Jamal Adams is the worst trade of the Pete Carroll era

Jamal Adams, making one of his few plays so far this season, in holding Kirk Cousins to a two-yard gain

Quite rightly, people are starting to connect the three big trades of the Pete Carroll era — Percy Harvin, Jimmy Graham and Jamal Adams.

The first two deals didn’t work out as intended. The third is going the same way.

There’s increasing evidence the Seahawks don’t know how to get the best out of Adams. That was an issue with both Harvin and Graham too.

As Joe Fann noted over the weekend: “Injuries, inconsistent play, expensive and an organizational inability to maximize the respective skills sets.”

With Harvin, fitting him into the Marshawn Lynch-led attack with a point guard quarterback was a bigger challenge than it needed to be. With Graham, they tried to turn the NFL’s best mismatch weapon into a complete tight end.

Now the Seahawks appear stuck with a similar Adams-shaped dilemma.

A year ago they manufactured sack production by having him blitz off the edge with Bobby Wagner lined up in the A-gap to draw protection. It helped him break a much talked about sack record but in reality, it was always a red herring.

Adams blitzed, on average, eight times a game. If you ask any safety to blitz eight times a game off the edge with an $18m linebacker in the A-gap, there’s a decent chance they’ll also break the sack record.

Wagner’s role essentially was reduced to setting the table for Adams. He blitzed 100 times last season, compared to 41 times in 2018 (probably his best season as a pro) and 71 times in 2019.

They’ve clearly decided not to do that any more and the results are zero sacks in three games for Adams. His blitzing, which appears to be from deeper and less telegraphed or manufactured, simply isn’t getting home.

A classic example was the touchdown to Adam Thielen on Sunday. Adams, right before the snap, ran into the blockers at the LOS and engaged contact. There was no real attempt to get free and certainly there was no pressure on the quarterback:

Kirk Cousins had one less player to worry about at the second level. He throws to Thielen, who is at least somewhat covered by D.J. Reed (although his positioning is poor). Yet Justin Jefferson is running free across the middle of the field:

Look at the starting position of Jefferson (in the slot) and Adams:

One way or another, they are passing off Justin Jefferson (of all people) to have a defensive back blitz ineffectively.

Is it any wonder the Minnesota offense found it so easy to make completions?

Increasingly it feels like the Seahawks don’t really have a clear plan on how to use him effectively — enabling him to create pressure and still retain coverage ability (as was the case in New York working under Todd Bowles and Gregg Williams).

They could go back to blitzing him as they did a year ago. That would create sacks but as noted before, they could probably ask Ryan Neal to do the same job at a fraction of the price. This plan also impacts Wagner, your most expensive player not named Russell Wilson. And when Adams doesn’t get home with this predictable and obvious plan that opponents can easily read, you’re in trouble.

They can also carry on as they are and just have him blitz ineffectively while doing very little at the second level.

Neither is appealing.

Adams’ PFF grade last season was 64.2. So far this year he’s graded at 70.7 (Colts), 63.6 (Titans) and 63.6 (Vikings). He’s credited with zero splash plays, zero hurries, zero QB hits and zero sacks.

His coverage grade in 2021 is 62.1.

He’s still being aggressive too. I don’t have the numbers for the Minnesota game but he blitzed nine times against Tennessee.

A quick reminder that he’s the highest paid safety in the league.

In New York he had an 89.6 coverage grade and 89.8 overall grade in 2018. His 2019 numbers were similar — 87.5 in coverage, 87.9 overall.

These are damning numbers for the Seahawks, Pete Carroll and Ken Norton Jr. It helps paint a picture of, to put it bluntly, a franchise that is simply clueless when it comes to getting the most out of their big investment.

They’ve had Adams for over a year now. They’ve seemingly tweaked their scheme to use Bear fronts in part to utilise his skillset.

And the results are so mediocre.

Furthermore, Adams often refers to himself as a ‘weapon’ or ‘playmaker’. I think ‘peacock’ is a more fitting description.

I think he’s a show-off.

Bringing a $2200 Louis Vuitton coffee cup to podium after the Tennessee game just for show was indicative of what I find off-putting about Adams.

Like a peacock, I think he’s very good at showing off and letting everyone know he’s there. I’d prefer to see a bit more on the field, frankly, to justify this.

So why is it the worst ‘big’ trade of the Carroll era, as the title suggests? After all, we could write similar complaints about the other two deals.

Harvin, if nothing else, had a major contribution in the Super Bowl victory against the Broncos. Although the cost was steep (R1 & R3 picks + a new contract) the Seahawks moved on with little fanfare. They had some dead money to overcome but nothing that stopped them retaining their core group for another three and a half seasons.

They inherited Graham’s contract so there was never any real financial penalty in that trade. While many hands have been wrung over the deal with New Orleans — especially considering it included Max Unger and arguably inspired a shift to a more finesse approach — Graham still scored 18 touchdowns for the Seahawks and produced 923 yards in his second season alone. He contributed and simply didn’t elevate the offense as hoped.

The Adams trade is on a whole different level. For starters, the compensation was two first rounds picks and a third rounder. That’s way more than Harvin and Graham cost.

Then, they gave him a record-setting contract. They can’t realistically get out of his deal until 2023. His dead cap hit next year is $16m ($7m more than his cap hit). Even in 2023 his dead cap hit is $12m set against an $18m salary.

It’s a mess, frankly. You’re left hoping they figure this out ASAP or that someone else comes in down the line and returns Adams to his 2018/2019 form.

This is an important tweet from Jeff Simmons which helps explain Seattle’s broader issues currently:

There’s a catalogue of errors here. A consistent run of hopelessness which has put the team in a bind far greater than any schematic and communication issues in one game against Minnesota.

I don’t blame them for taking a chance on Germain Ifedi. Late in the first round, the options were limited at right tackle (a glaring need). I maintain that he had some good moments on tape and a fantastic physical profile. It didn’t work out but Ifedi, believe it or not, has had a better NFL career than some of the other players taken at his position in that 2016 draft.

I’ll never criticise a team for investing in the trenches and it just not working out.

Likewise I’ve never gone over the top on the Malik McDowell pick. They saw a Calais Campbell-esque profile and rolled the dice. It didn’t work. I wish they’d drafted T.J. Watt — who we talked up a lot and even compared to Khalil Mack on this website. They went into the off-season in 2017 needing an inside/out rusher and took a shot.

You can make a case, however, on whether they took too big a gamble on McDowell who had major character flags and ultimately made a reckless decision before he’d even taken a NFL snap. They then compounded the wasted pick by wasting a second rounder on a one-year rental of Sheldon Richardson.

Even so, it’s since the reset in 2018 that the real problems began.

1. Taking a finesse one-year wonder ‘playmaker’ running back instead of Nick Chubb who, as we noted, had the ideal profile for a Seahawks running back in terms of size, explosive traits and running style. They were seemingly swayed by a health grade based on one season of MWC football — a league that enabled a 166lbs running back to break the NCAA for rushing the year prior. Chubb, meanwhile, recovered from a serious knee injury to the tune of two highly productive SEC seasons and helped lead Georgia to the National Championship game. The national media have since revealed how much the Seahawks deeply regret this decision.

