Video thoughts on Michael Penix Jr’s draft stock


  1. Ross

    Great piece. Reasoned, well-thought-out, and understandable. I like Penix – his performance against Texas was unreal. But they’re pass defense (ranked #47) isn’t good. Michigan’s (ranked #3) is far better, as is their pass rush, and that game will be a better gauge to see where Penix is, I think. I think it could be another game like the Oregon State game.
    Ultimately, I trust John Schneider’s QB pick. I really hope Ewers declares, but I feel that he very likely will return to Texas for another year.

  2. Skirmish

    1,000x better looking layout on mobile. Appreciate the change!

  3. Blitzy the Clown

    I appreciate your voice of reason Rob.

    Penix showed something against Oregon (PAC12 championship) and Texas. Still some questions and concerns, but he earned himself a R1 selection.

    I prefer Rattler, even with the same pick.

  4. BK26

    Man, even from comments on this video, I worry what Husky fans will do to the kid.

    Local hero, trying to live up to that hype. Difference between Husky=Seahawk fans (the die-hards) and just Seahawk fans. That’s a lot of pressure unnecessarily added on.

    Last thing we need is more cannibalism over one prospect. Add in new coordinators and maybe a new coach…woof….

    • Peter

      I don’t care for pittsburg in the slightest. But they are living it as well.

      Knowing our fanbase it’ll be real weird if he doesn’t succeed and how long a rope he gets. See: geno. An actual factual .500 qb with a 2.5:1 td, int ratio and the mental twister people play to say he’s anything more than he is. A solid qb who can put on a great game and has an equal number of games where he can’t take over.

      Much respect and entertainment from the likes of Corbin Smith. But he’s still telling people you can win a superbowl with Geno. Perhaps. But can you with him in the time it’s going to take to flip almost all of the defense and teach yourself how to build an oline? Doubtful.

      Back to Penix and a comment from Cha on the video….this might not be Carter only that fans generally like Penix and frankly unlike Carter he is demonstrably good and not a projection based on a highlight reel and conjecture.

  5. Belfasthawk

    Hi Rob,

    Three quick things.

    1) Thanks for the redesign and all your efforts. First rate!

    2) Is it off putting having to hold the mic? Just curious!

    3) I enjoyed your long read. I got from your article you think he is a top 50 player. I get the sense you still hold that view but probably will go earlier? Is that right.


  6. Blitzy the Clown

    Love the new look Rob

    I’m mostly a desktop user so it’ll take some getting used to the macro size comments (tbh this middle aged man zooms his browser window anyway), but it looks fantastic on mobile!

    I appreciate all you do for your community.

  7. Rick


    Great new look.
    Is going to save me a ton of time looking for the horizontal boards and mock drafts.
    Great site and love the balanced, yet truthful opinions on the Seahawks.

  8. Sea Mode

    Rob, I agree with you and many commenters: the site immediately looks much improved on mobile. Way easier to read.

    With the few tweaks I know you are already looking into, it will become much better on desktop and in the comment section as well.

    If you want more ideas to improve the site in different ways, just ask and I’m happy to help brainstorm along with you and others.

    Group Captain Mandrake offered yesterday to help and I remember other readers in the past mentioning they work in UI and/or web design and would happily give a hand. Hopefully, if that’s something you want to do, they might be able to help implement small improvements/features here and there into WordPress since going the route of a full professional redesign didn’t seem to be a good way forward.

    Kudos to you for having the courage to go for a big change… hopefully Seahawks brass are taking notes!

  9. Sea Mode

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      Hmmm, looks like I made a mistake. I think I’ve found it.

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  10. UkAlex6674

    Love the new set up Rob.

  11. JimQ

    Off topic, but this piece just caught my eye. I think I see a big on-going problem here.

    • cha

      The press conference was very discouraging. Not on the level of Pete’s post-Pitt one with Salk but not very positive at all.

      And, I’m really sorry you guys, I have to hammer the Seattle press corps again.

