Pete Carroll’s Monday interview felt like a pitch to ownership

I decided to do a video on this rather than an article because frankly, one listen was enough and transcribing it might put me off the National Championship game later. Pete Carroll used his 710 Seattle Sports interview on Monday to tell everyone — among other things — that this team is closer to the Super Bowl than last year.

The truth is they’re not closer to the Super Bowl. They have the exact same record as a year ago. They were relying on the Packers to lose a game to get into the playoffs, just as they were last season. Statistically their run defense is worse than 2022, despite prioritising it for the last 12 months (Carroll offered the now all-too-common line that they ‘just need to fix it’, begging the follow up question of what difference will another 12 months make if they couldn’t get close to fixing the problem already?). They can’t run the ball properly and the roster is facing a reset of sorts given the financial situation that is now a pressing concern.

I was wrong about Carroll maybe acknowledging he was coming to a natural end. Clearly he is minded to carry on. Everything else about yesterday’s article still rings true — so check it out.

The whole interview felt like an attempt at self-preservation. There were no convincing answers, nothing of substance. There was a lot of positive spin, like a politician on the election trail. Everything was an attempt to portray the situation as more positive than it actually is. Some fans will buy it. Will Jody Allen? I’m not convinced Carroll believed half of what he was saying. It felt like he was merely trying to get through what could be a challenging next few days.

It was like listening to a dress rehearsal for his meeting with ownership. If this is his pitch to stay for next season, it was seriously unimpressive.

Anyway, check out the video…


  1. cha

    What stood out to me was when asked about significant changes, PC said something like ‘Johnny and I have those conversations all the time…forever’ which is a schoolboy’s answer when asked why his homework is so sloppy and doesn’t grade well. ‘I’m trying and trying and trying. I study every night by candlelight…I just need more time to get it right.’

    There’s a feeling like he was saying he’s already mapped out this whole offseason and they know exactly what they need to do.

    He hasn’t and they don’t.

  2. DON

    Rob, thank you for your analysis and agree 100% .

    How likely would the Hawks force Pete to resign and hire the Huskies coach Kalen DeBoer? And, do you think they should? DeBoer has been successful with every team he has coached. The Hawks hired Pete from USC, so they have history of hiring college coaches.

    • BK26

      He’s not going to leave Washington. He is on the cusp of being what Pete is: a guy that can’t get fired.

      Just to start over at a level that a lot of college guys don’t work out? I doubt it.

    • Rob Staton

      Rob, thank you for your analysis and agree 100% .

      My pleasure. I hope others similarly write/discuss inconvenient topics this week.

      How likely would the Hawks force Pete to resign and hire the Huskies coach Kalen DeBoer?

      I’d be very interested in this. I have no idea whether he has any interest in the NFL, though. Money talks I guess.

      • DSC

        Rob, How about the comment from Pete that a major driver of their difficulties is that they are so dang young? How do you equate this to the inability to the stop run, where your primary interior defensive players are Reed, Williams, Jones, Wagner, and Brooks? This are veterans and not cheap. I wish Brock or Salk could nicely challenge Pete on that, but they are afraid of him.

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s BS — because I heard on 710 today that Seattle, per snaps, is the seventh most experienced team in the league

        • cha

          He said that last year too.

          It’s basically ‘the dog ate my homework’ at this point.

          But let’s take him at his word and say that really is the case.

          Remember, PC navigated one of the youngest teams in the NFL to an incredible run in 2011-2014. So him saying it’s youth, he’s basically admitting he can no longer reach younger players.

          • Rob Staton

            Great point Cha

  3. GF

    One of Pete’s best jobs has been convincing this fan base that beating the Commanders is enough and that being slaughtered by the Ravens and other teams is JUST A DEFEAT, with that narrative he will still be here by 2050, I have read on X people say that he deserves to do whatever he wants, as if he were doing something for free…. many will not understand but this team is what ATLETICO DE MADRID is, accustomed to mediocrity and with a coach who plays the role of innocent and innocent every year without having good results

    • GF

      By the way, yesterday KJ Wright’s show was interesting (as almost always), I don’t know if you saw it Rob, but KJ said that today the FA would face Pete/John ……. and HE SAID (laughing, He didn’t say it with bad intentions) that when he was in that position Pete said that he would call him to continue in Seattle….. and he never called him lol, for everyone who thinks that Pete is 100% transparent and does everything well and he is a man of his word……….by the way……that also happened with Bobby

    • Peter

      That section of the fanbase….you can’t even engage with them.

  4. Peter

    So…..I get as a fan to be stoked to be a mid level team with no aspirations of greatness


    Wait until the sale of a team that may or may not come


    Wait for Seattle to be greenbay, eagles, or the actual Seahawks and have a truly catering season to get a new coach with a new vision.

    Sounds great.

  5. Orcas Viking

    I was a partner in Big Law for 20 years and the partnership agreement required mandatory retirement at age 60. The purpose was clear, it was to prevent the deadwood from hanging on. Many aging partners desperately wanted to stay on because their work was their life, their entire sense of identity and self worth. All the younger partners, however, can readily see the slow decline of the mental acuity of the aging partners…they just could not burn the midnight oil like the younger guys. Many older partner were in denial of the aging process. Pete is an old partner, which is why he gets out coached by McVay and Shanahan…those two young guys can apply 10x the brain power to game planning than Pete. Pete can’t see his mental decline, he’s in denial, and his desire to carry on, even though the product on the field clearly indicates he can’t, is the selfish act of trying to preserve his identity and self worth. Jody and John, please force Pete into retirement…he is too old for the job.

