The next step at quarterback for the Seahawks

Time to think outside of the box…

A heads up that I’ll be on 710 Seattle Sports later today with Jake & Stacy. You can listen online via their homepage if you’re not near a radio in the Seattle area.

The Seahawks didn’t trade Russell Wilson without a clear plan on who their next quarterback is going to be. They either really like one (or more) of the QB’s in this draft. Or they’re bringing someone else in.

Today I want to talk about the options. Here’s a list of names and a thought on each — including a first suggestion which could be described as ‘wild’.

A truly creative Kirk Cousins trade proposal

In January I talked about the prospect of Cousins ending up in Seattle. Pete Carroll has long been an admirer of Cousins, who had an 88.2 PFF grade in 2021.

He has a $45m cap hit this year and the Vikings are currently $19.3m over the cap. They can hack away at their roster by trading or cutting the likes of Adam Thielen, Dalvin Cook or Danielle Hunter to save money. Or they can push money down the line. The most sensible option though is to either do an extension with Cousins — and commit to him — or trade him.

If the Vikings trade him, they immediately save $35m. They can’t cut him because it would cost them the full $45m. So they have a big choice to make. Proceed with Cousins or work on a deal. Any prospective buyer would inherit a $35m cap hit.

The team’s in-house reporter posted a Q&A on Cousins’ future this week, which was interesting. Contained in the piece, Eric Smith suggested the team could offer to take on some of Cousins’ cap hit to get a better return via trade.

Smith feels it would take ‘at least a third rounder’ — although if that’s the starting point in talks, realistically it could be far less. Especially given Cousins has only one year left on his contract. It could be a rental. If the Vikings don’t want to move forward with Cousins, their priority is simply to move his contract.

Could he be had at a cap hit of say $25m, for a day three pick? It wouldn’t be a huge commitment. There’s not much chance of a bidding war either. He’s not going back to Washington. Carolina isn’t an attractive proposition. The Buccs are $19m over the cap and the Saints are $48m over the cap.

Here’s where things get wild, though. I want to pitch something else.

Seeing as the Seahawks have started cleaning house — how about this for a trade?

Jamal Adams for Kirk Cousins, straight up. With both teams eating big salaries to balance the salary cost out.

Minnesota gets Adams for four years, for a quarterback they might be willing to just move on from. Seattle has to eat $28.4m in dead cap hit. Let’s say the Vikings take on an equivalent amount of that cost through Cousins. The Seahawks end up paying little for Cousins this year on a one-year rental to see if it can be a long-term arrangement.

It would get the Seahawks out of the Adams contract. It would give the Vikings a better option than a mere day-three pick.

I appreciate it’s completely out there and the Seahawks might be unwilling to give up on Adams a year after he signed his deal. Equally, the Vikings might not want him.

It’s an interesting thought, even if it’s highly improbable. It would give the Seahawks almost $140m to play with in 2023 though — in case you wanted to extend Cousins at the end of the season.

Other veteran trade options

Deshaun Watson (Houston) — can you seriously go down this road until you have full clarity on his legal situation? And if you spend all your picks on him, aren’t you left in the same situation? A poor roster with an expensive quarterback? I think they’ll do due diligence but no more.

Carson Wentz (Indianapolis) — I can’t see the Seahawks trading for him because the cap hits of around $20-22m on his contract are too high. If he’s released by the Colts, as has been touted, he might get a shot in Seattle. Yet Wentz doesn’t give off any energy these days and although Pete Carroll has spoken glowingly of him in the past, it kind of feels like he’s a busted flush at this point.

Sam Darnold (Carolina) — the fact his season collapsed so dramatically in 2021 speaks to a player who looks like he’s on the way out. However, it’s worth noting that Colin Cowherd touted him as a replacement for Wilson a year ago (and said it with some conviction). The problem is, he’s on the hook for $18m due to his fifth year option. I think the Panthers would have to pay you to trade for him.

Tyler Huntley (Baltimore) — I don’t think he played as well as some people think last season and why would Baltimore deal him given Lamar Jackson’s injuries/illness in 2021 and contract situation? He’ll be too expensive for a still mostly unproven player.

Gardner Minshew (Philadelphia) — I like him and he’s interesting as a player and a person. But I don’t think he has the physical tools Seattle wants in a QB.

Jordan Love (Green Bay) — I was never a fan of him going into the 2020 draft and nothing he showed in spot-start duties has changed my mind. A hard pass unless he’s being given away. You already have one disappointing former high draft pick in Drew Lock to contend with.

Jimmy Garoppolo (San Francisco) — they’re not going to trade him in the division.

Derek Carr (Las Vegas) — they don’t have a better option with Russell Wilson off the market, so the Raiders will stand by their man.

Free agent options

Tyrod Taylor — I think this would be ideal. He’s respected and when healthy can move the ball. He ranked seventh in the NFL when throwing on third downs in 2021 — an area Seattle struggled badly. He’s been the go-to bridge quarterback for a number of years and would be a safe pair of hands.

Marcus Mariota — It’s easy to have your head turned by the former #2 draft placing and the memory of his Oregon days — but choosing to stay in Vegas to be a backup last year was interesting. Is he content to not start? Or did teams pass for a reason? I don’t get the sense Mariota is desperate for a second chance.

Mitchell Trubisky — Teams are going to convince themselves that he just needs a change of scenery. And maybe he does. But Trubisky looked bad in Chicago, regardless of the Head Coach or scheme. Let’s remember that.

Jameis Winston — his penchant for turnovers feels like an unlikely fit for a Pete Carroll team.

Colt McCoy — well, he’s beaten the Seahawks twice in two years. Stuff like that leaves an impression. It won’t be a shock if he’s given a chance to compete to start.

Teddy Bridgewater — his inability to throw the ball downfield won’t cut it in Seattle.

Jacoby Brissett — they were linked with him when Brian Schottenheimer arrived as offensive coordinator. He had a 76.3 PFF grade when he played in 2021. As competition, he’s an option.

Draft a rookie

I have studied all of the key rookie quarterbacks in this class and wanted to offer thoughts on each. I’m going to try and watch all of their 2021 games by draft time, so these views could adapt and change in the coming weeks.

Matt Corral (Ole Miss)
For a player who weighed and measured at 6-1, 215lbs at the combine — Corral generates terrific velocity on his throws. He has a plus arm thanks to his throwing mechanics. As a runner he can be dynamic — creating big plays when the defense breaks contain and he’s able to scramble. He can be elusive, throwing from different angles and improvising when necessary. The offense at Ole Miss does set the table for him. It’s a system where he basically has to read certain keys and then he knows where to go with the ball. At the next level things will be much more complex, he will need to go through progressions a lot more and this will be a totally different challenge. I think he would be a terrific quarterback in the Kyle Shanahan system, playing on-schedule and running an offense as designed. He’s had some injuries and he takes a lot of punishment when he runs (he needs to learn how to slide and protect himself). Corral has natural talent but can have occasional accuracy issues. He is ultra-competitive and appears to be well liked and respected by team mates.

Malik Willis (Liberty)
In terms of physical profile and athleticism, Willis is top notch. He had a deep-ball competition with Carson Strong at the combine and drove it just as far downfield, flashing major torque and power on his downfield shots. On top of that, he is a major threat as a runner. When he sets off and finds a crease, he can cause damage. Opponents will need to account for his ability to take off week-to-week. My fear is that he’s very much a one-read-and-run quarterback. Too often he rejects easy, wide-open throws because the initial read isn’t there and he just sets off. It might not be the easiest thing to coach out of him because he’s such a brilliant runner, it’s always going to be tempting when he feels pressure to try and run away from it. I doubt he’s ever going to be a patient, timing and rhythm player. Also, his mechanics are troublesome at times and have led to turnovers. In a Greg Roman-style offense that makes the most of his ability as a runner, he could be special. For other schemes, you’re rolling the dice on his physical talent and hoping he can find a balance between hero-ball and staying on-script. Seattle likes tools though and he has them.

Desmond Ridder (Cincinnati)
It’s incredibly hard not to like and admire Ridder’s college career. Cincinnati are a very talented team but without the QB bringing it all together, it’s doubtful they make it to the playoffs. He appears to be an incredibly mature, competitive leader. Physically he’s superb. He ran a 4.52 forty, jumped a 36 inch vertical and even ran a 4.29 short shuttle. He’s extremely slim with a 6-3, 211lbs frame but he’s a great athlete. He was also the only quarterback at the combine with 10 inch hands. He has a decent arm. You can easily start to build a case for him being on Seattle’s radar. He’s a successful four year starter who took his team to new heights, he has physical tools, he has the hand size and the character. On tape he threw some of the prettiest passes you’ll see, especially against Notre Dame (after a poor start to that game). However, his accuracy is also erratic and there are some hairy moments too. You might have to live with that. Any assessment of Ridder probably reads like this — he can lead, he can make plays, he has a ton of physical upside but he might have spells in games where you’re wondering what he’s seeing.

Kenny Pickett (Pittsburgh)
Like Ridder, he also took his team to an unexpected level in 2021 by winning the ACC. He did have the Biletnikoff winner to throw too but his supporting cast wasn’t as impressive as Cincinnati’s or Ole Miss’. Firstly — he’s a far better athlete than people give him credit for. He ran a 4.73, jumped a 10-1 broad and ran a 4.29 short shuttle. The famous ‘fake-slide’ is a great example of his athleticism and creativity. He made a huge jump in 2021, throwing 42 touchdowns and he probably should’ve won the Heisman. His arm strength is fine, although not elite. Pickett makes plays at all levels. However, there are a couple of things that stand out. While he’s very good at subtly navigating the pocket to find throwing lanes and extend plays — sometimes he gets a bit too busy in there when he just needs to settle down, let things develop and make an easy check-down. He also drifts too much — he naturally steps his way out of the pocket when throwing with his footwork and he needs to correct that. There’s also the hand-size issue. Pickett has a highly unusual thumb that is basically stuck to the side of his hand. I’m surprised he can grip and throw a football at all — but it seems to work for him. He does play in gloves though and that can impact your touch and feel.

Quick hitters

Jack Coan (Notre Dame) — he doesn’t have the upside of a major prospect but I like him. He ticks a lot of boxes with arm strength, decent agility, good mechanics and he plays with a degree of poise. I think if you want to take a mid-round flier he would be worth it.

Sam Howell (North Carolina) — for me there’s very little to get excited about. He was used a lot as a runner at UNC but that’s not going to translate with his profile. He’s a stocky player with a build similar to Baker Mayfield — but a poor man’s version. It’s hard to imagine him starting and succeeding in the NFL.

Carson Strong (Nevada) — he made some ‘wow’ throws in college but his Senior Bowl performance was like a bucket of cold water. He’s pretty much a statue in the pocket with no escapability. Strong has a big arm and he’s talented but knee issues will determine whether anyone gives him a proper shot at the next level.

Kaleb Eleby (Western Michigan) — There’s plenty to work with here. I think he has better tools than some people think and while he’s likely to be a day three pick, he’s worth a camp or two to see if he can make it happen.

The quarterback class in 2023

People are going to spend a lot of time talking about Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud. I’ll keep saying it though — go and watch Kentucky’s Will Levis. He is the name to remember for next year.

If you missed it yesterday, check out my article offering thoughts on every little sub-section of the Russell Wilson trade — such as whether it was a fair deal, where the team goes from here and what they might do in the draft.

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  1. Rob Staton

    Todd McShay’s new mock has the Seahawks taking Kayvon Thibodeaux at #9

    • Roy Batty

      As you guys stated in the podcast yesterday, they absolutely have to nail this draft.

      It’s the first one I’ve actually been excited about in many years.

    • GoHawksDani

      How risky is KT? I don’t want another McDowell incident

      • Graduate

        As an Oregon fan who has watched every single snap of KT’s college career, I can tell you that Thibs always thinks he is the smartest guy in the room, and I don’t necessarily say that as a bad thing (he is very sharp and intellectual in his approach, though it gets him in trouble at times). He is cocky, confident, and sure of himself.

        I don’t think a comparison to McDowell is particularly fair though. McDowell struck me as not the brightest and had effort issues. KT does have a tendency to gear down some plays, but I don’t think that’s a result of a lack of effort or laziness, but rather his tendency to go 150% on some downs and as a result, going 70% on other downs. My guess is that he also got frustrated with Oregon’s defensive approach in the secondary this past year in which cornerbacks routinely gave 10-yard cushions to avoid giving up the big play.

