710 Seattle sports appearance & what I hope happens

I don’t often post two articles in a day but this hasn’t been a usual 24 hours.

Firstly, if you missed it earlier, I was on 710 Seattle Sports with Jake & Stacy discussing the aftermath of the Russell Wilson trade and Bobby Wagner release.

Here’s the segment, check it out:

I also want to share some thoughts on how I ‘hope’ the Seahawks approach the next few weeks…

Don’t waste draft resources

It was a terrifying moment when I started to read a tweet saying Carson Wentz was being traded. Right up until the point it said ‘Washington Commanders’ instead of ‘Seattle Seahawks’.

I really hope they avoid making any trades like this. They’ve done it before. They gave the Chargers a third rounder and swapped second rounders in 2010 to acquire Charlie Whitehurst.

Don’t waste picks on mediocre quarterbacks. Lean into what this is — a rebuild. Use your picks to craft a new, young core.

I wish we could all make a pact. Low expectations across the board in 2022, acknowledging this is a process now. If you have to wait 12 months to get a quarterback and live with a year of Drew Lock, Tyrod Taylor, Marcus Mariota or someone of that ilk — so be it. You’re not going to win a Super Bowl in 2022 by going after Carson Wentz types.

Use the resources on offer to build the next foundation.

Don’t trade for Deshaun Watson

Watson clearly isn’t a mediocre quarterback but I still don’t have any appetite to see a big trade for him. The legal side of things needs to play out and I’m not passing judgement on that for now. I just don’t think using all the stock you’ve acquired and giving it to Houston for Watson is the right thing to do.

You’d essentially be in the same position you were before. You’d not have the picks or money to really improve your roster. You’d be a tier-B team, capable of the playoffs but not much more. You’d struggle to fill a lot of holes.

I’d prefer some longer term thinking this off-season.

Still look to spend in free agency

With $42m available this year and $120m next year, there’s no reason not to try and add talent.

Let’s view this as 2011, rather than 2010.

That year they went big after Sidney Rice, Zach Miller and Robert Gallery. They hit on two signings. It was an attempt to accelerate the building of the team.

With Wilson in Denver and Wagner cut, there’s little need now to go after ageing vets in an aggressive ‘win now’ mode. It’s time to target the best young players, who can grow with you.

That list, for me, includes Carlton Davis (CB), Christian Kirk (WR), Charvarius Ward (CB), Brian Allen (C), Austin Corbett (G), Bradley Bozeman (C), D.J. Jones (DT), Donte Jackson (CB), Michael Gallup (WR), Russell Gage (WR), Joseph Noteboom (T), Justin Reid (S) and Cedrick Wilson (WR).

All are in their mid-20’s. I wouldn’t be opposed, for example, to signing all three of the Rams’ offensive linemen listed above if your intention is to recreate their scheme up front. The list includes players proven in man-coverage and receivers who will complement what you already have.

There is room for experience and I’d still make a call to someone like Calais Campbell. You need leadership and guidance and he would provide it. I doubt he’d have much interest in joining a rebuilding team but there’s no harm in trying.

Don’t feel pressured with your re-signings

I like Quandre Diggs and appreciate what he’s done in Seattle. For me, though, he’s not a player you need to throw money at. He’s 29, you acquired him on the cheap. The trade worked and he should only be back in Seattle if the market comes to you.

You’re already paying Jamal Adams a fortune. Just add another veteran safety or draft a rookie — especially now there isn’t the intense pressure to be a contender in 2022.

I would like Duane Brown back because whoever plays quarterback is going to need protection. I’d rather not be forced into spending #9 on a Charles Cross type. If he moves on, I’d pivot to Eric Fisher or Joseph Noteboom.

Both Rashaad Penny and DJ Reed are worth retaining given their age. I suspect they’ll both be back.

If they’re embracing a youth-movement and a new foundational core — I don’t think they should move too aggressively to retain ageing players.

Make a decision on D.K. Metcalf now

The top receivers are being paid between $20-27m a year. Devante Adams could re-set the market if/when he agrees an extension in Green Bay.

Do you want to pay Metcalf that kind of money?

Personally, I am comfortable paying him. If he was a 24-year-old free agent, he’s exactly the type of player we’d want them to target. The Seahawks have money to spend from next year onwards so they can afford it. Provided you create an ‘out’ within 2-3 years, there seems very little reason not to pay Metcalf and roll the dice on him justifying his salary.

However, they could also look at what Metcalf has shown. Three years in — his speed is a huge factor and he’s clearly a talented player. Yet he’s never quite turned into a Mike Evans, Julio Jones, Calvin Johnson type who becomes unstoppable. He doesn’t make the most of his size to dominate receivers, even when covered. There are frustrating moments, such as ill-timed drops and plays you feel he should make.

He’s still an X-factor though. A player opponents have to game-plan for.

You need those.

It’d be tempting to push this issue into next year. You can always franchise him and trade him, which is what they did with Frank Clark. Yet the contract won’t get any cheaper in a year and you also run the risk of his stock diminishing if a bad quarterback is throwing him the football in 2022.

Make a call now. If you can imagine paying him a top salary, there’s nothing to worry about. If you know you won’t pay as much as $25m a year — answer the phone on trade calls. The Jaguars and Jets have young QB’s needing a big target. The Eagles and Patriots need a weapon. The Browns and Falcons desperately need one.

You should be able to set up quite a bidding war if you want to.

And with plenty of young receivers available in free agency, plus another loaded draft class at the position, you won’t be caught short.

I would make a decision now on his future.

What I’d do at quarterback

As I said in today’s other piece (which is worth checking out for quarterback reviews of the 2022 draft class) — the Seahawks didn’t make the Wilson trade without a plan at the position. They have a clear target or targets in mind.

It could be that they like 1-4 players in the draft — or they’re working towards adding a specific veteran.

I’d be shocked if they’re playing this by ear, rolling with the punches and just seeing what’s out there now.

Which is why I have a little bit of fear they’ll spend more than they should on a lesser veteran rather than having the patience you need with a rookie.

I want them to do one of two things:

1. Identify someone you really like in the draft and if they’re not going to be there at #40, prepare to move back into round one to get them. Use the #9 pick on a pass rusher, not a quarterback, unless you’re convinced one of this group will be elite.

2. Wait 12 months for the next draft and target Will Levis.

I would prefer to see a young quarterback added this year or next. Firstly, it’s more exciting. Secondly, it’s cost-effective. Thirdly, they won’t be a re-tread who wouldn’t be available if they were any good.

I’ve criticised this 2022 QB class like everyone else but I do think there are reasons why the Seahawks would like all of the top four (Corral, Willis, Ridder, Pickett). I actually think they’ve made this Wilson trade because they might be comfortable taking any of the four.

It wouldn’t surprise me if all this Deshaun Watson talk is a distraction tactic to throw people off the scent of their actual intentions.

Frankly, if they draft any of the top QB’s in this class — I could spend a decent chunk of time discussing what all do well. And yes, they have flaws too. But when you think about it, isn’t that the case with all quarterbacks not slated to go in the top 5-6 (where Seattle isn’t picking this year anyway)?

If they decide to wait until 2023 to go after ‘their guy’ — there won’t be any complaints from me. Use your picks to build up your roster and set the table.

The Seahawks can look back to go forwards

I think there are players in this draft that can help the Seahawks emulate some of what they did a decade ago.

For example, I think there are a ton of running backs in this class that can help establish a tone-setting force on offense — connecting the unit to the rest of the team. Zamir White, Kenneth Walker and Dameon Pierce are personal favourites but I could list several other names with the potential to get Seattle where they need to be.

You can create the kind of dynamic edge rush they used to have with Bennett/Avril/Clark by pairing Darrell Taylor and Carlos Dunlap with one of Jermaine Johnson, Kayvon Thibodeaux, David Ojabo or Boye Mafe (although Mafe lacks the length they like at the position).

I even think Johnson and Taylor could shape the personality and toughness of the team, much in the way Kam and Marshawn did in the past.

If you want a Michael Bennett inside/out rusher — there’s Logan Hall, Josh Paschal or DeMarvin Leal.

They’ve said goodbye to Bobby Wagner, almost certainly, because they see the riches at linebacker in this class. Channing Tindall plays with a violence they’ve missed. However, earlier today Leo Chenal ran a 3.94 short shuttle and a 6.84 three cone. That, I guarantee, will place him firmly on Seattle’s radar.

There are other linebackers too. It’s a crazy group.

Need another day three safety who can develop into a heart-and-soul leader? Look no further than Auburn’s Smoke Monday. Need a speedy, punishing, aggressive safety? How about Maryland’s Nick Cross?

There’s potential to add young, dynamic cornerbacks — headlined in my eyes by Alabama’s Jalyn Armour-Davis (assuming they don’t take one at #9). If they want physical skills — why not Cam Taylor-Britt or Roger McCreary?

Then on the O-line you can become young, athletic and forceful with Cole Strange and Cam Jurgens at center, finally sufficiently replacing Max Unger in a similar range to where Unger was drafted in 2009. Abraham Lucas, as you know by now, is also a big blog favourite at offensive tackle.

I could go on and on. Such is this tremendous, energising draft class.

More credit to the team

I didn’t expect them to move on from Bobby Wagner. I thought they’d be sentimental about it and keep him despite, in my eyes, the very clear evidence on tape that he was nowhere close to his best these days.

The social media reactions and statements today suggest he won’t be returning on a different contract. I think that’s the mature and correct decision to make. I think the Seahawks deserve a lot of credit for being brave enough to finally end the Wilson saga and make the big decision that had to be made over Wagner.

I said after Pete Carroll’s combine press conference that it was his best in a long time. Some of the old energy and swagger was back.

I think now we know why. I suspect a weight was about to come off his shoulders. He gave off a renewed positivity which was good to see.

Personally, I tend to feel exactly the same way.

If you missed it yesterday, check out my article offering thoughts on every little sub-section of the Russell Wilson trade — such as whether it was a fair deal, where the team goes from here and what they might do in the draft.

