Thoughts on day one of the Senior Bowl

If you missed the measurements (and some thoughts on Daniel Jeremiah’s top-50 list) be sure to click here.

The best part of the Senior Bowl is the O-line vs D-line drills. It’s the one thing the NFL Network sticks with and you genuinely get a good look at how these players compete 1v1.

I was able to go back and watch these drills on repeat — but I haven’t had access to any other parts of the day apart from some of the receiver drills where I thought Oklahoma State’s James Washington set about confirming a top-40 grade.

It’s also worth noting that a bad performance here doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be drafted by the Seahawks. Justin Senior was a late Senior Bowl call up a year ago and looked quite out of his depth on day one. He showed relative progress as the week went on and that’s probably why the Seahawks ended up spending a sixth round pick on him. Even so, his first showing in Mobile wasn’t good.

Here are my day one notes:

— The big winner, without doubt, was UTEP’s Will Hernandez. He started working against Ohio State’s Jalyn Holmes. On the first snap he just walled him off, showed excellent footwork to guard against a counter and rode him out of the play. His second snap was just pure dominance. Hernandez showed great initial footwork and balance to mirror and then dumped the DL on his backside. You could see how frustrated Holmes was after. He couldn’t beat him. The coaches put Hernandez up against Miami’s Chad Thomas at the end of the drill. Thomas had been arguably the most productive performer on the North D-line to that point. This was best vs best from day one. Hernandez won again — emphatically. He got into Thomas’ pads and just overpowered him, sending him to the turf as he tried to counter. I’ve had Hernandez in my top-50 from the start and this was a fantastic start for him.

— Isaiah Wynn worked at left and right guard but didn’t get any tackle snaps which was a shame. He’s going to play guard at the next level but it still would’ve been good to see him have a little time at tackle. He had a great snap against Alabama’s Da’Shawn Hand — great footwork, set, an initial jolt to engage and he finished the block by shoving Hand to the floor. Technique, footwork and finish. Wynn is really good.

— After Will Hernandez, you could make a case for Alabama center Bradley Bozeman having the second best performance. He consistently won with leverage which is impressive considering he’s pushing 6-5 and 317lbs. He gets his hands inside, locks on and gets a good knee bend. He had a nice win against Texas’ Poona Ford who really should’ve won the leverage battle considering he’s under 6-0. Bozeman controlled the block and finished. On his next snap he won again with great hand placement against Greg Gilmore of LSU. We’ve talked about it for years — but hand technique is so underrated when judging these players in the trenches.

— Brian O’Neill at Pittsburgh was listed as the #16 pick in Mel Kiper’s mock draft but his technique needs a lot of work. He’s clearly athletic (he is a former tight end) but he reaches with his arms and it’s easy to counter. On his first snap here he engaged well against Garret Dooley from Wisconsin, kept his frame clean and won. Yet on the next play Dooley knew what he was going to do. He simply clubbed his hands away, knocked him right off balance and all O’Neill could do was grab Dooley and hold. It was an ugly snap. You never see Isaiah Wynn reach and overextend. O’Neill might have the physical upside but he’ll need work based on this evidence.

— They didn’t show enough of UTSA’s Marcus Davenport to judge but I saw one snap where he bull rushed Auburn’s Austin Golson and walked him back into the quarterback. He’s quick enough working the edge to be satisfied with his game in that regard. When you see him rushing inside like this with leverage and power — that’s why he might go in the top-15.

— Ole Miss’ Marquis Haynes is going to provide a steal for someone. He has good size, he’s a playmaker and he’s versatile. Here he had a great rush against Alex Cappa of Humboldt State — swiping at his arms and brushing him off. He dipped inside for the win and it all looked so easy. Cappa had no answer — it was like he was stuck in the mud (bad footwork). Haynes had a lot of production at Ole Miss. He’s one to watch during this process.

— One of the bigger 1v1 disappointments was Ogbonnia Okoronkwo from Oklahoma. I’m not sure if he was trying too hard or what. On his first snap he did a great job getting into Tyrell Crosby’s frame, jolting him right off balance for the win. He bullied him. Yet on the next snap he went way too wide to try and win with speed and Crosby just used his length to ride him out of the play and onto the ground. They put Okoronkwo against a different blocker on his third snap — he tried a spin move, fell over and ended up on his backside. He lacked control.