        Trying to be objective as possible: while I do think Thibs is not a player without risk, his sky-high upside is worth the risk at #9, and I don’t have any concerns about whatever this combine character noise is. There is no doubt that he has an inflated ego, but I don’t see that as a bad thing when you are looking for a star pass rusher. I wouldn’t be disappointed at all if Seattle stopped KT’s draft fall.

      • Duck07

        Low-risk. Getting KT after trading Wilson would be a miracle draft and immediately upgrade the DL.

    • Sean-O

      Any thoughts regarding the reports that Thibodeaux rubbed some people the wrong way at the combine? Daniel Jeremiah was talking about it on the Rich Eisen Show yesterday. It definitely feels like his stock has gone down a little bit.

      Or is his talent/potential to good to pass up at #9?

      • Rob Staton

        He’s an exceptional talent

        They would need to do their homework on his character

        • GoHawks5151

          I think they call it, “Not about ‘ball” on the scouting report. Everything he’s said since late last season has been focused on himself and his attempts to create a brand. Supreme talent though. Can Pete work his magic one last time?

        • Duck07

          What actual example of a character flaw is there about KT?

          It’s not a character flaw to be interested in things outside of football.

          • Rob Staton

            Look, I get it. You’re an Oregon fan. So you’re never going to accept anything on this.

            But let’s not pretend that Thibodeaux’s character hasn’t been a talking point for a while, with plenty of insiders mentioning team concerns.

            And deciding you can’t be arsed to do drills at the last minute, having told everyone you would, because you didn’t want to do linebacker drills delayed after the DL drills, only to see literally every other DE do it — right after the DL drills.

            Stuff like that makes people think WTF?

            • EastsideHawker

              I watched a lot of Oregon games last year where KT seemed like he wasn’t giving max effort. The talent is there, but it seemed like he enjoyed some nice leisure time during the game… sometimes taking whole halves off.

              With his talent, it’s an actual crime for him to have ended up with 7 sacks overall. Especially when you consider that the offensive line play in the P12 is pretty mediocre. He should have been dominant and he wasn’t.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              This may be unfair to KT, but he gives me a Jamal Admas vibe

            • Nicholas

              I watch a ton of pac 12 ball and KT takes a lot of plays off. Most of his big plays stem from the outstanding play of the next Sewell brother to go pro playing ILB like a bamf.

              • Mr drucker in hooterville

                Pass on KT. He is what I think of Nike and Oregon: marketing but no substance.

    • Peter

      I’d prefer seattle to quote/unquote overdraft Wyatt. Get roundly panned for biggest overreach in the draft and then turn around and have a truly great player who battles and can play everyspot on the line for a decade, barring injury. A creative defensive mind could do a lot of damage with a guy like Wyatt.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Assuming a willing trade partner and a reasonable deal, I think Wyatt can be had in the late teens. Would be nice to pick up an extra 3rd (or even a 4th and a 5th) and still get one of the top 2 DTs in the draft.

    • Zorn is King

      Pickett equals Dave Kreig….

  2. Mick

    Interesting piece Rob. I’d love to get rid of Adams but I don’t like Cousins at all and he costs too much long-term. I could live with Tyrod Taylor for a year. I’d even consider a prove-it deal to Trubitsky or Brissett because I’m not stuck with them. With the Seahawks at 9 and a lot of picks next year, many team above us will have to consider either drafting a QB themselves or trading, with us or with someone else. It’s gonna be an interesting draft.

    BTW if Spotrac is right, this year Poona has the biggest cap hit, we have ~51 mil cap space and we can add 10 more by cutting Carson, Mayowa, Myers and Collier.

    • Rick

      I would do the Cousins for Adams trade.
      Then look at drafting Corral. Not sure where he is going to get picked though.
      Wish we had gotten pick #40 instead of #64. Would have felt a lot better about the deal.
      Money that is freed up can be used to sign Chandler Jones.

      • CHaquesFan

        I think they are receiving pick #40?

      • JJ

        Reports show us getting 40.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Long term? Cousins is essentially a one year rental for $35m if they trade a Day 3 pick for him, or essentially for what they owe Adams if he was the compensation. But either way Cousins is a UFA next year. There’s nothing long term about that.

      If you’re worried that Seattle would extend/resign him beyond 2023, that may be, but if I would think if they did that, it’s because he played well.

  3. Robbie

    You’re a beast my friend! Loving all the content. Incredible effort and work.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man!

      • Greg Knowler

        Yes, this is great work, your website was first I came too when being messaged about the trade.

        • Mr drucker in hooterville

          Same. SDB is the gold standard.

          • Rob Staton

            Thank you

  4. Big Mike

    Your efforts are greatly appreciated Rob. A LOT of content and a very long live stream yesterday. Thank you too Robbie for rescheduling your meetings and going the distance. Thanks as well to the 2 guests. Made for a very good chat even if it was based around a terrible day in MY Seahawk fandom.
    As for your trade proposal Rob, I feel there is ZERO chance Carroll trades Adams. I don’t believe his ego would allow it. And that ego is monstrous btw. In fact, I’m guessing one the main things the new defensive coaches will be charged with is getting the peacock to a level of play similar to his time with the Jets. Doubt that happens as his body continues to break down though. Anyway, I otoh, love the idea of dumping him on Minny, even if it means that possibly the least clutch QB in the history of the NFL becomes a Seahawk..

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s zero chance too

      But it’s a fun discussion

    • GoHawksDani

      Either I don’t think Pete’s ego is that huge or JS gets to call the shots.
      I doubt if it would be just Pete’s ego, he would’ve trade RW, he would’ve kept him and try to “run it back”. And it seems the defense might change. And they cut Bobby too. I think Pete is humbled some by now and he see that it doesn’t work the way he wanted to be.
      But I see zero chance anyone would want JA. Maybe if we give them an R3 and eat his whole salary. Adams is actually a negative not a positive when he’s on a roster

    • Peter

      There is a slight precedent. PC was fine letting Harvin go when it was clear he wasn’t going to be the player he remembered him to be.

  5. Ross

    Rob, Well, this offseason just got a lot more exciting. I’m beyond happy to have this blog for the adventure.

    I’m wondering about the ~$50M we have in cap space now. If they go DE/QB/LB/RB in the draft to address those gaps, what are they spending $50M on? I guess resigning Diggs, Reed, Brown, Penny are priorities. What else? WR3? another pass rusher? (is Jones even an option anymore? Would he sign with a team in rebuild mode?) I guess a center and/or RT, if they don’t plan to address them in the draft. Maybe i answered my own question just talking through it. Ha.

    Also, is Fant a good blocking TE? A run blocking TE will need to be signed. I’d vote to resign Dissly given the choice.

    • bk matty

      Fant is not much of a blocker at all, hes a receiving TE. People keep saying hes a great PC fit but I dont buy it, weve tried the athletic TE who cant block a few times and it never works out.

  6. BobbyK

    I would love the Cousins/Adams trade!

    Kirk is not Wilson, but he’s going to age better.

    Of all the options, I like Cousins, by far, best. To me his game does not remind me of Matt Hasselbeck, but how good/solid he is does remind me of Hasselbeck. Yes, please.

    Unless they love one of these rookies that I don’t see.

    • Justaguy

      Granted our options are limited but I don’t understand the love for Cousins. Pete will prefer the move, hopefully JS does not. IMHO Cousins is not going to win big games and the team will be heading in the same boring trajectory of mediocre season after mediocre season.

  7. cha

    Adams for cousins would eat up 2/3 of their cap room.

    It would add $19.3 to the Seahawks cap. Plus the proposed $15m for Cousins and that takes $34.3m of the $50m available.

    • Big Mike

      Well crap, cha just threw a wet blanket on my peacock leaving fantasy. 🙁

    • Rob Staton

      I should’ve consulted Cha before posting 😂

      • cha

        How about the Seahawks try the junk drawer approach? Trade them Collier, Mayowa and Hyder for Cousins.

        Pitch them their 2020 song and dance about quantity is better than quality on the DL and now they’ve saved a ton of money and can cut Danielle Hunter loose.

        Then snap him up off the street.

  8. Denver Hawker

    Certainly a provocative proposal!

    As long as we’re here, I’ve been thinking about this: what if they don’t draft or sign a big name QB at all? I know you think they must have a plan, but hear me out.

    If this really is a rebuild/retool/revamp/reflux, I could also see a focused investment in younger, faster, explosive defense and run game while trotting out a mediocre QB competition. We know they’ve done this before.

    Not saying they intend to tank, but get core pieces in place to support a better young QB in next years draft.

    • Mel

      This is my dream scenario out of this situation. Spend the money, get the pieces and draft players that’ll make this a ready made team for the QB of your choice out of next years draft. We’ll have 2 firsts to work with to jump wherever we can to get our guy. Give the reigns to Mariota and Lock this year.

  9. Big Mike

    Fun fact of the day: The Broncos have had 11 different starting QBs since Russell Wilson was drafted by Seattle. I fear this is the road our Hawks are about to travel.

    • SeaTown

      Another fun fact: John Elway passed on Russ in 2012 for Brock Osweiler.

      • Mel

        I mean…did you see how tall he was? Elway loves tall guys

    • Peter

      If they don’t get this right we will turn into the browns, broncos and then i guess we hope when 2024 comes around and the moratorium on selling the seahawks is lifted a sale happens post haste.

  10. bk matty

    Will DK hold out now? Hes due just $4mln and on last year of rookie deal. I cant imagine he risks it all for that when he is in line for a massive payday, 20mln per, 80mln total. Id expect him to hold out if we dont give him a new deal. Are we willing to pay him 80mln thru a rebuild? Maybe if you think we will be good in 2yrs….

    • Denver Hawker

      They certainly have cap room to do it now so I wouldn’t hate an extension to DK in that price tier. Question I have is does he want to stay through a rebuild- likely be to QB dependent.

  11. bk matty

    Also, I think its possible we are tanking for a year for a look at the 2023 QB class which is much better.

    • Roy Batty

      They have two firsts and two seconds next year, so they don’t need to tank when they can just trade up.

      Also, who in the world thinks Pete Carroll would intentionally tank? No way that ever happens.

      • Peter


        In no universe would pete intentionally tank. Also there’s no guarantee (with any pick,) that a top pick is going to be worth anymore than someone later.

        Last I looked it’s something like two to three top five picks in 21 years were with their native team when they one a superbowl.

    • Rob Staton

      They won’t tank. No chance

    • Jerry

      I guess this is a semantic argument, but isn’t trading a franchise quarterback committing to a rebuild by default? I guess you could call it a ‘retool’ or some other term, but the Seahawks pretty clearly don’t think they’d contend by adding to the current roster. It seems to me that they’ve already accepted a rebuild. That’s not the same as tanking.

      They just moved on from Wilson and Wagner. There were indications they were looking into free agent receivers, which could indicate a willingness to move Lockett and/or Metcalf. This makes sense to me, as I think the best path at this point is to lean into a 2-3 year plan. They could load up on picks this year and next if they commit to not fielding a contender next year. Their actions indicate that they’ve already made that decision.

      There is an important distinction between rebuilding and tanking. Rebuilding is a set of decisions on the roster. If a team is unlikely to contend for a year or two, trading away guys who are short term assets makes sense. Lockett will be 30 next year. Metcalf is looking at a BIG extension soon. This is a deep draft, so the Hawks could take some huge steps towards transforming their roster if they make some aggressive deals. Doing that is rebuilding.

      Tanking is intentionally losing games. That is a decision by (or imposed upon) coaches/players. The Dolphins have recently been accused of tanking. I agree that the Hawks are unlikely to intentionally lose games. As long as the coaching staff and players are trying as hard as they can to win games, they can rebuild without tanking. In this case, you’re just making roster decisions with a longer-term perspective. Their current behavior suggests they’ve already made this decision.