    • James Z

      Shout-out to Orcas Vikings. I lived on the Gem of the San Juans for 15 years (80’s and 90’s) and loved it till, well, the weather and my bones. 2 of my sons played soccer at the High School and graduated from there. Also, you’re so right about staying too long. Reminds me of a quip about Gen. MacArthur based on his own final address: Old soldiers never die, they just smell that way… Something is starting to smell with the Seahawks.

    • Bob Kaupang

      Spot on.

    • slartibartfast42

      I disagree with this take. Age discrimination is real and no one should be forced out simply because they’re past a certain age–experience counts a lot more than simply working longer hours because you’re younger. Pete is not showing any signs of age-related decline and that’s a cheap shot at people of a certain age. Pete appears to want to run his style of football–one that gave him a ton of success at USC and in the NFL a decade ago. You can look to a similar older college counterpart in Nick Saban, who was wise enough to embrace the changing philosophies of the college game and empower his coordinators to build offenses and defenses as he sees fit and no one in Tuscaloosa is calling for his retirement. Maybe it’s hubris, maybe it’s stubbornness, but plenty of younger coaches fail for those same reasons too.

      • whit21

        I would just say there’s a reason many successful coaches dont last too long into their 60s and 70s.

        He does have a decline, you can see it with the coaching decisions he has had on the sidelines in the last few years. His game management has declined.

        As for his philosophy, yeah it has gone stale and he has been the most stubborn coach in the league about it. Not even BB has been as bad as Pete with that. He brought back Bill O’brien when they had no OC in 2022 and his defense for the Pats has been solid.

        There’s a lot of factors on why Pete should move on, and one is his age. Its not mainly his age, but it is a factor to his ability to coach on game day. Its been evident for about 6 years now. A steady decline.

        • Lord Snow

          As a guy in his 60s who is retired I can verify that age-related cognitive decline is real. And I’m a former scientist in my working life with degrees in math and physics . I kind of shake my head when people say there’s no sign with Pete that he has any decline in him. How do they know that? I’ve taken care of mother-in-law’s and grandparents and they didn’t think they were declining but they were. For the most part You don’t see it in one giant event usually it’s slow. It creeps up on you but it’s real. And like I tell my wife if anyone above 65 anything can happen you can fall off a ladder you could fall off a house you could catch pneumonia and at that point it could break you and you’re never the same. Him at 72? he needs to retire. It’s time. And frankly I think he has declined mentally. It’s subtle but he is not the same man the same coach as when he started with this team 14 years ago.

          • BobbyK

            And we’re going to be screwed with a pair of dinosaurs running in the Presidential Election in November, too.

      • Orcas Viking

        I beg to differ. Pete is going on 73. There are just certain jobs 72 year old men should not be doing…policeman, fireman, chess master, astronaut, navy pilot, commercial airline pilot, mountain guide, etc….and I would add HC of an NFL team to the list. It’s not age discrimination, just an acceptance of reality. Pete is too proud to accept reality. As one of the most insightful movie characters once said, “a good man’s gotta know his own limitations.”

        • Lord Snow

          This is absolutely correct

        • Saxon

          Why should the topic of age need to be raised? Ultimately all that matters are results. If Pete was in his thirties and produced one playoff win in seven years, I’d want him fired. We can speculate about cognitive decline. There is no debate about the team’s decline. Perennially bad defenses, bad running game, cap mismanagement, etc. – combining to produce a subpar product each year. This is ample reason for Pete to resign. Age is immaterial.

      • CJ

        Cognitive decline is a real thing, especially after age 60 (which I hit this year, hopefully). I play chess a lot, and thinking that a 13 year old can beat me without breaking a sweat is humbling.

        We don’t know if Pete is facing a decline in cognition, but at 72, the odds are he is. And some of his behavior seems to indicate it; confusion, obstinacy, etc. Of course I know a lot of Gen-Z kids who fit that mold.

        Saban also is willing to actually defer to his coordinators. I don’t see that from Pete at all. He hasn’t shown any willingness to “embrace the changing philosophies” of the pro game at all. He seems stuck with an old school approach to scheme and personnel.

      • Seanmatt

        Not adapting to the times is an example of why older people might struggle at their job. You’re making the case that you’re trying to oppose

      • Jack Frost

        I agree with you about age discrimination. This looks more like the game has passed Pete by.

    • DarrellDownUnder

      💯 Spot on.

  6. Big Mike

    Sure appreciate that you spent time writing another article about all of this Rob. I’m so utterly bored with Carroll I frankly don’t give a crap what he says.
    I thought he might have enough self-pride left to walk away with his held up but apparently that’s not the case. You’ve become a sad, pathetic shell of a Super Bowl winning HC Carroll. Your ego has taken complete control of your common sense, thought process and actions.

    Ball’s in Jody’s court and we have no idea what she’s going to do.

  7. Seahawk_Dan

    Pete is legitimately starting to piss me off. I don’t want to feel that way about arguably the best coach in franchise history. It’s just his willingness to drag himself along to stay.