2. The 2019 draft plan was a disaster, as noted in this article. They seemingly watched their targets come off the board, panicked, picked LJ Collier, looked miserable in the day-one press conference and turned an off-season priority (bolster the pass rush) into a glaring, major problem. Collier has been a total bust and would possibly be cut if it wasn’t for his contract.

3. Jordyn Brooks is grading poorly via PFF when he does play and the rest of the time he’s being benched or spelled by Cody Barton. Linebacker was a curious pick in 2020 in the first round and Brooks is doing very little to justify the decision to select him ahead of a whole bunch of talented running backs, offensive linemen, cornerbacks and receivers that we discussed in depth pre-draft.

4. The Seahawks essentially sat out the the 2021 draft due to the Adams trade and will be without a first round pick next year too. Based on the last two games, it could even be a top-20 pick. Are the Seahawks getting value from the investment? No.

Championship winning teams are often defined by their ability to draft well and make calculated veteran additions. The Seahawks, in both cases, have flopped since the reset began in 2018.

The Adams trade, rather than be the finishing touch to elevate the team to a Championship — is starting to look like the final, desperate move of a franchise that has lost its way.

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  1. 12th chuck

    one could easily argue worst trade in franchise history

    • Big Mike

      Been saying that for a year now. I was, like happens to Rob, roasted for that opinion by several people here who seem to not be around now.
      I stand by it until he proves me wrong. I have little hope that will happen.

  2. cha

    Adams blitzed twice against Minnesota. No pressures or QB hits.

    He also was thrown at twice for two completions and 23 yards.

    He also was credited with two missed tackles.

    • GerryG

      Yes, but the intensity of the post-missed-tackle clapping more than made up for it!

      • Sea Mode


  3. BobbyK

    Peacock is the perfect name for Adams. He strutted around that field at all times on Sunday. I watched him a lot, especially on commercial break time. He doesn’t appear to be a leader at all. He doesn’t interact with other players as much as one would hope. He’s not a difference maker one single bit. Not for the Seahawks.

    I have a former student who worked for the Jets and he raves about Adams. He says he’s the best player he’s ever been around. He’s not a liar. This is the perfect example how Pete Carroll traded for a square peg and tried to insert him into a round hole. Same with Jimmy Graham and trying to make him a “complete” tight end when he’s not a complete tight end. Failure. Failure.

    Adams is relatively worthless for the Seahawks. He’s totally worthless and a franchise crippling addition when you factor the draft picks and salary cap space wasted on him (though the team clearly failed in its 2020 offseason too, prior to the addition of Mr. Peacock).

    Rob – I will disagree with one thing you wrote, although this is a great story you’ve written. You said he has zero splash plays this year. I disagree. He made two splash plays for the Titans last week. LOL – a very painful LOL.

    I can’t think of a worse trade the Seahawks have ever made. Not even the Tony Dorsett deal prior to my becoming a fan. It is that bad.

    • no frickin clue

      We are way overdue for a Seth Wickersham-style oral history of the Jamal Adams trade. While it would be white-hot-painful to read, I wonder who pushed the most for this deal. Was it Pete? Was it John? Did Ken Norton Jr. argue that Adams would be the missing chess piece that would transform the defense? Were there alternative trade targets that they considered pursuing?

      And at what point did they experience some buyer’s remorse?

    • cha

      Random peacock story:

      About 15 years ago I lived on an extremely quiet cul de sac surrounded by trees.

      One day I walked out into my yard and there was a full-grown male peacock standing there. I was transfixed. The iridescent colors and the feathers blew my mind. Apparently some wealthy homeowner a couple miles away bought one years ago, then moved away and just let it go wild, and it nested nearby and wandered around.

      The whole neighborhood enjoyed the visitor.

      For about 2 days or so.

      What happened? Multiple cars got scratched.

      Prized flower beds and vegetable gardens got eaten.

      The peacock quickly returned said flowers and veggies to their owners with a prolific amount of poop. There was poop everywhere.

      And the cry. Hear it one time, it sounds exotic. Twice, less so. The third, and unceasing at 6am and 9pm every day will have you sharpening your axe.

      I don’t know what happened to the bird, but after 2 days I never saw it again.

      This is how I’m starting to feel about Adams.

      The consumption. The poop. The noise.

      It’s just too much.

      • CanuckBrad

        Awesome post! I was bitten by a Peacock in Oz. Beautiful plumage but they’re a pain.

      • GerryG

        The peacock story reminds me of tale from years ago, also with cock suffix. Seems as good as any place to post this anecdote that friends who attend Burning Man told me ~15 years ago:

        Apparently there are a group of dudes who attend or attended Burning Man wearing only a T-Shirt, letting the rest just hang out there for the world to see. These people became known as “shirtcockers” and were chastised and lamented by many.

        So one creative group built a homemade air cannon that they affixed to the top of their RV, and invested in dozens of pairs of sweat pants. When a shirtcocker would walk by they would load the air cannon with a pair of pants and blast the offender. The cheers and uproarious laughter were legendary as the tale goes.

        This also reminds me of Jamal Adams, as at times I wish he would be blasted with something to get him to shut up.

      • Big Mike

        The parallels are scary cha.

  4. GlastoHawkUK

    A Peacock, yes ok. I am sick of these type of characters. I classify him as a Show Pony, as I did the Griffin brothers who paraded as bizarre fashion models pre game whilst in Seattle. What’s in common, none of them produce at a decent level on the pitch.
    Those of us in UK can imagine the abuse and ridicule these players would get from the press and fans playing at an elite level of sport here, it would be merciless.
    I can’t remember wherever it was Rob or Robbie in a recent podcast who said they just don’t like some of the players, I feel the same. We have had, and still have some great people, from Avril to Locket and Wagner. But Adams!!!, sorry, want him gone.
    I genuinely think Ryan Neal would be an upgrade, the Ryan Neal that only had snaps on special teams on Sunday.
    I have read articles about the research into college players conducted by NFL teams, with an emphasis on lifestyle etc. We draft busts and trade for players with questionable characteristics.
    To end my ramble – How can any organisation tolerate such miss management? Owner needs to hold Pete and John accountable, no play off this year = no job for you in Seattle next year.

    • BobbyK

      When Lockett was down the other day, it was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe how many players gathered around him on the field. You could tell how loved he is.

      • Big Mike

        Put a lump in my throat. A guy who absolutely everybody loves AND respects.

    • GerryG

      RE ownership, we have discussed this a bunch. It is an extremely unique situation where the team is essentially being managed as a pure business entity. Jody Allen is technically in charge of it, but she probably has minimal interest in it, and it just needs to be cared for to preserve its value for eventual sale.

