Talking about Aden Durde with Softy & Dick on KJR

I was on KJR earlier talking to Softy & Dick about the appointment of Aden Durde as the new Seahawks defensive coordinator. Check it out below…


  1. ErickV

    I won’t believe it till Schefter or Pelissero report but seems like this accounts more reliable than the TTO guy.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s definitely something going on, Rapoport said they’re down to a final two and I think he said today or tomorrow for a conclusion in all likelihood. Sounds like things are moving. Grubb and Engstrand the names that are being mentioned the most in the media. Looks like we’re on the final stretch

      The TTO account has all the characteristics of a BS account but there is buzz doing the rounds about Grubb

      • Wilson502

        If it is Grubb or Engstrand, the JS absolutely knocked these coaching hires out of the park. I don’t think he could have done better all things considered.

        • ErickV

          Definitely, obviously what matters in the end is the results of the hire but I can get behind the idea. I’m quite skeptical of bringing on a guy who doesn’t have any NFL experience, but I respect John and Mike’s approach in swinging for the fences and getting a potential innovator. I’m really excited for this era , it really seems like we could build something special.

          • Jabroni-DC

            When asked if finding an OC with NFL experience calling plays was important to him in their search, Mike Mac responded that that was not a top priority for potential candidates.

          • Mr drucker in hooterville

            Both > Waldron . IMHO

            • HawksFN1986

              I don’t disagree w/ you, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Waldron’s offense blow up next year at ChiTown. We had 3 OCs under Pete, and our offense looked the same under all 3. I believe Pete’s philosophy could have hampered what Waldrons true capabilities are.

              • BK26

                I think the inability to scheme, game plan, and adjust was all him, though.

                And he will have a worse overall offense in Chicago. He didn’t do a good job for us.

      • Parallax

        I’d be thrilled with either of those guys. As you’ve said, they’re not without risks. But it’s exciting to go for it like this. Whatever happens, it will be great to watch and maybe, just maybe, it pays off big.

  2. PJ in Seattle

    Rob – looking forward to you making the move to Seattle for your afternoon radio show. You will kill it. It really doesn’t matter what you say over here, when you say it with a British accent, we just have to assume you are a genius. It’s weird. but it’s real. Hit me up to be part of your drivetime NFL squad – my dulcet American baritone will mix well.

    Love that you and your crew are going to unveil your Chiefs swag on your unsuspecting mate and thus jinx the whole thing. Chiefs by either 3 or 30. I dunno but… CHIEFS

    • PJ in Seattle

      Also, I know you won’t be fazed by 9 months of gray (or grey) and rain, because the 3 months of summer gloriousness are sooooo worth it. Yuo should come out here for training camp.

      • Rob Staton

        I used to live in Vancouver (Canada) and loved it but I’ll not sell my house over here just yet 😂 I’ve loved jumping on with Puck & Jim the last few weeks and it was great to join Softy & Dick today and I really appreciate KJR for indulging me every now and again with the occasional guest spot

        • Parallax

          Years ago, when I was a lot younger, I went to a bar with some friends, one of whom was from England. He had such an easy time picking up girls. That accent! They couldn’t get enough.

          Didn’t really get it until I began traveling overseas. Then I discovered that being a foreigner boosts one at least a couple of steps up the ladder of attraction. Wound up making something like ten trips to Europe the next few years.

  3. ErickV

    Not the best quality but it looks like Grubb , Macdonald, and Schneider all sitting together. We should get news probably by tomorrow right ?

    • Ben

      Best way to break news in a while. Looks like they are having a good time.

      I think Grubb is a pretty inspired hire. Gets to forge his own path, stay in Seattle. Keeps a cool connection between the Hawks and Huskies.

      Loving Schneider getting after it. Quite a turn around. Coaching is totally different. Roster could look really different too. Will say, I think Geno would look darn good in Grubbs offense. Don’t expect him to be there, but if he is I think he’ll thrive.

      One benefit of a completely new QB room? We can finally toss a bunch of the playbook that I swear seems to have hung around since Bevell.

  4. Yoonhawk

    This about seals it, I’d say.