    I’ve said before that I would love if he retired, on a positive side of everyone’s hearts and minds, and walk away to the sound of cheering. However Pete, so far, has chosen the kicking and screaming approach.

  8. Rob Staton

    My review of Carroll’s final interview last year, in case you want to compare:

  9. Joseph Cusumano


    I see a lot of funny comments from Pete’s cult. Safe to say they’re just as irritating if not more than 49ers, Rams, Cowboys, and Eagles fans.

    • BobbyK

      Pete’s Cult has probably tried to erase the fact from the record books that the Seahawks went to Super Bowl XL because how dare anyone think the organization could have any type of success without him.

      • Lord Snow

        I bet for most fans the history of the Seahawks started in 2010. They can’t think of any other era

  10. TDB11

    His interview was getting his coaches to coach better?! All the interviews the last half of season was it’s not the coaches and that it’s the player’s not executing. Doubles down on Jamal?! Please Jody do the right thing. Move on. I would like to see John be the decision maker. If Pete stays on he runs the defense answers to John and let’s John decide who runs the offense. Just a compromise hope. But leaving at it is disheartening

    • Jeremy

      I think he just doubled-down on Jamal coming back from injury and “almost getting there.” I’d bet many dollars that he doesn’t come back under this contract next year.

  11. BobbyK

    I am legit starting to hate Pete Carroll.

    He has turned this team into what he was once hired to rebuild and he can’t see that. His defense is putrid (though there are playmakers offensively).

    An 9-8 record bolds well for the future if you outscored your opponents by 38 points on the season and you finished strong.

    Our 9-8 hides we were clearly outscored on the season and limped to the finish line. Big difference.

    • Rob Staton

      You don’t need to be an expert to understand what you’re seeing in a football season, or at least understand when something wasn’t good at all. You also only have to read statistical rankings for a clear picture of what the 2023 Seahawks were

      Carroll seems to have forgotten this and thinks he can say anything and people will just accept it

      His comments today were an insult to everyone’s intelligence

      • Lord Snow

        I think the sad thing for me is I’m remembering the Super Bowl in 2014 and the last 10 years much more than what I should remember which is the great season and Super Bowl win in 2013. And sadly I think that is how his legacy will be mostly remembered

  12. Jeremy

    Here’s my frustration:

    We could have lost to the Titans, Browns, Eagles, or yesterday. I do NOT think we really were close to losing the Commanders or Lions game as we were never behind late. I digress….

    Pete acts as if these were gimmes when he says “one more against the Rams (agree), Cowboys (yep), or Steelers (nope they just outlpayed us). He also forgets the Bengals game which we could have won. The rest of our games were more straightfoward–losses to Frisco twice, Baltimore, first Rams game, and wins vs the Cardinals in Seattle, the Panthers, and Giants.

    So we’re a .500 team. A little better, and that’s great vs a hard schedule. With EVERY break we could have gone 12-5, beating the Bengals, Dallas, and Rams in LA. With every game going against us we could be 5-12, losing yesterday, to the Titans, the Browns, and and Eagles. Also the Eagles game looks less and less impressive weekly.

    I imagine every team in the league has these what-ifs other than the very top and very bottom. So while I like Pete and dread what comes next if he goes, I really do think since we started rolling teams at the end of 2015 that Pete and John have been happy to have a bunch of coin flips since most of them have gone our way, in the regular season at least.


    • whit21

      well… yeah. Thats always been Pete Carroll’s style. Just because the Hawks went to back to back SBs, people forget from 2012 to 2014.. They didnt steam roll a lot of teams. RW had huge games against the cardinals and Bills when the read option was working well. But they had to come back in a lot games, kept the score low and RW pulled out a win.

      Pete wants to play field position and 1 score games. Which has been a bit different in more recent years, going for 4th downs and not kicking FGs. But his philosophy has always been take chunk plays on 3rd and 4th and short, try to trick teams into being aggressive and he takes advantage. I think thats why he hasn’t outcoached anyone in a long time because if we all know this is how pete operates, then every coach he faces knows it too. Thats why at a certain point, teams just blitzed the hawks on 3rd and 4th n short.

      They were not afraid of the hawks, and they collapsed against the bengals and cowboys. If pete and the front office thinks they can just keep these coinflip games as positives, then sadly..

      They should all go.

      The basic philosophy Pete has for offense is why they were near the bottom for 3rd down conversions (and sooo many other categories) and why the close games against good teams were losses and the close games where they pulled off a Win were against bad teams. (the browns had PJ walker for QB)

      • Jeremy

        The steamrolling was that stretch in the 2nd half of 2015. Rawls getting hurt put an end to that sort of and I don’t know if it has ever consistently come back…

      • Malc from PO

        Really well put. Sometimes I think Pete sticks around for easy money because putting together these coin flip game plans must take about 10 minutes a week and you can just hang the rest of the time.

  13. cha

    Spot on in the video.

    You can’t say you’ve improved and are closer to a Super Bowl in one breath and then say your stated goals are to improve the pass rush and run defense for the, what, 5th year in a row? in the next.

    Last year Pete was clear, honest and pushed back hard on the idea that 9-8 should be celebrated. This year? Aw dang we were one play away so many times! It pissed me off so much! We won’t make those same mistakes next year. Why not, you ask? We’ll be a year older and wiser!

    Pete sure can tap and sing.

