Thoughts on the Seahawks hiring Ryan Grubb and Aden Durde

Friday was a busy day, firstly with the confirmation that Cowboys D-line coach Aden Durde would join the Seahawks as defensive coordinator. Then, with a flurry of Twitter activity and a few beers at Dino’s doing the rounds, it was confirmed that Ryan Grubb is the new offensive coordinator.

Ryan Grubb will be a fascinating experiment

It’s extremely rare that a college coach jumps over to lead an offense in the NFL. Grubb is tasked with building a system for the pro’s having never previously coached at this level. People who follow the Huskies say he’s perfectly prepared to do it but the proof, as they say, will be in the pudding.

It perhaps shouldn’t be a huge surprise that the Seahawks have gone in this direction. The market for offensive play-callers is extremely limited these days. Some of the up-and-coming names have been promoted to Head Coaching positions from positional jobs already. Others are already secure in coordinator jobs. This is why Shane Waldron immediately found employment in Chicago (when his former players can barely conceal their disdain for the job he did in Seattle). It’s why Luke Getsy and Kliff Kingsbury were pushed back into employment against all better judgement. It’s why Chip Kelly received NFL interviews.

You could argue it’s an inspired gamble by the Seahawks not to force things by going with a re-tread hire, instead looking to college. The NIL situation is changing the face of college football and they need to find a proper structure for it ASAP. Until that happens, there will be more retirements (Nick Saban) and more coaches desperate to run away from their teams (Kelly, Jeff Hafley). Not to mention the pro and college games are more closely aligned than ever schematically.

That said, there’s still a risk factor. I had a conversation recently with a vastly experienced NFL personnel man and, when talking about Michael Penix Jr, he bemoaned the pre-determined nature of Washington’s offense. You’re not going to be able to do that in the NFL. There’s also a danger that, as with Kelly in Philadelphia, you start quickly and then teams adjust and things become predictable and easy to defend very quickly. The Seahawks have to avoid being gimmicky and come up with something innovative and challenging. They can no longer be a team that ‘does what it does’ on offense — they need game-specific plans for each opponent, targeting weaknesses while finding ways to highlight their best weapons against those weaknesses. They need to master misdirection and be a team that adjusts well in-game.

What I do think this appointment tells us, however, is that the Seahawks want to be the aggressor. Washington’s offense was explosive and loved to take shots. Since Pete Carroll’s departure, this is what I think John Schneider has craved. It’s why, I think, Mike Kafka appealed so much because he would try to bring Andy Reid’s scheme to Seattle. This isn’t going to be three yards and a cloud of dust every play. This is going to be attack-minded.

Mike Macdonald isn’t going to be conservative. Look at Baltimore. The Ravens defense had a remarkable 88 total snaps this year when trailing. They benefitted so much from scoreboard pressure in 2023. The Seahawks, by appointing Grubb to build the offense, are likely to want to emulate that.

The other benefit is I’m not convinced Grubb will be rushing for the exit if things go well. That could’ve easily been the case with, say, Tanner Engstrand. Younger, successful offensive coordinators are quickly getting poached. Grubb may propel himself into that range but it seems unlikely a NFL team would ask him to run a whole operation after one full season in the league. Macdonald said at his press conference he wanted someone to build the offense and run it for years and in Grubb, they might have someone who — if successful — could be in place for at least 2-3 seasons if not longer, before any Head Coaching attention comes his way.

There’s another comparison to Baltimore in that they also appointed an offensive coordinator from college recently in Todd Monken. His background was previously NFL-heavy before going to Georgia, so it’s different. But perhaps Macdonald has experienced how beneficial it is to mesh some of the college spread options with a pro-flavour.

I’ve no idea whether this is a good move or not. I think people who haven’t been around Grubb who say it’s a ‘great hire’ are perhaps dabbling in fan service or getting caught up in the moment. It really could go either way and that’s why I’d call it an intriguing hire rather than a brilliant one. I’m happy to live with the unknown, though. For years the Seahawks were too predictable, too obviously heading for the same kind of season with the same kind of end-result. Give me a bit of mystery.

The hiring of Grubb will also ramp up talk of Huskies coming to Seattle through the draft. Not just the quarterback either — Troy Fautanu, Roger Rosengarten, Jalen McMillan, Ja’Lynn Polk, Dillon Johnson and Jack Westover are all options (Rome Odunze will be long gone as a top-six pick). For what it’s worth, when I was at the UW facility the word was Polk and Johnson were exactly the character fits Seattle looks for. O-line help is a need for Seattle and Scott Huff’s reported arrival as O-line coach certainly puts someone like Fautanu into play.

I do think connections to Michael Penix Jr, though, will be more than just hyperbole. It’s why I’ve put him with Seattle in my two recent mocks. For all of the doubts people have, and I’ve written about them in great detail myself, you just can’t get away from the fact that his arm talent is special. Field-tilting special. I’ll keep saying it — people weren’t taking Patrick Mahomes and his arm talent seriously until Kansas City moved up to get him. The month before the 2017 draft, Daniel Jeremiah didn’t even have him in his top-50 rankings.

I’m not saying Penix Jr is Mahomes. He isn’t. But don’t underestimate difference making talent. Penix Jr can make throws that I’d suggest only the likes of Mahomes and Josh Allen are capable of. He can put a football in places that shouldn’t be possible. He can fit throws downfield, off-balance, in-between defenders in a way that leaves your jaw-dropped. He also sometimes struggles with the shorter-intermediate game and he isn’t going be a mad-scrambler who can frustratingly avoid pressure and extend drives like Mahomes and Allen. But purely in terms of the arm — it’s special. If the Seahawks want to attack opponents downfield, Penix Jr is a serious option — especially now that they’ve appointed his old OC who he enjoyed a very strong working relationship with.

Aden Durde hire makes perfect sense

Immediately after Mike Macdonald’s opening press conference, it felt like this kind of appointment was likely at defensive coordinator. He spoke about calling plays initially but finding someone who, in time, could take on that responsibility. That felt like an up-and-comer type hire rather than an established former DC and that’s what the Seahawks have gone for.

Durde isn’t totally inexperienced though. In fact, he’s eight years older than the Head Coach. He’s risen through the ranks, from coaching in London to the top level. He’s been in the NFL and NFL Europe — it’s not as if he was just practising for a start-up English team and suddenly wound up in the league. He’s into his sixth season as a NFL coach and was highly regarded in Dallas.

Reaching out to people who’ve been around him, he’s said to be a great communicator and leader who was highly valued as a positional coach with the Cowboys. He was a contender to replace Dan Quinn but Jerry Jones being Jerry Jones, he couldn’t help but go for the splashy big-name instead.

The Seahawks didn’t need a wise head to be defensive coordinator because they already had Leslie Frasier to fill that need. This feels like a very solid plan to add someone with a D-line background to the staff, complementing Karl Scott (DB’s) and Kirk Olivadotti (linebackers).

Overall it’s an interesting staff being built. It might’ve been nice to steal from the Ravens given the consistency of success they have but it seems that won’t be possible. The Seahawks did face a challenge in appointing a Head Coach who has had a rapid ascension — he likely hasn’t spent the last two years building contacts to prepare to lead a team. They are building in ways they can at a time when there aren’t a ton of obvious targets who are unemployed on offense or defense.

You can sense an excitement among the fanbase again and that is to be welcomed. I’ll say again though, as with the Grubb hire, I think it’s more of an intriguing unknown. This whole plan is. It’ll be fascinating to see how the new era of Seahawks football plays out. Sometimes a bit of mystery is a good thing.

For more thoughts on the Grubb hire check out my latest video:


  1. Big Mike

    Well then, gonna be a very interesting team to watch. I have reservations like Rob but thank God it’ll be no more monotony.
    Bring on the draft!!

    • Peter

      At least it’s been fun. Obviously we want the ring but almost as important…make it interesting and fun.

    • geoff u

      I have reservations as well, but they clearly see some genius in him that they think will translate well in the NFL. John says we want to be on the edge of the future of the NFL. Gotta say I absolutely love the approach.

      Let’s effing go!

      • Parallax

        Genius is the word. There’s no guarantee of success but taking someone who has a track record of extreme creativity and success can only be a good thing. Plus, even if he falls flat on his face, it’s a good feeling to take DeBoer’s right hand man. I don’t think it’s necessarily a huge blow to DeBoer but it makes life tougher anytime you lose your most important assistant (and maybe another one or two from a talented staff).

  2. Tatupu51

    Awesome to see optimism in the fan base and specially here. SDB is a lot more fun this way!

    • Rob Staton

      My intention isn’t to make this place fun and cosy — it’s to discuss things that are relevant, fun or inconvenient, positive or negative. Over the years a few people haven’t been able to handle that but on every big topic I feel like we’ve been across it

      • Peter

        Tatupu is not totally wrong.

        It was getting pretty dreary. Not you. But us. I for one spent most of game time listening for Wyman to say something funny and crack jokes in comments.

        The team was two things no team should be:

        1. Actually not good. The on field proof was there.

        2. And not fun. Fun for Pete and geno and whatever fans think 4th quarter, come from behind wins against WAS, AZ, and basically the rest of wins is a fun brand of football. It’s not. Philly? That was a dreadfully dull game.

        I’m not sure the last time this has been a fun team. 2018?

        Under Pete we went from young and exciting and then winners to this weirdly pathetic fanbase. Look at KJ. Everything sucks and needs to be fixed but also keep the coach and all the players. People talking playoff runs when we need 17 games and another team 2x to carry our water to get in.

        Now it’s all open with tons of possibilities. I’m here for it.

        • Malc from PO

          Well said, Peter. It is liberating to be freed from these awful games, keep things artificially close, play terrible for 3 and a half quarters, try to sneak a win at the end that had become the hallmark of Seahawks football under Carroll. That was going nowhere and I’m ready for whatever is next. Everything JS has done so far suggests there is a coherent plan to get better, and you can’t ask for more than that with such a huge overhaul.

      • Ben

        To me it’s not the optimism of your post as much it’s just a slight reduction in stuff like the dumb Jamal Adams jokes. At some point the dunking on guys gets old unless it’s a creative dig!

        I think there can be some inherent optimism in honest conversations! You’re doing great work in that.

        Posted this in last night’s KJR post, but I’d suggest people reread this old blog post:

        So many fun nuggets. I swear it’s not just retrospect but that 2012 draft was a really cool class, so many interesting prospects were in it.

        • Peter

          Alaska and I arguing about oline.

          That time fans thought we should trade for Jonathan Stewart.

          And the oline being fine if we had a faster processor back there….I’m looking at you Geno.