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  1. MychestisBeastmode

    Not saying it’s a plan, but what if they like Eason?

    • Rob Staton

      Well, then he can be in camp competing for a job.

      But let’s be right, the chances of Jacob Eason emerging as the starter are pretty slim.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Maybe the point I’m reaching to make is if they do like Eason, how would that effect who they look to acquire at QB this off-season?

        Indulge me for a minute: It would seem in this scenario they’d likely bring in very cheap QB competition (aka not Cousins or Watson). Maybe Mariota, Daniel Jones if he gets axed by the Giants, or Darnold if cut. Make it a real 3 QB competition (or 4 with Geno in preseason) and then see who, if any, step up to achieve “game manager” status next season prior to making a decision to go all in or not on Levis or others in ’23..

        With little hope of a bowl run, I could imagine being captivated by a competition with a group of hungry underachievers. It would fit with the rest of the team’s mentality in this rebuild.

        Alas, this is just a fun thought exercise with no substance to back it up. So, I’ll leave it here for now.

        • Rob Staton

          Jacob Eason isn’t going to influence anything they do this off-season

          • Matt

            I have it on good authority that Eason’s drive and mental abilities will make it nigh impossible that he develops into anything. He’s a likable guy on the teams he has been on, but he’s in love with the title of QB, but not the work that comes with it.

            I know people hate these comments; but this is from several people that would know at the UW. And to reiterate; he’s not a bad guy at all – just doesn’t have the drive to make it work.

    • Shane

      I’m really excited for this rebuild. Most excited Ive been since the 2016 season. I just hope Pete and John don’t fork those picks up.

  2. Dominic

    Rob you are single-handedly re-moralizing the Seahawks fan base.

    • Rob Staton

      Good! 🙂

      • Pavlos

        The few days have been like Christmas morning for Rob! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the coverage.

        • Pavlos

          *past few days

    • Matthew

      And because Rob hasn’t debased himself with nonsense, and denial, you can put some stock in it. What a relief. Thanks again Rob.

      • Dominic

        that’s exactly it! the messenger matters.

    • BobbyK

      Pete is with his vision. It appears there’s a plan in place and it doesn’t involve short-term thinking.

      I’m not sure how he can go from the poster child of “kill the future and only care about now” to being someone who seems to want “in” on this longer term plan.

      Kudos to him. He still deserves a roshambo for herpes, but I’m all in if he can keep this 2011 vision/plan in place.

      The kicker? They can’t strike out at QB though. And please don’t get a wife beater bridge like Tarvaris Jackson. At least get a decent human being. I don’t want massage parlor criminal even if he is a franchise QB either. Get someone who’s good (easier said than done, especially for Seahawks fans who lived through the 1990s).

      • pdway

        “I’m not sure how he can go from the poster child of “kill the future and only care about now” to being someone who seems to want “in” on this longer term plan.”

        Maybe that whole mindset was sort of about appeasing Russell?

      • vanhawksfan


        Totally accurate, but never play roshambo with herpes on the table…

    • bmseattle

      Draft picks make him happy! 😉

      • BobbyK

        Draft blogs are definitely more fun with more picks.

  3. bmseattle

    I gotta say, I’d be pleased to see an inspired Pete on the sidelines again.
    If he’s gonna be here, let’s get pumped and jacked and get the swagger back.

    I’m embracing the rebuild and am more excited than I’ve been about this team in years.

    • pdway

      i’m kinda feeling the same. among other things, another year of running it back….would have been boring.

      Even though I’ll miss being in the contender conversations, the pressure will be lower, and there will at least be a ton of new faces to watch.

      Do got to find our QB though….we forget how crappy a team w a bad QB looks.

  4. Sten

    Speaking to the Pete presser that you brought up, I thought it was telling in retrospect that he was talking about how he “wish he could have helped Russ more” through his injury, it seems like him getting rushed back was something that put the nail in the coffin with that relationship, with Russ no doubt forcing his way back in way too early, a microcosm of the dynamic the two have had the past several years.

  5. Nathan_12thMan

    I’m interested in one of two things:

    1) The QB they want is in ’23 which means tank this season. That means using our resources this off-season to fill this team with young talent and good contracts. Come ’23 the roster is ready to plug in a rookie QB and see what we can do. If that doesn’t lead to a Superbowl (like 2012) then you hope the QB takes the next step and great things happen in his second year (2013). I am entirely open if this is the route they take for them to draft a QB lower (R4 or lower), go hard at UDFA QB’s and to scour the league’s practice squads and such, turning over every cheap stone looking to see if there is a gem hidden amongst the rocks.

    2) Draft a QB in ’22. I barely anything about the ’22 QB’s so I’m not going to judge whether they suck or one might be a gem. But I’m in favor of trying to build the future at QB with a draft pick or two (take 2 QB’s for all I care) rather than a vet.


    I am NOT interested in ANY available veteran. The only way that COULD play out well is if we hit on every single move we need to make this off-season which leads to a STACKED roster that’s basically a QB away. Even if we do that it doesn’t mean JimmyG, Mariota or Cousins takes us to the promise land. Almost every vet available is a backup QB that due to draft position or a flash at one point has GM’s dreaming of being the one that gets them and turns them into a franchise QB. Mariota, Tyrod, Newton, Wentz and all the others are what they are.

    Don’t waste resources and DO NOT TRY TO WIN GAMES JUST TO WIN GAMES when all that does is hurt your 2023 draft position. If we don’t draft a QB this year priority #1 should be tanking. Play Lock or Geno Smith, do not play Tyrod and win 5 games taking you out of contention for a top 3 pick and possibly missing out on the next stud QB. Don’t miss out on Josh Allen for Josh Rosen cause you won a few too many games.

    Even if you hit on a vet QB and they prove to be a franchise QB level talent, you’re forced (either by how short their deal was or they hold out because they know what they are worth) to either pay them >$30m+ APY to stay or let them go and you’re back to being QB-less.

    I’m most scared of:

    1) SEA pursues and even worse, lands Watson. I’m not longer supporting this team if that happens.
    2) Making a big move like the trade for Wentz.
    3) Pete “always competing” his way out of great draft position in 2023.

    Even if we draft a dud QB this year, I will be happy they took a swing and avoided all the other traps and pitfalls. At least then we’ll suck enough to take another swing in ’23 or ’24. Maybe we have a new GM, HC and hopefully owner by then and it’s either on the new staff to find a QB with the top 3 pick they have from losing a ton or they initiate a total rebuild and they get to start from scratch.

    • TomLPDX

      Stop with the “tanking” talk. Pete won’t do that and I for one would stop following this team. It ain’t going to happen.

      • Rob Staton

        You’re right.

        There’s not even any point using the word ‘tank’.

        The Seahawks under Carroll will never do it.

        If they struggle next season, it won’t be by design.

      • Peter

        Agreed. Pete will try to win every game under the sun. If pete thinks we’re winning five ganes with player ‘x’ vs two games with player ‘y’ you best believe player ‘x’ is starting.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        I don’t think Pete will either, but on this site and in many other places discussions and ideas are thrown around that Pete wouldn’t or might not do. Maaaaaaaaaany thought Pete would never allow Russ to be traded. Yet here we are.

        I can’t for the life of me understand abandoning the team because for one season they tanked. It is a strategy and honestly a really good one in order to gain an advantage in a league designed for parity. One season of playing Lock and some other “prove it” QB’s with the hope lots of losing happens in order to have your pick of every QB in the ’23 draft is a massive advantage. It is literally moronic to go into a season with say Wentz as your QB with a ceiling of 8 wins just to get 8 wins and be stuck with barely a hope at finding your next franchise QB. It is literally a recipe failing so many teams right now and it constantly fails teams. It will fail the Commanders and cost them greatly and they’ll be QB-less again in ’23.

        • Rob Staton

          There weren’t many on here that thought Pete would ‘never’ allow Russ to be traded. I can’t think of anyone who thought it’d ‘never’ happen.

          We can safely say Carroll will never tank. That is a clear case of us being able to say ‘never’.

          We know Carroll too well to think he would ever say — ‘let’s be really crap this season on purpose’.

          • Happy Hawk

            But it is kind of like the other J Allen owned team the Blazers. The coach and fans do not want to see a bad product or tank but they traded or cut all their best players and FA won’t come there because they suck and you lose, lose, lose. The coaches and players try hard but the team sucks. That is what trajectory the Hawks are on. “Suck for Luck” was a thing for Indy after getting rid of Manning. “Lose for Levis” has a ring to it.

            I do agree with most points here on not overpaying for the myriad of crap quarterbacks- makes no sense. Chasing the elite FA doesn’t make much sense either when you are most likely finishing last in the NFC west. PC and JS have yet to lay out the plan which makes me think they feel RW and BW are easily replaced and they can run it back again given the way we finished the season.

        • TomLPDX

          To me it’s an integrity thing. If Pete were to “tank” the season he would lose all credibility with his players and with the fan base. It isn’t in his DNA to do that. You can say what you want about Pete but he has integrity in himself and what he does. I respect the hell out of him for that.

          • Nathan_12thMan

            Ah yes, integrity, respect. We’ll see how that goes if SEA get seriously connected to Watson and attempts to acquire him.

            I’d a 1000 times over respect my teams HC to put out a crap QB to “tank” for the strategic advantages it provides in finding the single most important and hardest to find position in all of American sports (make global sports) rather than enable, empower and employee a disgusting predator of a man like Watson.

            You can pat him on the back and respect him for “trying” with Cam Newton at QB only for it to cost them the chance at drafting nearly any good QB the next year but I’m out here wanting CHAMPIONSHIPS. In the same way I’d have blown it up (FO and all) cause it had gone stale in order to raise the ceiling back to Championship football I would tank a season to be in position to acquire the best QB available in order to get back to the Superbowl.

            • MychestisBeastmode

              But your point is moot. We don’t have to tank. We have enough draft ammo next year to move into the top 3 if we should wish to do so. And if we don’t have enough ammo to do that, it means we either won a bunch of games or traded that ammo for one of only two legit QBs – Cousins or Watson.

