The 2024 QB class is shining & thoughts on the Seahawks’ future

Quinn Ewers had his best game for Texas in a win against Alabama

Note: This is a long post, starting with some thoughts on the Seahawks. If you want to skip to the quarterback scouting notes, there’s a bold title (‘This was an impressive weekend of QB play’) where the review begins.

When I sat down to watch multiple college football games this weekend (thank you, YouTube) I did so anticipating a good start to the season for the Seahawks.

As I’m putting these notes together today, on Tuesday, I feel very differently. I’m inclined now to face a stark reality that the current regime might be able to make the current roster more competent than we saw against the Rams. However, I have no belief that they’ll be able to guide this franchise back to a deep playoff run. We’re seeing too many of the same problems repeat over the last few years.

Further to that, the manner of the performance — ragged, tactically inept, incapable of adjustment, shambolic in the second half — has torched any feeling that this can be anything more than a streaky team who may well win a collection of games this year and raise spirits but they’ll collapse as soon as they face a meaningful opponent in a meaningful contest.

Geno Smith wasn’t to blame on Sunday but he did show, sadly, that he isn’t going to be able to drag his team out of a hole when the going gets tough. We’ve seen this type of offensive performance before. Whether that’s on the quarterback or the staff, the Seahawks have had halves where they’ve not been able to do anything. Even in last year’s opener against Denver — a game that was celebrated like a Championship win by many — the Seahawks did absolutely nothing offensively in the second half.

Sunday left me feeling like the idea of paying Smith anywhere between $31.2m and $41.2m next year would be hard to justify given the financial state of the team. Now, I appreciate it’s one game and in the coming weeks it’s almost certain Smith will perform far better than we saw against the Rams. Yet the Seahawks, since the Germany trip last year, are 3-7 in their last 10 games. Within that stretch, Smith has not played well.

As I go into this extensive, thorough review of what I saw from the quarterbacks in college football at the weekend — I couldn’t help but think of two things.

Firstly, the Seahawks need to draft a QB next year. They currently have a projected available cap of $975,664 for 2024. Less than a million dollars. They saved money this year by re-working Jamal Adams’ contract. They have approximately $9m to spend. This wasn’t to go and target a Chris Jones type via trade. It was to have the capability to go and bring in someone like Jason Peters, if needed. Now they have the money to do that. Whether it’ll be a waste of money on a 41-year-old (!!!) tackle when you can just start Stone Forsythe instead remains to be seen. Every penny they spend on Peters, though, comes out of the amount they can roll into next year.

Their best lever to create cap space in 2024 is going to be moving on from Geno Smith. If he can’t lead an offense — with all of the talent on the roster we see — to more than three meaningful yards in an entire half of football — then they need to think about saving money.

Secondly, I don’t want Pete Carroll overseeing a fresh start at the position. He has consistently had his defense unprepared to start the season for too many consecutive years. This is supposed to be his calling card. We can’t keep doing the same thing every season. Carroll’s motivational skills are obvious and nobody is saying he’s a bad coach or doesn’t deserve flowers galore for all he’s achieved in Seattle. It’s time, though, after 13 years, to embrace that nothing lasts forever.

I want to see a good, quality offensive mind brought in to lead a new era. I appreciate that is easier said than done. I look at Sean McVay with the Rams and Kyle Shanahan with the 49ers and think, that’s what I want. Think Nick Sirriani and what he’s done for Jalen Hurts. Heck, I’ll take a Matt LaFleur.

Perhaps the opponents on Sunday, Detroit, possess the man of the moment in offensive coordinator Ben Johnson? Maybe the new McVay, Shanahan or Sirriani isn’t an obvious candidate we can easily name at this juncture?

I detest the ‘careful what you wish for’ scaredy-cat approach so many resort to in response to this topic. As noted yesterday, the Seahawks themselves have benefitted from being prepared to take chances.

I also subscribe to the theory presented by Mike Florio that it is best to pair a new quarterback with an offensive minded Head Coach. That way, if the team succeeds, said coach will not be poached by another team. If you appoint a defensive-minded Head Coach and their offensive coordinator succeeds with the QB, it’s almost certain you’ll eventually have to replace the coordinator.

Dan Quinn knows this all too well. He went to the Super Bowl and Matt Ryan was named NFL MVP when he had Kyle Shanahan as offensive coordinator. As soon as Shanahan bolted for Santa Clara, the wheels fell off in Atlanta. I have a minor concern that when Carroll does eventually move on, whenever that will be, Quinn will replace him. I’m not totally against the idea because Quinn has repaired his reputation post-Atlanta with an excellent stint in Dallas. However, he also gets to work with Micah Parsons and any offensive success could stall — as it did in Atlanta — if the offensive coordinator is ripe for picking down the line.

Whether this is realistic or not, I think the Seahawks’ long-term vision should be to pair a young, talented quarterback with an excellent offensive-minded Head Coach. People will try and shut-down this kind of talk as premature and reactionary to one defeat. It isn’t that at all. We’re seeing the same problems go unaddressed year after year. They speak of being competitive annually, yet they haven’t been a proper playoff force for nearly a decade. They haven’t been able to recreate the bullying, formidable roster they crave and they struggle to be a fine-tuned, tactical powerhouse either. It feels like one season blends into the next. Players and coaches come and go but ultimately, they never feel any closer to the top teams in the league.

Sunday was a flash-point because it was so bad. Everything we’ve come to expect from this team in a negative sense under Carroll was exposed for all to see. Complaints and a desire for change are not new calls off the back of one game.

Apologies if this has felt like a rambling, unnecessary introduction into what is essentially a long-read on quarterback scouting. I feel this kind of conversation is necessary though. It’s unacceptable to see the defense so ill-prepared to start a football season yet again. It’s unacceptable to see the team out-thought and out-coached by an opponent who, according to the players, ‘wanted it more’.

The Seahawks under Carroll are never likely to be so bad that a parting becomes inevitable. Yet I don’t think, nearly a decade after their last meaningful playoff run, they’re ever going to return to those days under this Head Coach. I think it’s time for a fresh start. New ideas, a new approach. And that means, probably, a new young quarterback too.

Luckily, the 2024 class is showing a lot of potential.

This was an impressive weekend of QB play

Over the summer I spent considerable time scouting the 2024 quarterbacks and came away with the impression that it’s a very deep, loaded class. However, I wasn’t convinced there’d be three quarterbacks taken in the top-five like this year.

I’m still generally of that mindset. I think it could change, though, because outside of Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison Jr I’m really struggling to find players who warrant a top-five projection. It looks like a very thin draft class again for high picks. That could mean a number of QB’s are promoted way up the board.

The thing is, so many of the QB’s I’ve watched at the start of this college football season are playing great football. They are impressing me more than I expected. I’ve started compiling notes for my horizontal board and I’ve already got 11 quarterbacks earmarked for a potential placing in the first three rounds. I haven’t even watched everyone yet. More names could be added to the list.

2024 is shaping up to be an ideal year to invest in a quarterback.

Quinn Ewers (Texas) vs Alabama

This was easily the best I’ve seen Ewers play. It is worth noting before we start that Alabama were dreadful. They look mediocre in a way I can’t recall under Nick Saban. There were no clear defensive difference makers, no dynamic running backs and the quarterback only offered a handful of splashy plays and a lot of maddening nonsense. Alabama look like they could easily drop a few games this year and be an afterthought come the winter. It’s a long time since we’ve been able to say that.

It’s also worth noting that Texas played Alabama well a year ago and would’ve beaten them but for Bryce Young’s magic. Steve Sarkisian seems to have an angle on how to play his old team close. That said, you have to credit Texas. Ewers was excellent and made every key play he needed to make. Their offence answered every time Alabama put points on the board. I also think Texas’ D-line shone in a big way. Byron Murphy was superb and T’Vondre Sweat anchored nicely as a nose tackle with plus athleticism — his second strong performance in as many weeks.

It was interesting to hear that Ewers has dropped weight to get to 195lbs. He can’t stay at that weight in the NFL so it’d be interesting to see how the league views that.

Time and time again he stayed poised in the pocket, allowed plays to develop and diagnosed what throw he needed to make. Texas were 9/21 on third and fourth down and Ewers consistently made good decisions to convert.

We saw a lot of the Sarkisian staple offense here — passes into the flat, swing-passes and easy outs. Sark’s offense does have a lot of high-percentage stuff and it didn’t translate well to the NFL when he became an OC at the next level. It’s worth noting. However, Ewers still impressed mightily here.

He converted his first third down with his legs, showing good awareness and athleticism.