      • Greg

        Rob, in the interest of dispensing with the ‘warm & cozy,’ may I suggest that Geno Smith is like that venerable, old, much driven sports car that you buy used for some irrational attempt at status (because you can’t afford the brand new sports coupe that you really want). At first it sits sexy in your driveway, and you glimmer with pride that you got this timeless asthetic at such a bargain price. Then, over time, as the oil and transmission fluid leak relentlessly onto your previously pristine driveway, reality sets in. Namely, that sinking feeling you will never be able to take this ‘piece of art’ more than a few kilometers around the block without it breaking down on you at a critical moment, or leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere on a long journey. “What”… you ask yourself … “were you thinking?”
        I’ve watched every single game Geno Smith has played as a starter for the Seattle Seahawks, and almost without exception, despite flashes of brilliance, he invevitably will overthrow, or underthrow, a WIDE OPEN WR, RB, or TE, while under NO PRESSURE whatsoever in the pocket! You’ve got to love the guy, (his work ethic, demeanour, the incredible year he had after the Wilson trade); yet that same year he overthrew DKM in the playoff game against the 49’ers, and he’s done that consistently ever since. I marvel that no one picks this out??? It seems he can sling dimes 5 out of 6 throws, then be an absolute catastrophe on the 7th throw — for no apparent reason whatsoever. I’m mystified. Some will say that “all good QB’s miss throws now and then”; but that’s not true. Good QB’s NEVER miss wide open receivers while under no pressure in the pocket, only average QB’s do that. A rookie might, because of nerves — but Geno’s been around the league long enough, that should never happen on a regular basis with someone of his pedigree. I think he’s a quality person, he never shrugs off criticism, always accepts the blame for his mistakes; but it’s become increasingly clear that for some reason, perhaps unknown to him, he is incapable of rising to the next level — despite everyone’s fondest hopes for him to do so. It’s about time that the Seahawks INSIST on going to the next level, that is, beyond the ‘good’ to the ‘great,’ especially from their QB play. As many have pointed out, they’ve embarked on a long overdue, wonderfully intruiging fresh start with the new coaching hires. As a passionate, long time Seahawks fan (1976) I’m still catching my breath that, in the space of a few short weeks, Jody Allen and John Schneider have calmly, intuitively, purposely resolved to instigate nothing less than a massive paradym shift from the stuffy, outdated, conservatism of the Pete Carroll era. They no doubt feel this is an especially fortuitous moment in the teams history, given the young coaching dynamism on display from their immediate antagonists in the NFC West. (Forgive me, but I’ve always felt that PC and Derrick Bevilles should have been fired instantly, on the spot, with the same sense of urgency as, say, a failed S.P.E.C.T.R.E. agent is electrocuted in their seat, or dropped into a shark tank) for the one yard line play call debacle in SB 15; which decimated the player’s collective trust in their coaching staff, and affected the psychology of the team for years thereafter. (See Shannon Sharpe’s Youtube interview with Marshawn Lynch for example). Now they need to give Drew Lock a chance as the starter, for whatever it’s worth, and find a rookie QB to grow up in the system over time. Therefore, send Geno to a team that needs what he can provide: A moderate degree of seasoned success, moments of brilliance, character, leadership, maturity; all of which come however with that lurking, disconcerting, lack of consistency in key moments. The Seahawks need, deserve, require, more than that — and now is the time to take that next step. With that in mind I’m still somewhat bewildered that Seahawks ownership/management let someone slip right out from under their noses, from their own back yard if you will, who they could have snapped up at a bargain basement price to at least fill the 3rd string QB role, with possible potential dividends as a quality #2 backup QB down the road. I may be a biased Canadian, but Nathan Rourke, the rookie CFL QB who, with one of the best passing percentage ratings in the league, took the BC Lions to the Grey Cup after only a couple of seasons. This took place only 140 miles north of Seattle, in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. The Jacksonville Jaguars quietly nicked him for a penny, and flirted with him for practice squad duties. He has recently, with minimal fanfare, been packed off to the NE Patriots. Thought at the time this was one that got away, and had Peter Carroll not spent his ego, and the bank, on Geno, the love could perhaps have been spread around a little more evenly and effectively. In other words, a Ford and a Chev (Drew Lock and Nathan Rourke) with the thought of possibly drafting a (Ferrari future franchise QB. My choice without hesitation would be Jayden Daniels over MPjr, for mobility reasons if nothing else. Do we really want to supplement all this explosive forward thinking progress on the offensive side with a pocket passer? The prospect of getting JD’s has been slipping away for months, if it’s not already lost completely. Instead, we have the old Alpha Romeo in the driveway, Geno Smith, whom, if management is prudent, will soon be respectfully and sincerely thanked for his admirable efforts, but swiftly traded away to the best offer on the table come March 16th:)
        PS New to your blog and appreciate your articulate, well thought out analysis, without all the hype and tedious bluster that we are often subjected to from North American pundits. Well done from across the Pond! Best wishes from Canada (5% of the 12’s)

        • EmperorMA

          Even more exasperating is Geno’s penchant for not even seeing wide open receivers gliding downfield with nary a defender in sight.

          He does this multiple times per game, and you can see the frustration in the receivers’ body language whenever it happens.

        • Elmer

          Maybe Lock is a Jaguar (looks better than he actually is) or maybe he’s just a Yugo.

          Will the Seahawks see him as a money saving option to look at? Or will they move on. That’s just one of the fascinating storylines we will follow with the new coaching regime.

        • Mad Dog

          Have to disagree, with a lot of what you said. Yes I even bothered to read this novel. Genos accuracy is fine. Misses under no pressure happen and sometimes are due to receivers not being in the same page. Locks accuracy is worse.

          Geno’s biggest problem is staring down DK while JSN or a TE run uncovered down field. He fixed a lot of that in the second half.

          I’m happy to move on from him but not for Lock and a CFL QB. Geno is a solid bridge for a rookie QB. I’m expecting this to be the season we should have had two years ago. Then next year we take off with a good bunch of maturing players behind a second year QB.

          • Greg

            Ha, sorry to all for the novel! First blog ever, guess I got a lot of my chest. Will keep it tighter. Take your point about Geno being a better transition QB than Lock, at least for a rookie to tutelage under. And up until a few months ago, I would have agreed that Lock looks ‘worse’ (highlight reels from Denver, college) but to me something changed when he came to Seattle, (Carroll deserves some credit for this, so does Geno for that matter). Lock showed us something in the effort in Santa Clara that I didn’t know he had. I wondered for the first time if he might be a ‘gem in the rough’, and with reps in practice as a full time starter, could he offer more consistency over time than we were currently getting. Carroll obviously didn’t think so.

      • Greg

        Dear Mr. Durde (Deeds), welcome to the Seattle Seahawks Defense; touch-football KINGS of the NFL. Please make them tackle again — they do get paid for it after all …

  3. Pugs1

    IMO Great hire, putting the pieces together this seems like it was a done deal a month ago.
    He never updated his social media to Bama
    Was not heavily involved in their recruiting efforts
    Signing day was Wednesday the 7th
    Saban retired Jan.10th 30 day transfer portal window opens it closed today
    Grubb gets announced last night.
    Adam Rittenberg reports Bama’s plan of action with Grubb and Huff leaving almost immediately letting us know this wasn’t unexpected
    The Seahawks/Grubb did Bama/DeBoer a favor getting Bama through signing day and the 30 day window.

    • Ben

      Oh! That is a great call. Hadn’t even thought about that. Makes sense that DeBoer had a clear plan too. I imagine him and Grubb were on the same page.

      New coaching theory- Jerry Neuheisel comes in from UCLA to be WR coach, the guy Schnieder always wanted to come with Chip.

      A Carroll, a Belichick, and a Neuheisel back in Seattle! Totally the same!

      • Valerie

        I’d be excited about Jerry Neuheisel for WRs coach. He’s talented and dynamic, and clearly did well with that group at UCLA (e.g., Puka Nucua, Bobo). And Ohio State is set at WRs coach with Hartline, so Neuheisel won’t be following Chip to Columbus.

  4. Stephen

    While excited about the hires it almost feels like too much new in a weird way. HC, OC and DC are all first time to the NFL in those roles and while we have Frazier in the back pocket as assistant head coach I wonder if the season starts to unwind do we have the experience required to right the ship if it begins to keel

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Hey. It’s not Pete Carroll mediocrity anymore.

    • Peter

      It’s a good point.

      I’m very stoked. But the last rebuild was a HC who was getting back into the league with big time college experience, Bradley who was already doing it, and Bevell with four years of play calling.

      If it works….awesome because there’s a ton of names in the pros that go round and round forever bit are never good.

  5. Robbie

    Intriguing is a great word for it. This whole new regime gives us something I feel like we’ve been missing for a very long time! Hope!

    • Sean-O

      That’s my biggest takeaway as well. The words intriguing, interesting, and hope weren’t used a lot when discussing the Seahawks in general in the last handful of years.

      Excited to see what happens next with this team.

      • Big Mike

        Neither was “excited”. Good to see/hear that word too.

  6. CF

    I don’t know if we will improve the results obtained in recent years (quite mediocre) but the fans have not been this enthusiastic about this team in recent years, let’s hope that everything goes well and that we can be a SB team in the coming years, The only thing I don’t like is Michael Penix, I feel that if he hadn’t been the Huskies’ QB not even the fans would mention him, but whatever JS and MM decide I support it

    • Peter

      I like Penix.

      I worry that when Rob writes the names Michael Penix and Patrick Mahomes based on reading comprehension that fans don’t start having those two names swirling around their head like a scene from “a beautiful mind,” or an 80’s horror movie and start thinking he means they are the same player.

      There’s a few significant differences. Long injury history including the championship game. And ELITE mobility in the pocket from the guy who single handedly ushered in the run across the field, jumping scissor kick, cross body throw.

      And there’s one trait we won’t know until we know. Processing speed.

      • Rob Staton

        Yep… I am not saying Penix is Mahomes

        Let me be clear to everyone there

        The arm talent, though, is special in both cases

        • Peter

          He’s definitely growing on me. I’m fine admitting my bias as I’m not a husky or duck fan and dismissed both qbs early on.

  7. 352 Hawk

    Great perspective and interview Rob. Can’t wait to see Grub make our O line into #1 in the league where a QB will flourish.
    Exciting to see what can be vs what we’ve been as a team.
    Maybe the Seahawks will bring you in as a translator Rob?🤔

    • FloridaHawk

      352 Gainesville?

      • 352 Hawk


  8. Joseph

    I like the hire and I’m also iffy on it. I like the fact that he’s an experienced play caller with a high tempo offense. However, he doesn’t have NFL experience. Calling plays is going to be quite an adjustment for him. Time tell whether or not his offense can make some noise against NFL defenses.

    Now with that, do they draft Penix? I’m very iffy on him because of his injury history, sometimes he makes reckless decisions, and the game against Michigan exposed him.

    • Thomas

      I think you have to take the Michigan game with a grain of salt. DeBoer spent an extra day in New Orleans after the sugar bowl and Roger Rosengarten said they got out schemed. Based on Rosengarten’s senior bowl, that seems plausible.

      To me that sounds like DeBoer was distracted with conversations with his agent and didn’t prepare the team well enough.

      Still that doesn’t mean Grubb’s scheme can directly translate to the NFL.

      • Peter

        But….what was grubb doing? He was the OC. Why wasn’t he scheming it up?

        • Thomas

          He probably did, but he also probably had an idea of what was going on. The coach not giving a straight answer about why he inexplicably blew a whole day of preparation. Just look at what happend to Oregon State when it started to look like Jonathan Smith was leaving. The team fell to pieces.

          Grubb probably suspected or knew outright DeBoer was going to leave. He knew Alabama liked him because Alabama had wanted him as OC. It’s a weird emotional place to be in. You start thinking about moving your kids, what you’re going to say to the team, etc.

          • Peter

            I get all that. Truly. I just think Michigan may have simply been the better team. Allegedly they are going to set a record for drafted players this year.

            • BK26

              Yeah, either way they got shellacked. That was the outcome.

            • DJ 1/2 way

              It seemed like the Huskies got zero yards after contact. Michigan put on a tackling demonstation that showed better talent, preperation and that they wanted it more. I think there was also a serious dose of “Just happy to be here” for the Huskies.

        • Steven

          I put the blame for that game mostly on Penix. There were a number of plays in that game where UW receivers were wide open deep down field and Penix either overthrew the ball or didn’t see them and took the check down. If Penix was just having one of his off performances in that game, unfortunately. If he’d hit on even just a couple of those down field opportunities that whole game would’ve looked very different.

          • EmperorMA

            I agree that the blame lies with Penix. It was readily apparent from the first snap that Michigan’s defensive philosophy was, ” We are not going to let those great WRs beat us. It will be Michael Penix who we’re going to make beat us.”

            They schemed to take away the first read of Penix, as that is all he’d really been asked to do. They succeeded, and Penix couldn’t beat them.

    • Jabroni-DC

      The Dillon Johnson injury was very I’ll timed & exposed Penix in the NC game. He attempted 51 passes & the defense was able to pin it’s ears back all game without a credible running threat. Understand the iffy-ness & I also understand if we take a shot.

      • MountainHawker

        Where have we seen this before? Hmmmm

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Calling plays is going to be quite an adjustment for him.

      I think it’s the opposite. I think at first, it will be the League that struggles to adjust to Grubb’s offense. What will determine Grubb’s success and longevity will be his ability to adjust down the road when defenses become familiar with his scheme.

  9. Thomas

    I wonder what Grubb said about the current Seahawks roster. What did he say when he was he asked about Smith and Lock?