    • Rob Staton

      Can’t wait to see even more 49ers jerseys at Lumen next season

      • Jeremy

        I was at the game yesterday. Road fans are just a thing. It was at least 1/3 12s. This was similar to terrible towels at Lumen the week before (anyone who said it was 40% or more gold didn’t watch the game on tv nor was there).

        Just something that happens anymore…..

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not just a thing though. Arizona doesn’t have a hardcore following and there are always a lot of road fans there.

          Seattle is supposed to be different. The 12th Man. All that. Increasingly people are just selling their tickets and can’t be bothered.

          • Jeremy

            How about the Rams the year the WON THE SUPER BOWL turning into Frisco South as the 49ers clinched the playoffs?

            How about it being FRISCO NORTH in the NFC Championship game that same season? Still not a thing? No Rams following in Los Angeles?

            Not playing gotcha just saying unfortunately it happens.

            • Anonymous

              Frisco South in the NFCC game. Sorry.

            • Rob Staton

              Jeremy, you can’t use teams like the Rams and Cardinals as examples for having a lot of away fans.

              Neither franchise has a core fan base. They have no fans. They always get a lot travelling because tickets are so easy to get hold of.

              Seattle is supposed to be different.

              • whit21

                I will say that Steelers have a nationwide core fanbase. I know a lot of Steelers fans in western washington that grew up here. A division rival shouldn’t have had that many fans in the stands.

                I think it just shows that season ticket holders and other fans just were not into spending money to see this team. Hopefully that goes noticed by Jody Allen from her luxury box.

                • Rob Staton

                  Sure — and I’ve been at Seahawks vs Cowboys with a lot of Dallas fans

                  I have never been at a football game and seen as many San Fran’s in the stadium. It was a sea of red. Apparently the same vs Philly and Pittsburgh. It’s more than a one-off.

                  • Tallyhawk

                    This right here!! My dad who has missed 1 home game in this stadium said those 3 games San Fran in particular were the most road fans he’s seen since Pete became coach. Seattle fans (at least season ticket holders) aren’t dumb and know bad football when they see it as a lot of them were fans before Pete and Holmgren. If there is a good home team there are few tickets for opposing fans.

        • cha

          First off, Arizona is the exception to the rule. Players have long decried that they have more visiting fans than home fans. It’s geography and the fact that so many people retire or snowbird there.

          Secondly, the last couple years have been nothing like ‘just a thing’ anymore. I’ve been going to games for decades and this is about the same in terms of the worst years of fan support. In 1996 I went to the game when the eventual SB champion Packers came to town. The Seahawks had Rick Mirer threw 4 interceptions. They benched him and brought John Friesz in.

          The cheeseheads were everywhere. They had Brett Favre, Reggie White and Antonio Freeman.

          It sill wasn’t as thick with opposition fans as the Thanksgiving Day game vs the Niners this year.

          • whit21

            I was just talking to someone last night. They said it was only 500 $ more to travel to Arizona and get hotel/tickets in 2021 than it was to get good seats for the 2022 Titan game where they blew the lead and lost in OT. After fees it was 1400$ for 2 sky club seats.

            • cha

              I went to SF for the 2019 MNF game (Quandre’s first game and the Jadaveon Clowney wrecks everything and the Seahawks danced on the field in OT game) and it was cheaper to fly to SF + tickets + buy a buddy a nice steak dinner for putting me up than it was for a Seahawks game in Seattle.

  14. Anthony

    Rob, will you do a stream with Brian of Hawkblogger to discuss the team’s future? Regardless of differences, his morning after column reads similar to what is posted on SDB.

    • Rob Staton

      I would happily do that, and we’ve done one in the past. I can’t speak for whether Brian would want to do it though.

  15. Parallax

    Started listening but had to stop. Was just too frustrating. I console myself only in the knowledge that this is just frickin’ football and it doesn’t really matter. No one will die as a result of anyone’s bad decision.

    What surprises me is how few are clamoring for change. Most either meekly accept this notion that no one will fire Pete and he’ll leave when he’s ready or that he somehow deserves another shot. One guy on facebook yesterday was begging me to change my mind, speaking of Carroll as if he were a football genius, just a single piece away from creating magic. My response was along the lines of “Why do you care what I think? I don’t have Jody’s cell number.”

    This is such a weird town. I’ve lived in many places and fans typically form a consensus around wanting a new coach long before things get to this place and then they shout it from rooftops. I’ve never seen a place more resigned. Perhaps because the Seahawks sucked for decades until the God Pete descended from heaven and anointed this town with Russ and the LOB. Maybe that history is so traumatic, people can’t bring themselves to move on from their savior.

    I’ve been in places that would have cycled through more than one coach by now absent significant signs of success. Not always wisely. Sometimes there’s a structural problem preventing success that no coach can solve and which keeps any good candidates from wanting the job. But I don’t see any reason why that’s true of this team. Everyone plays under the same constraints. If the next owner is a noxious meddler, that’s another matter. But otherwise the ingredients for success are present for someone savvy enough to use them given adequate opportunity.