    • Rob Staton

      Yep — that’s definitely very interesting

      Could also be a final interview today and a beer after (people were online saying JS and Dan Quinn went for a beer after his interview) — but that looks very cosy

      • Parallax

        I’m feeling sorry for Austin Mack. Kid follows DeBoer to Bama, perhaps for the chance to work with Grubb. Penix adored the guy. A lot of the kids did. He comes to Washington, enrolls, transfers cross country, and now his coach is gone. Damn!

    • Jabroni-DC

      No one can say that Washington’s offense wasn’t fun as hell. Some big balls calls throughout the year too to stay undefeated. Good execution.

      • Rob Staton

        I watched every one of their games for Penix and now wish I’d focused more on the play-calling too 😂

        Explosive offense though — this aint no conservative team

        And it’ll ramp up the talk of Penix Jr to the Hawks

        • Parallax

          What I found most impressive was how much they mixed things up. They didn’t play fast but they used the whole clock quite often, running all kinds of motion, sussing out the defense. When he ran a trick play, it didn’t look like most teams. Trick plays, even in the NFL, often look like Keystone Cops routines. Not with Grubb. Everything would be thorough practiced and would come off like it had been run a hundred times.

          He’s super creative and tailors the plays to the players. We’ll see whether he’s up for it at the NFL level. He won’t have the best line in the league/conference like he did at UW. Nor the best receivers, though Seattle’s certainly strong in that department. However, he’ll have more running back talent than he had at UW. So I’m optimistic and hoping for good things. Really hope he can bring Sherherd and Huff.

      • Seattle Person

        People that complained about how Pete never wanted extra motion or felt like Pete limited Shane Waldron from fully implementing the Rams’ system are going to get their wish with Grubb.

  5. Andrew
    Some guy on Twitter posted a photo of what appears to be Mike MacDonald and Ryan grubb having beers at dinos bar and grill in Renton near the VMAC from tonight.

    • Andrew

      Hawkblogger retweeted it.

      • Andrew

        Whoops commented without seeing the prior comments. Haha

  6. JN

    From an X’s and O’s standpoint, this team is going to be so damn exciting with Mac’s defense and Grubbs offense

  7. James Z

    If this is what it looks like (so far) to free JS from the ball and chain of PC I’m all in. Paul Allen might be smiling down, or something like that…

    • Rob Staton

      It’s definitely 1000000000x more interesting to be a Seahawks fan these days

      (At least IMO anyway)

      • Big Mike

        Could not agree more.
        It had gotten so damned stale.

        • jed

          On a certain level, I understand Michael Bennett more.

    • Gary

      So happy we are finally here but still have Pete-TSD from it not happening 3 or 4 years sooner.

  8. Palatypus

    We hired a Brit before Rob’s hat left the States.

  9. cha

    Great spot Rob. Lots of energy.

    • Peter

      Agree. I like the. Ibe of puck and Jim and hope that turns into something but this was a great spot on air.

      • Peter

        The vibe

  10. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    The best part of this DC hire… we can have Rob translate all the terms and slang for us each week. Maybe he can score a juicy interview with his fellow bloke from England and talk about the incredible journey from NFL Europe, through the NFL and coaching…. leading to his latest stop as a DC in Seattle. 😀

    In all seriousness, everything he has done with the Dallas DL has been impressive. He was in the process of unlocking DT Mazi Smith and in the process helped create room (via schemes) for Demarcus Lawrence to work over OL and QBs. Great hire!!!!

    • Palatypus

      Saratoga? Oh, that is Sarah In a toga, not the battle where Burgoyne surrendered.

      • Charlie TheUnicorn2187

        I’m thinking they will start talking about Robin Hood and his merry men….. or meander into talking about the War of the Roses and how it impacts England today. Perhaps they will just discuss various ales found in the British Isles and which is the best one to drink while watching football.

  11. ErickV

    Looks like Grubbs the guy.

    • Wilson502

      Beat me to it. Legit excited. Can’t wait to hear Rob’s thoughts on this. Gotta give props to JS for this whole process.

      • ErickV

        Absolutely, I’m really looking forward to seeing the the rest of the coaching staff fill out. I also like the fact that Grubb has experience as an O-line coach so that’ll definitely help in the draft process.