    • Peter

      Realistically what would he say?

      I know people broke down Mike’s comments but John’s were more telling.

      Even if John loves Drew and is meh on Geno but the coaches think opposite…..I don’t know it feels like a big question mark until we get to the last pick in the draft to see what the vision is.

  10. Prozach

    This is a good appointment specifically for Seattle. On any other team I’m not sure it would’ve worked because any of the other 31 NFL teams would just look at the tape of the Natty and go “ok well let’s just do that”…
    …buuuuut Coach Mac is the guy who built the Michigan defense that kicked Grubb’s ass, so now he can give him firsthand experience on how to get rid of the weak points in the system that he exploited before. Working together they should be able to iron out any pre-existing wrinkles to somehow make the offense even more dynamic.

    • Peter

      Interesting view point. I could see that.

    • BK26

      Either way they lined up and got bullied. Macdonald could do that for any game. The offense will still have the same issues either way, such as being too qb-friendly.

      There is a lot being made of Michigan and Washington…including entire mock drafts where Seattle only drafts from those teams.

      • Peter

        Been trying to see if I can spend a future first so I can draft Penix and Mccarthy in the first round on the mock draft sites.

        All we need now is Queen, madubuike, odunze, fantauna, penix, zinter, Colson, and keep Geno.

        • BK26


          I get that people aren’t doing too much work into mocks right now, but I’ve seen a few where the ENTIRE draft: offense all Washington, defense all Michigan. Really? we only want to watch the playoffs games to do our mock drafts?

    • DougM

      In his press conference he emphasized coaches working together as a team. We can see how that is being done on defense. Assuming they’ll do the same on offense. Multiple pieces working together as one makes it easier to continue on if one of the pieces leaves, at least in theory.

  11. Victor

    Personally, I have wrote this season off. Take chances, make mistakes, draft talent you like and roll the dice, clear your dead cap and trade to gather picks. Take your growing lumps (coaches/coordinators AND players) in order to excel in 2-3 years time. I want to see this team in 3-4 years time when McDonald can stand by and say ”This was my vision, this is my team”, and then see how it performs. If an overhaul is needed, then do it. Dont half-a** it!
    SB 2026-2028!!

    • Cysco

      I’m not writing off the season, but I do agree that this is a stepping stone season. That’s why I think it’s very likely that they go with a rookie qb this season.

      • Peter

        Agree. Just start the journey new if possible.

    • Peter

      I don’t know if you need to write the season off. There were some serious coaching limitations. Extremely poor plans against the niners. A completely non bought in defense. And some brain dead offensive choices. No TE’s? Sure. JSN is eskridge for the first almost half of the season? Why not.

      Maybe we regress. There are lot of holes on the team. But if tge coaching is better and we all hope it will be how much does that overcome.

  12. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Explosive big-armed QB who can extend plays in this offense….Spencer Rattler would be a good fit in my view. And not Left handed.

    • BK26

      Maybe a better fit than the guy who has ran that offense for half a decade in college….

  13. Cysco

    Am I crazy to think that Bo Nix is a better “poor man’s Mahomes” than Penix? Penix wins in arm talent, but Nix’s ability to stay alive in the pocket and make something out of nothing while also having the arm strength to push the ball down field just gives me Mahomes vibes.

    I’d be ok with Penix, but I would really like a QB that can improvise when things break down without giving the fan base a heart attack fearing they may get snapped in half.

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe. Nix has a great arm too

      It’d be quite a thing to hire MP’s OC and then draft Nix 😂

      • Peter

        I’m not sure how you go about getting more data/server space for the draft but should we all start contributing now for that fund?

        Your site is 1 million % going to crash day one of the draft.

      • Donovan

        Would be reminiscent of when Carroll had choice of Taylor Mays, All American player he coached, or Earl Thomas. That worked out quite well

        • Peter

          Taylor mays local hero and definite seahawks lock.

        • Rob Staton

          It wouldn’t though, not really

          Because Mays was massively overrated and ET was legit

          (As noted by a certain draft blog)

      • Cysco

        I’m sure a lot of people would lose their minds if they took Nix over Penix, but he really does provide an element that Penix does not. Penix to me seems like a Geno Smith type QB. Great pocket passer that can run if forced to, but is also going to take a good number of sacks. The defense knows what to expect.

        Nix appears to be a less refined pocket passer, but gives the OC some additional options with designed runs and the ability to escape and improvise. He strikes me as the type of rookie that could come in and be successful from the start.

        In watching footage of all the “tier-2” QBs, Nix is the one that pops off the screen for me. He’s got a wow factor and just looks the part.

        • BK26

          To me, I think Penix comes in more ready. It’s his offense (however effective he will be at the next level).

          Nix ran an offense that basically took all of the stress off of him. He might be able to come in and do fine, but I think he needs work to get adjusted.

          I think the only one who come in ready, day 1 (let alone by the end of the year) is Rattler. Who could run this offense.

    • Peter

      I like nemhauser so this is mostly a joke post. But I’d like to see Nix drafted to watch a self described “not a big husky fan,” flip his podcast station over and then take himself out of his own live stream.

      Also the next day Brock and Salk show will be fairly funny when both of them call in sick to work.

      • Big Mike

        What about Softy? He would go bonkers and probably keel over on the spot.

        • Peter

          Would need to take his heart pills and buckle up for sure.

      • BK26

        It’s really weird, you know what I think of Nix. But I am warming up to him more than I thought I would. I think I’d rather he be in this offense than Penix.

        For Penix, it’s too safe. I want a quarterback that has to come into the NFL and put some work in (not saying Penix won’t, but I think this offense has created some tendencies for him, he’s been in it for too long).

        It’s a weird time we live in where I am coming around to other options besides Spencer Rattler hahaha.

        • Cysco

          My issue with Penix is the same issue I have with Geno. They are no threat to ever run and make something out of nothing. In the NFL, having a QB that can take off and pick up a third down or improvise when an opening presents itself is such a value.

          Geno had a total fo 155yds and 1 TD rushing last year. Defenses knew he wouldn’t take off and I think that really hurt Seattle on 3rd downs.

          I had to look, and I still can’t believe this is accurate, but apparently Penix had 8yds rushing the entirety of last season??? Can that be true? EIGHT yards all year?

          That to me is a big red flag. If we aim to be dynamic and keep teams on their heels, I feel you need the threat of the QB run. Penix ain’t that guy. For me, that guy is Nix (though I could be convinced of Rattler too, but he sure does look kinda small)

          • cha

            Valid point. Geno was way more prone to take off running last year. He did much better in this area than 2023.

            Teams didn’t have to fear that and it hurt the offense. People talk about the OL having trouble, but when you’re hesitating in the pocket a lot and not just taking off, you’re going to get hurried/pressured more.

            With Penix, it could be one of those ‘surprise’ developments that teams underestimate because in college he has not run much. He is clearly a very talented athlete. It could be argued why run when you can run the football with your backs at will and have 3 NFL-ready WRs to throw to.

            Taking that next step in the NFL means developing that part of his game.

            • BK26

              Even if Penix would run, as far as I’m concerned, those injuries are going to zap him: athletically, maybe with his arm if he can’t get the torque. Not sure if he’s being careful now, but he’s a perfectly fine athlete right now. Not sure if he’s getting it ingrained in him to not take off. He did run more at Indiana.

              I just see him turning into Dan Marino: he could run but those knee injuries restricted him after his first few seasons.

            • Cysco

              Surprisingly, he did take 11 sacks last year. I would have expected fewer. No idea if any of those could have been avoided if he were more willing to take off.

              Nix was sacked twice the entire season. Not apples to apples I know, but an interesting data point. (And in the category of damn, that sucks for him. Spencer Rattler was sacked 40 times!)

              • bmseattle

                Do sacks in college count against your rushing stats yards?
                If so, that needs to be taken into account regarding Penix’s total rushing yards.
                But the point is taken… he’s not been a running threat, and that won’t be a part of his game at the next level, most likely.

          • Mel

            College stats subtract sack yards from rushing yards. Given that he barely got sacked, it’s not helping his case much at all, but gives you more context to 8 yards lol.

        • Peter

          I’m not in love with any of the qbs this year.

          Just thinking back to 2012 and how my opinions changed a ton before settling in Wilson.

          Post combine I still thought like a lot of SDB that osweiller would be the pick. Or cousins.

          Because you are one of the few that would do this with an Open mind…..

          Put on highlights of Nix, Penix, Mccarthy. Just try to see them again.

          Still really like Rattler but I’m not there yet that John would like him.

          • BK26

            I am going to watch Nix again, especially. And Penix, both Indiana and Washington.

            I want to watch McCarthy and someone else (maybe Luck), just to compare the differences in them being used. I want to see if Harbaugh did anything differently between them.

            I think Rattler is quite a ways away ahead of them, but for some reason Nix might be ahead of Penix now for me (most likely because I don’t want Penix with Grubbs). There is just something that makes me think that he can grind through some bad times before he breaks through.

            FWIW, I wanted Osweiler too. Loved watching ASU that last year for him. Was actually on the phone with my brother in law, who was a Broncos fan when the trade happened. Told him that they got a good player (oops).

            As a balance, Russ didn’t surprise me. But I also watched every game his senior year and a lot of him at NC State. Him and Tyler Lockett just had “it” that I knew they would be fine.

  14. Joseph

    Rob, you think a move like could signal Schneider itching to draft a QB this year?

    Depending on what they do with Geno, I don’t know if he’s a fit for Grubb’s offense.

    • Peter

      Going to go to bat and try for a single here….

      The Geno thing is cost relative to performance. I think he’s played enough football with enough different coaches that I think he’d be fine in Grubb’s system. In some ways he has less limitations then the qbs in our range have.

      • Cysco

        “He’d be fine”. IMO that’s the problem. Fine was all Pete wanted out of the offense and Geno delivered. Grubb’s hiring signals a desire for more. It’s a move to become more dynamic and explosive on offense. This requires a QB who can make the throws, but can also make something happen when things go off script.

        I think Geno’s limitations in the running game and improv abilities are a big contributor to the team’s 3rd down woes. This is why I think the odds are that he is not the QB here next year. I think the coaching staff is going to want someone who can provide more flexibility and be more dynamic, even if that QB ends up being Drew Lock.

        • Peter


          I’m definitely not team Geno. And agree “fine,” has been the problem for too long.

    • Rob Staton

      I think JS is itching to draft a QB

    • LouCityHawk

      Grubb has 3 different QBs he has designed offenses for, worth considering that he adapts his offense to QB, bit the other way around.

      The right question is which linemen will be pursued, and if new skill players will be added

  15. Unio

    I am totally on-board with Rob’s analysis/speculation that JS wants an offense that will be explosive in taking shots downfield. I was initially lukewarm on Penix but after re-watching the highlight video Rob linked into his article there is no question Penix has special arm talent. Also, while he isn’t much of a scrambler, he does exhibit good pocket awareness and “feel”…he seems to instinctively know when to step-up or give himself extra time by sliding away from pressure. I have no idea whether JS/MM will target him or if hiring Grubb means anything to that end. However, I wouldn’t be against it.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I’m also of the lukewarm on Penix clan.

      But I can’t ignore the signs that seem to point to Penix being a Seahawk.

      And so I keep reminding myself that Penix is a much MUCH better athlete than he gets credit for. He may not be a scrambler or runner. But he’s no stick in the mud.

  16. Blitzy the Clown

    What I like about the makeup of the coaching and management structure of Seattle is the delegation of responsibility. Under Carroll, everything went through Carroll. Under Macd, Grubb will be empowered to make the offense his own, and Durde will be groomed eventually to make decisions for the defense. Under a defensive HC. That would never happen under Carroll!

    The other benefit is I’m not convinced Grubb will be rushing for the exit if things go well.

    I agree. I think hiring Grubb is seen right now as a risky move in FOs around the League. High upside to be sure, but risky nonetheless. Even if he has immediate success, I don’t see him getting HC consideration for several seasons. But moreover, it seems like the city and community played a significant role in Grubb’s…shall we say “odyssey” from Montlake to Tuscaloosa to Renton. I don’t think he’ll want to go anywhere for while.