— NC State’s B.J. Hill looked big, quick and physical. He refused to be blocked when getting upfield against Washington State guard Cole Madison (who had a good performance overall). Mason Cole managed to stone Hill on another snap though, slowing him down. That was a good battle inside.

— Harrison Phillips probably had the rep of the day. He looked more like Justin Timberlake pulling off an incredible sidestep to fool Scott Quessenberry of UCLA, darting from left to right and exploding into the backfield. He looked quick, athletic and sharp. Quessenberry recovered on the next snap though — stoning him inside on a bull rush. The third contest between the pair was pretty much a draw. Phillips engaged and tried to work upfield but Quessenberry stayed with him.

— Two unheralded names to watch for the rest of the week are Kemoko Turay from Rutgers (long, lean, really quick with a nice spin move) and Nathan Shepherd from Fort Hays State (aggressive, tough, intense). Turay’s had injury problems and Shepherd is a small schooler but both made decent starts today.

Here are some other thoughts from the day courtesy of Tony Pauline and Draft Analyst:

Tony has an excellent prospect-by-prospect recap at Draft Analyst. These words on Notre Dame tight end Durham Smythe will be interesting for Seahawks fans: “Smythe had a terrific day and was the best tight end on the North. Was dominant in blocking drills and as a blocker in scrimmage. Manhandled Jalyn Holmes a number of times. Also caught the ball very well.” If the Seahawks draft a tight end this year, you better believe they’ll be good at blocking.

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  1. C-Dog

    Turay had a really strong game against the Huskies at the start of the season. He gave Browning fits. Forgot about him. Could be someone to keep in mind for rush SAM.

    • Rob Staton

      Possible SAM/LEO project as an UDFA

  2. Trevor

    Hernandez looks like the ideal big nasty LG the Hawks could use to fix the run game and help turn the OL back into the bullies PC/JS want. I thought his footwork and balance were impressive for a man his size.

    If the Hawks trade back then Hernandez definitely should be an option.

    • DC

      Wynn or Hernandez would make me happy.

      • drewdawg11

        Very happy. I’ve been singing the praises of Hernandez for a while, along with some others here. We don’t NEED a guard, but if one can dramatically improve your offensive line and run game, you need to consider it. Trade down, draft one of those guys, find a way to trade back up in round two to get your running back. If not, stick at 18 and take a great defensive front 7 guy and find a way to get creative for your running back.

  3. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I was perusing the 7645 articles about the 2018 Senior bowl… and I ran into a mention of a guy who is a Junior, but declared for the draft… Leighton Vander Esch LB Boise. From what I have been reading, he has nice size 6’4″ 240… and has abundant speed to play WILL or SAM or really any LB spot. I think the article mentioned he had over 175 tackles in 3 years.. and started as a freshman.

    Have any of you studied him….

    From what I have read, he might be a nice 3rd or 4th round pick for Seattle, if he makes it that far into the draft. Oh yeah he is also the 2017 MOUNTAIN WEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s a pure MIKE personally. Inside linebacker type. Like him though, I’ve been mocking him in R1.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think Rob had a couple articles on him a few months back.


    I know you’ve talked about the dearth of TE’s in the first two rounds, but how is the depth on Day two? It’s a shame we have such a need at such an inopportune time…

  5. Kenny Sloth

    I really like BJ Hill and Poona Ford and Marquis Haynes and Harrison Phillips.

    I liked Mason Cole last year, but haven’t studied his mew tape. I remember he’s played a few positions.

    I think Tyrell Crosby could be really good if he wants to be.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Doesnt James Washington have some red flags? Otherwise his tape and measurables are 🌋

    • John_s

      He played LT this year which he admitted is not his best position.

      “I asked Mason Cole if he could play tackle at the next level. He chuckled. “I could if a team was a desperate, but I don’t think that’s where my future is.””

    • peter

      I really hope Poona ford grows more comfortablexas the week plays out. think he’s a great kid and love the drive to do everything in his power to show what he’s about.

  6. Aaron

    You’ve been spot on Rob, there’s good depth at interior o line. This is tailor made for the Hawks seeing as I think they need a guard and a tackle by the time FA and the draft are over. What about arm length though? Hernandez and Wynn look great but aren’t they both sub 34″, won’t that be a problem in the NFL?