        • Peter

          This ^.

          Grubb has an interesting offense at UW with it still to be determined who is doing what for play calls, designs. But he has loooong track record of oline excellence.

  12. Andrew

    Adam Schefter is reporting Grubb is the OC. That’s about as legit as source there is

    • Whit21

      Yeah.. juat looked.. Rappaport and schefter reporting.. although rapp left the door open as not officially.. but we can assume if they report it.. its a done deal

    • 12th chuck

      I wont believe it until I hear it from Josina…

  13. Denver Hawker

    So who has the best analysis of Grubbs offense? I recall lots of misdirection, pre-snap motion, pulling guards- TE featured.

    Have to imagine much discussion and interview process was about how best to use their players, and most importantly, can Geno run his offense.

    Goes without saying I bet Penix is locked in everyone’s mocks here on out.

    • 805Hawk

      LOL, great minds think alike. I should have refreshed before posting my question below.

      • Denver Hawker

        Just the SDB hive mind.

    • BK26

      Can’t wait for that…never seen one guy mocked ad nauseum to us for the entire draft season… Oh wait, that was last year’s draft.

      • Peter


        Hope penix balls out if he’s the one. Will be nice to get away from the weirdness of the previous two qbs. Makes a lot of sense. OC, qb together.

        On the other hand. Who knows. Not every coach wants or can even get their former players. See: Pete and USC. Jim and Stanford.

        Pro= penix has a big arm. Con= will be interesting to see what some of those throws look like when he’s playing pros ( read: double coverage, pretty obvious PBU’s). Pro= very affable dude. Con= made his agent cry on Florio and Simms when he said he had four straight years of season ending injuries.

    • Seattle Person

      I fully believe Geno can run this offense. It’s whether the Hawks choose him to run the offense is the real question.

      The team might just want to fully move on from this era of Seahawks football and start a new path. That includes a young QB. Whoever the the passer is — Grubb is going to try to make his life easier. The reads are easier. The formations and motions help the QBs determine coverages.

      I expect the team to target QB early.

      • Peter

        Excited for Grubb.

        Hope he has a few more tricks. Just watched some fresno st. Then UW. I like that he presses. Like the oline play. Both qbs….just a little more progressions. Liked with fresno st he got one of their wr’s in space ( cropper).

        • BK26

          How did Fresno State’s tape look compared to Washington? That tape might interest me more than with the Huskies.

          Same offense?

          • Peter

            Same offense. Haener is an obvious step down.

            Both qbs are throwing to spots. I know there’s more than that. But I watched against Oregon so they were overmatched (michigan?) And to quote platypus and add a step : bends knees, claps, throws ball.

            I sure feel like I heard a TON about not using the middle of field in a recent time. More of the same with a lot of throws to the sidelines.

        • Seattle Person

          Grubb’s UW offense is known for several things.

          1) Pre-motion snaps to help QBs read the coverage but it’s also to confuse the Dline so it slows down the rush. They don’t know if it’s run or pass. It’s supposed to put LBs and Edge players in a bind.

          2) The bunch formations. It creates space for bubbles and screens. Also forces defenses to drag their guys over to a far hash to defend and forcing lighter boxes. This is a little harder to do in the NFL because the hashes are closer and space is tighter. I am interested to see how Grubb adjusts to this. They ran a lot of simulated runs (screens) on early downs to stay ahead of the downs. Or they ran a lot of mash concepts on short yardage situations. Usually out of a bunch formation.

          3) The Olinemen has to be athletic. They need to pull and be on the move constantly. This is pass, run, or screen.

          4) They will take their shot. Which I think Geno can do but he’s also going to cost over $30m if you keep him. The temptation to take a much cheaper QB that you can groom to do that is probably really strong for the Seahawks. Especially with a system that is supposed to be a young QB’s best friend.

          • Peter

            Great stuff.

          • Parallax

            Thanks for your analysis. You have a deeper understanding than I. Will be cool to see how much of this carries over.

            • Seattle Person

              Ironically, the defenses that are set to stop this is the MacDonald type of defense. Teams that can blitz or disguise usually slowed the UW’s offense down.

