Should the Seahawks embrace the rebuild?

Should the Seahawks build up their defense before attacking the quarterback position?

I’m comfortable with a rebuild year

Sometimes it’s difficult to take a step back, take stock and make a long term decision.

Increasingly this is what I think the Seahawks should do.

I’m not sure Pete Carroll will necessarily feel that way. Yet the franchise isn’t here purely to satisfy one man who is reaching the final few years of his career.

This roster, in its current guise, is empty.

They don’t have long-term building blocks at the premium positions other than Darrell Taylor and D.K. Metcalf.

First and foremost they need to add talent. That means giving yourself two off-seasons — with multiple picks and a ton of cap space — to build.

You can’t go from where they are now to a contender with one free agent class and one draft. You just can’t.

If they trade for Deshaun Watson — shelling out most if not all of the stock they’ve just acquired — what are you left with? The same empty roster, just with an expensive quarterback.

There’s also little point doing what the Washington Commanders just did — wasting mid-round picks to take a Hail Mary on Carson Wentz finding his mojo.

It’s time to embrace what this is — a rebuild.

What the Seahawks probably need to do now is what they did in 2010 and 2011 — create the foundations for the next contender.

If they really like a quarterback in this class, then fair enough. Don’t force it though. The only thing worse than not having a quarterback is investing in the wrong one.

What I think they should be considering is a pure ‘best player available’ approach in the draft, with an eye on the premier positions.

At #9 the aim should be a great pass rusher, left tackle or cornerback. With the two high picks in round two — they should be aiming to further add talent.

I’m going to talk a bit more about the draftable quarterbacks later in this article. However, I’d be totally comfortable with a year of Drew Lock competing with someone else. For me, the most important thing isn’t wins or losses in 2022. It’s to make sure that in 12 months time, we can list multiple players as part of a new, young core.

So here’s how I would plan for this current off-season:

1. Free agency

The Seahawks were linked with interest in Chandler Jones today. I thought that was the right move if you were trying to be really aggressive with Russell Wilson at quarterback. Now, I think a different plan is needed.

Paying big money for older players to chase an unrealistic target of ‘contention’ this year feels delusional.

Instead, I would target my list of free agents from two days ago who are in their mid-20’s. Building a young core doesn’t have to be limited to the draft.

I would rather throw money at Russell Gage (74.7 PFF) or Christian Kirk (72.1 PFF) to be a trusted third receiver. They are 26 and 25 respectively.

Originally I wasn’t keen on paying huge money to J.C. Jackson but his PFF grade of 78.9, age (26) and 25 interceptions in four years strike all the notes of a player you probably should be looking to acquire.

And there’s this from PFF:

Jackson trails only Gilmore for the highest man coverage grade in the NFL since 2018. He has intercepted 19 passes in man coverage over that span, five more than the second-place player and twice as many as the guy in third. His mirror ability and poise at the catch point make him a nightmare to face in man coverage.

With the potential of more man-coverage in Seattle next season, this is a key paragraph. The Seahawks have also been linked to Stephon Gilmore (by Richard Sherman).

Carlton Davis and Charvarius Ward would also be good options to pair with D.J. Reed — who should be a priority re-sign. Mike Hughes could be another possibility.

Brian Allen is in his mid-20’s and has familiarity with the scheme you want to deploy, plus a 74.8 PFF rating. Bradley Bozeman was a 73.3. Can you acquire a proven, veteran center?

La’el Collins might be cut soon — surprisingly. Yet he’s 28-years-old and graded at an 80.2 as a right tackle. Joseph Noteboom — another player from the Rams system — graded at a 76.0. He’s 26.

Add to your D-line by stealing away D.J. Jones or taking a chance on Tim Settle.

You turn to these players — pay them — and ask them to help begin a new era of Seahawks football. That’s the motivation. Older players are going to struggle to see that same challenge and opportunity if they’re reaching the end. The temptation to check-out will be far stronger.

Channel your inner-2011. Go after the next Sidney Rice and Zach Miller.

2. The draft

Use the #9 pick to acquire a quality player at a vital position.

Create that dynamic EDGE duo with Darrell Taylor. There’s a realistic chance one of Kayvon Thibodeaux, Jermaine Johnson or David Ojabo will be there. If not, one of the top offensive linemen will last. There’s also Sauce Garnder and Derek Stingley.

At #40 I would seriously consider trading back into the late first if the right player is available. That could be one of the defensive tackles — Devonte Wyatt, Travis Jones or Perrion Winfrey (I’m assuming Jordan Davis is off the board).

You could also sit tight and simply draft whichever linebacker and defensive or offensive lineman you want with your back-to-back picks. The idea of Tindall or Chenal in particular — offering an aggressive combination of speed, agility, explosive traits and violence — is extremely appealing. Especially if they’re playing in a front seven with Johnson/Thibodeaux and Taylor, plus a defensive tackle with the potential for greatness.

This, for me, would be a great chance to build a young core and create the kind of defense that can scare opponents again.

That — combined with fresh additions at left tackle, cornerback and receiver in free agency, plus the arrival of Noah Fant — could set up an exciting future.

Here’s my slightly updated horizontal board (click to enlarge):

3. Target a quarterback next year

I’ve made no secret of the fact I’m a fan of Kentucky’s Will Levis. I think he has a tremendous future — and yet people continue to ignore him and focus on Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud.

I am very comfortable creating a much improved, deeper and younger roster — then trying to get ‘your guy’ in a years time.

This year I would be happy to create a competition in camp. Drew Lock is clearly going to be part of that. I would then add one of the free agents — Mitchell Trubisky, Marcus Mariota or another.

The names are underwhelming but you’re not looking for the definitive answer.

I’m not a fan of trading for a veteran unless it’s cheap. If you can get Kirk Cousins for a day three pick — just to have a look and see if you want to extend him next year — fine. But no more than a day three pick and Minnesota would need to eat some of his salary. I’m not opposed to Tyler Huntley either. Again though, it has to be a day three pick. No more.

The mature, sensible approach is to accept where this team is. It needs a complete refresh. The key to 2022 is to build. Short-term solutions feel short-sighted.

This excellent draft, rich in good players at important positions, combined with investment in veteran players approaching their prime — can set the team up for success.

It might not make for a lot of wins this year — but as we saw in 2010 and 2011 — things can certainly develop and grow to the point where greatness is eventually achieved.

Deshaun Watson will be traded very soon

The big NFL news of the day, despite all the signings, is this:

I don’t want Deshaun Watson in Seattle. If you give up all your stock for Watson — who could still be suspended by the NFL — you’ll remove almost all of your key resources to build up the roster.

What’s the point of having an expensive quarterback and an inept supporting cast?

The talk is the Texans still expect three first round picks, plus further compensation including players. Watson has a no-trade clause too, so can reject any destination he doesn’t like.

I can’t get behind paying, for example, #9 this year and your two firsts next year — plus further picks and maybe more — to have Watson and a roster in this state, without a first round pick until 2024 to build around him. Especially given he still faces the very real prospect of a suspension by the NFL.

I hope the Seahawks resist any temptation to make this move.

What the mock drafts are saying

Some of these were published right before the Wilson trade was announced, so they’re not projecting who the Seahawks take at #9. However it’s worth looking to see who was available in each mock.

Daniel Jeremiah had Jermaine Johnson at #9. He also had Kayvon Thibodeaux at #8. It’s worth remembering that the Falcons are a real threat to take a pass rusher. It’s a huge need for them — just as much as receiver. A mere suggestion here — but it might be worth jumping above them if the Giants will do it for a low-cost deal.

Lance Zierlein produced the worst case scenario (maybe). He had Thibodeaux go at #7 and Johnson at #8. He also had Aidan Hutchinson going at #6. Three highly-rated pass rushers coming off the board in a row. That would be difficult to stomach. He has the Seahawks taking Malik Willis at #9.

Todd McShay has the Seahawks selecting Thibodeaux. That would be a very exciting selection. Plenty of players fall for a variety of reasons. Look at Micah Parsons. The opportunity to select Thibodeaux, even if he does drop to #9, would be a rare one. You’d be getting a player with legit superstar talent.

Dane Brugler also had Thibodeaux going #9 overall, albeit to Denver. I suspect as the process continues teams like Houston (and maybe even Jacksonville at #1) will satisfy themselves over Thibodeaux’s supposed character concerns. Now is the time to fret. April is a time where teams will talk themselves into the potential. If he did drop to #9 the Seahawks should probably open a bottle of champagne.

He’s the former #1 overall recruit in 2019 for a reason. He was one of only two pass rushers to run a 1.5 10-yard split at the combine. He has the frame of a factory-built edge rusher and while he might be a bit full of himself during media appearances — how many of the NFL’s best are perfect in that regard?