    • Kenny Sloth

      32+ is decent for the interior.

    • Patrick Toler

      I think Fans and Ifedi competing across from Brown is a pretty decent situation. Not sure I agree we need a tackle. Unless Solari wants to move Ifedi inside. We do need a Guard, and I’d love to see us take advantage of this depth. Of course, they might prefer a veteran, at least as a hedge in case the draft doesn’t play out that way, and Solari has worked with some of the FAs.

      • Patrick Toler


    • Rob Staton

      Hernandez has sub-33 inch arms so that could be an issue. It’s less of a problem working inside though. Wynn has similar arm length to Justin Britt.

  7. John_s

    Positive review for Mason Cole by Tony Pauline as well

    Mason Cole/C/Michigan: Cole played multiple positions on the Wolverines offensive line, finishing his Michigan career at left tackle. Here at the Senior Bowl he’s been moved to his natural position at center, and Cole looked terrific on Day 1. He played tough, fundamentally sound football and looked really strong all day. Cole easily handled everyone he faced and looked good blocking in motion.

  8. Awsi Dooger

    On the Dolphins site where I post — Finheaven — several of the top draft guys have had Hernandez their top guard for months.

    This was my first look at him. Kind of unfair. It looks like one of those youth leagues where the kid is technically the correct age but he’s so huge they have to ban him for the safety of the other players.

    • peter

      with spotty oline prospects this year I can easily see him rising into the first round. Hernandez now has way more mention than bolles or bitonio before him did at this same time. consistently good week plus a good combine = late first rounder.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        …and a huge need in the NFL for quality OL prospects.

        His stock is rising!

  9. peter


    thoughts on Alabama’s Da’shawn Hand? Pauline had a small line item saying seattle showed an interest in him. Stats,are hard,to gauge with that dline being so deep but I live his size.

    • Volume12

      Of course they do.

      I ain’t Rob, but I’m gonna say it again. Another D-lineman in this class with a ton of upside. Was the #1 recruit in the nation at one point. Looks like he weighs about 255 lbs. Chiseled. Got limited opportunities this
      year, but consistently gets into the backfield. Quick off the ball. Can play any position on the D-line IMO. Lions said they like him as a 3-tech and ‘big’ DE. Didn’t have the year many were projecting for 2017 (sound familiar) with some injury issues.

      What a personality!

      • Sea Mode

        I’m thinking Seattle might very well be looking for an inside/outside replacement for Bennett. Makes too much sense.

        D. Hand is one possiblilty. Kentavius Street could be another a bit later on.

        • C-Dog

          Didn’t Street recently have some freakish workout where he ran 4.6 40 and power cleaned a Volkswagen bus?

          • Sea Mode

            Absolutely. /sings Hello, Seattle…

            This spring Street, at 6’2”, 283 pounds, was timed in the 40 at 4.58 and 4.62. And Burnette says those 40 times are electronic times—not hand-timed. Street vertical jumped 40 inches, broad jumped 9’11”, cleaned 400 and bench pressed 475 pounds. 

            The coach describes a play from the Pack’s bowl game against Vanderbilt in which Street tossed a 6’6”, 315-pound starting offensive tackle in the air with one arm. That’s the kind of rare explosive power that’s been honed from all those heavy cleans in the weight room.

            • C-Dog

              Yeah. That’s a guy maybe worth taking a look at.

        • Volume12

          That and a hedge for McDowell/Jordan. They like the tweeners when it comes to the D-line.

    • Volume12

      Also liked Nevada OL Austin Corbett. Played RT and LT there, was a RT for almost all the snaps today. Former walk-on. Said teams want to see him snap this week and can play all 3 interior O-line positions. Need a guy that has versatility like this.

      Both day 2 guys.

      • Sea Mode

        And look what Pauline had to say:

        The Seattle Seahawks, a team that needs offensive lineman, were very complimentary of Austin Corbett throughout today’s first practice. They mentioned his durability (Corbett played more than 600 snaps in college), versatility (he played three positions today) and ability to obliterate defenders.

        • Volume12

          There’s one clip of his I found. Against ND. His hands look strong and he does play through the whistle.

