Seahawks have interest in Vonta Leach

Leach (left) and Arian Foster dominated in 2010

Seahawks Draft Blog understands that Houston full back Vonta Leach will be on Seattle’s radar when the lockout ends.  

The 29-year-old made the Pro-Bowl last season blocking for the NFL’s leading rusher Arian Foster and was also selected to the AP’s NFL All-Pro team. With Leach’s assistance, Foster recorded 1616 rushing yards in 2010 and set a new record for total yards from scrimmage by an undrafted free agent.  

With the Seahawks often expressing a desire to dramatically improve their running game, interest in Leach is no real surprise. Under Pete Carroll the Seahawks spent two first round picks on offensive tackles, invested in big name offensive line coaches such as Alex Gibbs and Tom Cable and brought Marshawn Lynch to Seattle from Buffalo. In 2010 the team ranked 31st in the NFL for rushing despite initially stating the running game would become the focal point of the offense.  

There is history between Leach and the Seahawks hierarchy – he signed with Green Bay as an undrafted free agent in 2004 before departing two years later. This coincides with GM John Schneider’s time within the Packers organisation.  

As I was compiling this piece, John McClain from the Houston Chronicle tweeted:  

“One of the first things the Texans should do when the lockout ends is to make an offer to FB Vonta Leach that will keep him in Houston.”  

Interest in Leach is expected to be steady despite the low-key nature of the full back position.When the lockout ends it appears teams will be granted a three-day period to sign their own free agents before the open market kicks into action. Therefore, the Seahawks may not even get the opportunity to present an offer to Leach’s representatives if he re-signs with Houston. If he does hit the open market, competition will exist with other teams also likely to explore the opportunity to poach arguably the best blocking full back in the NFL.  

If the Seahawks follow through their interest with an offer, it could be costly. Leach has voiced his desire to become the highest paid full back in the league, a distinction currently held by former-Seahawk Leonard Weaver when he signed a $11.2m deal in Philadelphia with $6.5m in guarantees. It remains to be seen whether the Seahawks would be willing to commit to a three-year contract for a player who turns 30 in November that contains upwards of $7m in guarantees. 

It’s also understood that the Seahawks have interest in UDFA offensive lineman Michael Huey. He played his football with the Texas Longhorns at guard and is listed at 6-4 and 304lbs. His 2010 season ended prematurely with an MCL tear in his right knee against Baylor last October. He’s since recovered and benched 36 reps at his pro-day to go along with a 5.15 forty-yard dash and a 4.60 short shuttle.  

Huey was considered the most consistent feature on a disappointing Texas line last season and was offered a late round grade for the draft.


  1. creid

    So, were these the “mystery” FA’s?

    • Rob


  2. ba_edwards24

    Haha explain how those two hints apply. One was Ghostbusters theme song and the other was a Hilary Duff song. They were pretty tough to figure out.

    • Rob

      The Ghostbusters theme tune was part of a copyright issue made by Huey Lewis and the News who claimed it sounded too similar to their song ‘I want a new drug’. Simple really – Huey… Michael Huey.

      Hilary Duff, of course, hails from Texas (Leach plays for the Texans) and the song Breakaway was a reference to the number of breakway runs Leach helped create for Arian Foster in 2010.

      • wes

        haha, clever Rob.

        It would be cool if we were able to bring both of those guys in, but I doubt the Texans will let Leach leave.

        On another note, can we have that other guy in the picture with Leach too? Please?!

  3. Richardfg7

    He’s in the bag . Pete want’s to run the ball .

  4. Darnell

    I’d almost prefer Lawrence Vickers to Vonta Leach. IMO Vickers is nearly as good as Leach. Vickers is a heck of a run blocker, mean, younger, will likely come cheaper than Leach. It appears that Browns in drafting Owen Maricic don’t have any interest in keeping Vickers, Vickers has sprung some solid seasons by Jamal Lewis and Peyton Hillis.

    • woofu

      I prefered Vickers as well thinking Leach was probably not touchable. That the Browns did’nt want him (Holmgrens call), tells me what Vickers is not, Mack Strong. All that remains is wether Pete and John want a non-Mack Strong kinda guy.
      Getting Leach would be good and bad. Good for the Hawks, bad for fantasy Foster owners.

  5. Hawksfan33

    I’ve got to admit, this news really doesn’t thrill me. Sure he would help our Running game, but i just think that it truly wouldnt be good value to spend top dollar on a FB. FB’s can be found through UFA, Late round picks, and roster cuts.

  6. Misfit74

    At the right price: great. That said, Fullbacks aren’t exactly hard to find, nor do they typically require large contracts like Vonta might.

    We have larger needs for our big FA dollars than to shell out too much for a FB.

  7. seattle

    top dollar on a FB, after top draft picks on a RT and a G … Good, now let’s find cheap bargains at QB, CB, DE, DT, WR, this is how you build a winner.

    • Rob

      I’m with you, you’ve got to get your priorities right.

  8. Misfit74

    Vonta Leach – RB – Texans

    “Free agent FB Vonta Leach lists the Giants, Seahawks, and Chargers as possible landing spots in free agency.
    Leach’s agent was shopping the Pro Bowler around the league when the lockout was temporarily lifted on draft weekend, so there’s a good chance the interest is mutual with each of the three teams. *****Leach is reportedly seeking the richest fullback deal in NFL history****.” (!)

    Source: Jul 19, 7:31 PM

  9. Champ51

    So what’s the latest on where leach will end up? Have you heard anything

    • Rob

      Teams just running through their priorities first… obviously a full back will be down the list. In terms of Seahawks, they have a lot of other business to do first (another QB, DL, DB, LB) and if there’s money around by tomorrow or the weekend, they’ll consider a move for Leach.

  10. Champ51

    Ok thanks cause having a beast like him blocking for lynch would be unstoppable. On paper at least

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