Senior Bowl day three notes

Quickly if you’ve missed anything this week…

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They didn’t do any OL vs DL drills today so I paid most attention to the RB/TE vs LB/S drills. I’ve posted my notes below.

— Notre Dame tight Durham Smythe is one to watch. Absolutely 100%. Described by Lance Zierlein asa classic “Y” tight end who carries himself like an offensive lineman” — this is the type of TE you’d expect the Seahawks to target. They want to run the ball. They want players who can do the Zach Miller type work. Smythe, unlike Mike Gesicki, Troy Fumagalli and Mark Andrews, was actually tasked with blocking duties at Notre Dame. Today he showed off what he can do in the passing game. He was tremendous. On one snap vs Armani Watts he had a nice, subtle push off to create separation and make a catch. He absolutely bossed Kyzir White twice. On one occasion he faked an inside move then darted outside to the sideline to get open. Then he caught a badly underthrown fade vs White — competing for position and making the difficult catch. He also got the better of Trayvon Henderson in emphatic style. Henderson tried to jam him at the line, got into his pads and clung on for about 2.5 seconds. Smythe just blasted out of his grasp and completed the route before making the catch in the red zone. Hands, physicality, focus, smooth routes. If you’re looking for a day three tight end for the Seahawks this could be your man. He seems like a good character too:

— I did wonder if Smythe’s length might be an issue. He’s 6-5 and 253lbs so there’s no problem there. He only has 31 1/2 inch arms though. Length can be important but having checked, Luke Willson pre-draft was 6-5, 251lbs with 32 1/4 inch arms. It’s something to consider though. Nick Vannett for example was 6-6 and 257lbs at his combine with 34 1/4 inch arms. Hopefully Smythe measures a little longer in Indianapolis (not uncommon).

— The other tight ends were really hit and miss. Penn State’s Mike Gesicki had a couple of great routes. He destroyed Kyzir White with a double move near the end of the session. He’s a great athlete and when he gets a free release and a chance to win with speed and agility he’s tough to stop. Yet he’s not the most physical when engaged. White controlled him quite easily on one snap by getting into his pads. He’s a big target — long, tall and not overpowering. Fumagalli is quite similar. He had a wonderful route vs Marcus Allen, creating separation and completing a difficult one handed grab. Yet when he got stuck on a jam he couldn’t release. White again got into his pads, just like Gesicki, and stayed with him (might’ve been called a hold, mind).

— Smythe didn’t let a pass hit the deck. Fumagalli had one bad drop and so did Tyler Conklin. Both showed a frustrating lack of focus on those plays.

— Mike Mayock isn’t messing around this week. Charles Davis tried to compliment Gesicki and Fumagalli on their blocking, saying, “they block the same way, they position on just about everything.” Mayock then chimed in, “Oh, I thought you were going to say non existent.” In fairness to Mayock, he’s right. It’s a big problem within this class and within the position overall in college. It’s why O.J. Howard was so rare and so coveted a year ago in round one. He was a sensational athlete who’d actually been taught how to block.

— The safety class remains unimpressive in my eyes. Seattle’s biggest needs are O-line, defensive front seven and running back. That’s a good thing, because it’s not an exciting DB class.

— Arizona State’s Kallen Ballage was unblockable. Absolutely unblockable. Bigger, faster, quicker. No safety or linebacker could stick with him. It was noted by the broadcast team that he worked well in pass protection yesterday. He seems to be gaining some momentum this week. Ballage has so much potential but underwhelmed in college. It won’t be a surprise if he has a big workout at the combine.

— On the other hand Iowa’s Akrum Wadley was unimpressive here. He struggled to get open and separate. On one snap he allowed the safety to force him to the sideline, narrowing the window for the QB. On another snap he just fell over as soon as the whistle blew. He couldn’t separate when a linebacker got his hands on him. He just looked so limited. Daniel Jeremiah added he wasn’t good in pass protection either. He finally had a nice route and catch on a fade to the back corner of the end zone late on. This was a bit of a disappointment though considering he’s a smaller back and will be looked at as someone who needs to contribute in the passing game.

— USC’s Uchenna Nwosu showed well in coverage. He has a nice, physical jam and an ability to stick on the route and play the ball. He hasn’t looked particularly strong as a pass rusher but this was a positive. He’s a former safety and it shows.

— South Carolina State’s Darius Leonard had a terrific day in coverage. He especially performed well vs Rashaad Penny. He broke up a wheel route in the team scrimmage vs Penny, didn’t bite on a double move in the 1v1’s and had the quick reactions and speed to recover on any route. He’s big, fluid as a runner and gets around the field. He’s going to need time to develop and learn but he’ll be a decent project for someone.

— San Diego State running back Rashaad Penny had a bit of trouble catching the ball again. He hasn’t had good reviews this week in terms of his hands. He had a really bad drop in the 1v1’s vs Darius Leonard. If the Senior Bowl was a chance to separate and boost his stock within a loaded RB class — I’m not sure he capitalised on that opportunity.

— Indiana’s Ian Thomas looked a bit stiff and sluggish in the 1v1’s. Virginia’s Quin Blanding covered him with ease on one snap — and Thomas wasn’t as fluid as Gesicki (another athlete type TE). It’s hard to be overly excited about his stock or the TE class on the whole.

— Nevada O-liner Austin Corbett dominated in the team drill, lining up at guard and tackle. On one snap he drove a LSU lineman down the field five yards, then he worked a nice double team with Bradley Bozeman. He finished blocks, played with an edge and looked the real deal. The Seahawks reportedly like him.