    • C-Dog

      If they are showing interest in Hand, that could be a signal that they’re still feeling uncertain about the situation with Malik McDowell.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to get over how underwhelming his college career was. All the tools but hasn’t ever elevated his play. Day one of the senior bowl kind of showed more of the same.

  10. millhouse-serbia


    here we talk a lot about O liners. Price, Wynn, Hernandez ect. Do you think that JS is ready to use one more pick for OL. We have already spent 2016 1st and 3rd, 2017 2nd, 2018 3rd and 2019 2nd round pick on OL.
    If we want to be young, cheap and bully on defense again, we need to draft D this and next year with our early picks. We cant expect to become younger on D if we draft O with our first and only pick for first 2 days. (even with trade back there are sugestions for OL +RB with first 2 picks).

    • Volume12

      Just my 2 cents, but it’s probably gonna be some version of HB, DL, OL with the 1st three picks.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s entirely possible they don’t add an O-liner until later in the draft this year. That said, there’s nice talent/depth in the interior at about the R2-3 range and it might be wise to consider taking another one there.

    • Mark Souza

      I don’t agree with the statement that we need to spend early picks on the D. The Hawks D in its heyday had only two high picks starting – Earl, and Bobby Wagner. Everyone else was a day three pick or UDFA.

      Young hungry and fast yes. High draft choice, not so much.

  11. Volume12

    So if Arizona St HB Kallen Ballage was the standout RB today, why didn’t he play more there?

    Is he this years bigger version of Alvin Kamara?

    • Sea Mode

      Such a tough nut to crack. Can see PC totally loving him though. I could easily see them grabbing Ballage or Jaylen Samuels hoping one of them can be what C.J. Prosise is supposed to be for the Hawks.

      • Volume12


        Still think Royce Freeman would fit too. His vision is outstanding. Best trait of his by far.

        • Sea Mode

          I’ve been mulling this over as well with Freeman. Maybe the lower the shoulder aspect should really be secondary in evaluation. I mean, wouldn’t you rather have a guy who will evade would be tacklers anyway?

          If nothing else, I think he deserves our consideration because he might be one of the only 2nd tier backs left at our 2nd pick (supposing we trade down in R1 and gain an early R3).

          Also just throwing this out there. He’s not even close to the athlete Freeman is IMO, but I did read that Bo Scarbrough has very good grades running on zone plays. Could be a factor?

          • Volume12

            Possibly. I think Freeman is plenty physical. One concern is his production came from blocked yardage, but Oregon runs an up tempo ZBS and there’s plenty examples of Freeman creating yards for himself with his jump cuts and vision.

            That was big strength of Prosise. His vision. He can see the holes opening or see just a slight crease.

          • Volume12

            And yeah. He’d be good value. I’m not saying he’s THEE guy, just someone who could be in play.

            IDK why. Just got a funny feeling that their RB pick will surprise us.

        • C-Dog


      • Volume12

        Rotoworld’s Josh Norris said he heard one team has a round 1 grade on Samuels.

        • Sea Mode

          Woooow. That might be going a bit far… But hey, stick to your guns I guess as a scout and pound the table if he’s your guy?

          I could easily see him fitting in with the other RBs in late R2 early R3.

          • Volume12

            Yeah, I don’t see him as a 1st either, but there’s always a few surprises. The end of round 1 is gonna be a hot mess this year. Panic.

          • Volume12

            And never listen to the ‘team scouts meet with every prospect at the SR bowl crowd.’ Not true. Sure they might INTERVIEW them, but a dinner or formal meeting is much different and teams don’t have the time to do that. So they’re reseerved for the ones they really like.

            • Volume12

              * don’t have the time to do that for every prospect.

              Know, whether they walk away from those settings still liking the kid is plausible and also something we’ll never be privy too.

      • HENRY

        People are fixated on finding the next “Gem” . If running the ball is the back bone of this team then we need some guraunteed horsepower. Im not buying this collection of runningbacks during training camp and determining the starter come september. We need an Alpha dog. The fournettes, Gurley, Zekes day one types of backs. The chances of landing a Hunt or David Johnson in the later rounds seems very shaky to me. I know its a deep draft for RBs but seahawks cant afford shopping later for their prime mover.