  12. GlazeOne

    I think the FA calculus changes dramatically with these two moves. The signal is that the Seahawks are going young, which probably means they will not prioritize re-signing some of their FA. I don’t see them bringing back Brown, unless it is a team friendly deal. They are more likely to draft an OT and have them compete with Stone and others to see if they can develop a long term LT. Leaning on aging vets have been one of the main reasons that the roster was stale and our cap was tight. They will likely prioritize Diggs, only because he will help fill the defensive leadership vacuum that’s created by releasing Wagz. Everett is probably gone, with Fant being the logical successor. Only one of DJ Reed or Jones will get resigned, with Jones likely the more cost effective. This is feeling a lot like the 11 season, and could be closer to the 12 season, depending on what happens at QB. They just need an effective manager who can dial up 2-3 explosives a game and doesn’t take unnecessary risks. Will be an interesting next 3-4 weeks. Can’t say if they will be good or bad, but they will definitely be exciting.

  13. no frickin clue

    I find it a bit odd that Russ’ Twitter account is still silent on his trade to the Broncos. He’s waived the no-trade clause. He’s a Bronco now. Would it be so hard to throw a bone to the Seattle fans, thank them for 10 years of support, something of that nature?

    Maybe I’m making too much of this (or maybe he’s expressed thanks using a different medium than Twitter), but I find this puzzling.

    • Mark

      Like everyone, I loved what Wilson did on the field, but I did my best to ignore him when he stopped off of it. Now that he’s gone, I can pretend his personality never existed. So he can keep his bones for all I care.

    • Mark

      To put too fine a point on it, I’m sure he has some stupid brand buffering nonsense to share with the 12s when the time is right. I fore-cringe at the thought. Anyway…

      • no frickin clue

        Yeah, I can’t ignore the fact that everything that he says is highly sanitized and designed to protect his brand, period. I find his press conferences tedious at best and disingenuous at worst. And yet I still hope for SOME sort of acknowledgment.

        Probably should anticipate a scenario where he says nothing to Seahawks fans, talks about how excited he is to be in Denver, and ends his first press conference there with ‘Go Broncos’.

    • Peter

      No less puzzling than the head coach not calling a press conference the day you trade away one the best if not thee best player in all of seattle sports.

      • drrew76

        You can’t do the press conference until the trade is official because silly league rules would make discussing any of the three guys coming over tampering.

        • Peter

          I’m getting at the idea that I din’t think it’s strange for either side to have said nothing yet.

  14. Trevor

    Next domino to fall should be DK traded to the Jets for #10 this year and a 1st or 2nd next year.

    Then go out and sign a guy like Kirk in free agency to replace him. Kirk would be a great fit in Waldron’s scheme. I like DK and he is a freak but he is inconsistent and I don’t see the Hawks paying him top WR $. Trade him now to a team desperate for an elite weapon.

    Sign Tyrod Taylor for this year with Lock as the backup.

    Use this years draft to complete rebuild the OL / DL with quality young talent.

    #9 Jordan Davis
    #10 Jermaine Johnson
    #40 Lucas Abraham
    #41 Cole Strange
    #72 Channing Tindall

    • Bmseattle

      I tend to agree with this.
      Paying for an elite WR is not needed in a rebuild.
      Really, it depends on what they end up doing at QB, tho.
      If they get a guy like Cousins, then they probably think they will be competitive this year.
      DK would be needed, in that case.

    • Roy Batty

      Getting back that native 1st by trading DK is taking the knife and twisting a bit too much, for me.

      • Peter

        I really love DK as a player. And i hate seeing talent go. I’m not sure his game helps a new qb like lockett’s does.

        Plus there are a lot if really interesting WR’s coming out in this draft so I’m not sure that they couldn’t find another good weapon or two.

        I know you mentioned tag and teade next year but it’s the wilson thing all over. Why wait when you can get better value unless you are comfortable parting with a metric ton of cash for Metcalf?

        • pdway

          With all the capspace we have in ’23, I don’t understand why you would get rid of talent at DK’s level – as he’s just entering his very best years. For me, at 24 y.o.,he’s a cornerstone guy. We need more of them. Definitely don’t want to see him traded.

          • Peter

            I don’t think an expensive reciever moves the needle. If the rams or the bucs win next year then I’ll be wrong.

            But in 2021 the superbowl winning team had the 23rd and 27th highest cap hit recievers, woods and kupp. Both made good money not great money.

            It’s just a position where the cost outweighs the value in terms of success.

            I think DK is amazing. I also don’t think he’s the kind if recievers who makes a new qb’s life easier.

    • GoHawksDani

      I’d be completely fine with that scenario.
      With a new QB DK needs chemistry. That is built, not a given thing. DK is not a security blanket type of player.
      We shouldn’t let Lock or anyone else cook. No awesome vet options and it’s not the best to throw a rookie into the fire right away. Running game must be featured more. It will lead to less pass attempts and less catches to had between the WRs. Anyone will be our new QB likely needs 1-2 years to settle in and depending our scheme, DK might would have less of a role. If we can move him for 2xR1 (at least mid) or maybe a high R1 and next year’s R2 that’s a huge win in my book.

      If we’d trade him to GB or KC or something similar, he’d be a huge weapon. Trade him to a team with mediocre QB and he’ll get lost and have mediocre stats

      • Peter

        Beat me to it. 100% think with an established vet DK is a weapon. But not a lockett style player who can help out a new qb.

  15. TJ

    As always, great piece Rob. This is always the first place I go when Seahawk news breaks.

    I want to comment on something you said in your last article: “This regime did a poor job with the reset — squandering resources, investing in the wrong areas and then there’s the Adams trade.” We have all talked a lot about how poorly Seattle’s FO has drafted and signed FAs. They have clearly failed in many areas of roster building. For that reason, I don’t feel good about PC/JS utilizing and maximizing the newly-acquired draft resources or salary cap space.

    That being said, I hope that with RW now in Denver and with Wagner moving on, they will now understand that expensive band-aids won’t work. They need to rebuild the team from the ground up and to reestablish its identity. I’m very curious how they will approach the reconstruction of the roster knowing that they are no longer “a few players away.” These next few months will be interesting.

  16. BobbyK

    I wonder what it would look like if we got Cousins and signed him to an extension to lower his cap hit (I know the Vikings would absorb $10M of a hit in ’22). I don’t know the cap – just wondering if there was someway to get him and sign him.

    • Peter

      Wouldn’t we be right back at the “qb takes up to much cap,” portion of our lives?

      Sure it would be lower probably. But i highly doubt cousins would sign for anything less long term than something that neared 30 plus million a year. I don’t love his game but he can fairly easily justify that.

  17. Cysco

    Be honest, how many of you googled “Kenny Pickett’s thumb”?

    Rob you should start a twitter account for Kenny Pickett’s thumb and use it as your troll account…

    Hey @johnclaytonNFL – They say I’m “highly unusual”, I say the fact you still have a job is!

  18. SeahawkNYC

    Aaron Wilson is saying the Hawks are checking in on Deshaun Watson:

    • Peter

      I’m sure every team will check in on watson. Realistcally what’s the point. Unless you can have watson for a fourth or a third then you blow all the ammo you just stocked up to rebuild so you can yet again have an expensive qb and a crap team?

      • pdway

        Say you get him for the #1 in ’23 you just got, and then build the team around your 26 yr old QB. He’s a really good player.

        Doesn’t feel like it’s going to happen – but I remember how good he was on the field. Of course, his legal issues may tank all of it.

    • Gross MaToast

      I considered the Deshaun Watson possibilities a few months ago thinking it would be: 1) great to simply plug in a dynamic performer and roll, and 2) an opportunity to rehab his public persona, that after a great game or two, Seattle would be bought in, for the most part. I was wrong. After reading more about the charges, Watson should consider himself fortunate if he avoids prison. It’s somewhat horrific. I’m not sure how any team could arrive at a decision to trade for him with these charges hanging over his head, and even after they’re settled, Watson should be suspended from the league. All things Watson are a non-starter for me, although he most certainly will play somewhere sometime and be very good.

      Tyrod Taylor would be a fine choice, but he has a bit of Spinal Tap drummer in him, so maybe some combination of Taylor and Seahawk-destroyer Colt McCoy could be had.

      Please, no Cousins…unless for one year in the Adams exchange. That would be tolerable.

      • Peter

        I’m not sure where everyone on the site lives but for those not in Seattle or fairly knowledgeable of Seattle, Watson would be a complete pr nightmare.

        Agreed btw. If he doesn’t get time he should consider himself extremely lucky.

        • pdway

          don’t know if it has any chance of happening – but there are always ways the PR aspect of things can be spun — a “I know i’ve made some terrible choices and mistakes, and I take full responsibility and apologize…” press conference; along with an “I believe in second chances” conference from Pete.

          Though I admit I haven’t read too much about the case since it first broke, so maybe I need to do that. Does seem strange that there still haven’t been criminal charges after all this time – I know that may be about to change, but it’s super unusual.

          • Peter

            It’s not that unusual for the state of texas to not press criminal charges for sexual assault.

            I think any report on watson should stop until after friday when his case goes to a grand jury for potential indictment. Dude may never play football again.

            This isn’t a “i made terible choices,” case. This needs to be cleared entirely or there is potential criminal charges coupled with further suspension of games for paying up to 22 women in civil complaints.

        • JimQ

          Even if no criminal charges are made, he would still be liable for potentially 20+ civil cases (class action?), not sure how the NFL would deal with that, but I think it would be a big negative for any team signing Watson for PR reasons. No thanks to Watson. IMO- A rookie QB with 5 years of lower cap hits is where they need to go to help finance the big REBUILD.

          That picture of Corral being introduced to PC speaks very loudly, either as true interest or as a smoke screen to deflect interest in the rookie QB they really have their eyes on, perhaps a mid-rounder?

          • Peter

            This as well. Get young. Get cheap. Make an awesome team.

          • Spectator

            Malik Willis is the one QB they reportedly met with at Combine. This could aslo add to the smoke screen idea, they didnt meet with Russ or McGough (i dont think at least). Rob has kind of go me looking into Coan.

          • JimN

            Thought the same thing about the smoke screen. Rob’s overall take that their is a PLAN makes total sense, and one thing P&J are good at is getting people to look in one direction and go an entire different way.

  19. Joshua Smith

    I clearly don’t understand dead money when it comes to trades. Can someone explain why the Hawks pay 26m in dead money?
    And is this factored in the trade? Denver gets Wilson cheap & only gives up a couple 1s and 2s and players towards the end of their rookie contracts (Locke/Fant) or career (Harris).
    I understand dead money when you release a player with guaranteed money but not in a trade? Isn’t agreeing to take on the contract part of the trade?

    • Ross

      The team that gave the player the signing bonus is on the hook for the remainder of that prorated signing bonus as dead money. RW had a $65M signing bonus which was prorated over the life of the contract. He only played half of the contract with Seattle, but that full $65M is on Seattle’s books.

  20. Tallyhawk

    After having time to think about the trade I have a little bit of hope for the future. While I won’t say I’m confident they’ll nail it I do think there’s a better chance of them building a championship roster than had they kept RW. They’ve proven they can build a young hungry roster whereas they definitely didn’t maintain it. They have a chance to do it again. The SB teams were built on young hungry players who had a chip on their shoulder and played with anger. Once that’s team had success they got away from that and didn’t exactly age gracefully. I thought they would be more like Belichick and move on from players a lot sooner than they did. Here’s to hoping they can do it once more.

  21. Peter

    Thanks for this Rob.

    I’m super into tyrod taylor moving forward. Even in this strange qb year i think you could give him a nice honest contract and still keep a ton of cash to spend this year and next.

    And let it rip if you can and go get Corral. Hopefully not at 9. And just start again.

    Super uninterested in Cousins. Do not want to spend anything draft wise on an older expensive QB. Sort of defeats the purpose of this. Abd cousins is good if unexciting and a terrible record in big games. I think he is worth a pretty good chunk of cash. I just want that cash to go to all the other positions Seattle has botched at aquiring for the next two years.

    • BobbyK

      But what if they got Cousins for a 5th round pick? That’d be like trading:

      Wilson, #4… for Cousins, #1, #2, #1, #2

      That’s a lot of resources draft wise to build a better team, whereas signing Taylor (only 1 year younger than Cousins) and then drafting Corral with a #1 pick will leave you with only an extra 2nd round pick this year to improve the team in the draft.

      • Peter

        If you got Cousins for a third through fifth, i get it.

