A new mock draft & LOTS of other Seahawks notes

There’s a lot to this article — so if you’ve only come for the mock draft, it’s at the end. Firstly though, I want to share a few more thoughts and suggestions 48 hours after a franchise-changing day for the Seahawks.

Clearly, it wasn’t a ‘normal’ meeting

A few weeks ago, the end-of-season meeting between Jody Allen, Pete Carroll and John Schneider received a lot of national media attention. Mainly, it seemed, because nobody outside of Allen’s inner-circle knew what was about to happen.

Members of the local media were quick to dismiss the meeting as ‘normal’. It was described as ‘no news’. Based on a quick scan of articles written at the time, I found this description of the get-together:

“The franchise sees this as a regular thing and not a potentially earth-shattering referendum on the front office.”

Since the meeting, the Seahawks have:

— Fired their defensive coordinator
— Added two new younger defensive coaches
— Moved on from Mike Solari
— Traded Russell Wilson
— Cut Bobby Wagner

It’s fair to suggest, with hindsight, this was probably anything but a normal, run-of-the-mill meeting. Even if everyone agreed major changes were required — the decision was fairly seismic.

Some of the people most vocal about this being a ‘normal’ meeting were the same people insisting, obnoxiously at times, that there was absolutely no chance Russell Wilson would be traded.

Whatever source those people were using is clearly prepared to tell people what they want to be relayed to the public — but not necessarily what is actually going on behind the scenes.

It’s worth wondering, then, exactly what the outcome of that meeting was.

One article sticks in the memory.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler wrote, prior to the meeting:

The feeling in some league circles is that Pete Carroll is safe — he’s not ready to retire, and the Seahawks would have major guts to fire a legend outright — but that it might be time for Carroll to concede personnel final say to John Schneider. The two work together seamlessly, anyway, so the transition would be easy. And the move would embolden the personnel staff that sometimes feels handcuffed by coaches’ preferences.

Was this actually quite prophetic?

It’s felt for a while that John Schneider would be open to trading Wilson. It’s common knowledge he and Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, don’t exactly see eye to eye (to put it mildly).

While many were focusing on whether Carroll would be prepared to embrace a rebuild, perhaps the bigger question is whether it was solely his call to make?

Cutting Wagner, too, feels like more of a long term move.

I doubt we’ll ever find out what the actual power-structure is these days. It could easily be nothing’s changed. They could be aggressive in the next two weeks to ‘try’ and build a contender quickly — which would be in-line with Carroll’s competitive thinking.

I raise all of this for a reason though. If Schneider has gained greater power in the personnel decision making process — is this more likely to mean the Seahawks embrace a long-term approach?

GM’s like having picks to spend. It’s their time to shine. To express themselves. To show what they’re about.

This tweet caught my eye earlier today:

Let’s park the Cousins talk for now (although if you want more on it, read this article I wrote in January on the prospect of Cousins in Seattle).

Focus on the last sentence.

One source still indicated the Seahawks are headed for a two-year reset.”

I’m speculating, of course, but this to me sounds like the kind of approach a GM would prefer, rather than a 70-year-old Head Coach we’ve all been assuming is in a great hurry to return to the top of the NFC.

Keep that in mind when pondering what comes next. If it is a two-year reset, they might be more inclined to use their draft picks this year to flesh out their roster. They might draft a quarterback this year or next, rather than make a wild trade for an experienced player. They might be less inclined to retain ageing veterans.

That said, it does seem like both the Seahawks and Wilson were just ready to move on. So it’s entirely possible very little has changed in terms of power structure. It’s just that Carroll has aligned his thinking with Schneider over a trade.

We’ll find out soon enough. It’s something to consider though — whether things have changed — and how that could shape their approach this off-season.

Deshaun Watson thoughts

Personally I’m not interested in trading for Watson. He likely faces a NFL suspension whatever the outcome of his legal situation. He hasn’t played for a year. Most of all though — Seattle’s roster needs rebuilding. There’s no point having Watson with no supporting cast.

It’s not that long ago that Jeremy Fowler reported Watson (who has a no-trade clause) was open to going to Tampa Bay or Minnesota.

Those are probably the two teams to focus on — even though Watson’s agent disputed the report.

The Vikings are said to be in a hurry to succeed — while Tampa Bay are still living off the expectations of contention courtesy of Tom Brady.

It makes you wonder if these two teams will make the biggest tilt — thus making Kirk Cousins available for a team such as the Colts or, yes, the Seahawks. As much as I’m underwhelmed by that prospect, we have to embrace the fairly significant murmur that Carroll is a big admirer of Cousins and has been for some time, dating back to before the 2012 draft.

Drew Lock’s addition could be telling

Things can change quickly and it’s always good to have a contingency plan. However, I can’t help but wonder why the Seahawks acquired Lock as part of the Wilson trade if they intended to go all out and acquire Deshaun Watson or Kirk Cousins?

In that instance, you wouldn’t need him, would you? Unless they suddenly want to change 10 years of thinking on backup quarterbacks and actually have someone of relative significance.

It arguably would’ve made more sense to have another pick from Denver instead, even a late rounder, if you’re just going to land a big name replacement.

This is complete projection on my behalf but I suspect bringing Lock in is indicative of a team that fully expects to have a competition at quarterback this year — between a couple of veterans and maybe a rookie — rather than make a big splash move.

Will the Seahawks try to add a familiar face?

This video from Mike Garafolo, discussing free agents who might be paid more than expected, was interesting today:

It did make me think again about Seattle’s approach next week. As I said yesterday, I’d personally prefer to avoid signing older players. Target players in their mid-20’s you can grow with. In 2011 they added Sidney Rice and Zach Miller at great cost. Those are the types of signing I’d like to see now.

I listed the following names: Carlton Davis (CB), Christian Kirk (WR), Charvarius Ward (CB), Brian Allen (C), Austin Corbett (G), Bradley Bozeman (C), D.J. Jones (DT), Donte Jackson (CB), Michael Gallup (WR), Russell Gage (WR), Joseph Noteboom (T), Justin Reid (S) and Cedrick Wilson (WR).

On Garafolo’s list, one name stood out that they might look to add.

J.D. McKissic was in Seattle between 2016-18. Back in the day, he was celebrated by various members of the LOB-era team for his toughness and attitude. He never made it with the Seahawks but he’s since flourished as a receiving-running back in Washington.

I’m not saying I would do it — but I wonder if Seattle might. Not only to add a creative player who can be used in lots of different ways — but also because if his attitude and approach was as good as Richard Sherman and co. thought — they might see him as a potential leader and glue-guy as a new, younger core comes together.

You need culture setters. They might view him that way.

We’ll learn a lot on Monday

When free agency begins, I’ll be keeping an eye on the big name pass rushers.

Clint Hurtt has already spelt out their desire to add a ‘game-wrecker’. There’s a fantastic opportunity to do just that with the #9 pick — with the likes of Kayvon Thibodeaux, Jermaine Johnson and David Ojabo in range.

If they go out and sign an expensive veteran instead, it might suggest they really like at least one of these quarterbacks and will take them at #9 to avoid missing out.

If they ignore the veteran pass rushers — it’ll be a strong hint that they’ll take one with their first pick instead.

Could the Seahawks like this QB class more than we think?

I broke down the top rookies yesterday (check it out here). The short version is Malik Willis, Matt Corral, Desmond Ridder and Kenny Pickett all have characteristics, traits and/or experience that could appeal to John Schneider and Pete Carroll.

They’ve tended to think out of the box during their time in Seattle. They might even like the fact this class has been downplayed and lacks big, flashy names.

I could even imagine a situation where they’re comfortable with one or more of this quartet and therefore feel pretty relaxed about who they’ll end up with. They’ll no doubt be doing their homework in the coming weeks and it’s possible a decision on who pertains to be ‘their guy’ is yet to be made.

Will Levis highlights

I keep telling people to check Levis out because I think he’s a better prospect than Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud. I wrote about Levis back in the New Year if you want more. I figured I’d post a highlights video myself in this piece. Take a look…

Left tackle options

What is Duane Brown thinking at the moment? Is he inclined to return to the Seahawks or perhaps head elsewhere to end his career with a team in position to contend in 2022?

It might even be better for Seattle to try and get younger here, to grow with a different player over the next 3-4 years.

Eric Fisher is going to test free agency and has only just turned 31. After a reasonable season in Indianapolis, he could provide the Seahawks with a longer-term blocker. He also already has a Super Bowl ring so might be inclined to join a team that can sell him a vision (and a nice financial package) rather than one expected to try and make the Super Bowl in 11 months.

It’s also interesting that reports are saying Dallas are talking to teams about La’el Collins. Dallas can’t trade him, surely, due to the cap issues outlined here. He can be released though as a post-June 1st cut.

If he was available he could also be an interesting option for Seattle. There are some character issues but he graded at an 82.0 last season playing right tackle. He’s only 28-years-old.

Could the Seahawks move on from Jamal Adams?

NFL contracts are pretty challenging to read.

On paper it looked like dealing Adams or Tyler Lockett was nearly impossible due to their dead cap hits. NBC Sports Boston pointed out why it’s not so tricky with Lockett (although I don’t see any prospect of him being dealt — Carroll loves Lockett). Blog contributor Curtis Allen has since pointed out to me something similar with Adams.

The Seahawks owe Adams a $12.4m bonus but it hasn’t been paid yet. If they can talk a team into trading for him and paying that bonus, the dead hit will be far less. You’d only lose $7m.

It would impact whatever compensation you get back. You’d probably have to give him away. They did that with Percy Harvin (albeit in a far different situation).

I fear the Adams trade has become an elephant in the room for Seattle. An ugly reminder of blown picks and resource — a bad move that really needs to be written-off and moved on from.

Maybe a fresh start on defense can get the best of him? It’s possible. But the Adams trade has become a meme at this point. It might benefit the team to just move on, rather than have it be a negative talking point.

It might also benefit the player. It hasn’t worked out for him, apart from in his bank account. He might prefer to go somewhere else to kick-start his career.

As Mike Florio pointed out yesterday — he also might be somewhat agitated that he’s ended up back on a team that is rebuilding, shortly after working his way out of New York to play for what he perceived to be a contender.

I don’t think it’ll happen. I doubt anyone would want to pay him the bonus — or commit $25m over two years — for a player with shoulder injuries.

For a fourth rounder I’d take the hit and move on. I think all parties need a fresh start. There’s nothing wrong with taking a shot and missing. The Seahawks and Adams missed with this one and a parting might be best.

Updated mock draft

Congrats if you’ve read all that and stuck around for the mock.

First round

#1 Jacksonville — Evan Neal (T/G, Alabama)
With neither of the top two pass rushers doing anything particularly out of the ordinary at the combine, the Jaguars settle on the man who topped Bruce Feldman’s ‘freaks list’ and start him at tackle or guard.

#2 Detroit — Aidan Hutchinson (DE, Michigan)
An ideal fit in terms of need and Hutchinson, a local hero, stays in Michigan.

#3 Houston — Kayvon Thibodeaux (DE, Oregon)
They need a top pass rusher and despite the question marks over Thibodeaux, his talent remains tantalising.

#4 New York Jets — Travon Walker (DE, Georgia)
His combine performance was good enough to fly into the top five.

#5 New York Giants — Trevor Penning (T, Northern Iowa)
They have a franchise left tackle. Penning is ideally suited to the right side, creating a nice book-end for the Giants.

#6 Carolina — Ikem Ekonwu (G, NC State)
I think he’s overrated and his combine performance overblown (check his explosive testing and agility numbers). However, there’s plenty of buzz about him going this early and the Panthers are expected to go O-line here.

#7 New York Giants — Sauce Garnder (CB, Cincinnati)
Running in the 4.4’s was a major plus and teams appear to really like his mental make-up, length and college production.

#8 Atlanta — Garrett Wilson (WR, Ohio State)
After trading Julio Jones and losing Calvin Ridley to suspension, the Falcons suddenly have a desperate need at receiver. Russell Gage is also a free agent.

#9 Seattle — Jermaine Johnson (DE, Florida State)
The Seahawks have talked about adding a game-wrecking pass-rusher. After dominating the Senior Bowl, Johnson could be that man.

#10 New York Jets — Lewis Cine (S, Georgia)
Robert Salah is well aware of the impact a tone-setting, physical, hard-hitting safety can have on a team’s identity.

#11 Washington — Kyle Hamilton (S, Notre Dame)
After running a 4.59, can you take him this early?