      A rudderless ship at a time where a rudder is desperately needed

      • GoHawksDani

        OK, but it is a good business when fans are happy, they wanna go to the stadium, buy jerseys, etc. If the team sucks, more fans will either hit pause, abandon them completely or just not willing to buy merch.
        I’m not a big time businessman, but I’m sure Jody Allen MUST know this. An NFL franchise’s value is dictated by it’s success (and location, and fanbase, etc…but all those staying the same, the changing factor is the success).
        Let’s say the ship sinks. Hawks begin to suck and be bad for 5-10 years. I bet Lumen field wouldn’t be packed and probably merch would fell by say 40%. The team’s value might not feel it that much, but I’d willing to bet that it’d lose somewhere between 1-10% of it’s value. Those are probably 10-100s million dollars.
        She doesn’t want to manage the team? I totally get it. She can’t sell it for tax reasons? I understand.
        Hire someone who knows a ton about football to be the VP. Put that person above PC, and let him/her do the cleaning and make football decisions. Not the HC who is clearly trending downwards in the last 3-4 years

  5. Turp

    Franchise-crippling trade. Maybe it will be enough to replace our front office….that’s the only silver lining I see.

    • Tyler Jorgensen

      I for one would love to see what JS can do without Pete Carroll. I don’t want the Front Office replaced, I just want the guy coaching to either evolve like the league is, hire new minds (check, Waldron, no check on defense) and let them coach without getting in their way (no checks). So we’re 1/4 on what I want, in place of firing Pete.

      So I guess I want firing Pete. But, not JS. I want to see him in action without Pete first. I think like everyone else not Pete, he’s doing the best he can while abiding by what Pete wants.

  6. Fudwamper

    I just don’t get the trade. Adams has never fit what the Hawks want from their safeties. He does not hit the edge and take out blockers in run support, he does not cross the middle and delivery big hits on catches. He does fly up and punish the underneath dump off. He does not attack through screens. He does not fit what the Hawks do with the safety.

    When you think about the the draft capital and the amount of salary cap this one player takes on but does not change the course of a game it baffles the mind from a pure economic standpoint. You spend 17mil on a DT or DE and they make plays for others and create havoc during the course of every game. How much better could you make your team by using that money by improving your DT rotation, your Oline, or DE’s with that money?

    I believe this trade is an insight into the complete failure in the organization to stand up to Pete and say No. This is what happens when someone has to much power and everyone around you is a yes man. I get the Harvin trade, it fit, I get the Graham trade, it fit. This just didn’t fit then to double down with the salary was insane.

    • GerryG

      Two first rounders, and a massive salary should ensure any team of two starters of potential pro bowl level, and an all pro. Next year we will just have Jamal, who isnt even playing like an all pro.

      • Scot04

        Heck at this point I’d be happy if he just looked like an average starter.

  7. AlaskaHawk

    The worst part is that we could all see this coming. What was the rush to sign him on a big contract? Why couldn’t they evaluate his play this year before they signed a new contract? Was it just because of the enormous amount they had already paid and because you would hurt his feelings?

    I know he would be disgruntled about playing out the rookie contract, but as a boss who gives a rat’s *** what he thinks?

    The part that no one seems to get is this was like a poker game. It doesn’t matter how much they put in the pot already. You have to cut your losses when the odds are against you.

    • Big Mike

      Dave Wyman couldn’t. That shill boy for Petey read a text of mine on air this past offseason where I outlined all the reasons Jamal was a waste of resources and ripped me saying I knew nothing about football, etc. For someone that played in the NFL Dave, you seem silly now and you seem less mknowledgable than this fan who only played at the high school level.

      • Roy Batty

        Wyman couldn’t even remember what position Ifedi played. The guy is good for one thing…comedy via absolute ignorance.

      • AlaskaHawk

        That’s terrible. If you have any doubts about a players abilities you shouldn’t be signing a high long term contract with them.

  8. Paul Cook

    My best guess is that the PC/JS show continuing its run is most dependent upon the RW situation, rather than the JA situation, at least in the shorter term view. I don’t know what’s really up with ownership now. I don’t know how the ownership group actually functions, who comprises this brain trust?

    We know who sits at the top of the pyramid, but I have no idea who has her ear as to the state of the franchise beyond PC/JS, and what her intentions are as to how long she envisions owning the team. It’s pretty much a mystery to me.

    The only thing we do know were that PC/JS were both extended not long ago, so they at least envisioned them as the primary caretakers of the franchise until further notice.

    Outside of our playoff shortcomings, the team has performed well the last three years, 10-6, 11-5, and 12-4 the last three years, winning their division last year. You have to dig deeper below the surface of the last three seasons to actually ascertain that this perceived improvement is more of a smoke-and-mirrors phenomenon, rather than the result of careful, strategic planning and roster building.

    Is one disappointing off year really going to change ownership’s mind about a coaching/front office shake up? Seems doubtful to me at present.

    What could change the climate is a very serious rift between PC and RW that has all the ingredients of an impending divorce. That would certainly get the attention of ownership, it seems to me.

    • Big Mike

      “Is one disappointing off year really going to change ownership’s mind about a coaching/front office shake up? Seems doubtful to me at present.”

      The only thing that changes it is Russ demanding a trade whether it be publicly or privately. If it was privately it would be done by Russ as a favor to Pete so he could make his retirement announcement. I actually believe he’ll give Carroll that option. If Pete has any sense, he’ll step down at that point.

      • Paul Cook

        Yeah. The RW/PC divorce drama seems to me to be the only thing that moves the needle in the way of a HC/front office shake up. I suppose some epic collapse in regular season record could as well, something like a 6-11 5-12 record and last place finish, but such a thing would only serve to heighten the central RW/PC drama.

  9. James Critoph

    If Jamal Adams were to get injured, would it make our defense worse? I say absolutely not. I could even make a case that Ryan Neal would make it better. Can you imagine saying that about Tunsil, Mack, Jalen Ramsey? What a disaster.

  10. Mark

    When I read this I wonder who they lost in the organization that steered them toward more productive draft selections. Anyone have any idea? Did those people go elsewhere and continue successful drafts?

    Questions like these are much more interesting than watching the product lately.

    • Erik

      I wonder if losing Scot McCloughan could be considered a big reason?

    • Erik

      This is from Wikipedia: “Shortly after leaving the 49ers, McCloughan was hired by Seattle Seahawks general manager and close friend, John Schneider, to be a senior personnel executive on the team.[11] McCloughan accepted, and later assisted with the team’s drafting of notable players in later rounds of the draft such as Russell Wilson, K. J. Wright, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell.[2] He also had success in earlier rounds helping to draft players such as Earl Thomas, Russell Okung, Golden Tate, Bruce Irvin and Bobby Wagner in either the first or second round. McCloughan remained in this position until April 2014, when he again resigned due to personal issues.”

    • Kendo

      I have wondered on this a bunch over the years. The only name I am familiar with is Scot McClouhhan. He was here for our best drafts and left in 2014. Perhaps he had a big influence in the drafts early on and why they have been poor ever since.

      How would y’all feel about Scot getting the GM job if we end up seeing big changes with the front office? Or would y’all like to see JS stay without Pete and Co? I don’t know other names for GM to look out for.

      • cha

        I’ll take Marshall McLuhan at this point.

        “What I wouldn’t give for a large sock with horse manure in it!”

        That’s right. An Annie Hall reference on a football blog.

        “Boy, if life were only like this.”

        • Big Mike

          Good stuff cha

        • no frickin clue

          You, sir, know nothing about my work.

  11. Roy Batty

    Desperation. Thats the only word that fits, for me. The trades, the picks, the attitude.