— Marcus Davenport had a terrific sack in the team drills, working inside and exploding to the QB. That was a first round move. Terrific. He’s raw and he’s working stuff out. He will be a high pick though. There’s too much upside. He’ll likely go in the top-15. Here’s the play:

— With this being the final day of practises, I don’t feel like we’ve really learnt a lot of new information. There weren’t many first rounders in Mobile. We can clearly see some of the issues at DB, TE and DE. We already knew there was some nice depth and talent along the interior O-line. This is a draft class without a lot of star power. There will be pockets of value at various positions (RB, OL, defensive front seven) and the key to a good draft is going to be finding the hot spots and working that value. There will be good options at RB and OL in rounds 2-4. There will be some good defensive talent available on day three. This Senior Bowl didn’t uncover any new gems who are set to fly up the boards and some of the bigger names didn’t elevate their stock. This is encouraging though:

— On a general point away from the Senior Bowl, some words on USC’s Ronald Jones II. We’ve talked a lot about him due to Seattle’s need at running back. For me he’s a Jamaal Charles clone, one of the few legit first round talents in the draft and someone who warrants genuine consideration in the first frame. He’s tough for his size, finishes runs, he is sudden and glides at the second level, he’s a home run hitter and he flashes vicious cuts at the LOS to break big gains. Daniel Jeremiah listed him at #12 in his top-50 earlier this week. Now Lance Zierlein appears ready to offer a similar grade. Believe in this guys ability. For all the talk of moving down, it might be hard to pass on Jones II if he lasts to #18. He is that good. Doesn’t mean that’s what they’ll do — just don’t be surprised if he’s firmly in their sights. He’s a potential superstar.

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  1. Rowlandice


    Do you think that Jones is that special type player that the Hawks prefer when using a first round pick? We’ve traded away first rounders for the likes of Harvin and Graham before. It just seems like the needs in other areas may require them to trade down to get more draft capital EVEN if Jones is there at 18.

    • Rob Staton

      I can see them being really interested in taking him at #18 — and I can see them really wanting to trade down too. Very fluid. Wouldn’t be surprised with either scenario. He might not make it to #18.

      • peter

        Interesting to see how this plays out Rob. You’re usually pretty good at honing in on 1-3 real risers that get out of reach of Seattle so I’m truly fascinated by RJII. he seems to have some great tape form this last year and as you said on a podcast that if people knew what Jamal Charles was going to be would they have drafted him in the third?

        And you’re right they would not have waited to draft him.

        It is super hard to see Seattle standing pat at 18 without picks until the third day. I literally can only assume that if Seattle is standing pat then prior to or I guess on the day of the draft, someone has been traded for a third-round pick.

        I really believe that a great running back is going to help out Seattle tremendously but I also believe Seattle is getting very far away from a good core of players.

      • SoCal12

        So here’s a question for people. If Ronald Jones is available at #18 and another team is ready to snatch him if we don’t pick him, would you rather draft Ronald Jones right there, or trade down and get a combination of OL/DE/BPA and someone like a Kalen Ballage or Rashaad Penny?

        I’m leaning towards the second situation myself, since as much as I would love Ronald Jones I think we really need some more draft capital to reload this team.

        • Nick

          Trade down. In any other year, yes. But this RB class is stacked and we should hope that our scouting department can get a good RB in Rd 2 instead.

        • Sea Mode

          I’m glad JS is a master of knowing how long they can wait it out for prospects! I would lose my nerve and probably end up panic trading up just to land the guy I want…

          Anyway, on Jones II, I imagine it would depend on how special they see him as. If he’s a “don’t leave the draft without him” guy, then you thank your lucky stars he made it to your pick and pull the trigger. If he’s a “really nice to have, but if not there are other options later”, then you risk the trade down.

          In the end, they have always said afterwards when they have traded down that they had several guys on their board at that point, any of whom they would be happy to get. So it would have to be a situation like that.

        • C-Dog

          Depends on how the team views him. If they feel like he is a blue chip in a draft short of blues and reds, I’d say draft him there. If they have a number of backs graded similarly, trade back.

      • Rowlandice

        If they trade down even if he’s there at 18, he might not make it past the Lions at 20.

    • Dale

      This is an organization that just fired most of the coaches to reestablish the running team, bully mentality. They’ve experienced life without an bonafide upper tier running back for three years now and it hasn’t worked out well. I don’t know if it will be Jones but I expect them to do whatever it takes to acquire an elite talent.

      • AlaskaSouth

        I love Jones’ film and he could be Jamaal Charles, but part of me feels it’s just too scary to draft an RB at 18 with how often these guys get hurt (David Johnson, Dalvin Cook, Spencer Ware, Carson, Sproles, etc) and the fact that SEA is facing some significant roster transition with very little draft capital (at least on Day 1&2).

        Obviously grabbing a Kareem Hunt or Kamara in the 3rd is extremely difficult, but I’m just not 100% sold that SEA can afford to use #18 on Jones with their other needs and the high injury rate of the position when trading down and picking up a significant defensive contributor and a highly skilled RB in the first three rounds is a realistic scenario.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Trade down for me no matter who is available at 18.

  2. Thy Hawk is Howling

    I had a dream we traded with the Brown’s for #1 pick and took Barkley. I realize it’s practically impossible expect for trading Wilson which I would never do! I don’t remember what we traded in my dream.

    What if we gave them an equation for a circle π 3.14?

    3 first rounders for #1 plus a #4

    Just a thought because I’ve been watching “The Code” a British show on Netflix about the mathematic equations in the Natural World!

    Go Hawks

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      How many of you would have traded 3 firsts for Marshawn Lynch? I would have of course it’s easy to say that in Hindsight!