    • slartibartfast42

      Thing is, most people who read and comment here think a lot more critically about football than the average fan–and I think we’re on the same page of needing a serious coaching overhaul. To most casual fans, the team has a winning record and offers a fun experience most Sunday afternoons. Heck, my neighbors were shooting off fireworks like they do after every win yesterday, despite it being a hollow win thanks to a bad kicker. But, yay fireworks! Another friend of mine with season tickets usually just goes to the game to drink and party–not sure how much he cares about the level of detail we discuss here, but it sure is fun to tailgate and buy overpriced beer! So, yeah, there are a lot of people who aren’t in the same place, but there’s not a lot that’ll change their minds anyway. I mean sure, maybe Pete just hasn’t decided to play that last magic card he has that’ll get his coordinators to coach better or players to be better prepared…Maybe if we all just wished harder!

    • CJ

      I loved the Holmgren Seahawks. Matt was a fun QB to root for, Shaun was a great RB, and we had the best LT of all time. Even the defense was fun to root for with Lofa. Made it to the SB and (in my heart) we won.

      I loved Ground Chuck in the 80s. Curt Warner was transcendent until he blew out his knee and then Chuck looked around, figured he had to win with a passing attack, and unleashed Krieg and Largent. I still remember when Largent smacked the crap out of Harden after an interception. Then later watching Krieg win the game against the Chiefs where Derrick Thomas set up a condo in the Hawks backfield.

      I’d much rather watch those teams than what we’ve had to watch the last four years.

  16. McZ

    When this defense was crap in 2017, the Twitter toddler fans of this franchise told us, that we need more fresh blood. They invested heavily into the defense for five season, and apart from possibly Spoon, nothing sticks.

    So, 2018 went by, and we needed more explosiveness. Fast forward August 2019, we sign Clowney for 3rd rounder and two guys. It didn’t work out.

    So, in 2020 they though they need more toughness in the backfield. Bring in a reiteration of Bambam, an idea this franchise has been obsessed about. Hell, there is that dude trying to force himself out of Jets country. Yeah, yeah, Pete culture will right the ship like it did with … cough … ET3. Two 1st rounders, a 3rd and Bradley McDougald were sent to the east coast. My wife – a jets addict wearing green strings – said: watch out, dude got bailed out by Maye a lot. In three years, dude played less games than my granny, and had two, possibly two decent play. At least, there was a doink… ahm… fun factor.

    But, but, but… RW3 is past his prime. Send him away, lets invest in better young blood. And while we’re at it, change the scheme to 3-4. It’s more fashionista, compadre. Fast forward two seasons, we squandered most of the picks on players at fringe positions, and a LT who is mediocre at best.

    But, but, but… young dudes need experience. Let’s go for it, bring in some pricey lackeys. Oh, yeah. Dre’mont Jones is available, 51.7 PFF rating and cannot stop the run, but he has a cool name. And give us that Williams dude. The defense never played worse than in the 9 games eversince.

    The Seahawks, this regime has already turned around every stone. They are clearly out of ideas and options, tbh. Short of hiring a pair of magic unicorns that play edge.

    This is why Jody Allen needs to end the tenure of Pete Carroll.

    Either this, or she is content with non-competitive fringe seasons. This would be a dangerous gamble. If the stadium shows that many yellow blankets, it posts a huge “we don’t care anymore” to the world. It might impair the price point selling the franchise.

    • CJ

      Not sure that team success really affects the value of a franchise. The Raiders, Jets, Commanders and Bears are all valued higher than the Seahawks. I think the market size is a more determining factor. The Bears, Jets and Commanders have roughly the same revenue as the Seahawks.

  17. LouCityHawk

    Agree that Carroll is increasing ngly sounding like a person giving a sales pitch to keep their job.

    The hardest leaves to read are those of ownership. It was reported that Allen and Kolde sat less than 6 feet away from Carroll during his season ending press and no one interpreted their body language (which I take to mean they did not nod approval, or clap, when Carroll said he intended to be back). I’m guessing based on Carroll’s comments that he has not felt reassured by the duo. I also wonder about their presence in Glendale, do they typically make that trip?

    I tend to believe that Allen & Co are savvy business people, and savvy people deal from a position of power. There is little chance in my mind that they did not spend the 2023 off-season feeling out potential candidates to replace Carroll – I think it is more likely than not they did find someone. Carroll is on the books for next year, but is there much point in keeping a lame-duck coach around?

    Dealing from power – is there a more attractive team to a HC candidate than Seattle? Is Seattle likely to be more or less attractive in 2025 after letting Carroll have a lame duck year? The leverage over Carroll is substantial, but what benefit is there to using it?

    2024 is the perfect year for a new head coach to come in, young talent, lots of transition, tempered expectations, and it is a year that the ownership can get a good sense of their hire, and can still move off quickly if it was a bad fit.

    For the crowd that says ‘Carroll isn’t getting fired, *stupid*’ I just hear their voice as Napoleon Dynamite, and imagine them drawing GussellWith – the most perfect QB Ever! It really isn’t an interesting conversation because they refuse to pick up the truth of their arguments – that John Schneider, not Pete Carroll, is the problem…which I’d be interested to hear.

    Dig the new mobile format Rob, feels like I’ve seen the most in-season posts from you ever, and we haven’t hit the busy season yet.

    • BK26

      Was just wondering how you’d been, hadn’t seen ya post anything in a while👍

    • CJ

      I’m not sure how attractive the Hawks would be to a new HC. The cap situation sucks, the lack of draft picks suck, and while there are some good players on the team, there’s a lot of reclamation work to be done.