#12 Minnesota — Jordan Davis (DT, Georgia)
I wanted to put him in the top-10 but too many teams have other needs.

#13 Cleveland — Chris Olave (WR, Ohio State)
Receiver is a key need and Olave’s outstanding forty-time could propel him into the top-15.

#14 Baltimore — Derek Stingley (CB, LSU)
I’ve resisted dropping Stingley but there’s a fairly constant murmur about his stock. The injury situation doesn’t help. Neither does his lack of length (30.5 inch arms). Could he fall? Maybe. He still has incredible potential though.

#15 Philadelphia — David Ojabo (DE, Michigan)
He had a good-not-great combine. I suspect Jermaine Johnson will go before Ojabo. Johnson has had an outstanding off-season and made headlines at the Senior Bowl. He was the clear alpha among the linebackers at the combine, barking at the others and keeping the energy high. That’s tough to compete with.

#16 Philadelphia — Trent McDuffie (CB, Washington)
The Eagles need a linebacker but the value will be good in round two at that position. Thus, they can afford to pivot to a dynamic defensive back like McDuffie.

#17 LA Chargers — Devonte Wyatt (DT, Georgia)
I recently watched a video detailing how Branden Staley’s defense doesn’t function properly without a dynamic interior disruptor. Thus, Wyatt is the perfect fit here.

#18 New Orleans — Charles Cross (T, Mississippi State)
Another one who had a good-not-great combine. The Saints might need to replace Terron Armstead, who’s a free agent.

#19 Philadelphia — Jameson Williams (WR, Alabama)
It’s easy to forget, because of the injury, just how absolutely fantastic Williams was in 2021.

#20 Pittsburgh — Malik Willis (QB, Pittsburgh)
Mike Tomlin doesn’t really try and hide which players the Steelers might draft. He was stomping around prominently at TJ Watt’s pro-day. He did the same at Devin Bush’s. Watching him basically standing right next to the Senior Bowl drills while Malik Willis was throwing seemed like a fairly obvious tell.

#21 New England — Kyler Gordon (CB, Washington)
If they lose JC Jackson they’ll need a replacement. Gordon didn’t run as well as expected but neither did Joe Haden back in the day.

#22 Las Vegas — Travis Jones (DT, Connecticut)
When you test as well as Dontari Poe, there’s not much chance you’ll get out of round one. Especially when you dominated the Senior Bowl, excelled at the combine and can run a 4.58 short shuttle at 325lbs.

#23 Arizona — Boye Mafe (DE, Minnesota)
Mafe feels like an ideal replacement for Chandler Jones, if he departs.

#24 Dallas — Abraham Lucas (T, Washington State)
If I’m proven wrong, I’ll hold my hands up. But I think the way ‘draft media’ is projecting Lucas is total and utter bollocks. First round talent.

#25 Buffalo — Zion Johnson (G, Boston College)
Explosive offensive linemen tend to go early. Per his combine testing, Johnson is one of the most explosive players to enter the league in recent years.

#26 Seattle (v/TEN) — Matt Corral (QB, Ole Miss)
If the Seahawks have identified a quarterback they like in this draft, it won’t be too hard to trade back into the late first round. The Titans don’t have a second-rounder, so might be inclined to drop back. This might only cost the Seahawks a fourth round pick. Corral’s competitive spirit and a recommendation from Lane Kiffin could put him in contention to be Seattle’s guy.

#27 Tampa Bay — Tyler Linderbaum (C, Iowa)
I like Linderbaum but he’s being overrated. Look at the range the center’s went last year. It wouldn’t surprise me if he lasted to #41.

#28 Green Bay — Perrion Winfrey (DT, Oklahoma)
Defensive tackles who run a 4.89 with a 1.6 10-yard split tend to go in round one. Especially ones who excel at the Senior Bowl.

#29 Miami — Bernhard Raimann (T/G, Central Michigan)
His lack of length is a concern but Miami’s GM took Liam Eichenburg a year ago so it’s clearly not such a big issue for him.

#30 Kansas City — Arnold Ebiketie (DE, Penn State)
If they cut Frank Clark they’ll need a replacement.

#31 Cincinnati — Kaiir Elam (CB, Florida)
I think they’ll build their O-line in free agency. Elam ran better than expected and the Bengals, over the years, have been happy to invest picks at cornerback.

#32 Detroit — Drake London (WR, USC)
They need a receiver and London could provide value and upside here.

Second round

#33 Jacksonville — Greg Dulcich (TE, UCLA)
Trevor Lawrence needs an outlet and Doug Pederson knows how to make good use of an athletic tight end.

#34 Detroit — Devin Lloyd (LB, Utah)
His character and playing style fits the profile the Lions are looking for.

#35 New York Jets — Jeremy Ruckert (TE, Ohio State)
This is a big need and although Ruckert didn’t test, he has the pass-catching qualities New York needs at tight end.

#36 New York Giants — Trey McBride (TE, Colorado State)
The run on TE’s continues and the Giants are another team who could tap into the talent pool early in round two.

#37 Houston — Andrew Booth (CB, Clemson)
He didn’t test at the combine which makes him a difficult projection. He has reasonable size, at least.

#38 New York Jets — Channing Tindall (LB, Georgia)
I just get the sense Robert Salah will love Tindall’s all-action approach and dynamic physical profile.

#39 Chicago — Jalyn Armour-Davis (CB, Alabama)
Few players declare early from Alabama unless they get positive intel on their draft stock. JAD showed at the combine why he is destined to go earlier than people think.

#40 Tennessee (v/SEA) — Cole Strange (C, Chattanooga)
The Titans’ starting center is a free agent and Strange’s explosive testing scores plus an impressive Senior Bowl put him firmly in round two.

#41 Seattle — Leo Chenal (LB, Wisconsin)
The Seahawks put a lot into agility testing at linebacker. Chenal ran a 3.94 short shuttle and a 6.84 three cone at his pro-day yesterday. He’s physical, explosive and quick and could be a fine replacement for Bobby Wagner.

#42 Indianapolis — Desmond Ridder (QB, Cincinnati)
The Colts have got to keep taking shots until they find a guy.

#43 Atlanta — Breece Hall (RB, Iowa State)
He tested in the Jonathan Stewart category and thus, will likely go in the same range.

#44 Cleveland — Sam Williams (DE, Ole Miss)
After running a 1.60 split he has every chance to secure a second round placing.

#45 Baltimore — George Karlaftis (DE, Purdue)
He didn’t test as well as some predicted and he has short arms. He reminds me of AJ Epenesa in terms of stock — a player projected to go very early but lasts deep into round two.

#46 Minnesota — Josh Paschal (DE, Kentucky)
He’s a disruptive, explosive defender who does a superb job making plays against the run and could be used as a five technique.

#42 Washington — Quay Walker (LB, Georgia)
The Commanders badly need to add a linebacker.

#48 LA Chargers — Nakobe Dean (LB, Georgia)
He’s undersized at 5-11 and 229lbs and that could keep him on the board longer than Tindall and Walker. He didn’t test at the combine.

#49 New Orleans — Kenny Pickett (QB, Pittsburgh)
They need to start taking some QB shots in the draft.

#50 Miami — Troy Andersen (LB, Montana State)
A remarkable combine and a strong Senior Bowl secure Andersen’s second round slot.

#51 Philadelphia — Christian Harris (LB, Alabama)
The Eagles love speed and Harris has that after running in the 4.4’s. He’s a great option for Philly in round two.

#52 Pittsburgh — Daxton Hill (S, Michigan)
I was underwhelmed by his combine. He promised a lot and didn’t really deliver.

#53 Las Vegas — Jahan Dotson (WR, Penn State)
The Raiders need to add some receiving talent after a difficult year.

#54 New England — Nick Cross (S, Maryland)
Cross, to me, screams hybrid Patriots defender who will appeal to Bill Belichick.

#55 Arizona — Kenneth Walker (RB, Michigan State)
He looked like a dude at the combine. Sometimes you just have to look at a player to think — they’re going to be really good. Walker gives off that vibe.

#56 Dallas — Cam Jurgens (C, Nebraska)
Country-strong, athletic and capable of great things at the next level.

#57 Buffalo — Tariq Woolen (CB, UTSA)
He ran brilliantly as expected but he looked a bit stiff during drills — which could keep him on the board a bit longer than initially expected.

#58 Atlanta — Logan Hall (DT, Houston)
He’s an inside-out rusher and they need an edge — but at this point they’ve just got to add talent.

#59 Green Bay — Jalen Tolbert (WR, South Alabama)
He’s so smooth on tape. I can see Aaron Rodgers building early trust with Tolbert, who knows how to get open.

#60 Tampa Bay — Bryan Cook (S, Cincinnati)
He’s be an excellent partner for Antoine Winfield Jr.

#61 San Francisco — Roger McCreary (CB, Auburn)
He’s extremely competitive and has a knack of playing the ball at the crucial moment.

#62 Kansas City — Jaquon Brisker (S, Penn State)
They might need to replace Tyrann Mathieu in the secondary.

#63 Cincinnati — DeMarvin Leal (DT, Texas A&M)
Underwhelming tape keeps him available and he’s the type of player the Bengals like to take a chance on.

#64 Denver — Tyler Smith (T, Tulsa)
With their first pick in the draft they bolster the O-line for Russell Wilson.

Third round

#65 Jacksonville — Alec Pierce (WR, Cincinnati)
#66 Detroit — Wan’Dale Robinson (WR, Kentucky)
#67 New York Giants — Dameon Pierce (RB, Florida)
#68 Houston — Treylon Burks (WR, Alabama)
#69 New York Jets — Zach Tom (C, Wake Forest)
#70 Jacksonville — Cam Taylor-Britt (CB, Nebraska)
#71 Chicago — Christian Watson (WR, North Dakota State)

#72 Seattle — Zamir White (RB, Georgia)
This could be one of the steals of the draft. I love Zamir White after really studying his tape. He fits Seattle’s size preferences, he’s explosive and he has the chance to provide a consistent, tone-setting running style to the offense.

#73 Washington — John Metchie (WR, Alabama)
#74 Atlanta — Dominique Robinson (DE, Miami-OH)
#75 Tennessee — Cade Otton (TE, Washington)
#76 Baltimore — Kerby Joseph (S, Illinois)
#77 Minnesota — Calvin Austin (WR, Memphis)
#78 Cleveland — Chad Muma (LB, Wyoming)
#79 LA Chargers — Jalen Wydermyer (TE, Texas A&M)
#80 Houston — Matthew Butler (DT, Tennessee)
#81 New York Giants — Drake Jackson (DE, USC)
#82 Indianapolis — Damone Clark (LB, LSU)
#83 Philadelphia — Sean Rhyan (G, UCLA)
#84 Pittsburgh — Rasheed Walker (T, Penn State)
#85 New England — Darrian Beavers (LB, Cincinnati)
#86 Las Vegas — George Pickens (WR, Georgia)
#87 Arizona — Jake Ferguson (TE, Wisconsin)
#88 Dallas — Brian Asamoah (LB, Oklahoma)
#89 Buffalo — Phidarian Mathis (DT, Alabama)
#90 Tennessee — Skyy Moore (WR, Western Michigan)
#91 Tampa Bay — Jack Coan (QB, Notre Dame)
#92 Green Bay — Jelani Woods (TE, Virginia)
#93 San Francisco — Jalen Pitre (S, Baylor)
#94 Kansas City — Kevin Austin Jr (WR, Notre Dame)
#95 Cincinnati — Kenyon Green (G, Texas A&M)
#96 Denver — John Ridgeway (DT, Arkansas)
#97 Detroit — Tyreke Smith (DE, Ohio State)
#98 Cleveland — Haskell Garrett (DT, Ohio State)
#99 Baltimore — Nik Bonitto (DE, Oklahoma)
#100 New Orleans — Tyrion Davis-Price (RB, LSU)
#101 Miami — Kyle Phillips (WR, UCLA)
#102 Kansas City — Eyioma Uwazurike (DT, Iowa State)
#103 LA Rams — DeAngelo Malone (DE, Western Kentucky)

Seattle’s remaining picks

#151 Seattle — Smoke Monday (S, Auburn)
The guy is just a dude. A physical, pounding tone-setter who loves football.

#152 Seattle — Ed Ingram (G, LSU)
The Seahawks don’t have much depth at guard. If they do transition to a blocking scheme that prefers athleticism over size/power — Ingram ran a 5.02 at 307lbs. He also has 33.5 inch arms — which they’ll like — and 10 inch hands.

