Seahawks showing interest in Austin Corbett?

Tony Pauline is the best in the business when it comes to insider info on the draft. He also has a proven track record connecting offensive linemen to the Seahawks (see: Terry Poole).

He’s in Mobile for the Senior Bowl and filed this report at the end of day one:

The Seattle Seahawks, a team that needs offensive lineman, were very complimentary of Austin Corbett throughout today’s first practice. They mentioned his durability (Corbett played more than 600 snaps in college), versatility (he played three positions today) and ability to obliterate defenders.

Corbett isn’t a player we’ve focused on yet but he’ll be someone to check out. Mike Mayock made a loose comparison to Joel Bitonio during the NFL Network coverage.

He had some decent snaps in the 1v1 drills. Pauline had these notes from practise:

One of the better blockers on the South. Lined up at center, guard and right tackle. Shows some stifness in his game but displayed strength, staying square and controlling opponents in one-on-one situations. I like him better in a smaller area, but he definitely has next-level stuff.

So who is Austin Corbett? Here’s what you need to know courtesy of Chris Murray at the Reno Gazette-Journal:

Over the last couple of years, the Wolf Pack’s Austin Corbett has developed into one of the best offensive tackles in the nation while academically working toward becoming a surgeon.

With a bachelor’s degree in his pocket and a potential position in the NFL draft coming soon, Corbett certainly could have been tempted to rest on his achievements. But, there was one big reason that could never be the case. As well as he was doing, his girlfriend was besting him at every step.

Corbett started dating Madison Morell, a Wolf Pack volleyball star at the time, during his freshman season. When Corbett posted GPAs in the 3s, Morell was carding 4.0s. When Corbett earned second-team All-MW honors, Morell was recording back-to-back first-team awards. When Corbett was named a two-time team captain, Morell was traveling to Slovenia to compete with the MW’s global all-star team.

“She pretty much always had a 4.0,” Corbett said at the MW Media Summit. “I was always above a 3.0, but I wanted to beat her. I finally pulled my first true 4.0s the last couple of semesters, and it was because of her and making sure my life was set up to provide for her. And her being all-conference, she said, ‘How come you’re not all-conference yet?’ I was, like, ‘I’m sorry. I’ll do better, I guess.’”

And some more info from the same writer, pre-Senior Bowl:

Corbett started 49 of 50 games at Nevada, missing only one game during his freshman year because of an ankle injury. Those starts all came at left tackle, but the 6-foot-4, 305-pound Corbett is likely to move inside at the pro level. Most sites have him listed as one of the draft’s top offensive guards, but the Senior Bowl roster lists him at center. Corbett figures he’ll see time at each position this week.

“Right now, I’m listed at center,” said Corbett, who worked on his center snaps after practice with Nevada offensive line coach Mason Miller throughout the season. “I’m sure I’ll play all five positions and I’m sure that’s how it will go for the majority of the offensive line. Most scouts want to see what you can do where, so I’m sure there will be a good rotation. I’m not entirely sure where I’ll start off on day one.”

Smart, tough, durable, versatile and driven. It’s not a surprise the Seahawks are showing at least some interest. They’re probably not alone.

I could only find one game tape on Youtube. It’s against Notre Dame from 2016. I haven’t studied this yet but if you want to take a look, here you go:

If you missed our Senior Bowl day one notes, click here.

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  1. TTownHawk

    What is it with the Seahawks and versatility? If he can play one OL position at a high level, sign me up.

    In all seriousness, the bits of film that I watched from the ND game, he looked solid, especially in the run game. There were a number of times where he locked on and drove the defender, even saw a pancake or two. Mike Mayock is one of the best draft analysts at a national level IMO, and Joel Bitonio is a pretty lofty comp. He was one of my favorite OL coming out of the 2014 draft.

    • cha

      Versatility is the difference between carrying 9 and 11 OL on your roster. 2 extra roster spots are extremely valuable.

      • GerryG

        and 6 vs 7 or 8 on gameday active list

        • j

          Six is too few in my opinion. If you have more than one injury you are screwed.

          • GerryG

            Yeah my vs and or are in the wrong spot.

            6 or 7 vs 8 was what I meant

      • BobbyK

        When you have guys like Pocic who can essentially play everywhere, it’s not as necessary for every OL on your roster to be versatile. I never faulted Steve Hutchinson for “being just a guard” and a LG at that, you know?

        I’d agree with you if we didn’t have a guy like Pocic, but with him being able to play almost everywhere on the OL… Seriously, who cares? Give me a guy who is a stud at one position instead of this “jack of all trades and master of none” nonsense.

        Anyone mad Duane Brown is “just a left tackle?”

        • BobbyK

          Imagine having an OL of Chris Gray (LG, C, RG), Pork Chop Womack (LT, LG, RG, RT), Ethan Pocic (LG, C, RG, RT), Paul McQuistan (LT, LG, RG, RT), and Sean Locklear (RT, LT).