        • Sea Mode

          Fournette, Gurley, and Zeke all went top 10.

          We do not have a top 10 pick.

          That’s the range that guaranteed horsepower, alpha dogs go.

          /Goes back to digging for “gems”

    • Forty20

      Seattle were pretty interested in Derrick Henry back in 2016, brought him in for a VMAC visit and also a private work out. Obviously, Henry isn’t a perfectly analogous comparison to Ballage but it shows that Schneider and Carroll would likely be willing to break with their 5’10”/220 RB archetype for the right player/athlete.

      I recall that Carroll said on 710 at maybe the end of 2016 that his ‘perfect’ running back was someone that ran like Thomas Rawls (pre-injuries obviously) but at 6’3”/235.

      Ballage is a pretty rare athlete and has the benefit of minimal wear on the body. Definitely one to watch.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yeah I don’t always care what a players coaches used to do. If he has traits and is coachable and fits your scheme I say take him.

        We drafted Zac Brooks yeah? I’m pretty sure Watson ran more than him (oh wow Watson got hurt no way oh wow hindsight twunny twunny huh)

        I’ll have to watch more Ballage because in a deep RB class he may be the most unique.

        • peter

          I think brooks was just a brain fart. But I’d agree with the rest of this thought.

    • peter

      interesting comp to Kamara. Oddly similar production. Especially in 2016. Just watched a bunch of 2016 Ballage.

      First. I was surprised how fast he was able to get up to speed. Loved that he’s as willing to lay down the shoulder as he is to go outside. Since the team ran a lot of Wildcat…which they called “Sparky,”….was good to see him not dance around but just follow his blocks.

      It’s odd how little use he got down there. sitting at 125-ish rushing attempts.

  12. HENRY

    It seems like every year we use high draft picks on OL and get the same results. Sick of it to be honest. Grab a legitimate RB or a day one defensive player.

    • Mark Souza

      Different voices in the room this time, so possibly different results. It won’t Cable telling JS what he wants, it’ll be Solari.

  13. Sea Mode

    Nice to get confirmation on Durham Smythe.

    My other guy is not out there on the field of course, but is present for interviews. Check out this blocking!

    • Volume12

      Your boy Tyler Conklin is getting some nice buzz going for him too. Doesn’t look like a + athlete, but some team is going to get a helluva football player. He looks like an a** kicker.

      • Sea Mode

        The best part is that the Hawks should have a legit shot at all 3 of these guys in R4-R5. Not like previous years where you love some prospects (Engram) and know you likely wont even sniff them.

        • Sea Mode

          Herndon maybe even later because he’s coming off that MCL, but I wouldn’t risk it too much. Potential is too high and somebody’s gonna snag him.

  14. Old but Slow

    Seems to be a lot of “soft” talk about specifically Freeman and Ballage at running back. Like, maybe, Shaun Alexander? Much maligned in his late career, he also had a 2000 yard season, which is not bad. Not really my cup of tea, but worth thinking about.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think Freeman is soft. I just think he isn’t physical, he’s finesse. And for a back with his size you’d like to see more.

      For the Seahawks — if they want to get back to a bad ass running game, not sure Freeman is the man for that.

      • HENRY

        Rob with soo many intriguing RB prospects who do you think is going to be the Kareem Hunt of this year’s draft?

        • Rob Staton

          I think Hunt is a bit overrated. Kansas City plug these runners in all the time and find production. Personally I’m not looking for a Hunt type — I want more.

  15. Ukhawk

    Austin Corbett, anyone?

  16. Sea Mode

    Well, it’s that time of year again! Seahawks mock draft 1.0.

    I’m going a bit crazy with the early trades. Who knows exactly how it will happen, but everybody knows that our situation this year calls for it in some way or another.

    From SEA: R1P18 (900 pts) + R5P132 (40pts)
    From PIT: R1P28 (660 pts) + R2P60 (300 pts)

    Does anyone really doubt that the Hawks are going to trade down? They do it every year anyway, how are they not going to do so in a year when they don’t have any R2 or R3 picks? PIT decides to look long term and jump ahead of BUF, NO, MIN for a QB in mid R1.