#227 Seattle — Percy Butler (S, Louisiana)
Special teams is always a big deal for Seattle. Butler is a dynamic gunner who flies to the ball and has no concern for his own personal wellbeing. I can imagine the Seahawks making sure they get him for kick-coverage duties alone.

Final thought

The Seahawks set themselves up for success in 2012 after drafting a pass rusher, a linebacker and a quarterback. It’s a coincidence but that’s exactly what I have them doing in this mock draft too with their first three picks.

Jermaine Johnson would provide an ideal book-end for Darrell Taylor, setting up the best young pass-rushing duo in the league. Matt Corral would be competing with Drew Lock and another veteran to start at QB. Leo Chenal is a plug-and-play linebacker who plays the kind of aggressive football this team intends to feature in 2022.

If they preferred not to take a quarterback this year and wait until 2023 — the options at #40 would remain strong. They could take Cole Strange to play center (or Cam Jurgens), there are inside/out pass-rushers like Josh Paschal and Logan Hall available. They could add a physical, explosive safety such as Nick Cross. There are lots of plausible alternatives.

If you missed it yesterday, I was on 710 Seattle Sports with Jake & Stacy discussing the aftermath of the Russell Wilson trade and Bobby Wagner release.

Here’s the segment, check it out:

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  1. Hawk Mock

    I was thinking the same thing earlier: Irvin, Wags and Russ turns into Johnson, Corral/Ridder, one of GA LBers.

    Great stuff this offseason Rob! Loving the content. Excited for this new start and the start of free agency and the draft for the first time in years. Was getting really frustrated with running it back and never seeming to go after youth and speed.

  2. Peter

    Very clever set up sir.

    Really looking to get into White’s games.

    Jermaine Johnson and a cheap qb? Yes please.

    Smoke monday passes the name test.

    Early thoughts on a 3rd WR coming in next week?

    • Peter

      Addendum: preference of those listed for WR

    • Rob Staton

      Listed a few in the FA bit

  3. Denver Hawker

    It’s lying season too! Seahawks could also be feigning interest in Watson or the Big 4 to trade back with #9.

    This would be my dream- draft core this year, see what Lock can do with a fresh start and full commitment to be the guy. Then get a QB in 2023. I trust Schneider to sniff out the right long term guy.

    • Peter

      Strongly on the lock is going to get competition train.

      • Denver Hawker

        Definitely not rolling out with just Lock and Eason in camp.

    • Pugs1

      I’m totally in on seeing what they have in Lock. This guy 100% needs a fresh start with a positive coach like Pete as opposed to Fangio who might have been the worst coach to pair him with. Draft someone and let the QB battle begin!

  4. Brett

    Have you seen this article on Zamir White from a few months ago? Besides the injuries he’s overcome a lot in his life and truly an inspiring story:


    • Rob Staton

      I hadn’t, thanks for sharing

  5. Gaux Hawks

    #10 New York Jets — Lewis Cine (S, Georgia)
    Robert Salah is well aware of the impact a tone-setting, physical, hard-hitting safety can have on a team’s identity.


    • Brett

      Yeah that’s a real kick in the groin *sigh*

  6. DC

    Haven’t read the article yet but just wanted to say first, Rob, DUDE! You’re killing it! Not to mention how awesome the content has been, which you’ve been way out ahead of this and it should propel you to US National NFL coverage, where do you find the time? I barely have time to catch up and read all your articles and you just keep pumping them out!

    What an exciting draft time for a change and I’m looking forward to staying up to late to read your work!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks DC

      I think I’ve slept about 9 hours total the last two nights.

  7. Steve Nelsen

    I strongly agree with your point that the trade of Wilson indicates Seattle is comfortable with at least one rookie QB. And the plan at QB for 2022 is most likely a competition between that rookie (Willis, Corral?), Drew Lock and a competitive veteran FA.

  8. cha

    Excellent piece Rob.

    One little nugget from either Condotta or Bell from PC’s post-press conf gaggle at the Combine – Pete said he went into the Jody Allen meeting prepared to make big defensive staff changes.

    • cha

      Found it

      Gregg Bell
      Mar 2
      Pete Carroll says off podium at NFL combine his talks with Seahawks chair Jody Allen after 7-10 season were as usual about next 3-5 years, at least thru end of his contract. Says he went to Allen saying defensive coaches had to change. Allen did not demand something had to change


    • Rob Staton

      I think by now we know people working at the top in Seattle tell the local media what they want to be relayed to the masses…

      • Pran

        It is also possible Pete did it to save his face and setting the tone for discussion.

      • Lando

        And this is the problem with the rebuild. I’m very excited about the picks. It’s energizing to feel like we are in full rebuild mode instead of partial or patch mode. But the difference is Carroll is dysfunctional, and everyone knows it now.

        You can’t have KJ saying the things he said recently, on top of previous sour partings like Sherm, Earl, and now Bobby and Wags. That’s public. The players and other coaches know clearly what Olsen says about being treated like JV. Who would want to build their career alongside a spastic egomaniac like Pete Carroll? Sure he can start over, but this feels like it did half way through Jim Mora’s short time with the Hawks. You just knew the only step toward real success did not include him.

  9. SeattleLifer

    I get the sense Pete and John are keeping their options open on all fronts. If Cousins becomes available at good compensation great. If it turns out one of a few guys on the open market can come in for competition alright. If one of ‘our’ draft qb’s falls to us awesome.

    They are in a good position to get a few key free agents and then let everything else come to them afterwards with a decent amount of cap(especially looking to next year) and a plethora of good draft picks not only this year but next year so they can really target the best players available in the free agency and especially the draft with a two year vision to really fill in the roster with young hungry talent.

    If they can get back to their early ways of doing things and bring in higher quality free agents(like Benett and Avril types), quit chasing unwise costly high end trades and draft well for the future rather than reactionary to stop the bleeding then we could be looking at a solid nfl team(perhaps minus the top tier qb…) in just two years time.

    • Justaguy

      If Cousins becomes available at good compensation great

      No it will not be

  10. SeattleLifer

    I get the sense they are keeping their options open on all fronts. If Cousins becomes available at good compensation great. If it turns out one of a few guys on the open market can come in for competition alright. If one of ‘our’ draft qb’s falls to us awesome.

    They are in a good position to get a few key free agents and then let everything else come to them afterwards with a decent amount of cap(especially looking to next year) and a plethora of good draft picks not only this year but next year so they can really target the best players available in the free agency and especially the draft with a two year vision to really fill in the roster with young hungry talent.

    If they can get back to their early ways of doing things and bring in higher quality free agents(like Benett and Avril types), quit chasing unwise costly high end trades and draft well for the future rather than reactionary to stop the bleeding then we could be looking at a solid nfl team(perhaps minus the top tier qb…) in just two years time.

  11. Jordan

    Why so low, comparatively to other mocks, on Burks?

    • Rob Staton

      Crap combine

      Crap pro-day

  12. Dregur

    Does Pickett really drop that far? If so, I’d rather we stay put in the 2nd round and draft him with one of our 2nd round picks then trading up.

    I mean, I know it’s hypothetical, but I know I’m higher on Pickett than most people (but not at 9…newp).

  13. Happy Hawk

    That was my point Rob – why would the Hawks insist on Lock as part of the trade v some other player of greater need – unless they were satisfied Lock was their guy for this year.

    • Spectator

      Or a security in case they cant get the QB in the draft they want. Similar to what Jackson and Flynn were

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not about him necessarily being ‘their guy’ for this year. I think it’s about wanting a competition piece (which they wouldn’t need if a big splash is forthcoming)

    • Steve Nelsen

      Lock is a young affordable competition piece for camp. There was some buzz about him the year he was drafted so it is also possible that one of the offensive coaches might think they can work with him.

    • TatupuTime

      Will be really interesting to see what the Seahawks offense even is. Waldron’s system last year still looked a lot like “what Russ likes to do and is good at”. Russ is a super unique quarterback that does things nobody else can do, but also can’t do a lot of things that are pretty core to most NFL offenses.

      This is Waldron’s chance to put together his (hopefully Ram’s influenced) offense. That would seem to be a pretty good fit for Lock from what I know of him.

  14. Dubb

    Saw that Carson Wentz was traded again; I wonder if Andrew Luck is reconsidering retirement. He could probably command $30-40M a year even after the long layoff.

    If the Hawks are going to a 3-4 base, I would like to see Jordan Davis in a Hawk uniform. It reminds me when the Ravens had Haloti Ngata; and the Steelers have Cam Hayward. I know the Hawks are looking for more pressure; but that also want some pressure up the middle.

    • Henry Taylor

      Davis also makes the pass rush a lot easier on other guys. Blitz game with Adams and Chanel would benefit enormously. 11

      • Scot04

        I don’t think anyone on the blog would complain if they took Davis at 9.
        If they sign a Free-agent Edge to pair with Taylor; and put Davis in the middle I’d be on board.
        As long as we use all our draft capital in the draft I’ll be happy.
        I just don’t want anymore WTF picks

        • Peter

          Have to think pete who loves freaky athletes must have a little bit of an eye on him.

  15. DC

    In the power scheme of the front office, I get the feel its more in line with your initial vision for PC, that he becomes the figure head, except in this instance he remains as the HC, with JS getting say over personnel and he lets the coordinators do their job.

  16. Rob4q

    Eric Barriere, QB, Eastern Washington

    Watch some of his highlights…looks like Russell Wilson back in the day!

    • Dave

      I watched a Berriere highlight clip. Rob4q, good suggestion. The way he moves and his deep ball look RW light.

      • Pugs1

        Definitely worth a look! Berriere is impressive.

        • Palatypus

          I am concerned that Berriere is just one letter away from derriere.

  17. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter

    Bears are attempting to finalize a trade now that will send six-time Pro-Bowl DE Khalil Mack to the Los Angeles Chargers, sources tell ESPN.


    • cha

      AFCW arms race, boy.

      • Big Mike

        Holy hell, no kidding. Von back to Denver at the beginning of FA likely the next next domino?

        • Sea Mode

          Yeah, that’s what I expect.

    • Sea Mode

      Adam Schefter

      Compensation update: Chargers are expected to send 2022 second-round pick and a 2023 sixth-round pick to the Chicago Bears in return for Khalil Mack, per sources.

    • Henry Taylor

      Bosa and Mack… still time for Russ to unwaive that no trade clause?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      This will pair Mack with Joey Bosa. That’s the kind of firepower Seattle need to bring to the field. Let’s go get Jones or Reddick or even Anthony Barr.

      There are currently only 3 starting caliber LBs on the roster – Brooks, Taylor and Barton. If they intend to run more 3-4 alignments, that ain’t gonna cut it by a long shot. They’ll need to add at least one potential starter in FA. And as I suggested previously, I would double dip this LB class and draft 2 quality prospects. We need them badly and there will be prospects with starting potential available through the mid rounds.

      I’m glad to see you have them select Chenal – totally agree he’s an excellent ILB with the athletic chops, size/stature and style of play to set the kind of physical tone the Seahawks have been lacking. Not so glad to see Tindall go to the Jets a few picks earlier.

      Call me crazy, but I think Jermaine Johnson will be the best ED of this draft class. Hutch will probably have the best rookie season, but over a career, I think Johnson will be the star.

      Sorry if my opinion offends anyone, but I think KT has a bust vibe to him. Not totally. I acknowledge his physical talent (though I don’t think Johnson concedes anything to KT on that). And I think he could make an impact early on. But I don’t think he will sustain an impact over the course of a career, at least not like either Hutch or Johnson. I guess what I’m saying is if the only premier ED left of the top 3 is KT when Seattle are on the clock at #9, I hope they trade down.

      And honestly, as much as I love Johnson as a prospect, and would love to pair him with Taylor, I think I’d still prefer they trade down (no more than 10-12 spots), pick up a 2nd or a 3rd (or a 2nd and a 3rd if it’s more like 12 spots), target the best remaining DT of Wyatt, Winfrey, Jones (in that order for me please), then focus on LB and C with the multiple picks they’d have between #40 and the end of round 2.

      Or trade down into the mid 20s and just take Corral directly if that’s their plan regarding QB. Or trade down twice from #9 to the mid 20s and stock picks in the 34-60s range.

      Nice mock overall. Really enjoyed it and really appreciate the continued fantastic content Rob.