If Seattle wants a game-wrecker — that’s what he can be.

Notable stat-leaders (front seven)

This is a list worth running through.

Their national ranking is the number before each name.

TFL’s — 2021

#1 Will Anderson (2023 #1 pick) — 33.5
#2 Devin Lloyd — 20.5
#4 Cam Thomas — 20.5
#6 Leo Chenal — 18.5
#6 Jalen Pitre — 18.5
#11 Arnold Ebiketie — 18
#12 Jermaine Johnson — 17.5
#18 Aidan Hutchinson — 16.5
#18 DeAngelo Malone — 16.5
#26 Sam Williams — 16
#34 Micah McFadden — 15.5
#34 Josh Paschal — 15.5
#34 Damone Clark — 15.5
#40 Nik Bonitto — 15
#66 Logan Hall — 13
#77 Christian Harris — 12.5
#77 DeMarvin Leal — 12.5
#90 David Ojabo — 12
#90 Kayvon Thibodeaux — 12
#90 Phidarian Mathis — 12
#90 Darrian Beavers — 12

Sacks — 2021

#1 Will Anderson — 17.5
#3 Aidan Hutchinson — 14
#5 Sam Williams — 12.5
#7 Jermaine Johnson — 11.5
#7 Cam Thomas — 11.5
#10 David Ojabo — 11
#22 Arnold Ebiketie — 9.5
#26 Eyioma Uwazurike — 9
#26 DeAngelo Malone — 9
#26 Phidarian Mathis — 9
#37 DeMarvin Leal — 8.5
#45 Leo Chenal — 8
#45 Devin Lloyd — 8
#45 Zach Carter — 8
#59 Kayvon Thibodeaux — 7
#59 Boye Mafe — 7
#59 Nik Bonitto — 7
#81 Jeffrey Gunter — 6.5
#81 Micah McFadden — 6.5
#97 Nakobe Dean — 6

Pass rush win rate / run stop rate — 2021

Nik Bonitto — 27.3% / 8.2%
Kingsley Enagbare — 26% / 5.4%
Aidan Hutchinson — 25.4% / 8.1%
George Karlaftis — 25.4% / 7.3%
Kayvon Thibodeaux — 23.5% / 8.2%
Arnold Ebiketie — 22.2% / 6.4%
Cam Thomas — 21.3% / 12.2%
Myjai Sanders — 21.3% / 5.8%
David Ojabo — 19% / 6.8%
Drake Jackson — 18.1% / 5%
Logan Hall — 16.2% / 9.2%
Devonte Wyatt — 14.5% / 11.4%
Jermaine Johnson — 14.2% / 7%
Perrion Winfrey — 14% / 6.1%
Neil Farrell — 13.2% / 11.5%
DeMarvin Leal — 12.9% / 9.1%
Zach Carter — 12.4% / 4.4%
Travis Jones — 11.5% / 7.8%
Phidarian Mathis — 11.4% / 9.6%
Travon Walker — 10.8% / 5.8%
Jordan Davis — 8.1% / 12.1%

A quick thought on the quarterbacks

I re-watched three games of Kenny Pickett last night and I’m working my way through the other three members of what I’d call ‘the big four’.

The more I watch of this quarterback class, the more it intrigues me. Not in an altogether positive way. But not in a ‘this is the worst class ever’ kind of way either.

Pickett, for example, does a lot of good things. I really like the base from which he throws. It allows him to generate better arm strength on an intermediate level than I think people give him credit for.

He’s very capable of scrambling away from pressure then either throwing on the run or rushing for a first down.

There are some occasions where he starts slow — or at least the whole offense does — but then he warms up and then you see the passes firing and the chains moving.

When a quarterback succeeds at a big school with an endless run of 5-star recruits, it’s not a huge surprise. Pickett elevating Pittsburgh to the ACC title is a big deal.

There are concerns too. He has a tendency to drift when he sits in the pocket, there are some crazy ‘chuck and duck’ throws downfield and while you can appreciate aspects of his game — there’s a lack of ‘wow’ factor to draw you in completely. And there’s the small hands, due to his unusually-jointed thumb.

I could easily imagine him being a poor-man’s Joe Burrow — or a Blaine Gabbert.

Yet on 710 Seattle Sports this week, Mike Salk relayed a clip of John Schneider discussing what he wants in a franchise quarterback. He said he wants a mobile QB who tilts the field and leads, who can make plays on third down and elevate the team.

When you reflect on Pickett — he ticks a lot of those boxes.

I’m torn on whether the Seahawks will like him enough to say ‘yes — this is our next franchise QB’.

When you watch Matt Corral, Desmond Ridder and Malik Willis you end up with the same thoughts. They all do a lot of what Schneider says he wants. They also either lack a ‘wow’ factor or have troubling flaws to offset the positives.

Corral has a surprisingly good arm for his size, the dynamic scrambling and he plays with a lot of competitive spirit. He led Ole Miss to a very successful season in 2021.

He also plays in a favourable offense and in an article by Bob McGinn today — an unnamed source claimed “There’s a lot of Johnny Manziel to this guy. Party boy.”

I suspect given Lane Kiffin and Corral are said to be extremely close that Kiffin will vouch for his quarterback. Carroll also clearly has a strong connection to Monte Kiffin, who is also part of the Ole Miss setup.

However — that opinion above is held by at least one person in the NFL. Carroll might like the rough edges of an individual like this (and he certainly defended Johnny Manziel when given an opportunity in press conferences). I’m sure they’ll be doing plenty of homework.

Desmond Ridder is a fantastic athlete and he has genuinely elevated his team — perhaps even more so than Pickett. He has exceptional spirit and appears to be a strong leader and proven winner. He has massive 10 inch hands.

His accuracy is also extremely erratic. Half the time you watch him and see a more athletic Alex Smith. The rest of the time you see Geno Smith. It’s hard to know what to make of that.

Malik Willis has all the tools — arm strength, great runner, ability to launch the ball downfield on the run. Yet he’s maddening to watch as a passer when he’s not playing hero-ball. If you got frustrated with Russell Wilson scrambling into trouble and not seeing the field — wait until you watch Willis.

He is capable of magical plays that leave you hitting the rewind button to watch a second time. He’s also capable of rejecting a wide open receiver, all alone downfield, in favour of scrambling out of the pocket and running into trouble because his initial read wasn’t open.

Then there’s his throwing mechanics that are problematic in their own right and could lead to turnovers aplenty at the next level.

Still — the magic. And he’s said to be a good guy with leadership qualities.

Frankly — based on what I’ve seen so far — I can’t rule any of these four in or out for Seattle. And I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to do that between now and the draft.

I feel certain they won’t take Carson Strong or Sam Howell. At least not in the first three rounds or so. But the ‘big four’ are a challenging projection. There are things to like and things to dislike. Reasons to believe they’ll appeal to Seattle and reasons to believe they’ll pass.

It might come down to how they’re viewing this. Are they now a team that takes shots at quarterbacks until they find the guy? Or are they treating this year as an opportunity to build the roster and then go after a specific target?

Or are they going to spend a fortune on Deshaun Watson, if he even wants to come to Seattle?

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  1. Phil

    No criminal charges on Watson…but I still think that is a ton to spend on the QB position. Tough sell.

    • Mel

      Salary-wise, he’s a steal. His highest cap hit will be next year at 42m. After that it goes down for the last 2 years of his deal. The main cost for us is what it would take to acquire him in draft capital.

      We’d also have to hope he can still play. This has been quite a layoff for him

  2. Blitzy the Clown

    Commenting as I read through Rob…

    Have you always ranked Jones above Winfrey on your horizontal board?

    • Rob Staton

      No. But when a guy is 6-4 and 325lbs, runs a 4.92 forty and a 4.58 short shuttle — it’s hard to grade him below a guy who didn’t do most of the testing, ran a forty that was only 0.03 seconds faster despite a 35lbs weight advantage and has frustratingly inconsistent tape

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Fair enough sir.

        I have zero problem with Travis Jones suiting up for Seattle.

  3. GoHawks5151

    If JS does in fact have control on personnel then I can’t imagine he trades away all the draft stock he just got. I have got to believe they know this draft can build them the foundation of the future. Real lasting impact. I also think the could be outbid anyways. I know we should draft DL, OL, LB and CB this year and go for Young or Levi’s next year, but dammit looking at those stats how fun would Will Anderson be?

    • Roy Batty

      Maybe it is mentioned below in other comments, but not many people have spoken about Watson’s no trade clause. I highly doubt he agrees to go to Seattle, who would be a dumpster fire after dumping all that draft capital.

      I just don’t see him wanting to play for Pete and moving across the country, away from family.

  4. Denver Hawker

    Russ’ “camp” made a tribute video to(for?) himself.