    • PatrickH

      I wonder how Huskies fans will react if the Seahawks draft Bo Nix instead of Penix?

      • Peter

        Darkest time line.

        One from the vaults:

        Schroedingers fan

      • 805Hawk

        I’d just grab some popcorn and start scrolling. With no attachment to Oregon or UW, it would be pure entertainment.

        • Peter


        • FloridaHawk

          Same. Has already been entertaining watching the swooning over Grubb, then the pearl clutching over Chip Kelly, now back to swooning over Grubb

  14. 805Hawk

    I’m not a UW fan and haven’t watched their games with an eye towards the offensive style. So, what does this mean for Geno? Does he fit Grubb’s offense or does this point to moving on?

    • BrandoK

      It means not a lot for geno or any other QB his system is very QB friendly. But most likely geno will not be here

  15. Palatypus

    I just got to get this out there for anyone thinking about making gumbo for the Super Bowl. One year, I came up with a “Seattle Style” where I used snow crab halves and served them Easter Style on top of the gumbo The claws arched over the bowl and I used a garnish of cilantro. Easter style means that the rice is dolloped on top of the gumbo with an ice cream scoop. This is traditionally done for lent by Catholic churches (as a halo) with a vegetarian/vegan style of gumbo. I have been meaning for a long time to do this for my yoga studio Uru here in Pensacola

    Here is the lent recipe from gumbo pages.

  16. Elmer

    It was Yogi Berra who said it isn’t over ‘til it’s over. Of course, he’s also the one who said “I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous “. It looks exciting though.

    • Palatypus

      90% of baseball is half mental.

      • Parallax

        “I never said most of the things I said.”

  17. swilliam67

    Many outlets now reporting Grubb as the next OC.

  18. Jon W.

    Hiring Grubb is incredibly sweet revenge against Deboer. Condotta’s ST article mentions that Scott Huff might be coming back as well. Makes sense as he coached at UW for years and likely doesn’t want to move to backwoods Alabama. Decimating the Crimson Tide staff fills me with childlike glee…

    Super excited to see how our offense will look this year. Lots of quality weapons and Grubb will certainly know how to use them best.

    • Peter

      Can I ask husky fans…

      Why do you all feel this way? Deboer isn’t some native son coaching “his” school. ( Jonathan Smith at Oregon st. I see you)

      Did he make some promise that he’d be there forever? Did you all not see he was a career ladder climber? Did you all not love the season?

      Sweet revenge? He was going to bring Grubb with him. He didn’t leave Grubb or the other assistants in the lurch? Grubb wouldn’t even be getting this shot, with our team, if it wasn’t for Deboer.

      • Parallax

        It’s not that he left. It’s the way he mislead everyone. But I guess Grubb did the same in Alabama, stating just the other day that he was the Alabama OC and that he was there to stay. Coaches do it all the time. Maybe they feel backed into a corner when asked if they’re committed because there’s no good answer. Definitely can’t say no.

        Except that Fisch, when asked that question, refused to answer. Which is an answer. Of course not one any Husky fan likes. But I was glad he handled it that way. Seemed refreshing. No B.S. We’re all grown ups; we can take it.

        Word is that Grubb really likes Seattle. So maybe that helped bring him back.

        • Peter

          I’m stoked on Grubb. But it is odd he just did that to Alabama.

          In the end it doesn’t matter. No one will remember in a few months.

          Hopefully grubb kicks butt. And I’m fairly sure deboer will find an OC in days from now for Alabama.

        • Film12Hawk

          What Parallax said. The fact that Deboer reportedly met with Alabama during the week of the National Championship(!) doesn’t sit right with me at all. It’s the biggest game in the career of your players and that’s how you repay the trust they put in you? One of the guests of the team at that National Championship is also his current DC at Alabama. He knew he was leaving. What he said to the team as he left also leaked on YouTube. It felt like crocodile tears and very disingenuous. He really disappointed me.

          • Peter

            You know that’s how coaching works right?

            • Film12Hawk

              Absolutely. I guess it’s just the timing that feels off and that he could have said no interviews until after the championship. The players deserve better.

      • Jon W.

        Dude are you serious?

