Senior Bowl day two notes

Quickly if you’ve missed anything this week…

Senior Bowl measurements
Senior Bowl day one notes
Seahawks interested in Austin Corbett?

Here’s what I’ve seen on day two…

— Isaiah Wynn had a fantastic performance in the 1v1 drills against the defensive linemen. He absolutely dominated LSU’s Greg Gilmore on his first snap. Wynn stayed square, showed great hand placement and just flat out stoned Gilmore. Perfect. On his second snap he delivered an incredible jolt to Virginia’s Andrew Brown to knock him off balance and then just controlled the block. He has everything — a powerful base, great hand technique, strength, balance. What a prospect he is. Look at him:

— Alabama center Bradley Bozeman had a good day yesterday but took a step back today. Texas’ Poona Ford beat him with a spin move where he had no answer and then he struggled to anchor against LSU’s Gilmore. His hand placement was as poor today as it was exceptional yesterday. He lost all control.

— Former #1 overall recruit Da’Shawn Hand has a lot to prove and faired
better today (at least when they kept him away from Isaiah Wynn). He beat Nevada’s Austin Corbett to the left shoulder. Corbett struggled to turn his hips and keep the defender in front and ended up one-arming the block. He didn’t look comfortable and Hand won.

— Alex Cappa from Humboldt State is getting a lot of push from Mike Mayock on the NFL Network but he can’t defend a spin move. He did have a good snap vs a Marquise Haynes bull rush but then he completely whiffed on his next two blocks including a waltz to the QB from Utah’s Kyle Fitts.

— For some reason Haynes bull rushed on all of his snaps and so did UTSA’s Marcus Davenport. Let’s see some speed! Davenport had an ineffective snap against TCU’s Joe Noteboom. The South coaches are using a snap count (the north aren’t) and Davenport is having trouble timing his get-off. He has potential and he looks the part. He isn’t dominating though — he’s raw and will need time to learn the fundamentals at the next level. Get-off, hand use, technique, variety of pass-rush moves. He might need a red-shirt year.

— It’s pretty clear the most talented receiver in Mobile is James Washington of Oklahoma State. He’s explosive, quick, powerful and has long levers. He has a very strong opportunity to go in the top-40 and potentially round one.

— Washington’s Oklahoma State team mate Marcell Ateman also showed well, including a nice 1v1 against North Carolina’s M.J. Stewart. He’s long and tall but not quite as stiff as some of the bigger north team receivers.

— I also spent a little bit of time watching the North team WR’s vs the DB’s. Allen Lazard at Iowa State is big, physical and looked quite smooth. There were also some snaps where his size was a problem when he had to run shorter routes and create separation. This was a common problem with the group. Jaleel Scott at New Mexico State had even more difficulty creating space in the short game and really only shone when offered a big cushion and was able to work the sideline or run straight downfield. DaeSean Hamilton looked like the most natural receiver on the north team.

— South Carolina State Darius Leonard absolutely hammered Ito Smith on a pass into the flat. Leonard showed good range, timing and brought the heat. I want to see more of him. There are some day three defensive players in this draft with the potential to come good.

— Nathan Shepherd, a small school prospect from Fort Hays State, started brightly but has since picked up a hand injury. He’s gone for X-Rays. Reportedly it’s a broken hand. He didn’t feature in the OL vs DL drill.

— The OL vs DL drills started with Oklahoma’s Ogbonnia Okoronkwo against Oregon’s Tyrell Crosby. On the first snap Crosby false started and Okoronkwo still beat him. He was too quick and just got to the edge before Crosby had even got into his backpedal. They replayed the snap because of the false start but Okoronkwo won easily again — this time using a spin move to beat Crosby inside. They were two ugly snaps for Crosby. He looks out of shape, like he’s carrying bad weight. When he gets his hands on a defender (as he did in a snap later vs Garret Dooley of Wisconsin) he can lock on and finish. He dominated Dooley. Too often though his footwork is stodgy and he’s beaten by a better athlete.

— Harrison Phillips always seems to have a plan. He knows what he wants to do pre-snap and he has a nice repertoire of pass rush moves. He’s quicker than you’d think for his size. However, his counter is sometimes suspect. He was stoned by Cole Madison and Mason Cole on separate snaps. Occasionally he struggles to disengage.

— Brian O’Neill at Pittsburgh. Hmmm. #16 in Mel Kiper’s mock draft and sometimes you can see why. He has upside. In a later drill he pulled to the right sideline from the RT position and drove a defensive back downfield 10-yards, then threw the guy to the ground. In space he worked well, located and connected with a more athletic second level defender. Yet his technique in pass protection is concerning. He ended yesterday overextending against Garret Dooley and started in exactly the same fashion today. Dooley let O’Neill shoot his hands and then just swiped them away. He’s reaching. O’Neill got some heavy coaching after that snap and didn’t fair much better against the speed of Kemoko Turay. He got beat to the outside and his footwork this time was suspect. He looks raw.

— Will Hernandez was the star of day one but he didn’t quite reach those heights today. He was grabby in pass pro and didn’t shoot his hands inside. A lot of his work was to the shoulder pads. Justin Jones from NC State beat him quite easily on one snap (before Hernandez got revenge in a rematch). Still, he looks completely comfortable squared up blocking front on. The only concern is how he’ll fair when he has to move off the spot and shift the angle of his block. It’s not an insignificant issue.

— NC State’s B.J. Hill continues to look extremely powerful and quick. He’s one of the big performers so far. His bull rush is pure nasty and he always has a counter move to disengage. He flashed quickness and agility too with a great spin move to win inside. Hill looks fantastic out there.

— Ohio State’s Tyquan Lewis also showed well attacking the interior. He destroyed Scott Quessenberry on an inside move and walked Cole Madison back into the quarterback. He impressed today.

Here’s a few notes from elsewhere:

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  1. Kenny Sloth

    Love me some BJ Hill

    I liked Mason Cole and Cole Madison but need to watch more of both.

    • Volume12

      Cole Madison is awesome.

      Another guy that’s impressed me and I never heard of him before this week is Maine’s Jamil Demby. He’s a mauler.

  2. C-Dog

    Akrum Wadley said the Seahawks were among the teams expressing the most interest in him. Not necessarily the power back some might be expecting. Could signal the likelihood Seattle wants to collect a couple RBs out of this draft, though.

    BJ Hill is my guy.

    • Rob Staton

      Two RB’s seems likely I think

      • C-Dog


    • Millhouse-serbia

      I wrote about Wadley few days ago.

    • peter

      I’m not opposed to him or for him at this time. I do have serious doubts about how his size translates to the pros. the difference from 220 down to 190 might not mean a ton to normal folks bit that’s a huge amount of possible strength to be giving up as a running back.

    • Volume12

      Excellent feet, great vision, gets skinny through the hole. Reminds me of Dion Lewis. Will find a role for himself at the next level.

      • peter

        that’s fair seattle has a ton of late round picks.

        • Volume12

          I actually think he’d be a great for Seattle. Would give them a legit option in the screen game to slow down opposing D’s pass rush.

          • C-Dog

            Would you say that it’s fair to state that he is more of a true RB over JD McKissic, but similar skill set out of the backfield?