      If not I’m starting to think Ronnie Jones II at #18 is a grand Idea! No messing around no tempting fate!

    • Kenny Sloth

      You’re losin it pal.

      I always dream about seahawks making moves

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Why thank you!

        My thought was coming around Full Circle to a dominating run game hence the π Circle reference.

        I’ve explained that I get manic and it kind of hurts me that you out of everyone would say “I’m loosing it” since I consider you the most esentric poster on here besides yours truly.

        Ah well it’s okay, I’m just being myself.

        Go Kenny

        Go Hawks

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Wait, were you jesting “I’m Loosing it” because I dreamed about the draft!


        I’m flipping Crazy?

        For I’d rather be crazy then mundane and We’re all “loosing it” Seahawks crazy style!

        • drewdawg11

          Yeah, you’re definitely losing it if you think trading three first round picks is a good idea. As bad as it seems to not have a 2nd or third this year, it would be torture not to have a first round pick for a couple of years.

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            Just so everyone knows I never said I wanted to make that trade, it was just a concept.

    • Duck07

      I feel like this is a year we could see a player with a big cap number possibly get traded for picks, perhaps to a team with a big salary cap. Would a Chancellor or Sherman in a package of future picks do it? It would also allow us to potentially keep more of our other FA’s by opening up space.

    • Patrick Toler

      Love the idea of trading an equation for draft picks. Good organizations should be able to trade the secrets of competency to incompetent teams.

  3. AndrewP

    Consider me intrigued of the prospect of a couple developmental LBs on Day 3… Bobby and KJ are in their primes, but won’t be forever. Meanwhile, said players could learn from the best and contribute on STs while they do.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Hey Andrew what about Azeem Victor? I know he’s had a rough go lately I think a day 3 pick would be well worth the risk. He could be our Arden Kay(key?)in a risky draft way!

      • AndrewP

        Definitely.Marcus Peters showed falling out of favor with a coaching staff is not necessarily a death-knell. Leonard in RD4; Victor in RD 7, another small school prospect or two in UDFA… I wonder if LBs are this year’s DBs?

      • Trevor

        I think Victor on Day#3 would be well worth the risk.

        • Ralphy

          I completely agree on Victor. Go get him!

    • Patrick Toler

      Linebacker is definitely a need, maybe more so than even DL, where we have (arguably) an adequate starting four even without Bennett and Avril, and we have a long and consistent track record of finding players who significantly outperform their cost. One of these seasons the law of averages says KJ and/or Bobby will suffer a serious injury and we have no one to replace them and no track record of developing linebackers outside of those two. I had to do a double check when I saw that KJ is still just 28, but he’s right on that fringe for me of players who might not be good enough for a team in our situation (with several established stars, including a QB) to keep paying. We for sure need to keep trying to develop behind those two.

      • Patrick Toler

        haha, laughing at myself, by myself, commenting on this old thread…LOL

  4. Kenny Sloth

    Kalen Ballage and Akrum Wadley are the two to watch for Seattle.

    You have franchise back potential on one hand and tough physical underdog on the other.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ballage SCREAMS seahawks to me.

      Remember how untouchable he was for a few weeks last year

      • Trevor

        I agree Kenny I think Pete will look at Ballage and see nothing but upside. You think he might be an option with our 4th RD Pick?

        • Sea Mode

          For me he doesn’t get past R3 with this showing at Senior Bowl (esp. with regards to route running and blocking) and the way he is likely to light up the combine.

          Could change though if something revealing comes out about why he was never used to the max at ASU.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        I got to look up Ballage! I’ve already came up with a nickname, Kalen “Major” Ballage if he Rock’s the Rock!

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Is this the Cat, I mean Devil to run for 7 TD’s in a game this or last year?

          Massive Ballage!

          • Van Gogh

            Sorry folks – Ballage is soft. Watched him live for 4 years at Sun Devil Stadium.. Ran mad maybe two games in his whole career. Continually bounced runs outside. Richards was a much better back than him.

    • AndrewP

      Two RB draft… hopefully a good one, unlike that one a couple years ago?

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        I say as of now Ronad Jones, and Lavon Coleman!

    • GoHawks5151

      Love Ballage. But does taking Ballage signal the end for Procise? Not a reason to not take him of course.

      • Sea Mode

        Would definitely be trying to fill that same role for sure. Was thinking the same earlier.

        Hoping Prosise can pull a Paul Richardson and stay healthy from his 3rd season onward!

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          The Odds are Prosise shall be healthy next year! Man I sure hope so!

  5. Nick

    Rob is right. RJIII is incredible. If they really have to have him, gotta wonder if they try to skip down a few spots with a QB-needy team and see if they can get him in the mid 20s.

    • Trevor

      Trading back to pick up a 3rd round pick then drafting Jones would be sweet!

    • GoHawks5151

      That would ideal. Also for everyone’s benefit, Ronald Jones nickname is ROJO! Not RJ2 or RJII. Haha 😉

      • Greg Haugsven

        If we did draft him.hopefully we could go far enough back to get a late 2nd from someone.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’ve been thinking for a while this year’s draft will look a lot like last year’s (at least the first 2 rounds). And the more I think about it the more I see similarities between the prospect that was Malik McDowell and the prospect that is RJ2 — both are premier talents at their respective positions who for various reasons have flown under the radar. McDowell played out of position at MSU which reduced his on field effectiveness (and perhaps effort). Also MSU wasn’t in the spotlight much.

      RJ2 plays on the same team as Sam Darnold and in the same class as Saquon Barkley. The former gets most of the attention on RJ2’s team and the latter sucks all the oxygen out of RJ2’s RB class.