    • 206

      That’s pretty hilarious haha

  5. Blitzy the Clown

    The last time the Seahawks had a pick in this range – 2012 – they traded down 3 spots from 12 to 15 for a 4th and a 6th from Philly and took a DE.

    2012 was also a strong class for DTs, though not as strong as this year.

    And just like they did in 2012, the Seahawks need a DE, a LB and a QB.

    Obviously, totally different draft in terms of class strengths, but with so many holes, and so many decent prospects in the first 3-4 rounds, I can’t help but think they trade down again.

    FWIW, if Johnson doesn’t go by #9, he probably won’t go until one of Philly’s picks at 15, 16 or 19. The Eagles really need a WR, a CB and a S, but with both Hamilton and Cine gone, they could go BPA with Johnson.

    I wonder if Seattle would trade 9 for 15 with Philly for a 3rd (or a 4th and a 6th). Would be another echo of 2012.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Meant to include the incentive for Philly is to jump the Jets and get Cine.

  6. Happy Hawk

    Lose for Levis!

  7. BobbyK

    If they don’t like the QBs in this draft, then fine. Get one next year. But for Heaven’s sakes don’t sign some Dalton, Mariotta, Trubinsky or someone of this ilk. You think Finney, Hollister, or Olsen were a waste of money? Giving one of these guys $10 million is one of the ultimate waste jobs of salary cap space. If we’re giving up on the season before it starts, let Lock start and make minimal salary. At least that financial savings could go towards a real player who can help the team now and the future.

    And, please, no D-Watson. I don’t care if we have morons on the team (all teams do) but please don’t have an “alleged” criminal/sex offender be the face of your franchise. Sometimes you just want to be proud of your team. Then again, Bobby Wagner didn’t hear from the Seahawks he was getting released so I doubt they are decent people themselves. They just have their PR department try to make it look so.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, I wouldn’t give them $10m.

      But I would add Mariota, Trubisky or someone similar at a cheaper price.

      • BobbyK

        I just look at the money a proven bad player like Andy Dalton has made and he’s been getting $10M the past two years from different teams. Everyone knows they are bad and yet people still keep paying them. Teddy Bridgewater gets over $20M to be bad. I’m fine with Mariota under $5M but nothing over that mark. That’s Hollister/Finney wastefulness stuff right there.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        A chance Daniel Jones could be available too.

    • Poli

      Big Ben, Kobe, Tyreek Hill, AB ect

      In a few months this won’t be an issue, and the only people ever bringing it up will be twitter trolls

      • BobbyK

        Maybe I have internal higher expectations for my favorite team.

        • Poli

          I’m a scumbag who wants Watson, and AB as the #3WR. I have no morals. 😞

          • BobbyK


          • MychestisBeastmode

            Come on over to this side of the room with the other scumbags starting the Seahawks Deshaun Watson fan club. We are really pretty decent guys with only transient scummy qualities.

      • Peter

        Well they won’t be the only people bringing it.

        Football wise what even is the point? Seahawks suck now. How’s he going to benefit the team? His best stat line is 33td/7int. So…..two, three more wins over last year and still get bounced out of the first round. And the following year with less draft stock? More of the same…rad.

    • SeaTown

      Have you read about Jody Allen? Now I can I understand why Pete Carroll was able to grab all the power in the organization.

  8. Gross MaToast

    Great post. Agree with all of it.

    I think JS regained control of personnel in the October/January meetings where “nothing” happened. If so, he will be much more patient about constructing the roster than Pete would or could be.

    “No criminal charges” seems like a poor rationale for making someone your new $40m QB. There are still plenty of issues surrounding Watson and the uncertainty should guarantee that Houston won’t get anything near the asking price. I mean, I’ve got a 1997 brown Pontiac Aztek outside that I’m asking $23,500 for, but will consider any offer. Sometimes you get what you can and move on. No matter, Seattle should stay far away.

  9. Rob Staton

    Looks like the Buccs then…

    • cha

      They can’t. They’re $10m over the cap currently.

      //remembers the Rams were $40m over last year and traded for Matt Stafford and Von Miller and picked up OBJ

      I withdraw my statement.

  10. Rob Staton

    Apparently the Seahawks now have the second most cap space:

    And if the Raiders extend Derek Carr, the most next year too.

    (Please don’t spaff it away on crap players, PCJS)

    • Easy Answers Hard Choices

      The ongoing theme of the past few years has been clear – we’ll spend on multiple players (OL specifically) knowing that our obvious brilliance and ability to find multiple “hidden gems” will give us the bigger payoff. I can only hope they’ve learned their lesson. We’ll find out soon enough.

    • Sten

      One has to think the Hawks’ frugality and unwillingness to do void years will pay off (at least in a financial sense) when tons of other teams are kicking the can down the road, even if the cap explodes then they’ll still have more money and have sustainability rather than end up like the vikings and saints

  11. Matthew

    Thanks for your coverage Rob! Exciting being able to read your thoughts on things that you actually enjoy writing about, instead of the drone of RW/PC/JS drama.

    I know in PC/JS I trust has lost its meaning with so many missteps, but QB is one place JS seems to really know how to find somebody special. RW of course, but scouting Mahomes, and Allen gives me some confidence he has somebody in this years draft, or the next he sees as a legit answer.

    • Rob Staton

      Hopefully they can find a quality replacement

      But this is also the pairing that traded a lot for Charlie Whitehurst, signed Matt Flynn and has stuck by Geno Smith as backup for far too long

  12. Cover2

    Bears DT/NT Eddie Goldman is being released today. I’d love to sign him.

  13. pdway

    My first reaction to the Watson info, even before the grand jury cleared him – was yes, you have to try and get a 26 y.o. star QB with presumably his best years ahead of him. And I’m in the camp, that I wouldn’t let the off the field stuff stop me – esp after a grand jury (where the burden of proof is LOW) has decided there’s not enough to charge him.

    But, on thinking about it – I agree w this piece, and am not in favor. For me – it’s just that for the first time in years, it feels like we have a plan – and one that feels like a logical path. Signing Watson is a zag away from that – and I agree w the thesis here, we’re just not ready to spend draft capital and a ton of our money, on the QB position. I do have a nagging voice in my head saying that Watson is a sure thing, and you could draft 3 qb’s and have none of them ever be anywhere near as good as him – but I still think the fit just isn’t there for this team today.

    • Rob Staton

      Is he cleared?

      Or was there just not enough evidence to charge.

      • Yoonhawk

        It’s a distinction without a difference, really. He was “cleared” in the sense that the grand jury did not find sufficient evidence to charge him. So in the eyes of the legal system, he’s in the clear. Obviously the court of public opinion is a different matter.

        • Ben

          The court of the NFL is also a different matter. Acquitted/not charged in court doesn’t necessarily mean “no suspension” when the NFL looks into it.

        • Rob Staton

          Ok then

          They don’t have enough evidence to charge because short of having video tape, a witness or some kind of confession or admittance of guilt you wouldn’t do

          It’s his word against theirs

          So he’s ‘cleared’ but ‘not guilty’ doesn’t mean ‘innocent’

          Yet the cases still linger in the background

          • Hawkdawg

            Yes, the civil cases do. Given precedent, such as with Roethlisberger, a pretty big suspension seems likely even now. 6 games or more.

            Of course, the NFL has never really bothered with being consistent on suspensions.

            • Roy Batty

              Good thing he didn’t bet on football during the time off he was fighting the assault charges.

      • jed

        Not enough evidence to charge, which means there will not be any criminal cases, jail, etc.

        But, there are still the civil cases. And the NFL doesn’t need a guilty criminal case to suspend players – see Jarran Reed as an example.

        • Peter

          Big ben is an even more apt analog.

  14. Hoggs41

    I agree 100% on passing on Jones. Reddick could still be in play as he is much younger. Allen at center also seems like a good idea. I would disagree on the third reciever as why not give Eskridge a chance if this is a building year? If he doesnt pan out look to add next year. Im always leary on signing Patriot players as they never work out when they go to other teams so I would just prefer resigning DJ Reed.

    • Rob Staton

      People keep mentioning Reddick.

      And I’ll keep saying he’s 6-1 and 235lbs.

      (Can’t believe people are making me push back against Reddick)

      • Gaux Hawks

        Thoughts on Jacob Martin?

        • Rob Staton

          Can do way better than that

  15. Jordan

    Agreed, they should not be afraid of the reset/rebuild.

    Watson gets you no further than where you just were.

    The roster talent, assets and cap space are all equal or superior to what they inherited in 2010. I’d argue the roster has significantly more pieces than what they inherited the first time around. Don’t be afraid to do it again. Home grow your next QB from either of the next two drafts.

    • Erik

      Comparing those two rosters in detail would be a fun exercise.