              • Nathan_12thMan

                Why would you waste draft ammo to move up when you can organically have a top 3 pick? Also point moot or not, this is a DISCUSSION/comment posting. Rob in his time has put out (like everyone) ideas, opinions and even whole articles that are moot because they aren’t/wouldn’t happen but it furthers discussion and can be a thought exercise.

                What do I fear? The uglier version of what we just had with RW the past 5 years; a ceiling below the NFCCG. RW at least got us to the playoffs with constant 10+ win seasons but the even scarier thing is going 8-9 with a QB that has hit his ceiling. Be that a Tyrod, Newton or Mariota type. At least with a rookie we can hope for improved play as he develops. But I fear most being stuck in the purgatory of winning enough (cause Pete always competes!) to not get any better. Finding a franchise QB below the top 10 is even more rare than finding one in the top 10. Scary to be drafting at 16 year after year.

                • Rob Staton

                  I never put out ideas I think have 0% chance of happening.

                  Which is what Pete tanking is

        • Andrew M

          I think we’ve learned this year that maybe unscrupulous owners might want to tank, but coaches and players absolutely will not. Especially good coaches, of which Pete is one. How would a coach even get a handful of NFL players to tank? Most of them play their hearts out for love of game and\or they are looking at the next contract. Would never happen.

          • Gross MaToast

            Pete ain’t tanking; he doesn’t have a season to waste.

            I think he and JS have a clear idea about how they’re approaching the QB issue and it’s going to be the guy he wants pulling the trigger. I may not be happy with it, but Pete is going to try to win with his guy.

            I think the odds are not awful that the Seahawks will be in the playoff race until Week 17 – much better odds for that than “tanking.”

          • Nathan_12thMan

            I think you severely underestimate the impact the QB position has on the W/L record of teams. All SEA would hypothetically have to do is say publicly that they have faith in Lock (or really any other QB who won’t net you as many wins as say Cousins) or the 4th round rookie QB they just drafted in order to tank while everyone else is playing their hardest and coaching their hardest. If your QB sucks, you lose a LOT.

            Do I think Pete will do this? Again: NO.

            • Gross MaToast

              Making a note:

              “if your QB sucks, you lose a lot.”

              Now that I think about it, you’re absolutely right. I’m not sure if anyone on this site has realized this – QB play is somewhat important to a teams chances…like, a LOT important.

              OMG, this changes everything!

            • Roy Batty

              Even if they tank and get the #1 pick, does that guarantee a great QB is the result?

              Can you say, with a straight face, that there is a 100% guarantee that they will draft an elite QB?

              If not, then you’ve just alienated the fan base, destroyed your merchandise cash flow, lost all your prime time TV coverage and made sure that no FA will go anywhere near this franchise, no matter the amount of money you throw at them.

              For possibly a decade.

              That’s what tanking gets you.

  6. Ashish

    How good is Bobby Wagner?

    • TomLPDX

      He was very good. The best!

      • Gross MaToast

        Yes, he was. I think it’s a shame that he didn’t get a day for himself, where all of the attention was directed to all that he accomplished, instead of almost an afterthought. He was great.

    • Felipe

      First ballot hall of famer. And better dude than football player. Wags was truly something special.

    • Ashish

      Sorry it was sarcasm. was thinking now what our media will ask to Pete in press conference.

  7. HetchHetchy

    All of the pass rushers seem like they have question marks or are 50/50 propositions. Go grab Jordan Davis. Is there any doubt he will be among the best DTs in the league? You have a cornerstone for five years at a minimum.

    You can spend some money in free agency on Emmanuel Ogbah or Haason Redick and feel decent enough about your pass rush, while still hopefully adding a piece with a second rounder.

    • Rob Staton

      I really, really like Jordan Davis.

      But 340lbs defensive tackles don’t generally get you to the promise land. Not unless you have great edge rushers.

      • HetchHetchy

        True. Other side of that coin is that we must hit with this pick. Is there any pass rusher in this draft who is in the same ballpark in terms of being a sure thing foundational piece?

  8. Rob Staton

    JLC talking up Kirk Cousins’ availability:


    I want them to draft someone, as the article says, either this year or next. Not think they can do anything this year with Kirk Cousins. I can only accept Cousins if the Vikings basically give him away.

    But I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Carroll wants Kirk, as discussed here: https://seahawksdraftblog.com/more-on-the-prospect-of-kirk-cousins-in-seattle

    • Rob Staton

      And there’s this:

      There’s also the possibility, though it’s been described to me as “doubtful,” that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, who has one year left on his current contract, could come available in a trade if he’s not extended. Carroll “loves” Cousins, according to one source. Cousins spent the 2016 season in Washington with Seahawks offensive coordinator Shane Waldron. And he’d be cheaper to acquire than Wilson was for the Broncos.


      • Peter

        The one year rentals are what got us to this place.

        • BobbyK


          But if he signed a 3-4 year extension as part of the agreement (at much, much less than Russ will command), I’m okay with that.

          • BobbyK

            He’s 33 so I think he has 4-5 good years left in him. He’s younger than Wilson and he’s going to age better than Wilson because he doesn’t rely on his speed/athleticism the way prime Russ did.

            • Peter

              All that may be true but i think cousins is no dummy and i think he will command and get a near wilson sized chunk.

              • TomLPDX

                He can try…but he isn’t at that level.

                • Peter

                  The scary thing is about cousins is he is somehow getting 21 million more than wilson next year.

                  • BobbyK

                    But he wouldn’t from the Seahawks.

      • BobbyK

        I’m all in for getting Cousins if the price is right, but I have no interest in trading any 1st or 2nd round picks for him.

        The only way I’d consider giving a high pick for him is if it were conditional, such as Vikings get Seahawks 1st round pick in ’23 if we win the Super Bowl with Cousins taking at least 70% of snaps during the season. Pretty sure nobody better complain about giving up a #1 in that scenario.

        But no way I’d give up a 1/2/2/3 this year for him. No way. Too many holes on this roster to fix with youth, not band-aids.

      • Sten

        As much as Cousins would work as a QB in our offense I can’t help but feel the money is better spent elsewhere, especially because he’s the anti Pete win it in the 4th quarter quarterback. I enjoy laughing at his way to miserably throw games in the 4th quarter and I couldn’t bear to suffer through it unless Pete works his magic somehow and renders him clutch

    • Peter

      A fourth rounder. And they eat some of that cap for a one year rental. That’s it for me. Spend a two and pay him full share I’m going to be sick to my stomach.

      It’s not that he’s not good(ish). It’s that this team is not good. And the draft is rich for us where the picks are.

      Think creed humphrey v. Eskridge debates suck? How about tj watt v. Mcdowell? Cause cousins vs. Some of the cheap talented second rounders will be rough to take for a long, long, time. And this team isn’t winning anything with cousins if it costs us any amount (dollars and draft stock,) against a total rebuild.

      • Rob Staton

        A fourth is the absolute max I would spend too. And agreed — Minnesota would need to eat some cap. Otherwise, no deal.

        If they spend a second or a third on Kirk Cousins, I’ll be sick to my stomach with you.

        • BobbyK

          We all would.

          • bmseattle

            I agree with you all.
            I’m not giving up substantial resources for Cousins.

        • Justaguy

          I am sick to my stomach thinking that is the most likely plan. I will be puking in my mouth if they trade for Cousins.

  9. Ryan Purcell

    Fun listen. I appreciate your positivity! And agree with your take on the situation. Here’s to a trade that works out for both parties. (But maybe works out a little better for us.)

  10. BobbyK

    Details of my Kirk Cousins trade:

    Seahawks get: Kirk Cousins

    Vikings get:

    Seahawks 2023 #1 pick *IF* Seahawks win Super Bowl with Cousins taking 70% of season snaps.


    Seahawks 2023 2nd round pick *IF* Seahawks go to NFC Championship Game with Cousins taking 60% of season snaps. (no scenario where Seahawks give both a 1 and 2 to Vikings)


    Seahawks 2023 4th round pick.

    -In any scenario, Vikings eat some salary.

    • BobbyK

      Wouldn’t we all be rooting for the Vikings to receive our 1st round pick in ’23?

    • BobbyK

      I just want to avoid getting Cousins and then Pete going all crazy with the band-aids and old players again, such as resigning Diggs, signing old defenders to big deals, trading more draft picks, etc.

      Cousins is still relatively young for a QB who doesn’t rely on his athleticism to run/escape defenders.

    • Peter

      A crazy deal! That i would go with. Of course a 1st for a superbowl

  11. Rob Staton


    Cornerback Montaric Brown timed 4.50s in the 40, a full tenth of a second better than his Combine time. He also touched 34 inches in the vertical jump. Brown was put through drills by A.J. Highsmith of the Buffalo Bills, and he looked terrific. Brown struggled with a hamstring injury which set his training back three weeks.

    • Henry Taylor

      I noticed he made some great plays on the ball watching Corral against Arkansas.

  12. vanhawksfan

    With an eye on 2023, does it make the most sense in 2022 for a trade down to the late tweens for a 1st?

    • TomLPDX

      It makes sense to at least look at the possibility.

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure who would move up and do that

      • Ralphy

        Denver traded a 1st the following year for our second round pick in 2009! That was Earl Thomas!

    • Denver Hawker

      Or if Hawks are aiming for a QB in 2023 draft, could trade 40 or 41 for 2023 R1- still difficult to find those kind of trade partners.

  13. vanhawksfan

    That should have read “teens”. Living with an 11.5 year old is affecting my typing…

  14. neil

    I don’t want to see PC on the sidelines, reinvigorated or not. Didn’t he say ” We have no intention of trading RW ” just a couple of weeks ago ? Like everyone else in public life, lying just becomes a way of life.

    • bmseattle

      If “everyone else in public life” is lying, then what’s the specific problem with Pete being on the sidelines?
      Do you not want to see *anyone* coaching the team?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not lying.

