TEF results for 2024 — this is the most explosive offensive line on record

For years we were able to identify offensive line targets for the Seahawks, with a decent degree of success, by measuring explosive traits using a formula we called ‘TEF’. With wholesale changes to the coaching staff, I don’t know whether explosive testing results will be as important to Ryan Grubb and Scott Huff as they were to former line coaches.

A year ago, the Seahawks added two of the most explosive linemen in the draft (Anthony Bradford & Olu Oluwatimi) and free agent center Evan Brown is one of the most explosive testers in recent history. It’ll be interesting to see if there are any physical trends under the new regime.

Anyway, I thought we’d still produce the TEF results because there is some evidence that the league pays attention to data like this. Plus it’s just interesting to see how each draft class stacks up — especially with so much hype around the 2024 group.

Before getting into the results, here’s the TEF formula explained…

Tom Cable stated in 2015 that an O-line prospect would ideally achieve a 31-inch vertical, a 9-foot broad jump and 27 reps in the bench press. TEF uses these numbers to create an overall score for each individual offensive lineman:

1. Vertical ÷ 31
2. Broad ÷ 9, then cube the result
3. Bench ÷ 27
4. Results added together = TEF

Here’s what the ideal (31 — 9 — 27) would look like using this formula:

1. Vertical: 31 ÷ 31 = 1
2. Broad: 9 ÷ 9 = 1, cubed = 1
3. Bench: 27 ÷ 27 = 1
4. Overall score = 3.00

A prospect achieving the exact Cable ideal (31 — 9 — 27) will score a 3.00 in TEF.

2024 TEF results

These results include the linemen who tested in the vertical, broad and bench at the combine — allowing us to create a confirmed TEF score:

Beaux Limmer — 3.68
Jarrett Kingston — 3.29
Kingsley Suamataia — 3.11
Jackson Powers-Johnson — 3.04
Joe Alt — 3.02
Frank Crum — 3.01
Tanor Bortolini — 2.94
Nick Gargiulo — 2.90
Christian Haynes — 2.83
KT Leveston — 2.81
Delmar Glaze — 2.79
Gottlieb Ayedze — 2.75
Drake Nugent — 2.70
Sataoa Laumea — 2.69
Cooper Beebe — 2.66
Keaton Bills — 2.66
Javion Cohen — 2.56
Isaiah Adams — 2.45
X’Zauvea Gadlin — 2.40

From a class of 69 offensive linemen, only 19 completed every drill to produce a confirmed TEF score. It speaks to how the combine has become more of a sideshow than an actual testing event. More and more players are skipping runs, jumps, drills, and the bench press. We used to get pretty much a complete set of results for an entire O-line class. Now, we get less than a third.

Projected TEF scores for 2023

For the players who didn’t complete a full set of tests (vertical, broad, bench) — we fill in the gaps using the ‘average’ of the class. For example, a lot of the linemen simply didn’t do the bench press. Therefore, I took the average number of reps per player at the combine this year (26) and used it to project a TEF score that can be adjusted if the player completes a full set of testing at his pro-day:

Tylan Grable — 3.41
Mason McCormick — 3.38
Garret Greenfield — 3.35
C.J. Hanson — 3.25
Brandon Coleman — 3.24
Dylan McMahon — 3.23
Caedan Wallace — 3.20
Troy Fautanu — 3.16
Taliese Fuagu — 3.08
Roger Rosengarten — 3.08
Tyler Guyton — 3.05
Matt Lee — 3.05
Christian Mahogany — 3.04
Blake Fisher — 3.04
Olu Fashanu — 3.02
Karsen Barnhart — 3.00
Charles Turner — 2.99
Javon Foster — 2.96
Brady Latham — 2.96
Trevor Keegan — 2.92
Jordan Morgan — 2.92
Jacob Monk — 2.91
Dominick Puni — 2.90
Layden Robinson — 2.90
Amarius Mims — 2.87
Trente Jones — 2.86
Nathan Thomas — 2.76
Matthew Jones — 2.73
Jeremy Flax — 2.66
Andrew Coker — 2.44
Andrew Raym — 2.43

The following players didn’t do enough testing to even produce a projected score:

Graham Barton
Zak Zinter
Nick Samac
Sedrick Van Pran
Kiran Amegadjie
Ethan Driskell
Matt Goncalves
JC Latham
Prince Pines
Christian Jones
LaDarius Henderson
Anim Dankwah
Jalen Sundell
Kingsley Eguakun
Hunter Nourzad
Josiah Ezrim
Zach Frazier
Patrick Paul

What does this all mean?

There are six confirmed explosive testers within the 2024 offensive line class and based on projections, there could be at least 16 more. That would make this the most explosive offensive line class since we started recording TEF results.

How does this compare to previous combines?

Players scoring a 3.00 or more:

2016 — 6
2017 — 3
2018 — 7
2019 — 8
2020 — 8
2021 — No combine
2022 — 9 (projection)
2023 — 19 (projection)
2024 — 22 (projection)

I’m not sure if this is a coincidence or a correction after years of the top athletes preferring to play defense, suddenly seeing an opportunity on the offensive line. Either way, you can see that there’s been a rapid increase in the number of explosive O-liners entering the league in recent years.

Top testers since 2016

Projected scores have a (p) next to their names and players from the 2024 class are in bold:

Beaux Limmer — 3.68
Iosua Opeta — 3.62
Jason Spriggs — 3.54
Braden Smith — 3.52
Tristan Wirfs — 3.47
Cole Strange — 3.42
Tylan Grable — 3.41 (p)
Mason McCormick — 3.38 (p)
Peter Skoronski — 3.37
Bernhard Raimann — 3.37
Garret Greenfield — 3.35 (p)
Zion Johnson — 3.33
Zach Tom — 3.33 (p)
Kolton Miller — 3.31
Jarrett Kingston — 3.29
Connor McGovern: 3.29
Hakeem Adeniji — 3.27
Andrew Vorhees — 3.26
Cesar Ruiz — 3.25
C.J. Hanson — 3.25 (p)
Brandon Coleman — 3.24 (p)
Dylan McMahon — 3.23 (p)
Forrest Lamp — 3.23
Phil Haynes — 3.22
Wyatt Teller — 3.22
Scott Quessenberry — 3.22
Austin Jackson — 3.21
John Simpson — 3.20
Caedan Wallace — 3.20 (p)
Chris Lindstrom — 3.18
Connor Williams — 3.18
Anthony Bradford — 3.17
Jovaughan Gwyn — 3.17
Troy Fautanu — 3.16 (p)
Ezra Cleveland — 3.16
Garrett Bradbury — 3.15

As you can see, Beaux Limmer is the most explosive offensive linemen we’ve ever put through the TEF formula.