            Does this signal maybe an impatience with CJ Prosise being the 3rd down back?

          • peter

            I don’t disagree.. I think a 4th or a fifth would be great value. he has solid stats behind a very good oline. he’s a good pass catcher but ballage was just as effective if not more with 30 more pounds. I bring up the weight because late round running backs usually need to do some special teams.

            I think in the screen game he’d be great. the team got great value out of a WR. seems wadley could be even better at that.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Wadley is a viable NFL 3rd down back. Solid day 3 pick for a team. I like him alright, but what does he do that McKissic doesn’t already bring to the table? JD and Prosise are already in place for the 3rd down role. Wadley’s skillset seems redundant to our present roster.

        He’s not in the Senior Bowl, but John Kelly is a Seahawk type RB-runs hard like Rawls but with vision. A little slight of the ideal size at 5’9 205. Lacks a 5th gear, but that’s the only thing I see him missing. Mentioned him a couple times on here with this stellar tape vs Florida. Check it!


    • Kenny Sloth

      I mentioned Akrum Wadley a few months back. He’s a heads up sparky player. Really ran hard last year

      • Mark Souza

        Wadley’s ability to make people whiff is absolutely amazing. I would not be disappointed if he wound up in Seahawk blue.

  3. Volume12

    Could listen to Nick Saban all day.

    ‘The game has changed. Everything is on the perimeter.’

    • Rob Staton

      The way he broke down what the DB’s were supposed to be doing — man that’s the kind of analysis you want to see during these broadcasts. Just made it so clear what you needed to look for. Love that info. I really like Mayock and he brings so much to the broadcasts (not so much DJ & CD) but we’re just not hearing that level of analysis — not close — on any of these position drills.

      • Volume12

        Yup. That was the good sh**. Tell us something we don’t know.

        Charles is more of a color comenntator. He’s fun, but I know what ya mean.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          Word. Listening to Saban breaking down 5 minutes of DB action is eye opening. It’s no wonder he needs 2 hands to display all his rings.

  4. AndrewP

    Rob: Nelson vs Wynn… Just how big is the gap between the two?

    • Rob Staton

      Oh there’s a gap. We’re talking about a top-10 prospect in Quenton Nelson. He’s huge, he’s angry and physical and mobile. He’s pretty much the ideal guard. He’d be a top-10 any year.

      Wynn is still really good though.

  5. Nick

    Sounds like Seattle is interested in DE/DT Hand. They love their Alabama d-liners…and for good reason. I went back and watched Chubb against Alabama, and he honestly had nowhere to go on any of his carries.

    • Mark Souza

      Interesting, because Sony Michel running the same plays against the same line found cracks to exploit. That game was when I got off the Chubb train and started paying much closer attention to Michel. What those two backs faced against Alabama is close to what they’ll experience when they get to the NFL. One got swallowed up, the other still managed to do well.

      • Rob Staton

        Did he find ‘cracks’ though or did they scheme him to work the perimeter?

        Let’s be right here, Georgia had their true freshman QB begin the game throwing on 7-8 consecutive plays. They knew they weren’t going to be able to run up the middle against a stacked box. They were trying to make life easier for the RB’s. Michel played well and Chubb had no room. But let’s not make that game the Holy Grail on judging both players.

  6. Volume12

    Phil Savage said Georgia RB’s Nick Chubb & Sony Michel are in the naughty list for missing the SR bowl w/o an apparent injury issue. What does that even mean?

    • Nick

      It means nothing. Nonsensical. They are still two of the top 5 RBs in this draft. I hate “insights” like this. They’re both going to tear up the combine and all of a sudden they’ll be off the naughty list.

      • Nick

        My anger’s not aimed at you Vol, just wanted to be clear!

        • Volume12

          No worries. I knew where you coming from.

    • AndrewP

      That he’s angry at that for missing the even that he is the face of?

    • Rob Staton

      It means he’s disappointed two star names didn’t turn up for his party.

      Because these guys basically played for an extra month compared to some of the other players. And given Chubb has already had one horrendous injury and has virtually nothing to prove, it’s perfectly understandable why he isn’t there.

      • Volume12

        The ‘naughty list’ part was hilarious. What a ridiculous thing to say or even have.

  7. Volume12

    Hell yeah! My man is out here doing push-ups after a PBU.

  8. Volume12

    Hoping Jacksonville St’s Siran Neal’s arm length is different come combine time, because he’d be an excellent project at CB. Physical as hell. Love his confidence/cockiness.

    ‘I want to get up in somebody’s junk real fast and mess with their head.’

    • Trevor

      Would love to see Pete get his hands on him.

  9. Trevor

    Wynn and Hernandez are different type players but I will take either as plug and play Day#1 LG.

    Rob the OL /DL seems a lot closer this year.

    • Rob Staton

      Sadly, though, doesn’t look like a particularly explosive bunch in Mobile.

      • Trevor

        Yeah I think the DL talent is just weaker at Senior Bowl this year.

  10. Matt

    Getting more on board with the idea of trading down and grabbing Wynn and plugging him in at LG. He really looks good. And I really like his combo of length and lack of height + athleticism. Just seems like he could become the best LG in the league and really be dynamite in both the run and pass game.

    Bottom line, our first pick needs to be a homerun. We simply cannot afford to not get a premiere talent. Guys like Wynn and Billy Price seem like no brainers if you have a shot.

    • Trevor

      I agree completely Matt. I would love to see Price, Wynn or Hernandez with that 1st pick after a trade back. Fix the OL once and for all and improve run game as well as Pass Pro.

  11. C-Dog

    Mock Draft.

    At pick 18 of the 2018 NFL Draft, John Dorsey, who has already drafted Saquon Barkley and Sam Darnold, wants to complete the trifecta for his offense, calls John Schneider and offers up picks 33, 63, and 103 for pick 18 to draft WR Courtland Sutton ahead of the Dallas Cowboys. Schneider accepts.

    33: R2P1

    Seattle gets the feature back it is looking for.


    Corbett fills the hole opened up at LG with Joekel leaving town.

    103: R4P1

    Seattle is lucky enough to land a freaky athlete at OLB

    122: R4P20

    Seattle adds an inside/out pass rusher with the uncertainty over Malik McDowell, and the potential parting of ways with Mike B.

    143: R5P4

    Seattle gets a blocking TE who can catch, as well.

    148: R5P9

    Seattle gets a big bodied WR who Schottz is familiar with.

    171: R5P32

    Seattle adds more depth at scat back.

    226: R7P8

    Seattle adds depth at corner.

    248: R7P30

    Seattle drafts the second QB in the PC/JS era.

    249: R7P31

    Seattle takes late round flyer on a OT

    • Trevor

      Love your posts Seamode but I would absolutely hate that draft. I like Smythe and Toth but I am not a Chubb fan and don’t think Corbett improves our OL.

      • Trevor

        I would much sooner have Billy Price, Wynn or an impact defender at #18 than Chubb and Corbett.

        • Nick

          Really, what do you hate about him? He’s a fantastic running back. Interested to hear your thoughts.