    Exciting times for Seahawks fans!

  17. DJ 1/2 way

    Chip Kelly exiting from UCLA for a massive pay decrease is interesting. Seems like the old “Quit before you are fired” move. Will Pete Carroll be considered for Head Coach of the UCLA Bruins?

    • Ben

      I’d be fascinated to see it turn out. I doubt Pete wants to go to College to drum up money. Maybe staying in the game is that worth it to him but I guess it’s possible.

      It’d be weird when all his old boosters are in town but wear the wrong colors!

    • RomeoA57

      I think that you are half right. Chip wasn’t going to last much longer at UCLA considering the move to the Big Ten and his mediocre record while at UCLA. What I find interesting is that he seemes tired of being a college head coach and was much more interested in being a coordinator in the NFL. He had multiple interviews with NFL Teams and was unable to land a job. So instead of a probable lame duck season, he becomes the OC for one of the stacked college teams, Ohio State. If Ohio State puts up a lot of points this year, he may very well be in line for an NFL OC position in 2025.

      Like Rob said in this article, some coaches are very unhappy with the current state of college football. Chip taking a deliberate demotion and a significant loss of pay to try to improve his chances to get back to the NFL, is very interesting.

  18. Palatypus

    It’s extremely rare that a college coach comes to lead an offense in the NFL. Grubb is tasked with building a system for the pro’s having never previously coached at this level. People who follow the Huskies say he’s perfectly prepared to do it but the proof, as they say, will be in the pudding.

    I didn’t know how you got proof in pudding until I tried banana pudding moonshine from the Murder Creek distillery, in Murder Creek, Alabama.

    Things to do at the Senior Bowl.

  19. LouCityHawk

    Boy, head out on an job emergency and come back to two new coordinators!

    Durde first. I like it. Solid hire, would have preferred an elevated LB coach, but experienced, respected, different system (so different ideas) and working with unique chess pieces. I like the upside, and Rob’s point is 100% that Frazier alleviates the need for an ‘old hand’.

    I’m going to be looking to see if some nontraditional players (like Parsons, Kancey, etc…) get brought in.

    Grade B+, there were some better candidates during the process but most were retained by their teams.

    Grubb to me was an inspired choice when I saw his name, still is. Pig farmer background aside, he has done pro style and spread, he learned under Tedford. Smarter people than me can break down how a lot of the concepts he used at Fresno and UW are translatable to the NFL.

    To me Grubb signals a major shift on offense, I expect some churn. I think it also means that Geno’s im may be drawing short (trade)

    Grade A+. I don’t think I’ve seen a coordinator hired this cycle that I like more. I also agree with some of the comments above, it may take a couple seasons before Grubb because a poach able candidates

    Quick hits, I think Geno has to be traded for value sooner.

    I don’t think his makes Husky players more or less likely.

    I’m Disinclined to select a QB in R1, absent a R1 grade on that QB.

    Penix’s true strength is his character, leadership and charisma, I had an opportunity to meet him while he was the Hoosiers QB and I can say he is a rare young man. He does have a great arm. His age, injuries, system, and inconsistent performance make me think this is not a R1 QB.

    Looking back at the Fresno St teams, Marcus Macaryion (sp?) is instructive to see the type of QB that Grubb coached and the qualities that he looks for.

    I saw that Greg Roman was hired by the Chargers, a peculiar choice with Herbert in house. New regimes do mean new QBs – we could be in for a wild ride.

    • LouCityHawk

      Neglected to mention Jake Haeneras the other QB worth examining, different from Penix in many ways.

      • BK26

        I’m VERY interested to watch Haener and Fresno State film now. Want to see tape without that talented an o-line and wide receivers.

        Never thought that I’d say I’m excited to watch Haener hahaha.

  20. FloridaHawk

    Truly hope that this staff of rookies works out better for us than it did for Denver. At least it will be exciting to watch play out.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Denver had huge expectations after trading for Russ. I for one have patience with the evolution of this new group & am excited to see how things grow.

  21. marc a. tardif

    Rob, you getting the boys together this weekend for a stream?

    • Rob Staton

      Probably not this weekend as I’m watching the SB with a group of friends but hopefully soon and Jeff and I have a stream scheduled for Wednesday

  22. Palatypus

    Your item departed a transfer airport in NEWARK INTERNATIONAL, NEWARK, UNITED STATES on February 10, 2024 at 8:44 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

    • FloridaHawk

      Does Rob have a PO Box to receive gifts?

      • Palatypus

        It’s his BBC office and I won’t give it out.

  23. Elmer

    Rob is right. I’m not sure that hiring Grubb necessarily means Penix.

    About one thing I am sure. Roll Tide! The boys in the cult get to take a back seat on this one.

    • bmseattle

      No, it doesn’t…. but JS might love that rumor to start circulating, especially if he wants one of the other QBs.

      • AlaskaHawk

        With Grubb on board I have to think one of the most popular rumors going into the draft will be Seattle chooses Penix in the first round.

        One thing about Grubb, if he’s a good coach he will start studying the best teams and their offense. It’s all out there on film. No secrets. It shouldn’t be that hard for him to get spun up to NFL speed if he’s willing to put in the time this summer – stealing other teams plays. He can probably confine himself to studying top 4 teams.

        • SeattleLifer

          But remember the best coaching staffs are both a) scheming up said stealable plays for thier own teams players/tendencies/strengths and weaknesses etc and b) adapting those plays and schemes year to year, month to month week to week and first half to second halves of each game – so it’s just not near so simple as watch gud teams tape, steal and apply….

  24. Jabroni-DC

    With the primary coaches all set it’s time to add TALENT, TALENT, TALENT!!!

    Give these guys the raw materials to create a championship squad. Feeling good about the ‘be adaptable’ mentality of the coaching hires.

  25. dahveed

    Both offense and defense with these coaching hires now share a simlar Shapeshifter ability One thing we can certainly say is it will be FRESH!and I am so down for that!

    • 352 Hawk

      👍 “Like Button”

  26. Case

    I appreciate that because they have assembled a diverse staff from multiple locations with different backgrounds, it will prioritize scheme-building and great communication at the outset. Even Grubb with the strong suggestion of tendencies from his UW time will not present a complete blueprint because the deficiencies will be pointed out quickly. The assembled group appears to be smart enough to do that and that’s exciting. It’s part of the mystery you suggest, one that will unfurl over the next twelve months with a roster re-build, re-scheming, coaching up the players and then seeing if anyone can beat us. I like that.

    On the mystery, Rob it’s great having listened to you all these years to know exactly what you would sound like when you write ‘Give me a bit of mystery.’ Thank you for all this content and all the knowledge Rob.

  27. Forrest

    If we draft Penix, who’s protecting his blind side – Injury plagued Abe Lucas? Jake Curhan?

    I thought Penix struggled under pressure and the Seahawks’ RT position allowed a lot of it this year.

    You’d need to get a plug and play RT for him in the draft, but that’d require two picks.

    …unless you were rolling with Geno for a year (but he’d have to learn a whole new system).

    • Rob Staton

      Lucas was great when healthy

      Hopefully he comes back strong l

      • Red

        I wouldnt be surprised if they took another swing at RT this year. Lucas is great, really hope he can stay healthy. Ive wondered if he would have an easier time staying healthy in a backup roll, not saying he wants that of course. Selfishly I would love to have someone like him as a backup, that would be great depth. Gotta replace him of course…

    • Elmer

      That’s right. He’s left handed. The blind side is on the other side. There are implications for OL personnel.

  28. samprassultanofswat

    Well the unsolved mystery has been solved.

  29. Mr Drucker in hooterville

    Draft a QB. Keep Lock . and I would like to see Jake Haener thrown into the QB room. See what happens. I liked his Sr year. He elevated his team. Currently in NO. Listed at 6-1.

  30. geoff u

    Que the Seattle drafting Penix talk. Still not a fan of drafting him unless he’s the last QB standing after the others in the second teir, but Grubb will have all the insight we could ever ask for on the guy. If we draft him, or pass on him for another, it’ll be for a good reason.

  31. Joe

    Love to see them hire an OC that prioritizes the OL. It felt like Carroll prioritized the skill players. Being able to control the clock and run the ball directly helps your D.

    Give me a stud left guard, center, TE, and the offense will have a great core for the next 2-3 years, minus figuring out the QB seat.

    Hey Rob,
    Have you wrote about the biggest needs as they sit now?
    For me, Positions that would make the biggest impact if we upgraded:
    G, DT, LB, C, TE, S

    • Rob Staton

      Until they find a long term answer at QB who can win us a SB I think that is the biggest need

      • BK26

        Agreed. It’s all a mute point without a qb who is a difference-maker. As a long-term solution.

        Nothing really compares otherwise.

      • Joe

        Sorry, I figured QB a given.
        QB needs to be addressed, and I don’t think Geno can get us to a Superbowl. Although, maybe with a top tier OL?

        Thinking about it more given the gaping hole at LB, I might move that to the top.

  32. geoff u

    “The NIL situation is changing the face of college football and they need to find a proper structure for it ASAP.”

    Hard to see that happening anytime soon, college football has turned into a confederacy of dunces

    • Rob Staton

      The Big 10 and SEC are already having joint meetings about it they are so concerned

      Change is coming

      • geoff u

        Certainly hope so. It’s such a mess and it’s making it hard to enjoy CF

      • Youngorst

        The B1G and SEC want to go full semipro and leave everyone else behind. Likely including several current B1G and SEC schools. Their aren’t concerned about college athletics. Just their own coffers.

  33. TwilightError

    Oh yeah. The excitement is real. It has not been for years but now it is. Give me the unknown!

  34. Mr Magic

    That is one helluva lotta rookie coaches making up a staff with one grandpa. An experiment it will be…..

  35. Thomas

    I’m starting to think Penix will be gone by 16. I think the Raiders might have him circled and maybe the Vikings too.

    Christian Ponder went at 12… Everyone understood that as a reach, but one the Vikings wanted to gamble on.

    • Peter


    • MountainHawker

      If there’s a run on qb’s early there will certainly be some talent on the board at 16. Not a bad place to be. Although i hate the QB purgatory that we’re in

  36. HawksFanMattMan

    I saw the headline on said something to the effect of “Grubb reneges on Tide to go to Seattle”.

    That seems like a bit of an unfair characterization to me.

    Just because he told a roomful of boosters that he’s the OC for Alabama doesn’t mean he pulled a fast one. He basically was the OC in spirit, although not yet officially, and I’m guessing he hadn’t yet had an offer from the Seahawks.

    Maybe I’m just biased because he’s our guy now, and I’m sure Bama folks see it differently, but I don’t see it as some big betrayal.

    This was a far cry from a McDaniels or Petrino type of move.

    • BK26

      Eh, sounds like he had verbally committed. And still told people that he was the OC just a few days ago.

      He did that, but its coaching. It happens. Bama fans largely don’t care from what I read.

    • Misfit

      Deboer spurned UW for Alabama. Grubb spurned Alabama for the Seahawks. Grubb and the Seahawks front office are heroes for that in my book. 😁

      • samprassultanofswat

        “Deboer spurned UW for Alabama. Grubb spurned Alabama for the Seahawks. Grubb and the Seahawks front office are heroes for that in my book. ”

        Couldn’t agree more. What comes around. Goes around.

        • Peter

          How? The only person he’s screwing over is the guy who elevated him to this level and wanted him to keep working with him at AL.

          You huskies fans are wild.

          Haha, sure glad Grubb is sticking to his boss, partner who wanted him to go to an even bigger program with him. That’ll sure show someone…..

          • Peter

            If Grubb is great and I hope he is are we gonna be mad if he goes on somewhere else?

            Or are we hoping he’ll both be super great but also be cool being a coordinator til we get a ring if that ever happens.

    • DJ 1/2 way

      The “spurns” part caught my eye and pissed me off. ESPN does have a bias but there will be more Alabama fans reading those headlines than Seahawk fans so that is the bigger part of the story.

      • BK26

        I mean, he committed to Bama some way, whether verbal or however. Then announced it in public.