Weighted TEF

We also created a second calculation to account for the fact that jumping a vertical at 320lbs is more challenging than jumping a vertical at 295lbs. Thus, we created a formula (weighted TEF or wTEF) to account for weight:

Weight x TEF x 0.1

We can give each player a score that sufficiently emphasises their unique size. For example:

Germain Ifedi — 324 x 2.97 x 0.1 = 96.1

Confirmed wTEF scores for 2024

Beaux Limmer — 111.1
Kingsley Suamataia — 101.4
Jarrett Kingston — 100.7
Jackson Powers-Johnson — 99.7
Joe Alt — 96.9
Frank Crum — 94.2
Nick Gargiulo — 92.2
KT Leveston — 91.6
Christian Haynes — 89.7
Tanor Bortolini — 89.1
Delmar Glaze — 87.9
Sataoa Laumea — 85.8
Keaton Bills — 85.4
Cooper Beebe — 85.7
Gottlieb Ayedze — 84.7
Javion Cohen — 82.9
Drake Nugent — 80.5
Isaiah Adams — 77.2
X’Zauvea Gadlin — 77.2

Projected wTEF scores

Mason McCormick — 104.4
Tylan Grable — 104.3
Garret Greenfield — 104.2
Brandon Coleman — 101.4
Caedan Wallace — 100.5
Troy Fautanu — 100.2
Taliese Fuagu — 99.8
Tyler Guyton — 98.2
Amarius Mims — 97.6
C.J. Hanson — 97.5
Dylan McMahon — 96.6
Roger Rosengarten — 94.9
Olu Fashanu — 94.2
Blake Fisher — 94.2
Christian Mahogany — 93.9
Javon Foster — 92.6
Matt Lee — 91.8
Karsen Barnhart — 91.8
Nathan Thomas — 91.6
Jeremy Flax — 91.2
Dominick Puni — 90.8
Jordan Morgan — 90.8
Charles Turner — 90.6
Trevor Keegan — 90.5
Brady Latham — 90.0
Jacob Monk — 89.6
Layden Robinson — 87.6
Trente Jones — 87.2
Matthew Jones — 86.3
Andrew Coker — 76.9
Andrew Raym — 76.3

Top-five weighted TEF scores since 2016

Beaux Limmer — 111.1
Tristan Wirfs — 111.0
Braden Smith — 110.9
Sua Opeta — 109.0
Cole Strange — 105.0

So there you go — Beaux Limmer is officially the most explosive offensive linemen we’ve ever tested — taking the crown from Tristan Wirfs.

That top five is somewhat interesting because it includes Wirfs (one of the best offensive linemen in the league), an underrated confirmed starter in Braden Smith (PFF’s sixth ranked tackle in 2023 with an 83.3 grade), Cole Strange who was drafted in the first round unexpectedly and Sua Opeta who has been a very average starter for the Eagles (you can’t win them all).

Takeaways from the data

— This offensive line class is as good as advertised. Explosive testing isn’t a guarantee of success and it’s likely several non-explosive testers will have good NFL careers. However, if we’re going to refer to this as the best O-line class in a couple of decades, it’s good to know that it also includes the greatest explosive lineman we’ve seen in nine drafts and the highest number of confirmed or projected explosive testers in that same period.

— Beaux Limmer is probably going to be taken earlier than people think.

— The two most impressive linemen in terms of the ‘big name’ prospects at the combine were Taliese Fuagu and Troy Fautanu. They are far more physical, explosive and athletic than players like Joe Alt and Olu Fashanu, who are often mocked higher than them. I think it’s very likely Fuagu will be a top-10 pick and Fautanu will follow suit. They are highly explosive linemen and out-performed not only Alt and Fashanu but also Amarius Mims and Tyler Guyton.

— If either player lasts to the Seahawks at #16 — and Seattle doesn’t trade up or stick and pick a quarterback — I think they’d run to the podium for either Fuagu or Fautanu. They are both ideal fits — in terms of playing style, physical profile, positional versatility and character. I’m not convinced either will last to #16, frankly.

— Three of the mid/late round options we’ve talked about on the blog tested very well — Jarrett Kingston, Dylan McMahon and Charles Turner. Although it’s worth remembering that agility testing and body type (leverage) seems equally if not more important at center (as explained here). I’ve included the agility testing results below:

—- Top-10 short-shuttle times:

Tanor Bortolini — 4.28
Dylan McMahon — 4.33
Dominick Puni — 4.40
Mason McCormick — 4.45
Jarrett Kingston — 4.47
Brady Latham — 4.47
Drake Nugent — 4.50
Joe Alt — 4.51
Christian Mahogany — 4.53
Beaux Limmer — 4.57

–- Top-10 three-cone times:

Tanor Bortolini — 7.16
Dylan McMahon — 7.26
Joe Alt — 7.31
Drake Nugent — 7.33
Nick Gargiulo — 7.33
Frank Crum — 7.39
Cooper Beebe — 7.44
Sedrick Van Pran — 7.46
Dominick Puni — 7.47
Beaux Limmer — 7.47


  1. Roy Batty

    The trade activity on day 2 is going to be lively. The shear number of quality OL, WR and CB in that range. Wow.

  2. Qoolio

    Any thoughts on Mason McCormick from South Dakota St?

    I realize that FCS is a step down in competition level, but I easily could pick him out on the field when he played my alma mater. Maybe another good later round option for the left guard spot?

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t studied him, sorry

    • DougM

      His PFF grades for run and pass blocking are 90.8 and 85.4 respectively. He has only given up 3 hurries in 376 pass attempts. That only puts him behind JPJ for IOL. He put up good numbers at the combine and is rising up draft boards. He should be looked at closer.

  3. Palatypus

    Fun fact about Bortolini: he played every line position.


    Also, I think Kingsley Suamataia could be had at 23, but not 24.

    • Palatypus

      Except as mentioned no “true” left tackle snaps.

  4. Denver Hawker

    I’ve been interested in the post-combine mocks coming out to see if any gossip was gleaned. Both Zerlein and CBS put out new ones with JJ going near the top and as high as 3rd. No one else seemed to get a strong bump other than maybe Fautanu sliding more consistently in top 15.

    • Brodie

      I just watched one with 4 QB’s in the first five picks then Denver taking Penix at #12.

      It did lead to a lot of awesome players falling to #16, but if 5 QB are off the board before our pick, that will be rough.

      • Patrick Toler

        I’m still not convinced Penix will go this high. But listening to John talk this spring I have to believe that he his learned that he can’t sit back and wait for a QB to drop to a good value spot. If he is believes enough in a QB to take them at 16 he should probably trade up to make sure no one snipes him.

  5. Misfit

    Good stuff!

    I suspect the depth at OT (a drop-off after the very good, 1st round types) vs. the depth at WR (very deep, quality class) will cause teams to ensure they get a top tackle before a top WR depending on situation and player available.

    I fully expect the OTs and WRs to fly off the board after the top QBs in this draft.

    Fascinated to see how Seattle rebuilds it’s trenches and where in this draft they do that. Fuaga and Fautanu are man-crushes of mine. Mims would be insanely exciting.

    I have to re-watch Limmer. Might have had him mixed up with someone watching yesterday. I really like JC Latham, also.

    • Patrick Toler

      Using this logic I wonder if edge and DL will get pushed up as well. No depth there compared to OL, CB, and especially WR.

