Video: Thoughts on the Leonard Williams & Noah Fant re-signings


  1. Volshawk

    Why is JS so good at drafting players, but so bad at trades? Giants basically acquired Burns with the Seahawks trade package.

    • Joe

      Ya, not sure why he doesn’t get more heat.

      • Mr Magic

        I wonder if that trade was the final straw to management on the PC era. JS seems to have avoided the heat for it and PC took it all. Maybe it was all PCs call?!

        • Elmer

          Maybe not. Maybe he fell on his sword. We may know more, one way or the other, as free agency, the draft, and the preseason unfold.

    • Nathan W.

      No info or analysis, but my thought is that creating a team (draft) and maintaining a team (free agency/trades) are different skill sets

    • Ian Heathrow

      Are we REALLY sure he’s that great at drafting??? 🤔

      • CHaquesFan

        Last 2 drafts have been quite good
        Process > Results for now and the process seems quite good

    • Jordan

      I wouldn’t say “so bad” , some hits and some misses.

      Some obvious bas ones- Jimmy, Percy, Jamal Richardson and Clowney.

      But some really good ones too: Marshawn, Leon Washington, Justin Coleman, the package that returned for Russ, Clemons, Duane Brown, Quandre, Clint McDonald, Rob Sims became Kam Chancellor, Lawrence Jackson-> Byron Maxwell., Deion Branch->KJ Wright, Lockett/Metcalf/Jarran were trade ups

    • Andrew

      The Russ trade is considered the greatest heist in the history of sport after was was released with nearly $100 mill still owing. Yes there were some bad trades in there but he was in a partnership. Looking forward to seeing how he gets on as the true Man, I am excited, today we re signed a great DT at the low end of market for a term that assures his prime & nothing more. Fant is 26 a first Rd pick and has special attributes…Giants paid almost 100 mill guaranteed for a pass rusher, we are not there yet, lets get a qb first, now he can do so as he pleases. I cant wait

      • Elmer

        The only one that stings so far, for me, is losing Damien Lewis to the Panthers. Our returning IOL is not impressive.

        • Spenny Dunks

          Offensive Linemen can take a bit longer to get up to speed in the NFL. I’d like to see what Olu Olu and Bradford can do this year. Lewis got paid based off of potential based off of his first year and his age, rather than what he actually brought to the team over the last year or two. There’s some intriguing older Centers and Guards available that I think could easily replace the value of someone like Lewis at much lower cost and term that should be available in the second or third wave of FA for those who want to try and play the comp pick game.

          • Patrick Toler

            I would anticipate they will wait and sign a couple of cheap lineman and then look to draft 1 or 2 as well.

            The contracts these lineman are getting this year underlines the importance of drafting and developing OL. It is just too expensive to build the OL through FA, if you can even find decent lineman.

    • samprassultanofswat

      Did you see what the Giants are paying Burns?

      Giants to trade for Panthers’ Brian Burns, agree to five-year, $150M deal with LB

      Good news for the Giants is that only 87.5 guaranteed

    • Max from Van

      I think its been pretty hit or miss. On the hit side, you have the Lynch Trade, Russ Trade, Duane Brown, Diggs (for most of his Hawk career), the Chris Clemons trade. I would even consider the Dunlap, Clowney trades a success.

      • Patrick Toler

        Yep they have taken pretty big swings and several have worked out. Obviously a couple of rough ones though.

    • JP

      Good? How many players they drafted and signed to second contract in the last 10 years? Locket, DK that’s it.

      • Rob Staton

        Jarran Reed

      • Mr drucker in hooterville


  2. Eric

    Rob…”origin story” question for you…I am sure you have addressed this before, but I either can’t remember or I missed it. How did you become a Seahawks fan from across the Pond and a continent?

    Also, I’ve loved reading your take on the Hawks for countless years and probably even more when I disagree as your positions make me think deeper about my own analysis.

    • Rob Staton

      I used to live in Vancouver, went to a game in 2006, became hooked, rest is history

      • Seattle Person

        Vancouver, WA or Vancouver BC?

        • Seth


        • Scot Alexander

          Vancouver BC

        • Odium

          I can see the BritBix comedy now. Young British couple accidentally moves to Vancouver, WA thinking they were headed to BC and become Trailblazer fans. High times and high jinx ensues.