    We can now officially retire the tired narrative that Pete is good at grooming talent and John is good at trades and contracts. Those days are long, long past their peak.

    • BobbyK

      John does things well in moderation. Claiming Reed, trading for Dunlap, drafting DK (though drafting Collier/Blair ahead of him makes you wonder), etc. But the negatives far outweigh the positives these many years since all of the gold they struck in their early years in charge.

      Pete and John were at their best when they had a long-term vision. Acquiring draft picks was a big one. After they got good, it was and always has been about “now”. ComPete now. Now. They worry about the future when they get there and the future has usually been so screwed over because they haven’t taken it seriously until they get to it.

      Another thing to consider: The Hawks have around $10 million to spend. Jody Allen operates this like a business. Teams don’t have to spend all their money. They just have to spend so much. The Cincinnati Bengals are a good example. Her brother has always given the people who run the team everything they wanted financially. Seems like those days may be gone with her in charge. That would suck to be the Jody Allen Cincinnati Seahawks.

      • Roy Batty

        DK was dumb luck. Not insight. Not great draft management. As you stated, they picked a future bust and an oft-injured, little know safety before lucking into DK’s day 2 plummet. As for Dunlap, we are now seeing how good he is against teams that don’t have the worst offenses in the league, and just how much Jarran Reed’s presence contributed to his hot streak.

      • SeattleLifer

        Pete and John had a drafting edge to things coming into the nfl, they saw guys with certain physical attributes that others didn’t see at the time, they were willing to take some chances in drafting and free agency that others were’nt and in the early days these philosophies paid some good dividends. The problem is the rest of the league quickly caught on to the more innovative workings and started drafting the guys Pete and John were hoping for a bit earlier, coupled with their trade/free agency moves becoming worse over time they began to falter and rather than adapt, change and either copycat others/follow the trends or look for new ways to innovate and grow they began to desperately double down on increasing flawed and outdated ways of thinking, roster building and coaching.

        They just think they are smarter than everybody else because for a short window they were(along with some good fortune thrown in). Now after getting worse and worse at it all along with doing things more out of desperation/being behind – its all coming apart at the seams and they are looking more like dummies than the smart guys.

  12. cha

    The official Seahawks youtube video recapping the Vikings game is entitled “A Common Theme”.

    No kidding.

  13. Peter

    Why the FO is cooked…a short essay:

    Since the “rebuild,” of 2017 by my count Seattle has spent 9 picks including two 1sts, one 2nd, and two 3rds on safeties….but over that same they have only allocated 14 picks to both sides of the trenches.

    Remember when pundits used the term ‘fungible’ to death and every ‘smart’ fan said runningbacks aren’t important? Well they are to this team. I may have micounted but my tally is just four picks on RB when not only could they picked Chubb or any other for that matter.

    What I’m banging on about is that this team is either lying to us or to themselves. Beyond pissing away resources they are LITERALLY not doing in any way roster building that all reflects who they allege to be.

    • J.P.

      They need good players, period.

      I don’t care where they invest those draft picks so long as they’re good players. Problem is, they’re often not.

      The D-Line is probably the biggest point of discussion every off-season and since 2017, they’ve taken McDowell, Collier, Green, and Taylor all in the 1st/2nd round. No, not the 5th, 4th or even 3rd, the first two rounds. That’s decent capital into that group with little to show for it.

      I don’t care that you took Alton Robinson in the 4th, all I care is he’s a good player unlike Tre Flowers who was also a 4th rounder. I don’t care if you take a RB in the first, but he better be good and on the field. I’ll take a Chubb in the first round any day over a shitty lineman like Ifedi. Screw the position, I just want good players and you can figure it out afterwards with trades and free agency.

      • Hawkdawg

        Both Robinson and Flowers were 5th round picks. Robinson was a decent, maybe better, pick–we will see. Flowers was a stretch and projection. Unfortunately, it is by now painfully clear that Carroll has taken personal ownership of the Flowers pick, with bad results.

  14. Ashish

    After reading your article Rob, I wish Pete Carroll retire after this year, that will be best ending. After reading this article reading first rounder blunder, no wonder why we are struggling and unfortunately it will take good 3-4 years to be back. Assuming we have good drafting. Tough years ahead.

  15. cha

    Tom Pelissero
    · 2h
    Five-time Pro Bowl CB Richard Sherman is heading to Tampa for a visit with the #Bucs, sources tell me and @RapSheet.

    • Ashish

      Pete was in touch of Richard and probably told Trey Flower had his best off season.

  16. GoHawks5151

    You hear it all the time, It’s a copycat league. So for god’s sake copy Williams/Bowles/Belichick. The personnel isn’t ideal but it’s workable. Woods and Poona inside, Dunlap or possibly Nkemdiche at 5. For all the talk of Taylor at Sam, we haven’t seen it. I want to see him rush too but on early downs it’s not horrible idea if you pop another blitzer. They can’t keep wasting Bobby inside. They can use another LB or Nickel too. Very confusing.

    I find it hard to blame Jamal too much. He is probably the most talented player on the team besides DK. Like you said, he is not being put in a position to succeed. Personality wise I don’t mind him being cocky. Literally every DB from High School to Pro does the “No catch” motion or the Mutombo finger wag. We just spoiled by Kam

    • GoHawksDani

      I don’t mind a bit if they’re doing stuff like that, but Adams does silly things even when he fails.
      Like some 3&3, WR gets 5, he tackles the WR and celebrates. WTH?
      Celebrate and flex when you made a pdef, or at least a 3rd down stop, or a TFL or a sack, or an INT or something. Celebrating negative plays for your defense (like an RB or WR getting a first down or getting 4-6 yards) is just laughable

  17. Dan Riggs

    This website provides the best analysis of the Seahawks. I used to defend this team but I just can’t anymore. Rob, you were right about Jamal and a bunch of other things.

    It’s too bad you aren’t able to attend the press conferences. Now that Joe is gone, no one seems willing to ask the tough questions. Gregg Bell deserves kudos for trying. I hope he keeps it up but I doubt it.

  18. JimQ

    I’ve often heard PC described as a “great DB coach”, going back for years in his long coaching history, DB coaching seems to have been his “specialty”. If this is remotely true, how in the heck can PC justify the play of the Seahawks secondary, –especially Flowers–. Not to mention PC paying a kings ransom for a ????????LB/SS? – that can’t even play a complete game and whose performance could actually be replaced by a journeyman for millions in cap savings. I think PC has “gone around the bend” and needs to be replaced before the Seahawks lose both him and RW. I believe PC is living in the past and can no longer keep up with the modern day NFL – and he should know it by now. Time for PC to either retire or become more of a front office guy and leave team coaching to the younger generation. The Seahawks need to keep up with their competition and get more modern in every area or they will be unwatchable for years to come.

    I have a general question about when the defense is on the field for major portions of a game and are supposedly “gassed” or extremely tired out. I know that offensive players know the play coming and defensive players react to same but …. with regard to trench players on the OL & DL – aren’t they all about the same damn size? (300-lbs+/-) and play the same number of downs, so why is the defense gassed and the offense isn’t gassed? My guess is that it’s more mental tiredness than physical & that leads to my presumption of a lack of grit and/or desire to execute & win every snap that is currently lacking. IMO-The Seahawks need more bad asses and less wimps in the trenches & on the rest of the whole damn team.