  16. Gaux Hawks

    If we’re in a two-year build, why spend big on a WR3?

    Let Dee Eskridge step in and get some experience… same for Freddie Swain and Cade Johnson.

    Then, if needed, swing big next offseason. Thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      Because if you can sign a quality WR3 now there’s no reason not to

    • CHaquesFan

      They might be WR2 if Lockett is traded post-June 1st

  17. Erik

    Comparing those two rosters in detail would be a fun exercise.

  18. Group Captain Mandrake

    I think they need to embrace the suck for a year. With so many holes, acquiring someone like Kirk Cousins just leaves you with a bad team and expensive QB. I certainly would not take any of the QBs available in the draft in the first round. Not unless you are absolutely certain that he is THE guy. We’ve all seen how that goes with teams wasting high picks and wandering the wilderness for years while throwing resources at the position to fix it. I’d try for Mariotta or someone else relatively cheap or stick with Lock. We know he isn’t the answer, but it allows for gaps to be filled on the roster.

  19. MychestisBeastmode

    Rob, you know I’ve got nothing but love for your work and analysis and more often than not agree. However, a young elite QB with a very very reasonable cap hit after a trade is totally worth everything or most of everything we got in the RW trade. An aav of $34mil for DW’s talent for the next 4 years is a no brainer imo. Every year that passes, his current contract will look more and more like a steal, especially when all other QBs of his caliber will begin demanding $50 mil+ during this time span.

    I can understand the moral hedging fans will have to ponder, and the sting of losing great draft stock, as well as the risk of suspension, but in terms of talent and cost, there is not another deal better than Deshaun Watsons value outside of hitting a home run on a rookie QB. Plus, we would maintain great cap flexibility.

    As for cost of trade, I would hope to keep our 1st this year, offer both 1sts next year and some mixture of 2nds over the next few drafts. Maybe add 2024 1st if necessary (assuming we must outcompete the likes of Carolina and Tampa Bay).

    Here’s an excerpt with link below to pfn analysis of his cost.

    “Essentially, a team is trading for a two-year deal worth $72 million. They would then have two club options at $32 million apiece. That would be a very team-friendly deal in a QB market that is looking likely to hit $50 million per year at the top end in the next couple of seasons.”

    • Peter

      Until he holds out. Which he was doing prior to all of this. The cap report is meaningless if he has all his skills moving forward. The nfl cuts both ways. Teams can be cruel with their cuts and the best players can hold out for a new contract or force a trade again. You think watson if traded is going to “sure, i guess pay me well below market value over the next four years?”

      Also we would still suck with him on the roster.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        We are making assumptions that he’d hold out immediately, and is there an example of a holdout with 4 years left? I believe he’ll have next to no leverage in that situation. If this is a real concern then I’d imagine his trade value is not worth 3 1sts no matter what. I am unaware of any talks of an imminent holdout based on his salary. If this is a known thing, please share and I’ll happily step off this point.

        Giving an extension with 1 or 2 years left in the contract (or 2-3 years from now) is more understandable for me as a concern that maybe we would not get to realize all of the value of a $34 mil contract for a top 5 QB.

        However, we would still have a shit ton (around $90 mil next year) of cap space that could still be spent on several impact players to fill roster holes.

        • Rob Staton

          If Watson plays well and the rest of the top QB’s are on 45-50m a year — he will demand more money

          • MychestisBeastmode

            I’m not trying to be contrarian, promise. Yet, he will be in no place to make a demand for 2 more seasons. And if he’s crushing it to the point that he can make the demand then we are winning and all is good.

            • Rob Staton

              No offense but you seem to only want to view things in the most positive yet unrealistic light.

              ‘He will be happy to earn 15m less than other QB’s for years’

              ‘We can do a deal without giving up a first this year’

              It’s all pretty fanciful to be fair

              • MychestisBeastmode

                No offense taken. I enjoy this debate. And I never said he’d be happy or made any comment on his feelings about his contract that he signed with his own agency.

                From my perspective, people seem to be latching onto to this assumption that he will imminently hold out. He signed the contract. He’s obliged to follow it and has little leverage to do otherwise for at least 2 seasons. And Seahawks have been steadfast on waiting until the final year of contracts to entertain extensions. It’s not an issue from my perspective. He surely knows these things and by default will include it in his assessment of which team he may choose to accept a trade to. If a new contract is a sticking point then the Seahawks are probably not right for him (or us).

                Yes, I am wanting to have my cake and eat it too with not wanting to budge from the 9th pick. We shall see, but I do think it is possible a trade can be made and we keep that pick.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t care what his contract says.

      Having a crap roster with a good QB is more of the same.

      I’ve seen it. It’s shite.

      And there’s no way Houston are letting you keep #9.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        I definitely agree roster needs work and this draft in particular could go a long way towards righting the ship.

        I am not so sure we would HAVE to give up #9 this year. They could just as easily be coveting Levis and other more touted QBs next year and be happy to truly tank for their services while positioning themselves with the most draft stock to target their favorite 2023 QB. Or Davis Mills looked ok and maybe they are content with him at the reins this year to find out if they have their guy or not.

        Our 2023 2 1sts, 2 2nds plus Texans likely high pick next year would look compelling. They’d have a lot of flexibility to move up to picks 1-3 if they didn’t already nab the top spot.

        We would have to compete with Carolina (not a contender and have to wonder how that factors into Watson’s no trade clause — and furthermore how that impacts his market value for trades). Next is Tampa Bay, and we definitely have more stock than them to trade. After that, it’s anyone’s guess. Plus, if Tyler Lockett wants out after losing RW, he could essentially be a player added similar to Fant in our return.

        Not saying I’d be upset with going young and hungry. Just saying, there is a pathway to competing now. It looks different and wouldn’t come without sacrificing draft potential. But the same could be said about sacrificing our maybe only shot at a surefire top QB because there are no guarantees anyrookie QB will reach their full potential. A bird in hand is worth twelve in the bush.

        • Rob Staton

          If you trade for Watson, you’re going to have to give up #9.

          No way they taken the bulk of the resource NEXT year.

          No way.

          • MychestisBeastmode

            If the Texans had freedom to choose from any offer, I’d agree with you. The no trade clause is severely limiting. Maybe only 2 or 3 teams are going to be seriously considered by Watson. His market will adjust based on that.

            I guess my concession would be I do not want to give up this year’s #9. If there is a way to make this trade happen while keeping that pick then I am definitely in. If the only way this trade happens is by giving all of our 1sts this year and next then I take pause.

            There is precedent on only future picks – unfortunately it was the damn Jamal Adams trade with 2 future 1sts. Unlikely, but not impossible the Texans consider something similar if it is the best offer they can get that Watson would waive his no trade clause for.

            Where you see “no way,” I see a definite way. Unlikely, yes, but the path is there.

            • Rob Staton

              If the only way this trade happens is by giving all of our 1sts this year and next then I take pause.

              It’s the only way.

              There is no chance whatsoever that Houston says, ‘go on then — no R1 this year’. That is a pipe dream.

            • #55bosworth

              ok so how many times does rob have to say it

    • cha

      Here’s the challenge with Watson (aside from the optics)

      The Seahawks cannot absorb a $35m cap hit in 2022 and do much of anything else. They just can’t. Russ counting $26m against the cap and very little defensive talent already on the roster just makes it too much.

      They also can’t trade a bunch of their newly-acquired capital to get him. They have too many holes and Rob is correct, they’d just be right back where they were with RW. Probably worse.

      They can probably get away with having a maximum of $15m or so on their 2022 cap for Watson.

      That means the other $20m owed Watson for 2022 has to go somewhere. Can they talk Houston into eating about $10-15m of it and converting the balance to a bonus and spreading the hits into the future? Yes they could.

      But that means Houston is trading you Watson and kicking in significant money in the deal. Which only ups the trade compensation they will want back.

      The only way that scenario doesn’t involve the Seahawks needing to give up a fortune in draft capital to get Watson, is if Watson flexes his no-trade clause hard and says ‘Seattle is the only place I’ll play’ and forces their hand.

      Even then, they’ve sat on him for a year. It’s really, really, really hard to believe they would eat a big chunk of money AND take anything less than enough in capital that it won’t cripple the Hawks’ team-rebuilding mission.

      • Rob Staton

        It makes no sense at all.

        So don’t bloody do it, PCJS.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Then how did the Rams make all those trades and moves last year? Surely the Seahawks can find cap flexibility for a talent as high as Watson, no?

        Again, I am not against the young and rebuild model put forth by Rob, but this outright objection as not possible or equating a top QB (for maybe the next decade) to having a worse team for it is hard for me to reconcile. While we tout Jimmy G and the great team around him, there are also the Redskins who had a squad with no QB or the Colts with similar strong roster and now QB or the Broncos tok prior to getting Russ. We could build a beautifully strong roster and still eat shit if we don’t get a QB.