      • Big Mike

        I can see Thibodaux as another Clowney, some incredible games but a gnawing feeling the guy should’ve been more dominant.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          That’s a great comp Big Mike! At least in terms of what I expect KT’s ceiling to be. Physical freak with what I perceive to be character flaws pertaining to effort and motivation.


          • DK

            Thibodaux said in a interview that he sees himself as Clownet 2.0. Between that and his interview with Joel Klatt, dude has bust written all over him. Just don’t know if he he the drive to be great.

            • Justaguy

              So you are inferring Clowney is a bust?

    • Roy Batty

      So, does this mean we see the Chargers deploy a Cover 2, then just let Bosa and Mack feast as Russ waits for the big route to develop?

      The AFC West is going to be the prime ticket this year.

  18. AndrewP

    Good with those players.

    In an ideal world I love the idea of giving Reddick a massive contract and taking Davis @9 and have the building blocks of one of the best young DLs in the league.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Reddick but I don’t see him as a difference making game-wrecker. That’s what I want.

      He’s 28 this year and 6-1, 235lbs.

      Great production the last two years. But how much longer is that going to last at his size?

      We need more.

      • AndrewP

        God, time flies… I had no idea he was already 28. I thought he was closer to 26. Definitely changes the perspective.

        In other analysis: we’re old.

  19. BobbyK

    It’s possible Lock could go to MN in a Cousins trade. The previous coaching staff hates/hated Mond. The new regime didn’t draft him. Or maybe we could get Mond for Lock if they dealt Cousins to somewhere else like Indy.

    • Justaguy

      No Cousins No Way! No retreads!

  20. Sea Mode

    I’m wondering if they might finally target that interior rusher that’s always eluded them. Wyatt, Jones, Winfrey.

    • BobbyK

      Certainly would be nice.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I’m very much hoping they trade down from #9 into the back half of the first round and target the best remaining of those 3, while netting additional picks on Day 2, the sweet spot of this draft.

      • Sea Mode

        Could be a strategy, but that would require them to land their “game wrecker” in FA.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Not sure I follow Sea Mode. If they get one of Wyatt, Winfrey or Jones with their first pick after a trade down, why would they also need to get a game wrecker in FA?

          Unless you mean ED game wrecker?

          • Peter

            They really want another edge rusher.

            I love Wyatt and if they took him i think he could be very special moving around the line.

            So if the get jones or landry it opens up other options.

          • Sea Mode

            Yes, I mean EDGE

            • Blitzy the Clown


        • DougM

          Trade our 9 for Eagles 15 and 16 and get 2 game wreckers

          • Rob Staton

            Don’t see why PHI would do that

            • Palatypus

              On the PFN simulator I was able to pick up Buffalo’s first round pick in 2023 and their pick somewhere in the 50’s for #9. I just wanted to see a scenario where we could get an extra first round pick to move up and get a quarterback next year.


              • Palatypus

                And their #1 at 25.

              • Rob Staton

                I don’t see why Buffalo would TBH

  21. JimN

    Thinking big picture. Have heard so many opinions about what Seattle should do, but your statement about Seattle having their plan (and being very coy with it ). That is just good business. Keep em guessing, and don’t tip your hand. Your perspective Rob, about not mixing up your goal, by holding on to older players “hoping” to have some quicker rebuild vs. Embracing a rebuild with a plan and purpose reminds me of a proverb very engrained into me.

    “How miserable is a man with a foot in two canoes”.

    Indeed it is so. Trying to balance two totally different philosophies that are contrary and hinder each other makes no sense. Yes, we should put aside the bad trades we have talked about. It happens to each of us in life as well. I am going to enjoy this new ride like you have. Boy is there a new step in your writing and voice! I am feeling the same way. There is really no reason to believe that P&S who put together a great run, can do it again, and maybe even better. Yes we will see.

  22. Sea Mode


    Ian Rapoport

    Former #Vikings first-round CB Jeff Gladney was just found not guilty of assaulting a woman in Dallas County Court. He was charged with assault by impeding breathe and released by Minnesota quickly thereafter. Today, found not guilty.

    • OregonHawk

      What does “impeding breathe” mean? choking?

  23. JimN

    There is really no reason to believe that P&S who put together a great run, can NOT do it again, and maybe even better.

    (Edit above!!) oops.

    • TatupuTime

      I’m cautiously optimistic that they are going to really go all on crushing the draft and bringing in some big name free agents. It takes big balls to do what they’ve done here and their putting their reputations on the line. If it fails spectacularly they’ll likely be seen as a bit of a fluke with what they did the first big go around.

  24. cha

    Are you coming to your live mock draft Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      Sorry, I deleted that straight after setting it up earlier. I’m absolutely whacked and decided to write one instead.

      • cha

        Fair enough.

        But it’s still live and people are superchatting LOL.

        • Rob Staton

          Balls. I better do it then.

          • Roy Batty

            It was hilarious seeing the “watching now” count continue to climb…with no host to be found.

            Thanks for doing it. Always happy to hear your take.

  25. Sea Mode

    Roll out the “in the best shape of his life” slogan…

    Adam Schefter

    Colin Kaepernick is still working out and is said to be, in the words of one source, “in the best shape of his life. He wants to play. He’s ready play. He would be a great fit for teams with QB vacancies to fill who want to win a Super Bowl.”


    And I swear, if this were actually their plan…

    “He’s a starter in this league, and we have a starter” – 2017 Pete Carroll, who no longer has a starting QB.

    • Rob Staton

      It won’t happen

    • Henry Taylor

      If he was willing to come in for a minimum salary, why not? Anything but Watson.

  26. Julian L

    FWIW I think the Seahawks might trade Jamal Adams next summer 2023.

    Either he has another poor injury hit season and the team will cut their loses and move on, or he has a successful season, finishing fit and still as a young player and salaries having caught up to an extent, he’ll have some value in a trade.

  27. Moses Lake Brian

    Rob, would it be fair to guess you see Zyon McCollum going in the 4th round? He seems to have many of the same attributes that people value in Tariq Woolen.

    • Rob Staton

      I think based on his physical profile maybe

  28. Doug

    Great work as usual Rob. Not sure if you caught Greg Olsen on Cowherd’s podcast. He gave great insight on the offensive identity struggle between Russ and Pete that many people dismissed. https://youtu.be/DCJ7DAoKqmo

    • Big Mike

      By listening to this Olsen supports the notion that the only way Carroll wins is by building an elite defense. Chris Simms and now Olsen have stated the offense is archaic and Olsen goes so far as to say it holds back the best players. Very damning.

      • Doug

        Agreed. It confirms what was evident on the field for the past few years – that Pete and Russ were not on the same page and were likely never going to be.

  29. Hawksorhiking

    Just watched the Levis highlights. Super impressed with his actions under pressure and damn can he run. The arm looks legit too.

  30. Group Captain Mandrake

    If the draft shook out like this for Seattle, I would be fairly ecstatic. The only issue I would have is waiting so long to get some more OL help. Particularly at center. Can’t get everything done in one draft though.

    • Peter

      Brian allen next week to run waldrons system

  31. Ashish


    I’m loving Smoke Monday … let’s keep it under cover

    Exciting times in SDB world.

  32. Seahawk_Dan

    Things are getting exciting again in Seattle and now the draft has a chance to be something to really pay attention too.

    Admittedly I’m not very caught up on film, just from what I read around various football/draft sites and of course you Rob. For fun I used one of those draft sims but after looking at my picks I don’t think it’s viable, but I took what the AI gave me, lol.

    9 – Travon Walker, Edge
    40 – Abraham Lucas, OT
    41 – Cameron Jurgens, OC
    72 – Rachaad White, HB (I got him mixed up with Zamir White)
    108 – Tariq Castro-Fields, CB
    152 – Troy Anderson, LB
    153 – Zyon McCollum, CB
    227 – Percy Butler, S

  33. Seahawkwalt

    As much as I love the extra picks, I hope we stand pat and take Johnson if available.

  34. TimDB11

    Rob, I think you are on to something. These moves smell of GM decisions. Quietly JS may have been given the 51% stock control on personnel decisions. Pete signed off for 2 reasons. 1 Jamal Adams is untouchable. Hence the 3-4 defensive scheme which suits JA. 2 Pete wants to coach. To much stock put into a 70 year old and not wanting to do a rebuild. The man is seventy going on 50. He will get his new program with young talent ready to buy in.
    Therefore the 2 year reset is most likely. My gut says they rebuild team with cheap qb play. Mystery will be drafting QB this year or next. I’m leaning they wait on QB till next year. Why else take on Lock instead of another pick?

  35. DK

    Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I swear when the Wilson trade news broke on ESPN, Brady Henderson said he is hearing the Seahawks are not all that high on any of the QBs in this year’s draft.

    Which to me makes sense, Have a competition with Lock, Eason and another veteran on a cap friendly deal. Then use newly created cap space to sign younger FA to build up the roster then look to add aQB next year.

    Look at the way things worked the first time, build the core of the team then bring in the QB.

    I am with Rob, move Adams, get what you can get for him, and cut bait.

    Go get Johnson at 9. Lucas and Jurgens at 40 & 41, Zamir White in round three and that is a great set of guys to build around.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m guessing Brady said/meant universally people aren’t high on the QB draft class

      I’m pretty sure the Seahawks aren’t going to tell any reporter how they feel about it

      • Pran

        Everyone will Hawks drafting a QB at 9 due to the need. I wonder if Pete is inspired by what Belchick did with Mac Jones. Draft blue chip talent early and look for value at QB

  36. Bankhawk

    I’m totally down with drafting the best man available (though not with the #9 pick), bringing in someone ‘serviceable, and having a good old ‘when Russ was a rookie-style’ 3-way camp competition and seeing who wants it the most. Your right when you say that could bring some meaning back to the snooze fests that pre-season games had become. Not pumped to throw big $$$ at the vet names being mentioned.
    And Rob, you’re really killing it this off season! Your rekindled enthusiasm and flair for looking at the possibilities inherent to the situation are indeed infectious!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  37. IHeartTacoma

    Maybe someday we’ll know what went on in The Meeting…
    I wonder if we’ve underestimated Jody Allen and her interest in the Seahawks all this time. Maybe she sat John and Pete down and just said look boys, this ain’t working. Do something different. Do it now. And by the way, if it doesn’t work you two are next.
    You never know.

  38. Silly Billy

    Considering the crazy depth and talent @ edge rusher this year in the draft… is there a chance the the free agent market @ edge goes stale?

    • Peter

      I feel this way for them getting a third reciever.

      • TomLPDX

        Give Eskridge a chance! 🙂

        • Peter

          I don’t mind eskridge. If he works out that’s awesome. But swain, ursua, etc? Couple with the hedge that he may not work or forbid lockett ever got hurt i say get another reciever. Make life as easy for the next guy as possibe. I think it’s going to. E a buyers market with a pretty stacked class.

          • Peter

            *be a* buyer’s market

  39. bmseattle

    Re: Diggs as a 4.56 runner at the combine.
    Chances are very good he is slower now, with age and now injury.

  40. BobbyK

    I like the idea of building for the start of a run in 2024.

    I know some of you think this is the reset year and then next year we “go for it” but we’re not winning a Super Bowl with a rookie QB. So the earliest we can realistically hope to win a Super Bowl is ’24. I’m fine with that if their actions dictate there is a long-term plan.

    I’m just sick of the band-aids and old players. Don’t resign Diggs, get younger, and look towards the future.

    I do believe Schneider has much more influence now. There’s no way band-aid Pete would be all about all of this, but you never know. It was nice he was excited again at the combine interview.

  41. Group Captain Mandrake

    Just out of morbid curiosity, I’ve been looking at some other mock drafts. I was surprised how many of them had Seattle taking Malik Willis at #9, which honestly scares me a little bit. I haven’t watched much of his tape, but I totally trust Rob’s opinion enough to think that would be a waste. Of course, some of these same mocks had the hawks going CB, Safety with 40 and 41. It really makes me appreciate all the hard work that gets put into this site to analyze not just Seattle, but every other team. Keep up the fantastic work, Rob!

    • Rob Staton

      I think a lot of people are reacting to the new need at QB

      • TomLPDX

        and they are taking the easy way out by suggesting Willis.

        • Rob Staton

          I agree

        • Peter

          “He runs!”

          Nailed it. My work here is done.

      • Group captain mandrake

        I agree. But Seattle tends to be a bit weird when drafting. I don’t think they will take him there, but it’s enough to plant a seed of doubt.