          • Trevor

            Hate is a strong word. I just think he is not the same RB since the injury. Good vision, runs hard between the tackles but lacks burst and quickness on the edge. It really showed against athletic fronts like Alabama and Auburn. I know I am in a minority but he would be #6 on my list I prefer Barkley,Michel, Jones, Johnson, Penney.

            • Rob Staton

              There are moments of brilliance from Chubb still that, IMO, warrant a higher ranking and greater praise than here. But there are legitimate concerns that he might not be able to create on his own. When he burst onto the scene he could’ve been another great to go with Zeke, Gurley, Fournette etc. Now he might only be Jonathan Stewart. But — IMO — that’s worth a heck of a lot still. And we saw him gradually recapture some of that initial explosion in 2017. With a proper NFL training program, he might get back to his best. And let’s not forget — his best was a legit world class athlete.

              • Trevor

                I would agree with that completely Rob. His freshman year he looked like a top 5 pick.

            • Nick

              I understand your overall point, but I went back and rewatched the Alabama tape and there aren’t many runs there where he has anywhere legitimately to go—apart from bouncing outside. And that skill usually doesn’t translate very well from college to NFL. Instead, he stays disciplined and takes what the defense gives him They were stacking the box with 8-9 most of the time, whereas with Michel they spread them out a little more. Michel tended to face 7 men boxes far more (from what I can recall).

              Seattle is going to want a back that trust what he sees. That’s something that Guice certainly has, and so does Chubb. Rawls got in the doghouse because he was slow and indecisive in his reads. They want someone that is going to make the most out of a shit situation and get 2-3 yards.

              • Trevor

                Nick I agree with what you are saying but Chubb had a ton of negative yardage carries for a supposedly elite RB.

                • Rob Staton

                  Chubb did not have a lot of negative yard carries.

                  • Trevor

                    Against Auburn and Alabama 40%+ of his carries were for 0 or negative yardage.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Right and against Auburn, Sony Michel also had 9 carries for 21 yards with a long of seven. Which means he had 8 carries for 14 yards the rest of the day.

                      So let’s not get caught up too much on that game, or the one against Alabama. The one with the best front seven in football stacking the box and daring a true freshman QB to beat them.

            • C-Dog

              Yeah, I’m really not going off personal preference. Personally, I’ve been a bit more into his Georgia teammate Michel, and I have a mad football crush on Ronald Jones II. I’m just projecting what I think the team will do.

              I think the word around the scouting circles seems to be that, in this last season, Chubb had gotten much close to where he was pre-injury. I think the Frank Gore comparisons are really compelling, especially if he tests well during the combine. Another thing is that Schottenheimer will know him well, and Chubb will know what his system is. So, if he tests well, I would have to think that probably makes him a favorite to be the pick.

              • peter

                certainly worse backs to be than gore. I’m still trying to keep an open mind to the back situation. for whatever reason backs selected in the first two rounds have consistently productive seasons over their peers selected in other rounds.

                Frank gore, Michael turner, Adrian foster, and maybe one other were the ones that bucked this. that’s not very many backs. however…….

                I like odd backs like Royce Freeman is really growing on me. he’s no lynch but we all need to bury that. no one not even raiders lynch is 2011-13 lynch. people like wadley, I can totally see it. procise I’m over, you just need to play or go to OR.

                and of course the other problem with a prestige back is trying to figure out if Tim settle, roquan smith, or someone else is more valuable to seattle than one of the big name backs this year.

                • C-Dog

                  I like Freeman a lot. I know he gets knocked for not being the toughest runner at 230 lbs, but I wonder if that can be coached up.

                  I just take a lot of solace in that this looks like a terrific RB and by the end of April, we will all be excited that Seattle picked one of these guys up, if not two.

                  • Michigan 12th

                    I don’t think you can coach up toughness and nasty, you either got it or you don’t. However it could be that Oregon never brought in another back to legitimately challenge Freeman and he knew it. Maybe at the NFL the team will say run hard or go home, and he will believe them, other than that I think you see what you will get in Freeman. Love him though, and appreciate his time in Oregon. Not so sure he will ever be a back that gets the tough yards, but if you give him a slight hole he will explode through it. That’s why I’m a fan of building a nasty O-Line and plugging in any back behind them to get the run game going. It also helps keep Wilson clean which is a positive.

                  • C-Dog

                    It would be risky banking on trying to coach that up, for sure. If Seattle is looking for a tough inside runner, I wouldn’t consider him a strong candidate. For some reason, I could see him down in Santa Clara in Shanny’s offense.

      • Patrick Toler

        I agree. I know a lot of people on here whose opinions I respect are Chubb fans, but I find his performance a bit underwhelming. Great athlete? Sure. But not a guy who can consistently create yards. I’ll be disappointed if we spend a top 60 pick on him.

        • Rob Staton

          I truly understand some of the concerns with Chubb. There are backs in college that create on their own pretty much because they’re faster. They’ll get to the edge, you can scheme them open. You see it from Sony Michel sometimes, but there are others too.

          But I’ll also say this. Chubb is also a highly valuable player. If you want the Seahawks to run tough and physical up the middle, go back to the kind of offense they’ve had in the past, want someone who commits bodies to the LOS and will run through people/tackles to gain extra yardage, let’s not write off Chubb just yet. He’s not just a great athlete — he’s a highly explosive, world class athlete. One of the best ever to test in terms of SPARQ. And he’s built like a truck.

          There are also different ways to ‘create’ yards:

          You can get faster and lighter players. You can spend the off-season scheming to get those faster and lighter players into favourable positions to make plays. And you may or may not succeed. But if you want someone to run through a MF’s face (as Marshawn once put it) you also have to consider this type of back. His stock will be determined by the medical checks and the workout.

          • Patrick Toler

            Thank you for the thoughtful reply Rob. I just went back and watched his games against South Carolina, Kentucky, and Oklahoma and came away a bit more positive on him. He had some really tough runs in those games. Some big holes too, but impressive games.

            Part of my issue is that he (and most of the backs in this class) suffer from comparison to Jones II, who is consistently creating yards with his incredible balance, vision, acceleration, toughness, and speed. And I absolutely think Jones can be a feature back in the NFL. A bigger back certainly has some appeal, though. I’m definitely feeling more positive about Chubb after rewatching these games. Thanks for prod.

            • C-Dog


              IMO, I think Chubb is a bit under appreciated. 1100 yards, 13 TDs, over 6 yard per carry average banging inside in SEC in 2017 is pretty impressive.

              I think Rob is right on this. It is pretty easy to get excited about Michel and his big long gains, but in terms of Chubb in Seattle, I would think of it this way: Chubb + Carson = a strong power run game. As the game gets into the second half, Seattle throws in Wadley or Prosise, who would essentially be Sony Michel.

              Also when you factor in the strengths of RW, you have to look at zone read and play action. Those plays work when the defense is expecting and respecting the inside run game. Seattle has to commit to that. This is why I think Chubb, maybe Kerryon Johnson might be the preferred choice over Jones, Michel, Freeman, etc.

              • Patrick Toler

                For me those 4 go Jones > Chubb > Michell > Johnson. Michell has speed , size, and is a fluid runner, but I don’t see him using that size or creating for himself by running through contact. He needs a hole, then he can make a defense look silly. I love Johnson’s versatility, but he doesn’t look special at anything. I see him as a potential solid rotational back in the NFL.