  3. swilliam67

    Both agreements strike me as ok. Maybe they turn out better, but Lewis on his third contract passing the age 30 mile post. Maybe turns out fine, but who knows?

  4. Nick

    Feels like our first round pick may not be a DT. Newton, Sweat, Murphy not as likely for us? now? Find values in the later rounds and stick them behind Mike Mo, Dre Jones, Cam Young and let em compete?

    Seems like first round, at least, is coming down to DE/QB/OG.

    • Seattle Person

      I believe it’s their most expensive position group now with Williams, Reed, Nwosu, Jones with decent size contracts.

      • Spenny Dunks

        That’s the way it should be. Reed is approaching his last year and according to OTC, cutting Dre’Mont after this season will leave the Seahawks with a ton of savings if he doesn’t perform. Nwosu and Williams are still great. Should hopefully have sufficient room to go after a big fish for the DL next season to add to those two, Mafe, Hall and the other younger guys.

        • Patrick Toler

          Yep they have plenty of flexibility to move on from anyone but Williams. DT is no longer a need, but if, for example, Murphy is clearly the highest player on your board, just take him. We should be doing everything possible to find blue chip players.

  5. Roy Batty

    I don’t think they can afford any other splash moves, so now it’s on to bargain hunting on one or two year deals. Maybe grab 3 more players?

    • Patrick Toler

      If they want to be real aggressive and shift more cap liability to the future they could make another big signing. But I suspect and hope they will be bargain shopping the rest of the way. They really need a couple of LBs, an OL or two, a safety, and a probably another TE.

      It looks like there will be cheap depth at LB and safety in particular.

  6. Nick

    Does anyone think there’s a shot of Washington trading their #36 and #40 for Seahawks #16 and #151?

    • Ben

      Wouldn’t shock me. Maybe they’d trade up for Brock Bowers if he fell, pair him with whoever they get at QB.

      Could see them go after Chop too.

      • Roy Batty

        If Bowers falls to 16, they will get plenty of offers. Good offers.

    • DJ 1/2 way

      1st and fifth for two seconds? They would have to consider it. If you do not like the BPA at 16 then change to the BPA at 36. Based on the horizontal board both areas are strong on tackle, while the 36-40 range will be a hot spot for Safety, wide receiver and QB. Maybe hot enough to trade down again in the 2nd with a team after a specific player. Getting four players in round 2 and 3 might restock this team for years. Imagine S, LB, QB and O-line upgraded in a matter of hours. Lets go Mustapha, Payton Wilson, Rattler and Zinter. That would require some luck and drops due to health, so maybe you have a different list?

  7. Dubb

    Glad they were able to retain LW and NF. However, we probably could have done them for a few million less per year. JS’s MO has always been to wait and let other teams set market (ie Wagner vs Smith and Adams vs Baker in years past). Once Cody any Will got $7-8M he had no choice but to pay Fant $10.5M.

    • Ben

      Leonard I see as cost of doing business, premium position, market rate and all. Doesn’t seem crazy.

      Fant, I’m surprised on. Seems like a good dude on all accounts, good athlete. But if he hasn’t put it all together yet, I’ll be surprised if a light turns on. Definitely good to have on the team in 2024 though.

      • Roy Batty

        He didn’t really have much help at QB in Denver, and Seattle has been vanilla for TEs for years.

        Grubb knows how to use his weapons.

        • Commander Ga

          Fant might have a good year in a scheme that uses him properly. Or just a scheme that throws the ball to TEs like every other team in the league.

    • Roy Batty

      But you are assuming Fant and Williams didn’t want to test the market. They did and Schneider was at the mercy of what others were willing to pay. Fant and Williams gambled on their worth and they gambled well. I don’t put any of this in John’s lap, other than the initial trade for Williams in the first place.

  8. Trevor

    Thought both picks make a ton of sense. Conerstone on the interior and a young athletic TE who still has not maxed out his potential. Both at basically market rate. They knew both guys and prioritized them. That speaks volumes.

    • Mr Magic

      don’t forget the Giants paid the tab for him last year so its really like a 4yr 65mln deal with 3 to go.