      The difference is that RJ2 hasn’t any of the character concerns that Malik did/does. SEA won’t be able to trade down twice (or out of R1) and still get RJ2. But they should be able to trade down into the 20s and still pick him up.

      The question then becomes – RJ2 + an Austin Corbett or Wynn + a Kalen Ballage (or a Chubb/Michel if they trade back up into R2).

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        If we could get Ronnie Jones, Dante Pettis, S Griffin (Griffen Bros Rock) Lavon Coleman, Azeem Victor, and Carlson the Kicker from Auburn somehow, someway that would be my ultimate draft as of now Eric!

        We would have to make a move to get Pettis anywhere from 60-100 realistically

      • VancouverHawk

        Ronald Jones is the best pure running back out of USC since Marcus Allen. He combines power,toughness, vision with HR speed. He is a stud.

  6. Trevor

    We have (3) 5th round picks I say we go all Senior Bowl.

    Pick #1 Durham Symthe (TE/ND)
    Pick #2 Shaq Griffen (LB/UCF)
    Pick #3 Daniel Carlson (K/Auburn)

    • Greg Haugsven

      I was just thinking those same three guys.

      • Sea Mode

        Sign me up!

      • Trevor

        Is it great minds think alike or fools seldom differ?

        • Sea Mode

          haha, a little bit of both maybe…?

          either way, FWIW, I think Carlson will be long gone actually. And that’s ok. Some random team always seems to grab the premium kicker too early.

          • drewdawg11

            I’ve been stumping for Carlson since basically last year. We need a talent like him so we aren’t stuck with some veteran reject once again. Draft him!

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      I’m onboard that 5th round Trevor!

      I know some of you don’t want to spend a 5th on a Kicker but I say Why Not?
      Have we not learned our lesson? We need a kid with some major Leg!

    • Patrick Toler

      I’m wondering if Smythe will be there given the general lake of TE talent in this draft.

      • JimQ

        Anyone remember the old “Smyth the smoother mover” radio ads? Could be a good nickname.

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          “The Shadow” knows JimQ!

        • Robert

          Don’t remember the ads, but I remember their hydro from mid-70s Seafair Trophy races.

    • East Side Stevie

      All due respect, Trevor, John Sneider will not spend a 5th rounder on a kicker.. he rolled with Blair Walsh all season last year. Didnt even bring in any competition for walsh. He isnt suddenly just goin to change his philosophy on that. If he didnt even bring in any competition for walsh last year, then he has no problem signing an undrafted rookie as a kicker.

      • peter

        a fifth may be high and in the real world you’re probably right. That said Seattle hasn’t made any kind of production out of their late round picks in years. So maybe they change that this year with a kicker or a punter.

        Also I do think Trevor is right, Carlson will probably go much higher than a fifth. Not that he should. But some team will make it make sense to him.

        And this I’m sort of bustin’ your, you know what’s but Schneider may have no problem with his philosophy but hopefully, someone does. That was some BRUTAL kicking last year. Brutal. And the guy they signed to a futures deal is literally career percentage wise as bad as Walsh….

      • Trevor

        Perhaps they wont draft a kicker in the 5th but how did Walsh workout? Cost them 2 games at leasr which is the difference between a playoff spot or not.

        • drewdawg11

          When you miss the playoffs for the first time in 6 years directly Becker of kicking… it matters. You should spend a low round pick on the best kicker in college. Period.

          • peter

            I agree. There’s the never draft ST players crowd. But for me, I’m all for drafting kickers (either place or punt) if it’s going to make the team better. Low-cost contract, minimal fuss, and when you get to UDFA signing there is no guarantee that players sign here.

  7. Greg Haugsven

    For sure a classic blocking TE is what we need. You should be able to get a guy like that on day 3.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Hey Greg isn’t Nick Vannet supposed to be a great inline Bocker? I remember he was considered one, if not the best blocking tight end two drafts ago? Maybe this upcoming year he really shines!

      • C-Dog

        That was what he was billed as, but I think he may have shown more as a catcher, or at least more than what they anticipated.

        Am I the only one to think that the likelihood is high that the team will maybe make a modest signing in FA and then use a mid rounder on the position and be perfectly happy rolling with Vannett as the starter in 2018? Maybe even give Swoopes an opportunity for playing time?

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Yeah Swoopes he could turn out to be a gem! Plus he’s our third string QB, occasional goal line QB

        • Sea Mode

          Strong possibility there. I think Luke’s hit his ceiling. One to replace Luke (Smythe) and one to replace Jimmy (Herndon)!

          Not sure about Swoopes, don’t remember hearing anything about him this past year basically.

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            Yeah true but they kept him and it was his first year transitioning from Quarterback to Tight end. Sometimes not saying anything says more then speaking volumes. I have a good feeling about him!

          • C-Dog

            Swoopes was activated late in the season. I thought he flashed in preseason.

            Seems to me that as the season went on the team favored Vannett over Willson for playing time. I think you could be right about Willson’s Ceiling

            • Thy Hawk is Howling

              You meant Swoopes ceiling I’m fairly confident.

              If we only had an edit button!

              Oh well Rob likes his program format, it’s all good!

              • Thy Hawk is Howling

                Nevermind C-Dog you were replying to SeaMode on Wilson I thought you were replying to m3

      • RealRhino2

        Still not banking on Vannett. Two reasons:

        1. He was really “Cable’s guy.” Doesn’t mean JS and Pete didn’t like him, but maybe his strongest supporter was the same guy who thought Rees Odhiambo and Germain Ifedi were good because they were the two strongest guys he put his hands on. In other words, a guy whose opinion has been more “miss” than “hit” vouches for him.