        It seems we are discounting all the risk associated with putting our eggs in a young unproven QBs basket. There’s more than one way to skin this cat and I’d argue having a top tier QB with a few holes is on par with having a complete roster and a disappointment at QB.

        • cha

          1-the Rams are far more aggressive than the Seahawks will ever be with the cap.

          2-the Rams already had the following players on their roster when they made this trade:

          -Aaron Donald
          -Jalen Ramsey
          -Cooper Kupp
          -Tyler Higbee
          -Leonard Floyd
          -A very good OL

          They weren’t building a team. They were upgrading a team. Big, big difference.

          3-They have a coaching staff proven to maximize their team strengths. Where they have to go cheap, they don’t have massive weaknesses.

          • MychestisBeastmode

            If one thing is for certain, everything we thought we knew about the Hawks seems to have changed over the last few days.

            But yes, definitely agree the Rams had a strong roster to add to compared to ours.

  20. uptop

    People I know don’t want Kayvon Thibodeaux on the team because he’s a duck. I’m a husky fan but come on, lets get the best player we can.

    • Peter

      Jermaine johnson

      • uptop

        Id be thrilled if johnson were drafted, but if both were available i’d take Thibodeaux

    • Hawkdawg

      Thibodeaux is full of himself. He has the numbers, and the skills. But he is one of those “brand-building” guys, and he isn’t subtle about it. When I’ve watched him play, he doesn’t seem to be a consistent force. His flashes are impressive for sure, but I don’t see the kind of maniacal “want to” in his play that makes the great ones great.

      I would take Johnson over him in a heartbeat.

  21. CaptainJack

    Do you take Watson if teams are too afraid of him being suspended/ bad publicity and you only need to give up a third or fourth to get him? In that scenario, I pull the trigger. If he’s suspended, it’s going to be a rebuild year. Play lock and enjoy high picks the next draft when we finally have a native first rounder. I’m having trouble assessing what Houston will want for him.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s less than zero chance of getting him for that. Come on.

      • HawkfaninMT

        I agree a 3rd or 4th isn’t happening….

        But what cost would you reverse course and think a move worth consideration. What about Denver’s 2nd this year, 1st next year?

        • Rob Staton

          They won’t accept that. They’ll say you got a R1 this year for Wilson, we want one too.

        • Ashish

          When you dare to trade Russ why not draft for future. Watson is good but character is an issue.

        • Roy Batty

          Why on Earth would the Texans settle for less than what Seattle just got for Wilson? That makes no sense, whatsoever.

          Since he isn’t being charged, and settles the majority of his civil cases, there will be a bidding war. More than a few teams are desperate for a franchise QB. He’s the last one left to grab, at this point.

          • Pugs1

            In October, Houston was asking for at least three first-round draft picks and three third-round picks. The Panthers will likely have to give up at least three first-round picks, another pick and a young player or two in exchange for Watson. Those players likely would include either Jeremy Chinn, Brian Burns and/or Derrick Brown, players still on their rookie deals who are still fairly cheap and with a lot of potential.

            Read more at:

            This is the price according to Charlotte Observer. Personally I think this should end the discussion of Watson

      • #55bosworth

        i agree with rob,COME ON MAAAN

  22. Old but Slow

    If they get Watson I’ll puke. Or at least spit.

    It would be a case of “maybe we can win now”, instead of a sensible growth in depth and quality. As Rob has emphasized, get young, use the draft capital, and spend free agent money wisely.

    It will not do to go from poor to mediocre, when with time we can get to good or very good.

    That is beside my belief that Watson is a dirtbag, and not a good face of the organization. By the way, I have suspicions that some of the witnesses against him may have gotten some monetary compensation for keeping quiet. Just suspicion.

    • BobbyK

      Let’s give Watson a break. He just wants a happy ending to this saga.

      • Big Mike

        Grade A humor right there Bobby. You win the internet today.

    • Don

      If we pick up Watson I might check out on this team for awhile. So very hard to root for someone with Watson’s character. Much easier to root against. To me this would be a big mistake in judgement for the team. I don’t think I am alone.

      • Rob Staton

        Huge mistake

  23. Olyhawksfan

    Rob – the best part about this site IMO is your honesty. Your not trying to sell yourself with garbage takes to stay on the air. It’s genuine. Much appreciated. Patron time.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

  24. jopa726

    48 day in counting until the 2022 NFL Draft! It’s waiting for Christmas day!! I’m nervous but really excited for the first time in a long time about the Seahawks draft. Rob, you are doing an amazing job. I hope that someone in the Hawks is reading this blog.

    I am sure we will get surprised by the Hawks picks, we always are. But, I pray that you are right and they build up from the trenches first. If not we may be talking about tanking to get Arch Manning in 2025.

  25. Nano

    Thanks, Rob. Fantastic content, as always.

    Between Ridder and Willis, do you suspect one will take better to having to make multiple reads in an NFL offense? Hero ball just isn’t sustainable unless you’re truly a generational athlete. And even then, you’re going to be slowed down eventually.

    • Rob Staton

      Ridder’s better at it.

  26. bk matty

    What about FitzMagic at qb? He was having a record year last season but got benched simply because they wanted Tua to get the starts.

  27. SeaTown

    I’m seeing a lot of handwringing over Watson’s character. People all over Twitter threatening not to root for the Hawks if they trade for him. Now if you want to tell me you are against a possible deal because of his salary or the potential draft capital needed to acquire him, I am with you. Too expensive to add one player when the rest of the roster is barren.

    But if people are against this potential move solely on the basis of character, why are those people not as outraged over the allegations hanging over Jody Allen? If you are not aware just google Jody Allen sexual harassment. Not a good look for the entire organization.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      All while trafficking animals parts of endangered species. It’s not just a Jody Allen thing, it’s a billionaire thing.

      • L80

        I live in the Houston area, so I’ve seen a LOT of coverage on Watson for some time and my opinion after watching all of it is stay the hell away from this guy. He’s everything that RW wasn’t. A friggin creep trying to manipulate women into sexual acts because they are massage therapists.

        Also, the cost. They just freed up a lot of money and aquired draft capital, and blow all of it on a sexual predator because he can play the position….NO in the largest font on the planet.

        • Rob Staton


  28. Rob Staton

    These tweets bother me.

    Because even if we don’t trade for Watson, it implies we’re not willing to be patient and build. Which makes me worry that if they don’t get Watson, they’ll do something silly to get a different, lesser QB.

    I really hope they embrace this opportunity to build. I’m losing confidence though. Hopefully this is all part of a great game to make it seem like we’re desperate for a QB and throw people off the scent come draft day when we target quality players at other positions.

    • cha

      I think they’re sending out a smokescreen.

      • BobbyK

        I hope so because the thought of trading the farm for Watson and giving big money to Chandler Jones, who is older than Bobby Wagner by the way, is not comforting.

      • Rob Staton

        They better be.

        I don’t see how they make this whole thing work otherwise.

        And I don’t want to be Pete Carroll’s vanity project because he’s nearing the end. I prefer long-term thinking.

        • SeaTown

          Sadly, I don’t think PC has a long term vision at 70 years of age. We can only hope another team outbids the Hawks and prevents them from making another horrendous mistake.

        • Roy Batty

          I just don’t see Watson agreeing to go to Seattle.

          The team is in steady decline. The Oline is crap. The Dline is crap. The running back is injury prone. The team has holes at each position group and not enough draft stock or money to immediately fill those holes once the trade is done. The coach is archaic. The city is the farthest away from his family. The ownership group is an unknown unknown. The weather is temperate. The list goes on and on.

          He has a no trade clause. I cannot fathom Watson has Seattle on any of his preferred lists.

      • bmseattle

        The problem with a smokescreen is, that if we haven’t made a move by draft day, the smoke will have cleared.

    • BobbyK

      Maybe Pete’s selling point is the fact the media won’t ever ask him any hard questions. The questions are more soothing in Seattle rather than the others he’d face somewhere else.

  29. Cortez Kennedy

    Don’t do it, don’t trade for Watson! I just accepted the Wilson trade and was looking forward to the draft and some long-term team building for a change. We would be exactly where we were, but without the squeaky clean QB.

  30. BobbyK

    We’ll know if Pete is still in control (and Schneider is still his puppet) if they trade all their draft picks for Watson and sign old man Chandler Jones.

    • Big Mike

      “vanity project”
      “sleepwalking to nowhere”

  31. Jabroni-DC

    Should the Seahawks embrace the rebuild?

    Absolutely. We’ve been bleeding out slowly for 8 years. It feels fresh to recognize that one era is over & a new one is beginning. Does Pete understand that? I hope so. The reality of the roster is that it’s being built from near scratch. Just acquire talent, it’s that simple.

