Where will the Seahawks pick if…

Today is the final day of the regular season with Seattle preparing to face Arizona. So what draft pick will the Seahawks get depending on the different scenarios that could play out?

Seattle can pick as high as 10th, but no lower than 19th. Defeat against Arizona and the Seahawks will pick no lower than 13th. They will jump a spot higher if the following happens:

– Philadelphia defeats Washington at home

– Kansas City beats Denver, plus two of Tampa Bay (@ Atlanta), Minnesota (vs Chicago), Pittsburgh (@Cleveland) and Indianapolis (@Jacksonville) are victorious. In the event only one of those teams win, a coin toss would determine who picks first between Seattle and Kansas City.

– Buffalo wins at New England, plus two of Tampa Bay (@ Atlanta), Minnesota (vs Chicago), Cincinnati (vs Baltimore) and Tennessee (@ Houston) are victorious. In the event only one of those teams win, a coin toss would determine who picks first between Seattle and Buffalo.

If all three scenarios play out and Arizona defeats Seattle, the Seahawks will own the #10 overall pick.

So what about if Seattle wins? The Seahawks could pick no higher than 14th overall and no lower than 19th. If Seattle wins today, they will move a spot closer to #14 with each of the following results:

– Chicago wins at Minnesota

– San Diego wins at Oakland

– Tennessee wins at Houston

– The New York Jets win at Miami

– Dallas wins at the New York Giants

– Oakland wins against the Chargers, but at least one of the following teams win: Tampa Bay (@ Atlanta), Minnesota (vs Chicago), Pittsburgh (@Cleveland) or Tennessee (@ Houston). In the event that Oakland loses and all four of those teams are also defeated, a coin toss would determine who picks first between Seattle and Buffalo.

The ideal scenario is a Seahawks to win today while still getting the #14 overall pick, so it’s time to become part-time fans of the Bears, Chargers, Titans, Jets and Cowboys for 24 hours.


  1. Jmpasq

    Thats a huge differance between 10-19 .At 10 u may be able to trade up for a QB at 19 u cant

  2. David

    Griffin to Declare for draft?


    if so i hope we can get him, i really am haha.

  3. Don

    What possible beneifit is there for seattle to win? There is none. Does a win give Seattle momentum that carries over to next season’s games? no. The Players will have long forgotten today’s game. The players will go through the off season workouts just the same whether they win or lose. Will the win make Seattle better next year? No. In fact, it makes them worse with a worse draft spot. As a Seahawk fan, we should be rooting for a loss. The players will be playing to win, with the marginal players trying to impress the coaches that they deserve to stay on the team.

  4. TJ

    This from Chris Mortensen of ESPN… “The Indianapolis Colts have spent significant time evaluating Griffin on tape and in person and have been impressed enough to make the Baylor star their future quarterback without regret of losing out on Luck, should they beat the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday and end up with the No. 2 pick.”

  5. Colin

    There is no reason to root for a loss. Drafting at 19 rather 10 isn’t going to magically stop the team from being a contender next year. I just think people get so wound up with the thought of Griffin being our QB that they believe he is going to be a huge impact guy in year 1 and I have a hard time seeing that (Cam Newton comparisons are irrelevent).

    Do I want him? Yes. Do I expect 12 wins with him in year 1 if he comes to Seattle? No.

  6. Seahawk Steve

    OK , I just watched The GB/Detriot game and saw Matt Flynn make 6 touchdowns and win the game. Now we know what he is capible of. Forget all the worry of drating a QBOTF and sign Flynn. The price is irrelivant.

  7. Scott

    I could be wrong, but I would think that if the Hawks wanted Flynn, they would have gone after him this past off season. Schneider was with GB when he was drafted, so he knows him well. I would be very surprised to see the Hawks go after him.

  8. Colin

    Two games does not make Flynn a superstar. Do not make that mistake. Arizona did and now they are stuck with an above average but not elite QB in Kevin Kolb.

  9. Rob

    We also need a bit of context here – that was a classic shoot-out in Green Bay and both defenses struggled. Flynn made some nice plays, but knee-jerk decisions based on one game would be unwise. Schneider worked in Green Bay when they drafted Flynn, but they spent a 7th rounder on him having drafted Brian Brohm in round two. It was a flyer pick that has worked out so far, but they’re unlikely to get any lasting benefit out of it with Flynn set to depart. The one thing we know for sure, if Flynn is good enough to warrant consideration, Seattle will be right in the mix because of Schneider. If they aren’t, we should trust that decision – also because of Schneider.

  10. dave

    @ Seahawk Steve- totally agree he looked really good and he threw wayyy more than he would ever in seattle because of marshawn ( assume hes re-signed) and he makes throws in tight spaces. hopefully we get him

  11. Ed

    Trade back, get a pass rusher and acquire another 1st next year. Get Barkley

  12. Rob

    That’s easier said than done, Ed.

  13. Jim J

    Trading back from a mid round position will probably not happen, and what do you really expect to gain from this? No one will give up the farm for our pick. Top three positions have a chance of trading, but below that, forget about it.

    I am of the opinion that Pete Caroll values an experience backup QB for another team more highly than a mid round rookie. So he may go after Flynn as a free agent. And maybe pick a late round QB to make it a competition. After all – he already has a rookie in Portus.

    I would like to see some picks to upgrade the defensive line. We have been lucky enough to avoid injury this year, but just can’t generate a pass rush. We also need another offensive linemen or two as backups.

  14. Brian

    Ed, it’s not so easy to trade down for a pass rusher since everyone in the league wants them. Aldon Smith type guys usually go in the top 10.

    It will be a bit hard to stomach drafting OL, DE or LB again this year, but it really seems like that’s where we’re headed.

  15. snoman

    First things first sign Lynch and give portus a shot

  16. Tom


    Do you know where the Hawks would’ve drafted had we beat Zona yesterday?

    I do know that Zona now selects at #13 having the easiest SOS of the 8-8 teams. The only difference between what would’ve been our SOS with a win and Zona’s is the 2 variable games.

    Their op’s went 9 and 23 while ours went 18 and 14.

    Do you know where that 9 game SOS swing would’ve sent us? 14?

    The Bears won a meaningless game and went from 13 to 19. You don’t root for your team to lose, but I wasn’t upset we lost a meaningless game in OT to guarantee #11 or #12 and a legitimate shot at moving up the board for a QB.

    Why do you think RG3 will be available all the way to Miami’s slot? I don’t think there’s a snowballs chance in H&ll that he slides past #5. This isn’t some game managing QB like Mark Sanchez that we’re talking about.

    This is the next great NFL QB, RG3! 😉

  17. Rob

    We would’ve picked 16th overall with a win.

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