      It’s called not announcing to the world what you’re going to do so you end up screwing yourself

    • cha

      Sorry but that’s on you for not understanding what the leadership said to the media.

      If the Seahawks were not going to trade RW, they would have said so. “We’re not trading him. Don’t call us.” Or they would sign him to an extension.

      But no, they said ‘they have no intention of trading him.’ In the billion-dollar world that is the NFL, that’s waving a red flag to a bull. An open invitation to call them and make them an offer. Schneider admitted they pick up the phone when other teams call and listen to the offers.

      A source with the Seahawks even admitted to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN that they were getting more calls than normal because of what they said.

      The rest of the league interpreted the comments correctly. You did not.

  15. bmseattle

    On Jake and Stacy, you ended by saying you are rooting for Russ to win every game, except when he plays the Seahawks.
    I hope you meant *after* this season.
    Personally I hope the Broncos go 0-17 and those draft picks are as high as possible.

    • Denver Hawker

      I’m definitely still in the breakup phase where I hope he gets fat and his friends take my side.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        I laughed

        • Big Mike

          me too

    • BobbyK

      I want the #1 overall pick next year from the Broncos. We could either get a QB or the stud defender from Alabama.

    • Chris


      People really need to get off the “Hoping Russ does well” train.

      We should want him to tank, and tank bad. Denver’s misery equals Seahawk draft capital.

    • Gary

      bm beat me to it! I am very much looking forward to a season where every single Broncos loss is a net gain for Seahawks fans, and the SDB community.

  16. Denver Hawker

    Levis looks like a beast- 6-3”, 232lbs can run..will be fun to watch him this year (or any of the CFB QBs for that matter!)

    Worked with Coan (now Rams OC) and now Rick Scangarello. Maybe take a shot on Wan’dale Robinson this year to pair him back up next year.

  17. HawkfaninMT

    I noticed JC Jackson (26 years old) wasn’t in your list of proposed FA targets… is it strictly the cost that makes him unappealing? A 5 year deal with money frontloaded while the team has space seems like it would provide flexibility, no?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, he’s going to cost an absolute fortune

      • GoHawksDani

        I’d rather trade DK for maybe an R1 and R2 and use his 20-25m to acquire Jackson and use the R1 or R2 to get a quick WR (which this draft has a ton of). And we still have another pick to for example draft a QB or an OL. Apart from his crazy good physique I don’t see DK as someone who cannot be replaced. Heck, I’d probably draft a good looking WR and get 1-2 cheaper WRs in FA. Better teams usually spread the ball more and for the Hawks it was 1, Lockett or 2, DK. But in games it was usually only one of them.
        We could do that by simply keeping DK and getting a good WR3 and maybe 4 in FA, but that way you don’t have a baller CB and a bonus draft pick

        • Rob Staton

          What, and giving Jackson that he’s so much better???

          • GoHawksDani

            Not sure how good Jackson is, I read nice things about him mostly. I’m just a defensive minden fan, and feel like we could build a really strong defense even in ’22 (like top4-5) with a lockdown CB, a passrushing DT, a good EDGE an attacking LB and a good safety. These players can be found in FA or in the draft.
            With a good run game (drafting Pierce for example and an OLman) the team might be OK (like around .500)

            If we try to stay good, dynamic with deep shots in the passing game, build the rungame, build the DL, build the secondary at the same time, it’ll likely be a job half done, resources scattered around and the offense at the end will depend on how good will be our new QB. If he sucks, then DK won’t really matter.

            Might be just my preference, but if they could build a really strong defense, I could trust them that next year they’ll be able to pull the offense to a similar level. Jackson might not be the answer, but there might be one out there or available via trade (and we could use the DK compensation to make that trade).

            If the Hawks don’t trade DK, I’m OK with that. But I trust Lockett much more than DK and I’m not too keen to push like 25m avg to a WR with a new contract when we don’t even have a QB

            • Rob Staton

              I just think if you’re going to shirk paying your own stud big money, there’s no point paying JC Jackson. If we were talking about paying an elite, elite talent — sure. I’m not sure any of us can say Jackson is that.

  18. MychestisBeastmode

    Damnit. I like him. I like Drew Lock. Watch this. How can you not like him?

    https://youtu.be/poVQwMtrFRc 1 min

    • GoHawksDani

      lol that’s funny. Too bad he doesn’t look gangsta, but rather a kindergardener who just eat his pudding 😀
      But he can now do rap battles with Michael Dickson (he raps too)

    • Rushless pass

      Unfortunately when I think of drew lock all I can think of is this:

    • pdway

      jesus he looks young there….

      feeling old over here

  19. LouieLouie

    Another idea for quarterback;Gardener Minshew might keep asses in seats while the Hawks suck, or find the Quarterback of the Future (QBOTF). Who knows, he might be the guy himself. He’s probably not going to cost much, and he has local ties.

    As far as Metcalf goes; I say let him play out his rookie contract and see how the cow-chips fly.

    • LouieLouie

      Medtalf may not have been as ga-ga- for DangerRus as some may think. They often didn’t seem to be on the same page. I think there was another receiver on the team that Wilson looked at first (named Tyler Lockett)

  20. Ben

    Absolutely stellar spot on 710 today. Loved it! Dropping facts, being realistic with some inspiration. And gonna get people amped about the draft! They’re lucky to get you on the radio.

  21. Dutchenstein

    What about Rasul Douglas? I remember reading about him a few years ago. He was fun to watch in GB this year and seems to fit the mold of corners we used to like. He is also only 26. Could be a Sherman/Browner lite.

    • UkAlex6674

      Good shout. He was one to watch in Robs 2017 NFL Combine preview if I remember, in that good DB draft class.

  22. Alaska Norm

    Great interview today. Nice energy! Thanks for the work the last two days. You provided a place to regroup and reset as a fan. I went from shock, a bit of anger to fired up for the draft and a chance to see if Pete and Jon can do it again. I’m all in. Looking forward to your thoughts this spring.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Alaska

  23. Rad_man

    “And with plenty of young receivers available in free agency, plus another loaded draft class at the position, you won’t be caught short.”

    Seems to me that almost every off season there are very good WRs on the free agent market. Despite it being a high need/ high cost position, it just seems like every year there’s a pile of good ones to chose from. Contrast that with EDGE or CB, and T, which cost about the same but seem a lot scarcer.

    I’m completely ok with trading DK and turning what you get back into something else.

    Also, I wonder about is neck issue…specifically, I wonder if Seattle, knowing more about it than other teams, is leery of a long term commitment because of it.

  24. Zane

    DK should be a cornerstone we build around. Back up the Brinks truck. Unless of course someone wants to throw two more 1sts at us.

  25. UkAlex6674

    I’ll say it now after thinking about it for a bit – I’m not so sure RW will make the Broncos the success their front office thinks he will. Its got to be Superbowl to consider it a success right? I still don’t even think they will get close to the Chiefs in the next 2/3 years.

    • Peter

      A thought experiment:

      Why would Denver trade for Wilson the minute they knew they weren’t getting Rodgers if they thought he wasn’t a massive upgrade amongst all possible options?

      Is Nathaniel Hackett an idiot that doesn’t know what he is looking at? They had the ninth overall pick. Why not just get a qb in the draft? Free agency?

      Why do guys like Mark Schlereth (sp?) Think it’s a huge upgrade?

      Agree that the chiefs are very good. The chiefs have also until very recently been able to feast in a mediocre division. Don’t believe me? When has any team in that division besides them contended for anything since Manning left. Meanwhile in our division in the last five years two teams a total of three times have appeared in the superbowl.

      They have weapons. A run game. An offensive coach. Defensive pieces.

      Just as I think seattle probably made the right decision because the team sucks and paying 50 million for a qb won’t solve that, I also think denver is one of the very few teams that’s a good qb away from being dangerous.

    • Denver Hawker

      Denver has been QB starved since Manning- and stuck in purgatory. Nobody here (in Denver) expects a SB this year or even next year. They are genuinely happy to expect playoffs right now and maybe compete for the division. Football is expected to be fun again- that is enough.

      They know more investment is needed in the trenches. George Paton might be the top overall GM over the last 2 years when you look at the body of work he’s done with the roster.

      I think it’s a win for both sides and I don’t think a SB is needed to still call it a win either.

  26. swedenhawk

    Rob, you’ve taken SDB to a whole other level in the last 48-hours! I haven’t had a chance to comment until now, but what a remarkable week it’s been. After the lull during the combine, it’s great to see the community galvanized by the Wilson trade… there’s just so much to discuss. Who knows if PC/JS can once again build a team that can seriously contend for a championship, but I look forward to finding out. We certainly have some exciting years ahead!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👏🏻

  27. GoHawksDani

    I wanna see always compete again. No fixed positions, only hungry young guys battling for starting spots.
    I agree with you: let’s not spew picks away, be smart. I wouldn’t mind them taking a QB they like, especially in R2 or late R1. I wouldn’t be super happy about taking someone at #9 but if they have someone in their sight they cannot miss I can be OK with that.
    As for DK I can be OK with either extending him or trading him. If trading him only means an R2, I’d rather extend him. If extending him means 25m avg I’d rather trade him. If between those two, I’d rather trade him because:
    1, He got lost for a ton of games. No TDs, sometimes not even catches or big plays. Might be the scheme, or Russ, or him
    2, He got a bit better but not by much and old issues still creep up (not using his body as well as he could. Not much yards after contact. Drops and fumbles. Being hotheaded, stupid mistakes)
    3, I just don’t see him as good as others probably. He’s a top20 WR, but not a top10 and definitely not a top5. But he’ll wanna get paid like a top5 WR
    4, He’s not a superweapon as a security blanket. He didn’t do that well with jet sweeps, screens, shorter throws. He’s a superweapon for a QB with huge arms who can throw deep downfield where DK beats his opponent by his speed. For a rookie, or more of a game manager QB, I think we need a guy who can catch 3-5 yards deep and makes 10-15 from it

    He has talent, he’s a greek god and he’s a good WR, so if they sign him I won’t be mad, but I just don’t value him as a superstar top5 WR in the NFL. If others see him as that and willing to give up trade compensation based on that I’m sold

    • L80

      A couple things I didn’t like about Wilson was his penchant for always making the “big play”……He almost never checked down or got the ball out quick to keep the chains moving.