On his first score, he converted a crucial 3rd and 8 with tremendous patience in the pocket, his footwork is good to just stay on course and navigate the pressure, he keeps his eyes downfield and delivers a good throw when his receiver uncovers running towards the left sideline. It’s excellent QB management of the play. Then, he lofts a perfectly thrown deep-ball for a big touchdown.

The deep-ball has been a point of contention for Ewers. He was awful throwing deep against Rice last week and it’s certainly an area where there are question marks. Having dropped down to 195lbs he does look small and he lacks the big tools of a 6-4, 225lbs passer. That has to be a little bit of a concern. However, this was as good a deep ball as we saw last weekend — perfect loft and height on the pass, good arm strength and incredible accuracy.

He had a terrific 3rd and 4 conversion with 9:08 remaining in the first half. He hitches (perhaps unnecessarily) and that allows a pass rusher to hit him as he cocks to throw. Even so, he stands tall, absorbs contact and delivers a huge strike down the middle of the field to convert. He needed eight yards, he got 20. The receiver is wide open to be fair (Alabama were tragically bad) but he still did well under pressure.

There were times were his accuracy was still a little bit patchy, especially towards the end of the first half and start of the second. He had some misses.

With 7:49 left in the third quarter he threw a lovely fade down the left sideline. He was stuck on his own goal line but stayed poised, saw the 1v1 to the outside and gave his receiver a chance to make a big play.

He had a nice scoring drive to start the fourth quarter. The Alabama coverage was suspect but the touchdown throw was expertly executed. He had to wait for the receiver to clear the safety, who was reading the QB. He anticipated the right time to throw and nailed the pass. Ideal timing and placement. This is the kind of field IQ and feel you want to see from a pro-prospect — not just executing high-percentage throws or bombs to open NFL receivers. He was using his brain as much as the scheme and the physical tools to make this play.

I really liked a 2nd and 15 conversion with 10:36 remaining in the game. It’s a well read play, executed to perfection over the middle. Ewers was comfortable attacking soft spots in coverage over the middle.

Alabama, even in this form, are a difficult opponent to play on the road. There were various times were the crowd got into it or the hosts had momentum. Every time, Ewers and the Texas offense answered when they needed a drive. He finished 24/38 passing for 349 yard and three touchdowns. This was by far his best game in college. If he keeps this up he will have serious draft momentum to match his natural talent and whip-like release.

Shedeur Sanders (Colorado) vs Nebraska

In this game Sanders again showed he is a next level operator with the necessary arm strength, creativity, field IQ and natural ability. You get the feeling he was born to play the position. I’m starting to think he won’t declare this year, he’ll stick it out with his Dad for 2024 and he’ll start next year as the expected #1 pick for 2025.

Sanders showed he can nail a difficult out-route where he has to move off the spot, re-set his feet and deliver when the defensive back has threatening positional leverage. He has the arm strength to throw across the field into tight windows.

On another throw, he delivered a strike from the left hash right across to the right sideline — showing off his ability to throw with punch and timing.

He had some misses in the first half and a settling down period was required. He didn’t seem to be on the same page as his receivers sometimes and you could argue he tried too hard to extend plays. He admitted some early errors after the game but once things clicked, this was an impressive display.

One minute into the second half, Sanders has time in the pocket but feels late pressure. He avoids the defender and scrambles to his right. On the run, he then throws a perfect 45-yard pass downfield hitting his receiver right in the hands. It’s a wonderful throw — as pretty as it was effective. This completion came on 3rd and 15. This is how a top-level playmaker operates.

He threw an excellent pass with 6:51 left in the third quarter. Moments earlier he’d seen a touchdown pass dropped. He stormed back by shifting to his left, reading what the defense was showing and when his running back uncovered in the end zone, he threw into a perfect area between three defensive players for the score.

In other schemes you see so many manufactured throws that are high percentage. Time and time again Sanders is reading the field, diagnosing and consistently throwing over the middle with poise and accuracy.

He had a two-point conversion where he scrambled around like Caleb Williams, shedding a tackle and extending the play, before improbably throwing an accurate pass across his body that was away from a diving defender and gave his receiver a chance. The wide-out couldn’t complete the pass but it was pure magic from Sanders.

He did take some avoidable sacks in the game and he needs to work on that. Overall though, his stock continues to blossom and he’s an exciting talent.

Tyler Van Dyke (Miami) vs Texas A&M

TVD (as I will call him in this piece) burst onto the scene in 2021 and warranted first round projections going into 2022. However, there was always a fear that the wretched Mario Cristobal system would bring him back down to earth. So it proved a year ago. His 2022 season was a mess.

It was pleasing to see him play so aggressively in this game against a reasonable opponent. This was more like the 2021 version of TVD — showing off a big arm, skill as a passer and the ability to take over a game.

On his first drive on a key third down, he settles down in the pocket and throws a dart with impressive anticipation. He steps into the throw and delivers before the receiver gets into his break to come back to the QB. The throw is right on time and is on the receiver’s grill but he drops the pass. Nevertheless, this was next-level anticipation from the quarterback.

He had a wonderful throw right down the right hash with 4:30 left in the first quarter on his third series. TVD shows good base, he splits the defence with a perfect in-stride throw allowing major YAC and a huge gain. It’s a tremendous play.

When he’s given time and is in attack-mode, TVD can be deadly. With 11:13 left in the second quarter he threw downfield from his own 40-yard-line from the right hash to the left sideline, completing a perfect pass on the 15 yard line. The touch and placement on the pass is ideal and allows the receiver to make the completion and run-in for a score.

He led a good drive right before half-time to take the lead, with another textbook throw to the left sideline placed into an area where only his receiver can make the catch. Then he finished things off with seconds to spare nailing a pass on the run into the end zone.

As with Shedeur Sanders, he has no problem throwing an out to the left. The arm strength and anticipation is there.

There’s evidence of him coming off receivers when he doesn’t like the read, hitching, re-setting and then firing a strike over the middle.

He iced the game with a beautiful 3rd and 8 throw downfield to the right sideline, hitting his receiver in stride for a big gain and thanks to some awful A&M tackling, the receiver managed to break into the open-field and score.

This is the TVD we came to really rate the season before last. He looks confident and poised. He’s attacking opponents and working over the defense. For a big guy he can move around a little to create. He looked like a legit NFL prospect in this game where he finished 21/30 passing for 374 yards and five touchdowns. He would’ve had six touchdowns but for a drop in the end zone by a receiver on a ball lofted in-behind the coverage to the back of the central end zone area.

Michael Penix Jr (Washington) vs Tulsa

Tulsa put up very little resistance but you can only beat what’s in front of you and Penix Jr showed easy arm strength as usual. I’m smitten with his arm and it’s one of the best you will ever see. He also has fantastic weapons and knows how to get the ball to them — so it’s an explosive and fun offense to watch.

Penix did throw a poor interception with 13:57 left in the first half. He’s moving around too much in the pocket and then he just lazily overthrows the ball into the end zone. I’m not sure the receiver properly tracks it in the air (the broadcasters wondered whether he was interfered with) but it just screamed ‘trusting his arm too much’. He’s clearly got one of the best arms in America but you can’t lose concentration and just trust that everything’s going to come off. It’s a poor pick. I said last week he needs to get the interception numbers down from eight this year, playing in this scheme. This was careless. He also had some overthrown deep-ball’s early last week too so it’d be nice to see him clean things up in the coming weeks.

I love the way he can throw from different angles and still generate obscene arm strength throwing off his back-foot. I’m curious how surgical he can be — and not just trust his arm — when he needs to play in a far less comfortable scheme in the NFL. This is a very open, limited read system where he’s throwing to NFL receivers against substandard college DB’s. Yet the arm talent is as good as anyone in the game — NFL or college. That’s how special his arm is. The question mark for me is purely about being able to mix in a proper pro-game-plan to complement the obvious big-play ability he’s going to possess.

He seemed to hurt his non-throwing right hand making a tackle after a fumble by Jalen McMillan. Hopefully this isn’t anything too serious.

Penix throws comfortably over the middle and isn’t a check-down machine. It was one thing that was so impressive about this group of QB’s last weekend — their willingness and skill to throw over the middle.

A great example of his unreal arm talent was a side-arm throw from his own 12-yard line, placed between two defenders with great velocity and accuracy, for a significant gain on a first and 10 to ignite a drive. Then he was able to launch from his own 35-yard-line to the opponents 20 with perfect touch and timing — again between two defenders.

Physical traits matter in the NFL and Penix Jr’s sensational arm talent will have the attention of a lot of people in the NFL.