    • Denver Hawker

      Probably same mocks that had the Hawks taking a corner first pick for the last 4 years.

      • Peter

        Fallale in the second…..smh

  42. GoHawks5151

    Great mock and content as usual. I like this draft. It sucks to miss on a Jurgens or Lucas. See if we take some Rams OL guy. FA will be so telling. After reading this draft I’m just thinking if Lock/Corral will be bad enough to get us in Will Anderson range?

  43. Ben

    Denver might have a tough go next year if things don’t break right.

    Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders x2

    Panthers, Jets, Seahawks, Texans, Jags

    12 playoff caliber games, and the other 5 may end up being a little tougher. Plus their 17th game in Carolina is on the road.

    It’s definitely not a gimme that next years pick is gonna be 28-32 that’s for sure!

    • TomLPDX

      They’ve got a tough row to hoe, that’s for sure. Any given Sunday any team can win…this is the NFL afterall.

      • Peter

        And every year teams emerge while others regress. Plus there’s always the chance your qb gets his finger busted on his throwing hand and your season drifts away.

    • BobbyK

      How funny would it be to see the Broncos be terrible next year and end up with the #1 overall pick? We’d have traded Russ for the rights to draft a young QB (or Will Anderson).

      • Peter

        Certainly prefferable if it works that way than the way i think it’s going to go.

    • Big Mike

      If they split in division, beat the bottom 5 teams as they should (that includes the Seahawks) that’s 8 wins. Split the other 6 games and they’re 11-6. All of that is VERY doable. Could they lose one unexpectedly? Of course but they could also win one in that fashion.

      • Troy

        I have huge reservations about them touching 11-6 in that division. If you’re being 100% honest, there’s no way you can rank the Broncos on the same level as the Chiefs or Chargers.. would shock me in the least bit to see them go 0-4 versus both those teams. Ravens, Rams, 9ers are also games you can count as defeats. That’s 7 games I wouldn’t count on them winning. Just my 2 cents

        • Troy

          *wouldn’t shock me

        • Peter

          I’m being honest.

          The chargers aren’t good. Their defense was garbage last year. 459 points conceded. Two more wins than Denver and they have a real qb? I wouldn’t be concerned with them.

          They aren’t the same level seemingly as the chiefs. But the rest of the division? Ravens? What have they done? Is lamar going to stay healthy?

          There’s a ton of copium being ingested. Broncos fans think superbowl here we come! Probably no.

          Alternately beleaguered anti-russ folks that somehow don’t know Denver has a pretty good roster and think Denver is basically the lions with a broken down QB…probably need to recalibrate as well.

  44. Rob Staton

    Tyler Smith confirmed TEF score — 2.73

    • Ashish

      I hope for hawks pick 75% for players from SDB favorite list

  45. JimQ

    I would say the strategy of drafting EDGE-Johnson & a trade up for a QB of choice in late Rd-1 is probably possible. I ran the below simulation & I really like the results.…….

    Using nflmockdraftdatabase,com simulator, I was able to trade down from #9 to #11 with Washington (and still got Jermaine Johnson at #11 they wanted a QB). Netting the additional #111. (This is assuming Washington doesn’t want Johnson or Corral) Then, I traded #40 & #111 with Cincinnati for #31, (I didn’t hit the trade button in time for Tampa Bay’s pick at #27, but still in a similar area). I then used #31 to select QB-Matt Corral. Alt: if gone = QB-Desmond Ridder, he would likely still be available.
    ——— Ended up with Rob’s/blog favorites.
    #11—-EDGE-Jermaine Johnson, (A disruptive BAMF type, vocal leader that is badly needed, risky trade=?).
    #31—-QB-Matt Carrol (a little Risky as a trade, Ridder if Carrol is gone, I think they are 1-A & 1-B anyway).
    #41—-OT-Abraham Lucas, (Media & Kiper will say a reach, but we’ll all be happy all the way to the bank).
    #72—-LB-Leo Chenal (I really think he can start and perform well in his rookie year, the “new” BW?)
    #107 -RB-Zamir White (after watching tapes, he’ll be a contributor, perhaps in a 2 RB rotation w/Penny?)
    #151 -OC-Cameron Jurgens (Love his tape, A Speedy/quick/smart counter for Aaron Donald, et. al.).
    #152 -CB-Montaric Brown (I haven’t watched much, but Rob likes him, can’t argue with that).
    #226 -FS-Smoke Monday, (I haven’t watched much, but Rob likes him, can’t argue with that).
    A really very nice haul, capable of maybe contending in the coming season =? Realistic or close = maybe?

  46. PJ

    I love the Jermaine Johnson pick, but as deep as the edge position is this year but doesn’t feel like value at #9. I think we can trade down to the teens/twenties, pick up additional picks, and still get him later in the round.

    Matt Corral is the only QB in this class that interests me much at all and late first feels about right. If we can find a way to snag him there on a five year option, go for it. Otherwise, punt on QB this year and look for our franchise signal caller next year. Those Will Levis highlights are boner-inducing and we have multiple 1st round picks to work with.

    If Sauce Gardner is there at #9, rush that pick to the podium as fast as you can, John. We’ll figure the rest out the rest of the draft later. I’d like to not have to second-guess our CB1 for the next few years while we rebuild this thing and he looks to fit the bill.

    • Buf

      I just don’t think Johnson will be there at 9. I think he’s the first DE off the board. If he is there, man do i hope we grab him.

    • Rob Staton

      They’ve complained about no top 10 pick for years. I can’t see them trading down loads to be in the same range they’ve been complaining about

  47. Denver Hawker

    Can we get in on the FitzMagic fun for a season?

    • TomLPDX

      HaHa! I was thinking the same thing. Aren’t we like the only team that he hasn’t played for? Love Fitz and the beard!

      • Denver Hawker

        I mean, he’s fun. I think this team could use a little more fun.

  48. Palatypus

    Rob wrote, “Since the meeting, the Seahawks have:

    — Fired their defensive coordinator
    — Added two new younger defensive coaches
    — Moved on from Mike Solari
    — Traded Russell Wilson
    — Cut Bobby Wagner

    It’s fair to suggest, with hindsight, this was probably anything but a normal, run-of-the-mill meeting. Even if everyone agreed major changes were required — the decision was fairly seismic.”

    I dunno, that was a pretty normal meeting for Vladimir Putin.

  49. Gaux Hawks

    Would you rather have Jordan Davis or DK?

    • CaptainJack

      Jordan Davis ran an amazing 40. But he’s a run stuffer. He offers little pass rush on tape. DK is an established game-changer. Keep DK

      • Rob Staton

        I would be completely happy if they draft Jordan Davis.

        But this team is rebuilding and they need to invest their biggest resources in the key positions:


        And that means if a top player at one of those positions is available, that’s where they should target.

  50. CaptainJack


    I was hoping Travon Walker falls to 9. Size-speed combo too intriguing. Johnson will probably be a better rookie than Walker but if Walker develops pass rushing moves the sky is the limit. Scary dude (if you are an opposing qb)

  51. HOUSE


    Thanks for all the hard work. I share similar thoughts regarding Eric Fisher vs Duane Brown. I think Fisher could be a smarter/longer-term option. I also think Brian Allen would fit well at C for us in the Waldron offense.

    What are your thoughts on Jordan Hicks? He was a cap casualty in Arizona and from all accounts even when he missed time he was a leader/locker room presence.

    I really like the mock draft! I don’t know how to personally feel about Corral, but if he’s the guy they want, I totally get it. Also, I don’t see how we own #72. Did I miss something?

    • HOUSE

      SORRY Rob… COMPLETELY braindead

  52. Ashish

    Is it safe to say Hawks will not draft TE now? how does Shelby Harris addition makes difference?

    • TomLPDX

      I think they resign Dissly on a good deal and let Everett go somewhere else.

    • Peter

      Harris is nice. A very solid player and a leader. Make difference? Might be hard to quantify but not a bad get.

  53. Seattle Murphy

    Just a thank you Rob for your recent run of articles in these turbulent moves by Seattle. I read everything you write throughout the year and consistently turn to you for insight on how and why the Hawks do what they do. Your long-form articles are some of the best reads out there.

    For the record, I sure agreed with your initial stance to keep Wilson and sign him to an extension. We’re in quarterback purgatory now. Between Carroll and Russ I sure would have kept Russ.

    I still don’t get accepting Lock in this trade. He’s a backup. Does Eason have a future? I like Fant, but with a strong TE class in the draft it seems like a missed opportunity. The dude had no drops last year but also rarely finds the end zone. Only getting Harris made some sense.

    There’s so many holes on this roster it feels like we’re a long way from competing. We’ll be in the division cellar for years.

    But my point: thanks for what you do. It sure is appreciated.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the nice words

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’ve been gone for awhile and am catching up on all the big news. They finally traded Wilson, and look at the new opportunities ahead of them. I’m changing my reset opinion from three years to two.

      One point about trading for Lock, Geno won’t be back to they need a starter and a backup quarterback.

      Lastly, I too want to thank Rob for all his hard work. There is an incredible amount of research and knowledge you are displaying. Thanks.

    • Peter

      Take heart.

      This team with the draft stock and a whopping amount of cash doesn’t need to e in the cellar for long at all.

      Sign good players. Draft well. And trust your process at QB this year or next. If they roll with Lock it’ll be ugly this year but they can have a vastly improved team for the next draft. Or perhaps Corral gives them life and the following year with ten picks and again cash they can finish off the team.

      If they stay in the cellar for two years then expect pc/js to be out on their ears when the team can actually be sold.

      • AlaskaHawk

        2021 was the cellar year. The Seahawks inadvertently tanked as much as they are capable of doing due to injuries.

        If they can find the right rookie QB and build that defense and running back position back up — look out. I love the idea of picking a top 5 defensive end. Things are looking good for the Seahawks.

  54. Old but Slow

    Just an odd observation: I can’t remember a draft class with so many pairs. UW has 2 corners, Michigan has 2 DE’s, Bama has 2 wide receivers, as does Ohio State, and Georgia has 2 DT’s and 2 linebackers. That is 12 of the top 32 (by Rob’s mock). It is not unusual to have multiple players from a team, but at the same position?

    My view on the QB’s is that we should not take an early one, maybe take a shot at an arm on the 3d day. Next year is likely a much better crop of slingers (loving Levis), and I can’t see taking an early QB two straight years

    Rob, you are a valuable asset to us as fans. As a long time draftnik, you have taken this process to the level of art.

    • Jordan

      I’d have some interest in Ridder if he’s available around the same spot that Russ was, which appears to be 72. If he doesn’t pan out the opportunity cost wouldn’t feel as significant as if it was a 1st round pick, and you can attempt to re-address the position with 4 picks in the top 60 in 2023.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👍🏻

  55. Daniel

    Two questions for you Rob,
    1) If Seattle were to trade down from #9, what is the furthest down you would advise them to go before they risk missing out on a special impact type of player?
    2) Whatever your answer is to question #1, what compensation should Seattle expect to get to move down to that spot?
    Thank you, and I really appreciate all of the work and insight you put into this site. It is must read for Seahawk fans.

    • Rob Staton

      1. 12

      2. Not much I’d say, I don’t know who would want to move up

  56. Sea Mode

    A “massive market”, yet no team was even going to sniff around a trade for him on the contract he had…

    Something inside me does wonder, though, of maybe all the lack of intensity and hesitation was him holding back so as not to get injured on a season he knew was a throwaway for the Hawks.

    Rob, since you watched him closely, did this start after Russ’ injury and when our record started looking bad or was it like that from the start of the season?

    Jordan Schultz
    · 12h

    A massive market is developing for former #Seahawks’ All-Pro LB Bobby Wagner, league sources say.

    #Dolphins, #Ravens, #Chargers, #Broncos, #Rams, #Cardinals, #Niners and #Cowboys (Dan Quinn loves him but they’re short on cash) are all very interested in @Bwagz.

    • Rob Staton

      Even in the first Rams game you saw it

    • Big Mike

      If Bobby does sign elsewhere, which it appears will be the case, I sincerely wish him success (except if he’s playing the Hawks). However, I have a feeling it’ll be pretty meh and he’ll be done after this coming season. Wish he’d retire now but I do get that the money is hard to walk away from.

      • TomLPDX

        You’re probably right. Once Bobby retires he will have a lot of potential in his next phase. He’s a smart dude. I wonder if KJ decides to retire this year as well.