    My top hope for FA is the addition of a solid LT & C who will be here for the long haul. Poaching OT Joseph Noteboom from the Rams would add a sweetness to the steal. Centers age pretty well and there are several that I’d be happy with. Spend the money. Add a chain moving, 3rd down security blanket WR at a decent price.

    One FA/Veteran quarterback who does intrigue me a little bit is Jameis Winston. A 2 year deal that gives him enough time to fully heal and then demonstrate what he’s got would be ideal. Expecting Seattle to select a QB in either the 2022 or 2023 draft would create a full QB room and a real competition. If Pete gets the running game going again behind a good offensive line I could see Jameis providing those deep shots that Pete loves to take. If he plays good to great then he either earns an extension or he goes elsewhere for a comp pick. If he stinks it up then he’s on a cuttable contract.

  32. Denver Hawker

    If Hawks trade for Watson, the presser will include a smug Pete acting like he’s playing 4D chess. Probably call it a 3-way trade.

    In a vacuum, I wouldn’t hate the trade of Russ for Watson straight up.

    But with THIS roster, in THIS economy?!?

  33. Strategicdust

    I think the weeks ahead will clearly show if Pete of John is in control of personnel decisions. I think we’ve all been hoping the Wilson/Wagner is a sign of positive change but that’s just speculation. If Pete has kept thd power structure the same, we’ll see the same mentality going after Watson as we saw with Adams. Pete tends to overvalue optimism and his ability to fix people and Watson gives him the best ( in his mind) path to the playoffs. After all, he just wanted to “run it back” and show that the Seahawks are just soooo close to being a great team. And if they miss, well you can’t blame him for his going for it, right?
    Also, have I missed any significant goodbe/well wishes for Russ that we’ve seen with Bobby? Maybe I missed it but you’d expect a tell of lot more for the best QB this team has had.

  34. Bankhawk

    “What is the point of having an expensive starting quarterback and an inept supporting cast?”
    Oh, Rob: I worry that sometimes I start sounding like some kind of rubber-stamp sycophants when I post, but I gotta say that everything my gut tells me is that I want to see that three-way camp competition at QB, and to have the patience to chill on the ‘all-in now’ moves. I want to see them USE those draft picks garnered in dealing Russ-to honestly enhance the overall roster quality. That should be the mark by which the legacy left by PC and JS is judged by future Hawk-fandom.
    Otherwise, why even have traded Russ at all. Just to get his annoying-ass agent out of John Schneider’s hair? So I say, use #9-get that bookend for Darryl Taylor. If a QB with some promise falls to us-Okay! Ad a reasonable vet, and it’s ‘Game On!’ for camp and preseason. Maybe I’m guilty of nostalgia for Russ’ rookie year with Flynn and TJ, but I say “build that roster”!
    And I would be remiss if I didn’t express some disappointment over reports on how Bobby’s release was mishandled.

  35. cha

    Another factor not in favor for acquiring Watson:

    The Seahawks have a very dicey understanding of the league’s disciplinary policies. They just don’t seem to ‘get’ what the NFL is feeling at times and have done some silly things.

    Remember when they signed Josh Gordon again while he was on suspension and everyone said ‘oh they wouldn’t do that unless he’s ready to come off suspension.’ 3+ months went by. Pete would just shake his head and ‘no word yet. Next question.’ and ‘I can’t say anything about it’ when pressed.

    They got him reinstated, moved him to the active roster, and the next day, bam, Gordon is suspended again.

    The Mychal Kendricks issues. Losing Jarran Reed for 6 games. Playing footsie with Antonio Brown.

    It would be so emblematic of this regime to fork over massive capital and take on Watson’s contract, and then Watson get put on the purgatory that is the Commissioner’s List, and have Pete come to the podium every week and try to distract the press by talking about Bud Grant and position battles with walk on undrafted guys, while the life slowly drains out of the team and its fans.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Pete & John should not be allowed to trade any picks that are higher than the 4th round for veteran players.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I would think the league would give some credence to time already served — the entirety of last season.

      • Big Mike

        I don’t think the Texans suspended him, rather chose not to play him. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong it I believe he got paid.

        • MychestisBeastmode

          No, you are right. He was paid to sit and not on league exempt list. It’s a unique situation and still wouldn’t surprise me if the league references his time on the bench when doling out whatever penance they see fit, if any.

          Also, if he were to be suspended, I’d argue that lowers the trade value. Maybe 🤔

          But I’ll get off of it for now.

    • Big Mike

      I would LOVE it if it happened that way. Would be even better if Russ was tearing it up in Denver. We’d be rid of Carroll after this year for sure.

    • 12th chuck

      I really hope all this talk about Watson is to try and make a more desirable place to play for any free agent targets. we all know the “pete carrolll atmosphere” ship has sailed

    • Gross MaToast

      I hope that JS has regained more control of the GM duties and would never make this move, because this post reminds me that Pete would have the deal done tomorrow.

    • CaptainJack

      It makes so much sense that Carroll would want Watson, badly. I think as fans our best hope is Carolina is even more desperate.

  36. Spectator

    4 thoughts on the Watson scenario:

    1. As some have mentioned, could the interest be a smoke screen? But what are they trying to hide? The only draft smoke screen would them trying to get GMs to think they will continue to pursue Watson even if they don’t get him before draft, so that teams don’t try and jump ahead or so that they can move up with their second rounder? Why not just say they are committed to Lock then? Why have they been so quiet on the decision to include lock in the trade?

    2. Could it be a smoke screen to ensure teams believe don’t like Lock or Eason and are desperate to get a QB, so that teams will juMp them in the draft and allow a top DE or Tackle to drop to them at 9? More than a few teams REALLY need QBs too, and may be desperate to jump Seattle to pick up any or all the top 4? That would be pretty smart if they were comfortable rolling with Lock and say Mariota this year, or maybe even interested in Coan or Zappe.

    3. Could Pete possibly actually believe they are a QB away from succeeding? And truly thought Russ was actually holding them back. Making the interest genuine? (Scary thought).

    4. Orrrrr could they be using their interest in Watson as a tool to push another team like the Vikes or raiders to let go of their respective QB cheaper. Basically saying “we are willing to offer you x for him, but we are also interested in Watson so if you want to negotiate, we will just pursue Watson instead, we have options that include the draft and Watson.”

    I’m hoping it’s 2. Or the thought that they aren’t interested at all and it’s either click bait, or Texans using it as a way to manufacture interest.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I have a feeling #3 is more than likely true to some degree. And #4 would be some savvy stuff that aligns with the always compete mantra.

  37. Gaux Hawks

    Do you prefer scenario A or B?

    A) Jermaine Johnson (R1), Josh Paschal (R2)
    B) Jordan Davis (R1), Boye Mafe (R2)

  38. Brett in AZ

    Welp, after watching the combine and reading Rob’s most recent riffs, here’s a mock based on our updated understanding of this class. Decided to follow RS advice on this one and semi-punt the QB issue until next year… figured we’d sign a journeyman, and have him compete with Lock & whatever rookie was available.

    Used PFN. There were several streaky position runs this time around. Not gonna sweat the realism too much yet, but I daresay that this outcome would be cause for celebration:

    9 – SEA trades 9 to MIN for 12, 77
    12 – (fm MIN) DT J Davis
    40 – ED B Mafe
    41 – SEA trades 41, 227 to Las Vegas for 53,86 (they were desperate for a DT)
    53 – (fm LVR) OT A Lucas
    72 – OT R Walker (figured we’d keep Brown for mentoring and cut some OL dead weight elsewhere)
    77 – (fm MIN) CG C Srange
    86 – (fm LVR) LB C Tindall
    108 – CB C Taylor-Britt
    152 – RB Z White
    153 – QB J Coan

    Feels like a win!

  39. J.P.

    I mean, if they want Watson then I hope they get him instead of pivoting to Kirk Cousins and throwing a first thatta way. If Pete and John all get fired in a couple of years, at least the new guys will have an elite level QB with many years left of his career to build around.

  40. BobbyK

    If Pete gets Watson and Chandler Jones… he’s basically Strom Thurmond.

    • BobbyK

      If it were me in charge and I was committed to a rebuild, I would not make the #9 pick. I would trade down as many times as possible to get extra 2nd round picks in the 2023 draft. Once the #9 pick turned into a pick in the late-30s/early-40s, I would offer it up to a team for their 1st round pick in ’23. By the time I was done, I’d have a worthless ’22 set up with Drew Lock as my QB and I’d have all my picks next season in addition to the extra 1/2 from the Broncos and 5 from the Steelers. Then ’23 would be unfair because we’d probably have two more 1st round picks, but 3-7 picks in the second round. That’s just having a long term vision that comPete can’t have.