        Loved the 2023 season. Did not expect in a million years that we would make it to the National Championship game.

        Did not love that DeBoer:
        1. Constantly told reporters “yeah that’s going to get taken care of” when being asked about a contract extension.
        2. Strung AD Troy Dannen along for months as multiple contracts of increasing value were placed on his desk for signature, the latest of which paid him north of $9mm/season.
        3. Publicly stated that he and his family absolutely loved the Seattle area and would never think of leaving.
        4. Left for Alabama 3 days after Nick Saban retired while taking our entire offensive coaching staff with him.
        5. Departed UW on short notice and created a 30 day transfer window, which resulted in the loss of 3 of our OL starters and weakened overall program depth.

        Yes sweet revenge in that Grubb is DeBoer’s right hand man. Losing him is a serious blow to Alabama program continuity. Icing on the cake is that Saban tried to poach Grubb after 2022 and was denied. So Grubb has now left the Crimson Tide in the dust twice.

        I understand that college football is a business and coaches are (almost) always going to be interested other opportunities. I will also concede that Alabama is a much more nationally prestigious program than UW.

        But KDB’s misleading comments in the months prior to his departure left many members of Husky Nation with a bad taste in their mouths.

        • Peter

          I am serious.

          All that you wrote is nothing compared to oregon state.

          I get husky fans. Really I do. But sweet revenge? Grubb just got to the podium and bull beeped Alabama fans. He ‘literally’ did what you’re bummed deboer did. Again deboer was going to bring his whole staff so he never screwed them over.

          • Jon W.

            Not trying to take the moral high ground here as misleading statements were made by both men. Grubb spoke to a group of Alabama boosters once, whereas KDB made many statements to local media over a period of several months. But perhaps that is splitting hairs.

            It’s really quite simple: DeBoer burned Husky Nation by his unexpected departure and now the Seahawks have hired away his best assistant coach. Seattle area fans rejoice! That is indeed some sweet revenge.

            And I couldn’t care less about either of the remaining Pac-2 schools.

          • FloridaHawk

            I’ll raise you an Urban Meyer. Spent several wonderful years shellacking the college football world, went to BCS title game and absolutely demolished media darlings Ohio State, went back two years later and beat up on Oklahoma.

            Then…retiring due to “heart problems” and then reappearing as Ohio State’s new HC.

        • Dregur

          Will say, Dannen proved his mettle as the new Huskies AD, and was not completely caught off guard with DeBoer leaving. He’s public stated he knew something was up by Thanksgiving when DeBoer didn’t want to sign a new contract and started creating a list of coaches months before he left.

    • FloridaHawk

      “Likely doesn’t want to move to the backwoods of Alabama.”

      Please don’t act like everyone’s idea of paradise is Seattle.

      He got a NFL offer after initially making a lateral move in college, hardly surprising that he took the promotion. The way it happened kind of rubs me the wrong way though.

  19. Murphy

    I always get pumped when something big happens and Rob stops responding to comments because it usually means an article or video is imminent! Of course, he could just be relaxing at home with the family

    • Murphy

      Also it’s really early there so that might be it. I live in Asia, so I keep getting the time zones mixed up

      • Peter

        Much respect fo Rob. But I think it’s 4 or 5 am right now there. Hope he’s sleeping.

        • Gross MaToast

          …and he calls himself a Seahawk fan.

          • Peter

            I know….laaaaaazy..

            • Murphy

              Since its nearly 11:30 am on Saturday where I’m at, I expect everyone to work on my schedule lol

              • Peter

                Haha!! Rise and grind, Rob.

    • Seattle Person

      Or, he is just sleeping over there in the U.K….

      • Parallax

        Sleeping? Why the nerve of the guy! ;O)

  20. PatrickH

    I haven’t watched a lot of Huskies football, but based on what I read from X&O guys’ analysis, DeBoer and Grubb seemed to run the Air Raid offense but made tweaks and modifications such that college football defense had not seen before from the traditional Air Raid (and so were not prepared for them). The following article shows examples of a few Air Raid plays that they modified to isolate a receiver one-on-one against a defender:

    I will be curious to see if Grubb will/can take traditional NFL West Coast or Coryell concepts and modified them like Andy Reid, Shanahan, and McVay had done so masterfully.