Drake Maye (North Carolina) vs Appalachian State

I watched this game mixed in with Washington/Tulsa. UNC played quite poorly and relied on Maye to bail them out. He was far from perfect but he produced in big, key moments to drive his team to victory. This included an improvised chest-pass to convert a third down and numerous creative situations where he extended plays. He showed off a great arm to lead several drives in the second-half and deserved a game-winning moment when he put-together a last-gasp drive (only for the kicker to miss the field goal, sending it to OT — although UNC still won).

I remain unconvinced that he’s the top-five lock many believe but this was a first-round QB performance, dragging his team over the line when they could’ve easily dropped this one. He clearly has physical tools, creative qualities and natural talent. It just feels like he needs to clean a few things up. This was basically an example of Maye vs Appalachian State though — and it’s good to see he can lead his team in that kind of situation.

Riley Leonard (Duke) vs Lafayette

He just looks completely legit. Great size and arm. Yes he played a weaker opponent than Clemson this week but he throws a pretty ball and I think he just needs more game experience to settle down in the pocket.

He did have a generous PI flag go his way. It was an under thrown deep-ball that caught out the defender and as he tried to adjust to the ball, the contact was made and the flag was thrown. How often do you see this in the modern NFL — QB’s bailed out by PI on underthrown passes? Either way, he did little else wrong on an easy afternoon.

He sprayed passes to all levels and showed off arm strength and talent. He didn’t have any crazy touchdown runs this week but he still made a defender miss before half-time. He led a really nice drive to get a field goal before the break (it was missed). Leonard, as with the other QB’s, is very comfortable throwing over the middle.

The conditions deteriorated in the second half and Leonard didn’t play much with the game secured. There’s no doubt in my mind though that he has first round potential. He’s a tremendous athlete with a good arm and he’s off to a good start this year.

Spencer Rattler (South Carolina) vs Furman

South Carolina let Furman linger for a half but right before half-time, Rattler dragged him team into a comfortable position. One downfield score gave the Gamecocks the lead and then with 23 seconds remaining he scrambled to his right and threw downfield on the run from his own 18-yard line. The ball travelled 58-yards through the air and was caught by the receiver for a huge gain. This was a wonderful example of Rattler’s easy arm strength, immense playmaking ability and next level talent. He finished the drive by throwing a touchdown to the left pylon with three seconds remaining.

With 10:05 left in the third quarter, Rattler threw from his own four-yard line with perfect loft, trajectory, placement and velocity to a receiver who caught the ball on the opponents’ 45-yard-line. It’s a wonderful 51-yard pass. Rattler’s arm is a sight to behold. It’s a first round arm.

Shortly after, he faced pressure on 3rd and 8 and threw downfield from his own 48-yard line. The ball sails perfectly to the goal-line for a huge 1v1 catch to the receiver who makes the grab for a touchdown. This was a masterclass in deep-ball throwing from Rattler. Where would South Carolina be without him?

On this showing he has a chance to go in round one. The talent is now matched-up to a good attitude, work-rate and understanding of his role on the team. He is in control and he’s turning into a top, top player.

Bo Nix (Oregon) vs Texas Tech

I’ve watched a chunk of Nix’s throws from this game but not every throw. There’s no doubt he has a good arm, plus athleticism and he’s managing the Oregon offense in a way he was never able to at Auburn.

That said, the offense feels very safe. There are a lot of check-downs and dump-offs. There are a lot of easy completions. I’ve no idea why the refs took an interception that appeared clear and obvious off the board late in the game, when Nix tried too hard to make a play and threw an ill-advised pass into the end zone when already in field goal range.

I struggle to muster that much excitement for Nix. There’s no reason to have him graded lower than the third round range. Yet I don’t think there’s anything, currently, that makes you want to crave him as the future franchise QB. Not with other options available that feel more appealing without the prior SEC/Auburn performance baggage.

He is a good athlete with a decent arm and he is managing things well for Oregon. They click because he is leading the offense nicely. Yet there are several QB’s I would say I prefer in this class.

Jordan Travis (Florida State) vs Southern Miss

This was another strong showing from Travis. He was creative, scrambling to make opportunities. He throws over the middle well and clearly can jump through progressions. He wasn’t helped by a series of dropped catches early in the game but generally he was accurate, athletic and poised. He lacks the big, physical tools of others in this class but he is giving off solid third-round vibes with the way he has started this season and he has the upside to shift into round two.

This article involved the watching of many college football games over two days, followed by tape review on Monday, compiling of notes and proof-reading. If you enjoy the blog and want to support content like this — why not contribute to running costs via Patreon — (click here)


  1. LouCityHawk

    Regarding the first of the article.

    I agree 100% that you want to pair the head coach and QB, and for a young QB, pairing them with an O-coordinator coach is ideal for their development, as a cycling and recycling of o-coordinators can be very damaging.

    I also think that anyone who thought that PC would last into the new ownership regime isn’t really grounded in reality. At best he gets a swan song year while the new owner considers their options. It is depressing to think that we may be running in place until then 2025 or 2026 seasons, and that is from a fan with 4 decades of support.

    I am very pessimistic that PC either walks away after this year or is shown the door. I’m also concerned about trying to land your first choice of Head Coach with the specter of a new owner looking over the position. It has been a long time since I worked for someone, but I still give the same advice someone gave me: people don’t leave jobs, they leaves bosses.

    The combination of all those factors has me wincing at the reality that there are several intriguing QB candidates in the 2024 draft class. I’m not sold on the current regime’s ability to select or develop a QB however. So if PC is still the coach, I guess we should Lock it up until 2025 draft – at the earliest.

    • Big Mike

      Agree with everything you said Lou. Last person I want coaching a new QB is “defensive” (in quotes cuz well, our defense is pretty offensive to watch) HC Pete Carroll. Sadly, as we’ve discussed my guess is the franchise treads water with Carroll for at least the next 2 years and it’d be sad to see a promising young QB not developed properly by this regime.

      • LouCityHawk

        There is a subtler point about hiring a Dan Quinn or alternative defensive coach, and seeing your OCoordinator leave for their own HC gig.

        As much as I love Quinn, I think this might be right. The current model is to get your offensive guru, your QB, then hire a good DC (Quinn, Schwartz, Evero, etc…) and pay them richly. This struck me watching the Jets last night, so it was eerie seeing Rob discuss it.

        That stresses even more that time is of the essence for the Seahawks. The cupboard might already be getting picked over for difference making coaches. This off-season might see Johnson and Sanders (Prime) as the top two candidates.

        It also struck me, that moving on now has a benefit, if the coach is not the right one, the new owner doesn’t have any loyalty or ties to them, and can quickly move along, but if there is a culture of success in place, why not stick it out?

    • Peter

      What’s worse for ne about looming specters, sale dates, etc….is the thought I have that what if the date of potential sake is just something we hold to for hope and that Ms. Allen doesn’t feel that way at all?

      We already have one pretty shining example where she or someone(s) turned down a prospective offer to purchase the trailblazers from the most logical buyer possibly in the planet in Phil Knight.

      From the day Pete and John got their new contracts I’ve been counting on the sale being the reason. But none of know that. And we don’t know that a new owner, if they are not a fan as well, won’t just let them carry on.

      People mention that a new owner might not like to purchase the team if there’s a new gm or new head coach before hand. That never made sense to me. If the new FO is winning….they’d keep them. If they are losing…well give them their walking papers. Plus aren’t the days of local fan with tons of cash buys team because it’s a (very) lucrative, civic gesture sort of over.

      I get the sense from American football to real football it’s more just an investment portfolio piece, bragging rights thing. Shad khan, the Waltons, kroenke….

      • LouCityHawk

        I don’t think an ownership group not liking the existing GM/Coach is ever a bar, they can either just fire them, or give them a a year’s leash while the group does it’s due diligence on who they want to install.

        Rather, it is a coach or gm who may have trepidation about tying themselves to the mast of the unknown.

        There are rumors that Bezos was politely asked to not bid on the Commies because the NFL would like him to purchase the Seahawks. Heather there is any truth to that, I do not know, I also have no idea how Bezos would be as an owner.

        Football is both bragging rights and investment. Look at Snyder’s flush profit. The NFL is all about curating its Billionaire class at this point.

        Allen not selling is a fair point, but if that is the case, I suspect the first clue we would get is a PC retirement announcement after the season. That she starts to play the long game rather than the short one.

        • Malanch

          “I also have no idea how Bezos would be as an owner.” –Lou

          Well, we could make some guesses based on how Bezos was as a CEO and is as an executive chairman.