        2. I don’t want to say too much, but I have a source I trust with firsthand knowledge who questioned his dedication to football. Not on the John Moffitt-I-don’t-wanna-play-football level, more of the guy who wants to live the life and have fun rather than work hard at doing the job first. That was before this past year, though, so maybe he’s changed.

        • Rob Staton

          There’s no evidence he was Cable’s guy.

          In fact there’s no evidence PCJS let Cable pick any players. Just assumptions.

        • C-Dog

          Well, he has stated that his hero is Gronk. So, on a level, the living the life thing would make sense.

          I thought I read one of Davis Hsu’s insider mole related tweets a few weeks ago suggesting that Russ likes him a lot and the team might be fine just rolling with him as the starter in 2019. JG is outy, but the team might be willing to bring Willson back on a vet minimum deal.

          • Scotia Seahawk

            Here’s the thing that’s always confused me about Vannett. At the exact time he was drafted Urban Meyer was a guest on the NFL Network talking to Rich Essien. So, of course he was asked about the Nick Vannett pick whereupon he described him as a great pass-catching type of TE rather than a traditional in line blocking type.
            Then, later on that day JS or PC did their post draft interview and described him as something like the best blocking TE in the draft.
            It seemed a bit strange given his college coach said the exact opposite, live on TV, when the pick was made.
            Two years later I think the jury is still out on which statement is more true.

    • Dale

      We’ve all gotten a lesson on how important a consistent, blocking TE is in the running game. Blocking is like rebounding or defence in the NBA in that it’s about ‘want to’. You can’t be a good blocker if your always focused on your next big catch. I don’t think it’s effective or fair to ask Graham to be OJ Howard or Zach Miller… it’s just not him. I hope he gets picked up by somebody like San Diego or New England that can maximize his talents. It’s rare that a guy can be a consistent blocker and an explosive pass catching athlete. In our case I think they’ve learned the blocking is more important.

      • Dale

        “defence = defense”.

        • Dale

          ‘your = you’re’… I’ve got to do a better job of editing.

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            Hey Dale the positive aspect is that you are awear(I mean aware) ! We all need to work on that you speak off i means of !

  8. Patrick Toler

    Thank you for another great article Rob. I’m 100% in on Jones II. I think he’s the best pure runner in this class (though Barkley is much more rounded and better overall). My favorite attribute of his is his incredible balance. He’ll get knocked of course or someone will hit him low, but he has an incredible knack for finding his balance and keeping his feet moving. Charles had that too. A lot of RJ2’s big runs start inside, he runs through contact and/or makes a guy miss in traffic, then he explodes through the secondary.
    I do wonder if his size and pass blocking limitations will bump him down in the Hawks eyes. I’m hoping they focus on his strengths rather than his limitations.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Well said Paddy, Jones has got me excited as well and if it wasn’t for Rob I find it highly unlikely I would have looked into him? He is exciting, and one of those player’s that just has it in our position of most need and desire!

      Go Rob!

      Go Hawks;

      • Patrick Toler

        Yep, like so many players over the years it was Rob’s excellent writing that led me to looking closely at him too.

    • Nick

      Agree. For me it’s RoJo and then Chubb. But RoJo is special—his power and willingness to drop the shoulder is underrated, too. The first run in this game is a good example of this:

      Also, Lance Zierlien is falling in love with RoJo:

      If Seattle trades a high profile player to gather a second round pick, I think that could suggest their want to stay put at 18 for a specific player. RoJo could very well be that “guy” this year.

      Russ would have CJ Prosise 2.0 out there with him. Rojo would be able to lineup out of the shotgun. He’ll be able to run a nasty wheel route. He’ll be able to carry at least 15 times a game. Carson could be the grinder they bring in more during the second half. 10 carries per game. That would be the way I see them using a player like RoJo.

  9. Gohawks5151

    Ashamed to say this but, I haven’t watched any senior bowl practice! (For good reasons. Just had my first baby and we are moving to a new house this week!) Depending very heavily on clips and you guys about reports. Keep up the great work! That being said any report on Derrick Nnandi? He was a blog darling last year before returning. Had the ability to penetrate so I figured he would be eating up a so so o line group. Haven’t heard his name mentioned much.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      I’m happy for you 5151! Must be an amazing feeling, you are hereby left off the hook for not watching the Senior bowl.

      Go Dad!

      • Gohawks5151

        Haha thanks man

    • peter

      good catch, he was one of the many possibly great players who canceled at the last minute. Agree it would have been cool to see him practice.

      • Gohawks5151

        Ah. I see. Saw his name as an invitee. Didn’t know he is sitting out

  10. Greg Haugsven

    3 things that I would like and could be possible.

    Sign ASJ to be your TE on a short term deal to see if he could be your future.

    Sign Just Pugh on a similar deal they did with Joeckel. Possible future star a LG if he can stay healthy and Mike Solari was his past

    Trade back from 18 to aquire either 2 second rounders or a late first and late second and draft an Edge/Sam of there choosing and your future at RB. Which ever order they prefer.

    • C-Dog

      I’ve been on the ASJ and Pugh signings bandwagon, myself.

      Is the team going to be in a decent enough cap space to realistically land either or both?

      Fieldgulls had a pretty interesting article up recently explaining why Chancellor is probably going to be on the roster in 2018 even if he can’t play, and there would be no financial reason to retire and not collect $12. This has me scratching my head imagining how this team is going to move forward getting younger with limited cap space and no day two picks.