        Spurn might not be the right word, but renege is more accurate.

        • Jon W.

          Sweet revenge indeed! Hoping that the offensive discontinuity leads to a KDB faceplant in 2024.

  37. Seattle Person

    It will be interesting to see what their strategy is for offensive line. Grubb values linemen but he also is really really good at developing them.

  38. Youngorst

    If they take Penix MacDonald will end up fired.

    • Rob Staton


      • Youngorst

        Fine, it’s your site but why? Penix is gonna be a bust. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to voice that?

        Nix and Penix are both gonna be coach killers

        You may delete, I won’t waste my time here anymore. It’s your house.

        • BK26

          Care to have any input or reason behind it?

          Statements mean nothing if you can’t have anything to back them up. Don’t waste time if you have nothing to say beyond “they suck and will ruin the organization if drafted.”

          • Youngorst

            Penix lacks mobility and touch on his throws. He also hasn’t shown the ability to handle pressure. The injury history is a massive red flag as well. I think that combination is a disaster at the NFL level.

            • BK26

              That’s a better take than just saying that the coaching staff will be fired if they draft him. You’ve got an opinion, which is fine. Just don’t turn it into the extreme that you did.

              No way of knowing what will happen.

              • Youngorst

                I 100% standby my first opinion. If they draft Penix, MacDonald won’t finish his contract.

                • Peter

                  Wouldn’t it be more likely John loses his job?

                  That would be on him more than macdonald.

                  • Youngorst

                    They’d both be fired. Macdonald and Schneider are tied together at this point. If 1 goes, both go.

                • BK26


                  You’re most likely wrong.

                  And just for the future, expect a place to have a debate or discussion. Not a place that you come to to act like you know it all.

                  • Youngorst

                    Hahahaha, I don’t think I know it all

                    You guys win.

                    Penix is still a terrible pick that will cost jobs but you guys think anyone having that opinion is a “know it all” and that’s not welcome here.

                    So be it.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Everybody has lost here, nobody wins

                      You’ve presented a really limited argument, and we’ve all had to endure it

                      I wish you’d just listened to the initial ‘stop’ reply

                    • ShowMeYourHawk

                      If you’re really leaving, please take your cross with you. Every martyr should have one.


                    • BK26

                      “Penix is GONNA BE a bust.”

                      “If they draft Penix MacDonald WILL BE fired.”

                      “They would both be fired. If one goes, both go.”

                      Using specific words have a different meaning. You framed hardly anything as an opinion. Just as you knew everything. As Rob said, we have all just lost from this discussion.

                • Ashish

                  First let them draft, then fail and thereafter you can fire the coach. Please relax. We respect your opinion.

      • Big Mike

        Who’s this Penix Macdonald guy you speak of?
        (commas are your friend)

        And Mac has a 6 year contract. He’d survive if Penix flamed out and move on before it cost him his job.

        • Youngorst

          Ah, you got me on the grammar therefore my entire point is meaningless, good call.

          6 year coaching deals don’t guarantee you get 6 years. Josh McDaniels had a 6 year contract in Las Vegas.

          • CL

            Dude, what are you talking about?

            If you read Rob’s articles or watched his videos, he was actually quite critical of Penix’ flaws.
            Like how his completion percentage dropped sharply, after he faced more pressure etc.

            But it’s also a fact that he’s making throws that just leave you speechless. Throws that not many other quarterbacks are capable of, including the NFL.
            Maybe he will be a bust, maybe he will be alright or even great, but you got to take shots at some point.
            What’s your solution? Rolling with Geno and Lock?

            • Youngorst

              I’ve read what Rob says. Taking a shot on Penix is a bad idea. Just because he has a big arm doesn’t make it a good idea.

              I’ve voiced my opinion on the who, that’s unpopular here and got me moderated by Rob already so I won’t do so again.

              But I’m not just gonna accept making a bad pick because you gotta do something.

              Yes, rolling with Geno or Lock is better than wasting a pick on Penix

              • Rob Staton

                You haven’t been ‘moderated’ but it’s a bit of a tell that your argument is a bit shit that you think that will happen

                Coming on here, making inane declarations (the new coach will be fired if he drafts this player) won’t cut it in this community

                Not because a negative opinion on Penix isn’t allowed, purely because you haven’t presented any argument and have just said one sentence for effect. Not how we do things here

                And you clearly haven’t listened to what I’ve said otherwise you’d know a lot of the relevant points against drafting Penix

                • Youngorst

                  Drafting the wrong QB will cost a coach their job. Happens all the time. Voicing that fact shouldn’t be controversial. And that point doesn’t take multiple sentences to make.

                  And I had a post specifically say, “awaiting moderation” the other day. But okay Rob.

                  • Dregur

                    At the top of the first round maybe. But if it’s lower in the 1st round, it’ll just be a blip, otherwise Carroll would have been fired years ago.

                  • wsguy

                    Another basement troll …

                  • Mr drucker in hooterville

                    Shanahan drafted Lance. Shall we fire him?

      • 352 Hawk

        If you had a like button, he would see most on here don’t agree with his statement.

  39. Misfit

    I must say I’m excited for the coaching staff overall. I also like an unknown instead of a ‘proven mediocre’ (or worse) type hire for OC. At least in building a new offense for the pros teams won’t have a book on him. Hopefully his creativity and use of motion and Pre-snap changes are plenty and I think they will be. Bottom line is Macdonald clearly doesn’t like vanilla as we heard words to that effect in his opening Seahawks presser.

    There may be growing pains but this portends to be a well-built staff for Macdonald and I’m excited for the future of this team and that feels fantastic.

    • HawksFanMattMan

      I know Super Bowls aren’t won on paper, but I’d say Schneider has hit everything out of the park thus far in his first stint as the man in charge.

      A lot of unknowns on the coaching staff, to be sure, but also a lot of reason for hope and optimism from everything we know about the people they’ve hired.

      Part of Schneider’s job was also to re-energize the fan base and get people revved up for the future, which I’d say he’s accomplished.

      Other than Rob, how many of us typically pay this much close attention to all of this offseason minutiae?

  40. Ben

    Amazing interview with KJ (and Gee Scott) with Marcus Smith. Really good conversation, as a warning it has some pretty heavy discussion of suicide.

    They also talk with JSN, Mina Kimes, Kendrick Bourne, and others.

    • Eric Weber

      I agree. Excellent interview all around.

    • ErickV

      I really enjoyed the JSN interview. In press conferences he usually seems fairly timid and straightforward. You can definitely tell he’s super comfortable with Gee and KJ just with how expressive he is . Really nice to hear how excited he is to play for Coach Mike.

    • Rob Staton

      Appreciate the recommendation but I’d rather listen to a dog barking directly into my ear for 2 hours non stop than Gee Scott

      • Mr drucker in hooterville


      • Ben

        Can’t fault ya! Those parenthesis were there for a reason!

        Ahman Green, CJ Stroud, Shawne Merriman, Marcus Spears, Zaire Franklin, and more. Ahman in particular was a fun listen. They’re getting guys to open up and share some cool stuff.

      • Palatypus

        What kind of dog?

      • bmseattle

        It’s funny, cuz it’s true.

  41. Harold Kosanke

    Anyone surprised that the DC experience is working with a 4-3 defense and not someone who experience is with a 3-4?

    • Patrick Toler

      Not particularly surprised and I love how many varied backgrounds they have on the staff, as opposed to a bunch of guys who have all come from one or two backgrounds or trees.

      When asked about coaches, Macdonald emphasized personality and communication skills over scheme and experience. All of these hires seem to align with that.

    • Seattle Person

      No because in reality, you rarely just run 4-3 or 3-4 bases anymore. Most coaches have a good idea of all defensive philosophies.

    • 12th chuck

      Frazier is a 4-3 guy as well

  42. SeattleLifer

    Very well put Rob, agree across the board. If John were being honest he didn’t get the first choice or two for both head coach and OC but he still got good intriguing choices and most importantly seems to have a real vision for it all – avoiding re-treads and striking out with young and hungry and hopefully innovative guys all with an eye towards trying to grow it all together and keep some continuity for at least a few years.

    As you said intriguing and there are some legitimate concerns but I too am ready to see something new and fresh and watch it all hopefully mature and gel and become it’s own brand of great Seahawks football. Maybe with having to reset things and weed out bad fit players and reset the salary cap all along with some growing pains from all the new/young staff – we have a down first year? Great I say, learn and grow and have some better draft picks for 2025 along with some real cap space and then got get it moving forward from then!

    • Dregur

      I’m fairly certain Macdonald was one of his top choices.

  43. Joe

    Great article. Really excited about this hire, now we can move on from all of the nonsense about Geno not being retained, since I think Grub makes Geno actually more secure for this year. I think they may draft a wh to sit for a while, but will be more focused on line additions both sides.

    • Peter

      Why do you think this?

      Rob and Cha have pretty well broken down the cost implications.

      Look I get it. Fans like Geno. He was “there for us,” after Russel.

      It’s two seasons now. John didn’t praise him. Basically said “we’ll see.” If Geno had played like 2022 this might be a different topic. After two years he’s playing fine. Not great. Not terrible. How many probowl olinemen is needed to be great? 2, 3, more? Same for defense.

      Why would a rookie sit? Geno has no advantage in a new system over a rookie.

      I don’t know. Was watching Corbin Smith and Nick Lee and they both agreed that if Geno was cut no one would be pounding the door for him. Then advocated keeping him on a different contract. Why?no one ponyed up after 2022. If no one would now, seems like that says it all about the qb.

      • Sean-O

        I’m not a Geno stand but I could see some teams having an interest in him as a bridge QB (like SEA?). Denver, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Tampa Bay (if they don’t resign Baker) & Minnesota are some that come to mind. If the price & situation was right of course.

  44. Palatypus

    Your item departed a transfer airport in HEATHROW, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND on February 10, 2024 at 8:30 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

    • Rob Staton


  45. line_hawk

    There have been plenty of college wonderkids that have failed in the nfl from Chip Kelly to Kingsbury. The chances of this working are low. Seems like we didn’t have any good options left. So went with high risk high reward. Likely he falls flat & we replace him after a year. This has Jeremy Bates written all over it. Will be interesting to watch.

    • Rob Staton

      The chances aren’t ‘low’

      We just need to wait and see

      No need to have this kind of negative attitude about an unknown. Just embrace it as an unknown

      • line_hawk

        Who among college football has succeeded as OC with so little pro experience? He is not even running a pro scheme in college. He has to design a whole scheme for the pros. I would have preferred to poach an assistant from Shanahan/Mcvay/Reid trees but it is what it is.

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s a false dichotomy though because the college and pro game has never been as closely aligned as they are now

  46. Rob Staton

    New video talking about the Ryan Grubb hire:

  47. neil

    This tells me that Penix is probably high on the draft list, too bad !

  48. Ground_Hawk

    Thanks for the article Rob!

    Hiring Grubb could also show an interest in Seattle drafting Penix at some point, but I think the hiring may cause serious conversation league wide as to were Penix might be drafted. Teams will know that Grubb will either be high, low, or warm on Penix and that’s important. With his injury history and lack of pocket creativity I wouldn’t be surprised if Penix lasts until round 3.

  49. Rob Staton

    I am so so so so so so bored of the Geno Smith stuff on Seahawks Twitter

    A select few making it into more of a big discussion than it needs to be (god knows why)

    Just let the situation play out. You don’t need to ‘go to bat’ for the bloke, constantly feel the need to defend his honour or make out that large sections of the fan base ‘hate’ him

    You aren’t helping. You are just, once again, pitting fans against each other and pouring petrol on the fire

    • LouCityHawk

      But there are an army of Geno Smith haters who only hate him because they were wrong and backed the awful Drew Lock!

      Of course, we wouldn’t want to trade him, even for the Russell Wilson package! Only a stupid team would do that, he has been a top ten QB for the last two years and is perfect for Grubb’s offense.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s very frustrating

        • Wilson502

          This kind of ridiculous discourse is why I keep saying we have one of the lowest IQ fanbases in the league. Everything is so black and white and no room for discourse in the middle

    • cha

      I have often wondered if there’s some hurt feelings/lashing out because a lot of the people who can’t have a rational conversation were the same people who were peddling the ‘Geno deserves a 4y $160m deal with a ton of guaranteed money because that’s what a QB costs these days’ trope last offseason.