  21. Film12Hawk

    Confirmed! Ryan Grubb is the guy and the picture from earlier was legit.

  22. Film12Hawk

    I couldn’t have said it better. I also heard speculation JaMarcus Shephard could be coming too. Please be true.

    • Film12Hawk

      I forgot to click the reply to button. I meant to reply this comment to Jon W.

      • Peter

        I like both Huff and Shephard. Quite a bit.

        But is it the best move to get an OC and positional coaches and one whole unit with no pro experience?

        The defense is a great mix of old heads, new minds. The offense would be all newbies with no other ideas to access.

        • Film12Hawk

          I’m willing to give it a chance and perhaps we can bring Stump Mitchell back to coach our running backs for the pro experience since he’s been to the Super Bowl and what not.

          • Peter

            I hear you. Willing to give it a chance vs. Different ideas. That’s all. I’m not a husky fan so I’m less intrigued by having all huskies. If they are the right guys sure.

            • Film12Hawk

              I think they are.

              Scott Huff consistently delivered top quality OL despite not always having top of the line recruits. Before he came the Huskies line was bottom feeder as we couldn’t block at all. Penix was only sacked single digit times I want to say last year.

              JaMarcus Shephard also turned around receivers as before he got to us Rome Odunze was a fringe player. Now he’s arguably one of the best WR’s in the draft this year. The others will be drafted too. They also rarely dropped the ball or missed opportunities.

              Ryan Grubb I think will translate well at calling plays at the next level. Mike Holmgren thinks so and I trust his judgement better than the case I could make.

          • Ben

            Ha! Came here to say that! Apparently he got canned for “media leaks”. The browns are a clown org.

            Stump is like the GOAT of running back coaches to me. Pretty amazing person. Would be a good elder statesman. Maybe add another advisor type.

            • Film12Hawk

              Haha, great minds think alike. They are. He never had any issues before his time with them and even then he consistently delivered. Even this year without Nick Chubb their running back had a solid year. I think it would be great to have him back.

    • Ben

      If Saban doesn’t retire- wonder what this is all looks like. What a wild offseason.

      I wonder if Scott Huff will come too?

      I don’t have much ill will towards DeBoer but he’s gonna get his money’s worth.

      • Dregur

        I think Huff is a major probable in coming back. He went through three different coaches at UW, I think he likes it here.

        Shepard, I think, is going to get promoted to Co-OC and will stay.

        • Ben

          Glad Huff is the one making it here. Need a great o-line, and he’s clearly been a pretty good teacher. Seems more likely to stick around. Playing the early connect the dots game, Coleman Shelton is a FA for the Rams and had a breakout year at C this year. Aaaaand he was coached up by Huff as a Husky. If we don’t get one of the rookies I wouldn’t mind poaching from the Rams…

      • Jujus

        Scott Huff has been confirmed coming to be the Oline coach via an ESPN reporter

  23. Yikes - Cut Adams Now

    “UPDATE: The Seahawks are also expected to bring offensive line coach Scott Huff on board. He was Washington’s OL coach before going to Alabama, and now he’ll be joining Grubb in Seattle.

    Adam Rittenberg
    What I’m hearing on Alabama’s staff, per sources, following Ryan Grubb’s departure.

    – OL coach Scott Huff expected to join Seahawks
    – Nick Sheridan (TEs) and JaMarcus Shephard (WRs) both likely to stay as co-OCs, which is significant. Sheridan could be playcaller, move to QBs.”

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    • Troy

      Pass me your drug guy

  25. Gary

    Only excited for the Grubb hire if we don’t draft Penix.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Exactly where I am. Hoping that every other team is assuming we zig toward drafting Penix and we zag HARD.

  26. Alex Potts

    Exciting Hire! How does this affect the draft? Well, the UW OL were always very athletic. So Tyler Guyton becomes more likely at 16 now (especially if Abe’s knee is a big concern).

    I think Zach Frazier and Jackson Powers Johnson are some very athletic pulling centers that might fit better than Oluwatimi.