          We’d be “loaded” with versatile OL who weren’t good anywhere! “Awesome!”

          Give me a Duane Brown any day of the week…

  2. C-Dog

    Rob, is it safe to say Corbett projects as a day two pick?

    • Rob Staton

      Not studied him yet so not sure

  3. FuzzyLOgic

    Rob, thanks for making me actually watch O-line film, lol. If you had already watched it and gave an article about it I probably would have just passed over watching the tape. Anyway I think he is tough SOB. He plays to whistle every time and seems to be athletic enough to get to the second level.

    • peter

      I like him quite a bit. sort of sloppy and reckless but held himself well against an upper tier of players comparatively. I don’t see him as a tackle in any way going forward.

  4. Trevor

    Rob what are your thoughts on this years WR class. Seems like we have not talked about it much here on the blog.

    If PRich and Graham both leave via free agency you would have to think the Hawks target a big red zone target either via free agency or in the draft. Any favourites?

    I personally think Arden Tate has the potential to be a red zone TD machine and is really under rated because of awful QB play at FSU.

    • Logan Lynch

      Obviously not Rob, but I was thinking about this as well. If I remember correctly, the blog (myself included) were big fans of Cody Latimer in 2014. He did very little in Denver, but how much of that can be attributed to playing 3rd fiddle to D Thomas and Sanders? Also, their QBs haven’t been good the past few seasons. He could probably be had on a cheap, prove it deal. Still only 25 years old.

      • peter

        Latimer and of course there are a ton of interesting names from back a few drafts ago entering free agency ad one way to address the WR issue.

        • drewdawg11

          Never bet on a player who hasn’t proven anything in 3 years and expect him to suddenly “pop”. You’re going to pay him more than a mid-round rookie, who still has the upside and lack of a negative track record. Waiting for potential to become performance is a tough thing, especially if you’re paying him on his second deal. No thanks.

          • cha

            It’s not an either/or proposition for the Hawks. They have a pretty strong track record of cutting loose vets who they sign but can’t hack it.

            If some other team wants to bet big on a Latimer type, be my guest. The Hawks would likely bring him in on a min deal and not guarantee a roster spot and let him fight it out with mid-round rookie.

            • peter

              I was thinking min deal as well.

          • peter

            I mostly agree but feel the same way about college athletes. I mentioned Da’shawn hand yesterday. a lot of talk about how “good he looks.” but who cares. dudes built but there are many players with significantly more production against top flight talent.

          • Logan Lynch

            I would see it similarly to the Dion Jordan deal. Very low risk, high reward for the team. As was mentioned by others, if he can get decent money from someone else more power to him. Going back, SEA did meet with Latimer privately in the draft process, so they were probably interested at some point. Turn over every stone.

      • cha

        Latimer might be intriguing at the right price.

        The Hawks have a track record of finding bargain or scrap-heap WRs, Pryor, BMW, Kearse, Baldwin, etc. I’d like to see them get back to that. Cyril Grayson might be name to watch in 2018. They also like David Moore enough to cut Dwight Freeney loose.

    • Sea Mode

      Well, we have talked about it a bit. Most recently about some of the big WRs the other day, including Tate. You were in on the conversation above then I posted a late reply down lower:

      If you mean less than other years, that’s probably because out other needs are greater. Plus, we just spent a R3 and R5 pick last year and would like to give them some playing time before we spend more draft capital.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s weak in the early rounds and better on day three. But you’ll still be getting developmental guys.

    • Magmatizer

      On Auden Tate, I think he has an impressive catch radius, and consistently stretches out for balls. He takes a while to get up to speed and doesn’t seem to create much separation, and so probably comes in as a jump ball specialist. I definitely agree with your assessment of him as a red zone weapon, and he poses a cheap alternative to JG’s current role. Would not mind the Hawks taking him on Day 3.

  5. Jakob

    Read a tidbit today about the Jets potentially being aggressive in the draft. They’ve got 4 picks in the first two days of the draft, including 2 second-rounders. If they offered Seattle #37 and #72 in exchange for #18, would you do it?

    Curious what people would think about that kind of deal. Here is the tidbit:

    • j

      37 and 49 for me.

      • C-Dog


        • Greg Haugsven

          I agree with j…37 and 49 done deal.

  6. Aaron

    Looks like Corbett is a fourth or fifth rounder to me. Definetly needs to move to guard or center in the NFL. There are some things to like about him but I think he’s a guy you practically redshirt for a year like Roos and have them compete in year two. Gotta think we can do better than that. There’s so many more guards/centers in the draft and FA that I’d take over him. We need difference makers on the o line and we need guys ready to start day 1.

    • peter

      that’s why I’m hesitant to get to excited ad off yet by him. I really get scheme versatility but honestly though this doesn’t solve everything I kind of want a Hernandez, Ragnow, Braden Smith. I know seattle is probably thinking other positions first and oline talent later. but for the love of the football gods can we just get a road grading guard?!

      should have included wynn as well.