      I vividly recall just browsing an online debate in January. One fan said they had to franchise tag Geno because he’s so good and the franchise tag was a mere $35m. He said it gives the Seahawks options. Teams would make an offer and the Seahawks would refuse to match and get two first round picks as compensation.

      The comment was swiftly replied to with some pretty strong disbelief. Replies pouring in passionately critical of the idea.

      Why? Because the tag would eat all their salary cap? Because nobody in their right mind would trade two first round picks AND pay Geno $35m a year?

      Nope. Because they thought Geno was worth more than two first round picks in trade and the Seahawks would be getting the raw end of that deal.

      I’m not saying those who want to keep Geno thought that way in those days. But it does illustrates how Geno’s story grabbed peoples hearts so strongly that clear thinking is taking a backseat.

      • Big Mike

        Geno’s story grabbed peoples hearts so strongly that clear thinking is taking a backseat

        Spot on cha. Everyone loves an underdog story

        • cha

          A lot of the base takes the cue from Pete.

          Remember that game where Geno was hurt, and the team legitimately took it to the last minute to decide who was going to play?

          Pete did a blow by blow after the game. He sure was biting his nails, trying to find a way to get Geno in the game. It smelled exactly the same as the homer takes we see now from fans.

      • Rob Staton

        There have been so many awful takes within this base and media over the years — including many saying ‘this will never happen’ (only for it to happen). At least one place has cut through a lot of this stuff.

        • cha

          //gallows humor inbound…

          One prominent and trusted media legend literally died on that hill not long after what he insisted, pounded his fist, and called ‘the dumbest idea he has ever heard’ would never happen, happened.

    • Alex Potts

      If you simply look at what other fans think of Geno, it becomes pretty obvious. NOBODY is scared of Geno. He’s just a guy. A nice bridge.

      Unfortunately, many seahawks fans seem to enjoy “hot takes” and “clickbait tweets”. It’s a weird phenomena.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s a good point

  50. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    Has the recent additions changed the expectations at which players the Seahawks can or would target in the draft? I’m pretty confident that Seattle will not go QB in first round. In fact, I would be shocked if they didn’t take an OL or LB prospect with their first pick.

    The first time I’ve felt excited to see what an unknown Seahawks future looks like… out with the stale and in with the Fresh or Vibrant 2024 Seahawks on offense and defense.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, which LB prospect are they taking R1? Which LB in this class is worthy??

      My recommendation would be to adjust your expectation because ‘shocked’ isn’t something I would ever say about a newly John Schneider-led team prioritising the future at quarterback. It could easily happen. It also might not. But it won’t be ‘shocking’ either way

    • PJ in Seattle

      Fautanu could be there at #16 and makes more sense than ever if we don’t go QB or DE (Verse?).

      As Rob said, there is no LB in this class we should be talking about at #16.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not sure I could take a guard convert at #16 — as I don’t personally view Fautanu as a NFL tackle like others who can do multi-positions

        This can/will change in the coming weeks but at the moment the names I’d focus on for 16 are guys like Fuaga, Latham, Guyton, Verse, Robinson — but I don’t think they will be there. Thus, I’d think about moving down — and that’s when your Fautanu, Powers-Johnson types (plus the QB’s) could come into consideration

        • Mr drucker in hooterville

          Is a trade down to secure a 2nd rounder realistic? If so, I’d love an OL/DL then a QB.

          • Rob Staton

            See my recent mocks. Trading with Green Bay, the value is almost identical to get their second R2 pick

        • Peter


          I’ve seen the highlights. Watched a few games.

          I’m a little off Chop Robinson early.

          His speed is unreal. Full stop. I don’t see a ton of moves. Swim, bull rush, etc. He creates a lot of havoc but I don’t know…

          But my main worry….is what is going on with the lack of production? It’s almost as unbelievable as his speed.

          The sacks and tfls are okay I guess but what struck me is this:

          Mafe. 34 total tackles
          Verse. 41 total tackles
          Thibodaux. 49 total tackles
          Johnson. 70 total tackles

          Chop. 15 (?!?) Total tackles. Is this a Darrell Taylor liability thing. Again that speed but dang…he’s not making up for it in sacks and tfls.

          • Rob Staton

            For me the physical traits are enticing enough to wonder in a creative defense whether he could be Micah

            And let’s not forget — Parsons didn’t even rush at Penn State

            • Peter

              Thanks. That speed is so amazing.

              And he does have a few of hits just leveling players. I’d just like to see a tiny bit more finish on plays. I do see it excited to see if he tests at the combine.

    • Seattle Person

      I don’t know…

      Schneider this off-season have been trying to swing for the fences with every decision. He’s going for the upside rather than the safe play.

      With that being said, nothing is more upside than a young QB — the most important position on the field. Grubb has almost been able to develop athletic linemen at almost every stop. So they may wait to take an offensive linemen with good athletic traits but is not refined.

      I strongly think the team is planning to take a QB early. It doesn’t matter if Geno is on the team or not. But we’ll see. Regardless, it is a whole lot of fun.

    • Patrick Toler

      The results of the last two years and everything John has said about those drafts points towards them taking the best or most impactful player at 16, not targeting a certain position.

  51. PJ in Seattle

    Love the Grubb hire. I haven’t seen confirmation that Scott Huff is part of the plan and coming on board as OLine coach, but I sure as hell hope so. That Husky OL was not chock full of 5 star recruits but were clearly the best OL in college football last season. They move a lot, great scheming, and know how to make movement a factor. I assume this means Damien Lewis is gone, since I don’t think he fits the type they are looking for at guard.

    I want and expect to see this team build back to greatness through the trenches. We are loaded at the skill positions on offense, and have lots of budding secondary talent on defense. LB and OL needs to be addressed obviously, but our holes are not nearly as many as most other teams in the NFL. Good opportunity to shore those up in this draft class. Honestly, not too many pieces we need to upgrade to be back in the conversation of seriously dangerous NFL teams. I believe Grubb saw this for what it is: a chance to go run an offense loaded with potential and make his entrance into the NFL with a bang instead of a grinding whimper.

    I really want Scott Huff coaching our OL though. Hope that’s the deal. And if so, John has fucking killed it with this coaching rebuild.

    • Rob Staton

      The best thing about this 2024 draft class might be — good LB’s being available in rounds 3/4 and the overall O-line depth providing options well into R4

      • samprassultanofswat

        #The best thing about this 2024 draft class might be — good LB’s being available in rounds 3/4 and the overall O-line depth providing options well into R4#

        At the moment the Seahawks could use help at both Linebacker and offensive line.

      • PJ in Seattle

        Exactlty, my man, I think this draft, QB aside, is lining up nicely for us to address our needs at a discount. Let’s go get it.

    • Peter

      I’m very stoked on the possibility of a great oline. Hopefully huff comes back to Seattle.

      I see what you did there about the five star recruit thing, btw. I think the coaching has been phenomenal….but all seven of the olineman were 4 star recruits. I’m not taking anything away I actually think that means Grubb and Huff know how to find, coach, and relate to players.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Hopefully Huff comes back? I thought it was already announced he is. Did I mishear?

        • Big Mike

          “Expected” to join Grubb on the Hawks staff. I found nothing official…..yet

  52. Scott

    AFC scout: “I don’t think he’s in the class of the quarterbacks that came out last year. Strong arm. Pretty good athlete. Still has some holes in his game.”

    Bill Polian, Indianapolis: “I see a guy who has good arm strength. I see some athletic ability. I see a guy who was pretty good with a good team. I see a guy who’s in a pretty efficient offense. Am I certain that he’s going to come in and lead my team to the Promised Land? I can’t say that. I’m not even sure I can say that about Alex Smith.”

    QB “A”
    G Comp% Y/A TD Int Rate
    13 61.6 8.38 19 5 146.6
    12 66.1 8.1 24 8 154.3

    QB “B”
    G Comp% Y/A TD Int Rate
    13 65.3 8.4 31 8 151.3
    15. 65.4 8.8 36 11 157.1

    Scouting report on QB “A” coming out of college reminds me a lot of QB “B”. Last two seasons of stats also resemble one another. Now, that doesn’t mean B = A. However, it’s interesting to see the similarities.

    QB “A” = Aaron Rodgers
    QB “B” = Michael Penix Jr

  53. Mr Magic

    Let me start by saying none of us have any idea how any of this will work out. Could be a stunning success from the start, could go south, could start ugly then turn, who knows. I’m glad we’ve moved on from the PC era and I’m more than satisfied with these hires. I hope and wish for the best and am willing to give them 2 seasons fully to show progress without major criticism, well maybe in season 2 I will but not season 1!

    That being said, gut thought about all this…. Lotta rookies on this staff.

    Head coach, 14yrs old, never been a head coach.
    DC, 18yrs old and British, really British?! I know Rob is fired up but come on mate, a lad as an NFL DC?? Sorry but when a Yank turns up coaching in the premier everyone rolls their eyes, you get the same look here fella!
    OC, never coached in the NFL………..EVER. Not even as an assistant? Collage game is light years away, not even comparable. Minefield of possible shanks there.

    Sorry not trying to be a homer or troll, just my personal view if the gun were pointed to my head, which it isnt, but that is the fun of a comments section on a fan blog!

    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Is this some performative theater I’m not getting? There’s no sarcasm font so I can’t tell.

  54. samprassultanofswat

    Here is my take. On the hiring of Ryan Grubb. I am excited but also a bit on the wait-and-see side. When you watch the Husky passing offense. Time and time again guys were wide-open. If the deep through was covered. It just seemed like someone underneath was open. That is by design. That is play calling. Ryan Grubb is just not a pass happy Air Coryell offense. Led by Don Coryell. Ryan Grubb led offenses could also run the football if/when needed. One year his offense (I believe it was at Eastern Michigan) ran for an average of over 180 for the entire season. So Ryan Grubb does know how to design an offense that can run the football.

    Another point. John Schneider passed on both Chip Kelly/Tanor Engstrand to hire Grubb. He also chose to take Grubb over an offensive minded coaches from either the 48ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. There was rumors that Schneider had interest in looking at some offensive coaches from either 47ers or the Chiefs. Maybe Schneider figured that time was running out and he was afraid that Grubb might get impatient and sign with Alabama.

    I am sure that Schneider probably was interested in looking at, at least some of the offensive coaches from the Chiefs/46ers. Anyway, John Schneider got his man. Schneider always seems to know when to play his hand. So don’t sit with JS at the poker table.

    • Big Mike


      I literally LOL’d. Rooting for KC today then?

  55. Peter


    Thanks for reminding me of Austin booker. Great length and looks like pretty good strength for his size. Young so I wonder if he couldn’t add some good weight.

    Great highlights.

  56. Zane

    Rob, apologies if this has already been mentioned, but wouldn’t trading Geno totally telegraph their intentions going into the draft? Seems problematic

    • BK26


      Is it worth taking the cap hit for a guy that isn’t worth it instead?

    • Sea Mode

      Still worth it, IMO. Even for a day 3 pick.

      And they could always roll with Lock and some other competition they bring in (Davis Mills…?) if the draft doesn’t fall their way at QB this year.

    • Rob Staton

      They would really need to sell hard Drew Lock and probably sign a ‘backup’ on a minimal deal

      It’d be tricky but if your intention is to move on from Geno Smith and go young, you can’t just take on a $31.2m misdirection for the draft

      Plus teams might already have a good idea by draft time that Seattle is going QB anyway

    • Alex Potts

      I’ve thought about this alot and it was my main argument for keeping Geno.

      However now that Grubbs has become offensive coordinator, teams will be alerted to the Hawks and Penix. If they like someone else in the draft, then it doesn’t really matter right? It would act as a nice smokescreen.

      If Grubbs feels he’d rather work with Lock and free up the money to re-sign someone like Noah Fant, then just go for it.