    I think it increases the chances we move on from Dissly and re-sign Fant instead. The U-TE was used more than a traditional Y-TE. Also, Jake Westover in UDFA would be a nice pickup.

    Also watch for Jaheim Bell. Past Seahawk teams would never be highly interested in a TE that they can’t attach to the line. Bell is a fun athletic chess piece, likely available in mid rounds.

    I think it increases the likelihood that Drew Lock returns and Geno departs. Drew had a great deep ball in college and is better suited for this style of offense than Geno is in my opinion.

    JSN stock just went UP! DK stock went UP! The likelihood we cut Lockett went down imo. He used a ton of 3 WR sets so the more good WR’s the merrier.

  27. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    UPDATE: The Seahawks are also expected to bring offensive line coach Scott Huff on board. He was Washington’s OL coach before going to Alabama, and now he’ll be joining Grubb in Seattle.

    Ok, now we Seahawks fans can get really excited. The OC and OL coaches have extensive backgrounds building up OL and maximizing their play. Look at UW in 2023… their OL play was solid. There should be a ton of motion in the offense, much more akin to how the KC Chiefs, BAL Ravens or LA Rams run their offenses… and unpredictable!!!

    • Parallax

      My thoughts too. We may have to be patient. Hard to turn things around right away. But this is very exciting.

    • Alex Potts

      Say goodbye to Damien Lewis. Abe and Cross fit great as OT’s in this offense (fingers crossed Abe’s knee is okay)

    • PJ in Seattle

      UW had the best OL in college football this year, and it wasn’t even close. How much of that is down to the talent vs. the coaching – we shall see. Plenty of studs on that UW line, but they punched above their weight most of the year and that says coaching and scheme to me. I would love to see what Huff can do with Cross and Abe and Olu and crew, plus a couple freshly drafted nasties.

      Still need to add beef to the trenches, but Grubb and and Huff would give us a major jump in making chicken salad out of chicken shit.

  28. Forrest

    Double fist pump for Grubb!!

  29. Ben

    Since this late night thread is all over the place- wild prediction time!

    Joe Philbin comes in as senior analyst whatever and Stump Mitchell RETURNS.

    The new WR coach will not be somebody we know, and will actually have been pickleball partners with Coach Mike in Georgia, before it was cool.

    Other dark horse offensive elder statesman: Mike Munchak, Frank Reich, Ken Wisenhunt, and…. Chris Peterson.

    Antoine Winfield Jr hits FA- and becomes a Seahawk. Him and Witherspoon are the most dynamic backfield duo in the league.

    Coleman Shelton is the hawks starting center in 2024. They draft some more Guard/RT types.

    Since Chicago ignored my request last year to trade both Fields and the number #1 pick to then draft a QB, I’ll make another prediction. Geno gets traded for Field’s to reunite with Waldron and keep the seat warm for Caleb.

    Dremont Jones, Geno Smith, Darrell Taylor (RFA and then trade? Can you do that?), Eskridge and Lockett all get traded.

    Drake Maye falls and the hawks make a small trade up. None of us know whether to be happy. Schneider loves himself a toolsy (inaccurate) QB.

    I’d actually love a good write up on all the QBs John has been linked to or acquired. He’s got a fascinating track record of interest that ranges from Clipboard Jesus, Drew Lock, and Josh Allen to Russ, Mayfield, Flynn, and Dalton.

  30. Old but Slow

    We now have all 3 coordinators, and OL coach and probably several others, but my next concern will be the QB coach. Hopefully it will someone who will stay for more than just a year and then move on to be an OC somewhere. Assuming that we will be getting younger at the position, stability could be important. QB technique does not change much but knowledge of defenses is also a key, so it does not need to be a young coach.

  31. Jo

    If this is real I’m excited for the first time since maybe 2016 at best?

  32. Bmseattle

    Great job on your end, Rob…but softy and Dick were terrible on that segment.

    Absolutely zero mention of SDB or Rob’s youtube channel? Referring only to Rob being with the BBC, but not elaborating on his experience at all?

    Its like the segment was a lark for them…spending half the time joking about british accents and asking stupid questions.

    Very unprofessional of them, and discourtious.
    Night and day difference from the Puck & Jim spots.

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