          For instance, Amazon’s reputation regarding the treatment of its workforce under his leadership could give us some insights. So too could the Washington Post’s track record regarding the integrity of its political neutrality and objective reporting. We could also glean an idea or three about a potential ulterior agenda by noting that Bezos has attended multiple Bilderberg meetings and maintains ties with card-carrying Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission members. Yeah, we could root around his background a quite a bit, if so inclined, and really discover some things that would at least inform our guesses …

          … But as to whether Bezos, as owner, would respect the franchise and respect the fans—well, we don’t need to guess about that at all.

          • Malanch

            (That’s a Rings of Power reference, which now has the Benny Hill theme song circling through my skull on an endless loop.)

    • Ty the Guy

      How would y’all feel about Kellen Moore as the next HC?

      PNW guy, offensive minded, has been interviewed for past several offseasons for HC positions, and is now on the West Coast…

      Love me some Pete Carroll, but like Russell, it just feels like it’s time. Even if he is able to pull this team together for a playoff run.

      • Peter

        Just me but moore gives me vibes of a guy who will be a prolific OC and not a HC.

        • LouCityHawk

          Norv Turner?

      • LouCityHawk

        I just threw up a bit in my mouth.

        Moore’s offense gets dismantled too often, his protections crumble at the worst time, and he has shown no ability to progress his QBs. I recall the Broncos v Boys game from a few years ago.

        Plus he now has Staley stank on him. Staley is on a hotter seat than PC, and the boy from Prosser is positioned to be the successor with Herbert as the QB.

    • BK26

      My worry is that all of the young talent and draft picks gets wasted because nothing changes until there is new ownership (if that even happens). Pete thinks that he knows what he is doing and no quarterback, defense stays bottom tier, and we are middling (basically the current situation for years).

      Jody doesn’t care, Pete thinks he knows all, and John either can’t do anything or might end up leaving (he’s the only one that I am fine staying around).

      Here are a bunch of intriguing quarterbacks. And with each day, I become more and more sure that we won’t touch any of them. Or get a guy that shouldn’t even be a draft pick.

      All of the bad…ness…? over these years is coming back, stronger than ever. Worst part, where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

      • LouCityHawk

        I have been running with the assumption that Jodi sells…

        My mind says that if she has no intention of selling then PC may be given his swan song this year (missed playoffs).

        My best guess is that she doesn’t want to make a change (because why would she) prior to a sale following the 2024 season.

        As depressing as it is, this fan base loves giving standing O’s to the BWagz, and that has always been the case. I’m a hybrid fan, so I only follow the Mariners and Seahawks, but have other loyalties in other sports. Seattle fans have a certain portion who are sentimental, they hold on too long to aging players, believe too long in younger non-developing players, and employ a kind of toxic positivity…amongst other things. Not every fan base is like that, and that section of fans will not put the kind of pressure on Jodi to force a change earlier.

        I’m not going to pick on a particular viewpoint, because they speak for themselves. Nor do I think it is bad to enjoy aging stars at the cost of winning, sports is about enjoyment after all.

        So your worry is justified, I choose to be an optimist though, maybe Jodi feels a need, a need for Coach Prime! Maybe I’m right, and we lose out on this class and are looking at the 2025 class (Which may include some intriguing names) with a new HC we wouldn’t have expected.

  2. LouCityHawk

    Great write up on the QBs, as always, my non-Seahawks friends enjoy your write up and analysis and wish they had similar blogs for their own teams.

    It is tough looking at the QB class and trying to decipher what the Seahawks may do (see the Coach/Owner part of your post). We just saw the cautionary tale with the 9ers and TL, about buy in especially from the coach. It is impossible to guess what a coach, like Ben Johnson, might prefer in his QB – other than being named Caleb Williams.

    The player I continue to not see it with is Drake Maye – reminds me of a less athletic Zach Wilson. I’m just going to have to check out on him until the draft.

    With a widening variety of QB playing styles (all in display with the QBs you highlighted) fans are going to gravitate towards their preferred style of play. No QB is scheme proof though, and at the end of the day I think most fans just want success.

    Of the QBs you highlighted are there some that seem to fit the JS mold more than others (assuming he is doing the picking)? The traits from these QBs doesn’t stop on the field, there are age disparities, injury histories, and real questions about translating the play from college to the NFL. Who are the more desirable QB options from a franchise perspective? More and more personalities seem to matter to people (digital age I guess), have any of the QBs shown a charisma like AR/Burrow or the anti-charisma of Levis/Lock? Not saying I buy into those, just noting that casual fans seem to place a lot on whether they ‘like’ their QB.

    • Peter

      Being a draft blog….

      Anyone have concerns that Sanders has never played under anyone other than his dad? I’m sure he’s absorbed that energy. And I feel pretty sure watching his play that he’s a talent. I also don’t get the sense that Prime would play his son just to do it. But realistically it is a fairly unique situation.

      • BK26

        Oddly, I’m not worried about him because of who his dad is. He seems like he’s got that swagger, that chip on this shoulder. He got mad about comments that Rhule made about his dad and that the Huskers were having a meeting on the Buffs logo, took it personally, and played like it was personal. He seems like Prime.

        I want that. That is what the team is missing. He feels like he’d fit the Super Bowl teams perfectly. If we can’t get Rattler, I want Prime Time Jr. Shocked with how impressed of him I am. No way he would settle for only 3 yards in a quarter, let alone a half.

        • LouCityHawk

          Agree about his chippyness. It reminds me less of his dad though and more of someone else. I’ll wait out the season to see…

          • BK26

            I will say, not to the level of his dad. I haven’t seen that over the top cockiness. It was refreshing hearing him talk about Nebraska.

            For someone that I wrote off before the season, I’m really enjoying him. Buffs are a secondary college team of mine.

            Something about him is just an x-factor that guys like Mahomes and Burrow have. Almost a pissed off to be great. I see it in him and Rattler with his adversity that he overcame.

      • LouCityHawk

        If his dad was someone different I might worry about it.

        My take is that Coach Prime will get first pick at the NFL coaching vacancies next year. That bodes really well for his son. Think of how generational talent, people who have been around the game, typically perform, whether it is McVay, Shanny, the Mannings, Metcalf, etc…

        What will be interesting is that the top 2 ABs in the 2024 draft may want to dictate where and for whom they play. Which might be trendsetting going forward.

  3. Tezza

    Hey Robert,
    How will you rank the qb right now?
    Also think we are in the Caleb Williams sweepstakes, no Kupp and a bunch of names put 30 on us.

    • Peter

      I don’t think we are in the Williams sweepstakes. Even when there’s doubts about Pete he’s taken some rotten teams to 7 wins.

      At some point hopefully cam young and witherspoon are playing full speed. A huge difference? Not sure but certainly some kind of difference.

      Perhaps when your tackles go down maybe you remember to play will dissly. Who knows about Cross but Lucas has a chronic knee problem. That flares up intermittently. He’s not out the full season.

    • Rob Staton

      We aren’t going to be picking #1 overall

      And it’s too early to do rankings

      • Tezza

        Considering the team we were playing we were easily worst team of week 1. I honestly think we won 3 games this season. 3 yards total against aging Aaron Donald and 10 other no names.

        • Peter

          I know it feels like 10 other no names. A thought experiment for folks. People know Metcalf and if you really follow football or play fantasy you know Lockett. Walker probably. Geno definitely.

          We know the names Stafford, Kupp (out), Donald…..

          I’m not being a wise ass here. Do we really think our roster is so stacked with names outside of our bubble that we have a big edge over other teams?

          Does anyone know tre brown, Mike Jackson, love, bryant? If they haven’t played on your team prior to the seahawks and you don’t know them in passing via fantasy football does anyone know Dissly, Fant, Parkinson outside of us?

          Brooks, mafe, taylor, Reed, hall, and jones even. These are players I like and want to do great. Again none of these players would anyone call “names,” outside of us.

        • Spectator

          As bad as we were, this happens in the first week to many teams. The team that looked second worst was probably Giants and Bills. Bills lost to a Jets team that started their backup. And neither team looked utterly that good. Week 1 is weird. Plus hawks always play weird against rams and McVay. Do I think that it was all a fluke and we are fine? Absolutely not. Do I think we are gonna lose vast majority of games and be in the Caleb Williams area? Absolutely not. Watch us come out and beat the lions this week (doubtful but possible) with lions being on a high from beating Chiefs and us being hungry (again doubtful but possible). I just can’t see us drafting in the top 5 even.

          • Malanch

            “As bad as we were, this happens in the first week …” –Spectator

            “This”—which, in our conversation here, refers to the Seahawks STILL having a shitty defense for the severalth year in a row now—does not happen in the first week. “This” isn’t a one-off, mate. “This” has been going on for a long time, and the trend is so clear now that it’s almost certainly irreversible under present management. Whatever’s going on with other teams is irrelevant to the Seahawks current prospectus.