      I don’t think teams will buy it if Grubbs starts endorsing Geno as “the guy”. The contract is not a “locked in” type and he hasn’t performed enough for teams to truly believe he’s the guy long term.

      Now I will say this… not a single mock have put the Seahawks with a QB. I suppose that is a good thing. You would HATE to be jumped in the draft by a Pittsburgh or something like that. So I think the argument to keep Geno for one more year is valid.

  57. Sparky

    John and Pete had a commitment to being competitive every year. Arguably, it held them from restocking and going on another legit run.

    I’d like to see us take a step back this year. Trade Lockett, Diggs, Geno. Take on whatever part of the salary you need to make the trades viable. Release Jamal. Let Bobby walk. Draft a QB and let him start. If you can’t get a QB you like, draft for OL. Let the new coaches and the new QB/new OL pieces have a year to get settled in. Eat dead cap in 2024. Let the niners get even older and in cap hell. Start really going for it in 2025, possibly with some high draft picks due to a down season.

    That would truly help this feel like a legit fresh start.

    • ukalex6674

      There is no need to tank. Its possible to have a fresh start and be competitive. See Houston Texans.

      Re the 49ers getting older and in cap hell – you mean like the Rams were supposed to be this year? They are both well run organisations who wouldn’t get into that situation to the degree they become irrelevant.

      It already feels like a legitimate fresh start in my opinion.

      • TJ

        The Texans finished 3-13 last year.

      • Sparky

        I’m not suggesting we tank per se. Just that we think of it as more of a developmental year.

        I think this is actually probably what the Rams did this year. They took the year to eat a lot of dead money and develop new players, while still trying to win. Now they have an exciting group of new talent that actually has some playing time under its belt and are positioned well to be very competitive next year. Texans’ success was also largely due to hitting on rookies and letting them play.

        I’d rather let some rookies take their lumps (or prove themselves to be building blocks) than squeeze another year out of aging vets.

        • BK26

          I get what you mean: have a tough year and plow through it, get bad contracts and dead money out of the way. Compared to dragging some players along that aren’t valuable to the team’s future.

          A year closer to “sink or swim” for younger guys too.

        • ukalex6674

          100% that’s the way to go I agree.

          The Rams smashed – and Texans – smashed the draft last year, here’s hoping we can do the same this year.

      • Ben

        I’d agree with this. I don’t think we even need to compare to other teams.

        You could trade (or cut) Geno, Lockett, Dre’mont Jones, and Eskridge.

        Cut Adams (post June), Diggs, Dissley, Bellore, and Love.

        We’d go from -5m to 70m in cap space, and other Geno- I honestly don’t think the team is losing all that much considering they could EASILY add two higher end players, a mid tier contract or two, and a few flier vets that all fit the vision. Pair that with a couple extra day 3 draft picks, RFA signings, and the roster is filled out and probably more competitive.

        The only three I think would be a clear talent loss are Geno, Lockett, and Dre’mont.

        We could add a rookie WR and a vet. The FA safety class is filled with good players. Love had a few nice plays at the end of the year, but I have zero attachment, he’ll get a job somewhere. Bring in some new TEs. Sure sad we didn’t draft one last year.

        Moving Geno “most likely” represents a step back at QB for the year, but I think I’m clearheaded on that. Bring back Lock or Tannehille, draft somebody, trade for somebody, whatever.

        I’m okay building out the rest of the team with the cap savings. I expect Schneider to approach the rest of the offseason with the same strategy as the coaching search. Strict process, disciplined, open-minded. I don’t think familiarity is going to matter much.

        • Commander Ga

          I agree. Be ruthless, and unsentimental. In addition to the players that cost too much, dump players that don’t have the talent required for the new systems, even if they are fan darlings.

          Need a QB though!

    • Patrick Toler

      I don’t think John (in his first year post Pete) or Macdonald (in his HC debut) will be planning to take a step back. They will want to be competitive. I could see some concessions to the future , but would expect that everything will be done with an eye towards rebuilding a competitive team this year.

      That said, I do expect them to be aggressive with the roster. In addition to the obvious Adams and Mone cuts, you can make a strong argument for moving on from any of Lockett, Dissly, Diggs, Dre’mont, Bellore or Geno. Most of those don’t necessarily make you worse in 2024, when you consider the cap space created. I don’t expect them to eat a time of dead cap this year though. I imagine Adam’s and/or Lockett will be post June 1st cuts.

      • cha

        I don’t think John (in his first year post Pete) or Macdonald (in his HC debut) will be planning to take a step back. They will want to be competitive.

        Counterpoint: there’s never a better time to take a step back. The org’s trust of both is at an extremely high level, and they have made an enormous commitment to both.

        • Patrick Toler

          Yeah maybe. But I think John will be itching to make a quick impact post Pete.

          • Ben

            I think that most of us are probably viewing it the same way.

            Playing to win doesn’t mean keeping all the vets. A step back doesn’t mean angling for the #1 pick.

            I expect clear-eyed patience from the FO with a coach trying everything to win each and every game.

            • Rob Staton

              I want us to do whatever is necessary to win a SB

              If that means re-setting the cap situation and taking a bit of a hit in results this year, so be it

              • Ben

                Agreed there! My point is that resetting the cap doesn’t even have to mean the Seahawks will be worse in 2024. While we don’t need to set high expectations, the ceiling could easily be higher after letting a bunch of these vets go by the time training camp rolls around.

                The range of outcomes is just gonna be wider because of QB uncertainty, and I think JS is gonna be okay with bumps.

                • Patrick Toler

                  Agreed that the goal is build the next legit contender. I think they will see a path towards doing so that keeps them competitive in 2024.

                  I won’t be upset if they are more aggressive with the reset than I expect. And personally I think Adams, Lockett, Dissly, Mone, and Bellore are all easy cuts, which is a significant trimming. I don’t think the team is much worse with those moves. And I am open minded about Geno, Diggs, and Dremont, although I think those moves do signify more of a push towards the future mindset, depending on what else they do.

  58. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Unlike Hypothetical: if we get to 16 and Brock Bower (or surprising stud) is there and an offer for a favorable trade down//R2 acquisition exists, would you draft the stud or do the trade?

    • Cysco

      too much quality on day two available. I’d trade down and add the 2nd. If a “stud” is there at 16, it just increases the chances of good trade value.

    • BK26

      Trade down. I understand how amazing he is, but we are deep at receiver and can draft tight ends later on that can block, catch, etc.

      Get another pick or two, get quarterback and linemen on both sides.

    • Dustin

      I’d take the bird in hand

  59. Blitzy the Clown

    It would appear Hassan Reddick isn’t on board with Vic Fangio’s hire.

    • Bryan

      It seems like we would be interested

    • cha

      It’s being spun that he wants a raise and the Eagles are letting him shop the market.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I see. He wants an extension and raise only a year after signing a deal. Tough spot for Philly. He’s an important piece but not sure he’s worth much more than the $15m apy he’s getting now.

        • cha

          It’s fun because the way the Eagles cook their books, he received 1/3 of his contract almost immediately after signing, and another 1/3 before he played his second season.

          A bird in the hand doesn’t mean as much after you’ve cooked and eaten it I guess.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            Lmao. At that point of the metaphor, you’d have a hand full of crap 😂

    • Sten

      We shouldn’t be buyers. Unless certain twitter users want to use their accounts again

  60. cha

    Completely random thought:

    Neither Adams nor Diggs have posted a single thing on X/Twitter about Macdonald or Durde being hired.

    Adams, I can understand. His agent has probably wrestled his account away from him.

    But Diggs, wasn’t this guy the unofficial media arm of the team the last two years?

    I think they know what these changes mean.

    • bmseattle

      good observation.
      The silence is deafening.

    • BrandoK

      What are the scenario for Diggs post June 1st designation, trade, or just straight release?

      • cha

        All 3 are the same. $10m dead / $11m gain

    • BK26

      It’s definitely odd for those two to not be putting their feet in their mouths, let alone being quiet.

      For Diggs getting worked up for announcing every single move last year to being left in the dark (whether told to shut up or just flat out not told anything, with both cases being 100% correct) shows that something is going to happen.

      I’m excited to have our defensive “leaders” gone. With Adams forgotten and Diggs to enjoy what he did for us in the past.

      • bmseattle

        When do the new Madden ratings come out?
        Certainly Diggs will have some opinions on this!

    • ok

      diggs is the canary in the mine, for me: if he he’s gone, i’ll be excited. this team doesn’t need that type of energy. it’s a fine result, for this fan, for the seahawks to be deficient in his absence. taking lumps with a new rookie, totally acceptable. diggs cost too much, in salary, and in what i perceive (perhaps incorrectly), as a negative influence/impact, on new players and new culture

      • Gaux Hawks

        + 1

  61. Palatypus

    Seeing Super Bowl proposition bets on Taylor Swift makes me long for the days went Britney Spears shaved her head.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Hey, man…… we all have our kinks, I suppose.

      • Palatypus

        And with Paris Hilton, it was night vision googles.

      • Palatypus

        …And I remember during that time having some weird Ellen Ripley fantasies where I was the Xenomorph.

  62. Denver Hawker

    With Pats open to trading out of #3 and looking to FA market for a QB, how interested could they be in Geno plus p16 and 2025 R1. Or is that not enough for them, too much for us?

    Let’s say Daniels is there (or Schneider fancies Maye), is he worth trading up for vs keeping draft capital and hoping for Penix/Rattler later?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      I can’t imagine the Pats viewing Geno as worth trading for. He makes sense to a team otherwise close to the playoffs that needs a capable QB (LV, PIT, ATL) to give them a push. New England is probably mired in mediocrity (or worse) for another season or so. If they don’t want to take a QB at 3, maybe they keep the pick and just take Harrison, who’d help their lacking WR room.

      Besides, if Geno is only worth a 3rd rounder on the condition we eat his bonus money, not sure that he’d bridge the gap between what the 3rd overall pick would be worth and what else you offered.

    • JimQ

      While on the clock, if Daniels is available, I would hope the Seahawks would do what it takes to move up to #3 and draft him. A QBOTF to build the team around.

      • Rob Staton

        You want to use three firsts, two seconds and maybe more for that privilege?

        • JimQ

          Respectfully I would like to point out to you Rob a quote from your December 2023 mock draft.

          “”#4 Seattle (v/WAS) — Quinn Ewers (QB, Texas)
          The Seahawks give up a package of picks to move up 11 spots.””

          If they did move up to #4 because Daniels was available, how is that much different from your mock to move up for Ewers? Apparently, you were okay with moving up for Ewers but not Daniels? Do you rate Ewers as a better choice than Daniels?

          • Rob Staton

            Because he’s going to be the #2 pick for a QB-desperate team

            When I did that mock, there was a feeling the Commanders might like Howell enough to stick with him

            Nice attempted gotcha though

    • CL

      The 49ers traded more picks to go from 12 to 3, I reckon it’d take at least another first, if not more.

      So I don’t think that’s likely after all.

    • GoHawksDani

      I think #16+Geno+R1 would be a highway robbery for #3.
      But if Daniels is there and the Pats are open to trade, I’d give up #16, R3, Geno, Lockett, next year’s R1, R2 and R2 for the year after that easy. Daniels just on another level then the later QBs and I bet MacDonald would love him (and probably JS too)

    • Rob Staton

      It will take way, way more than this package I’m afraid, Denver

  63. samprassultanofswat

    “Seeing Super Bowl proposition bets on Taylor Swift makes me long for the days went Britney Spears shaved her head.”

    Speaking of Taylor Swift. Rumor has it that she is flying in on her broom.

    • Palatypus

      As a practitioner of Zymurgy, I resent the implication that she is part of my coven. She probably drinks Bud Lite.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      I, for one, am totally ready to laugh at all the pearl-clutchers when she appears not only on camera during the game but also during the commercials should she appear in the Deadpool 3 trailer, as rumored.

      “We can’t even enjoy the ads without her!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭”


      • Palatypus

        You know, if Marvel was going to cast someone to play the Dazzler, she would be a good choice.

        • ShowMeYourHawk

          ….that’s exactly the rumor. I certainly hope it happens.