  6. Misfit

    PS this is a horrible year to not have a 2nd round pick but if it means you have Leonard Williams anchoring your DL it’s a bullet you take. Attracting big FAs to Seattle has been problematic before. This way maybe you give yourself a better shot at one of the top DLs on the market.

    • Joseph

      The no 2nd pick irks me (thanks Pete). I strongly believe Seattle will look to trade back and try to acquire one, considering how deep this class is.

    • ukalex6674

      Well said. No 2nd and have Williams on the line is more than acceptable.

  7. geoff u

    To grab someone early? Or grab a bunch of late rounders who fall through? Tough call.

  8. AL

    I would like to see JS stick at #16, take the best OT available, then trade up into round 2 and grab Penix.

    This would seem more doable then trading into the top 10 and might make more sense, providing of course that Penix lasts into round 2 as projected by many.

    I also think J.J. McCarthy goes early and I would not be surprised to see Sean Payton being interested.

  9. no frickin clue

    If there are this many explosive offensive linemen out there, I would prefer to trade down out of #16, maybe multiple times, and still get a good OL prospect (plus other guys with the extra picks). How many of these 22 guys are still going to be on the board in the 40-50 range….probably a bunch of them.

    Obviously it’s not just about the testing, but I think about the alternative of staying put and taking Fuaga or Fautanu at #16, and then not picking again until #78, missing out on prospects that might fit holes at other positions….sigh.

    • Rob Staton

      You’ve got to be careful though — because Fatauna could end up being Penei Sewell and you could end up with Mike Tyson, Tedric Thompson and CJ Prosise

      • Palatypus

        Kingsley Suamataia is Penei Sewell’s cousin. And he trained with him.


      • Roy Batty

        Therein lies the problem with quantity over quality.

        Sure, more picks on day two would be great in a stacked year like this, but picking a starter on the Oline, who will help anchor it for a decade, is not something you can pass up.

        How many times is this team going to have to churn through “meh” Olinemen before they find a true stud? If Schneider can’t get a deal done for a QB, and his guy is picked before 16, I’d rather they stay put and grab one of these stellar prospects.

        Enough futzing around with quantity. Start utilizing the top pick to get that blue chip talent, just like they did with Spoon. You simply cannot ignore the talent level staring you in the face. It’s literally the best of both worlds, BPA and need.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          The counter to that is, how much draft stock has this team spent in the first 3 rounds on the OL? I would argue that isn’t quantity of quality. This includes Carpenter, Cross, Lucas, Lewis, Pocic, Ifedi, and Odhiambo off the top of my head. Did they waste all those picks, or is coaching the issue? Or a little from column A and from column B?

      • Elmer

        Bad memories. Trading down to acquire multiple picks does carry a higher risk of getting players that don’t work out. See the 2019 draft.

        In your opinion does Rattler’s 40 time push his draft stock down?

        • Rob Staton

          The forty is irrelevant for Rattler

  10. Ricky


    Rob, what are your thoughts on this? I feel like it’s hot air to push Bo Nix and Michael Penix up the board higher than they should be so that good OL and DL would fall. Nothing that Bo Nix did this weekend proved he is worth a first rounder. And while Penix made it through two seasons behind an elite OL, the one game he got pressured regularly (Michigan) led to him being hobbled and limping. What happens when he sees regular pressure?

    Is this just Schefter doing his quid pro quo again?

    • Rob Staton

      Four will go in the top 10 so I think it’s distinctly possible at least one more will go

      • Ricky


        I also question Schefter when he clearly has an agenda to push. Remember this from a couple years ago. While he has great contacts in breaking news, he is a lapdog for agents and teams to create a narrative.

        • geoff u

          Stupid season is upon us

        • Rob Staton

          Not sure what agenda he’d have here though saying something a lot of people think anyway

    • Palatypus

      The real question is: Where will Russell Wilson be backing up Michael Pratt?

  11. cha

    Matt Calkins is lapping the Seattle media (except Brady H) with his thoughtful pieces for the Seattle Times.

    This is what balance looks like.


    • Sea Mode

      Excellent assessment. Either reads Rob or has just managed to come to a lot of the same conclusions using… wait for it… logic!

      Hopefully he and Brady can help start a wave of change in the Seattle media. Maybe Rob’s style has shown them there is an audience for level-headed and intelligent takes on the Seahawks from people who actually do their research and stay curious and open-minded.

    • samprassultanofswat

      Excellent article by Calkins. Not only was it a fair observation. But right on the money. Totally agree 100 percent with the article.

      Nice work Matt

  12. Palatypus

    I see B/R has a short list of Pro Days coming up.


    These might be of interest to some here.

    March 12: Oregon
    March 13: Georgia
    March 20: Alabama, USC
    March 21: Notre Dame
    March 22: Michigan
    March 27: LSU, Ole Miss

  13. LouCityHawk

    Hoping we get some clarity as to actual round availability of some of these prospects.

    Center I’m zeroing in on Frazier (who I thought looked great, injury or no. But I’m reading 2nd? McMahon is my next target but I’m seeing 7th to UDFA? I’m not as high on Bartolini, but that is just my antiBadger bias coming through is he really going to be there in the 5th?

    Guard has been Beebe and Haynes, draft seemed to confirm that for me, both will be gone in the 2nd. Coleman is one I’m going to have to revisit, as well as a couple others who were more athletic than I thought – look for some later round gold.

    Tackle-Fuaga could go to New England or Chargers, that’s how good he is. Alpha dog tone setter – projections to #16 or lower seem wrong. ‘30’ Jones needs some tape watching.

    • Palatypus

      Round 2 is going to get weird.

    • Denver Hawker

      I’ve just stopped reading any mock or commentary if Fuaga isn’t in top #11 – they aren’t serious people

    • Patrick Toler

      This feels like one of the most difficult classes to predict in a long time, especially among the offensive lineman. Maybe some sort of clarity will emerge over the next month.

      Would love McMahon as a day 3 pick to compete with Olu.

  14. Old but Slow

    Does it seem reasonable to suggest that teams might pass early picks of OL or WR because of the depth? “We can take a pass rusher or LB with the early pick and still get a good OL (WR) in the 2d or 3d”.

  15. Murphy

    I’m in a very weird place with this class. I feel like I have been waiting years for a draft where there was a realistic possibility of a game wrecking DE (Verse/Robinson) or an impact interior lineman falling to Seattle. We finally have a year where that is likely and I can’t get excited about it. Until our QB situation is fixed, I just don’t see it moving the needle. I cheer for one of those picks if they happen but still be very concerned that we are just treading water. This concern is doubled because I believe in this coaching staff. I believe they will get more out of our current roster, which puts a top QB even further out of reach.

    • Troy

      I sorta feel the same. It feels like we truly have a chance to draft a pro bowl dlineman or olineman, and we could miss out due to QB need or not having a second. If we stick and pick I’ll be happy cause that means we are probably getting a blue chip guy in schneiders eyes.

      Also if we trade up, JS has had a good track record with QBs he likes.

      So basically I’m happy as long as we don’t trade down, that would be most disappointing (although I understand the logic if it’s about recuperating a 2nd).