      The first question put to Hurtt was “That’s pretty exciting that you have three Pro Bowlers, eh?” The next question was Jen Mueller – the Seahawks’ team reporter who started the fray of questions about the tackling issues.

      When their own in house reporter addresses a problem rather than offering blind rah-rah questions, it’s a serious issue.

    • Peter

      Feels like that article was soooo close but missed the point.

      Pete needs to replace him? With whom? Each Pete replacement has turned worse than the preceding coach.

      People still writing about scheme. There is no scheme. Not sure there ever has been. Zone coverage with killer backfield is amazng until you don’t have it.

      Avril, Bennett, Bryant, and someone to hold isn’t really a breakthrough.

      • Rob Staton

        Clint Hurtt can be replaced by the new Head Coach

        • Elmer

          It seems to me that )1) the prospect of the team being sold might make it more difficult to attract a really outstanding head coach replacement and (2) if Pete stays, the probability of his tenure being short might make it more difficult to attract quality DC or OC candidates.

          I am NOT suggesting that no coaching changes should be explored, but am just trying to provide some context.

  12. AlaskaHawk

    The site looks good on my iphone.

    • Hawks4life

      A big step up, Nice work Rob!

  13. Palatypus

    Mike Holmgren addressed why teams might pass on Penix because he is a lefty when he was talking about Steve Young and KJR last week. At one point, Bill Walsh was having Young and Joe Montana split the reps in practice. The result was a couple of disappointing losses.

    So, Bill Walsh asks him, “Why is this not working?” in the coaches meeting. Holmgren replies, “It’s your fault.” He thought he was going to get fired on the spot. But later he acknowledged that he was right, they put Montana back in charge and the rest is history.

    That must have been a weird couple of weeks for Jerry Rice, having to do everything in reverse.

    • BK26

      I remember hearing Keenan McCardell and Jimmy Smith talk about Brunell throwing left-handed.

      First time I realized that there was a difference, let alone a huge adjustment to get used to.

      Wonder how much it throws them off if the right-handed backup ever has to come in.

      • Parallax

        I wonder if it makes interceptions less likely.

  14. RomeoA57

    I just came on here to comment about Rob Staton being mean to the Seahawks and Michael Penix.

    Wait, this is SDB? It looks totally different 😀

    This site looks good on my Samsung phone.

  15. Donovan

    Was listening to Puck and Jim on KJR this morning, and it’s clear they’re readers and fans of Rob’s work here.

    They even discussed Rob’s piece re Carrol’s comments on Walker and Charbonnet not being the style Carroll prefers and the ludicrous nature of that statement given draft capital spent on them.

    And to their credit, Puck and Jim cited Rob by name.

    Keep up good work. It’s having an impact!

    • Rob Staton

      They are awesome

  16. cha

    Watch Points for Sunday.

    So tempted to crib a better writer than me for Week 18:

    The NFL marathon of the regular season is nearly over. There is just one more game on the docket and it is against a hated division foe, at home in Seattle in their home away from home, Arizona with their playoff lives on the line, no less.

    The Seahawks have an annoying trend going. Finishing the year on an up-note and winning the last couple games of the season long after any hopes of a really good playoff seeding have been extinguished. They are like that golfer who starts out well, blows up on a couple holes on the back nine but ends the round with a nice drive or a clutch putt on the 18th hole. That is what keeps you coming back.

    Can they end the season in that typical fashion? We will see. The RamsCardinals are a wounded animal.

    Will the RamsCards be more up for this game? No doubt they will be. It is a division game and at this point all the RamsCardshave to motivate them is ‘at least we spoiled a division opponent who was trying to backdoor their way into the playoffs.’

    It might be enough if the Seahawks are not careful.

    How can the Seahawks win this game?

    Running the ball and stopping the run. If you are tired of hearing me say that, please know that I am tired of saying it. Watching this run defense and hoping that the running game can support Geno Smith has been a dreadful experience at times this year.