      • Trevor

        Hernandez or Wynn would be sweet>

  7. LeoSharp

    What are everyone’s opinion on moving on from Justin Britt and moving Ethan Pocic to center? So far he’s been above average at his position. That in itself is a deviation from what the Seahawks typically do business. Typically they don’t pay middle tier players at any positions and can get out of his deal with very little long-term cap implications.

    • Aaron

      Hawk Blogger podcast was talking about that very same scenario last night. Apparently there’s a way for the Hawks to get out of Britt’s contract and save a couple mil if they were to cut him within five days after the Super Bowl. Would be an interesting thing to do seeing as he’s been an above average center but I could see it if Solari wants to basically start from square one at all positions except LT.

    • C-Dog

      He was a pro bowl alternate a year ago. IMO, I think the Solari hire might be more about getting more out of the players on the roster and not looking to replace. I could slightly see a scenario where maybe they think Pocic has more upside at center and Britt would be an ideal guard for Solari, but I think that’s unlikely.

      I like Brian at Hawkblogger, but I think he has a tendency to get a bit too knee jerk on his opinions and speculation. The team is pressed against the cap, and change is in the wind. When a team with playoff aspirations falls short, you can speculate about any player. Trade Russ to Cleveland for the first overall pick, trade Earl to Dallas for the 19th pick, cut Sherman, cut Bennett, cut Britt, cut Ifedi, etc.

      • peter

        jerky response of the day. what did Pocic show last year to indicate he was going to be stronger at the point of attack at center than at guard?

        I think the team really drafted Pocic for his versatility. I think the pick was high but the reasoning was sound. it’s a really good thing to have in a player.

        I like hawk blogger but this seems more like a thought experiment.

    • Patrick Toler

      For me that’s insane. We are so desperate for improved OL play, it’s hard for me to see moving your second best lineman to be replaced by a rookie who might be good if he develops. And then what about guard?

  8. Volume12

    There’s actually fans on twitter who complained that Seattle showed interest in an O-lineman that possesses versatility! Imagine that. LOL.

    • peter

      to be fair that seems to be an epithet at this point. I get the scheme versatility but when it feels like that’s their only positive (not saying it is just how seattle often frames their guys) it gets hard to get stoked. though I think fans think every one should have a line like Dallas in ’16 as well so there’s that.

      • Volume12

        What should the positive be? Top 10 pick sitting at the end of round 1?

        • AlaskaHawk

          Backups who play well enough that they can step in when a starter gets injured. How many backups did Seahawks start and then remove last year? Three or four?

          • Volume12

            And that’s where versatility comes into play.

            • peter

              v12, I’m saying that a,lot of fans would like to see a player picked who is a great guard. per example. that the team says something like “so and so is gonna kick butt for us in the run game.”

              the way pc does for other positions.

              instead they tout the scheme versatility and when something doesn’t click it feels like “well if we keep moving him around and it works, then we’ve been validated with scheme versatility.”

              listen I’m not saying that any of this is true. I’m just presenting how myself at times and many fans as well hear this phrase.

              • BobbyK

                There’s a balance: read my response to versatility above in the top post. You need versatility, but you need specialized studs, too.

  9. Trevor

    Interior OL is a really strong position group at Senior Bowl and in draft this year>

  10. Trevor

    Nathan Sheppard is really raw but wow he looks good!

    • Rob Staton

      He’s also apparently injured now — gone for an X-Ray on a hand injury

  11. Rob

    Under the radar OL are awesome as long as Cable is gone.

  12. Kevin

    Rob, What are your thoughts on Will Dissly from UW? He could be the Blocking TE the hawks have missed the last few seasons

    • Rob Staton

      I’m aware of him — haven’t sat down and really studied his game though so will reserve judgement for now.

  13. C-Dog

    Looks like some team leaves are starting to reveal a bit. With the team interest in Hand, and Corbett, I think we can make some deduction that interior pass rush, and guard play is something that the team will be focused on.

    It seems that in these early stages both players are considered to be day two picks, which, of course, Seattle doesn’t have. Both spots look like they are high enough of a priority that Seattle would consider using at least Day Two picks on, on top of the consensus biggest need of RB. Something to keep in mind about trade back scenarios, or trading players.

    Scouting the roster, could mean that the team isn’t giving up on Ifedi at RT, and the coaching change is to get more out of him there. With the Hand interest, could likely mean a number of things; Sheldon not coming back, Malik’s health is still a major question, the team moving on from Bennett, Jordan’s health a concern, QJeff being a JAG.

    Is it now safe to say priorities are, as follows?

    1. RB
    2. OG
    3. DL

    It’s a bit interesting that these are the three areas this draft class seems to be the deepest.

    Maybe use free agency to address WR, LB, TE, Edge?

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