  18. Stuart Erickson

    Hey Rob, I have not read this post yet but i will after work. I never miss even a single day of SDB. Coming up is an important question.

    Is it possible to trade down and get a 3rd or trade down even farther for a 2 hopefully, and still be able to draft Spencer Rattler?

    My 2nd choice who is not on Robs board is WSU QB is Cameron Ward. I personally would be thrilled with either player but I don’t want to dick around and miss one for being too cute.

    In the first round almost every year its a bit of a disappointment. That is why I want a QB in the 1st-no matter what.

    Please Pete Quit!!! If you stay you will destroy any good will you have left.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Rattler will be a riser but based on where we’re at today, yes that is possible

      It’d be nice to still have that R2 so they can just go native there and take a quality OL at #16

    • Palatypus

      Rattler will have an actual offensive line at the Senior Bowl.

    • BK26

      Personally, I think he’s going to rise too much.

      And I’d rather just have him in the first. Won’t be an overdraft and we get that 5th year.

      But if he stays under the radar, even better

  19. Stuart Erickson

    Hot tip

    If you cant get the college championship on cable tv, sign up for 7 day free trial with FUBO.

    You will have to put the info in on your credit card but as long as you cancel by day 6, it was all free! Go UW-Huskies. I live just outside of Seattle WA in Edmonds WA.

    • cha

      Edmonds was my hometown.

  20. Palatypus

    Pete’s biggest accomplishment this year was to remind me that Seattle Seahawks is an anagram for Weak Ass Athletes.

  21. Rob Staton

    I’ve just listened to the KJ podcast after several people recommended it.

    They absolutely savaged the team, the culture, the coaches, the plan and the players.

    • Rob Staton

      “The culture is not there. Period”

      That was a quote.

      • cha

        How you can blow through the disgraceful words of Jamal Adams and doubling down AFTER talking with Pete Carroll…and then, praise him to high heaven as he did this morning about his work and more than once say he’ll be back next year?

        And I don’t care if the players were celebrating a baby or the end of a season with cigars. The visual of that was stupid and tone deaf. Even Bobby and Quandre knew that was dumb.

        KJ is correct

        • 12th chuck

          the simple fact Pete is throwing players under the bus should be a telling sign of the ‘culture’

          • BobbyK

            Like Jim Mora hating kickers.

  22. Gross MaToast

    “I Got You, Babe,” should’ve been playing before Pete started talking because this is the standard Groundhog Day response.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here, because I’m a natural born optimist, and predict that not only will Pete be retained, but he’ll also get a 2 year extension. There’s so much work to be done that he can’t get it done in just a year or two.

    • Gross MaToast

      …and last year the Super Bowl was in Phoenix, this year it’s in Vegas, so technically, Pete’s right – Seattle is closer to the Super Bowl this year.

  23. Donald_Duck

    The dog ate my homework yet again.

    • Palatypus

      Let’s hope it ate Michigan’s playbook, too.


  24. Blitzy the Clown

    LFG Huskies!

    National Championship baby!

  25. Rob Staton

    When I was with the Huskies, FYI they thought Dillon Johnson fit the Seahawks — the running style, size, attitude. They also said Ja’Lynn Polk was the dog on the team.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I thought DJ was the MVP of the PAC12 championship game

  26. Big Mike

    Husky defense getting man handled 😞

    • Palatypus

      Well, at least Michigan’s defense has missed a tackle.

      • Big Mike

        Opening holes so large my 90 year old mother could wheel through them in her wheelchair

        • Palatypus

          This ACC crew is not going to call anything ticky-tacky.

    • nfendall

      Their run defense is looking even worse than the Seahawks right now. That’s not an easy bar to clear. Hopefully they can make some adjustments quickly or this is going to be a really long game.

  27. Pran

    It’s turning out to be a disaster.
    Can’t imagine how they game planned offense around an injured RB.

    Defense is always 50-50 but this is worse than seahawks run D

  28. Rob Staton

    Guess the media will lay off ‘Penix should be the #2 pick!!!!’ this week

    • nfendall

      That was a brutal missed throw.

    • Big Mike

      Particularly after that last throw where it could have been a 17 to 10 game if he doesn’t overthrow a wide open Odunze
      That could have changed the entire complexion of the game
      I don’t know if the moment has gotten to him or what

    • Bmseattle

      It’ll be McCarthy, instead

      • Rob Staton

        Oh no you’re right 😂

      • IHeartTacoma

        JJ McCarthy was really good at handing the ball to Donovan Edwards.

  29. Pran

    Penix overthrew 2 TDs. Swing of 11 points right there. Lights are too bright for Coach and QB

    • Big Mike

      First one could have been but it would have been a tough throw but that last 1 wasn’t easy completion

      • Big Mike

        *was an

  30. Bmseattle

    Wow. What a shame.
    Perfect play and they juat miss it

  31. nfendall

    If I was a Michigan fan I would hate this decision to punt.

    • nfendall

      Spoke too soon.

  32. Big Mike

    Your best weapon is your quarterback now this is twice they’ve been inside the 10 yd line and called 2 straight running plays. Why?

    • Bmseattle

      Playcalling was killing me.

    • Pran

      Much better 2nd Q. Kudos to D for giving offense opportunity.

      However, the pace of the game is going as per Mich”s plan. No explosive plays, grinding slowly, 4th downs etc. They better even the score to open the 2nd half.

