fautanu G/T, Washington.
    Great player with positional versatility.

    McKinley Jackson DT, Texas A&M.
    A cornerstone DL & a leader.

    • Peter

      Van Pran.

      Seattle is closer to being a great offense than defense. Whether wind it back with Geno or John works his dark arts and can get Rattler in the third.

      A great DLinemen would be awesome.

      Cross,….., Van Pran….., Lucas could be nice.

      • Anthony

        I am convinced more than ever that the Seahawks don’t give a f about the center position. They think of it as the least valuable spot on the OL and they can get vet minimum guys to be serviceable.

        • Jabroni-DC

          Maybe they didn’t notice that whenever Max Unger wasn’t in the lineup the offense scored 7 less points per game. Probably just a coincidence.

          Cross,….., Van Pran….., Lucas could be nice.

          I second that.

    • BK26

      Personally, any non qb in the first round is going to lead to me throwing something at the tv. And choice words for Grandpa Pete.

      I’d say it’s unacceptable.

      • Jabroni-DC

        The scenario would be that Rob’s top 5 qbs were off the board & you’re staring at a 3rd round qb talent in round 1.

        • BK26

          They had better trade up then. That scenario is unacceptable.

          Team is on the verge of apathetic fans. Can’t be anything worse for a team.

          • Peter

            I’m with you and why I’ve veered away from bridge qb talk and late rounders. I’m not bring hyperbolic when I say I don’t see those types touching the field.

            Pete has increasingly allowed under performing players to stay on the field for reasons.

            Mafe being behind Irvin

            12 weeks in is Brown really better than Olu?

            The flip flopping of Haynes and Bradford.

            I’m not kidding when I ask when was the last meaningful camp battle?

            • BK26

              It just stinks. What is there to even be excited about? No one getting better, getting beaten down. I watched 20 minutes of the Texans game and was jealous of being “that” team. The team with the pieces to get excited about. An offense, your franchise qb, your defensive difference maker.

              With no quarterback in the first, there is no excitement. We sign Cousins? With what money? What will be left to field a team? Once again, a guy who can’t field a contender. Geno again? I’d rather have Davis Mills.

              They have pigeon-holes themselves to where there is only one choice to make next April.

      • PatrickH

        What happen if they draft JJ McCarthy? Will your TV be safe?

        • BK26

          I’m a Hawkeye fan. H E L L no haha. I’m not sure that McNamera isn’t better than McCarthy and he was just forced out for a younger guy.

          Rather have Mills than McCarthy too. I think he might be at the bottom of my list. I just don’t see anything with him. The team doesn’t even view him as a weapon. He’s almost hidden in games.

          • Peter

            I think when a team calls 8 and 13 pass plays they are implying the qb is a possible liability.

            Crazy old Jim knows how to use different types of qbs. If this is the use it feels like he’s saying “let’s not and say we didnt.”

            • geoff u

              They’re just saving him for after the playoffs.

    • Rob Staton

      If we take any position other than a QB, we’ll just be wasting time

      So I can’t get excited about other positions

      They need to draft a QB. They made this bed.

      • Whit21

        What you guys gonna do to your TVs if they trade for Justin Fields?

        • BK26

          It’s possible. We like our running backs. What’s one more?

        • Rob Staton

          They won’t, he’s a turnover machine and doesn’t seem like a character fit at all

    • TJ

      Van Pran would be a nice addition in Seattle, but I don’t think C will be a priority – especially given our need for a QB. I have high hopes for Olu Olumatimi. That’s not based on anything he’s done this year as he doesn’t see the field as a rookie. I just think his future is bright. I’m expecting him to be a good one in the not-to-distant future.

  71. Jabroni-DC

    Oh I understand completely. I’m just not certain that “they” do.

    They’ve made a fair share of beds at this point that they’ve wetted. It would be nice to get some clean sheets.

  72. Rob Staton

    Live stream coming up at 1:45pm PT

  73. AlaskaHawk

    I enjoyed the two close morning games. Denver’s Russell Wilson vs Houston’s Stroud was entertaining and brought back old memories. Then the finish of colts Minshew vs Levi’s titans minus a concussed Derrick Henry.

    Good stuff!

  74. Palatypus

    Are you seeing what the Cardinals are doing to the Stealers?

    • Big Mike

      Thank you for spelling stealers correctly

      • geoff u

        I don’t get it, how else would you spell stealers?

  75. Palatypus

    Jim Nagy has a poll up on the selection of Alabama over Florida State. Also, saying T’vondre Sweat would be allowed to play TE at the Senior bowl and Byron Murphy II FB.