      Another was not high pointing DK. Here you have an incredible athlete, and you can’t even get him the ball up high?
      I’m looking forward to seeing someone throw him the ball in this fashion…..He’s totally capable of becoming a truly elite WR….I say keep him.

      • Brashmouse

        I think you should watch the tape. Russ threw rainbows and DK struggled with them(To Dani’s point many of the games he was lost in Russ had 3-4 misses high on sideline throws to him that were unplayable). When Geno was in he had very little touch on his throws and let DK win with separation and surprise rather then contested catch skill. The only place he was superior on contested catches was the slant/skinny post. All other routes he was below average, Underthrown high points were his worst. He was the anti Golden Tate. Whoever is the QB needs to take advantage of his plus skills of release precise routes and top speed not his minus skills of high point and elusive route running (or elusive after the catch for that matter).

    • BobbyK

      One thing with DK is that there aren’t many WRs in the NFL defensive coordinators worry about. Sure, he may not have top 10 stats, but he has top 2-3 affect on opposing defenses.

      • GoHawksDani

        He’s someone who you plan for, that’s sure. But with scheme and technique they were able to just erase him from the field, while still cover Lockett to a decent extent.
        Maybe it’s not on him, maybe it was Russ, or offensive scheme, or he’s still learning to be a better route runner. Not an easy task to figure out…if you trade him and he becomes the monster he could be, then you were stupid for trading him. If you keep him and you won’t be able to negotiate a new deal and he sits out and not willing to play, you’re in a trap. If you pay him huge money (25m avg), and he stays where he is right now, you overpaid by a lot (at least in my eyes). I must trust the FO and the trainers and coordinators that they know better if DK is sort of peaked or he’s just starting his journey. If his medicals are great or not. If he’s maturing in his attitude or not. Based on what I saw and my risk-reward analysis, I’d rather trade him, but I don’t know anything compared to the Hawks org, so they’ll hopefully can make a better decision 🙂

      • Peter

        That’s a huge asset DK brings. Heard he’s the second most double covered reciever after Adams of GB.

      • bmseattle

        Another thing to consider that no one seems to mention, is that DK had what was (apparently) a pretty substantial foot injury that he has been playing through.

        So it is fair to assume that it effected his play, at least somewhat.
        And it also shows his toughness and willingness to battle through injuries.

  28. Brendon


    Jermaine Johnson
    EDGE Florida State
    trade icon

    Desmond Ridder
    QB Cincinnati

    Abraham Lucas
    OT Washington State

    Travis Jones
    DT Connecticut

    Cole Strange
    OG Chattanooga
    trade icon

    Dameon Pierce
    RB Florida

    Josh Paschal
    EDGE Kentucky

    Jalyn Armour-Davis
    CB Alabama

    Jaylen Watson
    CB Washington State
    2023 WAS 2nd

  29. samprassultanofswat

    BTW: As painful as it was to trade Wilson. In the long run it was probably the right move. As much as I loved watching Russell Wilson I just don’t know about paying him 50mil for a player that is 35-39 years old. Russell Wilson’s agent is going to play hard ball. I don’t think John Schneider had the stomach to negotiate with Mark Rodgers a third time.

    In the 2022 draft taking a pass rusher is the only option at the number nine pick. The Hawks need a cornerstone pass rusher that they can control for years to come. I like Chandler Jones. But the guy is 32 years old. Chandler Jones had 10.5 sacks last year. But 5 sacks came in the first game of the year. Which means he had 5.5 sacks the remaining 16 games of the season. Not sure you want to empty the vault for Jones.

    Jake Heap thinks the Seahawks are pretty high on Matt Corral. I remember back in 2012 when Pete Carroll and John Schneider were supposedly going bonzo over Ryan Tannehill. That is the same year they took Russell Wilson in the 3rd round. Was that a smoke screen? Who knows! Is the Hawks interested in Corral legitimate? Maybe? Maybe not. One thing I heard that was troubling was that Brock Huard thinks that Drew Lock is better than any QB in this draft. That doesn’t say much for this draft class for QBs. What a despressing thought. That Drew Lock is better than any QB in this draft.

    Releasing Bobby Wagner was the right move. You are not going to find a better human being than Bobby Wagner. But he simply was not worth paying him 18mil. or whatever his current contract was. I wish Wagner the best. I just hope he signs with a team that is not in the NFC West.

    As mentioned above. Taking a pass rusher with the number 9 pick is the only option. With the two 2nd round picks one of them should be an offensive tackle. The other 2nd round pick they might go QB.

    Rob: I am really interested to see your next mock draft. Now that Russell Wilson is no longer on the roster.

  30. samprassultanofswat

    Hey guys. Tom Brady says that he is retired. But we all know that playing for the 49ers was his first love. Does anyone have any thoughts on a Trey Lance trade to Tampa Bay for Tom Brady?

    • Scot04

      When asked how much if he had to trade him; Arians said it would take five 1sts.
      So I guess that would be Lance and two 1sts.

  31. SonGoku

    Hey Rob, are you still planning to post a new off-season plan as you mentioned a few days ago?

    • Rob Staton

      Well in fairness I’ve more or less laid out what I would do in recent articles. But I will formulate some FA articles

      • Robbie

        Yes please do, I feel like you haven’t dedicated enough time to the blog lately. LOL

        • TomLPDX

          Such a slacker! 😉

        • Rob Staton

          Got a mock coming today — plus some more FA/general thoughts

          • TomLPDX

            Think you’ll do any interactive drafts using the simulator again? Those were fun when you give your thought process out. Maybe after FA’cy begins?

            • Rob Staton

              For sure.

              I’m waiting for the simulators to catch up with more realistic rankings

  32. Hawkdawg

    If I had four words of advice to Pete and Schneider now, sitting on a bunch of cash and picks, it would be these:

    Don’t get too cute.

    This is especially true for the draft. If you have a chance to get transformational talent and desire at a given spot, get it. More picks isn’t always better.

    • Peter

      Agreed. There’s really no need to trade down. Also don’t complain about not having a top ten pick and then trade it when you get it back after losing it in the first place.

      Take Jermaine Johnson. Walker. Wyatt.

      I get that some will say he’s an overreach. Guess what there are zero overreaches IF a player plays the way you think they can for years and years. I love Jordan Davis. Who wouldn’t but I have this feeling that Wyatt could be scary special if used slightly differently than the way Georgia did because they were so loaded.

      With the picks in the forties if the qb is there go for it. If not, now that you don’t have to worry as much about qb protection (sorry lock,) get lucas and Jurgens. Or continue with building the front 7 with tindall and yet another dline player if they fall.

      Don’t trade down cause you think you can get your guy then miss and have a “collier,” face after the fact.

    • Rob Staton

      My words of advice would be…

      ‘Use your picks in the draft’

  33. Ashish

    Dk to #Jets for 2 first #4 & #10 of 2022.

    • Poli

      Yes please

    • Sea Mode

      Really want to get them back for ripping us off in the Adams deal, huh? 😂

      • Ashish

        Yes you got 100% correct similar compensation similar player.

    • Robbie

      This would be an absolute fleecing! Wouldn’t turn this down lol

    • Rob Staton

      They won’t go for that.

      I think you could realistically expect #10 though, or #35 + #38

      • Matt

        Oh man…35 and 38 would be incredible. I’d do that in a heartbeat – you could fully restock the trenches while adding an elite LB or good CB.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I don’t think I’d want #10, but #35 and 38 would be amazing. Trade down a little bit with them and you could fill a lot of gaps on the team.

      • Scot04

        Maybe they decide to give us a little bit of a better deal because of Adams.
        #10 & #38
        Would be nice, but won’t happen.
        You keep Metcalf unless blown away.

  34. no frickin clue


    I think the next crucial question that has to be answered is this: how patient with a rebuild is Pete willing to be?

    Will he employ a ‘get rich quick’ approach by using up some of the new high-end draft capital (and cap space) to get Cousins, or a trade up to get Corral if he’s worried he won’t even be there at #9?


    Will he employ a ‘sustainable investment’ approach that treats 2022 as a building block year, focuses on trenches, preserves draft capital, and either (1) only grabs a QB this year if one he likes falls to him at #40, or (2) skips a high pick on a QB this year but takes a shot at a franchise QB in the 2023 draft?

    I would like to choose the 2nd option, but I keep coming back to the fact that Pete is 70 years old. I’m not saying go ahead and tank, but I don’t know if he is willing to entertain even one season with handing the keys to Drew Lock.


    • Rob Staton

      This concerns me too.

      I hope he’s willing to be patient but I’m not sure he will be.

  35. Peter

    Rob your 710 stuff is always great. Btw thank you for your curmudgeonly ways early days with your site keeping it clean and mostly positive even when some of us disagree.

    Been trying to take in other seahawks podcasts (love the pedestrian pod always,) but some of the comments/takes/ etc are just hot garbage. Not football stuff because i love different viewpoints. But the interpersonal stuff.

    Anyways. Thanks again. Now that 710 has changed maybe it’s time for them to give you a power hour on the air?!

    • Rob Staton

      I would honestly be prepared to do a power hour on air for free 😂

      But sadly the chances are non-existent. Can you imagine how the audience would react, having to listen to a Brit on air talking about the NFL?? Especially me banging on like I do.

      • Denver Hawker

        I think your voice would be welcome in any market frankly. You speak a truth that is clear and refreshing. I find an outside perspective incredibly valuable.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks Denver!

          It would be a dream to do a show in Seattle, would happily do it for free. But I know it’s never going to happen 🤣

          • Brashmouse

            I think you may underestimate your fanbase. I suspect you have more of a following in Seattle than anyone talking Seahawks since Huard left 710 and 710 is hurting for listeners since they scaled back due to budget.