      Honestly I wish we would hust trade some players for picks, Lockett or Metcalf, use those extra pics on at least one good young WR and use the rest for QBOTF or other spots

    • Troy

      So I would only argue with you slightly. If we stick and pick and get a true game changer/pro bowler, that would make us better. True maybe puts us more out of range of a QB but I’ll take a blue chip guy whenever we can, esp on a rookie contract.

      • Murphy

        I completely agree that it would make us better. I just don’t think we’d be particularly close to a SB. And I think it makes sorting out the QB situation tougher. As I said, I’d still cheer the move but it is hard to get excited out those position without a franchise QB. Especially since we have a defensive staff. I’m confident this staff can figure out a decent defensive.

        • Troy

          Ya I feel ya, sucks being in QB purgatory, I really hope JS pulls another mahomes out of his hat haha. Is that so much to ask for?

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          San Francisco is kind of the counterpoint to that. Sure, the rest of the team is absolutely stacked, but their quarterback is pretty mid and is succeeding because of coaching and scheme. Could Geno do the same? I don’t know. The problem is, even if he is capable, he is not a long-term solution.

  16. Sea Mode

    Announce Leonard Williams

    • PatrickH

      In an interview last December, LW said that he had never gotten to free agency before (franchise tagged), and was determined to try FA this time before signing with any team. I don’t expect any announcement until next week.

      • Roy Batty

        He’s a SoCal and East Coast guy, birth, high school, college and NFL. I could see him leaning one of those directions.

        • GoHawks5151

          So every direction but Seattle? Haha

          • Roy Batty

            NS, right?

            It’s really hard for a player, this far into his career, to settle down for a number of years that far away from everyone he knows. If your drafted, or getting paid big money on your 2nd contract, then it’s not a big deal. But, when it’s most likely your last big payday, and you are a UDFA, you lean towards home.

  17. Sea Mode

    How did the 9ers roll over so much while still competing for a championship? They left that much money unspent last year or is this some other accounting trick?

    The Browns are the only other team anywhere in that ballpark for rollover.


    • Roy Batty

      Didn’t they push a majority of their big contracts into the future?

      • Dregur

        Yup, while they have 300 million in cap, their liabilities are over THAT cap already they have some decisions to make.

    • cha

      They restructured Kittle and Trent (and a couple others I think) to open up a bunch of cap room.

      Then they didn’t spend much of it. They just rolled it into 2024.

      The Seahawks restructured Adams, Diggs and Lockett to pick up $20m of room and spent almost all of it and had to up their trade to a 2nd round pick to get NY to pay Leonard Williams’ $10m salary.

      Two different ways of doing things.

    • line_hawk

      They are paying Mr Irrelevant peanuts.

  18. Ben Fort Worth

    I’m glad my boy Brian Thomas Jr. went and showed out. There’s no doubt in my mind he’ll be a 1st round pick. He absolutely crushed this combine, and at 6’3, just awesome!

  19. L80

    The trenches is where the Hawks get their asses handed to them, year end and year out. The chance to partially remedy that is right there, gotta take it on either side. DT if that side of the ball is drafted first.

    • Rob Staton

      The chance also might be there to get a QB really likes

      Which is the #1 priority until that’s solved

  20. Denver Hawker

    I keep finding myself fantasizing and eager about the draft- do we trade up for QB, stick and pick a fallen blue chip or trade back.

    Then I remember we have still virtually no cap room, big cuts/decisions to make, JS finally handed the keys, and an entirely new staff finding their way.

    Going to try and enjoy the ride next 2 months without consternating about. Grateful for this community to keep a level view of things.

  21. Big Mike

    Thanks for the work yet again Rob.
    Rob or cha, when can we expect the announcement of cuts?

    • cha

      Yesterday. Today.

      Or tomorrow.

      The Post-June1’s become official March 13 but they can be leaked/announced anytime.

      My guess is they’re working 24/7 to get things together. Waiting for Macdonald to be available then filling out the staff by getting the guys they wanted was Job 1. Now the roster is Job 2.

      While JS (hopefully) had the framework of a Master Plan all worked out before PC cleaned out his office, I’m sure he wants to create an inclusive environment by getting buy-in from his new staff.

      Still. I’m not good at being very patient.

      • Roy Batty

        The snark in me believes Schneider had a master plan sitting in his desk. The moment he came back from the meeting with Jody that decided Pete’s fate, he pulled it out, set it down, squarely in the middle of his desk, folded his arms, leaned back and gave the biggest sigh of his life.

        Then he took a nap.

        • cha

          My snark is leaning towards JS will cut Adams and everyone will rejoice.

          Then he’ll extend Quandre for 2 more years at top dollar and everyone will be back to scratching their heads at what he’s seeing.

          He’ll cut Bryan Mone and everyone will nod. And then leave Dissly and Bellore on the roster at astoundingly high numbers.

          • Big Mike

            Please God, no.

          • Roy Batty

            Why must you pee in my Cornflakes?

            • cha

              Can’t set the bar too high. I just can’t.

  22. Sea Mode

    Is this data publicly available? If not, any strings you can pull, Rob?

    Nacua wasn’t great in the traditional tests of athleticism that the NFL has relied on for decades, recording a 4.57-second 40-yard dash. But the player tracking data showed he was the fastest receiver at last year’s Combine in running through the gauntlet drill, in which a receiver runs across the field and catches seven passes in rapid succession. According to the NFL’s Next Gen Stats, Nacua reached the fastest speed of any wide receiver during last year’s gauntlet drill at 20.06 mph. That tipped teams off that Nacua plays faster than he runs, something that Nacua proved in his rookie year.

    This year, Florida State wide receiver Keon Coleman was similar to Nacua: Coleman ran a disappointing 40 time of 4.61 seconds, but he reached the fastest speed in the gauntlet drill, topping out at 20.36 mph — even faster than Nacua last year. Coleman also reached the second-fastest speed of any wide receiver in his group while running a go route, reaching 21.71 mph.


    • Ground_Hawk

      It would be cool if the nfl had that data on livefeed during the combine.

      • cha


        I preferred Caleb Williams eating sour candy with a pretty female reporter.

        Some 300lb lineman sharing his disgusting recipe for his breakfast smoothies.

        But that’s just me.

    • DougM

      Even though he starts slow he reaches his top speed faster. If you take his 20 yard split and subtract his 10 yard split, his time in the second 10 is close to Tyreek Hill’s second 10. Same is true for Amon-Ra St. Brown.

  23. no frickin clue

    Dane Brugler came out with his updated post-Combine 1st round mock in The Athletic.
    He has Seattle trading down with Pittsburgh to #20 (also getting #84, but giving back #151) and selecting JPJ at #20.

    His #21 selection? Fautanu

    Nix, Penix Jr. and Rattler all unselected in 1st round, FWIW.

    • BK26

      I guess kudo’s to him for trying.

    • Gritty Hawk

      Seems like he is the pick du jour for us now. He’ll be this year’s Tyree Wilson. We can go on and on and on about why the pick won’t happen but no one will listen to us.