              • Patrick Toler

                Also, I 100% think Jones can run inside. He’s a better inside runner than Chubb, IMO, despite his size, due to his shiftiness and balance.

                • C-Dog

                  I definitely think Jones can run inside. Again, he’s probably my personal favorite outside Barkley. I’ve seen a fair number of USC games, but I got to be honest, I kinda wince a bit at the idea of Seattle running him upside a fair amount each game.

                  If they go Jones, I kind of like him mixed in more with Carson as a one two punch. They seem genuinely high on Carson, though, which makes me think that they could definitely be willing with Jones, if he’s there at the time they select. They might see him as an athlete at their highest position of need that tilts the field with rare ability. As I write this, I guess that kinda is how I see Chubb for them as well. Just that Chubb tilts it in a diyway.

                  • peter

                    I think Jones/Carson makes a ton of sense. Really. USC. Creative talent, good burst. stronger than his size might indicate.

                    That’s the combo I’m leaning into at the moment.

                • peter

                  I think everyone knows my opinions of Chubb. I think he may fit a market inefficiency in that many prospects have come, he’s “seems,” to have flattened out his stock this season with respect to other names that have come along.

                  So I went back to look at what he was doing as a freshman before his sophomore knee injury, which is ultimately what his whole career will hinge upon.

                  I will say going back to Chubb’s freshmen year through the 13 games before he got his knee destroyed there is literally (no hyperbole) no back in this draft that had a more dominant run at any time in their college career, compared to one another. 13 straight truly great games as a Freshmen through sophomore dominating against the absolute best of the SEC at that time. You can’t go back all apple to apples, or “if this didn’t happen, then maybe that might have happened…..” that’s silly.

                  But maybe as I said there’s a market for him to come back at the combine at near or very near full strength. I’m still not sold that he’s the BEST option for Seattle moving forward. I’m leaning more Jones II right now but if he puts on a clinic at the combine I’ll probably switch my leaning.

                  • Rob Staton

                    A very fair assessment Peter

                  • Mark Souza

                    My perspective on running backs is a little different. They are often a product of their environment, their system. I remember the Nebraska heyday when they were consistently a Top 5 program every year, when the the biggest offensive line in all of football wasn’t in the NFL, it was at Nebraska. They produced a string of backs with eye popping numbers, big muscular backs fast as gazelle who ran for 200 to 300 yards every game. And they were all busts in the NFL. Why? Because they ran behind that line. Because the holes they had to run through you could drive a tank through. Because their offensive line outclassed their opponents by miles. That wasn’t the case in the NFL, and only when gaping holes weren’t there did it become apparent what skills those backs lacked. You have to be careful of that when evaluating schools with incredible O-lines, like Alabama and Georgia. Sometimes the guy with the skills and abilities you want plays behind a mediocre line and has the ability to make men miss, or create yards from a sliver of a crack, or makes his own yards. Which backs can get yards when yards are hard to come by? Some backs do that every weekend. And some have glowing numbers, until they run into that kind of adversity – such as when the opponent is Alabama or Auburn.

                    • Rob Staton

                      But you also have to consider the extreme talent within both Alabama’s and Auburn’s front seven, plus the fact Georgia fielded a true freshman QB.

                  • C-Dog

                    Well reasoned. This is pretty much where I sit. The combine will be very telling. If he puts on a serious show, Seattle might choose to not get “too cute” trading back if they think he’s their guy.

                  • peter

                    Mark I’m honestly confused. do we take Chubb and Michel off the board because they both sucked against auburn the first time they met last year. I mean honestly they did both suck it up. and they both were just okay on the second meeting. or are you stating we should look at backs with so-so overall numbers if there line is mediocre? if that’s it I kind if get that.

                    my point overall is that NO back in this draft class has ever had the kind of production Chubb had. Sony Michel with the same line never put up that level of production against common opponents. his good game against Alabama wasn’t as good as Chubb’s best game against alabama.

                    even barkeley, a legit top 5 pick. goes off against Ohio st. only to drop 38 yards running and 15 catching in the same season against Rutgers.

                    that’s why it’s hard for me to buy the idea that a back sucks when a team sells out to stop the run. again I think Jones Ii is the best choice for Seattle at this time but I’m trying to keep a broad perspective.

          • BobbyK

            “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” Henry David Thoreau

            I will say this: I don’t watch college football the way I used to. I have a little boy and girl who need my attention on Saturdays. I set aside 3.5 hours to myself each Sunday (i.e. Seahawks) and whatever else I can watch is gravy. I’m not going to look back on my life in 50 years and say I didn’t spend enough time with my kids. I won’t/can’t.

            However, this Chubb/Michel stuff seems a bit funny in terms of thinking that most people watched the National Championship Game, where Michel made more of an impact, and think he’s the better pro because he played better against Alabama.

            I disagree.

            I remember when Eric Dickerson had something like 10 rushes for something like 16-18 yards in a playoff game when he was clearly the best RB in the NFL (either year one when he set a rookie rushing record, or year two when he was unbelievable, too).

            Judging him/them based on one game is/was silly. I’ve looked back at stuff from both and think Chubb is the better pro prospect, even though he wasn’t as productive as Michel in the National Championship Game. Especially for what the Seahawks want/need.

            Rob – you’re the best! No doubt! I hope people are contributing to the blog financially! It’s well deserved!

            • Patrick Toler

              Rob is the best indeed! I am in the same boat. Two kids and it’s rare I get to watch anything beyond the Hawks game each week. Most of my exposure to these players is via Draft Breakdown. Sometimes I think it can be helpful to watch these guys in isolation, vs getting caught up in the narratives.

              • peter

                I totally agree. I just like to get a feel for how the play, snap to snap. Some people just pop, some grow on you, and sometimes there are players who just don’t do it for you.

            • C-Dog

              Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Bobby.

            • Rob Staton

              Thank you for sharing those thoughts Bobby, and also for the kind words. It means a lot.

    • 503Hawk

      One problem I see with this scenario; what does Cleveland do in four and five years when all three of these first rounders come up for their second contract? That’s a lot of $

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        CLE has 100M to spend a year….. they need some guys to get some second contracts.
        I think the current GM will turn them around… and make them at least respectable.

        • BobbyK

          With the salary cap and picks coming up… I think a circus monkey could turn that franchise around. And I think it’s a disrespect to circus monkeys and their intelligence.

    • Volume12


    • Sea Mode

      Great stuff, C-Dog! Love the trade scenario. Makes a lot of sense for both sides.

      If they find a QB lurking on day 3 that they think they can work with, it would be great to pick up a backup with some more upside than Davis.

      Smythe would be a homerun pick in R5 for sure. Yes, yes, yes!

      • C-Dog

        Thanks Sea Mode!

        I try to put some thought into these.

        I do think this is a year where they might target QB in the later rounds. According to Tony Pauline, the South team QBs have been have the better practices. Watch for Richmond QB Kyle Lauretta, and Troy QB Brandon Silvers. Just a hunch, but it might be part of the Schottenheimer strategy to add some competition behind RW.