          • bmseattle

            If you ever do get a show in Seattle, promise us that you’ll have Greg Bell on for a weekly segment.

            • Big Mike

              With Clayton as a once a week guest

      • Ashish

        You have SDB members so that means you have more listeners than professor.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        If you ran a site for a different team and I had no idea who you were, my first thoughts would be “how does this Brit know so much about the NFL?” and, “he has some really good thoughts, I want to hear more.” I have a lot of friends who support other teams that I tell to read your blog during drat season because it has such good info on players.

      • cha

        Just for the record Rob, Ross Fletcher from the UK initially did the Sounders coverage, but now he’s flexed to covering the Kraken for ROOT Sports. He’s at the news desk before the games, at the intermissions and for post game wrapup.

        I haven’t taken a survey or anything, but haven’t heard anyone having an issue with an Englishman talking hockey.

      • Peter

        I’d love it.

  36. CDAHawksFan

    From Doug Kyed of PFF…..”Kirk Cousins has a fan in Pete Carroll. One source still indicated the Seahawks are headed for a two-year reset, however.” Take it with a grain of salt but definitely encouraging to hear.

    • CDAHawksFan

      Encouraging as in a two year reset. Makes me think even more their QB is in next year’s draft.

      • Robbie

        Will Levis come on down! The more I watch his tape the more hyped I am about him! Rob always getting me hyped on some dude that we never draft :/

        • Rob Staton


          Levis is a stud

    • Rob Staton


  37. Leo

    I think the most sensible plan for the quarterback position is to sign another cheap veteran free agent (Jameis Winston?) to compete with lock for the starting position this year. Then, they can either draft someone they feel good about this year in the second round (like you Rob, I really want to see them invest that first pick in the trenches-particulary the defensive line), or in the first round next year. If they get their guy this year, then great, but if they don’t like their options in the second round this year, with two first round picks next year and likely one of them being a top five pick (they aren’t going to be good next year), they will have the ammunition they need to get there guy. I love Russell Wilson, but this is the most excited I’ve been about the Seahawks since the beginning of the Carroll/Schneider era. I know they won’t be competitive next year, but it will be fun to watch how this new team develops, and I feel the trade gives them their only realistic chance of getting back to the Super Bowl within the next three years. That was just never going to happen without the trade-they had too many holes to fill and not enough resources to fill those holes

    • Rob Staton

      I would agree Leo.

      Embrace the rebuild.

      Build up your roster. If you love these QB’s, trade up from #40. But spend #9 on a DE

  38. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Sources: The Washington #Commanders are expected to release star defender Landon Collins after the two sides did not agree on a restructured contract. Collins will now hit free agency to cash in again.

    Wow. Massively overpaying a safety didn’t work out.

    • Rob Staton

      This is like looking at us in 12-24 months.

      I wish we could accelerate the process and move on from Jamal now.

      • cha

        If they can absorb the $7m extra cap hit AND talk a team into giving the Hawks a pick and paying Adams the $12.44m bonus with bad shoulders, they should take the pick and run.

        • Rob Staton

          Can you explain this to me in a bit more detail?

          Are you saying they COULD trade him??

          • cha

            Yeah they can. It wouldn’t be pretty but it’s better than I originally though with the new info from OTC posted yesterday.


            It appears that the $12.44m option bonus has been earned, but not paid yet. If the Hawks can talk a team into taking him before the bonus is due, it will only reduce their cap by $7m this year.

            Does anyone want to send the Hawks a pick, and then cut Jamal Adams a check for $12.44m? Would they pass him on a physical at this point?

            • Rob Staton

              Thanks. I will add it to my article notes for later

              • cha

                It’s a longshot. JS would have to tapdance on the head of a pin.

                Why would you pay busted shoulder JA $12.44m and $25m total for 2 years when you can get Landon Collins for less?

                The trade comp would be terrible. A 4th if you’re lucky. Probably a 2023 pick.

                • jed

                  I’d take either of those options. Sometimes you just have to eat the sunk costs. The trade was bad, the contract was bad, keeping a broken player is bad. Just end it. The trade return for Jamal would be bad and look bad relative to what was given up, but it would open up even more $ in 2023.

          • Sea Mode

            cf. yesterday’s thread


      • bmseattle

        I wish we could move on, as well.
        Adams is the epitome of everything that has gone wrong since the last “reset”.

        Every time I hear someone in media emphasize that we need to “build the defense” around him, or “maximize” him, it makes me cringe.
        As long as he is on the team, it’s just a reminder of the terrible trade and the even more terrible decision to double down and sign him to a record deal.

        • Ashish

          No Adams on team will be fresh start. Even with dead cap hit this year is not a problem. We will dream to win a SB next year any way. We can get rid of Adams, Carson, Dwayne Brown.

          Can we get any draft capital from Carson? I’m more optimistic

          • cha

            Carson’s NFL career is in jeopardy. He’s untradeable.

    • bmseattle

      The league just doesn’t value the safety position.

      Well… most of the league. : (

      • Big Mike


  39. Bowhuntr

    I woke up with a horrible thought this morning. Do you think Pete/John
    are desperate enough to bring in Colin Kaepernick for a look? I personally hate the idea but I know Pete has been linked to being someone who might give him a shot. Your thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      Kaepernick isn’t coming back. He’s 35 this year and not played for years.

      That’s not going to happen.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Adam Schefter

        Colin Kaepernick is still working out and is said to be, in the words of one source, “in the best shape of his life. He wants to play. He’s ready play. He would be a great fit for teams with QB vacancies to fill who want to win a Super Bowl.”

        So you’re telling me there’s a chance

        • Rob Staton

          I’ll stick my neck out and say no chance.

          Zero chance. Nil. Nada.

          If I’m wrong I’ll admit so.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            Me too. Couldn’t help but sharing, especially since I saw Schefty’s tweet right after I read your comment 😂

    • easymoneyhawks

      Maybe it’s just me, but I have seen many comments along these lines: PC believes he doesn’t need a star QB to win. He’s always wanted a strong running game and a punishing, turnover creating D. I’m not sure they don’t believe they can win with Lock, limiting his attempts to 20-25 a game like early years Russ. The way Penny finished, and with the new draft capital I see them going back to how this all started. And honestly I’m not sure it can’t work again. Have to hit on these picks, but I think they’ll go back to drafting their type of guys instead of appeasing RW3, or getting cute.

      Side thought:. I think Russ actually turned out to be a much better QB with a knack for big plays then PC/JS intended. Therefore the problems started to arise as Wisons status and gameplay rose. Hence the LRC campaign that went nowhere.

      That’s my 2 cents and I’m sure it’s not even worth half but I appreciate your work Rob, thanks for the dedication.

  40. downtownjewelrybryan

    pumped and jacked for this coming draft! i cant stand how artificial vegas is but im actually considering going next month. thank you Rob for all the man hours you put in. the only other place i go to for hawks content is when i check out top billin’s videos and he was talking about bringing in matt ryan to go along with waldron’s offense. any idea on the compensation?

    • Rob Staton

      It’d be too much.

      He’s 37 this year and they’d probably ask for a first.

      Get younger please Seattle!

      • downtownjewelrybryan

        oh yeah no thanks…young and hungry is the focus for ‘22.

    • TomLPDX

      ATL would have a take a major hit if that were to happen. Here is his overthecap data:

      year, age, salary, prorated bonus, roster bonus, guaranteed salary, cap number, dead money, cap savings
      2022, 37, $16,250,000, $24,912,500, $7,500,000, $0, $48,662,500, $40,525,000, $8,137,500
      2023, 38, $20,500,000, $15,612,500, $7,500,000, $0, $43,612,500, $15,612,500, $28,000,000

    • cha

      Alright. Here’s my thought scribbled on a cocktail napkin.

      IF the Falcons are in any way interested in swallowing a $40m dead cap hit and
      IF the they can work out a non-premium draft pick in trade, maybe some kind of Wentz like ‘if they make the playoffs the pick bumps up a round’ type thing, and lastly
      IF the Seahawks got crafty and very aggressive with Ryan’s current contract

      It could work

      Right now his cap hits are:

      2022: $23.75m ($16.25m non-guaranteed salary + $7.5m roster bonus due March 19, 2022)
      2023: $28m ($20.5m non-guaranteed salary + $7.5m roster bonus due March 19, 2023)

      The Seahawks make the trade and roll up their sleeves on his contract and cut him a check for $29.25m as a welcome gift:

      Convert $14.25m of his 2022 salary to bonus
      Pay his $15m in roster bonuses immediately and convert to signing bonus
      Tack on two void years to spread the hit out


      2022 cap hit: $9.3125m
      2023 cap hit: $27.8125m (Here’s the benefit: Remember, $20.5m is non-guaranteed. If you want to cut Ryan loose there would be $21.9375 dead cap but it would only cost you $1.4375m against the cap)
      2024 void cap hit: $7.3125m
      2025 void cap hit: $7.3125m

      Two thoughts:

      1-This might be a little Alice In Wonderland, but can you imagine Matt Ryan going to the leadership and saying ‘I’d like to finish my career throwing to Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf. We’ve had a great run. Can you help me out?’ I can.

      2-Atlanta picks at #8 and may have their choice of QBs in the draft

      3-There is no blocking the Seahawks from taking a QB they like in 2022, but if they love a 2023 guy (*cough* Levis *cough*) they can roll with Ryan & Lock. They aren’t forced to reach for a QB for 2022 and if a Corral, Ridder or Coan is there when they pick, grab him. They can be patient and successful in 2022 at QB.

      Don’t get too worked up. A LOT has to happen, but there is a pathway forward.

      • TomLPDX

        I was hoping you would come back with your analysis Curtis. I actually am a Matty fan and would love this to happen. I think he is still a good QB.

      • downtownjewelrybryan

        ryan at the right price this year and draft whoever JS has his eye on next year (levis?) would allow us to compete while reloading. ryan may also want to go to whoever has the best shot at a ring before be calls it quits and why not seattle especially if dk and tyler remain on the roster.