    • 12th chuck

      a running back at70% at best

  33. Big Mike

    Looks like we may also stop hearing about McCarthy being a first rounder as well.

  34. Travis

    McCarthy would be the 7-8 best QB in the pac 12, I don’t get the draft hype with him at all.

    • Palatypus

      He completes 78% of his passes and he doesn’t turn the ball over. Then you look at the tape…

      • Palatypus

        So, I guess he’s Phillip Rivers.

  35. Palatypus

    Every time I see these Planet Fitness commercials with Meagan THE Stallion, all I can think of is She-Hulk.

  36. nfendall

    Oof, that was a terrible decision to throw that.

    • Pran

      Too many bad throws..

  37. Bmseattle

    What a complete and utter screw-up of a pass by Penix.

  38. nfendall

    I know this is a pipe dream, but I would love to see Odunze in a Seahawks uniform.

    • Big Mike

      It would be awesome but my God the seahawks need help in the tranches especially in the middle

      • nfendall

        Totally agree. I would much rather go for a QB or someone in the trenches with our first pick, but I love Odunze’s game.

  39. Bmseattle

    Penix is not seeing guys wide open downfield.
    He’s missed 3 or 4 big plays.

    • Rob Staton

      The pressure has scrambled his head. Processing way too quick. Needs to chill but it’s easier said than done.

      When people compare the Stroud game vs Georgia — he faced this level of pressure and made things happen. That’s why Stroud was special.

    • Big Mike

      In fairness that last one he had a guy in his face as the receiver was breaking open

  40. Big Mike

    Sure not dropping throws into tight windows tonight

  41. Vanhawksfan

    The only reason that this a game is the difference between the qbs. I think that Penix is a round 2/3 pick on physical talent. I think that McCarthy is a 7th rounder.

  42. nfendall

    Credit to the UW defense. They have corrected the run defense where it needs to be.

    • Palatypus

      The first 20 plays by Michigan were probably scripted.

      • nfendall

        Scripted or not, giving up almost 200 rushing yards in the first quarter is atrocious.

  43. Pran

    Huskies can’t win this game if they can’t execute explosive plays. No run game either

  44. Anthony

    Watch Pete stick around, take JJ McCarthy in the first round, just to spite this whole community

  45. Big Mike

    No he’ll just bring Jamal Adams back 😞

  46. Pran

    This is a sloppy game. Michigan lucked out with few explosive plays and probably gonna win it.

    • Rob Staton

      Very sloppy. Not fun to watch for a neutral

    • Shane

      Lots of drops on UW as well. That holding penalty didn’t help in any way either… rough game

  47. Big Mike

    Penix has had a poor night

    • Palatypus

      Mike Sainristil will be a player I watch closely at the Senior Bowl.

    • nfendall

      Yeah he is clearly rattled in this one. It feels like the intermediate throws he is trying to just muscle it in there and not using a lot of touch and as a result he is high on many of his throws.

  48. Orcas Viking

    The Huskies have only themselves to blame for allowing the refs to dictate who wins this game…that holding call to negate the 32 yard pass was terrible, especially given all the down field holding by Michigan DBs…but dropped balls and poor passing have given the ref crew the opening to influence the outcome…

    • Rob Staton

      I thought it was always going to be called, that hold. Ref’s aren’t watching a slow-motion replay. It looked like he got him in real time I thought.

    • Big Mike

      Well said

      • Palatypus

        If only they were PAC-12 refs, who are officiating their last game because they won’t have a job next year.

  49. Rob Staton

    Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels and (to a lesser extent) Drake Maye would scramble out of the contain on a lot of these pressures. It’s such a vital component these days. And it’s why they’ll go 1-3 in this draft.

    • Palatypus

      Rob, you and I both know it’s going to be J.J. McCarthy, Michael Pratt, and Joe Milton II.

      • Palatypus

        Joe Milton III, not II, and he goes III.

  50. Pran

    Good night Huskies. Good season and better luck next time

    • Palatypus

      Winning the Natty in year two would be a Knute Rockne-like accomplishment.

  51. Rob Staton

    I hope people like John Middlekauf, who I respect a ton, reflect on going wayyyyy OTT last week on Penix. That influences a lot of people.

    You can’t make scouting judgements on a single game.

    • Palatypus

      Not until Michael Pratt balls out at the Senior Bowl.

  52. Pran

    The difference in this game is Harbaugh vs DeBoer. He had the experience and chops.

  53. FloridaHawk

    Funny how Penix looks human when he’s not standing behind the LOS with ten seconds to throw against the likes of Boise St and Cal.

  54. Donovan

    Kudos to Dawgs on spectacular season. Too bad Seahawks virus of inability to stop the run infected them in last game.

  55. nfendall

    I have been a Pacific Northwest native my entire life and was rooting for UW to win it, but the people claiming (not here) that the Huskies lost this because of officiating are coping in a bad way.

  56. ShowMeYourHawk

    Penix is the second day QB we thought he was. Beautiful long ball but he’s crumbling under pressure.

  57. Don

    What would it take for seattle to trade up for the #2 pick? Just getting Daniel’s , the QB of the future, would be enough.

  58. GoHawks5151

    All the PAC teams the moves to the BIG 10 need to get used to this.

  59. Robert

    Stupid Michigan.

  60. Jabroni-DC

    Okay Ewers, what’s it gonna be? Stay or go?