    • Palatypus

      This season has been the final seen of Caddyshack.

      • RomeoA57

        I wholeheartedly disagree with this assessment. It has been a lot more like Caddyshack 2(The Search for More Money).

        A complete travesty on all fronts.

  17. Palatypus

    Here is the John Middlekauf video that Rob referenced.

  18. BobbyK

    Watched the Apple Cup and didn’t see what all the fuss was about re: Penix. Watched the Texas game and was thinking he was a top five pick! That all said, I’m glad he’s stayed healthy this year but I worry about the Chris Carson’s of the world who can never stay on the field – especially at QB. If we get him, I’ll root like heck for him but those guys with lots of injuries scare me. I thought Anthony Richardson was going to be a physical animal in the NFL (after he developed) but he can’t seem to take hits. I worry about Penix when it’s guys in the NFL coming after him and he doesn’t have the luxary of a great OL.

    • Palatypus

      Anthony Richardson threw a pass left-handed last week! Out of bounds. To avoid a sack.

  19. Palatypus

    I just crunched some numbers on the #1 ranked Michigan scoring defense, and let me tell you something, they are not the 1991 Huskies. Six times Michigan played against scoring offenses that were not in the top 100, including four straight in weeks five through eight. The average rank of the opposing offenses was 84th. The best scoring offense Michigan faced all year was #13 Penn State.

    While Washington’s scoring defense was ranked a pedestrian 53rd, the average strength of the opposing scoring offenses was 55.8th. They played only three teams that were not in the top 100, the #2 offense (Oregon) twice, and the #3 offense (USC) once.

    • Big Mike

      Man that ’91 Husky D was badass. A shame Emtman couldn’t avoid the numerous injuries as a pro.

      • Palatypus

        And that Michigan offense they dismantled was no joke. Elvis Grbac was the most efficient quarterback in the country. Desmond Howard won the Heisman trophy. Eric Skrepenak was an Outland Trophy finalist (Emtman won it.) Tyrone Wheatley broke the rookie record for yards per carry at 6.4 and 555.

        • Parallax

          That as an incredible year. Far less stressful than this one. Washington had a couple of close games and I worried before the Rose Bowl, but they dominated most games. Maybe I was too young back then to know to expect upsets. The following year, I took it hard when they lost to Arizona and harder still when they lost to the Cougs. Didn’t see either coming even though the “92 squad was clearly a notch or more down from “91.

      • Palatypus

        Additionally, Big Mike, I would like to add that the other two games that Michigan played against scoring offenses below the top 100 were in their opener against East Carolina (124), and their CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME against Iowa (129.)

        Weeks 5-8, were 120, 108,103, and 128.

        They started the season against a terrible offense. They ended the season against a terrible offense and had a four-game streak in the middle of their season against a bunch of rag-dolls.

        The second-best offense they went against after Penn State at #13 was in week two against #22 UNLV.

        • Big Mike

          You’re giving me hope for Monday night………

  20. Ground_Hawk

    I’m no scouting expert but I feel like Rattler is being completely ignored at this point in the draft process. For example, both tankathon and cbssports (not that either are the be-all and end-all ) don’t have him ranked, yet, on their respective boards.

    • Parallax

      Yes, he’s nowhere on the press narrative radar. I suspect NFL scouts are more dialed in.

  21. vanhawksfan

    Weirdest QB rankings ever, even though I love their NBA, TV and movie critiques.

    • Palatypus

      Tom Brady?

  22. Doug Smith

    Did my first PFN mock draft and Rattler is #135.

  23. Parallax

    Like Rob, I’ve been skeptical of Penix getting drafted in the first round. Honestly, I had him in the third and Nix in the fourth. But Penix has elevated himself with that incredible game against Texas.

    I don’t know where he’ll get drafted. Year after year, I’m surprised by how early some guys go. Was not expecting Richardson to get taken #4 last year.