    • cha

      Something inside me does wonder, though, of maybe all the lack of intensity and hesitation was him holding back so as not to get injured on a season he knew was a throwaway for the Hawks.

      The fact we’re having this discussion about a $17m/year legacy player tells you all you need to know about why the Seahawks cut him.

      • Ashish

        Since Seattle cut Bobby Wagner, if he sign big contract with any team comp pick is not in picture? correct?

        • cha

          Correct. No comp pick for Bobby. He’s a street free agent, not an unrestricted free agent.

  57. Sea Mode

    Huh, interesting.

    Lance Zierlein

    Not sure it was shown on television but ⁦
    @Shaquemgriffin was helping LBs with their 40s at the Combine last week.


  58. Donovan

    Rob – On pure football abilities, irrespective of a team’s needs, do you prefer Jermaine Johnson or Jordan Davis?

    • Trevor

      Not Rob and they are my two favourite defensive prospects in the draft but I think Davis has the potential to be a perennial All Pro and he would be my pick to build the defense around. They are just not many humans on the planet with that physical profile.

  59. Sea Mode

    Do the Broncos have enough space to bring in Jones? Could definitely see Russ recruiting him if so. Or will it be Von Miller coming home? Which should be cheaper?

    Steve Wyche
    · 9h

    Bosa and Mack/Crosby and Ngakoue. Got some dangerous edge tandems in the AFC West. Makes you think another team in that division might make a move for Chandler Jones just to try to somewhat keep up

    Albert Breer

    Chandler Jones happens to be pretty good friends with a certain quarterback who just got traded into the division …

    • Rob Staton

      They’re going to go all in

    • Peter

      Won’t be surprised to see them get both.

      Until some team shows you can win with deploying four safeties in exotic fronts….or something equally bizarre you can’t have enough pass rushers and wr’s to compete.

  60. SonGoku

    Do you think it could be possible that PC retires after the season and JS continues the rebuild with a new, young HC? Now that it seems he gave up some control to Desai/Hurtt and Waldron/Dickerson it might be easier to plug in a new HC next year?

    • Rob Staton

      Depends what happens this season

  61. GoHawksDani

    Again a really detailed, and well written post!
    Do you stay away from trading back just for this mock or do you think Hawks will stay put at #9?

    I’m fine with Johnson, but why not take Davis? It seems to be harder to get a good passrusher DT than an EDGE. If we would draft Johnson not sure we can get an impactful DT in FA. But if we get Davis or Wyatt and sign Jones or Clark or someone else in FA that could be a crazy good DL where pressure can come from anywhere. If Johnson, Davis, Wyatt all on the board I’d try to trade back to like #12-13-14 maybe picking up an early R3 or mid-late R2.
    I like Johnson too, but I think with a top10 pick a disruptive DT might be a stronger way to go

    I like the trade-up for Corral. A dynamic defender and a solid rookie QB would make me interested in this team next year (well at least it would be a good start for it)

    • Rob Staton

      The elite positions are QB, LT, DE, CB, WR. Those are where priority resources should be invested

      • GoHawksDani

        I’m not saying Davis or Wyatt is equal to him, but I bet Aaron Donald would disagree 🙂
        I’m probably less knowledgeable about this draft class then most of the people here, and 100000% less than Rob, so I’m not sure what are these DTs are capable of, but I think this team desperately needs an inside disruptor, who can generate negative yards for rushing plays and sack the QB.
        Pair a guy like that with Taylor, Dunlap, Robinson, and a good rookie EDGE or a vet who was able to deliver 5-8 sacks a year and this team should have over 45 sacks. Might not have a single guy with 15-20 sacks but opponents couldn’t double team everyone. If a DT is present who can shut down inside rungame and present 8-10 sacks/year I would take him. And yeah, if it’d be so clear cut that someone’s gonna be the next ADonald, he’d go #1, but it almost never is (Donald was drafted #13 after all), and it’s not like we have to fear that a rookie DT would steal snaps from Ford or Mone or any vet the Hawks usually sign.

        I’m saying again…The DTs might not be as good as I think, but if there’s a clear game wrecker from the inside, to me that’d present more value

        • Rob Staton

          Aaron Donald is unique

          Every other DT in the world isn’t Aaron Donald

    • Peter

      If you had edge rushers already. Let’s say Tayler and Dunlap was a lot younger and let’s say Adams didn’t have bad shoulders perhaps a LB with some pass rush…i would 100% get Davis at 9. He would feel like the final piece to bring it all home. Just some scary world class athlete that sucks the oxygen out of the oline.

      Sadly Seattle doesn’t have that.

  62. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: Enjoyed reading your article. Good stuff. If Johnson, Corral, Chenal and White were the picks. I probably would be doing back flips. For me in free agency th Hawks need to sign a center. A young experienced center would be critical for the long-term success of the Seahawk offense. I would love to see the Hawks set their sights on Rams free agent center Brian Allen. Allen is only 26 years old. He has worked with Shane Waldon. No doubt Allen would be on the same page with Waldon. Plus let’s go ahead and pluck another member of the Rams offense.

    In some respect don’t know why Russell Wilson wanted to go to Denver. His long bomb will entertain the folks in Sept. Oct. But the weather in Denver can get pretty crappy in November, December and January. Russell Wilson did not always have his best days when weather was a factor even in Seattle. Now Wilson is moving into the AFC West. That is going to be a nightmare division. It will be entertaining for the fans. But Wilson will be facing Patrick Holmes, Justin Herbert and Derek Carr twice a year. BTW there are some pretty good pass rushers in the AFC. Especially now that the Chargers have added Khalil Mack. His legs are not as young as they were 10 years ago. There are some very good pass rushers in this division. Plus Josh Allen and Joe Burrows are also in the AFC. I still think Trevor Lawrence has a chance to be a very good QB. If you surround him with both good coaching and plenty of talent. The Ravens have LaMarr Jackson at least for one more year(Broncos play the Ravens this year). I have not even mention Long-time power houses New England and Pittsburg. The AFC is stacked. Hope Wilson enjoys playing in the brutal AFC.

    • Peter

      Have you considered that Wilson looked at the situation. The roster. The coach. And decided “you know what? I can win here.”

      Simply down to the reason that he believes in himself.

      Why not go to the eagles, commanders? The nfc least is terrible. And the rest of the nfc is not intimidating as a whole. Why did Aaron Rodgers not go to Denver where they would have easily taken him?

      A note on Denver’s weather. It can be pretty erratic. But it’s dry. Russ has always sucked in the rain like most QB’s. I rarely found the weather to be what I would call “brutal,” when i lived there. I’m not a world class anything but I always prefer building homes in 10 degree and dry weather with the sun out than 45 degrees and driving rain. And I’m from Seattle and still hate it.

  63. BobbyK

    I believe franchises are utterly worthless if they don’t have a franchise QB. I don’t care how many good players they have at other/key positions.

    I’m starting to hop on the Malik Willis train at #9 (preferably later with a trade down or two).

    I’ll always remember the 1990 Seahawks draft of Cortez, Wooden, Blackmon, Warren… Warren was a good/great RB. Loved that guy. Tez was one of the best DTs ever. Wooden was the older age version of KJ Wright. Great overall LB without being considered a Pro Bowl/elite guy. And Blackmon was a solid SS.

    But they didn’t have a QB so they were destined to worthlessness.

    I know it’s exciting to have all these draft picks, but I don’t care how many good players they draft – they’re not winning it all without a QB. And just because they have extra picks next year doesn’t mean some team has to trade it’s pick to the Seahawks so they can get a QB. I remember when one team offered every one of its picks and other stuff for Andrew Luck. Just because they had extra picks didn’t mean the Colts had to trade the #1.

    And for all the people too young to remember the 1990s – you don’t just build a core and then draft a future HOFer QB in the 3rd round. That isn’t normal. That’s not something you can ‘bank’ on happening.

    If they run out Drew Lock this season – this season is worthless and meaningless before it starts. Nothing will matter if they don’t have their QB. And if you wait until next year to draft a QB – you’re not winning a Super Bowl with a rookie. After spending some time watching the college QBs last night, the QB draft worries me – as Rob has been the expert on all along. But if Malik Willis turns out to be the guy and every other QB from this class sucks – we’re not going to care. It only takes one.

    At least baseball is back if the Seahawks plan on running out the ghost of Tarvaris Jackson in ’22.

    • Rob Staton

      Surely, though, the one thing worse than no QB is investing resource in the wrong QB?

      • BobbyK

        If they don’t believe in any of these QBs – they shouldn’t take one. Definitely. I agree.

        But then kick the can down the road and I’d rather see them, if given the opportunity, acquire more picks in ’22 and especially ’23. For some reason, in my opinion, people are stupid and think a high 3rd round pick equals a 2nd round pick next year and 1st round pick in a couple years. I don’t know what universe they live in, but I’ll take a 1st round pick any day over a 3rd round pick even if I have to wait a few years. You never know what that #1 pick will turn into (like the Jets have our top 10 pick now).

        One thing I think gets overlook is the Sherm type of jealousy some of the LOB had for Wilson. They were the reason, they thought, why this team was on the rise and winning moreso than the QB. They had the team in place by the time they had drafted Wilson (Bobby taken about an hour earlier). Wilson was never really the leader.

        I’d rather build a situation where the QB is the leader and the team is put in place around him. That’s not how it worked in ’12 and there’s always different ways to skin a cat, but in theory I think you should get the QB and build with/around him, rather than build the perfect team and then hope to find the right one (and if you get the wrong one, the entire team is held hostage). By getting a QB earlier rather than later you can also decide if, in fact, he is going to be the right guy. If they don’t believe in any QB this year – fine. But be willing to deal for some picks in ’23 if the situation arises. If they’re going to plan this thing long-term, I hope they do it right.

        • Bmseattle

          Remember the clip of Doug Baldwin literally yelling at Wilson on the sidelines, begging him to lead the team?
          “We will follow you into darkness…” or something.

          I think there was always a personality divide between Russ and the other alphas on the LOB era team.
          For whatever reason, he just never earned their respect.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I think you should get the QB and build with/around him, rather than build the perfect team and then hope to find the right one

          Replace “should” with “could”. You could get a QB first then build around him. But should? Does that mean the Rams’ Super Bowl win doesn’t count, or is somehow less than, because they did it in the reverse order?

          Why should it matter which way a Super Bowl roster is constructed?

          • BobbyK

            Of course not. I’m just saying to build a team that has a chance to be a dynasty.

            The Rams have been good/talented for awhile. They went to the Super Bowl and lost a number of years ago. I’m not sure which part of my saying “there’s always different ways to skin a cat” you didn’t understand – but it means there’s lots of different ways to win and who cares how you do, whether it be like the Seahawks of ’13 or the Rams of ’21. I’m just wanting to set this team up to be in position to do it for a long time and I think getting the QB and building around him is best, though you’re obviously right in that it’s not the only way and as Rob said, you can’t force there to be a QB available NOW when you want one now. You have to play the hand you’re dealt as well. I’m just providing a blue print of what I think is best.

    • Big Mike

      Great post Bobby. As we all know, finding a franchise QB is by far the most difficult thing in team sports. Your example of the Hawks in the 90s was an excellent one. Everyone’s all flush with excitement over the coming draft now that Seattle has picks and I get that. However, once the games start and Seattle is struggling because they don’t have a franchise QB, fans might get a bit more testy. We’re now reduced to hoping that somehow, some way the FO can get lightening to strike twice at the position. A difficult hope at best.

      • Big Mike

        And in reality as far as my personal fandom goes, I’ll be happy no matter what. If this ends up ruining the franchise for a number of years I’ll know I was right about Pete Carroll and that my opinion that he should be fired and Wilson should have a forward thinking offensive coach was right (particularly if he is great in Denver under that type of coach which I believe he will be). And if I’m wrong and Carroll and Schneider pull this off which would of course mean finding a QB at least on the level of a Derek Carr, then I’ll be happy because my Hawks will be winning games and at least competing for the playoffs.

        The only downside is that if as I expect this keeps the franchise form playoff contention and Carroll and Schneider are gone (likely once Carroll’s contract expires and then Schneider is also shown the door seeing as how he will only have I believe 1.5 years left) we will be in the wasteland of no franchise QB for an indeterminate length of time. Considering the first time the team was there it was a 36 year wait, I’ll likely be dead and gone when they ever find another.