  12. SoCal12

    Doesn’t seem to be much news on Defensive Backs. Guessing the Cornerback and Safety class this year’s pretty thin?

    • Nick

      Yep–and would help explain why Seattle felt the necessity to really address those two positions last year.

      • peter

        I am truly fascinated to see what if anything the team gets out of Tyson, hill, and Thompson next year.

    • Rob Staton


    • Sea Mode

      Indeed, JS was wise to stock up on DBs in last year’s deep draft.

      That said, I think there are some really good SS. Kyzir White is awesome, and Kyle Queiro of Northwestern is a favorite of mine as well. And v12’s guy Siran Neal is intriguing too.

      Re-signing McDougald can’t happen soon enough!

  13. Titus

    Hey Rob, what are your thoughts on Arden Key? Mel Kiper didn’t even have him in the first round of his mock and Daniel Jeremiah had him lasting until the late 20s. Meanwhile at, he’d been in the top 10 all year. DJ desribed him as having “rare size, speed, and get off” Supposedly he’s 6’6″ 260 pounds. We know the Seahawks look for rare and unique traits and at times people seem to ignore that (Malik McDowell was the most unique DT in the class even if that hasn’t panned out yet). Would you take him at 18? Multiple scouts have said he has Pro Bowl potential without the off field concerns.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not a big fan personally. I’ve read several times he will go in R1 despite all the issues but you also see a lot of scepticism there. He had a bizarre start to 2017 and then when he finally got on the field he looked out of shape and his performances were not of a high standard. After the experience with McDowell last year I wouldn’t take him. I want to see hard nosed, durable, pissed off to be great players brought into this team. If they have unique traits — great. We know the Seahawks will always look for those. But there are players with unique traits in this class without the red flags. Key, IMO, is the type of player you let someone else roll the dice on. But I said that about McDowell too.

      • Trevor


      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        710 radio hosts are convinced.. after the McDowell fiasco… Seattle would shy away from any guys with issues or red flags. I actually think this is not the case…. since they believe they can reclaim a prospect with a lower draft pick and end up getting higher upside (ie VALUE PICKS). Conventional wisdom has never suited predicting the Seahawks drafts when it came to specific players.

        I certainty would not take Key with #18… I think you could get him in the early 2nd round.

        • Rob Staton

          I kind of agree. I don’t think they’ll change their overall philosophy. They’ll still look for unique traits. They’ll still be willing to take the odd risk.

          But I cannot see them taking Key 12 months after the McDowell situation.

          • Titus

            Look at the track record of all the early picks they’ve made. Bruce Irvin was the biggest boom or bust pick with character concerns. Percy Harvin (in a way, it was their first round pick that year) had special traits with a load of baggage. Christine Michael had been clashing with the coaching staff at Texas A&M during his last uneventful season, but his strength and conditioning coach (who trained AP in the offseasons) said he’d never seen anything like him. Jimmy Graham was considered soft, but had unique size and an incredible catch radius. Then there was the case with McDowell during the draft. Heck, he wasn’t even mentioned hardly on this blog, but he had difference-making traits with some baggage. History has shown just because one player hasn’t worked out doesn’t preclude them from taking a shot at a similar case. As Pete would often say they “Just go for it”. None of the other guys within reach would fit that category. Plus with Pete and Orgeron’s history together, maybe that would be the support system he needs.

            • peter

              literally one of those picks was overall worth it. Irvin and he was just immature. harvin, pointless in hindsight. graham, that didn’t really work, Christine Michael…next time make,sure the guy can actually be a running back.

              it’s fine to take risks. but not when you are missing picks, have big needs, and you’re looking at a player who might not even be that special.

              • H

                Throw in Clark for risky picks that worked out

                • D-OZ

                  So far, on Clark. I am not 100% on Clark just yet. To me the jury is still out on him.
                  I also think there is a change in philosophy coming in the players they select and extend to future contract’s. IMO. They are in a shitstorm concerning their CAP….

                • peter

                  That’s fair. We’ll add Clark to Irvin as risky picks that worked.

            • C-Dog

              I don’t think there was much concern about Irvin on the field. It was just his rough background before getting to West Virginia.

          • C-Dog


  14. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Senior Bowl Note: Shaquem Griffin 6’1″ 220

    “What a kid. I’ve been impressed with him in the meeting room and on the practice field,” O’Brien said. “He’s got a way of playing relative to what his limitations are physically. He’s got a way of playing that is really interesting to watch. He’s going to be an interesting guy to evaluate. He’s a tough guy, he’s fast, he’s good on special teams and a fun kid to coach.”

    What I’ve been reading is that he hits like a cement truck… and you are jaywalking.

    There is something about him that is special, not his limitations, but his ceiling. The interviews were supposedly very positive. Everything you want in a football player…. I can easily see Seattle taking a 6th round flier on the kid.

    • Trevor

      I would love to see him in a Hawks Uni.

      • C-Dog


        If he doesn’t get drafted, I would fully expect him to come to Seattle. I think he gets drafted though.

      • Hawktalker#1


      • peter


    • Sea Mode

      Love the kid and think he will definitely get drafted. But I will admit to a lingering thought about him in Seattle, and that is any possible effect on Shaquill.

      What if the Hawks have to cut Shaquem or relegate him to PS, for example? I know I want to think “no, they are cool dudes, no problem at all”, but Shaquill was fiercely defensive of him throughout their whole life and something tells me that even if he wouldn’t go public against the front office, it could hurt him on the inside.

      Anyway, hopefully all this is moot, but it has at least crossed my mind these days.

      • peter

        This is a fair and unique point. That said. Shaquem was relegated to sitting for basically his first two years in college while Shaquill played.

        I’m totally future casting here but I honestly think even if its just kick off coverage Shaquem is going to find a role for himself.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      If Griffin had 2 hands he’d be a day 2 pick easily. Bet he has a better combine than 1st round lock Roquan Smith. Hawks are loaded on day 3, we have to draft him. Hell I’d take him round 5. He lives and bleeds football. Nobody wants it more.

  15. peter

    on a NFL note for those who think Wilson is getting paid too much how about Tony Pauline’s rumors that Cousins could get near or north of 25 mil per year. Seems reasonable for a guy who is 0-1 in the playoffs, and gets you less than two td’s for every pick he throws…. and the most important stat: Wilson is 65-30-1 and my man Cousins is 26-30-1. He would literally have to have Wilson miss over two seasons AND be perfect for 39 games straight to catch him.

    Wilson isn’t perfect but you can LITERALLY win with that guy.

    If I seem salty it’s just reading that tidbit from Pauline and thinking about the post seahawks season twitterverse proposing that it might be a good idea to move on from Wilson.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Haha I feel you. Here’s the thing-every ‘franchise QB’ gets overpaid. Tannehill, Bradford has made a fortune for what?, Brockweiler, Dalton doesn’t even have a 1 to start his playoff record. The list is looooonnnnggg. Cousins is a good QB, better than those 4 I mentioned, and will get a big deal. Jimmy G will too. Teams are desperate for above average QB’s(cough Browns). Time will tell if they’re worth it, or a boon to a teams salary cap.