    • Belfasthawk

      Why would you be surprised on Rattler. I haven’t seen anyone out there other than Rob who has had him in the first round of a mock. And if that reads as a dig about Rob it is not! It is a dig on the other guys who are slow to catch up with the Sage of Sheffield!

  24. Ground_Hawk

    Great work Rob! The time of year when TEF talk comes around is a good time for us NFL draft fans!
    Definitely feeling better about this draft after seeing the number of explosive o-line testers. Trying not to be down on not having that 2nd but if they get LW signed soon then I think a lot of fans will be relieved and excited to have another quality d-lineman signed for 2-3 more years.

  25. dand393

    Jamal Adams is being released, what a day, what an absolutely beautiful day.

    • DW

      Are you seeing a release statement?
      I just did a twitter search and couldn’t find anything.

    • cha

      Source? Link?

      • BK26

        Yeah, I can’t celebrate until Bleacher Report confirms it!

        (it did make my stomach jerk in a good way reading that)

        • geoff u

          If it’s not on NFLrums it’s not real

    • Mick

      Please don’t joke about it.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Source? Otherwise, this is a cruel joke.

      • Big Mike

        If it’s not 0fficial, please don’t hurt me like this.

    • Palatypus

      Boooooooo dad393

      • dand393

        Boooooooo what

    • Nathan W.

      The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and Adams is finally gone. What an absolutely picturesque Tuesday.

  26. Blitzy the Clown

    My favorite article every offseason!

    I hadn’t seen any of Limmer’s testing numbers but I could tell from his workout in the drills he was special. Little put off by his agility numbers, but he thoroughly passes the eye test. I need to watch his tape. I agree he’s going a lot earlier than most think. Probably too early for Seattle, if they even want a C.

    If they do, Tanor Bortolini and Dylan McMahon are ones to watch.

    No doubt Fuaga and Fautanu are the best of the bunch. Latham is a beast too, though he’s not as good on the move like F&F.. Mims is also pretty interesting. One of these 4 is almost certainly going to be there at 16. You could probably add Guyton to the list.

    Again, possibly controversial opinion, but if I had my choice, I’d probably take Fautanu. Fuaga’s a beast, but Fautanu is too, and a technician to boot. Plus I think he could play any position on the OL except maybe C. I think he could play LT.

    Fantastic article. Gonna reread it several times now.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      No disrespect meant to Joe Alt. He’s impressive. Just not Seattle’s type, nor will he be available, so why bother

      • Brodie

        We said that about Charles Cross too though. He didn’t really fit anything in the profile. Air-raid offense, non-explosive tester, finesse…

        It does sound like he’ll be gone by #16, but I do wonder about the change in tendencies over the last two drafts. A lot of the goal posts may have moved.

  27. Julian

    One thing I would say about Spencer Rattler, where I disagree with Rob, is that perhaps his time at South Carolina has shown him to be a person of great character and leadership.
    The fact he picked himself up from becoming a joke at Oklahoma and had the self awareness to change his ways, to become a popular figure in his team, might be an endorsement of character rather than a negative. There have been people on the Seattle team with trouble backgrounds in the past, Bruce Irwin being the one that immediately comes to mind, though that was a long time ago.
    I would hope Schneider doesn’t consider high character individuals to be only those with unblemished characters, sometimes those individuals lack the chip on the shoulder, that some competitors relish on and lack an edge to their game, but can also be individuals, who turn the downward trajectory of their career around for the better, via application and character awareness and subsequently gain their rewards?

    • Peter

      Apologies for speaking on Rob’s behalf but he didn’t say “I think Spencer rattler has character concerns, thus….”

      He said that some teams will view the past character concerns as a problem.

      I think what Rattler has done has been impressive.

      It’s all good for John to say whatever he wants to. He has two drafts trending one way. He also has 12 drafts trending another way.

      • Phil

        Snap Quiz – name two QBs at the 2024 NFL combine who lost their respective starting positions to Caleb Williams? (should be easy for most, but might be informative to others ….)

  28. Trenchtown

    It’s too bad that Russell Wilson burned his bridges in Seattle, because he would be a prefect QB acquisition. With his offset language, Wilson will sign for league minimum this year. Getting a decent bridge QB who might but probably won’t have a resurgence for 1.2 million dollars could do miracles for a team trying to save cap money as part of a revamp

    • Roy Batty

      I doubt Wilson sees himself as a bridge. He still believes he’s a future SB winning QB. His game has degraded, but his ego seems to have remained in 2021 form.

      Schneider rid himself of Mark Rodgers and never looked back.

      Also, as far as bridge QB, Geno is not to bad, all things considered. He’s been around the league. He knows the ins and outs of being an NFL QB, and how to adapt to new schemes. He’s gracious, confident and well thought of by his peers. And, didn’t he work out with Penix in the office season?

      • Trenchtown

        Sure, but that mindset doesn’t change Wilson’s landings spots all that much. He’s going to want to start. Teams that need a starting QB are not going to be good teams. The team will look at Wilson as a bridge and Wilson will look at the opportunity to build a comeback. The only thing that mindset does is make it less likely that Russell will sign with a team that picks a first rounder thins year and wants to sit the rookie for a while.

        Maybe Russ is cancer. But Russ at 1.2 million looks a hell of a lot more attractive as a bridge than Cousins at 30-45 million, Mayfield at 30 million, or Minshew and Brissett at whatever they will command as premium backups.

    • Brodie

      Ya, there’s not really any chance for him to be back here.

      The thing other GM’s have to weigh is if his addition is a good thing for their franchise. The cost is nothing via picks or salary, but there is a chance it could mess up chemistry within the team. He’ll have his entourage, the media attention and his general corniness that doesn’t seem like a good fit for most locker rooms. If he’s a backup, you might get in a situation where the starter is struggling and the fan base start calling for RW to get a shot – which could mess with a young QB’s progression.

      It’s tough to narrow down which teams are a good fit. Consider he reportedly vetoed trades to Philly and Washington, so he may rule out some options on his own (that may have changed now).

      He’ll probably wait for quite a while before he commits, if there are suitors. His best case scenario might be NYJ last year. Legit starter goes down and backup is not up to snuff, RW comes in to save the day. Every year QB’s go down, so waiting makes sense. Last year you had Rogers, Anthony Richardson, Desean Watson, Cousins, Burrow, Jimmy G, Daniel Jones (off the top of my head) go down. That’s 6 out of 7 teams that were in the hunt when the QB went down.

      Indifference can become necessity in a hurry at QB.

  29. cha

    Tom Pelissero
    The #Seahawks are releasing three-time Pro Bowl safeties Jamal Adams and Quandre Diggs, per sources.

    The moves save $27.5 million in cash and significant cap space for Seattle, which will look a lot different in the Mike Macdonald era.


    • geoff u


    • Saucetrich


    • Palatypus


    • Blitzy the Clown

      Nino @qdiggs6

      Forever grateful.

      10:50 AM · Mar 5, 2024

    • Dustin


    • BK26

      Am I crying…?