        • Gross MaToast

          It’s interesting that the Broncos now have the combination I wanted in Seattle with Wilson and Hackett. Maybe it’ll be great, maybe just ok, but that was the real change the Seahawks needed. It will never make sense that a 70 year-old coach on a run of mediocrity was kept on over a franchise QB, but here we are. Yes, Pete seems rejuvenated, but the looming in-division ass kickings could fix that unless he and JS have a plan in place at QB that isn’t obvious. (Please, no DeShaun Watson.)

          Here’s to living long enough to see the next Franchise QB for the Seahawks…which shouldn’t be a life goal, but will do until one shows up.

          • Big Mike

            I’m 65 my friend. It’s going to be anything but a slam dunk that’s for sure.

            • Peter

              Corral has some nice stuff to his game. Is he Wilson at WI, no. But he’s no slouch.

              And they have a ton of picks to make something happen next year. Will levis. Or someone else emerges. I didn’t hear anyone say mahomes’ name prior to november the year he got drafted. Same with Allen. And both those names I heard here first. I don’t like Pickett but he emerged this seasin not being on hardly anyone’s radar prior.

              Same for Wilson. He would have been a total project pick on paper with his time at NC state. So maybe there’s a transfer window guy that is banking on themselves that we don’t know about. Seattle can be back at it quick. If…..they throw out whatever they have been doing for the last few years

    • Blitzy the Clown

      How do you know Malik Willis isn’t Tavaris Jackson 2.0?

      And while we’re on the subject of Willis-like QBs, I think Lamar Jackson was a far superior prospect than Willis who was drafted by a team with a really good roster, and he hasn’t taken them to the Super Bowl.

      I get that Willis is a fantastic athlete. But I wouldn’t take him in the first round.

      • Peter

        If seattle hadn’t found itself here every single QB in this draft would be a full round lower grade than whatever their projections are currently.

        Sadly there’s a really good chance that they have/will pull the trigger on a qb with a lot of questions about their actual abilities.

      • BobbyK

        I don’t know Willis isn’t Tavaris Jackson. I have no clue. I think he could be good. How do you know the #9 overall pick, whether they take a DE, LT, or LB is going to be good? We don’t. All I know is the QB is the most important position in professional sports. And I think it’s pretty silly to say that Lamar Jackson wasn’t a good pick because the Ravens haven’t gone to a Super Bowl. Did Cortez Kennedy suck?

  64. Trevor

    Rob if the Hawks decide they are not interested in paying DK $20-25 mil+ to keep him around long term and decide to trade him before the draft to a team needing weapons like say the Jets or Giants, what could they realistically get in return? My initial thought was a 1st this year and 2nd next year.

    • lil’stink

      Seeing as how high their first rounders are I can’t imagine we would get much more that just that one pick.
      But I would totally be ok with that.

    • Ben

      I think it’d be a first+ depending on high the pick is, and it could be more if the market breaks right and there’s a bidding war.

      Top 10 first straight up or a late first plus third, or as Rob suggested the other day 10 or 33 and 35 from the Jets seems like the base.

      If I had to put betting money, I think the Eagles are #1 and then the Jets #2 to go after him. The Eagles were trying to trade for Calvin Ridley, and I’m betting they still want a top WR.

      Recent WR trades:
      Minnesota trades Diggs to Buffalo- #20, 5th, 6th, and 2021 4th, and Diggs already had a big 2nd contract.

      Beckham- 1st, 3rd, Jabrill peppers, Zietler

      Raiders trade Amari Cooper to Cowboys- for a 1st at the deadline, went from looking like a high pick to being #27. Amari was under contract for half a year plus his option year but hadn’t had the smoothest start to his career.

      The free agent market for WR’s is likely to be bonkers, and the options are pretty dismal considering what they are likely to be paid. I like Christian Kirk but they’re already talking 15m per. Amari Cooper is a low end #1, but otherwise everyone else is upside or slot players.

      The Eagles have repeatedly picked busts and the Jets have struggled to get quality WR in free agency. They both have excess picks available.

      Metcalf has 2 years of control if you include the franchise tag. As Rob has said if he doesn’t want to sign an extension now, now is the best time to trade him.

      Now we just want to be the Vikings with Jefferson and not the Raiders with nobody at WR following their respective trades…

      • Spectator

        I could see the Jags and Texans also being highly interested. Both could offer their high second round pick and a 2023 1st. That 2023 1st is pretty tempting as its likely to be a high pick, and you get an early second in this draft, which is highly valuable. Chicago may also be a team to think about. And Bills writers are talking about it as well.

        • Ben

          That’d be ideal to me. I’m of the camp that we probably have the best shot at QBotF next year. Getting a first with a chance for it to be real high is pretty attractive if that sort of trade is possible.

          The Texans… are just so dysfunctional I don’t have an idea what they might do until they finally trade Watson. Like not only does their FO and ownership suck, Watsons situation has them at a complete standstill organizationally.

  65. Sea Mode

    He sees it, too, and has to be thinking of finding a way to team up as well.

    ♛Chandler Jones

    Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa 😷 that’s tough 🔥

  66. swedenhawk

    just watched Johnson and Ojabo’s combine workouts back to back. Ojabo performed well, but Johnson looked like a grown man by comparison.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Gentlemen’s bet that Johnson will be THE premier EDGE defender from the 2022 draft.

  67. SonGoku


    Rob, are you writing under a different name out there for FOX?
    Jokes aside, really would like a top DE and one of the LBs with our early picks.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Rob Rang hopefully is a Patreon to this site. There’s been a couple articles I’ve read by others over the last few weeks that definitely felt like they read Rob’s work and then paraphrased with a few minor changes in their piece.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        ***Felt like they read Rob Staton’s work

  68. Denver Hawker

    The more I watch these guys, the more I think #9 needs to be one of Hutch, Thib, Walker, or JJ. If not, maybe Davis/Wyatt, but would prefer trade back.

  69. BobbyK

    Random thought of the day:

    As we look towards future years, it’s nice that a guy like Darrell Taylor is under team control for 3 more years. That worthless rookie season gave us a year extra of his rookie deal essentially.

    • cha

      Probably cost a little under $5m to tender him in 2024.

      If they extended him on say a $20m/year contract after 2023, that 2024 cap hit would be in the $9-11m range.

      So losing that first rookie year gains them $4-6m in value.

  70. Cawww

    BobbyK and/or Cha, can you explain this more? Are you saying Taylor’s rookie season didn’t accrue or are you saying him missing a year will hurt his value?

    • cha

      “Contract years” and “years accrued towards free agency” are two different things. They always align when a player is able to play his full contract, but when you have a situations like Taylor’s they differ.

      Your status as a free agent (Exclusive Rights, Restricted, Unrestricted) is determined by how many accrued years you have at the time your contract expires.

      Exclusive Rights = 2 or less accrued years
      Restricted = 3 accrued years
      Unrestricted = 4 accrued years

      What is an accrued year? A player gains an accrued year when a player is on ‘full pay status’ (think: Actively on the roster) for 6 games in a season.

      Taylor did not acquire an accrued year in 2020, since he was PUP all season. That’s the difference there. He had a ‘contract year’ but did not get an ‘accrued year’ towards free agency in 2020.

      So at the end of 2023 – barring something else happening to him – he will have 3 accrued years toward free agency: 2021, 2022 and 2023 but will be out of contract.

      So he’s a restricted free agent and that means the Seahawks can keep control of him for 2024 by tendering him at the 2nd round tender. OTC projects the 2nd round tender in 2023 to be $4.3m, up from $3.986m in 2022, a gain of about $350k or so. Keeping that increase in 2024, the best guess for the tender would be $4.7-4.8m or so.

      • Denver Hawker

        Does the R2 tender mean another team can offer that to the Hawks and get him? Or do Hawks have restricted rights to match any offer?

        • cha

          If the Seahawks put him on the second round tender, other teams can sign Taylor to an offer sheet. At that point, the Seahawks can either match the offer or not. If they choose not to, the team signing Taylor surrenders their second round pick.

          It’s a mechanism to protect the team’s investment in the player.

          • cha

            The Seahawks also could up the stakes if they like. They could sign him to a first round tender. That just means they’ll pay Taylor at a higher number and the team signing him would have to give up their first round pick, which obviously an attempt to scare most teams off but keep control of him for another season.

            • Denver Hawker

              Cool- thanks.

      • Cawww

        Thanks Cha, super helpful!

      • Henry Taylor

        Wouldnt they only need to sign him to the original round tender (the cheapest option) to get the same effect?

        • cha

          The second-round tender is the original round tender, yes.

  71. Jordan84

    I know he doesn’t have the length that Carroll likes, but I can’t imagine Carroll not drooling over Stingley. He just looks so batural and flips his hips so well for 6′ 1″. He is a ball.hawk and seems ready to start as a lockdown corner right away (if healthy). I don’t know, I think he’s a stud. Never seen a corner move so fluently with his size. And his strength, height and burst make up for his short arms in recovery time. Dude just sees the field different IMO

  72. Ashish

    As of now I would like to see Hawks drafting position wise DE,OT,C,LB,RB,S,CB,DT in more like same order/priority. In free agency they might address these position which can change / reduce pressure. Eager to see how they approach free agency. I hope they don’t make decision as bandaid but invest in young team even it is bit expensive. Would prefer 15 mil good guy vs two avg 7 mil.

  73. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    With all these big names being dealt, who could be the next? Last year, #Eagles Pro Bowl DT Fletcher Cox was nearly dealt at the trade deadline, and teams around the league have continued to call on him. Considering the D-line movement around the league, it’s something to watch.

    His cap hit would be $2m this year (age 32) and $1.5m next year (age 33). That might be too good to pass up.

  74. Happy Hawk

    Getting a star QB is really the key in the total rebuild.
    2020 : J Burrow, T Tagovailoa, J Herbert, J Eason, J Hurts, J Fromm, A Gordon, and J Morgan
    Last Year: T Lawrence, Z Wilson, J Fields, T Lance, M Jones, K Trask, D Mills, and K Mond
    This Year: K Pickett, C Strong, M Corral, M Willis, D Ridder, J Coan, B Zappe, and B Purdy
    Next Year: Cj Stroud, B Young, W Levis, S Rattler, J Haener, D Thompson-Robinson

    Are there any comps for this group and next years? Anything to learn about/from last years group?

    I do not think we dumped RW for a veteran retread to be the savior of the rebuild – thinking it is coming thru the draft.

    • Spectator

      Those lists are scary to look at lol not very encouraging.

    • Troy

      Curious what it would take to make a trade for Kellen Mond from the Vikings and adding him to the QB competition for next season?

      • BobbyK

        If the former Vikings coaching staff was somewhere else this year, I know they wouldn’t even trade a future 7th round pick for him.

  75. Rick

    Love the idea of coming out of the draft with Jermaine Johnson and Matt Corral.

    Two questions are:
    How are would Johnson drop down to if not taken at #9?
    How high will Corral go in the first round to trade back into?

    Ideally it would be great to be able to drop down 3-4 picks and still get Johnson and add a pick to offset the pick to move up and get Corral.

    In a rebuilding year it would be great to add in one more good piece in the third or fourth round.

  76. Rgsd858

    Terrible mock draft

    • CaptainJack

      How so?

      A good faith criticism I have of it… seems to weigh good/bad combine scores too heavily. Still interesting to read and I appreciate it not being behind a pay wall.

    • Hawk Finn

      Be gone, troll

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Enlighten us. What about Rob’s draft was terrible? And who would you select?

    • Rob Staton


  77. CaptainJack

    I like the idea of trading up into round 1 again. But if Matt Corrall is the pick, that will be a disappointment. Corrall has the same chance of being the future answer at QB that Lock does, IMO, which is next to zero.
    Much rather draft Winfrey, because after Winfrey goes in your mock Rob, there seems to be a massive cliff in DT talent. Seattle would be wise to try to secure one of the top guys (Shelby Harris is a decent addition but they need young talent there that can put pressure on the qb from the middle long term so badly)

    • Cover2

      Jermaine Johnson, trade up for Perrion Winfrey, and Channing Tindall in the first two rounds for us would be my dream first two rounds for the Seahawks.

  78. JJ

    Way to much talk about Watson for my liking. Pete and John don’t do it.

    • CaptainJack

      Watson would love Seattle. Especially aurora Ave.

      • Big Mike

        Now that’s damned funny Captain. I literally LOL’d

  79. bk matty

    Hearing if Watson gest cleared today Seahawks will make a run at him. He wont get suspended or it will get overturned on appeal, hes already been suspended a year.