      Wilson has limitations. Brady does too. Peyton did. Brees does. They all have earned rings. It’s up to coaches and GMs to make sure they get more jewelry. Belichek is a pretty darn good coach even if he does cheat(that’s verified throughout the league), and have the refs up his sleeve. The trade Wilson crowd is a cop out reaction to a down season riddled with injuries to 4+ top notch starters. Lets see what the coaching overhaul brings to the table next year.

      • Sea Mode


        You trade away a draft haul to get a Russell Wilson, not the other way around.

        • peter

          I like that. And you’re right more teams have traded a haul to get that elusive prospect rather than the other way around.

          Also, the trade Wilson crowd is absolutely oblivious to how mediocre and worse nearly every rookie has ever been.

  16. Awsi Dooger

    Wynn received some specialized coaching after day one. I’m convinced of it. He looked like a tackle misplaced inside on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday his stance and balance were noticeably improved.

    I hate to compliment Gators but their defensive back #24 looked natural and feisty no matter what was shown to him.

    The Penn State tight end doesn’t look like he’s spent one hour in the weight room. Interesting prospect if he does bulk up just enough.

    The Penn State receiver Hamilton received a mention here but not enough. He is very clever especially more than adequate size.

    The Humboldt guy is more aggressive than good. I wouldn’t want him.

    I could watch Hernandez and Jones battle all day. What kind of saw would it take to intrude even a quarter inch into Jones’ midsection?

    • peter

      interesting thought about Wynn. If true it shows one of sports under-appreciated skills, how quickly to adapt to new situations.

      • DC

        I think of Wynn the way I thought of DeCastro in 2012 and I’m going to be pissed when we don’t take him. The dude is going to become a perennial pro bowl player barring injury. He’s got everything you want in an OL. He’s going to have a positive effect on the guys playing next to him.

        Brown-Wynn-Britt is a possible 3 pro-bowl left side.

        Remember the days when the idea of running the ball on 3rd & 1 didn’t cause you to wake up in the middle of the night sweating and screaming in terror?

        • Trevor

          +1 D.C

          I feel the same way about Billy Price as well. Either guy would really set the Hawks up nicely to have a dominant OL.

        • peter

          DC if Seattle can run the ball on 3-1 and 3-2 and not make me walk away from watching I’m good.

          I may be greedy in my wishes but if they can get a kicker that doesn’t make me literally look away when it’s longer than 40 yards I’ll be beyond happy.

          • DC

            Or when on a big play our player gets tackled at the 1 yard line and your best choice is to leave the room then because the inevitable outcome is going to be a wide left missed field goal? lol

            Those 2nd or 3rd and shorts are the money downs.

    • DC

      Hamilton came up with so many great catches against Washington in the Fiesta Bowl it was barely believable.

  17. Allen Mattsen

    I wonder if the Seahawks will consider a Guard at 18 or after a trade down? Nelson would be pipe dream, but guys like Hernandez, Wynn could be nice targets.

    • Trevor

      I hope so Allen. Either of those guys would be a huge upgrade at the LG spot and really solidify the OL.

    • peter

      I’m pretty bored with Oline picks but as that whole line is shaky I think it’s a distinct possibility.

      The only thing that may be a stumbling block is that with an extremely down Oline class, guys like Hernandez and Wynn especially with good senior bowl weeks, and if they put in a nice B+ combine, meaning no “Bj Raji,” style shirtless, out of shape 40-yard dashes…I think both of these guys could be picked right in the twenties.

      Which would mean that Seattle would be looking at very late third-round pick coming back for a drop of 4-6 spots.

      I’mm not sure that’s going to be enough for Seattle this season.

  18. Sea Mode

    Duane Brown and Michael Bennett to Pro Bowl in place of Lane Johnson and Everson Griffen.

  19. Sea Mode

    This could get… interesting.


    Former Seahawks’ OC Darrell Bevell has wrapped up his interview in Arizona for Cardinals’ OC and is pondering his options, per source; Cardinals also plan to speak with former Broncos’ OC Mike McCoy, per source.

    11:10 AM – 23 Jan 2018

    • H

      Ive been thinking about this.. would this apppintment mixed with Wilks, who has experience with a dual threat qb on his team (even if he was the dc with Carolina) make Arizona the team willing to pull the trigger on Lamar Jackson? I hope not because i think hes an incredible talent and Bevell would know how to get the most out of him early on like he did with Russ.

      • Sea Mode

        That’s a great point for any team looking to draft and develop a mobile QB.

  20. Sea Mode

    Rams looking at the good TEs. Noooo 😉

    4h4 hours ago

    #Rams #SeniorBowl Meetings (that I know of) so far:

    TE Tyler Conklin, Central Michigan
    TE Durham Smythe, Notre Dame
    TE Ian Thomas, Indiana
    S Trayvon Henderson, Hawaii

    • DC

      How are you making those cool green quotes?

      • Sea Mode

        with HTML code.

        can’t really write it out here cause the code won’t show, so here’s an image that I hope can explain it simply enough.

        I have those saved as keyboard shortcuts in Chrome with the extension called “Auto Text Expander” to make it easier.

  21. Sea Mode

    Here you go, Vol. Wow, twins!

    • Sea Mode

      And I think this is good start to technique in press. Not quite the full kick step of course, but showed good patience to wait before stepping to the side and then punching with opposite arm.

  22. Sea Mode

    Hmmm, interesting on Damien Harris from Nick Saban. So, probably got a R2 grade from the committee then I suppose?

    • Trevor

      Makes sense he likely would have gone mid second.

      • Sea Mode

        Mmmm, I’m not so sure about that after he would have blown up the combine.

        • Rob Staton

          He would’ve received a second round grade like Ronald Jones II. I think that’s what Saban is referring to. Could’ve easily still gone in R1.

          • Trevor

            Perhaps but there have been a grand total of (5) 1st round draft picks in the last 4 years


            I like Harris but I don’t think he is in the same class as these 5. In recent years to be a Rd#1 RB you need to be truly special

            • Rob Staton

              I never pay attention to positional draft history though.

              Every class/player is different.

              And Damien Harris is legit.

              • Trevor

                I agree I guess I would just not put Harris in the same class as those 5 guys.

                • Tecmo Bowl


                  Harris doesn’t have the big production those 5 RB’s had coming into the draft. His 10 touches a game has to increase in order for him to get into round 1. imo Thinking Bama will use him more next year in a supremely talented Harris and Harris backfield.

    • peter

      To be fair he has carried the rock a lot less than others. It’s easy to see why he would have received a 2nd round grade.

      Also Saban probably has him hyped on a possible Heisman race.

  23. Trevor

    The fix the offense 2018 Draft plan

    -Trade M Bennett and 4th Rd Pick to NE for 2nd RD Pick #64 (Pats have 2)
    -Trade #18 and #64 to Cle for #33 and 35


    #33 Ronald Jones /Option #2 Sony Michel -Dynamic RB to team with Carson and Prosise
    #35 Billy Price / Option #2 Isaiah Wynn / Option #3 Will Hernandez- Dominant LG to solidify that position

    • schuemansky

      Number wise it could work and I am sure that one of the options will be there.
      But almost no cap relieve and no pick on defence before round 5? Not sure I like it.