    • geoff u

      Well Stafford was playing lights out, and if he were starting for the Rams last year we’d have lost both those games and gone 7-10.

  4. Big Mike

    Thanks as always for the detailed and thorough breakdown Rob. It’ll be interesting to watch these guys develop as the season progresses and eventually find out where they land in the next draft.

  5. Peter

    If you have time and didn’t watch the game I 100% recommend watching the Jets vs. Bills highlights.

    What the Jets did to rally after their biggest move in years goes down instantaneously was remarkable. That defense was fire. You get to see tons of guys you know playing their hearts out.

    I didn’t watch the seahawks game. Listened on radio. Watched our highlights and it was stark to say the least to see the lack of fight.

    Listened to Corbin Smith and Rang talk about losing your tackles and it was basically acceptable to turtle up and call it a loss. I like those two guys but if you have your three TE’s, your best WR room in the league, k9, and your mvp candidate ( to some fans eyes last year) starting pro bowl QB on the field none of that was acceptable.

    • BK26

      Not surprised that they made excuses and were ok with how the team played. The local media everyone….

    • Big Mike

      Yeah Peter last night I said while watching the game that watching the Seahawks was like the JV defense and the Jets were the varsity defense.
      Good thing Pete Carroll is a defensive head coach, I’d hate to see what it would be like if he wasn’t

      • Peter

        Well there goes the coffee🤣

    • Rob Staton

      Yep, was a devastating loss to the defense when Cross and Lucas weren’t there to cover Tutu and Puka

      • Peter

        I haven’t seen that much standing around “three spidermen pointing at each other” meme since I played soccer at age six and the coach had to put color coded wrist bands on us to remind us where on the field we were supposed to be.

    • CD

      I listen to them for the 1st time in awhile and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I don’t think I will turn them on again. It just made no sense to me, and don’t want to be associated with that thinking. Made me think the talked beforehand and thought if they were negative they would loose ‘clicks’.

  6. Big Mike

    Rodgers done for the season, Achilles

    • Palatypus

      Watch the Seahawks trade Drew Lock to get Al Woods back from the Jets.

      • Big Mike

        And then watch Woods not report because as he already stated the scheme sucks

    • Palatypus

      So, they gave out the Angry Runs award this morning and Baker Mayfield got the scepter.

      But who gets the Sad Tackles award?

      Who will Big Mike give the Glass Peacock to this week?

      • Big Mike

        Quandre Diggs gets the coveted award this week. Not only did he suck to the point that the middle, his territory, was wide open all day, but also for a lame personal foul at the end of the game “out of frustration”. I believe he set himself up as a “leader” on this team. Not exactly what a leader would do.

        (and btw. Pete Carroll has already been given the lifetime glass peacock for the horrible trade, compounded by the horrible contract, compounded by not cutting the guy, compounded by the most recent extension)

        • jed

          Great call on Quandre. Everyone is complaining (rightfully) about DK’s stupid penalty, but conveniently forgets about Quandre.

          I’m really, really tired of the Seahawks fake Alpha ways. I think it was Sherman that said the LOB had a bunch of dogs, but Kam was a lion. This team is like my wife’s chihuahua mix – lots of barking when someone is outside, but hides under his blankets when that person comes inside.

          • Rob Staton

            Part of the problem is PCJS trying to recreate that old attitude

            When in reality that old attitude was created by two utterly unique individuals who they’ll never be able to acquire again

            Kam and Marshawn

            They were two MF warriors and yes, dogs

            They set everything up

            • jed

              Great point about Marshawn & Kam.

              The chasing of 2 guys that won’t be found again reminds me of Ditka trying to recreate Payton with the Saints. Some guys are 1 of 1 and we were lucky to have 2 of them on the same team peaking at the same time.

  7. LouCityHawk

    Forgot to post my nit picks earlier

    There are two talents I believe are playing at a top 5 pick level in the early season.

    Fashanu – tackle with PennSt. Verse – Edge with FSU

    Also don’t sleep on Braden Trice or Latu (UCLA) who have their real tests ahead of them.

    I still see 6 DL with first round talent and 5-7 edge players with first round talent.

  8. Blitzy the Clown

    Saw highlights of the Miami-TAMU game and TVD opened my eyes wide with a couple of his throws.

    Prototypical size, great arm. If he can even out his consistency, he’s my top QB prospect for Seattle.

    But I gotta be honest, it’s not easy to get excited about whom might become Seattle’s next QB when I agree completely that Carroll isn’t the HC to shepherd him in.

    • BK26

      Honestly, I don’t think they will draft anyone. Haven’t done it in all of these years. If their reaction to THAT loss was that nonchalant, then it feels like too much of the same: we can make gold out of crap ourselves.

      I just can’t believe it until they actually do it. Really don’t like that feeling either.

    • Mick

      Don’t worry, next year we might get a top 10 pick and we’ll draft a safety.

      • Big Mike

        I literally LOL’d. I love gallows humor.

      • Peter

        Great minds.

        Going to start scouting left guards as well.

        • PJ in Seattle

          Or tackles that are destined to convert to guard in the NFL.

          • Big Mike

            College LBs feel really left. out by you guys

  9. Blitzy the Clown

    Ian Rapoport @RapSheet

    Former NFL WR Mike Williams passed away this morning after a tough battle, according to his agent Hadley Engelhard of

    “He will be missed. He fought hard his whole life. Prayers to his family.”

    Williams was tragically injured while performing electrical work.

    Damn. 36 years young. Rest in peace Mike

    • Big Mike

      This sucks, bug time.

  10. geoff u

    If Schneider doesn’t make his move for a franchise QB in this draft, what more is there to say? They just aren’t serious about the future or winning championships

    • vanhawksfan

      What if there isn’t a franchise qb in the draft, even Kaleb Williams?

      You make a move if there is one to be made. Otherwise you are just forecasting weakness.

      • geoff u

        At that point it’ll be entering year three moving on from Russell Wilson with apparently no plan at all at the position. I don’t care how you do it, you find a damn franchise QB already. Your shot at winning a Super Bowl otherwise is extremely rare. How are the Pats doing post-Brady? 25-26 and one one-and-done playoff appearance. How are we doing post Russ? 9-9 and one one-and-done playoff appearance.

  11. PJ in Seattle

    Appreciate the article, Rob. The Washington State win over Wisconsin is worth a look as well. Cam Ward played well, although seems to be a pretty polarizing prospect.

    • Big Mike

      Grew up in Coug territory (Spokane) so a big fan of them. Watched the entire game Saturday. He’s wonderfully mobile and a helluva college QB but I don’t see it with Ward but Rob is more the guy to speak to his draft relevance. My guess: 5th or 6th round.

      • Malanch

        WSU-Wisconsin is the perfect demonstration of why the Cougs belong in the Mountain West. Yes, Wazzu can field a nationally relevant team maybe a couple, three times in a decade (much like Fresno, Boise, Utah State, etc.), but they just don’t have the breadth of steady support necessary to join the ranks of the perennially relevant.

        We just saw a bigtime Big Ten powerhouse come all the way to Pullman, yet the Coug fan base only bothered to muster 33,000 for that rarest of events. The Wazzu coach bleated after the game about his school belonging in a power conference, but the broadcast powers call the shots now—and an already undersized stadium sitting bedecked in swaths of empty benches for the biggest non-con home game in an age looked absolutely dreadful on television. Don’t you suppose the ratings also reflected this thinness of fan support? In the context of conference realignment negotiations, maybe this factors into competition over the Wazzu brand having been less than frothy thus far?

        Coug fans should understand that fielding a good football team a few times per generation is not what it’s about anymore. Delivering audiences to advertisers is the name of the game, and Wazzu falls spectacularly short in this regard. Happening to have a bowl-worthy football team right this moment—two minutes to midnight—is tangential to the matter.

  12. ShowMeYourHawk

    Lots to digest here, Rob. Thanks, as always, for your efforts.

    I’d agree that our neglecting the drafting of a QB has left us in a bad spot and that this next draft shows some promise of grabbing our future signal caller. That said, as you’ve stated, we should not want nor should anticipate Pete leading a young QB into a successful career. We know damn well that Pete isn’t going anywhere while Jody has the team in her possession, unless he retires but he’s been given a blank check thus far, so why would he give up another year’s worth of retirement funds? Once the team is sold, we should expect a full overhaul by a new owner and possibly a new GM. Until then, I’ll consider John’s pursuit of a QB to be nothing but lip service.

  13. Jason

    I wonder how the timing of a potential sale affects a potential coaching switch and or major investment in a new quarterback? Like, would the latter happen only before the former, or vice versa?