      No, but if I was it would be understandable hahahaha!

    • Trevor

      Glad to see they are finally cutting the cord on Diggs / Adams. Really gives me hope that there will be a reallocation of resources to the trenches.

    • Mark T


    • Big Mike

      Oh hell yes!

  30. cha


    Tom Pelissero
    The #Seahawks are also releasing veteran TE Will Dissly, per source.

    Seattle saves $7 million in cash and salary cap space, while Dissly — who has 13 career TDs — hits the market at age 27.

    • BK26

      We really need to get a like button.

    • Palatypus

      Can I get some lettuce and tomato with my kablam sandwich?

      And some mayo on the side for my fries.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        You want that sammy animal style?

  31. New Guy

    Dissley released.

  32. Blitzy the Clown

    Wow the cuts keep coming

    Tom Pelissero @TomPelissero

    The #Seahawks are also releasing veteran TE Will Dissly, per source.

    Seattle saves $7 million in cash and salary cap space, while Dissly — who has 13 career TDs — hits the market at age 27.

  33. Blitzy the Clown

    That’s $35 million in cap space that just opened up.

  34. Palatypus

    Rob just posted on Twitter about a protest in Sheffield. He doesn’t have enough balls to juggle and plates to spin.

  35. geoff u

    Who’s next? Mone? Bellore? Eskridge?

  36. cha

    Seahawks will have $36.2m of cap space if Jamal is a PreJune

    $30.14m if Jamal is PostJune + $16.5m adds June 2.

    • Brodie

      I know it’s a $10M difference, but I hope they just eat it all this year. These books are overdue for an audit.

      • cha

        Sportrac just tweeted that it’s a post-June1

        I asked for their source. It’ll come soon enough but I’m not counting that as concrete just yet. Spotrac occasionally jumps the gun.

        • Dregur

          Correction: It’s a regular cut. They’re ripping off the band aid now, probably due to the higher cap this year.

          • Brodie

            I like that call. Clear the books as much as possible and have a mostly clean sheet for ’25

    • Gross MaToast

      This may be the best Seahawks’ moment since the split second before RW released “The Pass.”

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Sometimes, in the dark hours of the night, I can hear echoes of our celebrations all the way from the timeline where we won

    • Brodie

      Cha, did you see Gilbert’s post on FG about the injury designation? It’s on the main page and is probably worth a read considering you’re likely to look at cap ramifications of these moves.

      The big question is – can he pass a physical right now?

      • cha

        No but I don’t care. Only $1.2m would hit the cap in 2024 if all those situations occur.

        If we’re worried about $1.2m we’ve got big, big problems.

        • Brodie

          Understand. Just didn’t want you to unknowingly omit it from a future piece.

          • cha

            I mentioned it in my big massive piece a couple weeks back.

            I’d dump it in the trash with the Rainy Day fund.

  37. ShowMeYourHawk

    So, every bad contract we’d previously discussed has been addressed, minus Mone (and Geno 🤦🏽‍♂️), correct? Don’t see them moving off of Jones after one season but if MikeMac wants to go another way, I suppose that’d be fine.

    I know Lockett’s release has been an option but unless they have a viable replacement in mind, seems like a poor way to move the offense forward. WR rich draft, however…

    • Dregur

      If Jones was to cut, it was before his guarantees happened. He’s staying, and I’m wanting to see how he does under Macdonald’s defense.

  38. Roy Batty

    So, I guess the questions about Schneider’s approach to him being in complete control have been mostly answered.

    God I love it that he isn’t effing around and waiting until the weekend. He’s taking charge of his team and dumping the bloat, as EVERYONE in here was hoping he’d do.

    Crazy thing is, this is just the beginning of him implementing his plan.

  39. Big Mike

    I’m dancing around the living room and my wife thinks I’m nuts.
    Good riddance Adams. You were one of if not the biggest fraud in franchise history.
    Why did you go so soft Quandre?

    • Palatypus

      You got the ring. Now don”t fall in that volcano.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      We’re all a little bit nuts Big Mike. One thing we aren’t anymore is burdened by an albatross of a peacock

      Feels like putting a period on a very unpleasant sentence

      • Palatypus

        The Albacock.

        • Brodie


        • Blitzy the Clown


          albacroc too

          • Big Mike

            LOVE both of those nicknames. You guys are damned good.

  40. Yikes - Cut Adams Now

    I caught the car. What do I do now?

    Side note: How do I change my draftblog name?

    • cha

      Don’t change it.

      Keep it as a warning for all future generations.

    • Palatypus

      “I was stabbed in the back!”

  41. cha

    LOL Overthecap is crashing

  42. cha

    Brady Henderson
    It’s a standard release with Jamal Adams, I’m told. Not a post-June 1. That means the Seahawks will eat all the dead money in 2024. Seattle is also releasing Quandre Diggs and Will Dissly, as

    Seahawks taking all the dead cap pain in 2024. So smart.

    $36m in cap room now

    Opens up $28m in 2025.

    • cha

      $63m in 2025 now.

    • nfendall

      I’m glad this is the route they are taking. Take the pain this year and hit the ground running next year.

      As many here have mentioned, they are not ready to compete for the Superbowl this year so no need to go big in free agency. Draft well for the third year in a row, develop the trenches, and get ready to possibly make some moves in 2025.

      • Dregur

        I really think the cap being 13 million higher than expected allowed them to do this without much pain.

        • nfendall

          Agreed. I imagine that made the decision much easier.

        • Big Mike

          Very good point Dregur

    • Blitzy the Clown

      All the right moves

      • Palatypus


        That girl could play the clarinet.

        • ShowMeYourHawk

          Confirmed. Ask Howard the Duck.

      • Roy Batty

        My favorite, all-time, high school football movie, bar none.

        Talk about capturing the real world of football in a grubby Pennsylvania town. Perfect.

    • Gritty Hawk

      This makes me incredibly happy. Take the hit now, free up more for next year. The Geno restructure doesn’t bother me as much now knowing we cut Adams outright. Now hopefully they’ll use that money to bring back Williams.

      • Phil

        And maybe sign a free agent LB ….

  43. James Cr.

    On a general note – I haven’t been this excited for a Seahawks season in YEARS! I have been re-invigorated.

  44. ShowMeYourHawk

    I wonder if John is already setting his sights on the FA pool in 2025 with the decision to take the pain on Jamal’s contract this offseason?


    • Sandman

      2025 FA has some Oline studs if you want a big name to anchor the group.

    • Brett

      Could be part of it. I also think part of the equation is that they were working on the expectation that the cap would be $243M and were planning on a post-June 1 cut, but when news came out that the cap is actually $255M, it gave them the leeway to just eat all the dead money now.

  45. LouCityHawk

    Surprised there isn’t a post with just a champagne bottle popping.

  46. Peter

    Come on Rob…..

    Just one more time with the peacock video

    • Peter

      Big Mike,

      Hope it’s sunny for you in Vancouver. Skies are looking right today and this glorious news dump.

      • Big Mike

        Gray and dreary yet the sun his shining brightly anyway.