  9. bmseattle

    I don’t think either of these moves were “great deals”, but they were both necessary, considering the alternative options.
    Imagine going into the draft without a reliable TE on the roster, and with a big hole at DT.
    Hopefully we can sign a cheap LB and safety and then focus on OL in the draft. (or QB)

  10. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    The only thing shocking is that Seattle made some moves on DAY ONE.

    Nothing that seems crazy or unexpected. Some of the guys leaving the team definitely got paid more than Seattle could reasonably afford.

    Just waiting for some type of move on safety or linebacker position, then the draft “needs” become much more clear.

  11. Mr Magic

    Did what we had to do on day 1. We didn’t get worse, we didn’t overspend. We were never in a position where any big moves were going to be made. Paying Big Cat was that move. We likely fill out the rest of the roster with hopefully quality vets in the tier 2-3 levels of the league on vet mins and such.

    We have a very young team that will improve just with experience and a key asset coming back on D with Uch Nwosu along with an entire new coaching staff. Will be interesting to see if the team shows drastic improvement on this alone.

  12. LouCityHawk

    Am I missing something here? Why is Seahawks Twitter tearing itself apart?

    The team didn’t make any major overpays, didn’t have a players sign elsewhere for pennies, and made two sold ‘B’ signings.

    L/W was a force last year and is a great talent, he even signed for slightly less than what the market is shaping up for (was hoping for 3/18, not going to sweat a little extra).

    I just want to see Fant’s usage justify that contract. The player does on talent and ability.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s Seahawks Twitter

      It’s best just ignored

    • pdway

      what’s the gist of the complaints?

      • LouCityHawk

        I honestly can’t tell.

        Somewhere between keeping Brooks and simultaneously overpaying for L/W?

        I think I better just go to bed.

    • Big Mike

      Got their panties in a bunch? Whoda thunk it?

  13. DougM

    I’m pleased. These were the top 2 players they needed to resign. I would have been unhappy if they would have resigned Brooks at any price. They should be able to pick up a TE in the draft that may exceed Parkinson’s ability.

  14. Rob Staton

    Off to bed. Let’s see what happens while I’m sleeping 😂

    • pdway

      Tough news Rob – you’ve been traded to Field Gulls for a 5th round pick. We just needed to get younger in the trenches.

      • Jm88

        FG buncha hacks that could never run their own site with original content. More like aggregators with egos.

    • Old but Slow

      You actually sleep? Amazing.

  15. Big Mike

    They don’t have enough left to sign Queen now

    • Roy Batty


      • Peter


  16. pdway

    I like both the signing as well – and like others – I would have been fine if they kept Brooks, but also not pounding my fists on his leaving.

    For me LW is one of our better players, and he played like he cared all year. On a young team that seems likely to have very few veterans, I don’t mind having a few guys like him – esp in the lines. And I always thought Fant was the highest-ceiling among our TEs. Signing him makes the position not a glaring need, which keeps some flexibility in the draft. Esp given that the cupboard is basically bare at LB and Safety.

  17. Denver Hawker

    I can sleep well now knowing LW is back on a market deal, and 2yr guaranteed money, not 3yr.

    Hopefully the Fant numbers are a little more favorable on the cap than headline implies. Not really a fan of the signing but maybe a better fit for Grubb to work with.

    Lots a quality players still out there for wave 2 and 3 money.

  18. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Another big-time guard in Carolina: Sources say the #Panthers are expected to sign former #Seahawks guard Damien Lewis to a 4-year, $53M deal with $26.2M fully guaranteed in a deal done by Andre Odom of

    • nfendall

      The guard market has gone bonkers.

    • Pran

      Encouraging to see Hawks FA get paid.. Just proves had decent players but coaching sucked big time. Hope we get couple comp picks

      • Brodie

        I think that would be a 4th for Lewis. That’s a little more than Gabe Davis $13/yr, who is projected to be a 4th.

        So currently 4, 5, 6, 6 for Lewis, Brooks, Parkinson & Dissly.

        We’ll see how they play it, but based off of last year it looks like guys signed for $2.4M or less will not impact the calculation.