  14. Denver Hawker

    Ladies and gentleman, we got him:

    • Mick

      If Cross is really banged, we need a backup for Stone. Depends how much we pay him, but it’s not the worst signing ever. And maybe he’ll step in a leader role even from the bench, we definitely need this.

      • Denver Hawker

        I don’t hate it, but also what is Stone doing on the roster if he isn’t backup level at this point.

        • Mick

          You can’t stay with one left tackle on the roster. You start Stone and Peters is your safety net.

        • geoff u

          Cheap in-game safety net. If Cross is going to be out for awhile, it can make sense to pick up a better player.

    • cha

      Garafolo says it’s a practice squad spot for now.

      • Jeff

        Typically you’d stick him on the practice squad while he gets his feet back under him, then elevate him to the main roster.

      • Malanch

        Brendon Nelson showed how Peters took three weeks to get ready for game action last year with the Cowboys. That’s a good frame of reference for his timeline this year.

    • KennyBadger

      Does he moonlight as a nose tackle?

    • Ben

      Wasting cap space. Cross must be out for a while.

  15. Denver Hawker

    Rob- Kiper agrees on Shadeur, 1st rounder this year or #1 potential next year

    Easy to see his game translate at next level. NIL era also playing a role in draft decisions, but could find himself on a better team if he goes to the draft this year vs next.

    • Malanch

      Potential #1 overall today … and not even talked about three weeks ago. Craziness.

  16. DJ 1/2 way

    It is too early for this, but what about stepping back to a full rebuild? Pete and John would not stand for it so they would have to go.

    Rob mentions not paying Geno next year. How about trading him (to the Jets?) and not paying him this year? There are four to five other players that could net some draft capital and assure the Seahawks own draft picks are high rather than middle of the pack.

    • BK26

      Not going to happen. We are closer than not talentwise. And Pete wouldn’t stand for not trying to win.

      If there is one place that Geno would not want to go, it’d be the Jets. He’s Pete’s guy so he isn’t going anywhere.

      We are basically stuck in our current situation. There is no other option.

    • Big Mike

      There’s a pretty good chance you’ll see it torn down to the studs if and when the team is sold and a new owner takes over. Until then, ain’t happenin’.

      • Brodie

        It doesn’t need tearing down to the studs. It needs better coaching/cap management IMO. We have good cornerstone pieces, just need to shed some of these bloated contracts and put guys in position to succeed.

        Rob mentions Shanny and McVay as guys he wishes he had. Tell me about it. McVay just embarrassed us at home on opening day with a defense almost exclusively made up with year 1-2 players who were 6th/7th/UDFA guys. Shanny can plug any RB or QB into his system and have success.

        We apparently need 90% of things to go our way or out come the excuses (crowd was too loud, didn’t expect them to throw so much, so-and-so got injured, guys had the wrong cleats, communication was an issue, still working on some things, gonna get it right, and on and on).

        One last point on our rivals: Shanny sure seems to know who to hire to run the defense. Saleh, Demeco, Wilks (probably) all able to field a dominant defense (and gift the 9ers 3rd round comp picks on their way to the new gig) – same with Mike McDaniel. Pete’s coordinators have been getting let go and taking lesser roles. I sure don’t see any teams pining for Hurtt or Waldron either.

  17. CHaquesFan

    Could they just get both Sanders in 2025 with Shedeur in the draft and Deion as a coach? Would bring some hype into Seattle as well as a good QB prospect and a more offensive HC

  18. Ben

    It’s time to jump into the deep end and draft a QB high. There are choices this year, and it looks like we could be picking top ten. We keep kicking the can down the road for middling results.
    A new coach would be fantastic. Hopefully a new owner as well.

    • Justaguy

      That pick has to be reserved for defensive backs

  19. Eli

    This is too early to discuss, but what would the reaction around here be if the Seahawks made a massive move to #1 to draft Caleb Williams? It would be difficult to imagine a team trading that opportunity away, but if they gave up the Jamal Adams package + something drastic like DK or Riq Woolen, would that be worth having such a stud QB? Great QBs do take away many warts

  20. BobbyK

    Ownership should have fired Carroll the day he asked them to trade the farm for Adams. And then not made the trade. The franchise would be so much better off.

    • Ben

      They keep doubling down on the Adams trade like a drunken sailor at the card table.

      • geoff u

        Who’s down for another extension?

        • cha

          Yeah! We need to lower our cap hit in 2024!

          • Big Mike

            Aw c’mon guys, best in the nation!

            • geoff u

              Current contract expires in 2025. Do we really want him hitting free agency? I say extend him to at least 2030. Its a nice round number and everybody likes round numbers.

            • HOUSE

              While I think Jamal Adams is a clown, you know “the best in the nation” pregame thing was a tribute to that viral kid that said that and died.

              Adams definitely was the highest paid cheerleader until Rodgers’ Achilles tear yesterday

  21. Peter

    Dear Adam Nathan,

    “Vibes F.C.,” is the funniest, most spot on rebrand for our team. Thank you sir.

    Carry on.

  22. Denver Hawker

    Probably splitting camps here, but I’d trade Geno straight up for Derek Carr or really anyone who can bring this energy:

    • cha

      $100 million guaranteed? No thanks.

      • Denver Hawker

        Lol well if we’re being tactical about it, I suppose we could toss in a pick for NO to eat that dead cap

  23. cha

    Listen, I’m all about hard work.

    I’m not trying to cop out of anything.

    But if you want an early Watch Points to read for this weeks’ game, here’s my post from Week 4 last fall when they went to Detroit.

    Should I just cut + paste for this week?

    • Big Mike

      Not trying to add to your workload man, but……….their defense is improved.

      • cha

        Looking more at my notes begging the defense to do something, they have to run the ball, and Goff only looks good when the coaching staff holds his hand.

        • Big Mike

          Definitely applicable again this year.

          begging the defense to do something

          something, anything………

    • Ben

      We’ve got the exact same issues and I think we’ve slightly hung our hats on beating them last year. They put up 45 points with essentially just TJ Hockenson and and Jamal Williams.

      The only offensive skill players that are likely to play in both the 2022 game and this one? Josh Reynolds and Khalif Raymond.

      Otherwise they’ve pretty much upgraded across the board or are healthy. Plus their defense is significantly better.

      And despite all the on paper upgrades, we are the exact same as last year.

      Hope the Hawks are ready for this.

  24. DC

    At what point does PC just look at this team and what he’s done the last 5 years and just call it quits? If this season goes how it feels he should just retire.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Why would he though? Unless his health somehow doesn’t allow him to return for another season or unless a better job offer comes along, he’s the HC next season. It’s going to take a new owner to rebuild the team and front office in their image to usher Pete out. Jody isn’t going to release him from his contract unless he’s ready to go. He can do another year of cheerleading with little expectation or accountability for another year, no issue.

      • Rob Staton

        Why would he though?

        It’s not implausible that he’ll just have had enough. He’s 72 this month.

        • ShowMeYourHawk

          Sure, it’s not implausible just incredibly unlikely, IMO. Isn’t the earliest Jody could look to sell the team about nine months from now, with a more likely time frame of roughly 18 or so months? Is it more or less plausible that current ownership would hire (or promote? Gods help us) a new HC for a single season before a new owner would come aboard and hire a new group to run their operations? I say less. Sure, Mora got one season after Holmgren left but that was under Paul Allen, who saw Carroll available and pounced. I’d think that Jody would ask Pete to stay on (if he didn’t just presume that he’d be able to anyhow) until the ownership transition could be made.

          Unless this season is an EPIC tire fire where Jody Allen sees the dollar value of the franchise somehow plummet, effecting the asking cost, I honestly don’t believe Pete will exit prior to the end of his contract.

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t think it’s incredibly unlikely at all. He’s 72. And Jay Glazer reported he considered retirement at the end of 2017.

            • Malanch

              Especially if this ends out being one of those implosion years. Like 2008.

    • McZ

      I watched the last three PC pressers on YT. On Sept 6, he talked about this being a “Championship game”, and local media agreed.

      The two post game pressers he delivered, he mumbles around about third down woes etc. He is looking really confused, and I think he couldn’t explain what happened. Media is kind to him, pointless questions about injuries to frame the idea that this team is just unlucky.

      PC is done. Since four seasons, actually.

      What is an utterly disgrace is this KJ Wright show, pushing all this meaningless always compete crap down the audiences’ throats. Was only a game. Don’t panic. Was no shootout.

      We can be really happy that the Rams as a team weren’t even particularly good. Two drops wide open, two missed FG. They could easily have scored 50.

      • Peter

        Truly. I commented in game thanks to their WR’s who dropped passes for near go ahead TD’s.

