Vonta Leach admits Seahawks are on his radar

Yesterday we reported that the Seahawks have some interest in signing free agent full back Vonta Leach. It appears that feeling is mutual.

In conversation with Fox Sports’ Adam Schein, Leach admitted that the Giants, the Seahawks and the Chargers are on his radar if he is not re-signed by the Houston Texans. He also reiterated his desire to be the best paid full back in the NFL, after he helped Arian Foster lead the league in rushing and set a new UDFA record for total yards.

New York’s interest in Leach wouldn’t be unexpected. As a restricted free agent in 2007 he signed an offer sheet worth $8m over four years with the Giants. Houston matched the offer and he stayed in Texas. San Diego are hoping to improve a rushing attack that now includes the 12th overall pick from 2010, former Fresno State running back Ryan Mathews.

Of course the Seahawks are also hoping to drastically improve the league’s 31st best rushing offense. The offensive line has already received a lot of attention, they’ve invested in big names coaches and traded for both Marshawn Lynch and Leon Washington. Leach would offer further improvement as the best blocking full back in the NFL. Although he is demanding to be the best paid player at that position, he could be available for a modest $3m per season on a four year deal with around $7-8m in guarantees. That’s not an altogether huge sum if it does in fact continue to improve the running game which Pete Carroll is determined to make the focal point of his offense.

And lest we forget, John Schneider was part of the front office in Green Bay that originally gave Leach his first shot in the league as an UDFA in 2004.

Although speaking to other teams and agents before the lockout is complete isn’t allowed, it’s unrealistic to expect that such talks haven’t taken place. When free agency opens, we all expect the first signing to be announced almost immediately – as was the case when Detroit signed Nate Burleson last year.

It’s very realistic that Leach knows the teams that are expressing the most interest and that’s why he name checks Seattle, New York and San Diego. If so, this would confirm what we’ve been reporting with regard to the Seahawks’ interest in the player.


ESPN and Gregg Rosenthal at PFT have both picked up on Leach’s comments today.


  1. wes

    Nice, sounds like you had this one right Rob. I would be pretty excited if it comes to fruition, but I doubt the Texans will let him leave

  2. Misfit74

    Vonta Leach – RB – Texans

    Free agent FB Vonta Leach lists the Giants, Seahawks, and Chargers as possible landing spots in free agency.
    Leach’s agent was shopping the Pro Bowler around the league when the lockout was temporarily lifted on draft weekend, so there’s a good chance the interest is mutual with each of the three teams. Leach is reportedly seeking the richest fullback deal in NFL history. (!)

    Source: ESPN.com Jul 19, 7:31 PM”

  3. Frog

    We could have just kept Leonard Weaver. But of course that idiot Tim Ruskell stood by and watched him sign with the Eagles and become an All-Pro so we could play that old lousy Justin Griffith because he was Greg Knapp’s pet.

    • Carl

      That had to do with Greg Knapp, not Tim Ruskell

  4. Osprey

    Im all for this assuming we dont overspend on him.

    Honestly part of me was hoping we were going to target Owen Marecic or Stanley Havilli in the draft this year.

    Also with the rumor about getting Tavaris Jackson it appears that Carrols gameplan is to focus on a short passing game with a very powerful and dynamic run game with threats from multiple positions. I like this plan as it would play to our strengths instead of us trying to force us into an offensive gameplan that the Seahawks simply do not have the talent too pull off. We dont have high caliber deep threat WR’s and we don’t have a QB who could get them the ball even if we did. Vince Young may also work in this setup assuming he even wants to play anymore and will accept a reduced contract.

    • Misfit74

      Tavaris is a bigger-armed inaccurate passer…

      • Osprey

        Yes you are correct he is a bigger-armed inaccurate passer….who is fast and mobile. A poor man’s Micheal Vick but his style would compliment the running game Carrol is trying to setup a lot more than most anyone on the FA market (who doesnt come at a huge price).

        Our options are the worst starting QB in the NFL over the past 3 years (Hasselbeck), a mostly unproven guy from Philly who will likely cost next year’s 1st rounder (Kolb), 2 guys who seem manage to alienate themselves and underperform everywhere they go (Young, Leinart), Clipboard Jesus, or Tavaris Jackson.

        All things considered I am more than willing to give Jackson a shot in Seattle. Sign him, give him a shot and spend the big money on a mix of quality DL, OL, and CB.

        • MeatWad

          I for one do not want to see the Hawks sign T. Jackson. He started enough games for the Vikes to see the type of QB he is, or can be. I think Web on the Vikings appears to be more promising than Tavaris. I would rather see Charlie play out this year as the starter to be perfectly honest.
          For me Kyle Orton and Matt are the best options, IMHO

          • MeatWad

            I included Web, only because he played what, one game. LOL

  5. Osprey

    Hasselbeck has been the worst starting QB in the NFL the last 3 years. THE WORST. Why does anyone want him back considering the money he is asking?

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