  76. Pran

    9ers defense full of stars says commentators. Me thinks offense, coaches full of stars as well. When does Pete compare coaches to 9ers?

  77. Peter


    Just guessing but Rams have 3 easier games on deck after today.

    Packers lose tonight and have a really easy schedule five games in a row to end the year.

    Seahawks have 2 easier games and the steelers will probably be playing to get into the playoffs.

    What is the point…..? ….I can pretty realistically see Seattle even at 9-8 missing the playoffs.

    • Big Mike

      I wouldn’t guarantee any more wins this year. Cardinals are getting pesky, Tennessee is on the road, stealers looking for a playoff berth. Plus the next 2 are very likely losses
      Of course it won’t matter cuz Pete is untouchable.
      The Seattle Carrolls

      • Big Mike

        I’m going to predict 7 and 10 and we win one of those 3 games I mentioned

        • AlaskaHawk

          I had thought two more wins when I was looking at the schedule this morning. It will be rather sad if we end up the worst team in our division.

          • geoff u

            Sad, but maybe there’ll finally be some accountability for this doonboggle. Or maybe I just wanted to use doonboggle in a sentence.

          • Peter

            I worry that the stealers have a defense.

            I’m also a little worried that AZ has apparently not got the memo.

    • king

      Both LA and GB are probably favorites to hit 9 wins. Both own the tie breaker over Seattle.

      • Peter

        Green bay might run the table. Their remaining schedule is baby soft with a ton of quitting teams or ones with obvious faults here on out.

        The Rams have the same number of hard games and quote/unquote easy games as us….just, you know…..”they wanted it more than us.”

  78. Big Mike

    Burkhardt pimping next week’s game v. 9ers
    Nice Freudian slip Kevin. Of course it is apropo

  79. Big Mike

    Rams about to pass us for second place in the division based on tiebreaker
    “They were just more ready than we were”

    • Big Mike

      Oh and I believe we’re now out of the playoffs

      • Rob Staton


      • Palatypus

        So because there are 14 playoff teams now, the worst we can draft at now is 15, right?

        • Palatypus

          18, I mean, doh!

          • Peter

            Time of typing…..we are picking #17

            Come on down Rattler, Daniels, Ewers.

            All btw starting qb names in my unscientific analysis.

            Whereas JJ mccarthy is the name of a guy who beats the seahawks in random stops in his career as the new Colt Mccoy ( a great college qb name btw…but an entirely unserious NFL name.)

    • Peter

      Big Mike you made mention that maybe just maybe the niners will be less than full operating capacity after beating eagles. Btw I don’t disagree.

      However, do the niners:

      A. Sleep on us because we are chumps against them?

      B. Steam roll us because they need to to still get HFA through the playoffs?

      C. Kick in our teeth, take our lunch money, and maybe give us an actual swirlie just because they can?

      D. Both B and C?

      • Big Mike

        I think they kind of dispatch the Carrolls in a business like fashion. Maybe they’re a little flat early but eventually they start playing like B and put the Hawks away by the end of the 3rd.

        What say you?

        • Peter

          That feels right they sort of build as the game goes and then it’s an insurmountable wall.

  80. PatrickH

    Philly has one of the better defense in NFL. They have Jalen Carter. Yet the 49ers still drop 42 points on them. The Cowboys have Micah Parsons and one of the better defense in the league, but the Seahawks put 35 points on them. A good team can’t rely on defense anymore. While it will be nice not to get into a shootout every week, a team must prioritize building a great offense in order to become a Superbowl contender these days.

    • geoff u

      Browns had the top DVOA defense, Rams dropped 36 on them…

      • Peter

        Exactly. This team is closer to being a prolific offense than any positive adjective defense.

        Instead of dabbling here and there just do the thing and get a qb who doesn’t disappear in games. Convert bad money into something functioning. Quit screwing around at edges of a functioning oline.

    • 12th chuck

      I would say that the dallas d and team have been kind of suspect all year. I believe the seahawks were the only team above .500 they have won

  81. Robert Las Vegas

    I will say this Colin is right about one thing the rams are overachieving after all name some of their defense guys besides Aaron Donald the Seahawks are underachieving.basically Sean McVey isn’t it.the difference.arent they suppose to win 3 or wins this year.