    • Rob Staton

      If he declares, he’s going to go a lot earlier than people think

      • Jabroni-DC

        Earlier than 16 is the real question. He displayed great touch in the Sugar Bowl & has enough mobility to buy time & keep drives alive. A little bit slight perhaps but I’d take him if he declares & is available. Ideally he’d get a redshirt year.

  61. whit21

    The hype that penix got in the sugar bowl, i think is now gone. He showed that his throwing motion under pressure can be altered. He missed Odunze wide open on a 4th down.

    The low elbow 3/4 motion will show that you sail throws under pressure. You have to get your elbow into throws sometimes to be an effective passer at times. Penix had some short throws and was effective and then he wasn’t, when it mattered.. His toughness is going to be questioned from this game only getting sacked once and hit many times.. he could of had a wide open receiver but ducked a possible hit that didn’t come and it was an incomplete pass.

    I don’t see a better thrower than Geno at this point. I hope the seahawks don’t buy into the hype and draft the “hometown” guy.

    Hard to compare stiff competition that he faced and Spencer Rattler.. But I would take his throwing ability over Penix.. All day..

  62. BobbyK

    Anyone else jealous of the Michigan defense having defenders who can make open field tackles?

    Pretty impressive what Washington has done in two years. The Michigan players were talking about 3 years ago getting embarrassed by Georgia and then losing to TCU last year as fuel to win tonight. All while Washington was 4-8 those couple years ago when Michigan was getting destroyed by Georgia.

    Not a Dawgs fan, but congrats on the regime change and good luck in the future. Must be nice to have a head coach running your program that you can believe in. Wish the Seahawks could show us reason for optimism, but they won’t. Mediocre Pete will be able to what he’s done coaching the Jets, Patriots, and Seahawks in the Post-LOB Era. We’re so “lucky” to have him.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Thanks. Pretty magical season. Proud of the Dawgs & yes the regime dun good.

      Pete only left USC when it was obvious his handiwork had caught up to him & he choose to leave accountability to the peasantry. Show him the door.

    • Rob Staton

      No surprise that Michigan’s DC two years ago is now Baltimore’s DC

      They play the same way

      • whit21

        They played 3 deep and sometimes quarters. They took away the deep pass.. And when the huskies did get a break. Penix didn’t deliver. The wide open 4th down to Odunze was crucial.

        Penix was able to connect on underneath passes and short yardage plays. However, I believe his throwing motion was very evident when pressured, it became inaccurate. The 3/4 arm motion showed he will overthrow receivers. He didn’t give Mcmillian a chance on 4th down on the last drive. He overthrew many balls that went for incompletions.

        I with you this time Rob, watching a few full game snaps of Rattler and the throws he makes. I would take Rattler over Penix. Penix did great things for UW this year, and they had a chance to get points before the half and to come out of the half with a scripted drive. He ended that with a pick. He showed what the doubters were saying for his draft stock in this game. Its sad they came up short..

        BTW JJ McCarthy was a non factor. He shouldnt be drafted over Penix.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not about doubters or backers. Or it shouldn’t be.

          It’s about evaluating

          Michigan dominated up front and when you do that you will impact the QB

          • whit21

            You will do that. It was a factor coming into this game. Does UW oline match up to Michigan DL.. 55 was a force and they rushed 4 and got pressure.

            Evaluating.. Penix was affected with 4 man rush and took hits that hurt him. His durability took a hit, like he did. I think his throwing ability was affected by the rush and thats what can be evaluated to the next level. I dont think he can be more than Geno at the next level, and thats not because of the national championship game. That was clear throughout the season.

      • Pran

        Story I read is 2-3 years ago Jim and John harbaugh designed the defense to stop Ohio state after getting handled regularly. And then the DC followed to Baltimore

  63. MBrown

    im going to guess most on here have watched Petes entire time at Seattle and one thing invested fans see much quicker than the organisation is decline. We all now what Good Coach Carroll is all about because we were all on the edge of our seats watching, buying merchandise and bragging about our team, now everything is predictable and with no genuine hope of success and i don’t even look on the web store anymore. We currently feel a long way off
    Change is needed, the team is average at best and fans are switching off and i do believe the HC is singularly the most important guy on the roster as you have indicated with Jim Harbaugh success with an average team.

  64. HOUSE

    Mike Vrabel was just fired by the Titans. In my opinion, I think he’d be a great option at DC. Thoughts?

  65. DK

    Just listened to pretty much the whole interview, and once again I feel like I need to shower after listening to it.

    I know Brock and Salk don’t have much wiggle room to ask certain questions or really question Pete, but that was awful.

    I agree with Rob 100%, but the worst part is, he either truly believes what he is saying or he thinks he is so smart and everyone will just believe what he is saying.

    They may have an identical record from last season, but I will say this team is further away from the Super Bowl because they have no cap space to try to improve the team. Throw in a QB who is mediocre at best and regressed from last season, while having even more weapons. How can anyone honestly believe this team is closer to being a Super Bowl contender than it was after last season.

    I am not excited about a Pete Carroll lead team and trying to run it back next season. Tear it down to the studs and start over with a new coach and a new philosophy.

    On an interesting note, if you look at the interviews requested by team seeking a new head coach, most seem to lean more in favor of a defensive head coach outside of the Panthers.

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