  25. QAGrizzly

    If the Jets come calling what would it take to give up Lock, could sign a Colt McCoy and move up in the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Neither team is likely to entertain this

      • QAGrizzly

        Do you have any opinion on whom they might go after? It is going to both fascinating and a circus at the same time, would not rule out anything, they are convinced they can win now, Brady?

        • Rob Staton

          Think they have to roll with Wilson

          They seem to be trying to add Chad Henne

  26. Robert Lance

    You plan on scouting JJ McCarthy soon? He’s made huge progress from last year.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes but a reminder that I can’t watch everyone and ECU, UNLV, Bowling Green, Rutgers and Nebraska isn’t exactly a tough start to the season to get a proper read on someone.

  27. HOUSE


    Great work as always. I hope you and your wife had a great anniversary!

    I had a question regarding Penix Jr. I think his arm is better than that of Henson Hooker’s. Do you see similarities in their games? I know Hooker dropped in the draft because of the ACL tear. Do you think Penix goes in a similar range with his injury history/age?

    • Rob Staton

      I think Penix’s arm is a lot better but they have the same scheme question marks for the next level

      • HOUSE

        Thank you, sir. Scheme was a big concern on both of them. Injury history scares me because of guys RG3. I totally agree that Penix’s arm is much stronger. Some throws Look so effortless

  28. BK26

    He’s got a bigger injury history than Hooker. Three injuries at Indians including two torn ACL’s. I don’t trust him to stay healthy. He will probably go earlier because he is quite a bit more talented, but I don’t want him just because of his injury history. Not sure how much earlier, but his history will probably keep him down.

  29. vanhawksfan

    Why does everyone think that Deion is an NFL coach? He said it out loud this week, his schtick is college not the pros. Even the man knows his limitations and full respect for that.

    • Peter

      Dreams. And that Deion is a competitor. If he gets Colorado rolling he seems like a guy who will always seek a greater challenge.

      Maybe he stays in CO but I suppose one of the SEC teams will come calling sooner than later.

      History as well. Saban is a legend but tried the pros. Pete had to go back to college to come back to the pros.

      This coach prime is a killer ride. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

  30. Sea Mode

    C’mon, do something… Quandre.

    If he’s not motivated to make up for that horror show last week, against his former team this week, then I don’t know when.

    Eric Woodyard

    #Lions QB Jared Goff has now gone 359 consecutive passes without a INT. That’s now the 3rd-longest streak in NFL history behind Tom Brady (399) and Aaron Rodgers (402). The veteran QB says it’s “not on my mind at all.”

    Goff admits that “there’s a lot of luck in it.”

  31. Dave Thompson

    Lots of football left to be played, but i the Seahawks end up with a first round choice in the teens meaning most likely they’d miss out on one of the stud qbs ,are there enough quality qbs to choose from for them to wait until the second or third round to grab a signal caller and use the first round choice to select an O or D lineman.. ESPN and some others claim this is a good draft for O linemen.

    • LouCityHawk

      There is Caleb Williams, then everyone else.

      Of the 10 or so QBs listed in this article, Rob lists the likely rounds in the summaries as 3rd and higher, so maybe take your pick? I doubt every QB needy team ends up picking in the top 10

  32. LouCityHawk

    Great thoughts here Rob

    • Big Mike

      Excellent as always Rob!

  33. Trevor

    Great stuff Rob!

  34. LouCityHawk

    Not to pollute the blog with a baseball analogy, the Mariners fans here might appreciate an analogy of sorts…

    I saw this the other day, and it reminded me of a blog post someone wrote (couldn’t find) about how bad decisions can lead to the change needed:

    “Adam Jones will retire as a member of the Baltimore Orioles prior to a game against the visiting Tampa Bay Rays on Sept. 15, the team announced Friday.

    Jones, 38, spent 11 of his 14 major league seasons with the Orioles and totaled 1,781 hits, 263 homers, 866 RBIs and 875 runs in 1,613 games with the franchise.”

    The thesis was that trading Adam Jones, and the immediate fallout from it was the spark that lit the fire that eventually jettisoned Bill Bavasi from the M’s, and allowed them to move on and forward towards a better (yet still imperfect) future.

    Not to compare PCJS to Bavasi because that is ludicrous, but it is worth mentioning because Bavasi was horrible, but just good enough to hang on, fear of the unknown (careful what you wish for).

    The horrible Prez trade wasn’t enough, blown drafts weren’t enough, and those are a result of the unparalleled success that was brought to the franchise (as Rob correctly points out, Carroll deserves a statue). The ideal result would be for Carroll to announce this is his last year during the season. No one asking for change now is really going beyond what is already known – that PC will be moving on sooner rather than later.

    The Rams game turned up the heat, will a 1-3 start do it? Realistically, if Week 1 is who this team is, this could be a 2 win team going into a Christmas Eve game at Tennessee. A switch to Drew Lock? Team wins its last 3 games to put up a depressing 5-12 record, is that enough? What really is the difference 5-12 and 7-10? What could be PC’s Jones trade moment?

    • DC1234

      There is a good parallel with the old Ms and the current Seahawks. The ownership. The Ms with the past japanese ownership did not prioritise winning championships. Only cared about producing a profit every year.

      IMO, I think the current ownership do not prioritise winning a championship. They chose a 70 yr old head coach over a franchise qb. Even though it was the right decision because Russ fell off a cliff, i still feel like it was not the right move. Would you rather have Russ plus a offensive minded coach (Sean Payton) or Geno with Pete plus Cross, Mafe, Witherspoon?

      Then they double down and choose a 33 yr old journeyman backup that had half a year of success over drafting a QB in the 2024 draft. I know Richardson was picked one pick ahead. BUT if they view Richardson as a QBOTF, they should of traded up. I am willing to bet the Bears would rather trade with the seahawks instead of the panthers. Bears would accept 1st round 5th and 20th and players over the panthers offer

      I feel like the current ownership just wants to stay the course before they sell. Dont do anything drastic. So Pete will not be fired even if they only in 5-7 games this year.

      • Peter

        The Wilson trade was the right decision.

        The way they chased fumes and built the team from 2017 to 2021 was the wrong decision.

        They completely wasted their chance. And now we have a team where every part needs to fire optimally or its excuse making season.

        I know it’s week one. Lions are going to be a test. On paper I think a lot of us assume Carolina is a win. Not sure why that is. They beat us last year.

        I just ran through the schedule again. I see the steelers, giants, AZ twice,though who knows with them they played pretty tough for a tanking team, would have had the rams as a win until the beat us upside the head.

        I sincerely hope cross and lucas are not both out for long. I want to see them develop and it gives us the best chance to win. But more importantly if they are out for a while it’ll be another season in seahawk land where we can make excuses.

        • DC1234

          Correct, trading Russ was the right move. But it didnt had to resort to that.

          They did fail Russ when was a top 7 QB. I still believe the seahawks could of went to the superbowl if they drafted better in the first round. They almost beat the Packers in the divisional round with a off the street Beastmode.

          Passing on Nick Chubb. Then when Penny is injury prone, passing on Jonathan Taylor.

          Horrible use of picks with the Frank Clark trade. When Sweat was falling in the draft.

          One last gasps to see if they could contend with the stupid Jamal Adams trade. While the Steelers only gave a lower 1st round pick for Minkah Fitzpatrick.

          • Big Mike

            You guys spelled stealers wrong

            I sincerely hope cross and lucas are not both out for long. I want to see them develop and it gives us the best chance to win. But more importantly if they are out for a while it’ll be another season in seahawk land where we can make excuses.

            This is exactly what I expect to happen. Good ol’ 710 will scream this from the rooftops because they’re utterly scared shitless of offending the franchise since they’re the flagship station. Oh and btw, Wyman should be trumpeting the return of Adams and how awesome he’s going to be here in about a week or two. But I digress. This really looks like a 5-12 team but could get to 7-10 and as Rob pointed out, if that includes a thumping of the Cards in week 18 the scared of any change fanbase and the Downey soft Seattle media will be saying it’s moving in the right direction……….until next season when the Hawks D has the same issues to start the season for the 6th year in a row.
            Carroll will only retire if this thing totally collapses as in 5-12 or worse and even then, I have serious doubts he’ll do it. He’ll convince himself it was injuries, or a change at DC will be the magic elixir or something along those lines. Sadly, I see no change until she sells.

            • Peter

              Big Mike,

              We heard it last year. Adams goes out and with a straight face pundits from all over had no problem saying ” well he was a big part of plans, so *shrugs* whatta ya gonna do?”

              Wait. Hold up. Seriously. PC, Hurtt, and the mythical talent of Desai literally have no plans or way to adjust.

              And yeah the 710’s of the world just let fans think that’s a good reason.