    From SEA: R1P28 (660 pts)
    From CLE: R2P35 (550 pts) + R4P97 (112 pts)

    CLE sees a player they like in late R1 and has the ammo to go get him. SEA acquires the first pick of R4, a valuable trade piece as well as the first pick overall of day 3.

    R2P35- DT Tim Settle, Virginia Tech

    They said last year they’ve been looking for inside pressure for a LONG time. They used their first pick last year and their R2 pick this year already desperately trying to find it. The quest will not stop there.
    Enter Tim Settle. Besides being an incredible inside rusher, he’s also 330lbs., which fits their ideal for an anchor at the point of attack to keep the LBs clean.

    Most importantly, this pick means that they don’t have to re-sign Sheldon and they can use that money to bring in an Edge rusher instead, a position that’s not strong in this draft and that they’ve had a history of success bringing in through FA.

    R2P60- RB Royce Freeman, Oregon

    We all know fixing the run game is a priority, so I won’t even go over that again.

    Some have knocked Freeman for a perceived lack of physicality, but they forget he’s 5’11”, 230 with likely the top SPARQ score in the RB class since Damien Harris dropped out. Camera catches PC wiping drool from his chin from the box seats at the combine. Oh, and Freeman’s also got that one trait so crucial to ZBS in particular and running in general: vision.

    R4P97- WR Antonio Callaway, Florida

    Here is the “Roll-the-dice JS”, “Big balls Pete” pick of this mock. A WR suspended all last year for supposed involvement in a credit card fraud case and possession of marijuana, but with R1 talent. It’s high risk, high reward and some fans will be shaking their heads at mentioning his name even in a mock, but they trust Baldwin and Lockett’s strong leadership to help harness this guy’s competitive drive and keep him on track. Brings top flight punt return value as well.

    Could have gone with a favorite of mine, Marcell Ateman of OK St., but they probably want to get Darboh and Moore a chance to get on the field and their profiles are similar as possession receivers who could develop into more down the line.

    Antonio Callaway Florida Highlights [HD]

    R4P116- DE Kentavius Street, NC State

    6022, 285, 33 ½ arm, 79 5/8 wing, 10 ¼ hand

    A freak athlete, inside/outside rusher project for the DL. He’s going to take some time to develop, but boy does he have the tools:

    This spring Street, at 6’2”, 283 pounds, was timed in the 40 at 4.58 and 4.62. And Burnette says those 40 times are electronic times—not hand-timed. Street vertical jumped 40 inches, broad jumped 9’11”, cleaned 400 and bench pressed 475 pounds.

    The coach describes a play from the Pack’s bowl game against Vanderbilt in which Street tossed a 6’6”, 315-pound starting offensive tackle in the air with one arm. That’s the kind of rare explosive power that’s been honed from all those heavy cleans in the weight room.

    R5P137- TE Chris Herndon V, Miami

    6040, 252 (listed), 32.125 arm (likely around 33…), 79 wing, 9.375 hand

    Durham Smythe of Notre Dame rises and gets nabbed a lot earlier after his outstanding Senior Bowl performance cements him as the best blocking TE of the draft. Either way, Herndon might end up a better complement to Vannett than Smythe would have.

    A high-upside prospect with very good blocking and plus athleticism in the passing game. A team leader. He would be going higher if he weren’t coming off a Nov. 24 MCL injury causing him to miss showing off at the Senior Bowl and likely limited in his combine/pro day testing.

    Receiving highlights:
    Christopher Herndon Complete 2017 Season Compilation | Miami TE

    Blocking chops:

    R5P160- SS Kyle Queiro, Northwestern

    A day 3 SS with Kam’s size, KJ’s arm length (ok, probably not, but you get the point… 😉) and Malik Hooker’s ball skills! Leader in the locker room and smart on the field to recognize and cut off routes. They might even be able to try him at corner as well.

    Kyle Queiro NU Highlights

    R7P200- LB Andre Smith, North Carlolina

    Some quality depth to develop behind Bobby at MLB in case he misses time again. We do NOT want a repeat of the 2nd Rams game from this year.

    His stock took a huge hit because he missed almost this entire senior season with a knee injury. Was already a team leader as a Junior. Smith flies to the ball, closes fast and hits like a truck. Don’t believe me…

    Andre Smith || “Unknown to Unforgettable” || North Carolina Highlights

    R7P209- OL Austin Corbett, Nevada

    6041, 310, 33.375 arm (probably around 34), 78.5 wing, 10.625 hand.