        Could still get at least ‘offset’ contracts from BW, DT, Evan Brown, Michael Jackson & Drew Lock.

        They probably want to keep Jackson and Lock, but there might be a few more of our guys who sign on elsewhere this week.

        Bobby gets $5M, we sign Devin White or Willie Gay Jr. for the same and it’s a wash type of situation.

        • DGOREGON

          Dissley does not count toward comp picks as we cut him.

        • teejmo

          Dissly was cut, so his signing doesn’t make a difference on the compensentary pick spectrum.

        • Spenny Dunks

          Dissly was released and won’t be provide a comp pick

    • jed

      Good for him.

    • BrandoK

      Wow that number is just crazy. The market for the guard position has gone insane.

      Never overpay for mediocre players

      • pdway

        I think Lewis has been pretty middling since his rookie year. Don’t regret us not going to that number to keep him. Another hole to fill though….

        • Peter

          This is an ugly number. I was getting ready to make the argument for 7 mill a year. 30-32 total. I like Lewis more than others but no where near the number he got.

    • Jordan

      Canales connection there, good for DLew.

      Played hard, represented the team, city and his family well.

    • geoff u

      Two words: yeeeeeesh.

      • Peter

        Lol! The part where two words were the two words…Great!

  19. LouCityHawk

    An eye watering number. Schneider winning day one of his first Carroll less offseason

  20. A-ok

    The money printer going brrr even in the NFL, everyone’s getting $10m a year.


  21. Ian Heathrow

    Watched the video. Quality content as ever. I Understand the guarded eye-squinting optimism. But am I so wrong for thinking both were overspends? If we all agree that Seattle needed to move on from Pete Carroll, shouldn’t we also be wanting to move on from his locker room as well? Especially when it comes at a high high price? Wouldn’t they have been better off signing slightly less players at smaller contracts, both for money savings and Carroll culture cleansing?

    • Mike

      I thought both numbers were a couple of million more than I expected. The market is crazy though and the contracts seem reasonable when compared to other deals being signed and neither are long term.

      Pete’s culture is of competition. We want the players that bought into that.

      • jonnie

        The numbers reflect the unexpected size of the overall team cap size increase.

  22. Andrew

    Rob I agree with your vid, after the DT market had been reset 2X in a week I am ok with the contract, not to long in term assuring we get the last of his prime years and at lower end of quality DT range. Grubb gets a athletic freak at 26 yrs old, and I look forward to seeing him in the new offense, he was a 1st rd pick for a reason. great start, on we go!

  23. Brodie

    One OTB thought for Safety – I wonder if they would consider Patrick Peterson.

    He was a cap cut, but played almost every snap for the last two years. This feels like the point in his career where Charles Woodson made the move from CB to S.

  24. samprassultanofswat

    At the moment the Hawks have Leonard “The Big Cat” Williams, Cam Robinson, Jarran Reed and Mike Morris at the DT position. With Dre Mont Jones sliding in to provide an interior pass rush on passing downs. Also at the moment Matt Gotel and Myles Adams are listed on the Seahawk depth chart. Would it be nice to add someone? YES!!! But they are not in a situation where they half too. Let free agency/draft come to the Hawks. If a DT is there. Great. But they don’t have to push the envelope.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I’d kind of forgotten about Gotel. I liked what I saw of him. Maybe McDonald can work a little of his Madubuike magic with him.

    • samprassultanofswat

      My take on the Williams/Fant signing. The Hawks pretty much had no choice. Did they overpay? Yes/No

      On one hand the Hawks know these players as well as any NFL franchise. Did they overpay? Probably. But the Hawks needed these players. No question.

  25. Duceyq

    Great 1st of FA for the Hawks! Signed LW for a great deal when you consider the market for top 10 DT’s and kept their best TE who should thrive in Grubb’s wide open offense. If McDonald and company felt both were necessary signings for their system then he deserves that right.

    Basically the LW deal is a 3.5 year deal when you factor in the Giants held the bag for half of the season. That for a 2nd Rd pick is worth it when you consider the 3rd Rd comp picks coming back our way.

    I like Brooks but never loved him. Look at what Parkinson just got paid in LA and yet he isn’t a stones throw of the talent Fant is.