    • McZ

      Akhello Witherspoon
      John Johnson
      Kobie Turner
      Ernest Brown
      Christian Rozeboom
      Russ Yeast
      Michael Hoecht
      Jordan Fuller
      Derrion Kendrick
      Byron Jones

      Raheem Morris assembled a bunch of journeymen and rookies to a unit that outplayed the Seahawks defense twice. He made some really effective adjustments in 3rd yesterday.

      All the while our defensive mastermind HC cannot get this high paid high capital defense play a single full game. Adjustments we haven’t seen. Absent since 2015.

  82. seaspunj

    anyone ever day dream what this Seahawks offense would look like under Mike McDaniel? Obviously the Seahawks dont have a Hill to stretch the field but i look at how inventive their plays are. At times i wonder if the Seahawks weapons can ever look so dangerous.

    • king

      Been salivating over the thought of MM as HC of Seattle since he was the run game coordinator in SF. If I knew he was Next, why didn’t Seattle?

      • IHeartTacoma

        I’m working on an all MM team. I think it could be done. So far, after about 30 seconds, I have Marcus Mariota, Moses Morgan, and Marvin Mims.

        Help me out people. And, as Seahawks fans, this is literally all we have to do until the draft combines.

        • Peter

          Malik McDowell

  83. Troy

    It might be a blessing in disguise to have the Rams and Packers continuing to play well and secure those last playoff spots. Failure brings change and a collapse like the Hawks are in the middle of will only punctuate that.

    • Rob Staton


      • Big Mike


    • bmseattle

      I agree.
      The Rams, in particular.
      Finishing behind them seems extra… embarrassing.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Pete’s delusions of grandeur need to be shattered. The garbage 7th seed last year coupled with our brief stint at the top of the NFC West this season & subsequent loss of assets have set this franchise back. Some real sober soul searching needs to take place, followed by some humble accountability, followed by a championship vision for constructing the roster going forward.

        • Big Mike

          None of that will ever happen because ego. Termination is the only way this franchise can and will move forward.

    • king

      No disguise. Seattle has needed change at HC for a long time. The only way that happens is if it becomes obvious. I love my team, but I have been longing for a collapse like this since 2018, because getting PC out is a necessary step toward competing for a championship.

      • Peter

        I’m there with you.

        Hate the fake fan talk. I’ve been a fan forever. And….I want to compete. To do that I’m fine letting Pete walk. I honestly can’t understand these folks that are grasping at the memory of what it was a decade ago.

        I loved Holmgren. Legitimately studied his bio and was so enamored by him I thought about becoming a high school coach just to try and emulate his path. But when the snow balls came flying I didn’t feel a thing for him leaving.

  84. Palatypus

    The acrimony here in Florida over Florida State here in Flora-Bama is palpable, today. Lots of people are buying Florida State gear at Academy Sports as if out of protest.

    I will say this about the committee’s decision. Living here in the butthole of the SEC, Alabama fans are most likely to flip you off in an act of road rage. Florida State fans are instructors in your yoga class.

    I’m not kidding, my friend Hannah is an Assistant Escambia County Prosecutor, and a yoga instructor.

    Maybe they were trying to avoid an active shooter situation?

  85. Mick

    Bye bye playoffs. To be fair, we don’t play like we deserve it. I’m afraid we’ll change the DC and the OC and the source of the problems will stay, though.

    • Big Mike

      VERY likely

  86. Peter

    Update from earlier. Seattle currently holds pick #16.

    1. Chicago…qb
    2. Patriots….qb
    3. Az….?….Marvin Harrison, JR.
    4. WAS…..

    Is WAS with pick #4 the move? Or can Seattle find the qbotf with a softer cost Ala Allen, Mahomes? Allen was two seconds to move a few spots. Mahomes a single first.

    Williams, Maye. I don’t think the teams that want them can be moved off them. But are Daniels and Ewers ( my preferred choices btw regardless over Williams and Maye) the guys? Or….do you sit fast and select Rattler at #16?

    I’m very intrigued by Rattler and I don’t think you need to spend to get him. In fact I think most pundits would laugh if we did that.

    • Sten

      Az won’t pick in the top 5. The draft order is almost impossible to predict this far out since winning one game changes things drastically

      • Peter

        Impossible. Sure.

        If I had to guess:

        1. Chicago
        2. New England
        3. Giants
        4. Washington
        5. Chicago
        6. Jets
        7. Arizona

        13. Seahawks

  87. Ben - Fort Worth

    NYJ, NO, TB, LV, NYG could all be in the argument to have reasons for drafting a QB.

    • Peter

      True. Just need to get to #4.

  88. LouCityHawk

    Re-upping Rob’s live stream.