        But i don’t really want to pay Cousins a ton of money going forward. I love Wilson. Abd i think a better FO could have an expensive qb and stayed competitive. This team however was inly really competitive under the cheap rookie spend everywhere else model.

        From a draft standpoint i get what you are saying. Bit they would still have an extra #1 next year (plus theirs if they don’t get stupid) a cheap QB if he works abd still tons of cash as another way to build a team.

        Cousins is for as far as i can see going to command a ton of money as long as qb contracts keep going up and his play stays where it is. We don’t want to pay Wilson. Fine. But why pay Cousins going forward near the same amount.

        Plus for me. I’m all in on youth. I don’t want old expensive almost weres at any position on this team.

        • BobbyK

          No way I want to give up a 1 or 2 for him either!

  22. pdway

    Appreciate these clear-headed articles. And honestly, i’m feeling ok about it all too today. Good to see them taking decisive action w Bobby too – it had to happen, but it feels a bit out of character w the past few years of management’s behavior — and that’s a good thing.

    No interest in Cousins fwiw, seen his ceiling, and I think he falls into the good enough to get you close – but not a clutch performer you can count on category. I get the hesitancy on some fronts, and of course it is contingent on his legal issues resolving – but in Deshaun’s last season he went for 4800 yards, 70% completion rate, 33/7, w 444 yards rushing. And he’s 26. I think you do more than kick the tires.

    • McZ

      So, Deshaun Watson can choose between:

      – Miami; stout defense built by Brian Flores, rebuilt OL, offensive-minded Shanahan-disciple at HC
      – Seattle; a shell of their former self franchise, with a defense full of holes and an offense that went 6-8 with a franchise QB and 1-2 without. Save their HC, who is a major FA downturner.

      That will indeed be a tough call.

      • Rob Staton

        Miami are out on Watson

  23. GoHawksDani

    I see zero chance of the Vikings Adams trade. Why would they want him? Big salary, big ego, usually just a dead weight on the field. But I can see the Hawks trading maybe next year’s R3 for Cousins. Maybe even move some guys from the roster and use those picks for the trade

    I’d like some Minshew-mania in Seattle if he’s a prove it or stopgap QB not the final solution. Maybe the next 1-2 year QB market or draft will be better and he can be an OK QB until then

    I’m also fine with Tyrod Taylor. Wouldn’t be pumped about him, but better than Lock

    I’m sort of similar with Mariota as Minshew and Taylor and same with Brissett

    To me all of these guys might cut it to 1-2-3 years and with a pretty strong roster we might be able to contend for playoff

    I would be pumped about Corral. Not convinced he’s super great, but he has more potential than the previously mentioned guys, and he’s young. Take him late R1 or early R2 and I’m sold, if we can also get a good starter DL guy or OT

    I’m also intrigued by Malik Willis. Not sure how he could fit, but if SEA is willing to build the O around him, like the Ravens did with Jackson, I’m OK with the pick in early R2. Probably won’t bring you an SB trophy, but it’s always fun watching the Ravens on offense and Jackson improved from a pure runner to a decent thrower, so there might be hope for Willis too

    I’d be OK with Ridder, but probably around mid R2

    I don’t like Pickett, I think he might not be successful in the NFL

    The rest? Ehh, I’m only OK picking one of them if we don’t trade for a vet. Pick up Mariota, Taylor or Brissett and if Corral and Willis and Ridder are all gone by #41 I’d be OK to pick Coan or Eleby in R4 and let for example Lock, Taylor and Coan battle it out in camp. Probably just a stopgap until next year, but it’s OK if they can get 3 impact players in R1 and R2


      Well said! Alot of very good points

    • Dregur

      I’m curious why you don’t like Pickett?

      • GoHawksDani

        Just based on what I read about him and a gut feeling. Might be wrong, didn’t had time to look at him (and not sure I wanna look QBs, draft might be a disappointment if I start to like someone too much 😀)

  24. Trevor

    Wonder how Russ feels about being the 3rd best QB in his division?

    • IHeartTacoma

      Like he felt last year!
      Denver got fleeced.

      • Scot04

        Denver was definitely not fleeced.
        Seahawks got a fair offer, but nothing overwhelming.
        This was what you get when you have very little bargaining power.
        Getting fleeced is what the Jets did to us in the Adams trade.
        If we got Danvers 2022 picks 9, 40, 64, a 2023 1st & 2nd, & the the 3 players straight up for Wilson; then I would feel we got an overwhelming deal.
        Yes it’s only a difference of one late 2nd & no pick swap, but trust me that’s a huge difference.

    • Peter

      Probably fine or he wouldn’t have gone.

    • Erik

      I suspect Russel welcomes the chance to be on prime time (with a good team around him) and show that he is better than those other qb’s.

      • Trevor

        He better if he wants $50 mil /yr but there is no way he is better than Mahomes or Herbert at this stage in his career.

        • Peter

          Why does it matter? He’s not the hawks qb so who cares if he’s better or “no way,” he’s better?

          It only matters if he tanks in Denver and we get better picks.

          • Hoggs41

            We need to root for a Seahawks type collapse from the Broncos to get that pick as high as we can. Will be fun watching the Broncos come to town next year.

            • Peter

              That’s where I am at with this. If russ has fallen off a cliff. Great we get two more good picks. If rports of russ’ demise have been exagerated the picks suck for us.

    • Poli

      Can’t wait to see if Russ is going to light it up in the pocket for the Broncos with Nathaniel Hackett. MVP!

  25. Spicoley

    Rob, have loved your site for the last 10+ years: keep up the great work. I know you’ve got your hands full for the next 2 years so I’m excited for you and your site.

    Would love to bolster the trenches in this draft, and get young and nasty and bully opponents again. Would be fine with giving up a mid round pick to get Minshew unless they really like one of these rookies. Wouldn’t mind trading back a little in the 2022 draft to capitalize on a deep draft class this year. So excited to see how these moves on 3/8/2022 are handled. I find drew lock to be kind of a douche but hope a change of scenery and new weapons gets a bit more out of him so the QB competition gets the most out of everyone.

  26. HawkFan907

    I stayed up way too late watching Will Levis highlights last night. Sign me up. If Taysom Hill and Matthew Stafford had a baby, it’d be Levis. He has Taysom’s running ability and throwing motion (maybe not top end speed, because Taysom was a 4.3 guy) but Stafford’s arm strength. His pocket presence is excellent as well. If he can improve his accuracy a touch and cut back on some turnovers, he is a surefire top 5 pick and the perfect QB for the Pete Carroll offense.

  27. Sean

    Man, the thought of Tyrod Taylor for a year is nauseating. He was mostly awful, god awful, last year with Houston. At this point in his career, he is strictly a backup who can start a few games if needed (similar to Geno Smith). Also, with Lock included in the trade, I don’t see how it makes any sense to bring Taylor aboard. Either go for a more established vet (Cousins, Watson – contingent on legal issues being resolved). Otherwise, start Lock and find someone in the draft to groom. Risky obviously, but high upside if you can find the right rookie and capitalize with them playing on their rookie deal.

    • Peter

      Lock and taylor had virtually identical years.

      The difference for me is lock has never been even decent whereas taylor has at one point in his career.

      • BobbyK

        But one is at the point where he’s still getting better and the other is a dual threat QB on the wrong side of 30.

        • Peter

          I don’t see evidence that lock should be starting in the nfl. Last year he wasn’t good. The year before, same. He turns it over almost as much as he throws a td. We give pete grief but i think he’ll be well aware of this.

          That and why did hackett just give up on him without trying? At least with cousins it’s the money as a sticking point. I don’t love taylor. But seattle can’t role with lock and hope that corral will be draftable.

          • Sean

            Using that evidence, Taylor shouldn’t be starting in the NFL either. I think this argument is probably a moot point, as I wouldn’t expect Taylor to be brought in given Lock was part of the deal. Either Cousins or Watson is brought in, or a rookie is drafted to groom while Lock starts in the interim.

            • Peter

              If they bring in a rookie why wait to start? Lock isn’t good at any metric. Corral is the better college qb so just go with him.

              • BobbyK

                I don’t like Lock either. It’s a bad option vs. a bad option. One is less bad, but still bad.

  28. Andrew M

    I’d trade Jamal for a luxury brand coffee cup at this point. If there was a world where we could trade him for a one year rental of Cousins I’d jump all over it. I don’t particularly like Cousins, but he’s a better veteran QB than just about anybody else we could get. And just getting Adams off the roster would be a plus. Yes please.

    • Silly Billy

      I’m still not sold on the idea of giving up on Adams.

      Yes, as it stands right now, it was a horrible trade.
      But he still had 3 years left on his contract to change that, so why cut bait now?

      He’s 26, his contract is more affordable now since we aren’t paying Russ. There’s a chance a new D coordinator will actually help play to his strengths.

      Too much upside, and too much sunk cost, to give up now.

  29. Hoggs41

    When it comes to pick #9 it just feels like they will trade back. I could easily see Pittsburgh wanting to jump Washington. It would probably cost them there second rounder (52). Would people rather have picks 9,40, and 41 or 20,40,41 and 52?

    • Simo

      Yeah, tough choice there for sure. If they move back 11 spots, they most likely miss out on several of the top edge and OT’s in the draft. However, if they can add pick 52 it may very well be worth it. Comes down to whether or not the players available at 9 are that coveted, or would they rather have another top 50(52) player.


    I dont think the Hawks torch the house (like they did when Carrol moved off Hasselback) only to bring in another high Contract Cat ..
    they go back to what made them …Corral fits the Draft Sweet Spot High 2 or they trade up back into the bottom 1st if they get nervous. Carrol and Corral begin a new era of Ra Ra Boom
    with young hungry talented athletes buying in.

  31. Sean

    Two Questions:

    -Are there any quality QBs likely to be free agents next year?

    -Of the options Rob has shared, who might Shane Waldron like?

  32. Sea Mode

    RE: Jermaine Johnson

    • Peter

      So good to watch over and over.

      • Sea Mode

        Keep scrolling down in the thread. There’s more!

        • Peter

          Thanks. Really enjoyed the rest of this.

          • Hoggs41

            Personally I would feel more comfortable with Johnson than I would Thibodeaux

            • Blitzy the Clown


              • Peter


              • Sea Mode

                Whoever it is, just make sure he’s a dawg. No question marks.

  33. Forrest


    Really fantastic work, as always! This piece on Watson sounds a little speculative, but thefe may be something to it.

  34. Phil

    Captain Kirk!
    I’ve always liked his game. He might actually be a pretty good fit.

    I’m not totally sure how they’d swing all the cap…but there is plenty of room to spread it into the coming seasons.
    If we trade for him and he asks: “you like that?” I’d answer with a solid: “yeah, I like that!”

  35. J

    I just can’t get behind spending 24mm on moving from Wilson to Cousins. I know they added picks by dealing Wilson, but I’d rather they just kept Wilson and spent 24mm to upgrade the roster.

    I know Wilson will cost a lot long term but Cousins has one year left on his contract so that is a wash to me.

  36. BobbyK

    How funny would it be to see Pete get Goff and beat McVay?

    I’m kidding!

  37. Sea Mode

    Well, at least the SDB comments section has picked up again! 😜

  38. Forrest

    Could Seattle have an eye on Tom Brady? The Hawks once flew a jet in to pick up Peyton Manning. Pete could be thinking one more year with Brady. Brady could tell Tampa, I’m retired and you get nothing or get a 2nd from Seattle this year. Maybe they’d bite. They’re over the cap.

    If the talks don’t go well in Baltimore, could Lamar Jackson be a trade candidate? He fits the dual threat. But, I can’t see us wanting to pay him (although we do have the resources).

    I think they’ll be rolling with a rookie to save resources. I think they liked Wilson on his rookie contract, as more of a game manager, who could run a little to keep defenses off balance. I believe they’ll seek a similar (but taller) player in the draft who fits the dual threat mode and try to build a dominant defense and run game. We’d be hearing more about investments in the offensive line, if they planned to put a statute in the pocket a QB.

    • Cysco

      I doubt Pete want’s a QB older than him.