        • Peter

          The steelers, titans, and yes the browns are all better teams intil further notice. If. If they hit on Free agency and the draft and don’t get a bunch of guys that have to settle in then maybe this ship is turning around.

          With DK, lockett, and “blank,” might be hard for Ryan to choose this team.

  41. Jason

    I’m surprised you’re not in on Watson, Rob. He’s been better than Wilson and has only gotten better each year, maybe top 5 even. He’d instantly put Seattle into the upper echelon of the NFC, assuming they use their cap space decently.

    This is of course if we’re willing to get around the moral issue (and optics, considering Seattle’s general political orientation) of bringing him in.

    • Rob Staton

      I have no appetite for it

      They need to build a new team. Not spend everything on Watson and have a crap roster around him

    • Peter

      We should pump the breaks on Watson until friday and even beyond.

      There’s a pretty big range between never playing football again, an 8 game suspension, big civil case.

      All the draft options this year shouldn’t be traded for a guy who has more yards than wilson and that’s that. Even his best year he couldn’t elevate his team.

  42. Happy Hawk

    Have I missed something- has JS or PC addressed the media and fans about getting rid of RW and BW? Have they revealed their reasoning and plan? A real fear i have is that they will be so desperate to be “right” and their hubris will lead them to think do it now! The reality is that PC won’t be the coach when the Hawks complete the total tear down and restructure occurs 3-5 years down the road. The will never be successful again until they find the QB of the future…and that is a proven fact in today’s NFL.

    • bmseattle

      The hope is that they are sincere in their admission of being “arrogant” over the past few years, and that they have learned from their mistakes.

      Also, that the yare inspired to rebuild in a similar way to the initial rebuild in 2010.

      You have to think that John is motivated to take advantage of this opportunity.

  43. jopa726


    He eats bananas whole, peel included.

  44. Hawk Scott


    I just want to echo the sentiments of a lot of the other regular readers of this fantastic site. You have absolutely been killing it over the past several days. Actually, you’ve been providing amazing content for many years, but I thought you deserved a special shout-out for all the incredible insight the past few days. Hawks fans are beyond lucky to have you and your expertise (and amazing analysis)!!!

    Thanks again!!! Just can’t say it enough… we really, REALLY appreciate all you do!!!

    • TomLPDX

      Well said Hawk Scott. Rob has knocked it out the park this past week+, above and beyond his usual excellent content.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you 👏🏻

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

      Really appreciate the comments guys 🙏🏻

    • jed

      Agreed, Rob has been crushing it! Totally changed the way I think about this trade, the offseason, and the future of the franchise. Thanks Rob! Totally worth the Patreon subscription.

      I’m feeling the most excited about the team since before that awful offseason where they blew $60M on mediocre vets.

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks Jed!

  45. Hand of God

    I really hope that they take this incredible opportunity to truly revamp the team, thinking about this as a long term plan. For too long we have been a good team with no Super Bowl aspirations, making it to the postseason to loose 1 game into it. I am in no way advocating for tanking in 2022, but i also hope that they don’t try to build a team to “win now”: that is (a) leverage the picks to bring in best players available, don’t reach for a QB unless you truly believe in one…I am more than happy to ride it out with Lock, (b) build up a solid core via the draft, (c) sign young promising players to long term contracts via free agency, and (d) extend valuable contracts for key players. Perhaps more controversial, maybe we can use this season to test out some players…for example, extending Brown in this context makes no sense: if the draft board flows in a way that OT cant be addressed, let’s see what we have in Stone Forsythe and Jake Curhan. And Rob, thanks for all the content you are sharing, your excitement about the open possibilities is truly contagious

  46. vbullen65

    Do you think Desai and Hurtt had significant input in regards to the decision of letting Bobby go? I am still shocked that Pete allowed that to happen. I thought it was the right thing to do.

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe John is in charge now after all?

    • cha

      The selling point to Desai that the Seahawks were going to get aggressive in bringing in good defensive players sure rings different now, that’s for sure.

      • Sea Mode

        Can anyone take a stab at coming up with a plan to actually put Adams in a position to be successful, based on what we know from Desai + Hurtt’s background and the changes they’ve said so far they want to make?

        • Peter

          This isn’t a dig at the player but he might be done even if he doesn’t know it yet.

        • cha

          Probably too early without a clear look at the personnel.

          But Desai implemented lots of stunts and used the safety a lot to pick OT’s to free up pass rushers.


          • bmseattle

            Sounds perfect for a guy with a bum shoulder.

        • MychestisBeastmode

          There will be a lot of Cover 2 shells (cover 2 in look but really a cover 1 robber) where I’d bet they hope Jamal playing the robber roaming the intermediate field can optimize his knack for making plays and laying big hits (shoulder permitting). From there, he could be utilized on safety blitzes as well. How effective will it be? — that’s the $17 million dollar question that hopefully the new coaches and philosophy change will have an answer for.

          I think Jamal can be an impact player, but very likely never enough to justify his trade and contract. For that reason, he will be cut in 2 seasons when it’s the first chance to get out with a bit of cap savings. Hope I’m wrong and he balls out, but more likely his shoulder never gets all the way right and he ends up being a complete bust — even more than he’s been to date.

  47. Denver Hawker

    I’m getting ready for media popcorn on the breakup dirt.

    Both sides have a narrative to not be pegged the one that wanted a trade. I’d be more than content if they bury the hatchet and we all move on- focusing on the future.

    PC/JS have yet to talk to the media about the trade. Russ hasn’t stated anything either. Wagner appears to be getting more reverence from the team’s media.

    • TomLPDX

      Already started. This article on The Athletic for instance:


      • Denver Hawker

        Lays it out pretty concisely- also subtly points at Russ/Rodgers.

      • Big Mike

        Paywall blocked. I’d love to read it too. 🙁

        • Big Mike

          NM, got it on my phone. Blocked on the PC. Weird

          • Big Mike

            Aw shit, it blocked me on the phone too now 🙁

            • TomLPDX

              I could send you a 30-day guest pass but I’d need your email addr.

    • cha

      I would love a post-mortem 30 for 30 on 2019-now.

      How did the Seahawks so badly mess up the 2020 pass rush situation?

      What was the “let me cook” meeting in 2020 really like?

      Did Russ really get ignored/stomp out of the offensive planning meeting later that season?

      How close were they REALLY to trading Russ in 2021?

      What was the timeline of events this year? The end of season, the Jody meeting, discussions with Russ, discussions with teams?

      • bmseattle

        Sponsored by R&C… the scent of love.

      • Denver Hawker

        What was irreconcilable? Was it about the money? The offensive philosophy? Seems like things just slowly drifted apart and became very noticeable last 2 seasons.

        Time will tell if there is a villain to the story. Will Russ be a failure of his own ambition or show the world he is unlimited? Will Pete return to success without Russ?

      • pdway

        have often thought that there will be a 30 for 30 someday….opening scene is of course the Malcolm Butler pick.

  48. Ashish

    Rob, is there any one similar to Josh Allen or Justin Herbert in coming draft?

    • Rob Staton


  49. Palatypus

    You could trade down the #9 twice and get enough draft capital in next year’s draft to move up to #1 without tanking.

    • We already have enough ammo


      2 1sts, 2 2nds in 2023 will get it done. Or tack on a 2024 high round if needed.
      Tanking need not be part of any conversation as a means to build a championship roster.

  50. Tomas

    2 positives I see:

    1. JS won’t have to endure any more unpleasant interactions with Mark Rodgers
    2. No need to wonder what Pete’s statue should look like

    Great job, Jody!

    • Big Mike

      Pete ain’t gettin’ a statue. He gonna get run out of town.

      • Peter

        If this gambit works: statue

        If they choose wrong on the qb and we turn into the browns…..then your prediction is going to come true.

  51. Spectator

    Complete hypothetical. Personally, I hate the idea of Watson. I actually like Corral and Willis, but really dont like them at 9 and am afraid that is what the Hawks are going to do. But I was discussing that with a buddy of mine who asked an intriguing question. Suppose for the sake of argument, Watson gets cleared by the NFL but get a 6 game suspension. The 6 game suspension impacts his value of course, but makes him cheaper. Houston says they will accept pick 9 in exchange for 37 and Watson. And the Hawks internally know that they will pick either Corral or Willis after a small trade back. IF you think about it, for Houston to trade up to 9 from 37, it would cost a few future 1st rounders. So essentially, Houston is getting the value of a few future 1st rounders for Watson and Hawks maintain the number of picks.
    So would you rather have a Corral or Willis from game 1on rookie deal, or Watson after the 6 game suspension, big contract, civil suit baggage, an extra pick in the 30s this year?

  52. Steve Nelsen


    You have said several times that Seattle would not have traded Russell without a plan to replace him. I am certain you are right.

    I also do not expect Seattle to “tank” or wait a year for a possible QB. Pete is to old to waste a year and he can’t teach “Always compete” and “we are building for 2023 not 2022” at the same time.

    So, if the plan is to compete at 2022 and Seattle has a plan, there really only seems to be 2 options.

    Option 1: We know Seattle highly values the Senior Bowl in evaluating prospects. So, Seattle could be confident that there is at least one franchise QB likely available in the draft. Given the performance by Malik Willis at both the Senior Bowl and Combine, he seems the most likely. Seattle knows they can’t count on Malik being available at #9 so they are either planning on a trade-up or they have a second QB that they also feel confident about. Matt Corral seems the most possible at this point but I am looking forward to your continuing analysis of the rookies. Seattle will also need a free agent veteran like Tyrod Taylor who can compete in 2022 if the rookie isn’t ready.

    Option 2: You can’t count on a trade so the Seattle plan isn’t to trade for a veteran unless that has already been worked out in advance. The only possibility in this scenario is Kirk Cousins. The deal may not be finalized until draft day when Seattle will know whether they got the QB they want in the draft.


      good points question is If malik is at 9 do you take him or a pass rusher

      • Steve Nelsen

        Malik Willis is clearly a top-10 pick after the Senior Bowl and Combine.