  19. Rick

    Is Schneider part of the problem as well or is it too much Carroll influence on the draft?

    • Rob Staton

      Good question

    • Olyhawksfan

      It would be interesting to see John Schneider operate without his overlord.

  20. Palatypus

    Don’t sugarcoat it. Give it to me straight.


    Trash ouch, but reality?


  22. GaiusMarius

    As an above poster asked, how much is this Schneider and how much Carroll?
    I suspect it’s more Carroll who is flailing in “win now” mode because he doesn’t want to do this much longer. A desperate gambit is what drove the Adams’ trade and desperation makes for stupid decisions.

    If the current trajectory continues things are going to get nasty. Wilson might smile all through the season, but if we miss the playoffs (or even limp into them before another exit, which I see as less probable at the moment) there will be a showdown, at least if Carroll does not bow out.

    The exact shape of that I do not know, but if we’re lucky Wilson makes a demand for BIG changes (as in Carroll and/or Schneider going) and his direct input and approval on the next coach and the like. That demand might be made to the coaching/management, but I wouldn’t put it out of reach for Wilson to go around them and talk to the behind-the-scenes ownership.

    Then it’s a choice. Franchise QB or current coach/management. That’s an easy decision (it’s the QB!). But the Seahawks have made several perplexing and bad football decisions as illustrated in this article. If that’s the case Wilson says “okay” and then says you have 3 weeks to find a trade partner. Here are the teams I’ll consider. If it’s not done by then I’ll be back from vacation and expect negative media leaks and interviews to start in earnest.

    All of this can still be avoided if we can pull out of the nosedive we’re in, although the fact that the rest of the NFC West appears better managed and coached makes that harder.

    • Big Mike

      Said it above and I’ll say it here……I think Russ will privately ask for a trade in an attempt to get Carroll to retire and then as you say, be well involved in the choice of a new HC. If Carroll doesn’t end it, RW will go public and this time he goes through with it (much to Sean Payton’s delight).

      • Palatypus

        Didn’t Elway do this?

        • jed

          Elway refused to play for the Colts. Eli Manning did the same thing with the Chargers. Both guys didn’t want to play for perennial loser teams with poor ownership, GM’s, etc. and didn’t want their careers to be wasted.

  23. Pran

    This team could not draft decent for ever…what else they do to compensate, trades. JS should be barred from trading day 1 and 2 picks. This FO and scouting depts were given a pass for far too long.

    • BobbyK

      You’re right. They should be stripped of any ability to trade 1st and 2nd round picks. Furthermore, they need to actually trade to get extra picks in these first 5 rounds. If that means somewhat gutting the team for 1-year, so be it. If Pete stays in charge, this is what the team will look like next year: it will compete and finish around .500. They might get to the playoffs before getting outcoached and outplayed in the Wild Card. The same will happen in 2023.

      What should happen for ’22 is: they possibly trade Adams for something (could they even get a singular second round pick at this point?). Possibly trade DK if only they can get a kings ransom in return. Trade down (if possible in the draft with the intent on picking up extra picks in ’23) and save money in ’22. Do the best they can on the field in ’22, knowing full well they’re setting themselves up in the ’23 Draft and having extra money to spend in FA. If there’s a way to keep Russ happy (offensive minded coach), there’s still a chance to be young and hungry and a possible favorite in ’23 and ready to take on the world again in ’24.

      But, theyhave no long-term vision so they’ll keep squabbling away their future to “comPete” now and never get ahead. But, hey, I guess competing to be as mediocre as possible is still something. Or not.

  24. SeattleLifer

    Annnnd that about sums it up Rob. Only thing I could add is that to my eyes he seems to have really dialed back his physical/aggressive/hard charging play of his contract years. I see shades of Shaun Alexander’s play after he got his last contract and in fact to me it looks even worse. I think Adams has figured out his body is too small to stand up to nfl play and now that he’s got his big contract he’s often just going through the motions in regards to hard physical contact/play style.

    • Big Mike

      I hadn’t thought of that and only saw it from the “he’s not being used properly” angle (which he is not). However………….you may be on to something. Your example of Alexander was spot on.

    • pdway

      @SeattleLifer – – f*&k….I kind of noticed that too.

      I’m really trying to cling to hope on this thing. I mean, how has Adams ‘fooled’ everyone all these years? And I’m not trying to be sarcastic or clever, the guy was a #6 overall pick, and nobody blinked, he was pro bowl each year w the jets, and was the #31 rated player in the league by his peers last year. it can’t all be smoke and mirrors, right?

      I’m seeing what you guys are, a good athlete w decent size/speed combination, but he does not seem to have a superpower out there. He’s not crazy instinctive, or eye-popping fast, he’s an ok, but not great hitter. I don’t really get it.

      • Paul Cook

        First off, I’ll be the first to admit that I hardly ever watched JA play. I mean, why would I want to watch a Jets game when he played for them? So I never really got a good look at him for extended periods of time on the field, watched his demeanor, how he handled himself in different situations, the kind of teammate he seemed to be. Mostly I just saw highlights of his NFL career.

        He is a physical specimen/athlete, at least to my eye. The thing is, though, to me he’s only going to be great if he’s a terror on the field, someone whose got a real nose for the ball, someone you see all the time on the TV screen because he’s aggressively in on a high percentage of plays. That’s what I’m expecting.

        I’m just not seeing that. I’m not seeing that sharknado force in any kind of consistently authoritative way at all. If it doesn’t start happening soon, either by individual will or effective scheme, then I can’t help but think that this guy is a bust relative to what we expended on him.

        • pdway

          Yeah, I feel the same. And I’ve been pretty careful not to just scapegoat the guy b/c we paid a ton to get him. And there were some excuses that felt legit before (new system, nagging injuries, weird Covid off-season, etc) – but none of those apply to this season.

          Frankly, he showed more flair last year.

        • olyhawksfan

          In last years season opener he looked like a man on fire. I was very excited. After that ONE game he hasn’t played like that again. Maybe that Rams game, but even then IMO he only made a couple plays.

          Maybe we can give the mascot Blitz a bunch of money too.

    • bmseattle

      It’s very possible that he doesn’t feel confident in the shoulder he injured last year.
      Shoulder injuries can be chronic, so he might have good reason for the lack of confidence, too.

      Yet another reason the contract was foolish.

  25. JJ

    I don’t understand why local media does not press PC/JS on draft decisions. It gets discussed on the edges from them, but they never ask in-depth questions about why the players we have selected haven’t worked out. How many players over the last 8 years have been extended after rookie deal? It is an epic failure that with any normal ownership group would be grounds for cleaning house.

  26. MyChestIsBeastMode

    Conspiracy theory:

    We are holding onto extra salary cap funds this year as insurance for the possible, if not probable scenario of eating Russell’s dead cap next season upon trading him. After the trade, we’ll hope to find a Sam Darnold look-alike (a lot of league average/game manager QBs will be FA’s next season). Then, finally, we’ll have the $$$ to sign big name DB’s and pass rush once RW’s large contract is off the books.

    • Ashish

      Only bright spot is Russell Wilson. Sure lets get rid of him too.