    Really hard to project QBs to the NFL too. Guys playing any position can disappoint when they transition but QBs are truly all over the place. I see Penix as a guy with a high ceiling and low floor.

    Just hoping against hope he has the game of his life against Michigan and carries the team. Go Dawgs! Woof!!!

  24. Joe B

    I think Penix could thrive in Pitt but I would be very bullish on DET. Perfect range for him too.

    • Big Mike

      McVay would make him a Pro Bowler. So would Shanny. Detroit would depend on who replaces Ben Johnson at OC.

  25. Andrew

    Qbs have over a 60% fail rate when drafted in 1st rd, for me intangebiles are better then physical traits. Pennex Jr has overcome & plays in a pro style offense. For me he is more Burrow then Tua. Remember how JS loved Wilsons hand size, Pennex are bigger. I agree with Ryan Leaf, he is my qb1 in this draft.

    • Rob Staton

      He is nothing like Joe Burrow though

      And physical traits matter more than intangibles otherwise the TCU QB from last year would be in the league starting

    • Peter

      I don’t like that percent. It’s “proofiness,” in action ( a fantastic book btw for those of you who like data sets). It’s akin to saying DLinemen taken top-5 are awesome and then building your argument backwards to draft Jalen Carter top 5.

      Just off the top of my head qb’s taken in the second round might be the least successful round.

      I think….everyone here likes Penix to varying degrees. With some people having him at a hard ten ( and on the hard liquor) commenting that he’s basically definitely better than mahomes/Brady and others saying “yeah but best oline in college vs. Team that has consistently not built an oline.”

      He’s got a TON of things to like. I’m not sure what he overcame. He left Indiana to go play for a stacked team with a great coach. That’s a smart move.

      Leaf may be right. He might be the best qb in the draft? I like him personally more than Williams.

      • BK26

        Leaf also liked Hendon Hooker the most last year too, FWIW. If I remember right he said he should be an early pick.

        I really enjoy listening to him, don’t really agree with his draft takes. Happy to see him doing all that he’s doing now.

        • Peter

          Same BK. I really enjoy his presence on shows as a guest or host. But his evaluations are very much a fan enjoying a guy with a big arm. Which is fine.

      • Picklematrix

        To be fair, coming back to finish second in the Heisman voting after suffering four season-ending injuries in a row is overcoming a whole hell of a lot.

        • Picklematrix

          Forgot to add: Washington wasn’t exactly stacked when he got there (remember the offense under Jimmy Donovan’s offense) and nobody really knew DeBoer was so brilliant at the time. Penix himself has been a huge part of a monumental program turn-around and unlocking the (admittedly vast) potential of this receiver room. A bit of revisionist history going on here with all due respect.

  26. Troy

    Adam Schefter released a new article this morning on the NFL coaching carousel heading into week 18. Numerous teams mentioned, but nothing on Seattle and Pete Carroll.

  27. Gross MaToast

    On 2024 Seahawks HC Bobby Slowik:

    “In the waning seconds against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 9, Houston Texans offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik had a hunch.

    The Texans were on the Buccaneers’ 15-yard line trailing 37-33 with 10 seconds remaining. Based on his analytical data, Slowik knew Bucs coach Todd Bowles would be in Cover 4. Texans coach DeMeco Ryans, who’s also the defensive playcaller, runs a similar Cover 4-based defensive approach, so Slowik knew how to attack what he had seen countless times in practice.

    Slowik dialed up a double post concept with receivers Noah Brown and Tank Dell lined up close to each other. Brown’s objective was to occupy the safety and have Dell one-on-one with cornerback Carlton Davis III.

    When quarterback C.J. Stroud caught the snap, the defensive coverage unfolded precisely how Slowik anticipated, and Dell quickly got open for the winning touchdown. Stroud’s final throw capped a historic afternoon. He set a rookie record for passing yards with 470 — passing Andrew Luck (433).