      I’m thinking the team and Kam might likely reach a settlement, but if not and if this is something he intends to do, they might have to cut Sherman, or trade Thomas to free up room.

      Also, even if they free up cap, it will be interesting to see how active they are and whether they still go bargain hunting on small deals so as to not lose compensatory picks in 2019.

      Kinda rambling here, but right now, I sorta see small signings to 26 year old types like

      DE Cassius Marsh
      RB Alfred Blue
      WR Cody Latimer
      TE Troy Niklas

      Guys that are experienced in the league, low risk, and might still have some ceiling to their game. Kinda low risk hedge types like Dion Jordan was last season.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Pugh and ASJ would be great additions but your right about the cap. I read that article as well and his injury guarantee is tough. I would be fine with him playing if he can but now you most likely dont resign McDougald. I just don’t 5hink he c will go on the PUP just g o collect a check. If he retires all of that article goes away.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, that’s kind of the way I lean on that, as well. Seems like there could be some settlement between him and the team to where he collects a bit and then retires.

      • peter

        so the two of you tend to have a more flexible process to this whole thing which I appreciate. Earl Thomas. Third contract? Based on the idea that Kam has no reason to “do a solid,” for the team.

        Does Seattle potentially walk right into this pitfall again?

        I’m leaning a little towards no right now. I’m not sure there’s a great answer though Feb. 9, Greg, you think we will have some understanding of how the team is moving forward…so there is that to wait for.

        • Greg Haugsven

          At this point I think Feb 9th means nothing. If he can play that’s great. If not he can retire and his guaranteed salary means nothing. I believe we might not have answers until June or July which sucks about possibly resigning McDougald. If Kam plays then it’s no big deal, if he retires then it’s probably Delano Hill time.

        • C-Dog

          I am really split on the future of Earl and the team. It literally see it 50/50 whether he stays are goes. I think the team would like to keep him if they can, but I totally see them being nauseous over signing him to a big third contact with guarantee $s like they did with Kam and Bennett. I think there could be a sense of kicking themselves a bit there, and maybe even not finding a deal with Sherman last year.

          Also, I think that Michael Silver article came out likely for a reason.

          I’m not advocating a trade. I just get the vibe that we could definitely see one, with a McDougald signing being potentially more about replacing Earl than Kam.

          • They Hawk is Howling

            I for one believe that Sherman’s game translates well into his mid-thirties. Thomas is more about quickness and speed. When Sherman can’t keep up as a cornerback hopefully he can bulk up 15lbs and play a safety role. I have a good feeling about that!

            Go Hawks N Stuff !

            • Thy Hawk is Howling

              Oops I did it again!

              So Silly

            • C-Dog

              I agree. I can actually see Sherman having a solid prolonged career at safety.

      • peter

        Per the cap, I agree I see small signings this year. Both cap wise and there aren’t that many big name players that Seattle could afford that would really change things without some serious cuts for cap space.

        I’m not as down on Cassius Marsh. And Seattle seems fine bringing players back. Be interesting to know what happened to Cody Latimer. I feel like he had a nice solid Junior year in college in the big ten, had a good combine, and does almost nothing in the NFL.

        I will say if Watkins stock is even a tiny bit low and/or he’s not feeling it and wants a one year deal to get a better value the following year, I’m all for Seattle tracking him down on a “prove it,” deal.

        • peter

          * down on Cassius Marsh, as others have been..* meant to say.

  11. Kevin

    Has there been any discussion of Will Dissly from UW. He’d be a great blocking TE

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Yeah Dissly was defensive lineman for UW before switching to Tight End I believe out of necessity? So he probably has a great motor and is strong comparatively. Watching UW games I remember hearing the commentators speak of him. I bet he’s a great blocker and understands the opposing defensive
      Lineman’s perspective! Sounds good to me!

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Honestly I was always watching Pettis and Gaskins on O ! Ohhhh!

        • drewdawg11

          Will was actually really promising as a freshman DL and then he suddenly is playing offense and everyone was scratching their heads. However, he really caught on to the position and by this last season, he was a dominant force at times in the run game, and a reliable receiver as well. Go back and watch the last few minutes of the Utah game. He coached a big time pass to take it inside the ten and he’s dragging tacklers. He almost scored. His hands are surprisingly soft. I would love to get him late in the draft.

  12. Allen Mattsen

    Love Ballage in a Kamara role. He will destroy the Combine, yes, but he is a fantastic mover. Huge ballerina.

    Some interesting Guards. Hernandez, Wynn, Price, Teller, etc. I heard Wynn is a better fit in a zone scheme. Will we keep the same scheme even if/when we add new dimensions to the run game?

    Perhaps the quality and depth of the Guard class will allow Nelson to drop into striking distance for #Seahawks? Doubtful.

  13. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Lord of the Rings “Fellowship if the Ring” is now playing on Netflix!

    I was looking up who wrote that movie I thought someone tried to copy “Beast master” or “Krull” from the 80’s? Turns out it’s a whole Novel of original thought? Wow, Cool!

    Now’s I just need to learnz how to read good!

    I’m excamacited!

  14. schuemansky

    I think there are multiple reasons it is highly unlikely JS would pick RB at 18, Saquon Barkley excluded.

    a) future cap-situation: a sure starter on either D- or O-line is worth more than a sure starter at RB
    b) RB depth in this class: there will be opportunities from round 3 to 5 to get one or two RBs that probably are not sure things but should contribute together with the backs on the roster
    c) injury risk: as said earlier RBs are a high risk category and therefore a riskier investment
    d) no other picks before R420 means no chance to get help on D- or O-line, probably losing out on their TE or other mid-round targets.