    I had not heard about this Prez dust-up. Carroll not suspending the player without pay (let him file a grievance) would be the right move. Really highlights that one of the saddest epitaphs of the Carroll era will be his indulgence of egos that needed curtailing or to be sent packing.

    Stories like this one are the ones I’m trying to avoid, I wish to be left of the least tarnished version of the Carroll era I can have. Whatever comes next, comes next, but fear can’t keep us from moving on.

    • Big Mike

      I’ve pretty much steered clear of commenting on what Adams did because I was told last week I’m too harsh on good ol’ Jamal as a person. How interesting that this happened one day later. I’ll not comment again other than to say, Jamal’s actions speak louder than any words I can type out here.

      Hey AL, waiting for your post about what Jamal did…………………….

      • LouCityHawk

        This is one of those moments.

        It is about institutional control. It really speaks to the level at which Carroll has checked out.

        The point about the media not asking questions is an interesting one as well.

        Compare that DK’s Twitter spat earlier this year (which I defend) garnered 3 posts on another website and 1000s of comments, and this Prez stuff is grotesque – but gets crickets.

        • Big Mike

          It really speaks to the level at which Carroll has checked out.

          See to me it speaks to his ego and continuing desperate attempts to make the pathetic trade for Adams look less shitty than it actually was. It’s also why I have little doubt that good ol’ Jamal will be back being no better than mediocre next year.
          The saddest thing of all is that this would have been the out Carroll could have used to move on from Adams. Unfortunately, his ego simply won’t allow it.

          PS, hey Seattle media…’re refusal to hold Carroll’s feet to the fire on this is unbelievable. You are absolutely PATHETIC.

          • LouCityHawk

            I don’t usually cross post, but I posted this somewhere else


            2021 1st OL Alijah Vera-Tucker

            2022 1st WR Garrett Wilson


            4 years, $72 million dollars (extension)


            33 games

            217 Tackles

            9.5 Sacks

            1 FF

            2 ints

            1 ridiculous coffee cup


            • Big Mike

              How many “business decisions”?
              How many whiffed tackles?

              • Big Mike

                Notice AL I’m sticking strictly to on field performance.

              • LouCityHawk

                Couldn’t find the missed tackles or missed assignments stats.

            • geoff u

              49ers survived Trey Lance, we are not surviving this.

      • LouCityHawk

        Here is the interesting part, he cut out the baby, so you can’t even defend this as a ‘rage tweet’. He legitimately thought it was cool to go after family, but not the baby I guess.

        • Palatypus

          In his defense, all babies are ugly.

      • king

        I would encourage you to keep speaking your mind. I believe there are serious issues of character on the team and always have been. This is probably true of most teams, but it seems to me that this regime errs far too much towards enablement. This is more than a football issue and keeping silent about it is what they want. The more voices speaking out about it, often and loudly, the more chance we have that the message will be heard.

    • Peter

      I think I was less surprised by this than others. I never thought Prez came across as a ‘good’ person.

      I doubt the team ever comments on it. The team has been .asking exceptions for character for longer and more often than their purported renewed vigor to add players of high character would suggest.

      If you want to talk about the live stream with the Lads….how about Rob blowing the ‘culture’ rhetoric into the sun.

      If all things were right in hawksville maybe when he was losing a dynasty because he made a team fulll of dogs on the field that were leader less and had no center to hold to when things got tough and Earl was flipping him off….maybe that’s when we should have been thinking about a new coach.

      • LouCityHawk

        I’m not surprised because I though Prez was high character, but because this sort of attack is the sort that an adult would think ‘this is a bad idea’, this is a train wreck of a human waiting to happen, the sooner he is in your rear view, the better.

        The part Peter talks about is at timestamp 42.

        The Culture is that of Fredo from the Godfather….

        • Peter

          Culture is the fighting Mcvays and no name defenders from parts unknown and Nacua lapping our vaunted secondary, beating us week one because “they wanted it more.”

          • LouCityHawk

            Seattle has a culture, that is for sure…

            The warts of that culture are outnumbering the benefits at the moment. there are a dozen or so teams with a defined culture: Rams, DET, GB, PHL, DAL, KC, BAL, PIT, MIA, NE… maybe some others. Every culture has warts, positives and negatives with tradeoffs.

            This is why someone like a Ben Johnson or Wes Phillips is starting to appeal to me more and more… A new culture to deal with the new type of player.

        • Troy

          Going to be an interesting off-season, for sure. Signifiant team collapse. Under performing coaches. Way under performing high paid veteran players. Undisciplined, sloppy football. A season of very little progress towards building a contender.