    That was one of Stroud’s most memorable throws in his rookie season, but it signified a playcaller and a player in lockstep.”

    Let’s compare that to the overthrown back corner fade or maybe the 10 yard out that would be called by Shane Norton Jr and defended by Pete, “just need to clean up a few things.”

    I, for one, am excited at the prospect of Slowik working with new Seahawk Jayden Daniels in 2024.

    Also, I’m not sure what happened to Johnny Footbaw and Jadaveon Clowney, but they are missed.

    • Rob Staton

      Go get Slowik

  28. JimQ

    The UW head coach was very briefly referenced by Rob as a potential Seahawks coach. I assume, because he was an OC at Indiana and has some play calling experience, I would assume Rob’s talking about his possible hiring as a new Seahawks OC and potentially the head coach in waiting???? The guy is very obviously a “good” football coach that WINS a lot, so I hope this change comes to be……

    The only way this team can improve is to get fresh eyes and positive solutions for the many team problems with a young modern-day coach that isn’t stuck in the past – ASAP.

    Also: Washington 41, Michigan 27 sounds about right to me.
    DeBoar may be a pretty HOT ticket after this game!

    • Peter

      I think huskies win but not by that much of a margin and not by that high of a score.

      I’m thinking much closer to a one score game in the twenties.

      I know palatypus broke down some stats but when the huskies faced solid defenses who can control time of possession the games were tighter. Arizona and the beavers come fo mind.

      • Palatypus

        Arizona was the #18 scoring offense this year. Oregon State was #37.

        Texas was #12 and Alabama was #23.

        • OldLakeHawk

          After Palaty’s initial comment yesterday, I’ve been playing around with comparative stats but had a really tough time making sense of them due to Michigan’s bottom-feeder schedule. Finally had the thought to look for a matched set of games with the following characteristics: (1) close in season offense rankings (by total yards/game), (2) conference opponents (so play regularly, no bright-lights/wow factor), (3) close to the same time in season, ideally later in the year.

          Think I found one:
          UW @ Oregon St (rank: 46) in week 12 vs Ohio St (rank: 48) @ Michigan in week 13. Huskies held Oregon St -100 yds/-12.8 pts below their season averages. Michigan held Ohio St -32 yds/-7.1pts below their season averages (all rushing, Ohio St actually exceeded their season passing average). The rain in Corvallis probably helped the Husky defense some, but was offset somewhat by the home/away difference.

          I think if the Husky trenches show up and hold-their-own (not dominate, just hold-their-own) and they avoid turnovers (Michigan’s outperformance on pts/yds is due to turnovers) I like their chances.

          Thanks Rob for the site.

          • Peter

            As we search for the littlest glimmers of hope: huskies have had a harder strength of schedule. Advantage huskies.

            Offensively they are very similar in total scoring. 1.6 points per game edge huskies.

            Defense it’s a pretty big difference. Edge Michigan.

            I’m still pulling for the huskies.

            • Palatypus

              Yeah, but they are not Georgia. Georgia doesn’t need four weeks to get ready for you. Georgia two years ago needed five minutes.

              • Peter

                I do get what you’re saying.

                That swing between 10 points a game on defense and 24 is real though.

                If the huskies had rolled Texas I’d be a bigger believer. They had control the whole game but woof that final few minutes.

                Alabama is Alabama. Have they dropped some, sure. But you give me Saban and anyone’s team and I think you get a gane.

  29. JimQ

    Where there is smoke, there is a fire? See this recent piece from Sports Illustrated.

    So, perhaps this sites PC rhetoric is starting to catch on? We can only hope!!!!

  30. WLO333

    Here’s a good article on Penix, with multiple video clips included, that poses the question as to if he has/will be able to raise his draft position, ala CJ Stroud, in the playoffs. I thought he he showed improvement in his play under pressure in the Texas game. These videos show him able to move around while pusued, and still deliver highly acurate passes, something that he’s clearly struggled with. Maybe DeBoer has been working with him behind the scenes, and he truly has improved? I wonder if a repeat performance over Michigan vaults him up draft boards?