      • Rowdy

        The guy has played more like Andy Dalton this year.

  27. KennyBadger

    Worst during the Pete Carroll era or the worst in franchise history?

    • Silver&BlueSquirrel

      Can’t be worse then trading the Tony Dorsett pick.

  28. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Seahawks have waived QB Jake Luton, per the wire. Meanwhile, the #Broncos elevated QB Brett Rypien to their 53-man.

    Tre Brown ready come off IR?

    • cha

      Nope. Nkemdiche promoted to the active roster.


      Now let’s see if John Schneider can trade LJ Collier and a 7th round pick for a star cornerback a la what he did with BJ Finney last year.

      • Morgan

        The Jags wanted a nice roast beef on rye for CJ Henderson but I guess apparently we like our sandwiches.

  29. Cysco

    I’m really surprised there haven’t been leaks out of the front office pointing fingers about the poor decision making that has plagued this franchise.

    Like most of you, I want to know who to blame. Are all these terrible decisions Pete’s doing? (I suspect yes) or does JS take ownership of these too? I suspect that PC’s job is to say what he wants done. JS’s job is to get done what PC wants. But who knows?

    I said this yesterday and will repeat myself. If this were any well-run franchise, heads would have rolled for putting the franchise in this position. This team can’t get sold soon enough.

    • Tyler Jorgensen

      Heads have rolled. Every position but Head Coach and GM have seen heads roll prior. The GM has been above that fray, and should be. The next head to roll will be Ken Norton’s during the season if this doesn’t improve. After that, if Pete is still here and JS’s head rolls, we’ll know it was ALL Pete’s fault, and all it took was everyone else to be fired first for us to see it evidenced out.

      The real question to ask – if we got rid of Schneider and not Pete, would/could things be different? And if we got rid of Pete and kept JS, could/would things be different. The answer to those two questions are the answer to what should happen next, in my eyes.

      • rad_man

        strong indication JS does Pete’s bidding. Pete was hired first and in on the interview for JS. Suspect Pete says fetch and JS goes and hunts for it at a price Pete will accept.

        Would like to see JS without PC.

        Pete Carroll will always be a Seahawks legend. But I don’t want Chuck Knox coaching this team, either.

      • Casonfriseal

        This is what I have been thinking for a while now. I was admittedly slow to join the “Pete Carroll needs to go” traincar, but what is going on right now smells strongly of coaching pathology, from top down. Just watching and listening to JS without Carroll as HC would be fascinating, and, I think fascinating in a good way.

  30. cha

    A 28 and a 29 year old corners who haven’t played in the league since 2018 and 2019.

    No stone unturned

    Aaron Wilson
    · 41m
    Seahawks worked out Ryan Izzo, Josh Shaw, Simeon Thomas

    • Paul Cook

      So I guess Sidney Jones doesn’t have it anymore, and Tre Brown is worse off than we’ve been led to believe.

    • pdway

      why not have a look at Sherman, you think? Baggage issue?

      • cha

        It’s definitely something.

        This whole story was pre-written in the feel-good manual. Local hero returns home, mends fences with coach, gets a big hug from fans and caps a fantastic career by helping the team in an area of sore need.

        Something is holding the team (or Sherman) back from making it happen.

        • pdway

          yeah, in my mind’s eye – I sort of saw him maybe joining the defensive coaching staff someday…not to be I guess.

        • Mick

          Maybe he simply sees his chances at winning something this year higher with Tampa Bay.

      • Pran

        Is he interested in playing for a sinking ship.

        • Big Mike

          I believe he that does not.

      • DT

        I never really saw Sherm coming back, specifically because of JA – not a lot of peacocks in the LOB and Richard doesn’t seem one to suffer fools.
        Feel like that woulda been a disaster waiting to happen….

    • Rob Staton


      Because sure, those guys who weren’t good enough last time they were here — and haven’t played in the league for a couple of years — they’re going to solve the problem.

  31. James Crosland

    I’ve been waiting for work things to finish tonight so thought i’d have a go at an exercise suggested on one of recent streams.

    For each team who could we have got from the trade. Now i’m far from an expert, and a lot of the time it was like looking at a kid in a candy shop browsing the 2020 offseason roster. My guess is in alot of cases we could have pushed more than i’ve suggested, but it passed an hour.

    cardinals – Chandler Jones
    falcons – Julio Jones & Alex Mack
    ravens – Marlon Humphrey
    bills – Tre’Davious White
    panthers – Christian McCaffrey
    Bears – Akiem Hicks & Cody Whitehair
    Bengals – William Jackson III & Jessie Bates III
    Browns – Joel Bitonio & Denzil Ward
    Cowboys – Demarcus Lawrence
    broncos – Von Miller
    Lions – Trey Flowers & Frank Ragnow
    Packers – Davante Adams / Jaire Alexander
    Texons – JJWatt
    Colts – Quenton Nelson & Darius Leonard
    Jaguars – Brandon Linder & Myles Jack
    Chiefs – Chris Jones
    Raiders – Darren Waller & Clelin Ferrell
    Chargers – Melvin Ingram & ??
    Rams – Darious Williams & Michael Brockers
    Dolphins – Minkah Fitzpatrick (i know he’d already been traded but was struggling!
    Vikings – Danielle Hunter & Brian O’Neil
    Patriots – Stephon Gilmore & David Andrew
    Saints – Cam Jordan
    Giants – Sam Bradbury & Kevin Zeilter
    Jets – Marcus Maye & Brian Poole
    Eagles – Fletcher Cox
    Steelers – Bud Dupres & Terrel Edmunds
    49ers – George Kittle
    Tampa – Ryan Jensen & Chris Godwin
    Titans – Derrick Henry
    Washington – Brandon Scherff & Terry McLaurin

  32. Martin

    A little criticism from the local media…..


  33. Koko

    I’ll start by saying if we supported Jamal in the right way/scheme the trade would be a so much better. I was an advocate for the trade at the time it happened.

    But he doesnt fit and Pete clearly doesn’t care to use him how he should be used. I feel like Pete just watches from the sideline these days. Seems like hes lost his touch and checked out almost letting his coaching staff make decisions for him…

    If Jody doesnt stand up and make a change in the front office and/or if RW leaves then the Hawks will be in a real bad spot until she sells the team and we (hopefully) get a better owner who makes better choices.

    To me it’s obvious that along with the loss of the LOB bringing down our overall level of play, our franchise leadership has failed immensely from ownership to offensive/defensive coordinators. Waldron may be a victim of this but it’s just not working.

    There is no direction for this franchise at the moment and as optimistic as I try to be i just cant find a reason to be excited about this team. We have Russ but who knows if he will play another 20 games for us… Seems we are headed back to our old days of mediocre play. Hope I’m wrong but this season might be the end of an era.

  34. Martin


    Jamal Adams to linebacker? At least it’s an idea. He’s too small as far as I’m concerned (214lbs) and likely to get injured but there’s a small part of me that is seduced by the idea of finding a better way to use our “weapon” and the notion that he might be better at coverage than our existing linebackers, (yes I know we have reservations about his coverage skills but he is a defensive back…..). I figure it’s unlikely that Carroll really wants to, or (as Rob suggests) that there is much evidence that Carroll has so far found, an effective way to change his scheme to accomodate Adams. I also struggle to think that Adams can be that bad a footballer. As Rob notes, his performance has really dropped off relative to when he was with the Jets. I wouldn’t have ever given up that much for a safety, but I really thought he was a top player with the jets.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a terrible idea, recycled far too often.