  39. uptop

    Has the ship sailed on Kellen Mond? Still a fan

    • Sea Mode

      He’s the reason they can move on from Cousins

  40. Sea Mode

    Very explosive athlete added good agility numbers at his pro day:

    Dominique Robinson, Miami OH

    4.19 short shuttle
    7.19 three-cone

    • Rob Staton

      Excellent news. Puts him on the radar

      • Sea Mode

        I was worried about his production initially (just 4.5 sacks, 8.5 TFL in 12 games this year), but then I noticed that he is a WR convert and last season was only his second year at the position, which means it was actually good progress.

        Probably a R4-R5 project that will take a couple years to develop, but with a great physique and athleticism (although not the desired elite 10yd split- 1.67), he could develop into something.

  41. Ben

    Been doing a lot of cap crunching and trade thinking.

    I think there is easily a world where you could trade Jamal Adams and Tyler Lockett despite the cap hits.

    First you want to make sure there are free agents you feel okay about signing to long term deals with a low year one cap hit. Second you need to be sure you are getting enough value.

    Depending on other cuts/trades, the team could be at 44 million in cap in 2022 trading both, with 197 million in 2023 cap space, far more than enough to still sign a premiere guy or two this year.

    If you can come up with high second round draft picks, etc for Adams or Lockett Id bite the bullet.

    A world in which the hawks trade DK, Lockett for high picks and Jackson and Dunlap for late picks isn’t crazy to me.

    While Adams contract is expensive to us, it’d be downright cheap to the team that receives him. Like 2 million dollar cap hit this year cheap. Both him and Lockett have outs starting next year. If we can get value, I say bite, ego’s be damned.

    Adams is a crappy leader, and Lockett is beloved but more of a quiet leader. If you get a mix of vets or rookies to replace them at their positions as well as leaders, I think it’s worth the future cap savings and picks.

    • cha

      the team could be at 44 million in cap in 2022 trading both


      • Ben

        That would be a full tear down, via OTC cap calculator top 51.

        Trade DK
        Trade Adams
        Trade Lockett
        Trade Dunlap
        Trade Jackson


        • cha

          Ah OK. The ‘burn it all down and start over’ plan.

          I doubt the Hawks would strip the roster for parts.

    • Dregur

      Trading either would not create cap space due the bonus structure.

      • Ben

        Definitely, it absolutely does not help cap space in 2022. But it does open cap space in 2023.

        Meaning: We get picks now and has no real effect on getting long term signings done in 2022.

        If eating cap now means better picks than next year, I’d rather do it now.

        Of course in the above scenario you could easily keep 1 of them or DK or any mix and still be okay. I just don’t think the cap hits are actually that painful aside from our ability to get 1 yr vet deals done.

        • cha

          Something’s squirrely with OTC this morning.

          Tyler Lockett’s $13m option bonus that locked Feb 18 isn’t accounted for. It was yesterday.

          • Ben

            That makes a lot of sense! I thought before it was a much worse hit and was like this ain’t bad at all! I think they’ve been busy making additions and changes to the teams.

            I will say- of the list of guys to move on from, the only ones that will be here more than next year are DK, Adams, and Lockett. The rest really don’t matter if they are on the team in a rebuilding year. Knowing Locketts hit is actually significantly more, you probably wouldn’t want to do both simultaneously.

            • cha

              I figured it out. Jason must have gotten some new info.

  42. cha

    Russell Wilson
    SEATTLE, I Love You.

    Forever Grateful.


    • Tomas

      PC is responsible for the ruination of two professional franchises: USC and Seattle.

      • Dregur

        That’s such a ridiculous thing to say.

        As much as we can and should criticize Pete’s current decisions, he did bring a Super Bowl championship and made the Seahawks a perennial playoff contender for the past decade, and outside of the Holmgren era, the Seahawks were mired in mediocrity for the past 30 years.

        • pdway


        • Tomas

          Watch and see what happens. Though I suppose Jody is the real villain.

    • BA

      Not fast enough! The fans are already upset

      • Matthew

        It’s funny, but I don’t really care what he has to say because he’s such a phony.

  43. Denver Hawker

    PFN Sim is like crack right now.

    A couple trade backs landed picks 22, 40, 41, 52, 72, 84, and 86. Restocked the entire pantry.

    As excited as I am about who could be available at #9, turning it in to 22, 52, 84, and 86 in THIS draft is also very appealing.

    • Rob4q

      I was just thinking the same thing…the options are incredible!!!

      • Rob4q

        I mean it’s just crazy what you can do now…

        11. Jordan Davis, DT Georgia
        18. Jermaine Johnson, EDGE Florida State
        43. Abraham Lucas, OT Washington State
        82. Dameon Pierce, RB Florida
        100. Jack Coan, QB Notre Dame
        113. Troy Andersen, LB Montana State
        115. Zach Tom, OT Wake Forest
        153. Smoke Monday, S Auburn
        159. Jaylen Watson, CB Washington State
        227. Zander Horvath, RB Purdue

        • Denver Hawker

          Russ who?

        • cha

          It’s fun but it strains credibility. I just landed

          22 Jermaine Johnson EDGE
          40 Abe Lucas OT
          41 Channing Tindall LB
          53 Desmond Ridder QB
          64 Cam Jurgens C
          72 Devonte Wyatt DT
          87 Dameon Pierce RB

          • Roy Batty

            I guess the crazy remains to be seen when one or more teams makes their desperation trade before the Hawks pick at 9.

            Then there are the teams who will reach for a QB.

            This is going to be a really fun first round to watch.

          • Rob4q

            Yeah, it needs an update on some of the rankings.

          • Rick

            You can go even further into the crazy.
            Especially if you use Rob’s listing.

            32 Boye Mafe EDGE Minnesota
            42 Devonte Wyatt DT Georgia
            50 Travis Jones DT Connecticut
            54 Abraham Lucas OT Washington State
            56 Channing Tindall LB Georgia
            83 Cameron Jurgens OC Nebraska
            88 Cole Strange OG Chattanooga
            90 Cam Taylor-Britt CB Nebraska
            97 Nick Cross S Maryland
            115 Zamir White RB Georgia
            122 Bryan Cook S Cincinnati
            160 Tyrion Davis-Price RB LSU
            167 Tyquan Thornton WR Baylor
            176 Chase Allen TE Iowa State
            201 Jack Coan QB Notre Dame

          • Scot04

            If you stick to Rob’s Bigboard & try to keep everyone in estimated round it’s more realistic & fun.

            Post Wilson PFN Mock Draft using Rob’s Bigboard.
            All players chosen in round projected except Zyon. He was rated a 4th rounder, taken with 10th pick in round 5. So all very close to where he projected them.

            Seahawks trade #9 (Matt Corral) to Saints for #18, #49 & a 2023 2nd
            Seahawks trade #18 & 227 (Trevor Penning & Logan Bruss) to Miami for #29 &50
            Seahawks trade #40 (Carson Strong) to Cleveland for picks #44 & 98

            Draft Results
            29. Perrion Winfrey
            41. Desmond Ritter (only Ridder was left from Rob’s Board)
            44. Channing Tindall
            49. Cole Strange
            50. Sam Williams
            72. Rasheed Walker
            98. Tyrion Davis-Price
            115. JT Woods
            153. Zyon McCollum
            Saints 2023 2nd round pick

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      John Schneider, is that you?

  44. Gaux Hawks

    Ciara must be overflowing with joy that she’s moving to Denver! Thanks Russy!

  45. Henry Taylor

    I want to throw my hat in the ring that they shouldn’t trade DK unless blown away with the offer. If they’re drafting a QB the second best thing to give him (behind an OL) is an elite WR, some may argue he isn’t one but he’s clearly the closest we have and clearly has the potential to continue to grow. I think looking at how much bringing in Chase elevated Burrow’s game is a testament to this or, by comparison, how other talented young QBs like Lawrence have struggled badly without one.

    Let’s say they were to draft Corral, the guy lived off RPOs in college. Make a quick read and get the ball out fast, that’s where he’s best. One thing I think DK is amazing at, that Russ was never able to take advantage of, is boxing out recievers on slants and then using his athleticism to pick up RAC, I think this would fit perfectly with Corral’s strengths. Similarly the option of throwing a cheeky bubble to DK to give the young guy an easy completion or two a game could stand to benefit his development enormously.

    If someone offers something silly then sure, but DK remains a good talent at an age where you would expect him to continue to develop. He played well with Geno and hardly seemed happy with Russ for a fee games after he came back. So I dont get this notion that he’s useless now Russ is gone.

    • Denver Hawker

      I don’t understand any of the trade DK arguments personally.

      Picks? We’ve got picks now.
      Cap space? We’ve got cap space now.

      Hawks are going younger and you still need impact players- DK just turned 24!!

      As much as I still feel sick about the abysmal trade- Jamal Adams is just 26.

      • pdway

        that’s where I am too.

        we’ve got money and picks, and need impact guys and playmakers – DK is the best one on the roster.

        As for Adams…maybe the new defensive coaches can get more out of him. And if not, let’s hope they have the guts to acknowledge a mistake and cut our losses when the time is right.

        • Jerry

          I think the Hawks fanbase is unreasonably low on Adams.

          The trade was dumb. We all agree on that.

          But Jamal Adams is a really talented player.

      • Hawk Finn

        I proposed trading DK for a couple of reasons. First, concerns with red flags such as maturity and inability to come through in the clutch. Second, our lack of picks at the time and DK being the only available chip.

        Now that Russ is gone and we have some picks at our disposal, I am not necessarily advocating for a trade but I still have reservations committing resources to a potential problem child. Yes, he is talented. Yes, he is young and still developing. But those emotional outbursts rarely age out, but rather intensify. Same with dropsies. Hard to justify the potential $25m APY for me. I’d rather wait another year and tag him first.

      • Peter

        Just getting moneyball about it. An expensive WR doesn’t really change the fortunes of a team.

      • lil’stink

        My main take with DK is that WR simply isn’t a position worth giving a market setting contract to. So it all depends on how much it would take to extend him. If he’s set on top 5 WR money, I would be listening to any and all trade offers.

        Otherwise, just let him play next year and use the franchise tag as a negotiation/trade tool if you can’t agree to an extension, even though I know PCJS have been loathe to use it.

      • Spectator

        To say you don’t understand any of the arguments for trading DK, is just ignorant. I love DK and want him on this team. But it doesnt matter how much money you have, is he worth 25 mill a year? Thats like saying you dont care about Adams contract because we have the money for him. There is a reasonable and very understandable argument that he is not worth 25 mill. We have 1 pick in the first, you are telling me you don’t understand how having another this year and maybe even an additional 2nd isn’t understandable and beneficial? Does DK tilt the field? yes. Would he be awesome to have on the team? yes. Do we all want to keep him? yes. But will he constantly win you games? No. as Rob has discussed, he is not Julio, not Evans, not Adams. Even if you don’t like it, it is 100% understandable and conceivable to discuss a DK trade and the benefits of such. Get a first and second could turn into allowing us to get Jermaine Johnson AND Jordan Davis in the first, plus Kenneth Walker or Pierce in the late second to pair with a tindall and Lucas pick. As much as I love DK, that sounds enticing. A young freak athlete on the DL and a Young elite talent at RB in exchange for a freak athlete WR. For playing Pete Ball, which is better. Heck if we are still okay paying a WR, we could potentially get Cooper, how much better is DK than Cooper? A first round pick better?

        Realistically, this year is going to be a wash. We arent going to the SB with a Cousins or a rookie or Lock. How much is DK really worth this year to the hawks?

        Point is, its understandable for people to be discussing a DK trade after Russ was moved. Lockett, not so much.

        • Ben

          That’s where I’m at…

          At the start of the rebuild, trade assets on expiring contracts or high dollar for picks, and use the salary relief to get high-end younger players (ie the Zach Miller/Sidney Rice).

          If the picks are there, go get them. Particularly adding some 2023 picks to balance things out a little. I personally love the idea of picking up two vocal young defenders.

        • Denver Hawker

          Correction: I understand the arguments, and think they’re weak:

          1. He’s a basketcase, diva, immature whatever you want to call him. As long as a guy can play at a pro-bowl talent and this passion doesn’t spill into locker room issues- it’s not a problem. Seattle has had plenty of these types over the years and had great success with them.