              Love Cliff Avril but he’s on the radio this week talking about preseason. My guy. Some team wins and some team loses. If your stars are fine saying the “rams wanted it more.” Preseason is not the excuse you think it is.

      • LouCityHawk

        The Wilson trade (and 2022 surprise season) is likely responsible for some of the rope being granted the current regime. Maybe not if he had continued to succeed in Denver, but he has not.

        The additions of Cross, Mafe, Spoon & Hall all serve as further evidence of that from an ownership perspective or fan perspective.

        Payton is older, I’d prefer a young and dynamic coach who could hopefully lead a decade of greatness.

    • Cambs

      The analogy that always comes up in my mind is the young Chris Berman’s 30-years-ago NFL Primetime running gag that Wayne Fontes was Rasputin — always finding a way to nick a key win that saves his job for another year.

      Obviously PCJS’s jobs aren’t in imminent danger but let’s say … something positive enough always turns up to divert any possibility of opening general scrutiny or bringing out the boobirds. They’d need to crater out to 3-14 or something to break through the perpetual indulgence they were granted for winning 48.

  35. Denver Hawker

    Listening to Joel Klatt this morning as radio guest, I tend to align and respect his analysis. Topic was Shadeur Sanders, responding to Kiper’s ranking, and whether he’d declare or not:

    – Shadeur- gets the ball “on target and on time” which is most important for NFL scouts, feet are comfortable in the pocket, not fast but elusive to extend plays, manipulates the defense with his eyes, looking off defenders, maybe holds the ball too long that results in unnecessary sacks, but that’s nit-picking and correctable

    -Maye- really likes Maye despite many dismissing him, sees so much of Josh Allen’s game, but also just an elite talent/size who can make plays- he’s seen him several times and has no doubt in his NFL readiness, clear #2 QB in this class

    – Penix could push Shadeur to #4, which would be a bad spot to get drafted- this point seemed speculative and I don’t think he actually thinks or is saying Penix should be drafted ahead of Shadeur

    – Penn St QB Drew Allar would be the only competition for top QB in 2025 draft if Shadeur stays another year

    • DC1234

      If the Seahawks do not draft a qb in the early rounds in 2024 im gonna lose my mind.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely! The idea that Geno was the long term answer had always been a pipe dream IMO.

        • DC1234

          The way I think about QBs are “can they win you a superbowl?”

          Geno Smith cannot. So lets move on until you find one. Or have a backup in waiting to develop. Thats why I believe it was a big miss for the seahawks to not even draft a qb in 2023.

    • Spectator

      I don’t think Allar is the only QB that will be in 2025 to push Sheduer. The other 2 powerhouses in the BigTen will also have QBs that will be in 2025 (I don’t think McCarthy declares this year). The OSU QB may not be Stroud, but with the weapons he will have there, I can’t image him not putting up major numbers that will get him drafted high.

  36. Trevor

    Jets have an elite roster and just need a competent QB to be a Super Bowl contender.

    Hawks should take advantage of them like they did with us and Jamal Adams.

    Geno back to the Jets for a 1st and change then let Drew roll this year. Either he is the long term answer and plays well or he stinks and the Hawks have a top 5-10 pick to find thier QB of the future and another 1st rounder from the Jets to address the DT postion.

    Chance of likelihood almost nil but one can dream.

  37. bmseattle

    Is anyone else worried about the implications of the Abe Lucas knee injury?

    It is currently being downplayed as a “flare up” of a long term “issue” he’s had.

    To me, that sounds like a chronic knee issue… which means that Lucas will forever be dealing with a gimpy knee that will occasionally “flare up” and he will continue to miss time. In addition, who knows how much it will effect his play, when he *can* play.

    And/or, Lucas will eventually need to address this perpetual knee issue by having surgery, missing substantial playing time, with his future health status being very much up in the air.

    Perhaps i’m overreacting, but I fear that Lucas may be damaged goods. I wonder if this is something that teams knew about and is the reason he dropped in the draft?

    • Peter

      I’m not. He played great last year. I heard it was patellar related. You can go years with out flare ups. And if you manage them well you can get back to full strength in days (10-14).

      I don’t know if Abe rocks knee braces all the time but better bracing could help.

      If it’s that. If it’s something else who knows.

      • Peter

        Could be the reason for a draft fall.

        Honestly if Lucas has patellar tendinitis and not a degenerative knee issue I’m more concerned about Cross and reports of turf toe. We’ve all seen players take forever to heal from that.

        • Big Mike

          Yeah turf toe can be like 2 months+. NOT good.

          • McZ

            Last season, Trevor Penning had a turf toe that required surgery. Was out until week 12.

      • bmseattle

        I’ll happily defer to your optimistic perspective, regarding Lucas.
        Something about the situation just gave me a queasy feeling. But it could be that I’m just bracing for bad news in general about this team at the moment.

  38. Peter

    I know we don’t rate the Lions because in no order: they are cursed, goff ‘obviously’ sucks, they never do anything.

    Little tiny bit dumbstruck to be finding out by looking at their 2022 schedule that while the hawks have floundered going 3-7 and taking some seriously bad losses in that span…..

    The lions have low key gone 8-2 in their last 10 games.

    • Big Mike

      More proof they’re not the “same old Lions” my friend. Good stuff. Thanks for that.
      I’ve already heard the “they’ll be full of themselves after beating KC” song and dance. I ain’t buying it. That is not Dan Campbell and that will not be his team. I believe they’ll play well and have no letdown. If I’m wrong, so be it I’ll chow the crow and be happy cuz it’ll likely mean a Hawks victory.

      • UkAlex6674

        💯 this Big Mike. They will be the same people that said the Lions would roll over in the last game v GB last year.

      • Peter

        I’m not buying that one bit about them being full of themselves.

        They beat Jax, vikings, green bay, and chiefs amongst others. We beat a Stafford less rams twice and the fighting Zac Wilson’s.

        If anything I think Campbell will have his team UP for a rematch.

  39. Robert Las Vegas

    I was just thinking about playoff game against the 49ers last, and what did the 49er offense do well Kyle puts guys in motion did a lot of crossing routes and over the middle of the field, didn’t the Rams kinda of the same thing it seemed liked the Rams completed a lot of passes in the middle of the field.perhaps I am I wrong .

  40. ErickV

    This head coach candidate is pretty outside the box but would anyone be interested in Dan Orlovsky?Don’t know if he has any play calling experience but he seems super knowledgeable with the X’s and O’s. Especially being a backup qb , you could assume he’s got a lot of knowledge from a variety of different playbooks from all the teams he’s played for. Again , I might sound dumb but it was just something that crossed my mind.

    • BK26

      Absolution, 100% no. Can’t stand him and his analysis. Too many out-there takes and reminds me of some kind of small dog that gets excited far too often. I’d rather stick with Pete for 5 more years…

      We need someone who has coached.

  41. cha

    Greg Auman
    Seahawks are signing rookie offensive lineman Raiqwon O’Neal off the Bucs’ practice squad. Played at Rutgers and UCLA, impressed in preseason but was among Tampa Bay’s final cuts.

    • Peter

      I am the dog drinking coffee in a burning room. “This is fine.”

      For real I know they need back up so this is not a bad move per se.

  42. Big Mike

    I’m that same dog.

  43. cha

    PFF Offense

    Damien Lewis woof

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Was Edwards that good? Admittedly, I didn’t notice him make any boners, but was he the 3rd best player on defense?

      • Big Mike

        I see my awarding Diggs the not coveted glass peacock was definitely justified.

      • Rob Staton

        Quandre Diggs 39.4 LOL

    • Peter

      Lewis needs to play better. But these pretty colors show the fatal flaw in PFF. Pretty sure a bunch of these players played way different snap counts than each other.

      • Peter

        My bad. Didn’t see the snap counts listed. Curhan looking SHARP on 15 snaps. Cam Young, DAWG in his first game action on two(!!) Snaps.

        • bmseattle

          Nice to see both the backup tackles perform decently well, at least.
          But Diggs… bleh.

    • Peter

      Btw Cha I appreciate greatly you posting these. I’m a get off the lawn crank and when I learned PFF will rate players higher with a -several hundred snap differential than other qualifying entrants I lost a little faith in their data sets.

    • Rob Staton

      Geno 59.2

      Great start

  44. cha

    Early bye week might be a good bounce at this point.

    Dugar, Michael-Shawn
    “They’re both hurting,” Pete Carroll says when asked how Charles Cross and Abe Lucas are doing.

    Says it’s going to be a “challenge” for Charles and Abe to play against detroit.

    • Big Mike

      That Detroit -5 1/2 looking better…………

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