    They stick with competition between Odhiambo, whom they see as a top-40 talent, Roos, and maybe Ifedi for the guard spot opposite Pocic, who hopefully beefs up this offseason. Add this guy to the mix.
    His good measurables give Seattle a nice project to work with and he is versatile. Pauline reported Seattle’s interest at the Senior Bowl:

    The Seattle Seahawks, a team that needs offensive lineman, were very complimentary of Austin Corbett throughout today’s first practice. They mentioned his durability (Corbett played more than 600 snaps in college), versatility (he played three positions today) and ability to obliterate defenders.

    Surely there will be other OL names too, but someone like this you could see them liking late in the draft.

    R7P222- CB Josh Kalu, Nebraska

    6001, 198, 32.75 arm, 78 wing, 10 1/8 hand

    Another long DB to develop and compete at corner. Got really good reviews in all the right aspects for a Seahawk corner at the Shrine Game practices.

    I feel like I’m the only one talking about Kalu. He moved around at Nebraska and was even asked to play safety. He is a press corner and showed why. For one, he has 32 ¾-inch arms. Second, Kalu consistently jammed his opposition this week and even prevented some receivers to get beyond the 5-yard mark before intercepting the pass. That rarely happens in one on ones.

    Kalu was defending deep passes, getting physical with receivers at the line of scrimmage and was even getting in on some tackles in run support. He has a bit of an odd body frame and isn’t the most athletic cornerback out there, but he’s confident in what he does and likes to chirp a little bit at the offense, too. Those are good traits to have.

    (Tell me that doesn’t sound awfully like Sherm…)

    Josh Kalu with an interception in back to back days. Sideline DBs tipped him off on a WR inside move, Kalu jammed, stopped momentum, and picked off slant.

    Nebraska’s Josh Kalu made a ridiculous play while lining up at LCB. Stuck with vertical route in phase, located the football, squared his shoulders, tipped it to himself and came down with the INT. He was fighting to press all day.

    Hard to find tape on him at CB because a lot of it is him at Safety the past couple years.

    Best interview I’ve seen so far this year (along with Shaquem, of course):

    HOL HD: Kalu ready to take charge

    UDFA- RB Malik Williams, Louisville

    Totally jumping on board with one of Volume 12’s guys here.
    2017 stats in a committee: 531 yds rushing, 7.93 YPC (!!!), 4 TDs/ 14 rec, 136 yds

    Malik Williams – Louisville Cardinals (RB #29)

    UDFA- CB Tracy Walker, Louisiana-Lafayette

    6010, 195, 33.625 arm, 81.125 wing, 8.75 hand

    Time to add a name to the Pete Carroll DB Factory looking for candidates to step in for Sherm and Maxi in a couple years. This guy has historic length and took over as a leader of the defense right away in Shrine Game practices. Played safety though and said he sees himself more as a safety, though he would be willing to line up wherever a team puts him.


    – Was tempted to try and use some of those trades to regain a R2 or early R3 pick for next year. Ended up choosing not to because I think we will get a decent comp pick for Sheldon/Jimmy, depending on the edge rusher we sign in FA in this scenario.

    – Was bummed to miss out on talents I love like Jaylen Samuels and Kalen Ballage, and one could substitute them in for Freeman if wanted. But there are only so many chairs in the RB meeting room and I think Carson, Davis, and Prosise are probably locks anyway. So no use drafting too many guys unless it is in R7/UDFA.

    – Also missed out on OLB or a speedy WILL backup. Gonna have to figure out how to work that in as well. (Shaquem…?) Can’t have it all, I guess!

    – May this the first of many more to come this draft season! Thanks to everyone here for the thoughts and comments that make it fun and even possible to come up with a mock like this.

    • peter

      Excellent breakdown. I’ve been trying to break myself away from RB as the first pick and I too keep coming back to Settle.

      I feel like his Venn diagram of draft slotting, skill, age, and Seattle’s need line up almost perfectly. I love Roquan Smith and I love his high sack rate for an ILB but I’m worried if that translates without Georgia’s great line keeping him clean and does he provide value at SAM?