      Jamal Adams is not a linebacker. If you want him to be injured or a total liability, play him at linebacker.

      Teams will run right at him time and time again.

      • Fudwamper

        Rob you say its a terrible idea, but that is what they are doing. It looks close to a blitzing 3-4 backer. Watching the Tennessee game from the stands I have a great all 22 view and it sure felt that he was playing that role instead of the traditional SS from the hawks.

    • BobbyK

      He can’t shed a block at SS, how’s he going to do it at LB? I have no idea how he was supposedly so good. He can’t take on blockers. He can’t cover. He’s not a Kam or Easley back there at SS that will scare people when they hear him coming. He’s just a football player who tackles people (when he’s not missing) just like everyone else who is average and plays in the NFL. Would this team be any worse off with an average guy like McDougald starting? I think not. And to have thrown away a few 1st round picks and have used up massive amounts of salary cap space for this non-difference maker is not only one of the worst moves in Seahawks history, but it’s trending in one of the worst trades ever when you factor in draft picks and salary cap space wasted. For nothing.

      • Rob Staton

        Meanwhile, Jalen Ramsey, who cost a similar amount, has a PFF grade of 79.1.

        He also shuts down leading receivers.

        • Roy Batty

          It is quite humorous to read comments (on other sites) from Seahawk fans who panned the Rams trade for Ramsey as being too expensive, only to turn around a few years later and cheer for the Hawks making nearly the same trade for a box safety, one of the least critical positions on this, or any other defense.


      • Fudwamper

        That’s what I feel Booby, how many less problems do we have if we have our other safety actually playing safety?

  35. Gross MaToast

    He IS the $2200 coffee cup – incredibly expensive, not really doing anything that couldn’t be done for a fraction of the price, pretentious, and completely unnecessary for the task.

    Pete’s statement that they were “still figuring out” how to use him simply means they had no idea what to do with him when the trade was made. Now, we’re in year 2 and it’s no clearer what he does for a defense. Saying that he had a record for sacks feels like boasting about having more punting yardage than any team ever. It ain’t because you’re great.

    Great article.

    • Rob Staton

      He IS the $2200 coffee cup – incredibly expensive, not really doing anything that couldn’t be done for a fraction of the price, pretentious, and completely unnecessary for the task.


      I so wish I’d thought of this for the article

    • cha

      He IS the $2200 coffee cup – incredibly expensive, not really doing anything that couldn’t be done for a fraction of the price, pretentious, and completely unnecessary for the task.

      100%. Great analogy.

    • Tyler Jorgensen

      Well played, I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • GerryG

      Fantastic analogy!

      Saying that he had a record for sacks feels like boasting about having your coffee still be hot in your cup a day later. Dude, you could have bought a fresh cup for $2.00

    • Big Mike

      Awesome Gross MaToast!

    • RugbyLock

      Great analogies and insights like this are why this is the ONLY comments section I read!

      • Rob Staton


        I’m biased… but it is the best

  36. Rad_man

    It’s hard to understand the JA trade and I definitely didn’t like it. In theory I’m absolutely ok with trading what should/probably be late round 1st round picks for established star players. Given that first round picks are roughly a 50% bust rate (and even higher post pick 20 I imagine), it isn’t a bad strategy to do it a few times in an ‘era’ of a roster build. But it has to be the right player- An established LT, CB, or DE, or QB obviously. See, Ramsey, Jalen.

    I will give the front office their due credit on a number of good moves and picks and savvy moves. They’d got theirs. And they have to be viewed in total (not just first round). Dk, Damien, Chris Carson…Lockett (going back a bit). And astute trades; Duane Brown (where the hell would we be without him?), Diggs. There are others. They’ve made some really smart moves. Brooks looks like a player, to me. Alton Robinson has a good pressure rate. I’m not willing to write them off yet.

    But imagine this team with Bradbury, Davis G or McCoy, or pro bowl center Elgton Jenkins, or Winfield Jr at S, or Orlando Brown Jr at T, or, as mentioned, Chubb. Or Taylor. Not that Carson is a problem. He’s not and he was a great pick.
    I would have been completely fine with an approach of just drafting whatever they think is the best interior G/C/G DT available in the first round every year, at least then I’d see some reason and not this haphazard nonsense.

    As good as they are, this front off has loads of hubris. I’ve been posting it here for years. going back to some crappy O line approach where they convinced themselves they didn’t need to pay for an O line, to the nonsense they are pulling today. And it has cost them dearly.

  37. Rob Staton

    So apparently John Schneider said on the radio on Sunday they intended to bring in Josh Gordon for the PS (or implied it)

    Not a good look that he basically snubbed them for a better offer…

    • BobbyK

      They could always trade their 2nd round pick in the upcoming draft for him. I would actually make that trade if it meant the Adams trade never happened.

      • Rad_man

        suspect they tried to get every dollar out of him and he went elsewhere, suspect the same for Atkins.

    • cha

      Why did he choose KC?

      But one of the attractions of playing in Kansas City was making it a long-term stop and spending multiple seasons there, according to his agents, Eric Dounn and Matt Leist from LAA Sports.

      He wanted a team with a long term future…*ahem*


      • CD

        So did Clowney. They offered him the most $ and he said no thanks, waited it out and signed for less. People can spin it, but he knew what Pete was cooking and left for less dough. This stuff (players not buying in) has been happening since 2013. A lot of BS/smoke.

        I won’t get fully excited until Pete goes AND they have a good draft.

        BTW, I am surprised no one from the SB team has written a book about what was really going on behind the scenes.

        • Big Mike

          They will or there’ll be a 30 for 30…or both.

  38. jacobk

    There’s something to be said for the opportunity cost of the Percy Harvin trade. The Seahawks were at their absolute peak in 2013-2014 and not far off in 2015. Adding a first round pick to that team could easily have meant another Super Bowl appearance or championship trophy.

    Even if you just slot in the pick the Vikings made, imagine sophomore year Xavier Rhodes coming in off the bench instead of Tharald Simon. If you figure the Seahawks would have gone for offense instead, the next wide receiver taken was Deandre Hopkins at #27. Not to mention that they would probably have kept Golden Tate into 2014.

    By contrast, the Jamal Adams trade is just the most noticeable mistake in a whole cavalcade of errors the front office has made over the last few years. Obviously it shouldn’t have happened, but I think with or without it you’re looking at a team that exits the playoffs after the first round.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m pretty sure Tate was going anyway

      And they don’t take CB’s early

      So I’m not sold on a missed opportunity in 2013

      Especially given Harvin’s SB impact

      • Gary

        To be fair, Harvin only contributed two catches for 45 yards and we were already leading 22-0 when he returned the second half kickoff 87 yards for a touchdown. I would be happy undoing that trade for the reasons stated.