  31. Thomas

    I understand your concern abou5 Penix Rob. I think it’s more likely the Seahawks pass on a QB in round 1 and take a D tackle if the current regime is still around.

    I think they don’t want to take a QB earlier than round 3 (unless Williams magically falls to them. Maybe Daniels).

    The big tell will be what they do about Geno’s contract. If they don’t alter it, they’re passing on a QB.

    • 805Hawk

      I used to think that, but I think they may keep Geno as an insurance policy or bridge depending on the rookie’s development. Also, if they dump Geno, that would telegraph their draft intentions unless they pick up a veteran replacement. So, I’m not sure what they do with Geno will tell us what will happen in the draft.

      • Rob Staton

        I think this too. They can’t pay him $31m so they’ll need to bring that down because it’s 3x what he earned this year and he’s missed games, had lower numbers and they might not make the playoffs. But keeping him as insurance for the draft is inevitable.

  32. Palatypus

    The key statistic for the ‘Natty’ on Monday will be this: One.

    One week to prepare. I don’t mean to disparage Michigan’s defense too much. They are #1 for a reason and they showed it against Alabama. But, they had a month to make Jalen Milroe beat them with his arm.

    It would be a real Pete Carroll move to try that with Michael Penix.

  33. cha

    Makes me crazy to read when people say “the seahawks are in year two of a rebuild and the fans shouldn’t be upset that they’re not a top team” etc.


    They pushed out a bundle of money on Diggs, Adams, and Lockett.

    Signed Geno to a backloaded deal so his cap was only $10m this year and triple in 2024. Backloaded Dre Jones’ contract to be small in 2023 and nearly double in 2024.

    Rolled out gone-tomorrow players Evan Brown, Frank Clark, Phil Haynes, and Mario Edwards while Olu Olu, Derrick Hall, Anthony Bradford and Cam Young were on the bench.

    Traded a 2nd round pick for a handful of games with the 29year old Leonard Williams to squeeze one more top veteran under the cap.

    These aren’t the moves of a rebuilding team. These are the moves of a team trying desperately to have their cake and eat it too.

    • Peter

      Take that and add a serving of “fifth youngest roster,” to the mix.

      The divide between oldest and youngest is roughly two years.

      Then look at starters where we have old players holding down the snaps everywhere outside of corner and oline and that positional group is a solid incomplete for the year.

      Minus young players that are free agents, parkinson, brooks, fant, lewis…

      This is not a team that is seeding its fields in fall for a summer harvest. This is a team that was “supposed,” to be ready now.

      • Palatypus

        This is a team that is spilling it’s seed.

        • Peter

          I live in the grass seed capitol of the world. And it’s about as interesting of a crop to watch in production as our team all year.

          Go bears question mark….

    • Rob Staton


      • Jabroni-DC

        That brief moment leading the division at 5-2 may have set this franchise back another year or two. We weren’t ripe to make that big trade.

        • Rob Staton

          That Cleveland win could be super costly

          • Jabroni-DC

            Jamal screwed us over yet again with that header

    • 805Hawk

      Absolutely drives me insane! The rebuild excuse is so clueless, but my personal favorite, the “I’d like to give Pete one more year before I’d be comfortable getting rid of him” guy. He isn’t doing anything next year to out them over the top. We are wasting time.

  34. jed

    Add me to the list of people that like the change of website design.

    Couple thoughts after the Stealers beat the Ravens. The Seahawks are about as good as the Ravens without the Ravens having their beat 7 players. The Stealers though feel like a team that is a QB away and the Seahawks feel so much further away. Maybe it’s the effort and clear identity. How would Russ look there?

    The nice thing about the Seahawks having 40 players under contract next year with needing a pile of cuts to deal with the salary cap is that you can easily turn half the roster over in a year. We could be in a great spot in a year if things go right.