          2. Too much money to pay a WR- Impact is Impact- you pay players that tilt the field regardless of position. They are hard to find. I say this within reason- I don’t think DK has played his way to a top of market contract, if someone wants to argue we should trade him because he’s not worth $30MM/APY- fair to argue at this price, how about $22MM? Rams are paying Kupp and Woods $34-35MM combined, that didn’t stop them from winning a SB. QB cap is the only position that has shown potential to hamstring a team from getting to a SB and even that argument is relatively weak.

          3. Let’s gather all the picks we can get, we aren’t going to a SB this year anyways- why does this only apply to DK? How about Brooks, Lewis, Taylor? You’ll have to pay them eventually too and they are all 24 like DK. Might as well jackhammer whole foundation if you trade DK. It’s easy to like players in the draft this time of year and say pick 10 is better than paying DK. Would you trade him for Ed Oliver or Devin Bush? I wouldn’t. He’s a sure thing impact player- no one in the draft is a sure thing. Why not just tank for #1 overall while we’re at it? Pete isn’t going to oversee that at his age.

          • Spectator

            1. Haven’t seen any argument on here that he is a basketcase and that is the reason to trade him. Thats a strawman argument.

            2. You are stating a point of view. Which is reasonable. But it does not negate the opposite, and equally reasonable, opinion that DK isn’t worth 22 mil. No one has argued that paying DK would stop us from winning the Super Bowl. Just that he isn’t worth 20-25 mill a year. Again, if your opinion is that he is worth that, that is your reasonable opinion. Others disagree. You mention Rams Kupp and woods in your argument (which is again irrelevant straw man argument). Kupp is going to be getting deservedly 25 mill. And i would bet Rams fans will be upset they are paying Woods what they are and wished they werent.

            3. If Brooks could return 1+ first round picks, it would 100% be worth discussing. That goes for any of the named players. But none are, and if you asked whether I would rather have Devin Bush AND Ed Oliver (random players to choose) than DK, it would be worth discussing. 2 impact players compared to one.

            The whole point is the argument is worth discussing and arguments for and against are equally reasonable.

          • Hawk Finn

            1. RE: passion spilling over – This already happened when he whined on the sidelines to the point the team tried force-feeding him into a pick six. And again when he gestured to his backup QB when his injured QB couldn’t pacify him. This locker room simply isn’t strong enough to control an OBJ or AB type. DK is awfully close to this path – must have something to do with initials.

            2. RE: impact is impact – how impactful are drops and mental lapses? Refusing to go out of bounds and fumbling the ball on a key possession late in the game? You didn’t address those points

            3. Had the Russ trade not gone down already I would argue that multiple early picks would be greater assets than DK. Now I am resigned to the fact that we need to keep as much talent as we can to help develop the young QB on the way.

          • Peter

            I don’t think an expensive WR matters. Sorry. The Rams sure that’s an example. How about amari cooper, keenan allen, julio jones, hopkins. The list is way longer of top ten awr’s who aren’t changing the teams fortunes.

            I’m happy to see DK in seattle. Maybe he can change his game to be more helpful to a rookie. I don’t know.

            I think 22 mil a year is hopeful. With rising cap and a half decent agent I can easily see 26-27. And if he balls next year putting up the same numbers w/o wilson proving his game is his game unto himself…..watchout

    • GoHawksDani

      Chase and DK are on a whole another level. Dump a 3 yard pass to Chase and he makes it 12-15 yards. Do the same with DK and he might get 5 yards.
      And Lockett is much better than any WR other than Chase in Cincy. Chase is rarely missing in whole games, etc.
      I’m fine extending DK for like current 5th-7th WR money (which will be soon like 10th-12th). I’m not fine giving him #1 WR money. I think Lockett is better than him, or at least on the same level just with different tools. He’s not among the bests in the league.
      So if it’s between #1 WR money vs money kept and 2xR1 I’m totally sold
      If it’s between #7 WR money vs 1xR2 or 2xR2 I’d keep him

  46. Starhawk29

    Re Tyrod Taylor, I’ll pass. I really liked him as a player coming out of college, but he has been injured far too often. I would count on him playing between 5-10 games but no more. If I’m signing a bridge QB, I’d rather not grab the injury prone one unless we have a rookie behind him (the last two years he’s been replaced by Justin Herbert and Davis Mills…maybe he’s good luck that way?)

    Gonna miss Russ, I’ll always remember that first preseason game. He was so obviously the best QB on the team and that was the moment I started to really believe we could go the distance. Replacing him will be the ultimate test of our scouting and coaching. I want nothing to do with Cousins, if you’re rebooting this team it makes no sense to grab a QB with a similar price tag as Russ long before you’re ready to contend. Part of me really wants a rookie QB to get excited about, but the rest of me wants to wait for a better draft. We will see, but at least there is some excitement again.

    • Peter

      I don’t want taylor. And i don’t think lock is anything besides a back up.

      I’m here just being bold on a rookie. Doesn’t work? Who cares you’ll know in two or three years and try again. Either way it’s cheap and you can keep spending big money on free agents.

      Cousins has good game stats. But is expensive unless Rob’s scenario comes to pass, will cost draft stock in a great year to rebuild. He’s basically a rental which I hate (see: clowney, richardson) or will command a ton of cash for a guy with abysmal stats on primtime and playoffs.

      • Starhawk29

        I kind of want a rookie now too, but I’m also of the mind that getting a bunch of superstars is more important at the moment. If they really are in love with a QB, they’ll probably grab him, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen this year. They waited until their third draft before picking one, and my guess is they will be patient again. If it’s a mid round pick that’s a different story, but I honestly dont think they get another shot at drafting a QB. The next guy they take is probably the last one. I just don’t want to fall into the trap of taking a QB just because we need one, I’m firmly of the opinion that you have to get the right guy. Build a situation for them to succeed in as we did with Russ.

        • Peter

          Counter: say you can get corral or ridder in the second? Is that really worse than available free agents? Outside of cousins I’d wager no?

          I’m just not sure how much time they have to build a contender past 2024 when a sale of the team becomes possible.

          • Starhawk29

            This all depends on how they view the quarterbacks available. I personally don’t mind Ridder and need to rewatch Corral before I finalized my opinion, but I personally don’t like either of them in the 2nd. I think it’s fair value, but not I’m not sold on either and would rather wait until I got the right guy. Pick some of the franchise builders Rob has discussed in the 2nd instead, and if a QB you like is there in the 3rd, pull the trigger.

            I think you can view this as a 2-3 year rebuild, with title contention in 24. I think Pete wants to build another monster and go out on top. I don’t think they’ll rush it, I think they’ll pick their guy, not just a guy.

  47. WallaSean

    I like the thought of ANYONE riding our little show pony out of town, but It won’t happen anytime soon.

    I hope they draft a QB, someone that falls into day 2, or a day 3 guy they like(And would never mention or be seen with). Do that every draft until you have 2 you like. Bring in a Taylor type and comPete again, across the roster.

    I hope every FA decision skews young and sets up a competition for playing time and hedges our targets in the draft. Steel sharpens steel, think of what a wasted last couple of camps and pre-seasons we witnessed. Veterans standing around, watching the UFDA guys struggle to learn the wrinkles of the new system on both sides of the ball foreshadowing the same shortcomings of the starters, Geno foreshadowing three games of mid-season mediocrity. So many wasted chances to get better by running things back only makes me more interested to see what’s next.

  48. George


    First off, good riddance to Russell. Yesterday I was devastated and today I’m relieved. This is an EXCITING time for Seahawks football. 2012 vibes all over again, sign me up…Ever since your article on Cousins a few months ago, I’ve been intrigued. Seattle may have fallen in love with a QB at the combine, but there’s a chance Willis/Corral could both be gone by #9. Furthermore, I can’t see Seattle looking at their board and having Corral placed ahead of Johnson, KT, etc. I truly believe they’d love to trade for Cousins, as you mentioned (with some cap help), and hopefully have the opportunity to trade back in the first round (40 and 41 to Tennessee get it done?) to select Corral if he’s still there. This allows them to roll the dice on Cousins even if they miss out on a QB they covet, and not have any long term commitment after this season. If Cousins flops, they have the resources next season to get in position to select the QB they want. I also think Cousins could be successful and I’d be excited if they made a move for him. Ultimately, I think this is the safest way for Seattle to still be competitive this season, and have the luxury to get their QB next season if things don’t work out. Going in with Lock and reaching for QB at #9 would be a mistake, imo. Say Pittsburgh takes Corral at #20, you could still potentially walk away with Cousins, Johnson, Lucas, and Tindall/favorite center. Curious your thoughts – thanks for all you do. Go Hawks

    • BA

      Good riddance to Russ, but also would love to trade for Cousins. Probably in the same contingent that emerged from the woodwork to tell us how Geno was gonna save the franchise when Russ got injured

  49. Mick

    The way I deal with what happened yesterday: just like SB49 ending with Kearse’s catch, I imagine the injury RW got from Aaron Donald was career-ending and Bobby Wagner lost motivation to play because of that and decided to retire as well.

  50. BA

    It’s funny the amount of fans that have already turned on Wilson (not including the solid 50% of the fanbase that had already turned on him years ago). We really do have the most entitled and ungrateful fanbase in the league. But hey, if the fans want to be perpetual 5-12 underdogs, then so be it.

    • pdway

      maybe it’s some sort of coping mechanism?

      For me – I’ll remember how amazing he has been to watch these ten years. One of the most elusive QB’s of all time, and as calm under pressure as anyone. It was a great, hall-of-fame run – I have nothing but good feelings for the guy.

    • Peter

      Born and raised in seattle. Seattle fans are the least knowledgeable emotionally stunted of any city I’ve lived. Either torn between forever wanting a player to return to form or forever spurned when a player moves on. This is the same fanbase that had members thinking we should pay Wagner even more money to make his cap slightly lower.

      Were you a fan pre-pc? Fans could not get a grip that holmgren’s team had fallen off the tracks.

      Having lived all over notably outside of Denver those fans are pretty unhinged but can generally break down their team chapter and verse.

      • Big Mike

        Some of it might be negative conditioning my friend. Mariners, 45 years of mostly suckitude, Sonics stolen away after 40 some years and but one championship, Seahawks 36 years before a championship and then a repeat rug pulled out from under our feet with 30 seconds left by probably the worst play call in American sports history. So, when Seattle/Northwest fans get something nice, they cling desperately cuz it can be a very rare thing.

        • Peter

          All true. I’m just not gonna dog on Wilson because he didn’t love me enough like other fans.

          Favorite qb available to draft that year. Basically shutting down matt flynn talk in three preseasons. A freaking ring.

          I wan’t even sad when griffey left. That team sucked. Didn’t diminish my joy of watching him swing the easiest looking HR’s ever at the kingdome.

        • Peter

          That and this is the sane fanbase that doesn’t even rate Wilson. Why should he want to stay?

    • Ben

      It’s nuts. Russ was amazing and sucks to lose him. It’s okay to move on, we don’t have to trash him to feel better about it. Hopefully that element will fade quickly, can’t blame people for being upset but cmon!

    • Cortez Kennedy

      I miss him already, and I’m sure some of these same fans will miss him once they watch more than a quarter of Drew Lock.

      I was watching a Broncos game early 2020 and was very grateful we had Russell Wilson. But different people process things different ways.

  51. GoHawks5151

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot and Russ leaving reminds me of Griffey leaving. I was 14 at the time Griffey left so I may be remembering wrong but at some point he just didn’t want to be here anymore. It just didn’t fit anymore. And once that happened he was gonna force his way to the team he wanted despite rumored offers that were better. This is exactly what played out yesterday. The whole thing was completely orchestrated by Russ. The destination, the price, everything. It sucks because I loved them both (Griffey more, duh) but this time around I’m excited about the possibilities. Russ was such drama and no one, team or player deserves to be held hostage like they were. Let’s get the young and hungry attitude back. Hopefully we nail the draft, find new leaders and Noah Fant proves to be the Mike Cameron of the deal.

  52. Rob Staton

    Jake Heaps says Russ turned down Philly & Washington

    • pdway

      interesting. that no trade clause really changes the dynamic, gives so much power to the player. Hawks really did pretty well in the return, when you take that into consideration.

    • cha

      This news gives more value to the Denver trade haul.

      Far better than what the Mariners got when Griffey demanded Cincinnati.