  89. geoff u

    Sad and it pains me to say that for once in the Pete Carroll era I’m actually hoping we lose from here on out to:

    1. Facilitate a change at the top.
    2. Make people finally realize Geno ain’t it.
    3. Get a higher draft pick so we can get a damn quarterback.

    • Troy

      Here’s what will happen. Lose to Niners and Eagles which will be 5 straight losses (and 6 out of 7). But they’ll win the last 3 to finish 9-8. And Pete will focus on how they finished as a springboard into next year

  90. BK26

    Gabriel from Okla and McCord from OSU transferring too?

    What is happening? This is getting rediculous.

    • LouCityHawk

      Portal and NIL money, this will be the new normal for awhile.

      No reason to go Day 3 unless you are out of eligibility. No reason to stay in a program where you aren’t feeling the rise you want.

      Just wait for it to transfer from QB to other premium positions.

      • BK26

        Makes sense for these middling, borderline or less next level qb’s to be mercenaries and make what they can.

        There were more wide receiver’s already than I thought, but it’s just beginning….

  91. Denver Hawker

    The order will certainly change, but in a year bereft of blue chip talent, not unreasonable to project several QBs going earlier than they should again.
    Many of these teams could roll the dice on a new QB:

    • Big Mike

      Seems to me Seattle needs to trade up to at least 5 and maybe 4 to keep getting jumped by someone else (assuming AZ keeps Murray).

      • j hawk

        Hopefully they won’t have far to trade up.

      • Scot04

        I’m thinking #8 if you’re ok with Daniels, Ewer’s or Rattler.

  92. EMJ Tres

    Appreciate the reporting Rob!

    Wondering what your thoughts on JT Tuimoloau are?

    I’m not sure about OSU’s defensive schemes/JTT’s specific responsibilities, but I always got the impression that he was playing to defend the run first. It didn’t appear he was “pinning his ears back” as much as Sawyer or their other rushers.

    Obviously, he had the Penn State game last year which was a historic performance; but watching him this year it almost seemed like he was holding back (or was perhaps being used differently on their D-Line).

    In situations like this, how do you scout the player? Does their athletic testing become even more important to projecting their success at the next level?


  93. Gross MaToast

    One thing I know for certain is that, just as in the Seahawks’ other recent championship years, a late-season win over the Cardinals is generally a great predictor for success the following year. I don’t have time to look up all of the pertinent examples.

    Most teams and coaches that endure 1-7 slides aren’t so excited about next year, but Pete already can’t wait to get back out there next July, kick some tail, and get this thing figured out.

    Also, if the team is unwilling to suspend the Coffee Cup, then the league should.

  94. Big Mike

    Caleb announced as not playing in the Holiday Bowl. No surprise

  95. Pran

    Will Eagles thump Hawks to avenge 9ers loss.

    Hawks has a chance to win against Titans and Cardinals. 8-9 is best case. That’s closing the season on a positive note in Pete’s book.

    • Rob Staton

      The Eagles might have a slumping run here, they’ve played quite poorly for a while

  96. BobbyK

    Let’s go get a QB in R1!

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s do it

  97. Palatypus

    Oregon is going to destroy Liberty the way Larry Flynt destroyed Jerry Falwell.

    • Big Mike

      Only if they care

      Funny post btw 😄

  98. cha

    Heisman finalists:

    Jayden Daniels
    Bo Nix
    Marvin Harrison Jr
    Michael Penix Jr

  99. Snowman

    Nice read.

    A comment-

    Would you consider putting a parenthetical position note after player names? I’m not an avid college football viewer and don’t have the head space to remember these guys by name and position.

    But if you write “Player Name (Position)”, it makes for nicer reading. Can’t always tell from context what position group you’re writing about.

    • Rob Staton

      The players are broken up into positions, which are listed at the top of each column

  100. Keven

    I’ve never read one thing from you, pour through draft blogs all day long, and this read was fantastic.
    Die hard hawks fan, and we have some major cap issues to sort through, but I’m seeing this as a down draft as well, but could nail a strong QB (I like Texas kid) with a 15-20 first round pick. We do that and we could be off to the races.

  101. GoHawks5151

    My guy Tali Fuaga! So glad to see him on here. He is a beast and a great dude. I heard that the Niners love him fwiw… I still think that Oregon State safety Kitan Oladapo is a guy Seattle could be interested in. He reminds me of the Boise Safety from last year. Also LT Joshua Gray seems like a LA Rams tackle to guard convert

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