  35. Jabroni-DC

    Good stuff Rob.

    Here’s to Penix leading the Huskies to a National Championship!
    Beating Harbaugh would be the icing on the cake.

    I was fortunate to be at the 1992 Rose Bowl when we beat Michigan to win it all. What a blast that was. Now we have a completely different team with about the most fun offense I’ve seen & a cardiac arrest ‘bend but don’t completely break’ defense. Looking for a fun game.

    GO DAWGS!!!

  36. Jabroni-DC

    Regarding Penix’s cool streak. It’s possible that Jalen McMillan’s injury, not a hidden Penix injury, was part of the culprit. Losing that security blanket & mid-range specialist may have had a big effect on Penix’s efficiency though I didn’t check the exact overlap of time. He was Huskies leading receiver for catches in 2022.
    Hasselbeck to Engram
    Wilson to Baldwin
    Penix to McMillan
    That type of dude.

    • Rob Staton

      I watched all the games — he just didn’t throw well and had too many throws that were just lobs to areas rather than precision, aimed passes.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Fair enough. I’ve mostly watched bits, pieces & highlights other than a few full games.

    • WLO333

      Penix to….DK? That could be interesting.
      Moon Ball!?

      Yeah, his throws were very inaccurate at times during the bad streak. It didn’t look like a WR issue to me. He seem unprepared for a decent pass rush.

      His latest showing against Texas shows a potential adressing of these flaws in his game (see the story link I posted above). I think that’s key to a successful NFL transition. As Rob said, I think, he could follow the path of CJ Stroud last year and greatly improve his stock if he continues this trend through the playoffs. He may even get a leg up if he wins the title. But the Michigan D isn’t Georgia good…

      • DJ 1/2 way

        The extra time to prepare may have helped Penix and UW. If they do it again against the hated large weasels then there will be no stopping the top five talk for Penix.

        Those highlights were awesome. The best I have seen for a college QB in memory. There is no need to project when he is throwing frozen ropes right where they need to go or to disparage the defense.

        Anyway, why resist it? Please, Rob, do not spend any more time writing or on video trying to change anybody’s mind on this. Lets just keep quiet and draft Rattler in the third round!

        BTW, if the starter is left handed then the backup should be too. Presently, there are two left handed QBs in the NFL. Tua, obviously, and Seattle Seahawk backup Holton Ahlers. We should trade him to whoever drafts Penix in the First round.

  37. cha

    CJ Stroud is good.

    • Big Mike

      Can you imagine being a fan of that team it would feel like 2012 wouldn’t it?

      • Peter

        What are talking about?

        I’ve been told reliably that this is just like 2012 seahawks.

        Year 2 of a rebuild. Ipso stupido superbowl here we come next year. I’ve already purchased a sky box for the whole SDB crew.

        • Big Mike

          Such generosity
          Cold beers and tacos on Peter!

        • Sten

          It’s 2010 with no beastquake on repeat the past 3 seasons

          • Peter

            I remember when the pundits were crying about us having a home playoff game….I’ll take it for one of the best modern football moments.

  38. Palatypus

    I want to let everyone who has contributed to all the great discussions here know that today I donated our old toilet to Pensacola Habitat for Humanity in your honor. It will either be sold at the Restore or put in somebody’s house, probably built after a hurricane.

    I feel like it is an appropriate gesture given how things have gone this season.

    • Big Mike

      It would be more appropriate on the seahawks sideline

      • Palatypus

        Well, it was in my front yard.

        • Jabroni-DC

          Did it have a ‘quiet close’ lid? Those are da bomb

          • Palatypus

            I installed one at some point. I kept having to fix the thing so we got a modern one.

        • Peter

          What was the pff grade? Can it cover te’s…..

          • Palatypus

            It can cover the fat asses of my family from New Orleans. It has taken quite a beating.