    • BK26

      His Youtube videos need to cut to a peacock cry after the countdown hits zero now, following by the sound bite of Rob saying “Let’s RIIIIIIIIIDE!”

      • Peter

        An all time Rob Staton moment

        • Big Mike

          After the “doink” stealer game a few years back. Just fantastic.

  47. Mick

    Wind of fresh air. Right decisions, too high salaries to keep for what they delivered. Looking forward to meet the new guys.

  48. Brandok

    Cha what other releases could occur to open up more cap space? Does this make it more or less likely for a Tyler lockett post June 1st release?

    • cha

      Mone is an easy cut to add $5.3m, maybe Bellore to add $2.85m

      Lockett is a wildcard. It’s totally up to him I think.

      If he’s agreeable to playing for less or being traded to a team of his choice, that’s the best route.

      He may retire.

      • Chavac

        Should we be concerned that they didn’t release Mone and Bellore today? Is there a reason to wait?

        • cha

          Little fish. And maybe they’re negotiating some conditions of release.

          Or maybe they feel they have enough capital to do what they want March 13 and MM wants to have a look at them April 1.

      • Patrick Toler

        Given how serious Lockett is about his real estate career I think he would retire before accepting a trade.

        Best case scenario is getting him to stay on for a year at a lower salary, but if your supposition that they may feel they have enough room is correct, then maybe they just live with his salary. Or maybe he retires.

  49. Palatypus

    This reminds me of that time my friend Israel was working at a video store and actress Linda Evan came in. She told him she was no longer with Yanni and asked if he could delete his name from the account.

    “With pleasure.”

  50. Ben Fort Worth

    Oh happy day! Time to go BIG in the trenches for the Draft. Look for bargain signings at TE, LB, S, and more DL/OL depth. Bring back Drew Lock. Let’s keep it going!

  51. 509 Chris

    For years I’ve been waiting to see Adams name on the cut list and I finally find out while I’m on the toilet. Fitting end if you ask me. If only I was in a bathroom at the senior bowl eh Palatypus?

    • Big Mike

      I was dropping a Jamal?

      • Dustin

        And wiping with a quandre?

        • Roy Batty

          Wipe or Digg?

          • Dustin

            One final time quandre had to clean up Jamal’s mess

      • Roy Batty

        OK, I spit up my coffee on that one.

        A gold sovereign to you, fine sir.

      • RomeoA57

        I just Jamaled in a Porta Potty.

        Just got a break from a construction project. Catching up on all this good news and it seems they may be somewhat following the cha “Aggressive” plan. 😀😃

    • ukalex6674

      SAME! Just hunkered down for an extended toilet break (only room the kids can’t get into!) and just read the comments!

    • Palatypus


  52. Brandok

    After cutting both starting overpaid safeties Seattle seems to now be shifting from paying DB/LB and investing into the OL/DL now.

    So far Pete seems to be the person in seattle wanting to invest more into the DB/LB rather than the Line.

    • 509 Chris

      Pete oversaw it but I think its more a case that a series of bad decisions got them sideways and Pete wasnt the guy to make the tough calls. I’m sure he would have liked to get resource spending back in line but felt attachment to guys and pride in the initial decisions. Forrest through the trees maybe? Either way MM has no such concerns and can be a bit more ruthless in reshaping things.

      • BrandoK

        Yes very true Pete sometimes sticks with his guys too much and sometimes overpaying them to stay (Bobby Wagner). Now with MM we won’t see a rehashing of old players and are able to start new and fresh something that was needed for years.

  53. Big Mike

    So, a parting gift for Jamal:

    At least until Rob posts that video one more time for us………..

    • Peter


    • Sluggo


  54. Gritty Hawk

    Dalton Schultz gets a 3-yr, $36M extension with $23.5M fully guaranteed at signing. This makes him the 11th-highest paid TE by AAV. Have to think Noah Fant will get something in the same ballpark considering how close their career numbers are (Schultz has better production the last 4 years after not really playing much his first 2, but Fant was on a higher trajectory before coming to Seattle and being underutilized).

    • Dustin

      Seattle…where TE careers come to die

    • 509 Chris

      Do you think Grubb will do a better job with tight ends? His offense at the lower level didn’t feature them as strongly so it might take a couple years for him to figure it out at the next level. I wonder if the better money is spent on o line depth and making sure they have 4 competent recievers. (More Bobo)

      • Mick

        Rather they draft a WR than rely on Bobo.

        • Patrick Toler

          Bob flashed some nice play. But for sure would like to seen them at the very least draft someone on Day 3 to compete with him for WR 3/4. Can’t have enough weapons.

  55. SeattleLifer

    Good to see the cuts coming before free agency and not post June 1. Clearly these guys needed to go at their salaries v output.

    Maybe guess is a more aggressive free agency this go around with light up front cap hits that start kicking in a lot more next year. Outside free agents : LB, S, G(if we don’t draft one early) and DT(might be a Williams resign but I still think they try to draft one round 1-3)

  56. Peter

    Rob on KJR in 23 hours is going to be pretty nice

  57. Palatypus

    So, Russell Wilson and Jamal Adams walk into a bar…

    • Whit21

      And golden tate is in the back checking out russ’ wife..

      Jamal says… “yikes”

      • Tien

        Haha! Perfect!

    • cha

      They both say in unison: “First round is on me.”

      They laugh and say “dead money, amirite?”

  58. Brett

    OTC now showing Seattle has $42.4M in cap space. Saw most say it should be $36.2M now – any idea on where the additional $6.2M is coming from? Did Jason goof thinking Adams is a post-June 1?

    • cha

      I sent them a note to double check it.

      I think they forgot to include the $6.2m bonus proration from the restructure last year.

      • Brett

        Ah I see. They just updated it — now $36.2M on the website.

  59. Mick

    Imagine Rob having a terrible day at work and coming home to good news 😀

    • Roy Batty

      He’s got a bad cold so I’m assuming he’s dosed up on OTC meds struggling through the day. The cuts probably accelerated his healing time by tenfold, though.

  60. Sluggo

    Lots of good safeties in this draft?

  61. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Quite a day…Advisor Pete’s been busy.

    • Big Mike

      I literally LOL’d

    • RomeoA57

      I am sure that he has been advising them about Tide Conditions.

    • Sea Mode


  62. Matt

    Rob…I think you’ve nailed this…

    I believe they are fully taking the medicine in 2024 which implies to me that an aggressive move to get that QB is coming this draft.

    It makes too much sense. Potential for massive spending in 2025 alleviates missing a 1st round pick next year.

    This is what I’ve been hoping for…take the pain right now. Flourish in year 2 and beyond.

  63. ShowMeYourHawk

    Chris Jones not tagged? 😮

    • Julian

      I suppose that’ll mean one less cap rich team in the market for Leonard Williams. Small margins matter. 🤞

  64. Sea Mode



  65. Sea Mode

    But no one helped himself more than Maye, who left an impression with scouts that echoed in the bars and restaurants of Indianapolis.