    Both moves allow Seattle to take a QB at 16, trade back, with a QB needy team if a QB slips, and possibly still the QB they want later in the 1st, or simply draft BPA without having to draft for DT or TE needs early.

    They didn’t reach on Lewis with a good OL draft and they basically addressed some of this with Bradford last draft too. I think Seattle will now take advantage of the waived market or look for some up and coming LB’s that are FA’s as well.

    They knocked it out today! Great offseason so far!

  26. HOUSE

    It is crazy to see how much teams are spending on the interior offensive line.

    – The Rams have locked up Dodson and Jackson. Both get 3yr deals, one totaling $48M ($16/yr) and the other $51M ($17M). LAR is spending $33M on the OGs.
    – The Panthers signed Robert Hunt to a 5yr deal worth $100M ($20/yr) and Damian Lewis to a 4yr deal worth $53M ($14M). CAR is spending $34M on the OGs.

    It is mind blowing how different teams are spending money! With Anthony Bradford in his second year, I am curious to see who our other starting guard is going to be. Hopefully Bradford can build up his rookie season and maybe we bring in a cheaper vet to kinda lead the way

    • SeattleLifer

      I think smarter teams realize how few top shelf QB’s there are and how difficult they are to come by. So the next best thing you can do is build up a great o-line to give time to/protect a next tier down QB(and have some solid offensive weapons). Think the Lions last year with Goff-

    • ukalex6674

      Both teams need to protect the QB.

      The Panthers to give Young a chance, and the Rams to make sure Stafford stays up right for 17 games +.

  27. Denver Hawker

    Just a loose thought- with IOL free agent market exploded, wonder if that gives a bump in the draft to their positional value .

    Maybe guys you think should be available in R3 actually end up going R2.

    • Peter

      Hope not.

      With every other player now apparently round two.

      I wonder on the other hand the leagues isn’t in love with the guards in this class….?

      • Denver Hawker

        Or perhaps Panthers make poor decisions?

    • Palatypus

      If drafting for need is often like trying to pull a straight in poker, I suppose drafting for value is trying to get a full house.

  28. Mick

    I like their line of thinking. We kept our best players. Wish we kept Lewis too, as a RG, but in this market and with so many options in the draft it was the right thing to let him go. Otherwise we dropped mediocre players. Now we should resist overspending at iOL and LB.

  29. ukalex6674

    Glad we re-signed those two.

    I think Fant will finally show what he’s about under the new FO, and I’m pumped about Williams in a Big Mac D.

  30. ukalex6674

    I know there has been a lot posts about compensatory picks of late but I’m holding my hand up and saying I don’t really understand it.

    Can someone with knowledge of it post what we have/are currently projected for in 2025 please, and what would need to happen for us to lose them?

    • Rob Staton

      If they sign players, it cancels out the ones they’ve lost

      If they sign cut players it won’t count in comp pick formula

      So only way to protect the late round picks they are currently due for Parkinson and Brooks is to only sign cut players or wait until after the draft to sign people

  31. jpn

    JS is crushing the off-season. Feels like a new day dawning.

    With $8-$10M in effective space, I’m thinking Lock plus two others who earn who all have a first year hit around $3M. One will be an ILB, the other an OL. After that, shop the bargain bins for vet league minimum depth.

    They probably have a couple guys from the PS who could make the team and then find a surprise or two in UDFA after the draft.

    • HOUSE

      I just saw your estimate on effective cap space. Does that include Tyler’s contract?

      Below, I listed a couple positions we need and didn’t even mention a backup QB

      • jpn

        I got the number from CHA (Curtis) in another post. He’s the expert. I think it is post-Lockett restructure and also post-deductions for draft picks, practice squad, and a few other adjustments.

  32. HOUSE

    Does anyone happen to know where we are sitting at Cap Wise? It doesn’t look like Tyler’s contract was updated on OTC yet (wondered if it isn’t going to be until tomorrow).

    In my head, we need a LB (Devin White), S (Rayshawn Jenkins or Jeremy Chinn) and an OL or two

    • Cysco

      From the previous thread, Cha guesstimates they have between 8-10m left.

      • A-ok

        I’m thinking Leo will be around $11-13m and Noah to be around $8m in first year.