      • drewdawg11

        Price is going to go first round. Unless something happens during medical checks, or he has a terrible workout, he is better than a lot of dudes who have gone first round in recent drafts.

        • Trevor

          I agree that is why I included Wynn and Hernandez.

  24. Trevor

    Three defensive guys I had not done any work on have really stood out for me at Senior Bowl.

    West Virginia’s Kyzir White, is known as a booming hitter. But his impressive work at Senior Bowl has centered around his ability to play physical man-to-man coverage against tight ends in space. If the Hawks move on from Kam, Earl White has to be on the radar.

    Defensive linemen Nathan Shepherd (Fort Hays State) and Kemoko Turay (Rutgers) are both guys I had not even heard of but looked great to me as potential Day#3 Targets.

    • Sea Mode

      Good names, Trevor. Was reading up on Turay and it sounds like he’s going to have a great combine and has tons of potential that just needs to be coached up.

      And don’t get me started on White… 😉 Have fun those who haven’t seen this yet (and, why not, those who have too!):

      “The Killer” || Kyzir White Career Highlights HD ||

  25. D-OZ

    Turay had a great game against the Husky’s.

  26. Sea Mode

    Rob, almost forgot to say I really enjoy this format of just sharing some of your notes. Helps me learn little by little what to look for in OL/DL evaluation when I see the clips of these guys.

    Wynn looks absolutely every bit as amazing as you have been advertising, or even better now that we get to see him up close. Wide base, low center of gravity, straight back, quick feet, hands inside. #OLclinic

    Was trying to dig for some background story on him, but it seems there’s really nothing to know. He’s a family guy, all business, says in his free time he pretty much just sleeps and practices. I did find this interview of his HS coach from right before the national championship game, which at least has some good tidbits:

    Lakewood High coach Cory Moore will be watching with pride as his former player, Isaiah Wynn, takes the field for Georgia against Alabama in tonight’s national championship game. Wynn played for the Spartans from 2010-13. Moore knows just how hard the 6-foot-3, 305-pound offensive tackle has worked to get on college football’s biggest stage.

    Here are his thoughts about Wynn, then and now:

    On first seeing Wynn: “I remember the first day (older brother) Aaron brought him to practice. He said, ‘Coach, he’s going to be a work in progress.’ But I knew he was going to be good because of his attention to detail. He wanted to be perfect in everything. He wanted to go against the best. He couldn’t block (Lakewood teammate and current Jacksonville Jaguar DL) Dante Fowler in a phone booth, but nobody else could either. But he wanted to go against those kind of guys. He’s a kid who listens to everything you say.”

    On Wynn on and off the field: “He’s two different people. He’s an animal on the field, but off the field he’s got a big smile. He likes to dress immaculately. And he handled his recruiting in the most professional way I’ve ever seen a kid handle it. He had so many coaches who wanted to recruit him, but when he decided he wanted to go to Georgia he told everybody that’s where he was going. There were no ifs, ands or buts about it. He loved Georgia from the get-go.”

    On his talent as an offensive lineman: “I knew he was going to be so good as an offensive lineman that I wouldn’t let him play anywhere else. I wouldn’t let him play D-line or anything because I knew he was going to be a Sunday kid. I told him that. And he will be.”

    • DC

      Thanks Sea Mode, good stuff. Tim Settle is my favorite player in the draft but Wynn is my favorite of the guys I believe will be available when the Seahawks pick.

    • Trevor

      Awesome stuff Seamode! Wynn really would be a great addition and one of the surest things in this draft.

  27. DC

    Now that our 49ers/Harbaugh rivalry is long dead and buried, just wondering who everyone’s most despised team is? I’ll put it in the context of *in what matchup/s would you actually root FOR the NE Patriots in the AFC title game or the Super Bowl?*

    The Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers are the owners of my most bitter feelings. I ALWAYS root against them.

    A very distant 2nd would be the Cam Newton Carolina Panthers. No thank you.

    I guess I still kind of hate Big Ben’s Steelers but just for freshness sake I’d take them over NE.

    I couldn’t stomach watching either of Rodgers or Newton hoisting a Lombardi (though I rooted for GB when they did win it). The remaining 29 teams have my backing to beat NE in the Conference Championship or the big one.

    • H

      Only team i would root for the Pats against is the Rams. I hated them most even during the Harbaugh days, i hated the way they always sucked except against us where theyd win, act like theyd just won a sb then go back to sucking.
      Other than that ill never get over the superbowl loss to the pats and will therefore always hate them most, the fact that theyre a deplorable bunch of cheats doesnt help their case for being rooted for either.

    • Sea Mode

      Root for the Patriots?! Pats vs. Rams I think I just wouldn’t watch it in that case. It’s a lose-lose situation. 🙂

    • Del Tre

      Rams, Cowboys, Tom Brady.
      Want the Rams to go 0-16 every season, theyll be in cap hell soon and McVay will be in a tough spot, very excited for that, really hoping for a big drop in productivity as teams figure McVay out more. Not saying it will happen, just keeping my fingers crossed.
      Want the Cowboys to get smoked because the analysis of the Cowboys is insanely out of touch with reality so i find it hilarious to hear Skip say Shawn Lee made 30 points of difference.

      • peter

        me as well. kind of stoked as just a pure fan to have them start pony-ing up on some big contracts and not getting to pick 15 or higher for a while.

    • Volume12

      Pats, Packers, Rams, and Cardinals. Well that had more to do with Bruce Arians. Kind of like the ‘Boys and Jerry Jones.

      • DC

        I forgot about Jerry. I’d add the Jones’ Cowboys to the list.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      I can’t stand the Geen Bay “Meat” Packers especially Aaron “Stupid wrestling belt move” Rodgers!

      He’s the greatest alright at getting on my nerves!

      I’m stopping before I say something offensive to Rob!

  28. Trevor

    In the last 4 years RB drafted in rounds #1 and #2

    Rd#1 (5) Founette, Mcaffery, Elliott, Gurley, Gordon

    Rd#2 (10) Dalvin Cook, Mixon, Yeldon, Abduluh, Bernard, Laveon Bell, Montee Ball, Eddie Lacy, Christine Michael

    So basically one 1st rounder and two 2nd rounders. Cook and Mixon would likely have been 1st rounders except for off field issues.

    What I see is that the 1st rounders are special talents who dominated CFB and it has translated into NFL.

    Except for Bell the 2nd round guys (Yeldon, Abduluh, Bernard, Laveon Bell, Montee Ball, Eddie Lacy, Christine Michael) have been nothing special.

    In 2018
    Rd#1 Barkley
    Rd#2 Ronald Jones, Sony Michel, Guice, Chubb

    If we can’t get Barkley, Jones or Michel I would prefer to take best RB available Day#3 when we pick. Perhaps a guy like Ballage or Kamyrn Pettaway.

    • Icb12

      To be fully fair to the Packers and Lacy

      Right now would a 2nd round pick be worth a RB that would give you 1200 yards 11 TDs and 400 receiving yards???

      And oh btw he would be offensive rookie of the year..

      Not the Packers fault he never built on that. I’d say that was a decent return on the 61st overall pick.