        • Rob Staton

          You can’t downplay his impact on that game

          And it’s not about undoing or whatever. It’s about which is worse

  39. Teethgrinder

    Thanks for these latest articles Rob, they are 🔥🔥🔥

    The last few years just show the influence of Scot McCloughan in building the 2013 /14 championship roster. The guy is a football genius. Just a shame he couldn’t keep it together in Seattle. There’s no way that list of busts would have happened with him involved.

    I really hate finesse football teams.

    • RugbyLock

      Unfortunately, that’s what we are right now… I hate it too…

  40. McZ

    I think, the worst thing the Adams trade did was giving almost all leverage to the player in the recent contract negotiations.

    I think, we have to remind outselves again and again what was leading us to that trade:

    – they come out of the 2019 season with the idea to fix the pass rush
    – this idea was strengthened by the Seahawks coaching staffs appearance at the 2020 Pro bowl; rather than being a “recruiting opportunity”, it turned out to be a major downturner; no FA mindful of his career hands over his source of income to PC
    – the 2020 FA was rightfully a shameful display
    – they then moved into the draft with almost any roster question unresolved, which forced them to draft for need, not for talent
    – they then drafted like they always do… add one headscratcher after another; 1st rounder LB is a 3rd-4th round talent drafted much to early.
    – they come out of the draft with most of the holes unfixed
    – second and third phase of FA is as thin as the pre-draft phase
    – a really bad outing looms on the horizon, with a roster full of holes and a major need of talent in the D
    – they watch the trade market unfold, and jump for the first most overrated player sitting out; an utter redo of the 2019 Clowney-action

    This is not a well managed franchise anymore. Somebody kill me.

    • Big Mike

      They already are, one torturous game at a time.

    • RugbyLock

      Losing PA was, in retrospect, a huge blow to this franchise.

  41. Martin

    I don’t have the expertise to offer much of an answer myself but others might….Carroll is supposedly an outstanding DB coach, and Jamal Adams seemed to be highly thought of before we acquired him. Sure Bowles scheme is obviously quite different to Carroll’s. Is the Seahawks scheme pretty much impossible to utilise or even tweak to maximise Adams talent? Obviously we’ve had outstanding safeties before working in Carroll’s scheme. It seems odd that it can be THAT much of a mismatch but what else can it really be? Sure Adams only has two career interceptions but at the Jets he was a team captain, 2019 all pro, pro bowl 2018, and NFL Top 100: 37th (2019), 27th (2020), 31st (2021). Are our defensive coaches really that lacking in imagination or is it just an impossible task and we should never have acquired him? Neither is acceptable. The only other possibilities are that he is doing really well (no-one believes that), that he was always overrated, or that due to injuries or a lack of commitment he is no longer the same player. Yes I know some people wondered about his commitment when he was injured last year and he is a show pony, but he has shown a willingness to play when injured both at the Jets and at the Seahawks. I realise Rob and others have (again) generously and insightfully offered their thoughts on this but what is going on? We know it’s no good but what are the ‘nuts and bolts’ of what is happening and what can now (realistically) be done?

  42. David

    I hear a lot of complaining, and no suggestions of how to fix it. Typical trash journalism.

  43. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    New #Bucs CB Richard Sherman had talks with the #49ers and #Seahawks, but chose the #Bucs thanks to a recruiting pitch from Tom Brady and the TB staff. The top FA available, Sherman signs with the Super Bowl champs.

    So it appears the Seahawks were in fact interested

    • Rob Staton

      Thank god they haven’t given up on Flowers

      Give the guy a chance I say…

      • cha

        Would love to be a fly on the wall for their upcoming “defensive accountability” meeting PC alluded to.

    • clbradley17

      Why would he want to go to a team that’s going to miss the playoffs when he can play for the SB champs who
      brought everyone back? We’re already 2 games back in the best division with a tough schedule.

    • Denver Hawker

      I hope he’s right mentally and has an opportunity to get another ring, but I also wish it was with the Hawks.

      I’ll withhold frustration until he shows he can play.

      Not sure why they’re holding on to cap room at this point. 3 games in and it’s a must-win game this weekend.

      Also, I’ve probably offended folks saying this before, but the Seahawks are just not a top desired FA destination. All things mostly equal (or even less in case of Clowney), experienced players opt for teams with better culture and Super Bowl upside. Hawks in decline and they know it.

      • pdway

        “Not sure why they’re holding on to cap room at this point. 3 games in and it’s a must-win game this weekend.”


        Whatare they waiting for here? Lose this weekend, and we are gonna be a 1-4, and the season is cooked. It’s a must-win. Dont get holding onto this 10yr space.

        • Paul Cook

          I know I’ve repeated myself about five times concerning this matter, but our schedule this year was much more problematic the first nine games than the last eight games. In other words, we could play ourselves out of a favorable playoff position quite early this year.

          This was the year we had to put our best foot forward early, shore up our roster as best we could as early as we could. That meant not quibbling about with FA’s, but being aggressive with the ones who might best help our cause.

      • Morgan

        Maybe they need cap to roll over for next year, when they have to eat all that Russell Wilson dead cap when he demands a trade.

  44. Realist

    It started way before 2018. It started when they had to move on from Scot McCloughan in 2013. I am not sure why the media doesn’t seem to want to address this, but the data is now comprehensive enough to show that without his draft guru, Scheider is ineffective as a talent evaluator.

    • Rob Staton

      As much as I like Scot Mccloughan, and have interviewed him, people are really starting to overstate his impact.

      We know JS loved Wilson. We know Carroll had previous with Sherman. There’s nothing that specifically says SM identified Wagner, Earl, KJ, Kam etc. JS and PC both had previous in admiring Marshawn.

      We don’t need to throw the baby out with the bath water and undermine the great job this front office did building the legendary SB team

  45. Paul Cook

    It’s looking more and more like the death of Paul Allen marked the beginning of the end of this particular era of Seahawk football.

  46. DancingBuddha

    questioning the trade is one thing. scoffing at the results is another. both warranted. The personal attacks into the character of the player are quite another, just beyond bad form. Unworthy of this comments section which usually manages to refrain from this sort of thing, which is what makes it preferable to the Twitters of the world.

    • Rob Staton

      What are you referring to?

      • Morgan

        I think he means the ‘peacock’ reference. Which I took as a reference to his surface not the depth of his character. The whole extravagant coffee cup after a middling performance angle. Maybe not everyone got it.

        • Rob Staton

          Well he said in the comments section and that was in the article, not the comments.

          And if he’s referring to Gross ma toast saying ‘He is the coffee cup’ he needs to chill tf out. That was hilarious.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah where is the personal attack on Jamal?

  47. Pran

    We are the upcoming JETS of the NFC. Let the vets go team where they can chase rings.

  48. cha

    Pete just said in regard to the second half woes:

    “I’m not concerned about it in any regard. We just gotta get back out and get the job done.”

    Mirrors to the WFT post-game press conf.

    • cha

      Next question: “Did you offer LeBron James a contract?”

      • cha

        “What do you look at when trying to convert a basketball player to football?”

    • Morgan

      Aaaarrrgh. Seems no one wants their press credentials revoked.

    • Rob Staton

      Another awful press conference.

      Nobody willing to ask anything probing or interesting.

      Lebron James??? FFS

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