    • LeoSharp

      I think it should still be a hard pass on Saqoun Barkley at 18. They just have more important needs on the roster. If they move on from Bennett or Avril they will have a severe lack of talent off the edge to move on from both would essentially mean admitting they don’t think they can compete in 2018. They tried replacing Bennett last year so far that hasn’t worked and may never work. Dion Jordan looked good with limited snaps but he’s never shown the ability to be a full-time starter. If they don’t draft a DE with their first pick I’d be surprised.
      They could also add some bodies to the o-line but that would create a logjam for guys like Roos and Odhiambo so it makes more sense for them to wait until day 3.

      • Rob Staton

        Passing on barkley would be madness.

        And RB is a huge need for Seattle.

        • LeoSharp

          RB and pass rusher are both huge needs especially if Frank Clark ends up as their No.1 pass rusher. It is significantly harder to fill a need at pass rusher later in the drat compared to RB. Barkley isn’t so much better than the other RBs in this draft that he can offset the value of a pass rusher. You also lose a lot of the benefits of a rookie contract by drafting an RB in the first round. Picking any player at 18 would be silly unless they had traded players for early picks.

          • Rob Staton

            I’m not sure about that. Seattle has found pass rushers via trade (Clemons), free agency (Bennett, Avril), off the street (Dion Jordan) and in the late second round (Clark).

            What they haven’t been able to do is replace the Beast.

            And if you look at the sack leaders in the NFL in 2017 — you’ve got Calais Campbell (R2), DeMarcus Lawrence (R2), Everson Griffen (R4) and Yannick Ngakoue (R3) ranked quite highly. I’d say D-line in round one is an underrated historically boom or bust position. I’ve done pieces on it. The rhetoric that an OL or DL pick early is a safe bet has led to a number of busts.

            • LeoSharp

              Bennett and Avril were very good starters and better players than Frank Clark is right now when they were signed.The fact they were able to sign them to such cheap deals is more surprising than their performance in Seattle. Expecting them to sign a player better than Frank Clark in free agency on such a cheap deal is extremely unlikely. Clark fell due to his off-field concerns and Dion Jordan hasn’t even played a full season if he gets injured again it wouldn’t be a surprise.
              Clemons is the only real surprise of the bunch and even that isn’t sustainable.

              IMO sacks are a poor way of measuring the ability of an edge rusher nonetheless only two of the top 10 were not drafted in the first 50 picks.

              No pick is safe but the talent pool for DE’s later in the draft is small compared to skill positions like WR and RB.

              The Seahawks really don’t need to replace Lynch they just need to field a competent to above average running game.

              • Rob Staton

                I don’t expect that — the point was really that they’ve been able to find DE’s.

                And maybe you’re right about sacks being a poor judge of ability. But surely you’re not going to argue the names I listed are overrated?

                And the Seahawks quite clearly need more than ‘field competent’ at running back. Or maybe we should put it like this — aim for field competent, get even worse.

                • LeoSharp

                  A dominant running game or 1st round RB is not going to be the thing that wins them Championships.

                  I don’t think they should aim to be competent at the RB position, but when guys like Kareem Hunt who I thought he was the best RB in the draft frequently fall out of the first 2 rounds. There are better positions to target early.

                  • Rob Staton

                    “A dominant running game or 1st round RB is not going to be the thing that wins them Championships.”

                    Yes, yes it is.

            • Del tre

              Plus as has been repeated all year, we don’t know the status of McDowell, we also have Naz who is progressing nicely, and Jordan had a sack in nearly ever game he played for us. I can see the Hawks moving back into late R1 and getting a guy like RJII, who after much more review i agree does look like Jamaal Charles, if Jamaal Charles were way better at trucking fools.
              I’ve been watching running backs in what were their statistically worst games and work to focus on the positive, for Jones and goodness did he have a single yard before contact that entire game? I mean it was amazing to watch him take that beating and have no help from his QB at all. He has great vision and his blocking looked great (he gave up 1 sack early but that was the scheme thinking 1 tight end plus one running back makes an extra tackle). That was a tough game to even cross the line of scrimmage, i mean most of the time the line got pushed back so far he had to get 3 or 4 yards upfield just to make it across the line.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, the first point is football rhetoric. If you get a chance to get Jamaal Charles at #18 you’re not thinking that way.

      Second point, they don’t own a pick until R4 when the best RB’s will be long gone.

      Third point — RB is no more or less of an injury risk than any other position. It’s football. The DL they took first last year didn’t play a single snap.

      • schuemansky

        You are right.
        Probably I am a little bit too influenced by last year’s RB injury disaster.
        I am thinking though that maybe tading back in one or two steps to R2 1 would leave them with a lot of options at RB and G and would probably add 2 3rd round picks. And even if they also see Jamaal Charles at 18 they would still prefer to trade back and hope to get him anyway.

        • Rob Staton

          I can definitely imagine them preferring to trade back and acquire picks, while getting into a good value range for a RB.

          That said, I also wouldn’t rule out them taking Jones II if they like him enough. They might do. He’s really good. I don’t think it’d be a reach based on talent. It’s just about what they think they might need to do in terms of adding picks.

  15. Sea Mode

    Catch of the week candidate:

  16. Sea Mode

    Vol, I’m really coming around on your guy DJ Chark. Even if he does do some body catching, it’s less of an issue with him being a deep threat receiver. Dude just knows how to get open and create separation, and has shown outstanding adjustment to the ball in the air in the reps I’ve seen.

    And this… this is some near Baldwin level subtle magic (even though he already had Kameron Kelly beat with his get off and speed anyway):

    Could be a serious option to replace Paul Richardson as the deep threat guy he never really became, with Lockett on the other side and Baldwin working underneath. Darboh/Moore WR4 as redline/possession guys.