    • CaptainJack

      Feeling that Pete doesn’t want to rebuild for a year. He’s going to go “all in” with watson and signing old free agents, and try to replicate what the rams did. Problem is he’s lacking an aaron donald to really have a shot at making that plan work.

  41. CaptainJack

    I’ve never heard those Jody allen allegations until now… that is, incredibly bizarre. Weird person. She strikes me as the type to not give a damn about Watson’s allegations. I have this weird feeling now the trade is pretty much in the bag.

  42. Scot04

    With several offseasons of poor roster building, the Adams trade, and last years flop of a season; it all added up to losing are franchise QB.
    I thought that was bad enough.
    Seahawks just continue to make themselves look bad.
    1st the Cast Away tweet, then the way they let Wagner go.

    Along with everything from Olsen about Carroll.

    Just Fricking Embarrassing

    • Cover2

      That’s a insightful an honest take from Olsen.

      This is why we should trade DK Metcalf. We are running an offense like we don’t have a superstar WR. It be like having Aaron Donald and asking him to drop into coverage the majority of the game. Trade DK to the Jets for #10 and draft a player that has more down-to-down value, like CB Derek Stingley.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        So in other words, follow the Carroll doctrine of putting all your eggs in the defensive basket?

        • Cover2

          Yes, pretty much.

          Carroll is the one calling on the shots with this franchise. So the only option we have is to deal with it and embrace the way he wants the Seahawks team to be.

  43. Poli

    Sounds like Seattle isn’t an option for him:

    “Does the team have a good head coach? A good offensive line? A good defense? Those are three criteria (in no specific order) I’ve been told Deshaun Watson is looking for in his next team.”

    • Denver Hawker

      He doesn’t list cap space and draft picks tho either. Anything is better than the Texans.

    • Seattle Person

      I think he goes to the Bucs. I hope to God he goes somewhere other than Seattle. Let’s build this ship with young players. Mostly importantly with cheap players!

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I really hate going against the grain. I’m happiest when everyone gets along.

      People are on one if we are thinking Pete is a bad head coach. I’ve had my gripes and probably called for his a head a couple times after poor on field decisions and the JA trade. Still, it’s been a decade better than any team sans the Patriots albeit with few shiny toys to show for it.

      The Oline is definitely not great, and also not terrible, and put up some real run blocking prowess last year. And, I cannot emphasize this enough, having a QB who consistently passes in 2.5 seconds or less could make this Oline look a hell of a lot better. Blocking for RW is no easy task.

      Our D, for all it’s struggles getting off the field, still gave up relatively few points and was 8th in DVOA I believe.

      Now we have an influx of cash for new acquisitions over the next 2 years.

      Point is, our team does not suck and I hope people can get off of this line of thinking. Championship caliber? No. Competitive? with a few good roster moves — Certainly possible, and I’d argue more likely than continued regression from last season. And with a top tier QB, all the better.

  44. Sea Mode

    Well, since we’re talking about it…

    Honest NFL

    Lots of folks in personnel departments I’ve spoken to aren’t very happy with how Watson is handling this relative to what they know from their private investigations. If he were accepting of responsibility, contrite, and willing to right wrongs, they’d be able to live with that.

    This issue will live on until civil settlements are reached, and nobody’s keen on those distractions. There’s too much out there for him to brush it under the rug, and it’ll take a strong commitment to follow through with acquiring him at the price he’ll command.

    From a purely legal perspective, he’s doing what he needs to do to prevent any criminal charges so that is what it is, but the pure lack of acknowledgment about the victims and the substance of this situation is what bothers them.

  45. Sea Mode

    Jim Nagy

    This Deshaun Watson trade should happen fast.

  46. Tomas

    Pete has John working the phones to bring in Darnold …

  47. Tomas

    Please excuse my pessimistic sarcasm – still working through disappointment that management chose PC/JS over Wilson. I recognize that others may disagree. I’ll be feeling more optimistic soon enough, this community is surely a great resource in all respects.

    • Big Mike

      Right there with you brother and if they double down on stupidity by acquiring Watson………..holy hell. Don’t know if you caught this so I’m gonna repost. If you start at 6:30 you’ll hear, from a guy that was in the locker room, what Russ, the OCs and the rest of the offense was facing:

    • Peter

      Tomas my internet friend I feel ya.

      Hopefully they go back to the old ways of building first. That’s what keeps me going. That and in two years the process of selling the team from an uninterested owner can begin.

      • Tomas,

        Thanks Big Mike, thanks Peter. Appreciate you guys.

  48. SoZ

    The article is about embracing a rebuild…but nearly every comment is about Watson. With how much cap space the Seahawks will have, will it really be so bad if he plays well and wants a pay raise? And what are they trying to draft, if not someone like him? Based on PCJS and their recent history especially with first rounders, if I told you the team was going to draft 3 first rounders and two would be LJ Collier types but one would be Deshaun Watson, would you take that?

    • Rob Staton

      And what are they trying to draft, if not someone like him?

      A roster?

      • Sea Mode

        Young, cheap, hungry core players.

    • Peter

      If the argument is Watson vs. Recent draft history then they should be tossed out on the street.

      The argument from a let’s actually be good for a change side is: Watson vs. The time they actually thought for a second and drafted Okung, earl thomas, irvin, and wagner before pulling the trigger on a qb.

      I do not want any of these qb’s at nine. Full stop. But you would still have a greater chance to build a team over two years, which is minimum what this dreck will take to be good, if you pulled the trigger on one with the 9th pick.

      Retain most of your draft picks. Plus almost all of your cash. Versus lose your draft picks back to houston and pay a qb less than Wilson bit still a lot of your cap space. For what. To watch the David Mills’ of the world have a leisurely nine minute stroll down the field all next season.

  49. SeattleLifer

    So many concerns with the Watson stuff. What message is it sending? – if true that Pete still thinks we’re so close to winning it all and Watson with Jones and a few 3 million dollar free agents will do it? Losing the draft picks, paying another big salary that will go up to 50 million a year sooner than we would expect, the real possibility that the guy you get to win it all with could be suspended at any time/game in the coming season and of course the allegations. Disconcerting to say the least.

    If that’s all really the case then I’d be left hoping everything goes wrong for them and they miss on Watson and Jones and have to come up with a new plan that does’nt involve a desperate reactionary move(see ridiculously expensive trade for a non garunteed star). If we get another off-season of poor short sighted decision making/acquisitions then I will just check out until the piper comes due and Carroll and Schneider get run out of town in disgrace because make no mistake if they try to go all in with this roster then it will be a long long time before this team wins anything of any significance Deshaun Watson or not, and by that point there will be zero excuses to hold on to Schneider I might add-

    • Rob Staton

      If Carroll is antsy and thinks he can build a championship caliber team in one off-season then he should be replaced immediately by Clint Hurtt and we should embrace what this is.

      • Big Mike

        He should’ve been replaced this offseason

  50. CL

    Since I don’t post too often, I am more of a lurker, I really need to say thank you Rob!
    You are really outdoing yourself, this coverage is simply amazing.

    After reading about Pickett’s thumb for the first time I had to laugh, cause I got the same condition. But it also made me curious and I found out that it’s called “Hitchhiker’s thumb” and around 24-36% of american population seem to have that kind of thumb.

    After a little further research it seems like Joe Burrow for example, got the same condition. Though I can’t say it for sure haha

    Anyways, maybe it’s just those underdog vibes that Russ had back in the days “He’s too small he can’t do it” that Pickett has with his hand size. I really like him a little more than the rest, which is definitely not based on facts.

    I just really hope they don’t trade the house (again).

    I’m really looking forward to the draft and all your coverage!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

      And good to put a name to the condition

  51. Sneekes

    I don’t want Watson, for the obvious moral reasons, and because it puts us right back where we were with Russ: a middle of the pack team at best. I’m really buying into building a young, aggressive core right now.

    If we are going to select a QB in the draft, noting that they all have their flaws, then:
    1. We need to let them come to us, there is no point overdrafting someone you’re not completely enamoured with
    2. We need to assess them on how fixable their flaws are. Pickett’s hands aren’t going to grow so I imagine it’s down the the character and teachability of Willis, Ridder & Corral. Visits and Combine meetings are therefore key.

    If we don’t draft a QB, then we need to be frugal. I loathe the Hawks ‘get a bunch of average players into camp and see who performs the best’ plan. We’ve done it on O-Line and CB in recent years, it hasn’t really worked, it’s a relatively costly way of finding an average player. If we are going to do the same at QB, then we need to accept 2022 is likely a losing season, and therefore our QB pool should be as cheap as possible. I’m thinking maybe something like Lock, Colt McCoy, Coan/Zappe (via day 3 pick).

  52. GoHawksDani

    I want them to put these QBs on a board where they could categorise them as good value or steals.