    That impression was, well, the antithesis of what they’d expected. The quarterback teams thought they’d get—with that voice and laid-back gait—instead brought the juice, coming across as competitive and fiery. After someone told me Maye is more Philip Rivers than Eli Manning or Daniel Jones, a mutual friend of both Rivers and Jones gave me a direct response.

    “He is Philip,” the person says. Later, Jim Denton, agent to both, just smiled at the comp. And in prompting it—and showing exactly who he is—Maye accomplished what he wanted to.


    • BK26

      Thought the same thing listening to his interview. Sounded just like Rivers.

      And he’s also working with Rivers. I liked hearing that. Philip was definitely a fiery competitor, something we need for the offense.

    • Palatypus

      I met Jum Denton at the Senior Bowl two years ago. Super cool guy.

  66. Sea Mode


    Albert Breer

    Fallout of the Jamal Adams trade for Seattle.

    • The 23rd pick (Christian Darrisaw) and 86th pick (Wyatt Davis) in 2021, and the 10th pick in 2022 (Garrett Wilson) got dealt away.

    • A fourth-rounder came back that became CB Coby Bryant.

    • Adams made $50.3 million in Seattle.

    • Big Mike

      That’ll buy a lot of coffee cups.

    • Denver Hawker

      If we asked JS what he’d do differently here, I hope his answer would be to not putz around resigning Clowney and lessoned learned.

  67. Sea Mode



    Got fired on my day off. Damn

    • Big Mike

      Played matador on your work days. Damn

      • Mr Drucker in hooterville

        Matador humor never gets old

    • geoff u


    • cha

      Remember when he was “the unofficial PR arm for the Seahawks” ?


      • Roy Batty

        Didn’t MacDonald mention that he isn’t a fan of social media in the locker room?

  68. Peter

    Been really thinking that Rob is right on the qb selection. The big moves today. Extra cap. Dome more moves probably coming. The good xap number next year.

    A lot of hawks fan worry about getting the team just right before dropping in a qb.

    I hear a lot about installing an offense first.

    Maye and Daniels and even Mccarthy aren’t Geno. It’s great to have him as a bridge. If they go bridge route they’ll be installing another offense in a years time. Specifically for maye and especially for Daniels.

    If you believe like some of us here that part of 22, 23 was coaching maybe the team is actually closer to pulling the trigger on a qb than we realize.

    • Mike

      All this talk about them trading up to get a QB is exciting…and yet probably sets us up to be disappointed. In order to get to 3 or 5 the price is going to be staggering…and that’s if the team in question is willing to trade the pick AND willing to drop to 16.

  69. Film12Hawk

    Nothing new to add except we really should go all in on getting our QB and have him develop a year under Geno while we fix the O-Line next off-season in free agency with the cap room we’ve made available today. It seems like a no brainer.

  70. Palatypus

    There appears to be…

    …a plan.

    • geoff u

      Looks like someone brought their plan pony.


      • Dustin

        I’d rather they expose their plan than their downstairs mixup.

      • cha

        But how will they calm a llama down?

      • Palatypus

        What is that from?

        • Film12Hawk

          Haha, that was great.

          It’s from The Mighty Boosh.

          • Rob Staton

            ‘The Nightmare of Milky Joe’ episode is absolute genius

  71. cha

    The face mask doink in the Steeler game that could have changed the game. On the heels of the Rams game where he lost a ball in the clouds and gave up a huge gainer to Desean Jackson.

    The waving the Ram runner into the end zone due to a bum shoulder after being out 5+ weeks with a groin injury and pressuring PC to play the whole time.

    The absolute lack of self-awareness after a game where the Titans ran all over the defense, including him, when asked “what happened?” to answer “he scored.”

    Getting absolutely smoked in both the pass and run game against San Francisco in 2023.

    Constantly friendly-firing his teammates because he is trying to make a hard hit instead of a tackle.

    Pete Carroll actually near-mocking reporters questions about the massive trade comp (for a strong safety!) and concerns about Adams yapping his way out of town, shooting his mouth off at the Jets coach, GM and owner. PC pointing to him and say ‘forget all that. This is the guy we want in our locker room’ and assuring us the Hawks had done their homework.

    Losing track of a deep ball in the Rams playoff game that Cooper Kupp caught. Waving the runner into the end zone in the same game.

    Then lighting up a cigar online and toasting to the Rams losing to Green Bay the following week.

    No sacks in 3 seasons.

    Yelling at concussion officials. Twice.

    Going after a reporter on twitter. Then doubling down and ‘when they go low, I go lower.’

    Our long, national nightmare is finally over.

    • Sultan

      Summed it up perfectly

    • seaspunj

      can Kobe Bryant fill in at Safety?

      maybe McDonald can coach him up

      • Whit21

        I wouldnt guess the next safties are already on the roster.. maybe Reed.. i think theyre gonna get a young safety in the draft to compete or a cheap signing..

        • Brodie

          Love is for sure a starter.

  72. Sten

    Glad they ate the cap hit on Jamal this year, we’ve been delaying the “painful rebuild” that Rob has been talking about for two whole years now. Glad that John sees this team as it is and not being particularly close to contention. Wonder what it means with regard to Geno. He could potentially be packaged into a deal with the Patriots if we trade up.

  73. pdway

    Time will tell if McDonald knows how to coach a team – – but I have to say, I like every single move he’s made so far.

    This is what you get w a new regime, clear-eyed decisions w/out attachment to the baggage.

  74. Big Mike

    I’ve heard that Mone’s knee is bad enough thst he’ll require an injury settlement. If true, that would explain why he wasn’t cut today. Wondering if Eskridge is in the same boat?

    • Anthony

      Is that a source? Wonder why Lockett hasn’t been cut yet…

      • Roy Batty

        The Lockett decision is probably going to take some time. He’s so loved by the fans and teammates that they want to do whatever they do the right way.

        Plus, if he restructures, win win.

      • Big Mike

        I heard it second hand and it originated from….I hate admit this…..Corbin Smith, It does make sense tho since there were 3 cuts today and Mone was as obvious as those guys.

  75. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    I’m curious if Seattle will kick the tires on reported Bronco FA center Lloyd Cushenberry III.

    He is not a perfect center but has improved each year in the league. 8-10M a year…. is his “market” according to the radio. He has also played some snaps at LG and RG in the NFL.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t do that

      It’d be a third of your money gone on a center who is ‘decent’

  76. TDB11

    Please football Gods let’s use some of the cap relief to sign Leonard Williams. Trading that 2nd and then losing Williams would be a ball buster. Atleast get some value even if we have to overpay. God knows we overpaid at safety. Atleast get some trench help with Williams

  77. Palatypus

    By my count, since Cha made it official at 10:58AM there have been 156 of the total of 251 in this thread.

  78. Ben

    Interesting analysis about what combine metrics influences production and success:
    It seems that explosive testing is more important for IOL than Tackles based on Sumner’s analysis. Curious if you think this is accurate or missing something.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll check the piece out but I think there’s a good chance the Seahawks buy into that theory. They drafted two tackles who are athletic and not explosive but their interior linemen are all explosive

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