      • Roy Batty

        Cowherd mentioned that Russ was one of only 7 players with a no trade clause.

        Russ and his agent were very, very smart.

        • lil’stink

          That whole contract negotiation was lame, especially with the ultimatum that Russ gave. Really felt that JS allowed himself to get strong armed. I kind of wonder if JS wanted to trade Wilson at that point but Pete told him no.

    • Cortez Kennedy

      Can’t blame him regarding the Commandos. I wouldn’t want my name tied to that dumpster pimp circus. Fans of Snyder’s team should be reminded they could have had Russ every possible chance while suffering through a season of Wentz.

      A trade with Philly could have been sweet.

  53. V

    “Colts are trading QB Carson Wentz to Washington for a package of packs that is thought to include two third-round picks, sources tell ESPN.”

    • V

      “Washington is taking QB Carson Wentz and his full contract, per sources.”

    • Ben

      I truly thought they’d have to pay to get out from that. Decent return, feel bad for Wentz ending up there. Kinda love that Russ spurned both the WAS and PHI.

    • Sea Mode

      “package of packs”

      I’m rolling with that sometime in the future.

      • Hawk Finn

        they obvs meant a “pickage of packs”

        • Bankhawk

          Q: How many packs could a pick age packer pack if a pickage packer could pack packs? 😅😂🤣

          • Hawk Finn


    • Sea Mode

      Full deal: (btw, Schefter dominating the news-breaking, as usual)

      Adam Schefter
      · 45m

      Trade terms, per sources…

      Colts get:
      🏈2022 third-round pick
      🏈2023 third-round pick that can become a second if Carson Wentz plays 70 percent of plays.
      🏈2022 second-round pick

      Commanders get:
      🏈QB Carson Wentz
      🏈2022 second-round pick.

    • TomLPDX

      Good job Colts! This is a great deal for them to get out from under Wentz and also get picks in the meat of this year’s draft. Back to the drawing board for QB though.

      Rob, do you think Corral will be there at #40? Should we trade our 9 to later in round 1 (to get Corral) and another day 2 pick?

    • Rob Staton

      Thank god it’s not us

  54. neil

    Well we did make it to a Super Bowl with a journeyman qb, in Hasselbeck. Who knows? It may not be all doom and gloom, let’s see how the rest of FA sorts out.

    • Peter

      That was a bit different. Hand picked, coach trained qb running that coaches scheme. With two of the best ever at their position and an mvp player.

    • BobbyK

      Hasselbeck in his prime was a good QB. Much better than a “journeyman”.

  55. Blitzy the Clown

    Bobby Wagner

    Sherm a prophet

    12:15 PM · Mar 8, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

    Oh, now I get it

    • Big Mike


  56. cha

    Mina Kimes: “The Bobby Wagner cut, for people that closely followed the team and understand the cap, this was not a big surprise.”

    Amen sister.

    • Rob Staton

      Except the Athletic did a piece on cap casualties recently and the Seahawks reporter listed Jason Myers as the most likely and a handful of alternatives. Didn’t even mention Bobby’s name.

      • cha

        Their Seahawks beat reporter said they should pay Quandre Diggs $18m a year.

        • TomLPDX

          Right. The more I listen to and read MSDs stuff the less I respect it, but that’s just me. His piece from yesterday about the trade was “meh”

          • Ben

            MSD just wants the players to like him.

            • Rob Staton

              Leaving Bobby off that list definitely felt like an attempt not to tread on his toes

    • Cortez Kennedy

      People are really clinging to the fact that Bobby was 2nd team All-Pro this season.

  57. Ashish

    After 24 hours and good articles from Rob plus discussing 2 hours what’s good about the trade makes me feel lot better. Few things we will never know

    1) One more winner of this trade is John as he will not have to deal with Russ agent Mark Rodgers.
    2) We know both Russ and Pete has mutual respect but they were definitely not on same page for some time. So its better to move on.
    3) like what Rob said its not same thing and opportunity to improve rebuild.
    4) This year they can start putting roster back in place good start by let Bobby go. Next year we have another 10 picks with good draft coming.
    5) Next year we will last year Russ cap hit so year 2024 will be the year team will all loaded with young team with exp vet.

  58. Blitzy the Clown

    Now that Indy is without a QB, I suppose they’ll be interested in Cousins too. They have the cap space.

    Would only drive up the price, and I am adamantly opposed to trading anything more than a 2023 Day 3 pick for him.

  59. Blitzy the Clown

    This is funny

    • TomLPDX

      I love Mina!

  60. Lupe Green

    Rob coming on at noon PST with Jake and Stacy

  61. Big Mike

    At noon or some time in their 3 hour show?

    • Shane

      Right after this commercial break that is on right now

      • TomLPDX

        Someone please post the link. As usual, I can’t get the direct feed.

        • Big Mike

          Rob usually does a while after his appearance

      • Big Mike

        Yeah I’m listening. Thanks

  62. neil

    I am surprised RW agreed to Denver. Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t he have some of his worst performances in cold and inclement weather? old bones do not work very well in real cold weather, personal experience.

    • Peter

      Denver’s average low is lower than seattle but the average high is higher for novermber and december.

      Seems to me russ has always sucked in rain and there Denver has the advantage.

  63. Sea Mode

    It’s all about the draft, folks. It all starts there. Gotta nail it while we have the chance.


    In 2012, the Broncos used a second-round pick on Brock Osweiler, when Russell Wilson was still on the board. Ten years later, Denver gave up two ones, two twos, and three players to get Wilson.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Buy low and sell high, I say

      *puffs cigar*

  64. Sea Mode

    So what was so wrong with the Seahawks Twitter “Cast Away” tweet from yesterday that they made them take it down? I thought it was well played.

    And I think this is about how aggressive Ballard had to be to get that much in return for Wentz…

  65. Erik

    I look forward to seeing the Seahawks build a young, hungry, fast, and talented defense filled with players with chips on their shoulders. Maybe they can catch lighting in a bottle for a second time by drafting a hall of famer QB in the third round. I will miss Russ. He always made me feel like we had a chance in a close game.

  66. Rory

    Rob, Love your site – incredible info and insight not found elsewhere. Just heard your interview on 710. You Rocked it!!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  67. Sea Mode

    I’m thinking Indy might go for Jimmy G?

    BTW Cousins doesn’t look too bad in this chart, all things considered.

  68. SeattleLifer

    I’d be happy with Cousins if getting him on an extension was’nt too crazy expensive per year. I think he’s made small but steady improvements to his game of late and I’d be comfortable with him as our de facto starter going forward. Getting a haul for Russ to rebuild while picking up a good viable starter would feel pretty good when all is said and done. I’m just not so sure Minnesota is going to part ways with Cousins in the first place.

    I could’ve seen us picking up Jacoby Brissett to be a competitive bridge until next years draft but now that Indy sent Wentz off I’m not so sure that’ll be an option.

    Not sure why after moving on from the drama/distractions of Russ Pete and John would entertain getting Watson but we do have a history of picking up questionable characters either through the draft or free agency so I guess it wouldn’t surprise me.

  69. Blitzy the Clown

    PFN Mock

    Trade #9 –> PIT for #20, #52, #84 and #138
    Trade #20 and #227 –> LVR for #22 and #86

    #22 Devonte Wyatt DT

    Trade #40 –> DAL for #56 and #128

    #41 Abram Lucas OT
    #52 Channing Tindall LB
    #56 Desmond Ridder QB
    #72 Cameron Jurgens
    #84 Josh Paschal ED/DE
    #90 Leo Chenal LB
    #115 Jalyn Armour-Davis CB
    #128 Wan’Dale Robinson WR
    #138 Dameon Pierce RB
    #169 Nick Cross S

    PFN Trades are pretty accurate, so I think the pick haul is reasonable. Whether or not Wyatt lasts to 22, or Lucas to 41, Ridder to 56, etc., is another matter. But I don’t think it’s unreasonable.

    Point is, this team can add a quality OT, C and WR on offense (and maybe even RB if Pierce falls to early Day 3), and a top tier DT/ED, plus excellent LBs (I’d pick two LBs in this draft, they’re that good as a group – Quay Walker lasted to #88 or 89, which made my choice of Chenal much easier.)

    Things are getting exciting!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      FWIW, Carolina Panthers drafted Matt Corral at #6 in my mock.

      And don’t say it can’t happen.

  70. MychestisBeastmode

    My thoughts on various topics

    -Competing instantly for NFC west if we land Watson>Cousins (legal stuff sorted and no further suspension by league, yada yada. JS/PC will do their homework)
    -Or we are rebuilding with Lock/Eason/Geno or Tyrod, Trubisky, Minshew or any other B tier or lower QB. Which mean drafting a good QB is important.
    -drafting a QB – if they like Corral or other then go get em. However, I’m for a stopgap year this year and going hard at the top QBs next year with our newly acquired draft stock.
    -Hit in the draft (obvious). D Line first, your choice, they’re all good. Get a LB, OT. Get a QB if JS likes one. Everything else BPA.
    -Now that we are flush with cash, T. Armstead at LT sounds damn reasonable. 30 years old.
    -extend DK, even if at $25-28, and don’t look back. We don’t need to save our money. We need to spend it on talent and talent is DK.
    -sign the absolute best Center money can buy
    -sign the absolute best Safety, Diggs or other, money can buy.
    -sign Gilmore at CB and let Tre Brown compete for opposite side.
    -Sign one or two of Chandler Jones > Von Miller > J. Clowney > E. Ogbah = R. Gregory = H. Landry….
    ….or if available D. Hunter or Frank Clark
    -if we cut Carson, sign Fournette or Connor
    -re-sign Penny. Outbid anyone who comes sniffing around for his services. Hopefully no more than $6aav.
    -sign Akiem Hicks or C. Campbell to pair with Shelby

    I did the math. It all adds up 😉 Turns out a team can afford anything and everything when there’s $150 million available.

  71. Mac

    You’ll hardly ever find a bigger Gardner Minshew fan than me. I would travel a lot during Minshew mania, he is really good at energizing everyone.

    …. But he has very limited tools, he throws too high on screens and short passes and the arm strength is adequate but not when you need your QB to bail you out with hero ball. I don’t think we’d get an improvement on 3rd downs, screens etc.

  72. John Roberts

    Kudos to Russ and Bobby but man this is exciting. Rob – although I know you would prefer other decisionmakers at the top for Seattle right now, are you happy/impressed that they at least seem to be adopting no half-measures? Cutting Bobby seems very encouraging. I didn’t think they’d do that.

  73. Sea Mode

    Gonna be hard to top this level of talent probably ever for the Seahawks.

    Russell Wilson Top 10 Plays with Seahawks

    • Big Mike


      #1 was bigger, but the degree of difficulty on #3 was insane. I will never forget that pass and catch by Tyler.

  74. cha

    Jason at OTC posted an article on the Seahawks’ cap situation in light of the two massive moves yesterday. There’s some information that may have us looking a little differently at trades for Lockett and Adams.

    TL,DR version: The option bonus on both players has locked, but apparently not been paid yet. If the Seahawks trade either of them in the next 10 days or so, the cap hit to the Seahawks is dramatically decreased because the team acquiring them picks that bonus money up. (but that also means the return in trade would be decreased).

    First Lockett:

    Lockett has $16 million due to him this year which is currently going to split as $3 million in salary and $13 million as an option bonus. Lockett’s option has to be exercised between the 1st and 5th day of the league year. If traded before that the option becomes the responsibility of a new team and the dead money to trade him will be just $15.2 million.

    Lockett has a $13m option bonus that locked in when he was on the roster February 18, which he obviously was. The Seahawks have the option to avoid paying/hitting their cap until March 21, 2022 at the latest.

    If the Seahawks traded Lockett before picking up this option, it would be a dead cap hit of $15.2m, and it would lower their 2022 cap available by only $5.15m

    Now Adams. Jason is murky on this one, he may not have all the exact details:

    Jamal Adams- Adams contract has a similar structure to Lockett. The cost to trade before the option is $16 million while after the option would be $28.44 million. An acquiring team would take on $25.4 million over the next two seasons if they traded for Adams.

    So, the $12.44m option bonus has locked since Adams was on the roster 5 days after the Super Bowl, but has yet to be paid. Kicker: Jason doesn’t say when it has to be paid. But he alludes to the fact that the Seahawks could trade him and the acquiring team picks up the $12.44m option and/or works it into a contract.