      So it goes back to Settle for me.

      Freeman does have incredible vision. truly great. very interesting prospect to me. Kind of comes down simply to that old adage “styles make fights.” Does Seattle decide Carson can be the heavy hitter? And does Freeman provide enough to balance out Carson. Or is Seattle going to look for a sledgehammer like Johnson, Chubb, to just grind and grind out yards?

      Overall like your draft quite a bit.

      • peter

        I’ve been watching Freeman for months now just trying to figure out why he doesn’t receive the hype of others. I have guesses that are a bit philosophical about this…primarily he’s been very good for an above average team out in the PNW…I know there’s more to it than that but I truly feel that is part of the equation.

        But I’m now on this morning going out and saying the following. (hear ye, hear ye)

        As that Seattle gears up to revamp or restructure it’s offensive line, and as that we have no idea how that will look when it’s done, I believe that Royce Freeman will be an excellent pick in the third round for the Seattle Seahawks. He’s not a hammer but actually will run into more tackles straight on than I initially assumed. Also my favorite trait of his…

        He does these patient lateral moves to find the opening, but doesn’t “dance,” around like many backs due. And Freeman has incredible production throughout his career.

    • C-Dog

      Love it.

  17. Kenny Sloth

    If you have 5 minutes give us a read over at sbn’s USA soccer site

    I’ve started coaching soccer recently and have just been detailing my experiences. I’ve turned the last 100 days into a 3 parter.

    • Sea Mode

      Done and gladly rec’d! Really well written and interesting yet again, Kenny!

    • BradCanuck

      I love soccer and tactics. Will give it a read buddy.

  18. Cameron

    Rob, Draft Analyst reports that Seahawks were very complimentary of G/C Austin Corbett in particular, mentioning his “durability, versatility, and ability to obliterate defenders.” Would be great to see more on him if possible.

    Thanks again for all the great coverage!

    • Cameron

      Haha, looks like I jumped the gun by an hour or so. 🙂

  19. calgaryhawk

    I am interested in how Ito Smith does. He is small but seems to be putting on some weight. I just love his field vision. Not only is he hitting holes on tape, he makes people miss and sometimes it’s almost like he’s seeing or setting up second level would be tacklers. If he made it to the Seahawk camp, he just might help fix our poor draw plays. not a bad receiver out of the backfield either.

    • schuemansky

      Akrum Wadley, a similar type of RB, was interviewed by the Seahawks at the Senior Bowl.
      So maybe they have some interest in this kind of lighter elusive back this year.

    • schuemansky

      Watch his higlights ( So much fun!

      • peter

        I made a small post about this before looking at Schottenheimer and types of backs he’s gone after.

        Bluntly his type is broader than PC’s has been. His most successful back he under his tenure was Thomas Jones though he didn’t draft him and he has Seattle’s size ideals in spades.

        But. When Schottenheimer was with the Rams as their OC, take this for what it is because these backs weren’t very good, the Rams selected Isaiah Pead and Tre Mason. Using a 2nd round pick and then a third-round pick in the following season. Both of those backs were sub 210lb and generally considered small.

      • Mark Souza

        Thanks Shuemansky, I like what I saw. Extremely elusive. He reminded me of Curt Warner, a guy that even if you had him trapped in a phone booth, you might not be able to lay a hand on him. Good speed to take it all the way to the house when that chance comes. And a very good receiver out of the backfield. About the only things I didn’t see, so know nothing about, is his pass blocking, and ball security – does he fumble. Look forward to seeing more on him.

  20. LeoSharp

    Jamarcus King – 6ft 0.4inches, 182 pounds, CB South Carolina. After watching his JR season I think he has tremendous upside. His tackling form is phenomenal. His ability to get his head around when playing coverage downfield is better than any Seahawks corner other than Sherman. He has the height and length to be a Seattle CB as well. His weight might be an issue at 182lbs which is pretty light for a Seahawks CB typically they’re at least 190lbs. He was around 170 as a JR but put work in at the gym and played his senior year around 185lbs.

  21. Sea Mode

    Haha, yeah I’d say…

    • peter

      maybe it’s the hand but he’s extremely good at dropping his shoulder to turn the corner. not just in this clip.

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