    Like for example:
    Corral: #30
    Ridder: #41
    Pickett: #52
    Willis: #71

    And don’t reach. If the QB survives their designated pick, you can work the lines to make a trade for that pick or the next couple of picks, but don’t draft for example Pickett at #40 or Corral at #9.

    If all these guys go in R1, then accept the reset year and try again next time.
    Drafting any of these guys at #9 feels like a reach. And I wouldn’t feel that good. Drafting them in R2/3 and I’m sold

  53. Sea Mode

    From Watson’s side (forgetting about Seahawks side for a moment):

    Obviously he just saw a top QB work his way out of Seattle, but I wonder if Watson were to call up Duane Brown, what would he have to say about the whole situation, about Russ, PC/JS, and the team

  54. swedenhawk

    Rob, I see that Snoop Connor and Dominique Robinson are highlighted on your new horizontal board. It’d be great to hear, at some point, why you’d pound the table for those guys. But please… get some sleep first!

    • Rob Staton

      Sleep is overrated!

      Especially when big changes to SDB are on the horizon 👀 🤫 👀

      • Big Mike

        You’re a tease

      • SeaTown

        I 👀 you Rob Staton!!! LETS GOOOO!!!

      • Roy Batty

        Did someone get a major sponsor?

        If so, it’s about damned time someone recognized the value of your blog.

      • cha

        ’embrace the rebuild’ ?

        • Rob Staton


  55. UkAlex6674

    I’m see a lot of comments on the Internet about bringing Kaepernick in.

    Can anyone on here tell me why this is please because quote frankly I find it utterly ridiculous.

    • Rob Staton

      Because people are ridiculous

    • Big Mike

      So if he does, will Petey trade the first and maybe more for Cousins?

      • Rob Staton

        He better not

    • Dinosaw13

      Hi Rob
      If fingers crossed Watson goes to Carolina. A certain ex USC QB will be available with his 1yr 18m contract. Should the Seahawks take a chance on Darnold.

      • Rob Staton

        Definitely not

        Would rather go with Lock

        • Peter

          Not loving lock but then a quick looknat the old college stats and i find lock was a better college qb and going forward at least we can say we don’t really know (though probably we do,) what lock is.

          Darnold is one of Weeden guys who makes a ton of money just hanging around.

      • Hawk Finn

        Truth be told, I prefer a different ex-USC quarterback. Is that 2011 Carson Palmer to Seattle deal still “imminent”?

    • Henry Taylor

      I’ve been so anxious about this all day. If I see Watson has been traded to the Panthers itll be an incredible weight off my shoulders.

  56. Rob Staton

    I would take a shot on La’el Collins

    • Big Mike

      So do you trade a minimal pick for him and pay the 15 to make sure you get him, or do you try to wait til he’s released and recruit him in an attempt to save a couple mil? And if it’s the former, what are you willing to give up? A 4th?

      • Peter

        I think I’d be good with a third. Or even a 2nd if they gave back maybe a 4th or 5th.

        It’s a good chunk of money but not so much that it is erroneous for him. A lot of us here think build the trenches and that would be a good way to start. He’s at a good age so he could be very solid for a long time.

    • Trevor

      If his medical checks out they should absolutely give up a late round pick for him to ensue they have him. Could end up being a great long term piece for the OL at a premium position. When healthy he is better than any of the free agent options IMO.

    • Sea Mode

      This makes it sound like a reasonable risk for the reward, though.

      Field Yates

      If a team traded for Cowboys RT La’el Collins, it would owe him a salary of $10M for each of the next three seasons. No other bonuses, incentives, etc.

      He’s 28, has a ton of experience, is a solid pass protector and plays with some nasty.

      A perfectly reasonable deal to take on.

  57. Cover2

    After looking into some of the free agent offensive lineman, I think we should make Joseph Noteboom one of our top targets to sign in free agency.

    Noteboom was considered a 2nd or 3rd round prospect coming out of college and was eventually drafted in the 3rd round. He is young, big, and fairly athletic, ran a sub 4.96 40-yard dash. The Rams have developed him into starter, but they don’t have the money to keep him. He can start at LT, LG, or RT. I’d put him at LT.

    • Rob Staton

      Noteboom worth a shot IMO

      I’ll take a chance on him to see if we can find a long term tackle. And he knows the blocking scheme

  58. Sea Mode

    Tom Pelissero
    · 27m

    The #Seahawks put the original-round RFA tender on guard Phillip Haynes, per source. It’s worth $2.54 million. Haynes started two games last season.

    • Mick

      I’m fine with that, it’s peanuts and we need depth at G.

    • Hawk Finn

      Again with the absurd RFA tenders. $3m for a backup guard? Just go get somebody – anybody – for 500k and get the same production

      • Henry Taylor

        OL depth is important, Haynes has played well when called upon. 3m isnt that much. I’d be more upset if he walked.

      • BobbyK

        Every player in the NFL makes over $600,000. Those are the rookie free agents who make the active roster. There’s no such thing as signing a guard in free agency for $500k. Not even close. There is depth and there is quality depth. Haynes is quality depth.

        • BobbyK

          He’s not making $3 million either. He’s going to make $2.54 million. That’s almost a half million less than $3 million.

          The minimum salary for an NFL free agent (player with 4 years experience) is about a million dollars. This is for the worst of the worst depth players.

          Haynes getting $2.54 million suddenly doesn’t look so bad.

          • Hawk Finn

            Actually it does.

            He is now the 16th highest paid LG in the NFL, and 31st among all guards yet doesn’t even start. You’re good allocating what some teams pay their starters for 1-2 games. OK


      • J.P.

        Backup? Haynes might legit be the starter come opening day with how Lewis looked. Sure, health and all that permitting.

    • cha

      One RFA isn’t bad. They have the room to make this work.

      Also note: This money isn’t guaranteed. They can negotiate Haynes down. They did it with David Moore a couple years ago.

      This might be a good sign that they’re confident about Haynes’ health. (that’s a real stab in the dark)

  59. Happy Hawk

    Lock is the guy. Lock = tank = 2-3 wins = high draft pick = Levis

  60. Blitzy the Clown

    Bloody hell what a headline to wake up to.

    Screw you DJ

    Matthew Betz

    Mar 11

    @MoveTheSticks on his most recent pod: “in talking to friends around the league the expectation from every single one of them is that when it’s all said & done Deshaun Watson’s gonna be the quarterback (for the Seattle Seahawks)”

    • Peter

      Life tip: i find if i get up early enough I have a ton of time to process hot garbage like this.

      Also can someone hire this guy as GM so we don’t have to hear his lazy analysis anymore?

    • GoHawks5151

      I really don’t think so. I read something about McCaffrey, Darnold and 2 firsts. That’s way better than we can offer. Smoke screen! Haha

      • Big Mike

        Go Panthers! Go get him

      • BobbyK

        I love McCaffrey but he’s too injury prone. I wouldn’t want him at his contract. You’d have to give me a draft pick to take him.

        I thought Darnold had potential last off-season but this past year he proved he’s never going to be a good NFL QB. At his salary, you’d have to give me at least a 3rd or 4th round pick just to take him.

        So those two players mean nothing, imo.

        • MychestisBeastmode


      • J

        He’s not waving his NTC for Carolina.

        They could offer their entire next two drafts. There can’t be a deal.

        • Rob Staton

          Report today says he’s open to Carolina now

          I think Watson will probably go anywhere at this point

      • cha

        That’s a horrible offer.

        McCaffrey has got $8.1m guaranteed salary this year and has a balance of $36.4m non-guaranteed the next 3 seasons. Carolina would have to eat $18m in dead cap to trade him.

        That’s superstar money for a guy who has played 10 games in the last two seasons. He’s had significant thigh, shoulder and 2 different ankle injuries.

        Darnold has $18m guaranteed this year.

        They should PAY the Texans two first round picks to take those albatrosses off their hands. Watson is a bonus.

  61. Sea Mode

    Zach Miller

    Bobby, can you clarify “didn’t even hear it from them”, this doesn’t sound like John and Pete to me

    When the Seahawks released me in March of 2015, both John and Pete called to let me know. It sucks getting fired but my ankle wasn’t right so I understood the business of it. I had hard feelings for a while but eventually realized there is no good way to get cut

    • Big Mike

      Well this is interesting…………KJ would likely not agree tho

      • Roy Batty

        Why do I get the feeling there is more to this than is being portrayed only from Bobby’s perspective?

        It will be fun to watch the next interview with Pete, IF a member of the media has the nuts to actually ask him.

  62. Sea Mode

    More trades!

    Adam Schefter

    Trade is now officially agreed to, per source: Browns get WR Amari Cooper and a 6th, Cowboys get a 5th and 6th.

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