      • john_s

        If you include 3rd round picks:

        2017 – Kamara, Foreman, James Connor
        2016 – CJ Procise, Kenyan Drake,
        2015 – Tevin Coleman, Duke Johnson, David Johnson, Matt Jones
        2014- Charles Sims, Tre Mason, Terrence West, Jerrick McKinnon, Dri Archer,

        2014 was a huge miss, 2015 had some impact guys, 2016 Drake had a great end to the year, 2017 Kamara is going to be OROY, Foreman was set to take over before his achilles.

    • LeoSharp

      Rd#3 Alvin Kamara, Kareem Hunt, D’onta Foreman, James Conner, Kenyan Drake, C.J. Prosise, Tevin Coleman, Duke Johnson, David Johnson, Charles Sims, Tre Mason, Terrance West, Dri Archer.

      I’m pretty sure in terms of added value the second round is by far the worst round for RBs with the 3rd round actually being the best. Not to say you can’t find talent in the second round but it’s apparent that RB’s are overvalued in the second round and don’t offer much more than guys drafted later than them.

    • D-OZ

      Pettaway all day for me!!! (FEASTMODE) Closest RB in this draft to Lynch….

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        People were calling Eddie Lacy “Feastmode” before he did nothing, you may take me as being a smart ass but Nicknames do not work that way! Call him “Munchie Mode” or “Hand off Hungry” just made those up you try!

      • D-OZ

        It wasn’t something I picked out. It’s on utube. SA

    • white-salmon-hawk

      I’m curious why you are so low on Chubb. How do you feel confident about improving the run game with day 3 RBs only? My RB ranks go more like this:

      N.Chubb, R.Jones > K.Johnson, S.Michel, R.Freeman > R.Penny, K.Pettway, K.Ballage, D.Guice

      I think the jury is still out on Abduluh and Yeldon somewhat; given the situations they were drafted into. Don’t think McCaffrey really warranted a 1st.

      • Trevor

        I am not down on Chubb I just don’t think he offers much value over guys who can be had on Day #3. I dont see him as a dynamic game changing RB. I don’t see him as a huge upgrade to Carson, Davis etc. Before the injury yes. After it no. The Hawks cut Alex Collins and Chubb reminds me of a slightly more athletic version of him.

        I know I am in the minority on Chubb and the fact we all like different guys is what makes the draft fun.

        Ijust really thinkif the Hawks cant get Barkley, Jones or Michel then address other areas of need with that first pick and address RB later.

        • white-salmon-hawk

          I also like the opinion diversity on this board. Especially the views that counter Rob’s – it sparks good debate!
          I think Chubb’s impact is going to be closer to Todd Gurley than Marcus Lattimore (Injury comeback). I see Chubb as a top 10 pick pre-injury. It was a bad one though and he is making all the steps to get back to his former self. It was amazing to see him make it back this last season only 1 year removed from injury. Think he was still healing during the season – getting his explosion/speed back. Wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him test off the charts at the combine and exceed in the NFL.

  29. Sea Mode

    Is LSU RB Darrel Williams what Lacy was supposed to be for us this season…? Better than Pettaway?

  30. Mark Souza

    Rob, you wondered in your post why Davenport was exclusively bull rushing on Wednesday. What I heard is the coaches had him at D Tackle in the one on one drills to see if he could operate in a swing mode a la Michael Bennett, to put added pressure on the QB on obvious passing downs. The thing that I noticed and was struck by was, although he’d never played the position before, no matter who they put in front of him he quickly ran them back into the quarterback and crushed the pocket. The down side, though he accomplished job one, collapsing the pocket and disrupting the timing of the QB, he couldn’t manage to disengage from his man to be able to be the one to register the sack. Considering it was his first day with the technique, I’m pretty sure he’ll pick it up with a little coaching. Scary potential when you consider how raw he is.

  31. LeoSharp

    I’ve been really disappointed in how raw Davenport has looked. Probably isn’t worth more than a 3rd/4th at this point. He’ll likely still be drafted earlier but I think he’s someone to be avoided early

    • Aaron

      Looks like a 4th rounder at the earliest. Not impressed at all by his lack of pass rushing moves. He got away with being the strongest guy where he played at, but that will not be the case in the NFL. If these rookie tackles can best him then veterans will make him invisible on the field. Hard pass.

  32. Volume12

    I wonder if some teams will like Kallen Ballage as a WR. Kind of a Ty Montgomery type scenario.

    At 6’2, 222 lbs. and hitting 23 MPH, the same speed Tyreek Hill hit at the SR bowl is some freaky stuff.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Ballage is showing some freak athleticism in these Senior bowl practices! Could see a Ty M type role too-highly versatile.

      • Logan Lynch

        Hopefully he will actually be good. In my opinion, Montgomery is neither a good RB nor a good WR.

    • Sea Mode

      Every team is gonna need a specialized LB to cover all these RBs out of the backfield coming in like him and Jaylen Samuels. Report I read said Ballage was making the LBs out there look like fools trying to cover him on routes.

      Could that be Shaquem’s role at the next level, along with ST stud? Big enough (223) to tackle them, quick enough to chase them down, agile enough to cover them.

      • Volume12

        Probably. Might be a hot take but Shaquem is a top 50 talent for me. He’s something else.

        Speaking of STs, Ballage will probably be a kick a** gunner too.

        • peter

          have any idea what happened to him last year? was it just the team was a mess?

        • peter

          that’s pretty spicy but if dude had two hands first he would have played 3 years,and come out last year instead if riding the pine. or maybe not but with his numbers I’m not sure anyone would flinch thinking of him in the second round.

  33. Volume12

    Oh my god! XFL back in 2020.

    ‘Less stall, more ball.’ Hahaha! 2 hour games. Will be start in Janruary-February.

    Vince McMahon should get ahold of Lamar Jackson and let him know he can play QB. Brock Lesnar as the color commentator? His press conference is fascinating stuff.

    😂😂 He just called Darren Rovell ‘Dan’ literally seconds after he was introduced as Darren.

    • Volume12

      Won’t let anyone play with an arrest record, must stand during the anthem, no cheer leaders (thought they’d be nude), no WWE guys can play, and will try to make it the safest type of football (thought the HC’s would be able to give chairshots to the head if one of their guys committed a penalty).

      We better get a Johnny Manziel/RG3 rivalry outta this.

      • Logan Lynch

        Dammit Pal, this could be great!

        Unfortunately no Johnny Football due to a criminal record.

        Could we get ring ropes instead of a sideline? That would be fun!

      • peter

        “thought they’d be nude!” haha!

        oddly though I think in modern times the wwe is a lot more decisive on its athlete/performers and as strange,as this “conduct detrimental….” sexual assault allegations, up and comers with anti Semitic twitter time lines….etc. certainly more decisive than Goodell/jerruh jones.

  34. Trevor

    My hot take on this years QB class.

    Baker Mayfeild will have the most NFL career wins of any QB in this draft class and will battle Barkley for offensive ROY.

    Mayfeild is like Watson, Wentz, Russ they just have that IT Factor and shine when the lights come on.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Hard disagree.

      Wentz and Watson have done very little.

      Both have. About half of a good season in the NFL

      Lets wait till they make the postseason once huh.?

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