    • TomLPDX

      He hasn’t been suspended yet. He just refused to play for the Texans last year.

      • Peter

        Florio agrees. He will still face suspension.

    • Rob Staton

      I think people need to chill on this Watson talk

      The Seahawks are retooling. They need multiple starters. You can’t do that with no picks and no cap space. And that’s where they’ll be if they trade for Watson

      • Pran

        Its a not a good idea to go after Watson. No one knows what his mental readiness is after all that and year away from football. How he is accepted in locker room and can lead is also a big if.

      • Shane

        Thank you.. Watson doesn’t fit and isn’t even available to play. Move on from Watson

      • Poli

        Watson is still only 26, and seems they won’t be true contenders or a couple seasons anyways. Get one of the best QBs to build around for those couple of retooling seasons is what I’m hoping for.

        Cha said a couple of weeks ago that he won’t cost as much as Wilson, so if that’s true they won’t be giving up ALL those pick they just received.

        If Watson gets suspended like Ridley, his cap hit won’t count, and it won’t burn any years of his current contract if I’m not mistaken.

        I just don’t want to be one of those desperate teams waiting for a legit QB to fall into their lap for decades.

        • cha

          Right, but there is a reason he won’t cost as much as Wilson.

          The contract is an absolute disaster.

          He has a $35m guaranteed salary in 2022.

          Whoever’s roster he is on in 11 days (March 22), the $20m salary shifts from non-guaranteed to guaranteed and the $17million roster bonus due in 2023 becomes guaranteed.

          That’s a contract you give top compensation for only if it is for a Patrick Mahomes-level player.

          I appreciate that Houston is telling their press buddies they’ll accept nothing less than three first round picks for Watson. But the truth is, the rest of the league has them over a barrel.

          Add in Watson has a no trade clause.

          And that’s before we even touch the legal, suspension, and PR hit issues.

      • Peter

        Here with you on this.

        You’ve helped me stay fairly positive a out moving forward. They blow draft stock and cash on Watson and trot out their bottom rung, zero pass rush defense, and non existent til it doesn’t count running game….

        I’ll be in the engine room throwing coal in the engine if the train that runs pete and john out if town.

  80. Kyle R

    Rob has me sold on Levis after watching many videos of his. I want to keep the picks where they are and use two out of the first three on the lines to build strong bully trenches and have a stop gap QB this year.

    • Kyle R

      Levis really gives me (not a perfect comp) Josh Allen vibes. He does, however, seem more accurate at this point in his career than Allen was. Get me him next year while getting a punishing offensive line and pounding running back this year and let’s take back the west after a couple year hiatus.

  81. Henry Taylor

    Found out today that Matt Corral left his high school after getting into a fight with Waybe Gretsky’s son and later stating it was a school full of rich kids who will never work a day in their lives.

    So I’m sold. Matt Corral, hero of the proletariat.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m down

    • BobbyK

      That’s cool!

    • Jordan

      I like that he came out of Oaks Christian looking and acting the way he did.

      Athletes would much rather be lead by a flawed, authentic human being with some edge than a corny, measured, corporate, choir boy.

      • Peter

        If you say so.

        I mean the broncos players are stoked for Wilson.

        But sure.

      • Big Mike

        Let that Wilson hate flow man. Why have respect and like for a guy that was BY FAR the best QB this team has ever had and is a near slam dun k for the HOF?

  82. no frickin clue

    PFN wheelin’-dealin’ resulted in following trades:

    #9 and #227 overall traded to Detroit for #32, #34 and #66
    #40 overall traded to Green Bay for #59, #131, #140, #171

    Leaving me with 12 picks:
    #32, #34, #41, #59, #66, #72, #108, #131, #140, #152, #153 and #171

    Which were used on:
    #32 – Perrion Winfrey, DT, Oklahoma
    #34 – Boye Mafe, Edge, Minnesota
    #41 – Desmond Ridder, QB, Cincinnati
    #59 – Abe Lucas, OT, Washington (unlikely, couldn’t help myself) 🙂
    #66 – Cole Strange, OG, Chattanooga
    #72 – Nik Bonitto, Edge, Oklahoma
    #108 – Jerome Ford, RB, Cincinnati
    #131 – Zamir White, RB, Georgia
    #140 – Tariq Castro-Fields, CB, Penn State
    #152 – Bo Melton, WR, Rutgers
    #153 – Cole Turner, TE, Nevada
    #171 – JoJo Domann, LB, Nebraska

    • Ashish

      I will be really worried if we have good players available and we trade down. Everyone has seen that in past how did that go. This is probably last dice roll for JS and Pete let’s hope whatever path they take works.

  83. V

    “The #Eagles are giving C Jason Kelce what is essentially a 1-year deal worth $14M, source said. The highest paid center, Kelce has played like it. He’ll do so in 2022.”


  84. V

    Bobby Wagner: “Crazy part about all this. I played there for 10 years & I didn’t even hear it from them that I wasn’t coming back.”


    • Ashish

      Dirty laundries

    • BobbyK

      That’s total classlessness by Carroll or Schneider. That’s a bunch of BS.

      Just when I was starting to feel good about those tools again.

      • Big Mike

        Why Bobby? I mean I’ll feel good if they re-stock this team and get them back to the playoffs in ’23. Otherwise, this will be their last fail of many.

    • Rob Staton

      Two sides to every story.

    • cha

      Practical side: yeah that probably isn’t good if true, which is debatable.

      Snarky side: “Crazy part about all this. I dogged it this year and got paid a million dollars a game. I can’t believe these chumps paid me that much, all the while telling the press how awesome I was each and every week! So long, suckers!”

    • Jordan

      KJ, on Bussing with the Boys, had less than stellar things to say about how they handled things with him too.

      • Big Mike

        2 guys with sour grapes? Maybe, or maybe a pattern of classlessness. Doubt we’ll know this offseason. But some day……..

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Ed Werder

      Source: #Cowboys have contacted free-agent linebacker Bobby Wagner and expressed their interest in having him play for DC Dan Quinn, who coached him in Seattle. Whether the financial components work out is yet to be determined. The two will keep in contact next few days.

      Don’t cry for Bobby he’ll be just fine.

    • Ashish

      Based on how he played last year, would have been ideal not renewed his contract traded him back then. But he is Bobby Wagner and Hawks gave all the respect by paying him big bucks (thanks to NY Jets worst contract to LB). Bobby knew that 2021 was last year based on contract #s. Someone will sure pay decent amount for 1 or 2 years contract.

    • Mick

      We sure don’t know everything. KJ’s story had some blanks in it, and they didn’t look too great considering his previous statements. With Bobby, I hope we’ll find out more. He didn’t strike me as the kind to make waves when nothing happened though, and the argument that he got paid a huge salary last year doesn’t stand to me. He played for being paid. And even if he expected to get cut, we’re talking about a legend of the team. Least you can do is tell him yourself. We’re developing a pattern of players leaving the team on bad terms and this is not looking good on us.

    • Mick

      We sure don’t know everything. KJ’s story had some blanks in it, and they didn’t look too great considering his previous statements. With Bobby, I hope we’ll find out more. He didn’t strike me as the kind to make waves when nothing happened though, and the argument that he got paid a huge salary last year doesn’t stand to me. He played for being paid. And even if he expected to get cut, we’re talking about a legend of the team. Least you can do is tell him yourself. We’re developing a pattern of players leaving the team on bad terms and this is not looking good on us.

    • BA

      Time for the fanbase to run on every good player that has ever played here and root for Deshaun Watson

      • Peter

        It’s actually the seattle way for all sports.

    • Sea Mode

      Did you check your spam folder next to all the paycut proposals…?

  85. Happy Hawk

    Notes on Chandler Jones saying he wants to go where the scheme fit is best for him, Doesn’t sound like he is going back to Arizona. Does anyone know what Desai/Hurtt scheme fit would be for a guy like Jones?


  86. Sea Mode

    Rob’s been saying exactly this for a long time.

    And if you want to boil the whole thing down to a sentence, here it is: Last year, Wilson and Rodgers glanced at what Brady had, said Get me that, and, a year later, both have their wish.


    • Peter

      Apologies to all the brilliant gm’s and talking heads….31 gm’s and coaches passed on Wilson.

      And to those who allowed Wentz to cost nine draft picks in his time with the league.

      And to the great minds in green bay who drafted jordan love,who is now worth nothing.

      And to our very own brain trust who has somehow drafted only 3 probowlers in 6 years and made a box safety one of the worst investments in football today. But…

      Maybe Wilson is done. The broncos gm and hackett don’t think so. So unless it is literally Andy Reid himself who both wanted Wilson and now has to study him under a new system it’s hard to give a french fried *bleep* what anonymous sources say.

      • TomLPDX

        I get so tired of hearing all these so-called experts critiquing this kind of stuff. Bottom line is Denver saw value and put up the money they thought he was worth. I hope Russ kills it in the AFCW.

        • Peter

          Same. I hope he kills it.

          And unless your a mind that has assembled a better team i really can’t be hearing it from you about who is or isn’t done.

      • Spectator

        32 teams, including the Seahawks, passed on Wilson. 2xs
        Teams like potential, and Wentz has always had the tools and potential. It doesn’t always work out.
        Jordan Love drafting turned into Aaron Rodgers having some of his best years. No one knows if that would have happened without drafting Love.
        And I’m sure they don’t give a bleep about what anonymous poster thinks either. lol
        Regardless of whether it matters or not, its interesting to see some GMs disagree and have echoed some of the sentiment said on here. Because I am sure you didn’t even read the article, but one of the criticisms was that a GM feels that Broncos gave up the house, but still are only the 3rd best team in that division. The trade only makes sense if it wins them the super bowl, and that GM doesn’t believe their roster is good enough, even with Wilson. Should we make the mistake and now transfer our trade bounty into getting Watson, many would echo the same sentiment. We are better off retooling our team, because even with a franchise QB we aren’t capable of winning the super bowl with this roster.

        • Peter

          Well since you’re sure i didn’t read the article….

          31 teams didn’t pass on Wilson. If that happened he wouldn’t be in the league.

          It’s actually not interesting what anonymous GM’s think in a league where dumb choices are made all the time. Like I stated I actually would care what Reid thinks.

          If a gm thinks by giving two seconds instead a single third like the stafford deal is giving up the house…okay, i guess. Meanwhile a gm who built a better roster than ours, currently, and a coach many of us wanted here looked right at Wilson and said they can make that work.

          Maybe they are the third best team? Vegas doesn’t think so. I’m not even sure who the second best team is supposed to be? The raiders? Where their qb’s good year is not as good as Wilson’s bad year. Or the Chargers with a very, very good qb a rotten defense and their 9-8 record.

          Maybe those gm’s are right along with some of the folks here and Wilson is cooked. All I know is Wilson didn’t want to play here. Denver wanted him. And the seahawks need to rebuild.

          I also know Wilson is strangely one the most maligned athletes in a fanbase i have ever witnessed. Every QB is better than him. He only won because of a defense. People willing into existence that he is somehow not elite. Trying to find articles about how players who were with the team for half as long don’t like him. Denver got worked because he sucks….

  87. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter

    Raiders’ Pro-Bowl MVP @maxxcrosby has agreed to a 4-year extension worth $95 million in new money with over $53M guaranteed, per agents @cjlaboy and @dhendrinkson41 of @wasserman. The deal makes the 3rd year DE amongst the highest paid defensive players in NFL history.

    Maxx gettin PAID! Good on you man.

  88. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter

    Deshaun Watson will not face criminal charges.
    1:35 PM · Mar 11, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

    I sincerely hope Carolina makes this a mute issue.

    • Mick

      Unfortunately we have enough draft capital to go for him.

      • Peter

        And be right back we were 4 of the previous five seasons. A qb that can play and a terrible almost everything else.

      • Seattle Person

        Watson still has to say yes to Seattle. I don’t see him wanting to come to Seahawks where we currently stand.

    • Rob Staton

      Go Panthers

      I’m rooting for you

  89. FWBrodie

    “#17 LA Chargers — Devonte Wyatt (DT, Georgia)
    I recently watched a video detailing how Branden Staley’s defense doesn’t function properly without a dynamic interior disruptor. Thus, Wyatt is the perfect fit here.”

    Isn’t Staley a Fangio tree guy? Aren’t the Seahawks with Clint Hurtt and Sean Desai pointing Fangio’s way as well? The Seahawks too will need a “dynamic interior disruptor”, which Wyatt definitely is.

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