  39. Jabroni-DC

    Anyone else concerned about Abe Lucas’ long term health? I was hoping that he would be a cornerstone at RT for a long while. It looks like a very good draft for RTs but it’d be a major bummer to have to replace him.

    • Peter

      Yep. Very. He instantly makes the line better.

      Fingers crossed but I will be bummed and unsurprised if they have to look for a future tackle.

      • Big Mike

        Would really be a bummer. Plus he’s a guy from Washington (State) and I always have a little extra fandom for those guys e.g. Marcus Trufant

    • RomeoA57

      Very much worried about RT. It seems that Abe most likely fell in the draft due to his medical evaluations. Missing most of the games this season indicates to me that probably should invest some of their draft capital into the Tackle position this offseason.

  40. Julian

    Thanks Rob for another video / post. It’s great to have a commentator who offers objective views. There’s nothing more tedious than listening to persistent positive bias, especially as far as the Seahawks are concerned, when they’ve clearly got weaknesses (they lose a lot of games!) that need to be overcome to become a better team. How to overcome weaknesses (to be able to win more games!) is always the much more relevent discussion as far as I’m concerned.

    To add my two penn’orth worth on the new site.

    I can certainly read it without glasses or zooming which is useful.

    What I liked about the last one is that each individuals comment were differentiated better and with the line linking the replies to each comment made them easier to follow.

    Also on the desktop or laptop, it’s easier to read something that is in a format that averages more than 10 words a line. That would be 300 lines for one of your superb 3000 word articles, a lot of returns.


    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the feedback — the theme I’m using is just one of the wordpress basics. I am hopeful that very soon an alternative — with a better comments section and more than 10 words a line

  41. Rob Staton

    Remember… virtually every national pundit and commenter on the 2023 draft had Bryce Young as QB1. Many felt it wasn’t even close.

    SDB had Stroud as QB1 and Young as QB4.

    Worth noting ahead of the 2024 draft, on top of the fact we didn’t have a single QB from the 2022 draft graded higher than R3 when many nationals filled their mocks with QB’s.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Carolina F’d up… Big Time

  42. cha

    The Houston Texans, the next-to-worst team in the NFL last year at 3-13, on their 5th head coach in 4 seasons just won their last game of the year to go 10-7 to qualify for the playoffs and may win their division.

    They have the best young QB in the NFL, a stud left tackle, two very good wide receivers, a good cornerback, and they they’ve cobbled a pass rush together from a big investment in Will Anderson to a later round find in Jonathan Greenard to bringing in some retreads who can contribute and be effective with…sound coaching.

    This was a team that was a disaster zone between the Bill O’Brien powerplays, trading Nuk Hopkins for a bag of used jockstraps, giving up a boatload for Tunsil and not signing him to a contract extension immediately, to the mysterious handling of Tunsil’s injury, to the Deshaun Watson disaster.

    Kudos to them.

    And it’s a perfect object lesson that making changes does not condemn you to tread water for the next ten seasons.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Waiting to hear from John Schneider how much he liked CJ Stroud.

      • Peter

        Right there til the end

    • Peter

      Something I’ve been stewing on these last few weeks.

      Year 1, 2, etc of pick a number.

      Who actually said this was x number year of a y number rebuild?

      I don’t remember John or Pete ever telling everyone this was the case.

      Yet like a mandala effect seemingly ever Twitter person and most youtube people ( not our fearless leader) has said this as if it were fact. Did I miss it somehow when Pete said “lower expectations we are rebuilding here.”

      Last point. I find three years interesting. 1 is far to short. Tensions build as expectations rise. 5 is far too long and not a length that can be fathomed if the FO said five years people would fairly confused. Three us this perfect number that it’s far enough away to not quite see but close enough you can imagine it.

  43. Mick

    Can’t help feeling sorry for Taylor though, 188 yards and it wasn’t enough.

  44. John

    Pete Carrolls contract has an option for the 2025 season. Interesting… Maybe the odds of him staying aren’t as high as they seem

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