        • Peter

          In this draft? Probably.

          I want them to go pass rush. Almost as hard of a position to lock down and Willis has a ton of holes in his game.

        • Rob Staton

          I would disagree strongly that he is ‘clearly’ a top-10 pick.

          Very strongly.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      The problem with this, and Carroll would know as well as anyone, is that it’s just not reasonable to expect a rookie QB to take you all the way to a Super Bowl, let alone win it. That’s generally true, but especially not a rookie QB from this class. And especially, especially with the rest of roster so full of holes.

      So if Seattle love one of the QBs in this class, and by love I mean they believe one could develop into a Super Bowl caliber QB, it’ll be with the hope that whomever they select could, at best, be another Russell Wilson and reach the Super Bowl in his second year (2023).

      And that’s what Carroll said. So I take him at his word. At least on this.

      • Steve Nelsen

        I agree. That’s why I said that pairing a rookie with a FA veteran who could compete this year, like Tyrod Taylor, would have to be part of the plan.


    ROB your the only wise Post ApocoWilson , coolaid Free voice I listen to

  54. cha

    Joseph Noteboom for the open LT job? I didn’t know anything until Rob listed him.

    Third round pick in 2018. 6’5″ 321 ran a 4.96, 2.62 TEF, 34-3/8″ arms

    He’ll be 27 this fall. UFA from the Rams, was Andrew Whitworth’s caddy.

    Started 9 games / 633 snaps two years ago and had a 60.3 PFF with 2 sacks allowed and 3 penalties committed.

    2021: started 2 games / 173 snaps and had a 76.0 PFF with 2 sacks allowed and zero penalties

    Whitworth hasn’t officially decided to retire unless I’ve missed it.

    Wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit to poach him and hear that Whitworth has decided to retire.

    • Ross

      I have to believe the Rams will be all over that situation. They wouldn’t let an emerging LT go right when Whitworth is publicly deciding whether or not to retire.

  55. Sea Mode

    Haha, simple and brilliant account.


  56. Sea Mode

    Myjai Sanders just posted a vid of him weighing in at 247.5


    • Blitzy the Clown

      Definitely a better weight for him, but not by drinking a lot of water or eating too much. I’ve moved off him since the Combine. Unless it’s 5th round or later.

      • Sea Mode

        It was reported he was sick during the Combine and couldn’t hold anything down, leading to the drop in weight.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I didn’t know that. Thanks. I guess that would affect his performance too.

    • Rob Staton

      How do you gain about 20lbs in a week???

      • Sea Mode

        Well, he was 242 at the Sr. Bowl.

  57. Sea Mode



  58. Sea Mode


    Poona Ford🐐
    ·Mar 8

    Shyddd lemme play QB

    • Rob4q

      I love Poona!!!

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Haha 🤣. Gotta love that young man with vines for arms.

  59. Tomas

    A genuine re-build can’t truly begin until the proven incompetents PC/JS are removed. If Rob Staton and Jake Heaps were calling the shots there would be reason for optimism. Jody’s decision to retain PC/JS over RW has condemned this franchise to years of abject misery and ridicule. Wake me up when Pete and John are gone.

  60. CL

    Well, somebody just posted this on reddit:

    I’m watching “Move The Sticks” on NFL Network, and Daniel Jeremiah’s exact words were “talking with friends around the league, the expectation from every single one of them is that when it’s all said and done, Deshaun Watson is gonna be the quarterback”. He continues and says he “hasn’t talked to anyone who thinks Pete Carroll is gonna take this thing down to the studs with John Schneider and this is gonna be a 3 or 4 year rebuild”. His last words on the topic were “everybody you talk to in the league expects this to be the outcome”.

    • Jordan

      Personally, I just can’t see it.

      It doesn’t get you any further along than where you were with Russ, unless Watson is that much of an ‘open box discount’ that you can get him for significantly less than you received for Russ.

      The PR hit in going from Russ as a citizen to Watson as a citizen isn’t ideal either. Tough to sell to the fanbase.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Winning has a way of glossing over ugly things in the NFL.

        • Peter

          Hard to win with this team. Unless he’s next to free. Then it’s a crap run game and a crap defense and he already showed in Houston a big season from him doesn’t elevate a crap team.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Any talk by a media person about Deshaun Watson being the Seahawks quarterback in 2022 is clickbait. And any talk about it by fans is nonsense rosterbation.

      Deshaun Watson didn’t play a game in 2021. He won’t play a game in 2022 because he will either be in court, in jail or facing a very lengthy league suspension.

      In fact his 2023 season is quite doubtful because his legal proceedings are likely to drag on for another year with jail or suspension to follow.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah and last week everyone in the league was saying Wilson wasn’t being dealt

      That’s the message all of the reporters were relaying

      I see almost no chance of the Seahawks, with a crap roster, blowing everything on Watson — then waiting 8-10-12-weeks or even a season for his suspension to finish

      They’ll do their due diligence, sure. I think this is a useful smokescreen masking their true intentions.

    • ElPasoHawk

      Like Rob said smokescreens all over the place this time of year. Wouldn’t doubt Corral is a smokescreen also. I will say that I don’t think Houston is getting a haul for Watson given possible suspension, being out a year, etc. He also may do what Russ did and pick a team and say trade me there or no where. If it’s Seattle he prefers and the asking price is Swapping our 1 this year with their 2 this year and number 40 and a third would you pull the trigger? I would.

  61. Sea Mode

    R1 buzz for Tyler Smith?


  62. Rob4q

    Didn’t Matt Corral get hurt during Ole Miss bowl game? Was it anything serious enough to affect his draft stock?

    Right now he is QB-1 on Lance’s NFL list and on the PFN SIM as well. I keep seeing guys talk about getting him in the 2nd round, but I’m not sure he lasts that long…

    • Rob Staton

      Lance’s grades were updated recently and he now has Willis at 6.41, Pickett & Corrall at 6.40.

      He hurt his ankle (I think) early in the bowl game and is in recovery.

  63. JimQ

    I’m sorry for repeating this (but I’m a “performance stats & numbers” guy). I’m in no way knocking Levis but IMO this stat comparison shows that there is another QB for consideration in the 2023 draft that may a better fit in PC’s system IMO. I’ve mentioned this QB before here and I’m a big fan, so bear with me in this comparison.

    A statistical performance comparison of an alternative QB that nobody is mentioning in the 2023 draft, I don’t know how people feel about the “QBR ratings” and how they show a QB’s passing efficiency, but McCall is a VERY efficient, a LOW passing volume, mobile, balanced attack QB that I think PC would love in his low volume, — long ball — and game managing passing “system”,

    QB-Will Levis, Kentucky. 6-3/228 (I’m NOT dissing him, he’s really a damn good QB.)
    2021: 13-games, 233/353/66.0%/2826-yds/8.0-Y/A, 7.7-AY/A, 24-TD’s,13-INT, 147.99-QBR
    + 107/376/3.51-avg/9-TD’s rushing.
    CAREER: 27-games, 294/455/64.6%/3470-yds/7.6-Y/A, 7.3-AY/A, 27-TD’s, 13-INT, 141.7-QBR,
    + 240/849/3.5-avg/15-TD’s rushing.

    QB-Grayson McCall, Costal Carolina, 6-3/214 (IMO, a better PC system fit overall -IMO).
    2021: 11-games, 176/241/73.0%/2873-yds/11.9-Y/A/*13.6-AY/A*, 27-TD’s, 3-INT, *207.6-QBR*
    + 93/290/3.12-avg/4-TD’s rushing.
    CAREER: 24-games, 352/495/71.1%/5386-yds/10.9-Y/A, 12.5-AY/A, 54-TD’s, 6-INT, *196.1-QBR*.
    + 206/870/4.2-avg/11-TD’s rushing.

    McCall’s 2021 Season: #1 in FBS in QBR (207.65), #1 in FBS in AY/A (air yards per attempt with 13.6), (#2 in AY/A is 10.1 (Stroud) compared to McCall’s 13.6, (= 2-1/2-yds. more!!), #2 in FBS in completion percentage (73.0%), McCall’s 2021 #1 QBR rating of 207.65 is the highest QBR in FBS since at least before 2009, McCall is #3 in FBS, since 1956 with his career total QBR of 196.1. ****NOTE: RW in 2011 @ Wisconsin had a 191.8-QBR that everyone was talking about how great that was (for that one year) back then & that is less than McCall’s overall career QBR.

    Sunbelt conference vs: SEC conference seems to be the only somewhat negative aspect in this statistical comparison. Should that be the deciding factor for a talented QB selection? When a team like SF spends multiple 1-st’s on a — FCS, So. Dakota — “project” QB they don’t start, why not spend a lot less in draft capital and draft a statistically better player with ++ upside like McCall?

    Coastal Carolina is an ascending top 20 program that has benefited from having very good QB play from McCall. McCall’s stats are higher than any other QB in the draft (through 2021) in almost -every category-. I can only imagine what pro coaching could bring out in him as an NFL QB. By current projections, McCall seems to be considered a Rd-2/3 option in 2023 but that will likely change depending on how his 2023 season goes. I’m expecting a similar statistical season from him and that could raise him up a round or 2.
    The Seahawks could do a lot worse.

  64. Happy Hawk

    Almost a year ago to the day:
    Rams got Stafford and the Lions got Goff and some picks
    This year
    The Broncos got Wilson and the Hawks got Lock and some picks
    Rams win the Superbowl and the Broncos?
    The bad thing is we are the Lions this year – ouch
    Wonder why we insisted on Lock in this deal if he wasn’t the replacement target all along just like Goff?
    Need a better plan

  65. Nathan

    Wilson finally gets away from Aaron Donald, and a day later finds out he’ll have Bosa and Khalil Mack coming from either side.

    Rob(and anyone else) thoughts on Mack getting traded? Would you have liked us being in on that trade?

    • Nathan

      Actually, would you believe it?

      AFC west playing NFC west this year.

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