    • Volume12

      Seattle met with him and LSU RB Darrell Williams.

    • Volume12

      Do not care how a guy catches the ball. Just don’t let it hit the ground. And it doesn’t matter how you catch a football if you can’t get open.

    • Volume12

      I also hear long strider all the time. Yes, that’s not a bad thing. Means you eat up yards quickly.

      Here’s the greatest WR to ever play the game and look at those big, long, strides.

  17. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I think Seattle will draft 2 RBs and 1 TE…. I even think they might go crazy and draft a kicker in the 7th round. Something that I have been wondering is if Seattle will draft a true FB? Not the TE who can stand in the backfield and block, but a legit knock your teeth in type. Yes, I know, this is not 1977… the NFL is more finesse now… but the indicators are Seattle will be using more multiple TE and FB sets in 2018.

    So to circle back to the beginning, are there any FBs worth keeping an eye on in the draft.. or maybe large RBs.. the 245 lb+ variety???

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      How about this bloke Charlie? Did some quick research he’s listed 3rd overall on Walter and he’s a Northwest player, Kenny might be anti-him?

      Sorry for my English! Haha

      Ryan Nall, FB, Oregon State
      Height: 6-2. Weight: 237.
      Projected 40 Time: 4.72.
      Projected Round (2018): 5-7.
      1/13/18: Nall was a power back for Oregon State the past two seasons and has a nose for the end zone. The junior averaged 4.9 yards per carry in 2017 for 810 yards with eight touchdowns. He caught 27 passes for 240 yards and two scores as well. In 2016, he averaged 6.5 yards per carry for 951 yards and 13 touchdowns. He had 22 receptions for 214 yards with two scores that season. Nall could be a functional fullback in the NFL.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Here’s an interview with Ryan.

        Here’s a 75 yard td run for a Full back, he’s stirring drinks!

      • peter

        I’m big on Nall. I think he’ll be undrafted. But I’d love for this team to give him a shot even at perhaps a fullback spot.

    • Gohawks5151

      Oregon State guy myself and actually coached against the kid in high school. Very impressive guy. Could have used another year in my opinion if he wanted to try and stick as a TB. Varied skill set. Was moved from LB to TE/H to RB. Good runner. Patient. Had some long TD runs at around 240lbs. No idea on his blocking but get nicked up a little each year. Great pass catcher and screen guy.

  18. Trevor

    Looking back with our running game a mess last year and Jay Ajayi on the trade block I am really surprised JS did not pull the trigger. Seems like the type of big power RB Pete likes.

    • Hawk Eye

      no cap room (as in less than zero actually), lack of draft picks to play with
      and Ajayi was not playing well
      and based on the coaches they let go, the players were only part of the problem and they knew it then

  19. Trevor

    Interesting Note from Matt Miller if Hawks want to be bullies again.

    One of the highlights of Senior Bowl week has been watching the nastiness of offensive linemen Alex Cappa (Humboldt State), Brett Toth (Army) and Will Hernandez (UTEP). All three went to work with a serious mean streak and backed up what they showed on film this season as some of the toughest blockers in college football.

    A team wanting to install a culture on the offensive line would look to draft at least one of these players. Add in non-Senior Bowl attendees Quenton Nelson (Notre Dame) and Billy Price (Ohio State) as first-round talents and there are a good number of offensive linemen in this draft you’d want to have your back in an alley fight.

    • peter

      Will be interesting if Toth gets a leave from the Army. I love Toth’s game. And not for nothing if you want to run the rock….what team does that better than any other, Army.

  20. Patrick Toler

    I went back and watched of Smythe last night, and came away very impressed. Great inline blocker, can block in space, and has fantastic hands. He made some really tough catches in the games I watched. He moves pretty well for a big man. I could be pretty happy with a TE room of Willson, Vannett, and Smythe. None would be difference makers at this point, but all three are solid as blockers and receivers, and all three would be cheap. I’m having a hard time believing Smythe would be available in the 5th though, after watching him.

  21. Sea Mode

    Nice and physical.

    Pro Football Focus

    Jacksonville St. CB Siran Neal shutting down Oklahoma St. WR James Washington! 👀#SeniorBowl

    2:12 PM – 25 Jan 2018

    • peter

      Got to hope they can’t use a tape measure at the senior bowl. Siran Neal is exactly the kind of player I won’t even consider until the official Combine number comes out. It just bums me out too hard to focus on someone and know they are being axed just on principle.

  22. Volume12

    Disappointed in the SR bowl coverage this year. Instead of focusing on the action down on the field, we had to see see Mayock, no more a scout has become a fan boy Daniel Jermiah, and Davis talk up Josh Allen’s arm strength. So strong in fact no one could catch his passes. GTFOH with that.

    • Volume12

      The only good analysis came from Nick Sabah.

  23. Volume12

    It’s so funny how we all see different things. That’s what makes this so fun though.

  24. Coleslaw

    Rob, what do you think of the class for off-the-ball linebackers? Top loaded? Deep? I could see us adding 2 front 7 players in the off-season, one DL (could only be keeping Sheldon) and an off ball linebacker. It seems to me that with such little resources it might be better to get a Bruce Irvin type, a 2 in one type player, off ball and DE. Especially since Dion Jordan could easily make a case for Avril’s job next year. Which could make a case for a traditional linebacker with pass rushing as a bonus, anybody like that?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a respectable class of LB’s, one of the deeper positions in the class.

      Certainly there are SAM/LEO types too. Lorenzo Carter is one, for example.

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