        We have around $55-60m in real cap with Lockett’s restructure minus the $20m from above and we have about $35-40m left.

        My guess is we’re going to be trading that extra 2024 third-rounder and future 2025s to move up. That suggests to me the #8-12 range is in play if it works out.

        It wouldn’t surprise me if they use the current comp picks to balance out the assets they’re trading away to move up. They don’t have many holes so late FA and previously cut players can work for whatever they can’t draft.

        I’m also not 100, but if they sign players to low salaries, do they still count against our comp picks? I’m not obsessed with those comp picks, I’m just looking at whats going on and what John said about that 3rd rounder last year. It seems to line up.

        I don’t expect big moves, but then again, who knows haha

    • Sparky

      My guess is we have quite a bit more than that. I assume theyve structured it so we delay much of the cap hit for the two new conteacts to future years?

      • Cysco

        Unlikely. Schneider has said he doesn’t like to put things on credit card. He prefers a pay as you go approach. I doubt you’re going to see a lot of back-loaded guaranteed contracts with him.

        • A-ok

          Pretty much all NFL contracts are. What he doesn’t like is what the Saints and the 49ers do with long contracts buffered with void years. You can’t get out of them.

          John prefers more short-term flexibility from what it seems.

          Diggs and Adams were both backloaded, that’s why their cap hits doubled to the $20m+ each.

          If you look at our contracts, they tell a story and timeline. That suggests really strong planning and management. When the back-loaded portions hit is critical to understanding the plan in my opinion.

  33. Shibu

    It would have to be for cheap, but thoughts on bringing in Calais Campbell to provide some veteran leadership to the defense? Has a history working with MacDonald in 2022.

  34. Samprassultanofswat

    Some of these RBs got big bucks yesterday in free agency.. I wonder how good the RB market is in the 2024 NFL draft.

  35. Troy D

    The numbers the guards are getting helps cement my idea that we should run to the podium if Fautanu is there. Where he plays on the line becomes a lot less worrisome for a 1st rounder when guards like Lewis are getting paid like he is.

    Big men all weekend long for me. Now if you believe in a QB. Go get him. If you arentt 100% on that…Big men all day.

    • Troy D

      Let me clarify. Hardly my idea. Just what I would love to see.

  36. Sparky

    Next contract speculation: one year deals for Lock, Evan Brown, Mike Jackson, Devin White, Willie Gay, and Chinn? That would set us up for the draft without any glaring holes and with some defensive upside to tap into.

    • Ben

      Would probably need a bit more cap space to fit that many dudes. Lock alone would be 4-6 million.

      If we only have 8-10 million in available cap remaining, there aren’t a ton more levers to pull without trades and even then.

      Cut Julian Love for ~5m
      Restructure Dremont ~5, DK ~6, Geno (his base)~6

      Trade Lockett ~7.5, Dk ~9, Dremont ~5

      Perhaps my Geno for Fields trade idea is still out there. Although that that’s negative for space!

      However most importantly gonna continue shouting my Coleman Shelton to the Seahawks prediction! Rams aren’t bringing him back after stuffing their interior O-line and moving Avila to C, I’ll eat my mic if he doesn’t show up in Seattle assuming he doesn’t get the 2024 interior O-line FA bag.

    • Ian Heathrow

      Please no to Evan Brown! Same for most any other mediocre to sub-par role players. Not until after the draft when they’re desperate and cost much less.

      • Rob Staton

        Brown cost $2.25m last year

        ‘Much less’ isn’t a possibility for Evan Brown

      • Sparky

        Hes a versatile solid player who we can get for cheap. A nice draft hedge.

  37. Denver Hawker

    Darnold’s contract size was a surprise. Might be tougher to sign Drew Lock than thought

    • Cysco

      Depends how many partners are left at the dance. Hard to say how much demand there will be for him. There sure wasn’t a lot last year.

      • Roy Batty

        Minnesota is also backed up against a wall. They needed to sign someone.

        • geoff u

          Willingly or not, Minnesota has finally moved on from a quarterback who was never going to take them anywhere and is now free to pursue an actual franchise QB.

    • cha

      Denver, I’m not going to respond.

      I’m just going to ask you what I normally say in response to statements like that?