          • Palatypus

            Can she roller skate?

            • ShowMeYourHawk

              Maybe. CGI fills in the gaps that Travis Kelce doesn’t.

  64. Palatypus

    Team Ruff is dominating Team Fluff early in Puppy Bowl.

  65. 805Hawk

    I’m to the point where I just want a decision on Geno. I’m tired of all the Twitter arguing. Certain people trying to convince the unconvincable of keeping him and that he’s a top 10 QB while the other half tries to argue the route of moving on for the future. It’s getting so old. Please make a decision soon before I absolutely lose it.

    • Rob Staton

      It is, agreed

      But as soon as this passes, it’ll be something else. The prominent voices on Seahawks Twitter will set up the next toxic topic. Probably which QB they should draft. Or why the’ve made a terrible mistake

      • 805Hawk

        I guess it’s unavoidable. It’s just so annoying.

  66. GoHawksDani

    Checked the highlights of all the potentially available QBs. Based on that and what Rob wrote my list is:
    1, Rattler – good strong arm, moves well in the pocket, good feet, can run, nice touch
    2, Nix – a bit worse than Spencer, but Nix also works well in the pocket and can run. Showed some harder throws too so I guess arm strength not a major issue either
    3, McCarthy – I liked how he handled when the pocket collapsed and he can run, OK arm
    4, Penix – didn’t like much. A+ arm strength but other than that I don’t think anything is good with his game. I don’t like the throwing motion (seems choppy, maybe because of the left hand or dunno), his footwork also seem a bit lagging, he didn’t run much. I didn’t see great touches on his passes and WRs were super open almost always. Didn’t see much how he’d handle a collapsing pocket. So he’d be a big no for me. Lock might have a worse arm but anything else seems like either the same or better for Lock 🤷‍♂️

    • Palatypus

      As one observer I overheard at the Senior Bowl said about Penix, “It’s not that he has bad footwork. He has no footwork.”

      The good news is you can teach that. Patrick Mahomes was far from a finished product.

      • BK26

        And he still makes me wince when he runs even today

    • seaspunj

      yeah i think all the QB mentions are in a similar tier and if the Seahawks draft 1 of these QBs be hopeful this regime can develop into a franchise QB

      i am a big believer its a higher chance to destroy a QB early its best to develop and prepare with time and learn to be a Professional. Very impressed with Love in how he learned and watched struggled early this season and learned.

      Hopefully the Seahawks get their qb of the future this draft!

  67. HawksFanMattMan

    Not nearly as important as Seahawks’ coaching news, obviously, but the Super Bowl starts soon. Who ya got?

    I hate the 49ers for obvious reasons, although I liked them when I was a kid and we weren’t in the same conference. I respect Mahomes and Reid, but I really don’t want to just walk right into the next dynasty, unless it’s the Seahawks.

    Ugh, I guess I’ll root for the Chiefs. 11-4. Lol

    • Palatypus

      Chiefs by 13. Better quarterback. Defense had two weeks to prepare for Brock’s Purdy mouth.

      • Rob Staton

        I fear the 49ers are going to run it right at the Chiefs, Kittle and Aiyuk will make the necessary plays when needed and the Niners will win

        • Palatypus

          The officials will win big in Las Vegas.

        • Sea Mode

          Pls no… 😬

          • James Z

            I feel your pain, but alas, it will probably be so.

        • Seattle Person

          The 49ers have been run on throughout the playoffs. Pretty key they stop the run.

    • Dustin

      Chiefs 43-8

  68. PatrickH

    There is a report that Jeff Bezos is selling 12 million Amazon shares (worth $2 billion).

    I wonder if he is raising money to buy a particular NFL team.

    • Ben

      He’s been doing long planned stock sales after moving to Florida to avoid taxes. The plan is to sell a lot more than 2 billion dollars worth. It would surprise me if he bought the Seahawks, seems like he’s shifting his focus away from Seattle. Maybe he’d want it as a vanity project but I think he’d be more likely to buy a Florida team at this point…

      • PatrickH

        Just out of curiosity, is there any Florida sports team about to be sold (or rumored about to be sold)?

        • ShowMeYourHawk

          The Miami Marlins came out in the last couple of weeks and stated “the team isn’t for sale,” so count the Marlins as a team that is DEFINITELY for sale soon.

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        Living in FL wouldn’t preclude him from buying in Seattle would it?

    • STTBM

      God forbid!

      I’d prefer Sauron but another team…

  69. CDAHawksFan

    He may have been discussed here before but what are your thoughts on Fields? Is it someone you’d consider if the compensation made sense (our 1st rounder and some change)? Or, do you like one of Penix, McCarthy or Nix better somewhere in the mid to late 1st?

    • UkAlex6674

      I’d be happy to have him here.

      But if he does get traded wherever he goes it won’t be for a first.

    • Peter

      A lot of people are pretty down on fields.

      As for compensation that’s way too high for a guy his team is basically saying he’s a bust in their eyes.

      He’s due a decent size contract soon.

      Maybe a team that really wants a running threat trades him but I don’t think Chicago gets much more than a third for him.

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        I’d rather have Taysom Hill TBH.

    • BK26

      Wouldn’t even give up a 6th. Next year.

      We already have enough running backs.

  70. UkAlex6674

    KC win tonight.

  71. New Guy

    I can see a minor bidding war happening for Gino in the next month or so. Maybe Pittsburgh and New England.

    Super Bowl? I’m hoping DF for the win. I would think that all those players with inflated egos putting pressure on management for higher salaries would benefit the coming power struggle between the Niners and Hawks in the long run.

    Lockett? I can see him on the Chiefs next season. Imagine someone who can reliably catch the ball, run great routes, and adjust well on scramble plays.

    Go Niners! Run yourselves into eventual insolvency.


  72. New Guy

    That’s (SF) win…

    And I’d like to see Rattler. Although I’ll bet by draft time he will be a valuable commodity.

  73. Blitzy the Clown


    Tom Pelissero @TomPelissero

    The #Seahawks have finalized the hire of Scott Huff as their offensive line coach, per source. Huff worked for new Seattle OC Ryan Grubb at Washington (and, very briefly, Alabama) and now follows him to the NFL.

    3:00 PM · Feb 11, 2024

    • Big Mike

      There it is 😀

  74. Palatypus

    What the hell was that?

  75. Palatypus

    McCaffrey is already bleeding.

  76. Blitzy the Clown

    Rough couple of snaps for Trent Williams. Can’t believe he gave up on the play once he saw the flag. You in the Super Bowl son. Play to the whistle.

  77. Blitzy the Clown

    Karlaftis having a nice game

  78. Palatypus

    Fumbles and flags!

  79. STTBM

    PFT says Bienemy was close to becoming OC for Seattle. Oh, to be a fly on the wall…

  80. Palatypus

    The 49ers have had the ball almost twice as long as the Chiefs. 16:47 to 8:50.

  81. Big Mike

    Guessing the 9ers are doubling Kelce and daring the KC WRs to beat them. So far they aren’t

    • Palatypus

      These pundits are making it sound like the 49ers are up big. It’s 10-3???

  82. Palatypus

    I think I would rather watch The Marvels arrive in Aladna than this half-time show.

    • Big Mike

      To each their own but I wish they’d have a rock and roll act at least once every 4 super bowls

      • Palatypus

        They could have at least had the decency to wish Deadpool a happy birthday.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        It’s a hip hop world Big Mike ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • Big Mike

          Well I did say one out of 4

          • Mr drucker in hooterville

            Agreed. Or a Country western. Apparently halftime is meant for middle schoolers, NFL says their target fan is someone in a bowling league. I don’t understand their halftime choices.

  83. Troy

    The Chiefs are getting hammered at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Pretty uninspired gameplan by KC.

    • Palatypus

      Yet, somehow they are still in it.

  84. Big Mike

    I’ve seen every Super Bowl ever played I have never seen a level of commercials like I see on this one
    Every single change of possession and any time there’s an injury or some other stoppage of play
    It’s beyond tiresome

    • Palatypus

      Why did Tyler Lockett agree to this?

      • FloridaHawk

        Haha. I guess the same reason Gronk does those insurance commercials where he acts (?) like a complete buffoon. Millions and millions in the bank but a little more doesn’t hurt.

        • Palatypus

          I think the reason for the commercial overload may have to do with the end of the writers/actors strike.

  85. Palatypus

    The time of possession is now even.

    • Big Mike


      • Big Mike

        Shit, meant as a reply to Palatypus asking about why Tyler would do that commercial

  86. Hand of god

    Tow good examples of how defenses can still win championships, despite all the rule changes. Also, some good offensive adjustments by the chiefs….Mahomes is getting to work

  87. Mick

    I could see the Chiefs eventually scoring a TD but I couldn’t see the 49ers gifting them one.

  88. FloridaHawk

    Rob, I really appreciate these breakdowns on Grubb and Penix. It is nice to have some well-written and thought out articles about this that cut through the rampant homerism that abounds with these two names in Seahawks land.

    I certainly hope that Grubb (and Penix if we draft him) do as well as many in the PNW seem to think they will.

  89. Palatypus

    Juwan Jennings MVp?

  90. Palatypus

    I feel like this game is going to end on a fumble.

  91. Joe B

    To whichever poster provided the gumbo recipe and inspiration today THANK YOU. My wife generously made a batch today and it was amazing. Didn’t use crab but followed the rest. Appreciate you!!

    • Palatypus

      That was me.

      • Palatypus

        But it was yesterday.

      • Joe B

        My appreciation to you. Never woulda done it w/ out your post.

        • Palatypus

          The Mardi Gras parade was yesterday here in Pensacola. And they always have one the Thursday night before the Senior Bowl in Mobile.

          • Film12Hawk

            Which discussion did you share a gumbo recipe? I’d love to make it.

            • Palatypus

              Here’s the recipe. It’s very flexible. Before I moved here, I liked to make it with snow crab halves. And I make my gumbo with filet, even if okra is in season.


              • Palatypus

                Actually, that link doesn’t work. It’s the Gumbo Du Monde. Search google for “Gumbo Du Monde” and Gumbopages. com and it pops up.

                • Film12Hawk

                  Found it! It sounds delicious both ways. Thank you for sharing it. I’ll report back to you when I get around to making it. Hopefully sometime soon. I’ve not ate okra in a long time. It’s especially good fried. I like making sausage. So if you ever want to make your own and need a good seasoning let me know.

  92. Denver Hawker

    Brilliant game- loved the play calling, playmaking, overall two great teams. FTN

  93. Troy

    Niners lose! Fuck yes, what a Super Bowl. Mahomes might be annoying but he just saved us from the niners winning a title. And for that I am thankful

  94. Troy

    F*ck the Niners!!

  95. Whit21

    Here comes the forty-whiners

  96. Ruthless pass

    This was a game man

  97. Film12Hawk

    Thank you, Chiefs!

  98. Palatypus

    Is there anything worse than picking at #31?

    • Cysco

      With the 31st pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Super Bowl runner up team that couldn’t get it done when the pressure was on San Francisco 49ers select… some dude. The Chiefs are now on the clock.

      I can’t wait.

      • Palatypus

        Probably another receiver because Deebo is always hurt. It would be good value there too.

  99. Mick

    It’s gonna sound really mean but I can see Pete after having watched the SuperBowl going “Can you win the game in the first quarter?” in front of the TV.

  100. seaspunj

    amazing seeing what a clutch HOFer QB can do when the game is on the line

    totally QB driven league

    Mahones is clutch. Gotta hope the Seahawks draft a clutch QB of the future

  101. geoff u

    San Francisco has become the new Buffalo Bills.

    Also, QB is king. Mahomes, Mahomes, Stafford, Brady, Mahomes, Brady, Foles the outlier, Brady, Manning, Brady, Wilson…

    Find us a QB John Schneider.

    • Chase


  102. Jabroni-DC

    S.F. Dee-NYED!!!
    Welcome to the Mahomes ‘trail of tears’.
    Thank you

  103. Palatypus

    I hope Ryan Grubb took lots of notes today.

    • Ben

      Run game commitment by both teams was really important and impressive to me.

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