    If the Seahawks traded Adams before picking up this option (we don’t know exactly when but I think we can assume by March 21 also), it would be a dead cap hit of $16m, and it would lower their 2022 cap available by only $6.89m

    ((aside: Jason speaks as though the Lockett and Adams options are the same but treats them different on their player pages and the Seahawks main page. That’s a bit frustrating. Maybe he will update them shortly.))

    So here’s the rub: The Seahawks could in fact trade Adams this year. It would add $6.89m to their cap. So it would take them down from $50m available to $43.11 available.

    So in Rob’s Kirk Cousins for Jamal Adams swap, the reduction on the current $50m cap number would be $6.89m+whatever the Seahawks cap number for Cousins. If it’s $25m that would be $31.89m in cap to make the deal.

    It’s still not great. But it is FAR more palatable than the projected $28.44m dead/$19.33m extra cap hit currently showing on OTC for trading Adams.

    • Ashish

      Thanks Cha for technical information of the contract. As much as I like to see Adams back for Cousin does not make sense. But there are 2 positive
      1) No Adams
      2) Get a vet QB – atleast he will be more productive than Adams

      • BobbyK

        Hemorrhoids is probably more productive than Adams, too.

    • BobbyK

      Good info. Thanks.

      I think they’re keeping Adams though (unfortunately). Going to the 3-4 look probably has something to do with Adams. Are they willing to go all Percy Harvin and give up a fortune and get nothing back or do they genuinely believe some of the 3-4 stuff will get the best out of him like when he was an All Pro with the Jets? I won’t hate herpes if he can/will be good – but he’s been pretty worthless relative to what was given to get him. That shoulder scares me.

    • Sea Mode

      Good info. Thanks.

      I mean, if someone shows up with an offer we can’t refuse for Lockett, including a pick that can become Jahan Dotson on a rookie deal, it might be worth at least considering. I still don’t think we should trade him nor do I think they will. He’s been and continues to be everything and more we could want in a Seahawk and a WR.

      Jamal Adams, on the other hand… If anyone shows up with ANYTHING reasonable that could salvage some value from that horrible deal, they should be all over it. Plug in Marquise Blair, re-sign Diggs and draft a developmental successor in Kerby Joseph.

      • Big Mike

        “Jamal Adams, on the other hand… If anyone shows up with ANYTHING reasonable that could salvage some value from that horrible deal, they should be all over it.”

        (as Rob is fond of saying) Any chance we could get a bag of footballs for Adams?
        My guess is no one will want him due to the business decisions (other teams have film) and the likelihood of injuries taking him out of games every year. I mean would you guys trade for him if you were a GM (salary aside)?

  75. MattyB

    Good luck RW 3 and thanks for the memories
    Feels good to move from all the BS of the last year, and all the arguments about wages/agents/and influences. The deal makes sense and even, maybe shrewd business.
    Bring on free agency and then the draft

    • BobbyK

      Yes. Nice to have everyone pulling in the same direction. Get young and hungry.

      No to any stupid free agent mega bucks contracts to guys on the wrong side of 30 (unless OL who’s had a good health track record). No signing older guys like Diggs to third contracts.

      Get a bunch of kids who aren’t too mature to buy in and then bust chops.

  76. vbullen65

    The Seahawks lost Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Bobby Wagner and did not receive a single draft pick in compensation. Unbelievable.

    • Ashish

      so true, hard to see Kam, Earl and Cliff not to be part of hawks team. I guess now I graduated as there will be no Russ and Bobby. Life’s full circle – 1o years of NFL.

      • Paul

        55+ years for me. If I’ve learned anything, it’s to appreciate greatness while your team has it and to accept that it won’t last.

        • TomLPDX

          Yep. Enjoy the moment because you never know when it will come back around.

    • BobbyK

      We actually got a 3rd round (comp) pick for Earl Thomas. The Seahawks used that pick to trade up in the 2nd round to draft Darrell Taylor.

      They got (comp) picks for Byron Maxwell, Michael Bennett, Golden Tate, etc.

      • BobbyK

        So whenever you see Darrell Taylor pressure a QB next year – Earl Thomas somewhat lives on in Seattle. Middle finger and all:)

    • Paul

      Sherman had become downright insubordinate. If there was fault in Seattle’s approach, it was giving him too many chances until they had little choice but to release him. Re Thomas, SEA made the defensible decision that another year from him had more value than whatever they were being offered.

      As for Bobby, he deserves getting a leg up in free agency. Anyway, what could they have gotten for an $18M linebacker contract? Bobby may be still productive, but he’s no longer a game changer.

  77. Pugs1

    Call me crazy but I really want to see what Drew Lock brings to the table. I’m not saying he’s the answer but I’m intrigued by a guy who has all the tools and by all accounts has been mismanaged by the Broncos coaching staff. Can Waldron fix Lock? Who knows but I’m ready to see if he can capitalize on this opportunity.

  78. Sea Mode

    Now that’s more like it from our PR team:

    (yes, I know Russ deal isn’t official yet, so they can’t put his out yet)

    • Sea Mode

      Bobby Wagner

      Thank you Seattle for everything. It will forever be my home.

  79. Olyhawksfan

    Sorry this is a little behind but I had an unoriginal thought about Russ, Pete, and ownership. I think when ownership decided to keep Pete it closed the door for Russ. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to extend him and he said “you know what guys, I love ya but it’s time to part ways”. I will say I think all parties did a good job staying above the belt and parting on good terms. They all kept quite and worked it out without a lot BS. We can respectfully say goodbye to Russ, and say ok PCJS, you got one more shot.

    • pdway

      I had another thought sort of along these lines – we all know how exhausted Pete looked last year, and many have noted that he seems to have regained something in terms of his old upbeat/energetic/positive self in the past couple weeks.

      Wondering if the whole Russell saga really took its toll on Carroll too. And btw, I’m not saying Russ was wrong – but have to think the whole will-he-or-won’t-he stay, the passive aggressive news leaks, etc. – not to mention the second guessing of the offense- was probably something Pete had not experienced before in his coaching career, and probably wore him out. I’m maybe reading too much in, but could see how Pete would feel a real weight off his shoulders in a certain sense w this trade.

    • Matthew

      If an extension offer from the Hawks got rebuffed we for sure would have heard about. The PR cover for this big of a trade would be too good to not leak that. I’m still shocked at the decisiveness. Like Rob has stated, there’s no way there paying $50mm a year for Wilson.

    • Cysco

      I think you’ll see the reason Russ was traded in a year’s time. I’m not sure Russ puts Denver over the top into guaranteed playoffs. If they make the playoffs it’s as a wild card. But I think there’s a good chance they don’t make the playoffs.

      Denver will be faced with what the Seahawks saw coming. A 34 QB who isn’t elite anymore that will demand a salary that equates to a significant portion of their salary cap. Denver is in a position where it’s a chance worth taking. Seattle is not in the same position.

      • Peter

        Or. We’ll see the exact opposite and what happens when an offensive coach, coaches Wilson with a team that is much more stacked than ours.

  80. BobbyK

    I actually hope they don’t make the #9 pick.

    There’s so many good players in this draft that I don’t want one singular pick for #9.

    If they don’t resign Penny, I hope they draft two RBs in the first 4 rounds. I’d love a Kenneth Walker in the 2nd and a Brian Robinson in the 4th. I’d absolutely love that scenario.

    Even if they turned #9 into Walker (by picking up other picks), that’d still give them instant impact and they’d still have ammo to improve the whole team even though they used two picks on RBs.

    • pdway

      with the QB situation most likely unsettled or unproven – got to figure Carroll is going to want to get back to a stronger running game – and that means better personnel there. Even if they re-sign Penny, would surprise me if they didn’t take a RB somewhere in rd 2-4.

      • BobbyK

        Absolutely another RB needs to be added if Penny is resigned. All Penny has proven in 4 years is that he has elite talent and is one of the more injury prone players in the NFL not named Chris Carson.

  81. Paul

    On the one hand, as of today the QB situation is the worst it has been since the Mirer/McGwire Era. And while JSPC may have a plan, getting a QB good enough to go deep into the playoffs with takes a fair amount of blind luck. No one can plan on that.

    On the other hand, it was Schneider who persuaded Pete Carroll to draft RW in the first place, and it was Schneider who tried trading him to Cleveland so that they could draft Josh Allen. (It’s worth recalling that not every GM had Allen so highly rated. Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield went ahead of Allen, and the Giants decided that they were better off with Saquon Barkley instead of preparing to replace their 37-year old QB.)

    • BobbyK

      Schneider has definitely liked Allen and Mahomes. That gives me a little hope here in the draft. But he’s also the guy who wanted Charlie Whitehurst and wanted to use a 2nd round pick on Brian Brohm (they picked him and he was terrible in GB). QB is such a hard position to evaluate because so much is between the ears.

    • Peter

      I’m fairly agnostic about a qb this year. My big hope is load up the teeam and be ready when the time comes. None of the free agents are worth anything. If corral, willis, or ridder is selected and they work great. But i don’t think any of them are worth pick number nine. And in a slightly better qb draft that would bear itself out.

      Let’s just fix all the other areas which is almost every positional group outside of WR.

      • pdway

        I kind of agree w that – load up – let Lock and maybe someone else they bring in compete for the starting job – and secure the QB of the future next year. Just have to suck it up and accept a down season, but at least we can feel we’re moving toward something in a smart way.

  82. JimQ

    Matt Waldman & Mark Schofield do an excellent 56+ minute film breakdown of QB Matt Corral’s game films and pro potential. Spoiler: They pretty much say his traits are transferrable (and/or coachable) to the NFL game and rank Corral & Pickett as their top QB’s this year. — They really like Corral’s feet and his + pocket presence & his ball placement as well as his eye manipulation of defenses and his use of great pump fakes.
    —-> Well worth a watch for a team that now has a BIG need for a capable starting QB.

    The Rookie Scouting Portfolio (RSP)Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast/RSP Film Room No. 227: QB Matt Corral (Ole Miss) with Mark Schofield (

  83. Shane

    Just read an article proposing a DK trade to Philly. Not sure I would want to but adding a first (or two) or a second with the first sounds pretty appealing. Thoughts???

    • BobbyK

      I don’t believe DK is a guy you can trust with big money. If he’s made the highest paid player on the team, I don’t think you want his attitude as the guy everyone looks up to either. I’d be more than happy to start this rebuild with an unfair number of draft picks over the next two years. If they don’t get at least two first rounders for him though, no thanks. He is a dominant presence, afterall. They can always keep him this year and franchise/trade him next year. He’s too good for teams to not want.

    • Ashish

      DK for 1st and 2nd this year i would take it. DK is great player but has attitude issue, drops imp catches and can be future diva like OBJ and Adams. I would like more Tyler lockett like players.

      • TomLPDX

        C’mon Ashish. DK Doesn’t have a big attitude problem, he’s just young and immature but is growing as an adult. I worry about his drop issues but he is working on it. I haven’t given up on DK just yet and if we can start to fill some holes with quality (instead of quantity) this year and get our hands on a competent QB next year then run with it. I see a 2 year rebuild to get us back into the playoffs and making a run at the SB. We’ll get there. We just need to kill it this year in the draft and FA and the next year we will be in a really good place.

        John and Pete have made the correct moves so far this year. Let’s see if they can get their draft mojo back as well.

        • GoHawks5151

          Agreed. He is immature for sure but I’m sure the team and Pete love his competitive spirit. He blocks his ass off in the run game, he takes tough hits over the middle, his routes have improved, the Buddha play. The Niner home game in 2020 sticks out to me. If he finds consistency there’s no one else like him. You can’t let that go easily. We got cap now, so what’s the issue really

      • bmseattle

        I don’t think DK has an attitude issue, either.
        The worst you can say is that he had a problem with Russ… or would get frustrated that Russ wouldn’t look his way enough or throw him the ball enough.

        Whatever was going on between those two guys, we’ve seen nothing else to indicate DK is a bad teammate or that any player has a problem with him.

        And, well… Russ is gone now, so…

  84. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I can’t wait to see what happens with free agency this year. I am guessing Brian Allen the center from the Rams that is my number one prediction of

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