    • CHaquesFan

      Mariota getting 6m not having done anything of note gives me pause
      However given that Minshew started an entire year and just got 12.5apy I think Minny just overpaid, Lock will come back on 6-7m

  38. Mr Magic

    Very happy with how quckly we are turning the page on a horrific salary cap situation without truly hurting the roster. Hearing some mild complaints but they are off que.

    1. Big Cat is 14th highest paid defensive lineman as of now, may go lower with more signings, that seems about right. 6th highest paid DE, 9th DT and he plays both.

    2. Fant is the 12th highest paid TE, also seems about right.

    We are accumulating comp picks, 1 should be decent for the Lewis signing, perhaps this is their strategy, stockpile some extra comps and use em for trading around a lot in the draft to fill gaps.

    We are spending the most money on DLline and that is how it should be. The cap is in good shape moving forward and we have a lot of mobility on the QB position. We arent locked into any terrible deals at the moment.

  39. FloW

    Commanders signing Mariota 1y/6m – who gets traded? Howell or #2 pick?

    • cha


      They’ll probably go into camp with 3 QBs

  40. BK26

    Here’s my take: these were the two easiest, and also most necessary signings. Fant was easily the most talented out of the 3 tight ends (sadly he is basically what I thought he would be in the NFL: someone that doesn’t reach their potential), but with a new offense and a better quarterback sooner or later? Why not? He’s the talent you might give a little more than expected for. Didn’t break the bank and it bumps the position down from “critical” to just a need. You are most likely not going to bring in someone in the draft with that ceiling (even if he isn’t going to get there).

    With Big Cat, the trade is now justified. And he needed to be signed, within reason. Take him off of the defense and who is the veteran, the leader? On top of him being the best player on that side of the ball for us not named after a utensil. It’s a weapon that MacDonald would need.

    They stayed out of the mad rush and let other teams burn through their money. I’d be more than happy bringing in Josey Jewell for a year or two, as well as Gay from KC. Get a good, sound player, as well as a physically impressive guy who hasn’t quite gotten there yet.

    Safety, haven’t looked around too much yet. Will let that settle more.

  41. Ian Heathrow

    If Seattle resign Drew Lock, is that a sign that they will be punting TQBOTF? With them stubbornly fully committed to Geno Smith, would not signing Lock to a market level backup contract make it so they would most likely have to keep 3 qb if they wanted to draft a rookie? I do not see how you just cut Lock or Geno Smith. And we can see there are no landing spots left for a Geno Smith trade. Am I too far off base thinking this?

    • Rob Staton

      No. Nothing about Smith or Lock will be any indication on their draft thoughts

  42. Mr Magic


    I hope we finally draft a top tier Center. Trade back as much as you can and get Jackson Powers Oregon C in the 20s. Been dying for us to anchor the C position for years now and they don’t dedicate to it. POwers could anchor a lone for a decade. He would be a great first pick with a trade back.

    They should then look for a starting Right Tackle before the 4th round to take Lucas spot. I would kick Lucas over to Left Guard next to Cross, that would be a great move for him with the knee assuming it heals ok. A lot less mobility needed there. Cross-Lucas-Powers would be a really solid left side when healthy.

    • Dregur

      I disagree, I don’t see JPJ as a generational center, especially one drafted in the 1st round.

      • Mr Magic

        Didn’t give up a single sack all year, just one pressure on 471 pass blocking plays, let all FBS centers in pass blocking grade (91.3), overall grade (83.2) and run-blocking grade (83.1) according to PFF. He is the best C in the draft and will go in the 20s. Unanimous All American and Rimington Trophy winner and still just 21. He would be an amazing fit! If he doesnt go in the late first he will be gone first few picks of the 2nd. Some drafts have him as low as 20th overall, few have him past mid 2nd…

  43. HOUSE

    Deejay Dallas to Cardinals… Best of luck to him

  44. 805Hawk

    Queen to the Steelers. Dodged that one.

  45. Blitzy the Clown

    Bye bye Drew

    Ian Rapoport @RapSheet

    The #Giants are signing Drew Lock, per me, @TomPelissero and @MikeGarafolo

    11:02 AM · Mar 12, 2024

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